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Middlesex Co., 1877, part 2

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006771-77 (Middlesex), Walter ACHART, 24, farmer, Esquesing Twp, Middleton Ont, s/o John and Catherine ACHART, mar Sarah RAYMOND, 19, New Brunswick, Mt. Brydges, d/o Frederick and Phoephe (sic) RAYMOND, witn Isaac RAYMOND of Brock and Caroline GREGORY of Caradoc, 25 Aug 1877 Mt. Brydges 006395-77 (Middlesex), Philip L. ADAIR, 51, widower, farmer, Saltfleet, Mt. Brydges, s/o Joseph and Susan ADAIR, mar Francis A. ROBINSON, 28, London, Caradoc, d/o James and Jane ROBINSON, witn William and Elizabeth HUGGINS of Caradoc, 22 Mar 1877 Caradoc
006326-77 (Middlesex), William ADDISON, 48, widower, farmer, England, South Dorchester, s/o Thomas and Ann ADDISON, mar Sophia PULLEN, 28, Ontario, North Dorchester, d/o Andrew and Esther PULLEN, witn Henry and Adelaide LITTLE of Durham, 26 Mar 1877 North Dorchester 006782-77 (Middlesex), Samuel ALDRICH, 22, mechanic, United States, St. Thomas, s/o Jonathan and Margaret ALDRICH, mar Mary F. LIDDAL, 21, Canada, Strathroy, d/o Andrew and Margaret LIDDAL, with A. J. MATTHEWS and J. MATTHEWS both of Strathroy, 19 Aug 1877 Strathroy

006599-77 (Middlesex), James ALLEN, M.A., 33, Methodist minister, Ireland, Montreal, s/o John H. and Eliza ALLEN, mar Emma Jane PETERS, 23, London, London, d/o Samuel and Anne PETERS, witn John A. NELLES and Samuel PETERS of London, 15 Aug 1877 at residence of bride's father Maple Street London

006807-77 (Middlesex), Edwin Oliver ANDERSON, 20, mechanic, USA, Bismarck Elgin Co, s/o Ensign and Mary ANDERSON, mar Lucinda KENNEY, 21, Canada, Wardsville, d/o Reuben and Sarah KENNEY, witn Walter M. PARIS and Flora McMILLAN both of Bismarck, 28 Aug 1877 Wardsville 006339-77 (Middlesex), James ANDERSON, 23, farmer, Ontario, West Nissouri, s/o David and Christiana McDONALD, mar Isabella FULCHER, 15, Ontario, East Nissouri, d/o Peter and Priscilla FULCHER, witn William HARRISON and Jane HULL of West Nissouri, 31 Oct 1877 West Nissouri
006791-77 (Middlesex), George ARNOLD, 21, laborer, Canada, Caradoc, s/o Thomas and Esther ARNOLD, mar Harriet SNELGROVE, 17, Canada, Caradoc, d/o Joseph and Maria SNELGROVE, witn Harriet A. and Fanny S. SMYTHE of Strathroy, 07 Sep 1877 Rectory Strathroy  
006809-77 (Middlesex), Richard P. AYLESWORTH, 26, miller, Ontario, London, s/o Daniel P. and Lucinda AYLESWORTH, mar Sarah BUNSTON, 27, Ontario, Dorchester, d/o Joseph and Mary Jane BUNSTON, witn Edwin McCANN and Ida AYLESWORTH both of Dorchester, 09 Aug 1877 E. McCANN house, Dorchester Station 006324-77 (Middlesex), William AYLSWORTH, 30, farmer, Canada, North Dorchester, s/o D.P. and Lucinda AYLSWORTH, mar Margaret A. DUNN, 23, Ontario, North Dorchester, d/o John and Ruth DUNN, witn John DUNN and Henry AYLSWORTH both of North Dorchester, 05 Apr 1877 North Dorchester
  6150-78 Cinnamon BARR, 42, widower, merchant, Ontario, Harrietsville, s/o William & Ann, married Mary MYRICK, 23, Ontario, North Dorchester, d/o Charles & Elspeth, witn: Allen BARR & Dorothy PLAXTON, both of N. Dorchester, 25 Sept 1877 at North Dorchester
006311-77 (Middlesex), Alfred BEDFORD, 24, merchant, Ontario, Thamesville, s/o John and Catherine BEDFORD, mar Emma ROBERTS, 24, Euphemia Twp, same, d/o Joseph and Ann ROBERTS, witn Wilmot SWAISLAND of Glencoe and David Henry BEDFORD of Thamesville, 01 Jan 1877 Weston Hotel Wardsville 006312-77 (Middlesex), David Henry BEDFORD, 26, merchant, Canada, Thamesville, s/o John and Catherine BEDFORD, mar Mary Maud ROBERTS, 20, Canada, Euphemia Twp, d/o Joseph and Ann ROBERTS, witn Wilmot SWAISLAND of Glencoe and Alfred BEDFORD of Thamesville, 01 Jan. 1877 Weston Hotel, Wardsville
006611-77 (Middlesex), George BOOKMAN, 28, farmer, United States, London Twp, s/o Henry and Mary BOOKMAN, mar Mary Anne RYCKMAN, 30, Canada, London Twp, d/o David and Mary Ann RYCKMAN, witn Elijah WILLIAMS and Mary Anne WILLIAMS of London Twp, 16 Jun 1877 at 406 Bond Street London  
006299-77 (Middlesex), James BROWN, 28, engineer, Marine City Michigan, Petrolia, s/o John and Margaret BROWN, mar Catherine CANNING, 21, someplace (sic), McGillivray Twp, d/o Thomas and Ann CANNING, witn John MOGAW Jr. of McGillivray Twp and Annie REVUIR? of Ailsa Craig, 26 Jun 1877 Ailsa Craig 006779-77 (Middlesex), John BROWN, 26, carpenter, London, Brooke, s/o William and Sarah BROWN, mar Annie Elizabeth BOWIE, 21, Brooke, Brooke, d/o William and Harriet BOWIE, witn Agnes SEDGWICK of Brooke and Archibald SHUFF of Metcalfe, 25 Sep 1877 Strathroy
  6167-78 Royal Benjamin BURGESS, 25, oil dealer, Canada, London, s/o William & Margaret, married Margaret Jane ENGLISH, 18, Canada, Gore of London, d/o William & Nancy, witn: James Albert BURGESS of London & Ann Eliza ENGLISH of Gore of London, 20 Dec 1877 at London

006758-77 (Middlesex), John R. CAMPBELL, 33, farmer, Ekfrid, Ekfrid, s/o Robert and Elizabeth CAMPBELL, mar Jane E. McDOUGALD, 28, Ekfrid, Ekfrid, d/o Archibald and Elizabeth McDOUGALD, witn Allan STEVENSON and Duncan McRAE both of Ekfrid, 27 Dec 1877 Ekfrid

006314-77 (Middlesex), Alexander CAMPBELL, 22, none listed, Duart Ont, same, s/o Farquhar and Mary Walker CAMPBELL, mar Mary ELLISON, 18, Mosa Twp, Mosa Twp, d/o Henry and Emily Greaves ELLISON, witn Farquhar CAMPBELL of Orford and Jane ELLISON of Mosa, 04 Jan 1877 Western Hotel Wardsville
006251-77 (Middlesex), Richard CANNING, 27, farmer, Etobicoke, McGillivray, s/o Thomas and Ann CANNING, mar Fanny BRAITHWAITE, 25, Vaughan, McGillivray, d/o William and Mary BRAITHWAITE, witn William Clarkson NEWTON and Eathen (sic) Ann NEWTON both of Carlisle, 02 May 1877 McGillivray

006763-77 (Middlesex), Hugh Peter CARMICHAEL, 26, farmer, Lobo, Nairn, s/o Allan and Jane CARMICHAEL, mar Mary Elizabeth CAMPBELL, 21, Ekfrid, Caradoc, d/o Duncan and Janet CAMPBELL, witn B.J. ROACH and Malcolm McINTYRE both of Melbourne, 28 Jun 1877 Caradoc.

