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Middlesex Co., 1927, part 2

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015178-27 William Andrew COULTHARD, 26, farmer, Ekfrid Twp, same, s/o David Andrew COULTHARD b. Ekfrid Twp and Ella May IRVING, married Mary Jane SIMPSON, 21, Mosa Twp, same, d/o Isaac SIMPSON b. Mosa Twp and Mary STEWART, witn Blanche PEARSON of Chicago Illinois and William James SIMPSON of Glencoe, 13 Aug 1927 Mosa Twp

015179-27 Lyle Joseph COVYEOW, 21, farm laborer, Windsor, Mosa Twp, s/o Frank COVYEOW b. United States and Rose BLANCHARD, married Winnifred Pearl SNELGROVE, 21, Alvinston, Mosa Twp, d/o James SNELGROVE b. Mt. Brydges and Altha ADAMS, witn Elmo KING of Petrolia and Kathryn A. TACK of Glencoe, 20 Jul 1927 Glencoe,

015180-27 William Edward COWAN, 33, gardener, Scotland, Belvan Farm - Delaware, s/o Alexander COWAN b. Scotland and Margaret KAY, married Annie Watson STIRLING, 26, housekeeper, Scotland, 18 Craig Street London, d/o George STIRLING b. Scotland and Elizabeth McKAY, witn Reginald Lewis LUCK of Delaware, and Catherine Wilson HAY of London, 24 Dec 1927 Delaware Twp 015181-27 Benjamin A. COWELL, 37, widower, farmer, Haldimand Co., Gosfield South, s/o Charles COWELL b. Canada and Isabel LOGAN, married Laura Jane McALISTER, 34, Dutton, same, d/o William McALISTER b. Canada and Mary FRENCH, witn Dorothy and Clayton WATTS of Strathroy, 01 Jul 1927 Strathroy
015182-27 James Keith CRINKLAW, 22, farmer, White Oak Ont, Westminster Twp, s/o John J. CRINKLAW b. White Oak and Elizabeth JACKSON, married Edna Jean ROUTLEDGE, 22, bank clerk, Lambeth, same, d/o George H. ROUTLEDGE b. Lambeth and Edith A. PATRICK, witn Lorna CRINKLAW of Willow Grove and Hazel ROUTLEDGE of Lambeth, 10 Dec 1927 Lambeth

015183-27 Leonard Goodwin CROUCH, 39, barber, Bothwell, same, s/o Edward Leonard CROUCH b. Ont and Emily Amelia CLARK, married Mildred TAYLOR, 33, clerk, Mosa Twp, same, d/o Angus TAYLOR b. Ont and Jennie DOWNIE, witn Rhoda and W.E. THOMPSON of Windsor, 24 May 1927 Mosa Twp.

015184-27 Hilton Richard CULBERT, 21, Inspector, London, Chicago, s/o Richard John CULBERT b. London and Christine Rachel BROWN, married Bessie Marie EICHENBERGER, 20, housekeeper, Delaware, Mt. Brydges, d/o Frederick Watts EICHENBERGER, b. Delaware and Sadie Emma MINCH, witn Florence CHOWN of Lucan and Orth WEBB of London, 16 Apr 1927 Delaware. 015185-27 Charles Horace CUMMING, 23, merchant, Waterloo Twp, Glencoe, s/o William CUMMING b. Waterloo Twp and Jean MANN, married Mary Jannette QUICK, 22, telephone operator, Glencoe, Ekfrid Twp, d/o Robert QUICK b. Ekfrid Twp and Janet LEITCH, witn Nellie CUMMING and William QUICK both of Glencoe, 08 Jun 1927 Ekfrid Twp,
015190-27 Roy DAVIS, 32, moulder, Belton, London, s/o Peter DAVIS and Esther BURGER, married Elda HENDERSON, 25, Belton, same, d/o James HENDERSON and Isabel YOUNG, witn Ray HENDERSON of Belton and Jessie A. LILE of Thorndale, 05 Nov 1927 West Nissouri Twp. 015191-27 Wilfred Gordon DAVIS, 27, farmer, Osborne, Ontario, s/o Francis John DAVIS b. Middlesex Co. and Jemima CARTER, married Marjorie Pearl MARDLIN, 21, London Twp, same, d/o Thomas MARDLIN b. London Twp and Florence Emily STORIE, witn Edna HARDIN of Thorndale and Ivory MARDLIN of Denfield, 28 Sep 1927 London Twp.
015192-27 Percy DeKAY, 32, farmer, Woolwich Twp, Elmira, s/o James DeKAY b. Ontario and Mary KERSEY, married Edna Muriel GRAY, 29, nurse, London Twp, Komoka, d/o Carling GRAY b. Ont and Mary J. MACKEY, witn Estella M. GRAY of Komoka and Mr. Elmer BRADY of London, 29 Jun 1927 London Twp. 015193-27 Richard Leroy DEMMERY, 27, bus driver, London, 56 Talbot Street London, s/o William DEMMERY b. Ontario and Ida MAY, married Margaret Jane Coulter TANNAHILL, 23, domestic, Scotland, 90 Albert Street London, d/o John TANNAHILL b. Scotland and Margaret Jane COULTER, witn Frank KENNEDY and Mrs. G.F. KENNEDY both of Ettrick, 15 Jun 1927 at the home of Frederick KENNEDY
015195-27 Basil Burns DENNING, 23, undertaker, Metcalfe Twp, Strathroy, s/o John Henry DENNING b. Canada and Alice Maude SMITH, married Mina Lillian BRYANT, 25, teacher, Metcalfe Twp, Strathroy, d/o William A. BRYANT b. Canada and Annie BROWN, witn Stanley BRYANT of Strathroy and Edna HICKSON of Wheatley, 12 March 1927 Strathroy 015194-27 Charles Melville DENNIS, 22, farmer, Wingham, Morris Twp, s/o Ernest DENNIS of Plympton Twp and Mary Ellen WRIGHT, married Ethel Irene WARDELL, 23, school teacher, Adelaide Twp, same, d/o William WARDELL b. Adelaide Twp and Nellie OLIVER, witn Ernest and Mary E. DENNIS of Wingham, 03 Aug 1927 East Adelaide Twp
015196-27 William Fraser DIXON, 25, farmer, McGillivray Twp, Biddulph Twp, s/o John Thomas DIXON b. Ont and Janet FRASER (deceased), married Vernetta Ann LANGFORD, 22, housekeeper, Biddulph Twp, same, d/o Robert LANGFORD b. Ont and Martha Ann KENT (deceased), witn Irene LANGFORD of Biddulph and J. DIXON of London, 12 Oct 1927 Granton. 015197-27 Charlie Burton Sinclair DOWELL, 23, farmer, Middle Nova Scotia, Glencoe, s/o John F. DOWELL and Drusula SACK, married Verna Beatrice WATTERWORTH, 23, Mosa Twp, Glencoe, d/o Doug WATTERWORTH and Lane WHITLOCK, witn Jean IRWIN and Marion WATTERWORTH both of Glencoe, 15 Jun 1927 Glencoe.

015198-27 Edgar Henry DUFFIN, 27, farmer, West Nissouri, Thorndale, s/o Joseph DUFFIN b. Ont and Alberta JACKSON, married Olive Sarah BILYEA, 27, schoolteacher, Blanshard Twp, Thorndale, d/o Richard BILYEA b. Ont and Theresa ATKINSON, witn Robert BILYEA and Norma DUFFIN both of Thorndale, 02 Jul 1927 West Nissouri Twp.

015200-27 Leonard EAD, 26, farmer, Essex England, Ekfrid Twp, s/o Edward EAD b. England and Rovena BRETT, married Mary Pearl DAVIS, 17, Ekfrid Twp, same, d/o John DAVIS b. Ont and Mary HARDY, witn Alice Mary MORGAN and George Harold BLACKMORE both of Appin, 26 Oct 1927 Ekfrid Twp. 015201-27 Osgoode Charles EAKINS, 25, auditor accountant, Sparta Ont, Detroit, s/o Edwy O. EAKINS b. Ont and Martha CHASE, married Evelyn May BURT, 23, stenographer, London, Richmond Street London, d/o Alfred BURT b. Ont and Ida, witn Harold H. BURT and Vera HOBBS both of London, 08 Oct 1927 London Twp
015202-27 John Walter EASTABROOK, 22, farmer, Metcalfe Twp, same, s/o William Henry EASTABROOK b. Metcalfe and Flora Anna SEARSON, married Amelia Llynette PIKE, 21, Warwick Twp, same, d/o George PIKE b. Warwick and Annie DOBBIN, witn John George SMITH of Sandwich and Flora Bell Irene EASTABROOK of Kerwood, 02 March 1927 Kerwood 015203-27 Herbert James ELLIS, 34, widower, truck driver, Stratford, 88 Ballantyne Ave Stratford, s/o William J. ELLIS b. Ont and Nora DIMENT, married Sarah Jane JACKSON, 22, inspector, Parkhill, same, d/o George A. JACKSON b. Ont and Marinda HASKETT, witn Annie GILLIES and John JACKSON both of Parkhill, 17 Aug 1927 Parkhill
015204-27 John Henry FERGUSON, 25, farmer, Caradoc Twp, same, s/o John FERGUSON b. Mt. Brydges and Nellie Louisa GRIPTON, married Helen Marion RUNNELLS, 22, teacher, Caradoc Twp, same, d/o Joseph Edwin RUNNELLS b. Oakdale - Lambton Co., and Lola Eleanor THOMSON, witn John FERGUSON and Lenna RUNNELLS both of Mt. Brydges, 02 Jul 1927 Caradoc Twp. 015205-27 Gordon FIELD, 23, farmer, Metcalfe Twp, same, s/o Thomas FIELD b. Metcalfe Twp and Mary Jane WARNER, married Frances Leone WINTER, 22, Port Huron Michigan, Metcalfe Twp, d/o Willard Edwin WINTER b. Metcalfe Twp, witn Lillian FIELD and Warren WINTER both of Strathroy, 15 Jun 1927 Napier
015206-27 John Braydon FINLAY, 56, widower, farmer, Goderich, Huron Twp, s/o William FINLAY b. Goderich Twp and Adelaide BRAYDON, married Hannah Rebecca DALE, 54, school teacher, Blanshard Twp, London Twp, d/o Thomas DALE b. England and Margaret CADE, witn Mr. and Mrs. W.T. AMOS of London, 10 Aug 1927 London Twp. 015209-27 John Ira FLETCHER, 22, painter, Coldstream, Lobo Twp, s/o Edwin Alfred FLETCHER b. Virgina USA and Catherine CLARE, married Mary Elizabeth McKENZIE, 20, housekeeper, East Williams Twp, Lobo Twp, d/o Alex G. McKENZIE b. Ont and Mary HUTCHINS, witn Alex G. McKENZIE and Katherine McKENZIE both of Ilderton, 17 Jun 1927 Lobo Twp
015211-27 Alfred Alanson FRANK, 23, driver, Westminster Twp, Lambeth, s/o Harry FRANK b. Ont and Ella JOYCE, married Pearl SHARMAN, 21, housekeeper, Westminster Twp, London, d/o John SHARMAN b. Ont and Isabel BROCK, witn Gordon ABEL of St. James Park and Amanda CONWAY of Lambeth, 06 Jun 1927 Westminster Twp. 015212-27 Robert Gowan FRASER, 41, clerk, London Twp, 464 York Street London, s/o David FRASER b. Scotland and Susannah GOWAN, married Hannah Mildred GOWAN, 36, London Twp, same, d/o W.C. GOWAN b. Scotland and Jane NEEDHAM, witn Ettie M. JOHNSTON and Millicent LANGFORD both of London, 15 Jun 1927 London Twp
015213-27 Isaac FRENCH, 71, farmer, Muncey, same, s/o Edward FRENCH b. Muncey and Mary HALFDAY, mar Margaret PETERS, 56, widow, domestic, Orangeville, Muncey, d/o William COLWELL and Mary Ann Thomas, witn Henry PETERS of Hagersville and Mrs. E.J. DOBSON, 12 May 1927 Muncey Village.  
015215-27 George Edmund GARLICK, 23, truck driver, Liverpool England, 567 Piccadilly Street London, s/o John W. GARLICK b. London Twp and Mary RIGBY, mar Lillian Maud GEDDES, 21, London Twp, RR6 London, d/o Wesley GEDDES b. London Twp and Maud JOHNSON, witn Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. GARLICK of London, 28 May 1927 London Twp. 015214-27 Albert Edward GARLICK, 18, farmer, England, RR6 London Ont, s/o John GARLICK b. London Twp and Mary E. RIGBY, mar Erma Ferne ALEXANDER, 20, housekeeper, Detroit, RR2 Thorndale, d/o John J. ALEXANDER b. Ont and Karoline? THORNTON, witn L.M. GEDDES of London Twp and George GARLICK of London, 26 Mar 1927 London Twp
015216-27 Walter J. GEDDES, 20, truck driver, London Twp, same, s/o Charles Wesley GEDDES b. Ont and Maud Alice JOHNSON, mar Mabel M. PEARSE, 23, East Nissouri, Belton, d/o James PEARSE b. England and Almeda PURDY, witn George Wesley and Florence Hilda GEDDES of Hyde Street London, 05 Jul 1927 West Nissouri Twp. 015217-27 Robert James GLADWELL, 29, farmer, London England, Poplar Hill, s/o Albert GLADWELL b. England and Anne BROWN, mar Gladys Mae GRIFFITHS, 23, nurse, Dudley England, Strathroy, d/o Herbert GRIFFITHS b. England and Lillian HYMAN, witn Arthur L. GLADWELL of Ilderton and Florence A. BANNISTER of RR6 Strathroy, 12 Oct 1927 Strathroy
015218-27 George Benjamin GLENN, 33, merchant, Adelaide Twp, same, s/o George GLENN b. Adelaide and Margaret MacKENZIE, mar Amanda Viola NICHOLS, 20, Adelaide Twp, same, d/o William NICHOLS b. Adelaide and Mary FINKBEINER, witn Reginald WINTERS and Ethel FENTON both of Kerwood, 22 May 1927 Kerwood. 015219-27 Grenville Lewis GLOIN, 26, farmer, Yarmouth Twp, RR3 St. Thomas, s/o Alfred GLOIN b. Ont and Mary SMALL, mar Bertha May COPELAND, 30, teacher, Oxford Co., Wilton Grove, d/o Joseph COPELAND b. Ont and Margaret BENNETT, witn Jennie M. INCH of London and Clarence GLOIN of St. Thomas, 03 Sep 1927 Dorchester Twp.
015220-27 Ervine Lorne GOWAN, 27, farmer, Ontario, Biddulph Twp, s/o Joseph GOWAN b. Canada and Laura WESTMAN, mar Charlotte Isold McADAMS, 23, Ont, West Williams Twp, d/o John McADAMS b. Canada and Christina PEDDEN, witn Charles GOWAN of Granton and Allie Jane McADAMS of West Williams, 29 Jun 1927 West Williams Twp. 015221-27 John Leslie GRAHAM, 24, farmer, Caradoc Twp, same, s/o Archie GRAHAM and Annie HUMPHERY, mar Deltha Evelyn INCHES, 17, lamp employee, Caradoc Twp, same, d/o Charles Benson INCHES and Clara Olive NEVE, witn William G. INCHES and Leona Beatrice GRAHAM both of Strathroy, 02 Jul 1927 at not given
015222-27 Neils Christian Madsen GRAVENGAARD, 22, farmer, Denmark, Komoka, s/o Arel GRAVENGAARD b. Denmark and Jenise ANDERSON, mar Gunhild Jensine HENRIKSEN, 24, Denmark, Komoka, d/o Junius HENRIKSEN b. Denmark and M.H. LAURESSEN, witn Neils H. ANDERSON and Lauriole? LAURESSON both of Komoka, 30 Jul 1927 Lobo Twp. 015223-27 Thomas GREEN, 40, farmer, Caradoc Twp, same, s/o Thomas GREEN b. Caradoc Twp and Sarah HOWE, mar Gertrude May PRIOR, 32, Delaware Twp, same, d/o John Henry PRIOR b. Cornwall England and Mary Jane BELL, witn John GILLIES of Mt. Brydges and J.M. McEWEN of London, 15 Jun 1927 Delaware.
015224-27 Raymond Harold GREENLEE, 26, farmer, McGillivray Twp, same, s/o Alexander GREENLEE b. McGillivray Twp and Annie SCOTT, mar Vera Almina GUILFOYLE, 22, Biddulph Twp, Lobo Twp, d/o Malcom GUILFOYLE b. Metcalfe Twp and Katie BYRAN, witn Alma GUILFOYLE of Denfield and Elmer Scott GREENLEE of Ailsa Craig, 16 Mar 1927 London Twp. 015225-27 Charles Henry HAGGAR, 29, merchant, England, Lucan, s/o C.J. HAGGAR b. England and "not known", mar Kathleen Angeline THOMPSON, 23, domestic, McGillivray, Lucan, d/o William THOMPSON b. Ont and Catherine HOTSON, witn Herman THOMPSON of Clandeboye and K.J. BROWN of Lucan, 04 May 1927 Lucan.
015647-27 Ellis M. HALL, 27, Assistant Secretary, London twp, London, s/o Henry M. HALL (b. London Twp) & Charlotte MARSHALL; married Hazel Irene STONE, 26, Collection Dept Division Head, London, London, d/o W.J. STONE (b. England) & Elizabeth BARRELL; wit Roy W. WARD & Olive M. STONE, both London, 15 Oct 1927, London 015226-27 Jack Everett HAMBLY, 25, farmer, Lobo Twp, RR2 Ilderton, s/o William HAMBLY b. England and Alice Alfretta ARCHER, mar Lucy Merilda HUNTER, 22, clerk, Strathroy, same, d/o Eli HUNTER b. Ont and Maude ROBINSON, witn Catherine BROWN and Maud HAMBLY both of Ilderton, 05 Oct 1927 Lobo Twp.

015227-27 William HAMILTON, 35, oil operator, Scotland, Thamesville, s/o William HAMILTON b. Scotland and blank MASON, mar Sarah Catherine McLACHLIN, 24, Mosa Twp, same, d/o Archie B. McLACHLIN b. Canada and blank McALPINE, witn Neil N. McVICAR of Alvinston and Drina V. McALPINE of Walkers, 09 Mar 1927 Mosa Twp.

015633-27 Carl Frederick HANDLEY, 28, Trainman, St. Thomas, Buffalo USA, s/o Patrick HANDLEY & Ann DUNN; married Irene Bridget WILSON, 34, Clerk, London, London, d/o John WILSON & Christina STEELE; wit James C. HANDLEY, Detroit Mich & Teresa WILSON, London, 24 Nov 1927, London

015228-27 George William HANEY, 30, farmer, Tilsonburg, Mossley, s/o Charles Albert HANEY b. Ont and Elizabeth DELANEY, mar Aurilla Jane WILSON, 29, Dorchester Twp, same, d/o Samuel WILSON b. Ont and Lucy Anne INGRAM, witn Mrs. S. WILSON of Dorchester and Mrs. A.J. LOVE of Putnam, 12 Sep 1927 Putnam.

