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7743-89 (Middlesex Co) John ALEXANDER, 35, carriage maker, Aberdeen Scotland, Ailsa Craig, s/o William & Mary, married Mary Catharine CAMPBELL, 23, Tp Lobo Ont, Ailsa Craig, d/o Archibald & Ann, witn: A.W. SMITH of Maple Lodge & Sarah CAMPBELL of Ailsa Craig, 25 Dec 1889 at Ailsa Craig, 7747-89 T. Curzon ALLARDICE, 33, manufacturer, Fergus, Hamilton, s/o Thomas & Rubina, married Sinda ROTHWELL, 25, Wisbeach Ont., London West, d/o (guardians) D.C. MacDONALD & Mrs., witn: R. A. ALLARDICE of Hamilton & Eve CASWELL of Chicago, 30 Jan 1879 at St. Georges Church , London West

7702-89 (Middlesex Co) William James ANSON, 18, mechanic, England, London, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Annie Christena BROWN, 16, Ontario, London, d/o Thomas Henry & Elizabeth; witn: Daniel CAMPBELL & Helena Alberta Beattie BROWN of London, 25 Dec 1889 at 728 Princess Ave, London .

7647-89 (Middlesex Co) Frederick A ARDERBY, 23, Michigan US, London, s/o John & Jane, married Maggie Sarah MAY, 21, England, London, d/o William Henry & Eliza; witn: B WHITE of St Thomas & Mary MAY of London, 16 Oct 1889 at 336 Dundas Street, London
7676-89 (Middlesex Co) Irwin ARMSTRONG, 27, machinist, Strathroy, same, s/o Thomas & Sarah, married Melisa? MCCLURY, 22, Komoka, Strathroy, d/o Robert & Sam; witn: Bella MORRISON & Lottie PORTER of London, 6 Nov 1889 at 87 Maple St.., London 7691-89 (Middlesex Co) Irwin ARMSTRONG, 27, machinist, Strathroy, same, s/o Thomas & Sarah ARMSTRONG, married Melissa MCLURY, 22, Komoka, Strathroy, d/o Robert & Sarah; witn: Bella MORRISON & Lottie PONTON of London, 6 Nov 1889 at 87 Maple St., London
#007829-90 (Middlesex Co): James ARSCOTT, 27, farmer, London, same, s/o Richard & Susan, married Rose PARKINSON, 22, London, same, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: Francis ARSCOTT & Susan FENN, both of London, 4 Dec 1889 at res of bride's mother, illegible St., London  
7785-90 (Middlesex Co): William Henry ATKINSON (or Aikinson), 30, tinsmith, London, same, s/o William & Margaret, married Janet TAYLOR, 26, London, same, d/o John & Catherine, witn: R. & Mabel SMITH of London, 26 Dec 1889 at 302 Hill St., London

7571-89 James ATKINSON, 27 farmer, Canada, Co Middlesex, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Mary HOWE, 21, Canada, Co Middlesex, d/o James & Margaret, witn: Helen CF ROBERTS & Tina M LABATT of London, 2, July 1889 at St. Pauls Rectory, London

7587-89 John P BAKER, 25, photographer, Detroit, same, s/o John P & Margaret, married Cynthia MCCRAE, 24, Hamilton, same, d/o David & Louisa, witn: Harry LEWIS of 701 Queens Ave & Bessie SMITH of 484 Dundas St., 19 Mar 1889 at 484 Dundas St., London

7728-89 (Middlesex Co) Donald BARCLAY, 36, farmer, London Township, same, s/o Hugh & Janet, married Anna C SCOTT, 26, Lobo, London Township, d/o Robert & Mary; witn: Fred H McGILLIVRAY of London & Maggie McDONALD of Stratford, 4 Sep 1889 at London Tp, .
7563-89 Frederick W BATES, 37, printer, Cobourg, London, s/o Roger & Cordelia, married Emily Ann NICHOL, 30, London, same, d/o Walter & Ann, witn: David & Kate MILLS of London, 3 July 1889 at 21 Prospect Ave., London 7614-89 (Middlesex Co) Ernest Alfred BEEDLE, 23, slater, England, London, s/o William & Mary Ann, married Margaret JOHNSTON, 18, England, London, d/o Richard & Ann, witn: Ida BEEDLE & Fred DIBSDALE of London, 17 Aug 1889 at Residence of Brides father William St.., London

7499-89 (Middlesex) Reuben Booth BELDON, 39, publisher, Connecticut, Toronto, s/o David H & Anne, married Clara Louisa PEEL, 26, London, London, d/o John Robert & Amelia M, witn: Frederick A & Mildred PEEL of London, 30 Jan 1889 at 491 Richmond St., London

7480-89 (Middlesex Co) John BERRYHILL, 33, mechanic, Canada, Michigan, s/o John & Jane, married Alice KEENE, 20, England, London, d/o William & Fannie, witn: Charles JAMES & Rosa KEENE of London, 15 Jan 1889 at 474 Colborne St., London

7558-89 Charles BIGG, 30, farmer, Southwold, same, s/o John & Nancy, married Emma STYLES, 27, Southwold, same, d/o John & Sarah, witn: Ann J & Mary FERGUSON of London, 11 June 1889 at 840 Richmond St., London

7595-89 Henry BLASKELL, 24, farmer, twp. Delaware, same, s/o Tyndale & Delphine, married Laura SMITH, 20, twp. Caradoc, twp. Delaware, d/o Joseph & Margaret, witn: Jane SCOTT & Mrs George WEBSTER of London, 29 July 1889 at 464 Park Ave., London

7685-89 (Middlesex Co) Richard BOOTH, 26, tailor, London, same, s/o Richard & June, married Rachael HUTCHINSON, 26, Ireland, London, d/o Gilbert & Agnes; witn: John HUTCHINSON of Tp Westminster & Jessie WYLIE of London, 4 Dec 1889 at London, . 7489-89 (Middlesex) Rabay BOSWELL, 65, farmer, England, London, s/o Louis & Hilighly, married Louisa BOSWELL, 66, England, London, d/o Mansfield & Rebecca, witn: E.C. FORESTER of Hunson? & Nancy BOSWELL of London, 20 Jan 1889 at house 121 King St., London
7683-89 (Middlesex Co) Edward BRADLEY, 23, railway man, England, London, s/o Charles & Elizabeth, married Amelia ARNOLD, 22, Lambeth Ont, London, d/o George & Eliza; witn: George MURRAY & John EVANS of London, 12 Nov 1889 at 356 Queens Ave., London

7656-89 (Middlesex Co) Oliver Charles BRADY, 22, machinist, Petrolia, London, s/o John & Margaret, married Florence Anne LEGG, 22, Wardsville, London, d/o Samuel & Kate; witn: George CRABB & Emma CRABB of London, 17 Oct 1889 at London.

7658-89 (Middlesex Co) George BOWDEN, 22, mason, Canada, Lucan Ont., s/o Joseph & Mary, married Olive HODGINS, 25, Canada, Lucan Ont., d/o Hiram & Mary; witn: John DEACON & Eva HODGINS of Lucan Ont., 16 Oct 1889 at St Pauls Cathedral, London

7671-89 (Middlesex Co) John BOWMAN, 36, farmer, widower, Co Middlesex, Ailsa Craig, s/o Henry & Hannah, married Margaret FOSTER, 20, Lowville Ont. Ailsa Craig, d/o Robinson & Mary; witn: Jerome SCOTT & Rebecca MUIR, 14 Nov 1889 at 464 Park Ave., London
007554-90 (Middlesex) Charles BRADT,  34, Laborer, Middlesex Co.; Parkhill, s/o Jonah BRADT and Mary WAUN, married Elizabeth BURGES, 24, Bruce Co., Parkhill, d/o Simon BURGES and Dorothy WEBSTER, wtns, Rachail BURGES and Ian NETHEREST, both of Parkhill, December 10, 1889 at Parkhill.. 007570-90 (Middlesex) William BROCK, 39, Merchant, England, St. Johns, widower, s/o William & Susan BROCK, to Rebecca CRAWLEY, 28, Canada, St. Johns, d/o Philip & Susan CRAWLEY, wit: Peter DOWNHAM of Lucan & Hattie CRAWLEY of St. Johns, 18 December 1889, London
007791-1889 (Middlesex Co.) Robert BROWN, 38, mason, Adelaide Twp., same, s/o William & Christine, married Hannah E. C. SCHRAM, 27, Ontario, Caradoc, d/o Frederick & Margaret, witn: John W. COBBIN, & Sarah M. SCHRAM, both of Caradoc, 4 Jun 1889 at Caradoc.

7635-89 (Middlesex Co) George Tyler BROWN, 25, Insurance agent, Providence Rhode Island, London, s/o Fayette & Abby, married Catherine Jane Hume CRONYN, 21, London, same, d/o Verschoyle & Sophia; witn: Hume CRONYN of London & Fayette BROWN of Montreal, 21 Aug 1889 at Residence of V CRONYN, London

7580-89 Stephen BUDDEN, 31, mechanic, England, Dorchester, s/o John & Rachel, married Elizabeth DENSHAM, 26, Co Middlesex, Dorchester, d/o William & Grace, witn: Alfred & Annie BUDDEN of Dorchester, 27 Feb 1889 at 484 Dundas St., London 7942-89 James BUTTERWORTH, 70, widower, mechanical engineer, Manchester England, London, s/o James BUTTERWORTH & Ann, married Rebecca JESTER, 67, widow, Atlantic Ocean, London, d/o James LITTLE & Mary E., witn: Frank MacNAMES & Nellie MOSS (Nose?), both of London, 16 June 1889 at London South
7613-89 (Middlesex Co) Walter BUTTON, 32, laborer, England, London, s/o John & Mary Ann, married Elizabeth BUCKLE, 31, England, London, d/o John & Hannah BUCKLE, witn: 14 Aug 1889 at 848 Dundas St.., London 7623-89 (Middlesex Co) George Dallas CAMERON, 25, coal merchant, Dundas, London, s/o Alexander D & Emma, married Bessie DURAND, 21, Melrose Ont., London, d/o Andrew & Bessie FERGUSON, witn: Lindsay LAWRENCE & Bessie WRIGHT of London, 17 Sept 1889 at 338 Dundas St.., London

7652-89 (Middlesex Co) John CAMPBELL, 40, farmer, Scotland, Lobo Village, s/o John & Margaret, married Catherine MCFEE, 38, Scotland, London, d/o Alexander & Mary; witn: Lizzie L & Margaret PORTER of London, 26 Sept 1889 at 87 Maple St., London (RC).