006848-77 (Middlesex), Patrick CASEY, 26, farmer, Ottawa, Usborne, s/o Thomas and Mary CASEY, mar Catherine HODGINS, 19, Biddulph, Biddulph, d/o Thomas and Catherine HODGINS, witn Thomas and Margaret LAMPHIER of Biddulph, 17 Oct 1877 St. Patrick's Church Biddulph  006390-77 (Middlesex), Robert CHARLTON, 24, farmer, Onondaga Ont, Metcalfe, s/o John and Amanda CHARLTON, mar Margaret ROWE, 20, Metcalfe, Metcalfe, d/o William and Susan ROWE, witn Alexander T. WATSON of Onondaga and Phebe E. CHARLTON of Metcalfe, 01 Jan 1877 Caradoc
006372-77 (Middlesex), John R. CLARK, 32, widower, accountant, Oxford, Strathroy, s/o Donald and Jane CLARK, mar Mary CAMERON, 28, Scotland, Strathroy, d/o William and Catherine CAMERON, witn James R. GEDDES and Kate CAMERON both of Strathroy, 10 May 1877 Strathroy 006847-77 (Middlesex), Thomas CLATTERHAM, 30, mason, London, Biddulph, s/o Samuel and Ann CLATTERHAN (sic), mar Lizzie CARRIE, 22, Varna, Biddulph, d/o William and Jane CARRIE, witn Samuel CLATTERHAM and Lizzie SEALE both of Biddulph, 11 Oct 1877 Concession 1 Biddulph
006347-77 (Middlesex), Thomas COBLEIGH, 24, farmer, Biddulph, Biddulph, s/o Horatio COBLEIGH and Amy LEWIS, mar Sarah Jane PARDY, 25, Biddulph, Biddulph, d/o George PARDY and Letitia CHAMBERS, witn Matilda PARDY of Biddulph, 23 Jan 1877 Lucan 006797-77 (Middlesex), David CONKEY, 29, widower, farmer, Adelaide, Adelaide, s/o Robert and Jane CONKEY, mar Nancy C. HALL, 20, Erin, Lobo, d/o Robert and Eliza C. HALL, witn Bethalia JONES and Mrs. J. LINCE both of Komoka, 26 Sep 1877 Komoka

006700-77 (Middlesex), Henry COOMBS, 32, miller, London, Westminster twp, s/o Charles and Mary COOMBS, mar Anna S.T. HARVIE, 25, West Indies, London Ont, d/o James and Anne Marie HARVIE, witn James HARVIE and William TYLER of London, 25 Sep 1877 at 148 King Street London

006702-77 (Middlesex), Angus CURRIE, 29, carpenter, Canada, Port Elgin, s/o Donald and Euphemia, mar Elizabeth RAYMOND, 23, New York State, Port Elgin, d/o Henry and Elizabeth RAYMOND, witn Hector FALKNER and Annie SMITH of Port Elgin, 26 Sep 1877 St. Andrews Manse London

006774-77 (Middlesex), John DALE, 49, farmer, England, Lobo, s/o Thomas and Susan DALE, mar Ann HUSTON, 50, widow, Ireland, Lobo, d/o Joseph and Ann McKENZIE, witn George WEBSTER of Lobo and Catherine McKAY of Strathroy, 29 Mar 1877 Strathroy 006853-77 (Middlesex), David DANIELS, 30, farmer, East Williams, East Williams, s/o Thomas and Mary DANIELS, mar Rachel Ann ZAVITZ, 21, East Williams, East Williams, d/o Samuel and Hannah ZAVITZ, witn Silas ZAVITZ of East Williams and Louisa HUMBLY of Lobo, 28 Nov 1877 East Williams

006734-77 (Middlesex), James DAVIS, 25, laborer, Biddulph Twp, Lucan, s/o John DAVIS and Alice ARMITAGE, mar Ellen ATKINSON, 21, Biddulph Twp, same, d/o William ATKINSON and Ann DAGG, witn William ATKINSON and James ATKINSON both of Biddulph and Eliza DAVIS and Elizabeth ARMITAGE both of Lucan, 29 Aug 1877 Rectory Lucan

006364-77 (Middlesex), Willis DIGGINS, 21, labourer, Nissouri, Strathroy, s/o Willis and Hasty DIGGINS, mar Elizabeth DICK, 20, London, Strathroy, d/o William H. and Elizabeth J. DICK, witn Abraham and Dorothy REID of Strathroy, 10 Mar 1877 Strathroy

006761-77 (Middlesex), Oscar F. DODGE, 26, public school teacher, Nova Scotia, Paris Ont, s/o George and Mary DODGE, mar Sarah Victoria BODMAN, 22, Longwood, Caradoc, d/o Daniel and Margaret BODMAN, witn Alex DARRAGH of Caradoc and Henry SUTHERLAND of Hamilton and Richard BODMAN of Mt. Brydges, 26 Dec 1877 Mt. Brydges

 06780-77 (Middlesex), John DONNELY, 24, mechanic, Ireland, Strathroy, s/o Samuel and Martha, mar Christine URQUHART, 22, Strathroy, East Williams, d/o George URQUHART and Christine McLEOD, witn Thomas URQUHART and Serina SMITH both of Strathroy, 04 Oct 1877 Strathroy 006368-77 (Middlesex), Neil L. EASTMAN, 22, farmer, Canada, Warwick, s/o James and Esther EASTMAN, mar Ann Rachel THOMPSON, 20, Canada, Warwick, d/o James and Mary THOMPSON, witn Aaron CORNELL and Ellen LOGAN both of Warwick, 24 Jan 1877 Strathroy
006781-77 (Middlesex), Thomas ELLIOTT, 36, widower, mechanic, Canada, Strathroy, s/o James and Mary Ann ELLIOTT, mar Annie GOLDEN, 23, Canada, Strathroy, d/o Thomas and Sarah GOLDEN, witn John W. KEEGAN and Sarah GOLDEN of Strathroy, 17 Oct 1877 Strathroy 006768-77 (Middlesex), Henry W. ELWOOD, 78, widower, farmer, New York, Howard Twp Ont, s/o John and Mary ELWOOD, mar Mary Ann GRIGG, 53, widow, England, Delaware, d/o Daniel and Elizabeth TAYLOR, witn James DINGMAN of Westminster and John LEWIS of Caradoc Twp, 10 Sep 1877 Caradoc
006813-77 (Middlesex), Eacey ESTABROOK, 31, widower, commissioner, New Brunswick, same, s/o Jarris and Deborah ESTABROOK, mar Janet Ann MARSHALL, 25, Canada, North Dorchester, s/o John and Agusta MARSHALL, witn Howard MARSHALL and Sarah STEVENS of North Dorchester, 22 Nov 1877 J. MARSHALL house North Dorchester 006308-77 (Middlesex), James FAULDER, 25, farmer, McGillivray, McGillivray, s/o John and Mary FAULDER, mar Mary MORGAN, 22, McGillivray, McGillivray, d/o Edward and Ann MORGAN, witn George FAULDER and Ann MORGAN of McGillivray, 16 March 1877 Biddulph

006754-77 (Middlesex), James V. FAULDS, 24, farmer, Middlesex Co., Ekfrid, s/o Thomas and Sarah Elizabeth FAULDS, mar Jane Anne YATES, 17, Middlesex Co., Ekfrid, d/o Thomas and Anne YATES, witn William MUSGROVE and Anne McCALL both of Ekfrid, 27 Jun 1877 Appin in Ekfrid

