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Middlesex Co., 1878


6110-79 Thomas ADAMS, 35, farmer, Malahide, South Dorchester, s/o Reuben ADAMS & Mary Jane, married Martha Jane D’FIDD, 30, Canada, South Dorchester, d/o Peter & Eliza D’FIDD, witn: William & Maggie PHILP of London, 3 Oct 1878 at parsonage, Clarence St., London  
#006285-78 - Edwin C. ALDRICH, 40, widower, druggist, USA, same, s/o Caleb & Lovey, married Mary Isabella SHAW, 30, USA, London twp., d/o Lancelot & Janet, witnesses were Charles GODRAY of London twp & Dinah Louisa CHAPMAN of London, 12 June, 1878 at house of the bride's father, London twp #006204-78 - Norman N. ALDRIDGE, 48, widower, gentleman, USA, Mohawk twp NY, s/o Colin M. & Margaret, married Ellie WALSH, 22, London, same, d/o John & Catherine, witnesses were Albert CHAMBERS & illegible COLLETT, both of London, 8 Feb. 1878 at the residence of Mr. COLLETT, London
6846-78 Henry S. ALLEN, 22, farmer, Ontario, North Dorchester, s/o Richardson & Eliza, married Priscilla SMITH, 21, Canada, North Dorchester, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: E. A. McANN & E. WAUD, both of N. Dorchester. 15 Oct 1878 at North Dorchester 6759-79 David G. ARCHER, 23, mechanic, Canada, Newbury, s/o Alexander ARCHER & Eliza GILL, married Melissa GAY, 21, Canada, Newbury, d/o John & Phebe, witn: William & Thomas NEAL of Wardsville, 17 Dec 1878 at Newbury
006656-1878 (Middlesex Co.) William, ARNEL, 19, farmer, Greenwich, Hulises? Ontario, s/o Henry & Margaret, married Anne Maria SNELGROVE, 16, Caradoc, Metcalfe, d/o Henry Arnold & Ellen, witn: George ARNEL & Anne GARRY, both of Caradoc, 10 Jan 1878 at Mount Brydges. 6839-78 William ATKINSON, 38, widower, farmer, Ontario, South Dorchester, s/o Thomas & Clerisa, married Anna HATCH, 29, Ontario, Bayham, d/o Daniel William & Eleanor, witn: Sarah Ann & Minna MOORE of Avon, 9 Oct 1878 at Avon
6119-79 (Middlesex Co): Alfred BAILEY, 25, farmer, Canada, Nissouri West, s/o Allan & Margaret, married Olive WILSON, 26, Stamford twp., Nissouri West, d/o John & Mary, witn: Rev. E.B. RYCKMAN of Guelph & Rev. J.E. LUMLEY? of Petersville, 8 Oct 1878 at Parsonage, Clarence St., London 6457-78 William Alfred BANTING, 26, telegraph operator, USA, Ann Arbor, s/o William & Sarah, married Emma WILFORD, 24, Canada, London, d/o Gains & Matilda, witn: James WILFORD & Bessie STONEMAN, both of London, 10 July 1878 at 469 Horton St., London
6429-78 Henry BANWELL, 54, widower, clergyman in Protestant Epl. Church, England, Port Huron Mich., s/o Henry & Susan, married Jane HUTCHINSON, 27, Owen Sound, London, d/o James & Sarah, witn: blank DYNES & J. L. MOORE, both of London, 5 Dec 1878 at Christ Church, London 6840-78 William BARR, 21, farmer, Ontario, North Dorchester, s/o Samuel & Margaret, married Alice Ann LONGFIELD, 20, Ontario, North Dorchester, d/o George & Alice, witn: George LONGFIELD & Jennie BAR, both of N. Dorchester, 15 Oct 1878 at North Dorchester
6841-78 Stephen BENNETT, 23, carriage maker, England, Putnamville, s/o Richard & Caroline, married Rhoda BEER, 22, Ontario, Putnamville, d/o Henry & Elizabeth, witn: William & Clara BEER of N. Dorchester, 16 Oct 1878 at Putnamville 6496-78 Thomas BENNINGTON, 20, farmer, McGillivray, West Williams, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Clara PHILLIPS, 26, Stanley, McGillivray, d/o William & Ann, witn: William & Matilda DINSDALE of McGillivray, 26 June 1878 at McGillivray
6434-79 Edward Alex BLACKWELL, 24, vet. surgeon, London twp., London, s/o John & Mary, married Catherine FINCH, 23, Toronto, London, d/o Thomas & Ann, witn: William J. WARD of Petersville & Carrie E. LANCELY?, 13 Nov 1878 at Petersville  
#006432-78 (Middlesex Co): John Edward BONSON (or Bonser), 20, printer, Canada, London, s/o Alexander & Elizabeth, married Laura PENN, 18, USA, London, d/o James & Margaret, witn: John TRENAMAN & Margaret TAYLOR, both of London, 18 Nov 1878 at St. Pauls Rectory, London 6499-78 John BOLAND, 25, yeoman, Ireland, McGillivray, s/o Patrick BOLAND & Mary SHERIDAN, married Sarah McDONALD, 24, Scotland, Parkhill, d/o Neil McDONALD & Mary McPHEE, witn: Rory STEEL & Ann McDONALD, both of Parkhill, 21 May 1878 at Parkhill (Rom Cath)
#006203-78 (Middlesex Co): Durham BOYCE, 26, farmer, Verschoyle, same, s/o unknown, married Ellen DODDS, 29, 3rd con North Dorchester, same, d/o Andrew & Margaret, witnesses were John H. PARTLOW? of Ingersol & Mary WALKER of London, Feb. 5, 1878 at North Dorchester 006616-78 (Middlesex Co): Patrick BROGAN, 24, farmer, Ireland, Metcalfe, s/o Michael BROGAN & Julia GIVNES?, married Julia FINNARTY, 27, Metcalfe, same, d/o Patrick FINNARTY & Catherine BRADDEN, witn: John FINNARTY & Ellen McNULTY, both of Ekfrid, 17 June 1878 at Strathroy (Rom Cath)
6426-78 Thomas BROOKS, 21, farmer, England, Lobo twp., s/o Hugh S. & Elizabeth, married Jennie Maria FOSTER, 20, England, Lobo twp., d/o Fuller Cook FOSTER & Rebecca, witn: William Frederick SMITH from near Melrose Ont., 2 Nov 1878 at Minister’s res, London 6159-78 David BROWN, 28, farmer, Ontario, North Oxford, s/o John & Agnes, married Sarah DENSHAM, 20, Ontario, North Dorchester, d/o William & Ann, witn: Oliver DENSHAM of N. Dorchester & Mary A. BROWN of N. Oxford, 27 Feb 1878 at North Dorchester
6518-78 John Nichols BULLOCK, 20, farmer, McGillivray, same, s/o John & Sarah, married Louisa CURTS, 20, Blenheim, McGillivray, d/o John CURTS & Dorothy BELLIN?, witn: Ellen ELLIOT of Parkhill & Frederick CURTS of McGillivray, 4 Oct 1878 at Parkhill 6466-78 Freeman BUGNER, 25, widower, yeoman, Humberstone, Euphemia, s/o Michael BUGNER & Lavina MORNINGSTAR, married Ann Eliza McNAB, 18, Florence, same, d/o Alexander McNAB & Eliza Jane BOWLER, witn: Simon BUGNER & Lawrence FRANK, 9 Feb 188 at Newbury
6497-78 John BURGESS, 26, farmer, Ontario, McGillivray, s/o George & Mary, married Mary L. DELANEY, 21, McGillivray, same, d/o Eli & Margaret, witn: William & Elizabeth YOUNG of McGillivray, 26 June 1878 at Parkhill 6438-78 Peter BURR, 23, brick layer, Canada, London, s/o James & Janet, married Elizabeth GAINER, 22, Canada, London, d/o George & Phoebe, witn: George GAINER & Mary BURR, both of London, 18 Dec 1878 at Parsonage, Hope St., London
6147-79 (Middlesex Co): James CARPENTER, 21, farmer, Irishtown, same, s/o Edward & Margaret, married Margaret ENRIGHT, 22, Ireland, Irishtown, d/o Michael & Catherine, witn: Edward & Margaret CARPENTER, both of Irishtown, 28 Dec 1878 at St. Peters Cathedral, London (Rom Cath) 6157-78 Archibald E. CARROTHERS, 25, farmer, Ontario, Westminster, s/o Mark & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth CRAIG, 23, Ontario, Belmont, d/o James & Jannet, witn: Mary & Sarah Jane CARROTHERS of Belmont, 3 April 1878 at Belmont
6757-79 Albert CASKET, 25, gardener, England, Chatham, s/o Frank CASKET & Emma DYER, married Sarah TREMAIN, 28, England, Newbury, d/o John TREMAIN & Jannah BENNETT, witn: Frederick CASKET & Chatham & Eliza HENRY of Newbury, 31 Dec 1878 at Newbury 6160-78 George CLARK, 24, conductor on railway, England, West Oxford, s/o John & Betsy, married Emma SMALL, 23, England, West Oxford, d/o William & Agnes, witn: Jane E. FAWCETT & Elizabeth LUND, both of N. Dorchester, 1 March 1878 at Dorchester Station
6461-78 Walter F. CLEMENTS, 21, carpenter, Newbury, same, s/o William & Maria, married Josephine MULHOLLAND, 17, Ancaster, Newbury, d/o Hugh MULHOLLING & Elizabeth, witn: Ben LAWRENCE & Lucinda MOREHOUSE, 25 Sept 1878 at Newbury 006557-78 Samuel COLE, 40, farmer, England, London Tp., s/o Abram & Sarah, married Mary Jane MOLLAND, 30, England, London Tp., d/o Philip & Jane, witn: William John MARSHALL & Emily MOLLAND both of London Tp. on Mar. 19, 1878 at St. John's Church, London Tp.
