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Middlesex Co., 1875, part 2

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6413-76 Peter E. ADDISON, 40, farmer, Canada, South Norwich, s/o Robert ADDISON & Agnes, married Sarah A. TRIMMER, 33, Canada, South Norwich, d/o Daniel TRIMMER & Jane, witn: John W. & Mary S. PARK of Walpool, 29 Dec 1875 at res of D. Trimmer, Dorchester 005481-75 (Middlesex), James ALEXANDER, 51, widower, farmer, Forfarshire Scotland, Ekfrid, s/o Alexander ALEXANDER and Isabella PATTON, mar Agnes CAMPBELL, 36, Ekfrid, Ekfrid, d/o Donald CAMPBELL and Betsey YOWDEN, witn Robert CAMPBELL and John CAMPBELL both of Ekfrid, 12 Feb 1875 Bridge Dale, Ekfrid
006385-76 (Middlesex), Alfred I. ANARY, 35, labourer, England, Ekfrid, s/o John and Caroline ANARY, mar Emily PRATT, 22, Caradoc, Caradoc, d/o John and Catherine PRATT, witn none listed, 28 Dec 1875 Caradoc 6254-76 Thomas APPLETON, 48, widower, farmer, England, McGillivray, s/o Luke & Mary, married Jane Eliza CURTIS, 32, widow, King Ont., McGillivray, d/o Thomas SAMPSON & Charlotte, witn: John & Susannah JOHNSON of McGillivray, 10 Nov 1875 at McGillivray
005437-75 (Middlesex), William Henry AYERS, 28, farmer, Caradoc, Caradoc, s/o William H. and Jane AYERS, mar Martha HAUCKAMLAUSH(?), 24, Caradoc, Caradoc, d/o Francis and Mary, witn John and Eliza VROOMAN of Caradoc, 21 Jan 1875 Caradoc 005495-75 (Middlesex), Thomas BAKER, 19, yeoman, Adelaide, Adelaide, s/o Jeremiah BAKER and Hannah CAMPBELL, mar Sarah McFIE, 18, Komoka, Adelaide, d/o Daniel McFIE and Mary McISAAC, witn John CALCOT and Elizabeth CAMPBELL of Strathroy, 10 Jul 1875 Strathroy
6522-76 John BARRY, 25, farmer, Caradoc twp., Scarboro twp., s/o John BARRY & Johanna, married Eliza FLOOD, 24, London twp., same, d/o James FLOOD & Bridget, witn: James & Elizabeth FLOOD of London twp., 12 Jan 1875 at St. Peters Cathedral, London 005671-75 (Middlesex), William BLACKWELL, 27, farmer, Blanshard Twp, London, s/o John and Elizabeth BLACKWELL, mar Rebecca BLACKWELL, 20, London Twp, London Twp, d/o Benjamin and Ellen BLACKWELL, witn Edward and Margaret BLACKWELL of London East, 24 Dec 1875 London East
005602-75 (Middlesex) John BEAMISH, 29, carpenter, Canada, London twp., s/o Henry & Catherine BEAMISH, to Louisa MOORE, 22, Lobo, Town line London & Nissouri, d/o James & Marjory MOORE, wit: Robert MOORE & James DANN both of London twp., 24 November 1875, London twp. 6508-76 Edward BRENNAN, 25, laborer, London, same, s/o Edward BRENNAN & Catherine, married Annie DONAHOE , 22, Centreville Ont., London, d/o Timothy DONAHOE & Ann, witn: William MURPHY & Margaret KEARNS, both of London, 3 Nov 1875 at St. Peters Cathedral, London
005609-75 (Middlesex) Wesley BROWN, 21, hairdresser, Milton Ont., London city, s/o John C. & Frances A. BROWN, to Kate JOHNSON, 24, North Gower Ont., London city, d/o Henry & Ellen JOHNSON, wit: Richard A. WEIR of London city & Fanny JOHNSON of London twp., 17 August 1875, London twp. 005617-75 (Middlesex) Archibald G. BROWN, 29, farmer, Lobo twp., same, s/o Duncan BROWN & Janet GRAY, to Annie Cairns BELL, 20, London twp., same, d/o James BELL & Mary Ann HEDLEY, Peter G. BROWN of Lobo twp. & Elizabeth RATCLIFFE of Blanshard twp., 21 October 1875, London twp.
005402-75 (Middlesex), George BROWN, 30, widower, merchant, King's Co. Ireland, McGillivray Twp, s/o Samuel and Hannah BROWN, mar Levinia WINDSOR, 27, Pickering, McGillivray, d/o James and Mary WINDSOR, witn Thomas OWEN and George WINDSOR both of McGillivray, 22 Jul 1875 Carlisle Village 005477-75 (Middlesex), Duncan BUCHANAN, 28, farmer, Canada, Dunwith (Dunwich?), s/o William and Mary BUCHANAN, mar Sarah CRAWFORD, 21, Canada, Dunwich, d/o Archibald and Mary CRAWFORD, witn Neil CAMPBELL and Archibald CAMPBELL both of Dunwich, 02 Mar 1875 at Crawford residence in Dunwich [regd in Ekfrid]
005610-75 (Middlesex) William David BURGESS, 26, farmer, London twp., London East, s/o William & Margaret BURGESS, to Mary ENGLISH, 18, Dorchester Ont., London twp., d/o William & Nancy ENGLISH, wit: Royal B. BURGESS of London East & Margaret ENGLISH of London twp., 11 August 1875, London twp. 006387-76 (Middlesex), John Charles BURGESS, 23, farmer, Caradoc, Caradoc, s/o John H. and Eliza J. BURGESS, mar Eliza Ann SIMPSON, 19, Nelson Ont, Caradoc, d/o George and Amelia SIMPSON, witn Richard STEER and James THOMPSON both of Caradoc, 22 Dec 1875 Caradoc
005561-75 (Middlesex), James BUSBY, 19, farmer, Ontario, Warwick, s/o Robert and Mary BUSBY, mar Dianne MUMA, 18, Warwick, Warwick, d/o Peter and Sarah Ann MUMA, witn James MUMA and Eliza Jane BEARSS of Warwick, 05 Jul 1875 Kerwood in Metcalfe Twp 006383-76 (Middlesex), William Thomas CADE, 37, farmer, Ontario, Caradoc, s/o William and Sarah CADE, mar Mary E. EDWARDS, 20, Caradoc, Caradoc, d/o Martin and Sarah Ann EDWARDS, witn Edward OLLETT and Ann Jane EDWARDS both of Caradoc, 02 Nov 1875 Caradoc
005620-75 (Middlesex), George CAMERON, 44, widower, farmer, Scotland, East Williams, s/o Malcolm and Margaret CAMERON, mar Martha CRAIG, 29, Toronto, Parkhill, d/o Henry and Mary Ann CLARGO, witn. E.A. and Mary M. DYER of Lucan, 10 Mar 1875 Lucan 6082-76 Hugh CAMERON, 45, engineer, Glasgow Scotland, Mosa, s/o John & Mary, married Catherine McCULLOCK, 47, Mosa, same, d/o Malcolm & Laura, witn: Hector & Malcolm LEITCH of Mosa, 16 Dec 1875 at Mosa
5724-75 Alexander CAMPBELL, 41, farmer, Scotland, Parry Sound, s/o Malcolm & Isabella, married Christena McCOLLUM, 28, Canada, London, d/o Neil & Nancy, witn: Malcolm & John McCOLLUM, 5 Jan 1875 at not given [reg'd in London] 6342-76 Henry CANN, 25, farmer, Clarke, McGillivray twp., s/o William CANN & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth McNAMEE, 24, McGillivray twp., Biddulph twp., d/o James McNAMEE & Margaret, witn: Andrew McNAMEE of Biddulph & Mary Ann CANN of McGillivray, 23 Dec 1875 at Ailsa Craig