006356-77 (Middlesex), Charles Benjamin FAWCETT, 25, carpenter, Canada, Clinton, s/o Thomas and Catherine FAWCETT, mar Jennie McBETH, 20, Canada, Strathroy, d/o Andrew and Jane McBETH, witn Thomas IRVINE and David JEFFERY both of Strathroy, 09 Jan 1877 Strathroy 006802-77 (Middlesex), Duncan Alexander FERGUSON, 30, merchant, Mosa, Glencoe, s/o Alexander and Nancy FERGUSON, mar Catharine Jane CAMERON, 26, Dundee P.Q., Mosa, d/o Hugh and Isabella CAMERON, witn Lizzie McLARTY and Donald FINLAYSON both of Glencoe, 09 Oct 1877 Mosa
006796-77 (Middlesex), Henry FRASER, 25, East Nissouri, Lobo, s/o Alexander and Catherine FRASER, mar Candace ACHE, 18, Lobo, Lobo, d/o Joseph and Sarah ACHE, witn William HAMBLY and Allace ACHE both of Lobo, 11 Sep 1877 Komoka 006608-77 (Middlesex, Charles Julian FREELAND, 25, laborer, England, London East, s/o Edwin and Matilda FREELAND, mar Mary Anne TOMLINSON, 20, Westminster, Westminster, d/o Thomas and Mary TOMLINSON, witn Charles H. GLANSE? of Belmont and W. TOMLINSON of Westminster, 28 Jul 1877 Westminster Twp
6174-78 Francis FRIEND, 24, mechanic, Germany, Exeter, s/o Anthony & Catherine, married Mary Jane HUNT, 19, Exeter, same, d/o Edward & Sarah, witn: Anthony FRIEND of London & Sarah Maria HUNT of Exeter, 31 Oct. 1877 at St. Peters Cathedral, London 006610-77 (Middlesex), Walter GARDNER, 30, bricklayer, England, London Ont, s/o William and Emma GARDNER, mar Maggie BARRETT, 26, Ontario, London, d/o John and Bridget BARRETT, witn Henry D. LONG and Mary Ida GEMLEY of London, 07 Aug 1877, Church of England Parsonage London
006249-77 (Middlesex), William GIBBS, 27, laborer, England, McGillivray, s/o John and Mary Ann GIBBS, mar Susan Harriett STONE, 17, McGillivray, same, d/o James and Maria STONE, witn James and Maria STONE of McGillivray, 18 Apr 1877 1st Concession McGillivray 006788-88 (Middlesex), Ezekial GOODERHAM, 25, laborer, Canada, Strathroy, s/o James and Mary GOODERHAM, mar Jane Elizabeth RICHARDSON, 23, Canada, Strathroy, d/o Robert and Eliza RICHARDSON, witn William WALLEN and Henry GOODERHAM no location, 04 Sep 1877 Strathroy
006612-77 (Middlesex), John GREENSLADE, 38, farmer, England, London Twp, s/o George and Alice GREENSLADE, mar Agnes WATSON, 27, widow, Canada, London Twp, d/o Jacob and Margaret HAWEY, witn John ELDRIDGE and Nellie COSTELLO of London, 20 May 1877 at the house of Mrs. INGLES Ridout Street London 006374-77 (Middlesex), William H. GRIFFITH, 38, farmer, Montague, Warwick, s/o John GRIFFITH and Sarah HILL, mar Emily L. DAVIS, 33, Ireland, Warwick, d/o Moses and Jane DAVIS, witn Thomas LEECH and I. BROWNLEE both of Warwick, 24 May 1877 Strathroy
006374-77 (Middlesex), William H. GRIFFITH, 33, farmer, Montague, Warwick, s/o John GRIFFITH and Sarah HILL, mar Emily DAVIS, 33, Ireland, Warwick, d/o Moses and Jane DAVIS, witn Thomas LEECH and J. BROWNLEE both of Warwick, 24 May 1877 Strathroy 006361-77 (Middlesex), John GRIFFITH, 30, widower, farmer, Metcalfe, Metcalfe, s/o Michael GRIFFITH and Sarah KELLY, mar Catherine McGURN, 30, Caradoc, Caradoc, d/o Patrick McGURN and Ellen KERRIGAN, witn Patrick BROGAN and Johanna SULLIVAN both of Metcalfe, 03 Apr 2877 RC Church Strathroy
006773-77 (Middlesex), John Philip GRIGG, 26, farmer, Caradoc, Caradoc, s/o William and Mary GRIGG, mar Alberta Mary Ann THOMPSON, 26, Caradoc, Caradoc, d/o John and Jane THOMPSON, witn James GRIGG and Eliza THOMPSON both of Caradoc, 03 Apr 1877 Caradoc 006790-77 (Middlesex), Frederick W. HALE, 22, merchant, England, Claudeboye, s/o Charles and Maria HALE, mar Matilda Ellen DUNLOP, 18, Canada, Strathroy, d/o John and Sarah Anne DUNLOP, witn Sarah Anne PIERCE and James DONNELLY of Strathroy, 17 Nov 1877 Strathroy
006776-77 (Middlesex), William HARRISON, 21, farmer, Canada, Adelaide, s/o David and Ann HARRISON, mar Mary NOLEN, 21, Ireland, Strathroy, d/o James and Nancy NOLEN, witn Mr. and Mrs. IVISON of Strathroy, 27 Jun 1877 Strathroy  

006732-77 Robert HASKETT, 28, merchant, London Twp, Lucan, s/o William and Eliza HASKETT, mar Eliza KITT, 18, Talbotville, Lucan, d/o William and Frances KITT, witn John HASKETT of Thedford and Mary J. KITT of Lucan, 19 Jul 1877 residence of bride's father in Lucan

006323-77 (Middlesex), Amos HODGE, 22, labourer, Ontario, Aylmer, s/o Miles and Elizabeth HODGE, mar Jennie BUCK, 21, Ontario, Aylmer, d/o Robert and Rodie (Roda?) BUCK, witn Mary A. HYLAND and Maria BROOKS both of Belmont, 17 Mar 1877 Methodist Parsonage Belmont
006348-77 (Middlesex), Thomas Cronyn HODGINS, 34, lumber merchant, London Twp, Granton, s/o Thomas HODGINS and Mary SHOEBOTTOM, mar Jemima HASKETT, 21, Biddulph, Biddulph, d/o Mitchell and Mary Ann HASKETT, witn John GRANT of Granton and Elizabeth EEDY of Lucan, 13 Mar 1877 Lucan 006849-77 (Middlesex), Thomas HODGINS, 22, farmer, Biddulph, Biddulph, s/o Thomas and Catherine HODGINS, mar Bridget CASEY, 20, Usborne, Usborne, d/o Thomas and Mary CASEY, witn James KEEFE and Mary WHELEHAN of Biddulph, 17 Oct 1877 St. Patricks Church Biddulph
006337-77 (Middlesex), John HOLLAND, 32, farmer, London, West Nissouri, s/o John and Elizabeth HOLLAND, mar Mary Ann BRYAN, 24, West Nissouri, same, d/o John and Sarah BRYAN, witn John BRYAN and Mary Ann EVANS of West Nissouri, 26 Jan 1877 West Nissouri 006391-77 (Middlesex), Marvin HOWE, 35, widower, farmer, Ireland, Caradoc, s/o Hamilton and Jane HOWE, mar Rosanna TAYLOR, 20, Adelaide, Adelaide, d/o Thomas and Maryanne TAYLOR, witn George HOWE and Mary McLEAN both of Caradoc, 03 Jan 1877 Caradoc
006305-77 (Middlesex), John HUDSON, 21, cabinet maker, London Twp, Granton, s/o Samuel and Ann HUDSON, mar Rebecca FOSTER, 18, Blanshard, Blanshard, d/o Robert and Eliza FOSTER, witn George FOSTER of Blanshard and Mary HUDSON of London, 18 Jan 1877 Granton 006358-77 (Middlesex), John HUMPHREYS, 30, carpenter, Caradoc, Caradoc, s/o Henry and Elizabeth HUMPHREYS, mar Louisa HILL, 22, Caradoc, Caradoc, d/o Thomas and Mary Ann HILL, witn George W. NORTHCOTT and Elizabeth HILL both of Caradoc, 07 Mar 1877 Strathroy
006342-77 (Middlesex), John R. HURST, 26, farmer, Ireland, Moore Twp, s/o John and Mary HURST, mar Sarah LINCE, 24, West Nissouri, same, d/o William and Sarah LINCE, witn John LINCE and Mary GILLIS no location, 24 Apr 1877 West Nissouri 006313-77 (Middlesex), David HUTCHINSON, 31, yeoman, Renfrewshire Scotland, Aldborough - Elgin, s/o Agnes (sic) and Jane HUTCHINSON, mar Agnes MATHER, 33, Renfrewshire Scotland, Wardsville, d/o Arthur and Mary MATHER, witn Agnes and Allen HUTCHINSON of Aldborough, 18 Jan 1877 Presbyterian Manse, Wardsville
006306-77 (Middlesex), Thomas HUTCHISON, 27, carpenter, Dundas, Usborne, s/o William and Maria HUTCHISON, mar Maria BROWN, 24, Blanshard, Biddulph, d/o Edward and Priscilla BROWN, witn Stephen FULLER of Usborne and Maria BROWN of Biddulph, 05 Feb 1877 Biddulph  

006603-77 (Middlesex), James HYSLOP, 24, brick layer, Goderich, Goderich, s/o William and Elizabeth HYSLOP, mar Sarah Martha PLATT, 26, Goderich, Goderich, d/o Samuel and Mary Anne PLATT, witn S.F.H. SANDERSON and Mary Jane BURNS of London, 02 Aug 1877 Parsonage Clarence Street London

