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Middlesex Co., 1876, part 2

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6621-76 Henry Amos ARNOLD, 24, painter, England, London, s/o James ARNOLD & Maria, married Susannah ATKINSON, 22, London, same, d/o John ATKINSON & Elizabeth, witn: William GREER & V. ATKINSON, both of London, 13 July 1876 at res of the bride's mother, 299 Simcoe St., London 6535-76 James BAILEY, 23, yeoman, England, West Nissouri, s/o Richard BAILEY & Sarah, married Mary HULL, 21, England, West Nissouri, d/o Francis HULL & Mary, witn: Sarah NEADS of Bowmanville & Matilda RICE of London, 31 Jan 1876 at B.C. parsonage, London
6630-76 James Alfred BARTON (Banton?), 21, confectioner, England, London, s/o William BARTON & Elizabeth, married Kate YELLAND, 19, Canada, London, d/o Edmund YELLAND & Elizabeth, witn: Jane & Emma HARDY of London, 20 March 1876 at 409 Horton St., London 6603-76 George BAWDEN, 21, confectioner, England, London, s/o William BAWDEN & Rebecca, married Emma BRYANTON, 18, London, same, d/o Robert BRYANTON & Charlotte, witn: John ATWELL & Mary Orpha JONES, 23 May 1876 at res of bride's father, King St., London
6547-76 Adam BEGG, 44, merchant, Edinburgh Scotland, London, s/o William BEGG & Ann, married Agnes A. THOMPSON, 27, Canada, London, d/o John THOMPSON & Amelia, witn: Alex McINTOSH & John M. MacINTOSH, both of London, 26 Jan 1876 at 332 Dundas St., London 6418-76 J. Daniel BERKET, 21, farmer, Canada, North Dorchester, s/o William BERKET & Manda G., married Mary PICKEL, 20, Canada, North Dorchester, d/o Wilmot PICKEL & Fannie, witn: Mrs. J. LINCE of Nissouri & Miss Sarah LINCE of Dorchester, 19 April 1876 at Dorchester
6551-76 Joseph BISHOP, 27, clerk, Ontario, Strathroy, s/o William BISHOP & Agnes, married Anna FERRIS, 22, Ontario, Strathroy, d/o David FERRIS & Mary, witn: J.T. & John LOWRY of London, 21 march 1876 at res of Alex Lowry, Cartwright St., London 6609-76 Robert BLACKWELL, 20, laborer, England, West Nissouri, s/o Robert BLACKWELL & Ellen, married Eliza CULBERT, 24, Ireland, Westminster, d/o James CULBERT & Rebecca, witn: John LOCKYER & Dora MARTIN, both of London, 8 June 1876 at parsonage, Wellington St., London
6538-76 George BONSER, 28, joiner, England, Westminster, s/o George BONSER & Mary, married Norah DAVEY, 21, England, Westminster, d/o George DAVEY & Sarah, witn: P.J. WOOD & Mary DOWN, both of Stratford and George DAVEY of Westminster, 11 Jan 1876 at res of bride's father, Westminster 6613-76 John Joseph BRIERLY, 21, laborer, Canada, East London, s/o Thomas BRIERLY & Louisa, married Louisa BELL, 21, England, London, d/o Henry BELL & Priscilla, witn: John BARRET & Hannah BELL, both of London, 24 Mach 1876 at res of bride's father, London
6593-76 John Henry BROWN, 30, laborer, Ireland, London East, s/o James BROWNE (Sic) & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth Ann WEBBER, 28, England, London East, d/o John WEBBER & Elizabeth, witn: Mary WINDRUM & John WEBBER, both of London East, 6 May 1878 at King St., London East  
6293-76 Thomas CARNELL (Cornell?), 24, laborer, England, London twp., s/o Thomas CARNELL & Harriet, married Elizabeth MATTHEWS, 16, London twp., same, d/o Philip MATTHEWS & Mary, witn: Thomas WOODBURNE of London twp & Thomas TROTTER of Woodstock, 20 July 1876 at London twp 6304-76 Thomas CASEY, 26, farmer, Biddulph, same, s/o Henry CASEY & Mary, married Mary WHALEN, 21, Ohio, Biddulph, d/o William WHALEN & Catherine, witn: Hugh TOOHEY & Hannah WHALEN, both of Biddulph, 17 Feb 1876 at Biddulph
6607-76 Frederick David Trollope CHAPMAN, 32, book binder, England, Guelph, s/o Farmer & Maria TROLLOPE, married Mary Ann FOX, 28, England, London, d/o Jacob & Ann FOX, witn: J.C.H. PAPER of London & Theron GIBSON of Guelph, 8 June 1876 at res of bride's mother, 131 Oxford St., London 006351-76 Middlesex Co) William COLLINGWOOD, 21, farmer, Grey twp, Stephen twp s/o Thomas & Violet COLLINGWOOD married Grace WELCH, 19, Stephen twp, Stephen twp d/o William & Charlotte WELCH wtn: William WELCH & Mabel BOX both of Stephen, 29 June 1876 at Ailsa Craig
6518-76 John CONKEY, 26, farmer, Adelaide twp., same, s/o Robert CONKEY & Jane, married Mary DALE, 25, Westminster twp., same, d/o David DALE & Elizabeth, witn: Richard PINCOMBE of Westminster twp., 2 Feb 1876 at Minister's residence, 396 King St., London 6596-76 William CONLEY, 34, farmer, Ireland, West Nissouri, s/o Alexander CONLEY & Jane, married Lucinda SCOTT, 28, West Nissouri, same, d/o Henry SCOTT & Charlotte, witn: Mrs. C.D. COLLAMORE & Mrs. H. KEENE, both of London, 31 May 1876 at 176 Albert St., London
