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Middlesex Co., 1885

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7248-85 George AITKIN, 30, blacksmith, Scotland, Delaware, s/o George AITKIN & Elizabeth, married Mary CHIVAS, 22, Scotland, Delaware, d/o George CHIVAS & May McDonald, witn: Robert HAWLETT & Jennie SCOTT, both of Delaware, 14 April 1885 at Lambeth  
7033-85 Joshua ANDREWS, 35, widower, carriage maker, Huron Co., Aylmer, s/o Adolphus & Agnes, married Mary Jane SCOTT, 27, Ireland, Delaware twp., d/o John & Mary, witn: Charles McFARLANE & Thomas HEARD, both of London, 28 Jan 1885 at 464 Park Ave., London 7239-85 Henry Philip ANNETT, 25, farmer, Southwold, Adelaide, s/o Jerry & Charlotte, married Alice Maud PAYNE, 21, Adelaide, same, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Arthur W. PAYNE of Adelaide & Sarah L. McLELLAN of Caradoc, 3 Dec 1885 at Strathroy
006945-85 (Middlesex), William ARMSTRONG, 29, widower, mechanic, Scotland, London East, s/o James and Ellen, mar Mary Flora CHRISTIAN, 27, Ireland, London East, d/o Dennis and Flora, witn Hugh KILPATRICK and O.M. BELFRY both of London East, 03 Jul 1885 London East 7039-85 Charles ASHMAN, 23, farmer, Canada, Nissouri twp., s/o Mark & Seneca, married Mary Jane ROGERS, 22, Canada, Nissouri twp., d/o George & Sarah, witn: Margaret SWIFT & Mary JOYCE, both of London, 26 Feb 1885 at St. Pauls Rectory, London
006953-85 (Middlesex), Richard BARRY, 59, painter, Toronto, London East, s/o Richard and Catherine, mar Jane BLINKHORN, 38, widow, England, London East, d/o Samuel and Mary YOUNG, witn John and Eliza BUNDY of London East. 28 Feb 1885 London East 006952-85 (Middlesex), Thomas BASTLE, 20, brakeman, London Twp, Point Edward, s/o James and Elizabeth, mar Lucretia WILLIAMS, 22, Dresden, London, d/o Christopher and Mary, witn Ira COLLINS and Emma HENDERSON of London East, 18 Feb 1885 London East
6933-85 George William BATEMAN, 43, farmer, Caradoc, Iowa USA, s/o William & Mary, married Margaret J. WILLIAMSON, 38, Ireland, Caradoc, d/o John & Susan, witn: Henry PENFOLD of Caradoc & Mary M. McCONNELL of Delaware, 15 Oct. 1885 at Delaware 7142-85 James BEADLE, 24, machinist, England, London, s/o William & Mary, married Nelly PARKINSON, 21, England, London, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: Janet illegible of 154 Oxford St. and Rose PARKINSON of 275 Wellington St. , 21 Oct 1885 at 275 Wellington St., London
6934-85 George BEGG, 34, widower, farmer, Southwold, same, s/o John & Nancy, married Barbara CAMPBELL, 32, Delaware, same, d/o William & Sarah A., witn: James CAMPBELL of Delaware & Louisa SILLS of Southwold, 1 Oct 1885 at Delaware 006886-85 (Middlesex), Walter BERDAN, 24, yeoman, Southwold, Ekfrid, s/o David and Ellen BERDAN, mar Minnie SQUIRE, 18, Ekfrid, Ekfrid, d/o John and Caroline SQUIRE, witn S. RANTON and Mrs. GRIFFIN both of Glencoe, 14 Jun 1885 Glencoe
#007168-85 (Middlesex Co): Joe (or Jas.) BERS, 33, farmer, Devonshire England, London twp., s/o George & Betsy, married Elizabeth LAWRENCE, 26, England, London twp., d/o Benjamin & Jane, witn: John DAN--SON & Rose LAWRENCE, both of London twp., 16 Dec 1885 at Memorial Church Rectory, London 007077-85 - John Carl BILLINGHAM, 42, widower, merchant, NY state, London, s/o Thomas & Catherine, married Nellie CAUDWELL, 20, England, London, d/o Edward & Emma, 23 April 1885 at 484 Dundas St., London
7238-85 Archibald BLACK, 32, farmer, North Carolina US, Caradoc, s/o Alexander BLACK & Margaret, married Alice POWERS, 23, Caradoc, same, d/o Alfred POWERS & Lucinda, witn: Eliza MacADAM & Susan McLELLAN, 24 Dec 1885 at Strathroy 006925-1885 (Middlesex Co.) George Sylvester BLISS, 24, farmer, Ontario, Westminster, s/o Otis & Sarah, married Emily Idetta CORNELL, 22, Ontario, Delaware, d/o Simon & Malissa, witn: H. B. SMITH of Lambeth & Roxanna CORNELL of Delaware, 25 Feb 1885 at Delaware
7193-85 (Middlesex Co): William BOOTH, 58, widower, engineer, Devonshire England, London, s/o Philip & Grace, married Mary QUANCE, 40, Exeter, London, d/o Philip & Grace, witn: Julia CABLE & Ann UPPER, both of London, 15 Sept 1885 at 704 Queens Ave., London [parents names as written] 7049-85 Albert BURGESS, 22, blacksmith, England, London, s/o William & Ann, married Mary Ann ELLIS, 23, England, London, d/o William & Harriet, witn: Julia HUGHWAY of London twp & Jessie HENDERSON of Niagara Falls, 2 April 1885 at 356 Queens Ave., London
#007072-85 - William J. CALDER, 22, fireman, Utica NY, Windsor, s/o John & Ann, married Mary WHALEY, 23, Woodstock, Windsor, d/o William & Johanna, witnesses were William McMURRAY & Jennie WHALEY, both of Windsor, 24, Feb., 1885 at 434 Grey St, London 9889-85 John Edgar CAMPBELL, 26, blacksmith, London, East Williams, s/o John E. CAMPBELL & Sarah WALKER, married Mary McPHERSON, 20, East Williams, same, d/o Hugh McPHERSON & Margaret DEACON, witn: George KELLY & Mary McLEAN, 22 Oct 1885 at West Williams
7189-85 (Middlesex Co): Calvin George CAREY, 23, vet. Surgeon, Euphemia twp., Ridgetown, s/o Thomas & Maria, married Erettie E. REILLY, 25, Wardsville, same, d/o Francis & Elizabeth, witn: Nettie FRASER of London, 26 Oct 1885 at Memorial Church, London  
7047-85 Thomas B. CARRUTHERS, 22, farmer, Canada, Westminster twp., s/o Thomas & Clarinda, married Ellen SLACK, 21, Canada, Blanshard twp., d/o John & Ann, witn: Robert CRAIG & Mary A. FRASER, both of London, 18 March 1885 at London 7046-85 John CARSON?, 32, widower, engineer, Ireland, London, s/o Andrew & Diana?, married Mary E. MASON, 23, London, same, d/o John & Catherine, witn: Mary FRASER & Agnes MURRAY, both of London, 26 Feb 1885 at 356 Queens Ave., London
#007104-85 (Middlesex Co.) Henry O. CHAMBERS, 33, b. Michigan, of Windsor, Cook, s/o James & Nancy CHAMBERS, married Anna FOWLER, 23, b. Ont., of Michigan, d/o James & Janet[?] FOWLER, witnesses: William BERRY & Joseph A. MILLER, both of London, Ont., on 27 July 1885 at London

