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Middlesex County Marriages, 1858

from MS 248, reel 10

Format: birth place is given before residence


Page 1, return 1, by John B. Wilson

William NICHOL, 28, London twp., same, s/o John & Isabella, married Anne SCOTT, 19, London twp., same, d/o Henry & Isabella, witn: Robert WHITE Of London twp., 19 Feb 1858

Robert WHILLANS, 30, London twp., same, s/o William & Agnes, married Cecilia TELFER, 22, London twp., same, d/o Adam & Jane, witn: Robert TELFER of London twp., 25 May 1858

Angus GRANT, 47, Scotland, London twp., s/o not known, married Jane GRANT, 40, Scotland, London twp., d/o not known, witn: Richard THOMPSON of London twp., 2 July 1858

Robert SCOTT, 29, Scotland, Lobo, s/o Henry & Isabella, married Mary CAMERON, 22, Nova Scotia, Lobo, d/o Donald & Ann, witn: Henry SCOTT Jr. of London twp., 7 Sept 1858


Page 1, return 2, by William. R. Sutherland, Presbyterian Minister, Ekfrid & Mosa

Duncan STEWART, 29, Canada, Mosa, s/o Duncan & M., married Mary McRAE, 19, Canada, Dunwich, d/o Alexander & E., witn: John McKENZIE of Dunwich, 4 March 1858

Dougald McPHAIL, 24, Britain, Brooke, s/o Dougald & A., married Catherine McNEIL, 20, Britain, Brooke, d/o A. & A., witn: D. McPHAIL Of Brooke, 4 March 1858

Donald McALPINE, 24, Canada, Aldboro, s/o Donald & C., married Catherine McALPINE, 20, Britain, Ekfrid, d/o Too? & M., witn: D. McALPINE of Ekfrid, 14 March 1858

Henry WRIGHTMAN, 24, Canada, Ekfrid, s/o Arthur & Ann, married Sarah McLEAN, 20, Britain, Ekfrid, d/o Allan & Ann, witn: T. MILLAR of Ekfrid, 1 April 1858

Samuel TRACE, 23, Britain, London, s/o A. & M., married Mary CURRIE, 22, Canada, Ekfrid, d/o Arch. & Mary, witn: Peter HYNDMAN of Ekfrid, April 6 1858

Peter DUNCANSON, 28, Britain, Ekfrid, s/o Alexander & J., married Catherine McEACHERN, 24, Canada, Ekfrid, d/o G. & C., witn: A. McBAIN of Ekfrid, 24 May 1858

Malcolm McALPINE, 28, Canada, Ekfrid, s/o James & M., married Janet McKAY, 22, Canada, Ekfrid, d/o John & J., witn: Robert McKAY of Ekfrid, 25 July 1858

Thomas GIBBS, 50, Britain, Ekfrid, s/o J. & R., married Rebecca CHAPMAN, 42, Britain, Ekfrid, d/o Thomas & C. CHAPMAN, witn: Charles McFEE of Ekfrid, 17 Aug 1858

Robert MARTIN, 25, Canada, Harwich, s/o M. & Mrs., married Mary McCONNELL, 21, Canada, Mosa, d/o J. & M., witn: J. McCONNELL of Mosa, 31 Aug 1858

Daniel MURRAY, 31, Britain, Ekfrid, s/o M. & G., married Mary RAMSAY, 18, Ireland, Ekfrid, d/o J. & E., witn: J. EACHER? of Ekfrid, 7 Sept 1858

Donald CAMPBELL, 36, Britain, Brooke, s/o Archibald & M., married Nora LEITCH, 28, Britain, Brooke, d/o D. & M., witn: M. LEITCH of Metcalfe, 7 Sept 1858

Jacob FOWLER, 18, Canada, Ekfrid, s/o Thomas & Ann, married Sarah KELLY, 22, Canada, Ekfrid, d/o Horace & Ann, witn: Horace KELLY of Ekfrid, 21 Sept 1858

Neil GALBRAITH, 28, Canada, Ekfrid, s/o Neil & M., married Jane CAMPBELL, 22, Canada, Ekfrid, d/o John & M., witn: Angus CAMPBELL of Ekfrid, 25 Nov 1858

Henry ELISON (Ellison?), 19, Canada, Aldboro, s/o Curtis & Mary, married Emily GROVES, 19, Canada, Aldboro, d/o J. R. & C., witn: Martin GROVES of Aldboro, 22 Dec 1858


Page 2, return 3, by William Deas, United Presbyterian Church of Warwick & Adelaide

Daniel LAWENCE, 22, "could not tell", Ingersoll, s/o J. & L., married Margaret Ann FRANK, 23, Adelaide, same, d/o Adoniram & M., witn: Robert Anderson FRANK & Miss AITKINS, both of Adelaide, 17 Feb 1858

Alfred Maitland SMITH, 19, Barbados, Adelaide, s/o George SMITH & Jane MAITLAND, married Elizah Mary McKRAKEN (s/b McCracken?), 25, near Londonderry Ireland, Adelaide, d/o John McKRAKEN & Rebecca KIRK, witn: Mr? HUDSON & Andrew MINALY?, both of Adelaide, 2 July 1858

David WILKINS, 24, Adelaide, same, s/o Matthew WILKINS & Sarah WILKINS, married Margaret Jane WILSON, 21, Kilensky? Ireland, Adelaide, d/o Hugh WILSON & Jane CUDDIE, witn: William SEYMOUR of Warwick & W. J. JOHNSTON of Adelaide,

James CUDDIE, 23, Adelaide, same, s/o James CUDDIE & Violet SMITH, married Sarah TRUEMAN, no age given, Riviere du Loup, Metcalfe, d/o John & Sarah, witn: J. E. TRUEMAN of Metcalfe & J. E. DONNELLY of Adelaide, 2 Oct. 1858


Page 2, return 4, Dougald Sinclair, Disciples of Christ Church, Lobo

John HOOD (Ford?), 22, York twp., Komoka, s/o Mark HOOD & blank, married Janet McINTYRE, 18, Caradoc, same, d/o Peter & Isabella, witn: William P. WILSON & Mark FORD, both of Komoka, 15 April 1858

George McPHERSON, 23, Nova Scotia, Lobo, s/o James & Ann, married Lucy EDWARDS, 23, Chatham, Lobo, d/o John EDWARDS & Phebe GRAVE, witn: Duncan McLELLAN of Lobo, 7 Sept 1858

Archibald McLELLAN, 23, Lobo, same, s/o Archibald McLELLAN & Margaret McKELLAR, married Margaret McKAY, 19, Lobo, same, d/o John McKAY & Isabella McKORMACK (s/b McCormack?), witn: Thomas WALKER, Duncan McLELLAN & Alex McKAY, all of Lobo, 12 Oct. 1858


Page 2, return 5, by Robert Stevenson

Peter McEWEN, 30, Glengarry, Lobo, s/o Hugh McEWEN & Elizabeth McDOUGALL, married Catherine CLARK, 23, Williams, same, d/o Hugh CLARK & Catherine, witn: John McEWEN of Williams, 1 April 1858

Donald HENDERSON, 27, Invernesshire, Williams, s/o Donald HENDERSON & Mary McKENZIE, married Janet McKAY, 18, Williams, same, d/o Roderick McKAY & Margaret CAMERON, witn: William HENDERSON of Williams, 15 Oct. 1858