  006361-76 Middlesex Co) John Duncan COTTER, 23, cabinet finisher, Canada, Parkhill s/o John Rogers & Jane COTTER married Jannette BAIRD, 19, Canada, Parkhill d/o Hugh C. & Jane Ann BAIRD wtn: Joseph A. JAMES & Oliver BAIRD of Parkhill, 10 February 1876 at Parkhill
6636-76 Charles James CROCKETT, 22, carpenter, Canada, Petersville, s/o John CROCKETT & Martha Jane, married Louisa Jane PRICE, 26, Ireland, Petersville, d/o James John PRICE & Ann, witn: Luke JEFFRIES & Elizabeth CROCKETT, both of Petersville, 8 July 1876 at res of Mr. Price, Petersville 6519-76 Edward E. CROSSIN, 23, piano forte maker, Waterloo Co., l, s/o Charles CROSSIN & Anna, married Martha DAVIES, 21, Ingersoll, London, d/o David DAVIES & Rachel, witn: William Charles LAWRENCE & Esau DAVIS, both of London, 2 Feb 1876 at res of Mr. Davis, Wellington St., London
6320-76 Dukes DALTON, 43, widower, farmer, England, Ekfrid, s/o Dukes DALTON & Ann, married Mary FORBES, 50, widow, Scotland, Ekfrid, d/o John RENNIE & Mary, witn: John McLEAN & John DALTON, both of Ekfrid, 11 Jan 1876 at res of Mrs. Forbes 6634-76 Frank DANN, 33 (35?), clergyman, England, Sarnia twp., s/o William DANN & Sarah, married Charlotte ALLEN, 23, Canada, St. Marys, d/o Jacob ALLEN & Maria, witn: Robert CLARK of Woodstock & Anna A. DALE of St. Marys, 5 Jan 1876 at 409 Horton St., London
6597-76 William Henry DELL, 31, widower, confectioner, Canada, Brantford, s/o Henry DELL & Sarah, married Eliza Ann HICKSON, 31, England, London, d/o Samuel HICKSON & Harriett, witn: Joseph William HICKSON of Toronto & Sarah Ann HICKSON of London, 31 May 1876 at res of the bride's father, London 6437-76 Robert DEMPSTER, 25, farmer, Adelaide, same, s/o Robert DEMPSTER & Eliza, married Eliza Ann GALLAWAY, 24, Adelaide, same, d/o Shalta GALLAWAY & Eliza, witn: Nathaniel C. DAVIDSON & Frances GALLAWAY, both of Adelaide, 15 Feb 1876 at Adelaide
6635-76 John DOAN, 22, farmer, Canada, Dorchester twp., s/o John DOAN & Marilla, married Jane ROBERTS, 19, Canada, Dorchester twp., d/o David ROBERTS & Agnes, witn: William ROBERTS & Delia DOAN, both of Dorchester twp., 29 June 1876 at St. Pauls Church, London 6623-76 Orlando DOAN, 24, shoemaker, Dorchester twp., Belmont, s/o Richard DOAN & Rachel, married Maria Jane SMITH, 24, Charlotteville twp., Westminster twp., d/o John SMITH & Charity, witn: George M. DOAN & Elizabeth LANGDON, 6 June 1876 at 446 Clarence St., London
006116-76 (Middlesex Co) Abram Post EDINGTON, 38, widower, painter, Seneca - Co Sasse? NY, Lobo s/o Phillip & Magdaline EDINGTON married Josephine Mary PURDY, 24, New Brunswick, Lobo d/o Ames & Phoebe Ann PURDY wtn: Don PURDY of McGillvray & William Henry MOORE of Lobo, 23 September 1876 at Lobo 6599-76 Robert ELSON, 23, farmer, England, Lobo twp., s/o Michael ELSON & Dinah, married Mary Esther CARTER, 22, St. Catharines, Lobo twp., d/o Isaac CARTER & Catherine, witn: Hugh & Elizabeth ZAVITZ , 24 April 1876 at parsonage, 446 Clarence St., London
6328-76 Henry ERRITT, 35, farmer, Caradoc twp., same, s/o Henry ERRITT & Letitia, married Sarah McINTYRE, 30, Ekfrid twp., same, d/o John McINTYRE & Margaret CAMPBELL, witn: John RHAG & Charles SUTHERLAND, both of Ekfrid, 3 May 1876 at Ekfrid 6505-76 Henry FOLGER, 28, clerk, USA., Hamilton, s/o Benjamin FOLGER & Maria, married Margaret DALRYMPLE, 26, Ontario, Norwich, d/o John DALRYMPLE & Bridget, witn: Annie DALRYMPLE & Bernard McAULEY, both of Hamilton, 3 Jan 1876 at St. Peters Cathedral, London
6587-76 William FRANK, 38, farmer, Westminster twp., same, s/o Henry FRANK & Margaret, married Jane CLARKE, 22, Westminster twp., same, d/o William CLARK & Elizabeth, witn: William DORMAN & Sarah CLARK, both of Westminster twp., 11 April 1876 at Ministers House, London 6549-76 Angus D. FRASER, 26, hotel keeper, Ontario, Appin, s/o Agnes (Angus?) FRASER & Jannet, married Mary McKINNON, 24, Stormont, Appin, d/o Hugh McKINNON & Catherine, witn: John McALPIN of London & John PURCELL of Elgin Co., 19 Feb 1876 at res of Dr. McAlpin, Albert St., London
  6631-76 William Augustus GARLICK, 23, hotel keeper, USA, London, s/o William A. GARLICK & Hannah, married Mary Jane JOHNSTON, 23, Canada, London, d/o James JOHNSTON & Elizabeth, witn: Mary Ker COOPER & John JUDSON, both of London, 15 March 1876 at 409 Horton St., London