005438-75 (Middlesex), John CARRUTHERS, 47, farmer, England, Caradoc, s/o John and Eleanor CARRUTHERS, mar Emily DEWIT(?), 50, widow, Canada, Caradoc, d/o James and Sarah COOK, witn Martha F. TUPPER and Susan TUPPER both of Caradoc, 29 Jan 1875 Caradoc 005409-75 (Middlesex), Thomas CATHERS, 23, stone mason, Donegal Ireland, Warwick Twp, s/o John CATHERS and Ellen DONOHUE, mar Janet CAMPBELL, 17, East Williams, East Williams, d/o James CAMPBELL and Mary McKEAGAN, witn Jacob SMITH of Warwick and J.W. CHAMBERS of East Williams, 12 Mar 1875 East Williams
006109-76 (Middlesex Co) Arthur Elliot CAVERHILL, 25, school teacher, Lobo, Lobo twp s/o Thomas CAVERHILL & Emily HERDMAN married Annie McBAIN, 23, Lobo, Lobo d/o William McBAIN & Catherine CALVIN wtn: Walter CAVERHILL of Lobo & Annie BARCLAY of London, 30 December 1875 at Lobo 006384-76 (Middlesex), James CHISHOLM, 30, farmer, St. Catharines, Erin Ont, s/o Donald and Harriet CHISHOLM, mar Alvista COOK, 22, Caradoc, Caradoc, d/o William and Doretha COOK, witn William F. HILL and Isabella McDUGALD both of Strathroy, 04 Oct 1875 Caradoc
5721-75 John CLAYTON, 23, cabinet maker, England, London, s/o James & Eliza, married Louisa GREEN, 18, Canada, London, d/o Hezekiah & Jane, witn: Otto KANANGESSOR & Annie DEAN, 15 May 1875 at res of the bride's sister, Maitland St., London  
6540-76 Thomas CLIFFORD, 39, widower, yeoman, Canada, North Dorchester, s/o Thomas CLIFFORD & Elizabeth, married Ellen Mae Ivey HUBBARD, 40, widow, Ireland, North Dorchester, d/o Thomas HUBBARD & Mary, witn: James P. RICE of Peterboro & George CHANSEY of Toronto, 30 Dec 1875 at B.C. parsonage, London 005407-75 (Middlesex), illegible CLUNESS, 41, farmer, Lockport New York, East Williams, s/o John CLUNESS and Elizabeth McINTOSH, mar Mary McKELLAREast Williams, East Williams, d/o , 29, Archibald McKELLAR and Catharine McINTYRE, witn John CAMERON and Flora McINTYRE both of East Williams, 02 Feb 1875 East Williams
005600-75 (Middlesex) Amos COBBLEDICK, 22, farmer, Canada, Clarke twp., s/o William & Mary Ann COBBLEDICK, to Mary Ann GILBANK, 20, Canada, London twp., d/o Richard & Ann GILBANK, wit: Richard GILBANK & William Thomas. GILBANK both of London twp., 6 October 1875, London twp. 006153-76 (Middlesex Co) John COBHOLD, 30, farmer, Montreal, Delaware twp s/o James & Sophia COBHOLD married Hannah ADAMS, 29, Delaware twp, Delaware twp d/o William & Mary Jane ADAMS wtn: William ADAMS of Delaware & Mary Ann ADAMS of Westminster, 24 November 1875 at the minister's house in Lambeth
005565-75 (Middlesex), John COOK, 22, farmer, Ontario, Brooke Twp, s/o Robert and Elizabeth COOK, mar Anne DINNING, 19, Metcalfe, Metcalfe, d/o Matthew and Bertha DINNING, witn Robert and Mary DINNING of Metcalfe, 04 May 1875 Metcalfe 005557-75 (Middlesex), William CORNEILL, 21, farmer, Bradford Quebec, Ekfrid Twp, s/o David and Margaret CORNEILL, mar Mary Jane HARE, 20, Cornwall England, Ekfrid Twp, d/o Thomas and Mary HARE, witn Richard COAD of Strathroy and Eliza HARD (sic) of Ekfrid, 07 Oct 1875 Wardsville
005595-75 (Middlesex) George COULTIS, 35, lawyer, Canada, Forest, s/o William & Barbara COULTIS, to Rose ASHWORTH, 23, London twp., same, d/o Jonathan & Hannah ASHWORTH, wit: Hugh YOUNG & Jonathan ASHWORTH both of London twp., 4 May 1875, London twp 005488-75 (Middlesex), Thomas COUTTS, 23, marble dealer, Brampton, Strathroy, s/o Rev. D. COUTTS and Jane HENDERSON, mar Margaret Ann MILES, 18, Strathroy, Strathroy, d/o Wellington MILES and Mary McNEIL of Strathroy, witn D.W. MILES and Nellie NAIR both of Strathroy, 28 Oct 1875 Strathroy
6501-76 John DONNELLY, 24, mechanic, London, same, s/o John DONNELLY & Margaret, married Mary Agnes DAVIS, 21, London, same, d/o William DAVIS & Sarah, witn: Edward BRENNAN & Mary DONNELLY, both of London, 10 June 1875 at St. Peters Cathedral, London 6255-76 Daniel DORMAN, 23, farmer, McGillivray, same, s/o Jeremiah & Catherine, married Frances ROBINSON, 23, McGillivray, same, d/o Andrew & Sarah, witn: Jeremiah DORMAN & Sarah A. ROBINSON, both of McGillivray, 23 Dec 1875 at McGillivray
005592-75 (Middlesex) John DRAPER, 21, farmer, Canada, London twp., s/o John DRAPER & Emma JURY, to Catherine GUEST, 22, Canada, London twp., d/o Thomas & Catherine GUEST, wit: Thomas J. MOTLEY & Emma DRAPER both of London twp., 6 January 1875, London twp 6503-76 Stephen DWYER, 54, widower, laborer, Ireland, London, s/o John DWYER & Honora, married Sarah SIPPEE, 38, widow, Ireland, London, d/o James HICKS & Catherine, witn: Columbus & Fanny KNOWLES of London, 19 July 1875 at St. Peters Cathedral
005567-75 (Middlesex), David Morgan EDWARDS, 31, clerk, Carmartha South Wales, Antrim Foja? Pennsylvania, s/o John EDWARDS and Mary MORGAN, mar Margaret BROPHEY, 25, Brucefield Ont, McGillivray, d/o James BROPHEY and Jane McDONALD, witn John THOMPSON and Sarah BROPHEY both of McGillivray, 30 Mar 1875 McGillivray 005596-75 (Middlesex) Robert ELLIOT, 21, Clerk in store, Canada, Brussels Huron Co., s/o Thomas & Elizabeth ELLIOT, to Ann Elizabeth ENGLISH, 23, Canada, London twp., d/o Thomas & Mary Ann ENGLISH, wit: J. B. ENGLISH & George ELLIOTT both of London twp., 18 May 1875, London twp.
005575-75 (Middlesex), William ELLWOOD, 25, farmer, Chinguacousy, McGillivray, s/o Mark and Ann ELLWOOD, mar Rebecca SELLARS, 24, Vaughan, McGillivray, d/o John and Mary SELLARS, witn James FOWLER and Thomas STEWARTSON both of McGillivray, 17 Feb 1875 McGillivray 005613-75 (Middlesex) Robert EXFORD, 29, farmer, Yarmouth twp., Westminster twp., s/o George EXFORD & Mary HICKS, to Jane WALDON, 27, London twp., same, d/o Thomas WALDON & Jane NEEDHAM, wit: Thomas Inkerman THOMPSON of Arthur Wellington Co. & Maggie WALDRON of London twp., 19 August 1875, London twp.