015229-27 Nicolaj HANSEN, 34, toolmaker, Denmark, Detroit, s/o Jacob HANSEN b. Denmark and Christina FRENDSEN, mar Ellen ADELORN, 20, Denmark, Windsor, d/o Charles ADELORN b. Denmark and Else JOHNSON, witn Edmund JOHANSEN of Detroit and Annie JOHNSON of Glanworth, 03 Sep 1927 Westminster Twp.
015230-27 Richard Clare HARDING, 30, teacher, Ettrick Ont, same, s/o Fred HARDING b. Ettrick and Eliza Amy HARRIS, mar Marjorie Christina PACK, 23, stenographer, London Twp, RR6 London, d/o S. George PACK b. Ingersoll and Christina C. FINKBEINER, witn W. Russell PACK of London and M. Gladys PARKINSON of Ilderton, 20 Aug 1927 London.  
015643-27 George Orlin HARDY, 24, Department Manager, St. Thomas, Detroit Mich, s/o Thomas HARDY (b. St. Thomas) & Elizabeth GLASS; married Valma Mary HARRISON, 24, Housekeeper, Buffalo NY, London, d/o Edward W. HARRISON (b. London) & Fannie B. SANDERS; wit Isabel MCDONALD, Windsor & Edward W. HARRISON, London, 29 Jun 1927, London 015231-27 Thomas HARDY, 20, farmer, Ekfrid Twp, Melbourne, s/o David HARDY b. Ekfrid Twp and Minnie ELMORE, mar Frances McDONNELL, 19, Caradoc Twp, Melbourne, d/o John McDONNELL b. Ekfrid Twp and Annie MILLER, witn Mabel and Thomas HARDY of Melbourne, 08 Oct 1927 Melbourne
015644-27 Frank Edwin HARLEY, 50, Lumber Merchant, Wid, London, London, s/o Frank HARLEY (b. England) & Jane MCLEOD; married Annie Grieve STAPLETON, 41, Nurse, Wid, Parkhill, London, d/o John GRIEVE (b. England) & Caroline Isabel WILSON; wit Mrs. GRIEVE & Florence A. HARLEY, both London, 12 Apr 1927, London 15645-27 William Francois HARMSWORTH, 20, labourer, London, London, s/o William HARMSWORTH (b. England) & Frances E. AGER; married Ellen MORLEY, 19, Domestic, England, London, d/o Charles J. MORLEY (b. England) & Ellen ENGLEFIELD; wit Charles MORLEY & Matilda MORLEY, both 140 Queens Ave, 7 May 1927, London

015639-27 Wellington Czar HARNESS, 20, Barber, 20, Exeter, Exeter, s/o William John HARNESS (b. Exeter) & Elizabeth Maude OLIVER; married Edna Isabella HASKETT, 30, Clerk, Lucan, London, d/o Walter B. HASKETT (b. Ontario) & Ethel ELWOOD; wit Leverne HARNESS, Exeter & Gretta BURR, London, 29 Jun 1927, London

015232-27 Isaac Harold HARNETT, 21, tinsmith, Strathroy, same, s/o Charles HARNETT b. Strathroy and Helen CARTER, mar Kathleen Margaret Isabel McLELLAN, 16, domestic, Strathroy, same, d/o William George McLELLAN b. Strathroy and Minnie BUNTER, witn Archibald George and Ethel McLELLAN of Strathroy, 05 Nov 1927 Strathroy.

015637-27 Harold HARRISON, 32, Immigration Officer, Ontario, Windsor, s/o Thomas HARRISON (b. USA) & Elizabeth PROCTOR; married Louisa HILL, 30, Ontario, London, d/o Richard HILL (b. England) & Annie FLANNAGAN; wit Richard HILL & Mildred L. SKELLY, both London, 31 Dec 1927, London

015666-27 Ralph Webb HENDERSHOT, 26, Telephone Engineer, Kingsville, London, s/o Charles W. HENDERSHOT (b. Welland) & Katherine WEBB; married Jean McMaster MACINTYRE, 24, Stenographer, Grand Rapids Mich, London, d/o Solomon MACINTYRE (b. Lucknow Ont) & Isabel HOGARTH; wit D. CAMPBELL, London & Hilda V. MACKENZIE, Kincardine, 22 Jun 1927, London

015663-27 Edward Stanley HEWERDINE 22, bottler, London England, London, s/o Ed HEWERDINE (b. England) & Mary SMART; married Venzetta Mattie BUTLER, 16, Housekeeper, London, London, d/o Ed BUTLER (b. Canada) & Victoria WEBB; wit Mrs. Victoria BUTLER & John STRINGER, both London, 15 Jul 1927, London

015664-27 Walter HICKS, 21, Shoe Worker, London, London, s/o Walter John HICKS (b. Centralia Ont) & Margaret O'TOOL; married Mabel Frances WILLIAMS, 21, Housekeeper, London England, London, d/o Mark J. WILLIAMS (b. England) & Florence DEVEREUX? (Riveman?), wit George H. CROSBY & Ellen CROSBY, both London, 30 Jul 1927, London

015665-27 William Charles HILLS, 21, Electrician, London England, London, s/o William C. HILLS (b. London England) & Eliza FLINT; married Marion Edith Nellie AKIENS, 17, Telephone Operator, Leicester England, London, d/o Edwin AKIENS (b. London England) & Elizabeth ROSE; wit Edwin AKIENS & Dorothy Rose AKIENS, both London, 5 Feb 1927, London

015660-27 Herbert Walter HILTON, 24, Builder, Brighton England, London, s/o Harry C. HILTON (b. Brighton England) & Flora MOTT; married Mary REILLY, 20, Housekeeper, New Monkland Scotland, London, d/o James REILLY (b. Ireland) & Mary MCGRADY; wit Mrs. Dorothy BIRMINGHAM & T.E. BIRMINGHAM, both London, 1 Oct 1927, London

015661-27 William Clifford HINGSTON, 21, Tinsmith, Wingham, Wingham, s/o Addison HINGSTON (b. Wingham) & Anna LLOYD; married Donalda Cecilia HALLIS, 21, Stenographer, Preston, Wingham, d/o George HALLIS (b. Preston) & Margaret BRADY; wit Vincent BRYSON & Anna COOMBS, both London, 25 Nov 1927, London [groom's signature looks more like KINGSTON]

015662-27 Ernest James Eccleston HIPKISS, 24, Butcher, England, Port Stanley, s/o William Henry HIPKISS & Caroline Matilda ECCLESTON; married Olive Theorose GREENSIDE, Clerk, London, London, d/o David Tanner GREENSIDE & Emily Sophia WATERMAN; wit Thomas GREENSIDE & Violet CAKES, both London, 15 Jun 1927, London

015656-27 James HLEWN, 27, Chef, Alaska, Lambeth, s/o John HLEWN (b. Alaska) & Susan ELGIN; married Annie Elizabeth ASKEY, 21, Domestic, Lambeth, Lambeth, d/o Joseph ASKEY (b. Buffalo NY) & Clara MATHERS; wit Nelson GARBUTT & Nellie O. GARBUTT, both London, 15 Jan 1927, London

015657-27 Charles HOBBS, 26, Labourer, London England, London, s/o Henry William HOBBS (b. England) & Lucy PIERCE; married Mabel Maud CROSS, 26, Housekeeper, London England, London, d/o William George CROSS (b. England) & Annie COLING?; wit E.J. CROSS & A.R. CROSS, both Browyn Illinois, 10 Sept 1927, London

015658-27 George William HOCKNEY, 25, Clerk CNR, Leicester England, London, s/o Thomas HOCKNEY (b. England) & Rebecca LOEW; married Minnie Aldine LUCAS, 26, Telephone Operator, London, London, d/o Richard LUCAS (b. England) & Minnie BROOMFIELD; wit Walter James LONG & Eric PARKINSON, both London, 24 Sept 1927, London

015659-27 George Austin HOGARTH, 26, Druggist, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Robert HOGARTH & Ellen SILLERY; married Elaine Estelle HOUSEN, 23, Ontario, London, d/o Edward Frank HOUSEN & Estelle Kate HODGINS; wit Stanley E. BURNS & Gladys CARMICHAEL, both London, 17 Sept 1927, London

015654-27 John Harker HOLLIDAY, 27, Fireman, London, London, s/o Charles E. HOLLIDAY (b. Ontario) & Mary Elizabeth LYONS; married Martha Marie RIDDLE, 17, Housekeeper, St. Thomas, London, d/o John James RIDDLE (b. Ontario) & Hannah A. MARLATT; wit Jacob J. RIDDLE & Minnie HIBBERT, both London, 4 Jun 1927, London

015655-27 Cecil Doan HOLMES, 25, Farmer, Belmont, Westminster twp, s/o Thomas HOLMES (b. Belmont) & Minnie DOAN; married Harriet MURPHY, 17, London, London twp, d/o Lewis E. MURPHY (b. London) & Ida J. RUSLING; wit Mrs. Minnie HOLMES, Wilton Grove & Mrs. Ida MURPHY, London, 21 Dec 1927, London

015651-27 George HORTON, 52, Carpenter, Bermuda, London, s/o Thomas HORTON (b. England) & Annie HANLON; married Mary Ann CHRISTIE, 55, Housekeeper, Scotland, London, d/o Frank CHRISTIE (b. Scotland) & Annie ADAMS; wit Annie S. PEARSON, London & V.W. PEARSON, Toronto, 19 Sept 1927, London

015652-27 Harold HOTHAM, 21, Steel Worker, Delaware twp, London, s/o George HOTHAM (b. Delaware Twp) & Beatrice HISCOX; married Marion LOGAN, 21, Clerk, Glasgow Scotland, London, d/o Hugh LOGAN (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Marion GALLIE; wit Agnes HOWARD & Beatrice HOTHAM, both London, 30 May 1927, London

015653-27 Stanley Lewis HOWARD, 20, Garage Man, London, Ingersoll, s/o Ernest Robert HOWARD (b. Ontario) & Edith BOXALL; married Mildred Irene LOCKEY, 20, Housekeeper, Ingersoll, Ingersoll, d/o Edward LOCKEY (b. England) & Edith SIMES; wit Gordon HOWARD & Michael LOCKEY, both Ingersoll, 15 Dec 1927, London

015648-27 Ernest HUBLING, 33, bridge maker, London England, London, s/o Alfred HUBLING (b. England) & Caroline DODD; married Margaret McLelland LENNOX, 21, Chocolate Dipper, Ayr Scotland, London, d/o George LENNOX (b. Scotland) & Margaret PATON; wit George LENNOX & Mrs. G. LENNOX, both London, 18 Married 1927, London

015649-27 Norman Robert HUESTON, 24, Manufacturer, Detroit, London, s/o Melville HUESTON (b. Ontario) & Edith Jane KNAPTON; married Jane Alvina AUSTIN, 18, Housekeeper, Indiana USA, Port Stanley, d/o John Benedict AUSTIN (b. Conn. USA) & Pearl CARY; wit Dorothy HUESTON, Los Angeles Cal USA & Edward GRAVES, New York USA, 23 Jul 1927, London

015650-27 John Albert HUGHES, 64, CNR Detective, Wid, Ekfrid twp, London twp, s/o Nathaniel HUGHES (b. England) & Elizabeth DRENNING; married May HOLGER, 41, Housekeeper, Wid, England, London, d/o Frederick COTTRILL (b. England) & Mary Louise DINNICK; wit Miss Louisa WRIGHT & Richard HOLLIS, both LOndon, 1 Aug 1927, London