006559-78 George COLEMAN, 31, farmer, Canada, London Tp., s/o William & Jane, married Margaret Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, 21, Canada, London Tp., d/o George & Mary, witn: Edward COLEMAN & Rebecca ARMSTRONG both on London Tp. on Jan. 30, 1878 at London Tp. 006501-79 (Middlesex), William H. COLLARD, 27, farmer, States, Dorchester, s/o Richard and Mary, mar Jennett DEWER, 23, Ontario, Dorchester, d/o Dunkin and Julia, witn Hiram COLLARD of Westminster and Nelson EDWARDS of Dorchester, 17 Dec 1878 Dorchester
6163-78 William H. COLLINS, 26, blacksmith, Ontario, Dorchester Station, s/o William & Jane, married Lydia BUGGE, 20, England, Dorchester Station, d/o William & Sarah, witn: John COLLINS of N. Dorchester & Alfred OAKLEY of Dorchester Station, 12 may 1878 at Dorchester Station 6490-78 John Abbot CONNER, 24, farmer, East Gwillimbury, McGillivray, s/o W.M. & Sarah Pape? CONNER, married Rachel GILBERT, 20, McGillivray, same, d/o Daniel & Ester Case GILBERT, witn: Margaret GILBERT & Gilbert GRIEVES, both of McGillivray, 13 March 1878 at Parkhill
6460-78 David COOPER, 25, railway man, Strathroy, Thamesville, s/o Henry & Elizabeth, married Amenda RANDLE, 19, Newbury, same, d/o Thomas & Eliza, witn: John D. ANDERSON of Newbury & ?. A. COOPER of Thamesville, 1 Oct. 1878 at Newbury 006571-78 Thomas COWAN, 21, farmer, England, London Tp., s/o Thomas & Mary, married Elizabeth MILLER, 18, London Tp., same, d/o John & Agnes, witn: Joseph WINTER & John MILLER both of London Tp. on Apr. 16, 1878 at St. John's London Tp.
6507-78 Robert COWAN, 28, farmer, Toronto twp., McGillivray, s/o John & Mary, married Hannah WATSON, 23, McGillivray, same, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: James R. WATSON & Sarah MANSON, both of McGillivray, 4 Sept 1878 at Parkhill 6735-79 William Lawson CRONE, 23, yeoman, Warwick, same, s/o William & Mariah, married Ellen MANNING, 22, Deptford England, Adelaide d/o David & Mary, witn: William & Sophia MANNING of Adelaide 10 Oct 1878 at Adelaide
6369-78 John CUNNINGHAM, 23, GWR employee, Ireland, Ilderton, s/o John & Ellen, married Clara CASSEL, 18, England, Ilderton, d/o Ephraim & Mary Ann, witn: Ephraim & Mary Ann CASSEL of Ilderton, 18 Aug 1878 at St. Pauls Rectory, London 6152-78 William J. DAKINS, 27, farmer, Ontario, North Dorchester, s/o William & Betsy, married Sermantha SLAUGHTER, 23, Ontario, North Dorchester, d/o John & Mary Ann, witn: Thomas LANE & James PLAXTON, both of N. Dorchester, 28 Feb 1878 at North Dorchester
6506-78 John DARRAH, 20, blacksmith, Atlantic ocean, Parkhill, s/o John & Catherine, married Melinda BICE, 21, McGillivray, same, d/o Artemus & Margaret, witn: George AIKENS & Sarah LINEN, both of Parkhill, 28 Sept 1878 at Parkhill 6494-78 Louis DESJARDIN, 19, farmer, Grand Bend, same, s/o Peter & Maggie, married Mary TETREAU, 17, Quebec, Grand Bend, d/o Francis & May, witn: Isaac DESJARDIN of Grand Bend & Ester VICKER of Parkhill, 28 April 1878 at Parkhill
#006434-78 (Middlesex Co): George Caster? DEW, 24, agent, England, Sarnia, s/o John WORMOLD? & Lucinda Julia A.K. DEW, married Marion Florinda RADCLIFF, 24, not given, London, d/o John & Mary, witn: F.A. & Warmsley BURROWS of London, 18 Dec 1878 at residence of Mr. BURROWS, Wellington St., London 6121-79 (Middlesex Co): William DIMOND, 52, widower, grocer, Ireland, London East, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Cordelia ALLEN, 37, Canada, London East, d/o Ira & Jane, witn: Eliza & William Inglis McDOUGALL of London, 27 Aug 1878 at 469 Horton St., London
6441-78 Charles DOE (Due?), 22, printer, England, London, s/o Thomas & Eliza, married Honora CAVANAGH, 17, London, same, d/o Edward & Mary, witn: Dennis DUE & Phoebe H. HOWARD, both of London, 17 Dec 1878 at 310 James St., London 6374-79 James George DONALDSON, 31, farmer, South Monaghan, same, s/o Joseph DONALDSON & Mary WILSON, married Mary DONALDSON, 28, Otonabee, Caradoc, d/o George & Mary Ann, witn: Andrew THOMPSON of Adelaide & M. Clothilde DONALDSON of Caradoc, 27 Nov 1878 at Fort Donaldson, Caradoc
006480-1878 (Middlesex Co.) John Russell DORMAN, 19, farmer, Ontario, Westminster, s/o James & Caroline, married Electa Anne FORSYTHE, 21, Ontario, Delaware, d/o John & Martha Ann, witn: James BLACKWELL & Sarah E. FORSYTHE, both of Delaware, 23 Oct 1878 at Delaware. #006832-78 (Middlesex Co): Charles William DRINKWATER, 30, woolen manufacturer, Merrimac - NH USA, Lobo, s/o Charles & Z., married Jessie OLIVER, 31, England, Lobo, d/o Walter OLIVER & blank, witn: Frances Henry PULHAM of Lobo & Isabella OLIVER of London, 27 Nov 1878 at Lobo
6162-78 Charles Oscar DUNDASS, 23, farmer, Ontario, West Oxford, s/o Charles & Jetty Ann, married Elizabeth Jane MAGEE, 21, Ontario, North Dorchester, d/o Robert & Annie, witn: Charles A. MAGEE of North Dorchester & George E. DUNDASS ofd West Oxford, 4 March 1878 at North Dorchester 6154-78 Wellington DUNDASS, 22, farmer, Ontario, North Dorchester, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Mary M. COLLINS, 18, Ontario, North Dorchester, d/o James & Hannah, witn: Thomas DUNDASS & Catherine COLLINS, both of N. Dorchester, 6 March 1878 at North Dorchester
6531-79 illegible Louis EARHART, 2-?, farmer, Wellesley? twp., Ekfrid, s/o Robert EARHART & Mary Jane illegible, married Mary Ann PALMER, 16, Hampshire England, Ekfrid, d/o William PALMER & Emma S. FREELAND, witn: J. N. & E. H. HOWARD of Ekfrid, 31 Dec 1878 at Ekfrid 6153-78 Peter Alexander EMPEY, 26, farmer, Ontario, West Oxford, s/o Peter & Mary, married Emily M. COLLINS, 17, Ontario, North Dorchester, d/o James & Hannah, witn: Mannes FRALICK & Sarah COLLINS, both of N. Dorchester, 6 Feb 1878 at bride's res, North Dorchester
6485-78 Daniel ERSKINE, 27, farmer, McGillivray, same, s/o Andrew ERSKINE & Jane MURRAY, married Annie POTTER, 19, McGillivray, same, d/o Billing POTTER & Lucy TAYLOR, witn: Jane ERSKINE & Stephen POTTER, both of McGillivray, 5 Feb 1878 at Parkhill 6450-78 Mark FALLACK, 28, carriage builder, England, Dorchester, s/o Frank & Mary Ann, married Emma EDWARDS, 22, Canada, Dorchester, d/o William & Catherine, witn: Walter EDWARDS of Dorchester & Kate MINKLEX? of Oxford, 23 May 1878 at 469 Horton St., London
006562-78 Charles FERGUSON, 25, farmer, London Tp., same, s/o Henry & Jane, married Elizabeth Maria TALBOT, 32, London Tp., same, d/o Richard & Elizabeth, witn: William H. & Richard FERGUSON both of London Tp. on Apr. 11, 1878 at London Tp. 6445-78 Donald FINLAYSON, 25, teacher, Glencoe, same, s/o Alexander & Ann, married Jeannette McMASTER, 25, Appin, same, d/o Alexander & Margaret, witn: John O’DELL & Jannet ROSS, both of London, 31 July 1878 at 356 Queens Ave., London