6544-76 George GATECLIFF, 28, farmer, England, London twp., s/o George GATECLIFF & Mary, married Sarah KEOWN, 27, Scotland, London twp., d/o Charles KEOWN & Ellen, witn: Matilda J. & M. Ida GIMLEY of London, 14 March 1876 at parsonage, London 6294-76 John Walter GEE, 24, shoe maker, North Dorchester, same, s/o Jeremiah GEE & Dorothy, married Louisa NOYES, 26, Westminster Ont., London twp., d/o William NOYES & Mary, witn: William NOYES of London twp & Jeremiah S. GEE of London, 13 Sept 1876 at London twp
6548-76 Samuel GIBBLING, 27, widower, laborer, England, London, s/o W.J. GIBBLING & Lucy, married Annie GARDNER, 29, widow, England, London, d/o Andrew GARDNER & Sarah, witn: George Anna MURRAY & Annie SHAY, both of London, 31 Jan 1876 at St. Andrews Manse , London 6542-76 Alfred GIBLING, 34, widower, stone cutter, England, London, s/o William John GIBLING & Lucy, married Jane THOMPSON, 29, Ireland, London, d/o Samuel THOMPSON & Margaret, witn: John SKINNER of London & Jessie THOMPSON of Parkhill, 18 Jan 1876 at Memorial Church Rectory, London
6620-76 Alfred William GLASS, 21, druggist, USA, London, s/o Graham GLASS & Frances Ann, married Emma M. WALMSLEY, 20, St. Thomas Ont., London, d/o William WALMSLEY & Elizabeth, witn William THOMAS of 192 Richmond St.., 9 June 1876 at 192 Richmond St., London 6521-76 William GRANT, 28, farmer, Biddulph twp., same, s/o William GRANT & Charlotte, married Mary SEALE, 23, Port Burwell, McGillivray twp., d/o George SEALE & Melinda, witn: David GRANT of Biddulph & Lizzie SEALE of McGillivray, 3 Feb 1876 at St. Pauls Church, London
6137-76 Joseph HANDS, 28, farmer, Euphemia, same, s/o James HANDS & Charlotte, married Emily EASTLAKE, 24, Orford, Euphemia, d/o James EASTLAKE & Nancy McGUIRE, witn: Walter BRYANT & Charlotte HANDS, both of Euphemia, 27 Dec 1876 at Newbury 6626-76 Robert HANNAH, 35, book keeper, St. John NB, London, s/o Robert HANNAH & Susan, married Agnes NOBLE, 24, Toronto, London, d/o Thomas NOBLE & Catherine, witn: William GREEN of London & Sarah NOBLE of Brantford, 9 May 1876 at res of Cal? Lewis, London
6449-76 Brian HARRIS, 55, widower, farmer, England, West Williams, s/o not given, married Lucinda KIPP, 39, widow, Ontario, West Williams, do George THOMPSON & Deborah CLARKE, witn: George & Sarah THOMPSON of West Williams, 23 March 1876 at West Williams 6608-76 John HARVEY, 27, widower, carpenter, Bruce Co., London, s/o Anthony HARVEY & Susannah, married Annie JOHNSTON, 27, widow, England, London, d/o Richard James STRATTON & Sarah, witn: James Hunt STRATTON of London, 8 June 1876 at 396 King St., London
6441-76 Alfred John HAWS, 29, farmer, England, Adelaide, s/o Henry HAWS & Sophia, married Anna Sophia PAINE, 24, Adelaide, same, d/o John PAINE & Elizabeth, witn: John E. & Sarah Jane PAINE of Adelaide, 13 May 1876 at Adelaide  
6504-76 John HENNESSEY, 26, mechanic, Huron Co., London, s/o John HENNESSEY & Johana, married Sarah ARCHER, 26, Ireland, London, d/o John ARCHER & Ann, witn: John GLEESON & Elizabeth LEGRY, both of London, 12 Jan 1876 at St. Peters Cathedral, London 6307-76 William HICKS, 30, farmer, England, Stephen, s/o Samuel HICKS & Betsy, married Mahalah JONES, 22, Biddulph, same, d/o Francis JONES & Eleanor Jane, witn: Thomas HICKS & Mary OAK, both of Stephen, 26 Jan 1876 at Biddulph
6422-76 Christopher Watson HIND, 25, cheese maker, Canada, Walpole, s/o Thomas HIND & Mary, married Mary Alma JOLLIFFE, 22, Canada, North Dorchester, d/o Richard JOLLIFFE & Margaret, witn: William JOLLIFFE of Dorchester & Mary HIND of Walpole, 19 April 1876 at Dorchester 6421-76 Arthur HOLBEN, 25, baker, England, North Dorchester, s/o John HOLBEN & Elizabeth, married Mary Ann GEE, 22, Canada, North Dorchester, d/o William GEE & Ann, witn: Samuel HOLBEN & Elizabeth GEE, both of North Dorchester, 3 May 1876 at res of the bride, North Dorchester
006348-76 Middlesex Co) William HOWARD, 25, yeoman, Fitzroy, Lucan s/o John H. & Mary HOWARD married Abbey MAYO, 20, Lucan, Lucan d/o James & Ann MAYO wtn: Joseph CULBERT & Mary McLEAN both of Lucan, 1 March 1876 at Ailsa Craig 6594-76 Thomas HOWARD, 30, farmer, London twp., same, s/o James HOWARD & Abigail, married Mary HARRIS, 18, McGillivray twp., London twp., d/o Steward HARRIS & Eliza, witn: Richard F. DIXON & Mary HOWARD, both of London twp., 23 May 1876 at Mr. Clark's house, Richmond St., London
6435-76 William HOWIE, 23, laborer, Ontario, Belmont, s/o Jacob HOWIE & Margaret, married Maria WILSIE, 18, USA, Belmont, d/o James WILSIE & Mary Jane, wtn: C.J. HOOVER & M.J. WILSIE, both of Belmont, 4 Aug. 1876 at Belmont  