015297-27 Edward Crayford MCAULEY, 33, Railroad Trainman, Delaware Twp, St. Mary's, s/o Daniel MCAULEY (b. Ontario) & Margaret MCCALLUM; married Gertrude Mary HAMILTON, 26, School Teacher, Delaware Twp, Lambeth, d/o George HAMILTON (b. Ireland) & Rebecca JONES; wit Katherine KILBOURNE & Helen HAMILTON, both Lambeth, 20 Aug 1927, Byron  
015298-27 James N. MCDONALD, 65, Insurance, Ekfrid Twp, Strathroy, s/o David MCDONALD (b. Scotland) & Margaret SEATON; married Edith Mary DE GEX, 52, Wid, Lobo Twp, Strathroy, d/o George Calvin ROHR (b. Canada) & Isabella WALKER; wit D. Dorothee PUGSLEY, Strathroy & Evelyn I.F. CHESHAM, London, 15 Dec 1927, Strathroy 015299-27 John D. MCDONALD, 29, Farmer, Ekfrid Twp, Appin, s/o Dan MCDONALD (b. Ontario) & Clara RUCKLE; married Sarah Muriel RICHARDS, 24, Teacher, Melbourne, Melbourne, d/o Edmund RICHARDS (b. Ontario) & Katherine MARSHMAN; wit Mildred RICHARDS, Melbourne & R.D. MCDONALD, Glencoe, 12 Jul 1927, Caradoc Twp
015300-27 Cecil Frederick MCFALLS, 20, Biddulph, Ontario, s/o Henry MCFALLS (b. McGillivray Twp) & Annie HODGINS; married Florence Elizabeth McRANN, 20, Biddulph, Ontario, d/o James MCRANN (b. Biddulph Twp) & Matilda SIMPSON; wit Arthur HODGINS & Leda MCFALLS, both Lucan, 14 Sept 1927, Clandeboye 015301-27 John Earl MCFALLS, 29, Farmer, Biddulph Twp, Lucan, s/o Albert MCFALLS (b. Ontario) & Mary SIMS; married Agnes Pearl KNOWLES, 20, Housekeeper, Biddulph Twp, Granton, d/o John KNOWLES (b. Ontario) & Isabelle SHIPLEY; wit Velina KNOWLES, Granton & K.J. R--EX?, Lucan, 4 Jul 1927, Lucan
015302-27 Andrew MCGAHEY, 54, Labourer, Wid, Muncey, Muncey, s/o Isaac MCGAHEY & Elizabeth NINSHAM (Nineham?); married Allie HENRY, 25, Housekeeper, Brantford, Muncey, d/o Cornelius HENRY & Sarah DOCTOR; wit Thomas CROWE (Sr) & Mrs. James BURCH, both Muncey, 21 Jun 1927, Muncey 015303-27 John MCINTOSH, 38, Merchant, Sheridan Mich, Detroit Mich, s/o Dougal MCINTOSH & Sarah MCMILLAN; married Christina MCINTOSH, 24, West Williams, West Williams, d/o Donald MCINTOSH & Mary STEELE; wit Norman MCINTOSH, Detroit Mich & Mary MCINTOSH, Parkhill, 4 May 1927, West Williams
015304-27 John Alexander MCKAY, 27, Farmer, Dorchester, Thorndale, s/o John MCKAY (b. Ontario) & Nettie? SUTHERLAND; married Willa Marie MARTYN, 26, Housekeeper, London Twp, Thorndale, d/o George MARTYN (b. England) & Mary Isabella URQUHART; wit Harold B. MARTYN, London & Marjorie J. MARTYN, Thorndale, 8 Jun 1927, West Nissouri 015305-27 William John MCKEAN, 43, Farmer, East William Twp, Strathroy, s/o Peter MCKEAN (b. Blenheim) & Margaret ALLOW; married Bertha Sarah PIKE, 45, Domestic, Metcalfe Twp, Strathroy, d/o William PIKE (b. London) & Mary Jane BRIGHT; wit Mrs. Margaret Jane MOORE & Mary MUNRO, both Strathroy, 2 Nov 1927, Strathroy
015306-27 Alexander G. MCKENZIE, 61, Prop. Things Coldstream Telephone System, Wid, East Williams Twp, Coldstream, s/o George MCKENZIE (b. Invernesshire Scotland) & Isabella ROSS; married Mary Agnes HOWARD, 46, Wid, Lobo Twp, Lobo Twp, d/o William HEDLEY (b. Lobo Twp) & Jean DOUGLAS; wit Mrs. George W. OLIVER, Ilderton & Ada C. MUNRO, Delaware, 27 Sept 1927, Lobo Twp 015307-27 Clifford Donald MCLEAN, 32, Farmer, Metcalfe Twp, Metcalfe Twp, s/o William J. MCLEAN (b. Metcalf Twp) & Delfina FERGUSON; married Thelma Margaret BRUNT, 28, Teacher, Adelaide Twp, Adelaide Twp, d/o Joseph BRUNT (b. Metcalf Twp) & Lavina BRANDRETH; wit Erna M. WRIGHT & P.A. BRUNT, both Kerwood, 17 Aug 1927, Adelaide Twp
015308-27 Edward Donald MCMILLAN, 31, Farmer, Canada, Plympton Twp, s/o Donald MCMILLAN (b. Plympton) & Mary MCKINLEY; married Ella Jean COLWELL, 28, Teacher, Canada, Plympton Twp, d/o William J. COLWELL (b. Oxford Twp) & Barbara SMITH; wit Gladys COLWELL, Parkhill & Angus MCMILLAN, Detroit Mich, 5 Feb 1927, Parkhill 015309-27 Peter Noble MCNAMES, 41, Farmer, London Twp, Parkhill, s/o Peter MCNAMES (b. Westminster Twp) & Elizabeth RAMSAY; married Edith Frederica ROBERTS, 28, Housekeeper, England, Westminster Twp, d/o Arthur ROBERTS (b. England) & Ada TAYLOR; wit Donald MCLACHLAN & Mrs. Margaret MCLACHLAN, both Parkhill, 9 Jul 1927, Strathroy
015310-27 John MCNAUGHTON, 54, Gentleman, London Twp, Ilderton, s/o Duncan MCNAUGHTON (b. Ontario) & Eleanor MCFARLANE; married Elsie Rose Squires McIntosh Todd ROBSON, 49, Housekeeper, Scotland, Ilderton, d/o William T. ROBSON (b. Scotland) & Alice MCINTOSH; wit Mont. A. CHARLTON & Gertrude CHARLTON, both Denfield, 14 Nov 1927, Lobo Twp 015311-27 William Alexander MCNAUGHTON, 24, Farmer, East Williams, London, s/o John J. MCNAUGHTON (b. East Williams) & Flora MCFARLANE; married Gladdus Marjorie SHRIER, 17, Adelaide Twp, Adelaide Twp, d/o Simon SHRIER (b. Adelaide Twp) & Katie VOKES; wit Olive A. SHRIER, Detroit & Emerson N. SHRIER, Windsor, 10 Aug 1927, Adelaide Twp
015312-27 Clarence Chester MCROBERTS, 25, Railway Employee, London Twp, Detroit Mich, s/o Robert N. MCROBERTS (b. Ontario) & Edith M. WAUN; married Sabra Elizabeth WRIGHT, 24, Thorndale, Thorndale, d/o W.N. WRIGHT (b. Ontario) & H.M. WATSON; wit Mrs. W.N. WRIGHT, Thorndale & Mrs. R.N. MCROBERTS, London, 16 Jul 1927, Thorndale 015313-27 John Malcolm MCWILLIAMS, 26, Medical Doctor, Thamesford, Toledo US, s/o John MCWILLIAMS (b. Thamesford) & Jessie PETRIE; married Mary MACFARLANE, 27, Teacher, Lambeth, London, d/o Alexander MCFARLANE (sic) (b. Lambeth) & Eliza CAMPBELL; wit James G. DUNLOP & Erva B. FRITZ, both London, 16 Jul 1927, Delaware Twp
015286-27 Albert Edward Armstrong MENZIES, 25, Minister, Sarnia Twp, Fullarton, s/o Alexander B. MENZIES (b. Sarnia Twp) & Mary E.M. PROCTOR; married Irene Florence WALLS, 23, Housekeeper, London Twp, Denfield, d/o James WALLS (b. Bowmanville) & Florence HODGINS; wit L.P. MENZIES, Strathroy & Ina STANLEY of 421 McKenzie Ave, 13 Jul 1927, London Twp 015287-27 John George Earl MIDDLETON, 28, Farmer, London Twp, Ontario, s/o John W. MIDDLETON (b. London Twp) & Louisa PATRICK; married Wilda Miriam WESTMAN, 27, Biddulph, Ontario, d/o William WESTMAN (b. Biddulph Twp) & Mary JERMYN; wit Delmar J. WESTMAN & Leta M. MIDDLETON, both Granton, 28 Sept 1927, Granton
015288-27 Clarence Edward MILLIGAN, 25, Electrician, London, Detroit Mich, s/o Henry Lyston MILLIGAN (b. Scotland) & Effie Margaret ATKINS; married Lois Gray STATHAM, 20, Stenographer, Strathroy, Windsor, d/o Silas Frederick STATHAM (b. England) & Fanny CROOKS; wit Grace LEWIS, Windsor & Kenneth MILLIGAN, Brantford, 5 Sept 1927, Brantford 015289-27 Wilbert Edward MILLS, 25, Farmer, Nissouri Twp, Thorndale, s/o Edward MILLS (b. Ontario) & Caroline CLARKE; married Ellen Margaret ROBERTS, 20, Housekeeper, London Twp, Ilderton, d/o Edward Marcus ROBERTS (b. Ontario) & Margaret Emmeline SHOEBOTTOM; wit Ed. M. ROBERTS, London Twp & Vietta MILLS, Nissouri Twp, 29 Jun 1927, London Twp
015290-27 Cecil Henry MILLSON, 24, Farmer, Westminster Twp, Wilton Grove, s/o Caleb E. MILLSON (b. Ontario) & Harriet S. DICEY; married Anne Symington NICHOL, 21, Housekeeper, Westminster Twp, Wilton Grove, d/o William B. NICHOL (b. Westminster Twp) & Mary J. JARDINE; wit A. MILLSON, Fergus & Isabelle NICHOL, Wilton Grove, 26 Mar 1927, Westminster Twp 015291-27 Walter Wesley MORROW, 24, Farmer, Caradoc Twp, Pontiac Michigan, s/o William MORROW (b. Strathroy) & Hattie SEBURN; married Lola Alberta WAUN, 20, West William Twp, West William Twp, d/o Wesley Franklin WAUN (b. West Williams Parkhill) & Levina C. CARROLL; wit James C. WAUN & Dorothy S. WAUN, both Parkhill, 19 Jul 1927, Parkhill
015292-27 Tilson Edward MOSSEY, 30, Farmer, Biddulph Twp, London Twp, s/o Joseph Edward MOSSEY (b. Ontario) & Janet MORFILT; married Helen Jane POWELL, 19, London Twp, London Twp, d/o Stephen Boyce POWELL (b. Ontario) & Alice DOWNHAM; wit Delman HARTWICK, Thorndale & Ruth POWELL, Ilderton, 22 Oct 1927, Granton 015293-27 Franklin Harold MUMA, 23, Salesman, Zorra Twp - Oxford Co, London, s/o Samuel MUMA (b. Ingersol) & Sarah L. HAYMAN; married Elva Marion SMITH, 25, Clerk, Strathroy, London, d/o John H. SMITH (b. Tilsonburg) & Carrie SPINDLER; wit Florence Mary MUMA, London & Clifford J. SMITH, Strathroy, 13 Aug 1927, Adelaide Twp
015294-27 Charles Griffith Overberry MUNRO, 22, Farmer, Southwold Twp, Southwold Twp, s/o William MUNRO (b. Southwold) & Grace OVERBERRY; married Lila Menida WOOLNER, 18, Aldborough Twp, Southwold Twp, d/o Arthur WOOLNER (b. Oxford Kent Co) & Robina BROWN; wit E. Eldon GILBERT & Margaret MUNRO, both St. Thomas, 11 Jun 1927, Westminster Twp 015295-27 Gordon Byron MUNRO, 21, Farmer, London, Kingsmill, s/o Andrew John MUNRO (b. Westminster) & Eliza Ida MILLS; married Leta Beatrice ELLIS, 22, Essex Co, Kingsmill, d/o Daniel William ELLIS (b. Alvinston) & Ida SMITH; wit Mrs. Warren SWEETMAN & Warren SWEETMAN, both Northwood, 9 Nov 1927, Belmont
015296-27 Peter William MUNROE, 39, Farmer, Ekfrid Twp, Ekfrid Twp, s/o Peter MUNROE (b. Scotland) & Margaret CAMPBELL; married Maggie Bell FOSTER, 28, Brooke Twp, Brooke Twp, d/o Isaac FOSTER (b. Metcalfe Twp) & Isabel CRAN; wit Leander J. FOSTER & Mabel FOSTER, both Watford, 2 Nov 1927, Kerwood 015314-27 Joseph Edgar NEEDHAM, 50, Farmer, London Twp, London Twp, s/o Richard NEEDHAM (b. Ireland) & Margaret MCINTYRE; married Verda Irene MARSHALL, 36, London Twp, London Twp, d/o John MARSHALL (b. London Twp) & Eliza FISHER; wit Irene May ARDIEL & Allen John SINCLAIR, both London Twp, 8 Jun 1927, London Twp
015315-27 William John NICKLES, 32, Clerk, Parkhill, Parkhill, s/o Frank NICHOLS (sic) (b. Ontario) & Annie MCGREGOR; married Gladys Margaret JACOBI, 19, Housekeeper, Exeter, Parkhill, d/o William JACOBI (b. Ontario) & Sarah CURRIE; wit Fulton Roscoe Varcoe BATESON & Daisy MacInnes LEISE, both Parkhill, 21 Nov 1927, McGillivray Twp 015316-27 Gerald Charles NORSWORTHY, 27, Salesman, St. Thomas, Toronto, s/o George H.C. NORSWORTHY (b. Ontario) & Esa ADDEMAN; married Gertrude Maud LOTAN, 22, Appin, Appin, d/o James LOTAN (b. Ontario) & Maud MACFIE; wit A.R. DUFFIELD & Jeannette LOTAN, both Toronto, 20 Aug 1927, Ekfrid
  015317-27 George William OLDE, 26, Truck Driver, Metcalfe Twp, Caradoc Twp, s/o Charles A. OLDE (b. Metcalf Twp) & Mary L. GALBRAITH; married Gladys PHILPS, 23, Telephone operator, Caradoc Twp, Caradoc Twp, d/o Albert PHILPS (b. Caradoc Twp) & Mary WARREN; wit Milton G. OLDE & Minnie B. MITCHELL, both Glencoe, 1 Oct 1927, Caradoc Twp
015318-27 George O'NEIL, 36, Farmer, London Twp, London twp, s/o Hiram O'NEIL (b. London Twp) & Elizabeth F. MITCHELL; married Bessie Caroline KOHL, 25, Housekeeper, London Twp, London Twp, d/o Max KOHL (b. London Twp) & Annie ROUSEL; wit Helen WEST, Delaware & Hiram L. O'NEIL, Denfield, 5 Oct 1927, London Twp 015319-27 William Sheff O'NEIL, 28, Farmer, Denfield, Denfield, s/o Arthur F. O'NEIL (b. Denfield) & Eliza HOBBS; married Almina PATRICK, 27, Housekeeper, Ilderton, Ilderton, d/o Joseph H. PATRICK (b. Ilderton) & Elsie O'NEIL; wit Gordon A. O'NEIL, Denfield & Ida M. PATRICK, Ilderton, 5 Mar 1927, at not given
015857-27 Henry Charles OSMOND, 24, bricklayer, London, 198 Paddington Ave in London s/o Charles OSMOND (b. England) & Eveleen JOHNSTON married Hazel Isabel MARLEY, 18, hairdresser, London, 440 Dorinda St in London d/o Albert MARLEY (b. London) & Mabel LEONARD wtn: Bertha MILLYARD & Ruth MILLYARD both of London, 1 March 1927 at London 015858-27 Clarence Victor OVENS, 19, grocer, Dorchester, 14 Connaught Ave in London s/o William J. OVENS (b. Ontario) & Maud JUDGE married Nellie May RUDDICK, 20, housekeeper, Dorchester twp, 520 Ottaway Ave in London d/o John Lawrence RUDDICK (b. Ontario) & Annie DURAND wtn: May McKIBBON of 946 Queens Ave in London & Jean Cambell RUDDICK of Dorchester, 5 August 1927 at not given
015859-27 Alton Kenneth PALMBY, 22, printer, London, 90 Inkerman St in London s/o Ernest PALMBY (b. London) & Ettie NORMAN married Grace Winnifred BUCKLE, 19, stenographer, Barrie Ont., 295 Grey St in London d/o George BUCKLE (b. Kelly Siding Ont.) & Annie WALTON wtn: Arthur C. SNELL of 81 Yorkman St & Jean SPRUNG of 16 Kitchener Ave, 28 May 1927 at London 015860-27 Charles Smith PARK, 22, bricklayer, Sarnia Ont., Sarnia s/o Joseph PARK (b. Lambton Co) & Sarah E. SMITH married Florence Maude NICHOL, 21, stenographer, Wyoming Ont., Sarnia d/o John B. NICHOL (b. Burgessville Ont.) & Annie SHEA wtn: H. MILLER & Thomas BENTUM both of London, 10 February 1927 at London
015861-27 William Lloyd PARKINS, 21, service station manager, London, 762 Princess Ave in London s/o J. Alfred PARKINS (b. Delaware Ont.) & Margaret Jane FORTNER married Mabel Ila TURNER, 20, stenographer, London, 149 Oxford St in London d/o Herbert John TURNER (b. Melrose Ont.) & Annie Mabel GRAHAM wtn: Mr & Mrs Charles Willmot CRUICKSHANK of 617 Oxford St in London, 26 November 1927 at London [divorced 21 November 1932 at London] 015320-27 William Archibald PARSONS, 25, Farmer, Harwick Twp, Harwick Twp, s/o Albert H. PARSONS (b. Ontario) & no first name HUTCHINSON; married Beatrice MCALPINE, 21, School Teacher, Metcalfe Twp, Metcalfe Twp, d/o John MCLARTY (sic) (b. Ontario) & no first name MCALPINE; wit Drina V. MCALPINE, Walkers & James Earl GALBRAITH, Thamesville, 26 Feb 1927, Metcalfe Twp
015321-27 Lachlan Amos PATERSON, 22, Millwright, Oil Springs, Adelaide Twp, s/o Donald PATERSON (b. Conn Centre) & Inez BRADT; married Dorothy WILLIS, 19, Machine Hand, Carsonsville Mich USA, Adelaide Twp, d/o Amos WILLIS (b. Woodstock) & Nellie BRIGGS; wit Mrs. John MARSHALL & John Francis DENNIE, both Strathroy, 24 Mar 1927, Adelaide 015862-27 Walter Curtis PATTERSON, 27, salesman, Orangeville Ont., Detroit, s/o John PATTERSON (b. Ontario) & Eva Lizette SHINGLER married Edith Epplett WALKER, 30, teacher, Port Burwell Ont., RR#9 London d/o William WALKER (b. Ontario) & Helena Gray EPPLETT wtn: Sydney FEBREY & Isabel FEBREY both of 91 Linwood St in London, 31 May 1927 at St Mathew's Church, London
015863-27 Clement Armand PATTISON, 50, grain merchant, London twp, Granton, s/o William PATTISON (b. London twp) & Margaret MORGAN married Margaret Ellen ASHWORTH, 43, London twp, London twp d/o David ASHWORTH (b. London twp) & Margaret McWILLIAMS wtn: Jane M. TURNBULL of 198 Elmwood Ave in London & Velma CARGILL of Elmwood Ave in London, 15 June 1927 at London 015864-27 William PEACOCK, 24, toolmaker, Scotland, Windsor Ont., s/o Robert S. PEACOCK (b. Scotland) & Jane NEIL married Martha Mary MELOCHE, 24, Detroit, Windsor Ont., d/o Adolph M. MELOCHE (b. Ontario) & Valarie BOISMIER wtn: Bessie M. GILMORE & W.M. GILMORE both of 296 Princess Ave in London, 13 April 1927 at London
015865-27 George Augustus PEARCE, 26, watchmaker, Wales, 58 Craight in London s/o Benjamin PEARCE (b. Wales) & Ellen EASTON married Jane JONES, 26, civil servant, Wales, 1146 Oxford St in London d/o Orson JONES (b. Wales) & Jane WILLIAMS wtn: J. HOBBS Jr & Stella DRAPER both of London, 18 October 1927 at London 015866-27 Melville Tomlinson PEAREN, 21, tinsmith, London, 97 Wilson Ave in London s/o Frederick PEAREN (b. London) & Harriet DONAGHY married Ruth Irene LOCKMAN, 19, housekeeper, Chatham Ont., 421 Dundas St in London d/o Zenas LOCKMAN (b. Milverton Ont.) & Mary Louise RUMBALL wtn: Cecil LOCKMAN of 421 Dundas St in London & Evelyn STALEY of 808 Lorne Ave in London, 11 June 1927 at London
015867-27 Donald Wesley PEARSE, 28, bank manager, Harrow (Hanon?) Ont., Kingsville s/o George PEARSE (b. England) & Elizabeth HILL married Marjorie Irene PARTRIDGE, 26, London, London d/o Thomas Langford PARTRIDGE (b. England) & Constance Beatrice HARPIN wtn: H.L. CORNFOOT of Detroit & Edna H. BARCLAY of Chatham Ont., 14 June 1927 at London 015868-27 John Martin PEARSON, 35, farmer, East Nissouri twp, SW ¼ Lot 20 Conc 7 West Nissouri s/o Nehemiah PEARSON (b. Ontario) & Sarah Catherine BUCHNER married Murel Hazel BUCHNER, 29, farmer's daughter, East Nissouri twp, SW ¼ Lot 20 Conc 7 West Nissouri d/o Ephraim BUCHNER (b. Ontario) & Margaret Jane McQUILLAN wtn: Mrs Ernest HORNER & Mrs Christine NICHOL both of London, 19 July 1927 at London
015869-27 David Edward PEEL, 28, trucker CNR, England, London s/o Frederick PEEL & Sarah BALDWIN married Elizabeth McCANVILLE, 31, Scotland, London d/o James McCANVILLE & Helen BURNS wtn: William BOWEN & Agnes BOWEN both of 382 Ottaway Ave in London, 21 July 1927 at London 015870-27 Frederick PELLER, 23, machinist, Stratford, 292 Brunswick St in Stratford s/o Frederick PELLER (b. Ontario) & Mary TAYLOR married Florence HART, 18, inspector, Mitchell Ont., 5 Kensea Pl in London d/o William HART (b. England) & Edith FRANKLIN wtn: Charles ROBERTSON & Mae ROBERTSON both of London, 21 December 1927 at London
015871-27 Clarence Alfred PENALAGEN, 19, clerk, England, 544 Quebec St in London s/o Richard PENALAGEN (b. England) & Mary BUNT married Nellie Luella May POLLARD, 17, housekeeper, Norwich Ont., 68 St John St in London d/o Walter William POLLARD (b. England) & Etta May RICE wtn: Etta POLLARD & Walter W. POLLARD both of 68 St John St in London, 6 August 1927 at London 015872-27 Francis Ewart James PENNING, 21, central office manager, Montreal, Outremont in Quebec s/o James PENNING (b. Montreal) & Eugenie LAUNDEMANN, married Fernande ROBITAILLE, 21, French interpreter, Deseronto Ont., 16 Picton St in London d/o Joseph E. ROBITAILLE (b. Quebec Que.) & Carmilla ROY wtn: Vincent BRYSON & Mrs J.E. SLATER both of London, 9 February 1927 at London
015322-27 Alexander PEPPER, 36, Carpenter, Raleigh Twp, Chatham, s/o John T. PEPPER (b. England) & Katherine DALE; married Etta Veronilia HALL, 30, Raleigh Twp, Merlin, d/o David HALL (b. Merlin) & Elsie GUTTRIDGE; wit Mrs. E. S. HUNT & Mrs. Mary A. COLGROVE, both Lambeth, 24 Aug 1927, Lambeth 015323-27 Leonard Wesley PERKIN, 22, Cheese Maker, Wallace Twp, Wellesley, s/o Wesley George PERKIN (b. Canada) & Edith BETTS; married Violet Luella MOHR, 16, of Wellesley, d/o Henry MOHR (b. Canada) & Carolina DOELL; wit Adam MOHR, Granton & Margaret CURRAH, Fairstock, 19 Aug 1927, Granton
015873-27 Albert Edward PERKIN, 22, shipper, Leeds England, RR#8 London s/o John PERKIN (b. Leeds England) & Margaret M. SAUNDERS married Edna Eleanor CAMERON, 18, housekeeper, Norfolk Co, London d/o Vernon CAMERON (b. Ontario) & Elma HARVEY wtn: Evline? CAMERON of 572 York St in London & Leo ROGERS of 72 York St in London, 19 September 1927 at London [divorced 27 September 1933 by SCO at London] 015874-27 Stanley Albert PERRY, 31, salesman, Ontario, London s/o John PERRY (b. Ontario) & Jemima ROSS married Dorothy Vietta JOHNSTONE, 25, housekeeper, London, London d/o Charles JOHNSTONE (b. Scotland) & Sybill TALBOT wtn: Elsie REID of 6 Cynthia St in London & George W. GEND (Gurd?) of 187 Elmwood Ave in London, 2 June 1927 at London
015875-27 Clarence PETTIT, 30, lineman, Quinn Ont., Dorchester Ont., s/o Calvin PETTIT (b. Belmont Ont.) & Christina QUINN married Mae Horner SMITH, 30, housekeeper, London, London d/o William SMITH (b. Scotland) & Kate BOWWATER wtn: Margaret HORNER & Matthew HORNER both of 251 Mt Pleasant Ave, 10 December 1927 at London 015876-27 Earl Emerson PETTIT, 27, labourer, Comber, 9 Charles St in London s/o Christopher PETTIT (b. Ontario) & Astella QUINN married Harriet Amelia WESTMAN, 22, operator, London, 9 Charles St in London d/o Arthur Edmund WESTMAN (b. Ontario) & Harriet Amelia JOHNSON wtn: Evelyn SIMPSON of 1044 Adelaide St & Clifford CARTER of 245 Richmond St, 15 October 1927 at London
015324-27 Cecil Emerson PINCOMBE, 22, Farmer, Lobo Twp, Lobo Twp, s/o Richard PINCOMBE (b. Lobo Twp) & Nancy SOURS (Sones?); married Mildred Irene LEWIS, 20, Adelaide Twp, Adelaide Twp, d/o Albert E. LEWIS (b. Norwich) & Ann Elizabeth TOMLINSON; wit Ida LEWIS & W.M.E. LIVINGSTON, both Strathroy, 7 May 1927, Strathroy 015877-27 Charles Ernest PINNER, 22, electrician, England, 23 Wyatt St in London s/o Charles A. PINNER (b. Ontario) & Mabel B. PIERCY married Edna Mae WILTON, 23, housekeeper, Caradoc twp, 159 Bruce St in London d/o Arthur W. WILTON (b. Ontario) & Sophia M. HOGARTH wtn: George Edward PINNER of 23 Wyatt St in London & Marie J. WOOD of 159 Bruce St, 16 June 1927 at London
015878-27 Stanley James PORTER, 19, carpenter, London, London s/o William PORTER (b. London England) & Grace PEAK married Ethel Mary JOHNSON, 19, shirt maker, Hamilton Ont., Westminster twp d/o James JOHNSON (b. England) & Annie Lucretia ALLSOP wtn: R. PORTER of Warncliffe Rd in London & Helen JOHNSON of Manor Park in London, 25 June 1927 at London 015879-27 Aalt POST, 26, farmer, Holland, London twp s/o John POST (b. Holland) & Hendrina NYMEYERS, married Petronella Maria KONING, 24, housekeeper, Holland, London twp d/o Martin KONING (b. Holland) & Amelia Cornelia BOSSEN wtn: Harriet M. HUNTER & Sadie JARVIS both of 512 Wellington St, 30 September 1927 at London
015325-27 Clifford Charles POSTELL, 22, Labourer, Enniskillen Twp, Sarnia, s/o Charles POSTELL (b. Whitby) & Jane THOMSON; married Olive Elizabeth ELNOR, 16, Sarnia Twp Lambton Co, Sarnia Twp, d/o Daniel ELNOR (b. Sarnia) & Agnes MILLAR; wit Robert LEITH & Ethel A. LEITH, both Sarnia, 4 Nov 1927, Strathroy 015880-27 Frederick Augustine POWER, 28, division superintendent BTC, Bobcaygeon Ont., London s/o James POWER & Norah O'NEILL married Blanche ROBERTS, 26, supervisor BTC, England, London d/o Henry ROBERTS & Lavinia JACOB wtn: Thomas BOWER of Detroit & Violet ROBERTS of London, 4 July 1927 at London
015326-27 Oscar Clinton POWERS, 27, Physician, Rowan Mills, Burford, s/o Wesley POWERS (b. Fairground) & Sophia STEPHEN; married Vera Margaret RIDDELL, 21, Music Teacher, Wilton Grove, Wilton Grove, d/o Samuel RIDDELL (b. Westminster Twp) & Margaret A. BLAKIE; wit Margaret L. GUEST, London & Alex B. RIDDELL, Wilton Grove, 29 Dec 1927, Westminster Twp 015327-27 Wilbert Robert PRETTY, 23, Farmer, Sombra Twp, Sombra Twp, s/o Frank C. PRETTY (b. Canada) & Jessie MILLER; married Alexandria Victoria MCALPINE, 27, School Teacher, Mosa Twp, Sombra Twp, d/o Robert L. MCALPINE (b. Canada) & Maud WATTERWORTH; wit Hugh R. MCALPINE & Elsie M. LEITCH, both Walkers, 29 Jun 1927, Mosa Twp
015881-27 John Edward PRODERICK, 38, soldier, London England, London s/o John George PRODERICK (b. London England) & Ellen TUTTEN married Florence Kathleen CORRIGAN, 21, housekeeper, Ireland, London d/o Thomas CORRIGAN (b. Ireland) & Margaret Jane ROBINSON wtn: Frank THOMAS of Walmsley Barracks in London & Florence Dora PALMER of London, 30 November 1927 at St Paul's Cathedral in London 015882-27 Alfred PROULE, 23, machinist, Grandville Missouri, 237 Adelaide St in London s/o Archie PROULE (b. St Louis Missouri) & Lena WILLETT married Ethel FARRELL, 20, domestic, Halifax England, 257 Adelaide St in London d/o John FARRELL (b. Halifax England) & Mary FREEMAN wtn: Halton DAVIS & Eva DAVIS both of London, 3 December 1927 at London
015883-27 William David Douglas PROWSE, 22, soldier, London, Wolsley Barracks in London s/o William Henry PROWSE (b. London England) & Elizabeth Gale BENNETT married Anna McNab McALEESE, 19, domestic, Greenock Scotland, 304 Princess Ave London d/o John McALEESE (b. Scotland) & Ellen GRISHAM wtn: Charles William RAY & Sarah NICOLSON both of London, 12 March 1927 at London 015884-27 Garfield Frederick PYETT, 31, farmer, Arran Ont., Southwold twp, s/o George PYETT (b. Canada) & Emma SPRUNG married Mary McARTHUR, 27, school teacher, Middlemiss, Middlemiss d/o James McARTHUR (b. Canada) & Sarah HOLMES wtn: James Milton PYETT of Iona & Emma WATSON of West Lorne, 5 March 1927 at London
015328-27 Walter Loran QUAIT, 25, Farmer, West Nissouri Twp, West Nissouri Twp, s/o Frederick QUAIT (b. West Nissouri Twp) & Theresa DAY; married Edna Margaret COLBERT, 25, Teacher, West Nissouri Twp, West Nissouri Twp, d/o George COLBERT (b. West Nissouri Twp) & Hattie ROW; wit Ida CUNNINGHAM, London & John COLBERT, Thorndale, 3 Sept 1927, West Nissouri 015329-27 Alymer Elsworth QUINNEY, 23, Mechanic, London Twp, Hyde Park, s/o Alfred QUINNEY (b. England) & Blanche BRAITHWAITE; married Alice Mary HORTON, 21, Stenographer, England, Hyde Park, d/o William Edward HORTON (b. England) & Lois BLAKEMORE; wit Eric HORTON, Hyde Park & Verna QUINNEY, London Twp, 30 Apr 1927, London Twp
015885-27 Frank Saunders RADWAY, 31, dentist, London, 347 Maitland St in London s/o Frank Fred RADWAY (b. Canada) & Annie SAUNDERS married Marion Campbell SMITH, 34, Thorndale Ont., 948 Dundas St in London d/o William SMITH (b. Canada) & Annie McDONALD wtn: Ivy Robina JACKSON & Leon Wesley JACKSON both of 572 Colborne, 14 May 1927 at London 015886-27 William George RANCE, 24, chauffeur, Islington London England, 149 Kent St in London s/o Walter RANCE (b. England) & Alice Emma MONK married Freda Gladys WILKINS, 24, clerk, London, 47 Albion St in London d/o Arthur James WILKINS (b. Isle of Jersey) & Mary Margaret DONAGHY wtn: L.M. WILKINS & Ada WILKINS both of London, 16 April 1927 at London
