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Middlesex Co., 1881, part 2

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7194-82 - Thomas ALLEN, 55, merchant, England, Whitby, widower, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Matilda Florence MAJOR, 40, London, widow, d/o Edward Charles & Elizabeth WATSON, witn: Lewis ALLEN and Ellen McLEOD, of London, 15 Dec 1881 at 156 Wellington Street, London 006776-81 (Middlesex), Oliver BAIRD, 23, machinist, Oxford Co., Parkhill, s/o Hugh BAIRD and Anna Jane MIDDLETON, mar Martha E. PICKET, 21, Clinton, Clinton, d/o Edward S. PICKET and Martha LITTLE, witn Jacob and Mary KEFFER of Parkhill, 28 Dec 1881 Parkhill
006753-81 (Middlesex), Neil D. BROWN, 30, farmer, Ontario, Dorchester, s/o Dugald and Mary BROWN, mar Rachel M. FOSS, 19, England, North Dorchester, d/o William H. and Ann FOSS, witn:: William and Jessie FOSS of North Dorchester, 07 Dec 1881 North Dorchester 006757-81 (Middlesex), William George BRUCE, 39, widower, tanner, Howard Twp, same, s/o Richard and Mary BRUCE, mar Jane Harriet ATWELL, 25, Ireland, Florence , d/o John and Mary ATWELL, witn: Charles and Elizabeth SIMPSON of Mosa, 25 Jun 1881 Mosa
006781-81 (Middlesex), Thomas Wood BULLOCK, 23, shoemaker, East Nissouri, Stephen Twp, s/o John and Sarah Ann BULLOCK, mar Louise BURGER, 16, Brantford, Stephen Twp, d/o George and Mary BURGER, witn John BURGER and Mary HOHN both of Parkhill, 22 Mar 1881 Parkhill  
006760-81 (Middlesex), William BURROWS, 22, bricklayer, York Co. Adelaide, s/o Henry and Mary BURROWS, mar Mary Anne McKAY, 22, Simcoe, Napier in Metcalfe Twp, d/o Peter and Janet McKAY, witn: John McKAY of Napier and Mary MITCHELL of Metcalfe, 07 Sep 1881 Mosa 006755-81 (Middlesex), William CARROLL, 25, farmer, Ireland, Nissouria, s/o William and Francis, mar Mary J. HANSHAW, 23, Ontario, Nissouria, d/o Daniel and Sharlott HANSHAW, witn: Almera HANSHAW of Dorchester and James STOTHERS of Nissouria, 20 Dec 1881 Dorchester Station
006746-81 (Middlesex), Edward CLEMENT, 36, widower, nurseryman, England, United States, s/o James and Mary Ann CLEMENT, mar Ruth A. HAYES, 27, Ontario, Dorchester, d/o Matthew and Ann HAYES, witn Joseph and Eliza Ann WILSON of Dorchester, 18 Oct 1881 Dorchester 006767-81 (Middlesex), Charles H. CLEMENTS, 22, carpenter, Chatham, Ridgetown, s/o James and Sarah CLEMENTS, mar Eliza Mary MEGGS, 19, Pine Hill, Parkhill, d/o Charles and Mary Jane MEGGS, witn James CLEMENTS of Sarnia and Mary DUNN of Detroit, 20 Sep 1881 St. James Church Parkhill
006778-81 (Middlesex), James S. DAVIDSON, 30, lumber merchant, Canada, East Saginaw, s/o John and Mary DAVIDSON, mar Mary T. DOWN, 30, England, Parkhill, d/o Henry and Susan DOWN, witn George DOWN of Parkhill and Mary McMILLAN of Chatham, 16 Feb 1881 Parkhill 006747-81 (Middlesex), Thomas DUNDAS, 28, farmer, Canada, Dorchester, s/o Charles and Ann DUNDAS, mar Christina M. YOUNG, 21, Canada, Dorchester, d/o James and Agnes YOUNG, witn Richard MORRISH and Margaret DUNDAS of Dorchester, 12 Oct 1881 Dorchester
  006766-81 (Middlesex), William John FOLLIS, 25, farmer, Detroit, Stephen Twp, s/o James and Nancy FOLLIS, mar Catherine LOVIE, 21, Stephen twp., same, d/o James and Mary Jane LOVIE, witn Parsew? FOLLIS and Susannah LOVIE both of Stephen, 27 Jul 1881 Parkhill