005490-75 (Middlesex), John FAHEY, 22, farmer, Warwick, Warwick, s/o John FAHEY and Bridget KENNY, mar Alice McDONNELL, 18, Warwick, Warwick, d/o Owen McDONNELL and Mary CRIGGY, witn Edward CAUGHLIN and Mary Ann McDONNELL both of Warwick, 12 Oct 1875 Strathroy 5723-75 Addison FARRELL, 25, nursery man, Canada, Yarmouth, s/o Joseph & Hannah, married Rachel WISE, 25, Canada, Yarmouth, d/o George & Mary Ann, witn: John WISE & Janet HUFFMAN, both of Yarmouth, 16 Feb 1875 at Western Hotel
  6414-76 John FERGUSON, 25, farmer, Scotland, Chatham twp., s/o Charles FERGUSON & Ann, married Mary KENNEDY, 25, Canada, Dorchester, d/o Donald KENNEDY & Catherine, witn: Donald EWING of Chatham & Mary McCALLUM of Dorchester, 23 Dec 1875 at Dorchester
005480-75 (Middlesex), John FLETCHER, 26, farmer, Ekfrid, Ekfrid, s/o Angus FLETCHER and Janet McCALLUM, mar Barbara HYNDMAN, 23, Ekfrid, Ekfrid, d/o Gilbert HYNDMAN and Eliza McEACHERN, witn Thomas GORDON and Daniel HYNDMAN both of Ekfrid, 24 Feb 1875 Ekfrid 6319-76 John FLETCHER, 34, farmer, Scotland, Ekfrid twp., s/o Hugh FLETCHER & Catherine, married Elizabeth MORRISON, 26, Scotland, Ekfrid twp., d/o William MORRISON & Margaret, witn: Hugh MORRISON & Mary Ann HUGHES, both of Ekfrid, 21 Oct 1875 at Ekfrid
005604-75 (Middlesex) Frederick FOREMAN, 40, farmer, England, Granton, s/o William & Mary FOREMAN, to Emily BAKER, 25, England, Town Line London & Nissouri, d/o Henry & Mary BAKER, wit: Henry BAKER of London town line & Ann STRINGFELLOW of London twp., 30 June 1875, London twp. 005679-75 (Middlesex), Abner FORTNER, 32, farmer, Ontario, London, s/o John and Rachel FORTNER, mar Mary ACKLIN, 20, Ontario, Gore of London, d/o Peter and Mary Ann ACKLIN, witn Samuel FORTNER and Eliza DUGAN of London, 14 Apr 1875 at residence of bride's father
005579-75 (Middlesex), Hugh FRASER, 30, farmer, Quebec, Nissouri West, s/o Alexander and Jane FRASER, mar Elizabeth STUART, 24, Scotland, Nissouri, d/o John and Jane STUART, witn Donald MORRISON and James STUART both of Nissouri West, 17 Feb. 1875 Nissouri West 6340-76 Robert FULCHER, 24, cooper, St. Marys, Ailsa Craig, s/o Joseph FULCHER & Elizabeth, married Kate McDONALD, 21, East Williams, Ailsa Craig, d/o Samuel McDONALD & Marion, witn: Duncan STEVENSON of Ailsa Craig & Kate McLEAN of West Williams, 22 Dec 1875 at Ailsa Craig
005606-75 (Middlesex) Herbert F. GARDINER, 26, editor, Brockville, London, s/o James & Matilda GARDINER, to Margaret Ellen MORDEN, 20, London twp., same, d/o Andrew B. & Elizabeth MORDEN, wit: William MAGEE of London & Lucy W. GARDINER of Hamilton, 16 December 1875, London twp. 6408-76 Stewart GARDINER, 21, farmer, Ireland, Brook, s/o Robert GARDINER & Catherine, married Margaret ELLIOT, 21, Canada, North Dorchester, d/o Ninian ELLIOT & Janet, witn: John GARDINER of Brook & Catherine ELLIOT of North Dorchester, 17 Nov 1875 at North Dorchester
005491-75 (Middlesex), Charles W. GETTY, 26, farmer, Canada, Caradoc, s/o Charles and Eliza GETTY, mar Agnes SMALL, 19, Canada, Caradoc, d/o David and Caroline SMALL, witn William RYAN and Anne GETTY both of Caradoc, 03 Oct 1875 Strathroy 005484-75 (Middlesex), Charles W. GETTY, 26, farmer, Canada, Caradoc, s/o Charles and Eliza GETTY, mar Agnes SMALL, 19, Canada, Caradoc, d/o David and Agnes SMALL, witn William RYAN and Agnes GETTY both of Caradoc, 05 Oct 1875 Strathroy
005640-75 (Middlesex) John GIMLEY, 58, clergyman, Ireland, London Ont., widower, s/o Alexander & Jane GIMLEY, to Matilda Fisher FORD, 45, Calcutta India, London, widow, d/o David Carnagie LOW & Emilie ZOE, wit: H. FORD & A. B. INNES both of London, 7 January 1875, London 6134-76 Henry GORDIER, 21, farmer, Dundas, Dawn, s/o Lewis GORDIER & Dinah STRAUSBURG, married Betsy LUMLEY, 18, Dunwich, Dawn, d/o Enoch LUMLEY & Mary MILLS, witn: C. MILLS & Angeline GORDIER, both of Dawn, 22 Dec 1875 at Newbury
006108-76 (Middlesex Co) Archibald A. GRAHAM, 28, farmer, Lobo, Lobo twp s/o Archibald & Flora GRAHAM married Mary SMITH, 24, Lobo, Lobo d/o John SMITH & Nancy McINTYRE wtn: Peter SMITH & Christy McINTYRE both of Lobo, 16 December 1875 at Lobo  
6502-76 Patrick GRAY, 25, laborer, Ireland, London, s/o Michael GRAY & Mary CHRISTIE, married Helen MAGEE, 23, Cleveland, London, d/o Robert MAGEE & Mary, witn: Michael GRAY & Annie CRAKE, both of London, 10 June 1875 at St. Peters Cathedral, London 005573-75 (Middlesex), Duncan GREY, 32, merchant, Scotland, Ailsa Craig, s/o Donald and Catherine GREY, mar Christina Ann DOUGLAS, 23, Canada, McGillivray, d/o Andrew and Catherine DOUGLAS, witn Dougald DOUGLAS of London Twp and Hugh KENNEDY of Ailsa Craig, 14 Dec 1875 McGillivray
005440-75 (Middlesex), John HAGGARTY, 26, farmer, Belville Ont, Caradoc, s/o John and Mary HAGGARTY, mar Mary Jane WILLIAMS, 18, Caradoc, Caradoc, d/o Richard and Nancy WILLIAMS, witn Edward WILLIAMS of Caradoc and Elizabeth MULLIGAN of Wardsville, 15 June 1875 Caradoc 006100-76 (Middlesex Co) Robert HALL, 44, widower, Presbyterian minister, England, Nissouri West s/o James & Jane HALL married Mary Jane McMILLAN, 30, Ontario, Nissouri West d/o Archibald & Elizabeth McMILLAN wtn: Alexander McMILLAN of Whitby & Archibald McMILLAN of Nissouri West, 16 November 1875 at Nissouri West
005441-75 (Middlesex), Samuel HARRIS, 22, carriage maker, Darlington Ont, Glencoe, s/o James and Elizabeth HARRIS, mar Ellen CULLEN, 23, Bryton Ont, Caradoc, d/o John and Lorena CULLEN, witn Michael CULLEN of Caradoc and Emma SHIMMER of London England, 29 Sep 1875 Caradoc 005558-75 (Middlesex), George W. HARVEY, 29, farmer, Caradoc, Caradoc, s/o Charles H. and Christina HARVEY, mar Lydia SCOTT, 18, Ekfrid, Caradoc, d/o John and Sarah SCOTT, witn Joseph MARSHALL and Melonie HARVEY both of Caradoc, 06 Aug 1875 Wardsville
6278-76 John HASKETT, 21, farmer, London twp., same, s/o Thomas HASKETT & Elizabeth, married Mary Eleanor PIMPERTON, 19, London twp., same, d/o Joseph PIMPERTON & Matilda, witn: David & Thomas HASKETT of London twp., 7 Dec 1875 at London twp 005678-75 (Middlesex), Blanchard HAVERCRAFT, 21, teamster, England, London, s/o Thomas and Sarah HAVERCRAFT, mar Elizabeth MALCOLM, 21, Ontario, St. Thomas, d/o William and illegible MALCOLM, witn John PAYNE and Alice HENNING of London, 31 Mar 1875 at minister's residence
6132-76 George HENRY, 78, widower, gentleman, Gainsboro, Newbury, s/o Philip HENRY & Elizabeth HAIN, married Eliza BENNETT, 57, widow, England, Mosa, d/o Thomas HIGGS & Sarah TROTMAN, witn: Walter MOREHOUSE of Newbury & Mary CRAWFORD of Wardsville, 17 Oct 1875 at Newbury  
005593-75 (Middlesex) Nathaniel HETHERINGTON, 30, farmer, England, London twp., s/o William HETHERINGTON & Jane TAYLOR, to Elizabeth G. PERKINS, 22, Canada, London twp., d/o James PERKINS & Grace DODGE, wit: Josiah PERKINS & Mary HETHERINGTON both of London twp., 3 March 1875, London twp 6266-76 Peter HILL, 23, widower, farmer, Caradoc, Delaware, s/o Daniel HILL & Electa, married Electa DAVID, 17, Delaware, same, d/o John DAVID & Dolly, witn: Joseph SCHANADS? & Cornelius HILL, both of Delaware, 17 Dec 1875 at Delaware
