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Middlesex  Co., 1925, part 3

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014851-25 George Norman ADAMS, 23, farmer, Ekfrid, Ekfrid, s/o George ADAMS b. Canada and Margaret McMILLAN, mar Eliza May WELCH, 26, Glencoe, Ekfrid, d/o Syrenus WELCH b. Canada and Annie McKENZIE, witn Mrs. James COLLIER and Mrs. J. Morley COLLING both of Melbourne, 30 Oct 1925 Melbourne 014850-25 Leonard Ambrose ALLEN, 21, farmer, Ontario, McGillivray Twp, s/o Adolphus ALLEN b. Canada and Jeanie TURNBULL, mar Cora Bernice MOLLARD, 18, d/o Arthur MOLLARD b. Canada and Bertha HORNER, witn Ida WHITING of Sarnia and Wesley ALLEN of Parkhill, 04 Nov 1925 McGillivray Twp
014849-25 Oliver Stanley ANDERSON, 36, farmer, Lobo Twp, West Williams Twp, s/o Hugh ANDERSON b. Canada and Margaret McDONALD, mar Christine Cameron McINTOSH, 26, East Williams Twp, same, d/o Alex McINTOSH b. Canada and Johanne ROSE, witn Mary. D. McINTOSH of Strathroy and Howard ANDERSON of Ailsa Craig, 05 Dec 1925 Strathroy. 014852-25 Kenneth Herman ANDERSON, 26, farmer, Rosanna Ont, Tillsonburg, s/o John ANDERSON b. Clandeboye and Rebecca ADDISON, mar Susan Violet STEVENSON, 24, nurse, Clandeboye, same, d/o George STEVENSON b. Clandeboye and Susan LITTLEJOHN, witn Belle STEVENSON of Clandeboye and Milton ANDERSON of Tillsonburg, 16 Sep 1925 Clandeboye.
014848-25 William James Gordon ARMITAGE, 22, farmer, London, 8th Conc London Twp, s/o William Hilton ARMITAGE b. 8th Conc. London and Lily May HODGINS, mar Rebecca PHILLIPS, 19, London, 7th Conc. London Twp, d/o Walter J. PHILLIPS, b. London Twp and Sarah Violet SHOEBOTTOM, witn Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. PHILLIPS of Ontario, 27 May 1925 St. John's in London Twp 014853-25 Ralph ARNOLD, 24, farmer, Mt. Brydges, Mt. Brydges, s/o Albert ARNOLD b. Mt.Brydges and Rose NORTON, mar Mary Ellen McDOUGALL, 19, housekeeper, Komoka, Komoka, d/o Dave A. McDOUGALL b. Komoka and Louisa C. ROBINS, witn Stanley SINKER and Rosetta MOREAU both of Komoka, 03 Feb 1925 Komoka.
014864-25 Richard Samuel BAKER, 24, farmer, Westminster Twp, RR3 Lambeth, s/o Wesley BAKER b. Westminster Twp and Hannah WEEKS, mar Minnie Cathleen PACK, 23, teacher, West Nissouri, Byron, d/o William C. PACK, b.Ont and Catherine LEIGH, witn George A. and Annetta C. PACK of Byron, 14 Oct 1925 Westminster Twp. 014859-25 Hugh Cameron BAYNE, 27, dentist, Newberry, Sarnia, s/o John Gilmour BAYNE b. Oakville and Mary CAMERON, mar Sarah Blain STEWART, 23, private secretary, Dunedin New Zealand, 732 Willard Ave Toronto, d/o John Whitfield STEWART, b. Glasgow Scotland and Agnes Gordon BLAIN, witn Mary Gilmore BAYNE of Exeter and H. Lorne TURRELL of Sarnia, 24 Jan 1925 Newbury
014855-25 Middlesex), James Henry BELL, 20, farmer, Mosa Twp, same, s/o James BELL b. London England and Susie LEACH, mar Mary ROBADAU, 19, house maid, North Bay, Village of Glencoe, d/o Joseph Louis ROBADAU b.Ont and Lena DINEAU (Dinean?), witn Rosie Sophia BELL and Ernest ALEXANDER both of Newbury Ont, 24 Dec 1925 Village of Newbury 014861-25 Harold Alexander BOLTON, 22, farmer, Adelaide Twp, same, s/o Walter BOLTON b. Adelaide Twp and Emma GERRY, mar Estella WARDELL, 25, Adelaide Twp, same, d/o Brereton WARDELL b. Adelaide Twp and Mary Ellen ORR, witn Archie Campbell GERRY and Vera Blanche WARDELL both of Strathroy, 17 Nov 1925 at home of Rev. John Moore in Strathroy
014857-25 John BOWLER, 28, farmer, London England, Melbourne, s/o George BOWLER b. England and Margaret CACY, mar Alta Elizabeth COATES, 26, housekeeper, Caradoc Twp, Mt. Brydges, d/o Furlow COATES b.Ont and Mary LIPSIT, witn Neil L. OLDE and Margaret COOMBES both of Melbourne, 28 Nov 1925 Mt. Brydges. 014856-25 Russell Milton BOWMAN, 25, clerk, McGillivray, Denfield, s/o Thomas BOWMAN b. Canada and Ella Mae FAULDER, mar Prudence Mae HEPBURN, 19, store clerk, Perth Co., Denfield, d/o Frederick S. HEPBURN b. Canada and Mary Eliza HART, witn Edith N. STONE of Ilderton and Mary Eliza HEPBURN of Denfield, 11 Dec 1925 Ilderton.
014854-25 Orval Victor BOXALL, 21, farmer, North Dorchester, same, s/o George COLEMAN (sic) b. Dorchester and Elizabeth GEORGE, mar Margaret Elizabeth COLEMAN, 22, London Twp, same, d/o George COLEMAN b. London Twp and Margaret Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, witn Cesar FENTON of Putnam Ont and Elaine Mary COLEMAN of RR4 Denfield, 09 Dec 1925 at Lot 8 Conc 13 London Twp 014860-25 Orwell Russell BREEN, 21, clerk, Ingersoll, Detroit Michigan, s/o William BREEN b.Ont and Mary Alberta DUNDAS, mar Edna Isabel COUCH, 20, housekeeper, North Dorchester, Detroit Michigan, d/o William COUCH b.Ont and Helena STROBRIDGE, witn Roy William DUNCAN of Detroit and Mary Isabel COUCH of London, 02 Sep 1925 Putnam
014863-25 Wellington Dale BROWN, 26, farmer, Glendale Ont, same, s/o Robert BROWN b. Burford Ont and Alice DALE, mar Eva May NIXON, 22, Lambeth, Glendale, d/o William L. NIXON b.Ont and Louise SHOPLAND, witn Orley M.F. DALE of London and Ella E. BROWN of Wilton Grove, 03 Jun 1925 Glendale. 014858-25 John Calvin BROWN, 30, traveller, Metcalf Twp, Strathroy, s/o John BROWN b. Canada and Mary E. MONTGOMERY, mar Gladys Grace RICHARDS, 30, Strathroy, Strathroy, d/o Robert E. RICHARDS b. Canada and Matilda E. MARTIN, witn Robert E. RICHARDS of Strathroy and Charles Henry BATES of London, 03 Jun 1925 St. John's Church Strathroy.
014862-25 William George BUCK, 24, laborer, Lyng Norfolk England, Westminster Twp, s/o Charles BUCK b. England and Hannah LUCK (sic), mar Agnes Mary JOLLEY, 19, hosiery worker, Wimbledon England, Westminster Twp, d/o Ambrose JOLLEY b. England and Lucy E. STRUTT, witn Frank JOLLEY of Westminster Twp and M. STEWART of London, 16 Sep 1925 Westminster Twp.  
014439-25 (Middlesex), John Hanson GALE, 34, fireman, London Twp, same, s/o John GALE b. England and Anna Maria LANG, mar Annie HARRISON, 30, nurse, England, London Ont, d/o John HARRISON b. England and Harriet KIRK, witn William and Gladys GALE of Ontario Hospital London, 12 Feb 1925 London 014441-25 (Middlesex), Joseph Francis GARCEAU, 24, clerk, London, Milwaukee Wisconsin USA, s/o Joseph Francis GARCEAU and Elizabeth MARKHAM, mar Mamie Margaret FRANCIS, 24, clerk, Woodstock, London, d/o Thomas FRANCIS and Anna MURRAY, witn Ernest G. JENSSEN of Toledo Ohio USA and Josephine E. FRANCIS, 01 Jun 1925 London.
014442-25 (Middlesex), John P. GARDNER, 23, civil service, London England, London Ont, s/o John GARDNER and Caroline MORGAN, mar Rosalie FURANNA, 24, bookkeeper, Italy, London, d/o Joseph FURANNA and Marion BEREA, witn Rose FURANNA and Joseph LATELLA both of London, 24 Jun 1925 St. Peters Cathedral London. 014436-25 (Middlesex), Robert GARNETT, 21, truck driver, England, London Ont, s/o Harry GARNETT b. England and Helen HODGINS, mar Hilda Alice HAMBLEY, 19, box maker, London, London Twp, d/o Witney HAMBLEY and Emelia GODARD, witn Rosella HAMILTON and Bella GRAY both of 89 Oxford Street London, 03 Apr 1925 London.
014437-25 (Middlesex), John Edward GLOOR, 21, salesman, Perth Co, 687 Queens Ave London, s/o Arnold GLOOR b. Ontario and Mary VOCK, mar Ruby Georgina CLIPPERTON, 19, knitter, England, 687 Queens Ave London, d/o William E. CLIPPERTON b. Canada and Rosetta Eva HEWITT, witn John and Edith McNERNIE of 687 Queens Ave London, 04 Mar 1925 London 014440-25 (Middlesex), Daniel A. GREENING, b.25 Mar 1900, grocer, England, London Ont, s/o Alfred GREENING and Emily PIERCE, mar Mary Amelia GROOM, b.19 Jul 1900, stenographer, London Ont, same, d/o William T. GROOM and Alice HARRIS, witn John J. TEACHER and Elena J. GROOM both of London, 02 Jun 1925 London.
014438-25 (Middlesex), William Elgin GRIEVE, 31, farmer, McGillivray Twp, Stephen Twp, s/o Gilbert GRIEVE b. England and Mary JOHNSTON, mar Kathleen Hellen STACK, 32, housekeeper, London Twp, Lot 16 Conc 9 McGillivray Twp, d/o Edward SLACK b. Canada and Lavina SCILI, witn Katherine SHORE and Daniel McNEIL both of London, 28 Feb 1925 at 14 Erie Ave London. 014435-25 (Middlesex), Thomas Elliott GRIFFIN, 22, biscuit maker, Lucknow Ont, 1295 Dundas Street London, s/o Frederick GRIFFIN b. London Ont and Rebecca HAMILTON, mar Hilda TOWNSEND, 18, biscuit maker, St. Thomas, 94 Argyle Street London, d/o Edward TOWNSEND b. Ontario and Ada Elizabeth PLUMBER, witn Maude PEARSON of London Junction and Mrs. E. BEVERLEY of 1357 Dundas Street London, 05 Apr 1925 at St. Marks Church Rectory, London
014443-25 (Middlesex), Charles R. GRISSLER, 30, accountant, London, London, s/o Theodore G. GRISSLER and Emma COLLINS, mar Pearl Mary DWYER, b. Jan 2, 1894, stenographer, London, London, d/o John W. DWYER and Margaret PAYNE, witn William SMOOTHEY and John OVERDORFF both of London, 19 Nov 1925 London 014444-25 (Middlesex), Thomas Henry HAMES, 26, electrician, Waybridge Surrey England, 256 Talbot St London, s/o Thomas HAMES b. England and Emily EMMING, mar Doris May DYSON, 21, cook, Hull York England, Brunswick Hotel London, d/o Guy DYSON b. England and Rosa THISTLETON, witn Flossie CHALMERS of 331 Talbot St London and Alfred WILLIAMS of 134 Horton St London. 30 Dec 1925 London.

14556-25 Clifford George LASKEY, 17, mechanic, London, London Twp., s/o George Stephen LASKEY, b. London & Mary Eliza DAVIES, married Dahlia Elizabeth SINCLAIR, 16, St. Marys, London, d/o Daniel James SINCLAIR, b. St. Marys & Mary Elizabeth HAMILTON, witn: James & Marguerite SINCLAIR, both of London, 27 Nov 1925 at London.

14568-25 Walter LASSECK, 23, laborer, Poland, London, s/o Anthony LASSECK & Mary KAYDER, married Dorothy POLINSKI, 23, Poland, London, d/o Andrew POLINSKI & Catherine KLAPAK, witn: John LASSECK & Vera POLINSKI, no locations, 17 Oct 1925 at London. (RC)

14544-25 Nelles Boyd LAUGHTON, 29, professor, Metcalfe Twp., London, s/o Samuel C. LAUGHTON, b. Metcalfe Twp. & Mira BOYD, married Katherine Baker WHITE, 23, London, same, d/o Harry B. WHITE, b. Ontario & Theresa GOOD, witn: Mrs. Theresa White of London & Mrs. S.C. LAUGHTON of Strathroy, 29 Dec 1925 at London.

14559-25 Harrison LAYCOCK, 60, widower, printer, Yorkshire England, St. Thomas, s/o Harrison LAYCOCK, b. Yorkshire & Sarah WALKER, married Mary DAVEY, 61, widow, Yorkshire England, St. Thomas, d/o Joseph W. HORTON, b. Yorkshire - England & Mary MORTIMORE, witn: Dorothy & Ella WATTS, both of London, 25 Apr 1925, at London.

14567-25 John James LEONARD, 22, telegraph operator, London - Eng., Windsor, s/o John LEONARD & Elizabeth KILLOCK, married Alexandra Jennie HUNNISETT, 22, telephone operator, Robertsbridge England, London, d/o Benjamin John HUNNISETT & Jennie ALDRIDGE, witn: Horace E. HUNNISETT & Louise LEONARD, both of London, 25 Apr 1925 at London

14560-25 Frank Cameron LESLIE, 31, hardware merchant, Wellington Co., Highland Park - Mich., s/o William Gordon LESLIE, b. Wellington Co. & Annie Isabel CAMERON, married Margaret PHILLIPPO, 29, nurse, London, same, d/o Edgar PHILLIPPO, b. England & Selina ROSSITER, witn: Gladys SHANNON of Toronto & Harry I. LESLIE of Highland Park - Mich., 20 Jun 1925 at London.

14554-25 Mike LEWIE, 29, cook, Bulgaria, London, s/o William LEWIE, b. Ontario & blank, married Elsie Georgina WILSON, 20, Ireland, London, d/o George WILSON, b. Ireland & Mary MCGAIR, witn: Trifon MESTER of London & Mrs. J. PETER of Sarnia, 25 Jun 1925 at London.

