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Muskoka & Parry Sound Dist., 1908

birth place is given before residence


13681-08 Robert Alexander ADAMS, 26, farmer, of Foley Tp., s/o William ADAMS & Anne Jane PATTERSON, married Mary Isabella BADGER, 19, of Foley Tp., d/o Alfred BADGER & Isabella MILNE, witn: David BADGER of Foley Tp. & Hattie DICKIE of Bracebridge on Sept. 7, 1908 at Bracebridge

13683-08 William W. ADAMSON, 26, painter, of Bracebridge, s/o Henry ADAMSON, painter & Beatrice COOK, married L. Maud ARNOTT, 23, of Bracebridge, d/o James ARNOTT & Mary RUTHERFORD, witn: Arthur ADAMSON & May ARNOTT both of Bracebridge on Sept. 16, 1908 at Bracebridge

#013749-08 (Muskoka Co): William AICKIN, 25, machine operator, Derby twp., Huntsville, s/o James AICKIN & Mary WADDELL, married Effie Dorinda SPEERS, 22, Bara village, Huntsville, d/o Alexander H. SPEERS & Sarah C (or E.) WALKER, witn: Alex H. SPEERS & Sarah E. SPURGEON, both of Huntsville, 1 July 1908 at Huntsville #013747-08 (Muskoka Co): Louis ALLEN, 22, farmer, Chaffey twp., same, s/o L.H. ALLEN & Alice Maria WARD, married Minnie HEBNER, 23, Sinclair twp., Grandview Man., d/o John W. HEBNER & Laura Maria BASSETT, witn: C. ADAMS & G.W. ADAMS, both of Chaffey twp., 19 June 1908 at Huntsville
#013750-08 (Muskoka Dist): Fritz BALLANTINE, 25, engineer, Sinclair, Coleman twp., s/o Robert BALLANTINE & Mary MILLER, married Alma D. HOOD, 18, Sinclair twp., Franklin twp., d/o William HOOD & E. NOLAN, witn: Mary BALLANTINE of Sinclair twp & Izenia E. HOOD of Franklin twp., 29 June 1908 at Huntsville #013735-08 (Muskoka Dist): Joseph BARLOW, 25, laborer, of Wood twp., s/o John BARLOW & Margaret HINNAMON, married Elizabeth H. BEERS, 21, of Wood twp., d/o John BEERS, farmer, & Mary PRENTICE, witn: Ben CAKE & Myrtle BEERS, both of Wood twp., 13 July 1908 at Gravenhurst
#013736-08 (Muskoka Dist); Harry BARNES, 25, laborer, of West Gravenhurst, s/o William BARNES & Annie ADDIE, married Myrtle KYDD, 18, house keeper, of Port Carling, d/o W.A. KYDD & Elizabeth MORTIMER, witn: Frank WAITE & Mrs. E.A. HOUSE, both of W. Gravenhurst, 13 July 1908 at W. Gravenhurst

13703-08 Nottage Henry Knowles BARTON, 64, farmer, widower, of Stephenson Tp., s/o James BARTON, farmer & Emma HILL, married Rosalie Hattie BENNETT, 36, widow, of Chaffey Tp., d/o Richard HOSKINS, farmer & Lavinia (mother’s maiden name unknown to bride sic), witn: Amanda PATTERSON & Gladys BARKER both of Bracebridge on Dec. 15, 1908 at Bracebridge

#013748-08 (Muskoka Co): Charles F. BECKER, 26, merchant, Mitchell Ont., Sedley Sask., s/o Adam BECKER & Martha KISTNER, married L. Lydie SELKIRK, 27, not given, Huntsville, d/o George SELKIRK & Eliza HUNT, witn: S.A. SELKIRK & C.G. PROUDFOOT, both of Huntsville, 17 June 1908 at Huntsville #015410-08 (Muskoka & Parry Sound): Thomas BEMROSE, 36, farmer, Dundalk Ont., same, s/o John BEMROSE & Catherine McKANERY, married Margaret MADDEN, 20, Dundalk, Stirling Falls, d/o Thomas MADDEN & Teresa CLARK, witnesses were George & Mary MADDEN of Dundalk, Jan 7, 1908 at Kearney, Bethune twp.,

13695-08 William John BENNETT, 31, farmer, of Beatrice, s/o Nicholas BENNETT, farmer, & Margaret MADILL, married Joanna Maud HANRATTY, 24, of Beatrice, d/o John HANRATTY, mason & Janet DICK, witn: Fanny PATTERSON & Arthur BENNETT both of Beatrice on Nov. 2, 1908 at Bracebridge