Andrew ELLIOTT, 29, Toronto twp., Williams, s/o Adam ELLIOTT & Helen LITTLE, married Mary TAYLOR, 22, Orkney Scotland, Williams, d/o George TAYLOR & Ann M., witn: Richard PECK of Williams, 10 Nov 1858

James McINTOSH, 29, Petty? Scotland, Williams, s/o Angus McINTOSH & Janet RUSSELL, married Janet McLEAN, 19, Dull? Scotland, Williams, d/o John McLEAN & Catherine FISHER, witn: Angus McINTOSH of Williams, 24 Nov 1858


Page 3, return 6, by William Allington, Baptist Church, London

George THOMPSON, 20, Lower Canada, Delaware, s/o Isaac & Catherine, married Ann ALLEN, 25, Ireland, Westminster, d/o Robert & Bridget, witn: John J. ALLEN, 22 Feb 1858

William GUFFY, 27, England, Komoka, s/o James J. C. & Elizabeth, married Rose Ellen MORRIS, 18, Canada, Komoka, d/o Robert & Hannah, witn: Richard HAWKEN of London, 27 Feb 1858

William MASON, 22, Ireland, London, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Jane MASON, 18, Gibraltar, London, d/o James & Sarah, witn: John HUDSON of London, 27 April 1858

Jacob (James?) Perrie BEVERLY, 25, Aberdeen Scotland, London, s/o John & Jannette, married Jane CAMPBELL, 24, Aberdeen Scotland, London, d/o James & Mary, witn: Andrew BOYLE of London, 24 May 1858

William R. WOOLEY, 27, England, Malahide twp., s/o Peter & Hannah, married Susan DYER, 23, Canada, London twp., d/o John & Ann, witn: John W. WOOLEY of Malahide, 1 June 1858

Henry GRINSTON (Gunston?), 33, England, Westminster, s/o Jacob & Sarah, married Mary JORDAN, 23, Canada, Westminster twp., d/o Robert & Margaret, witn: Adam ARMSTRONG of Westminster, 19 July 1858


Page 3, return 7, by William Allington, Second Baptist Church, London

Roger DART, 24, England, London, s/o Christopher & Rachel, married Emma COLE, England, London, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: Henry H. DART of London, 5 Sept 1858

Theophilus McLEAN, 23, PEI, Lobo, s/o John & Catherine, married Sarah McLAUGHLIN, 27, Lobo, same, d/o John & Catherine, witn: Christopher CAUSAND? of London twp., 23 Sept 1858

Robert BLACKWELL, 23, Ireland, London, s/o Robert & Jane, married Susan MAINER (Maines?), 19, England, London, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: John MAINER of London, 5 Oct. 1858

John CRAWFORD, no age given, USA, London, s/o Robert V. & Margaret Matilda, married Emma CARPENTER, 22, Canada, London, d/o John D. & Mariah, witn: William LAWRENCE? of London, 25 Nov 1858

Richard HUGHES, 47, Wales, Elgin, s/o David & Rachel, married Elizabeth JOHNSON, 32, Canada, St. Thomas, d/o Ashman MORE & Elizabeth, witn: John D. CARPENTER of London, 25 Nov 1858


Page 4, return 8, by Rev. J. Baskerville, Ekfrid

no ages or parents names given in the return

William RUBOTTOM (Rowbottom?), Scotland, Adelaide, married Ann BEATON, Scotland, Adelaide, witn: John BEATON & James BOULTON, both of Adelaide, 2 Feb.

John VENNER? (Vrimer?), Ireland, Caradoc, married Margaret COATES, Canada, Caradoc, witn: Thomas BASKERVILLE of Adelaide & Thomas LIGHTFOOT of Caradoc, 6 May

Richard KIRKPATRICK, Scotland, Metcalfe, married Mary THOMPSON, England, Metcalfe, witn: Donald McPHERSON & Isaac THOMPSON, both of Metcalfe, 28 Sept

James EVOY, Ireland, Adelaide, married Elizabeth GALBRAITH, Ireland, Adelaide, witn: Joseph BROWN & Samuel EARLY, both of Adelaide, 28 Sept

Silvester MOORE, Ireland, Metcalfe, married Jane CLARK, Ireland, Metcalfe, witn: George LAMONT? & John McVEIL, both of Metcalfe, 8 Nov

James EMMERICK, Ireland, Metcalfe, married Mary CLARK, Ireland, Metcalfe, witn: George LERMONT? & John McVEIL, both of Metcalfe, 8 Nov [same witnesses as above marriage]


Page 4, return 9, by Thomas McColl, Baptist Church

Donald McCOLL, 31, Aldborough, Dunwich, s/o Thomas McCOLL & Mary McINTYRE, married Euphemia McLEAN, 30, Ekfrid, same, d/o Don McLEAN & Martha LOVE, witn: Malcolm McCOLL of Dunwich, 9 Nov


Page 4, return 10, by Rev. James Ferguson, Lobo

David McDUGALL (s/b McDougall?), 25, Lobo, same, s/o Donald McDUGALL & Martha BROWN, married Ann BOLAND, 22, Chateauguay, Lobo, d/o Michael BOLAND & Catherine GRAHAM, witn: Alexander GRAHAM of Lobo, 21 April


Page 5, return 11, by E. Peake

Benjamin BRYSEL, 25, Westminster, Mosa, s/o William & Lavina, married Jane JONES, 18, Mosa, same, d/o John & Ann Jane, witn: Jacob STEINHOFF & Lewis PECK, both of Mosa, 21 March 1858

Henry WILSON, 24, Ancaster, Mosa, s/o Mordecai & Rachel, married Olive Amanda DAVIS, 20, Mosa, same, d/o John & Ann, witn: John DAVIS & Joseph WILSON, both of Wardsville, 30 March 1858

Simon JACOB, 20, Moravian Town, Orford, s/o John & Polly, married Sarah MIADORE, 19, Cayuga, Orford, d/o William & not known, witn: James SNAKE of Orford, 6 July 1858

Oliver WHITE, 23, Sussex England, Newbury, s/o Jabez & Elizabeth Ann, married Agnes STEVENSON, 19, Cornwall C.W., Newbury, d/o William & Margaret, witn: James COOPER & William STEVENSON, both of Newbury, 6 July 1858

William McCLALLON (McGratton?), 19, Michigan US, Newbury, s/o William & Hannah, married Cynthia TUCKER, 15, Mosa, Newbury, d/o John & Rosanna, witn: blank TUCKER Jr. of Newbury, 7 July 1858

Samson BRYNING, 29, Brantford, Brant C.W., s/o John & Nancy, married Catherine ODELL, 19, Brantford, Mosa, d/o Russell & Elsey, witn: Mrs. ODELL of Mosa, 1 Aug 1858

Angus McDONALD, 31, Nova Scotia, Bothwell, s/o Donald & Betsy, married Christie PARNELL, 28, Scotland, Aldborough, d/o James & Euphemia, witn: Murdoch CAMPBELL & Mrs. PARNELL, both of Aldborough, 7 Aug 1858