06388-77 (Middlesex), Francis INCH, 27, farmer, England, Metcalfe, s/o Richard INCH and Mary HAWKEN, mar Grace TAYLOR, 21, Metcalfe, Metcalfe, d/o William TAYLOR and Mary CAWRSE, witn Henrietta INCH and George TAYLOR both of Metcalfe, 30 Apr 1877 Kerwood in Metcalfe Twp
006822-77 (Middlesex), William JACKSON, 32, widower, mechanic, London, Cleveland Ohio USA, s/o Francis and Jane JACKSON, mar Annie EARLEY, 22, Adelaide, Adelaide, d/o James and Ellen EARLEY, witn Richard KINGSTONE and Maria MORGAN of Adelaide, 15 Aug 1877 Kerwood 006850-77 (Middlesex), Edmond JOHNSON, 25, moulder, Meaford, Kincardine, s/o Albert & Harriet JOHNSON, mar Fanny NEIL, 26, Fitzroy, Biddulph, d/o Francis and Ellen NEIL, witn Edwin FISHER of Kincardine and Mary DEACON of Biddulph, 06 Nov 1877 Biddulph
006775-77 (Middlesex), John JOHNSTON, 30, painter, Canada, Parkhill, s/o Hugh and Eliza JOHNSTON, mar Eliza J. CONNORS, 20, Canada, Strathroy, d/o James CONNORS and Ann CHAMBERS, witn Thomas HOLAHAN and Millie FRANK both of Strathroy, 16 May 1877 Strathroy

006756-77 (Middlesex), Arthur M. JOHNSTON, 31, carpenter and jointer, Malahide, Ekfrid, s/o Richard and Sarah JOHNSTON, mar Elizabeth MUSGROVE, 24, Whitby, Ekfrid, d/o Thomas and Anne MUSGROVE, witn Addie WILLIMOTT of Ekfrid, 16 Oct 1877 Appin in Ekfrid.

006345-77 (Middlesex), Robert KELLAND, 21, farmer, London, Usborne Twp, s/o Mathew and Elizabeth KELLAND, mar Elizabeth Ann HERBERT, 20, Usborne Twp, Biddulph Twp, d/o John and Charlotte HERBERT, witn William SKINNER and Sarah Jane KELLAND both of Usborne, 15 Jan 1877 Lucan 006770-77 (Middlesex), Andrew KELLEY, 32, farmer, Ireland, Delaware, s/o James and Margaret KELLEY, mar Elizabeth McROBERTS, 25, Caradoc, Caradoc, d/o John and Elizabeth McROBERTS, witn John and Bell McROBERTS of Caradoc, 25 Sep 1877 Caradoc
006793-77 (Middlesex), Arthur KENNEY (KINNEY?), 28, farmer, Canada, Sarnia, (s/o Arthur and James BLUME, mar Esther BLUME, 24, Canada, Metcalfe, d/o James and Margaret BLUME, witn Oxland(?) WOODWORTH and Angeline BLUME no residence, 07 Nov 1877 Strathroy

006765-77 (Middlesex), George KILLETS (Kellett?), 26, farmer, Buffalo New York, Caradoc, s/o James and Harriet KILLETS, mar Cynthia CAMPBELL, 26, widow, Missoura U.S., d/o Plasent and Jane BAXTER, witn J.E. MOORE of Mitchell Ont and Elizabeth HUGGINS of Caradoc, 01 Aug 1877 Caradoc

 006812-77 (Middlesex), William KOYL, 25, farmer, Ontario, South Dorchester, s/o William and Maria KOYL, mar Mary E. MARTIN, 18, Canada, South Dorchester, d/o John and Mary M. MARTIN, witn Matilda WILL of Petrolia and Emily BRADY of Avon, 26 Sep 1877 Avon 006789-77 (Middlesex), Nathaniel LAMONT, 26, mechanic, Canada, Strathroy, s/o David and Mary LAMONT, mar Mary Harriet RICHARDS, 22, Canada, Strathroy, d/o Robert and Sarah RICHARDS, witn Robert RICHARDS of Strathroy and Henry HANKINS of Metcalfe, 12 Oct 1877 Strathroy
006851-77 (Middlesex), Thomas LAMPHIER, 28, farmer, Ireland Biddulph, s/o Anthony and Margaret LAMPHIER, mar Norah RYDER, 23, Biddulph, Biddulph, d/o Patrick and Julia RYDER, witn John BRUIN and Bridget TOOHEY of Biddulph, 29 Nov 1877 St. Patricks Church, Biddulph 006787-77 (Middlesex), Frederick Thomas LAWSON, 22, bank clerk, Scotland, Strathroy, s/o James and Isabella LAWSON, mar Ida Lucretia HULL, 17, Canada, Strathroy, d/o William W. and Emmaline HULL, witn William W. SMITH and William HULL both of Strathroy, 29 Sep 1877 Strathroy
006377-77 (Middlesex), Lachlin LEITCH, 23, farmer, Ekfrid Twp, Lot 16 Conc 2 Ekfrid, s/o William and Margaret LEITCH, mar Flora THOMPSON (sic), 21, Lot 16 Conc 2 Ekfrid, Lot 14 Conc 1 Ekfrid, d/o Alexander and Anne THOMSON (sic) witn Alexander THOMSON and W. BACON both of Ekfrid Twp, 22 Mar 1877 at Alexander THOMSON's house Lot 14 Conc 2 Ekfrid


006733-77 (Middlesex), George H. LINTOTT, 25, blacksmith, Markham Twp, Claudeboye, s/o George and Charlotte LINTOTT, mar Mary Jane COLLINS, 18, Biddulph Twp, same, d/o Thomas and Mary COLLINS, witn Hiram COLLINS of Biddulph and Maria E. LINTOTT of Claudeboye, 26 Sep 1877 at residence of bride's father Biddulph

06760-77 (Middlesex), Levi LIPSIT, 24, farmer, Saltfleet, Caradoc, s/o Lewis and Jane LIPSIT, mar Esther Adelaide JACKSON, 29, Edwardsburgh, Caradoc, d/o James and Mary JACKSON, witn Lucy A. RUSSELL and Annie GARNEY both of Mt. Brydges, 25 Sep 1877 Mt. Brydges in Caradoc.
 06795-77 (Middlesex), Henry LLOYD, 31, farmer, New Glasgow, Lobo, s/o Robert and Annie LLOYD, mar Annie PAUL, 27, Lobo, Lobo, d/o Dougald and Catherine PAUL, witn Hoise LLOYD and William PAUL both of Lobo, 19 July 1877 Lobo 006800-77 (Middlesex), William LODGE, 25, cooper, St. Thomas, Sarnia, s/o Thomas and Margaret LODGE, mar Elizabeth ROBINSON, 24, Lobo, Lobo, d/o Robert and M.A. ROBINSON, witn James LODGE of Port Huron and William ROBINSON of Lobo, 25 Dec 1877 Lobo
006247-77 (Middlesex), Ebenezer MADILL, 23, yeoman, Markham, Pickering, s/o Ebenezer and Mary Ann MADILL, mar Maria MARR, 26, Markham, McGillivray, d/o James and Mary Jane MARR, witn Truman MARR and Bella MARR both of McGillivray, 31 Mar 1877 McGillivray 006250-77 (Middlesex), Philip MARK, 28, farmer, England, McGillivray, s/o Henry and Lovay MARK, mar Charlotte Leonera WELLS, 20, Reach Twp Ont, McGillivray, d/o John and Hannah WELLS, witn John MOSURE of West Williams and Isaac CRAGG of McGillivray, 01 May 1877 Lot 16 Concession 6 McGillivray
006772-77 (Middlesex), John MARR, 25, farmer, Southwold, Southwold, s/o John and Susan MARR, mar Huldah WILLIAMS, 20, Southwold, Southwold, d/o James and Margaret WILLIAMS, witn Charlie DAUGHARTY and Hester Ann SMUCKE both of Southwold, 30 May 1877 Mt. Brydges 006294-77 (Middlesex), James S. MATHERS, 22, farmer, Westminster, McGillivray Twp, s/o Daniel and Eliza MATHERS, mar Mary O'NEIL, 21, McGillivray Twp, same, d/o William and Mary Jane O'NEIL, witn Charles MATHERS and Matilda J. O'NEIL both of McGillivray Twp, 01 Jan 1877 Ailsa Craig
006252-77 (Middlesex), John MATHISON, 32, farmer, Scotland, Stephen, s/o James MATHISON and Margaret WILLIAMSON, mar Janet W. MACKAY, 24, McGillivray, same, d/o Alexander MACKAY and Ann WATERS, witn Joseph MACKAY of McGillivray and Margaret MATHISON of Stephen, 21 Jun 1877 McGillivray