006958-85 (Middlesex), H.S. CLARKE, M.D., 32, physician, Ontario, Lucan, s/o John and Phoebe CLARKE, mar Susan WIGHT, 25, Ontario, Lucan, d/o Thomas and Honor WIGHT, witn L. MACKLIN and John CLARKE, M.D. of London, 15 Nov 1885 Trinity Church, Lucan

#007073-85 - Edwin CONSTABLE, 33, laborer, Quebec, Seaforth, s/o George & Mary, married Sarah WILLIAMS, 21, England, London, d/o unknown parents, witnesses were John & Kate CONSTABLE of 332 Simcoe St., 10 March 1885 at 182 Simcoe St , London #007169-85 (Middlesex Co): Charles COOKE, 23, cabinet maker, Peterborough, London, s/o Charles COOKE & Annie GODWIN, married Fannie Caroline DIMMER?, 21, Cobourg, Oxford St. in London, d/o William DIMMER & Fannie EDWARDS?, witn: William COOKE & Fannie HICKS, both of London, 24 Dec 1885 at Oxford St. in London
006928-1885 (Middlesex Co.) John Horace CORNELL, 31, farmer, Westminster, same, s/o Jessie H. & Clementine?, married M. Clementina BLASHILL, 22, Ontario, Delaware, d/o Tyndall & Delphina, witn: J. W. CORNELL of Lambeth & Susannah C. BLASHILL of Delaware, 16 (11?) Apr 1885 at Delaware.

006959-85 (Middlesex), John W. COUGHLIN, 30, barber, Canada, Lucan, s/o William and Mary COUGHLIN, mar Ellen M. LEWIS, 28, widow, Canada, Lucan, d/o Thomas and M.L. LEWIS, witn George and Ellen LEWIS of Lucan, 25 Sep 1885 Lucan

#006918-85 (Middlesex Co): Alexander CROMWELL, 36, railway conductor, St. John NB, London Ont., s/o Henry & Priscilla, married Harriet NASH, 36, widow, Hamilton, London, d/o Richard & Mary STRONG, witn: C.H. & Phoebe ELLIOTT, both of London South, 29 Dec 1885 at London South #007071-85 - William CULBERT, 22, painter, Wyoming Ont., London, s/o Richard & Ann, married Jane HERMAN?, 23, Port Stanley, London, d/o Benjamin & Jane, witnesses were Walter & Eliza PRYCE of London West, 16 March, 1885 at 136 Wellington St., London
#006910-85 (Middlesex Co): George DANIELS, 34, widower, clergyman, Cornwall England, Winnipeg, s/o Nathan & Rebecca, married Nellie HAYT (or Hoyt), 18, Westminster, same, d/o Miles E. & Eliza J., witn: J.H. KIRKLAND of Thorndale & Eliza ENGLISH of London, 9 Sept 1885 at Westminster #006913-85 (Middlesex Co): William J. DAVIS, 23, farmer, Ontario, Westminster, s/o Annie & Harvey McKenzie DAVIS, married Janet BANNATINE, 20, Ontario, Westminster, d/o Hector & Ann, witn: Hector BANNATINE & Helen DAVIS, both of Westminster, 16 Dec 1885 at Westminster
7141-85 William Ralfe DENBORNE?, 28, clergyman, Montreal, Thamesford, s/o William & Harriett, married Lillie L. SHAW, 28, London, same, d/o Benjamin & Ann, witn: John McMILLAN of Thamesford & Anna L. SHAW of London, 15 Oct 1885 at Memorial church, London

006950-85 (Middlesex), John W. DIXON, 29, carpenter, Paris, same, s/o John and Elizabeth, mar Elizabeth STEWART, 22, Newcastle Ont, Paris, d/o David and Mary, witn Mr. and Mrs. George DAVIDSON of London East, 19 Jan 1885 London East

7317-85 John DORCEY, 24, farmer, Biddulph, same, s/o John DORCEY & Sarah, married Elizabeth MARA, 21, Biddulph, same, d/o John MARA & Amelia, witn: John & Julia MARA of Biddulph, 29 April 1885 at Biddulph 7233-85 Modest EBBITS, 24, laborer, Germany, Ekfrid, s/o And EBBITS & Gundinda, married Elizabeth SWEENEY, 24, widow, Caradoc, Ekfrid, d/o Timothy McCARTHY & Mary, witn: Nellie EBBITS & Nic EBBITS, both of Ekfrid, 3 Nov 1885 at Strathroy
006964-85 (Middlesex), James Alexander EDDIE, 28, widower, farmer, Ekfrid, Ekfrid, s/o Alexander and Esther EDDIE, mar Ellen NEWBIGGING, 28, Mosa, Mosa, d/o John and Ellen NEWBIGGING, witn David C. GRAHAM of Ekfrid and Maggie NEWBIGGING of Mosa, 02 Apr 1885 Mosa

006971-85 (Middlesex), James EDWARDS, 27, laborer, Mosa, Mosa, s/o Benjamin and Ellen EDWARDS, mar Margaret HARRIS, 20, Mosa, Mosa, d/o William and Annie HARRIS, witn Walter STOCKING and Peter EDWARDS both of Mosa, 01 Sep 1885 Mosa