Samson SAGAN (Logan?), 20, Orford, same, s/o John & Christena, married Keturah WHITEYES, 23, Missouri US, Orford, d/o Edward & Jane, witn: James SNAKE & Edward WHITEYES, both of Zone, 23 Aug 1858

James COLLINS, 22, Oxfordshire England, Windsor, s/o William & Rebecca, married Louisa ADNAM, 17, Hampshire England, Ekfrid, d/o Charles & Elizabeth, witn: Mr C. ADNAM Sr. & Mr C. ADNAM Jr., both of Ekfrid, 27 Sept 1858

Cornelius MITCHELL, 28, somewhere in England, Newbury, s/o not given, married Elizabeth SNELL, 32, England, Newbury, d/o not given, witn: M. BAKER of Newbury, 24 Oct. 1858

Archibald McPHAIL, 24, of Dunwich, s/o John & Maria, married Sarah SINCLAIR, 19, Aldboro, same, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: Mr. McPHAIL of Dunwich, 12 Oct 1858


Page 5, return 12, by Paul Robins, Bible Christian church, London Circuit

John WEBB, 22, London City, London twp., s/o John & Mary, married Elizabeth Ann JEWELL, 20, England, London twp., d/o Henry & Elizabeth, witn: Henry & Martha WEBB of London twp., 5 Feb 1858

Thomas HALLS, 39, England, Westminster, s/o Philip & Jane, married Ann MITCHELL, 33, England, Westminster, d/o Richard & Mary, witn: John ISAAC of Westminster & Mary Ann ROBINS of London, 9 Oct. 1858

William COPP, 26, England, St. Thomas, s/o John & Susannah, married Ann CUDMORE, 25, England, St. Thomas, d/o Samuel & Grace, witn: John GOULD & Mary Ann ROBINS, both of London, 11 May 1858

Spencer BARFOOT, 23, England, London twp., s/o George & Rebecca, married Ellen JORDAN, 21, England, London twp., d/o William & Ursula, witn: William JORDAN & Richard A. GOUGH, both of London twp., 23 May 1858

Hector Wallace FINNIE, 27, Scotland, City of London, s/o John & Margaret, married Eleanor CRODEN, 18, England, City of London, d/o James & Mary, witn: Thomas ANDERSON of Westminster & S. SALTER of London, 24 June 1858


Page 6 & 7, return 13, by Rev. E. Bayard, Rector of St. Peters Cathedral, London

Hector McNEIL, 40, Scotland, London, s/o Merrick McNEIL & Mary McNEIL, married Catherine McKINNON, 35, Scotland, London, d/o Donald McKINNON & Sarah CAMPBELL, witn: Rory McNEIL of London 5 Jan 1858

John O'BRIEN, 25, Ireland, Hamilton, s/o Joseph O'BRIEN & Ann CRANE, married Jane MANUS, 16, Hamilton, same, d/o Peter MANUS & Isabella ENNIS, witn: James McDONALD of London, 15 Feb 1858

Patrick KILBRIDE, 27, Ireland, Metcalfe twp., s/o John KILBRIDE & Mary BURNS, married Catherine DRISCOLL, 23, Ireland, London, d/o John DRISCOLL & Mary HADLEY, witn: John KILBRIDE Jr. of Metcalfe twp., 15 Feb 1858

James FITZGIBBON, 24, Ireland, London, s/o Thomas FITZGIBBON & Catherine O'KEEFE, married Jane O'BRIEN, 23, Ireland, London, d/o Henry O'BRIEN & Jane McGOULDRICK, witn: Richard O'BRIEN of London, 15 Feb 1858

James McNEIL, 41, Ireland, London, s/o Hugh McNEIL & Ann DOKE, married Sarah McDONALD, 20, Scotland, London, d/o John McDONALD & Mary McGINNAGE (McGinness?), witn: James MURPHY of London, 16 Feb 1858

Michael COLLISSON (Collison?), 30, Ireland, Biddulph, s/o Robert COLLISSON & Mary O'MARA, married Mary TOOHEY, 23, Ireland, London, d/o William TOOHEY & Mary DOWAN (Dornan?), witn: James McILHARGY? of London twp., 16 Feb 1858

William SMITH, 34, London twp., London, s/o Patrick SMITH & Susan MOHAN, married Elizabeth KEELY, 23, St. Thomas, London, d/o Maurice KEELY & Mary GRATTAN, witn: Thomas FERGUSON of London, 16 Feb 1858

Michael DELANEY, 22, Ireland, London, s/o Patrick DELANEY & Catherine RYAN, married Jane MILES, 28, Ireland, London, d/o George MILES & Ann ANSFIELD, witn: Rev. L. MUSART of London, 4 April 1858

Martin RAFFERTY, 25, Ireland, London, s/o Dominick RAFFERTY & Bridget HIGGINS, married Hannah DRISCOLL, 22, Ireland, London, d/o John DRISCOLL & Mary HADLEY, witn: John DRISCOLL Jr. of London, 18 April 1858

Thomas GASAN, 28, Ireland, London, s/o Martin GASAN (Garan?) & Mary MALY, married Eliza RICE, 25, Ireland, London, d/o William RICE & Eliza HAMMILL, witn: Thomas BARNS of London, 18 April 1858

Michael BRENNAN, 18, Ireland, Komoka, s/o Edward BRENNAN & Bridget FOLEY, married Bridget LOOBY, 18, Ireland, Komoka, d/o William LOOBY & Ann McLAUGHLIN, witn: Edward O'NEIL of Nissouri twp, 21 April 1858

Peter McDONALD, 24, Scotland, Westminster, s/o William McDONALD & Ann BENNETT, married Ellen GRIFFITH, 22, Westminster, same, d/o Latham GRIFFITH & Jane McADAM, witn: James GRIFFITH of Westminster, 26 April 1858

John MASON, 37, Maryland, London, s/o Ambrose MASON & Cecilia HEMSLEY, married Eliza BURROWS, 28, Kentucky, London, d/o Alfred BURROWS & Virginia STEPHENS, witn: James ARMSTRONG of London, 7 May 1858

James HOBBINS, 30, Ireland, London, s/o Dennis HOBBINS & Winnafred GRACE, married Ann WHEALY, 27, Ireland, London, d/o Patrick WHEALY & Margaret DIBANE?, witn: William FLEMMING of Westminster, 11 April 1858

Patrick O'DONNELL, 24, Ireland, St. Thomas, s/o John O'DONNELL & Ann COGHLAN, married Mary CASEY, 18, Ireland, London, d/o Donald CASEY & Mary DONAHOE, witn: Patrick TAYLOR of St. Thomas, 17 May 1858

John O'DONAHOE, 27, Ireland, London, s/o Michael O'DONAHOE & Catherine O'MARA, married Bridget McGRATH, 24, Ireland, London, d/o Sylvester McGRATH & Catherine KELLY, witn: Hugh O'MARA of London, 26 May 1858

Edward QUINN, 22, Ireland, London, s/o Robert QUINN & Elizabeth COONEY, married Mary RYAN, 24, Ireland, London, d/o Peter RYAN & Bridget RYAN, witn: Patrick KELLY of London, 22 June 1858

James HAW, 22, Ireland, London, s/o James HAW & Bridget McDONALD, married Margaret YOUNG, 25, Ireland, London, d/o John YOUNG & Winnafred TOOHEY, witn: John O'MARA of London, 4 July 1858