015887-27 George Sutherland RAPSON, 21, signal man, Woodstock Ont., Woodstock s/o Alfred A. RAPSON (b. Woodstock) & Isabella SUTHERLAND married Esther Elizabeth STARR, 22, stenographer, Woodstock, Woodstock d/o Arthur E. STARR (b. England) & Mary DONCASTER wtn: Emma Alice WARD of 466 Dufferin Ave in London & Florence M. MILLER of 471 Dufferin St in London, 10 August 1927 at London [divorced 4 June 1952] 015888-27 John Sylvester RAWLINGS, 21, CNR employee, London, 138 Queens Ave in London s/o Richard RAWLINGS (b. Ontario) & Della MOORE married Gertrude ANDERSON, 25, biscuit maker, Scotland, 138 Queens Ave in London d/o James ANDERSON (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth ANDERSON wtn: D.G. McFARLANE & I. ADAMS both of London, 22 August 1927 at London
015889-27 Isaac Rowing RAWSON, 27, machinist, England, 139 William St in London s/o John RAWSON (b. England) & Maria ROWING married Sadie Sanders WHITE, 24, housekeeper, England, 5 Gerrard St in London d/o Richard WHITE (b. England) & Louise SANDERS wtn: Mrs J. & Jess W. ROWLEY of 6 Wood St in London, 24 December 1927 at London 015890-27 Alexander James RAYNER, 55, widower, shoemaker, England, 1040 Oak St in London s/o John RAYNER (b. England) & Mary GRIFFIN married Florence BLACKWELL, 56, widow, England, 493 Bathurst St in London d/o Edwin ROBERTS (b. England) & Annie TORDOFF wtn: Osborne UPTHERGROVE of 554 Hamilton Rd in London & Alice SLATER of 31 Hamilton Rd in London, 15 June 1927 at London
015891-27 Sederick READ, 29, sales manager, London, St Thomas Ont., s/o Sederick READ Sr (b. England) & Sarah Gaine COMBER married Elsie Dawson MODELAND, 25, housekeeper, London, London d/o William Truman MODELAND (b. Brampton Ont.) & Effie McLEOD wtn: Mayabelle WALTERS of 422 Nelson St & Jack S. HYATT of 246 Ridout St S, 21 September 1927 at London 015892-27 James Alfred REED, 60, widower, gentleman, Wentworth Co, 17 Victor St in London s/o William REED (b. England) & Elizabeth CASE married Anna Pearl GOULD, 46, bookkeeper, Dorchester twp, 600 Dufferin Ave in London d/o Walter E. GOULD (b. Ontario) & Mary E. KARROLL wtn: A.L. REED of 17 Victor St in London & P.E. TREFFRY of 32 Blackfriars St in London, 18 June 1927 at London
  015893-27 George Winter REEVE, 27, salesman, London, Cleveland USA s/o Vivian REEVE (b. England) & Mary Belle WINTER married Annie Margaret MAWHINNEY, 30, stenographer, Ekfrid twp, London d/o Levi Nelson MAWHINNEY (b. Canada) & Lillie Elizabeth EDDIE wtn: S?. EVELEIGH of Montreal & Florence MAWHINNEY of London, 2 February 1927 at London
015894-27 Frederick Charles Oscar REID, 31, clerk, Seaforth Ont., Detroit s/o John H. REID (b. Ontario) & Sarah E. WAUGH married Katherine Miriam HUNTINGTON, 32, Westmeath Ont., Leamington d/o Samuel Adams HUNTINGTON (b. Ontario) & Rosetta McLEESE wtn: J.W. SIMPSON & Mary SIMPSON both of 238 Piccadilly St in London, 9 March 1927 at London 015895-27 George Richard REID, 20, CNR clerk, Black Lake Quebec, 42 Walnut St in London s/o Henry REID (b. London England) & Lucy GRAHAM married Ethel HARPER, 19, knitter, England, 309 Pall Mall St in London d/o Thomas HARPER (b. England) & Florence THURLBY wtn: Lucy REID & Florence WILLIAMS both of London, 2 June 1927 at London
015896-27 Alexander RENARD, 33, divorced, mechanic, Belle River Ont., London s/o Denis RENARD (b. Ontario) & Mary DEMARE married Rose BOATMAN, 20, refreshment booth clerk, London England, London Ont., d/o Charles BOATMAN (b. England) & Rose SMITH wtn: Arthur LEWIS of 197 Mill St & Martha W. PRINGLE of 512 Wellington St, 30 July 1927 at London 015897-27 William Loutet RENAUD, 23, shoe cutter, St Thomas Ont., 989 Oxford St in London s/o James RENAUD (b. Ontario) & Laura SMITH married Jenny Gladys SANDERSON, 18, housekeeper, England, 989 Oxford St in London d/o Andrew SANDERSON (b. England) & Marjorie LOWLEY wtn: William E. SANDERSON & Rose E. SHOPRIDGE both of London, 4 June 1927 at London
015898-27 Richard James RENNIE, 30, widower, manager, England, London s/o Richard James RENNIE (b. England) & Mary EDWARDS married Ila JAMES, 26, housekeeper, St Thomas Ont., London d/o Thomas JAMES (b. Canada) & Ella THODY wtn: Mrs W.R. McINTOSH of London & Vera JAMES of 139 Wellington, 8 August 1927 at London 015899-27 James Henry RICHARDSON, 37, farmer, Lions Head Ont., Granton Ont. s/o John RICHARDSON (b. Ireland) & Florence DAVIS?, married Elizabeth Annie MITCHELL, 39, widow, housekeeper, Ireland, 745 Waterloo St in London d/o John GRANT (b. Ireland) & Annie FAIRBROTHER wtn: James HOLMES & Alice Maud REMINGTON both of 932 Wellington St in London, 26 March 1927 at London
015900-27 Harold Percy RICHMOND, 25, superintendent, London, London s/o William RICHMOND (b. Dorchester Ont.) & Isabel HUNTER married Mary Alta Adeline ORCHARD, 25, stenographer, London, London d/o William J. ORCHARD (b. Orchardville Ont.) & Eleanor HASELGROVE wtn: Minnie DOBBYN & Kenneth PAISLEY both of London, 2 April 1927 at London 015901-27 Frederick Clair RIGGIN, 34, salesman, Ashfield twp, Kincardine Ont., s/o John RIGGIN (b. St John NB) & Sarah SMALL married Lunella Dorothy BIEMAN, 31, stenographer, Clifford Ont., 869 Queens Ave in London d/o Daniel BIEMAN (b. Ontario) & Dora SELARIS wtn: Perry ANDERSON of Kincardine & Sylvia THEDORF of Hanover Ont., 4 June 1927 at London
015902-27 Ernest Otto RINDELHART, 25, superintendent, Detroit, 394 Piccadilly St in London s/o Otto P. RINDELHART (b. Germany) & Maria WELLER married Clarise May PENFOUND, 26, divorced, hairdresser, Ottawa in Canada, 187 Richmond St in London d/o George E. PENFOUND (b. Canada) & Ellen ALLENBY, wtn: Edith WYBIN of 338 Elmhurst in Detroit & Karl RINDELHARDT of Detroit, 30 July 1927 at London 015903-27 William Robert RINN, 38, widower, merchant, Dufferin Co, Timmins s/o Joseph William RINN (b. Dufferin Co) & Hester SILK married Ruby Rosemond GARBUTT, 31, teacher, London twp, Timmins d/o Reuben John GARBUTT (b. London twp) & Emma Agrena HART wtn: S.W. KENNEDY of London & Francis M. SPENCE of Lucknow, 20 August 1927 at London
015904-27 Robert John ROBERTS, 32, salesman, England, Detroit s/o Owen Edwards ROBERTS (b. England) & Jane JONES married Alice Ethel DIX, 34, stenographer, England, 356 Grey St in London d/o Walter Thomas DIX (b. England) & Hannah MORTON (Monton?) wtn: Margaret Elsie DIX of 356 Grey St in London & Arthur NEIL of Detroit in Mich, 10 November 1927 at London  
015906-27 Eric Frederick ROBINSON, 29, tile setter, England, Westminster twp s/o Worsley ROBINSON (b. England) & Annie , married Ethel Audrey Nixon HOUSE, 20, nurse, Westminster twp, Westminster twp d/o James HOUSE (b. Westminster twp) & Ella CHINE wtn: James HOUSE & Miss Minnie HOUSE both of Westminster twp, 24 March 1927 at London 015905-27 Clarence Lionel ROBINSON, 21, labourer, Winnipeg, 167 Quebec St in London s/o William L. ROBINSON (b. France) & Eva Beatrice SMITH, married Daisy Stella SINCLAIR, 18, housekeeper, St Mary's Ont., 125 Brisbin St in London d/o Robert SINCLAIR (b. Ontario) & Mary Elizabeth HAMILTON, wtn: Brent THOMAS of Owen Sound Ont. & Ernest BLAKE of London, 9 August 1927 at London
015908-27 William Clifford ROBINSON, 36, widower, merchant, London, 18 Charles St in London s/o William J. ROBINSON (b. Ontario) & Louise Dean ROSSITER married Winifred Marcella HODGINS, 31, housekeeper, Lobo twp, 18 Charles St in London d/o Samuel HODGINS (b. Biddupph Twp) & Ellen EVANS wtn: Ellen C. HODGINS of 18 Charles St & Louisa D. ROBINSON of 12 Moir St, 5 February 1927 at London 015907-27 John William ROBINSON, 27, clerk, England, 815 Elias St in London s/o Joseph ROBINSON (b. England) & Harriett POWELL married Hilda May SMITH, 20, operator, England, 355 Grey St in London d/o Samuel SMITH (b. England) & Elizabeth PORTER wtn: M. FINCH of 192 High St & Evaline THOMPSON of 355 Grey St, 5 November 1927 at London
015909-27 William ROBSON, 27, farmer, London twp, Hyde Park Ont. s/o David ROBSON (b. London twp) & Lottie PAXMAN married Anna Agnes ARMITT, 27, housekeeper, London twp, RR#3 London d/o John ARMITT (b. Buffalo NY) & Abby PIET wtn: Maurice DUSTIER of London & Miss Mary ARMITT of Hyde Park, 30 April 1927 at London 015911-27 Ronald Thomas RODDA, 21, electrician, London, 452 Ottaway Ave in London s/o Rathwell RODDA (b. England) & Jean GOW married Ruby May MILLS, 17, operator, London, 8 Simpson Ave in London d/o William MILLS (b. Ontario) & Alice FORBES wtn: J. MILLS & Grace MILLS both of London, 18 June 1927 at London
  015912-27 Francis Emile RODRIGUES, 21, labourer, St Kitts - British West Indies, 154 Bruce St in London s/o Joseph RODRIGUES (b. St Kitts BWI) & Augusta DeSILVA married Emily WAYLAND, 20, domestic, London England, 252½ Horton St in London d/o John WAYLAND (b. England) & Blanche (could not recall) wtn: Emanuel RODRIGUES & Mrs William MARTIN both of London, 6 April 1927 at London
015913-27 John ROGER, 62, widower, civil engineer, Perth Co, Mitchell Ont. s/o John R. ROGER (b. Dalhousie Ont.) & Sarah RUSSELL married Nellie FLINTER, 51, widow, nurse, England, Mitchell Ont. d/o Alfred Daniel COLLINGWOOD (b. England) & (not given) wtn: John G. ROGER & L.E. ROGER both of Mitchell, 31 August 1927 at London 015330-27 Joseph Victor ROGERS, 27, Section Man, Belfast, Ekfrid Twp, s/o Thomas Frederick ROGERS (b. Belfast Ireland) & Kathleen MORAN; married Marie SHERIDAN, 23, Domestic, Belturbet Ireland, London, d/o John SHERIDAN (b. Cavan Ireland) & Margaret HUMPHRIES; wit John & Nellie SHEDDON of London, 8 Oct 1927, Glencoe
015916-27 James ROSS, 27, farmer, Marlette Mich. Marlette Mich. s/o William ROSS (b. Scotland) & Margaret SIMON married Fleeta Christian HARRIS, 24, nurse, Delaware Ont., Kilworth Ont. d/o Edwin HARRIS (b. Canada) & Orvilla COMFORT wtn: Mary DUNN of 272 Fruitland & Muriel FINDLATER of 142 Fruitland, 28 April 1927 at London 015915-27 George Alexander ROSS, 34, farmer, East Nissouri twp, RR#3 Lakeside s/o Hector ROSS (b. Ontario) & Marion MACPHERSON married Agnes Irene McNAIR, 27, school teacher, London twp, RR#4 Denfield d/o Andrew McNAIR (b. Ontario) Angeline NEAR wtn: Gordon ROSS of RR#3 Lakeside & Margaret CALDER of Thamesford, 18 October 1927 at London
015914-27 Albert Rosefield ROSS, 22, section man, Scotland, 743 Talbot St in London s/o Alexander G. ROSS (b. Perth in Scotland) & Susan ARTHUR married Eliza Jane Kennedy Hughes SIMPSON, 24, domestic, Scotland, 307 Huron St in London d/o James SIMPSON (b. Scotland) & Marissa HUGHES wtn: Walter DOBSON of 76 Smith St & Evelyn STEPHENS of 309 Huron St, 2 December 1927 at London 015917-27 Thomas Harold ROWE, 27, electrical engineer, London, London s/o Thomas ROWE (b. Ontario) & Mary Ella SCOTT married Edna Bates McCALLUM, 24, housekeeper, Chatham Ont., London d/o Alex McCALLUM (b. Chatham Ont.) & Ella Sarah BATES wtn: Ella McCALLUM & Alex McCALLUM both of 199 Elmwood Ave, 1 October 1927 at London
015918-27 William Henry ROWING, 50, laborer, Leeds England, London Ont, s/o William Archibald ROWING b. England and Bessie MURGATROYD, mar Edith Alice BRIND, 38, Croyden England, London Ont, d/o William Henry BRIND b. England and Edith GROSMITH, witn Harvey ROWING and May JAMIESON both of London, 24 May 1927 London 015919-27 Leonard ROZELL, 19, railroad employee, Elgin Co., London, s/o Sidney ROZELL b. Ontario and Clara DUNNE, mar Hazel Martha Gertrude MILLER, 19, shoe worker, Princeton Ont, London, d/o Oliver J. MILLER b. Ontario and Elizabeth GRIGG, witn Mr. and Mrs. William R. CHILDS of London, 01 Oct 1927 St. Matthews Church London
015920-27 Ray Walter Earl RUCK, 30, lithographer, Cleveland Ohio, same, s/o George M. RUCK b. USA and Ida MEUSEL, mar Meta Gwendoline BARTON, 23, secretary, London, 6 McKenzie Ave London, d/o Leslie BARTON b. Ontario and Clara PUGH, witn W.W. and Marie ENGLISH of St. Thomas, 26 Dec 1927 London 015921-27 Anthony RUDNICKI, 33, widower, moulder, Poland, London Ont, s/o Joseph RUDNICKI and Julia RZEBSKO, mar Mary CWIK, 24, domestic, Lithuania, London, d/o Francis CWIK and Katarzyna NALOZNY, witn Walter MAZIAR and Karolina PAWK both of London, 05 Nov 1927 London.
015922-27 James RUSSELL, 21, laborer, Scotland, London Ont, s/o James RUSSELL and Rachel ROY, mar Violet BONIFACE, 20, Prince Edward Island, London, d/o James BONIFACE and Charlotte CHALTON, witn Doris BONIFACE and Roy Ralph WHITEHEAD both of London, 01 Jun 1927 London 015923-27 John Sidney RUSSELL, 19, sheet metal worker, London, 358 Ridout Street London, s/o Sydney RUSSELL b. England and Louise PAGET, mar Mary Hilda PRENTISS, 18, inspector, Bracebridge, 501 Talbot Street London, d/o Thomas PRENTISS b. England and Elizabeth HAZZARD, witn James Reginald REID and Ethel Maud RUSSELL, 30 July 1927 London.
015924-27 Edward RYDER, 26, painter, Stockport England, 898 Queens Ave London, s/o Francis Harry RYDER and Sarah SLATER, mar Martha WYLIE, 20, Port Glasgow, 894 Queens Ave London, d/o Alexander WYLIE and Mary BROWN, witn Ernest COOPER and Laura Ellen RYDER both of London, 19 Jan 1927 Church of the Resurrection London.  
015925-27 Thomas Roy StCLAIR, 35, merchant, Crompton Ont, Galt, s/o Vining StCLAIR and Eliza PARSONS, mar Gladys May BURNS, 27, London, same, d/o Courtland BURNS and Mary J. CONN, witn Charles A. BAIN and Willa FITZGERALD both of London, 23 Sep 1927 London. 015331-27 Caleb SABINE, 64, Farmer, Richmond Hill, Caradoc Twp, s/o Joseph SABINE (b. England) & Delia DALE; married Ruby May KERR, 18, Domestic, Strathroy, Strathroy, d/o Jack KERR (b. England) & Belle COLLINS; wit Frank NETHERTON & D.D. PRESLEY, both Strathroy, 18 Feb 1927, Strathroy
015926-27 Wilfred Norman SADLER, 24, police constable, Yorkshire England, 203 Richmond Street London, s/o William SADLER b. England and Sarah ALTHORP, mar Margaret HENDERSON, 22, Scotland, 100 Briscoe Street London, d/o Duncan HENDERSON b. Scotland and Jean JAMIESON, witn Jennie Cameron REID and William DOLAN both of London, 01 Jun 1927 London. 015332-27 Arthur SADLER, 20, Minister, England, Parkhill, s/o Henry SADLER (b. England) & Annie ALKIN (Atkin?); married Margaret Ann MCPHERSON, 23, Canada, Parkhill, d/o William MCPHERSON (b. West William) & Mary MCDONALD; wit Charles BRENNAN & Jennie Isabel MCPHERSON, both Hamilton, 26 Dec 1927, Parkhill
015333-27 Kingsley S. SALES, 18, Farmer, Kent Co, London Twp, s/o H. Bruce SALES (b. Ontario) & Violet May ROE or RAE; married Verna Madeline SAGER, 18, West Nissouri, West Nissouri, d/o Thomas SAGER (b. Ontario) & Margaret DOYLE; wit Edith J. SMIBERT, Thorndale & Jared A. VINING, Lakeside, 17 Sept 1927, West Nissouri Twp 015927-27 William SALMON, 43, laborer, England, 912 Maitland Street London, s/o Robert SALMON b. England and Susanna, mar Gladys OWEN, 33, maid, England, 315 Ottawa Street London, d/o Samuel OWEN b. Wales and Effie THOMPSON, witn J. BUSHLY and Romaine HUGHES both of London, 23 Jul 1927 London.
015928-27 Colenso John SALTER, 21, student, Ontario, 14 Russell Street Toronto, s/o William Henry SALTER b. Ont and Catherine Ella ROSELLE, mar Marion Gertrude WILSON, 21, clerk, Ontario, 554 King Street London, d/o James Anthony WILSON b. Ontario and Maud BELLE, witn Nina CUTTLE and Margaret WILSON both of London, 14 May 1927 London. 015929-27 Wreford Earl SANDERCOTT, 19, truck driver, London, same, s/o Wellington SANDERCOTT b.Winnipeg Man and Freda GOSSMAN, mar Margaret Lila Beatrice SEDGE (Ledge?), 18, Woodstock, same, d/o Harry SEDGE b. England and Mabel MATTHEW, witn N.R. HUESTON of London, 17 Sep 1927 London.
  015930-27 William D. SANDERS, 60, widower, gentleman, Exeter, same, s/o Samuel SANDERS b. England and Harriet DEARING, mar Mary KNIPE, 45, nurse, England, Highland Park Michigan, d/o James KNIPE b. England and Elizabeth DAVIS, witn T.J. SHARMAN of London and Harriet KNIPE of Highland Park Michigan 04 Jul 1927 London
015931-27 Ninian Townsend SANDERSON, 31, market gardener, Lakewood Ohio, London Twp, s/o Ninian SANDERSON b. Canada and Rosa Lucy TOWNSEND, mar Beatrice Aileen SMITH, 30, nurse, Toronto, 95 High Street London, d/o Isaac D. SMITH b. Canada and Susanna DANIELS, witn Ninian SANDERSON and Susanna M. CUMMINS both of London, 28 Jan 1927 London 015932-27 Walter Stanley SANDERSON, 21, truck driver, England, 989 Oxford Street London, s/o Andrew SANDERSON b. England and Minnie LOISBY (Lowly?), mar Queenie May PRATT, 18, London hosiery, England, 500 Adelaide Street London, d/o John Childs PRATT b. England and Edith WILLS, witn William C. SANDERSON and Mrs. W. RENAUD both of London, 16 Jul 1927 Middlesex.
015334-27 Eric Patrick SANGSTER, 27, Assistant Foreman Oil Refinery, Cork Ireland, Cleveland Ohio, s/o Frank SANGSTER (b. Ireland) & Eva MCGRAW; married Annie May LEMON, 24, Domestic, Strathroy, Strathroy, d/o Donald LEMON (b. Scotland) & Mary CAMPBELL; wit D. LEMON, Mount Brydges & Marguerite GINTER, Strathroy, 5 Feb 1927, Strathroy 015933-27 Isaac Thomas SAUL, 56, retired, Clinton B.C., RR9 London, s/o Isaac SAUL b. Nissouri Twp and Sarah QUINN, mar Esther Sophia HEATLY, 59, teacher, Delaware Ont, same, d/o John HEATLY b. Ireland and Harriet PARKINSON, witn George F. SAUL and Mrs. Lily LANGFORD, 12 Mar 1927 London.
015934-27 Frederick Charles SAULL, 20, pressman, London England, London Ont, s/o Leonard James SAULL b. London England and Annie SILLITOE, mar Edna May MEHARG, 21, bindery worker, Belfast Ireland, London Ont, d/o John MEHARG b. Belfast Ireland and Sarah McDONALD, witn Archibald SAULL of Detroit and Clara Lawthen CARRUTHERS, 08 Oct 1927 London 015335-27 Edmond John SAUNDERS, 51, Labourer, Wid, Brook Twp, Strathroy, s/o John SAUNDERS & Bridget WILLOUGHBY; married Mary Emma ORR, 39, Wid, Caradoc Twp, Strathroy, d/o George COLLINS & Ellenor HILL; wit Thomas HANDLEY & Annie HANDLEY, both Strathroy, 10 Aug 1927, Mount Brydges
015935-27 Thomas William SAVILL, 22, electrician, England, 1063 Mabel Street London, s/o Charles SAVILL b. England and Harriett FISHER, mar Winifred Ellen WHITE, 21, housekeeper, London Ont, 1063 Mabel Street London, d/o George WHITE b. Ontario and Alice BOLDRIK (Bolchuk?), witn Madeline WHITE and M. YOUNG both of London, 25 Oct 1927 London. 015936-27 William George SAWYER, 45, labourer, England, 458 Grey Street London, s/o Charles SAWYER b. England and Eliza BARNES, mar Maud WILLIARD, 37, widow, housekeeper, England, 450 Grey Street London, d/o William BIGGS b. England and Florence SHANGON, witn Hannah OSBORNE and Jessie M. FILMORE both of London, 18 Jun 1927 London.
015937-27 Norman William SAYLOR, 22, labourer, Bothwell, London, s/o John SAYLOR b. Ont and Sarah DAVIS, mar Irene May WILKINSON, 15, London, London, d/o Robert WILKINSON b. England and Elizabeth Ellen WOOD, witn Robert and Elizabeth E. WILKINSON, 03 Sep 1927 London. 015938-27 Adam Fraser SCALLEN, 26, color matcher, Welland Co., Bridgeburg Ont, s/o William Fraser SCALLEN b. Fonthill Ont and Louise Marguerite JACOB, mar Lillian Alice Mae WARRY, 21, bookkeeper, Bridgeburg Ont, d/o Charles WARRY b. Southampton England and Ellen Agnes WOODLE (Woodley?), witn Mrs. R.C. CRAWFORD and William A.L. BOOTHBY both of London, 12 May 1927 London
015939-27 Thomas Howard SCAFE, 21, bookkeeper, Kitchener, London, s/o A.J. SCAFE b. Ailsa Craig Ont and Anna MORLEY, mar Ida May GREEN, 24, operator, London, London, d/o James GREEN b. Ireland and Ida ENGLAND, witn Morley SCAFE and Charlotte GREEN both of London, 17 Jun 1927 London 015940-27 Charles Frances SCHEIDING, 35, labourer, Germany, 634 Princess Ave London, s/o Louis SCHEIDING b.Germany and Alma C. GUTHEIL?, mar Velma Pearl MOTZ, 22, milliner, Crediton, 203 Oxford Street London, d/o Henry MOTZ b. Dashwood and Ana M.C. MESSNER, witn Thelma HEATHERLY and Herman L. SCHEIDING both of London, 21 May 1927 London
015941-27 Chester Orun SCHOMBURG, 23, printer, Denmark, 1447 Dundas Street London, s/o Bernard SCHOMBURG b. Denmark and Elsie JORGENSON, mar Etta DOWNIE, 22, London, 372 Ontario Street London, d/o Hugh DOWNIE b. Ontario and Sarah JOHNSTON, witn Anna Mary BARON of London and Alex LIVINGSTON of Sarnia, 01 Jan 1927 at 2 Winnipeg Street, Argyle Park, London. 015942-27 Levi Alanson SCHOOLEY, 64, widower, tailor, Lambton Co., 382 Wellington Street London, s/o Levi SCHOOLEY b. USA and Miss LEARN "do not know full name", mar Janet MUTTART, 66, Exeter, 89 Queens Ave London, d/o George MUTTART b. P.E.I. and Jean COUTTS, witn F.S. and Alice WILLIAMS of London, 21 Dec 1927 London
015943-27 Richard George SCHREIBER, 21, painter, London, 49 Blackfriars Street London, s/o Richard SCHREIBER b. Ohio USA and Maud McGEARY, mar Dorothy Kate COOK, 18, operator, London, 10 Blackfriars Street London, d/o Ernest A. COOK b. England and May Louise BARTLETT, witn Ernest A. COOK and Maud SCHREIBER both of London, 05 Nov 1927 London 015944-27 Frederick Paul SCORDAMAGLIA, 20, sheet metal worker, London, 132 St. George Street London, s/o Anthony SCORDAMAGLIA b. Italy and Elizabeth PAUL, mar Agnes Quail RUDDICK, 18, laundry worker, Belfast Ireland, 189 Oxford Street London, d/o Arthur RUDDICK b. Ireland and Agnes JOHNSON, witn Rose CONNOLLY and Anna COOMBS both of London, 29 Mar 1927 London
015945-27 Andrew SCOTT, 29, lineman, St. Thomas, same, s/o Christopher SCOTT b. Ontario and Mary BURNS, mar Daisy Inez BROWN, 23, clerk, Norfolk Co., St. Thomas, d/o George BROWN b. Norfolk Co. and Bell SHEPHERD, witn Sadie FITZMAURICE and George PLAYER both of London, 06 Aug 1927 London 015946-27 David Campbell SCOTT, 22, timekeeper, London, London, s/o John R. SCOTT b. Westminster Twp and Elizabeth ROBERTS, mar Helen Jeanne COLLIER, 19, clerk, London, London, d/o James COLLIER b. Dorchester and Midie WILSON, witn Alice Mary WIDDICOMBE of London, 26 Jan 1927 St.Matthews Church London
015947-27 Frederick SEBASTIANI, 30, tailor, Italy, London, s/o Joseph SEBASTIANI and Vincenza DeVILISE, mar Helen BERNARDO 18, Italy, London, d/o Vito BERNARDO and Catherine PIDAGGI, witn Mr. and Mrs. Joseph SERRATORE of London, 20 Apr 1927 London 015336-27 Abram SENECA, 55, Farmer, Wid, Muncey Reserve, Muncey Reserve, s/o David SENECA (b. Muncey) & Mary RODD; married Margaret WANCOOK, 29, Muncey Reserve, Muncey Reserve, d/o Eli WANCOOK (b. Muncey) & Elizabeth LOGAN; wit Norman SENECA & Mrs. COTTAM, both Muncey, 10 Dec 1927, Caradoc Twp
015948-27 Domenico SENESE, 30, labourer, Italy, London, s/o Francesco SENESE and Domenica LaRUSSO, mar Mary PANZARELLA, 16, Italy, London, weaver, d/o Peter PANZARELLA and Maria BERNARDO, witn Thomas and Teresa SENESE of Niagara Falls, 05 Sep 1927 St.Peters Cathedral London 015949-27 Gordon Glover SEWELL, 28, accountant at Bank of Montreal in Thorold, Meaford, Thorold, s/o L. B. SEWELL b. Meaford and A. Maud GLOVER, mar Edith May HILL, 34, high school teacher, Stephen Twp in Huron Co., London, d/o William HILL b. Crediton and Angeline BAKER, witn Harold HILL of London and Mary MUSTARD of Uxbridge, 03 Aug 1927 London.
015950-27 Alexander Joseph SEYMOUR, 25, laborer, England, London Ont, s/o John B. SEYMOUR and Eliza KITTE, mar Mary COWAN, 24, England, London Ont, servant, d/o Edward COWAN and Elizabeth MULBEADY (Mullcady?), witn Edward COWAN and Rose COWAN both of London, 30 Jun 1927 London 015337-27 Clarence Kelly SHARPE, 25, Banker, Delaware, s/o Milton SHARPE (b. Ontario) & Margaret KELLY; married Mary Malissa MCGUGAN, 28, Teacher, Melbourne, Melbourne, d/o Malcolm MCGUGAN (b. Ontario) & Amy MCBRIDE; wit Stanley DURKES, Aylmer & Sadie E. MCGUGAN, Melbourne, 2 Aug 1927, Melbourne
015338-27 Elliott Edward SHIPLEY, 29, Farmer, Lobo Twp, London Twp, s/o Thomas SHIPLEY (b. Lobo Twp) & Annie PRIESTLY; married Agnes Mae ROSS, 21, Lobo Twp, Lobo Twp, d/o John ROSS (b. London) & Marjorie MCBAIN; wit Harry W. SHIPLEY, RR1 Denfield & Mary Alice ROSS, Ilderton, 29 Oct 1927, Lobo Twp 015951-27 George Lisle SINCLAIR, 26, trainman, St.Marys, 888 Dundas Street London, s/o Thomas SINCLAIR b. Ont and Rossyth HOLMAN, mar Annie PEACE, 26, Strathroy, 524 Adelaide Street London, d/o James D. PEACE b. Ont and Harriet DAVIS, witn Raymond SINCLAIR and Margaret PEACE both of London, 06 Jul 1927 London.
015952-27 Charles G. SINGLEY, 31, laborer, Lobo, Ilderton, s/o Jerry SINGLEY b. Peoria County Illinois and Martha DAVISON, mar Lila Belle SIMSON, 27, housekeeper, Lobo, Ilderton, d/o George SIMSON b. Lobo and Laura PAISLEY, witn Blanche WOODCOCK of London and Clarence SIMSON of Ilderton, 22 Jan 1927 at B.M.E. Church Parsonage London 015953-27 Horace SINTZEL, 31 Aug 1907, mechanic, England, London Ont, s/o Horace Blatchford SINTZEL and Mary Rosetta HON, mar Rose Catherine JAMIESON, 30 Jan 1906, Ingersoll, London, office work, d/o Samuel JAMIESON and Margaret Teresa SCOTT, witn Charles JAMIESON and Teresa A. JAMIESON of Ingersoll, 31 Aug 1927 London
015954-27 Henry Augustus SKINNER, 23, lithographer, England, 9 Summit Ave London, s/o Herbert Augustus SKINNER b. England and Jane Frances CARVER, mar Frances Dorothy SCOTT, 19, London, London, d/o George Wesley SCOTT b. Ont and Frances Idella HAYES, witn H.A. and Jane SKINNER of London, 30 Jun 1927 London. 015955-27 Douglas Frank SLINGER, 25, merchant, United States, 1487 Fisher Ave Detroit, s/o Frank SLINGER b. USA and May PRENDERGAST, mar Eleanor Sarah CHANDLER, 24, registered nurse, London, 45 Stanley Street London, d/o George CHANDLER b. England and Letitia McGEARY, witn George and Laura CHANDLER of London, 21 Nov 1927 London