14548-25 Walter LILEY, 22, plasterer, London England, London, s/o Arthur LILEY, b. England & Caroline GOODRIDGE, married Emma BEAR, 18, corn flakes employee, London England, London, d/o Charles BEAR, b. England & Alice BERRY, witn: Harold LILEY & Edna TAYLOR, both of London, 1 Oct 1925 at London

14558-25 Henry Best LING, 46, widower, decorator, England, London, s/o Henry LING, b. England & Mary JUBBINS, married Sarah CHURCH, 36, England, London, d/o James CHURCH, b. England & Eliza Ann LIZMORE, witn: Ernest John & Sarah Ann CASTLE, both of London, 18 May 1925 at London

14546-25 Harry Clifford LIPSIT, 28, widower, farmer, Mt. Brydges, Delaware, s/o George Albert LIPSIT, b. Mt. Brydges & Anne E. BROWN, married Annie Laura MCKAY, 34, widow, housekeeper, Poplar Hill, London, d/o Israel Henry DOAN & Mabel MCARTHUR, witn: Elizabeth B. & Margaret WREN, both of London, 27 Jun 1925 at London

14553-25 Oliver Clark LITTLETON, 34, widower, conductor, London, same, s/o William Henry CLARK [sic], b. Ontario & Coliss? Anne SMITH, married Ray [sic] DONALD, 27, clerk, Glasgow - Scotland, London, d/o Frank DONALD, b. Scotland & Sarah COLLINS, witn: Henry William WATSON & Lena WATSON, both of London, 25 Jul 1926 at London

14552-25 Igor LITVAK, 19, cap maker, Broda Russia, s/o Loue LITVAK, b. Russia & Esther LITVAK, married Mila PINSKA, 17, Russia, London, d/o Loue PINSKA, b. Russia & Golda MATTHEWES, witn: Morris KERITNIK & Max MATHEWS [sic]. 3 Nov 1925 at London. (Jewish) [Divorced: 5 Nov 1956]

14574-25 George Lorne MAJOR, 28, widower, gas fitter, London, same, s/o Joseph MAJOR, b. London & Agnes BROWN, married Irene FISHLEIGH, 24, piano worker, Malahide Twp., London, d/o Robert FISHLEIGH, b. England & Sarah WILSON, witn: Henry William & Mrs. H. Nora HOBBS, both of London, 18 Aug 1925 at London

14580-25 George Malcolm MANNING, 21, foreman, South Dorchester, Tonawanda N.Y., s/o William Clark MANNING, b. Westminster Twp. & Ida Jane YOUNG, married Blanche Nora COPELAND, 20, Westminster Twp., Wilton Grove, d/o Joseph COPELAND, b. Westminster Twp. & Marjorie Louise BENNETT, witn: Andrew BEATTIE of Belmont & Eva COPELAND of Wilton Grove, 3 Oct 1925 at London

14582-25 Frank MANSFIELD, 26, news agent, England, London, s/o Joseph MANSFIELD, b. England & Mary COX, married Bessie Winnifred ATTAWELL, 36, housekeeper, England, Stratford, d/o Henry ATTAWELL, b. England & Sophia HANNANT, witn: Bessie MCNAIR of London & Agnes MCNAIR of Dearfield, 22 Aug 1925 at London

14581-25 Alex. Stuart MANUEL, 22, bank clerk, St. John N.B., Detroit, s/o Charles S. MANUEL & Jessie T. SCHOFIELD, married Gladys Laura NOYES, 25, London, same, d/o John Guy NOYES & Constance Maud JOHNSON, witn: C. Donald MANUEL & Eleanore M. ROBINSON, both of London, 21 Nov 1925 at London.

14586-25 David Alexander MARSHALL, 23, clerk, St. Joseph Island, London, s/o John James MARSHALL, b. Ontario & Ida Jane MORTON, married Violet Mary MILLAR, 22, clerk, Belfast - Ireland, London, d/o William MILLAR, b. Ireland & Sarah LOUGH, witn: William BANFIELD & Maisie MILLAR, both of London, 23 Sep 1925 at London.

14575-25 Samuel Clinton MARTIN, 24, freight handler, Bruce Cp., London, s/o Joseph MARTIN, b. Michigan, U.S.A. & Mary Jane MEGIS, married Mary HENRY, 19, Brantford, London, d/o Cornelius HENRY, b. Ontario & Sarah DOCTOR, witn: Isaac SMITH of Muncey & Mrs. Mary MARTIN of London, 15 Oct 1925 at London.

14583-25 Percy Howard MATHEWS, 31, automobile works, Courtright, Detroit, s/o Frank William MATHEWS, b. Canada & Florence Elizabeth SOPER, married Kathleen E. SAXTON, 22, Bayham, Detroit, d/o Frederick William SAXTON, b. Canada & Bertha FOSTER, witn: Errol Morley JOHNSTON & Bessie Isabelle JOHNSTON, both of London, 21 Nov 1925 at London

14589-25 Albert MATTHEWS, 27, foreman, Glasgow - Scotland, Detroit - Mich., s/o Albert J. MATTHEWS, b. Scotland & Mary RUSSELL, married Ada May MARSHALL, 21, clerk, Stensall, London, d/o Francis MARSHALL, b. Ontario & Elizabeth J. CLARK, witn: Mrs. D. MARSHALL & Mrs. J.W. HIBBERT, both of London, 12 Nov 1925 at London

14571-25 Robert Roy MEHARG, 21, laborer, Belfast Ireland, London, s/o John MEHARG, b. Belfast - Ireland & Sarah MACDONALD, married Sarah Barton RANKINE, 22, cook, Glasgow - Scotland, London, d/o John RANKINE, b. Scotland & Sarah BARTON, witn: F. SAULL & M. MEHARG, both of London, 31 Dec 1925 at London.

14589-25 George William MILES, 45, widower, truck driver, Brant Co., London, s/o George MILES, b. Ireland & Mary CARTER, married Ivy PULLEYBLANK, 35, housekeeper England, London, d/o George PULLEYBLANK, b. England & not known, witn: P.C. BANGHART & Bessie BICE, both of London, 31 Dec 1925 at London

14570-25 Francis Lorne MILLER, 20, shoemaker, London, same, s/o William Henry MILLER, b. Ontario & Catherine WILKINSON, married Miriam Dinah BURRELL, 20, London, same, d/o William Austin BURRELL, b. Ontario & Ida SAMPSON, witn: Thomas Henry & Edna Phylis May JOHNSON, both of London, 30 Sep 1925 at London.

14578-25 Kenneth Albert John MORROW, 18, shoemaker, London, same, s/o Stuart MORROW, b. Parkhill & Jennie CAMERON, married Alice Mary HARBACH, 18, laundry worker, Bermondsey England, London, s/o Edmond HARBACK [sic], b. England & Alice JONES, witn: Ethel HERBERT & Edward HARBACH, both of London, 30 Jul 1925 at London.

014992-25 Herbert Leroy NICHOL, 37, farmer, Wilton Grove Ont, same, s/o Robert NICHOL b. Westminster and Margaret MUNSEY, mar Janie Dickson WATSON, 40, housekeeper, Lanark Scotland, Wilton Grove, d/o William WATSON b. Scotland and Janie DICKSON, witn Grace and Clarence PROPHET, both of RR1 London, 31 Mar 1925 at Wilton Grove 014991-25 George Allen NIXON, 26, farmer, Westminster Twp, RR4 London, s/o James NIXON b. Westminster and Jane MAIR, mar LaVera Isabella BREWER, 20, Bothwell, Broughdale Ave London Twp, d/o Joseph BREWER b. Ont and Minnie Jean BUCHAN, witn R.B. NIXON of RR4 London and Alicia BREWER of London, 18 Oct 1925 London
014993-25 Thomas Albert NORTON, 25, timekeeper, Ontario, 2959 East Grand Boulevard Detroit Michigan, s/o Thomas NORTON b. Ontario and Laura SELBY, mar Bessie Marie SPIELMAN, 28, operator, USA, 1242 Twelfth Street Detroit, d/o Harvey SPIELMAN b. USA and Mary GRIMM, witn Mrs. Ena M.E. PARR of Lambeth and Alice JEWETT of Brussels, 04 Aug 1925 Lambeth. 014995-25 Samuel OAKES, 67, merchant, Caradoc Twp, Strathroy, s/o Samuel OAKES b. England and Mary VENNER, mar Edith Arletta HALDANE, 54, Strathroy, same, d/o Robert HALDANE b. Scotland and Alexandra Jane GRIFFITH, witn M. HALDANE and H.T. HALDANE both of Strathroy, 25 Jun 1925 Strathroy.
014994-25 Matthew Herbert O'NEIL, 25, farmer, Dorchester, same, s/o Robert Franklin O'NEIL b. Dorchester and Mary Agnes BAKER, mar Edna Alberta COURT, 20, Dorchester, same, d/o Collin Charles COURT b. Dorchester and Lena Alberta GEORGE, witn Mrs. Harry HOLMES of Maywood Alb? and Lottie C. STEWART of Dorchester, 24 Oct 1925 Dorchester 014666-25 Norman Ernest PALMBY, 22, Machinist, London, London, s/o Earnest PALMBY (b. Nilestown Ontario) & Ettie NORMAN; married Orpha Margaret REYNOLDS, 23, Bell Telephone Operator, Alpina Mich, London, d/o Charles REYNOLDS (b. Mich USA) & Nathame PENN; wit Ernest PALMBY & Ettie M. PALMBY, both no place given, 20 Jun 1925, London
014671-25 Frederick George PARKER, 26, Pensioner, Birmingham England, London, s/o Joseph Ernest PARKER (b. Leeds England) & Annie Rosie Dalia McDONALD; married Leone Maud POOK, 19, Stenographer, London, London, d/o John PARKER (b. London) & Emily LEE (dead); wit A. GRIFFIN & Edith GRIFFIN, both no place given, 1 Jan 1925, London 014673-25 Arthur PARKIN, 23, Farmer, Warrington Lancashire England, Arkona, s/o Henry PARKIN & Alice Maud BELLIAN; married Isabella BRITCH, 21, Winwick Lancashire England, London, d/o William BRITCH & Mary BAIRD; wit M. WHITE, London & William E. MADDOCK, Muncey, 30 Nov 1925, London
14672-25 Thomas Ivan Dickson PARKINSON, 26, farmer, Dorchester twp., same, s/o William John PARKINSON & Annie Louisa DICKSON, married Ida Trenchard BELL, 24, London twp., same, d/o William BELL & Barbara Elizabeth IRWIN, witn: Frank E. JUDD & Grace F.E. WILLMOT, 10 June 1925 at London 014667-25 Thomas Russell PARKINSON, 23, Farmer, London, London, s/o William J. PARKINSON (b. London) & Sarah McGAFFIN; married Mary Gladys HARDING, 25, London, London, d/o Fred HARDING (b. Ontario) & Eliza HARRIS; wit Neil PARKINSON & Ella G. McKENZIE, both no place given, 6 Jun 1925, London
014670-25 John Mellon PENMAN, 31, Sheet Metal Worker, Maryland USA, Riverside Ont, s/o Andrew PENMAN (b. Scotland) & Nellie PATTON; married Adeline Campbell PATTON, 25, Telephone Operator, Maryland USA, Poplar Hill, d/o John PATTON (b. Scotland) & Catherine CAMPBELL; wit Grace MILLER & Ette MACGREGOR, both London, 4 Apr 1925, London 014661-25 Charles Napier PERIE, 32, Traveller, London, London, s/o James PERIE (b. Dundas) & Sarah WILEY; married Annie Tera NASH, 29, Stenographer, Kamoka, London, d/o John NASH (b. Ontario) & Annie MARTINSON; wit Sarah PERIE & Annie NASH, both no place given, 14 Aug 1925, London
014662-25 James PERRY, 30, Mechanic, England, Bayfield, s/o George PERRY (b. Staffordshire England) & Sarah LEVETT; married Sarah Ann VANSTONE, 24, Goderich, Stanley Twp, d/o George VANSTONE (b. Dungannon) & Minnie HAMILTON; wit Hilda MESS & Marie DE PEYTER?, both London, 25 Aug 1925, London 014996-25 Clarence John William PFAFF, 17, farmer, Ontario, Hay Twp, s/o John A. PFAFF b. Canada and Louise WALL, mar Alice May KENNEY, 16, Ontario, West Williams Twp, d/o James KENNEY b. Canada and Elizabeth M. KENNEY, witn Carrie V. SHEPHERD of Parkhill and Elizabeth A. KENNEY of Sylvan, 23 Dec 1925 Parkhill.
014999-25 William Leigh PHILLIPS, 24, farmer, Ailsa Craig, East Williams Twp, s/o David Edward PHILLIPS b. Ailsa Craig and Minnie May STEWART, mar Nettie Isabel SCOTT, 18, housekeeper, Ilderton, same, d/o Zachariah W. SCOTT b. Ont and Margaret Louise SCOTT, witn Maribel and Douglas CAMPBELL of Ilderton, 08 Apr 1925 Vanneck Manse, Lobo Twp. 014998-25 Daniel Stewart PHILLIPS, 26, farmer, Lobo, East Williams, s/o David Edward PHILLIPS b. Lobo Twp and Minnie STEWART, mar Illa May SQUIRES, 23, 12th Conc Lobo, same, d/o Richard SQUIRES b. Lobo Twp. and Annie ZAVITZ, witn Clarence Richard SQUIRES of Denfield and Edith M. SHORE of Ilderton, 20 Jun 1905 Ilderton
014663-25 Jack Alfred PHILPOTT, 23, Farmer, Folkeston England, London, d/o Alfred Robert PHILPOTT (b. England) & Frances ELLIS; married Anna Kathleen BUCKLEY, 20, Housekeeper, Dover England, London, d/o John BUCKLEY (b. England) & Annie GILL; wit R.E. MATTHEWS & Rose Frances MATTHEWS, both London, 3 Aug 1925, London  
014664-25 Thomas PIERCE, 32, Machinist, Monaghan Ireland, London, s/o John PIERCE (b. Ireland) & Margaret OVEREND; married Jessie SMITH, 25, Housekeeper, Edinburgh Scotland, London, d/o William SMITH (b. Scotland) & Annie McFARLANE; wit Thomas SIMPSON & Mary SIMPSON, both London, 31 Jul 1925, London

015002-25 Walter G. PIERSON, 34, Lumber Merchant, Dubois Penn, Detroit, s/o Walter G. PIERSON (b. Brigton NJ) & Bessie E. WRIGHT; married Violet Agnes PATON, 23, Dictaphone Operator, Claudeboye, Claudeboye, d/o Andrew E. PATTON (b. McGillvray Twp) & Charity C. CONNER; wit Erle PATON, Claudeboye & Mrs. GLENDENNING, Park Hill, 17 Jan 1925, Claudeboye

015000-25 Fred Bird PLANK, 22, Furniture Finisher, Strathroy, Strathroy, s/o Alf PLANK (b. Canada) & Tilda STACY; married Margaret Josephine BROWN, 22, Domestic, Paisley Scotland, Strathroy, d/o Andrew BROWN (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth DICKSON; wit John W. NICHOLLS & Mrs. John W. NICHOLLS, both Strathroy, 28 Mar 1925, Strathroy

014674-25 Albert James PLUMRIDGE, 28, Tailor's Cutter, Chatham, London, s/o George William PLUMRIDGE & Susan Ann CLARKE; married Gertrude Rose BAGNALL, 25, London, London, d/o James B. & Harriet BAGNALL; wit W.J. CLARK & Muriel LONG, both London, 5 Aug 1925, London
015001-25 Charlie Kenneth PLUMTON, 28, Barber, Brighton Twp, Brighton, s/o David C. PLUMTON (b. Codrington Ont) & Jane HELMER; married Isobel Mabel RAMSAY, 30, Teacher, Hyde Park Corners, Hyde Park Corners, d/o Thomas RAMSAY (b. Hyde Park) & Martha MICKLEBORO; wit J.W. RAMSAY, Strathroy & Anna RAMSAY, Hyde Park, 1 Jan 1925, Hyde Park

014997-25 Edward POLLARD, 28, bookkeeper, England, 32 Hope Street London, s/o James POLLARD b. England and Elizabeth A. MILLS, mar Verna Gwendoline POWE, 27, stenographer, London, 207 English Street London, d/o George POWE b. Scotland and Emily Jane GROVE, witn Nora POLLARD and Mrs. George POWE both of London, 11 Aug 1925 Lambeth