6158-78 Robert FLEMING, 21, farmer, Ontario, North Dorchester, s/o George & Mary, married Nancy CORNISH, 26, Ontario, North Dorchester, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann, witn: Alexander FLEMMING (sic) & Ellen CORNISH, both of N. Dorchester, 23 Jan 1878 at North Dorchester  
006569-78 John FOSTER, 36, farmer, widower, Wellington Co., Wawanosh Tp., s/o James & Mary Elizabeth, married Elizabeth JOHNS, 32, Thamesford, London City, d/o John & Lillian, witn: J. S. SMITH of Wingham & Amelia JOHNS of London Tp. on May 15, 1878 at London Tp. #006511-78 (Middlesex Co): John FOUNTAIN, 21, cooper, Brookland, Parkhill, s/o James & Hester, married Isabella GRIEVES, 22, Richmond Hill, Parkhill, d/o John & Jennett, witn: Annie & Alexander ROSS of Parkhill, 11 Nov 1878, at Parkhill
6295-78 William Pickering FRANK, 43, widower, farmer, Westminster twp., same, s/o Richard & Elizabeth, married Maria LINDSAY, 32, Ireland, London, d/o John & Mary, witn: Ellen CONLON & James WEATHERHEAD, both of London, 4 July 1878 at 156 Wellington St., London 6439-78 Peter FRAYNE, 26, harness maker, Ontario, Exeter, s/o Robert & Margaret, married Elizabeth Jane JOHNSON, 21, Ontario, London, d/o Samuel & Harriet, witn: William H. & Hannah JOHNSON of London, 23 Oct 1878 at house of bride's father, London
6607-79 John FREEDY, 30, carpener, Toronto, London East, s/o Joseph FREEDY & Kezia, married Sarah WOOD, no age given, Perth Co., North Dorchester, d/o Daniel WOOD & Jane, witn: Richard & Margaret WOOD of North Dorchester, 23 Oct 1878 at London East 6161-78 Ambrose FRENCH, 33, widower, teacher, Ontario, East Oxford, s/o Mathew B. & Ann, married Annie Margaret MAGEE, 25, Ontario, North Dorchester, d/o Robert & Annie, witn: Charles A. MAGEE of N. Dorchester & George E. DUNDASS of West Oxford, 4 March 1878 at North Dorchester
6438-79 Henry A. FRESE, 21, auctioneer, Harrisburgh Penn., same, s/o Jacob FRESE & Phoebe, married Lucinda FOSTER, 17, Glanworth, same, d/o John FOSTER & Sarah, witn: Sydney A. SMITH & Susan DICEY?, both of Westminster, 3 Oct 1878 at Westminster 6293-78 John GEORGE, 23, moulder, London, same, s/o James & Harriet, married Sarah Melissa STRACHAN, 19, Leeds Ont., London, d/o John Jones & Mary STRACHAN, witn Jane HICOCK & James GEORGE, both of London, 4 July 1878 at 94 Bathurst St., London
6451-78 Absalom GILBERT, 32, farmer, Canada, Southwold, s/o Jacob & Christena, married Emiline CAMPBELL, 21, Canada, Delaware, d/o William & Sarah Ann , witn: Charles ELLWOOD & Barbara CAMPBELL, both of Delaware, 5 June 1878 at 469 Horton St., London 6372-78 Arthur Ebenezer GILBERT, 24, solicitor, England, Toronto, s/o Ebenezer & Eliza, married Emily McBROOM (McBrown?), 20, Canada, London, d/o William & Maria, witn: William & Maria McBROOM of London, 4 Sept 1878 at res of William McBroom
6516-78 John GILCHRIST, 48, farmer, widower, Argyleshire Scotland, McGillivray, s/o William & Mary, married Margaret CAMERON, 44, widow, Argyleshire Scotland, d/o Donald & Mary McLAUCHLAN, witn: Hugh GILCHRIST of Ailsa Craig & Catherine CAMERON of East Williams, 18 Dec 1878 at Parkhill 006560-78 Thomas GILLIES, 29, farmer, King Tp., Richmond Hill, s/o John & Jane, married Lydia Ann PULFORD, 25, King Tp., Richmond Hill, d/o William & Sarah, witn: William & Mattie PULFORD both of London Tp. on Mar. 27, 1878 at London Tp.
#006435-78 (Middlesex Co): Thomas GILLOOLY (Gilhooly?), 23, laborer, Ireland, London, s/o Michael & Ann, married Annie PARKER, 18, Canada, London, d/o Charles & Margaret, witn: William HIGBY of London, 18 Dec 1878 at St. Pauls Rectory, London 6520-78 Manuel GLENDENING, 22, yeoman, Markham, McGillivray, s/o Robert GLENDENING & Mary FYKE, married Mary APPLETON, 18, McGillivray, same, d/o Thomas APPLETON & Susannah TEELY, witn: Helen GLENDENING & Thomas APPLETON, both of McGillivray, 5 Sept 1878 at Parkhill
6292-78 Joseph GOODERHAM, 21, butcher, England, London twp., s/o William & Emma, married Jane ANDERSON, 22, USA, London twp., d/o David & Sarah, witn: M. J. RICHARDSON & Mary G. HARTSHORNE, both of London, 1 July 1878 at London 6532-79 Malcolm GRAHAM, 25, farmer, Dunwich, same, s/o Donald GRAHAM & Phebe McINTYRE, married Maggie MURRAY, 25, Ekfrid twp., same, d/o James MURRAY & Jane GALBRAITH, witn: G. B. MLLOY of Dunwich twp & Christy MURRAY of Ekfrid, 31 Dec 1878 At Ekfrid
006565-78 William John GRAY, 20, farmer, London Tp., same, s/o William & Mary, married Elizabeth JAYNES, 21, London Tp., same, d/o James & Jane, witn: Joseph ROBSON & Eliza Jane GRAY both of London Tp. on Mar. 14, 1878 at Melrose, London Tp. 6517-78 Gilbert GRIEVE, 24, farmer, Roxburgshire Scotland, McGillivray, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Mary Charlotte Ann WILSON, 18, McGillivray, same, d/o John E. WILSON & Mary McPHERSON, witn: Knevan? GRIEVE of McGillivray & Sarah GILBERT of Stephen, 18 Dec 1878 at Parkhill
6510-78 Jonathan HALL, 22, saddler, West Williams, Parkhill, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Johanna BISSETT, 20, Exeter, Parkhill, d/o Edward & Maria, witn: Rebecca GRIGG & Thomas S. HAMILTON, both of Parkhill, 5 Nov 1878 at Parkhill 6488-78 Francis H. HALL, 21, carpenter, Whitby, Parkhill, s/o John & Sarah, married Annie Eliza HAYWOOD, 19, Plattsville, Parkhill, d/o James & Martha, witn: Hanna & James HARDY of Parkhill, 4 March 1878 at Parkhill
006563-78 Alonzo HALL, 23, farmer, London Tp., same, s/o Harvey & Mary, married Sarah HODGINS, 23, London Tp., same, d/o Thomas & Eliza, witn: Joseph S. DEACON of London & Harvey HALL of London Tp. on Apr. 18, 1878 at London Tp 6707-79 David HARDY, 43, widower, farmer, Scotland, West Nissouri, s/o George & Margaret, married Mary J. DUNN, 31, Ontario, West Nissouri, d/o Edward & Elizabeth, witn: James S. DUNN of W. Nissouri & John ROBB, 25 Dec 1878 at West Nissouri
006482-1878 (Middlesex Co.) Edward Donald? HARKER? (HACKER?), 26, carriage maker, Canada, Delaware, s/o William & Mary, married Jane Eliza PAINE, 21, Canada, Delaware, d/o Benjamin & Mary, witn: Benjamin PAINE & Sarah HARKER, both of Delaware, 7 Nov 1878 at Delaware. #006833-78 (Middlesex Co): Robert HARRIS, 24, farmer, Medcalf, Caradoc, s/o Joshua & Grace, married Sarah A. CRAWFORD, 19, Whitby Ont, Lobo, d/o George & Sarah, witn: James CRAWFORD of Sarnia & Jessie CAMERON of Lobo, 3 Dec 1878 at Lobo
006574-78 Charles HARRIS, 25, farmer, Ireland, McGillivray, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Martha NOBLE, 19, London Tp., McGillivray, d/o Matthew & Ann, witn: Steward HARRIS of London Tp. & S. C. CREWS of St. John's, London Tp. on Feb. 26, 1878 at St. John's London Tp  