7631-89 (Middlesex Co) William CANCK? (Couck?), 27, farmer, widower, Tp Fullarton, London, s/o Joseph & Susanna, married Helena STONBRIDGE, 17, North Dorchester, West Oxford, d/o Lawrence & Margaret; witn: William & Elizabeth LEWIS of London, 8 Apr 1889 at 346 King Street, London

7753-89 George CARLIN, 25, farmer, Ontario, Delaware, s/o Layfatte CARLIN & Dortha, married Ida BEST, 25, Ontario, Delaware, d/o John BEST & Ellen, witn: John BEST & Lena CARLIN, both of Delaware, 18 Dec 1889 at Delaware

7594-89 John CARROLL, 23, tinsmith, Co of Huron, London, s/o William & Mary, married Flora O'TOOLE, 19, London, same, d/o Percy & Jessie, witn: Jane BOND & Georgina SKINNER of London, 23 July 1889 at London.
7716-89 (Middlesex Co) Henry CARROTHERS, 22, farmer, Westminster, same, s/o Mark & Elizabeth, married Lena DUMAW, 23, Westminster, same, d/o Joseph & Mary; witn: Esther DUMAW of Westminster & Albert CARROTHERS, 13 Mar 1889, London twp 007541-1889 (Middlesex Co.) George CARTER, 35, farmer, McGillivray Twp., same, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Eliza Ann MOODIE, 37, Biddulph, McGillivray Twp., widow, d/o Horatio & Ann COBLEIGH, witn: George SIMPSON & June Ann MOODIE, both of McGillivray Twp. 27 May 1889 at Western Hotel London.

7539-89 (Middlesex) George E CARTWRIGHT, 28, clerk, England, St. Thomas, s/o George & Susan, married Lizzie TURNER, 23, St. Thomas, same, d/o George & Christina, witn: William CHYNE & Minnie TURNER of St. Thomas, 24 May 1889 at 139 Mill St., London

7693-89 (Middlesex Co) William A CARTWRIGHT, 23, farmer, Canada, Dorchester, s/o James & Lydia, married Margaret S MCKERISHER, 21, Canada, London, d/o Daniel & Annie; witn: Arthur CARTWRIGHT & Jennie MCKERISHER of London, 19 Dec 1889 at Elizabeth St. London

7625-89 (Middlesex Co) Benjamin Samuel CASE, 28, Painter, Ireland, USA, s/o Richard & Margaret, married Elizabeth Grace EDWARDS, 21, England, London, d/o Philip & Anne, witn: J H CASE of 639 Princess Ave & Philip EDWARDS of 577 Oxford Street, 19 Sep 1889 at 577 Oxford Street, London

7701-89 (Middlesex Co) Joseph CASTLE, 24, engineer, England, London On, s/o John & Annie, married Annie Jane DENNIS, 18, London Township, London Ont, d/o Henry & Mary Ann; witn: Mary Ann CASTLE & James CHALMER of London, 5 Nov 1889 at Memorial Church, London
7824-89 George CAVANAUGH, 25, carpenter, East Williams, Rapid City Manitoba, s/o William CAVANAUGH & Jane, married Lillie GILCHRIST, 23, East Williams, same, d/o John GILCHRIST & Jane, witn: Henry CAVANAUGH & Helena GILCHRIST, both of East Williams, 26 March 1889 at Parkhill 7654-89 (Middlesex Co) Henry Phillip CHAPMAN, 22, farmer, Canada, Tp London, s/o Charles & Fanny, married Edith Martha JAMIESON, 20, Canada, London, d/o Aeneas & Eliza; witn: Ada ALLEN & Emily JAKES of London, 16 Oct 1889 at 168 Adelaide St, London

7627-89 (Middlesex Co) John CHIVENS, 46, moulder, widower, Amherstburg, Michigan USA, s/o John & Ellen, married Rosana STIRLING, 28, widower, Chatham, London, d/o Thomas & Flora STIRLING?; witn: J GREENAWAY & John JAMES of London, 10 Jun 1889 at 346 King Street,  London

7611-89 (Middlesex Co) William John CHRISTIE, 32, Inland Revenue Dept., London, Winnipeg, s/o John & Cornelia, married Elizabeth Cameron CURRIE, 22, London, same, d/o Donald & Elizabeth, witn: Samuel STEWART & Thomas PURDIM of London, 28 Aug 1889 at 368 Princess Ave., London

7645-89 (Middlesex Co) William CHURCH, 32, laborer, England, Tp McGillvary, s/o John & Jane, married Catherine MCEWAN, 25, Tp Lobo, same, d/o Donald & Nancy; witn: Lizzie ANDRE--?(off page) of Lambeth & Jane HUXLEY of London, 9 Oct 1889 at 464 Park Ave., London

7556-89 Alexander CLARKE, 23, laborer, London, same, s/o Robert & Sarah, married Isabella KERNAHAN, 17, London, same, d/o Andrew & Margaret, witn: H. CLARE & W. Davis of London, 22 Apr 1889 at 866 William St., London

7500-89 (Middlesex) James CLEBON, 44, laborer, widower, U.S.A., Chatham, s/o James & Nina, married Anna K. MOREHEAD, 36, U.S.A., London, d/o Henry & Mary, witn: A ROBINSON of Chatham & Mary GRIEN of Detroit Mich, 30 Jan 1889 at City

007793-1889 (Middlesex Co.) Joseph Manning COLDWELL (Caldwell?), 30, farmer, Ontario, Westminster, s/o Matthew & Mary, married Elizabeth Eleanor BROWN, 27, Ontario, Caradoc, d/o William & Eleanor, witn: Richard LOWTHIAN, Edith A. BROWN, both of Caradoc, 12 Jun 1889 at Caradoc.

7664-89 (Middlesex Co) George Edward COLEMAN, 21, upholsterer, London, same, s/o Edward & Mary, married Amelia Eleanor JAMIESON, 19, London, same, d/o Edward & Mary; witn: William Robert JAMIESON of London & Elizabeth BLACKMORE of St Thomas Ont., 30 Oct 1889 at 336 Ridout Street, London

7514-89 (Middlesex) Noble Joseph COOK, 21, potter, Akron Ohio, same, s/o George & Isabella, married Emma HODGKINSON, 22, Strathroy, Pollusbury - Co Middlesex, d/o William & Ruth, witn: Walter DAVIDSON of Hamilton & Mary HODGKINSON of Pullonsbury (sic), 3 Apr 1889 at 701 King St

7641-89 (Middlesex Co) Robert Kinros COWAN, 28, barrister at law, London, same, s/o James & Anne, married Lella BRODERICK, 26, Exeter, London, d/o John W & Sarah; witn: E W M FLACK & D J COWAN of London, 2 Oct 1889 at 286 Dufferin Avenue, London

7552-89 (Middlesex Co): Frank COX, 26, farmer, England, London, s/o Job & Leah, married Alice JAMES, 20, England, London, d/o Joseph & Charlotte, witn: Miss HOLMES of 848 Queens Ave., London, 18 June 1889 at 848 Queens Ave., London

7508-89 (Middlesex) James CRAIN, 24, painter, Nissouri twp, Appin, s/o Nelson & Rachel, married Annie KEHOE, 22, Cleveland USA, Appin, d/o James & Mary, witn: Jane SCOTT & Rebecca MUIR of London, 22 Mar 1889 at 464 Park Ave., London
7734-89 (Middlesex Co) John CREIGHTON, 29, yeoman, Tp of Dorchester, same, s/o James & Ann, married Alice Louisa HOURD, 27, England, Tp of London, d/o Richard & Lydia, witn: William CREIGHTON of Dorchester Tp & Lizzie LEEK of London West, 19 Sept 1889 at Lot 11 Con 1 London Tp 7680-89 (Middlesex Co) Edwin A CROSSMAN, 20, artist, Elora Ont, Toronto, s/o Edwin A & Carrie, married A Cecelia ERNST, 20, Port Huron US, same, d/o William & Elizabeth; witn: Walter BRADFORD & Katie LONG of London, no date given, at 223 Waterloo St., London
7598-89 (Middlesex Co) George Bernard CROZIER, 24, merchant, blank, Chatham, s/o John Bernard & Ellen, married Minnie Evelyn JOHNSON, 21, Mount Brydges, London, d/o Wesley & Cynthia, witn: W MITCHELL & Mattie HANDY of London and George Bernard CROZIER of Mount Bridges, no date, at 188 Oxford St.., London 007692-90 (Middlesex) David CURRY, 26, farmer, Mosa, Mosa, s/o Robert and Jane, mar Jessie F. DUNN, 24, Aldboro, Aldboro, d/o Walter and Grace, wit Annie McCOWAN of Wardsville and Mary M. CURRY of Glencoe, 25 Dec 1889 Aldboro

7646-89 (Middlesex Co) Richard CURTAIN, 60, farmer, widower, Ireland, Lucan, s/o Patrick & Mary, married Eliza CONNOR, 60, widow, Ireland, London, d/o Samuel & Mary SINCLAIR; witn: Edward GARDINER & Edwin SEABORN of London, 23 Sept 1889 at 500 Quebec Street, London

7533-89 (Middlesex) Alexander DANN, 33, farmer, London twp., same, s/o John & Mary, married Priscilla BUTLER, 35, Woodstock, London twp., d/o George & Priscilla, witn: M J RICHARDSON & Beatrice RICHARDSON of London, 23 Apr 1889 at Memorial Church Rectory
7570-89 Thomas Ridler DAVIES, 24, gentleman, England, Montreal, s/o Thomas & Blanche, married Sophia Ethel MCKINNON, 25, Canada, London, d/o John MCKINNON & Sophia WILLIAMS MCKINNON, witn: Helen C F ROBERTS & John M MCKINNON of London, 19 Jun 1889 at St Pauls Cathedral, London 7707-89 (Middlesex Co) Mury DAVIES, 27, commercial traveller, widower, Burlington Ont, Hamilton, s/o Henry & Isabella, married Ida FOSTER, 20, Ingersoll, London, d/o William & Elizabeth; witn: Arthur BURDOCK of Dorchester & Effie FOSTER of London, 25 Dec 1889 at 454 Talbot St.., London (also 7705-89)
7529-89 (Middlesex) James DAVIS, 36, farmer, Canada, Nissouri twp., d/o William & Sarah, married Emma GILLYAT, 18, Canada, Village of Nilestown, d/o Frederick & Rachel Jane, witn: I W MCLEMONT & L W DIMENT of Pakenham, 4 Apr 1889 at St Pauls Cathedral, London

7764-89 Harvey DAVIS, 24, merchant, New Hampshire US, Detroit, s/o Daniel DAVIS & Maria KING, married Sarah McPHEE, 25, 12th Con of West Williams, same, d/o Angus McPHEE & Catherine McDONALD, witn: Donald & Margaret McPHEE, 26 Feb 1889 at St. Columbia RC

7566-89 Walter Henry DAVISON, 21, potter, Cleveland Ohio, London, s/o William & Mary, married Mary Ellen HODGKINSON, 20, Strathroy, London, d/o William & Ruth, wtn: Jane SCOTT & Rebecca MUIR of London, 4 July 1889 at 464 Park Ave., London 7624-89 (Middlesex Co) Alberta DENNEY, 25, Miller, Canada, London, s/o Leonard & Ann J., married Ettie LUTHORN (Lathorn?), 20, London, same, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: Adam DENNEY & Maud LUTHORN of London, 18 Sept 1889 at 228 Talbot St.., London

7531-89 (Middlesex) John Edgar DONALDSON, 22, farmer, London twp., same, s/o Peter & Sarah Maria, married Lillian Tripola LAWRENCE, 19, London twp., same, d/o Benjamin & Jane, witn: Charlotte & Rosina STEPHENS of London twp., 8 May 1889 at Memorial Church Rectory.