015956-27 Walter Richard SMALE, 48, widower, stationary engineer, England, London Ont, s/o Richard SMALE b. England and Elizabeth SPILLER, mar Ida May SHORT, 36, London, same, d/o Alfred SHORT b. London and Mary CLARKE, witn Mrs. Albert ILES and Mrs. Mary SHORT both of London, 14 Apr 1927 at St.Matthews Church London.

015957-27 Hugh SMART, 37, machinist, Perth Co., Stratford, s/o Robert SMART b. Scotland and Elizabeth BROWN, mar Lillian Mae HAYNE, 42, widow, England, Stratford, d/o Samuel BEER born England and Sarah POOK, witn Carlton DUFF of Toronto and H. ENGLISH of London, 08 Jul 1927 London
015958-27 Thomas Henry SMETHURST, 43, janitor, England, London Ont, s/o William SMETHURST b. England and Betsy NICHOLSON, mar Catherine Cameron HOLMES, 27, Scotland, London England, d/o John Scott HOLMES b. Scotland and Flora CAMERON, witn Thomas and Elizabeth Ellen DIXON of London, 31 Dec 1927 London. 015959-27 Albert Edward SMITH, 25, cigar maker, Philadelphia USA, London, s/o Samuel SMITH b. Hamilton Ont and Julia Ann TISCHE, mar Irene May COOK, 21, London, London, d/o Ernest A COOK b. England and May Louise BARTLETT, witn Ernest A. COOK and Julia A. SMITH both of London, 29 Oct 1927 London.
015339-27 Nelson Charles SMITH, 32, Canadian Camera, Aylmer, Aylmer, s/o Thomas SMITH (b. Aylmer) & Mary STUART; married Nellie Isabell MCPHAIL, 31, Crystal ND, Aylmer, d/o Angus MCPHAIL (b. Cornwall) & Mable WINTERMUTE; wit Florence Mae MCPHAIL & Gordon Ross RHORER, both Aylmer, 19 Oct 1927, Pulnam 015340-27 Wesley SMITH, 37, Clerk, Bruce Twp, London, s/o John SMITH & Minnie BERNDT; married Della Edna BARRETT, 30, Clerk, Warkworth, Strathroy, d/o Charles BARRETT & Julia PALMETER; wit Hugh LAMONTE & Mrs. Hugh LAMONTE, both London, 6 Aug 1927, Strathroy
015959-27 Albert Edward SMITH, 25, cigar maker, Philadelphia USA, London, s/o Samuel SMITH b. Hamilton Ont and Julia Ann TISCHE, mar Irene May COOK, 21, London, London, d/o Ernest A COOK b. England and May Louise BARTLETT, witn Ernest A. COOK and Julia A. SMITH both of London, 29 Oct 1927 London. 015960-27 Alfred Thomas SMITH, 21, soldier, London England, Wolsley Barracks London Ont, s/o Frederick SMITH b. England and Emma KEUCH (Kench?), mar Matilda Elizabeth ARNOLD, 22, waitress, Kitchener, 136 Queen Ave London, d/o William ARNOLD and Mary DOWLER, witn Robert James JACOBS of Wolsley Barracks London and Anna POWELL of London, 10 Sep 1927 London
015966-27 Martin Harry SMITH, 42, widower, foreman, Auburn New York, 771 Waterloo Street London, s/o Charles SMITH b. USA and Rose SIMMONS, mar Elsa Amanda DORMAN, 24, stenographer, Lambeth, Wildwood Ave London, d/o Eli DORMAN b. Ont and Sarah NENO, witn E.J. HARDY and Gladys M. DORMAN both of London, 15 Jun 1927 London. 015968-27 Percy SMITH, 20, brass polisher, London, 635 Dundas Street London, s/o James Calpin SMITH b. Canada and Isabel WHITTAKER, mar Marie Lillian BARTLETT, 15, packer, London. 953 Queens Ave London, d/o Edgar Joseph BARTLETT b. London and Lillian Maude COOPER, witn Ruth ATKINS and Raymond BARTLETT both of London, 07 May 1927 St.Matthews Church London