006751-81 (Middlesex), Joseph L. GADD, 25, printer, Ontario, Ridgetown, s/o Gleeson and Mary GADD, mar Susie ROGERSON, 19, Ontario, Ingersoll, d/o William and Margery ROGERSON, witn Andrew VENNING and Frances ROGERSON of North Dorchester, 28 Sep 1881 North Dorchester 006761-81 (Middlesex), Alexander GARRETT, 38, farmer, London Twp, London Twp, s/o William G. GARRETT and Jane LANGFORD, mar Sarah KNOX, 20, Ireland, Mosa, d/o Patrick and Sarah KNOX, witn: Ezra LANGFORD of Biddulph and Mary Ann GILBERT of Mosa, 19 Oct 1881 Mosa
006754-81 (Middlesex), George GRAVES, 25, farmer, Ontario, Kintore, s/o Jonathan and Margaret GRAVES, mar Lucetta BURDOCK, 19, Ontario, North Dorchester, d/o Albert and Maria BURDOCK, witn: Robert DRUMMOND and Hannah GRAVES of Ingersoll, 14 Dec 1881 Dorchester Station
006756-81 (Middlesex), Robert HAGGARD, 21, traveller, Ontario, Exeter, s/o Alexander C. and Mary HAGGARD, mar Catharine McGINNESS, 19, Ingersoll, Ingersoll, d/o John and Mary Ann McGINNESS, witn: Richard JOHNSTONE of Dorchester Station and Nell FRASER of London, 30 Dec 1881 Dorchester Station
006762-81 (Middlesex), Neil HILLMAN, 23, farmer, Euphemia in Lambton Co, Mosa, s/o Reuben and Flora HILLMAN, mar Elizabeth CHISHOLM, 25, Mosa, Mosa, d/o Donald and Nancy CHISHOLM, witn: Arthur McDONALD of Mosa and Bella McDONALD of Brooke, 22 Feb 1881 Mosa 006768-81 (Middlesex), John HODGINS, 25, farmer, McGillivray, McGillivray, s/o Irving and Mary Ann HODGINS, mar Mary Ann McCOSH, 19, Scotland, Stephen, d/o Neil and Mary Ann McCOSH, witn Fred and Catherine HODGINS of McGillivray, 04 Oct 1881 Parkhill
006744-81 (Middlesex), William John HYDE, 40, widower, trackman, England, London Ont, s/o Joseph and Mary HYDE, mar Ellen TELFER, 34, widow, England, London Ont, d/o John and Jane TELFER, witn John BELL of Dorchester and Mrs. GILPIN of Granton, 28 Sep 1881 Dorchester Station 006749-81 (Middlesex), Alexander H. KIPPAN, 29, clergyman, Northeast Hope, Dorchester, s/o James and Janet KIPPAN, mar Euphemia FIFIELD, 19, Ontario, Dorchester, d/o Hiram and Sophia FIFIELD, witn Duncan KIPPAN of Northeast Hope and Ada FIFIELD of Dorchester, 10 Aug 1881 Dorchester Station
006769-81 (Middlesex), Robert McINNIS, 22, miller, McGillivray, Watford, s/o James and Annie McINNIS, mar Rebecca CRAIG, 20, McGillivray, Parkhill, d/o John and Susan CRAIG, witn John EDY and Lynn CRAIG both of Parkhill, 04 Oct 1881 Parkhill
006750-81 (Middlesex), Archibald McPHAIL, 24, farmer, Ontario, South Dorchester, s/o Archibald and Euphemia McPHAIL, mar Eliza KINDRIE, 22, Ontario, South Dorchester, d/o George and Eliza KINDRIE, witn Charles STEWART and Emma KINDRIE of South Dorchester, 21 Sep 1881 Belmont 006780-81 Herbert McRANN, 24, shoe maker, McGillivray, McGillivray, s/o James and Ellen McRANN, mar Mary Jane SCOTT, 25, Ireland, McGillivray, d/o Adam and Ann SCOTT, witn Mr. M.M. SNIDER and Mr. E. WATSON both of Parkhill, 22 Jun 1881 Parkhill
  006770-81 (Middlesex), Albert MIDCOFF, 24, Townsend in Norfolk Co., Parkhill, s/o William and Olive MIDCOFF, mar Hannah RITCHIE, 22, Vaughan, McGillivray, d/o William and Margaret RITCHIE, witn James MIDCOFF of Parkhill and Minnie RITCHIE of McGillivray, 19 Oct 1881 Parkhill