005623-75 (Middlesex), Jonathan HODGINS, 25, farmer, Biddulph, Biddulph, s/o John C. HODGINS and Elizabeth ATKINSON, mar Sarah Jane DOBBS, 18, Biddulph, Biddulph, d/o Joseph DOBBS and Ann BLACKWELL, witn Joseph DOBBS Jr and Catherine HODGINS both of Biddulph, 23 June 1875 Holy Trinity Church Lucan 6412-76 Joseph Ephraim HOOVER, 33, widower, farmer, Rainham, Dover East, s/o David HOOVER & Elizabeth, married Bathsheba KELESTINE, 23, widow, England, Westminster, d/o Edward WIGLEY & Bathsheba, witn: Anna & Clara Jane WIGLEY of Westminster, 21 Dec 1875 at Belmont
005641-75 (Middlesex) Mathew HORNER, 53, farmer, England, United States, widower, s/o Robert & Mary HORNER, to Elizabeth WATSON, 52, England, London, widow, d/o Richard & Maria HARRIS, wit: Levi KIRBY Mary Ann KIRBY of Westminster, 19 January 1875, London 6410-76 Gaspard HOWEY, 32, farmer, Canada, Townsend, s/o Robert HOWEY & Almina, married Algina COOK, 24, Canada, Dorchester, d/o Elias COOK & Elizabeth, witn: John & Ann Eliza MUNRO of Ingersoll, 21 Dec 1875 at res of Elias Cook, Dorchester
005586-75 (Middlesex), John HUESTON, 20, farmer, West Nissouri, West Nissouri, s/o Samuel and Mary HUESTON, mar Annie SEATON, 18, East Nissouri, West Nissouri, d/o Jacob and Rebecca, witn John DUNDAS and Ellen SEATON both of West Nissouri, 12 Nov 1875 West Nissouri  
005599-75 (Middlesex) William Chambers HUNTER, 30, railway employee, Scotland, St. Marys, s/o John & Susan HUNTER to Susan McROBERTS, 20, London twp., same, d/o William & Margaret McROBERTS, wit: Thomas. SPARROW of St. Marys & W. E. McROBERTS of London twp., 20 or 30 October 1875, London twp 005568-75 (Middlesex), Thomas IBBOTSON, 31, farmer, Nova Scotia, Southwold, s/o John and Ann IBBOTSON, mar Eliza OLIVER, 22, England, McGillivray, d/o Ware and Sarah OLIVER, witn Grant GIBSON of Lowah(?) and John NEWTON of Carlisle, 19 Apr 1875 McGillivray
6143-76 Henry Crawford IRVINE, 27, farmer, Blanshard, same, s/o Thomas IRVINE & Ruth DENSMORE, married Dorothea COULTER, 18, Westminster Ont., Metcalfe, d/o John COULTER & Mary BRUNT, witn: John DENSMORE of Blanshard & Miss Mary COULTER of Metcalfe, 28 Sept 1875 at Metcalfe 6133-76 George JACKSON, 30, farmer, England, Dawn, s/o Thomas JACKSON & Elizabeth STINSON, married Fanny DELVE, 22, England, Newbury, d/o Robert DELVE & Mary PARTRIDGE, witn: James E. FORD & Grace JONES, both of Newbury, 18 Oct 1875 at Newbury
005612-75 (Middlesex) James Wesley JACKSON, 28, farmer, London twp., same, s/o Thomas JACKSON & Ellen McSLAY, to Caroline CHARLTON, 26, London twp., same, d/o Edward CHARLTON & Mary MILLS, wit: Wesley P. CHARLTON & Emeline JACKSON both of London twp., 6 October 1875, London twp. 5808-75 David JACKSON, 21, farmer, Canada, Enniskillen, s/o William & Jane, married Maggie COULTER, 22, Canada, London, d/o John & Ann, witn: John COULTER & Louisa RYAN, both of London, 1 Jan 1875 at Parsonage, London
5720-75 Milo JAYNE, 40, carpenter, England, London, s/o Joseph & Mary, married Sarah TOWE, 24, Canada, London, d/o John & Harriet, witn: Susan Jane TOWE & M. K. COOPER, both of London, 4 March 1875 at res of the bridegroom, Bond St., London 005566-75 (Middlesex), Robert JOHNSTON, 30, farmer, Ontario, Euphemia, s/o Hugh and Martha JOHNSTON, mar Eliza Anne BUCHANAN, 25, Ireland, Metcalfe, d/o William and Mary BUCHANAN, witn James BUCHANAN and Sarah Ann COOK both of Metcalfe, 02 Jun 1875 at St.Mary Church Metcalfe
005493-75 (Middlesex), Warren KELLESTINE, 23, farmer, Canada, Caradoc, s/o George and Elizabeth KELLESTINE, mar Lavinia EARHEART, 25, Canada, Ekfrid, d/o Daniel and Mary EARHEART, witn John V. ROMAN and Catherine McKAY both of Caradoc, 20 Oct 1875 Strathroy 6077-76 Abner KELLY, 19, farmer, Ekfrid, Mosa, s/o Abner & Elizabeth, married Eliza Jane IRVINE, 19, Glasgow Scotland, Ekfrid, d/o John & Susannah, witn: William KELLY & Charlotte FERRIS, both of Mosa, 30 Nov 1875 at Mosa
005578-75 (Middlesex), Samuel KENT, 37, widower, farmer, England, Fullarton Ont, s/o John and Maria KENT, mar Marion BRYCE, 29, Scotland, West Nissouri, d/o William and Margaret BRYCE, witn James S. DUNN and Margaret HANLY both of West Nissouri, 13 May 1875 Nissouri 005559-75 (Middlesex), George Beverley LAMOND, 29, merchant, Pennsylvania US, Wardsville, s/o Clement and Ruth LAMOND, mar Ellen Elizabeth RUTHERFORD, 19, Wardsville, Wardsville, d/o George and Margaret RUTHERFORD, witn Joseph GRANT of Granton and Elizabeth MANN of Ailsa Craig, 10 Aug 1875 Wardsville
005474-75 (Middlesex), Thomas LATHERDALE (Leatherdale?), 56, widower, farmer, England, Howard Kent , s/o James LATHERDALE and Elizabeth RYMOND, mar Jane McGILL, 50, Ireland, Ekfrid, d/o John McGILL and Elizabeth ELLIOTT, witn Thomas HAMILTON of Ekfrid, 28 Sep 1875 Ekfrid 4344-74 John LAZENBY, 22, farmer, Blenheim Ont, Woodstock, s/o David LAZENBY & Margaret, married Charlotte DAVIDSON, 25, Blenheim, Strathroy, d/o James DAVIDSON & Ann, witn: Walter WRIGHT & Esther DAVIDSON, 4 Jan 1875 at Strathroy
005583-75 (Middlesex), Edward LEE, 30, farmer, Ireland, West Nissouri, s/o Richard and Rebecca LEE, mar Sarah Ann TAYLOR, 22, West Nissouri, West Nissouri, d/o Samuel and Sarah TAYLOR, witn John TAYLOR and Lizzie PARDY both of West Nissouri, 30 Dec 1875 West Nissouri 006101-76 (Middlesex Co) Edward LEE, 33, farmer, Ireland, Nissouri West s/o Richard & Rebecca LEE married Sarah Ann TAYLOR, 22, Nissouri West, Nissouri West d/o Samuel & Sarah TAYLOR wtn: Samuel TAYLOR & Elizabeth PURDY of Nissouri West, 30 December 1875 at the residence of the bride's father
6078-76 Alexander LIVINGSTON, 27, yeoman, Mosa, same, s/o Alexander & Margaret, married Flora DOWNIE, 27, Mosa, same, d/o Malcolm & Isabella, witn: Neil LIVINGSTON of Mosa & John LEITCH of Mosa, 15 April 1875 at Mosa 6409-76 William LONGFIELD, 27, carpenter, Canada, North Dorchester, s/o George LONGFIELD & Alice, married Mary A. PARSONS, 17, Ontario, North Dorchester, d/o Thomas PARSONS & Ann, witn: John LONGFIELD of North Dorchester & Nora CREWS of Pt. Edward, 29 Sept 1875 at Dorchester Station
005576-75 (Middlesex), William MACDUFF, 27, tailor, Glasgow Scotland, Ailsa Craig, s/o Thomas and Margaret MACDUFF, mar Ellen MORTON, 24, McGillivray, McGillivray, d/o James and Jane MORTON, witn John T. ROSSER and Mary MORTON both of McGillivray, 04 Mar 1875 McGillivray 005597-75 (Middlesex) Michael MARTAUGH (Murtagh?), 21, shoemaker, Montreal, London, s/o Patrick MARTAUGH & Mary Jane CLARKE, to Alice BOURNE, 21, Canada, Nissouri, d/o John BOURNE & Caroline YOUNG, wit: Robert CHARLTON & Eliza Jane BOURNE both of Nissouri twp., 30 May 1875, London twp.