014659-25 Arthur James PORTER, 23, Druggist, Ontario, Mimico, s/o Arthur PORTER (b. Ontario) & Rebecca TOWNE; married Muriel Ethel WAINWRIGHT, 23, Ontario, London, d/o James H. WAINWRIGHT (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth KNAPP; wit Frank I. CHEESMAN, Toronto & Beryl WAINWRIGHT, London, 4 Nov 1925, London 014660-25 Thomas Miller PRENTICE, 47, Dry Cleaner, Wid, Perth Scotland, London, s/o William PRENTICE (b. Scotland) & Mary McGREGOR; married Minnie May WRIGHT, 49, Housekeeper, Wid, Oxford Co, London, d/o Henry BEAM (b. Oxford Co) & Mary Ann HUTCHISON; wit Annie C. LOWRY & George LOWRY, both London, 20 Aug 1925, London
014665-25 Edward John PRESZCATOR, 23, Huron Co, London, s/o John PRESZCATOR (b. Ontario) & Alberta SNELL; married Verna May TAIT, 19, London, London, d/o Allan Francis TAIT (b. Ontario) & Nellie MACKEROG; wit Gordon HAYES & Marguerite MALET, both no place given, 27 Jun 1925, London 014668-25 Robert Henry PRING (Jr), 22, Silk Finisher, London, London, s/o Robert Henry PRING (b. Devonshire England) & Elizabeth NICOL; married Phyllis Margaret Ethel FRANCIS, 18, Hosiery Mill Employee, England, London, d/o William George FRANCIS (b. Lincoln England) & Kate GRAY; wit George PRING & Isabella ROOKS, both London, 8 Jun 1925, London
014669-25 Ivan Harley PUGH, 19, Car Shop Employee, London, London, s/o Robert PUCH (b. London) & Ethel McCALLUM; married Minnie Elizabeth DRAKE, 21, Waitress, London England, London, d/o John DRAKE (b. England) & Annie ATKINSON; wit Clive FORTNER & Irene FORTNER, both London, 15 May 1925, London 014675-25 Russel Royden QUIGLEY, 27, Druggist, Wiarton, Owen Sound, s/o William QUIGLEY & Isabella HACKETT; married Kathleen Bessie McGREGOR, 22, Sales Lady, London, Owen Sound, d/o John McGREGOR & Clara DAWE; wit Muriel BUTTON, Dublin & Percy QUIGLEY, Wiarton, 9 Nov 1925, London
014680-25 Upton Thomas RAINBOW, 58, ?--utionist, Wid, Birmingham England, London, s/o John RAINBOW (b. England) & Jane UPTON; married Elsie Christine EDMINSON, 36, Housekeeper, Seacombe England, London, d/o Arthur EDMINSON (b. England) & Jean HOLMES; wit Dr. R.C. BEST & Mrs. R.C. BEST, both London, 7 Dec 1925, London 014676-25 George James RAM, 27, Clerk, London, London, s/o Edward James RAM (b. England) & Elizabeth Jean ROSS; married Gladys RAPSEY, 30, Clerk, London, London, d/o Fred RAPSEY (b. Ontario) & Annie ASPLIN; wit Eunice FREELAND & Gertrude HIRSCHLEBER, both London, 5 Dec 1925, London

015003-25 John Wilfred RAMSAY, 29, Farmer, London Twp, Caradoc Twp, s/o Thomas RAMSAY (b. Galt) & Martha A. MICKLEBOROUGH; married Mabel Viola ZAVITZ, 21, Caradoc Twp, Caradoc Twp, d/o Hiram ZAVITZ (b. Lobo) & Charlotte LEWIS; wit Morley LEWIS, Strathroy & Anna RAMSAY, Hyde, 19 Sept 1925, Caradoc

014693-25 Thomas James RANAHAN, 53, Grocer, London, London, s/o John RANAHAN (b. Ireland) & Sarah BRANNIGAN; married Theresa Euchere? KENNY, 35, Stratford, London, d/o Daniel J. KENNY (b. Ireland) & Mary FLEMING; wit Ray KENNY, London & Loretta (Mrs.) BAYLEY, Toronto, 25 Aug 1925, London 014692-25 John RANAHAN, 65, Baker, Wid, Hamilton, London, s/o John RANAHAN (b. Ireland) & Sarah BRANNIGAN; married Marian Helen SMITH, 56, Housekeeper, London, London, d/o William L. SMITH (b. Westminster Twp) & Elizabeth P. CARRICK; wit John DEVLIN & William TRUDELL, both London, 3 Aug 1925, London
014678-25 David RANSOME, 68, Farmer, Wid, England, East Oxford, s/o John RANSOME (b. Yorkshire England) & Jane JACKSON; married Elizabeth BROWN, 65, Housekeeper, Wid, St. Marys, Woodstock, d/o Henry COLLINS (b. Devonshire England) & Mary BALSTON; wit Francis H. SEABROOK & Mary HILL, both London, 21 Oct 1926, London 014677-25 Alonzo Alexander RAPELJE, 49, R.R. Switchman, Wid, Yarmouth Twp Elgin Co, St. Thomas, s/o Jerome RAPELJE (b. Canada) & Cynthia BAILEY; married Ethel Augusta Louise OSBORNE, 34, Wid, Swindon Wiltshire England, St. Thomas, d/o George W. COOK (b. England) & Sarah BROWN; wit Percy L. SCHOTT & B.S. SCHOTT, both London, 5 Dec 1925, London
014704-25 (Middlesex Co) Clarence James RATH, 21, farmer, East Wawanosh, East Wawanosh s/o William RATH (b. Canada) & Catherine MARSHALL married Mary Burdetta NOBLE, 21, housekeeper, East Wawanosh, East Wawanosh d/o Thomas NOBLE (b. Canada) & Jane FERGUSON wtn: Carlotta COWAN & Helen K. McCULLOUGH both of London, 3 April 1925 at London 014686-25 Henry RATZ, 31, Labour, Tavistock, London, s/o John RATZ (b. Germany) & Mary ZURBEC; married Edna Pearl RICE, 18, Housekeeper, St. Thomas, London, d/o Ernest F. RICE (b. Orwell) & Louise M. LOCK; wit George E. RICE, Springfield & Stella May RICE, London, 5 Dec 1925, London

015006-25 Arnold Ernest RAVELLE, 23, Merchant, Ontario, Grand Bend, s/o Louis RAVELLE (b. Michigan) & Nancy WEBER; married Hazel PATTERSON, 18, Ontario, Stephen Township, d/o Angus PATTERSON (b. Ontario) & Agnes LUTHER; wit Mrs. Rose C. ULENS & Mrs. Verda M. MAINES, both Parkhill, 11 Aug 1925, Corbett

015007-25 Fred Herbert RAWLINSON, 23, Farmer, England, Adelaide Twp, s/o George Ernest RAWLINSON (b. England) & Margaret Alice BONNET; married Nora Irene THROWER, 23, Bookkeeper, Adelaide Twp, Strathroy, d/o Jacob THROWER (b. Ontario) & Alice FORTUNE; wit Mrs. J. THROWER & Lucille I. MOORE, both Strathroy, 6 May 1925, Strathroy

014703-25 (Middlesex Co) Robert REARDON, 38, widower, grocer, London, 956 Oxford St in London s/o James S. REARDON (b. Scotland) & Margaret SMITH married Elsie McCABE, 25, widow, grocer, Michigan USA d/o Alex McCABE (b. Flint Michigan USA) & Eliza JONES wtn: Mrs M. McLING of 16 Euclid Ave & Sarah HYAIM of 334 St James, 2 April 1925 at London 014696-25 Charles Walter REDMAN, 20, Chauffeur, London, London, s/o John REDMAN (b. England) & Olive ROWE; married Margaret Ellen OGGLESBY, 19, Housekeeper, St. Marys, London, d/o Thomas OGGLESBY (b. Canada) & Margaret Ellen MORRIS; wit Dorothy OGGLESBY & R. SAMSHELL?, both London, 15 Jun 1925, London
014685-25 Wilmer Arthur REED, 23, Clerk, London, Detroit Mich, s/o Edward A. REED (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth COX; married Ruby Ellen WESTMAN, 22, Teacher, London, London, d/o Charles E. WESTMAN (b. Ontario) & Mary CAPLING; wit Reeta M.A. BARLOW & Charles E. WESTMAN, both London, 31 Oct 1925, London 014695-25 Herman Willard REED, 34, Salesman, Long Island NB, Sudbury, s/o William REED (b. Wentworth Co) & Anna L. LAWSON; married Laura Louise DOUGLAS, 26, Nurse, Dundas, Sudbury, d/o John DOUGLAS (b. Frederickton NB) & Mary Emma HEDDON; wit Edith MURPHY, Halifax NS & Thomas SMITH, Toronto, 22 Jun 1925, London
014688-25 Charles Wilfred REEVES, 24, Shoe work, London, London, s/o William REEVES (b. Ontario) & Theresa HESTER; married Mary FRANK, 23, Clerk, Byron Ont, Westminster Twp, d/o Harry FRANK (b. Ontario) & Ellen JOYCE; wit Edmond F. REEVES Harriet M. HUNTER, both no place given, 16 Nov 1925, London 014699-25 (Middlesex Co) Cassius Nathan Hoyt REMICK, 25, machinist, Barnston Que.., London s/o Cassius Henry REMICK (b. Quebec) & Kate Elizabeth CONVERSE married Adha Elzora BOLT, 22, inspector, Wroxeter Ont. d/o James Howard BOLT (b. England) & Mary Adeline PLANT wtn: Mary BROWN of 160 Maple St in London & Robert William SMITH of 1000 Waterloo St, 16 May 1925 at London
014705-25 (Middlesex Co) Lorne William RHAME, 22, plumber, Allenford, Wilberforce s/o John RHAME (b. Ontario) & Jennie DORNAN married Dorothy Amelia SAUNDERS, 18, Bideford Devon England, 24 Emery St in London d/o John D. SAUNDERS (b. England) & Josephine WHITTICKER wtn: Earl T. RHAME & Oscar P. SAUNDERS both of London, 18 March 1925 at London 014701-25 (Middlesex Co) Oscar Allen RHOME, 25, farmer, Allenford Ont., Con 2 Westminster twp s/o John RHOME (b. Ontario) & Jane DORNAN married Myrtle Florence JOHNSON, 23, homemaker, London twp, Con 2 Westminster twp d/o Illa JOHNSON (b. Sweden) & Thurza EDGE wtn: W.D. BROWN & Gladys BROWN both of RR #1 Wilton Grove, 13 May 1925 at London
014679-25 William James RIDLEY, 39, Labourer, Grey Twp, London, s/o John RIDLEY (b. Ontario) & Jessie PIERRIE; married Eleanor Ann JOYES, 46, Housekeeper, Kamoka, London, d/o Alexander McDOUGALL (b. Ontario) & Jane BROWN; wit D.M. DAVIS & Lilla M. SALTON, both London, 4 Nov 1925, London 014684-25 Lee Roy RIDLEY, 21, Lineman, St. Thomas, London, s/o Robert RIDLEY (b. United States) & Mary SHERRY; married Charlotte HICKS, 21, Clerk, London, London, d/o G.W. HICKS (b. Ontario) & Margaret O'TOOLE; wit Nelson RIDLEY & Dorothy DELANEY, both no place given, 15 Oct 1925, London
014689-25 Alfred John RITTER, 30, Mail Clerk, Newton, London, s/o Fernando L. RITTER (b. Ontario) & Caroline ZOEGER; married Masie Lillian OVERBAUGH, 29, Dental Assistant, Erie View, London, d/o Ithamar OVERBAUGH (b. Ontario) & Mary CLEMENS; wit Dorothea J. RITTER & Lee F. OVERBAUGH, both London, 14 Nov 1925, London 014697-25 Clara ROBERTS, 30, Engineer, Colchester North, St. Thomas, s/o Isaac ROBERTS (b. Ontario) & Cordalia BURGELL; married May Eleanor MARTIN, 31, Clerk, London, London, d/o John T. MARTIN (b. England) & Mary LEWIS; wit V. Moseley WILLIAMS, London & Emily JARROLD, no place given, 30 Sept 1925, London
014698-25 Reginald George ROBINS, 29, Printer, London, London, s/o John J. ROBINS (b. England) & Ellen BROOKS; married Florence Maria GALLOWAY, 22, Stenographer, London, London, d/o George F. GALLOWAY (b. Ontario) & Helen L. PATTERSON; wit Ruth GRIFFIN?, Hamilton & Cecil Ernest ROBINS, Galt, 20 Jun 1925, London 014702-25 (Middlesex Co) Thomas Oscar ROBINSON, 27, insurance clerk, Campbell's Cross Ont., 317 Central Ave in London s/o James ROBINSON (b. Campbell's Cross) & Eleanor WILSON married Ella Ethryelle MOOTE, 26, bank clerk, Woodstock Ont., 653 Princess Ave in London d/o Richard W. MOOTE (b. Sweaburg Ont.) & Ada Florence HOLDEN wtn: Marion E. SMITH of 948 Dundas in London & Kenneth McFARLANE of 317 Central in London, 25 April 1925 at London

015004-25 William Everett ROBINSON, 26, Farmer, Mosa Twp, Mosa Twp, s/o John H. ROBINSON (b. Newbury) & Adelaide EVERITT; married Alice Rosevelt UNDERHILL, 21, Detroit, Ekfrid, d/o Alonzo UNDERHILL (b. USA) & Bessie UNDERHILL; wit Frederick W. UNDERHILL, Detroit Mich & Thelma WATERWORTH, Appin, 25 Nov 1925, Appin

015009-25 Frederick Hugh ROBINSON, 28, Undertaker, Newbury, Newbury, s/o John Alexander ROBINSON (b. Colchester Essex Co) & Anna BOYLE; married Margaret Jean SHERWOOD, 17, Crossfork Pennsylvania, Mosa, d/o John Francis SHERWOOD (b. Mosa Twp) & Louisa Jane HURDLE; wit Frederick Justus HURDLE & Edway HURDLE, both Newbury, 18 Apr 1925, Mosa Twp


015008-25 George Duncan ROBOTHAM, 66, Gentleman, Wid, Adelaide Twp, Strathroy, s/o William ROBOTHAM & Ann BRETON; married Maud Evelyn ROBINSON, 47, Lady, Strathroy, Strathroy, d/o F.T?. ROBINSON & Annie STONEHOUSE; wit J.H. SMITH & Hannah SMITH, both Strathroy, 14 Jan 1925, Strathroy

014687-25 Harold ROBSON, 34, Farmer, London Twp, London Twp, s/o Jeremiah ROBSON (b. Canada) & Mary LEECKIE, married Gladys Eldon KEILLOR, 30, School Teacher, Elgin Co, Elgin Co, d/o Albro KEILLOR (b. Canada) & Ada GREEN; wit Jessie B. TUITE & Madeline YOUNG, both Belleville, 29 Dec 1925, London 014681-25 Wilfred Charles ROGER, 26, Operator, London, London, s/o Sidney ROGERS (sic) (b. Devon England) & Georgina BARTLETT; married Anna Naomi HASELGROVE, 24, Operator, London, London, d/o Omar HASELGROVE (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann NEWSOME; wit Chester W. ROGERS & Claudia J. MUNRO, both London, 7 Sept 1925, London
014709-25 (Middlesex Co) Ernest Alfred ROSE, 30, waiter, England, London Ont. s/o Ernest ROSE & Emma CALVER married Elizabeth Ellen McKENNA, 28, domestic, England, London Ont. d/o Frank McKENNA & Jane BARRINGTON wtn: John BUSHBY of 712 Maitland St in London & Mary O'BRIEN of 29 Peter St in London, 20 June 1925 at London 014708-25 (Middlesex Co) Frederick John ROSE, 27, Pte Royal Canadian Regiment, Kensington London England, Wolseley Barracks in London s/o George ROSE & Annie WALL married Evelyn MORTON, 20, domestic, Boston Mass USA, Wolseley Barracks in London d/o Frank MORTON & Jessie MONTEITH wtn: Pearl RICHARDSON of 930 Oxford St in London & W. MORTIMER of Wolseley Barracks in London, 16 May 1925 at 314 Grosvenor St in London
014700-25 (Middlesex Co) Harry Gilbert ROSE, 22, farmer, Glanworth Ont., Glanworth Ont. s/o Richard G. ROSE (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth M. BENNETT married Grace Vivienne HUTCHINSON, 19, teacher, Vienna Ont., Glanworth Ont. d/o Haley WALLACE (b. Ontario) & Isabella BURTON wtn: N.J. MILLIGAN of 213 Tecumseh Ave in London & Mrs E.G. MURPHY of 116 Tecumseh Ave, 19 May 1925 at London 014683-25 James Lloyd ROSENBERGER, 31, Clerk, London, London, s/o Abraham ROSENBERGER (b. Ontario) & Mary NEIL; married Elsie Mary CLARK, 29, Stenographer, Petrolia, London, d/o Albert John CLARK (b. England) & Mary BINTON; wit Albert John CLARK & Isobel CLARK, both Forest, 4 Oct 1925, London
014682-25 Robert William ROSS, 22, Railway Signal Man, Elgin Scotland, Komoka, s/o William (b. Elgin Scotland) & Christina ROSS; married Elsie SLATER, 18, England, Woodstock, d/o William Cyrus SLATER (b. Liverpool England) & Annie HARRISON; wit Jane FARLEY & Florence A. CLARY, both London, 21 Nov 1925, London

015005-25 Harold Hugh ROSS, 28, Bookkeeper, London, London, s/o Hugh ROSS (b. Ontario) & Alice Emily PRICE; married Elizabeth Beatrice DALE, 23, Clerk, Glendale, London, d/o William DALE (b. Ontario) & Margaret HUNT; wit F.R. ANDERSON, Detroit & Ena L. THIRSK, London, 3 Oct 1925, Dorchester