006927-1885 (Middlesex Co.) Jacob EICHENBURGHER, 23, farmer, Delaware, same, s/o Samuel & Mary Ann, married Sophia KARL, 20, Delaware, same, d/o Leonard & Gertrude, witn: Fred EICHENBURGHER & Mary KARL, both of Delaware, 25 Mar 1885 at Delaware. 006921-1885 (Middlesex Co.) Richard EVANS, 28, engineer, Ontario, London, s/o Richard & Jane, married Thurza JONES, 23, Delaware, same, d/o Henry & Mary, witn: George W. EVANS of London & Rebecca JONES of Delaware, 1 Jan 1885 at Delaware
7190-85 (Middlesex Co): Everton Judson FALL, 26, farmer, Raleigh twp., same, s/o Philip & Eleanor, married Fanny Elizabeth WATT, 17, Eng., Raleigh twp., d/o William & Charlotte, witn: Caroline CARTER of London, 9 Nov 1885 at Memorial Church, London 7244-85 William FISH, 27, mechanic, Canada, London, s/o Robert FISH & Mary, married Mary CLARK, 24, Canada, London, d/o not given, witn: R.M. CURRY & Ella S. CASPARD, both of London South, 1 April 1885 at London South
  7191-85 (Middlesex Co): James Henry FLAREN (or Flaven), 31, tailor, illegible Eng., Lucan Ont., s/o Michael & Kate, married Margaret Maud MAGUIRE, 21, Roslin? Ont., Lucan, d/o John & Rebecca, witn: Annie SMITH & Ed FLAREN, both of Lucan, 18 Nov 1885 at Gregg House, London
6909-85 Thomas FLIN, 43, farmer, Glasgow Scotland, London twp., s/o William & Eliza, married Mary Catherine HART, 29, Cornwall, Westminster, d/o James & Phoebe, witn: James & Mary DUNN of London, 3 Nov 1885 at Westminster 6897-85 George FORD, 25, farmer, Stephen, same, s/o George & Mary, married Maria GREEN, 31, England, Stephen, d/o Thomas & Maria, witn: James GREEN & Charlotte SWEET, both of Stephen, 31 Aug 185 at Ailsa Craig
7132-86 (Middlesex Co): William FRASER, 22, teamster, Westminster, same, s/o William & Ellen, married Annie STEWART, 21, Listowel, London, d/o John & Letitia, witn: Mrs. BANSER & Mars. TRELEAVEN, both of Westminster, 14 Oct 1885 at Westminster 6942-85 Robert G. GHALAGER (Gallagher?), 26, widower, asylum superintendent, St. Thomas Ont., London East, s/o Thomas Frederick & Sarah, married Sarah Jane DEVEREAU, 28, London East, same, d/o James & Sarah, witn: Albert W. ROUSTON? & Annie DEVEREAU, both of London East, 2 June 1885 at London East

006962-85 (Middlesex), Sylvanus Wilson GIBSON, 21, carpenter, London, Lucan, s/o Sylvanus and Maria GIBSON, mar Rebecca McROBERTS, 22, London Twp, Lucan, d/o James and Mary McROBERTS, witn Eddy GIBSON and Annie BURGESS both of Lucan, 08 Oct 1885 Lucan

7045-85 William GOWENLOCK, 28, widower, farmer, Delaware twp., Ekfrid twp., s/o James & Jane, married Annie McLAUGHLIN, 27, Ekfrid twp., same, d/o Lachlan & Mary McLACHLAN (sic), witn: Isabel HENDERSON of Niagara Falls & Agnes MURRAY of London, 29 Jan 1885 at 356 Queens Ave., London 6895-85 Edwin GRAINGER, 24, gardener & florist, Deer Park, same, s/o John & Laura, married Susannah Elizabeth WEST, 22, McGillivray, Ailsa Craig, d/o Samuel & Ann, witn: E.H. WEST of Ailsa Craig & Maria WHITTAKER of Pt. Edward, 20 April 1885 at Ailsa Craig
#007165-85 (Middlesex Co): John A. GRANT, 38, manufacturer, London, same, s/o Charles & Elizabeth, married Christena LOGAN, 32, Kingston, London, d/o James & Alexina, witn: Maurice DEAVROW & Matilda ROSS, both of London, 8 Oct 1885 at 322 Queens Ave., London 007090-1885 (Middlesex Co.) Cyrenus Stoner GRAVES, 33, merchant, St. Marys, Langton, s/o Joseph GRAVES & Anne STONER, married Ella WHITEHEAD, 26, Lyndoch, Delhi, d/o James WHITEHEAD & Sarah BAKER, witn: Helena CUTHERLAND? & Mary MOORE of not given, 20 Apr 1885 at 464 Park Ave London
7235-85 George Watson HALL, 30, farmer, Ontario, Warwick, s/o George HALL & Sarah, married Mary Eliza MITCHELL, 23, Blanshard, Strathroy, d/o Hugh MITCHELL & Nancy McALLISTER, witn: Thomas G. MITCHELL & Lucy HAND (Maud?), both of East London, 26 Nov 1885 at Strathroy 006944-85 (Middlesex) William Albert HARDY, 20, printer, London East, London East, s/o James and Emma, mar Victoria A. HAWTHORNE, 19, Middlesex, London East, d/o Andrew and Ann, witn Charles PROCTOR and Elizabeth HAWTHORNE of London East, 18 Jun 1885 London East
#006917-85 (Middlesex Co): Benjamin HARPER, 23, commercial traveller, Chatham, London, s/o James & Mary, married Joana (or Jeana) COWLEY, 21, London, London South, d/o Edward & Christena, witn: Charles FARR & Annie COWLEY, both of London, 23 Dec 1885 at Mr. GRIFFITH's, London South 6899-85 George HARRIS, 22, farmer, North Dorchester, same, s/o Henry & Mary, married Mary Alice BENNETT, 19, London Ont., North Dorchester, d/o Thomas & Mariann, witn: Henry HARRIS & Lilla BENNETT, both of N. Dorchester, 10 May 1885 at Westminster
7242-85 John HARRISON, 36, farmer, Nissouri, Blanshard twp., s/o William HARRISON & Mary, married Elizabeth Maria SHRUBSOLE, 22, Lakeside- East Nissouri, Nissouri twp., d/o Charles SHRUBSOLE & Elizabeth, witn: James SHRUBSOLE & Maggie COLLINS, both of London, 17 Feb 1885 at St. James Rectory, London South 7038-85 George HART, 21, farmer, Nissouri twp., not given, s/o James & Margaret, married Margaret DINSMORE, 22, Canada, Nissouri twp., d/o John & Elenor, witn: William AIKINS & M. Maria DINSMORE, both of Nissouri twp., 13 march 1885 at St. Paul's Rectory, London

006960-85 (Middlesex), T.M. HASKETT, 47, farmer, London Twp, Lucan, s/o Thomas and Josie HASKETT, mar Diana KITT, 39, Wales, Lucan, d/o William and Frances KITT, witn Thomas KITT of Lucan and Mary Ann HASKETT of London Twp, 22 Oct 1885 Lucan.