6435-79 James HASTY?, 38, farmer, London twp., same, s/o John & Sarah, married Betsy SMITH, 35, London twp., same, d/o Thomas & Jane, witn: Sarah HAGARD of London & Alice ECCLESTONE of Hamilton, 19 Nov 1878 at Petersville 006554-78 William HEDLEY, 32, farmer, Lobo, same, s/o James & Mary, married Jane DOUGLAS, 28, London Tp., same, d/o George & Isabella, witn: Allan HEDLEY of Lobo & Isabella DOUGLAS of London on Mar. 6, 1878 at London Tp
006503-79 (Middlesex), Henry HERON, 38, farmer and builder, Canada, North Dorchester, s/o Stewart and Mary, mar Mary H. SMITH, 18, Canada, North Dorchester, d/o George and Elizabeth, witn George C. SMITH and Charlotte SMITH both of North Dorchester, 11 Sep 1878 North Dorchester 6424-78 John Hillary HIBBLETHWAITE, 22, farmer, London twp., same, s/o Alfred & Jane, married Harriett STARK, 22, England, London twp., d/o William & Harriett, witn: Thomas SCANDRETH of London & Emma HIBBLETHWAITE of London twp., 6 Nov 1878 at Memorial Church, London
6297-78 Andrew HIGMAN, 24, painter, England, Strathroy, s/o Robert & Elizabeth, married Mary McINTOSH, 23, Williamstown Ont., London, d/o Donald & Mary, witn: Ann HIGMAN & Jane WATSON, both of London, 10 July 1878 at Hill St., London 6609-79 John HISLOP, 36, widower, cabinet maker, Chateguay, King St. in London, s/o John HISLOP & Mary, married Sarah McKAY, 22, Beamsville, Timothy St. in London, d/o Alexander McKAY & Susan, witn: William J. McKAY & Ida McLEOD, both of London East, 24 Dec 1878 at London
  #006834-78 (Middlesex Co): John HOBBS, 26, broom maker, England, London, s/o John H. & Sarah, married Mary A. McKAY, 23, Ireland, London, d/o William & Margaret, witn: Robert GARDNER & Hannah McKAY, 4 Dec 1878 at Komoka
6592-79 Thomas HODGSON, 28, farmer, McGillivray, same, s/o Thomas & Frances, married Catherine CANNING, 24, McGillivray, same, d/o Robert & Mary, witn: Robert CANNING & Hannah HODGSON, both of McGillivray, 20 Nov 1878 at McGillivray 6419-78 James HOMISTER, 24, inn keeper, Germany, London East, s/o Charles & Ann, married Elizabeth JENKINS, 24, Westminster, same, d/o William & Sarah, witn: James JENKINS of Westminster & Esther HOMISTER of London East, 24 July 1878 at not given [reg’d in London]
6164-78 James HOOPER, 22, printer, England, London, s/o John & Susanna, married Emma JOHNSTON, 18, London, same, d/o Joseph & Mary, witn: Thomas HOOPER & Rebecca JOHNSTON, both of London, 1 Jan 1878 at res of bride's father, London 6109-79 James HURLEY, 24, mechanic, England, Exeter, s/o John HURLEY & Ann, married Mary YOE (Yeo?), 21, England, London, d/o Joseph YOE & Ann, witn: Joseph & Jessie YOE of London, 31 Dec 1878 at res of the bride's father, London
6367-78 Andrew Sinclair HUTCHINSON, 28, widower, clerk, Scotland, Guelph, s/o Alexander & Hellen, married Angelina GLOVER, 22, Canada, Port Hope, d/o Thomas & Ann, witn: A.B. & N. INNES of London, 26 July 1878 at St. Pauls Rectory, London #006202-78 (Middlesex Co): Thomas M. HUTCHINSON, 30, farmer, New Wilmington Perm?, same, s/o James & Mary Ann, married Isabella DODD, 28, North Dorchester, same, d/o Andrew & Margaret, witnesses were Andrew DODD of Derwent & Sarah BROWN of Belmont, 5 Feb. 1878 at 3rd con., North Dorchester
6504-78 Albert JAMES, 25, farmer, Onid? twp., West Williams, s/o John & Mary, married Elizabeth JOHNSON, 21, West Williams, same, d/o Thomas JOHNSTON (sic) & Mary Ann, witn: Hannah RANDALL & W. JOHNSTON, both of West Williams, 21 July 1878 at West Williams 6170-78 David F. JELLY, 30, farmer, North Dorchester, Harrietsville, s/o William & Mary, married Ida FINLAY, 23, Brockville, Harrietsville, d/o Richard & Rebecca, witn: Nora A. ROSS of London & Elizabeth CREMES? of London twp., 12 Jan 1878 at Parsonage, Hope St., London
6515-78 William JOHNSON, 23, farmer, West Williams, same, s/o Thomas & Mary Ann, married Hannah RANDALL, 21, West Williams, same, d/o William E. & Mary, witn: Daniel RANDALL & Hannah JOHNSON, both of West Williams, 4 Dec 1878 at West Williams 6505-78 Alexander JOHNSON, 19, teamster, Bothwell, Parkhill, s/o William A. & Mary, married Catherine WANN, 20, Lambton, Parkhill, d/o Robert & Elizabeth WANN, witn: George WANN & Elizabeth JOHNSON, both of Parkhill, 24 Aug 1878 at Parkhill
6587-79 Isaac JONES, 24, farmer, McGillivray, same, s/o Isaac & Jemima, married Jennie Eleanor Louisa WOOD, 17, St. Marys, McGillivray, d/o Baptiste & Mary Ann, witn: Jennie THOMPSON of Parkhill & John RICHARDSON Jr. of McGillivray, 18 Dec 1878 at McGillivray 6171-78 John KIDNER, 24, dry goods clerk, London, same, s/o John & Margaret, married Ida Alberta SMYTH, 19, Peterborough Ont., London, d/o William James & Cordelia, witn: Charles KIDNER, Ida LOCKWOOD, John GOULD & Cora OWEN, all of London, 7 Jan 1878 at Chapter House, London
6593-79 Henry E. KINDER (Hinder?), 30, carpenter & house builder, Illinois US, Muskegon Mich., s/o Edwin & Mary, married Mary WARE, 21, England, McGillivray, d/o William & Louisa, witn: William & Louisa WARE of McGillivray, 4 Feb 1878 at McGillivray 006497-79 (Middlesex), Joseph KNAPP, 21, farmer, Ontario, Warwick, s/o Silvester and Sarah, mar Alice PLAXTON, 17, Ontario, North Dorchester, d/o William and Susan, witn Edmund PLAXTON and Dorah PLAXTON both of North Dorchester, 20 Aug 1878 North Dorchester
006573-78 Thomas KNAPTON, 27, farmer, London Tp., same, s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Louisa HASKETT, 26, London Tp., same, d/o William & Margaret, witn: William N. & David B. HASKETT both of London Tp. on Mar. 13, 1878 at London Tp. 6716-79 George Allen KONKLE, 23, farmer, Canada, Mosa twp., s/o Henry & Margaret, married Sarah Matilda GOODWILL, 15, Canada, Mosa twp., d/o Thomas & Mart Ann, witn: Martha A. GOODWIN (sic) & Mary A. GOODWILL, both of Wardsville, 4 Dec 1878 at Wardsville
6117-79 (Middlesex Co): Joseph Wesley LAMB, 21, GTR fireman, Canada, Stratford, s/o George & Mary, married Cathleen DALEY, 17, Canada, Stratford, d/o John & Flora, witn: Thomas & Ellen SMITH of London, 12 Nov 1878 at Parsonage, Clarence St., London 6523-78 Hugh LEITCH, 32, farmer, Metcalfe, same, s/o William & Catherine, married Flora McALPINE, 24, Mosa, same, d/o Robert & Elizabeth, witn: Dugald WALKER of Metcalf & John McALPINE of Mosa, Jan 1878 at Mosa
#006431-78 (Middlesex Co): Walter LEWIS, 31, farmer, England, London, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth ELSON, 27, Canada, Petersville, d/o John & Mary, witn: M.E. & A.B. INNES of London, 28 Nov 1878 at St. Pauls Rectory London 006572-78 Francis LIPSETT, 35, farmer, Ireland, London Tp., s/o William & Eliza, married Jane JACKSON, 34, London Tp., same, d/o William & Margaret, witn: W. R. WARNER & R. U. JACKSON both of London Tp. on May 29, 1878 at London Tp.
