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Muskoka & Parry Sound Dist., 1901

birth place is given before residence


#014955-01 (Parry Sound Dist.): William James ARMSTRONG, 22, farmer, Canada, Emsdale, s/o Samuel ARMSTRONG & Mary CUNNINGHAM, married Kezia CLENDENNING, 16, Canada, Emsdale, d/o James CLENDENNING & Ellen KNOX, witn: David ARMSTRONG & Sarah McQUILLAN, both of Emsdale, 11 July 1901 at Emsdale #014958-01 (Parry Sound Dist.): Edward John BARLOW, 24, butcher, Canada, Trout Creek, s/o John BARLOW & Margaret HYNIMAN, married Edna WILLIS, 22, Canada, Perry twp., d/o David WILLIS & Rebecca CLARK, witn: George & Mrs. George KING of Emsdale, 3 Dec 1901 at Emsdale
#013783-02 (Parry Sound Dist): Ernest BEAUMONT, 27, lumberman, Wakefield - Leeds Co England, Parry Sound, s/o George BEAUMONT & Charlotte AUTY, married Mary BARKER, 27, Parry Sound, same, d/o Willett BARKER & Margaret McQUEEN, witn: Edward BARKER & Daisy WALTON, both of Parry Sound, 24 Dec 1901 at Parry Sound #014956-01 (Parry Sound Dist.): William Thomas BEVAN, 23, farmer, Canada, Perry twp., s/o Alfred BEVAN & Frances EVANS, married Mary MARK, 18, Canada, Perry twp., d/o Isaac MARK & Catherine SHAVER, witn: William & Mrs. William ADAMSON of Perry twp., 21 Nov 1901 at Perry twp
014842-1901 (Parry Sound Dist.) Robert L. BUCHANAN, 22, farmer, near Toronto, Whitestone, s/o R. BUCHANAN & Sarah SHAW, married Eva WHITEHEAD, 25, McKenzie Twp., Golden Valley, d/o James WHITEHEAD & Alice BROOKS, witn: Sankey WHITEHEAD & Louise DOBBS of Golden Valley, 26 Mar 1901 at Golden Valley  
014938-01 John Wesley BURK, 37, Labourer, Pickering Tp. Ont., Parry Sound, s/o Joseph BURK & Ann COMPLIN, married Violet Elizabeth TENYCK, 20, McKellar Tp., Parry Sound, d/o William TENYCK & Sarah HORNE. Witn: Joseph & Maud TENYCK, both of Parry Sound. Nov. 11 1901 at Parry Sound 014941-01 William John CHARLES, 22, Laborer, Leeds Eng., Parry Sound, s/o Jesse CHARLES & Margaret SIDNEY, married Winnie Victoria EVERINGHAM, 20, Parry Sound, same, d/o Alfred EVERINGHAM, & Mary CARPENTER. Witn: Herbert DUTCHER & Mary EVERINGHAM, both of Parry Sound. Dec. 11, 1901, Parry Sound
014936-01 Ernest Henry John COLLETT, 22, Clerk, Parry Sound, same, s/o Alfred COLLETT & Harriet HERSEY, married Annie May GILLESPIE, 22, Centreton, Parry Sound, d/o James GILLESPIE & Ellen DEVENEY, Witn: Bertrand & Lillian COLLETT, both of Parry Sound. Oct. 9 1901 at Parry Sound 011912-1901 (Muskoka Dist.) Thomas EGAN, 42, lumberman, Coburg, Gravenhurst, widower, s/o Luke EGAN & Mary CORKER, married Charlotte BAKER, 41, widow, d/o Richard FIDGET & not known, witn: Andrew CAMERON & Matilda MATTICE, both of Gravenhurst, 8 Mar 1901 at Gravenhurst.