006887-85 (Middlesex), William HILL, 35, farmer, Beverly Twp, West Williams, s/o James and Margaret, mar Sarah Elizabeth MACKEY, 27, West Williams, same, d/o Mathias MACKEY and Harriet Ann JOHNSTON, witn Manfred and Julia MACKEY of West Williams, 01 Jul 1885 West Williams
#007441-85 (Middlesex Co), Thomas HOLLAND, 37, farmer, London Ont., West Nissouri, s/o John & Elizabeth married Maggie GUILFOY--?, 30, Biddulph, W. Nissouri, d/o Edward & Mary; wit: William WALKER, W Nissouri & Mary Ann GUILF--?; 10 Dec 1885, Thorndale 6907-85 John HOLLAND, 27, farmer, Woolford? twp., Brighton, s/o Thomas & Jane Norwood HOLLAND, married Mary Jane McINTYRE, 22, Lobo twp., same, d/o Hugh & Janet Bowes? McINTYRE, witn: Washington IRVINE & Alice McINTYRE, both of Lobo, 7 Oct 1885 at London South
6930-85 Samuel H. HOTHAM, 20, carpenter, Ontario, Delaware, s/o Abraham & Margaret, married Alice DANIELS, 20, Ontario, Delaware, d/o Charles & Caroline, witn: Stephen K--? of Ferguson & J. E. MOORE of Mt. Brydges, 21 July 1885 at Delaware 7247-85 Edwin Ernest HUTCHINSON, 22, reporter, Meaford Ont., London, s/o James HUTCHINSON & Sarah, married Isabella EDWARDS, 22, London West, London, d/o Edward E. EDWARDS & Rebecca, witn: Richard BIDDULPH & Louisa DAVIS, both of London South, 7 April 1885 at St. James Rectory, London South
  7043-85 Andrew B. IMRIE, 25, plumber, Southend, London, s/o John & Susan, married Lizzie GRAY, 22, London, same, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: William GRAY of Detroit & Mary GRAY of London, 1 Jan 1885 at 956 Waterland St., London
007151-1885 (Middlesex Co.) Charles Henry IVEY, 28, barrister at law, Walpole Twp., London, s/o Richard IVEY & Amelia ?, married Louisa Henrietta GREEN, 21, London, same, d/o John GREEN & Sarah Jane Kate MORTIMER, witn: Mary PETERS & Thomas HEBBS?, both of London, 28 Oct 1885 at 28 Ridout St. London.

006946-85 (Middlesex), William JACOB, 43, plasterer, France, London East, s/o Luce and Genuef?, mar Elizabeth Ann HARTSON, 31, London Twp, London East, d/o Aaron and Laura, witn Theophilus and Mary SANDFIELD of London East, 06 Jan 1885 London East

006961-85 (Middlesex), W.B. JENNINGS, 28, merchant, Bruce Mines, St. Thomas, s/o William and Mary JENNINGS, mar Louiza GOODACRE, 22, London, Lucan, d/o Albert and Sarah GOODACRE, witn Thomas CORRIE of St. Thomas and Maggie POST of Parkhill, 07 Oct 1885 Lucan 006956-85 (Middlesex), William JOHNSON, 20, laborer, Canada, London East, s/o George and Elizabeth J. JOHNSON, mar Louisa WARD, 21, England, London East, d/o John and Ann WARD, witn John WARD and Annie AVERY of London East, 19 Mar 1885 London East
6932-85 James W. JOHNSTONE, 32, farmer, Ontario, Delaware, s/o David & Mary, married Margaret J. KELLY, 24, Ontario, Delaware, d/o William & Margaret Jane, witn: William JOHNSTONE of Delaware & Christena MUNN? of London, 28 Oct 1885 at Delaware 7040-85 Trevor C. JONES, 23, Salvation Army captain, Wales, London, s/o Charles & Emma, married Florence E. WHITTERON, 20, England, London, d/o James & Sarah, witn: Captain & Mrs. WASS of London, 1 Jan 1885 at Salvation Army Barracks, King St., London
7041-85 Daniel E. JOYES, 22, laborer, Byron Ont., Gore of London, s/o Daniel & Hephzeba, married Lucy KERR, 24, London Ont., Gore of London, d/o Hezekiah & Arabella, witn: David TIMM? & Mary TREMAIN, both of London, 484 Dundas St., London #007105-85 (Middlesex Co.) Thomas Charles KEENLEYSIDE, 28, b. Co. Middlesex, Ont., of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Newspaper business, s/o Anthony & Maria KEENLEYSIDE, married Estella Emma BROWN, 21, b. Middlesex Co., of London Ont., d/o David & Mary BROWN, witnesses: Minnie ELSON & J.A. KEENLEYSIDE both of London, on 30 July 1885 at 199 Mill Street, London
7194-85 (Middlesex Co): Frank KENNY, 25, blacksmith, Nova Scotia, London, s/o Michael & Mary, married Christena BELINKE, 24, Delaware, same, d/o John & Larica?, witn: Minnie COBB & Libbie PITCHER, both of London, 15 Dec 1885 at 704 Queens Ave., London  

006973-85 (Middlesex), William KERR, 27, farmer, Dunwich, Dunwich, s/o John and Mary KERR, mar Jane STEWART, 26, Mosa, Mosa, d/o James and Margery STEWART, witn John and Mary A. STEWART of Mosa, 10 Sep 1885 Mosa