014707-25 (Middlesex Co) Emery Earl RUBY, 30, clerk, Zurich Ont., Zurich s/o William RUBY & Mary FRANK married Florence RUSK, 30, dressmaker, Waterloo twp, 57 Albert St N in Kitchener d/o George RUSK & Elizabeth SOEHNER, wtn: Fenwick Gordon CHARLES of 936 Dundas St in London & Georgina PERNHER of 904 Dundas St in London, 31 January 1925 at St Matthews Church in London  
014691-25 Stanley RUMFORD, 38, Apiarist, Bosanquet Twp, Thedford, s/o Charles RUMFORD (b. Ontario) & Flora Alice DAVIDSON; married Olivett Evelyn KERNSHAW, 31, Milliner, West Nissouri Twp, none given, d/o Arthur J. KERNSHAW (b. Ontario) & Rebecca LAIRD; wit Howard CARROTHERS, Thedford & Violetta L. KERNSHAW, London, 28 Nov 1925, London 014690-25 Francis William Humphrey RUNDLE, 37, Watch Repairer, Otterham England, London, s/o William Dunstan RUNDLE (b. England) & Frances Jane DEVONSHIRE; married Viola Marguerite SINCLAIR, 34, Supervisor, Alvinston, London, d/o Duncan SINCLAIR (b. Scotland) & Amy Jane MILLS; wit Elsie INGRAM & Jennie McINTOSH, both London, 15 Aug 1925, London
014694-25 Colin Stewart RUSSELL, 46, Farmer, London Twp, London Twp, s/o Alexander RUSSELL (b. London Twp) & Charlotte OLIVER; married Helena Fanny BACON, 44, Housekeeper, London Twp, London Twp, d/o Daniel BACON (b. England) & Mary Eleanor GLOVER; wit John HUESTON, no place given & H.E. BEVERLEY, London, 4 Jul 1925, London 014706-25 (Middlesex Co) Allan RUSSELL, 22, labourer, Scotland, London s/o James RUSSELL (b. Scotland) & Ratchel ROY married Catherine STEWART, 22, housekeeper, Scotland, London d/o Robert STEWART (b. Scotland) & Mary SANDS wtn: B.P. SAUNDERS of 648 Oxford St & Helen COOPER of 179 William St, 10 march 1925 at New St James Manse

015011-25 James Wilfred SADLER, 38, Farmer, Ontario, East Williams, s/o William E. SADDLER (sic) & Matilda C. CHOATE; married Mary McHardy SMITH, 34, Scotland, London Twp, d/o Archibald SMITH (b. Scotland) & Mary MACHARDY; wit Stanley SADLER, Mossley & George T. DODD, Belmont, 18 Nov 1925, North Dorchester Twp

014756-25 (Middlesex Co) David James SALMOND, 31, mechanic, Edinburgh in Scotland, 208 Best St in Flint Mich USA s/o Robert SALMOND (b. Scotland) & Helen TAIT married Edith McLaren Kennedy PEEBLES, 22, Dundee Scotland, 652 Piccadilly St in London d/o William McLaren PEEBLES (b. Scotland) & Jemima FORRESTER wtn: John James DARROCK & Margaret PEEBLES both of London, 2 January 1925 at London 014721-25 (Middlesex Co) Kenneth William SALTER, 22, clerk, London, London s/o A.J. SALTER (b. Exeter Ont.) & Jane CLUFF married Elsie Cleota Jennie Margarita BARNETT, 21, stenographer, Joliet Illinois, London d/o John BARNET (b. Ontario) & Mary M. AXFORD wtn: Bert ROBINSON of 676 Dufferin Ave & Eni AXFORD of St James PPO, 15 October 1925 at London
014713-25 (Middlesex Co) Howard Sydney SAMPSON, 23, clerk, Glanworth Ont., Glanworth s/o Harry E. SAMPSON (b. Fulton Illinois) & Clara RUSH married Edith Anna Loretta CAPP, 23, London, London d/o Thomas W. CAPP (b. Bedford England) & Mary Jane FORD wtn: Ethel M. CAPP & Lorne C. SAMPSON both of London, 21 November 1925 at London 014737-25 (Middlesex Co) John Inglis SANDERSON, 30, clerk, London, 236 Dundas St in London s/o John N. SANDERSON (b. Wroxeter Ont.) & Lela Gilchrist MITCHELL married Lavina Ida WILLIAMSON, 26, Watford Ont., 385 Waterloo St in London d/o Murray WILLIAMSON (b. Wanstead Ont.) & Eliza Ann McGREGOR wtn: Fred A. POWER 356 Dundas St in London & C.M. PARKER of 377 Wellington St in London, 23 May 1925 at London
014729-25 (Middlesex Co) Paul Ernest SANTO, 27, farmer, Grove Park in Saskatchewan, London s/o Casper SANTO (b. Hungary) & Julia SENKEY married Constance Annie GALE, 25, stenographer, England, London d/o William W. GALE (b. England) & Rosetta TIMSON wtn: Mr & Mrs William W.J. GALE of London, 30 July 1925 at London 014730-25 (Middlesex Co) Carl Ernest Frederick SCHMIDT, 24, salesman, Rodney Ont., Kitchener Ont. s/o John SCHMIDT (b. Downey twp) & Mary MENIG married Dorothy Mabel BUTLER, 20, bookkeeper, Brampton Ont., Kitchener d/o Joseph BUTLER (b. Brampton) & Mabel WHITE wtn: Phyllis R. BUTLER of 17 Bressoe St in London & Thomas RICHARDSON of Guelph, 23 December 1925 at London
014734-25 (Middlesex Co) Harvey Adam SCHROEDER, 25, farmer, Dashwood Ont., Exeter Ont. s/o Charles SCHROEDER (b. Ontario) & Mary BACHS married Florence Gertrude KNIGHT, 18, farmer's daughter, Exeter, Exeter d/o Edward KNIGHT (b. England) & Emma B. PENGELLING wtn: Mildred SCHROEDER & Bessie VOICE both of London, 10 June 1925 at All Saints Church in London

015016-25 Henry Herbert SCHWARTZ, 30, Farmer, Stephen Twp, Stephen Twp, s/o Jacob SCHWARTZ (b. Canada) & Loisa HOIST; married Lulu May McFALLS, 29, Biddulph Twp, Lucan Village, d/o Oscar (b. Ontario) & Alice McFALLS; wit Gertrude KENT & K.J. BROWN, both Lucan, 2 Sept 1925, Lucan

015010-25 Ivan Frederick SCOTT, 33, Farmer, Wid, Delaware, Delaware, s/o Thomas SCOTT (b. Ontario) & Adeline HOWLETT; married Elsie Winnifred IRELAND, 20, Delaware, Delaware, d/o George S. IRELAND (b. Ontario) & Edith Ruth NAGLE; wit Robert L. IRELAND & Mrs. Robert IRELAND, both Lambeth, 10 Dec 1925, Lambeth

015014-25 Morris Lewis Hall SCOTT, 25, Farmer, Delaware, Delaware, s/o Howard SCOTT (b. Delaware Ontario) & Ida WILLSIE; married Alice Victoria JONES, 25, Lobo, Lobo, d/o John Burleigh JONES (b. Ontario) & Isobel STEPHENSON; wit Mrs. E.H. HESKETH, Komoka & Mrs. J. FENLEY (Fenby?), Florence, 10 Mar 1925, Komoka

015015-25 Francis Arthur SEABROOK, 24, Electrician, Ontario, Byron, s/o Frank K. SEABROOK (b. Ontario) & Unice B.B. HOLLOWAY; married Lillian Velma SMITH, 21, Teacher, Westminster, Byron, d/o Horace SMITH (b. Ontario) & Hannah Bertha WELLWOOD; wit I.B. SEABROOK, no place given & Gladys SMITH, London, 9 Sept 1925, Byron

014749-25 (Middlesex Co) Charles Thomas SEARS, 20, public accountant, London, London s/o Henry George SEARS (b. Brantford Ont.) & Charlotte R. DENIS (Duns?) married Beatrice Evelyn CAMPBELL, 20, housekeeper, Stratford Ont., London d/o Daniel Frank CAMPBELL (b. Peel Co Ont.) & Sarah illegible (?--MOND (ink blot)) wtn: D.F. CAMPBELL OF 125 Horton St in London & H.J. SEARS of 190 Central Ave in London, 21 March 1925 at London
014715-25 (Middlesex Co) Richard Robinson SECORD, 27, farmer, Burford twp, Harley Ont. s/o David W. SECORD & Sharlott A. HOLDSWORTH married Florence Mabel GRIEVE, 20, South Dorchester twp, 12 Hume St in London d/o Russell GRIEVE & Nettie CANDACE wtn: Russell GRIEVE of 12 Hume St in London & Myrtle L. GARTLY of RR#1 Milton Grove, 17 November 1925 at 12 Hume St in London 014717-25 (Middlesex Co) George Henry SESSIONS, 23, shipper, Toronto, London s/o Fred SESSIONS (b. London England) & Sophia CHIVAS married Ivey Madeline TAYLOR, 19, forelady, London, London d/o Richard TAYLOR (b. Ireland) & Rose CHANNERS wtn: Harvey PORTER of 1022 Trafalgar & Thelma CALHOON of 39 Regina, 17 October 1925 at London

015013-25 Robert Hiram SHERMAN, 30, Clerk, Hawkesbury, Hawkesbury, s/o John SHERMAN (b. Ontario) & Agnes POTTS; married Laura Maria BRYAN, 31, Teacher, Thorndale, Thorndale, d/o Walter BRYAN (b. Thorndale) & Helena LOGAN; wit Muriel E. BRYAN, Thorndale & J. BRIDGE, Hawkesbury, 26 Sept 1925, Thorndale

014714-25 (Middlesex Co) Frederick Ethelbert SHIBLEY, 38, divorcee, hotel keeper, Ontario, 1553 Dundas St W s/o Schuyler (no surname given) (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth HUNTER married Effie Lenore CHADWICK, 32, widow, milliner, Ontario, 277 Hymen St in St Thomas d/o Frederick MITCHELL (b. Ontario) & Margaret McLEOD wtn: Ruby WALLACE of 288 Simcoe St & Minnie HIBBERT of Wellington St in London, 18 October 1925, at Parsonage Wellington St in London
014758-25 (Middlesex Co) Joseph Charles SIMMS, 22, tinsmith, London England, London s/o John Joseph SIMMS & Florence Ellen LADYMAN married Emma Mary MARKHAM, 21, London England, London d/o Joseph B. MARKHAM & Maude Ann THORNE wtn: Walter COOK & Maude MARKHAM both of London, 30 December 1925 at All Saints Church in London 014748-25 (Middlesex Co) James Edward SIMPSON, 21, bricklayer, London, Detroit Mich s/o James SIMPSON (b. London) & Amelia WRIGHT married Gladys Viola WATSON, 20, knitter, Brooke twp, London d/o Cailan WATSON (b. Brooke twp) & Mary EDGAR wtn: Joseph FOSTER of London & Jennie EDGAR of RR#7 Alvinston, 23 June 1925 at London

015017-25 William SKINNER, 37, Telephone Manager, Wid, Fendilton Cambridgeshire England, Aylmer, s/o David H. SKINNER (b. Cambridgeshire England) & Susan GOLDEN; married Ida Lucy DALE, 37, McGillivray Twp, Lucan, d/o Thomas DALE (b. England) & Margaret CADE; wit Anna DALE, Lucan & Mary AMOS, London, 1 Aug 1925, Lucan

014738-25 (Middlesex Co) John Clifford SKINNER, 20, truck driver, Aylmer Ont., 387 Princess Ave in London s/o Clarence SKINNER (b. Aylmer) & Augusta PRICE married Mildred Mae DODDS, 20, dressmaker, Keene Ont., 572 Colborne St in London d/o John Leslie DODDS (b. Aylmer) & Emma STAPLEY wtn: Alfred E. ROSE & Elizabeth E. ROSE both of 112 Wortley Road, 26 September 1925 at London
014723-25 (Middlesex Co) Charles Presley SLATER, 32, traveller, Montreal Que.., London s/o George A. SLATER (b. Montreal) & Mary A. SEELEY married Marjory Elizabeth DOUGLAS, 23, housekeeper, London, London d/o J.M. DOUGLAS (b. New Haven USA) & Margaret STEVEN wtn: Helen ROSS of 452 Pall Mall St & Helen FINN of 396 Regent St, 23 November 1925 at New St James Manse in London 014744-25 (Middlesex Co) John Morrison SLATER, 22, commercial traveller, Scotland, 48 Kains St in St Thomas s/o George SLATER (b. Scotland) & Helen MORRISON married Carolyn Adele PRICE, 21, saleslady, St Thomas Ont., 61 Kains St in St Thomas d/o Courtland PRICE (b. England) & Florence BELLOWS wtn: Edgar LEAKEY & Hazel LEAKEY both of St Thomas. 29 April 1925 at London
014742-25 (Middlesex Co) Edward Frederick SLATTER, 28, machinist, London England, London s/o Edward Alfred SLATTER (b. London in England) & Minnie SMITH married Edith Ada McDONALD, 32, wrapper, London England, London d/o William McDONALD (b. London in England) & Ada McDONALD wtn: Robert FERGUSON of 1051 Florence St in London & W. BURNETT of 44 Woodward Ave in London, 28 May 1925 at London 014732-25 (Middlesex Co) Joseph Andrew SLAUGHTER, 24, farmer, Manitoba, Manitoba s/o Andrew SLAUGHTER (b. Ontario) & Mary HALL married Marjorie Leila WALDEN, 18, housekeeper, Grenfell Saskatchewan, Manitoba d/o Jesse WALDEN (b. Ontario) & Leila SPARLING wtn: Albert HOUSE of Wellington St in London & S.M. ROBINSON of Metropolitan Church London, 6 August 1925 at London

015018-25 George Maitland SMALE, 23, Battery Repairer, Longwood, London, s/o Henry SMALE (b. Michigan US) & Annie MORRISON; married Barbara Kathleen MITCHELL, 21, Clerk, Mt. Brydges, London, d/o Harvey MITCHELL (b. Strathroy) & Charlotte McCORMICK; wit Alma L. McCORMICK, London & Robert L. KING?, Port Huron Mich, 11 Apr 1925, Mt. Brydges