011915-1901 (Muskoka Dist.) John EMERY, 23, laborer, Drayton, Bracebridge, s/o William EMERY & Elizabeth READEM, married Elizabeth BURTON, 22, Bracebridge, not given, d/o John BURTON & Mary NICKSON, witn: L. H. D. AIKENHEAD & Emma EDEN, both of Gravenhurst, 14 May 1901 at Gravenhurst. 014943-01 Jasper FENNEL, 21, Carpenter, Dufferin Co., Gravenhurst, s/o William FENNEL & Sarah Ann HUGHSON, married Florence GODBOLD, 22, Kilworthy, Gravenhurst, s/o Israel GODBOLD & Phoebe GLOVER. Witn: Harry ATHERTON & Freda GUDNASON, both of Parry Sound. Dec 24 1901, Parry Sound
011919-1901 (Muskoka Dist.) Arthur Martin GILPIN, 30, saddler, Uxbridge, Hamilton, s/o Robert William GILPIN & Caroline BASCOW, married Annie McLEOD, no age given, Gravenhurst, same, d/o Henry McLEOD & Annie PETERS, witn: William IVANSON & Saidie McLEOD, both of Gravenhurst, 20 Jun 1901 at Gravenhurst 011910-1901 (Muskoka Dist.) Francis GREEN, 39, laborer, Campbellford, Gravenhurst, s/o John GREEN & Mary GALACE?, married Adeline LA MORIA, 35, Quebec, not given, d/o Louis LA MORIA & Mary CLEMENCE, witn: Robert MOORE & Josie TRACY, both of Gravenhurst, 8 Jan 1901 at Gravenhurst.(Rom Cath)
  #014957-01 (Parry Sound Dist.): William Forbes HENDRY, 26, laborer, Canada, Collingwood twp., s/o Alexander HENDRY & Sarah MULLEN, married Mary Ann McKENNEY, 19, Canada, Caffey twp., d/o John McKENNEY & Julietta AVERY, witn: Ernest Everet & Permelia McKENNEY of Novar, 4 Dec. 1901 at Novar
014934-01 Thomas JACKSON, 33, Farmer, Collingwood, Ferguson Tp., s/o John JACKSON & Bridget WOODLAW, married Eleanor McNEILL, 34, wid., Ottawa, Ferguson Tp., d/o William FORAN & Margaret LITTLE. Witn: John CAMPBELL & Sarah JACKSON, both of McKellar. Sept. 23 1901, Parry Sound 014935-01 Arthur W. JONES, 23, Merchant, Meaford, Parry Sound, s/o David & Elizabeth JONES, married Mary McDEVITT, 23, Parry Sound, same, d/o Chas. & Jane Grace McDEVITT. Witn: Thomas PERKS & Susie McDEVITT, both of Parry Sound. Oct. 9 1901. Parry Sound
12122-02 Earnest KELLETT, 27, farmer, England, Macauley, s/o William KELLETT & Ann GRAY, married Florence Kate DENNISS (Dennis?), 22, Ontario, Macauley, d/o William C. DENNISS & Mary Ann FRIEND, witn: Wilfred KELLETT of Macauley & Elizabeth GOOD of Toronto, 5 June 1901 at Macauley #012786-00 (Parry Sound Dist): Marshall William KERWICK, 33, carpenter, Biddulph twp., illegible Mine illegible, s/o James KERWICK & Sarah CARTER, married Mary Ann McDONALD, 23, Mara twp., Burks Falls, d/o Donald Robert McDONALD & Mary? McPHAIL, witn: Franklin John KERWICK & Kate McDONALD, both of Burks Falls, 1 Jan 1901 at Burks Falls
014937-01 Frederick Charles LEGGE, 30, Lumberman, King Tp., Carling Tp., s/o Herbert LEGGE & Charlotte BROWN, married Susan Caroline FRANCIS, 27, McDougall Tp., Carling Tp., d/o Charles Frederick FRANCIS & Mary Elizabeth COOK. Witn: Herbert DUTCHER, Kettleby, & Leonore REMY, Parry Sound. Oct 2 1901. Parry Sound. 012077-02 George LEMAY, 26, farmer, Wood Tp., Muskoka, s/o George LEMAY & Almira LEMORIA, married Laura McLEAN, 16, Wood Tp., Muskoka, d/o Neil McLEAN & Laura SMITH, witn: William McLEAN & Louisa LEMAY both of Muskoka on Dec. 23, 1901 at Gravenhurst