13704-08 Sidney Herbert BLACKWELL, 27, farmer, of Monck Tp., s/o Thomas BLACKWELL, farmer & Jane HUGHSON, married Minnie Lucinda PLEWES, 22, of Ryde Tp., d/o James PLEWES, farmer & Diana CHANDLER, witn: David PLEWES of Ryde Tp. & Clara BLACKWELL of Monck Tp. on Dec. 16, 1908 at Bracebridge

#013746-08 (Muskoka Co): Arthur William BROCKINGTON, 19, farmer, London England, Bethune twp., s/o George BROCKINGTON & Mary SHAW, married Alice Edith PELLING, 22, Newmarket, Bethune twp., d/o A. PELLING & Ruth BRISTOW, witn: C. CLARKE & Harry PELLING, both of Huntsville, 30 March 1908 at Huntsville
#013753-08 (Muskoka Co): James Wesley BROWN, 22, laborer, Montague twp., McMurrich, s/o Charles H. BROWN & L. CHATFORD, married Millie M. BARTLETT, 20 Grey twp., McMurrich, d/o Frank BARTLETT & Hannah BEATON, witn: Bella FALSTER of Falding & Alex BARTLETT of Sprucedale, 23 April 1908 at Huntsville

13692-08 Charles BROWN, 34, labourer, of Huntsville, s/o John BROWN & Margaret COULTER, married Kathleen Laura SADDINGTON, 27, of Huntsville, d/o Richard SADDINGTON & Laura COLBOURN, witn: George & Margaret PELL both of Huntsville on Aug. 5, 1908 at Bracebridge

#015408-08 (Parry Sound): William Henry BUDREAU, 25, farmer, of Armour twp., s/o William BUDREAU (farmer) & Margaret Elizabeth VARCOE, married Jennie McDONALD, 20, of Armour twp., d/o Andrew McDONALD (farmer) & Sarah Catherine MOSSOP, witnesses were Mary Myrtle McDONALD and Thomas BUDREAU both of Burks Falls, Armour twp., 13 Oct 1908 at home of Andrew McDONALD (Armour twp) 15418-08 Samuel C. BULLY, 23, laborer, London England, Burks Falls, s/o Samuel BULLY & Amey PRESENT, married Gertrude SKEWERS, 21, servant, Cornwall England, Hamilton, d/o Richard SKEWERS & Henrietta LITTLETON, witn: J. G. ROGERS & C. W. CLARK, both of Burks Falls, 1 June 1908 at Burks Falls

13672-08 Frederick N. BUNN, 30, farmer, Watt Tp., same, s/o George BUNN & Margaret NELSON, married Margaret FAIR, 31, widow, Belfast Ireland, Watt Tp., d/o John GREEN & Sarah Jane PORTER, wit: Robert FINDLEY & Agnes CRAW both of Bracebridge on Feb. 25, 1908 at Bracebridge

#013743-08 (Muskoka Co): Robert John CARTER, 34, teacher, Norfolk Co., Parry Sound, s/o William Henry CARTER & Mary Etta WEBSTER, married Josie Elizabeth TURNEY, 29, Renfrew Co., Parry Sound, d/o John & Julia, witn: J.E. MOSLEY & George PELLS, both of Huntsville, 7 March 1908 at Huntsville

13699-08 William Douglas CLEAREY, 25, labourer, of Bracebridge, s/o Franklin CLEAREY & Mary J. THOMPSON, married Alice PASCOE, 21, of Uffington Draper Tp., d/o John PASCOE & Elizabeth STRATHY, witn: John PASCOE of Uffington & Cassie CLEAREY of Bracebridge on Nov. 18, 1908 at Bracebridge

13674-08 Frank Horace COLSON, 24, farmer, Draper Tp., Pembroke, s/o James T. COLSON & Sarah J. WALKEN, married Violet Alice STUNDEN (Hunden?), 20, Bracebridge, same, d/o Alfred STUNDEN & Sarah ALLCHIN, witn: James G. CROZIER of Purbrook & Daisy STUNDEN of Bracebridge on March 18, 1908 at Bracebridge.

13697-08 Joseph Albert COOPER, 25, labourer, of Bracebridge, s/o John, guide & Catherine, married Sadie Mae MONTGOMERY, 21, of Bracebridge, d/o Robert MONTGOMERY & Sarah FORSYTH, witn: Violet MONTGOMERY & Agnes CRAW both of Bracebridge on Sept. 28, 1908 at Bracebridge

#013808-08 William CRICKARD, 34, farmer, Stephenson Twp, Winterville Michigan U.S.A., s/o William CRICKARD & Agnes STEPHENSON, married Etta Almeda OLDHAM, 26, Watt Twp, Ufford, d/o Charles OLDHAM & Mary BOGART, witn: Bert KNOWLES & Jessie OLDHAM both of Ufford, 3 June 1908 at Ufford, Watt Twp

13693-08 John Wesley DICKOUT, 31, farmer, of Ridout Tp., s/o David & Mary, married Ida MILLER, 14, Monck Tp., d/o William MILLER & Millie CONWAY, witn: James & Lillian MILLER both of Monck Tp. on Aug. 12, 1908 at Bracebridge.