015965-27 Lawrence Caleb SMITH, 25, foreman, Yorkshire England, London Ont, s/o Joseph Daniel SMITH b. England and Emma Louisa PEARS, mar Florence Lillian WALLACE, 20, Dundas, London, d/o Andrew WALLACE b. Ont and Edith WATSON, witn Marjorie WALLACE of London and George SMITH of Toronto, 28 Sep 1927 London.

015967-27 Paul Josiah SMITH, 26, clerk, London, 378 Hill Street London, s/o Chaunsey SMITH b. Canada and Grace ARMISTON, mar Iva Maribell MURTAUGH, 23, telephone operator, London, 101 Linwood Ave London, d/o Earnest MUSTAUGH b. Canada and Margaret LANGFORD, witn C.M. SMITH and Lorna MAHON both of London, 04 Feb 1927 London
015962-27 Colin StClair SMITH, 31, school teacher, Ontario, 24 Coronation Street Toronto, s/o Colin SMITH b. Ont and Margaret THOMSON, mar Gladys Mary Alfretta WALDEN, 31, accountant, Ontario, 86 Albany Ave Toronto, d/o Alfred E WALDEN b. Ont and Annie HOBBS, witn Clifton WALDEN of Toronto and Donald E. SMITH of Haileybury Ont, 06 Aug 1927 London Twp (clergyman W.A. WALDEN of Windsor) United Church of Canada. 015961-27 Chester Carl SMITH, 23, manufacturers agent, Lobo Twp, London, s/o David SMITH b. Middlesex County and Rebecca SCARCLIFF, mar Bertha Evelyn HOBBS, 25, West Nissouri, Thorndale, d/o Robert HOBBS b. Middlesex Co. and Rebecca CUNNINGHAM, witn Dorcas HOBBS of Thorndale and Ida CUNNINGHAM of London, 02 Jul 1927 London
015964-27 John Hogan SMITH, 25, carpenter, England, London Ont, s/o James SMITH and Margaret O'CONNOR, mar Alice BEARCHEL, 23, clerk, England, London Ont, d/o Thomas BEARCHEL and Mary E. BROADBENT, witn Francis W. and Margaret SMITH of London, 03 Sep 1927 St.Marys Church London 015963-27 Frederick Albert SMITH, 22, tinsmith, London, Byron , s/o Walter SMITH b. England and Clara L. RUDD, mar Laura Estelle LOKER, 21, biscuit packer, Galt, London, d/o Hiram LOKER b. Galt and Laura SPEATH, witn Jean HUDSON and Reg SMITH both of London, 01 Oct 1927 London
015969-27 Walter SMITH, 25, CNR employee, Reading England, London Ont, s/o James SMITH and Margaret O'CONNOR, mar Louise ANDREWS, 22, clerk, London, London, d/o William O'CONNOR and Elizabeth PURCELL, witn John H. and Margaret SMITH of London, 30 Apr 1927 St. Marys Rectory, London

015970-27 William SMITH, 24, farmer, Scotland, Durham, s/o James SMITH b. Scotland and Isobel BRIDEN, mar Sadie TEMPLE, 23, Scotland, Windsor, d/o John TEMPLE b. Scotland and Martha BRIER, witn Amy FOREST and Lewis JOHNSTON both of London, 05 Feb 1927 London.

015341-27 James Ross SNELGROVE, 23, Labourer, Newbury, Strathroy, s/o George SNELGROVE (b. Ontario) & Agnes FINDLATER; married Isabella McAllister Reid SMITH, 22, Domestic, Glasgow Scotland, Strathroy, d/o Colin SMITH (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth STURGIS; wit Alvin LIGHTFOOT & Nita LIGHTFOOT, both Strathroy, 11 Jan 1927, Strathroy 015971-27 Abie SNIEDER, 30, tailor, Russia, 395 Manning Ave Toronto, s/o Jacob SNIEDER b. Russia and Rebbeca WARSEM, mar Goldie HAYMAN, 22, saleslady, England, 13 McKinnon Place London, d/o Harris HAYMAN b. Russia and Sarah HARRIS, witn Murray LEVY and Mrs. GOLDMAN both of London, 02 Jan 1927 London
015972-27 Walter Edwin SNOWDEN, 25, Salvation Army officer, London, Pembroke, s/o Henry SNOWDEN b. Hamilton and Caroline PENGELLY, mar Abigail ANDERSON, 24, Salvation Army officer, Chesley twp, Montreal, d/o William ANDERSON b. Chesley Ont and Annie PARK, witn John VANDERHERDEN Jr and Laura CALHOUN both of London, 19 Dec 1927 London 015973-27 Frederick Roy SOMERVILLE, 25, cabinet maker, London, 960 Dufferin Ave London, s/o Thomas Richard SOMERVILLE b. Guelph and Annie WILLIAMS, mar Marjorie BROWN, 23, stenographer, Wingate England, 443 Woodman Ave London, d/o John W. SOMERVILLE b. England and Mary Ann JOHNSTON, witn Mabel SOMERVILLE and Hilda MAGUIRE both of London, 05 Sep 1927 London
015342-27 Ross Allan SPARKS, 21, Carpenter, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Marcus SPARKS (b. Caledonia) & Louise BRENT; married Verna Agnes RUTLEDGE, 18, Canada, Parkhill, d/o Peter RUTLEDGE (b. Brussels) & Annie SPEERS; wit Gladys A. HARRISON & Elizabeth HILL, both Parkhill, 15 Jun 1927, Parkhill 015974-27 Wilfred Stanley SPENCELEY, 27, salesman, Renfrew, Sudbury, s/o James SPENCELEY b. England and Helen McCHARLES, mar Marjorie WHITE, 30, nurse, London, 22 Ridgeway London, d/o Harry B. WHITE b. Ont and Teresa WHITE, witn Earnest A. WHITE and Mrs. H.B. WHITE both of London, 03 Aug 1927 London.
015975-27 Henry Earle SPENCER, 28, salesman, London, Windsor, s/o John SPENCER b. England and Jane CAROLINE, mar Alice Grace NORTON, 27, London England, London Ont, d/o Fred NORTON b. England and Sarah Jane MORGAN, witn Richard Stanley NORTON of Detroit and Dorothy NORTON of London, 26 Nov 1927 London. 015976-27 Glenn William SPIES, 37, buyer, Hammond New York, 61 Craig Street London, s/o George V. SPIES b. Watertown New York and Catherine KEEFER, mar Freda Armintia Mary HAWKE, 26, supervisor, Hagersville Ont, 19 Beaconsfield Ave London, d/o William HAWKE b. Ont and Hester Jane ALMAS, witn Robert and Karrie BENSON of London, 05 Mar 1927 London.

015977-27 Francis Charles SPRY, 25, draftsman, Claremont New Hampshire, Syracuse New York, s/o John Henry SPRY b. USA and Emma LUDWIG, mar Margaret Adella CLINTON, 21, saleslady, Tempo Ont, Yarmouth Twp, d/o Albert Edwin CLINTON b. Canada and Ellen Jane FRENCH, witn Martha W. PRINGLE and Harriet M. HEWTON both of London, 01 Jul 1927 London.

015978-27 Theodore Constantine STAHLE, 33, truck driver, Wellesley Ont, 60 Highland Rd Kitchener, s/o John STAHLE b. Wellesley Ont and Freda SMITH, mar Emily Louisa GINGELL, 29, Freshwater Isle of Wight England, 400 Dufferin Ave London, parents "not known", witn Agnes WALTERS of London and Wilfred STAHLE of Kitchener, 24 Aug 1927 London
015343-27 Norman Earl STAPLETON, 23, Farmer, West Nissouri, same, s/o Robert STAPLETON (b. West Nissouri Twp) & Alice SPENCER; married Dolores Lola GRANT, 23, Housekeeper, Banffshire Scotland, West Nissouri, d/o Francis Arthur GRANT (b. Scotland) & Margaret MICHIE; wit Duart James STADERMAN, Shakespeare & Margaret Wilhemina NEUMAN, St. Marys, 1 Jan 1927, West Nissouri Twp

015979-27 Edward James STARK, 24, salesman, Ontario, Ingersoll, s/o James STARK b. Seaforth Ont and Melinda ROSSELL, mar Edith Ruby JOHNSTON, 20, Ontario, Ingersoll, d/o William J. JOHNSTON b. Elora and Annie ROY, witn James and Mary McRAE of London, 08 Nov 1927 London.

015980-27 Frank Paul (MURRAY) STEELE, b.18 Nov 1897, mechanic, London, same, s/o Thomas P. MURRAY "mother married STEELE and son always known as Frank STEELE" and Mary Anne SELBY "before marriage to STEELE or MURRAY", mar Vernice TURNBULL, b.05 Jun 1918, Newcastle on Tyne England, London Ont, d/o Robert TURNBULL and Margaret ANDERSON, witn Mr. and Mrs. J. ANDERSON of London, 01 Jul 1927 London 015344-27 Allan Marmaduke STEELE, 21, Carpenter, London, Windsor, s/o Anthony STEELE (b. Lobo Twp) & Elizabeth HODGSON; married Frances Viola KNIGHT, 18, Housekeeper, Lobo Twp, Kamoka d/o Andrew KNIGHT (b. Lobo Twp) & Ellen FOSTER; wit Laura A. STEELE, London & Mary E. KNIGHT of RR3 Komoka, 4 Jun 1927, Lobo Twp
015345-27 Henry George STEER, 52, Farmer, Caradoc Twp, Caradoc Twp, s/o John STEER (b. New York) & Eliza SHOEBOTTOM; married Sarah Emma NAGLE, 51, Caradoc Twp, Caradoc Twp, d/o William NAGLE (b. Caradoc Twp) & Sarah ERNEST; wit Mrs. E. REILY, Twelve Mile Indiana & Mrs. M.M. KENNEDY, Mt. Brydges, 23 May 1927, Caradoc Twp 015981-27 George Everitt STEPHENS, 21, clerk, London, 635 Central Ave London, s/o James R. STEPHENS b. Toronto and Grace EVERITT, mar Georgina Mary McMULLEN, 22, Brantford, 14 Palace Street London, d/o George Joseph McMULLEN b. Brantford and Mary EDGE, witn Kate CLARKE and George MORRISON both of London, 01 Aug 1927 London
  015982-27 Basil Charles STERLING, 43, widower, manufacturer, London, 252 or 257 Piccadilly Street London, s/o C.E. STERLING and Christina THOMPSON, mar Pauline Shafer FITZGERALD, 36, London, 243 King Street London, d/o J.L. FITZGERALD and Daisy SHAFER, witn M. HEATHERTON and Florine McKAY both of London, 25 Jun 1927 London
015346-27 Archibald STEWART, 22, Farmer, Mosa Twp, Mosa Twp, s/o Alexander STEWART (b. Ontario) & Mary Ann WEIR; married Violet Gertrude GATES, 19, Ekfrid Twp, Mosa Twp, d/o James GATES (b. Ontario) & Sarah Mary BEATON; wit Geneva Mae STEWART, Mosa & illegible MURRAY, Newbury, 19 Nov 1927, Newbury 015983-27 Noah Henry STIEGLER, 54, widower, butcher, Ontario, Chicago Illinois, s/o Lucas STIEGLER b. Germany and Magdalene SELIG, mar. Merle Elvin KAAKE, 21, Ontario, Kinloss, d/o Walter KAAKE b. Ontario and Eva RUSSELL, witn Mr. and Mrs. Grant McINTOSH of London, 03 Mar 1927 London.
015984-27 William Henry STONE, 63, widower, electric plater, London, 739 Elias Street London, s/o Richard STONE b. England and Mary Elizabeth ISAAC, mar Rebecca Jane SEARLE, 40, widow, Ireland, 738 Elias Street London, d/o James MILLER b. Ireland and Mary Jane CRAWFORD, witn Donald MACINTYRE and Robina Ramsay MORRILL both of London, 23 Feb 1927 London 015910-27 Rocco STRECUZZA, 37, labourer, Italy, London s/o Dominick STRECUZZA & Carmita MAGNO married Mary SCALLATA, 34, Italy, London d/o Joseph SCALLATA & Annunciato CAMELLS wtn: Bruno FARASOLE & Mary FARASOLE both of London, 2 July 1927 at London
015985-27 Alexander STUART, 34, manager, Bothwell, 16 Oak Ave Windsor, s/o John STUART b. Canada and Mary MILNE, mar Gladys Joy MILLER, 33, teacher, Dutton, 34 McEWAN Ave Windsor, d/o Martin MILLER b. Canada and Ida MARSHMAN, witn John and Cassie BRODIE of Muncey, 20 Aug 1927 London 015347-27 William Henry SUTHERLAND, 28, Furniture Dealer, St. Louis MO Sarnia, s/o J. B. SUTHERLAND (b. State of Missouri) & Orena PAUL; married Lottie Irene ZAVITZ, 27, Housekeeper, Lobo Twp, Denfield, d/o Isaac ZAVITZ (b. Lobo) & Annabel MCVICAR; wit Mrs. William R. NETTLETON, Strathroy & H. GEMSTONE, Sarnia, 25 Jun 1927, Lobo Twp
015348-27 William John SWAN, 20, Labourer, Scotland, Parkhill, s/o Thomas SWAN (b. Scotland) & Ellen MCNAMARA; married Vera WILLIAMS, 16, Maid, Ontario, Parkhill, d/o Feltham WILLIAMS (b. Canada) & Viola NICHOLS; wit Thomas SWAN & Mrs. Helen SWAN, both Parkhill, 21 Dec 1927, Parkhill 015349-27 Wilford Hillis SWITZER, 28, Farmer, Ekfrid Twp, Ekfrid Twp, s/o William SWITZER (b. Ekfrid Twp) & Clara HILLIS; married Marion Victoria MACFIE, 26, Domestic Science Teacher, Ekfrid Twp, Appin, d/o John MACFIE (b. Appin) & Catherine TAYLOR; wit John SWITZER, Windsor & Margaret MACFIE, Appin, 8 Jun 1927, Appin
015987-27 James Donald TAYLOR, 54, widower, real estate agent, Dorchester Twp, London, s/o Donald TAYLOR b. Scotland and Nancy McINTYRE, mar Sarah Edna TAYLOR, 54, widow, Ontario, Belmont, d/o James HANEY b. Ontario and Polly PHELPS, witn Cora Joyce McPHERSON of Exeter and Martha PRINGLE of London, 17 Aug 1927 London. 015986-27 Gordon TAYLOR, 20, tanner, London, London, s/o Isaac TAYLOR b. Middlesex Co. and Charlotte McNAUGHTON, mar Leona Agnes VITTIE, 18, clerk, Westminster Twp, London, d/o James VITTIE b. Middlesex Co. and Lilly WILLIAMS, witn Bonnie TANGREDI and Helen GILBERT both of London, 05 Sep 1927 London