014747-25 (Middlesex Co) Martin SMITH, 40, widower, farmer, Auburn in USA, 771 Waterloo St in London s/o Charles SMITH (b. Auburn USA) & Rose SIMMONDS married Eleanor Elizabeth BOOTH, 41, widow, nurse, Bradford Penn, 857 Waterloo St in London d/o Arthur STEVENSON (b. Ottawa) & Isabel PATTERSON wtn: Mabel G. NEVILL of 771 Waterloo St & Grace E. CRISP of 857 Waterloo St, 7 April 1925 at London 014718-25 (Middlesex Co) Richard Tapscott SMITH, 21, bookkeeper, London England, 374 Burwell St in London s/o Donald Edgar SMITH (b. England) & Louise Elizabeth TAPSCOTT married Hilda May HOOKE, 26, stenographer, Odombe England, 374 Burwell St in London d/o John Vincent HOOKE (b. Somerset England) & Annie Florence JACKSON wtn: A.E. MORRIS & N.F.H. STEVEN both of London, 26 September 1925 at London
014755-25 (Middlesex Co) John Henry SMITH, 45, engineer, Port Elgin Ont., Port Elgin s/o George SMITH (b. Port Elgin) & Kate SHAVER married Christina HUGHSON, 50, widow, domestic, Collingwood Ont., Port Elgin d/o Donald MacKENZIE (b. Scotland) & Christina McLENNAN wtn: A.M. BEATTIE & Winnifred M. BURRELL both of 232 Central Ave, 7 January 1925 at London 014754-25 (Middlesex Co) Wilfred Russell SMITH, 24, machinist, Wiarton Ont., London s/o Franklin SMITH (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth HOUGH married Elizabeth CARRUTHERS, 23, housekeeper, England, London d/o Alexander CARRUTHERS (b. England) & Jane FLENDERLITTLE wtn: Robert WENMAN of London & Edith PALMER of 464 Pall Mall in London, 17 January 1925 at 881 Trafalgar St in London
014753-25 (Middlesex Co) James SMITH, 56, widower, engineer, Warrick (Warwick?) twp, Strathroy s/o Maurice SMITH (b. Quebec) & Mary SHAW married Edna SCOTT, 26, housekeeper, Strathroy, Strathroy d/o Herbert SCOTT (b. England) & Margaret STEVENSON wtn: Emanuel LANG of London & A.M. GREEN of 124 Albert St in London, 9 February 1925 at London 014722-25 (Middlesex Co) James SMITH, 44, widower, farmer, Loch Gelly Scotland, 11 Rathmine St in London s/o David SMITH (b. Scotland) & Mary VAIL married Mary Porter ROBERTSON, 41, domestic, Ceres Scotland, 11 (?) St in London d/o Stewart ROBERTSON (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth ROGER wtn: Alex ROSS & Mrs Emily ROSS both of 19 Wyatt in London, 17 October 1925 at London
014745-25 (Middlesex Co) James SMITH, 60, widower, painter, London, London s/o Archibald SMITH (b. Scotland) & Grace McBRIDE married Elizabeth GREEN, 49, widow, housekeeper, Teeswater Ont., Teeswater d/o James WOCKS & Lineta? KRUEGER wtn: John ARSCOTT & Lena ARSCOTT both of 442 Pall Mall in St Thomas, 24 April 1925 at New St James Manse in London 014746-25 (Middlesex Co) Richard SMITH, 54, widower, shoe worker, Leicestershire England, 375 Glebe St in London s/o Amos SMITH (b. England) & Mary A. HUNT married Esther PAWLEY, 37, widow, housekeeper, Leicestershire England, 375 Glebe St in London d/o William HALL (b. England) & Mary A. TILLSLEY wtn: James W. PAWLEY & Ida PAWLEY both of 877 Van St, 4 April 1925 at 375 Glebe St in London
014757-25 (Middlesex Co) John Hilliard SMITH, 23, labourer, Parkhill Ont., 330 Burwell St in London s/o Amasa SMITH (b. Parkhill) & Annie RICHARDSON married Edna Irene CRAPP, 22, clerk, London, RR#4 Byron Ont. d/o Richard CRAPP (b. England) & Mary FOSTER wtn: R. SMITH of 263 Dundas St & Ella McGREGOR of RR ? London, 3 February 1925 at London 014759-25 (Middlesex Co) Harold Irving SMITH, 26, bond salesman, Vernon in BC, London s/o Samuel Layton SMITH & Bertha Maud BROWN married Lorraine Muriel Beverley Netterville ABBOTT, 18, London, London d/o Chester Netterville ABBOTT & Muriel Elizabeth PAYNE wtn: Robert Eric DINGMAN of Toronto & Chester ABBOTT of London, 14 October 1925 at London
014740-25 (Middlesex Co) Clarence Emerson SMYE, 28, confectioner, Grimsby Ont., 86 Rosslyn Ave South in Hamilton Ont. s/o Simeon SYME (b. Ontario) & Emma J. ROZYELL married Camilla May O'DAY, 20, lives at home, Canada, 211 Hunter St E in Hamilton d/o James O'DAY (b. Ontario) & Sarah OWEN wtn: A.P. MAHINEY & Nora McGEE both of London, 26 May 1925 at St Peter's Cathedral 014739-25 (Middlesex Co) William Ross SNELL, 23, machinist, Tillsonburg Ont., 9 Isobel St in St Thomas s/o John Routcliff SNELL & C. Mabel CRANDALL, married Florence Irene BROWN, 20, clerk, Gloucester England, 12 John St in St Thomas d/o Harry BROWN & Mary LOVELL wtn: Laura BEATTIE of 232 Central Ave in London & W. Murray ANDERSON of Ottawa, 1 January 1925 at 232 Central Ave in London
014743-25 (Middlesex Co) Edward SNIDER, 35, widower, boilermaker, Ingersoll Ont., London s/o Abel SNIDER (b. Ingersoll) & Eliza GEE married Elsie HARGRAVES, 25, housekeeper, England, London d/o William HARGRAVES (b. England) & Mary RICHARDS wtn: Nettie O. GARBUTT & Helen GARBUTT both of 484 Dundas St in London, 8 May 1925 at London 014726-25 (Middlesex Co) Leonard Montalan SOVEREIGN, 42, fruit grower, Waterford Ont., Waterford s/o Lewis SOVEREIGN (b. Waterford) & Emma NESBIT married Florence Mabel CAMPLIN, 45, London, 180 Dundas St in London d/o Charles Frederick CAMPLIN (b. England) & Lucy SKEY wtn: Edith M. CAMPLIN of London & M.R. CAMPLIN of Exeter, 5 December 1925 at London
014736-25 (Middlesex Co) William Nelson SPEARIN, 24, accountant, Perth Co Ont., Norwich Ont. s/o William George SPEARIN (b. Ontario) & Artimesia SLACK married Lillian Alberta DOUGLAS, 25, London, London d/o Hugh DOUGLAS (b. Ireland) & Mary R. POWERS wtn: S. McEACHERN of 272 Regent St in London & S.R. RUSSELL of Parkerson Apts, 20 June 1925 at London  
014752-25 (Middlesex Co) Hugh Albert STACEY, 19, tinsmith, Strathroy, London s/o John STACEY (b. Strathroy) & Elizabeth CATTON married Mary Margaret Jane WATSON, 20, factory worker, Glanworth Ont., London d/o George WATSON (b. Ontario) & Agnes MILLEN wtn: Mr Lafayette WATSON & Mrs Agnes WATSON both of London, 14 February 1925 at London 014711-25 (Middlesex Co) John Sevie STACEY, 25, farmer, Port Stanley Ont., Port Stanley s/o Walter STACEY (b. Ontario) & Emma McSHERRY married Velma Irene HODDER, 21, clerk, Dutton, Dutton Ont. d/o John J. HODDER (b. Ontario) & Annie E. BALKWILL wtn: Annie E. HODDER of Dutton & Martha J. FILMORE of St Thomas Ont., 22 October 1925 at London
014719-25 (Middlesex Co) Samuel George STAMOS, 30, waiter, Montreal Quebec, 405 Richmond St in London s/o George STAMOS (b. Greece) & Jane VERTOS married Mary Catherine McGUIRK, 22, waitress, Dublin Ireland, 400 King St in London d/o James McGUIRK (b. Ireland) & Jane BANKS wtn: James MARQUIS & Nora McGEE both of London, 19 August 1925 at St Peter's Cathedral 014741-25 (Middlesex Co) Leonard George STARLING, 40, organist, London England, 81 Cathcart St in London s/o Richard SMITH (b. London England) & Anna CLARK married Violet Irene WILSON, 21, shop worker, Windsor Ont., 61 Smith St in London d/o William Arthur WILSON (b. Ireland) & Florence CAVE wtn: Richard T. SMITH of 225 Wharncliffe Rd S in London & E. Mandy PARKER of 979 Hackett St, 16 May 1925 at London [with note: "The groom's name was changed from Smith to Starling at the request of his father.... dated July 25, 1919]
014735-25 (Middlesex Co) Harold STEARNS, 24, painter, St Thomas Ont., 579 Waterloo St in London s/o Martin STEARNS (b. Boston USA) & Mary McINTYRE married Hilda May ALLEN, 18, London England, 356½ Richmond St in London d/o Thomas ALLEN (b. London in England) & Mary Agnes PORTER wtn: James HAYES & Mrs Bessie HAYES both of London, 20 June 1925 at All Saints Church in London 014731-25 (Middlesex Co) Archie Thomas STEELS, 22, stock clerk, Nashville twp Ont., 24 Mt Pleasant Ave in London s/o Walter STEELS (b. London twp) & Mary Ann McKAY married Hazel Madeleine CUNNINGHAM, 29, teacher, London, 839 Dundas St in London d/o J. Wesley CUNNINGHAM (b. London) & Jane Seymour HOLMES wtn: Frieda CUNNINGHAM of 839 Dundas St in London & Russell SHAVER of 203 Rectory St in London, 24 June 1925 at London
014728-25 (Middlesex Co) Connell Gerald STEERS, 33, civil engineer, Ottawa Ont., Alexander Apts in Sarnia s/o Connell J. STEERS (b. Canada) & Alma BARRY married Kathleen Mary COLES, 24, London, The Beaches Grand Ave in London d/o Lt Col W.G. COLES (b. London) & Esther McLEOD wtn: Frank STEERS of Ottawa & Marion COLES of London, 31 August 1925 at London 014727-25 (Middlesex Co) John George STEPHEN, 59, salesman, Caithness Scotland, 434 Pall Mall St in London s/o William STEPHEN (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth MANSON married Laura May McBRIDE, 49, London, 25 Peter St in London d/o Peter McBRIDE (b. Ireland) & Maria GEOFORTH wtn: D.M. STEPHEN of 330 Bryce St in London & S.J. INGRAM of 446 Dufferin Ave, 15 August 1925 at London
014710-25 (Middlesex Co) Harold Edward STEVENS, 24, clerk, London, London s/o Charles STEVENS & Anna GIBSON married Gladys May HODGINS, 24, London, London d/o William James HODGINS & Elizabeth May McDONALD wtn: William A. HODGINS of 153 John St in London & Ruby ANDREWS of 494 King St in London, 17 October 1925 at London

015019-25 William Littlejohn STEVENSON, 29, Farmer, Maple Lodge, Lobo, s/o George Robert STEVENSON (b. Maple Lodge) & Susan LITTLEJOHN; married Ruby Catherine McVICAR, 29, Lobo, Lobo, d/o John C. McVICAR (b. Lobo) & Mary McBAIN; wit George Cecil STEVENSON, Claudeboye & Agnes Rae ROSS, Ilderton, 8 Apr 1925, Ilderton

015012-25 George STEWART, 30, Farmer, Ontario, East Williams, s/o William STEWART (b. Ontario) & Janet FORTUNE; married Christina A. McLELLAN, 28, Ontario, East Williams, d/o Murdock McLELLAN (b. Ontario) & Christina REID; wit Mrs. W. STEWART & Murdock McLELLAN, both Ailsa Craig, 10 Oct 1925, Nairn

014716-25 (Middlesex Co) John Roy STEWART, 29, farmer, Ontario, East Williams s/o Donald STEWART (b. Canada) & Isabell McINROY married Margaret Gray HOWIE, 25, school teacher, Ontario, London d/o William HOWIE (b. Canada) & Kathleen E. NICHOL wtn: Annie SCOTT of Ailsa Craig & Kathleen N. HOWIE of 36 Prospect in London, 30 October 1925 at London
014750-25 (Middlesex Co) Walter James STONE, 19, honey maker, London, 172 Hyman St in London s/o William Joseph STONE (b. England) & Charlotte BARRY married Lenore Emily LITTLE, 19, packer, London, 99 (?) St in London d/o Orville Joseph LITTLE (b. Nova Scotia) & Mabel Irene DE MONTAGUE wtn: Arthur TAYLOR & Rhea SMITH both of London, 19 February 1925 at London 014712-25 (Middlesex Co) Rupert Randolph STOTHERS, 23, salesman, London, 18 Askin St in London s/o Robert J. STOTHERS (b. London twp) & Charlotte BLAIR married Marion Russell WAIDE, 23, housekeeper, London, 1010 Adelaide St in London d/o John C. WAIDE (b. London twp) & Elizabeth A. MORGAN wtn: William H. STOTHERS of St Luke's Hospital in New York & Margaret M. WAIDE of 1010 Adelaide St, 12 September 1925 at London
014751-25 (Middlesex Co) George William STOVER, 24, shoemaker, Otterville Ont., London s/o Charles STOVER (b. Ontario) & M.A. PARKS married Florence Edna May SEYMOUR, 18, housekeeper, Nouch England, London d/o John Burney SEYMOUR (b. England) & Elizabeth KENT wtn: H.D. & N.K. GUNNE (Gasse?) both of 300 Hill St in London, 9 February 1925 at London 014725-25 (Middlesex Co) Orval Johnston STRACHAN, 31, barber, Millbank Ont., 197 Dundas St in London s/o Roger STRACHAN (b. Ontario) & Mary Jane JOHNSTON married Eva Elizabeth SCHAEFER, 26, bookkeeper, Carthage Ont., Stratford Ont. d/o Frederick William SCHAEFER (b. Ontario) & Matilda MOORE wtn: Mr & Mrs C.M. JOHNSTON of Listowel Ont., 9 November 1925 at London
014720-25 (Middlesex Co) Alfred Lee STRINGER, 29, superintendent, Wyoming Canada, 130 Prey St in London s/o George STRINGER (b. Ontario) & Nancy WALSH married Ellen Jane FINDLAY, 21, bookkeeper, Scotland, 5 Chester St in London d/o Andrew FINDLAY (b. Scotland) & Mary Ann FORREST wtn: Clara A. BAILEY of 86 Cartwright St in London & Margaret HAMILTON of 110 Brisbane St in London, 12 September 1925 at St Andrew's Church in London 014733-25 (Middlesex Co) Gunter Julius SUCHARD, 20, millwright, England, 525 Hull St in London s/o Gunter Adolph SUCHARD (b. Germany) & Nellie BRITTAN married Catherine Delaney MASTERSON, 18, bulb maker, Belfast Ireland, 3 Adelaide St in London d/o Edward MASTERSON (b. Ireland) & Jean WHITE wtn: Robert MASTERSON of 54 Gammage St & Jean Ferguson BRASH of 52 Terrace St, 27 June 1925 at 3 Adelaide St in London
014724-25 (Middlesex Co) Reginald Earl SUMNER, 24, clerk, London, 909 Princess Ave in London s/o Ira SUMNER (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann BEASLEY married Mary Helen Araminto NICOL, 25, clerk, London, 347 Colleen St in London d/o John NICOL (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth REDDOCK wtn: Frank W. SUMNER & Margaret E. NICOL both of London, 8 October 1925 at London

015020-25 Charles I. TATE, 22, Farmer, East Nissouri, East Nissouri, s/o David TATE (b. Canada) & Mary MARTIN; married Eve P. VANNATTER, 22, Dorchester, Lakeside, d/o John E. VANNATTER (b. Canada) & Martha M. BEACHAM; wit Kate TATE & Lindsay TATE, both St. Mary's, 30 Dec 1925, Wellburn

014766-25 (Middlesex Co) James TAYLOR, 36, sailor, Kirkwall Scotland, Chicago s/o George TAYLOR (b. Scotland) & Johanna ESSEN married Margaret MUIR, 30, housekeeper, Scotland, 1611 Carleton in London d/o John MUIR (b. Scotland) & Wilhelmina LYON wtn: George SMITH of Chicago & Coralie BENNETT of 3626 Wentworth Ave in Chicago, 26 November 1925 at London 014775-25 (Middlesex Co) Harry TAYLOR, 22, mechanic, England, St Mary's s/o James TAYLOR (b. England) & Margaret N. ARCHER married Ellen J. McROBB, 18, St Mary's, St Mary's d/o Hugh Reginald McROBB (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth Thorne WILSON wtn: Arthur R. WASHINGTON & Olive D. WASHINGTON both of St Mary's, 25 May 1925 at St Paul's Cathedral in London
014784-25 (Middlesex Co) Harry TAYLOR, 30, teamster, London, London twp s/o John TAYLOR (b. London) & Caroline DONAHUE married Lillian Alice Mary MORRIS, 24, housekeeper, London, London twp d/o Edward George MORRIS (b. England) & Elizabeth RAYNER wtn: Mrs Maude TAYLOR of 644 Gerrard St in London & Frederick TAYLOR of London, 16 February 1925 at St John the Evangelist Church in London 014779-25 (Middlesex Co) Frank Edison TAYLOR, 27, timekeeper, Essex Ont., 1757 W Philadelphia in Detroit Mich s/o A.D. TAYLOR (b. Ontario) & Carrie DEWHURST married Laura Victoria GEE, 26, stenographer, Dorchester Ont., 324 Emery St in London d/o F.D. GEE (b. Ontario) & Sarah BROOK wtn: Mrs Robert NEELY of 324 Emery St in London & Harriet AKEY of 328 Emery St in London, 5 September 1925 at St James Church in London
  014764-25 (Middlesex Co) William Pelton TEW, 36, physician. Oil Springs Ont., 289 Queens Ave in London s/o Harry E. TEW (b. Ontario) & Mary Elizabeth PELTON married LeZetta Vivian LANGFORD, 26, nurse, London, 563 Waterloo St in London d/o Alfred A. LANGFORD (b. Ontario) & LeBetta MOTTASHED wtn: Helen Douglas LANGFORD of 555 Waterloo St & Gordon C. CAMERON of 65 Hilton Ave in Toronto, 5 September 1925 at London
014788-25 (Middlesex Co) Aelwynn Brant THOMAS, 27, Anglican clergyman, Warwick Ont., 2074 4th Ave W in Owen Sound s/o Henry Alexander THOMAS & Margaret CRANSTON married Grace Florence Eliza WILLMOT, 24, London, 766 Colborne St in London d/o Norman Fritz WILLMOT & Ellen RICHARDS wtn: Arthur BRANDON of 992 4th Ave W in Parry Sound & Reta WILLMOT of 766 Colborne St in London, 23 September 1925 at London 014768-25 (Middlesex Co) Francis George Bertram THOMAS, 20, car shop employee, Kirkcaldy Scotland, 37 Hemlock St in St Thomas s/o Alfred THOMAS (b. England) & Helen TERRACE married Hazel Leona COOMBS, 20, St Thomas, 5 West Ave in St Thomas d/o Fred COOMBS (b. Ontario) & Jane VOWELS wtn: Margaret A. McINTOSH of London & Mrs Lillian Jane McEWEN of 820 King in London, 30 September 1925 at London
014772-25 (Middlesex Co) Basil THOMPSON, 26, steamfitter, Lucan Ont., 224 Richmond St in London s/o Mathew THOMPSON (b. Park Hill) & Lillian BROWN married Genevieve Lillian DAVIS, 26, Centralia Ont., 224 Richmond St in London d/o Samuel DAVIS (b. Ontario) & Priscilla ABBOTT wtn: J. THOMPSON of Talbot St in London & Angelina N. DAVIS of RR#1 Lucan, 24 June 1925 at London 014777-25 (Middlesex Co) Septimus THOMPSON, 48, widower, surgeon, Strathroy, 464 Clarence St in London s/o Alexander THOMPSON (b. Scotland) & Jane STEWART married Rowena Gibson WELD, 26, London, 342 Ridgeway in London d/o Edmund WELD (b. Delaware Ont.) & Gertrude GIBSON wtn: Edmund WELD & Evans DAVIS both of London, 8 April 1925 at London