6430-76 Henry HUNTER, 33, carpenter, Canada, North Dorchester, s/o Paul HUNTER & Susannah, married Rachel BURT, 30, New Brunswick, North Dorchester, d/o Oliver BURT & Hannah, witn: Lilly YOUNG of Nissouri & Richard SHAW of North Dorchester, 31 March 1876 at Dorchester Station 6190-76 John IRELAND, 25, farmer, Niagara, Metcalfe, d/o John IRELAND & Mary, married Hannah KINGSTON, 22, Toronto, Adelaide, d/o Paul KINGSTON & Elizabeth, witn: Matilda SEED & Hugh IRELAND, both of Adelaide, 11 Jan 1876 at Strathroy [faded reg'n]
6595-76 Robert Harrington JERMAN, 25, builder, Westminster twp., same, s/o Henry JERMAN & Mary, married Martha BRYANT, 27, widow, Caradoc twp., Westminster twp., d/o David LOCKWOOD & Mary, witn: Mary BELL & Nancy A. ELWOOD, both of London, 24 May 1876 at 554 Horton St., London 6591-76 John JOHNSTONE, 38, farmer, Delaware Ont., same, s/o Henry JOHNSTONE & Mary, married Mary Elizabeth YOUNG, 27 , Caradoc, same, d/o James YOUNG & Mary, witn: William YOUNG of Caradoc & Stephen WILD of Delaware, 11 April 1876 at St. Andrews Manse, London
006117-76 (Middlesex Co) Abraham JONES, 24, farmer, London, Ailsa Craig s/o Daniel & Catherine JONES married Margaret McLELLAN, 22, Williams, Lobo d/o John & Mary McLELLAN wtn: Edward SINGULAR & Archibald McLELLAN, 16 November 1876 at Lobo 6534-76 David JONES, 28, farmer, Canada, Westminster, s/o Hiram JONES & Susan, married Catherine Annie DALE, 24, Canada, Westminster, d/o Joseph DALE & Catherine, witn: Abraham JONES & Elvira DALE, both of Westminster, 13 March 1876 at parsonage, London
6604-76 Samuel Dudder KILBOURNE, 23, farmer, Canada, Delaware, s/o Henry KILBOURNE & Sarah, married Ellen B. MUIR (Mair?), 20, Canada, Westminster, d/o William MUIR & Ann, witn: John & Em MUIR of Westminster, 26 Feb 1876 at parsonage, London 6429-76 Philip KINGSWELL, 23, farmer, England, Harrietsville, s/o William KINGSWELL & Mary Ann, married Elizabeth MILLER, 20, Ireland, Harrietsville, d/o Hunter MILLER & Elizabeth, witn: William HARRISON & Emma WOODWORTH, both of Belmont, 1 Aug. 1876 at St. Georges Church, Belmont
6325-76 Alfred LANE, 22, farmer, Gloucestershire England, Ekfrid, s/o Joseph LANE & Ann, married Hannah TROWHILL, 18, Vaughan Ont., Ekfrid, d/o Samuel TROWHILL & Ann, witn: George TROWHILL & Mary Ann McNEIL, both of Ekfrid, 11 Jan 1876 at Ekfrid 006099-76 (Middlesex Co) William LEGGE, 26, farmer, Ontario, Nissouri West s/o John & Eliza married Elizabeth BOURNE, 20, Ontario, Nissouri West d/o John Lloyd & Caroline wtn: Robert RIDDEL & Margaret BOURNE of Nissouri West, 23 February 1876 at Nissouri West
006129-76 (Middlesex Co) George LIGHTFOOT, 37, farmer, Yorkshire England, McGillvray twp s/o Thomas & Sarah LIGHTFOOT married Sarah TWEDDLE, 23, Scotland, McGillvray twp d/o John & Elizabeth TWEDDLE wtn: Joseph NEWTON of Alvinston & George TWEDDLE of McGillvray, 24 May 1876 at Carlisle  
6600-76 James LITTLE, 25, farmer, London twp., McGillivray twp., s/o John LITTLE & Eliza, married Fanny McCLINCHEY, 21, Pickering twp., Stephen twp., d/o Matthew MCLINCHEY & Mary, witn: Henry HAGERMAN & Kate ROSS, 24 April 1876 at parsonage, Clarence St., London 006148-76 (Middlesex Co) Donald LIVINGSTONE, 27, farmer, Mosa, Mosa s/o Duncan & Mary LIVINGSTONE married Katie McCALLUM, 20, Metcalfe, Metcalfe d/o John & Flora McCALLUM wtn: John McFARLAND of Ekfrid & Neil McKELLAR of Metcalfe, 11 July 1876 at the residence of the bride's mother in Metcalfe
006094-76 (Middlesex Co) George LONG, 23, farmer, South Dumfries, Caradoc s/o George & Hannah LONG married Catharine NEWTON, 22, Hamilton, Caradoc d/o Richard & Ellen NEWTON wtn: George VINCENT of Caradoc & Armintha KETCHEN of Windham, 15 November 1876 at Caradoc 006112-76 (Middlesex Co) John LOWNSBURY, 53, widower, lumberman, New Brunswick, Seaforth s/o William & Sally LOWNSBURY married Rebecca Ann WILLIAMS, 52, widow, Mosa, Lobo d/o George & Mary BARNES wtn: David CHARLTON, Elwood TAYLOR & Sarah A. CHARLTON all of Lobo, 8 April 1876 at Lobo
006355-76 Middlesex Co) William LYONS, 24, tinsmith, St Catharines, Ailsa Craig s/o John & Mary LYONS married Mary CARROLL, 20, Greenwood Ontario, Ailsa Craig d/o Bartholomew & Catharine CARROLL wtn: John McGILLVRAY of Parkhill & Maggie CARROLL of Ailsa Craig, 23 November 1876 at Ailsa Craig 6427-76 Charles MALLETT, 34, workman, London England, North Dorchester, s/o John MALLETT & Sarah, married Anne MORRISON, 26, North Dorchester, same, d/o John MORRISON & Ellen, witn: David MORRISON of North Dorchester & Annie WRIGHT of Nissouri, 31 may 1876 at res of bride's mother, North Dorchester