6756-79 Neil LIVINGSTON, 29, farmer, Mosa, same, s/o Kerr? LIVINGSTON & Margaret SINCLAIR, married Jane DOWNIE, 21, Brook, same, d/o Duncan DOWNIE & Mary MUNROE, witn: Hugh DOWNIE of Mosa & Janet MUNROE of Brook, 3 Dec. 1878 at Newbury 006500-79 (Middlesex), George LONGFIELD, 26, painter, Ontario, Dorchester, s/o George and Alice, mar Jane E. BARR, 19, Ontario, Dorchester, d/o Samuel and Margaret, witn Robert LONGFIELD and Mary ROSSITER both of North Dorchester, 19 Oct 1878 Dorchester
6838-78 Edward LOUIS, 24, blacksmith, Ontario, Dorchester, s/o Francis & Ann, married Mary GRAHAM, 21, Ontario, Dorchester, d/o Norman & Christena, witn: W. BEAVENS of Dorchester & Mary Ann ROSS of Ingersoll, 26 Sept 1875 at Dorchester Station 6491-78 Ashley LUMLEY, 25, blacksmith, London Canada, Bricon?, s/o William & Jane Hodgison LUMLEY, married Rebeca WEST, 22, McGillivray, same, d/o Mark & Ann Sole WEST, witn: Margaret Ann SOLE of Egmondville & George LUMLEY of Warwick, 15 Jan 1878 at Parkhill
6291-78 William MAGEE, 28, book keeper, Ireland, London, s/o Richard & Mary Jane, married Isabella SCANDRETH?, 24, Canada, London, d/o John & Mary, witn: Robert NEIL & Emma SCANDRETH, both of London, 10 April 1878 at res of the bride, King St. 6294-78 Thomas MAIDENS, 41, widower, mason, England, Stratford, s/o William & Ann, married Eliza RUTTER, 39, widow, Whitby Ont., Stratford, d/o Elisha & Eliza STEVENS, witn: Ida BIGELOW of Lyndsay & G. R. SANDERSON Jr. of London, 3 July 1878 at 156 Wellington St., London
6437-78 Francis Benjamin MASON, 22, laborer, London, same, s/o John & Catherine, married Mary Jane JACKSON, 19, London, same, d/o unknown, witn: Henry MacKAY & Angeline WINGATE, both of London, 14 Dec 1878 at Mrs. Wingate’s house, Bathurst St., London 6503-78 William E. MATTHEWS, 24, cheese maker, London twp., same, s/o Benjamin & Elizabeth, married Mary BOWSER, 19, McGillivray, same, d/o John & Mary, witn: Adam PAXMAN & Elizabeth JACKSON, both of Parkhill, 31 July 1878 at Parkhill
006570-78 John A. McANDLESS, 25, farmer, London Tp., same, s/o William & Mary Ann, married Mary Ann HUGHES, 19, London Tp., same, d/o Phil & Eliza, witn: Richard HUDSON of London & John A. HODGINS of Biddulph on May 28, 1878 at Trinity Church, London Tp #006286-78 - Calvin McARTHUR, 22, farmer, Ontario, Lobo twp., s/o Colin & Margaret, married Susan SHIPLEY, 24, Ontario, Blanchard twp., d/o John & Mary, witnesses were John McGILL & Sarah RICHIE, both of London, 12 June, 1878 at 462 Talbot St., London
6556-79 Andrew McCALLUM, 30, farmer, Scotland, East Williams, s/o Donald McCALLUM & Margaret McLEAN, married Elizabeth ROSS, 25, Seneca twp., East Williams, d/o George M. ROSS & Elizabeth WATSON, witn: David M. & William M. ROSS of East Williams, 16 Oct. 1879 at East Williams 6149-78 Levi Wilson McCORMICK, 40, carriage builder, Ontario, Burford, s/o John & Ann, married Hannah Ann PICKEL, 20, Ontario, North Dorchester, d/o Willmot & Emma, witn: Willmot PICKEL & Emma WALKER, both of N. Dorchester, 30 Jan 1878 at North Dorchester
6498-78 Donald McDONALD, 39, farmer, Scotland, Stephen twp., s/o Alexander McDONALD & Sarah McDONALD, married Catherine McPHEE, 22, Canada, West Williams, d/o Angus McPHEE & Catherine McDONALD, witn: Angus & Mary McPHEE of West Williams, 11 June 1878 at Parkhill (Rom Cath) 6550-78 Hugh McDONALD, 32, yeoman, Scotland, West Williams, s/o John McDONALD & Sarah McINTYRE, married Mary Ann FERGUSON, 22, Canada, West Williams, d/o James FERGUSON & Ellen HIGGINS, witn: Patrick FERGUSON & Ann McDONALD, both of West Williams, 18 June 1878 at Parkhill (Rom Cath)
6423-78 Samuel McDOWAL, 22, laborer, Ireland, London, s/o Samuel & Mary Jane, married Sarah KERNAHAN, 20, Nissouri twp., London, d/o Hugh & Ellen, witn: James LAWRENCE & Margaret KERNAHAN, both of London, 26 Oct 18778 at res of Matt Miller, William St., London 6422-78 John McFADDEN, 40, widower, engineer, Ireland, London, s/o John & Mary, married Margaret BODKIN, 32, Ireland, London, d/o William & Margaret, witn: G. & Emma McFADDEN of London, 19 Sept 1879 at res of G. McFadden, London
6509-78 John McGREGOR, 22, laborer, West Williams, s/o John & Sarah, married Mary Ann McDONALD, 21, Scotland, West Williams, d/o Angus & Annie McDONALD, witn: Donald & Annie McINTYRE of West Williams, 23 Oct 1878 at Parkhill 006655-1878 (Middlesex Co.) John McKAY, 26, RR employee, Caradoc, same, s/o Rodwick & Jane, married Eliza MERRIHEW, England, Caradoc, widow, d/o John WARE & Mary A. TURNER, witn: William J. FARROW of Longwood & Sarah FARROW of Strathroy, 7 Jan 1878 in house of Rod. McKAY, Caradoc.
6502-78 John McINNIS, 27, yeoman, Canada, Michigan US, s/o Donald McINNIS & Margaret MORRISON, married Christie McINNIS, 20, Canada, West Williams, d/o John McINNIS & Catherine CAMERON, witn: Angus McLEOD & Mary Ann McINNIS, both of West Williams, 22 July 1878 at Parkhill (Rom Cath) 6484-78 Alexander McINTOSH, 24, GTR brakesman, Scotland, Point Edward, s/o William McINTOSH & Margaret HOPE, married Isabella HAMILTON, 21, Sarnia, Point Edward, d/o Andrew HAMILTON & Ann Jane YOUNG, witn: John & Ann HAMILTON of Parkhill, 31 Jan 1878 at Parkhill
6501-78 Hector McINTYRE, 23, farmer, Canada, West Williams, s/o Neil McINTYRE & Mary McEACHAN, married Jennet O’HERLY, 25, Canada, West Williams, d/o John O’HERLY & Catherine HARRISON, witn: John & Mary McINTYRE of West Williams, 28 Feb 1878 at Parkhill (Rom Cath) 6489-78 Donald McKENZIE, 30, carpenter, Nova Scotia, Petrolia, s/o Norman McKENZIE & Margaret ROSS, married Janet GRIEVE, 23, Richmond Hill, Parkhill, d/o John GRIEVE & Janet ELLIOTT, witn: Alex McKENZIE & Isabella GRIEVE, both of Parkhill, 30 Jan 1878 at Parkhill (also 6483-78)
6522-78 Alexander McLENNAN, 32, widower, farm servant, Scotland, Mosa, s/o Neil & Sarah, married Isabella McNEIL, 31, Mosa, same, d/o Peter & Henrietta, witn: John McALPINE & Archibald McINTYRE, both of Mosa, 3 Jan 1878 at Mosa 6487-78 Archibald McLEOD, 24, farmer, Yarmouth Ont., West Williams, s/o John & Mary, married Mary McVICAR, 23, West Williams, same, d/o Archibald & Mary, witn: Neil McLEOD & Catherine McVICAR, both of West Williams, 12 March 1878 at Parkhill
#006430-78 (Middlesex Co): George McMEEHAN, 21, laborer, Canada, Westminster twp., s/o Charles & Sarah, married Jemima GARSIDE, 17, England, Westminster twp, d/o James & Sarah, witn: William GRANT & Elizabeth GARSIDE, both of Westminster twp., 14 Nov 1878 at St. Pauls Rectory, London #006831-78 (Middlesex Co): Alexander McTAVISH, 28, farmer, Orford, same, s/o Malcolm & Catherine, married Honora IRVINE, 23, Lobo, same, d/o John & Mary A., witn: John IRVINE & Maggie McLACHLIN, both of Lobo, 13 Nov 1878 at Lobo