005564-75 (Middlesex), Duncan McALPINE, 32, farmer, Metcalfe, Metcalfe, s/o Donald and Catharine McALPINE, mar Violet McINTYRE, 19, Metcalfe, Metcalfe, d/o James and Mary McINTYRE, witn John McALPINE and Duncan PAUL both of Metcalfe, 29 Dec 1875 at the residence of bride's mother in Metcalfe 6343-76 James McAULEY, 21, brakesman, Glasgow Scotland, Ottawa, s/o Henry McAULEY & Margaret, married Isabella MANN, 18, Yarmouth Ont., Ailsa Craig, d/o Ambrose MANN & Elizabeth, witn: William SPARKSMAN of London & Elizabeth MANN of Ailsa Craig, 24 Dec 1875 at Ailsa Craig
006098-76 (Middlesex Co) John A. McCONNECHY, 24, teacher, Quebec, London s/o James & Jane married Isabella GRANT, 23, Scotland, Nissouri West d/o William & Anne wtn: John NOBLE, James McCONNECHY & George GRANT of Nissouri West, 1 December 1875 at Nissouri West  
6507-76 Thomas McDONOUGH, 23, Newfoundland, London, s/o Thomas McDONOUGH & Mary, married Ellen DONAHOE, 26, Centreville Ont., London, d/o Timothy DONAHOE & Ann, witn: Patrick & Annie DONAHOE of London, 1 Sept 1875 at St. Peters Cathedral, London 005563-75 (Middlesex), Angus McDOUGALL, 26, farmer, Scotland, Metcalfe Twp, s/o John and Janet McDOUGALL, mar Elizabeth BLACKSTOCK, 22, Peterborough Ont, Metcalfe Twp, d/o George and Mary BLACKSTOCK, witn Donald McDOUGALL and Sarah BLACKSTOCK both of Metcalfe, 08 Dec 1875 Napier
005669-75 (Middlesex), George McELHARAN, 27, RR conductor, Ireland, London, s/o Archibald and Jane McELHARAN, mar Jane BENNETT, 22, England, St. Thomas, d/o Thomas and Sarah BENNETT, witn R.A. McELHARAN and Annie S. PARKER of London, 10 Mar 1875 London 006110-76 (Middlesex Co) Duncan McFARLANE, 27, farmer, East Williams, East Williams s/o Duncan McFARLANE & Betsy SMITH married Margaret CAMPBELL, 26, Lobo, Lobo d/o Peter CAMPBELL & Catherine McFARLANE wtn: Duncan P. CAMPBELL of Lobo & Flora McFARLANE of East Williams, 30 December 1875 at Lobo
5725-75 Archibald McGUGAN, 26, farmer, Canada, Lobo, s/o Archibald & Margaret, married Christena CAMPBELL, 21, Canada, Caradoc, d/o John & Christena, witn: Malcolm McGUGAN & Duncan McGREGOR, 5 Feb 1875 at res of the officiating minister, Horton St., London 005473-75 (Middlesex), John McGUGAN, 34, widower, farmer, Ekfrid, Ekfrid, s/o Donald McGUGAN and Jane JOHNSTONE, mar Mary Ann CAMPBELL, 34, Caradoc, Caradoc, d/o Malcolm CAMPBELL and Mary McTAGGART, witn Malcolm CAMPBELL of Caradoc and John McDOUGALL of Ekfrid, 25 Sep 1875 Caradoc
005486-75 (Middlesex), Daniel McKAY, 30, widower, farmer, Fort Erie, Warwick, s/o John and Margaret McKAY, mar Anna Margaret EASTMAN, 27, Warwick, Warwick, d/o Jonas and Esther EASTMAN, witn Will THORP of Adelaide and Emma J. EASTMAN of Warwick, 20 Oct 1875 Strathroy 005676-75 (Middlesex), Joseph McKEE, 22, farmer, London, Kincardine, s/o William and Eliza McKEE, mar Mary Anne JONES, 21, Canada, Westminster, d/o Francis and Anne JONES, witn George Jones of Westminster and Elizabeth McKEE of Kincardine, 16 Feb 1875 McFarlane Hotel London
005562-75 (Middlesex), Dugald McKELLAR, 28, farmer, Brooke Twp, Brooke Twp, s/o Alexander and Emily McKELLAR, mar Nancy McKELLAR, 24, Metcalfe, Metcalfe, d/o Duncan and Catharine McKELLAR, witn Malcolm McINTYRE of Mosa and Duncan McALPINE of Metcalfe, 04 Nov 1875 at the residence of bride's father in Metcalfe 005675-75 (Middlesex), Donald McKENZIE, 26, farmer, Canada, Nissouri, s/o John and Mary McKENZIE, mar Annie NIXON, 23, Canada, Thamesford, d/o John and Sarah NIXON, witn John McKENZIE of Nipigon and Minnie NIXON of Thamesford, 10 Feb 1875 Queens Hotel Carling Street London
6189-76 James McLACHLAN, 28, builder, Kilworth, Parkhill, s/o Archibald McLACHLAN & Catherine, married Mary McMILLAN, 24, West Williams, same, d/o Angus McMILLAN & Barbara, witn: Archibald WHITE & Lillie McMILLAN, both of West Williams, 29 Dec 1875 at Strathroy 6081-76 Hector McLARTY, 26, farmer, Mosa, same, s/o Neil & Betsy, married Jane BRODIE, 32, Mosa, St. Catharines, d/o George & Margaret, witn: Malcolm McLARTY & Alexander CAMPBELL, both of Mosa, 25 Dec 1875 at Mosa
005577-75 (Middlesex), John McLEAN, 36, carpenter, North Mist Scotland, McGillivray, s/o Alexander McLEAN and Rachel McDONALD, mar Annie McLEAN, 21, McGillivray, McGillivray, d/o Donald McLEAN and Catherine McPHERSON, witn John McPHERSON and Catherine McLEAN both of McGillivray, 11 May 1875 McGillivray 005489-75 (Middlesex), John McLEISH, 27, farmer, Scotland, West Williams, s/o John McLEISH and Jane WHITE, mar Agnes SMITH, 24, Scotland, Adelaide, d/o Absolom SMITH and Agnes RAE, witn Alfred CUDDY and Donald McLEISH no location, 28 Oct 1875 Strathroy
005615-75 (Middlesex) Duncan McLELLAN, 39, carpenter, Caradoc, Watford, s/o Duncan & Janet McLELLAN, to Maggie SHAW, 25, Edinburgh Scotland, London twp., d/o James & Ann SHAW, wit: Archibald McFARLAND & John McINTYRE both of Watford, 2 November 1875, London twp 005483-75 (Middlesex), John McMASTER, 44, farmer, Canada, Ekfrid, s/o John and Catherine McMASTER, mar Flora McFARLANE, 37, Canada, Ekfrid, d/o John and Mary McFARLANE, witn John McFARLANE and Donald McFARLANE both of Ekfrid, 29 June 1875 at John McFARLANE's house
005479-75 (Middlesex), Archibald McMURCHY, 28, farmer, Scotland, Aldboro, s/o Archibald and Catherine McMURCHY, mar Mary MORRISON, 20, Canada, Dunwich, d/o William and Mary MORRISON (sic), witn Duncan BUCHANAN of Dunwich and Marianne SUTHERLAND of Ekfrid, 24 Feb 1875 at the residence of the Rev. W.K. SUTHERLAND Ekfrid 6341-76 Robert McNAMEE, 32, shoe maker, Co. Antrim Ireland, Biddulph twp., s/o James McNAMEE & Margaret, married Mary Jane BROWN, 29, McGillivray twp., Biddulph, d/o Andrew BROWN & Mary, witn: Andrew McNAMEE of Biddulph & Mary Ann CANN of McGillivray, 23 Dec 1875 at Ailsa Craig
005476-75 (Middlesex), John McNEIL, 28, labourer, Scotland, Ingersoll, s/o Neil and Ann McNEIL, mar Rebecca ROSS, 28, Canada, Appin in Ekfrid Twp, d/o Peter and Luisa ROSS, witn William J. ROSS and F.H. ROACH both of Ekfrid, 24 Jan 1875 Appin in Ekfrid Twp 005404-75 (Middlesex), James McNEIL, 30, yeoman, London Twp, London Twp, s/o John McNEIL and Catharine McDONALD, mar Isabella MOORE, 30, East Williams, East Williams, d/o Dugald MOORE and Janet HENDERSON, witn James TAYLOR and John McNEIL both of London Twp, 11 Nov 1875 East Williams
005677-75 (Middlesex), John M. MILLER, 32, carpenter, England, St. Thomas, s/o Nathaniel and Ann MILLER, mar Jane MATTHEWS, 33, widow, Ireland, St. Thomas, d/o Samuel and Alice MEANEY, witn A.B. INNIS and Roberta INNIS both of London, 12 Jan 1875 St.Paul's Rectory London 005588-75 (Middlesex) Henry MILLER. 27. farmer, Markham York Co., McGillivray, s/o Hiram & Rebecca MILLER, to Sarah HODGINS, 23, London twp., same, d/o John & Ann HODGINS, wit: Elijah HODGINS & William C. HODGINS both of London twp., 19 January 1875, London twp.