015029-25 Bruce THOMPSON, 23, Farmer, Gladstone, Delaware Ontario, s/o John THOMPSON (b. Bayham) & Elva DEAR; married Amy Elizabeth PETERS, 30, Teacher, Yarmouth Centre, Mt. Brydges, d/o James PETERS (b. Horsham England) & Mary Elizabeth WICKETT; wit Bart ERWIN, Mt. Brydges & Verna B. WATTERWORTH, Glencoe, 25 Apr 1925, Caradoc

015031-25 Gordon THOMPSON, 21, Farmer, Ontario, McGillvray Twp, s/o Ernest THOMPSON (b. Canada) & Jane GLENDENNING; married Annie NICHOL, 22, Ontario, McGillvray Twp, d/o John NICHOL (b. Canada) & Sarah Eleanor MAWSON; wit Myrtle THOMPSON & James Calvert NICHOL, both Parkhill, 21 Mar 1925, Parkhill

014780-25 (Middlesex Co) Fred Greene THOMPSON, 27, physician, Granton Ont., Clinton Ont. s/o Charles THOMPSON (b. Biddulph twp) & Mary GREENE married Alice Sara CROOKES, 26, nurse, Ontario, Chatham Ont. d/o William CROOKES (b. England) & Sarah THURSTON wtn: W.B. ARMITAGE & Charlotte COWAN both of London, 6 March 1925 at London

015026-25 Charles THOMPSON, 28, Labourer, Sunderland England, 309 Dundas St. in London, s/o Alexander THOMPSON (b. England) & Elizabeth LAMB; married Kittie Louisa BAKER, 19, Domestic, Chiselhurst England, Strathroy, d/o Walter William BAKER (b. England) & Sarah ROGERS; wit Mrs. W. BAKER & Robert W. STOUR (Stone?), both London, 11 Jul 1925, Strathroy

015024-25 John THOMSON, 26, Section Man, Blanshard Twp, St. Marys, s/o Simon THOMSON (b. Canada) & Mary Jane NORWOOD; married Etta P. STAPLETON, 26, Nissouri Twp, Nissouri Twp, d/o Robert STAPLETON (b. Canada) & Alice SPENCER; wit Fred THOMSON, St. Marys & Violet STAPLETON, Belton, 16 Sept 1925, Wellburn

015023-25 Francis Thomas THORNE, 25, Farmer, Barnstable England, London Twp, s/o Francis THORNE (b. England) & Mary THORNE; married Verlen Ora Gertrude BOXALL, 22, London, Ingersoll, d/o John Henry BOXALL (b. England) & Mary TAFT; wit Thomas HOLT & Millie Jane HOLT, both Mandaumin, 12 Sept 1925, Putnam

014767-25 (Middlesex Co) Frederick Robert THWAITES, 25, barrel maker, Norwich England, 776 Still St in London s/o John Harry THWAITES (b. England) & Alice Emily RIX married Ethel May SIMPSON, 25, operator, London, Adelaide St in London d/o James SIMPSON (b. Ontario) & Millie WRIGHT wtn: Mrs MAJOR of 432 4th St in London & A.H. MAINE of 430 William St in London, 16 September 1925 at London 014786-25 (Middlesex Co) Alfred Dean Wilson TIBBS, 21, bank clerk, London, 232 Nelson St in London s/o Charles A. TIBBS (b. London) & Mary PUDNEY married Jean Margaret WANLESS, 21, bank clerk, London, 864 Dundas St d/o Norval King WANLESS (b. Michigan USA) & Florence BLACK wtn: Mrs Lola A. NEIL of Detroit  & Mrs W. COLBERT of 911 Colborne, 20 February 1925 at London
014781-25 (Middlesex Co) George Albert TIEDE, 24, packer, Buffalo U.S., London s/o Gustave TIEDE (b. Germany) & Caroline HEISE married Mildred Henrietta MULDOON, 23, clerk, Chicago U.S., Kitchener Ont. d/o Edward T. MULDOON & Ida HUTCHINSON wtn: Vincent BRYSON & Audrey HARDING both of London, 17 January 1925 at London 014765-25 (Middlesex Co) Charles TODD, 27, farmer, England, Dunwich twp s/o Harry TODD & Mary Anne MOORE married Sarah C. STILLAWAY, 21, district of Parry Sound, Dutton Ont. d/o George STILLAWAY & Marion STONE wtn: Ruben ROBBINS & Margaret ROBBINS both of Dutton, 29 October 1925 at the Church of the Epiphany in London
014773-25 (Middlesex Co) Henry Gladstone TOLTON, 28, farmer, Brant twp, Kinloss twp s/o James Leonard TOLTON (b. Bruce Co) & Eleanor TOLTON married Kathleen Margaret JARVIS, 27, Middlesex Co, London d/o John Wesley JARVIS (b. Middlesex Co) & Mary Eleanor WYATT wtn: John Wesley JARVIS & Mary Eleanor Wyatt JARVIS both of London, 9 June 1925 at London

015028-25 Herbert George TOMLIN, 25, Farmer, England, Caradoc Twp, s/o G.T? TOMLIN (b. Wellington England) & Alice BAYNES (Haynes?); married Mabel Marie HUMPHREY, 19, Caradoc Twp, Caradoc Twp, d/o Alfred HUMPHREY (b. Caradoc Twp) & Minnie ORR; wit Mrs. Alfred HUMPHREY & Mr. A. HUMPHREY, both Mount Brydges, 20 Jun 1925, Mount Brydges [Divorced - Decree 24/10/56]

014762-25 (Middlesex Co) Thomas TOMLINSON, 43, upholsterer, Preston England, London s/o William TOMLINSON (b. England) & Maria CHADWICK married Jane SUMNER, 35, housekeeper, Uppholland England, London d/o Frederick SUMNER (b. England) & Jane MAYER wtn: Hugh HOUSTON of Ontario Hospital & Millie PALMER of RR#2 London, 24 June 1925 at St Mark's church in London

015027-25 Herbert Park TOMLINSON, 29, Farmer, Adelaide Twp, Adelaide Twp, s/o John TOMLINSON (b. Canada) & Matilda GRAHAM; married Violet Rose ROBSON, 28, London Twp, London Twp, d/o David ROBSON (b. Canada) & Lottie PAXMAN; wit Elmo E. ROBSON, Hyde Park & Olive Jean LEWIS, Strathroy, 24 Jun 1925, Hyde Park

  014778-25 (Middlesex Co) John TOOKEY, 28, draughtsman, England, Detroit in Mich s/o John TOOKEY (b. England) & Ellen CALVER married Maud Alma PRESTON, 32, USA, Lucan Ont. d/o Samuel PRESTON (b. Canada) & Elizabeth Ellen ARMITAGE wtn: William Edward TOOKEY & Mrs E.E. PRESTON both of Lucan, 30 September 1925 at London
014770-25 (Middlesex Co) Daniel Ray TOPPING, 23, welder, Ailsa Craig, 689 Wells St in Detroit Mich s/o James TOPPING (b. Ailsa Craig) & Eliza McLAREN married Annie Blanche WOOLCOCK, 21, London, 157 Langarth St in London d/o Thomas WOOLCOCK (b. West Nissouri twp) & Anne McNEE? wtn: J. McLENNAN of 555 Emery St & Mrs E. McALPINE of 43 Black.?. , 18 July 1925 at 151 Langarth St in London 014782-25 (Middlesex Co) Henry Irwin TOWTON, 20, butcher, London, London s/o Frederick TOWTON (b. London in England) & Grace BARNETT married Martha Awilda SMITH, 19, housekeeper, London, Ealing Ont. d/o Harry SMITH (b. Ontario) & Olive ROBINSON wtn: Clifford READ & Minnie READ both of 239 William St, 19 February 1925 at London
014785-25 (Middlesex Co) Harold Walter TRELEAVEN, 23, miller, Glenallen Ont., Lucknow Ont. s/o Walter E. TRELEAVEN (b. Lucknow) & Margaret MILLER married Gertrude Agnes FOWLER, 20, teacher, Clinton Ont., Clinton d/o Howard FOWLER (b. Ontario) & Gertrude CRICK wtn: Emma GARBUTT & Louise GARBUTT both of 14 Cove Road in London, 14 February 1925 at London

015025-25 John Edward Clare TRESTAIN, 24, Farmer, Oxford Twp, Mosa, s/o James Henry TRESTAIN (b. Ontario) & Whitney Martha Lalitine? SCOTT; married Ada Belle TANNER, 20, Ekfrid Twp, Ekfrid Twp, d/o Joseph James TANNER (b. Ontario) & Jessie HATHAWAY; wit J. Frank TRESTAIN, Highland Park & Ida Mae TANNER, Appin, 24 Aug 1925, Appin

014774-25 (Middlesex Co) George TRIBE, 59, widower, painter, Elgin Co, Ingersoll s/o James TRIBE (b. England) & Hannah WRIGHT married Martha Isabel SHAW, 63, housekeeper, Kent Co, London d/o James SHAW (b. Ireland) & Jane SHAW wtn: Mr & Mrs Walter D. BIRCH of 785 Hill St in London, 2 June 1925 at London 014761-25 (Middlesex Co) Albert Manning TRICK, 49, widower, buyer, St Thomas Ont., 390 Central Ave in London s/o William TRICK (b. Port Hope Ont.) & Lydia Ann COTES (Cates?), married Isabella TROTHAN, 38, widow, homemaker, Toronto, 695 Hamilton Rd in London d/o George BROWN (b. Kincardine Ont.) & Mary Ann BELL wtn: Lydia Harriet TRICK of 390 Central Ave & Andrew Ralph MARTIN of 354 York St, 29 August 1925 at London

015030-25 Arthur William Henry TROTT, 26, Farmer, Mt. Brydges, Mt. Brydges, s/o James S. TROTT (b. Mt. Brydges) & Agness TIMEWELL; married Reiva Blanche SEXTON, 26, Strathroy, Strathroy, d/o William Brock SEXTON (b. Strathroy) & Ada HAMBLY; wit W.P. LAMBERT, Longwood & Mary D.W. BORA, Strathroy, 16 Jun 1925, Strathroy

014769-25 (Middlesex Co) Charles Samuel TROTT, 24, printer, Petrolia Ont., London s/o Samuel TROTT (b. London) & Minnie FRASER married Lillian Pearl DUNN, 22, stenographer, London, London d/o Frank DUNN (b. London) & Ida Jane THORNE wtn: Frank DUNN & Ida DUNN both of 89 Stanley St in London, 16 September 1925 at 89 Stanley St in London
014783-25 (Middlesex Co) Cornelius Joseph William TRUMPER, 25, broker, Delaware twp, Detroit s/o Herbert J. TRUMPER (b. Burnham Bucks England) & Sophia J. SAWYER married Blanche Norma HALE, 27, Heathcote in Grey Co, London d/o John HALE (b. England) & Alice W. BURGESS wtn: Bertram A. HALE & Charlotte HALE both of 107 Cartwright St in London, 26 November 1925 at London 014771-25 (Middlesex Co) Clarence Herbert TUCKEY, 21, farmer, Hyde Park Ont., Hyde Park s/o Robert H. TUCKEY (b. London twp) & Theresa Stonehouse TUCKEY married Vera Margaret PALMER, 21, Komoka Ont., Komoka d/o William PALMER (b. England) & Elizabeth Friends PALMER wtn: Everett ARRAND of Komoka & Madeline SCOTT of Ilderton, 16 June 1925 at St John's United Church Parsonage
014760-25 (Middlesex Co) Thomas Timothy TUDMAN, 27, salesman, Norfolk England, London s/o John TUDMAN (b. England) & Ellen HOWARD married Eva Hope BIRCH, 22, housekeeper, England, London d/o John BIRCH (b. England) & Ada PERRY wtn: J. BIRCH & Jack BIRCH both of 931 Dufferin Ave in London, 22 August 1925 at London

015022-25 John Frederick TUKE, 32, Clerk, London Twp, London, s/o William Fletcher TUKE (b. Wicklow Co Ireland) & Jane DRAISAY?; married Rachael S.M. NIXON, 26, London Twp, Denfield, d/o William NIXON (b. London Twp) & Sarah Mariah THOMPSON; wit Clarence B. PARTRIDGE, Detroit & Rebecca O'NEIL, Denfield, 30 Sept 1925, London

014776-25 (Middlesex Co) Harold Clifford TUPHOLME, 22, salesman, Moose Jaw Saskatchewan, 47 Askin St in London s/o Ernest William TUPHOLME (b. England) & Minerva VROOMAN, married Myrtle Sarah HAYES, 18, machine operator, London, 899 Redman St in London d/o George HAYES (b. Detroit Mich USA) & Lottie IRWIN wtn: Mr & Mrs J.M. MANIX of 145 High St in London, 24 April 1925 at Kensal Park in London

015021-25 Robert Wilfred TURNER, 24, Merchant, Dunwich, Byron, s/o Duncan C. TURNER (b. Dunwich) & Mary McMILLAN; married Alice Dorothy McROBERT, 21, Teacher, Caradoc Twp, Longwood, d/o John McROBERT (b. Caradoc) & Florence STEER; wit Walter MACMILLAN, Dutton & Eva L. McROBERT, Longwood, 30 Dec 1925, Hyde Park Village

014763-25 (Middlesex Co) Thomas Henry TURNER, 41, kitchen helper, Carlisle England, Hamilton Rd in London s/o Edwin TURNER (b. England) & Margaret WILSON married Ellen DOXSIE, 40, widow, housekeeper, Brighton England, 209 Bell St in London d/o Frederick George BODIE (b. England) & Clara BRIGGS wtn: Maude E. PERKINS & Margaret Jane PERKINS both of 889 Adelaide St in London, 22 September 1925 at Church of Redeemer Rectory in London 014787-25 (Middlesex Co) Ivor Norman TURNER, 26, carpenter, England, London s/o Thomas TURNER (b. Scotland) & Amelia LAKE married Violet TRAVES, 22, housekeeper, England, London d/o Thomas A. TRAVES (b. England) & Elizabeth COLLINS wtn: Jacob EDWARDS & Violet GILKES both of London, 23 January 1925 at London
014789-25 (Middlesex Co) Warren Elton UHELACKER, 25, clerk, Stratford Ont., 123 Nelson St In Stratford s/o Fred UHELACKER (b. Stratford) & Mary CUMMINGS married Luella Alexandria NORTHCOTT, 23, St Marys Ont., 42 Rebecca St in Stratford d/o Nelson NORTHCOTT (b. Ontario) & Christina ALDWORTH wtn: Christina GIBSON & Elizabeth McGREGOR both of 356 Queens Ave in London, 6 May 1925 at London