#006428-78 - Joseph McWAIN, 20, farmer, Canada, West Nissouri, s/o Joseph & Mary Ann, married Martha Ellen ROGERS, 20, Canada, West Nissouri, d/o Willian & Mary Jane, witnesses were Hugh McWAIN & Jane ROGERS, both of W. Nissouri, 27 Nov., 1878 at 406 Bond St., London 6452-78 Robert McWHEE, 45, widower, baker, Ireland, Dresden, s/o Robert & Sarah, married Mary WALLACE, 30, Canada, Westminster, d/o Alexander J. & Margaret, witn: William J. TRAHER? & J. FEUREY, 22 June 1878 at res of J. Feurey, Clarence St., London
6492-78 Dowker MEDCOFF, 42, widower, farmer, Yorkshire England, McGillivray, s/o Thomas & Eliza Dowker MEDCOFF, married Alema M--TT? (smudged), 31, widow, Moutain - Dundas Co., West Williams, d/o Anthony VIAUSOUR? & Margaret Hamell, witn: E. J. McCARTNEY & John MEDCOFF, both of Parkhill, 16 March 1878 at Parkhill 6589-79 Amos Wesley MERRITT, 23, farmer, McGillivray, same, s/o Aaron & Mary, married Mary Elizabeth RICHARDSON, 18, McGillivray, same, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Rose Ann MERRITT of McGillivray & Stephen ROSSITER of North Dorchester, 18 Dec 1878 at McGillivray
6371-78 Andrew MILLS, 25, plasterer, Canada, Nissouri twp., s/o Richard & Mary Ann, married Charlotte TALBOT, 23, Canada, Nissouri twp., d/o John & Ann, witn: Alfred BAILEY of Nissouri & Emma WALTERS of London twp., 21 Aug 1878 at St. Pauls Rectory, London 6443-78 David MILLS, 27, carriage maker, Downie twp., same, s/o David & Janet, married Mary MARKS, 24, Hamilton, London, d/o James & Isabella, witn: Robert BALLANTINE of Blanchard twp & Ann DUDY? of London, 9 July 1878 at St. Andrews Manse, London
6590-79 George MILNER, 22, farmer, Blanshard, same, s/o Joseph & Eliza A., married Hannah HODGSON, 21, McGillivray, same, d/o Thomas & Frances, witn: John McLEOD of Biddulph & Agnes HODGSON of McGillivray, 25 Dec 1878 at McGillivray #006200-78 - William George MINHENNICK, 25, farmer, Isle of Jersey, Thedford, s/o William & Rose, married Sarah WELLS, 24, King twp., Florence d/o Samuel & Hannah, witness was William WHEATONof 29 Bathurst St., London, 30 Jan 1878 at 396 King St., London
6464-78 Angus D. MITCHELL, 30, carpenter, Canada, Mosa, s/o Duncan & Mary, married Julia E. DAVIS, 21, Canada, Newbury, d/o John & Eliza, witn: Lucy MITCHELL of Mosa & R?. BRYDON of Newbury, 15 Jan 1878 at Newbury 6836-78 Andrew MONTAGUE, 28, farmer, Canada, Michigan, s/o Henry & Mary, married Fanny GOBLE, 24, Ontario, North Dorchester, d/o Daniel & Esther, witn: John GOBLE & Louisa WHALEY, both of N. Dorchester, 5 June 1878 at North Dorchester
6432-79 Samuel MOORE, 24, brick layer, London, Petersville, s/o Samuel MOORE & Ann GIBSON, married Louisa STRATFOLD, 21, London England, Petersville, d/o Elezear STRATFOLD & Louisa, witn: Edward GATLAND & James McDOWELL, both of Petersville, 11 Nov 1878 at Petersville (also 6099-79 with grooms’ b.p. as England) 6715-79 Archibald MORRISON, 22, farmer, Canada, Dunwich twp., s/o William & Mary, married Lizzie CARTY, 20, Canada, Aldboro twp., d/o Almore & Olive, witn: John & Alice MARKEL of Wardsville, 3 Dec 1878 at Wardsville
6519-78 George C. MOSURE, 26, minister, Jolist?, Montreal, s/o Bartholomew MOSURE & Agnes BOUREY, married Elizabeth N. VIOLETTE, 15, Montreal, Parkhill, d/o Francis C. & Jane White VIOLETTE, witn: Mrs. Jessie MAGLODISY & John GRANDY, both of Parkhill, 10 Nov 1878 at Parkhill 006555-78 Thomas NESBITT, 26, butcher, Canada, London Tp., s/o Joseph & Clarissa, married Sarah Jane ELLIS, 24, Canada, London Tp., d/o William & Mary, witn: John & Harriet LOCKYER both of London Tp. on Feb. 26, 1878 at London Tp.
6545-79 William A. G. NETHERCOTT, 23, yeoman, Canada, Mosa, s/o John & Charlotte, married Harriet H. SAMSON, 21, Canada, Mosa, d/o Benjamin & Harriet, witn: Wesley JOHNS of Bothwell & William ATKINSON of Mosa, 25 Dec 1878 at Mosa 6418-78 James Henry NIGH, 24, farmer, Ontario, North Dorchester, s/o Henry & Sarah, married Mary IRISH, 16, Ontario, North Dorchester, d/o Stafford M. & Susan, witn: Stafford M. IRISH of S. Dorchester & Jane O. CHAPMAN of London, 18 Nov 178 at 462 Talbot St., London
6456-78 William O’CONNOR, 39, widower, teacher, Ireland, London, s/o Michael & Eliza, married Susan DRURY, 31, Canada, London, d/o Thomas & Jane, witn: Mattie DRURY & Walter H. MORGAN, both of London, 31 Dec 1878 at St. Pauls Church 6103-79 George O’DELL, 33, railway employee, Canada, London, s/o Sheldon O’DELL & Deborah, married Annie SYMONDS, 23, widow, Chatham Ont., London, d/o Hamilton FORD & Mary, witn: Mary & William ABRAM of London, 18 Oct 1878 at 156 Wellington St., London
  6368-78 Samuel OLIVER, 53, widower, farmer, England, Southwold twp., s/o William & Rachel, married Mary O'DONNELL, 37, widow, Ireland, Southwold twp., d/o Daniel & Mary, witn: F.T.C. & M. S. RICHARDSON of London, 14 Aug 1878 at St. Pauls Rectory, London
6845-78 Thomas OVENS, 58, widower, farmer, Ireland, North Dorchester, s/o Thomas & Catherine, married Margaret HAZELETT (Hazlett?), 52, widow, Ireland, North Dorchester, d/o Thomas & Ann JOHNSTON, witn: Charles & C. JOHNSTON of N. Dorchester, 3 Dec 1878 at Dorchester 6155-78 Humphrey PARDY, 30, farmer, Ontario, West Nissouri, s/o Samuel & Mary, married Margaret A. DURAND, 24, Ontario, North Dorchester, d/o John & Janet, witn: John ROBERTSON of N. Dorchester & Mary Ann PARDY of W. Nissouri, 20 March 1878 at North Dorchester
6173-78 Alfred PARENT, 26, painter, Sandwich, St. Thomas, s/o Thomas & Sophia, married Margaret J. McGINNIS?, 23, New York City, London, d/o William & Margaret, witn: William & Mary Ellen COLES of London, 8 Jan 1878 at St. Peters Cathedral, London 6373-79 William Duncan PARKER, 28, farmer, Ontario, Caradoc, s/o Robert & Martha, married Frances A. STEER, 24, Ontario, Caradoc, d/o Stephen & Sarah, witn: William HALES & Elizabeth HIGGINS, both of Caradoc, 27 Dec 1878
#006835-78 (Middlesex Co): William PAUL, 27, farmer, Lobo, same, s/o Dougald & Catherine, married Millicent ZAVITZ, 22, Bertie, Lobo, d/o James & Almira, witn: Rodric & Hannah McKINNON of Lobo, 12 Dec 1878 at Komoka 6449-78 Charles PEARCE, 23, dry goods man, England, London, s/o Theophilus & Jennie, married Florence FRASER, 22, Ottawa, London, d/o James & Sarah, witn: Patrick McPHILLIPS & Hattie FAIRBAIRN, both of London, 31 Oct 1878 at 356 Queens Ave., London