6135-76 Henry MILLS, 27, farmer, Southwold, Dawn, s/o Isaie MILLS & Matilda, married Margaret GORDIER, 19, Dundas, Dawn, d/o Lewis GORDIER & Dinah STRASBURG, witn: Henry GORDIER & C. MILLS, both of Dawn, 22 Dec 1875 at Newbury  
6523-76 James MITCHELL, 35, farmer, Dorchester, same, s/o John MITCHELL & Jane, married Mary Ann CLIFFORD, 19, Nissouri, same, d/o Jeremiah CLIFFORD & Margaret, witn: Alexander MITCHELL of Dorchester & Kate CLIFFORD of Nissouri, 8 Feb 1875 at St. Peters Cathedral, London 005624-75 (Middlesex), Joseph MITCHELL, 24, farmer, Ireland, Biddulph, s/o James MITCHELL and Jane BROWN, mar Mary BEATSON, 24, Biddulph, Biddulph, d/o Albert BEATSON and Elizabeth GRANT, witn Albert and Isabella H. BEATSON of Biddulph, 02 June 1875 Lucan
005582-75 (Middlesex), James MOLLAND, 31, widower, farmer, England, Nissouri West, s/o Philip and Sarah MOLLAND, mar Ellen SUTHERLAND, 22, Nissouri West, Nissouri West, d/o William and Margaret SUTHERLAND, witn James S. DUNN and Martha SUTHERLAND of Nissouri West, 20 Apr 1875 Nissouri West 005572-75 (Middlesex), Robert MORTON, 28, farmer, Canada, McGillivray, s/o James and Jane MORTON, mar Sarah Ann WALTON, 18, Canada, McGillivray, d/o Nicholas and Sarah WALTON, witn Edward WALTON of McGillivray and Seth PRIDE of Ailsa Craig, 25 Nov 1875 McGillivray
6144-76 James MUMA, 24, farmer, Dumfries Ont., Warwick Ont., s/o Benjamin MUMA & Catherine SITTER, married Eliza Jane BEARSS, 19, Warwick, same, d/o Isaac BEARSS & Elizabeth AUGUSTINE, witn: Hester A. RUSSELL & Annie LARGE, both of Metcalfe, 8 Dec 1875 at Kerwood 6605-76 George MURRAY, 27, widower, plumber, Canada, London, s/o George MURRAY & Mary, married Margaret PARKES, 22, widow, Canada, London, d/o Isaac PARKES & Margaret, witn: Duke PALMER & Mary TALBOT, both of London, 19 Dec 1875 at parsonage, London
6411-76 Gardiner MYRICK, 23, farmer, Canada, North Dorchester, s/o Charles MYRICK & Elspeth, married Jennie FINLAY, 24, Canada, North Dorchester, d/o Robert FINLAY & Mary Ann, witn: Robert SMITH & Mary MYRICK, both of Dorchester, 9 Nov 1875 at Belmont [c/b 1876] 006345-76 Middlesex Co) William NEWCOMBE, 22, merchant, Dublin Ireland, Parkhill s/o Rev B.A. & Eliza NEWCOMBE married Ellen ATKINSON, 26, Limerick Ireland, Ailsa Craig d/o Rev Thomas & Sarah W. ATKINSON wtn: James ATKINSON & Hattie SCOTT both if Ailsa Craig, 28 July 1875 at Ailsa Craig
005670-75 (Middlesex), George R. OATES, 35, widower, builder, Watertown New York, Tilsonburg, s/o Edward and Frances OATES, mar Addie S. HOBBS, 23, Prince Edward Island, London, d/o William and Martha HOBBS, witn R. & H.M. DAWSON both of Westminster, 12 Mar 1875 London  
6511-76 John O'GRADY, 26, clerk, Brantford, London, s/o John O'GRADY & Mary, married Ellen Rose McCUE, 24, London, same, d/o John McCUE & Mary, witn: Ann & Patrick QUINN of London, 28 June 1875 at St. Peters Cathedral, London 005492-75 (Middlesex), James PADDEN, 28, farmer, Canada, West Williams, s/o Andrew and Margaret PADDEN, mar Bella DENNE, 22, Canada, Zorra, d/o David and Elizabeth DENNE, witn Eliza PRANGLEY and John SINCLAIR both of Strathroy, 13 Oct 1875 Strathroy
005601-75 (Middlesex) Henry PAISLEY, 24, farmer, London twp., same, s/o Samuel & Jane PAISLEY, to Elizabeth COUSINS, 24, London Ont., Lobo, d/o Thomas & Mary Margaret COUSINS, wit: Agnes COUSINS of Lobo & Felton PAISLEY of London twp., 23 December 1875, Lobo twp 6076-76 Randolph PARKER, 22, farmer, Zone, Bothwell, s/o Thomas & Frances, married Suphy RITCHES, 17, Tyrconnell, Bothwell, d/o John & Sarah RITCHE (sic), witn: Samuel & Diana BAKER of Mosa, 4 Nov 1875 at Mosa
005616-75 (Middlesex) John PARKINSON, 21, farmer, London twp., same, s/o John & Ann PARKINSON, to Hellen CURREN, 21, St. Catharines Ont, London twp., d/o William & Hellen CURREN, wit: Samuel & Hannah PARKINSON of London twp., 24 November 1875, London twp. 006152-76 (Middlesex Co) John PARNELL, 35, porter at bank, England, London s/o James & Susan PARNELL married Mary ARCHER, 25, England, London d/o William & Mary ARCHER wtn: William W. LYONS & Mary A. LYONS both of St Mary's, 23 December 1875 at St James parsonage in Westminster
  005570-75 (Middlesex), John PATCHING, 38, widower, farmer, Worthing England, McGilllivray, s/o James PATCHING and Maria WAKEFORD, mar Isabella ARMSTRONG, 22, McGillivray, McGillivray, d/o Adam ARMSTRONG and Elizabeth HISLOP, witn Gilbert and Ellen GRIEVE of McGillivray, 01 Oct 1875 McGillivray
005618-75 (Middlesex) John PATERSON, 38, carpenter, Scotland, McGillivray twp., s/o Robert PATERSON & Janet LAWRIE, to Mary SINCLAIR, 30, London twp., same, d/o John SINCLAIR & Elizabeth DONALDSON, wit: Robert PATERSON of McGillivray twp. & Catherine CAMPBELL of London twp., 11 November 1875, London twp. 6253-76 Andrew PATON, 24, farmer, McGillivray, same, s/o John & Mary, married Charity Catherine CONNER, 17, Maryborough Ont., McGillivray, d/o William & Sarah, witn: John A. CONNER & Rachel GILBERT, both of McGillivray, 8 Nov 1875 at McGillivray
005639-75 (Middlesex) James PERKINS, 25, butcher, Canada, London twp., s/o Samuel & Mary PERKINS, to Elizabeth Annie QUANCE, 21, Canada, London twp. d/o William & Sarah QUANCE, wit: Francis SEAL & Mary BRIEN both of London twp., 1 January 1875, London 6302-76 James POWE, 25, cabinet maker, Biddulph, Listowel, s/o Jonas POWE & Sarah, married Mary J. GRANT, 22, Biddulph, same, d/o James GRANT & Sarah, witn: George W. GRANT of Biddulph & William G. SPETIGIN of Granton, 23 Dec 1875 at Biddulph