006150-76 (Middlesex Co) Francis MARCOM, 26, farmer, Metcalfe, Metcalfe s/o John & Mary MARCOM married Mary Eliza DEMPSEY, 17, Thamesford, Metcalfe d/o John & Phoebe DEMPSEY wtn: Charles ROUTLY of Adelaide & Merria (Maria?) MARCOM of Metcalfe, 2 November 1876 at the manse in Mosa 006358-76 Middlesex Co) Archibald McALPINE, 23, carriage maker, McGillivray twp in Middlesex Co, McGillivray twp s/o Donald & Elizabeth McALPINE married Adeline HOWIE, 23, Oxford Canada, Ailsa Craig d/o James & Elizabeth HOWIE wtn: J.G. HOWIE & Mary MITCHELL both of Stephen twp in Huron Co, 25 December 1876 at Ailsa Craig
6434-76 Dugald McBRAYNE, 34, teacher, Ontario, Belmont, s/o Dugald McBRAYNE & Jane, married Isabella COLE, 29, Ontario, Belmont, d/o Joseph COLE & Ann, witn: Daniel McBRAYNE of Wallacetown & Eliza COLE of Belmont, 6 July 1876 at Belmont 006093-76 (Middlesex Co) Hugh McCALLUM, 29, farmer, Metcalfe, Metcalfe s/o John & Flora McCALLUM married Annie FERGUSON, 24, Mosa, Mosa d/o Alexander & Mary FERGUSON wtn: Donald McCALLUM of Metcalf & Archibald McALPINE of Mosa, 28 November 1876 at Mosa
6366-76 James McCLOY, 25, farmer, Stanley twp., Stephen, s/o Archibald McCLOY & Nancy, married Elizabeth UNDERWOOD, 18, Scarboro, Stephen, d/o John UNDERWOOD & Mary, witn: Archibald McCLOY & Rebecca UNDERWOOD, both of Stephen, 23 March 1876 at Parkhill 6335-76 John S. McCOLL, 37, farmer, Scotland, Ekfrid twp., s/o Samuel McCOLL & Flora BLACK, married Margaret McTAGGART, 26, Ekfrid twp., same, d/o Lachlan McTAGGART & Mary GALBRAITH, witn: Angus McTAGGART & Samuel McCOLL, both of Ekfrid, 24 Oct 1876 at Ekfrid twp
6610-76 Thomas John McCORMICK, 43, widower, gentleman, London, same, s/o Andrew & Alice Holmes McCORMICK, married Alice Mary Frances Juxton COATE, 26, widow, London twp. London, d/o William Wall & Louisa Madeline GRAY, witn: Dr. G.P. JONES & Amey TERSTEN, both of London, 7 June 1876 at St. Pauls Church, London  
006145-76 (Middlesex Co) Joseph McCULLY, 27, farmer, Westminster, Metcalfe s/o John McCULLY & Jane IRVINE married Elizabeth CHITTICK, 18, Blanshard, Brooke s/o Christopher CHITTICK & Jane FIELDS wtn: Hester A. RUSSELL & Annie LARGE both of Metcalfe, 1 February 1876 Kerwood in Metcalfe twp 6428-76 Richard McDONALD, 26, blacksmith, Canada, Springfield, s/o Richard McDONALD & Mary, married Betsey Ann WARD, 23, Canada, North Dorchester, d/o Rufus WARD & Ann, witn: Rufus WARD Jr. & Anna MOAKS, both of North Dorchester, 26 July 1876 at Avon
6585-76 Walter McDONALD, 24, GWR employee, Scotland, London, s/o Kenneth McDONALD & Bella, married Mary Ann JARVIS, 17, Canada, London, d/o Henry JARVIS & Susan, witn: George ANGLES & Harriet McKENZIE, both of London, 25 April 1876 at St. Pauls Rectory, London 6509-76 James McDONALD, 35, widower, horse dealer, Ireland, London, s/o Jeremiah McDONALD & Isabella, married Susan YOUNG, 26, Ireland, London, d/o Thomas YOUNG & Ann, witn: Andrew THOMPSON & Ann QUINN, both of London, 11 Jan 1876 at St. Peters Cathedral, London
6362-76 John McEACHON, 36, farmer, Scotland, West Williams, s/o Neil McEACHON & Christie McINTYRE, married Annie McDONALD, 28, Canada, West Williams, d/o John McDONALD & Sarah McEACHON, witn: Catherine STEEL & Donald McDONALD, both of West Williams, 8 Feb 1876 at Parkhill 6305-76 Michael McGLOUGHLIN, 30, farmer, Biddulph, same, s/o Thomas McGLOUGHLIN & Julia, married Theresa McGLOUGHLIN, 21, Biddulph, same, d/o William McGLOUGHLIN & Mary, witn: Mary Ann & Edward McGLOUCHLIN of Biddulph, 17 Feb 1876 at Biddulph
006106-76 (Middlesex Co) Archibald Duncan McKELLAR, 29, mechanic, Lobo, Strathroy s/o Archibald & Jane McKELLAR married Maggie WILKIE, 21, East Williams in Ontario, Lobo d/o Allan & Janet WILKIE wtn: Peter H. McKELLAR of Strathroy & Duncan McCALL of Lobo, 6 February 1876 at Lobo twp 6416-76 John McKELLER, 24, widower, merchant, Canada, Springfield, s/o Donall McKELLER & Mary, married Delphine NORTON, 25, widow, Canada, Yarmouth, d/o Nelson LEEK & Gertrude, witn: A.O. McKINNON & Peter D. KEITH, both of Belmont, 23 March 1876 at Belmont
6543-76 Frank McKENNA, 32, carriage painter, Quebec, Toronto, s/o Andrew McKENNA & Bedwidge, married Eleoise HUBBARD, 28, Quebec, Toronto, d/o John HUBBARD & Mary, witn: William & Hannah McKENNA of London, 26 Jan 1876 at res of George Leadbeater, London 6533-76 Lewis McKINNEY, 29, farmer, Malahide twp., same, s/o Hamilton McKINNEY & Celia, married Isabella M. NORTON, 19, Orwell - Elgin Co., Malahide twp., d/o Alfred NORTON & Nancy, witn: Jeremiah HIGGINS of California & Katie DEAN of London, 2 March 1876 at Storeys Hotel, London
6614-76 Jeremiah McLAREN, 24, laborer, Canada, Westminster, s/o Peter McLAREN & Mary, married Sarah SMITH, 24, Canada, Westminster, d/o Samuel SMITH & Alina, witn: M.L. & M.A. WRIGHT of London, 30 March 1876 at parsonage, London  