6120-79 (Middlesex Co): Arthur Edward PETERS, 22, confectioner, Canada, London, s/o George & Jane, married Eliza Olive BROOKS, 24, Canada, London, d/o Robert & Deborah, witn: Andrew GOULD & Ada PETERS, both of London, 22 Aug 1878 at 184 Kent St., London 6608-79 Cornelius PURDY, 23, laborer, Walpole, London East, s/o William PURDY & Mellissa, married Sylvania J. HAYNES, 18, Ontario, West Nissouri, d/o John H. HAYNES & Emelina, witn: Richard & Charlotte GREEN of London East, 18 Dec 1878 at London East
006498-79 (Middlesex), George RAINGER, 26, farmer, Quebec, Woodstock, s/o Thomas and Jane, mar Ellen MANNING, 23, Ontario, Dorchester, d/o Gabreal and Sarah Ann, witn Charles RAINGER of Woodstock and Jenna MANNING of Dorchester, 02 Oct 1878 Dorchester #006613-78 (Middlesex Co): John RAMSY (s/b Ramsay?), 30, tanner, Canada, Ekfrid, s/o Caspar & Sarah, married Eliza Jane BRANLY (or Brenly), 26, Canada, Strathroy, d/o not given, witn: Florence HIRST & Elizabeth ROBSON, both of Strathroy, 7 May 1878 at Strathroy
6842-78 Joseph RATH, 30, carpenter, Ontario, North Dorchester, s/o James & Jemima, married Eliza CAPSTICK, 21, Ontario, North Dorchester, d/o Jonathan & Marinda, witn: Robert RIPPIN & Sarah CAPSTICK, both of N. Dorchester, 31 Oct 1878 at North Dorchester 6462-78 Edward REGIS, 21, farmer, Canada, Newbury, s/o William & Ann, married Mary Ann MERRITT, 20, Euphemia, same, d/o Rosanna & Margaret, witn: William & Margaret HINDE of Wardsville, 1 Oct. 1878 at Newbury
  6107-79 Joel Pennington REYNOLDS, 22, baker, Atlanta US, USA, s/o Joseph Pennington REYNOLDS & Caroline, married Florence BARNARD, 23, widow, Canada, London, d/o Samuel STANSFIELD & Mary Ann, witn: S.S. & Clara L. SANDERSON of London, 5 Dec 1878 at 156 Wellington St., London
6681-79 William RICHARDSON, 29, lumber merchant, England, Napier, s/o John & Margaret, married Sarah DUNLOP, 25, Ontario, Metcalfe, d/o Hamilton & Eliza, witn: Albert A. RALPH of London twp & Maria C. HARRISON of Nissouri, 26 June 1878 at res of bride's father, Metcalfe 6512-78 William H. ROBERTS, 22, farmer, East Williams, same, s/o Mitchell ROBERTS & Ledia NELSON, married Margaret A. BREWER, 19, East Williams, same, d/o James & Caroline Ross, witn: John BREMNER & Isabella CLARK, both of E. Williams, 26 Nov 1878 at Parkhill
6588-79 John ROBINSON, 22, farmer, McGillivray, same, s/o Andrew & Sarah, married Margaret SMITH, 18, London twp., McGillivray, d/o Jacob & Rachel, witn: George GRAHAM & Josephine SMITH, both of McGillivray, 25 Dec 1878 at McGillivray 6156-78 John ROCKEY, 26, farmer, Ontario, Malahide, s/o Emmanuel & Mary, married Martha Jane DENNIS, 29, widow, Ontario, Malahide, d/o Amos & Lucinda McKINNIE, witn: George ROBBINS & Mary A. HYLAND, both of Belmont, 8 March 1878 at Belmont parsonage
006556-78 William ROUTLEDGE, 32, hotel keeper, Canada, London Tp., s/o George & Jane, married Phoebe Jane TALMAN, 24, Canada, London Tp., d/o Abel & Elizabeth, witn: George W. ROUTLEDGE & George ELLIOTT both of London Tp. on Feb. 28, 1878 at London Tp. 006499-79 (Middlesex), William Sylvester SAGE, 21, farmer, Ontario, Ontario, s/o William and Irene, mar Annie McKELLAR, 20, Ontario, Dorchester, d/o Archabald and Mary, witn Edger SAGE and Nancy CAMPBELL no locations, 16 Oct 1878, Dorchester
6420-78 George W. SANBORN, 27, grocer, London twp., London, s/o George & Eliza, married Margaret HIGGINS, 26, London, London twp., d/o Benjamin & Alicia, witn: Benjamin D. WILSON of London & Louisa F. HIGGINS of London twp., 17 Sept 1878 at not given [reg’d in London] #006614-78 (Middlesex Co): Edmond SCHOOLEY, 25, mechanic, Canada, Lobo, s/o Levi & Catherine, married Emily ZAVITZ, 19, Canada, Lobo, d/o Benjamin & Jemima, witn: Mary A. IVESON & Grace DICKINSON, both of Strathroy, 23 May 1878 at Strathroy
6446-78 William John SHAW, 24, painter, Brantford, London East, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Ann McPherson DICK, 19, Hamilton, London East, d/o Andrew & Margaret, witn: Charles R. SOMERVILLE of London & Gertrude STREET of London East, 29 Aug 1878 at res of Andrew Dick, London East 6463-78 Hiram? SHUART, 24, farmer, New York, Euphemia, s/o James A. SHUART & S. M. ROBINSON, married Louisa BOYNTON, 18, Euphemia, same, d/o Sayer? & Elizabeth, witn: Jonathan HAGERTY of Mosa & Elizabeth BOYNTON of Euphemia, 28 Oct 1878 at Newbury
6455-78 Andrew SHULTZ, 23, carriage maker, Canada, Mount Brydges, s/o Stafford & Jane, married Sarah Elizabeth SHULTZ, 22, Canada, Caradoc, d/o David & Sarah, witn: C. F. KNAPP & F. H. KEIRSTEAD, both of London, 23 Dec 1878 at Central (Knapps) Hotel, London 6372-79 Cephas SISSON, 23 (25?), farmer, Ontario, Caradoc, s/o Joseph & Ann, married Josephine BOND, 21, Ontario, Caradoc, d/o John & Jane, witn: Stephen J. BOND & Flora CALE?, both of Caradoc, 25 Dec 1878 at Caradoc
#006615-78 (Middlesex Co): Alfred SLEATH, 24, farmer, Westminster, Caradoc, s/o William & Caroline, married Hannah STORR, 18, Middlesex, Caradoc, d/o Jacob & Ann, witn: Henry KAVANAGH & Nancy ADAM, both of Strathroy, 11 June 1878 at Strathroy  
6444-78 Andrew SMITH, 28, store clerk, Scotland, USA, s/o John & Margaret, married Murissa BAKER, 24, London, same, d/o Maurice & Eliza, witn: A. S. MURRAY of London & George SCOTT of St. Louis USA, 10 July 1878 at 340 St. James St., London 6508-78 George SMITH, 22, farmer, Brucefield, Stephen, s/o John & Sarah, married Annie GILLIS, 20, Nova Scotia, Stephen, d/o John GILLIL (sic) & Isabella, witn: Elizabeth BOTTRILL & William GILLIS, both of Stephen, 17 Oct 1878 at Parkhill
  6102-79 Thomas Weston SMITHSON, 28, printer, Canada, London, s/o Herman SMITHSON & Jane, married Elizabeth WICKS, 38, widow, England, London, d/o Abraham OAKLEY & Elizabeth, witn: William James & Jessie SMITHSON of London, 26 Aug 1878 at 359 Bathurst St., London
6440-78 Robert John SOUTHCOTT, 23, harness maker, Canada, London, s/o John & Ann, married Charity Louisa BUCKINGHAM, 20, Canada, Westminster twp., d/o James & Honor, witn: William SOUTHCOTT of Exeter & Amelia ROGERS, 24 Oct 1878 at res of bride's father, London 6447-78 Joseph SPROULL (Sproule?), 29, laborer, Quebec, London, s/o Edward & Margaret, married Margaret WALKER, 22, Ireland, London, d/o John & Margaret, witn: William WALKER & Mary Ann OAKES, both of London, 8 Oct 1878 at res of J. Walker, Cheapside, London
006564-78 Frederick Adam STANYER, 24, carriage builder, Stratford Perth Co., Listowel, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Edna Ann WOOD, 17, Osprey Tp., North Dorchester Tp., d/o Gilbert & Maria, witn: John DRANEY & Florence WOOD both of North Dorchester Tp. on Apr. 25, 1878 at London Tp.  