Timothy COLLINS, 24, Ireland, London, s/o Dennis COLLINS & Martha McCARTHY, married Mary CARROLL, 26, Ireland, London, d/o Daniel CARROLL & Margaret PURCELL, witn: Michael CARROLL of London, 6 July 1858

Michael CRINICAN?, 25, Ireland, London, s/o John CRINICAN & Honora DUNEDIN, married M. James MILLS, 22, London twp., London, d/o John MILLS & Catherine McILHARGY, witn: Charles McILHARGY of London, 28 July 1858

Michael MAHONEY, 23, Ireland, London, s/o Patrick MAHONEY & Margaret KANE, married Mary SULLIVAN, 22, Ireland, London, d/o Michael SULLIVAN & Honora CONNELL, witn: Roderick McNEIL of London, 15 Aug 1858

Alexander McRAE, 37, Montreal, Mosa twp., s/o Duncan McRAE & Mary McCULLEN, married Ann KANE, 25, Mosa twp., same, d/o Patrick KANE & Judith BRADLEY, witn: John KANE of Mosa twp., 22 Aug 1858

Simon SHANNON, 21, Ireland, Wyton, s/o James SHANNON & Johannah Mc KIERNY?, married Catherine WILLIAMS, 22, Ireland, Wyton, d/o Thomas WILLIAMS & Ann BREW, witn: Charles DUGGAN of London, 13 Sept 1858

James GALLAGHER, 20, Ireland, London, s/o John GALLAGHER & Mary BOUTTON? (Boulton?), married Maria KENNEDY, 20, Ireland, London, d/o Christopher KENNEDY & Mary FALLS, witn: Francis HALL of London, 5 Oct. 1858

Nicholas MAHONEY, 40, Ireland, London, s/o Patrick MAHONEY & Margaret KANE, married Mary CALLAGHAN, 33, Ireland, London, d/o John CALLAGHAN & Catherine KRAUS, witn: Michael MAHONEY of London, 11 Nov 1858

John DOYLE, 22, Kingston, London, s/o James DOYLE & Elicia SWIFT, married Margaret KENNEDY, 19, Ireland, London, d/o James KENNEDY & Catherine QUINN, witn: David SCOTT of London, 23 Nov 1858


Page 8, return 14, by Wentworth David Cleghorn, Methodist

In the return, the names of the witnesses are close together in one column so it is difficult to tell which marriage they belong to

Seth BAR, 28, Augusta, Dorchester, s/o William BAR & Christena DUNDAS, married no name given, 21, Dorchester, same, d/o William & Mary DUNDAS, witn: John DUNDAS & Harriet OUTRAM, both of Dorchester, 20 Jan 1858 [Christian DUNDAS might be the bride, even though her name is in the column for mother of the groom]

James (Thomas?) ATKINSON, 22, Augusta, Dorchester, s/o Thomas & Catherine, married Hannah WILSON, 18, Westminster, Dorchester, d/o Allen & Margaret, witn: William ATKINSON & Ann WILSON, both of Dorchester, 1 Feb.

Enoch SMITH, no age given, Westminster, Dorchester, s/o John & Susan SMYTH (sic), married Lilly HART, no age given, Westminster, Dorchester, d/o John & blank, witn: William DICEY? of Westminster & Hiram SMITH of Dorchester, March

Gardner D. ?, no age given, London, same, s/o not given, married Emma CONLY, no age given, Westminster, London, d/o not given, wtn: Augustus FAWCETT & Robert MICHAEL, both of Dorchester, March

Charles BARNARD, no age given, Westminster, same, s/o Byron & Elenor, married Isabella SHARP, no age given, Westminster, same, d/o Adam & May, witn: George SWIFT & Manly BURNS?, both of Westminster, 13 July

Richardson ALLEN, no age given, Westminster, New Brunswick, s/o not given, married Elizabeth WHELAN?, no age given, witn: James SWIFT & Teressa? DEMARY, both of Dorchester, Aug [this registration is filled in very incorrectly. Mother of the groom = Elizabeth Whelon, name of bride = Dorchester, residence & place of birth both given as ditto marks (suggesting Westminster twp), bride's parents also given as ditto marks suggesting Adam & May Sharp from the previous marriage]

Hiram DICEY, no age given, Westminster, same, s/o Richard & Mary, married Julianna SMITH, no age given, Westminster, same, d/o John & Susan, witn: Hiram SMITH of Dorchester

Richard BIGGAR, 24, Trafalgar, Dorchester, s/o Amos & Maryann, married Julia CANADA, 22, Markham, Malahide, d/o James CANADA & Elizabeth, witn: Francis HUGHSON & Henry WILSEY, both of Westminster, Sept

Ephraim BULLARD, 26, Bear C.E., Westminster, s/o Ephraim & Sarah, married Augusta CON--?(off page), 20, Westminster, same, d/o David CONECT & Julia CONET (sic), witn: Janes FITCHETT & Charles WOODSWORTH, both of Westminster, Sept

William CARTWRIGHT, 20, Dorchester, same, s/o William J. & Caroline, married Mary WELLS, 20, Westminster, same, d/o John & Eve, witn: Sarah Ann BULLARD & Joseph DUR--?, both of Westminster, Oct.

Thomas BURGESS, 20, Vaughan, Dorchester, s/o Richard & Eleanor, married Elizabeth COOK, 21, Toronto, Dorchester, d/o William & Sarah, witn: Isabella BURGESS & Edward HIGLAR?, both of Dorchester, Nov

Joseph WHALEY, 24, Malahide, Dorchester, s/o Peter WHELAY (sic) & Susanna, married Mary HEGLAR?, 23, Toronto, Dorchester, d/o Christiana (sic) & Mary, wtn: Isabella BURGESS & Edward HEGLAR, both of Dorchester, Nov [same witnesses as the above marriage]

John NEWELL, 20, Hull C.E., Dorchester, s/o Robert NEULL (sic) & Maria, married Mary A. FARQUHAR, 17, Scotland, Dorchester, d/o Robert & Ellen, witn: Charles WHELEY & John TOCHER, both of Dorchester, Dec

Hercules BYRNES, 20, Wilson C.W., Dorchester, d/o Jael & Mary, married Hannah TEMPLE (Semple?), 18, Whitchurch, Dorchester, d/o William & Susan, witn: Margaret FORGRAVE? & Paul SHELL, both of Dorchester, Dec

Paul SHELL, 22, Whitchurch, Dorchester, s/o Henry & Rebecca, married Martha MANES (Hanes?), 18, England, Dorchester, d/o William & Sarah, witn: Martha SHELL & Hercules BYRNES, both of Dorchester, Dec

Silas REAVEY (Reaney?), 24, Westminster, same, s/o Lawrence & May, married Jane? DAVIS, 19, Westminster, same, d/o Benjamin & Eliza, witn: James & Eliza DAVIS of Westminster, Dec


Page 9, return 15, by Rev. William Engles, Westminster, Minister of the United Presbyterian Church

John RENNIE, 26, Scotland, Westminster, s/o William RENNIE & Mary SMITH, married Isabella BEATTIE, 20, Westminster, same, d/o James A. HOGG & William BEATTIE, witn: James SECON & James OHAIR, both of Westminster, 26 March 1858