7503-89 (Middlesex) Bernard Joseph DONL--?(off page), 21, baker, Ireland, London, s/o Francis & Mary, married Mary BUSS, 21, Toronto, London, d/o James & Mary, witn: Edward PEARSON & E BUSS of London, 8 Jan 1889 at 649 William St., London

7493-89 (Middlesex) William Oliver DOUGLAS, 21, butcher, Strathroy, Strathroy, s/o Thomas & Esther, married Maggie QUAKENBUSH, 22, Caradoc twp., Strathroy, d/o Francis & Mary, witn: George & Mercie MULLENS of London, 14 Feb 1889 at 156 Wellington St., London

7528-89 (Middlesex) Robert Henry DOUGLAS, 33, chemist, Canada, London, s/o Robert & Caroline, married Mary Eliza SMITH, 25, Canada, London, d/o Richard Adam & Eliza Anne, witn: Florence EM LAING & Richard A SMITH of London, 1 May 1889 at St Pauls Cathedral, London

7510-89 (Middlesex) Chester DOYLE, 23, mechanic, Ontario, Toronto, s/o Peter & Annie, married Bella MACKAY, 23, Ontario, London, d/o William C & Catherine, witn: William MCKAY (sic) & Addie DOYLE of London, 25 Mar 1889 at 390 Adelaide, London 7650-89 (Middlesex Co) Eugene F DROUILLARD, 27, clerk, widower, Windsor, same, s/o Frances & Charlotte, married Kate RIDDELL, 27, London, same, d/o William & Isabella; witn: James BECROFT of Petrolia & Margaret Jane HAMILTON of London, 16 Oct 1889 at 89 Hamilton Road, London
7699-89 (Middlesex Co) Thomas A DUFF--(? off page), 20, student at law, London, Toronto, s/o Thomas & Mary J, married Laura F THORNHILL, 23, England, London, d/o T C & Drusilla; witn: Hubert E THORNHILL & Lizzie DUFF of London, 18 Dec 18--(? off page) at 5 Comfort Place, London 7703-89 (Middlesex Co) William DULONG, 28, laborer, Tp Harwick (Harwich?), same, s/o Robert & Mary Ann, married Lydia Anne KELLY, 30, Tp London, Tp Harwick, d/o Alexander & Mary; witn: John HARRIE & Mary HARRIE, 27 Dec 1889, London .

7681-89 (Middlesex Co) George W DUNCAN, 60, tanner, widower, Kentucky US, London, s/o Daniel & Josephine, married Mary J THROGMORTON, 48, widow, Kentucky US, London, d/o Joseph & Susan PAYNE; witn: Lena DUNCAN & Sarah THROGMORTON of London, 22 Nov 188-(off page) at 461 Philip St., London

7628-89 (Middlesex Co) John DUNSHEATH, 33, RR Conductor, widower, Sidney Australia, St Thomas Ont., s/o Hugh & Ellen, married Jennie SPENCE, 23, London Ont., London Ont., d/o David & Barbara; witn: Jessie SLATER & J SLATER of Palace St London, 4 Jun 1889 at 20 Palace St., London
7600-89 (Middlesex Co) Richard Clayton ECKERT, 26, traveller, Belmont, London, s/o William & Mary Jane, married Hattie HERALD, 26, Guelph, London, d/o Robert & Hannah ECKERT, witn: Mahlon W ECKERT of St.. Thomas & Lizzie HERALD of Hamilton, 8 Aug 1889 at Residence of Bride's Father Egerton St.., London 7720-89 (Middlesex Co) Richard EEDY, 34, farmer, widower, London Township, Biddulph, s/o Joseph EEDY & Elizabeth BEAMISH, married Jane Ellen MORROW, 28, London Township, Bryanston, d/o John MORROW & Agnes NEALE; witn: Joseph MORROW of Bryanston & Maud POWELL of Bryanston, 26 June 1889 at Residence of Bride's mother, Bryanston
7588-89 John ENGLAND, 22, mechanic, England, London, s/o John & Maria, married Esther CLARK, 27, London, same, d/o William & Mary, witn: Joseph JOHNSTON of 388 Horton St & Susan ENGLAND of 892 Queens Ave, 3 July 1889 at 484 Dundas St., London 7660-89 (Middlesex Co) Frederick EVANS, 28, publisher, Delaware, Strathroy, s/o David & Anne, married Anne RAPLEY, 23, London, same, d/o Jesse & Miranda; witn: Herbert RAPLEY of Stratford & Elizabeth PHILLIPS of London, 30 Oct 1889 at 527 Gray Street, London

7698-89 (Middlesex Co) Robert FAUNT, 23, brass moulder, London, same, s/o Henry & Eliza, married Leah GOLDSMITH, 19, London, same, d/o Alfred & Emily; witn: Maggie BROWN & W.B. MINHINNICK of London, 6 Nov 1889 at 149 William St., London .

7573-1889 Robert Edward FAWCETT, 23, carpenter, England, London, s/o John & Mary, married Annie Eliza BIRKS (Binks?), 21, England, London, d/o Matthew & Eliza, witn: Helen ROBERTS & Edward Baynes REED of London, 9 July 1889 at St Pauls Rectory, London

7629-89 (Middlesex Co) Frank Charles FERGUSON, 22, baker, Delaware Tp., St Thomas, s/o Benjamin & Elizabeth, married Minnie Bertha Laura GIBSON, 17, London, London, d/o Thomas & Eliza; witn: Agnes FERGUSON & Elsie WATSON of London, 18 Apr 1889 at Dundas Street, London

7637-89 (Middlesex Co) Alexander FERGUSON, 32, merchant, Co Grey, Tp Westminster, s/o Alexander & Elizabeth, married Ella Ida SIMPSON, 24, Titusville PA., London, d/o C N & Augusta; witn: O H TALBOT of London & Robie DRIGGS of Erie PA., 25 Sep 1889 at London

7626-89 (Middlesex Co) Herbert FINCHAMP, 25, commercial traveller, United States, London, s/o J.G.R. & Charlotte, married Bertha E CHAPMAN, 20, London, London, d/o Alfred & Theresa; witn: J GREENAWAY & K McKERACHER of London, 19 June 1889 at 346 King Street, London (also 7662-89)

7592-89 George FISH, 25, moulder, Canada, Hamilton, s/o Robert & Mary, married Adda YEO, 23, England, London, d/o Joseph & Ann, witn: Joseph YEO & M FISH, 21 June 1889 at the residence of George AXTON, Quebec St., London
007540-1889 (Middlesex Co.) Benjamin FISHER, 25, farmer, Plympton Twp., Caradoc Twp., s/o Benjamin & Rachel, married Agnes CUDNEY, 19, Caradoc Twp., same, d/o Ferris & Elizabeth, witn: William ASHMAN of Nissouri & Sarah ASHMAN of London, 31 May 1889 at 224 King St. London.

7934-89 Gilbert FITCHETT, 63, widower, yeoman, Quebec, Huron Co - Michigan, s/o Francis FITCHETT & Jane, married Loria PAYNE, 52, widow, Ingersoll, Belmont, d/o James GALLAWAY & Lavinia, witn: Richard DILTS & William MOORE, both of Belmont, 2 April 1889 at Belmont

7551-89 (Middlesex) George T FITZGERALD, 25, dentist, London Tp, London City, s/o Fenton & Anna, married Annie DAGG, 26, Tp Lucan, London City, d/o James & Mary Ann, witn: Fred H FITZGERALD of London twp. & Frances LUARD of London City, 11 Jun 1889 at Church, Queen Ave.,  London

7512-33 (Middlesex) William FITZPATRICK, 29, livery keeper, Adelaide twp, Strathroy, s/o James & Catherine, married Ida C WILKINSON, 21, Strathroy, same, d/o Duncan & Mary, witn: Fred W MEEK & Celia FITZPATRICK of Strathroy, 27 Mar 1889 at Grigg House, London
007780-90 John Lewis FLANIGAN, 21, London, London, s/o Boris(?) and Elizabeth FLANIGAN, mar Josephine WHITE, 22, London, London, d/o Charles and Anne WHITE, witn Charles WHITE and Annie COLE of London, 09 Oct 1889 Gray Street, London 7784-90 (Middlesex Co): John Henry FLANIGAN, 18, butcher, Gore of London, London, s/o Arthur & Mary Jane, married Margaret CAMPBELL, 20, Komoka, London, d/o John & Kate, witn: Jos. R. MITCHELLTREE & Flora McDONALD, both of London, 25 Dec 1889 at 102 Bathurst St., London
7682-89 (Middlesex Co) Mark FLITTON, 49, tradesman, widower, England, London, s/o Thomas & Lydia FLITTON, married Acenaith BAKER, 44, widow, East Nissouri, London, d/o James & Cynthia SHERLOCK; witn: Joseph H BAKER of London & Gertrude BAKER of London, 4 Dec 1889 at London  
007558-90 (Middlesex) Angus D. FRASER, 35, Farmer, London Ont, East Williams Twp. s/o Angus and Jane FRASER, married Isabella Ann HOOD, 25, East Williams twp., same, d/o John HOOD and Janet McINTYRE, wtns John HOOD of East Williams Twp. and Jessie FORD of Parkhill, October 19, 1889 at Parkhill

7648-89 (Middlesex Co) Robert FRASER, 28, farmer, Tp Nissouri, London, s/o Alexander & Anne, married Ellen SHARPE, 27, Tp London, London, d/o James & Elizabeth; witn: George SEABORN of 500 Quebec Street, 17 Oct 1889 at 500 Quebec Street, London

7537-89 (Middlesex) Samuel F FULLARTON, 32, carriage builder, widower, Ireland, Tara Village, s/o Robert & Kate Anna, married Mary E WALLACE, 35, widow, England, Tara Village, d/o Joseph & Sarah PITTS, witn: Susanna Isabella WEBSTER & Jane HUXLEY of London, 14 May 1889 at 464 Park Ave., London 007572-90 (Middlesex) Reuben John GARBUTT, 33, Minister, Canada, North Dorchester, s/o Thomas & Sarah GARBUTT, to Emma Cyrena HART, 24, Iowa – U.S., London Tp., d/o James A. & Arosamond HART, wit: J. P. KENNEDY of London Tp. & J. R. AMY of St. Thomas, 6 November 1889, London
7779-89 Eddie L. GIBSON, 22, carpenter, Lucan, Detroit, s/o Sylvanus GIBSON & Maria, married Margaret E. KINNEE, 21, Vaughan, Lucan, d/o Jacob KINNEE & Elizabeth, witn: Julia KINNEE & Bert ELLIS, both of Lucan, 23 Oct 1889 at Lucan 7554-89 (Middlesex Co): George Frederick GIBSON, 50, widower, laborer, Islington, London, s/o William & Mary, married Mary A. LANGFORD, 23, London twp., London, d/o Isaac & Margaret, witn: George COPPINS of London & Ann LANGFORD of St. Marys, 23 May 1889 at Memorial Church Rectory, London

7536-89 (Middlesex) Alexander GILCHRIST, 29, baker, Niagara Falls NY, Thorold, s/o David & Elizabeth, married Clara K A SPENCE, 29, London, same, d/o Nathaniel & Mary, witn: George MCANTIM of Thorold & Ada SPENCE of London, 30 Apr 1889 at blank,