006766-77 (Middlesex), George McCARTY, 28, farmer, Montreal Quebec, Southwold twp, s/o Dennis and Jane McCARTY, mar Rosavella VANDERLIP, 15, Malahide, Southwold twp, d/o Walter and Adelaide VANDERLIP, witn Walter and Adelaide VANDERLIP of Southwold, 02 Sep 1877 Muncey in Caradoc

006399-77 (Middlesex), Henry McCREA, 30, medical doctor, Lansdowne Ont, Marlett USA, s/o John and Eliza McCREA, mar Electa Edwina McLEAN, 28, Ontario, Mt. Brydges, d/o John and Evalina McLEAN, witn Henry G. LINDSAY and Josie E. McLEAN both of Caradoc, 16 May 1877 Caradoc 006369-77 (Middlesex), William McCULLY, 32, farmer, Canada, Metcalfe, s/o John and Jane McCULLY, mar Margaret McPHERSON, 17, Canada, Metcalfe, d/o Donald and Mary McPHERSON, witn M.A. IVISON and M.A. BARRIE both of Strathroy, 19 Feb 1877 Strathroy

006704-77 (Middlesex), John McDONALD, 22, bricklayer, Ailsa Craig, London, s/o Daniel and Sarah McDONALD, mar Elizabeth CLARE, 21, Ireland, London Ont, d/o Robert and Sarah Jane CLARE, witn Elwin DAVIS of London and Catherine McLEAN of London twp, 15 Nov 1877 St. Andrews Manse London

006392-77 (Middlesex), Donald McGUGAN, 32, farmer, Scotland, Ekfrid, s/o Donald and Jane McGUGAN, mar Margaret FLETCHER, 23, Caradoc, Caradoc, d/o Archibald and Margaret FLETCHER, witn Archibald McGUGAN of Ekfrid and Anna FLETCHER of Caradoc, 29 Mar 1877 Caradoc
006379-77 (Middlesex), Alexander D. McKELLAR, 29, farmer, Caradoc Twp, Ekfrid, s/o Malcolm and Betsy McKELLAR, mar Flora McFARLANE, 27, Ekfrid, Ekfrid, d/o Hector and Mary McFARLANE, witn Lachlan SYNCLAIR of Caradoc Twp and Margaret McFARLANE of Ekfrid Twp, 12 Apr 1877 Lot 18 Conc 4 Ekfrid Twp 006799-77 (Middlesex), James McKICHAN, 29, farmer, Lobo, Lobo, s/o John and Isabella McKICHAN, mar Margaret JOHNSTON, 29, McGillivray, Lobo, d/o John and Jane JOHNSTON, witn William JOHNSTON and Agnes McKICHAN both of Lobo, 18 Oct 1877 Lobo
006373-77 (Middlesex), John Henry McINTOSH, 32, clerk, Scotland, Strathroy, s/o John and Julia McINTOSH, mar Ellen RAPLEY, 30, Adelaide, Strathroy, d/o William and Jane RAPLEY, witn William F. and Mrs. W.F. FAWCETT of Strathroy, 11 Jun 1877 Strathroy 006338-77 (Middlesex), James McQUILLAN, 24, farmer, Ireland, East Nissouri, s/o Samuel and Anne McQUILLAN, mar Elizabeth McGUINESS, 18, West Nissouri, same, d/o William and Elizabeth McGUINESS, witn Andrew STEELE and John McGUINESS of West Nissouri, 10 Jan 1877 Thorndale
006325-77 (Middlesex), Duncan McVICAR, 40, farmer, Scotland, North Dorchester, s/o Archibald and Mary McVICAR, mar Isabella McNIVEN, 23, Ontario, North Dorchester, d/o James and Flora McNIVEN, witn Dugal McVICAR and Angus McNIVEN both of North Dorchester, 24 Apr 1877 North Dorchester 006769-77 (Middlesex), James Wesley MEGEARY, 25. carpenter, London, Lobo, s/o Arthur and Charlotte MEGEARY, mar Isabella PATTERSON, 20, Lobo, Lobo, d/o Hector and Isabella PATTERSON, witn Neil PATTERSON of Lobo and Amey McALPINE of Ailsa Craig, 26 Sep 1877 Caradoc
  006393-77 (Middlesex), Edward MILES, 25, farmer, Ekfrid, Ekfrid, s/o George and Maryann MILES, mar Sophia E. CADE, 21, Caradoc, Caradoc, d/o Robert and Sarh CADE, witn George EDWARDS and Louisa Ann CADE both of Caradoc, 01 Mar 1877 at Caradoc
006375-77 (Middlesex), Samuel MILLIKEN, 39, widower, farmer, Scotland, East Williams. s/o John and Mary MILLIKEN, mar Alice Powers MILLER, 23, Adelaide, Adelaide, d/o William and Ellen MILLER, witn Thomas MILLIKEN of East Williams and Ellen MILLER of Adelaide, 14 Jun 1877 Strathroy 006359-77 (Middlesex), George MOORE, 22, farmer, Ontario, Strathroy, s/o James and Rhoda MOORE, mar Mary Ann EMMONS, 16, Ontario, Strathroy, d/o John and Harriet EMMONS, witn Mary HAZELTON and Samuel EMMONS both of Strathroy, 13 Mar 1877 Strathroy
006246-77 (Middlesex), John MORGAN Jr, 23, farmer, McGillivray, same, s/o George and Hannah MORGAN, mar Jane CANNING, 20, McGillivray, same, d/o Thomas and Ann CANNING, witn Joseph CANNING and Ann MORGAN both of McGillivray, 17 Jan 1877 St.Marys Church McGillivray 006296-77 (Middlesex), William Henry MOYSE, 20, cabinet maker, Darlington Ont, Seaforth Ont, s/o Edward and Margaret MOYSE, mar Mary L. VARLEY, 20, McGillivray Twp, same, d/o Thomas and Mary VARLEY, witn Angus and Mary Ann MUNRO of Ailsa Craig, 16 Jan 1877 Ailsa Craig
006786-77 (Middlesex), Robert MURPHY, 32, farmer, Ireland, Warwick, s/o John and Anne MURPHY, mar Mary Ann WALKER, 27, Canada, Strathroy, d/o William B. and Mary Ann WALKER, witn John T. SMITH of Warwick and Elvann WALKER of Strathroy, 12 Jun 1877 Strathroy


006601-77 (Middlesex), James Hay NAISMYTH, 33, druggist, Woodstock, Stratford, s/o George and Joysie? NAISMYTH, mar Deborah Eliza DIGNAM, 25, Canada, London, d/o William and Elizabeth DIGNAM, witn Charles THOMPSON of Stratford and Martha DIGNAM of London, 11 Jul 1877 at residence of bride's mother 388 Ridout Street London

006701-77 (Middlesex), Harry Robert NICHOLLS, 26, purser on St. Lawrence River boats, Lakefield Ont, same, s/o William Wray NICHOLLS b. England and Allison Ann McNAIR b. England, mar Florence CAMERON, 19, document writer at Osgood Hall, USA, Simcoe Street London Ont, d/o William Hector CAMERON and Judith Ann PERRIN, witn J.E. NICHOLLS and Minnie CAMERON, 14 Nov 1877 London ("special license").

006762-77 (Middlesex), Samuel OAKES, 20, farmer, Caradoc, Caradoc, s/o Samuel and Mary OAKES, mar Mary Ann DAVISON, 21, Caradoc, Caradoc, d/o James and Ann DAVISON, witn Stephen BOND and Sarah Ann RAMEY both of Caradoc, 05 Jun 1877 Caradoc.