6902-85 John W. KILBORN, 26, widower, brick mason, Delaware twp., Westminster, s/o Harvey & Sarah, married Emma DUNN, 26, London, Westminster, d/o Henry & H--?, witn: Samuel HASKETT of London & Lizzie DUNN of Westminster, 17 June 1885 at Bruce St., Westminster
006924-1885 (Middlesex Co.) Harvey KILBOURN, 37, builder, Delaware, New Brighton, widower, s/o Harvey & Sarah, married Elizabeth Ann BAKER, 31, St. Thomas, Delaware, d/o Robert & Betsey, witn: John KILBOURN of New Brighton, Elizabeth BLUETT? of Southwold, Samuel BAKER of Delaware & Minerva MacKAY of Delaware, 14 Jan 1885 at Delaware 6936-85 Timothy KILBOURNE, 29, farmer, Delaware, same, s/o Timothy & Sarah, married Jessie A. HAY, 22, Ontario, Delaware, d/o Walter & Ann, witn: George WEBSTER of London & Bella HAY of Delaware, 4 Nov 1885 at Delaware
7027-85 William LAMBOURNE, 27, carriage maker, Ireland, London twp., s/o Job & Ellen, married Mary Ann DAWN, 21, London twp., same, d/o George & Phebe Ann, witn: Emiline E. B. & Frederick RYCKMAN of London, 12 March 1885 at 484 Dundas St., London 6937-85 David LAMONT, 36, widower, harness maker, Ontario, Delaware, s/o David & Mary, married Mary Ann SCOTT, 29, Delaware, same, d/o David & Agnes, witn: Stewart LAMONT of Strathroy & Alma MANN? of Delaware, 18 Oct 1885 at Christ Church, Delaware
6891-85 Charles LANSING ( Laming?), 23, farmer, England, McGillivray twp., s/o Frederick LANSING & Maria BROCK, married Annie GIBSON, 19, McGillivray, same, d/o Matthew GIBSON & Jennett CAMPBELL, witn: Edwin CHAPMAN & Isabella J. JOHNSON, both of Ailsa Craig, 1 Jan 1885 at Ailsa Craig #007079-85 - Patrick John LASHBROOK, 24, clerk, England, London, s/o Robert & Jane, married Ella McBRIDE, 20, London, same, d/o Alexander & Lucy, witnesses were James D. McBRIDE & Jennie LASHBROOK, both of London, 28 April, 1885 at 504 Colborne St., London
6898-85 Andrew LAWRIE, 30, hardware merchant, Dumfries Scotland, Forest, s/o William & Anne, married Kate E. WHETTER, 23, London Ont., Westminster, d/o Richard & Mary, witn: Montague SMITH of Forest & Clara WHETTER of London East, 17 June 1885 at Westminster 7250-85 James LONG, 30, laborer, Ireland, London, s/o Robert LONG & Margaret, married Minnie COLQUOHOUN (Colquhoun?), 24, Scotland, London, d/o Peter COLQUOHOUN & Margaret, witn: Alfred HALE & Mary COLQUOHOUN, both of London, 6 Nay 1885 at St. James Rectory, London South
7313-85 James MAGEE, 29, farmer, Biddulph, same, s/o William MAGEE & Margaret, married Norah DORCEY, 26, Biddulph, same, d/o John DORCEY & Sarah, witn: James WHELEHAN & Norah DORCEY, both of Biddulph, 28 Jan 1885 at Biddulph 6935-85 George MAIERS, 22, laborer, Ontario, Delaware, s/o John & blank, married Catherine CLEGHORN, 18, Delaware, same, d/o George & Catherine, witn: Julia & John MAIERS of Delaware, 4 Nov 1885 at Delaware
#007166-85 (Middlesex Co): Charles W. MANSFIELD, 24, miller, Warwick - Lambton, Ailsa Craig, s/o William & Rhoda, married Nellie McNAUGHTON, 23, East Williams, Ailsa Craig, d/o Donald & Janet, witn: W.O. MURRAY & Jennie WATSON, both of London, 8 Oct 1885 at 356 Queens Ave. in London 6931-85 Samuel MARK, 27, farmer, Ontario, East Zorra, s/o Alexander & Elizabeth, married Lucy G. WONNACOTT (Wannacott?), 24, England, Delaware, d/o Emmanuel & Elizabeth, witn: H. MARK & Elizabeth PARKINSON, 28 Oct. 1885 at Delaware
006970-85 (Middlesex), William J. MARTIN, 24, telegraph operator, Wallaceburg, Mosa, s/o Reuben and Mary MARTIN, mar Anna NICHOLS, 17, Ekfrid, Mosa, d/o William and Mary NICHOLS, witn George NICHOLS and Maria BRISTOW both of Newbury, 02 Jul 1885 Mosa

006947-85 (Middlesex), Arthur MAYNE, 25, farmer, London, London Twp, s/o Richard and Ann, mar Bella GREENSLADE, 26, New York, London West, d/o John and Mary, witn Mr. R. PALMER and Mrs. W. GODWIN of London East, 11 Jan 1885 London East

7237-85 John Duncan McCOLL, 27, farmer, Lobo, same, s/o Duncan McCOLL & Mary, married Alice MAYO, 22, Biddulph, same, d/o James MAYO & Ann, witn: William & Christy McLENNAN of East Williams, 3 Dec 1885 at Strathroy 7316-85 John McGLOUGHLIN, 30, farmer, Biddulph, same, s/o Thomas McGLOUGHLIN & Bridget, married Margaret DORCEY, 30, widow, Biddulph, same, d/o John DORCEY & Sarah, witn: George IVESON & Annie M. MARA, both of Biddulph, 14 May 1885 at Biddulph
7026-85 Richard McINTEER (McIntire?), 21, clerk?, Ireland, London, s/o Bernard & Eliza, married Christena SMITH, 21, London, Westminster, d/o James & Ann, witn: TimothyRYAN & Annie CALAHAN (Callahan?), both of London, 16 Feb 1885 at St. Peters Cathedral, London

006963-85 (Middlesex), George McINTYRE, 29, farmer, Glasgow, Alvinston, s/o Duncan and Christiana, mar Sarah Jane MUNRO, 24, Mosa, Mosa, d/o Archibald and Euphemia MUNRO, witn J.D. McINTYRE of Alvinston and Katie MUNRO of Mosa, 06 May 1885 Mosa

006966-85 (Middlesex), Malcolm McLACHLAN, 30, pilot, Scotland, Brooke, s/o Archibald McLACHLAN and Catharine McINTYRE, mar Margaret LEITCH, 23, Mosa, Mosa, d/o Malcolm LEITCH and Mary McNICHOL, witn Donald McMILLAN of Enniskillen and Isabelle LEITCH of Mosa, 06 Jan 1885 Mosa