7567-89 William GLADWOLD, 21, mechanic, England, London, s/o George & Mary, married Mary HALE, 24, Etobico Ont., London, d/o Alfred & Anne, witn: John HALE of Ingersoll & Winifred FLANERY of London, 1 July 1889 at 229 Clarence St., London

7599-89 (Middlesex Co) Amos GOODMAN, 46, laborer, England, Guelph, s/o James & Mary, married Sarah CLARKE, 28, widow, St.. Marys, London, d/o Charles & Ann BARNETT, witn: William & Margaret AUCY of London, 8 Aug 1889 at 1184 Dundas St.., London

7496-89 (Middlesex) John A GRANT, 37, widower, manufacturer, London, London, s/o Charles & Elizabeth, married Emily RENDLE, 20, England, London, d/o George & Anne, witn: Charles GRANT of London & Thomas MCDONAUGH of London, 12 Feb 1889, at the corner of William & Huron Streets, London
7727-89 (Middlesex Co) William GRAY, 27, commercial traveller, Newcastle Ontario, London Ontario, s/o William & Hannah, married Clara Adelaide WHELTER, (Whetter?) 23, London Township, same, d/o Francis & Ellen; witn: T.H. SLATER of London Ont & Ada RAWLINGS of Forest Ont, 25 Sept 1889 at Residence of Francis WHELTER London Tp  

7643-89 (Middlesex Co) Walker GREEN, 76, weaver, widower, England, Union Co Elgin, s/o Elias & Hannah, married Christina STACEY, 69, widow, England, Port Stanley, d/o Rufus & Clarissa STEVENS; witn: Grace HENDERSON & C D HENDERSON of London, 12 Sep 1889 at London

7659-89 (Middlesex Co) Henry Nicholls GREENE, 24, farmer, London Ont., Lobo, s/o Thomas & Agnes, married Lydia Leslie HALL, 25, Erin - Co Wellington, Lobo, d/o Robert & Eliza; witn: George T & Gertrude GREENE, 29 Oct 1889 at 589 Princess Avenue, London

7499-89 (Middlesex) William Henry GUILD, 25, horse farmer, Harwick (sic) twp, same, s/o Timothy & Mary Anne, married Jennie RIDLEY, 20, Howard twp, Harwick (sic) twp, d/o Philip & Mary, witn: Jane SCOTT & Jane HUXLEY of London, 27 Feb 1889, at 464 Park Ave., London

7486-89 (Middlesex) Smith E GUSTIN, 26, Physician, Lobo Twp., Bay City Mich., s/o Eliphalet H & Jesse Anne, married Alice Maud SAGE, 23, Westminster twp, London, d/o John Nidom & Catherine, witn: W.H. WIGMORE & Victoria SAGE of London, 16 Jan 1889 at 576 York St., London

7825-89 Henry R. HALE, 26, book keeper, Mount Pleasant, Chicago, s/o Henry George HALE & Annie, married Agnes Carr NOBLE, 21, Parkhill, same, d/o John NOBLE & Martha, witn: A.E. CHESNUT of Toronto & Kathelina McLEOD of Parkhill, 10 June 1889 at Parkhill

7562-89 Isaac Arthur HALEY, 21, farmer, Nissouri, same, s/o William & Mary, married Mary Ellen OTWELL, 18, Nissouri, same, d/o Maurice & Jane, witn: William K CHITTENDON & Mary PORTER of London, 1 Jul 1889 at 87 Maple St., London
7621-89 (Middlesex Co) Samuel Thomas HAMILTON, 29, barrister of law, Stratford Ont., Sault St. Marie, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Emma Frances DOCKER, 23, Co of Haldimand, London Ont., d/o Henry A & Emma H, witn: James F UTTER & Mrs. AK UTTER of St. Thomas & Agnes M DOCKER of London, 17 Sept 1889 at the Residence of Mrs. DOCKER in London

7638-89 (Middlesex Co) John Robert HAMILTON, 41, physician, widower, County Perth, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth George WOODS, 26, Kingston Ont., London Ont., d/o Samuel & Elizabeth; witn: J Davis BARNETT of Stratford Ont. & Jeanette Stuart WOODS of London Ont., 19 Sep 1889 at Residence of Brides Father Woodlands - Queens Ave.. London

  7517-89 (Middlesex) John B HARRIS, 23, farmer, Ontario, Nissouri twp., s/o Thomas & Anne Jane, married Lizzie S LOGAN, 23, Ontario, Thorndale, d/o Robert & Eliza, witn: Katie COLBERT of London twp. & Walter LOGAN of Village of Thorndale, 10 Apr 1889 at 782 Queens Ave., London
7617-89 (Middlesex Co) William B HARRISON, 28, publisher, Granton Middlesex, St.. Marys, s/o James & Elizabeth HARRISON married Mary E HARRIS, 21, East Nissouri, St.. Marys, d/o John & Mary, witn: Silas BRUNNELL & Mattie ANDERSON of St.. Marys, 9 Sept 1889 at 87 Maple St.., London

7405-90 Albert H. HARSHA, 29, widower, clergyman, Dixon Illinois, Minneapolis, s/o William W. HARSHA & Catherine L. SMITH, married Eleanor J. McLEAN, 28, Wardsville Ont., Omaha Nebraska, d/o James McLEAN & Catherine CAMPBELL, witn: William W. HARSHA of Lincoln Neb. & James McLEAN of Newbury, 9 Oct. 1889 at Newbury

7706-89 (Middlesex Co) William HATCH, 27, laborer, Toronto Ont, London, s/o William & Jane, married Eliza WING, 27, England, London, d/o William & Sarah; witn: Jane SCOTT & Jane HURLEY of London, 24 Dec 1889 at 464 Park Ave., London 7602-89 (Middlesex Co) William Henry HAYES, 21, telegraph operator, Carling Port - County of Perth, London, s/o Frank & Susan, married Lillian Alicia ALLEN, 20, Sarnia, London, d/o Samuel & Elizabeth, witn: G F BURROWS & Mary Alice HOGG of London, 7 Aug 1889 at 578 Hill St.., London .
7686-89 (Middlesex Co) George HENDERSON, 23, farmer, Scotland, Strathroy, s/o Robert & Maria, married Mary HICKS, 24, Claudeboye, Strathroy, d/o John & Charlotte; witn: Walter HICKS of Strathroy & Barbara HUGHES of Aylmer, 4 Dec 1889 at London, . 7559-89 William HENDERSON, 31, farmer, London, same, s/o William & Isabella, married Harriet MILBY, 21, Ireland, London, d/o John & Eliza, witn: Samuel JAMES & Maggie RUSS of London, 27 Jun 1889 at 789 Queens Ave., London

7596-89 Thomas HENSHAW, 21, blacksmith, London, same, s/o George & Eliza, married Maggie JAMIESON, 22, Minto, London, d/o Enos & Eliza, witn: Mrs. HOLMES & Mrs. CORDERY of London, 21 Feb 1889 at 848 Queens Ave., London

7538-89 (Middlesex) John HERRON, 34, traveller, widower, Co Victoria, Stratford, s/o William & Jane, married Catherine WEBSTER, 33, widow, Tp Mornington, Stratford, d/o John & Ann LEGGATT, witn: A J MCDONALD of Stratford & Cecilia LEGGATT of Millbank, 20 May 1889 at 356 Queen Ave., London

7731-89 (Middlesex Co) Stephen HOBBS, 19, carpenter, England, London South, s/o Thomas P & Sarah F, married Louisa BOYCE, 19, Canada, London Tp Co Middlesex, d/o Sylvester & Louisa; witn: Sylvester BOYCE of St. Johns & Louisa BOYCE of St. Johns, 29 Nov 1889 at St. Johns.  
7715-89 (Middlesex Co) Isaac Ensly HODGINS, 29, farmer, Biddulph Township, same, s/o George & Rebecca, married Anna Christina McDOUGALL, 23, Blanshard twp., London Township, d/o Alexander & Ann; witn: Thomas McDOUGALL of London Tp & Walter HODGINS of Biddulph Tp, 16 Jan 1889 at London Township 7696-89 (Middlesex Co) Nicholas HOLMAN, 54, blacksmith, widower, England, Toronto, s/o Joseph & Johanna, married Sarah WENWITH, 52, widow, England, Toronto, d/o William & Mary DEWAR?; witn: John DIXON & JB RICHARDSON, London, 8 Oct 1889 at Memorial Church Rectory, London

7581-89 Isaac HORRELL, 68, gentleman, widowed, England, Exeter, s/o Isaac & Mary, married Sarah WILSON, 59, widow, Cornwall, Westminster, d/o John & Mary Ann VANSTONE, witn: James & Louisa MOTLEY of 264 Dundas St., 25 Mar 1889 at 484 Dundas St., London.

7557-89 Robert HOSIE, 23, boiler maker, Glasgow, London, s/o James & Lizzie, married Mary J HUGHES, 21, Montreal, London, d/o John & Mary, witn: Josephine & Pearl GAY of London, 3 Jun 1889 at 830 Waterloo St., London
7744-89 (Middlesex Co) Arthur Thomas HOULTON, 23, veterinary surgeon, Yorkshire England, Nissouri, s/o John & May, married Ruth HOULTON, 18, Lincolnshire England, Nissouri, d/o John & Ruth, witn: William TYLER & Ellen TYLER, 3 Jan 1889 at Wharncliff Road, London West 007718-1889 (Middlesex Co.) John HUDSON, 24, London Twp., same, s/o Stephen & Mary, married Emma Kate WOOD, 21, d/o Benjamin & Catherine, witn: Samuel S. HUDSON & Melissa WOOD, both of London Twp., 13 Mar 1889 at Bryanston, London Twp.
7738-89 (Middlesex Co) Nicholas Dyer HURDON, 37, banker, Lancaster England, Exeter, s/o John & Emma, married Isabella Elizabeth JECKELL, 28, Durham England, Exeter, d/o James & Mary, witn: J.J. CARR of Sarnia & Emily JECKELL of Exeter, 23 Jan 1889 at Ministry Church Ailsa Craig

7644-89 (Middlesex Co) Chester JACKSON, 64, farmer, widower, England, Tp Westminster, s/o Peter & Jane, married Mary JENKINS, 44, widow, England, London, d/o Joseph & Jane PIERSON; witn: Andrew GRAHAM & Barbara BALLRAY? of London, 9 Oct 1889 at London,

7687-89 (Middlesex Co) Frank George JEWELL, 23, clerk, London, same, s/o George F & Emma, married Lucy M SCRATON (Scruton?), 20, London, same, d/o Samuel & Elizabeth; witn: Harry JEWELL of London & Blanch TEALE of Toronto, 4 Dec 1889 at Queens Ave Methodist Church, London 7634-89 (Middlesex Co) Frederick JOANES (Joanis?), 22, railway employee, London Ont., London Ont., s/o William & Fanny, married Louisa O'NEIL, 20, Tp of London, Petrolia, d/o Robert & Margaret; witn: Joseph C SMITH & Katie MCKELLER of London, 25 Sep 1889 at Memorial Church Rectory, London

7673-89 (Middlesex Co) William JOHNSON, 29, machinist, Toronto, London, s/o Andrew & Annie, married Elizabeth E CAMBRAGE, 23, England, London, d/o John & Clara; witn: Mary CAMBRAGE of London, 29 Oct 1889 at 447 Elizabeth St.., London