015988-27 Ross Lawrence TAYLOR, 39, advertising, Manitoba, 36 Delaware Ave Toronto, s/o Lucas TAYLOR b. England and Jessie LOVE, mar Helen Lucile STEPHENSON, 19, Ontario, Kensington Apts.London, d/o Joseph George STEPHENSON b. Ontario and Alice Lucile HEATHERINGTON, witn James MacAULLAY of London and Alice Mary MacDONALD of St. Catharines, 01 Sep 1927 London.

015350-27 Adam Ord TELFER, 66, Retired, Wid, London Twp, Ilderton, s/o Robert TELFER (b. London Twp) & Jane ORD; married Mary Belle SCOTT, 52, Nurse, Wid, East Williams Twp, d/o Sheldon JOHNSTONE (b. Scotland) & Jessie DAWAR?; wit Jessie May SCOTT & Carolyn OHIER?, both Ilderton, 22 Feb 1927, Lobo Twp
015989-27 George Frederick TEMPLAR, 37, widower, postal employee, London, 105 Hamilton Rd London, s/o Frederick TEMPLAR b. England and Emma Bell BURROWS, mar Marguerite Foy ROBINSON, 26, Stratford, 14 Milton Street Stratford, d/o Frederick ROBINSON b. England and Alice MAYZE, witn Malcolm A. and Loretta ROBINSON of Stratford, 04 Jun 1927 London 015990-27 Joseph Henry TEMPLEMAN, 57, fruit farmer, Allandale Ont, Byron, s/o George TEMPLEMAN b. Scotland and Margaret MACKENZIE, mar Ada Palmer LINDSAY, 57, widow, Kent Co., Dutton, d/o Archibald PALMER b. Ontario and Sarah McLEAN, witn Fannie ALLEN and Minnie HIBBERT both of London, 27 Apr 1927 London
015991-27 George THOMPSON, 26, salesman, New York State, 275 King Street London, s/o Thomas THOMPSON b. U.S. and Louise JONES, mar Bernice Kathleen PICKLE, 16, Dundas, 307 King Street London, d/o James Albert PICKLE b. Ont. and Annie DUFTON, witn Harry MATTHEWS and Marguerite MORAN both of London, 22 Nov 1927 London. 015992-27 John William THOMPSON, 38, farmer, Dorchester Twp, same, s/o John THOMPSON b. Westminster Twp and Margaret Bertha DUNN, mar May Grace OLLENBITTLE, 29, England, London Twp, d/o Henry James OLLENBITTLE b. England and Annie GILLARD, witn Vividie Earle and Bessie MAYNE of Wilton Grove, 30 Apr 1927 London.
015993-27 Thomas Benjamin THOMPSON, 44, widower, trainman, Bothwell, 846 Lorne Ave. London, s/o Benjamin THOMPSON b. Pennsylvania US and Hannah MARCUS, mar Edna Bessie SKINNER, 32, stenographer, Toronto, 799 Lorne Ave London, d/o George Sidney SKINNER b. Ireland and Agnes WRIGHT, witn Jean ISAAC and Edna WATKIN both of London, 02 Aug 1927 London 015994-27 Allan Louis THORN, 23, clerk, London, 9 or 91 Oxford Street London, s/o Harrie THORN b. London and Emma WILKINS, mar Winnifred Jean ATKINSON, 22, stenographer, London, 1002 Lorne Ave London, d/o John Law ATKINSON b. London and Mary Elizabeth McCOY, witn Beatrice L. JONES and John HOBBS both of London, 03 Sep 1927 St. Matthews Church, London.
015995-27 Victor Reginald TIFFIN, 22, painter, Ireland, 1051 York Street London, s/o William Charles TIFFIN b. Ireland and Elizabeth CAMPBELL, mar Reta Ethelyne NORTH, age blank, stenographer, London, 88 Oak Street London, d/o Clarence Wilmot NORTH, b. Ont. and Ethel GROOM, witn Anne HAZEN and Phoebe WEIR both of London, 28 May 1927 London 015996-27 William Albert TILLEY, 35, laborer, England, 831 Queens Ave London, s/o Abraham TILLEY b. England and Annie GILLETT, mar Annie May MOUGHTON, 21, domestic, England, 831 Queens Ave London, d/o James MOUGHTON b. England and Caroline CARTER, witn Sidney F. and Jessie TILLEY of London, 10 Sep 1927 St. Matthews Church, London
015997-27 George William TODD, 27, litho artist, England, London Ont, s/o William Joseph TODD b. London England and Mary MOORING, mar Mabel Annie SHARPE, 22, England, London Ont, d/o Henry SHARPE b. Bedfordshire England and Annie WOODLAND, witn William J. TODD and A.W. FERGUSON both of London, 03 Sep 1927 London. 015351-27 Walker TOMS, 23, Labourer, London England, Stratford, s/o Walter TOMS (b. England) & Alice BUTLER; married Alice SHERA, 19, St. Marys, St. Marys, d/o Henry C. SHERA (b. Ontario) & Eva INGRAM; wit Mae SHERA, Waterloo & Walter E. PAULI, Stratford, 15 Jun 1927, West Nissouri
015998-27 Clarence Edward TOWE, 53, widower, insurance agent, London, 492 Princess Ave London, s/o Edward TOWE b. Ont. and Agnes PEEL, mar Geraldine GUNNE, 40, Wyoming Ont, 4 St. George Street London, d/o John GUNNE b. Ont. and Eddrupt SANDERS, witn Helen GUNNE and Esther TOWE both of London, 16 Nov 1927 London 015352-27 Earl Alfred TOWNSEND, 27, Machinist, Stratford, Stratford, s/o David TOWNSEND (b. England) & Elvina PIKE; married Edna May MARKHAM, 23, Supervisor, Ingersoll, res not given, d/o George MARKHAM (b. Canada) & Eva WILSON; wit Wilson MARKHAM & Sara JACKSON, both Parkhill, 4 Aug 1927, East Williams
015999-27 Arthur Ross TREE, 27, truck driver, Hickson Ont, 446 Woodman Ave London, s/o A.A. TREE b. Ont. and Jessie SUTHERLAND, mar Mary Grace LaVon CAMPBELL, 21, London, 749 Dundas Street London, d/o Wesley CAMPBELL b. Ont. and Amarian TAYLOR, witn Tom RITCHIE and Mrs. Mayme STONE both of London, 22 Dec 1927 015353-27 Clayton Addison TRIPP, 23, Clerk, Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, s/o Joseph Addison TRIPP (b. Hamilton Ont) & Lily MARTIN; married Laura Jean ROGERS, 21, Middlesex Co, Dorchester, d/o James Oscar ROGERS (b. North Dorchester) & Esther MCMILLIN; wit Henry Herbert WILSON, Merritton & Bernice L. COPELAND, Lambeth, 8 Oct 1927, North Dorchester
016000-27 George Oscar TROUTMAN, 24, salesman, Kingsville, same, s/o George K. TROUTMAN b. USA and Bertha H. SCRATCH, mar Mable Victoria KEW, 22, Elgin Co., London, d/o John Thomas KEW b. Ont. and Margaret E. BEASLEY, witn Edith KEW and John C. BARFETT both of London, 16 Oct 1927 London 016001-27 Newman Irvine TUCKEY, 32, farmer, Lobo Twp, RR4 Komoka, s/o Charles TUCKEY b. Ont. and Josephine IRVINE, mar Mary Christine CAMPBELL, 22, Caradoc Twp, 56 Gerard Street London, d/o Archie CAMPBELL b. Ont. and Maud McINTYRE, witn Earl M. CAMPBELL of London and Charles Stuart TUCKEY of Komoka, 19 Nov 1927 London.
016002-27 Gordon Samuel TUFFIN, 27, mechanic, Ekfrid Twp, 463 King Street London, s/o James TUFFIN b. Ekfrid Twp and Margaret MULLEN, mar Florence Elizabeth Mary BLACK, 19, lamp maker, London, 631 Central Ave London, d/o James BLACK b. Michigan and Florence VINCENT, witn Arnold W. BLACK and Lena Mae YOUNG both of London, 26 Feb 1927 London. 015354-27 James TURNBULL, 29, Attendant, Howick Scotland, London, s/o Robert TURNBULL (b. Scotland) & Helen SCOTT; married Rachel McMath DALGLEISH, 27, Domestic, Howick Scotland, London, d/o John DALGLEISH (b. Scotland) & Rachel McMath PRINGLE; wit Thomas TROY & Minnie TURNBULL, both London, 27 Apr 1927, Westminster Twp
015355-27 Wilfred Hilson TURNER, 25, Farmer, London Twp, London Twp, s/o Edward TURNER (b. London Twp) & Hattie IRWIN; married Anna Irene DRAISEY, 18, Dress Maker, Elrod - Clark Co - South Dakota, London twp, d/o Henry DRAISEY (b. England) & Cecily GALE; wit Edward Marcus ROBERTS & Muriel L. TURNER, both Ilderton, 9 Aug 1927, London Twp 016003-27 Robert Corneil TWISS, 77, widower, retired, Ireland, Glencoe, s/o William TWISS b. Ireland and Ann CORNEIL, mar Mabel Elizabeth Grace HOWSON, 47, companion, Bally Duff, London, d/o William Giles HOWSON b. England and Elizabeth NIXON, witn Edith MAY and Frank HOWSON both of London, 01 Dec 1927 London
016004-27 Frederick James Coy TYE, 25, core maker, London, same, s/o George TYE b. Watford and Annie DANA, mar Laura Mabel GOWER, 21, London, same, d/o William GOWER b. London and Anna Laura BLACKWELL, witn Florence CLANCY and Margaret Ellen LEWIS both of London, 02 Jun 1927 London 016005-27 Matthys VANDERLINDE, 34, florist, Holland, 165 Gammage Street London, s/o Wette VANDERLINDE b. Holland and Yanugh? vanEDE, mar Mary WHITING, 45, widow, London, 35 The Ridgeway, d/o Peter SPRING b. Ont. and Eleanor WILLIAMS, witn V. Moseley WILLIAMS and Esther MacGREGOR both of London, 05 Nov 1927 London.
016006-27 Anthony VAN DYK, 24, farmer, Holland, Wallaceburg, s/o Anthony VAN DYK and Mary VERHULP, mar Anna KOOLEN, 22, Holland, London, d/o John KOOLEN and Anna MASS, witn Anna COOMBS and James DALY both of London, 28 Dec 1927 St. Peters Cathedral London. 016007-27 James Willis VanEGMOND, 22, farmer, Hullett, same, s/o James VanEGMOND b. Canada and Mary Farquhar, mar Mildred Ione GUYMER, 25, London, London, d/o Thomas GUYMER b. England and Annie DYER, witn Ferg VanEGMOND of Clinton Ont and Theda A. GUYMER of London, 08 Oct 1927 London
015356-27 Jared VINING, 24, Miller, Middlesex Co, Lakeside, s/o John P. VINING (b. Canada) & Zelphe GLEASON; married Edith SMIBERT, 22, Thorndale, Thorndale, d/o James V. SMIBERT (b. Canada) & Amelia STUART; wit Gertie H. SMIBERT, Thorndale & Grenville S. MEAD, Lakeside, 29 Oct 1927, West Nissouri 015357-27 Cleveland Theodore VOLK, 17, Labourer, Parkhill, Parkhill, s/o Joseph L. VOLK (b. Hamilton) & Minnie ADAIR; married Merle Florence SMITH, 17, West Williams Twp, West Williams Twp, d/o William H. SMITH (b. Middlesex) & Mary Ann JOHNSON; wit Mrs. Elizabeth HILL & George SMITH, both Parkhill, 14 Jan 1927, Parkhill

016008-27 Henry John VOUSDEN, 24, cooper, England, 25 Christie Street London, s/o Frederick VOUSDEN b. England and Elizabeth HENLEY, mar Joan Vera GOLDBERG, 18, domestic, England, 301 Simcoe Street London, d/o John GOLDBERG b. Russia and Louisa CHATER, witn Frederick & Jane VOUSDEN of London, 09 Aug 1927.