006755-77 (Middlesex), William Warren PAINE, 24, cabinet maker, United States, Glencoe, s/o Benjamin and Liddie PAINE, mar Jane Ann GRAHAM, 19, Ekfrid, Ekfrid, d/o Donald and Elizabeth GRAHAM, witn Grace GRAHAM of Ekfrid and William MULLIN of Glencoe, 20 Aug 1877 Ekfrid

006297-77 (Middlesex), Joseph PARKER, 30, farmer, Fullarton Ont, same, s/o John and Rebecca PARKER, mar Catherine LAIRD, 26, Sheffield Ont, Biddulph Twp, d/o James H. and Elizabeth LAIRD, witn John McKENNA of Blanchard and Maggie LAIRD of Biddulph, 17 Jan 1877 Ailsa Craig 006823-77 (Middlesex), James W. PARKER, 30, merchant, Adelaide, Strathroy, s/o James and Ellen PARKER, mar Esther Ann RAPLEY, 26, Adelaide, Adelaide, d/o David and Harriet RAPLEY, witn Charles RAPLEY of Adelaide and Benjamin PAINE of Strathroy, 18 Sep 1877 Adelaide
006607-77 (Middlesex), Neal PATTERSON, 33, farmer, Scotland, Brooke Twp, s/o Heston and Catherine PATTERSON, mar Elizabeth RISK, 23, Brooke Twp, same, d/o John and Mary RISK, witn Emma and Rachael GRAHAM of London, 16 Aug 1877 Parsonage, Clarence Street, London 006365-77 (Middlesex), Thomas PATTERSON, 24, farmer, Westminster, Ekfrid, s/o James PATTERSON and Isabella IRWIN, mar Maria RICHARDSON, 19, Adelaide, Adelaide, d/o William RICHARDSON and Mary POTTER, witn George Edward BROCK and Amelia PATTERSON both of Ekfrid, 14 Apr 1877 Strathroy

006759-77 (Middlesex), James PATTERSON, 56, widower, retired, County Tyrone Ireland, Strathroy, s/o James and Mary PATTERSON, mar Mary HEAD, 40, widow, Inverness Scotland, Strathroy, d/o Donald and Sarah WILSON, witn Lucy A. RUSSELL and Annie RUSSELL both of Mt. Brydges, 06 July 1877 Mt. Brydges

006764-77 (Middlesex), Frederick S. PAYNE, 34, merchant, Westbromarch Staffordshire England, Halifax Nova Scotia, s/o Thomas PAYNE and Eliza Wilson ORME, mar Ellen Orme BRETT, 19, Gedine Namur Belgium, Caradoc, d/o Walter BRETT and Cathrine R. KIRKMAN, witn W.H.J. BRETT and Emily Orme BRETT both of Caradoc, 11 Aug 1877 Caradoc

006778-77 (Middlesex), George PENFIELD, 24, farmer, London, Parkhill, s/o George and Ellen PENFIELD, mar Ellen BUSHAW, 23, Stephen Twp, Strathroy, d/o illeg and Amelia BUSHAW, witn Robert NICHOLSON and his daughter Joann NICHOLSON both of Strathroy, 06 Sep 1877 Strathroy 006825-77 (Middlesex), Joseph PETCH, 24, farmer, Toronto, Adelaide, s/o Francis and Mary PETCH, mar Martha Jane PARKER, 18, Adelaide, Adelaide, d/o George and Sarah PARKER, witn Harvey PARKER and Mary E. PETCH of Adelaide, 09 Oct 1877 Adelaide

006602-77 (Middlesex), Ebenezer PHILLIPS, 22, farmer, Dorchester, Delaware, s/o Robert and Sarah PHILLIPS, mar Lydia Catherine LUCE, 20, Delaware, Delaware, d/o Defris J. and Rachael LUCE, witn John GIBSON and Ellen PHILLIPS of Delaware, 23 May 1877 Parsonage Clarence Street London

006604-77 (Middlesex), Michael PHILLIPS, 22, farmer, East Tilbury, same, s/o John and Julia PHILLIPS, mar Lizzie Catherine GRAY, 17, East Tilbury, same, d/o Robert and Anne GRAY, witn Mary GUTTERIDGE and Rachael SHANNON of London, 17 Jul 1877 Parsonage Clarence Street London

6166-78 Henry POWELL, 24, boot merchant, England, London, s/o George & Catherine, married Ellen BOYCE, 23, Canada, London, d/o Henry & Martha, witn: Samuel POWELL & Hannah BOYCE, both of London, 17 Oct. 1877 at London 006397-77 (Middlesex), Noah PULLEN, 25, farmer, England, Caradoc, s/o Ambrose and Martha PULLEN, mar Alice CONLIN, 18, Westminster, Caradoc, d/o Ira and Rachael CONLIN, witn Lorenzo PERKINS and Susanna PULLEN both of Caradoc, 05 Apr 1877 Caradoc
006814-77 (Middlesex), Taylor QUAIT, 29, farmer, Ontario, Nissouri, s/o John and Ann QUAIT, mar Sarah Jane WEIR, 30, Ontario, North Dorchester, d/o Joseph and Letitia WEIR, witn Robert TACKABURY of London Twp, and Mary WEIR of North Dorchester, 04 Dec 1877 residence of bride's father

006767-77 (Middlesex), Walter Henry QUICK, 25, farmer, Caradoc, Caradoc, s/o William QUICK and Elizabeth POTTER, mar Maria Alice WEBB, 24, Nissouri, Caradoc, d/o William S. and Sarah WEBB, witn William Henry WEBB and Sarah QUICK both of Caradoc, 08 Sep 1877 Caradoc.

006810-77 (Middlesex), Robert RAMSEY, 23, farmer, Ontario, North Dorchester, s/o Andrew and Hannah RAMSEY, mar Elizabeth A. TANNER, 21, England, North Dorchester, d/o Martin and Mary Ann TANNER, witn Cornelius RICHARD and James ROUSE of North Dorchester, 18 Oct 1877 North Dorchester  
006363-77 (Middlesex), David RICHARDSON, 21, yeoman, Adelaide, Adelaide, s/o William RICHARDSON and Mary USHER, mar Nancy Elizabeth DICKSON, 21, Metcalfe, Kerwood, d/o Anthony and Mary DICKSON, witn Thomas PUTNAM of Ekfrid and Maria RICHARDSON of Kerwood, 14 Feb 1877 Strathroy 006360-77 (Middlesex), George RILETT, 23, farmer, Ontario, Metcalfe, s/o George and Harriet RILETT, mar Mary Ellen McMAHON, 17, Metcalfe, Metcalfe, d/o Bernard and Rose Hannah McMAHON, witn James EDGAR and Lucy BICKNELL both of Metcalfe, 14 Mar 1877 Metcalfe
006798-77 (Middlesex), Hector Neill ROBINSON, 22, carpenter, Brant twp., Walkerton, s/o William and Jane ROBINSON, mar Mary Elizabeth COHOE, 21, Lobo, Lobo, d/o Andrew Nathaniel and Margaret Livingston COHOE, witn Andrew COHOE of Walkerton and Benjamin COHOE of Pelham, 25 Sep 1877 Lobo 006298-77 (Middlesex), William ROE, 26, yeoman, Mariposa Twp, Stephen Ont, s/o Thomas and Austin ROE, mar Sarah J. CARR, 22, Cobourg, East Williams Twp, d/o William and Sarah CARR, witn William SINCLAIR and Alice CARR both of East Williams, 06 Mar 1877 Ailsa Craig
006805-77 (Middlesex), Robert David ROGERS, 25, yeoman, Campden (Camden?), Warwick, s/o David and Elizabeth ROGERS, mar Agnes Jane ARCHER, 24, Wardsville, Wardsville, d/o Robert and Jane ARCHER, witn William H. ROGERS and Maggie ARCHER of Wardsville, 24 July 1877 Wardsville 006350-77 (Middlesex), Robert Andrews ROWE, 35, farmer, Canada, Metcalfe, s/o Robert and Hester ROWE, mar Amelia DODGE, 23, Nova Scotia, Caradoc, d/o George and Mary DODGE, witn William ROWE and Christianna DODGE of Caradoc, 02 Jan 1877 Strathroy
006699-77 (Middlesex), George RUSSELL, 49, farmer, Scotland, Caledon twp, s/o Thomas and Janet RUSSELL, mar Elizabeth HALDANE, 39, Westminster twp, same, d/o James and Elizabeth HALDANE, witn Charles ARCHER of Westminster twp and Catherine SCATH of London twp, 18 Sep 1877 residence of J. HALDANE Westminster twp

006753-77 (Middlesex), John SANDS, 29, farmer, East Williams, same, s/o David and Margaret SANDS, mar Annie MacDONALD (sic), 22, East Williams, same, d/o Donald and Christina McDONALD (sic), witn Harry SANDS and Christina McDONALD both of East Williams, 28 Mar 1877 East Williams