7653-89 (Middlesex Co) George B JOHNSTON, 25, plumber, Meaford, London, s/o Hugh & Caroline, married Sarah E DARK, 20, London, same, d/o W P & Mary Ann; witn: G COLEMAN & Millicent JARMAIN of London, 1 Oct 1889 at 528 Adelaide St., London

7616-89 (Middlesex Co) James Lyle JOHNSTON, 35, picture framer, Toronto, London, s/o Leslie & Elizabeth, married Margaret Ann SLACK, 30, Blanchard, London, d/o Thomas & Isabella, witn: J.W. MITCHELL MD & Maggie JOHNSTON of London, 31 July 1889 of Talbot St.., London 7622-90 William JONES, 28, farmer, Dorchester, West Nissouri, s/o Richard & Elizabeth, married Catherine A. HAYES, 23, London twp., same, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: John HAYES & Catherine JONES, both of Nissouri, 18 Dec 1889 at West Nissouri

7630-89 (Middlesex Co) Herbert R KENT, 22, farmer, Norfolk, South Norwich -  Co Oxford, s/o George & Sarah, married Emma COOKE, 19, West Zorra, London, d/o George & Rachel; witn: James B ANDERSON & Louisa F CALSON, 24 Apr 1889 at 317 Hill Street, London

7642-89 (Middlesex Co) George KEOWN, 30, bartender, Durham, London, s/o John & Catherine DURHAM, married Annie STINSON, 25, London, same, d/o William & Elizabeth; witn: William BENNETT & Sarah KELLY of London, 24 Jul 1889 at London

  7692-89 (Middlesex Co) John KERNAHAN, 24, fitter, Middlesex, London, s/o Hugh & Ellen, married Sarah O'HAGAN, 21, London, same, d/o Thomas & Julia; witn: Andrew KERNAHAN & Lizzie MURRAY of London, 17 Dec 1889 at London

7591-89 Samuel G KERSLAKE, 28, farmer, Reach, Hibbard, s/o George & June, married Charity BUTSON, 20, Hibbard, Dorchester, d/o John & Fannie Ma--?(off page), witn: D & J WOOD, 1 July 1889 at 1029 Bridge St., London

7483-89 (Middlesex) George C.M. LAIRD, 27, farmer, Ontario, Bosanquet - Lambton Co, s/o Richard & Sarah, married Agnes Helen CARROTHERS, 22, Ontario, Westminster, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: Carrie L & Franc H LAIRD of London, 9 Jan 1889 at 442 King St, London,

#7811-89, (Middlesex Co): James LAMB, 75, Westmoreland, England,  Newbury, widower, yeoman, s/o Edward LAMB and Mary LAMB, m. Margaret McLEAN, 46, Ireland, Newbury, widow, d/o William CALLON and Christina CALLON, witn:. Jas. DOUGLAS and Margaret ADAIR, both of Newbury, m. in Newbury, 4 Aug 1889

7729-89 (Middlesex Co) Henry H LEFFLER, 24, laborer, Burford, City of London, s/o David & Mary, married Lilian Ada PHILPOT, 22, England, London Township, d/o Henry & Mary; witn: Clemeth HOLLAND of Ingersoll & Constance CAMPBELL of London Tp, 30 Oct 1889 at London Tp, .

7700-89 (Middlesex Co) Hugh LEMENT, 28, farmer, Lobo, same, s/o John & Catherine, married Annie LEMONT (Lamont?), 21, Lobo, Komoka, d/o Neil & Mary; witn: Lizzie L PORTER & Mary A PORTER of London, 24 Dec 1889 at 87 Maple St., London, 7632-89 (Middlesex Co) Simon LESLEY, 29, farmer, Napanee Ont., North Dorchester, s/o James & Catherine, married Louisa BUDDEN, 24, England, North Dorchester, d/o John & Rachel; witn: W HOLMES & M J HOLMES, 12 Feb 1889 at 346 King St

7655-89 (Middlesex Co) James M LEWIS, 24, clerk, Canada, London, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Hattie A YOUNG, 21, Canada, London, d/o Benjamin & Sara; witn: William LEWIS & Carrie PARKINSON of London, 26 Aug 1889 at 168 Adelaide Street

7620-90 William LEWIS, 24, farmer, Biddulph twp., same, s/o Jeremiah LEWIS & Ellen HODGINS, married Emma Teresa ABBOTT, 20, McGillivray twp., Biddulph twp., d/o Francis George ABBOTT & Lydia Ann REVINGTON, witn: George LEWIS & Levina REVINGTON, both of Biddulph, 18 Dec 1889 at Biddulph twp

7723-89 (Middlesex Co) William LEWIS, 26, farmer, England, London Township, s/o Charles & Lavis, married Elizabeth AVERY, 28, England, London Township, d/o William & Catherine; witn: Annie AVERY of London Tp & Joseph BUSH of London Tp, 18 Mar 1889 of London Tp,

7661-89 (Middlesex Co) George B LINDSAY, 22, merchant, London Ont., same, s/o James & Mary, married Minnie O TAMLYN, 21, Ottawa Ont., London Ont., d/o William & Lottie; witn: Patrice I GLEESON & Mary GLEESON of London, 24 Apr 1889 at 346 King Street

7509-89 (Middlesex) Richard LITTLEFAIR--?(off page), 54, carpenter, England, Buffalo NY, s/o Edward & Anne, married Hannah Eliza WARWICK, 38, England, Stratford, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Jane SCOTT & Rebecca MUIR of London, 23 Mar 1889 at 464 Park Ave., London

7585-89 John LONEY, 23, checker, Ireland, London, s/o Thomas :& Fanny, married Susan O'TOOLE, 21, London, same, d/o Andrew & Jessie, witn: Bessie & Rina SMITH of 484 Dundas St., 15 Jan 1889 at 484 Dundas St., London

7615-89 (Middlesex Co) John MADGE (Mudge?), 21, machinist, England, London, s/o Richard & Mary Ann, married Minnie INGLE, 18, London, County of Middlesex, d/o Alfred & Lizzie, witn: Richard & Adeline MADGE of London, 3 Sept 1889 at 522 York St.., London 7506-89 (Middlesex) Finlay MALCOLM, 26, farmer, Ontario, Huron County, s/o Alexander & Margaret, married Catherine CLARKE, 25, Ontario, Huron County, d/o David & Isabel, witn: John KING & Annie MALCOLM of London, 18 Mar 1889 at 789 Queens Ave., London
  7712-89 (Middlesex Co) William Elliott McANDLESS, 25, farmer, London Township, same, s/o William & Mary Ann, married Sophia WALLS, 21, London Township, same, d/o John & Eloner; witn: W.B. GILLESPIE of 25 Cartwright St. London & Lizzie HERN of Usborne Tp, 15 Jan 1889 at London Tp.

7497-89 (Middlesex) George MCCOMB, 25, clerk, Oxford, London, s/o Thomas & Emma, married Georgina Alberta BURRETT, 23, Campville, London, d/o George & Eliza, witn: Osborn SMITH of St. Thomas & Alice KIBORN of Park Hill, 26 Feb 1889, at Talbot St., London

7678-89 (Middlesex Co) Donald MCDONALD, 22, teamster, Embro, St. Thomas, s/o Donald & Margaret, married Annie E MCKAY, 20, Malahide, St. Thomas, d/o Murdock & Jane; witn: Mary J MCKAY of St. Thomas & Mary PORTER of London, 28 Nov 1889 at 87 Maple St., London

7663-89 (Middlesex Co) James MCDONALD, 27, yeoman, Ontario, Tp London, s/o James & Jane, married Alice CLARK, 22, England, Tp Westminster, d/o William & Ema; witn: Cyrus H SUMMERS of Tp Westminster & Henderson SANTLE (South?) of Tp Wawanosh, 31 Oct 1889 at 410 Princess Ave, London

7623-90 David McDONALD, 31, mechanic, Blanshard twp., same, s/o Alexander & Maria, married Eliza CAMERON, 30, Ontario, West Nissouri, d/o John & Allison, witn: Henry GIBSON & William CAMERON, both of West Nissouri, 4 Feb 1889 at West Nissouri

7527-89 (Middlesex) Oscar MCFALLS, 23, farmer, Biddulph, same, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Alice MCFALLS, 18, Biddulph, same, d/o Robert & Jannet, witn: John MCFALLS of Biddulph & Mary STANLEY of London twp., 1 May 1889 at Grant House Dundas St., London

7491-89 (Middlesex) George Albert MCGILLIVRAY, 27, traveller, London, London, s/o William & Margaret, married Martha LESTER, 24, London, London, d/o Daniel & Jane, witn: Sarah DAGG & Frederick MCGILLVRAY of London, 5 Feb 1889 at residence of bride's father, King St., London
007555-90 (Middlesex) John F. McINTOSH, 24, Barber, Thedford, Point Edward, s/o Rhoderick(sic) McINTOSH and Lucy(?) McPHERSON, married Selina ARNOLD, 18, Parkhill, Parkhill, d/o James ARNOLD and Maria BESSETT, wtns James ORAL and Annie EAST both of Point Edward, July 3, 1889 at Parkhill..

7518-89 (Middlesex) John MCINTOSH, 38, laborer, Scotland, London, s/o John & Isabella, married Elizabeth CRAWFORD, 24, Ireland, London, d/o Arthur & Mary, witn: James S SPENCE of London twp. & Caroline SPENCE, Dorchester twp., 2 Apr 1889 at St. Matthews Rectory

7524-89 (Middlesex) Alexander MCINTYRE, 28, teacher, Elgin County, Village of Glencoe, s/o Duncan & Euphemia, married, Isabella MCGREGOR, 27, Elgin Co., Newbury, d/o Angus & Isabella, witn: Georgie MURRAY & Mary TAYLOR, 17 Apr 1889 at 356 Queens Ave.

7740-89 (Middlesex Co) John McKAY, 26, tailor, Thamesford Ont, Ailsa Craig, s/o John & Janet, married Jessie CAMPBELL, 21, Tp Lobo, Ailsa Craig, d/o Archibald & Ann, witn: William McKAY & Sarah CAMPBELL of Ailsa Craig, 22 Aug 1889 at Ailsa Craig
7690-89 (Middlesex Co) George Edward MCKAY, 26, confectioner, Cleveland Ohio, Michigan, s/o Willard & Mary E, married Amelia G PALMER, 22, Norwich, London, d/o John & Rachel P; witn: JD PALMER & ME PALMER of London, 10 Dec 1889 at 572 Maitland St., London 7724-89 (Middlesex Co) George Morris McKENZIE, 30, sawmiller, Scotland, Appin Ontario, s/o John McKENZIE & Christina MAY, married Helen CRINKLAW, 22, Westminster, same, d/o James CRINKLAW & Helen McGREGOR; witn: John CRINKLAW of Westminster & Helen PORTERFIELD of East Wawanosh, 22 Jan 1889 Lot 20 Con 2 London Tp,
#7812-89, (Middlesex Co): Alex McLAUCHLIN, 25, Mosa, same, farmer, s/o Duncan McLAUCHLIN and Janet McLAUCHLIN, m. Christina McNAUGHTON, 22, Metcalfe, Mosa, d/o Duncan McNAUGHTON and Christina McNAUGHTON, w. Robert GRAY and John McNAUGHTON, both of Mosa, m. in Mosa, 26 June 1889 7609-89 (Middlesex Co) Gillum MCLEAN, 32, commercial traveller, York Co., London, s/o Alexander & Catherine MCLEAN, married Rebecca MCLEOD, 21, London, same, d/o Robert & Ann, witn: Hector MCLEAN of Toronto & Nettie TELFER of Tp London, 21 Aug 1889 at 156 Horton St.., London .