011921-1901 (Muskoka Dist.) Joseph William McKERNON, 25, laborer, Penrick, Morrison Twp., s/o James McKERNON & Sarah MILLER, married Henrietta STEPHENS, 22, Muskoka, Muskoka Twp., d/o Henry STEPHENS & Mary Ann SMITH, witn: Robert James McKERNON of Kilworthy & Lilly ELGOASE of Gravenhurst, 26 Jun 1901 at Gravenhurst. 014942-01 William James McLEAN, 26, Sailor, Collingwood, Parry sound, s/o James Liddel McLEAN & Margaret Elinor ELLIS, married Catherine CAMPBELL, 22, Waubamick (sic), Parry Sound, d/o John CAMPBELL & Mary Ann SHIELDS. Witn: Ernest THOMPSON, McKellar & Adelia HAYES, Orillia. Dec 23 1901 Parry Sound
014933-01 Henry Ed. MERCHANT, 30, Sailor, Toledo Ohio, Parry Sound, s/o Henry MERCHANT & Mary PARKER, married Ester DAVIDSON, 24, St. Helena, Parry Sound, d/o James DAVIDSON & Mary WRIGHT. Witn: Henry CAMPBELL & Maggie McDONALD, both of Parry Sound. Sept 11, 1901, Parry Sound 014939-01 Otis MOODER, 27, Laborer, Philadelphia Pa. USA., Broadbent, s/o John MOODER & Emmeline WIMKER (Wrinker?), married Minnie. KOTTKA, 21, McKellar Tp., Broadbent, d/o Louis KOTTKA & Catherine WINKLER. Witn: Thomas STEWART & Mary DEAN, both of Parry Sound. Oct 30 1901. Parry Sound
011920-1901 (Muskoka Dist.) William John MOORE, 26, Toronto, Gravenhurst, s/o Robert MOORE & May Jane BRADY, married Helena May CLAIRMONT, 20, Canalbellfort? (Campbellford?), Gravenhurst, d/o Joseph C. CLAIRMONT & Helena BURK, witn: Robert MOORE & Clara CLAIRMONT, both of Gravenhurst, 19 Jun 1901 at St. Paul’s Church Gravenhurst. (Rom Cath) 011913-1901 (Muskoka Dist.) William Henry MOORE, 33, merchant, Bristol England, Manitoba, s/o Edwin John MOORE & not known, married Mary Ellen BURKINSHAW, 18, England, Gravenhurst, d/o Ernest Edward BURKINSHAW & Ann Georgina SIMS, witn: E. E. & Arthur BURKINSHAW, both of Gravenhurst, 10 Apr 1901 at Gravenhurst.
12123-02 Thomas NICHOLSON, 23, farmer, Ontario, Macauley, s/o Edward NICHOLSON & Elizabeth MEND, married Mary LEEDER, 20, Ontario, Macauley, d/o Philip LEEDER & Susan BAILEY, witn: Jonathan C. LEEDER & Maggie NICHOLSON, both of Macauley, 17 June 1901 at Macauley  
014841-1901 (Parry Sound Dist.) James Wilmot PATTERSON, 26, farmer, McKellar Twp., Hagerman Twp., s/o David PATTERSON & Sarah McKEOWN, married Henrietta WYE?, 16, d/o Harry WYE & Sarah SIMPSON, witn: David WYE of Fairholme? & S. R. PATTERSON of McKellar, 14 Mar 1901 at Dunchurch #014949-01 (Parry Sound Dist) PELLING, Henry, 27, farmer, England, twp Bethune s/o Albert PELLING & Ruth BRISTOW married Alice Ann PHENIX, 21, Canada, twp Bethune d/o John PHENIX & Lucinda GREENING of Bethune twp, wit: W J PHENIX & Alice PELLING of Kearney 02 April 1901 at Kearney