7048-85 William McLAREN, 24, marble cutter, Canada, London, s/o Daniel & Sarah, married Maggie CHRISMAN, 22, USA, London, d/o John & Lena, witn: Jessie HENDERSON & Jane F. PONTY?, both of London, 10 March 1885 at London
7234-85 Daniel McLELLAN, 23, farmer, Ontario, East Williams, s/o Hector McLELLAN & Christena, married Margaret WEST, 22, McGillivray, East Williams, d/o Mark WEST & Annie, witn: Harry WEST & Mary McLELLAN, both of East Williams, 4 Nov 1885 at Strathroy 7236-85 William McLENNAN, 29, farmer, East Williams, same, s/o John McLENNAN & Mary, married Christy McLACHLAN, 24, East Williams, same, d/o Hugh McLACHLAN & Catherine McINTYRE, witn: John D. McCOLL of Lobo & Alice MAYO of Biddulph, 2 Dec 1885 at Strathroy
006954-85 (Middlesex), Roderick McLEOD, 28, yeoman, Oxford Co, Oxford Co, s/o John and Mary, mar Elizabeth Ann ELLIOTT, 22, Middlesex Co, London East, d/o Richard and Annabelle, witn William MILTON of Delaware and Susan Jane ELLIOTT of London East, 11 Mar 1885 London East 7028-85 Hugh C. MENZIES, 25, farmer, Scotland, Bruce Co., s/o Hugh & Elizabeth, married Sophia REDPATH, 24, England, London East, s/o Henry & Grace, witn: T. WOODBOURNE (matron) & Miss Lizzie REDPATH, both of London, 474 Colborne St., London
006884-85 (Middlesex), Frank MERRILL, 21, mechanic, Dresden, Dresden, s/o David and Elizabeth MERRILL, mar Aurelia SOPER, 22, London, London, d/o Philo and Mary Jane SOPER, witn Mrs. GRIFFIN of Glencoe and Miss McMURRAY of Hartwick, 15 Apr 1885 Glencoe 7240-85 Case MINERS, 42, widower, GTR conductor, England, Point Edward, s/o William & Jemima, married Mary HOWARD, 30, Port Hope Ont., Point Edward, d/o Robert HOWARD & Sarah, witn: Charles & Emma MINERS of London South, 10 Feb 1885 at London South
#006916-85 (Middlesex Co): Henry MORGAN, 30, printer, Ireland, London, s/o John & Ann B., married Mary ROBERTSON, 26, Scotland, London South, d/o John & blank, witn: John ROBERTSON of London South & Eliza EDWARDS of Dorchester, 4 Dec 1885 at Mr. J. ROBERTSON's, Westminster #007078-85 - John Widnor NELLES, 31, merchant, London Ont., Montreal, s/o J.A. NELLES & Anna Mary CAMPBLE (Campbell?), married Mary E. LIND, 21, Scotland, London, d/o William LIND & Margaret JOHNSTON, witnesses were R. Campbell & Mary NELLES, both of London, 22 April 1885 at First Presbyterian church, London
6905-85 John Ogilvie NICHOL, 26, carpenter, Ontario, Westminster, s/o John & Barbara, married Ann CAMERON, 24, Ontario, Westminster, d/o Archibald & Janet, witn: Andrew SCOTT & Kate A. CAMERON, both of Westminster, 30 Sept 1885 at Westminster #006912-85 (Middlesex Co): Francis NICHOL, 27, farmer, Westminster, same, s/o Francis & Ann, married Mary ELLIOTT, 29, Westminster, same, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: David LOMRASON? (Lawrason?) & Martha ELLIOTT, both of Westminster, 8 Dec 1885 at Westminster
#006919-85 (Middlesex Co): William NORTH, 27, contractor, London, same, s/o Ebenezer & Charlotte, married Hannah SAUNDERS, 25, Ireland, London, d/o James & Kate, witn: Reuben NORTH of London & Nettie FRASER of London South, 30 Dec 1885 at res of R.J. HENNESSY [?], London South

006957-85 (Middlesex), Frances A. O'NEIL, 25, banker, Lucan, Lucan, s/o Robert and Ellen O'NEIL, mar Alice McLEAN, 22, Lucan, Lucan, d/o Robert and Mary A. McLEAN, witn Alan O'NEIL of Lucan and Jessie WILSON of Chicago, 17 Feb 1885 Lucan

7034-85 Stewart PATTERSON, 25, butcher, Aldborough Ont., Rodney, s/o James & Margaret, married Ellen LUSBY (Lusty?), 21, Aldborough, Rodney, d/o Nathaniel & Mary, witn: Helena SUTHERLAND & Sarah MAGINNIS, both of London, 25 March 1885 at 464 Park Ave., London 6939-85 Cornelius J. PAYNE, 26, farmer, Southwold, same, s/o Frederick John & Sarah Ellen, married Susan McEWEN, 22, Ontario, Delaware, d/o William & Dorothy, witn: Thomas McEWEN of Delaware & Austin AMES of Dumfries, 30 Dec 1885 at Delaware
6896-85 Thomas PENRICE?, 56, widower, farmer, Cumberland England, McGillivray, s/o Thomas PENRICE & Eleanor SIM, married Eliza GREENLEE, 44, widow, Co. Monahan Ireland, McGillivray, d/o James GROVES & Eliza DAVIDSON, witn: John & Jane SHARP of Shippa, 14 April 1885 at Ailsa Craig

006965-85 (Middlesex), Frederick POLLARD, 23, farmer, England, Ekfrid, s/o Thomas and Elizabeth POLLARD, mar Mary GILLIES, 24, Mosa, Mosa, d/o Donald and Mary GILLIES, witn Richard COAD of Ekfrid and Archibald GILLIES of Mosa, 22 Apr 1885 Mosa