015032-25 William VANNATTER, 29, Farmer, West Zorra, West Zorra, s/o Simon Peter VANNATTER (b. West Zorra) & Barbara Ross MORRISON; married Jean Elizabeth McLEISH, 26, School Teacher, East Williams, West Zorra, d/o Alex McLEISH (b. Middlesex Co) & Elizabeth COWIE; wit John McLEISH, no place given & Marion Elizabeth CAMPBELL, Windsor, 22 Aug 1925, East Williams

015033-25 Jesse A. VAN PATTEN, 28, Farmer, Malahide, Malahide, s/o Leonard VAN PATTEN (b. Canada) & Anna WEAVER; married Gladys May STURGIS, 27, Brant Co, Aylmer, d/o Alfred STURGIS (b. Canada) & Annie KETT; wit Bess A. SILCOX & Mrs. Ena M.E. PARR, both Lambeth, 29 Aug 1925, Lambeth

014795-25 (Middlesex Co) Stanley George VASILOFF, 24, CPR section man, near Sofia in Bulgaria s/o Vasel VASILOFF & (?) SABA married Lillian May CLAXTON, 23, machinist, East Ham in London England, 50 Sterling Ave in London d/o Charles Ronald CLAXTON & Sarah Ann BAKER wtn: Gordon HANNENT of 801 Central Ave in London & Elsie E. HAWTHORNE of 321 Wharncliffe Road in London, 28 November 1925 at the Church of The Resurrection in London
014790-25 (Middlesex Co) Wilfred John VENTON, 34, widower, traveller, Plymouth England, London s/o John Thomas VENTON (b. England) & Mary POAD married Olive PEARSON, 27, housekeeper, Metcalfe twp, London d/o Arthur PEARSON (b. England) & Elizabeth GREGORY wtn: M & Mrs W.E. PEARSON of London, 17 October 1925 at London 014793-25 (Middlesex Co) Harold Philip VIDLER, 21, insurance agent, Hastings England, 11 Talbot St in St Thomas s/o Hugh VIDLER (b. England) & Elizabeth MARTIN married Mona CHAPPELL, 21, machine operator, Nottingham England, 73 Edward St in London d/o William? James CHAPPELL (b. England) & Jessie JEFFERY wtn: Hugh VIDLER of St Thomas & Lily NIGHTINGALE of London, 20 June 1925 at London
014792-25 (Middlesex Co) Vincent VILLANI, 36, farmer, Italy, Lakeside Ont. s/o Francesco VILLANI (b. Italy) & Maria VISCIA married Antonia CRUCIANO, 24, dressmaker, Italy, 524 Little Grey St in London d/o Nazario CRUCIANO (b. Italy) & Maria Tianina La CROCE wtn: Mr & Mrs Mattea VILLANI of 524 Grey St in London, 19 December 1925 at London 014791-25 (Middlesex Co) Charles Arthur MacLaren VINING, 28, editor, Winnipeg Manitoba, 562 Ridout St in London s/o Andrew Joseph VINING (b. Thorndale Ont.) & Agnes Lucinda MacLAREN, married Doris MacLean BELTON, 25, London, 834 Richmond St in London d/o George Harrison BELTON (b. Ontario) & Alice Theresa CRODEN wtn: Agnes T. BELTON of London, Agnes M. & A.J. VINING of Toronto, T.W. McCONNELL of Toronto, 28 November 1925 at London
014794-25 (Middlesex Co) Joseph Edmond VIRGO, 37, factory worker, Brighton Sussex England, 254 King St in London s/o Joseph VIRGO & Fanny EDMONDS married Mabel WEAVER, 32, Redbourn Herts England, London d/o William WEAVER & Charlotte THOMAS wtn: George & Minnie BISHOP of 3 Audrey St in London, 11 June 1925 at London 014840-25 (Middlesex), John Henry WADDELL, 22, motorman, St. Johns Ont, 364 Talbot Street London, s/o William John WADDELL b. Ontario and Hildah MILLER, mar Ruth Hazel ABRAMS, 22, knitter, Ontario, 484 Talbot Street London, d/o Isaac ABRAMS b. Ontario and Annie LORWAY, witn E. ABRAMS of London, 01 Jan 1925 London
014822-25 (Middlesex), Cecil Louis WAILES, 22, floor walker, England, 520 Dundas Street London, s/o John Murray WAILES b. England and Ada Clara BOXALL, mar Beatrice Lina AUSTIN, 23, shoe worker, Benton N.B., 174 Mill Street London, d/o Maurice AUSTIN b. New Brunswick and Minnie McNELLY, witn Victor WAILES and F.J. CLEMENTS both of London, 23 May 1925 London

015043-25 Edmund Parrinder WAITE, 49, Farmer, Wid, Holbeach Lincolnshire England, Caradoc, s/o Edmund WAITE (b. England) & Sarah D. RONSON; married Lilian Margaret Wallace ROBINSON, 41, Aughnacloy Co Tyrone Ireland, Caradoc Twp, d/o Rev. W.A.H. ROBINSON (b. Ireland) & Jane WALLACE; wit Laura P. McVITTY, Muncey & Fred J. RADSOM, 12 Mar 1925, Muncey

014818-25 (Middlesex), Charles Richard WAITE, 19 on 14 Oct 1924, Yarmouth Twp, same, s/o Robert WAITE b. Canada and Estella BAILEY, mar Mabel Alice CLINTON, 17 on 27 Dec 1924, Westminster Twp, Yarmouth Twp, d/o Albert D. CLINTON b. Canada and Ellen FRENCH, witn Elizabeth BAILEY and Ella C. WATTS both of London, 21 Jan 1925 London. [divorced Sept. 29, 1933 at St. Thomas]

014824-25 (Middlesex), Victor WAITE, 28, fireman, England, 641 Marshall Street London, s/o Charles WAITE b. England and Mary Ann SMITH, mar Ethel Winnifred HUTCHINSON, 27, box maker, England, 424 Horton Street London, d/o William HUTCHINSON b. England and Elizabeth HERNDEN, witn Enoch WAITE and Irene DOWDELL both of London, 20 May 1925 London.
014814-25 (Middlesex), Charles Henry WALKER, 38, widower, organist, South Shields England, Chesley Ont, s/o Daniel WALKER b. England and Louisa COBEAN, mar Edna May RITCHIE, 24, Durham, Chesley, d/o Charles RITCHIE b. Ont and Francis Elizabeth WILLAUGHAM, witn Elizabeth TOLCHARD and Mrs. McLAREN both of London, 01 Jun 1925 London 014831-25 (Middlesex), Ralph Hiram WALKER, 28, physician, Oxford Co, Thamesville, s/o James WALKER b. Ont and Elizabeth FAWCETT, mar Ruby Esther CROSBIE, 25, nurse, West Nissouri, London, d/o Robert CROSBIE b. Scotland and Margaret WRIGHT, witn Laura KIRKWOOD and Jean MACKAY both of London, 05 Sep 1925 New St. James Manse London

015045-25 Walter John WALKER, 21, Farmer, Dauphin Manitpba, Mosa Twp, s/o James Henry WALKER (b. Glencoe) & Ellen RICHARDSON; married Olive Gladys WILSON, 22, Ekfrid Twp, Ekfrid Twp, d/o Thomas WILSON (b. Ireland) & Mary CYSTER; wit Mrs. Flossie WALKER & Russel WALKER, both Glencoe, 19 Aug 1925, Glencoe

015046-25 Albert WALKER, 29, Farmer, Mosa, Mosa Twp, d/o Hugh L. WALKER (b. Ontario) & Effie MITCHELL; married Alma Jean BURKE, 24, Detroit Mich, Mosa Twp, d/o Archie W. BURKE (b. Ontario) & Isabella MITCHELL; wit Ross DOUGLAS, Glencoe & Florence MITCHELL, Windsor, 30 May 1925, Mosa Twp

014841-25 (Middlesex), George Cecil WALKER, 22, electrician, Watford, London, s/o George Franklin WALKER b. Watford and Emma TEMPLE, mar Ivy Dorothy BROTHERS, 20, housekeeper, London England, London Ont, d/o Charles BROTHERS b. London England and Sarah PEARCE, witn Sidney and Sarah BROTHERS of London, 24 Jan 1925 London.  
014811-25 (Middlesex), Clifford Stevens WALLACE, 23, journalist, Toronto, 141 Glenrose Ave Toronto, s/o William WALLACE b. Ireland and Ada May STEVENS, mar Marian Louise TAUTON, 22, chemist, Ontario, 551 Waterloo Street London, d/o John B.P. TAUTON b. Ont and Elizabeth W. BROWN, witn John F and Isabel TAUTON of 551 Waterloo Street, 03 Oct 1925 London 014800-25 (Middlesex Co) Samuel Abraham WALLMAN, 31, dentist, Russia, 118 Clarence St in London s/o Abraham (b. Russia) & Bessie married Pearl FRIEDMAN, 21, clerk, United States, 118 Clarence St in London d/o Joseph (b. Hungary) & Hanna wtn: B. WEISSBAUM of 201 Ottawa Ave & Moses FINK of 261 Hull Ave, 17 August 1925 at London

015037-25 Wilfred Freeborn WALLS, 31, Farmer, London Twp, London Twp, s/o James WALLS (b. London Twp) & Susan Florence HODGINS; married Gladys Shipley MARTIN, 21, Lobo Twp, Lobo Twp, d/o Thomas MARTIN (b. London Twp) & Ida SHIPLEY; wit Mabel Isabel MARTIN & James S. WALLS, both Denfield, 24 Oct 1925, London Twp

014826-25 (Middlesex), William Herbert WALSH, 19, sign painter, Chicago Illinois USA, 3020 Mt. Elliott Street Detroit, s/o William WALSH b. East Indies and Margaret BENNETT, mar Isabel OAG, 19, biscuit packer, Wick Scotland, 44 Oliver Street London, d/o Charles BOATMAN (sic) b. Wick Scotland and Helen TAYLOR, witn Margaret WALSH and Helen BOATMAN both of London, 18 May 1925 London

015047-25 William George WALTERS, 58, Farmer, Wid, England, West Nissouri Twp, s/o Samuel WALTERS (b. England) & Mary Ann COX; married Kate FULLER, 32, Wid, Uxbridge Middlesex England, West Nissouri Twp, d/o Samuel SMITH (b. England) & Emma Jane PARR; wit Carrie S. CUMMER & Clifford JONES, both Thorndale, 8 Apr 1925, Thorndale

014827-25 (Middlesex), William WANDZIAK, 34 barber, Russia, London Ont, s/o John WANDZIAK b. Russia and mother unknown, mar Mary LOBASKY, 29, widow, housekeeper, Russia, London Ont, d/o Mike LOBASKY and mother unknown, witn Margaret CHRISTIE and Mike ORSCHINSKY both of London, 29 Apr 1925 London
  014835-25 (Middlesex), Harry Thomas WARD, 24, soldier, Halifax NS, London, s/o Charles Harry WARD b. England and Ida Elizabeth THOMAS, mar Kathleen Elizabeth Maude FRANCIS, 17, knitter, Somerset England, London Ont, d/o William George FRANCIS b. England and Kate GRAY, witn Samuel and Adeline HERRING of London, 15 Feb 1925 at 304 Grosvenor Street London. [Divorce granted 1933 London]

015035-25 Orville Chester WARDELL, 23, Farmer, Adelaide Twp, Adelaide Twp, s/o Berton WARDELL (b. Adelaide Twp) & Mary Ellen ORR; married Mabel CAMPBELL, 21, Lobo Twp, Adelaide Twp, d/o John CAMPBELL (b. Lobo Twp) & Nettie ROSS; wit Harold BOLTON & Jean CAMPBELL, both Strathroy, 19 Dec 1925, Strathroy

014830-25 (Middlesex), John Parkhouse WARREN, 28, motor mechanic, London, Windsor, s/o Charles Frederick WARREN b. Ont and Harriet PARKHOUSE, mar Velma Irene WILSON, 22, London, Windsor, d/o John WILSON b. Ont and Victoria JONES, witn Florence and John BRADSHAW of London, 26 Sep 1925 London.
014838-25 (Middlesex), Firman Newton WARWICK, 26, professional ball player, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, same, s/o Charles F. WARWICK b. Philadelphia and Emily N. MEYERS, mar Mary Marguerite GIBSON, 22, housekeeper, London, 252 Central Ave London, d/o George GIBSON b. London and Margaret McMURPHY, witn Mary P. FERGUSON and George GIBSON both of London, 15 Jan 1925 London

015044-25 Ernest Lewis WATERHOUSE, 32, Moulder, Ingersoll, Detroit, s/o Walker WATERHOUSE (b. England) & Alvina LEWIS; married Sarah Ann DEWAR, 37, Mosa, Mosa, d/o Alexander DEWAR (b. Newry? Ontario) & Sarah GRAHAM; wit Neil DEWAR, Walkers & Mrs. S. PEIRSON, Detroit, 5 Sept 1925 at Walkers

015042-25 Earl Benjamin WAUN, 23, Farmer, West Williams Twp, West Williams Twp, s/o Franklin Angus WAUN (b. W. Williams Twp) & Velma Lavina CARRALL; married Edith Wilhelmina GREEN, 18, Detroit Mich USA, Parkhill, d/o William GREEN & Elizabeth FLETCHER; wit James C. WAUN & Kathleen L. GREEN, both Parkhill, 8 Jun 1925, Parkhill

014820-25 (Middlesex), Garnet George WEAMES, 27, electrician, Montreal, 566 Maitland Street London, s/o William John WEAMES b. Belfast Ireland and Dinah BATEMAN, mar Flossie Caroline McLEAN, 26, housekeeper, London, 279 Hill Street London, d/o Frederick McLEAN b. London and Bella CHEEVERS, witn Charles STEVENS and Vera McLEAN both of London, 23 Sep 1925 London

015034-25 Stewart WEBB, 24, Farmer, Stephen Twp, Stephen Twp, s/o Thomas WEBB (b. Ontario) & Percy GRAVELLE; married Fanny Marine ISAAC, 20, Stephen Twp, Stephen Twp, d/o Wesley J. ISAAC (b. Ontario) & Fannie Maria DEARING; wit Mrs. Rosa C. ULENS & Verda M. MAINES, both Parkhill, 2 Dec 1925, Corbett