7550-89 (Middlesex) John MCLEOD, 23, blacksmith, Scotland, St. Thomas, s/o John & Jane, married Catherine MUNROE, 18, Ingersoll, St. Thomas, d/o Norman & Elizabeth, witn: Jane SCOTT & Rebecca MUIR of London, 24 May 1889 at 464 Queens Ave., London

7640-89 (Middlesex Co) Hugh MCLEOD, 31, ironworker, Scotland, Woodstock, s/o Donald & Rachel, married Mary Lizzie CARR, 24, Nissouri, Woodstock, d/o William & Malinda; witn: W O MURRAY and Mary TAYLOR of London, 25 Sept 1889 at 356 Queens Ave.

7636-89 (Middlesex Co) Thomas R MCMEECKIN, 28, cooper, Canada, Village of Highgate, s/o Thomas & Sarah, married Nancy COLBY, 25, Canada, Village of Highgate Co Kent, d/o James & Catherine; witn: AB INNES & E STANLEY of London, 23 Sept 1889 at St Pauls Rectory, London

7675-89 (Middlesex Co) David Henry MCMILLAN, 27, farmer, Dorchester Ont., same, s/o Thomas & Jemima, married Addie BOOTHBY, 24, Gladstone Ont, London, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth; witn: Jane SCOTT & Rebecca MUIR, 27 Nov 1889 at 464 Park Ave., London
7677-89 (Middlesex Co) Duncan MCNICOL, 45, drover, Scotland, St.. Thomas, s/o John & Mary, married Carrie WISSMER, 25, Rodney, same, d/o Daniel & Sarah; witn: Bella MORRISON & Nellie PARK, 14 Nov 1889 at 87 Maple St., London 7408-90 James McPHAIL, 31, farmer, Brooke twp., same, s/o Duncan & Mary, married Isabella LEITCH, 23, Metcalfe, same, d/o Hugh L. & Jennet, witn: Archibald McPHAIL & Kate LEITCH, both of Metcalfe, 11 Dec 1889 at Metcalfe
7610-89 (Middlesex Co) Robert MCPHERSON, 22, agent, London, same, s/o Richard & Nancy, married Catherine BARNES, 20, London Twp, London, d/o John & Mary, witn: Julia & Richard BARNES of London, 28 Aug 1889 at 356 Queens Ave., London

7742-89 (Middlesex Co) James McQUARRIE, 35, seaman, Ontario, Elma City US, s/o Neil & Elizabeth, married Catharine McLELLAN, 22, Ontario, Ailsa Craig, d/o Hector & Christina, witn: Alice McEWAN & Helen MCANDREW of Ailsa Craig, 3 Dec 1889 at Ailsa Craig

7565-89 James MILLER, 43, gentleman, widower, Scotland, Exeter, s/o David & Elizabeth, married Jennie OKE, 36, twp. McGillivray, California, d/o Hugh & Grace, witn: James & Sophia WESTCOTT of Exeter, 2 July 1889 at Buccans? Hotel, London

007792-1889 (Middlesex Co.) Charles A. W. MILLER, 36, traveller, St. Thomas, same, s/o Edward & Mary Jane, married Mary Jane ROBINSON, 27, Caradoc, same, d/o John & Mary, witn: John & Mary ROBINSON, both of Caradoc, 10 Jun 1889 at Caradoc.
7667-89 (Middlesex Co) George A MILLER, 24, Merchants Bank, Canada, Galt On., s/o Alondus & Jane, married Isabel B LESTER, 28, Canada, London, d/o John & Margaret; witn: Hattie H MILLER of Toronto & E LESTER of London, 6 Nov 1889 at St Pauls Cathedral, London 7730-89 (Middlesex Co) William MITCHELL, 36, farmer, widower, Canada, Tp of Fullarton Co Perth, s/o William & Agnes Ann, married Emmeline RANTON, 29, Canada, Tp of London Co Middlesex, d/o John & Jane; witn: George MITCHELL of Tp of Fullarton & Mary J RANTON of London City, 29 Oct 1889 at London Tp
7409-90 Donald MITCHELL, 25, farmer, Mosa twp., same, s/o Peter & Jane, married Kate McKELLAR, 21, Metcalfe, same, d/o Dugald & Effie, witn: George GILLIS & Barbara MUNRO, both of Metcalfe, 20 Nov 1889 at Metcalfe

7639-89 (Middlesex Co) John MITCHELL, 23, pressman, Montreal, London, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Mary Adeline WILCOX, 26, Southampton, London, d/o James & Jane; witn: Cyril MURRAY & Bella DANDY of London, 26 Sep 1889 at 356 Queens Ave., London

7487-89 (Middlesex) Archibald MOORE, 22, upholsterer, Lanark Co., London, s/o Archibald & Agnes, married Nettie MCFIE, 25, London, London, d/o Hector & Christina, witn: Thomas MCKIM & Sarah MCFIE of London, 22 Jan 1889 at 356 Queens Avenue, London 7608-89 (Middlesex Co) John MORRIS, 23, machinist, Scotland, London, s/o Alexander & Maggie, married Mary Jane PIRIE?, 22, Scotland, London, d/o John & Eliza Baird, witn: George & Eliza BURGESS of 623 Layurd St.., 14 Aug 1889 at 623 Layurd St.., London
7501-89 (Middlesex) Charles MORRISH, 52, laborer, widower, England, London, s/o George & Elizabeth married Penelope C CURNS (Cairns?), 44, London, London, d/o William & Mary, witn: Jessie & Mary June COOK of London, 28 Feb 1889 at Memorial Church Rectory, London


7684-89 (Middlesex Co) J W MORRISON, 45, blacksmith, Quebec, London, s/o John & Jannet, married Isabella WEBSTER, 41, England, London, d/o Robert & Isabella; witn: Georgina MURRAY & Catherine WEBSTER of London, 11 Dec 1889 at 356 Queens Ave., London 7485-89 (Middlesex) James A MORRISON, 24, machinist, Glengarry, London, s/o Malcolm & Anne, married Mary GORDON, 24, Lanark, London, d/o John & Annie, witn: William SOMERSET & W.O.S MURRAY of London, 17 Jan 1889 at 356 Queens Ave,  London

7733-89 (Middlesex Co) William MORROW, 27, labourer, London Township, Bryanston, s/o John MARROW & Agnes NEIL, married Charlotte STAINTON, 22, East Nissouri, Bryanston, d/o Thomas STAINTON & Sophia BAKER; witn: Joseph MORROW of Bryanston & Sarah STAINTON of Thorndale, 10 Dec 1889 at The Manse, 11th Con. London Tp.

7668-89 (Middlesex Co) Charles Edward MOUNTJOY, 28, merchant, London, same, s/o Arscott & Eliza, married Fanny BURN, 23, New York US, London, d/o Andrew & Harriet; witn: Andrew & Phillis BURN & A MOUNTJOY of London, 23 Oct 1889 at 711 Richmond Street,
7714-89 (Middlesex Co) Albert NEEDHAM, 25, farmer, 10th Concession London Township, 9th Concession London Township, s/o Richard NEEDHAM & Margaret McINTYRE, married Ellen ANDERSON, 23, 9th Concession London Township, same, d/o John ANDERSON & Janet FRASER; witn: William ARDIEL of 6th Concession & Hamilton NEEDHAM of 11th Concession, 8 Jan 1889 at Residence of Bride's father, 7590-89 Robert Moffatt NEILL, 45, newspaper office, widower, England, Pittsburgh USA, s/o William & Eliza, married Cora Clement HUNT, 34, widow, Pittsburgh USA, United States, d/o Samuel & Martha CLEMENTS, witn: Fannie ROBERTS of New York & Emma STANLEY of London, 13 July 1889 at St Pauls Rectory, London.

7739-89 (Middlesex Co) Andrew NEWTON, 25, tailor, Woodstock, same, s/o Andrew NEWTON & Elizabeth McCORMACK, married Lizzie GRAY, 22, Woodstock, Ailsa Craig, d/o Alexander GRAY & Isabella REID, witn: Evlyn ROBSON & John ROSSOR of Ailsa Craig, 27 Feb 1889 at Ailsa Craig,

7619-89 (Middlesex Co) Robert W B NICHOLSON, 36, merchant, Montreal Canada, London, s/o Robert & Sarah, married Ada M BLINN, 20, London, same, d/o Hiram W & Maria Jane, witn: Hiram W BLINN of London & L Harriet OREILLEY of Hamilton, 18 Sept 1889 at St.. Pauls Cathedral, London
7688-89 (Middlesex Co) James Patton NIXON, 30, farmer, West Nissouri, same, s/o John & Sarah, married Mary Ann TAYLOR, 30, Melrose Ont, London, d/o Thomas & Sarah Jane; witn: John GIBSON & Elizabeth Jane TAYLOR of London, 11 Dec 1889 at 464 Park Ave, London . 007719-1889 (Middlesex Co.) Abraham O'NEIL ,29, farmer, London Twp., same, s/o Ralph & Sarah, married Jennie McDONALD, 31, Ekfrid Twp, London Twp. d/o James & Sarah, witn: John J. HODGINS & Henry O'NEIL, both of London Twp., 20 Mar 1889 at London Twp.

