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Middlesex County Marriages, 1859

from MS 248, reel 10

Format: birth place is given before residence


Page 29, return 52, by A. E. Griffith, Methodist Episcopal Church, London Station

J.R. DUNKEN, 21, Westminster, same, s/o James & Hannah, married M.C. MORDEN, 24, Westminster, same, d/o Samuel & Ann, witn: Jacob DALE Of Westminster, 23 March

Joseph SHARLOWE, 25, Lower Canada, Caradoc, s/o Joseph & Betsey, married Sarah WESTBROOK, 27, Westminster, same, d/o Nicholas & Hannah, witn: R. JARVIS of Westminster, 29 March

Pasery? FLINT, 34, England, Westminster, s/o Robert & Hannah, married Ann ELSON, London C.W., same, d/o John & Mary, witn: William BLINN of Westminster, 1 June

John D. CLEVELAND, 34, New York, Westminster, s/o Downer & Ruth, married Nancy JARVIS, 23, Westminster, same, d/o Thomas & Harriet, witn: A. TOWSLEY of Westminster, 28 July

B. JOHNSTON, 21, Pennsylvania, London, s/o John & Mary, married M.A. WILLIAMS, no age given, Kentucky, London, d/o John & Mary, witn: F. MOSBY (Mosley?) of London, 13 Oct.

John McKENZIE, 21, Scotland, Westminster, s/o William & blank, married S. J. COLWELL, 18, Westminster, same, d/o Matthew & Margaret, witn: John NICHOLLS of Westminster, 5 Sept

T.G. WISCARD, 24, England, London, s/o James Augustus & Maria, married C.L. ARMSTRONG, 18, London C.W., same, d/o Alexander & Caroline, witn: George SUMMERS of London, 3 Nov

Nicholas JARVIS, 26, Westminster, same, s/o Thomas & Harriet, married Mary A. WELLS, 35, Westminster, same, d/o Ezra GRIFFITHS & Martha GRIFFITHS, witn: Warren JARVIS of Westminster, 3 Nov

Alex McMILLAN, 25, Scotland, Ekfrid, s/o James & Martha, married Jane HASLAND, 22, London C.W., Delaware, d/o not known, witn: Iria KILBORN of York state, 17 Nov

William F. LEE, 21, Hamilton, Caradoc, s/o William & Harriet, married Margaret WOODHULL, 19, Delaware, same, d/o Josiah & Ann Eliza, witn: Charles WOODHULL of Lobo, 5 Dec


Page 30, return 53, by William Wilkinson & Andrew Chute, Baptist Church, Lobo

by William Wilkinson:

Isaac MOTT, 25, Canada, Norwich, s/o Reuben MOTT & Phebe, married M. COLCLOUGH, 22, USA, Lobo, d/o William COLCLOUGH & Mary, witn: John McKEITH of Lobo, 1 Jan

Stephen F. GRIFFITHS, 23, England, London, s/o Stephen GRIFFITHS & Martha, married V. GROVES, 17, Canada, London, d/o Henry GROVES & E.A., witn: Moses TROTMAN of London, 1 Jan 1859

John McKELLAR, 24, Canada, London, s/o Duncan McKELLAR & E., married M. McARTHUR, 23, Canada, Lobo, d/o Archibald McARTHUR & C., witn: Alex McKELLAR of Lobo, 18 Jan

Lafayette McCOLLUM, 20, Canada, Lobo, s/o James McCOLLUM & N., married J.M. THOMAS, 18, Canada, Lobo, d/o George THOMAS & M.A., witn: James WILKINSON of Lobo, 22 Feb 1859

Melvin ONNES, 25, USA, Ekfrid, s/o Allen ONNES & L., married Jane SCOTT, 30, Scotland, Ekfrid, d/o Angus SCOTT & C. STEWART, witn: A. GRAYHAM of Lobo, 5 March