15420-08 George Gordon DOIGE, 35, farmer, Markham, Strong twp., s/o George DOIGE & Jane ANDREWS, married Emma Jane O'BRIEN, 32, Victoria Co., Strong twp., d/o Alfred O'BRIEN & Annie CLARK, witn: C. R. PHILIPS & Mrs. W. TRAIN, both of Burks Falls, 24 June 1908 at Burks Falls

13685-08 William Jacob EATON, 27, farmer, of Windermere Watt Tp., s/o Wallace EATON, farmer & Ellen STEPHENS, married Ella KINGSHOTT, 17, of Bent River Watt Tp., d/o John KINGSHOTT, farmer & Jane CREASOR, witn: Agnes CRAW & Isabella MUIR both of Bracebridge on Sept. 16, 1908 at Bracebridge

#013745-08 (Muskoka Co): John EGERTON, 32, widower, lumberman, Cartwright twp., Huntsville, s/o John EGERTON & Jane ARCHER, married Louisa ANSON, 25, Wilbridge North Hastings Co., Huntsville, d/o Joseph ANSON & Annie WANNAMAKER, witn: Jennie & John CAMPBELL of Huntsville, 8 April 1908 at Huntsville

13678-08 Francis James FONTAINE, 20, labourer, of Bracebridge, s/o Francis FONTAINE & Emma DALTON, married Myrtle Lillian HOFFMAN, 19, of Bracebridge, d/o Robert HOFFMAN & Agnes BURROWS, witn: Harry & Lucy LINNEY both of Bracebridge on Aug. 25, 1908 at Bracebridge

13677-08 Samuel Walter FOXX, 21, labourer, Vanslack, Sault Ste Marie, s/o William FOX (sic) & Anna CARRUTHERS, married Sophia A. LANGMAN, 19, Langman, same, d/o Richard LANGMAN & Mary A. BALDRY, witn: Edna FOX of Sault Ste Marie & Agnes CRAW of Bracebridge on May 25, 1908 at Bracebridge.

#013807-08 John FRASER, 20, farmer, Watt Twp, Ullswater, same, s/o John Watson FRASER & Mary KINGSHOTT, married Emma PRICE, 20, Cardwell Twp, Aspdin Stisted Twp, d/o Adam PRICE & Julia Ann FETTERLEY, witn: Joshua EARNSHAW, Raymond & Kate KINGSHOTT, Bentriver, 8 Apr 1908 at Ullswater , Watt Twp 15423-08 Francis FREEMAN, 21, farmer, Pennsylvania USA, Spencer twp., s/o Frank & Arvilla, married Margaret GLASS, 18, Middlesex Co., Spencer twp., d/o Joseph GLASS & Mary FAIRCLOTH, witn: Mrs. W. M. TRAIN & Mrs. J. ROGERS, both of Burks Falls, 20 July 1908 at Burks Falls

14636-09 John Robert FRITH, 21, farmer, of Bracebridge, s/o George FRITH, clerk & Eliza EYRE, married Wilhelmina CONNOR, 22, of Bracebridge, d/o William CONNOR, labourer & Catherine CUTHBERT, witn: Mary Agnes JAMIESON & William E. McDONALD both of Bracebridge on Dec. 23, 1908 at Bracebridge

13698-08 George Ferguson GIBSON, 28, clerk, of Bracebridge, s/o James GIBSON & Eliza BURGESS, married Margaret Hattie CODE, 22, of Raymond, d/o Thomas CODE & Sarah McCASKILL, witn: Nellie CODE of Raymond & Walter LEEDER of Bracebridge on Sept. 30, 1908 at Bracebridge

13673-08 John GRAHAM, 30, farmer, Scotland, Port Sydney, s/o James GRAHAM & Magdaline DONALDSON, married Flora GARDINER, 23, Port Sydney, same, d/o James GARDINER & Mary WHEATLEY, witn: Magdaline GRAHAM & Alfred C. PHIPPEN both of Port Sydney on Feb. 28, 1908 at Bracebridge

13690-08 Frederick Sinclair GRANT, 31, accountant, of Gravenhurst, s/o Duncan J. GRANT & Margaret JONES, married Mary Edith SIMS, 34, widow, of Gravenhurst, d/o William MACHAN & Mary STEPHENS, witn: Elizabeth A. & Kathleen BURT both of Bracebridge on July 6, 1908 at Bracebridge.