7504-89 (Middlesex) William OTWELL, 21, manufacturer, West Nissouri, West Nissouri, s/o Maurice & June, married Elizabeth NEAR, 21, West Nissouri, West Nissouri, d/o Nelson & Margaret, witn: Catherine MCADAM of Sarnia & Georgie MURRAY of London, 15 Mar 1889 at 356 Queens Ave

7622-89 (Middlesex Co) Thomas OWEN, 26, railway yardman, Wales, London, s/o Edward & Hannah, married Anne RACE, 21, London, same, d/o William & Jane, witn: George W ARMSTRONG & Mary Jane TAYLOR of London, 12 Sept 1889 at 356 Queens Ave., London

7549-89 Richard PARSONS, 24, moulder, London, same, s/o John & Eliza, married Sarah E. BOWLBY, 25, Malahide, London, d/o Sidney & Annie, witn: M. J. HARRIS & Annie BOWLBIE (sic), both of London, 10 April 1889 at 778 Grey St., London 7495-89 (Middlesex) Arthur William PASTILL (Postell?), 29, laborer, England, London, s/o William & Matilda, married Mary RESCORL, 25, blank, London, d/o Nicholas & blank, witn: John & Annie MAKER, 27 Feb 1889 at King St., London
7612-89 (Middlesex Co) William PATTEN, 23, upholsterer, London, same, s/o John & Sarah, married Bessie LESTER, 16, London, same, d/o Thomas & Heather, witn: Maggie MILLYARD & Lavina DICKINSON of London, 12 Aug 1889 at Parsonage 848 Dundas St.., London


7708-89 (Middlesex Co) Edward Alpheus PAYNE, 26, carpenter, Canada, same, s/o Charles & Margaret, married Fannie Winnifred ROBINSON, 29, Canada, London Township, d/o Edward & Delia; witn: George KERNOHAN of London Tp & Lizzie ROBINSON of London Tp, 1 Jan 1889 at London Tp 7534-89 (Middlesex) Edwin Lincoln PEARSON, 21, Lance Corporal D Company, Lexington MI, London, s/o Dennis & Ellen, married Emma BUSS, 18, London, same, d/o James & Mary, witn: A HODGINS & Eva GOOD of Williams St London Ont, 4 Apr 1889 at Residence of Bride's Father on Williams St
7505-89 (Middlesex) Frederick B. PICKLES, 23, mechanic, England, Toronto, s/o John & Eliza, married Sarah Croil BIGG, 20, Hamilton, London, d/o James & Barbara, witn: Lizzie NOE of Ingersoll & William F. BIGG of London, 20 Mar 1889 at 909 Elias St., London 7604-89 (Middlesex Co) Edward Russell POCOCKE, 31, musician, Ontario, London, s/o Robert & Levinia, married Mary Elizabeth GRANT, 31, Scotland, London, d/o William & Ann, witn: Nellie GRANT & Lizzie COLMORGAN of London, 17 July 1889 at 356 Queens Ave., London

7601-89 (Middlesex Co) James Richard POLE, 22, switchman, Kimoka, London, s/o William & Cornelia, married Mary MOORHOUSE, 24, London England, London Ont., d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Edward Charles MOORHOUSE & Eliza HALGATE (Holgate?) of London, 12 Aug 1889 at 590 Hill St.., London

7669-89 (Middlesex Co) James POPE, 23, butcher, England, London, s/o William & Mary, married Minnie PARKER, 23, London, same, d/o Charles W & Rose; witn: W & M WAINSBOROUGH of London, 5 Nov 1889 at 541 Richmond St., Lonson ( Salvation Army)
7553-89 (Middlesex Co): Charles PUGH, 26, carpenter, England, London, s/o John & Mary Ann, married Jennie CAIRNS, 26, Stratford, London, d/o James & Martha, witn: Frank HUNT & Martha CAIRNS, both of London, 24 April 1889 at 886 Dufferin Ave., London

7672-89 (Middlesex Co) Robert W RIDDLE, 19, blacksmith, Canada, Dundas Ont., s/o Benjamin & Mary Anne, married Nettie PLACE, 19, Jerseyville, London, d/o William & Mary Anne; witn: Grace HENDERSON of London & Sarah Anne WELDING of Sparta, 18 Nov 1889 at London

7521-89 (Middlesex) Franks Healy ROBINSON, 25, grocer, Port Huron Mich, London, s/o James C & Fanny, married Hannah ADAMS, 22, St. Marys, London, d/o William & Esther, witn: Thomas KNOWLES & Annie FOAL of London, 23 Apr 1889 at 110 Colborne St., London

7709-89 (Middlesex Co) William ROGERS, 30, farmer, Canada, Nissouri West, s/o George & Mary, married Rebecca FURSE, 24, Canada, London Township, d/o James & Agnes; witn: Eva KENNEDY of London Tp & S.M. Kennedy of London Tp, 2 Jan 1889 at London Tp, .

  007774-90 John ROOK, 66, farmer, widower, England, London Ont, s/o John and Sarah ROOK, mar Mary DARSH, 55, widow, England, London Ont, d/o John and Mary ELSWORTHY, witn. Mr. HARRISON of 701 King Street London and Sarah JACK of London, 31 Dec 1889 at 701 King Street London
7488-89 (Middlesex) James RUCKLE, 28, farmer, Ireland, Durham, s/o Thomas & Jane, married Ada E WATSON, 22, PEI, blank, d/o John & Eliza, witn: Francis RUCKLE of Durham & Grace D. PERKIN of blank, 16 Jan 1889 at 308 Egerton St., London

7561-89 George E SAMPEY, 43, commercial traveller, widower, Halton Co., London, s/o Thomas & Ann, married Jennie DOWER, 41, Lobo, London, d/o James & Mary, witn: A WREN of London & Alice SUTHERLAND of Port Huron Mich, June 1889 at 126 Maple St., London

7582-89 William H SANBORN, 37, merchant, widower, London, same, married Alice M TREBILCOCK, 24, London, same, d/o George & Fanny A., witn: Edwin A ROBSON of 86 Maple St. & Fannie TREBILCOCK of 210 Picadilly St., 5 Jun 1889 at 210 Picadilly St., London

7697-89 (Middlesex Co) John Charles SARE, 21, bartender, Quebec, London, s/o David & Mary SARE, married Annie LONG, 19, Port Stanley, London Ont, d/o Conrad & Catherine; witn: Helen M EDGE & Laura RICHARDSON of London, 14 Oct 1889 at Memorial Church Rectory, London

7726-89 (Middlesex Co) Benjamin SCANDRETT, 35, farmer, widower, London Township, same, s/o Thomas & Deborah, married Elizabeth M VARLEY, 22, England, London Township, d/o William & Margaret; witn: William NESBIT of London Tp & Enora NESBIT, 8 Nov 1889 at Hyde Park, London Tp, 7572-89 Walter SCOTT, 23, farmer, Canada, twp. McGillivray, s/o Charles & Margaret, married Mary Anne LITTLE, 21, Canada, twp. McGillivray, d/o Robert & Margaret, witn: Agnes SCOTT & John LITTLE of the twp. McGillivray, 3 July 1889 at St Pauls Rectory, London

7498-89 (Middlesex) James SCOTT, 23, plumber, Scotland, London, s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Mary Ann SMALE, 21, Exeter Ont, London, d/o Robert & Elizabeth, witn: Jane SCOTT & Jane HUXLEY, London, 30 Jan 1889 at 464 Park Ave., London

7564-89 James SCOTT, 30, farmer, twp. Delaware, same, s/o William & Ann, married Matilda CAMPBELL, 30, Ottawa, London, d/o William & June, witn: Adam CRAIG & Mary Ann SCOTT of Delaware, 3 July 1889 at 353 1/2 Talbot St., London

7605-89 (Middlesex Co) John SCOTT, 27, veterinary, Orangeville, Illinois US, s/o William & Margaret, married Francis A SHANNON, 28, Co of Huron, London, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: F G RUMBALL & John SHANNON of London, 17 Aug 1889 at 461 Dufferin Ave., London 7620-89 (Middlesex Co) Isaac SHAW, 36, laborer, England, Woodstock Ont., s/o Thomas & Sarah, married Eliza BICKLE, 35, London, Woodstock, d/o Thomas & Eliza, witn: Patience BUCKLE of Woodstock & Jane SCOTT of London, 10 Sep 1889 at 464 Park Avenue, London

7651-89 (Middlesex Co) John SHULTIS, 23, teacher, Rockwood, Tp Burford, s/o David & Ellen, married Jennie MUIR, 22, Tp Burford, same, d/o Robert & Margaret; witn: Lizzie & Nilie PORTER of London, 26 Sep 1889 at 87 Maple St, Toronto

07542-1889 (Middlesex Co.) George SIMPSON, 26, farmer, McGillivray Twp., same, s/o Thomas & Mary Jane, married June Anne MOODIE, 19, McGillivray Twp., same, d/o Isaac & Eliza Ann, witn: George CARTER & Eliza Ann MOODIE, both of McGillivray Twp., 27 May 1889 at Western Hotel London.

7507-89 (Middlesex) James E SLIGH, 27, commercial traveller, Leeds County, St. Thomas, s/o William J & Addie V, married Emma PYATT, 20, N Dorchester, St. Thomas, d/o James & Rhoda Anne, witn: June SCOTT & Rebecca MUIR of London, 21 Mar 1889 at 464 Park Ave,

#7813-89, (Middlesex Co): Alex SMITH, 28, Aldboro - Elgin Co., Tilbury East, farmer, s/o Dougald SMITH and Margaret SMITH, m. Maria SMITH, 23, Wardsville, same, d/o Donald SMITH and Anna SMITH, witn: Alex SMITH of Wardsville and Mary McREA of Aldboro, m. in Wardsville, 9 Oct 1889
7679-89 (Middlesex Co) John SMITH, 60, laborer, widower, Ireland, London, s/o George & Sarah, married Ann ROBINSON, 60, widow, England, Strathroy, d/o William & Emma DUNN, witn: Grace HENDERSON & Eva HENDERSON, 28 Nov 1889 at London. 7603-89 (Middlesex Co) Thomas SMITHS, 20, foreman, Ontario, London, s/o Thomas Logan & Mary Jane, married Catherine Louisa MOORE, 21, Ontario, London, d/o Colin & Mary, witn: Colin MOORE & Edith AINSLEY of London, 14 Aug 1889 at 509 York St.., London
7519-89 (Middlesex) James Saunder SPENCE, 34, blacksmith, North Dorchester twp., London twp., s/o Thomas & Maria, married Caroline SHORT, 26, Ontario, Dorchester, widow, d/o John & Ann, witn: John & Elizabeth MCINTOSH of London, 2 Apr. 1889 at St. Matthews Rectory on 500 Quebec St., London 7674-89 (Middlesex Co) Arthur SPRATT, 24, farmer, England, County of Peel, s/o Joseph John & Elizabeth, married Catherine Jane SMITH, 21, County of Peel, same, d/o John & Elizabeth; witn: J F KERN & Annie SMITH of London, 20 Nov 1889 at 484 Dundas St.., London

7704-89 (Middlesex Co) William Edward STANTON (Stainton?), 20, farmer, Thorndale Ont, same, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Mary Jane ANNETT, 21, Thorndale Ont, same, d/o James & Matilda; witn: Annie M STANTON of Thorndale & Rebecca MUIR of London, 20 Dec 1889 at 484 Park Ave, London .


7721-89 (Middlesex Co) William Frederick STEPHENS, 34, farmer, London Tp Ont, same, s/o Richard & Margaret, married Elgin Ann HUTCHINSON, 29, London Tp Ont, London City, d/o James & Mary; witn: John C SHOFF of Birr London Tp & Herman SHOFF of Birr London Tp, 24 Apr 1889 at Birr 7532-89 (Middlesex) Charles William STEPHENS, 23, farmer, London twp., same, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Rosina LAWRENCE, 22, London twp., same, d/o Benjamin & Jane, witn: J E & Lillian DONALDSON of London twp., 8 May 1889 at Memorial Church Rectory.
007569-90 (Middlesex) Allan J. STEWART, 26, laborer, Canada, Galt, s/o John & Elizabeth STEWART, to Jennie ANDERSON, 25, Canada, London Tp., d/o William & Flora ANDERSON, wit: John Mc GINNIS of London Tp. & Aggie ANDERSON of Arva, 18 December 1889, London

7555-89 William STEWART, 29, boiler maker, widower, Milton, London, s/o James & Maria, married Sophia MCINTYRE, 30, widow, Woodstock, London, d/o John & Catherine SMITH, witn: George & Maggie DAVIS of London, 24 May 1889 at 463 Simcoe Street, London

7649-89 (Middlesex Co) Cyrus Frank STOCKTON, 25, farmer, Tp Yarmouth, same, s/o Mayo & Margaret, married Hannah Jane MCAULIFFE, 25, Tp Yarmouth, same, d/o Timothy & Catherine; witn: Georgina MURRAY & Mary Jane TAYLOR of London, 16 Oct 1889 at 356 Queens Ave., London

7515-89 (Middlesex) John SULLIVAN, 24, shoemaker, Toronto, London, s/o Maurice & Honora, married Minnie DUNN, 18, Detroit, London, d/o Adam & Theresa, witn: Charles STEVENS & Annie DUNN, both of London, 6 Apr 1889 at 156 Wellington St., London

7530-89 (Middlesex) Henry SWEENEY, 56, laborer, Canada, London, widower, s/o John & Rebecca, married Catherine STEWART, 40, Canada, London, widow, d/o Neil & Catherine MCLEAN, witn: Charles GOULD of Woodstock, 7 May 1889 at Adelaide St. Church, City.