006777-77 (Middlesex), William Harrison SAUL, 30, farmer, Strathroy, Strathroy, s/o Richard and Ann SAUL, mar Phebe Ann McLASKY (McLusky?), 21, St.Marys, Strathroy, d/o Robert and Mary Ann McLASKY, witn William H. GRANT and John S. SAUL both of Strathroy, 29 Aug 1877 Strathroy 006783-77 (Middlesex), Robert SCOTT, 53, widower, farmer, Ireland, Adelaide, s/o William and Anna SCOTT, mar Margaret HARVEY, 47, widow, St. Thomas, Strathroy, d/o John and Barbara MITCHELL, withn Eliza SCOTT and Margaret HARVEY of Strathroy, 29 Nov. 1877 Strathroy
006826-77 (Middlesex), George SEED, 27, shoe maker, Adelaide, Adelaide, s/o George and Mary SEED, mar Margaret DOUGLAS, 24, Hamilton, Adelaide, d/o James and Nancy DOUGLAS, witn Sarah SHANNON and Mary Jane SHANNON of Adelaide, 20 Oct 1877 Adelaide

006757-77 (Middlesex), Peter SHARP, 28, farmer, Lower Canada, St. Thomas, s/o William and Elizabeth SHARP, mar Mary Anne HOUSTON, 23, Ekfrid, Ekfrid, d/o George and Harriett HOUSTON, witn George HOUSTON of Ekfrid and Eliza COOPER of Caradoc, 13 Nov 1877 Appin

006349-77 (Middlesex), Charles SIMS, 26, bricklayer, Somersetshire England, Crediton Village, s/o William SIMS and Mary GEORGE, mar Minnie MOOTZ, 21, Crediton Village, same, d/o Jacob MOOTZ and Margaret EBERLINE, witn William BUCKINGHAM of Exeter and J.H. SHELTON of Crediton and Lizzie DELIE of Exeter and Lizzie HODGINS of Exeter, 22 Mar 1877 Lucan  006808-77 (Middlesex), William SLATER, 22, sailor, London, London East, s/o Abraham & Mary SLATER, mar Eliza DEAN, 19, Canada, Putnam, d/o Arthur and Jane DEAN, witn James CLAYTON of Westminster and Mary SLATER of London East, 19 Jan 1877 Tavern, Putnam
006346-77 (Middlesex), Thomas SMITH, 25, farmer, Pickering, McGillivray Twp, s/o William and Hannah SMITH, mar Ellen McGREGOR, 19, Ashton near Ottawa, Biddulph Twp, d/o James and Margaret McGREGOR, witn Robert SMITH and Mary SMITH both of McGillivray, 22 Feb 1877 Lucan 006824-77 (Middlesex), Judson SMITH, 30, farmer, Ontario, Lobo, s/o Leonard and Jane P. SMITH, mar Rebecca HARKNESS, 21, Adelaide, same, d/o Alexander and Margaret HARKNESS, witn James B. HARKNESS of Adelaide and Ellen SMITH of Lobo, 19 Sep 1877 Adelaide
006794-77 (Middlesex), Charles W. SMITH, 23, cooper, Brant Co, Brant Co, s/o Charles S. SMITH and Margaret NEWMAN, mar Alice Evangeline SALSBURG, 22, Lobo, Caradoc, d/o Henry SALSBURG and Margaret PERRY, witn Frank A. SMITH and Charles CAMPBELL both of Strathroy, 25 Dec 1877 Caradoc 006811-77 (Middlesex), James SMITH, 28, farmer, Ontario, North Dorchester, s/o William and Mary Jane SMITH, mar Ann ALLEN, 26, Canada, North Dorchester, d/o Peter and Catherine ALLEN, witn J.E. FRAZER of Brant and Fanny ALLEN of North Dorchester, 13 Jun 1877 North Dorchester
006605-77 (Middlesex), Peter SMITH, 38, farmer, Scotland, London, s/o Alex and Mary SMITH, mar Annie HODGINS, 26, Biddulph, London, d/o William and Mary HODGINS, witn A.G. BROWN and E. WESTLAND of London, 04 Jul 1877 Methodist Church Queens Avenue London 006307-77 (Middlesex), Leonard D. STANLEY, 21, farmer, Biddulph, Biddulph, s/o Thomas and Elizabeth STANLEY, mar Sarah Esther SHAW, 18, Hibbert, Lucan, d/o Thomas and Jane SHAW, witn James STANLEY of Exeter and Jemima SHAW of Lucan, 24 Jan 1877 St. James Church Biddulph
 6175-78 Albert H. STEPHENSON, 40, gentleman, Virginia US, Memphis, s/o John S. & Elizabeth, married Nellie W. KEARNS, 21, Laprairie, Avon, d/o John & Jane, witn: Andrew MUNROE & Amelia KEARNS, both of London, 31 Oct 1877 at St. Peters Cathedral, London

006703-77 (Middlesex), George STEWART, 21, miller, East Zorra, Ingersoll, s/o Peter and Anne STEWART, mar Ellen SHANE, 21, Dorchester, Ingersoll, d/o Michael and Nora SHANE, witn Georgina MURRAN and Agnes RIDDALL of London, 14 Nov 1877 St. Andrews Manse London

006752-77 (Middlesex), Duncan STEWART, 23, farmer, East Williams, same, s/o Finlay STEWART and Mary McARTHUR, mar Betsy CARMICHAEL, 22, d/o Allan CARMICHAEL and Johanna STEWART, witn John DEWAR and John M. DEWAR both of Lobo, 08 Feb 1877 Village of Nairn in East Williams

006751-77 (Middlesex), Peter STEWART, 33, cattle dealer, East Williams, Ailsa Craig, s/o John STEWART and Maria KELSEY, mar Margaret ROSS, 22, East Williams, same, d/o George M. ROSS and Elizabeth WATSON, witn John STEWART and George STEWART both of East Williams, 12 Apr 1877 East Williams

006378-77 (Middlesex), James STROTHERS, 23, blacksmith, Ontario, London, s/o William and Elizabeth STROTHERS, mar Miranda PRENTICE, 22, Ontario, Ekfrid, d/o Jacob and Sarah PRENTICE, witn James and Margaret LOCKWOOD of Ekfrid Twp, 05 Apr 1877 Ekfrid 006340-77 (Middlesex), Joseph STUART, 45, farmer, Ireland, Brant Co, s/o Arthur and Jane STUART, mar Mary J. STUART, 40, Ireland, West Nissouri, d/o Asaph and Jane STUART, witn George A. EVANS and James STUART of West Nissouri, 20 Feb 1877 West Nissouri
006398-77 (Middlesex), George SUTHERLAND, 25, farmer, Caradoc, Caradoc, s/o Alexander and Latitia SUTHERLAND, mar Helen Victoria TULL, 21, Caradoc, Caradoc, d/o Samuel and Matilda TULL, witn William and Elspeth SUTHERLAND of Caradoc, 25 Apr 1877 Caradoc 006396-77 (Middlesex), Charles SUTHERLAND, 35, farmer, Caradoc, Caradoc, s/o John and Elizabeth SUTHERLAND, mar Mary PIERCE, 29, Marlborough, Caradoc, d/o Robert and Maryann PIERCE, witn James SUTHERLAND and Jane PIERCE both of Caradoc, 04 Apr 1877 Caradoc
006309-77 (Middlesex), Richard SWEET, 25, saddler, Walpole St.Catharines, Granton, s/o Alonzo and Sophia SWEET, mar Ann Elizabeth CAMERON, 20, London, Granton, d/o Hugh and Mary CAMERON, witn William LEWIS and Helen MANN of Granton, 03 Apr 1877 Granton 6165-78 Fred SWIRE, 28, medical student, England, London, s/o John & Beatrice, married Margaret TOWE, 27, London, same, d/o John & Harriet, witn: Jane TOWE & Milo JONES, both of London, 25 April 1877 at 558 Maitland St., London
006801-77 (Middlesex), John TAIT, 26, artist, Glasgow Scotland, Brooke, s/o James and Jane TAIT, mar Catharine KELLY, 19, Ekfrid, Ekfrid, d/o Abner and Elisabeth KELLY, witn William N. and Margaret NEIL both of Mosa, 04 July 1877 Mosa  
006806-77 (Middlesex), Daniel TAYLOR, 27, yeoman, King Co, Mosa Twp, s/o Gilbert and Isabella TAYLOR, mar Mary Ann GIBB, 26, Aldborough, Mosa Twp, d/o Singleton and Mary GIBB, witn Archibald TAYLOR MD of Brussels Ont and Adelia GIBB of Mosa, 26 Sep 1877 Presbyterian Manse Wardsville 006609-77 (Middlesex), Henry TAYLOR, 22, printer, London, London, s/o Francis and Eve TAYLOR, mar Mary Anne GROVES, 20, London, London, s/o Richard and Anne GROVES, witn William TAYLOR and Eve TAYLOR and Richard GROVES of London, 02 Jul 1877 residence of bride's father London
006248-77 (Middlesex), David TORRANCE, 26, farmer, Montreal, McGillivray, s/o John TORRANCE and Jane WILSON, mar Jane McEWEN, 19, McGillivray, same, d/o Robert McEWEN and Margaret CAMERON, witn William McEWEN and Jane CAMPBELL both of McGillivray, 11 Apr 1877 McGillivray