005611-75 (Middlesex) Richard Ambrose POWELL, 28, farmer, Canada, London twp., s/o Ambrose K. & Catherine POWELL, to Mary Jane LAWRENCE, 24, England, London twp., d/o Benjamin & Jane LAWRENCE, wit: William H. ARDIAL & Charles C. POWELL both of London twp., 7 October 1875, London twp. 6339-76 Tom PREST, 26, farmer, England, McGillivray, s/o Thomas PREST & Mary Ann, married Jane E. CRAVEN, 24, McGillivray, same, d/o Linwood CRAVEN & Jane, witn: Marwood PREST && L.H. CRAVEN, both of McGillivray, 4 Nov 1875 at Ailsa Craig
005621-75 (Middlesex), Richard RAYCRAFT, 38, widower, farmer, Ireland, Biddulph, s/o Thomas and Catherine RAYCRAFT, mar Mary CAVANAGH, 35, Ireland, Biddulph, d/o Thomas and Priscilla CAVANAGH, witn Thomas C. and Mary STANLEY of Biddulph, 01 June 1875 Lucan  
6500-76 William RIVERS, 27, farmer, West Nissouri, same, s/o Jared RIVERS & Elizabeth, married Alice Emma MOODY, 21, Brantford, Bayham, d/o Charles MOODY & Charlotte, witn: John & Lydia PIND of West Nissouri, 24 Dec 1875 at 176 Albert St., London 005569-75 (Middlesex), David ROBINSON, 24, farmer, McGillivray, Arthur Ont, s/o Andrew ROBINSON and Sarah PRITCHARD, mar Margaret WEST, 23, Toronto, McGillivray, d/o Samuel WEST and Ann WHITAKER, witn Samuel WEST Jr. of Port Huron and Sarah Ann ROBINSON of McGillivray, 10 Mar 1875 McGillivray
005622-75 (Middlesex), William ROLLINS, 27, farmer, Biddulph, Biddulph, s/o Robert ROLLINS and Rebecca DAGG, mar Eliza Jane HODGINS, 22, Biddulph, Biddulph, d/o John C. HODGINS and Elizabeth ATKINSON, witn John ROLLINS of Biddulph and Matilda SEED of Adelaide, 27 Apr 1875 Lucan 006105-76 (Middlesex Co) George W. ROSS, 34, widower, member of the House of Commons of Canada, Williams in Ontario, Strathroy s/o James & Ellen ROSS married Catherine BOSTON, 28, Lobo, Lobo d/o William & Jane BOSTON wtn: F.P. SAMUEL of London & William GEDDES of Strathroy, 17 November 1875 at Lobo twp
005487-75 (Middlesex), James RUTHERFORD, 26, merchant, Scotland, Watford, s/o Thomas and Isabella RUTHERFORD, mar Elizabeth BAILEY, 19, Whitby, Strathroy, d/o Hugh and Mary Ann BAILEY, witn Stewart BURWELL and W.O. SMITH both of Watford, 15 Sep 1875 Strathroy 6407-75 Vining St.CLAIR, 31, laborer, Canada, North Oxford, s/o Moses St.CLAIR & Catherine, married Catherine OVENS, 22, Canada, North Dorchester, d/o William OVENS & Elizabeth, witn: John GRAHAM & Sarah Jane McDONALD, 13 Oct. 1875 at North Dorchester
005485-75 (Middlesex), John SHAW, 28, farmer, Warwick, Warwick, s/o John SHAW and Mary DUFFY, mar Catherine ROACH, 25, Warwick, Warwick, d/o John ROACH and Mary LEWIS, witn Richard ROACH and Mary MAHAR of Warwick, 18 Oct 1875 Warwick 005594-75 (Middlesex) John H. SHOEBOTTOM, 26, farmer, London twp., same, s/o William & Mary Jane SHOEBOTTOM, to Rebecca SHOEBOTTOM, 17, London twp., same, d/o Isaac & Sarah SHOEBOTTOM, wit: James SHOEBOTTOM & Isaac SHOEBOTTOM both of London twp., 8 April 1875, London twp.
6510-76 John SHORE, 30, farmer, Westminster, same, s/o John SHORE & Mary, married Eliza SCOTT, 29, Westminster, same, d/o Alexander SCOTT & Margaret, witn: John & Ellen FORBES of Westminster, 7 July 1875 at St. Peters Cathedral, London  
005442-75 (Middlesex), Allen SIMMONS, 23, farmer, Caradoc, Caradoc, s/o William and Lucinda SIMMONS, mar Anna SMALES, 18, Lobo, Caradoc, d/o Isaac and Elizabeth SMALES, witn William and Lucinda SIMMONS of Caradoc, 01 Nov 1875 Caradoc 005680-75 (Middlesex), William SIMMONS, 23, wagon maker, Ontario, Westminster, s/o John and Martha SIMMONS, mar Eliza Anne DALE, 27, Ontario, Westminster, d/o Joseph and Catherine DALE, witn David James and Catherine DALE of Westminster, 24 Mar 1875 at minister's residence
005608-75 (Middlesex) John B. SMYTH, 47, merchant, England, London, widower, s/o John & Elizabeth SMYTH, to Jane Ellen HUGHES, 41, Wales, London twp., d/o John & Jeanette HUGHES, wit: Harry Smyth of London & Hannah A. ROWLAND, 1 June 1875, London twp. 005498-75 (Middlesex), Grant SOBCOX (Silcox?), 40, widower, postmaster, Southwold, Southwold, s/o Daniel and Rhoda GUERNSEY, mar Mary OLIVER, 18, McGillivray, McGillivray, d/o Ware OLIVER and Sarah GELDER, witn Thomas and Eliza IBBETSON of McGillivray, 20 Apr 1875 Strathroy
  6188-76 James SPALDING, 36, farmer, Perthshire Scotland, Warwick, s/o Alexander SPALDING & Jane, married Ellen WARNOCK, 26, illegible, of Warwick, d/o William WARNOCK & Barbara?, witn: Christopher WILLOUGHBY of Warwick & Armina illegible of Brooke twp., 17? Dec 1875 at Strathroy [faded reg'n]
005403-75 (Middlesex), Henry STEIPER, 22, farmer, McGillivray, same, s/o William and Margaret STEIPER, mar Catharine BEAN, 20, King Twp, McGillivray, d/o William and Catharine BEAN, witn Richard FOX of McGillivray and William NEWTON of Carlisle Village, 03 Nov 1875 Carlisle Village 5722-75 Joseph STEPHENSON, 30, farmer, Canada, West Flamboro, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Janet HUFFMAN, 25, Canada, West Flamboro, d/o Solomon & Harriet, witn: Joseph STEPHENSON & Rachel WISE, both of W. Flamboro, 16 Feb 1875 at Western Hotel, London
005560-75 (Middlesex), Stephen STEWARD, 21, farmer, Caradoc, Caradoc, s/o James and Susan STEWARD, mar Zelinda CAVAN, 21, Toronto Twp, Caradoc, d/o Hugh and Mary CAVAN, witn Amos W. THOMAS and Mary RYAN both of Wardsville, 02 Oct 1875 Wardsville 6541-76 William STRONG, 21, farmer, East Indies, West Nissouri, s/o James STRONG & Mary, married Mary Jane SIMS, 17, Canada, West Nissouri, d/o Samuel SIMS & Jane, witn: Joseph SIMS of West Nissouri & Ellen CLAMPET of London, 22 Dec 1875 at B.C. Parsonage, London