6436-78 John STEPHENSON, 22, laborer, London, same, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth, married Caroline SMITH, 19y + 10m + 8d, London, same, d/o Richard & Caroline, witn: William A. BROWN & Laura DUNCAN, both of London, 12 Nov 1878 at Bible Christian Church, Gray St., London #006617-78 (Middlesex Co): Robert STEVENSON, 25, mechanic, Ireland, Mt. Brydges, s/o William & Catherine, married Adena? STEWART, 18, Canada, Caradoc, d/o James & Susan, witn: L.D. DELAHOOK & Mary ACHESON, both of Strathroy, 1 July 1878 at Strathroy
#006284-78 - George STINSON, 21, cooper, Brampton, Wyoming, s/o Alexander & Jane, married Martha Jane GRIFFITH, 21, Caradoc, Westminster, d/o Tunis? & Esther, witness was Janet TAYLOR of London, 24 May, 1878 at 156 Wellington St., London 6293-78 William STINSON, 46, widower, cooper, Toronto, London, s/o Charlotte (sic) & Margaret, married Anne MURRAY, 37, widow, England, London East, d/o George & Mary ARTHURS, witn: Edward FLASK & G. R. SANDERSON Jr. , both of London, 28 June 1878 at 156 Wellington St., London
6458-78 James STOKES, 28, laborer, England, Ridgetown - Kent Co., s/o James & Sarah, married Sarah Ann FIRTH, 21, England, London, d/o John & Ann, witn: M. K. COOPER & James ROPER, both of London, 20 Aug 1878 at 469 Horton St., London 6168-78 Leonard SUMNER, 22, farmer, Ontario, Westminster twp., s/o Samuel & Cora, married Kate McNAB, 21, Ontario, Westminster twp., d/o David & Eliza, witn: William BOSTWICK & Minella SUMNER, both of Westminster, 2 Jan 1878 at Parsonage, William St., London
6169-78 Edward TALBOT, 28, carpenter, West Nissouri, same, s/o John & Nancy, married Mary Jane ROBINS, 25, London, same, d/o Simeon & Keziah, witn: Mrs. MARRIOTT of London, 5 Jan 1878 at Parsonage, Hope St., London 6453-78 William J. THOMAS, 28, farmer, Canada, Lobo, s/o John & Mary, married Mary Jane CAMPBELL, 28, Canada, London, d/o Thomas & Nancy, witn: A. G. ADAIR & C. A. CAMPBELL, both of London, 21 June 1878 at 302 Horton St., London
6493-78 William W. THOMPSON, 30, farmer, Norwich, West Williams, s/o John & Mary, married Mary FOSTER, 16, Warwick, West Williams, d/o Joseph & Jane, witn: Hiram THOMPSON of West Williams & Abbie SNELL of Parkhill, 13 (18?) April 1878 at Parkhill 6118-79 (Middlesex Co): Bernard TRAVERS, 32, express merchant, Canada, Paris, s/o Bernard & Sarah, married Mary Jane BATTYE, 21, Canada, Paris, d/o David & Esther, witn: Walter S. TENNANT of Paris & Nellie E. ELLIS of Galt, 23 Oct 1878 at Parsonage, Clarence St., London
6465-78 Lewis James TRYON, 48, farmer, Quebec, Mosa, s/o Asel (Asa C.?) & Harriet, married Emma FRANCIS, 31, England, Newbury, d/o Joseph & Mary, witn: Jacob SIMSLER & Elizabeth GAY, both of Newbury, 18 April 1878 at Newbury 006427-78 - John Wesley TUKE?, 60, farmer, USA, Mosa twp., s/o Joseph & Sarah, married Eliza MOORE, 30, Ireland, London twp., d/o Walter & Annie, witnesses were Walter & Mary Jane MOORE of London twp., 14 Nov., 1878 at house of Walter Moore, Adelaide St., London
006561-78 George TUPHOLME, 21, miller, Delaware Tp., London Tp., s/o Cordley & Sarah, married Manilla Rebecca SMITH, 21, Caradoc, London Tp., d/o William & Sarah Ann, witn: Sarah Ann SMITH & Annie Eliza TUPHOLME both of London Tp. on Mar. 7, 1878 at London Tp  
6454-78 Hugh Edward VINCENT, 23, farmer, Canada, North Dorchester, s/o John & Ann Jane, married Mary Jane CONNOR, 20, Canada, North Dorchester, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: Sarah STRONG & Nora A. ROSS, both of London, 24 Dec 1878 at Parsonage, 10 Hope St., London 006481-1878 (Middlesex Co.) James VROOMAN, 26, farmer, Canada, Caradoc, s/o John & Henrietta, married Margaret Jane CUDNEY, 19, Canada, Caradoc, d/o Alexander & Hanna, witn: Henry LOCKWOOD of Caradoc & Henrietta CROZIER of not given, 6 Nov 1878 at Caradoc
#006618-78 (Middlesex Co): John WALKER, 23, medical student, Canada, Glencoe village, s/o Michael & Harriet, married Catherine LOUNSBURY, 17, Ingersoll, Strathroy, d/o Edward & Catherine, witn: John P. FRYER & L.S. WALKER, both of Glencoe 6105-78 John WALKER, 27, yeoman, Canada, Harwich, s/o David WALKER & Ann, married Sarah Catherine ANDERSON, 27, Canada, London, d/o Alexander ANDERSON & Catherine, witn: Edward William FLACK & Annie ANDERSON, both of London, 22 Oct. 1878 at London East
6421-78 Richard WALSH, 25, farmer, Durham Ont., Chippawa, s/o Richard & Margaret, married Ann STAPLES, 18, Durham Ont., London, d/o Samuel & Ann, witn: W. H. & Libbie STAPLES of London, 18 Sept 1878 at res of bride's father, London 6843-78 George WARD, 22, farmer, Ontario, North Dorchester, s/o Peter & Fanny, married Effie MEYER, 19, Ontario, North Dorchester, d/o William Henry & Mary, witn: Phenias DEMARAY & Martha WARD, both of N. Dorchester, 5 Nov 1878 at North Dorchester
6370-78 Henry WARE, 29, laborer, England, London, s/o William & Ann WARE, married Jessie GOLD, 17, England, London East, d/o William & Hannah, witn: William & Hannah GOLD of London East, 24 Aug 1878 at St. Pauls Rectory, London  
6106-79 John WATSON, 26, carriage builder, Ireland, London, s/o Thomas WATSON & Mary Jane, married Annie HIGMAN, 25, England, London, d/o Robert HIGMAN & Elizabeth, witn: Annie POYNTER & R. W. SHARPE, both of London, 7 Nov 1878 at 347 Hill St., London 6448-78 Robert WATSON, 47, widower, farmer, Ireland, Culross twp., s/o David & Susannah, married Eliza LEGALIE, 48, widow, Ireland, Adelaide twp., d/o Thomas & Mary LEGALLIE, witn: Fred CHEESBORO of London & Jane HASTINGS of Watford, 29 Oct 1878 at 356 Queens Ave., London
6459-78 George WEBSTER, 26, hotel keeper, Canada, Lobo twp., s/o George & Sarah, married Alfretta McCALL, 18, Canada, Lobo twp., d/o Dougal & Catherine, witn: Thomas DAVIDSON of Petersville & Sarah STRONG of London, 24 Dec 1878 at Parsonage, 10 Hope St., London 6148-78 Adam WEIR, 32, farmer, Ontario, North Dorchester, s/o Joseph & Letitia, married Phoeby ENGLISH, 21, Ontario, North Dorchester, d/o Thomas & Nancy, witn: Adam H. MILLS of London & Laura ENGLISH of North Dorchester, 1 Jan 1878 at North Dorchester
6375-79 Lyman WELCH, 24, teacher, Delaware, Caradoc, s/o John & Ruth, married Ann MINER, 21, Adelaide, same, d/o Charles & Mary Ann, witn: Susanna JACKSON & John WHITING, both of Caradoc, 30 Dec 1878 at Mt. Brydges 6837-78 Bartholomew WELL, 44, farmer, Ontario, Byron, s/o John G. & Eve, married Martha Ann SWART, 34, Ontario, North Dorchester, d/o John L. & Martha, witn: Rosel & J.B. SWART of N. Dorchester, 8 Sept 1878 at North Dorchester
#006201-78 - John Thomas WESTBROOK, 22, laborer, England, London, s/o Moses & Emma, married Emma Isabella BUSH, 24, Ontario, London, d/o Simon & Amelia, witnesses were C.T & A.C. BUSH of London, 1 Jan 1878 at the parsonage on Wellington St., London 006558-78 Douglas WESTMAN, 25, farmer, Canada, Biddulph, s/o Henry & Margaret, married Anne WALDEN, 17, Canada, London Tp., d/o Benjamin & Elizabeth, witn: Samuel CAMERON, & Mattie METCALF both of London Tp. on Mar. 19, 1878 at London Tp
#006433-78 (Middlesex Co): Ralph WHICHELLS, 27, butcher, England, Toronto, s/o Ralph & Elizabeth, married Lizzie Jane WILSON, 27, Canada, Toronto, d/o Alexander & Margaret, witn: C. ANDREWS of London, 5 Dec 1878 at St. Pauls Rectory, London 6844-78 George WILCOX, 23, farmer, Ontario, Nissouri, s/o George & Susanna, married Elizabeth HERREN, 23, Ontario, North Dorchester, d/o Joseph & MARGARET, witn: Stephen HUNTER & Sarah COOK, both of N. Dorchester, 18 Nov 1878 at Dorchester Station
  6513-78 Christopher WILSON, 24, laborer, McGillivray, Ailsa Craig, s/o John & Jane White, married Mary Emma NICHOLS, 19, Nairn, Ailsa Craig, d/o James L. NICHOLS & Ida Ena WOOD, witn: James H. & Maggie F. ROBINSON, both of Parkhill, 25 Nov 1878
6486-78 Henry WINDSOR, 22, cabinet maker, Canada, Parkhill, s/o George & Adire?, married Eliza Jane HARDY, 23, Canada, Parkhill, d/o James & Mary Ann, witn: William W. & Minnie JOHNSON of Parkhill, 21 Jan 1878 at Parkhill #006362-78 (Middlesex Co): Jaspar WRIGLEY, 28, cotton spinner, England., London East Ont., s/o James & Betty, married Rachel SQUIRES, 21, Pittsburg, London East, d/o William & Mary, Sept 26, 1878 at 33 York St., London East
#006205-78 - William WYATT, 38, widower, tinsmith, Hull Quebec, London, s/o George & Mary, married Elizabeth SCARROW?, 34, Montreal Quebec, London, d/o John & Julia, witnesses were Henry SCARROW of Woodward & Nellie S--ATON of London, 14 Feb., 1878 at the residence of the bride's mother, Colborne St., London 6495-78 J. Ephraim YAGER, 23, farmer, West Williams, Michigan US, s/o Michael & Betsy, married Alice TANTON, 18, West Williams, same, d/o Thomas & Margaret, witn: Lizzie MARSHALL & Daniel TANTON, both of West Williams, 21 May 1878 at Parkhill
6425-78 Thomas Ebenezer YEREX, 30, laborer, Westminster twp., London, s/o Andrew & Wealthy, married Frances Mary Ann HALL (Hull?), 26, London, same, d/o John & Mary Ann, witn: James T. SAINSBURY & John KIRKPATRICK, both of London, 30 Oct 1878 at res of bride's mother, 234 King St., London