John SINCLAIR, 29, Scotland, Lobo, s/o Dugal SINCLAIR & C., married M. McKELLAR, 26, Canada, Caradoc, d/o D. McKELLAR & E., witn: D. McKELLAR of Caradoc, 19 May

Andrew STILLSON, 23, Canada, London, s/o L. STILLSON & E., married C.E. CAMERON, 20, Canada, London, d/o Alex CAMERON & Mary, witn: Jane WILKINSON of Lobo, 29 Aug

Philip LITTLEJOHNS, 21, England, Lobo, s/o William LITTLEJOHNS & E., married H. BORLEY, 20, Canada, Caradoc, d/o John BORLEY & Harriet, witn: George THOMPSON of Adelaide, 18 Oct

by Andrew Chute:

Christian MUMA, 25, Blenheim, Warwick, s/o M. MUMA & Sarah, married R. KESTER, 24?, Yarmouth, Lobo, d/o Thomas KESTER & B., witn: Nelson & Sarah KESTER of Lobo, 15 May

Duncan SMITH, 34, Scotland, Adelaide, s/o Duncan SMITH & J., married S.A. HEATH, 24, England, Adelaide, d/o Andrew HEATH & E., witn: Andrew HEATH & Olivia CHUTE, both of Adelaide, 14 July


Page 31, return 54, by Rev. George Cochrane, Wesleyan Methodist

John SWITZER, 35, Ireland, Dereham, s/o Daniel SWITZER & Ann, married Catherine EMPEY, 25, Ireland, Dereham, d/o Daniel RUCKLE & Ann RUCKLE, witn: D. RUCKLE & Agnes RUCKLE, both of Dereham, 15 Feb 1859

Joseph DEGROAT, 21, Canada, Dereham, s/o Henry DEGROAT & Margaret, married Sarah A. ODELL, 21, Canada, Dereham, d/o William ODELL & Margaret, witn: C. L. COCHRANE of Belmont & Jane DEGROAT of Dereham, 4 July 1859

William H. WILLSIE, 28, Canada, Westminster, s/o Michael WILLSIE & Maria, married Emily FORD, 18, Canada, Dorchester, d/o John FORD & Clara, witn: Emerick MANNING & Charles WILLSIE, both of Westminster, 4 July 1859

James RUCKLE, 25, Ireland, Dereham, s/o David RUCKLE & Rebecca, married Theresa BAKER, 24, Ireland, Dorchester, d/o Michael BAKER & Dora, witn: C.L. COCHRANE & Jane SIDER?, both of Belmont, 25 July 1859

George McFARLAN, 22, USA, Dorchester, s/o Henry McFARLAN & Mary, married Sarah McCOLLUM, 18, Canada, Yarmouth, d/o Archibald McCOLLUM & Sarah, witn: Malcolm McCOLLUM of Westminster & Neil DOUGLAS of Yarmouth, 27 Oct 1859

David SIMPSON, 24, Canada, Dilbury East (Tilbury East?), s/o Peter SIMPSON & Ann, married Mary A. LEWIS, 20, Canada, Westminster, d/o Leonard LEWIS & Pamelia, witn: Amos & Horatio WILLSON of Westminster, 26 Oct. 1859

William ADDISON, 30, England, Dorchester, s/o Thomas ADDISON & Ann, married Janet LOATHIN, 19, Scotland, Dereham, d/o Robert LOATHIN & Jennett, witn: Agnes RUCKLE of Dereham & James ADDISON of Dorchester, 7 Nov 1859

Frederick STRASSER, 22, Switzerland, Sparta, s/o John STRASSER & Anne, married Sarah OXFORD, 24?, England, Sparta, d/o John OXFORD & Mary, witn: John GREAVES & Ann STRASSER, both of Sparta, 6 Dec 1859

Fetherson McKINNEY, 30, Canada, Dorchester, s/o Matthew McKINNEY & Phoebe, married Jane WARD, 19, Canada (Caradoc?), Dorchester, d/o James WARD & Sarah, witn: Matthias PHELPS of Dorchester & Charlotte McKINNEY of Malahide, 30 Nov 1859