006354-76 Middlesex Co) Duncan McLAUGHLIN, 58, widower, farmer, Kilfinan Scotland, West Williams s/o Donald & Sarah McLAUGHLIN married Christina McINTYRE, 24, Aylmer Ontario, East Williams d/o Robert & Christina McINTYRE wtn: Peter McGREGOR of Parkhill & Margaret McLAUGHLIN of West Williams, 23 November 1876 at Ailsa Craig 6691-76 Roderick McNEIL, 41, laborer, Scotland, London, s/o Murdock & Annie, married Sarah McDONALD, 35, Scotland, London, d/o Ronald & Catherine, witn: John & Mary BYRNES of London, 25 Oct. 1876 at Ridout St., London
6298-76 Uriah McROBERTS, 23, farmer, Canada, Biddulph, s/o James McROBERTS & Margaret, married Hannah Matilda LANGFORD, 20, Canada, London, d/o Thomas LANGFORD & Jane, witn: John McROBERTS of Biddulph & Eliza Jane LANGFORD of London, 26 Sept 1876 at London twp 6553-76 Charles McVOY, 27, brick layer, England, Delaware twp., s/o Charles McVOY & Mary Ann, married Fanny BARRY, 22, Ireland, London, d/o William BARRY & Margaret, witn: Thomas & Mary Ann BARRY of London, 21 March 1876 at res of Thomas Barry, London
6417-76 James MEIKLE, 28, farmer, USA, Ohio US, s/o James MEIKLE & Ann, married Augsta (Augusta?) BRYCE, 22, Canada, Dorchester, d/o James BRYCE & Eliza, witn: Stephen & Mary HAMILTON of Dorchester, 19 April 1876 at Dorchester  
6589-76 Henry Charles MERRITT, 29, carpenter, Ireland, London, s/o Charles MERRITT & Letitia, married Agnes GEOGHAGAN, 21, London, same, d/o John GEOGHAGAN & Elizabeth, witn: William GREER & Annie GEOGHAGAN, both of London, 18 May 1878 at res of the bride's father, London 6592-76 George Henry MERRITT, 20, bookkeeper, St. Thomas, London, s/o J. Harrington MERRITT & Elvina, married Blanche Stewart MAYO (Mays?), 21, Brantford, London, d/o William MAYO & Margaret, witn: G. ROWAT & R.J. SCOTT, both of London, 18 April 1876 at 464 York St., London
6539-76 Robert MORLEY, 29, teamster, England, London, s/o James MORLEY & Sarah, married Charlotte SLADE, 21, England, London, d/o John SLADE & Mary, witn: William SLADE & Mary S. MARTIN (Morton?), both of London, 1 Jan 1876 at B.C. parsonage, London 6598-76 William MOYES, 23, painter, England, London, s/o John Richer MOYES & Elizabeth Harriet, married Rebecca Emily ALLEN, 20, Westminster twp., London, d/o Robert ALLEN & Videlia, witn: John WATSON & Anne HIGMAN, both of London, 1 June 1876 at res of A. Bonser, Oxford St., London
6612-76 John MUIR, 30, GWR employee, England, Ekfrid twp., s/o William MUIR & Mary Ann, married Christy BLACK, 21, Canada, Ekfrid twp., d/o Donald BLACK & Mary, witn: Hugh & Sarah BLACK of Ekfrid twp., 14 June 1876 at St. Pauls Church, London 6611-76 Joseph MURPHY, 28, commercial traveller, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Thomas MURPHY & Mary Ann, married Sarah BARTON, 24, England, London, d/o George BARTON & Mary Ann, witn: Thomas Rice BARTON & Albert LEWIS, both of London, 1 June 1876 at 258 King St., London
6420-76 Alfred OAKLEY, 24, laborer, England, North Oxford, s/o Benjamin OAKLEY & Harriet, married Sarah BUGGS (Briggs?), 23, England, North Oxford, d/o William BUGGS & Sarah, witn: Alice CODY & Em CHED--?, both of Dorchester Station, 11 April 1876 at North Dorchester [faded reg'n] 6601-76 Lewis OLMSTEAD, 23, book keeper, USA, London, s/o Lewis OLMSTEAD & Mary, married Ellen Ann RUDELL, 23, USA, London, d/o Daniel RUDELL & Fanny, witn: George OLMSTEAD & Leda M. RAPLEY, 4 May 1876 at house of H. Scott, Gray St., London
6318-76 Henry O'NEIL, 28, farmer, McGillivray, same, s/o Henry O'NEIL & Sarah MITCHELL, married Mary Elizabeth HARRISON, 20, Puslinch, Ailsa Craig, d/o Robert HARRISON & Ellen, witn: William O'NEIL of McGillivray & Margaret COX of Goderich, 6 Dec 1876 at St. James Church, Biddulph 6310-76 John D. O'NEIL, 25, vet. surgeon, London twp., London, s/o Henry O'NEIL & Elizabeth DEACON, married Sarah Jane HODGINS, 21, Biddulph, same, d/o Edward HODGINS & Catherine RALPH, witn: Edward HODGINS of Biddulph & Elizabeth Ann O'NEIL of London twp., 8 March 1876 at St. James Church, Biddulph
6520-76 John Gilbert OWEN, 25, grocer, London, same, s/o Luke Wade & Mary Ann OWEN, married Annie Flora ELLES, 20, Vermont US, London, d/o Everard Crandall & Belle Wheeler ELES (sic), witn: John FERNS & Cora OWEN, both of London, 24 Jan 1876 at St. Pauls Church, London 6292-76 John OWENS, 35, hotel keeper, Canada, Usborne twp. - Huron CO., s/o George OWENS & Anne, married Maria Jane HOLMAN, 21, Canada, Stephen twp., d/o Lewis HOLMAN & Jane, witn: George M. HOLMAN of Stephen & Susannah OWENS of Usborne twp., 3 July 1876 at Lot 8, Con 6 of London twp