David H. McKAY, 21, Canada West, Westminster, s/o William McKAY & Sarah SUTTON, married Jane LAIRD, 20, Canada West, Westminster, d/o James LORD (sic) & Elizabeth TOWNS, witn: Richard LORD & Annie? SINCLAIR, both of London, 8 Dec 1858

John BREBNER, 28, Scotland, City of London, s/o James BREBNER & Mary SIMPSON, married Margaret NICOLL, 22, Scotland, Westminster, d/o Robert NICOLL & Jane ELLIOTT, witn: Kane? NICOLL & Joseph WILSON, both of Westminster, 28 Dec 1858


Page 9, return 16, by Rev Nelson Brown,

Roderick FERGUSON, no age given, WIlliams, same, s/o not given, married Mary Jane ANDERS (Auden?), no age given, Williams, same, d/o not given, witn: John MOAILL? & Archibald MEDAGOLD, both of Williams, 1 Jan 1858

James MARTIAL (sic), 21, England, Adelaide, s/o Thomas & Mary MARSHALL, married Teresa (Laresa?) PANNELL, 14, Canada West, Adelaide, d/o William & Mary PANELL (sic), witn: Mary COOPER & Steven SMITHARD?, both of Adelaide, 13 March 1858

James WILLIAMS, 24, Ireland, Adelaide, s/o John & Margaret, married Maria MATHEWS, 21, Ireland, Adelaide, d/o William & Patience, witn: D. CANNON & Jacob COOPER, both of Adelaide, 10 March 1858

James COOPER, 27, England, Adelaide, s/o James & Sarah, married Mahatable EAST--?, 22, Rochester, Adelaide, d/o Freeman & Elizabeth MINOR, witn: Hugh & Hannah JUSSEN? of Strathroy, 9 Sept 1858

William SECON, 27, England, Adelaide, s/o John & Ellen, married Anna SIGGINS, 22, Ireland, Adelaide, d/o Michael & Sarah, witn: J. A. SECON of Adelaide, 29 Dec 1858


Page 10, return 17, by Thomas Rens? (Kress?), Wesleyan

John HUNTER, 26, Ireland, Westminster, s/o Hugh & Elisa, married Margaret MAY--?, 29, Hamilton, Westminster, d/o John & Julia SAWGAN?, witn: William SAWGAN? & Elizabeth CANES, both of Westminster, 4 Feb 1858

Cleres? BIRCH, 23, Westminster, same, s/o Calress & Elizabeth, married Ellen WILSON, 20, Vermont, Delaware, d/o Hosea & Seraphtha, witn: Joseph LYMAN & John MAGILLON, both of Delaware, 29 April 1858

William McGIBBON, 23, Montreal, Delaware, s/o John & Emma, married Francis EGAN, 20, Montreal, Delaware, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: John VENABLE? & John McGIBBON, both of Delaware, 9 June 1858

Andrew WELDON, 26, Delaware, Westminster, s/o Thomas & Jane, married Mary OURY, 20, Westminster, same, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: James & Elizabeth OURY of Westminster, 21 July 1858

Elezer FYSH, 30, London England, Westminster, s/o Low & Mary, married Elisa MASON, 22, Ireland, London, d/o John & Mary A., witn: Mary (Harry?) FYSH of London & William CHRISTIAN of Westminster, 21 July 1858

Elezer CRAWFORD, 23, Scotland, Newbury, s/o Malcolm & Anna, married Mayanda? PATERSON, 18, Westminster, same, d/o William & Susan PATTERSON (sic), witn: Samuel HURST (Hunt?) & William PATTERSON, both of Westminster, 27 Oct 1858

Benjamin BRINELL, 26, Westminster, same, s/o Jesse & Margaret, married Rebecca LEWIS, 19, Westminster, same, d/o Alexander LUIS & Charlotte, witn: Hiram LUEIS & John H. LITTLE, both of Westminster, 29 Dec 1858

James H. DALE, 23, Westminster, same, s/o Jesse & Margaret BENNET (sic), married Rebecca LEWIS, 20, Westminster, same, d/o Jesse & Margaret BENNET (sic), witn: Alnam LOUIS & John H. LITTLE, both of Westminster, 29 Dec 1858


Page 11, return 18, by Rev John J. Bradford, United Presbyterian Church, London

William CASTLE, 25, Connecticut, London, s/o Freeman & M.A., married Jessey McDONALD, 30, Scotland, London, d/o not given, witn: John McLEOD & Hector MONK, both of London, 8 Jan

James WALKER, 25, Scotland, Westminster, s/o William WALKER & Elizabeth KERR, married Janet GRIER, 20, Westminster, same, d/o John GRIER & Jane MURRY, witn: William DAGUID? & John GRIER, both of Westminster, 27 Jan

Hugh ROSE, 40, Scotland, London, s/o Alexander ROSE & Margaret FRASER, married Whilhelmina ROSS, 26, Scotland, London, d/o James ROSS & Ellen McKINON (s/b McKinnon?), witn: James GEDDES & Duff CAMERON, both of London, 3 Feb

William LOGAN, 23, Nissouri, same, s/o Robert LOGAN & Elizabeth MILLER, married Maria HARRISON, 22, London, same, d/o Thomas HARRISON & Catherine WILSON, witn: William D. LOGAN & John TALBOT, both of Nissouri, 3 Feb

James FORBES, 24, Scotland, Williams, s/o John FORBES & Mary CAMERON, married Ellen SHANE?, 19, Canada, London, d/o Simon SHANE & Margaret, witn: Neil McTAGGART of Williams & Simon SHAES? of London, 19 Feb

Andrew BEATIE, 29, Westminster, same, s/o William BEATIE & Janet HOG, married Mary ROCK, 19, Westminster, [res given as Janet Green, Westminster was crossed out], d/o William GRIER & Margaret BEATIE, witn: James WALKER & William GRIER, both of Westminster, 3 March

George McCONNELL, 24, Canada, Osborne, s/o William McCONNELL & Mary Jane WELLS, married Mary ROCK, 28, Ireland, Yates village, d/o Richard ROCK & Frances REYNOLDS, witn: Samuel STRINGER & Elizabeth STRINGER, both of London, 22 May

Robert CUNNINGHAM, 50, Scotland, London, s/o John CUNNINGHAM & Isabella ANDERSON?, married Margaret RYAN, 40, Ireland, London, d/o Dan RYAN & Ellen LACEY, witn: Philip DAWSON & James MORE, both of London, 11 June

Hugh CAMERON, 28, Scotland, Southwold, s/o John CAMERON & Catherine McDONALD, married Jane BROWN, 21, Scotland, Southwold, d/o John BROWN & Maryann McCALL, witn: Archibald McCALL of Southwold & Alexander McKELLAR? of London, 15 June

Robert KIRKWOOD, 29, Scotland, Blanchard, s/o Hugh KIRKWOOD & Mary BRAIN, married Elsa BROWN, 24, of Southwold, d/o John BROWN & Mary McCALL, witn: Coan WHEELER of London & Archibald McCALL of Southwold, 30 June

Lyman ODELL, 23, Westminster, same, s/o John ODELL & Amos GRIFFITH, married Jane GRIFFITH, 22, Canada, Westminster, d/o Eli GRIFFITH & Mary McADAM, witn: John CRUMBIE? of Westminster, 26 Oct.