016009-27 Arthur James VOWLES, 22, laborer, England, 498 King Street London, s/o Frederick S. VOWLES b. England and Georgina A. LUCKINGS, mar Laura Corlett BEECROFT, 25, clerk, England, 498 King Street London, d/o Joseph BEECROFT b. England and Catherine J. CLUGSTON, witn J. CLUGSTON and M. BEECROFT both of London, 02 Jul 1927 London 016010-27 Samuel George VOWLES, 24, farmer, England, RR#1 Wilton Grove Ont, s/o Frederick Samuel VOWLES b. England and Georgina Ann LUCKINGS, mar Theresa MANNING, 29, domestic, Glasgow Scotland, Palace Street London, d/o John MANNING b. Scotland and Mary DUGAN, witn Sarah DORRIAN of London and Arthur VOWLES of Walton Grove, 08 Jan 1927 London.
016011-27 Geoffrey Figion WADDINGTON, 24, musician - violinist, Leicester England, 162 Glen Road Toronto, s/o Frank Gladstone WADDINGTON b.Leicester England and Rebecca HINGS, mar Mildred Alice BAKER, 26, London, 286 Central Ave London, d/o Thomas Humphrey Edward BAKER b. Waterdown Ont and Alice OLIVER, witn Ralph WADDINGTON and Marion Rose BAKER both of London, 01 Oct 1927 London 016012-27 William Henry WADLAND, 25, chiropractor, Hickson Ont, Inverness N.S., s/o Wallace WADLAND b. Canada and Emily BARNES, mar Florence Marie Bell SMITH, 21, Stratford, blank, d/o David SMITH b. Canada and Mary Florence ROBINSON, witn David SMITH of Stratford and Jessie Elizabeth WILLARD of Hickson, 20 Feb 1927 London
015358-27 Gordon Bell WALSH, 22, Mechanic, London, Lambeth, s/o William WALSH (b. Ontario) & Jane Bell THOMPSON; married Bertha May BOWRON, 26, Southwold Twp, Lambeth, d/o John A. BOWRON (b. Ontario) & Addie BLACKMAN; wit Eva THOMAS & Harry BOWRON, both Lambeth, 15 Oct 1927, Byron 015359-27 Elmer Goldwin WALKER, 21, Farmer, East Williams Twp, East Williams Twp, s/o Albert WALKER (b. Ontario) & Addie WILLIAMS; married Hazel Flossie HUGHES, 23, Teacher, London Twp, London Twp, d/o Thomas P. HUGHES (b. Ontario) & Margaret GUILFOIL; wit Mary HUGHES & Gordon HUGHES, both Ilderton, 1 Oct 1927, London Twp
015360-27 Frank Emerson WALKER, 24, Telegraph Operator, South Dorchester, Springfield, s/o John R. WALKER (b. South Dorchester) & Jane KNICKERBOCKER; married Gertrude Marion SPENCE, 21, North Dorchester, North Dorchester, d/o Nelson SPENCER (b. North Dorchester) & Mary Jane SCOTT; wit Milton V. WALKER, London & Ethel Lorene SPENCE, Mossley, 1 Oct 1927, North Dorchester 015361-27 William Thomas WALKER, 27, Farmer, Adelaide Twp, Adelaide Twp, s/o Thomas WALKER (b. Strathroy) & Catherine Agnetta SLATER; married Lillian Gertrude FIELD, 25, Teacher, Metcalfe Twp, Strathroy, d/o George Edward FIELD (b. Kerwood) & Sara Lena Agusta TRUEMAN; wit Graham Slater WALKER & Irene Marie SHIELDS, both Strathroy, 20 Jul 1927, Strathroy
016013-27 Andrew Douglas WALKER, 29, dental mechanic, Glasgow Scotland, 102 Waterloo Street London, s/o James A. WALKER b. Scotland and Marion H. SCOTT, mar Doris Mary SANTO, 25, office clerk, London, 181 Ridout Street London, d/o Charles E. SANTO b. Ont. and Bertha RYDER, witn Margaret SANTO of London and David SCOTT of Toronto, 30 July 1927 London 016014-27 David WALKER, 26, clerk, England, London Ont, s/o David WALKER b. England and Ellen GLASS, mar Florence Lillian WEST, 19, London, London, d/o Charles WEST b. England and Elizabeth LEADER, witn Alice WALKER and George W. ASHBY both of London, 17 Jan 1927 London
016015-27 Frederick Charles WALKER, 29, civil servant, Dulwich Kent England, Ont Hospital in London, s/o Charles William WALKER b. Pickham Surrey England and Jessie FRANCIS, mar Ruth Amanda BRAZIER, 20, nurse, London, Byron Sanitorium London, d/o Horace BRAZIER b. England and Estella ELENDIA, witn T.P. BOOTHWICK and A.D. KEAYS both of Ontario Hospital London, 04 Sep 1927 London 016016-27 Harold Ernest WALTERS, 23, truck driver, West Nissouri Twp, 367 Hale Street London, s/o William E. WALTERS b. Ont. and Margaret CHIVAS, mar Lorna Paton WATT, 18, London, 515 Pall Mall Street London, d/o John WATT b. Scotland and Mary MILLER, witn Leroy WALTER and Isabella CLARKE both of London, 01 Jan 1927 London.
015363-27 William Edward WARD, 18, Farmer, Straffordville, Straffordville, s/o Henry WARD (b. London England) & Ida May ROBSON; married Audrey Irene RAYSON, 16, Straffordville, Middlesex, d/o Charles RAYSON (b. England) & Mildred B. THOMPSON; wit Frederick A. GOING & Edna May RAYSON, both Sombra, 7 Jun 1927, Delaware Twp 016017-27 Francis Martin WARD, 22, shoe clerk, London, London, s/o James WARD b. London and Mary PEVLER, mar Margaret Mary WALSH, 22, stenographer, London, Detroit Michigan, d/o Harry WARD b. London and Marie SMART, witn Charles G. E. GORE and Frances M. RUSE both of London, 15 Oct 1927 London.
015364-27 Gordon Roy WARDELL, 23, Farmer, Adelaide Twp, Adelaide Twp, s/o Albert WARDELL (b. Adelaide Twp) & Mary Ellen ORR; married Olive Jean LEWIS, 21, Adelaide Twp, Adelaide Twp, d/o Albert E. LEWIS (b. Adelaide Twp) & Ann Elizabeth TOMLINSON; wit Irene LEWIS & Stanley WARDELL, both Strathroy, 23 Mar 1927, Strathroy 016018-27 Thomas William WARNER, 21, plasterer, Winnipeg Man, London, s/o William WARNER b. Mt.Brydges and Mary HUGHES, mar Alice Velma CAMPBELL, 20, London, London, d/o Angus CAMPBELL b. Westminster Twp and Nellie DRENNAN, witn Florence C. HERBERT and Grant MALONEY both of London, 18 Jun 1927 London.
015365-27 John Taylor WARE, 45, Farmer, Thorold Twp, Thorold Twp, s/o Charles WARE (b. Ontario) & Alice MEISNER; married Olive BAILEY, 35, West Nissouri Twp, West Nissouri Twp, d/o Alfred BAILEY (b. Ontario) & Olive WILSON; wit George WILSON, London & Mrs. Olive BAILEY, Thorndale, 9 Apr 1927, West Nissouri Twp 015366-27 Robert Francis WATERS, 32, Carpenter, Mount Brydges, Mount Brydges, s/o Francis WATERS (b. Mount Brydges) & Elizabeth HEATH; married Hendrika Wilhelmina DONKERVOORT?, 24, Holland, Komoka, d/o Cornelius DONKERVOORT (b. Holland) & Maria JANSON; wit Clarence WATERS, Mount Brydges & Jennie DONKERVOORT, Komoka, 20 Dec 1927, Middlesex Co
016019-27 Henry Thomas WATKINS, 29, carpenter, England, 53 Wortley Road London, s/o Henry Thomas WATKINS b. England and Amy Mary LONG, mar Ella Alvaretta DAVIDSON, 25, saleslady, London, 26 Wortley Road London, d/o William DAVIDSON b. Scotland and Ella VADER, witn William DAVIDSON and Essie BUTTERWORTH both of London, 03 Sep 1927 London 016020-27 Pendry WATKINS, 33, widower, Royal Guardian Regiment, Wolverhampton Staffs. England, s/o Edwin WATKINS and Annie SNEAD, mar Alice Ethel HEATHER, 21, operative, London, London, d/o Albert HEATHER and Kate EDLINGTON, witn Albert HEATHER and Elizabeth HOWE both of London, 22 Sep 1927 St. John the Evangelist Church, London
015362-27 Charles WAUCAUSH (Wancaush?), 21, Farmer, Muncey Reserve, Muncey Reserve, s/o Eli WAUCAUSH (b. Muncey) & Fannie COLWELL; married Lottie PETERS, 21, Muncey Reserve, Dutton, d/o Johnson PETERS (b. Muncey) & Jane HENRY; wit John SIMION & Lanie SIMION, both Melbourne, 28 Sept 1927, Caradoc Twp 015367-27 James WELLS, 28, Moulder, Grey Co, London, s/o Henry WELLS (b. England) & Elizabeth HAVES; married Ina Leota BOWLEY, 25, Stenographer, Mount Brydges, London, d/o Charles J. BOWLEY (b. Ontario) & Mary A. WEBB; wit Stanley HUTTON & Hazel HUTTON, both London, 16 Apr 1927, Caradoc Twp
015368-27 Benjamin Walter WESTBROOK, 34, Farmer, Lobo Twp, Lambeth, s/o Richard WESTBROOK (b. Ontario) & Julia Ann STEEL?; married Gertrude Emily MORGAN, 34, Domestic, England, London, d/o George Stanley MORGAN (b. England) & Mary Jane THOMAS; wit Edward Lionel WESTBROOK & Mable Gertrude HARRISON, both Komoka, 7 Nov 1927, Delaware Twp 015369-27 Harold Cameron WESTMAN, 25, Farmer, Granton, Granton, s/o Douglas WESTMAN & Eliza Jane LANGFORD; married Edna Flora KERSLAKE, 19, Housekeeping, Blanchard Twp, Granton, d/o William KERSLAKE & Flora Lavina MARTIN; wit Douglas PATTISON, Denfield & Mildred KERSLAKE, London, 31 Dec 1927, Biddulph Twp
016031-27 Frederick William WHITEHALL, 54, widower, gardener, London, London Twp, s/o William WHITEHALL b. England and Mary COUSE, mar Ellen BOYCE, 17, London, 64 Curry Street London, d/o Thomas BOYCE b. England and Gwendora ROBERTS, witn H.E. FOWLER and John McCREDY both of London, 23 Apr 1927 St. Matthews Anglican Church, London 016032-27 John Macfarlane WHITELAW, 26, machinist, Scotland, London Ont, s/o Charles WHITELAW b. Scotland and Mary E. McFARLANE, mar Elizabeth McWhirter RICHMOND, 27, operator, Scotland, London Ont, d/o Matthew RICHMOND b. Scotland and Bessie BROWN, witn M. RICHMOND and J. WHITELAW both of London, 21 Oct 1927 London
016033-27 Marshall Scott WIGFIELD, 22, farmer, Mersea Twp, same, s/o James WIGFIELD b. Canada and Clarissa J. CAMPBELL, mar Gladys CONGDON, 22, Ekfrid Twp, Caradoc Twp, d/o John CONGDON b. Canada and Minnie DOBIE, witn Margaret HAROLD of Wardsville and Russell CONGDON of Longwood, 18 Jun 1927 London 016034-27 Cecil Earle WILCOX, 24, laborer, Bothwell, London, s/o Joseph Edward WILCOX b. England and Mary Ella CHAPMAN, mar Verlyn Lamont DUDNEY, 19, Chatham, London, d/o George DUDNEY b. England and Florence MITCHELL, witn Luane ETCHILL and Richard WISE both of London, 15 Jul 1927 London

016035-27 Edward James WILCOX, 21, truck driver, London, RR#4 London, s/o A.J. WILCOX b. England and Maud E. PERKINS, mar Violet Mary SUMMERS, 22, England, 46 Gammage Street London, d/o Henry SUMMERS b. England and Alice GRAHAM, witn Sydney F. WILCOX and Alice GUEST both of London, 31 Mar 1927 London.

016036-27 William Avis WILCOX, 23, trucker, Camden Twp, 141 Madison Street London, s/o Joseph Edward WILCOX b. England and Mary CHAPMAN, mar Beatrice Louisa DUDNEY, 21, packer, Halifax, 36 Major Street London, d/o George DUDNEY b. England and Florence MITCHELL, witn Ed WILMER and George DUDNEY both of London, 30 Jun 1927 St. Davids Church of England London
016037-27 Walter Lewis WILKEY, 30, chauffeur, London, 916 Lorne Ave London, s/o Thomas WILKEY b. England and Elizabeth WILLIS, mar Amy Gertrude DIX, 17, operator, London, 130 Brisbie Street London, d/o Ernest Arthur DIX b. England and Ethel May BEESON, witn Jack William FREEMAN and Marion Elsie NOBLE both of London, 25 Aug 1927 London 016038-27 J. Edgar WILLIAMS, 29, physician, Toronto, St. Marys, s/o George E. WILLIAMS b. Ont. and Jeanie KNOX, mar Edith Maud JOHNSTON, 30, Montreal, London, d/o Samuel Yates JOHNSTON b. Ireland and Mary Ann BEATTY, witn J.E. Jose of Lambton and Ruth V. JOHNSTON of London, 29 Jun 1927 London.
016039-27 Marvin J. WILLIAMS, 20, farmer, McGillivray Twp, RR#2 Ailsa Craig, s/o John WILLIAMS b. Ont. and Rebecca LEWIS mar Gertrude Isabel LYNN, 21, McGillivray, RR#1 Clandeboye, d/o Charles LYNN b. Ont. and Isabel GRAINGER, witn Lloyd and Minnie LYNN of Clandeboye, 12 Oct 1927 London. 016040-27 Roy Franklin WILLIAMS, 24, painter, Clinton Ont, 63 East Street London, s/o James F. WILLIAMS b. Aylmer and Emma SHEPHERD, mar Elizabeth AXON, 18, edger, England, 124 Giles Street London, d/o Joseph AXON b. England and Mary Ann ANDREWS, witn Florence BRADSHAW and Joe AXON both of London, 02 Apr 1927 London.
016041-27 Wesley Alexander WILLIAMSON, 25, cartage contractor, London, 23 Edward Street London, s/o Charles WILLIAMSON b. Ont. and Emma JEFFERSON, mar Dorothy Emily BEALE, 24, clerk, London, 526 Oxford Street London, d/o Walter BEALE b. Ont. and Agnes THOMPSON, witn Lillian BEALE of London and Charles E. WILLIAMSON of Lansing Michigan, 18 Jun 1927 London. [divorced 3/5/51] 015370-27 William Charles WILLMORE, 21, Mechanic, London England, St. Marys, s/o Arthur Francis WILLMORE (b. Lambeth) & Elizabeth BYWORTH; married Margaret Lenore MCLACHLIN, 19, Glencoe, Glencoe, d/o Archibald MCLACHLIN (b. Ekfrid Twp) & Annie CONGDON; wit Bertha Frances CONGDON, Appin & Benjamin Charles GILLMORE, St. Marys, 15 Jun 1927, Glencoe

016042-27 Stephen Leroy WILLOWS, 22, dairyman, St. Thomas, London, s/o Stephen Leroy WILLOWS b. Ont. and Annie BLACKMAN, mar Ethel Eliza MONKS, 16, Nissouri Twp, London, d/o David MONKS b. Nissouri Twp and Sophia HENSHAW, witn Howard and Edna MONKS of London, 27 Aug 1927 London.

015371-27 Isaac Alfred WILLSON, 26, Farmer, Pelham Twp, Union Elgin Co, s/o Edgar WILLSON & Phoebe ZAVITZ; married Edna Marian HAMACHER, 24, Housekeeper, Lobo Twp, Ilderton, d/o Isaac William HAMACHER & Elizabeth ZAVITZ; wit Charles A. ZAVITZ, Rebecca L. ZAVITZ, both Ilderton & Edgar HAIGHT & Amelia HAIGHT, both Union, 3 Sept 1927, Lobo Twp
015372-27 Howard Clark WILSON, 30, Insurance, Tilbury Kent Co, Windsor, s/o John Arnold WILSON (b. Ontario) & Mabel A. CLARK; married Elizabeth Esther REID, 26, Middlesex Co, Windsor, d/o John C. REID (b. Ontario) & Elsie Alice FRIED; wit Leonora Elizabeth WILSON, Tilbury & Roland? REID, Ailsa Craig, 5 Nov 1927, Ailsa Craig 015373-27 Joseph Earl WILSON, 29, blacksmith, Ontario, Parkhill, s/o Isaac WILSON (b. Canada) & Mary Jane POORE; married Margaret Belle MATHERS, 24, Ontario, McGillivray Twp, d/o David MATHERS (b. Canada) & Sophia REBDER; wit Lottie M. POWERS & Ezra W. MATHERS, both Parkhill, 8 Feb 1927, Parkhill
016048-27 John King WILSON, 60, widower, fire inspector, Hastings Ont, Regina Sask, s/o John McDougal WILSON b. Scotland and Ellen KING, mar Nettie Amelia RICE, 55, widow, Port Perry Ont, London, d/o Cornelius WILSON b. Scotland and Mary Ann LOBB, witn L.W. RICE and Evelyn HAYMEN both of London, 01 Jun 1927 London. 016045-27 Clarence Arthur WILSON, 27, student, Wyoming Ont, Guelph, s/o James A. WILSON b. Ont. and Mary ANDISON, mar Phyllis Alexandria WINGETT, 24, stenographer, London, London, d/o Earnest H. WINGETT b. Ont. and Nellie E. WOODWARD, witn O.N. WILSON of Sarnia and Myra E. WOODS of London, 01 Jan 1927 London
016050-27 William Leith WILSON, 20, salesman, Stratford, 58 Locust Street St. Thomas, s/o Christopher H. WILSON b. Ont. and Ella LEITH, mar Millicent GIBSON, 20, Rochester Kent England, 45 Hiawatha Street St. Thomas, d/o William Edward GIBSON b. England and Sarah Grace RUSSELL, witn Annie HAZEN and Phoebe WEIR both of London, 13 Mar 1927 London 016049-27 Marshall Alexander WILSON, 24, stores manager, St. Thomas, 542 Adelaide Street London, s/o James WILSON b. Scotland and Janet MARSHALL, mar Erma Marion RUTH, 22, stenographer, London, 354 Princess Ave London, d/o Harry A. RUTH b. Ont. and Effie FOSTER, witn Mrs. J. WILSON and H.A. RUTH both of London, 30 Jun 1927 London.
016047-27 Frank Cornelius WILSON, 32, apiarist, Oxford Co., Base Line Road London, s/o Henry WILSON b. Ont. and Caroline McCORQUODALE, mar Clara Stella KILMER, 26, saleslady, Lucan, Erie Ave London, d/o William KILMER b. Ont. and Charlotte ANDERSON, witn Spencer KILMER and Mary L. WILSON both of London, 28 May 1927 London 016044-27 Charles Miles WILSON, 20, hosiery worker, England, London Ont, s/o Frederick M. WILSON b. England and Emma BECKETT, mar Margaret Fulton MATHER, 20, dietitian, Scotland, London Ont, d/o James MATHER b. Scotland and Mary GORY, witn Clement Wilford BATES and Nan ROBERTSON both of London, 09 Jul 1927 London.
016046-27 Clifford Lorne WILSON, 22, truck driver, Stratford, London, s/o Christopher Arthur WILSON b. England and Tabitha HORN, mar Olivia Laura Josephine SAUNDERS, 19, box maker, Bedford England, London Ont, d/o John David SAUNDERS b. England and Josephine WHITAKER, witn Archibald M. LEGG and Bertha HOWE both of South London, 29 Jun 1927 London. 016043-27 Andrew George Beverley WILSON, 35, Assistant Inspector of Customs, Woodstock, London, s/o Charles WILSON b. Ont. and Annie ROBINSON, mar Rita Taylor KARN, 30, Picton, London, d/o Charles Jacob KARN b. Ont. and Carrie TAYLOR, witn Arthur and Clara KARN of London, 09 Jul 1927 London.
015374-27 James Wesley WINTERINGHAM, 27, Farmer, Logan Twp, Logan Twp, s/o Thomas WINTERINGHAM (b. Brantford) & Jane HENRY; married Catharine Isabella THOMSON, 28, West Nissouri Twp, Logan Twp, d/o Dougald THOMSON (b. East Nissouri) & Janet SANDERSON; wit Mary WINTERINGHAM, Logan Twp & Alexander THOMSON, West Nissouri, 23 Sept 1927, West Nissouri 015375-27 Harvey Gordon WRAY, 32, Farmer, Moore Twp, Lambton Co, s/o William John WRAY (b. Moore Twp) & Alma KIRKPATRICK; married Mary Ethel CONKEY, 33, Nurse, Adelaide Twp, Adelaide Twp, d/o Philip CONKEY (b. Adelaide Twp) & Agnes DOUGLAS; wit Robert CONKEY & Margaret CONKEY, both Kerwood, 25 Aug 1927, Adelaide Twp
015377-27 William WRIGHT, 27, Poultry Farmer, Durham England, London, s/o Archibald WRIGHT (b. Durham England) & Catherine PATERSON; married Janet Hazel NOBLE, 20, Nurse, Shallow Lake, Ilderton, d/o David A. NOBLE (b. Shallow Lake) & Mary GREIG; wit Archie WRIGHT, London & Mary NOBLE, Ilderton, 17 Sept 1927, Lobo Twp 015376-27 Oral Brinkenhoff WRIGHT, 26, Field Supervisor, Utica Mich, Detroit, s/o John A. WRIGHT (b. Utica Mich USA) & Frances WRIGHT; married Gertrude Mary MCGILL, 28, Ekfrid Twp, Ekfrid Twp, d/o George MCGILL (b. Ekfrid Twp) & Mary MCPHEE; wit Fred MCGILL, Glencoe & Mrs? MCGILL, Detroit, 15 Oct 1927, Ekfrid Twp
015378-27 Alfred Henry YEOMAN, 22, Labourer, Plymouth England, London, s/o Joseph Henry YEOMAN (b. Devon England) & Edith NICHOLAS; married Teresa Mary TAYLOR, 19, Ingersoll, London, d/o Joseph Gardiner TAYLOR (b. England) & Adelaide Martha BRAGGINER; wit Harvey MOTT & Mary TAYLOR, both London, 29 Jun 1927, London Twp