6550-76 William Henry PHILLIPS, 23, watch maker, Galt Ont., London, s/o William PHILLIPS & Mary E., married Mary EMSLIE, 22, Guelph, London, d/o Alex EMSLIE & Mary, witn: James SHARPE & John McDONALD, both of London, 29 Feb 1876 at 360 Ridout St., London 6536-76 Alfred PINKHAM, 22, painter, Canada, London, s/o James PINKHAM & Mary Ann, married Margaret CRAWFORD, 19, Canada, St. Marys, d/o William CRAWFORD & Christena, witn: James PINKHAM & Mary CLARK, both of London, 19 Jan 1876 at family residence, Maitland St., London
006357-76 (Middlesex Co) Seth PRIDE, 29, mechanic, England, Ailsa Craig s/o Charles & Ruth PRIDE married Mary Ann HUGHES, 33, East Williams twp, Ailsa Craig d/o Edward & Rachel HUGHES wtn: William HUGHES & John T. ROSSER both of Ailsa Craig, 21 December 1876 at Ailsa Craig 6313-76 Patrick QUIGLEY, 26, farmer, Biddulph, same, s/o Daniel QUIGLEY & Bridget, married Sophia McKHARGY, 19, Biddulph, same, d/o John McKHARGY & Abigail GLAVIN, witn: Daniel HOBBINS & Sarah McKHARGY, both of Biddulph, 17 Oct 1876 at Biddulph
6326-76 Joseph RAHG, 23, farmer, USA, Ekfrid twp., s/o Adam RAHG & Catherine ROHL, married Sarah McINTYRE, 20, Lobo, Ekfrid, d/o Dougall McINTYRE & Margaret FIFE, witn: John HAMILTON & Frances RAHG, 21 April 1876 at Ekfrid 006120-76 (Middlesex Co) James RICHARDS, 20, mechanic, London twp, London twp s/o John RICHARDS & Agnes NICHOL married Jane HODGSON, 20, London twp, London twp d/o Robert HODGSON & Anne WESTON wtn: Thomas HODGSON & Fanny HODGSON both of London twp, 26 December 1876 at the Manse, Vanneck, Lobo twp
6363-76 Martin RILEY, 26, farmer, Ireland, Michigan US, s/o Michael RILEY & Margaret KEARNS, married Bridget DONELLY, 27, Ireland, McGillivray, d/o James DONELLY & Susan McENTEE, witn: Nicholas KEARNS of Strathroy & Margaret DONELLY of McGillivray, 28 Feb 1876 at Parkhill 6295-76 John ROWELL, 21, farmer, London twp., same, s/o John ROWELL & Mary, married Anne EEDY, 22, Biddulph twp., same, d/o John EEDY & Mary Ann, witn: Robert GIBSON of Lobo twp & Christopher ROWELL of London, 20 Sept 1876 at London twp
006149-76 (Middlesex Co) John RUNDLE, 29, farmer, England, Metcalfe s/o Philip RUNDLE & Sarah FROST married Margaret ATKINS, 29, Scotland, Metcalfe d/o John ATKINS & Eliza ANDERSON wtn: Daniel RUNDLE & Agnes ATKINS both of Metcalfe, 7 November 1876 at the residence of the bride's father in Metcalfe 6296-76 John RUSSEL, 22, farmer, Nissouri, London twp., s/o William RUSSEL & Mary Jane, married Elizabeth MARSH, 16, London twp., same, d/o Richard MARSH & Ruth, witn: William E. MATTHEWS & Charles ALEXANDER, both of Toronto twp., 28 Sept 1876 at London twp
6404-76 Harley St.CLAIR, 40, widower, blacksmith, NY state, Brantford, s/o Moses St.CLAIR & Catherine, married Mary UREN, 32, widow, West Nissouri, same, d/o Francis BOWERS & Abigail, witn: Henry COOK & H. Jane BURGESS, both of West Nissouri, 6 Jan 1876 at West Nissouri 6584-76 John Wesley SHAVER, 18, farmer, Canada, Westminster twp., s/o Burris SHAVER & Ellen, married Rachel CRUIKSHANK, 32, Scotland, Westminster twp., d/o John CRUIKSHANK & Harriet, witn: John DICY of 3rd Con of Westminster, 27 April 1878 at Minister's res, London
6445-76 John SMITH, 46, widower, farmer, England, Adelaide, s/o William SMITH & Mary Ann, married Charlotte FULLER, 36, widower, Wales, Adelaide, d/o Walter ROBBINS & Sarah, witn: William FULLER of Adelaide, 1 Oct 1876 at Adelaide 6545-76 John SMITH, 22, machinist, England, London, s/o John SMITH & Rebecca, married Jane McALLISTRUM, 19, Ontario, Eramosa twp., d/o Emund McELLISTRUM (sic) & Catherine, witn: Thomas PARKS & Andrew COOK, both of London, 11 March 1876 at Thomas Parks' house, London
006114-76 (Middlesex Co) Wesley STANFIELD, 28, hotel keeper, London twp, London s/o John STANFIELD & Elizabeth THURGOOD married Mary Sarah ORD, 22, London twp, London twp d/o Arthur ORD & Margaret JOHNSTON wtn: Theophile STANFIELD of London & Bella ORD of London twp, 7 September 1876 at Lobo 6618-76 Philip STEELE, 21, farmer, Lobo twp., same, s/o John STEELE & Mary Ann, married Martha Jane GILL, 17, Caradoc twp., Lobo twp., d/o William GILL & Phoebe, witn: George WESTBROOK & Mary STEELE, both of Lobo, 20 June 1876 at 409 Horton St., London
6438-76 Alexander STEVENSON, 31, widower, saddler, Ireland, Strathroy, s/o William STEVENSON & Catherine, married Mary RAPLEY, 29, Adelaide, same, d/o David RAPLEY & Harriet, witn: James PARKER & Esther A. RAPLEY, both of Adelaide, 18 April 1876 at Adelaide 006102-76 (Middlesex Co) Samuel STEVENSON, 23, farmer, London twp, London twp s/o William & Jane STEVENSON married Sarah PIPER, 17, London twp, Nissouri West d/o illegible, wtn: Samuel CLARK & Isabella DYER both of London twp, 30 March 1876 at Nissouri West