Clever? GRIFFITH, 24, of Westminster, s/o Eli GRIFFITH & Alexander? McADAM, married Margaret McMAHON, 19, Ekfrid, same, d/o John McMASTER (sic) & Catherine McDONALD, witn: Lyman & Prue ODELL of Westminster, 26 Oct.

Thomas McINNES, 23, Scotland, McGillivray, s/o Robert McINNES & Mary STERLING, married Caroline MARK, 19, Westminster, same, d/o Henry MARK & Loridy CONGLAS?, witn: Alexander BRANDFORD of London & Henry MARK of McGillivray, 30 Oct

John MURRAY, 28, Scotland, Westminster, s/o John MURRAY & Ann JARDINE, married Mary SHANNON, 22, Westminster, same, d/o Robert SHANNON & Eliza BEATIE, witn: Martell? HARRINGTON & James BEATIE, both of Westminster, 1 Nov

Robert McLEAN, 25, Scotland, London, s/o John McLEAN & Sarah MOODY, married Sarah B. DEPEDDIE?, 19, London, same, d/o Jesse PEDDIE (sic) & Jessie WYLIE, witn: James MORRISON of London, March

Richard WEIR, 27, Canada, St. Marys, s/o Alexander WEIR & Ann BROWN (Brain?), married Elizabeth E. JAN--?, 22, Canada, London, do William BRADFORD & Isabella ARCHER, witn: Andrew McCRUDER of London, 9 March

John FORBES, 30, Scotland, Mark Oxford, s/o Alexander FORBES & Isabella MAINES, married Margaret MOFFET, 29, Scotland, London, d/o James MOFFET & Rachel HANIGAN?, witn: James MOFFAT (sic) & Margaret WATSON, both of London, 18 Nov

George RAMSEY, 26, Scotland, Yarmouth, s/o Peter RAMSEY & Agnes (written as Angus) MILLER, married Isabella DAVIDSON, 22, Scotland, Guelph, d/o Robert DANSON (sic) & Betsie WATSON, witn: Alexander ANDREWS of London & Mary WESTON of Guelph, 1 Dec

John SHANE, 22, London, same, s/o Thomas SHANE & Ann COLLINS, married Ann CANNELL?, 19, Ireland, London, d/o James CANNELL & Caroline CANAL, witn: James RAMSEY of Yarmouth & William MATHEWS of London, 21 Dec


Page 12, return 19 - by Thomas Brown, Methodist Episcopal Church

James WESMAN, 25, Scotland, Nissouri, s/o Robert WESMAN & blank, married Elizabeth PATTERSON, 21, Whitchurch, Nissouri, d/o Samuel PATTERSON & blank, witn: Robert WISMAN (sic) of West Nissouri, 31 March


Page 12, return 20 - by Rev. Laughlin McPherson, Presbyterian Church

William EDGNORTH (Edgworth?), 22, Loughboro, Williams, s/o John EDGNORTH & Hannah ABBOT, married Mary NIBLOCK, 25, Arelinta?, Williams, d/o Robert NIBLOCK & Rachel NIBLOCK , witn: Joseph NIBLOCK of Williams, 4 May

William CLARK, 22, of Williams, s/o Alexander CLARK & Catherine McNEIL, married Christena ELLIGTON?, 19, Binbacald?, Williams, d/o Donald MESIOX? & Flora McPHERSON, witn: John McNEIL of Lobo & Donald McKENZIE of Williams, 4 Oct.

Angus M. CURRY, 26, North West, Williams, s/o John M. KURRY (sic) & Catherine McDONALD, married Mary MacKENZIE, 23, Northwest, McGillivray, d/o Alexander McKENZIE & Janet McKENZIE, witn: Donald McKENZIE of Nairn & Angus McKENZIE of McGillivray, 9? Nov


Page 13, return 21, by William Savage,

George MARSHMAN, 26, England, Caradoc, s/o James & Catherine MARSHMAN, married Elizabeth Ann WILLIAMS, 19, Wardsville, Caradoc, d/o George & Ann WILLIAMS, witn: Charles NAGLE & Charity LANGTREE, both of Caradoc, 21 Jan 1858

George MOORE, 20, Beverly, Ekfrid, s/o Calvin & Mary MOORE, married Candas MOORE, 18, Ekfrid, same, d/o Andrew & Priscilla MOORE, witn: Enoc? & Priscilla MOORE of Ekfrid, 21 Jan

Samuel JOSLIN, 22, Niagara, Caradoc, s/o Samuel & Rhoda JOSLIN, married Mary TUTTLE, 26, London, Caradoc, d/o Robertson & Alice CANNELL (Connell?), witn: Robert & Margaret CANNELL, both of Caradoc, 24 Jan

Richard PULLING, 22, England, Caradoc, s/o Richard & Frances PULLING, married Elecia BROWN, 22, Lower Canada, Caradoc, d/o James & Amantha BROWN, witn: George PULLING of Caradoc & Jane? ROBERTSON of [res given as Abigal Moore]. 11 April

John AGREMON, 27, Germany, Caradoc, s/o John AGRAMON & blank, married Mary CUSHMAN, 17, Toronto, Caradoc, d/o James & Mary CUSHMAN, witn: James & Mary CUSHMAN, 15 July

Thomas HOLMES, 24, England, Metcalf, s/o John & Annie HOLMES, married Almira COLLINS, 20, Glanford, Metcalf, d/o James & Emelia COLLINS, witn: William WEEDBOK? of Ekfrid & Isabella RATHWELL of Metcalf, 20 Aug

Thomas MILES, 25, England, Mount Brydges, s/o Robert & Harriet MILES, married Bridget DOYLE, 20, Ireland, Mount Brydges, d/o John DOYLE & Ann BREMON, witn: Thomas MILES of Mount Brydges, 21 Aug

[witness Daniel Getty of Caradoc belongs either with the marriage above or the marriage below]

David SHELL, 29, Markham, Caradoc, s/o Frederick & Martha SHELL, married Lucy WESTBROOK, 20, Westminster, Caradoc, d/o Nicholas & Honor WESTBROOK, witn: Maranda WESTBROOK, 16 Oct

[witness Joseph Taylor of Caradoc belongs either with the marriage above or the marriage below]

Peter WESTBROOK, 25, Westminster, Caradoc, s/o Richard & Honor WESTBROOK, married Matilda STREETSVILLE, 26, Westminster, same, d/o Isaac & Margaret STREETSVILLE, witn: Sarah HERBERT of Caradoc, 16 Oct.