006775-81 (Middlesex), William NICHOL, 30, widower, farmer, England, McGillivray, s/o Marn and Mary NICHOL, mar Hannah HOLLAND, 18, Marmora, Marmora, d/o William HOLLAND and Sarah WARD, witn Mrs. J. LAYCOCK of Parkhill, 02 Nov 1881 Parkhill
006771-81 (Middlesex), Joseph NICHOLS, 21, laborer, McGillivray, McGillivray, s/o Marn? and Mary NICHOLS, mar Harriet Matilda MUMBY, 21, Rawdon twp., same, d/o James and Ann MUMBY, witn Charles NICHOLS and Mary E. McINNIS both of McGillivray, 26 Oct 1881 Parkhill
006779-81 (Middlesex), William NICHOLS, 25, agriculturist, McGillivray, McGillivray, s/o William and Elizabeth NICHOLS, mar Harriet SANDS, 21, Pickering, McGillivray, d/o Richard and Clara SANDS, witn Mr. E. WATSON and Mr. L.T. WATSON both of Parkhill, 12 Feb 1881 Parkhill 006782-81 (Middlesex), Robert POLLOCK, 25, farmer, Stanley, Stanley, s/o John and Ann POLLOCK, mar Martha Jane ELLIOTT, 20, Argenteuil Quebec, Stephen d/o Andrew and Mary Jane ELLIOTT, witn W. POLLOCK of Hey and W. TAYLOR of Stephen, 22 Jun 1881 at Parkhill
006764-81 (Middlesex), William REID, 22, farmer, Kingston, East Williams, s/o John and Jane REID, mar Agnes CAMPBELL, 18, East Williams, East Williams, d/o Duncan and Emily, witn James BUCHANSON and Maggie CAMPBELL both of East Williams, 10 Oct 1881 Parkhill 006752-81 (Middlesex), William C. RICHARD, 24, farmer, Ontario, Dorchester, s/o Cornelius and Jane RICHARD, mar Ida J. JOLLY, 20, Ontario, North Dorchester, d/o William and Helen JOLLY, witn Frederick ROWE? and Minnie JOLLY of Dorchester, 10 Nov 1881 North Dorchester.
006758-81 (Middlesex), George RICHARDSON, 27, moulder, England, Glencoe, s/o John and Sarah RICHARDSON, mar Alice Annie BARTLETT, 20, Ontario, Ekfrid, d/o Isaac R. and Annie BARTLETT, witn: James S. ADAMS of Glencoe and Mary F. BARTLETT of Ekfrid, 14 Jul 1881 Mosa
006748-81 (Middlesex), John C. RICHARDSON, 23, butcher, England, Ingersoll, s/o Thomas and Margaret RICHARDSON, mar Eliza Alice GEE, 21, Ontario, Dorchester, d/o William and Ann GEE, witn Alfred GEE and Maggie RICHARDSON of Dorchester, 29 Sep 1881 Dorchester Station
006759-81 (Middlesex), William John ROWE, 20, labourer, Ontario, Newbury, s/o Thomas and Elizabeth ROWE, mar Sarah Ann REYCRAFT, 19, Ontario, Mosa, d/o Richard and Jane REYCRAFT, witn: Elias F. REYCRAFT of Mosa and Annie Maria BEVERIDGE of London, 22 Jun 1881 Mosa
006745-81 (Middlesex), William A. SCOTT, 35, farmer, Ontario, United States, s/o John and Ann SCOTT, mar Sarah COOK, 24, Ontario, Dorchester, d/o William and Jane COOK, witn William and Ellen COOK of Dorchester Station, 04 Oct 1881 Dorchester Station
006763-81 (Middlesex), John SINCLAIR, 31, farmer, London Twp, London East, s/o John and Elizabeth SINCLAIR, mar Elizabeth Mary THOMPSON, 21, Scarboro, Parkhill, d/o Robert William and Ellen Jane SINCLAIR, witn John S. BURLEY of London and Agnes THOMPSON of Parkhill, 18 Oct 1881 Parkhill
006777-81 (Middlesex), James THOMSON, 34, farmer, Scotland, West Williams, s/o John and Elizabeth THOMSON, mar Eliza MOORE, 28, Oxford Co., McGillivray, d/o Joseph and Elizabeth MOORE, witn John B. and Margaret SMITH of West Williams, 09 Dec 1881 Parkhill
006765-81 (Middlesex), James Robert TURBERVILLE?, 35, widower, farmer, England, Bosanquet, s/o James and Mary Ann TURBERVILLE, mar Mary Sophia FOUST, 22, McGillivray, McGillivray, d/o John and Caroline FOUST, witn Walter M. SMITH and Annie FOUST of McGillivray, 09 Jan 1881 Parkhill