014839-25 (Middlesex), William Roy WEIR, 27, gardener, Byron, London Twp, s/o William WEIR b. Ireland and Jessie FISHER, mar Mildred Hayward McNIECE, 28, Byron, 75 Wilson Ave London, d/o Samuel WEIR b. Ont and Jane HAYWARD, witn Jessie WEIR and Milton McNIECE both of London, 17 Jun 1925 at St. Andrew London.
014821-25 (Middlesex), William Melvin Alexander Kirk WEIR, 22, farmer, West Nissouri, same, s/o Joseph Alexander WEIR b. Ont and Rachel KIRK, mar Mabel Vesta MARSHALL, 29, sewer, London Twp, 23 Oxford Street London, d/o Thomas MARSHALL b. Ont and Minnie Theresa DANN, witn Wilfred WEIR of London Twp and Newton Lloyd MARSHALL of London, 11 Oct 1925 at 23 Oxford Street London 014834-25 (Middlesex), Gordon WEIR, 21, carman, Aylmer, St. Thomas, s/o Alexander WEIR b. Nixon Ont and Jeannie VAUGHAN, mar Violet May PHILLIPS, 18, housekeeper, Ontario, London, d/o William PHILLIPS b. Ont and Mary KELLINGTON, witn Mary and William PHILLIPS of 706 Cheapside London, 09 Mar 1925 London.
014798-25 (Middlesex Co) Douglas Simpson WELD, 29, accountant, London, 50 Ridout St S in London s/o John WELD (b. Ontario) married Helen Gordon BAKER, 24, London, 365 Talbot St in London d/o Thomas William BAKER (b. Ontario) wtn: Thomas BAKER & John WELD both of London, 10 October 1925 at London 014804-25 (Middlesex Co) Lorne Ferris WELLINGTON, 30, farmer, Camlachie Ont., Camlachie s/o David WELLINGTON (b. Lambton Ont) & Isabel FERRIS married Clara Evelyn BLAIR, 29, teacher, London, 720 Queens Ave d/o Robert N. BLAIR (b. Huron Ont.) & Carrie SHIER wtn: Mark WELLINGTON of Camlachie & Edna BLAIR of London, 27 June 1925 at London
014832-25 (Middlesex), Robert George William WENMAN, 25, laborer, London England, London Ont, s/o Robert George William WENMAN b. England and Florence NUTCHER, mar Gertrude MARTIN, 24, operator, London England, London Ont, d/o Albert MARTIN b. England and Adelaide TAYLOR, witn Percy A. LAWRENCE and Margaret GEMMELL both of London, 07 Nov 1925 Egerton Street Baptist Church London 014809-25 (Middlesex), John William Gordon WEST, 26, grocer, London Twp, 11 St. Andrew Street London, s/o John WEST b. London Twp and Annie GORDON, mar Mable Selina WINTER, 25, teacher, London Twp, same, d/o Joseph WINTER b. Delaware and Mary NOBLE, witn Chester WINTER of London Twp and Mildred WEST of 312 Regent Street London, 02 Sep 1925 London
014817-25 (Middlesex), Thomas Henry WESTON, 21, laborer, London England, London Ont, s/o John WESTON b. London England and Sarah CHITTY, mar Catherine Mary SHOWERS, 18, housekeeper, London, London, d/o William SHOWERS b. Ont and Mary P.A. COUTTS, witn Hilda HAMBLY and Robert GARNETT both of London, 22 Jan 1925 London 014797-25 (Middlesex Co) William John WHALING, 34, widower, mechanic, Ellice twp, Miami Florida s/o James WHALING (b. Canada) & Mary MALLOY married Mary Edna GILDART, 29, nurse, Stratford d/o Charles GILDART (b. Canada) & Susan BELYEA wtn: Charles GILDART of Stratford & F.H FARNWORTH of 517 King St in London, 27 October 1925 at St Paul's Cathedral in London
014829-25 (Middlesex), David William WHITE, 69, widower, gentleman, Norfolk, Tillsonburg, s/o Thomas WHITE b. England and Elizabeth WESTWOOD, mar Bessie Gale FOREMAN, 53, widow, Stephenson Ont, London, d/o Charles James GALE b. England and Emma EELS, witn Mr. and Mrs. J.L. STURGIS of London, 30 Sep 1925 London 014815-25 (Middlesex), Horace B. WHYTE, 27, auditor, Ireland, Detroit, s/o James M. WHYTE b. Ireland and Martha KIRKPATRICK, mar Ardelia M. LUCAS, 29, Ontario, Middlemiss, d/o Charles LUCAS b. Canada and Elizabeth BOWDEN, witn C.O. WOLFE and Lillian V. MAURER both of Detroit, 12 Sep 1925 London

015036-25 Robert WHITE, 73, Retired Merchant, Wid, Huntington Quebec, Parkhill, s/o William WHITE (b. Scotland) & Catherine BRECKEN; married Josephine WYLLIE, 69, Municipal Clerk, Williams Twp, Ailsa Craig, d/o David WYLLIE (b. Scotland) & Bethiah HALBERT; wit Mary C. WYLLIE, Ailsa Craig & P. LINDSAY, Parkhill, 15 Jul 1925, Ailsa Craig

014843-25 (Middlesex), Norman Ralston WIGHT, 22, foreman, Thedford, London, s/o William WIGHT and Bessie JONES, mar Gwenith May MORGAN, 20, Bushey Heath England, London Ont, d/o Charles MORGAN and Emma LOWE, witn James E. BROWN and Stella E. DRAPER both of London, 13 Jun 1925 London

014813-25 (Middlesex), Leslie Harold WILCOX, 21, lithographer, England, RR#4 London, s/o Arthur Thomas WILCOX b. England and Maud PERKINS, mar Nellie WILLISON, 19, biscuit packer, London, Byron, d/o William Edward WILLISON b. London and Elizabeth SHEER, witn Sidney Frederick WILCOX and Mrs. George YOUNG both of London, 08 Jun 1925 London. [Divorced 13/11/1950]

014802-25 (Middlesex Co) John Thomas WILES, 34, widower, engineer, Brittlewell? England, 229 Cathcart St in London s/o Horace J. WILES (b. England) & A.S. RANEY married Isabella White KENNEDY, 30, clerk, Camlockie Scotland, 98 Briscoe St in London d/o Andrew KENNEDY (b. Scotland) & Margaret S. WOODS wtn: T.G. STOREY & C.H. PIRRET both of 98 Briscoe St in London, 3 August 1925 ay 98 Briscoe St in London

015040-25 Arthur Richard WILKINSON, 22, Farmer, England, Lucan, d/o William G. WILKINSON (b. Wales) & Marion GREENHAM; married Irene Elizabeth ELLAH, 17, Perth Co, Lucan, d/o Lindsay ELLAH (b. Ontario) & Susan BATESON; wit Albert WILKINSON & Evelyn WILKINSON, both Kippen, 10 Jun 1925, Lucan

014836-25 (Middlesex), George WILKINSON, 65, widower, laborer, England, London Ont, s/o Edward WILKINSON b. England and Ellen JACKSON, mar Emma LIPTROT, 51, winder, England, London Ont, d/o Thomas LIPTROT b. England and Martha BLEAKLEY, witn Thomas and Maria LIPTROT of London, 10 Feb 1925 London

015039-25 George Berton WILLIAMS, 30, Butcher, Blythe, London, s/o John WILLIAMS (b. Ontario) & Sarah LINDSAY; married Leila Gertrude STANLEY, 28, Clerk, London, London, d/o Wesley STANLEY (b. Ontario) & Alferetta HODGINS; wit Fred W. STANLEY & Ina STANLEY, both London, 30 Sept 1925, Lucan

014844-25 (Middlesex), Herbert Arthur WILLIAMS, 28, machinist, Caversham Oxford England, London Ont, s/o Arthur WILLIAMS and Elizabeth Clara HIGGS, mar Mary Ellen MADGE, 25, Calgary Alberta, London, d/o George MADGE and Sarah Anne MADLEY, witn Gordon J. LANE and Gladys MADGE both of London, 08 Aug 1925 London
014823-25 (Middlesex), Stuart WILLIAMS, 19, laborer, London, 55 Cavendish Street London, s/o John WILLIAMS b. Ont and Mary LANG, mar Margaret McDONALD, 18, Coatbridge Scotland, 507 Pall Mall Street London, d/o Thomas McDONALD b. Scotland and Jean McLAREN, witn Charles THOMPSON and Louise ASHWORTH both of London, 29 May 1925 London 014828-25 (Middlesex), Leslie WILLIAMS, 24, mechanic, England, West Nissouri, s/o Leslie WILLIAMS b. England and Emilie WILLIAMS, mar Genevieve BISHOP, 18, domestic, Scottsville Ont, 779 Simcoe Street London, d/o John BISHOP, b. Ont and Eva ROOT, witn Pearl and Jean AGNEW of London, 10 Mar 1925 London.
014833-25 (Middlesex), John Thomas WILLIAMSON, 19, Perrin Employee, Leicester England, 312 Front Street London, s/o James Alfred WILLIAMSON b. England and Alice Maud BISHOP, mar Nora Irene DOCKRILL, 18, packer, Stratford, 74 York Street London, d/o Samuel DOCKRILL b. England and Margaret NORMAN, witn James A. WILLIAMSON and Margaret DOCKRILL both of London, 25 Nov 1925 London 014799-25 (Middlesex Co) Henry George James WILLIAMSON, 43, widower, cheese maker, East Oxford twp, East Nissouri twp s/o Thomas WILLIAMSON (b. England) & Elizabeth PAGE married Della Fern WESTON, 33, nurse, West Nissouri twp, West Nissouri twp d/o George WESTON (b. Ontario) & Maria LEGRICE wtn: John G. McBAIN Mrs Jack McBAIN both of Mt Brydges, 7 November 1925 at London

015041-25 Norman Milburn WILSON, 30, Druggist, Ontario, none given, s/o Thomas J. WILSON (b. Ontario) & Salena Eliza HATCH; married Marion Louise GRIFFITH, 27, Stenographer, Ontario, Toronto, d/o Oscar A. GRIFFITH (b. Ontario) & Eleanor May THOMPSON; wit Oscar A. GRIFFITH & Eleanor GRIFFITH, both Parkhill, 15 Apr 1925, Parkhill

014801-25 (Middlesex Co) Frederick William WILSON, 21, labourer, Norwich England, 66 Weston St in London s/o Frederick Miles WILSON (b. England) & Emma BECKETT married Esther STONE, 21, domestic, London England, 92 Elmwood Ave in London d/o George STONE (b. England) & Sarah BRIDGETT wtn: F.J. CULLEN & S.E. PERKINS both of 35 Ada St in London, 29 August 1925 at London 014807-25 (Middlesex Co) Charles WILSON, 48, widower, box maker, Ireland, London s/o William WILSON (b. Ireland) & Essey Amelia RODGERS married Florence WILSON, 42, widow, housekeeper, London, London d/o Alfred CAVE (b. Ontario) & Maria BARRELL wtn: Leonard G. STARLING & Mrs Violet I. STARLING both of 81 Cathcart St in London, 12 June 1925 at 61 Smith St in London
014810-25 ( Middlesex), Albert Garnet WINDELL, 32, widower, teamster, Ekfrid Twp, 311 Wellington Street London, s/o William WINDELL b. Ontario and Mary PERRY, mar Queenie May VOUSDEN, 19, Banion employee, Bromley England, London Ont, d/o Frederick VOUSDEN b. England and Elizabeth HENLEY, witn Frederick and Elizabeth VOUSDEN of London, 19 Sep 1925 London 014812-25 (Middlesex), Allan George WINDSOR, 23, manager, Woodstock. 878 Hallmuth Street London, s/o Frank WINDSOR b. Orillia and Janet MacKAY, mar Dorothy Anna WALTERS, 21, clerk, London Twp, 1343 Dundas Street London, d/o Francis A. WALTERS b. Ont and Annie C. QUICK, witn J. Wesley ANDREWS and William K. HOUSTON both of London, 10 Jun 1925 London.
014803-25 (Middlesex Co) James Albert WISTON, 21, cashier, London, 771 Princess Ave in London s/o Albert Cooper WISTON (b. England) & Elizabeth EGGETT married Doris Edith THOROGOOD, 20, clerk, London, 26 Major St in London d/o Thomas Arthur THOROGOOD (b. England) & Edith MOORE wtn: A.M THOROGOOD of 26 Major St & (illegible) of 514 Adelaide St, 18 July 1925 at St David's Church in London

015038-25 William Cecil WOOD, 32, Farmer, Adelaide Twp, Lobo Twp, s/o Samuel E. (b. Adelaide) & Alice J. WOOD; married Euphemia Amy MUNRO, 28, Teacher, Mosa Twp, Strathroy, d/o John A. (b. Mosa) & Marion E. MUNRO; wit Mabelle MUNRO, Strathroy & Edgar WOOD, Ilderton, 15 Oct 1925, Strathroy

014816-25 (Middlesex), Albert Andrew WOOD, 40, entomologist, London, Lobo Twp, s/o John T. WOOD b. Montreal and Elizabeth MARRS, mar Gertrude Isabelle WILSON, 21, teacher, London, 23 Beaconsfield Street London, d/o David C. WILSON b. Ont and Mary Jane MITCHELL, witn Charles F. WILSON and David C. WILSON both of London, 14 Oct 1925 London 014805-25 (Middlesex Co) Sam WOOD, 24, chauffeur, England, London s/o James WOOD (b. England) & Idiliza BARCHARD married Anna Victoria FOSTER, 22, Port Rowan, Port Rowan d/o Elgin FOSTER (b. Canada) & Anna BROWN wtn: Annie STEELE & Frank STEELE both of 197 Wharncliffe Rd in London, 26 June 1925 at London
014808-25 (Middlesex Co) Ernest WOODBURN, 29, stove mounter, Manchester England, 505 Hill St in London s/o Thomas Delhi WOODBURN (b. England) & Elizabeth SCHELDT married Mary Battell MASON, 19, Perrin employee, Sault Ste Marie Ont., 505 Hill St in London d/o Joseph Colson MASON (b. Ontario) & Mary A.E. BATTELL wtn: Hugh F. EDMUNDS & Dorothy EDMONDS both of 505 Hill St, 5 September 1925 at London 014842-25 (Middlesex), Ernest LeRoy WOODEN, 30, merchant, Paris Ont, same, s/o John WOODEN b. Burford Ont and Mary ROWE, mar Lily LANE, 23, clerk, England, Paris Ont, d/o Ernest ROWE b. Nottingham and Lily MOORE, witn Emma J. LANTZ and Alice Mary GREEN both of London, 24 Jan 1925 London
014837-25 (Middlesex), Clifford WOOLCOCK, 18, dry cleaner, London, 151 Langarth Street London, s/o Thomas WOOLCOCK b. Ingersoll and Annie McNEE, mar Viola Kathleen ATKINSON, 18, domestic, Palmira Ont, 13 Wortley Road London, d/o James ATKINSON b. Palmira and Lillian M. McLANE, witn Blanche WOOLCOCK and Donald TOPPING both of London, 01 Jan 1925 London 014806-25 (Middlesex Co) Winnett Irwin WORRALL, 32, mail transfer agent, London twp, London twp s/o Richard James WORRALL (b. Canada) & Amelia Kathleen McCANDLESS married Elouise Margaret BROWN, 21, London, London twp d/o R. Frederick BROWN (b. USA) & Christina Rhoda TARLING wtn: G.H. GARWELL of 65 Charles St & Alma BROWN of RR#3, 10 June 1925 at London
014819-25 (Middlesex), Wesley Alexander WRAY, 39, bill poster, Guelph, Flint Michigan, s/o John WRAY b. Guelph and Annie CROSS, mar Marie ROSSE, 33, waitress, St. Pierre France, Flint Michigan, d/o Albert ROSSE b. St. Pierre France and Agatha SLANICY, witn Mr. and Mrs. Frank WILSON of London, 29 May 1925 London 014796-25 (Middlesex Co) Francis WRIGHT, 54, widower, machine operator, Manchester England, Detroit Mich s/o Robert WRIGHT (b. England) & Jane MUIR married Clara WOOD, 53, widow, housekeeper, Rathuglen Scotland, 181 Tecumseh Ave in London d/o John DENTON (b. England) & Sarah WHIMPONY wtn: James & Edith TAYLOR of 181 Tecumseh Ave in London, 21 November 1925 at London
014825-25 (Middlesex), Charles WYATT, 22, teamster, London, 379 Grosvenor Street London, s/o Arthur Edward WYATT b. England and Rebecca SMITH, mar Kathleen VENUS, 20, bookbinder, England, 471 Horton Street London, d/o Charles VENUS b. England and Charlotte Elizabeth HEAD, witn Stanley W. VENUS of Detroit and Marion VENUS of London, 20 May 1925 London. 014845-25 (Middlesex), George Harold YEO, 23, accountant, Westminster Twp, 769 Elias Street London, s/o James YEO b. London Twp and Martha SMALL, mar Annie Viola NICHOLS, 24, typist, London Twp, 65 Becher Street London, d/o Francis NICHOLS b. London Twp and Rose MARRITT, witn Mary YEO and Edythe TUFTS both of London, 26 Sep 1925 London
014847-25 (Middlesex), James Warren YORK, 30, Barrister at Law, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o William MacDonald YORK and Emma Jane FRASER, mar Pauline Louise WARD, 27, nurse, London, London, d/o William WARD and Cora Wilson OWEN, witn C.H. McCRAE and Anne O. WARD both of London, 05 May 1925 London

014846-25 (Middlesex), Archie Walker David YULE, 31, salesman, Gananoque Ont, 324 Emery Street London, s/o Archie Forman YULE b. Ont and Euphemia BRECKENRIDGE, mar Vera GEE, 25, clerk, North Dorchester, 324 Emery Street London, d/o Fred GEE b. Ontario and Sarah BROOKS, witn Robert and Sarah NEELY of London, 07 Dec 1925 at 77 Elmwood Ave London.