014843-1901 (Parry Sound Dist.) Charles PIATTI, 33, lumberman, Ingersoll, Ferrie Twp., s/o John PIATTI & Eliza CAMERON, married Ilina LAMBKIN, 17, Clavery, Wilson Twp., d/o R. LAMBKIN & C. U. BROOKS, witn: Mrs G. DAWSON of Ferrie Twp, & Mrs J. DAWSON of not given, 20 Mar 1901 at not given 011917-1901 (Muskoka Dist.) Norman L. PLAYFAIR, 30, lumbering, not given, Midland, s/o John S. PLAYFAIR & Annie BOSTWICK, married Marion L. YOUNG, 23, not given, Gravenhurst, d/o David YOUNG & Marion L. BROWN, witn: Charles E. LANGLEY of Toronto & Edna HARVIE of Gravenhurst, 19 Jun 1901 at Gravenhurst
14940-01 William Albert RICHMOND, 21, Mariner, Parry Sound, same, s/o William Sylvester RICHMOND & Emma ROBINSON, married Mary Elizabeth CURRIER,18, Peterboro, Parry Sound, d/o Nelson CURRIER & Leonore BOVAIR. Witn: Frank VALYEAR & Carrie MORRICK, both of Parry Sound. Nov 12 1901, Parry Sound #014954-01 (Parry Sound Dist.): George Edgar ROSS, 36, farmer, Canada, Perry twp., s/o John ROSS & Jane EDGAR, married Lizzie GIPSON, 22, Canada, Nottawasega, d/o Edward GIPSON & Mary BRENNAN, witn: Joseph MITCHELL & Charles ROSS, both of Emsdale, 25 June 1901 at Perry twp
011918-1901 (Muskoka Dist.) Joshua SHORT, 22, farmer, York Co., not given, s/o Thomas SHORT & Ann GLOVER, married Alexandra I. ROSS, 21, Muskoka, not given, d/o William R. ROSS & Jane A. DITCHBURN, witn: Isador R. & Mary E. DITCHBURN of Muskoka Twp., 12 Jun 1901 at Gravenhurst 011911-1901 (Muskoka Dist.) Thomas SHORT, 25, farmer, not given, Muskoka Twp., s/o Thomas SHORT & Ann GLOVER, married Sarah TINCOMBE, 23, not given, Muskoka Twp., d/o Henry TINCOMBE & Diana DREW, witn: J. R. & Mary E. DITCHBURN of not given, 6 Feb 6 1901 at Gravenhurst.
#014959-01 (Parry Sound Dist.): William John SILVERWOOD, 21, laborer, Huntsville, same, s/o Samuel SILVERWOOD & Martha CLARK, married Maggie LIVINGSTONE, 21, Tay twp., Huntsville, d/o Hugh LIVINGSTONE & Mary McCOY, witn: William McKAY & Wilford LANGFORD, both of Novar, 23 Dec 1901 at Novar 011916-1901 (Muskoka Dist.) George TINCOMBE, 21, farmer, Gravenhurst, same, s/o Henry TINCOMBE & Diana DREW, married Edith Lucy STINSON, 22, England, Gravenhurst, d/o John D. STINSON & Eliza READINGS, witn: Sarah & Thomas SHORT, both of Gravenhurst, 3 Jun 1901 at Gravenhurst.
014840-1901 (Parry Sound Dist.) Robert Elgin TOWLE, 42, physician, Oxford, Dunchurch, s/o William TOWLE & Mary CUDNEY, married Lizzie KELSEY, 29, Parry Sound, Dunchurch, d/o George KELSEY & L. A. MANNING, witn: E. H. KELSEY of Loring & Louise WATKINS of Parry Sound, 1 Jan 1901 at Dunchurch. 011914-1901 (Muskoka Dist.) James Murn YEATS, 26, store clerk, Toronto, Gravenhurst, s/o William Ball YEATS & Margaret FITZPATRICK, married Mary Ann BRENNAN, 21, Trenton, Gravenhurst d/o Richard Lawrence BRENNAN & Catherine D. BURKE, witn: Joseph C. MOORE of Orillia & Lilian HURLEY of Peterborough, 24 Apr 1901 at Gravenhurst. (Rom Cath)