[witness Thomas Pinyon of Komoka belongs either with the marriage above or the marriage below]

William WOODCOCK, 22, England, Metcalf, s/o Richard WOODCOCK & Ann, married Sophia WOODCOCK, 26, England, Ekfrid, d/o Thomas & Maryane WOODCOCK, witn: Maria WOODCOCK of Komoka, 1 Dec

William KETTLEWELL, 26, Metcalf, same, s/o Thomas & Mayan WOODCOCK (sic), married Isabella KETTLEWELL, 20, Southwold, Metcalf, d/o Richard & Ann KETTLEWELL, witn: Thomas PINYON & Maria WOODCOCK, 23 Dec

John KERSLEAK (Kerslake?), 30, Prussia, Ekfrid, s/o John & Mary KISSLEAK, married Emelia JALIA?, 26, Prussia, Ekfrid, d/o James & Zahle ALEXANIA, witn: Joseph & Eron BROWN of Ekfrid, 29 Dec


Page 14, return 22, by William Wilkinson, Baptist Church, Lobo

Alfred McCALM, 22, Canada, Lobo, s/o Jane (sic) McCALM & Nancy McCALM, married Mary MASON, 26, England, Lobo, d/o Henry MANSON (sic) & Sarah MASON, witn: L. McCALM of Lobo, 7 Jan

Thomas HUNT, 23, Canada, Lobo, s/o Isaac HUNT & Anne HUNT, married Mary ALLEN, 20, USA, Lobo, d/o Richard ALLEN & Lucy ALLER (sic), witn: Jesse HUNT of Lobo, 10 Jan

John WHITING, 26, England, London, s/o Henry WHITING & Rachel WHITING, married Harriet JONES, 22, USA, Lobo, d/o Richard ALLEN & Lucy ALLEN, witn: Jesse HUNT of Lobo, 10 Jan

Stephen COMPTON, 42, USA, London, s/o not given, married Rebecca JANES, 20, Canada, McGillivray, d/o William JANES & Rosetta JANES, witn: Lucy ALLEN & Jesse HUNT, of Lobo, 9 Jan

Daniel McKAY, 25, Canada, Lobo, s/o John McKAY & Margaret McKAY, married Janet DEAN, 20, Canada, Lobo, d/o Isaac DEAN & Janet DEAN, witn: Theodore GURTEY of Lobo, 17 March

John HARTNELL, 25, USA, Chatham, s/o William HARTNELL & William HARTNELL (sic), married Anne TROTMAN, 22, England, Lobo, d/o Aron TROTMAN & Martha TROTMAN, witn: Moses TROTMAN of Lobo, 3 April

James LAVITZ (Zavitz?), 25, England, Lobo, s/o John LAVITZ & Elizabeth LAVITZ, married Elizabeth ELLISON, 26, England, Lobo, d/o Rulin ELLISON & Ann ELLISON, witn: Joseph BENS of Lobo, 5 April

Peter MEMIA?, 30, Canada, Warwick, s/o Michael MUNRO? & Sarah MAURO?, married Matilda KESTER, 29, Canada, Lobo, d/o Thomas H. KESTER & Lucy KESTER, witn: Nelson KESTER of Lobo, 4 May

Henry SALSBURY, 38, England, Lobo, s/o Daniel SALSBURY & Martha SALSBURY, married Margaret HICKEY, 18, Ireland, Lobo, d/o Thomas INKEY (sic) & Catherine INKEY, witn: Thomas HICKEY of Lobo, 12 May

William PHILLIPS, 21, England, Lobo, s/o William PHILLIPS & James (sic) PHILLIPS, married Clanada? PERRY, 25, Canada, Lobo, d/o Alonzo PERRY & Rachel PERRY, witn: John SALSBURY of Lobo, 12 May

Robert SCHRAM, 27, Canada, McGillivray, s/o William SCHRAM & Harriet SCHRAM, married Margaret BARTON, 20, Canada, Westminster, d/o William BARTON & Robert (sic) BARTON, witn: Margaret BARTON of Lobo, 17 June

James McLEAN, 26, Scotland, Lobo, s/o Murdoch McLEAN & Catherine McLEAN, married Mary Ann CAMBELL (Campbell?), 22, Canada, Lobo, d/o John CAMBELL & Mary CAMBELL, witn: John McLEAN of Lobo, 15 June


Page 15, return 23, by Jacob Iler, Regular Baptist

Joseph GRANT, 23, Whitby, North Dorchester, s/o Hay GRANT & May GRANT, married Sophia BILILNGS, 22, Sutton E.C., North Dorchester, d/o Christie BILLINGS & Eunice BILILNGS, witn: Charles A. ALLEN of North Dorchester, no date given

Daniel GRANT, 28, Sutton C.E., North Dorchester, s/o Oriel (Ariel?) GRANT & Elizabeth GRANT, married Martha JOHNSON, 22, Trafalgar, North Dorchester, d/o Richard JOHNSON & Eliza JOHNSON, witn: Robert NEWALL of North Dorchester, 26 Jan

Thomas C. WILCOX, 26, Norwich, same, s/o Dyer WESTOVER & Hezel (Dezel?) WILCOX, married Harriet E. BANON, 20, Westminster, same, d/o Osborn BANON & Elizabeth BANON, witn: Elonza BANON of Westminster, 28 June

John DEMERY, 27, Caldwell Manor, North Dorchester, s/o Samuel DEMEREY (sic) & Margaret, married Sarah COLEMAN, 67 (sic), Vermont, North Dorchester, d/o Daniel BROWN & Debra BOWEN, witn: Harry GRANT of North Dorchester, 31 Aug

Charles Henry SHANE, 67, Toronto twp., North Dorchester, s/o Elias SHAINE (sic) & Mary SHANE, married Hildah HARE, 23, Whitby, North Dorchester, d/o Arthur HARE & Clarissa HARE, witn: James SHAIN (sic) of North Dorchester, 6 Oct.


Page 15, return 24, by Thomas R. Ouen, Baptist Church, London twp

John ZAVITZ, 25, Lobo, same, s/o Jonas ZAVITZ & Rachel, married Catherine FREEBORN, 24, Canada, Williams, d/o Jeffray FREEBORN & Mary, witn: Lydia ORAN of Williams, 15 Sept

John DAMAN, 25, Lobo, same, s/o James DAMAN & Betsy, married Rebecca DAMAN, 32, Ireland, Biddulph, d/o Thomas GRIFFITHS & Elizabeth FREEBORN, witn: blank WILLIAMS of London, 27 Sept

Thomas HUGHES, 24, Nova Scotia, Williams, s/o Edward HUGHES & Rachel, married Eliza GRIFFITH, 23, Wales, London, d/o Ebenezer? RANELL, & Margaret GRIFFITHS, witn: Catherine & William? HODGINS, 11 Nov

Thomas RANELL, 26, Williams, London, s/o Joseph RANELL & Mary, married Mary RANELL, 22, Canada, Williams, d/o Ebenezer? RANELL [as ditto marks from the above line] & Ann RANELL, witn: Thomas BELL, 25 Nov

Thomas WALTERS (Watters?), 25, England, Williams, s/o David WALTERS & Ann FREEBORN, married Elizabeth CRAWFORD, 22, Canada, Williams, d/o Hugh CRAWFORD & Christie RANELL, witn: Thomas BELL, 2 Dec


Page 16, return 25, by Rev. John Hutchinson,

Only the top two registrations were entered correctly

Andrew VINING, 25, England, North Dorchester, s/o Andrew VINING & Margaret COUCH?, married Ellen JACKSON, 20, England, North Dorchester, d/o William JACKSON & Hannah BEATHLY, witn: Emma JACKSON & Rulen LEAN, both of North Dorchester, 21 Jan 1858