7494-89 (Middlesex) Alfred John TAYLOR, 25, moulder, England, London, s/o Thomas Alfred & Maria, married Maggie Bartley HUNTER, 23, Oxford, London, d/o Robert & Rebecca, witn: Annie H & Louisa L RYCKMAN, London, 19 Feb 1889 at 156 Wellington St., London

7484-89 (Middlesex) Adam B TELFER, 19, farmer, London twp, London twp, s/o Adam & Eliza, married Cecelia ROBSON, 20, London twp, London twp, d/o Arthur & Jane, witn: Lionel & Susannah ROBSON of London, 16 Jan 1889 at 356 Queens Ave., London

7589-89 Peter TEMPLE, 54, engineer, widower, Scotland, London, s/o James & Jane, married Harriet IRVING, 40, England, London, d/o Andrew & Mary Ann, witn: T SHINE of St Thomas & T IRVING of Lindsay, 25 June 1889 at 108 Waterloo St., London

  7525-89 (Middlesex) William D THOMAS, 25, commercial traveller, Port Stanley, London, s/o Benjamin & Jane, married Artesia HILLIER, 23, London, London, d/o Jonathan & Maria, witn: Roland E SCARLETT & Jessie HILLIER of London, 30 Apr 1889 at London

7511-89 (Middlesex) George I A THOMPSON, 28, clergyman, Newfoundland, Twp London, s/o W H & Mary A, married Emma STEVELY (Steady?), 28, Wardsville, London, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Samuel & Alma STEVELY of London, 26 Mar 1889 at 328 King St., London

7492-89 (Middlesex) Robert THOMPSON, 40, farmer, widower, Ontario, Dorchester twp, s/o William & Mary, married Adeline HAYES, 30, Ontario, North Dorchester, d/o James HAYES & Jane CONRIGHT, witn: Archibald BLACK of London & Tina ELLIOT of N. Dorchester, 13 Feb 1889 at 796 King St., London

7670-89 (Middlesex Co) John THOMPSON, 24, warehouseman, Scotland, London, s/o Hugh & Grace, married Esther STEVANS (Stevens?), 24, Scotland, London, d/o William & Elizabeth; witn: John STEVANS & Catherine THOMPSON of London, 8 Nov 1889 at 603 Colborne Street., London

7665-89 (Middlesex Co) Walter Robson THORBURN, 26, baker, Scotland, London Ont., s/o John & Ellen, married Mary Brown Elizabeth Kedren MEADOWCROFT, 26, London England, London Ont., d/o William Samuel & Elizabeth; witn: T J MURPHY & Gertrude G GREEN of London Ont., 31 Oct 1889, London

7568-89 Samuel THORNTON, 24, carpenter, Michigan, London, s/o Samuel & Mary, married Catherine CAHILL, 22, Scotland, London, d/o Thomas & Adelia, witn: Thomas & Mary CAHILL of London, 2 July 1889, Memorial Church, London

7593-89 Edmund THORTON, 20, printer, London, same, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Alice Elizabeth WESTAWAY, 20, Hamilton, London, d/o Henry & Letitia, witn: Henry WESTAWAY & R J CRIPPS of London, 24 July 1889 at 413 Horton St, London

7569-89 George Leonard TIBBITS, 31, farmer, twp. Westminster, Michigan, s/o George & Rachel, married Maria DIXON, 22, Ireland, London, d/o James & Mary Ann, witn: M J & James RICHARDSON of London, 5 July 1889 at Memorial Church Rectory, London 7606-89 (Middlesex Co) Edward Thomas TOLHURST, 42, laborer, widower, England, London, s/o Edward Thomas TOLHURST & Elizabeth A CLARK, married Emma DOWNING, 20, England, London, d/o William & Susan DOWNING, witn: George CLARK & Elizabeth HUNT of London, 20 Aug 1889 at 464 Park Ave., London

7522-89 (Middlesex) John TOPPING, 26, farmer, Westminster twp., same, s/o Calvin & Mary Ann, married Mary NIXON, 23, Westminster twp., same, d/o James & Margaret, witn: June SCOTT & Rebecca MUIR of London, 24 Apr 1889 at 464 Park Ave., London

7633-89 (Middlesex Co) Nathan TOPPING, 23, farmer, Tp Westminster, same, s/o Calvin & Mary Ann, married Mary TROWBRIDGE, 20, Tp Westminster, same, d/o William & Mary; witn: Mary MCCLYMENT of London, 25 Jul 1889 at Memorial Church Rectory., London

  7695-89 (Middlesex Co) Joseph TOWNSEND, 46, laborer, England, Tp of London, s/o Thomas & Charlotte, married Mary Ann PARGETER, 53, widow, England, Tp Westminster, d/o Robert George & Sarah [no surname given]; witn: Lewis CLARKE of London & Mrs BARGE of Tp Westminster, 18 Dec 1889 at 448 Dundas St.., London
7526-89 (Middlesex) John Charles TRUDGEN, 22, Cooper, Waterdown, London, s/o William & Lucinda, married Eliza Ann JAYNES, 20, London, London, d/o Joseph & Eliza, witn: John R & Alice JAYNES of London, 30 Apr 1889 at 464 Park Ave 7513-89 (Middlesex) John Henry TUNKE, 24, farmer, Westminster twp., same, s/o Henry & Anne, married Alma Luella CASNELL, 21, Westminster twp., same, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: June SCOTT & June HUXLEY of London, 27 Mar 1889 at 464 Queens Ave., London
7618-89 (Middlesex Co) James A VAUGHAN, 46, widower, laborer, Gainsborough, St.. Thomas, s/o Jacob & Hannah, married Mary BLACKHALL, 31, England, St.. Thomas, d/o Alexander & Flora, witn: Mrs.. T E HARRISON of London & Mrs. BRISCOE? of Parkdale Toronto, 20 Aug 1889 at 701 King St.., London 7535-89 (Middlesex) William WALKER, 52, farmer, widower, England, London twp., s/o Christopher & Eliza, married Anna Maria LAMB, 48, Dublin Ireland, Lucan, widow, d/o George & Sarah BOOTH, witn: Harold & Gordon RICHARDSON of London, 14 Mar 1889 of Memorial Church Rectory
7711-89 (Middlesex Co) Cornelius WALDEN, 25, school teacher, Biddulph Township, London Township, s/o Benjamin & Elizabeth, married Rebecca Jane TAYLOR, 22, London Township, same, d/o John & Rebecca Elizabeth; witn: George BROWN & George WALDEN of London Tp, 27 Feb 1889 at Trinity Church, Birr

7407-90 William WALTENBURY, 21, officer in Salvation Army, Thedford, Leamington, s/o Adam & Hannah, married Mary Jane BIBBINGS, 29, England, Euphemia, d/o Enoch & Patient, witn: Mattie CROSBY of Newbury & R. G. DELVE of Shetland, 23 Nov [1889] at Newbury

7588-89 Edward R G WATSON, 39, painter, Detroit, Goderich s/o Edward & Jane, married Annie LOWE, 28, London, same, d/o Thomas G & A M LOWE, witn: Harry B LOWE of 486 Ridout St & Jessie ROBB of Tuckersmith, 30 Apr 1889 of 486 Ridout St., London

7657-89 (Middlesex Co) George John WATTS, 32, drover, Thomasville Ont., same, s/o William & Ruth, married Emma Agnes JENNINGS, 26, London, d/o George & Ellen; witn: Albert A EDSALL of Thamesville & Mary C LAMBERT of Guelph, 18 Sept 1889 at London

7597-89 Herman WEHNER, 41, sculptor, Detroit, same, s/o Carl Gotleb & Charlotte Frederike WEHNER, married Annie HASLETT, 22, London, same, d/o Benjamin & Emma, witn: Benjamin & Emma & Clara HASLETT of London, 19 June 1889 at 365 St James St., London

7560-89 Charles WESTON, 27, farmer, Ontario, twp. Nissouri, s/o James & Eliza, married Marion Agnes JEFFERY, 22, Ontario, twp. Nissouri, d/o John & Agnes, witn: Susan E ALLEN & Clara GODFREY of London, 18 June 1889 at 789 Queens Ave., London.

7666-89 (Middlesex Co) Samuel Thomas WHEALAN, 29, book keeper, Newfoundland, London, s/o William & Sarah WHEALAND (sic), married Emily Louisa CUTTER, 28, Newfoundland, Hartford Connecticut USA, d/o Jacob & Louisa; witn: F C WHEALAN & M J WHEALAN of London Ont., 9 Nov 1889 at 484 Dundas Street, London

007717-1889 (Middlesex Co.) Tom WHITEHEAD, 24, farmer, England, London Twp., s/o John & Jane, married Florence Eliza DAVY, 24, London England, London Twp., d/o Spenser & Charlotte, witn:, Edith WHITEHEAD & John PARKINSON, both of London Twp., 13 Apr 1889 at London Twp.

7520-89 (Middlesex) Robert WILSON, 23, farmer, Ontario, Iona, s/o Benjamin & Elizabeth, married Mary E LUMLEY, 32, Elgin County, Iona, d/o James & Louisa, witn: James SCOTT & Rebecca MUIR of London, 12 Apr 1889 at 464 Park Ave.

7607-89 (Middlesex Co) William H WINNETT, 41, merchant, widower, Co Middlesex, London, s/o John & Susan, married Mary BARR, 35, widow, Co Middlesex, London, d/o Charles & Elizabeth MYRICK, witn: William J COATES of Dorchester & Jessie CURRIE of Decart? Village, 25 Aug 1889 at 147 Mill St.., London

7523-89 (Middlesex) James H WRIGHTMAN, 21, farmer, Delaware twp., Caradoc twp, s/o James & Susannah, married Maria BROWN, 18, Ekfrid twp., same, d/o Joseph & Janie, witn: Cyne MURRAY & Mary TAYLOR of London, 24 Apr 1889 at 356 Queens Ave., London 7694-89 (Middlesex Co) Daniel YAKE, 35, farmer, East Nissouri, same, s/o Daniel & Catherine, married Ellen PIPER, 24, West Nissouri, Nissouri, d/o Thomas & Ann; witn: George PIPER & Susan PIPER of Nissouri, 8 Dec 1889 at 711 King St.., London