Matthias M. PHELPS, 26, Canada, Dorchester, s/o David PHELPS & Hannah, married Charlotte McKINNEY, 20, Canada, Malahide, d/o Matt McKINNEY & Phoebe, witn: David McKINNEY & Maria CHARLTON, both of Dorchester, 27 Dec 1859


Page 32, return 55, by Rev. R. Flood, Caradoc,

Thomas CARROLL, 23, Ireland, London, s/o Henry CARROLL & Ellen, married Grace THOMPSON, 23, Woodstock C.W., London, d/o James THOMPSON & Elizabeth, witn: Thomas PINYON of London, 1 Jan 1859

Robert STEVENSON, 25, Welland Co., same, s/o Robert STEVENSON & Jane, married Agnes McMURRAY, 24, Welland Co., Komoka, d/o John McMURRAY & Mary, witn: W.P. WILSON of Komoka, 25 Jan 1859

James STEWART, 40, Esly Scotland, Delaware C.W., s/o William STEWART & Jane, married Grace WILLIAMS, 38, Lough J--? Ireland, Caradoc, d/o John WILLIAMS & Susan, witn: John MATLOCK of Delaware, 4 Feb 1859

James ARNOLD, 21, West Flamboro, Caradoc, s/o Henry ARNOLD & Margaret, married Mary SNELGROVE, 20, West Flamboro, Caradoc, d/o Joseph SNELGROVE & Maria, witn: Henry HARRIS of Caradoc, 2 Aug 1859

William WILKINSON, 24, Lincoln England, Adelaide, s/o John WILKINSON & Elizabeth, married Jane THOMPSON, 28, Woodstock, Adelaide, d/o James THOMPSON & Elizabeth, witn: John SHEPHERD of Adelaide, 8 Aug 1859

A. McEVOY, 22, D. Patrick Ireland, Caradoc, s/o William McEVOY & Margaret MILLER, married Sarah NORCOTT, 17, Caradoc, same, d/o Thomas NORCOTT & Sarah BAXTER, witn: Richard FLOOD Jr. of Caradoc, 5 Dec 1859

Frederick HOMITON?, 224, Mickleburgh Germany, Delaware, s/o Christian HOMITON? & Eliza BOZA?, married Helena ZATENCE?, 18, Mickleburgh Germany, Delaware, d/o Jane (sic) ZATCHNATER & Sophia HOMITON, witn: John TREPZE of Lobo, 19 Dec 1859

Thomas PINYON, 27, Sussex England, Metcalf, s/o Thomas PINYON & Ann, married Maria WILCOX, 25, Cornwall England, Ekfrid, d/o Thomas WILCOX & Harriet, witn: Richard FORD of Caradoc, 19 Dec 1859


Page 32, return 56, by Rec. Amos E. Ross, Wesleyan Methodist

Richard BRADSHAW, 27, Ireland, London, s/o William & Ann, married Matilda LOUGHEAD, 21, Canada, London, d/o Robert & Jane, witn: William LOUGHEED & John L. STOREY, both of London, 16 Feb 1859

Benjamin WALDEN, 24, London, same, s/o Francis & Ann, married Elizabeth WESTMAN, 22, Ireland, London, d/o Cornelius & Hannah, witn: Thomas & James WESTMAN of London, 11 Oct 1859

Thomas WESTMAN, 31, Ireland, London, s/o Cornelius & Hannah, married Margaret PATTISON, 22, London, same, d/o William & Eliza PATTISON, witn: Benjamin WALDEN & George BREATHWAITE, both of London, 8 Dec 1859

Alexander PEEL, 23, Canada, Yarmouth, s/o Alexander & Deborah, married Eliza A. ANDERSON, 19, New York, London, d/o William & Martha, witn: Hugh MARTIN of London & George MONAGHAN of London twp., 12 Dec 1859