006600-77 (Middlesex), Martin Farquar TUPPER, 27, joiner, Canada, Westminster Twp, s/o R.E. and Susan TUPPER, mar Thurza Jane MINER, 18, Caradoc, Caradoc, d/o James and Margaret MINER, witn Robert W. JACKSON of London Twp and Mary F. MINER of Port Stanley, 16 May 1877 Wellington Street Methodist Church London

  006852-77 (Middlesex), William TURNER, 28, farmer, Biddulph, Biddulph, s/o James and Ann TURNER, mar Elizabeth CARTER, 22, McGillivray, McGillivray, d/o James and Elizabeth CARTER, witn John R. ARMITAGE and Mary Jane RYAN of Biddulph, 12 Dec 1877 St. James Church, Biddulph
006784-77 (Middlesex), William URQUHART, 22, carpenter, Clinton, Strathroy, s/o George URQUHART and Catherine McKENZIE, mar Lena WHITMINE?, 22, Switzerland, Strathroy, d/o Godve WHITMINE and Mary Ann SHARER, witn George URQUHART Jr. and Annie McNUNAN both of Strathroy, 07 Dec 1877 Strathroy 006370-77 (Middlesex), Henry VANCE, 21, farmer, Canada, Warwick, s/o Henry and Margaret VANCE, mar Mary C. FREELE, 20, Adelaide, Strathroy, d/o Michael and Mary FREELE, witn William NETTLETON of Adelaide and J.W. McKEENE of Strathroy, 06 Mar 1877 Strathroy
006394-77 (Middlesex), William VENNOR, 23, farmer, Caradoc, Caradoc, s/o Salomon and Grace VENNOR, mar Lydia Maria BASS, 21, Edwardsburgh, Caradoc, d/o Freeman and Catherine BASS, witn George CADE and Mary J. VENNOR both of Caradoc, 07 Mar 1877 6172-78 John VINCENT, 23, laborer, Westminster, London, s/o John & Ann, married Sarah Jane ANDERSON, 21, Michigan US, London, d/o Henry & Emaline, witn: Walter MILLAR & Charlotte GIBSON, both of London, 3 Sept 1877 at London
006606-77 (Middlesex), Frank Cary WALTON, 21, insurance agent, United States, Kalamazoo Michigan USA, s/o James A. and Eliza WALTON, mar Ada Caroline WINNOTT, 21, London, London, d/o Thomas and Anne Elizabeth WINNOTT, witn J.S. WINNOTT and Belle CRAIG of London, 30 May 1877 at 260 Talbot Street South, London 006366-77 (Middlesex), George WARD, 29, yeoman, Adelaide, Adelaide, s/o Benjamin WARD and Sarah PAYNE, mar Harriet FUREY, 32, widow, Sydney, Strathroy, d/o Philip JONES and Flora PHILLIPS, witn Elizabeth M. SLATER and Jennie B. SLATER of Strathroy, 10 Apr 1877 Strathroy
006330-77 (Middlesex), Samuel C. WARNER, 29, merchant, Canada, Orilia, s/o John and Eliza WARNER, mar Sarah M. HUGGART, 29, Canada, Putnam, d/o Robert and Mary HUGGART, witn William KERR of Beamsville and Emily ERWIN of Dorchester, 19 Jun 1877 North Dorchester 006803-77 (Middlesex), David WATTERSWORTH, 24, farmer, Mosa, s/o Joseph and Clarissa WATTERSWORTH, mar Levinia WHITLOCK, 17, Mosa, Mosa, d/o John and Sarah WHITLOCK, witn Hiram LUMLY of Mosa and Charles GAGE of Euphemia, 04 Dec 1877 Mosa

006698-77 (Middlesex), Edward WELSH, 50, widower, carter, Ireland, London Ont, s/o Patrick and Mary WELSH, mar Harriet MURRAY, 57, widow, Scotland, London Ont, d/o Andrew and Harriet McLAREN, witn Margaret THOMPSON of London and Janet GREVE of Westminster, 06 Sep 1877 St. Andrews Church London

006613-77 (Middlesex), William WEST, 26, widower, baker, England, London Ont, s/o Henry and Sarah WEST, mar Isabella ROLFE, 21, Canada, London, d/o William and Mary ROLFE, witn James POPE and Hannah ROLFE of London, 03 May 1877 at the residence of bride's father Sydenham Street London 006821-77 (Middlesex), Charles WILLIAMS, 26, widower, farmer, Ontario, Warwick, s/o Thomas and Mary WILLIAMS, mar Annie CROCKER, 18, Ontario, Wisbeach Ont, d/o James and Jane CROCKER, witn Arthur WILLIAMS and Emily TANNER of Warwick, 11 Jul 1877 St. Anns Church, Adelaide
006785-77 (Middlesex), Joseph S. WILLIAMSON, 19, plasterer, Warwick, Warwick, s/o David and Mary WILLIAMSON, mar Elizabeth BRYCE, 19, Warwick, Warwick, d/o Hugh and Margaret BRYCE, witn Benjamin WILLIAMSON and Caroline BRYCE both of Warwick, 20 Dec 1877 Strathroy  
006804-77 (Middlesex), George WILSON, 37, teacher, Toronto, Glencoe, s/o Andrew and Isabella WILSON, mar Lizzie M. YOUNG, 30, Garvaghy Ireland, Wardsville, d/o John and Jane YOUNG, witn James WILSON of Glencoe and Essie YOUNG of Wardsville, 14 Nov 1877 Wardsville 006367-77 (Middlesex), Fernando Thomas WILSON, 21, farmer, Ontario, Lobo, s/o Thomas and Carolina Amanda WILSON, mar Mary Betsy SHOTWELL, 15, Lobo, Lobo, d/o William and Susanna SHOTWELL, witn Thomas H. and Anna M. SHOTWELL of Lobo, 25 Apr 1877 Strathroy
006344-77 (Middlesex), Wesley WINDSOR, 22, blacksmith, McGillivray, same, s/o George and Adeline WINDSOR, mar Mary Jane PORTICE, 19, McGillivray, same, d/o Marsden and Charity PORTICE, witn William HAWKEY and Elizabeth EEDY both of Lucan, 01 Jan 1877 Lucan 006792-77 (Middlesex), Alfred WITHERS, 29, gentleman, England, England, s/o Samuel HICKS and Jane C. WITHERS, mar Frederika ROTHWELL, 25, Canada, Strathroy, d/o Thomas WADE and Fanny ROTHWELL, witn Wade ROTHWELL and P.J. AHERN both of Strathroy, 30 Oct 1877 Strathroy
006371-77 (Middlesex), Charles A. WOODHULL, 38, yeoman, Lobo, Delaware, s/o Benjamin and Lucinda MINOR, mar Sarah Ann Jane SISSONS, 25, Westminster, Westminster, d/o Jonathan and Margaret SISSONS, witn Robert SISSONS of Westminster and Miss COLE of Strathroy, 16 May 1877 Strathroy 6151-78 William Stephen YORK, 22, farmer, Ontario, North Dorchester, s/o William & Margaret, married Margaret A. SECORD, 21, Ontario, North Dorchester, d/o Adam & Elizabeth, witn: Solomon & Melissa SECORD of N. Dorchester, 12 Dec 1877 at North Dorchester
006295-77 (Middlesex), Jobin ZAVITZ, 21, farmer, East Williams, East Williams Twp, s/o Samuel and Hannah ZAVITZ, mar Rachel DANIELS, 20, East William Twp, same, d/o Thomas and Mary DANIELS, witn Daniel DANIELS and Sila ZAVITZ both of East Williams Twp, 16 Jan 1877 Ailsa Craig 006354-77 (Middlesex), Jonas A. ZAVITZ, 29, farmer, London, Brooke, s/o Benjamin and Esther ZAVITZ, mar Euphemia DUNLOP, 28, Warwick, Warwick, d/o Duncan and Eliza DUNLOP, witn Frederick COKE and Arcinia ZAVITZ both of Brooke, 17 Jan 1877 Strathroy