6446-76 Sherman H. SWIFT, 27, merchant, USA, Petrolia, s/o Julius SWIFT & Lydia, married Jenny NETTLETON, 23, Adelaide, same, d/o William NETTLETON & Jane, witn: Dean SWIFT of Petrolia & Sarah NETTLETON of Adelaide, 13 Sept 1876 at Adelaide  
6590-76 Arza TIBITS, 32, widower, farmer, Ontario, Yarmouth twp., s/o Louis TIBITS & Diana, married Mary GOODGE, 22, USA, North Dorchester, d/o William GOODGE & Eliza, witn: John GOODGE of London & Sarah GOODGE of Westminster, 30 March 1876 at St. Andrews Manse, London 6337-76 George TROWHILL, 22, farmer, Yorkshire England, Ekfrid, s/o Samuel TROWHILL & Ann, married Mary Ann HARRISON, 22, Yorkshire England, Ekfrid twp., d/o John HARRISON & Annie, witn: George SPENCE of Ailsa Craig & Susan HARRISON of Ekfrid, 26 Sept 1876 at Ekfrid twp
6447-76 George Marr VANVOLKENBURG, 24, watch maker, Strathroy, same, s/o Adam VANVOLKENBURG & Margaret, married Charlotte Mary BUTTERY, 22, Adelaide, same, d/o George BUTTERY & Charlotte, witn: Montague SMITH of Forest & Anne BUTTERY of Adelaide, 25 Sept 1876 at Adelaide 6586-76 Jacob John VOLTZ, 22, cigar maker, USA, London, s/o Jacob VOLTZ & Margaret, married Alice GOURLEY, 21, England, London, d/o John GOURLEY & Elizabeth, witn: Benjamin GOURLEY of Thorndale & Alice Annie FIELD of London, 13 April 1876 at parsonage, London
6552-76 James WALLACE, 44, widower, blacksmith, Scotland, Ingersoll, s/o George WALLACE & Ann, married Hannah ESCOTT, 29, widow, Prescott Ont., Ingersoll, d/o Thomas BOWER & Alice, witn: Georgina MURRAY & Annie SHAY, both of London, 15 March 1876 at St. Andrews Manse, London 6537-76 James Thomas WELSH, 28, railroad employee, Canada, London, s/o Thomas WELSH & Ellen, married Mary Ann NOTT, 23, England, London, d/o Thomas NOTT & Mary Ann, witn: Robert & Annie DARCH of London, 13 Jan 1876 at res of Mr. Darch, Bathurst St., London
006352-76 Middlesex Co) Robert WHITE, 49, farmer, London twp, London twp s/o Thomas & Isabella WHITE married Elizabeth RICHARDS, 29, London twp, Carlisle in Middlesex Co d/o John & Agnes RICHARDS wtn: James RICHARDS & Isabella WHITE both of London twp, 25 May 1876 at Ailsa Craig 006349-76 Middlesex Co) Robert WHITE, 48, farmer, London twp, London twp s/o Thomas & Isabella WHITE married Elizabeth RICHARDS, 29, London twp, Carlisle in Middlesex Co d/o John & Agnes RICHARDS wtn: James RICHARDS of Carlisle & Isabella T. NICOLS of London twp, 25 May 1876 at Ailsa Craig
6606-76 William Henry WILKES, 21, boiler maker, England, London East, s/o Henry WILKES & Mary Ann, married Ellen Sophia WILKES, 18, England, London East, d/o William James WILKES & Ann, witn: Thomas WHITE of London & Matilda Mary MOORE of London East, 4 June 1876 at house of John Wilkes, London East 6419-76 William WILKINSON, 45, widower, farmer, England, West Oxford, s/o John WILKINSON & Ann, married Ellen WILSON, 25, Canada, North Dorchester, d/o William WILSON & Catherine, witn: Joseph WILSON of Nilestown & William SHERWOOD of North Oxford, 27 Jan 1876 at North Dorchester
6546-76 John WILSON, 51, laborer, Ireland, London, s/o Robert WILSON & Hannah, married Agnes GAMBLE, 55, Ireland, London, d/o James GAMBLE & Nancy, witn: Rev. D. McDONALD & Duncan CAMPBELL, both of London, 25 Jan 1876 at St. Andrews Manse, London 6602-76 John William WINNETT, 22, cabinet maker, Ireland, Winnipeg, s/o Henry WINNETT & Ellen, married Lydia ROE, 21, London, same, d/o Edward ROE & Ann, witn: Charles WINNETT & Mary BOYLE, 17 May 1876 at res of Thomas Hastie, 16 Clarence St., London
006130-76 (Middlesex Co) Edward WYATT, 60, widower, farmer, Woringhan England, East Williams s/o Thomas & Mary WYATT married Christina MENZIES, 50, Anderston Scotland, East Williams d/o John & Agnes MENZIES wtn: William MENZIES & Mrs Thomas SCAFE both of East Williams, 3 August 1876 at East Williams 006103-76 (Middlesex Co) Edward YATES, 26, labourer, Prescott, Nissouri West s/o William & Charlotte YATES married Sarah CHATTROND, 19, Nissouri West, Nissouri West d/o Gilbert & Susannah CHATTROND wtn: Thomas HOWARD, David HARDIE & Robert CHATTROND all of Nissouri West, 30 March 1876 at Nissouri West
6588-76 John YOUNG, 26, farmer, Scotland, Moore twp., s/o Francis MOORE & Ellison, married Emma DAVIDSON, 23, Westminster twp., same, d/o William DAVIDSON & Amy, witn: Jessie A. WALSH & Etta ARMSTRONG, both of London, 8 March 1876 at Ministers Residence, London