6265-76 David SUMMERS, 20, farmer, Delaware, same, s/o John SUMMERS & Elizabeth, married Rachel WILLIAMS, 17, Delaware, same, d/o Aaron WILLIAMS & Catherine, witn: John & Jacob NICHOLAS of Delaware, 20 Dec 1875 at Delaware  
005478-75 (Middlesex), Robert SUTHERLAND, 24, farmer, Caradoc, Caradoc, s/o John SUTHERLAND and Elizabeth INCHES, mar Mary HENDRY, 19, Hamilton, Caradoc Twp, d/o James HENDRY and Margaret GARNETT, witn Andrew SMALL and John SUTHERLAND both of Caradoc, 20 Jan 1875 Caradoc 6406-76 Richard THOMAS, 26, carriage builder, England, Nilestown, s/o James THOMAS & Susan, married Annie SAGE, 20, Canada, Nilestown, d/o William SAGE & Erena, witn: William & Emma SAGE of Nilestown, 11 Aug. 1875 at Dorchester Station
005598-75 (Middlesex) Stephen THOMPSON, 40, freight agent N. R. R., Belleville Ont., Barrie Ont., s/o John H. THOMPSON & Hannah GANTON, to Annie McRAE, 23, London twp., same, d/o Donald McRAE & Margaret STORMONT, wit: William H. BEATTIE of Westminster & Elspeth McRAE of London twp., 28 October 1875, London twp. 005591-75 (Middlesex) Andrew THOMSON, 23, wagon maker, Canada, Stratford, s/o Hugh THOMSON & Janet KIRKPATRICK, to Maria RICHARDS, 22, Canada, Nissouri, d/o William RICHARDS & Ann THOMAS, wit: George THOMSON & Mary RICHARDS both of Nissouri, 6 January 1875, London twp.
005571-75 (Middlesex), John TORRANCE, 23, farmer, Canada, McGillivray, s/o John and Jane TORRANCE, mar Rachael DORMAN, 20, Canada, McGillivray, d/o James and Catherine DORMAN, witn David TORRANCE and David BROPHEY both of McGillivray, 10 Nov 1875 McGillivray 005584-75 (Middlesex), Connally TORRIES, 34, farmer, Ireland, Oxford, s/o Samuel and Mary TORRIES, mar Mary Amelia TEEPLE, 34, West Nissouri, West Nissouri, d/o Stephen and Rachel TEEPLE, witn S. DUNDAS of Oxford and Lizzie H. BOYD of Dorchester, 06 Oct 1875 West Nissouri
005412-75 (Middlesex), Charles C. TURPIN, 25, farmer, Ireland, Caradoc, s/o William Peter and Emily TURPIN, mar Elizabeth Mary CROFT, 21, United States, Delaware, d/o George and Julia CROFT, witn Arthur SEABROOK of Delaware and Robert FISHER of Westminster, 22 Apr 1875 Delaware 005494-75 (Middlesex), Lewis UPP, 24, builder, Canada, Caradoc, s/o David and Lucy UPP, mar Sarah STOVER, 21, Canada, Caradoc, d/o Jacob and Emma STOVER, witn L.E. KILBY of Strathroy and E. HISCOX of Caradoc, 29 Oct 1875 Strathroy
005482-75 (Middlesex), Duncan URQUHART, 22, farmer, Lobo, Ekfrid, s/o William URQUHART and Mary McLELLAN, mar Janet McGEACHIE, 18, Argyleshire Scotland, Ekfrid, d/o Malcolm McGEACHIE and Catherine McEWEN, witn William URQUHART and Malcolm McGEACHIE both of Ekfrid, 31 Mar 1875 Ekfrid 005411-75 (Middlesex), John VAIL, 24, farmer, Delaware, Caradoc, s/o Aaron and Elizabeth VAIL, mar Mary Ellen DEADMAN, 21, Delaware, Westminster, d/o Henry and Mary Ann DEADMAN, witn A.G. DEADMAN and Emily VAIL both of Caradoc, 16 Mar 1875 Delaware
6506-76 William WALSH, 24, clerk, Toronto, Petersville, s/o John WALSH & Catherine, married Ellen GOLDRIE, 18, Scotland, London, d/o John GOLDRIE & Isabella, witn: Robert & Ellen HORNSBY of London, 2 Sept 1875 at St. Peters Cathedral, London 005590-75 (Middlesex) Isaac WALTERS, 25, farmer, Lobo, same, s/o David & Anne WALTERS, to Martha A. EDWARDS, 25, Lobo, same, d/o Richard & Selinda EDWARDS, wit: David OWEN & Annie WALTERS both of Lobo, 23 March 1875, London twp
005603-75 (Middlesex) William WHITE, 28, merchant, London twp., Bryanston, s/o William & Susannah WHITE, to Martha Caroline EEDY, Gore of Toronto, London twp., d/o Charles & Ellen EEDY, wit: Henry GERMYN of Granton & Mary Jane WHITE of London twp., 24 May 1875, London twp. 6448-76 William WHITELAW, 25, farmer, Reach twp., West Williams, s/o Alexander WHITELAW & Nancy DEHART, married Caroline MOTT, 18, West Williams, same, d/o James? MOTT & Maria LOOMIS, witn: John JAMES & Caroline LOOMIS, both of West Williams, 2 Nov 1875 at West Williams
005585-75 (Middlesex), William WILLIAMSON, 24, farmer, England, West Nissouri, s/o Joseph and Eliza, mar Thurza HUBBARD, 21, England, West Nissouri, d/o William and Ruth HUBBARD, witn John H. and Ruth HOULTON of West Nissouri, 06 Oct 1875 West Nissouri 0056914-75 (Middlesex) Robert Christopher WILSON, 26, farmer, London twp., same, s/o Oliver & Margaret WILSON, to Jane McINTOSH, 23, Lobo twp., same, d/o William & Catherine McINTOSH, wit: Alfred WILSON of London twp. & Mary CRANDON of Lobo twp., 26 October 1875, London
005607-75 (Middlesex) Thomas WILSON, 30, farmer, London twp., same, s/o Oliver WILSON & Margaret ROBSON, to Catherine McNEIL, 21, London twp., same, d/o John McNEIL & Catherine McDONALD, wit: John McNEIL & Ann WILSON both of London twp., 20 May 1875, London twp 005581-75 (Middlesex), John WILSON, 24, farmer, London, London Twp, s/o William and Elizabeth WILSON, mar Sarah McLELLAN, 19, Ireland, Nissouri West, d/o Hugh and Nancy McLELLAN, witn Harry EVANS and Esther WILSON both of West Nissouri, 24 Feb. 1875 West Nissouri
005619-75 (Middlesex), Robert S. WRIGHT, 45, farmer, England, London Twp, s/o Richard and Rachel WRIGHT, mar Amy Jane STEPHENSON, 39, Yarmouth, Forest, d/o Joseph Anson and Elizabeth STEPHENSON, witn William BURNETT of Forest and Margaret McROBERTS of Lucan, 03 July 1875 Lucan 005408-75 (Middlesex), George WYATT, 28, widower, farmer, East Williams, East Williams, s/o Edward WYATT and Ann FRASER, mar Annie DEWAR, 29, Perthshire Scotland, East Williams, d/o Robert DEWAR and Janet McLAREN, witn James DEWAR of Strathroy and William WYATT of East Williams, 21 Jan 1875 East Williams