Charles SHELDING, 22, Scarboro, Yarmouth, s/o George SHELDING & Sarah ANNIS, married Elizabeth MARKS, 28, Toronto twp., same, d/o James STAFFORD & Vesa PORTLAND, witn: George SHELDING of Yarmouth, 2 Feb

Joseph PORTER, 22, Nova Scotia, Yarmouth, s/o William PORTER & Mary Ann, married [blank], no age given, Canada, Yarmouth, d/o James STAFFORD [as ditto marks from the line above] & Theodore STAFFORD of St. Thomas, 2 Feb

William Henry JOLLY, 25, Nova Scotia, Yarmouth, s/o William PORTER (sic) & Mary CATTON, married Clarence DANIYL?, 17, Trafalgar, Yarmouth, d/o Thomas CLEMENCE & Jane NOLEN, witn: Allen PORTER of Yarmouth & Aron PARISH of S. Dorchester, 2 Feb

blank GAMAN, 25, Canada, Yarmouth, s/o William & May, married CLEMENCE, Canada West, Yarmouth, d/o Thomas CLEMENCE & Mary MAHON, witn: DORCHESTER of Dorchester, no date given

blank BACHELOR, no age given, Canada, North Dorchester, s/o Jelly & Tanley, married MAHON, 19, Canada West, Westminster, d/o Samuel MAHON & Jane GIBSON, witn: Simeon BARR of North Dorchester, 15 April


Page 16, return 26, by Rev. David Gartshaw & Joseph Clutton, Baptist Church in Dorchester

Michael James WOODS, 28, Canada West, Westminster, s/o Michael & Ann WOODS, married Sylvia TIBBITS, 28, Canada, Westminster, d/o Joseph & Safrona TIBBITS, witn: H. CALLEN of Dorchester, 15 Jan

Joseph ACKES, 24, Canada West, Charlotteville, s/o Joseph & Susan ACKES, married Sarah NEFF, 23, Canada West, Lobo, d/o Abraham & Sarah NEFF, witn: Malcomb GEORGE of Dorchester, 22 Feb

Byron DARLING, 23, Canada West, Dorchester, s/o William & Margaret DARLING, married Eliza M. EDWARDS, 28, Canada West, Dorchester, d/o Harry & Esther Ann EDWARDS, witn: William NILES of Dorchester, 31 Aug

Francis BAMANS, 24, Canada West, Westminster, s/o Osborne & blank BAMONS, married Mary A. MANSON, 23, Canada West, Westminster, d/o blank & Margaret SIMPSON, witn; Sidney JACKSON of Dorchester, 2 Nov


Page 17, return 27, by Simeon Terwillinger, M.E. Church of Canada

Elizabeth (sic) SHIEOPELL, 28, England, Ingersoll, s/o William SHROPELL (sic) & Ann JANES?, married Mary HARRISON, 29, London, same, d/o William HARRISON & Emelia HARRISON, witn: William DENZER & Ann RUMLY, both of London, 7 Feb

John WELLS, 25, Ireland, Caradoc, s/o John WELLS & Susan JONES, married Elizabeth McKAY, 25, Nova Scotia, Southwold, d/o William McKAY & Eliza McKAY, witn: William PULFORD of Southwold

George OLIVER, 37, Ireland, Delaware, s/o Henry & Elizabeth OLIVER, married Caroline SCRIMSHAW, 31, Ireland, Delaware, d/o Anne SCRIMSHAW & Ezra TERWILLGAR, witn: Samuel NORTH & Christopher TERWILLGAR, both of Delaware, 4 Aug

Daniel JAYES, 23, Ireland, Westminster, s/o Hannah JAYES & Luke JAYES, married Hopzella ALDAY, 19, England, Delaware, d/o Jonathan ALDAY & Ann, witn: Jonathan ALDAY of Delaware, 21 Sept

Charles WATERS, 24, Yarmouth, Caradoc, s/o James WALTERS (Watters?) (sic) & Mary RUTTAN, married Ellen CORCORAN, 22, Ohio US, Caradoc, d/o Daniel CORKORN (sic) & Lucy SIMMONS, witn: Richard CORKORAN & Richard CORHOUN, both of Caradoc, 6 Oct.

Mencies HARRISON, 29, London, same, s/o William HARRISON & blank, married Sarah SMITHSON, 27, London, same, d/o Rebecca SHUIT & Emeline HARRISON, witn: John SMITHSON of London, 3 Nov


Page 17, return 28, by Rev. McLaren of London, Minister of the Church of Scotland

James LAND, 23, Easton England, London, s/o Edmond LANE (sic) & blank (possible Cates), married Elizabeth FULTON, 21, Ireland, London, d/o James FULTON & Elizabeth STONE, witn: James FULTON of London, 5 March

William ROBERT, 26, Bedford England, London, s/o John ROBERTS (sic) & Julia ROBERTS, married Mary FULTON, 26, Ireland, London, d/o James FULTON & Elizabeth SLOANE, witn: James FULTON of London, 24 May


Page 18, return 29, by W.J. Wright, Minister of the Methodist Episcopal Church

This return has been entered incorrectly on the page by the registrar (James Ferguson)

E. JARBOROUGH, 23, USA, London, s/o Elizabeth Stephen C. Brown, married ,, 22, Danforth Culbert, USA, d/o Luman BENSON & Danford BESON, witn: [ditto marks] of London, 14 Jan

C. BURD, 25, USA, London, s/o Janet Isaac H. Scott, married London, 26, Edward Anne, USA, d/o David LONDON & M. LONDON, witn: [ditto marks] of London, 29 July

J. DAVIDSON, 31, USA, London, s/o John Mary H. Lane, married London, 23, Edward Barrett, USA, d/o A. DANDRY & C. MARTIN, witn: [ditto marks] of London, 20 Oct.

at the risk of making the wrong assumptions - "corrected version";

E. JARBOROUGH, 23, USA, London, s/o Elizabeth & Stephen, married C. BROWN, 22, USA, London, d/o Danford & Culbert, witn: Kuman & Danford BENSON of London, 14 Jan

C. BURD, 25, USA, London, s/o John & Isaac, married H. SCOTT, 26, USA, London, d/o Edward & Ann, witn: David & M. E. LONDON of London, 29 July

J. DAVIDSON, 31, USA, London, s/o John & Mary, married H. LANE, 23, USA, London, d/o Edward & Barrett?, witn: A. DANDRY & C. MARTIN, both of London, 20 Oct


Page 18, return 30, by William McEuen,

Andrew WILKERSON, 23, Dundee Scotland, London, s/o James MacKINON, married Jane RODGERS, 24, Argglound Scotland, London, d/o Malcolm McFEE, witn: Mary MITCHELL & Donald McFEE, both of London, 30 Sept 1858


Page 18, return 31 - by Rev. James McEuen

Walter W. MOORE, 21, Adelaide, same, s/o John F. MOORE, married Annie WOOLCOCK, 22, of London, d/o Margaret BAILEY & William MOORE, no witnesses names, 22 Sept

Dugald McPHERSON, 30, Scotland, Westminster, s/o Duncan McPHERSON & Mary BLACK, married Baily BUCHANAN, 20, of Westminster, d/o William BUCHANAN & Mary SINCLAIR, witn: William DUNBAR of London, 18 Oct