#007106-85 (Middlesex Co.) Marshall POLLOCK, 55, b. Ireland, of Exeter, Widower, Gentleman, s/o Bartholomew & Madeline POLLOCK, married Jane FAGHAN, 24, b. Canada, of Exeter, d/o William & Isabella FAGHAN, witnesses: John H. CHAPMAN & Olivia POOLE of London Ont., on 3 August 1885 at London 6900-85 George POWELL, 25, laborer, England, London, s/o Thomas & Jane, married Anna M. HORNE, 28, Hamilton, Westminster, d/o John & Rosamond, witn: James SMITH of Westminster & Mary L. HORNE of London, 25 May 1885 at Westminster
006885-85 (Middlesex), George PRECIOUS, 29, yeoman, Northumberland England, Mosa, s/o Thomas and Maria PRECIOUS, mar Mary Ann GILBERT, 24, Mosa, Mosa, d/o Ira and Jane GILBERT, witn James COOK of Dawn and Addie GILBERT of Mosa, 22 Apr 1885 Glencoe 6941-85 John Arthur PUGH, 21, mechanic, England, London East, s/o John & Mary Ann, married Minnie DIPLOCK, 20, England, London, d/o William & Mary Ann, witn: Emma HENDERSON & Samuel HUNT, both of London East, 7 April 1885 at London East
6903-85 Alexander REID, 30, merchant, Lindsay, Toronto, s/o J. & blank, married Marion SHAW, 26, London, London South, d/o G. & blank, witn: John SHAW of London South & Janet PARK of Toronto, 17 June 1885 at London South 7315-85 John RINIGAN, 26, farmer, London, Biddulph, s/o James RINIGAN & Margaret, married Ann WHALEN, 35, widow, Biddulph, same, d/o William WHALEN & Ann, witn: William RINIGAN & Kate WHALEN, both of Biddulph, 21 April 1885 at Biddulph
6892-85 Robert James ROBINSON, 27, drover, McGillivray, Ailsa Craig, s/o Robert & Jane Eliza, married Charlotte EDWARDS, 21, Shropshire England, Ailsa Craig, d/o William & Martha, witn: Edward PARKER of Lobo & Nettie EDWARDS of Ailsa Craig, 5 Jan 1885 at Ailsa Craig 6904-85 Samuel T?. ROBINSON, 31, widower, clerk in holy orders, Niagara Falls, Exeter, s/o George & Maria, married Blanche DAVIS, 28, Sarnia, London, d/o Frederick & Charlotte, witn: J. Herbert & Caroline E. DAVIS of London South, 11 Aug 1885 at St. James Church, London South
  7243-85 Harry RYMILL, 26, brick layer, England, London, s/o Harry RYMILL & Emma, married Eliza ELMS, 26, London, same, d/o George ELMS & Eliza, wtn: J.J. JACKSON & A. BLACKWELL, both of London, 24 Feb 1885 at St. James Rectory, London South
006926-1885 (Middlesex Co.) Walter SCHRAM, 29, farmer, McGillivray, same, s/o Jeremiah & Jane, married Janet IRELAND, 30, Delaware, same, d/o George & Clement, witn: Mr. & Mrs. William W. WHITTAKER, both of Delaware, 23 Mar 1885 at Delaware 7192-85 (Middlesex Co): John SCRUTON, 25, merchant, Staffordville – Elgin Co., Clinton, s/o John & Eustuse?, married Elizabeth MASON, 22, Clinton, same, d/o Charles & Ann, witn: C. MASON of Clinton & Mary GREWSIDE of London, 11 Nov 1885 at res of J.F. MARCH, 324 Binwell? St., London
6908-85 Walter Brown SHERIDAN, 23, blacksmith, Streetsville, Halton Co., s/o William & Margaret, married Margaret HANNA, 19, Huron Co., Westminster, d/o Robert & Wilhelmina, witn: Ashton ROBERTSON & Amanda HANNA, both of Westminster, 8 Sept 1885 at Westminster 7246-85 William Henry SMITH, 24, laborer, London, London West, s/o David HUGHES (sic) & Charlotte, married Mary Shirley Louisa AINSLIE, 22, London England, London West, d/o Henry AINSLIE & Elizabeth, witn: Samuel PEDDLE & Edith AINSLIE, both of London West, 31 March 1885 at St. James Rectory, London South
7042-85 Charles Henry SMITH, 59, barber, USA, London, s/o George & Lydia, married Eliza MILLER, 29, London Ont., London, d/o Benjamin & Frances, witn: William MAY & B. F. MASON, both of London, 15 Feb 1885 at 226 Richmond St., London #006915-85 (Middlesex Co): James B. SMITH, 63, widower, baker, Scotland, Westminster, s/o Martin & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth Jane RICHARDS, 33, Halton, Westminster, d/o William & Catherine, witn: John BOWES of Westminster & Willard SAGE of London, 3 Dec 1885 at Westminster
006969-85 (Middlesex), Isaac STYLES, 35, yeoman, England, Southwold Ont, s/o John and Hannah STYLES, mar Rosetta ANNETT, 33, Southwold, Mosa, d/o Noah and Almeda ANNETT, witn Charles STYLES and Mary Jane HAMOND both of Southwold, 03 Jun 1885 Mosa

7249-85 William F. SUTTON, 29, farmer, Westminster, same, s/o James SUTTON & Alvina, married Matilda ADAMS, 24, Delaware, Westminster, d/o William ADAMS & Mary Ann, witn: Charles SUTTON & Ella ADAMS, both of Westminster, 16 April 1885 at Westminster

006943-85 (Middlesex), Alex TAIT, 26, mechanic, Ontario, London, s/o John TAIT and Elizabeth PEARSON, mar Sarah Henrietta JONES, 22, England, London East, d/o Joseph JONES and Mariah COOMBS, witn Joseph CHOQUETTE and Lizzie EPPERSON, of London, 11 Jan 1885 London East 7251-85 William TANNER, 26, baker, Devonshire England, London South, s/o William John TANNER & Susan Alice, married Fanny JACOBS, 23, Devonshire England, London South, d/o William Jacob JACOBS & Eliza Louisa, witn: William John & Lillia TANNER of London South, 29 Jan 1885 at London South
6929-85 Louis TAYLOR, 21, blacksmith, England, Delaware, s/o Joseph & Louisa, married Annie Eliza MONTEITH, 19, Ontario, Delaware, d/o James & Deborah H., witn: Albert HUNT of Delaware & Ida MONTEITH, 16 July 1885 at Delaware 6906-85 Hedley Arewus? TAYLOR, 26, mercantile, Kingston, London, s/o Lieut Col & Jane, married Annie L. HUNT, 25, London South, same, d/o Charles & Emma, witn: John A. & Jessie L. HUNT of London South, 5 Oct. 1885 at Mrs. hunts res, London South
#006911-85 (Middlesex Co): James Henry THOMPSON, 44, farmer, Canada, Westminster, s/o James & Rose Daisy, married Janet McMILLAN, 37, Westminster, same, d/o Donald & Margaret, witn: John McGILL & Peter McMILLAN, both of Westminster, 25 Nov 1885 at Westminster #006914-85 (Middlesex Co): John THOMPSON, 34, widower, farmer, Ontario, Dorchester, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Margt B. DUNN, 26, Michigan USA, Westminster, d/o James & Agnes, witn: William THOMPSON & Agnes A. DUNN, both of Westminster, 18 Nov 1885 at Westminster
7140-85 Edward TILLY (Lilly?), 22, plumber, England, London, s/o George & Anna, married Alice CHARNOCK, 21, London, same, d/o Robert & Eliza, witn: Arthur DEMPSEY & Lizzie BARRIE, both of London, 7 Oct. 1885 at Memorial Church Rectory, London 006948-85 (Middlesex), William Thornton TUCK, 22, farmer, Canada, Caradoc Twp, s/o Charles and Ann, mar Mary Ann WOODWARD, 22, Canada, Caradoc Twp, d/o Adna and Mabel, witn Robert and Martha JARMAIN of London East, 12 Jan 1885 London East
006949-85 (Middlesex), Gordon James TURNBULL, 26, moulder, Edinburgh Scotland, London East, s/o David and Margaret, mar Eliza WARREN, 23, St. Marys, London East, d/o Charles and Mary Ann, witn James LINSLEY and Emma BURROWS of London East, 15 Jan 1885 London East 6938-85 Lewis VAIL, 44, widower, farmer, Ontario, Delaware, s/o Aaron & Susan, married Frances CLIFF, 25, Ontario, Delaware, d/o Cashins? & Mary, witn: Maria & Maggie BENNETT of Lambeth, 10 Nov 1885 at Lambeth
6940-85 Jasper J. VROOMAN, 27, merchant, Mt. Brydges, Longwood Station, s/o John & Ellen, married Nellie GILLINGS, 23, England, London, d/o William & Ann, witn: Harry SMITH & Eusaba KELLESTINE, both of London, 18 March 1885 at London East #007164-85 (Middlesex Co): Alexander C. WAGGONER, 23, tailor, Kingston, Toronto, s/o Charles & Nancy, married Jennie McLENNAN, 23, Scotland, London, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: George PATTERSON & Alice McLENNAN, both of London, 14 Oct 1885 at 470 Maitland St., London
006955-85 (Middlesex), John WAIGHT, 40, widower, pensioner, London England, London Ontario, s/o John and Rebecca, mar Sarah HOMER, 33, Sheffield, London, d/o William and Mary H., witn Alfred HOMER of London and Blanch DALE of London East, 17 Jan 1885 St. Matthews Church, London East 7314-85 James WALLS, 25, farmer, Ontario, London, s/o John WALLS & Eleanor, married Susan F. HODGINS, 19, Biddulph, same, d/o Adam HODGINS & Jane, witn: Eli HODGINS of Biddulph & Lizzie WALLS of London, 18 March 1885 at Biddulph
6894-85 Henry WASNIDGE, 24, farmer, McGillivray, same, s/o Joseph & Eliza, married Elizabeth A. ROWE, 18, McGillivray, same, d/o William ROWE & Dorothy SLATER, witn: William ROWE & Elizabeth HARLTON, both of Brinsley, 14 March 1885 at Ailsa Craig 6893-85 Joseph WASNIDGE (Wasuidge?), 22, farmer, McGillivray, same, s/o Joseph WASNIDGE & Eliza HODGINS, married Emily HODGINS, 17, McGillivray, same, d/o Henry HODGINS & Mary Ann nee HODGINS, witn: William WATSON & Mary Ellen HODGINS, both of Brinsley?, 20 Jan 1885 at Ailsa Craig
007089-1885 (Middlesex Co.) James Henry WEBB, 23, tailor, Howard Twp., London, s/o William WEBB & Ann BAKER, married Minnie Mary MONTEITH, 20, Ireland, London, d/o William MONTEITH & Margaret PATTERDAN?, witn: C. H. PATTEN & Katie McRORRY?, both of London, 14 Apr 1885 at 464 Park Ave. London. 6901-85 Frederick W. WEBSTER, 22, laborer, Ontario, Westminster, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth HANNAH, 26, Ontario, Westminster, d/o Robert & M--?, witn: Mrs. WESTABY & Miss WEBSTER, 14 June 1885 at Westminster

006972-85 (Middlesex), William Wesley WELD, 26, farmer, Dunwich, Mosa, s/o Joseph and Mary WELD, mar Annie NEWBIGGING, 21, Mosa, Mosa, d/o John and Helen NEWBIGGING, witn Angus LEITCH and Mary McALPINE both of Dunwich, 28 Oct 1885 Mosa

7037-85 Richard WESTBY, 30, hotel keeper, Canada, Wardsville, s/o William & Sarah, married Elizabeth GREGORY, 22, Canada, Wardsville, d/o George & Helena, witn: Eliza WATSON of Wardsville & Minnie M. LIM--? of London, 17 Feb 1885 at St. Pauls Rectory, London
007150-1885 (Middlesex Co.) Descombe WHITEHEAD, 24, cooper, Lyndoch, Delhi, s/o James G. WHITEHEAD & Sarah BAKER, married Tressie GERHARD, 16, Norwich, Delhi, d/o Adace GERHARD & Martha Jane DAVIES, with: Julia JAMES of London & Mary E. COURTNELL of Hamilton, 4 Nov 1885 at 464 Park Ave London. 7131-86 (Middlesex Co): John R--? WILSON, 28, merchant, Ontario, Toronto, s/o John & Sarah, married Alice WELDAN, 25, Westminster, same, d/o Andrew & Mary Jane, witn: Frederick MATTHEWS of London & Isabella WILSON of St. Marys, 19 Oct 1885 at Westminster
006888-85 (Middlesex), George WINEGARDEN, 20, farmer, Canada, Hay Twp, s/o Daniel and Sarah WINEGARDEN, mar Mary WILSON, 23, Canada, Hay Twp, d/o William S. and Catherine WILSON, witn Thomas S. and Matilda THOMPSON of West Williams 09 Sep 1885 at Sylvan #007167-85 (Middlesex Co): Edward Samuel WINNETT, 28, boiler maker, New York, London twp., s/o Edward & Isabella, married Kate WILSON, 25, London, same, d/o Nicholas & Sarah, witn: David R. WINNETT & Annie WILSON, both of London, 16 Dec 1885 at res of Nicholas WILSON, Maitland St., London
7241-85 James Taylor Coxworthy YARKER, 29, bank manager, Kingston, Newmarket, s/o Thomas COXWORTHY & Maria, married Emma Victoria BEATTIE, 26, London South, same, d/o John BEATTIE & Virginia, witn: J.H.A. & Eva BEATTIE of London South, 11 Feb 1885 at St. James Rectory, London South