#013796-08 Herbert John HOWARD, 26, labourer, Kent England, Huntsville Ont, s/o Abraham HOWARD & Emma Mercy CARTER, married Mary Jane MONCK, 27, household duties, Hampstead England, Stephenson Twp, d/o Fred MONK(as written) & Maria Annie LABY/LUBY, witn: John & Edith HOWARD, both of Stephenson Twp, 5 May 1908 at Stephenson Twp

13684-08 Franklin W. HUNT, 23, clerk, of Callendar, s/o Alfred England HUNT, bricklayer & Mary SIMPSON, married Margaret F. JOHNSTON, 21, of Bracebridge, d/o George JOHNSTON, labourer & Mary TAYLOR, witn: Mabel JOHNSTON & Alexander LOUGHERY both of Bracebridge on Sept. 15, 1908 at Bracebridge

  #013798-08 Charles Milton KEETCH, 23, labourer, of Huntsville, s/o Melvin KEETCH & Sarah BROWN, married Eliza Ann MCKAY, 19, household duties, of Stephenson Twp, d/o Allan MCKAY & Margaret CUMINGS (Cummings?), witn: William KEETCH, Huntsville & Mabel MARTIN, Stephenson Twp, 23 Sept 1908 at Stephenson Twp
15419-08 William Blair KENNEDY, 42, widower, farmer, Durham Co. Ont., Berridale - Armour, s/o Angus KENNEDY & Isabella HAGGART, married Jane Crawford BOLTON, 38, widow, Renfrew Scotland, Berridale, d/o John MATHER & Jane PICKEN, witn: L--? SIMPSON of Sundridge & Charlotte SIMPSON of Burks Falls, 10 June 1908 at Burks Falls #013802-08 George KEOWN, 29, labourer, Essen Ont, Franklin Twp, s/o Thomas KEOWN & Annie RAGAN, married Ada Caroline DAVIS, 20, household duties, Stisted, same, d/o Albert Alexander DAVIS & Charlotte PERRY, witn: Frank KEOWN, Franklin & Irene C. DAVIS, Stisted, 15 July not given
15417-08 Robert J. KIRKPATRICK, 35, contractor, Stratford Ont., Carlisle Sask., s/o James KIRKPATRICK & Mary FREEBORN, married Ethel Alice ALLMAN, 31, Norwich England, Burks Falls, d/o Arthur H. ALLMAN & Matilda CLETHEROE, witn: F. J. CLETHEROE of Ottawa & H. M. ALLMAN of Burks Falls, 25 May [1908] at Burks Falls

13686-08 George LANGFORD, 42, engineer, of Bellingham USA, s/o Thomas LANGFORD & Catherine LAUSIN, married Marian SMITH, 44, of Downeyville Victoria Tp., d/o James Robert SMITH, gentleman & Sophie POLES, witn: James D. SMITH of Baysville & Marian BEYNON of Bracebridge on June 8, 1908 at Bracebridge

#013737-08 (Muskoka Dist); David Alfred LATER, 21, laborer, of Huntsville, s/o David LATER & Sarah Jane WARD, married Viola JONES, 20, waitress, of Gravenhurst, d/o William Thomas JONES, lake steamer captain, & Annie ARMSTRONG, witn: George ANDERSON of Gravenhurst & Frances Jane MILLAR of Toronto, 12 Aug 1908 at Gravenhurst

13700-08 Thomas George LEEDER, 25, farmer, Macauley Tp., s/o Frederick LEEDER & Mary FULTON, married Etta May ANDREWS, 20, of Draper Tp., d/o John ANDREWS & Elizabeth KEMP, witn: Eliza & Gladys BARKER both of Bracebridge on Nov. 25, 1908 at Bracebridge.

#013803-08 Charles William LEWIS, 29, miner, Montreal, Cobalt, s/o William LEWIS & Elizabeth JENKINS, married Ellen Maud SMITH, 27, household duties, Stisted, same, d/o Silas SMITH & Jane Hannah SPINER?, witn: illegible SMITH, Stisted & Eliza BRADLEY, Brunel, 22 July 1908 #013801-08 Walter B. LIDDARD, 25, labourer, Bracebridge, Huntsville, s/o Charles LIDDARD & Mary MCDONALD, married Mabel H. HICKLING, 22, household duties, Stisted, same, d/o Alexander HICKLING & Catherine MCNABB, witn: William J. HINES & Maud L. HICKLING, both of Stisted, 29 June not given
15413-08 Fred LINDSAY, 21, knitter, Bridgewater, Tweed, s/o Richard LINDSAY & Sarah ROGERS, married Dollie Olive LITTLE, 19, Adjala, Machar twp., d/o William LITTLE & Mary RHUEBOTTOM, witn: Alfred LINDSAY of Tweed & Ellen ROGERS of Burks Falls, 4 Feb 1908 at Burks Falls

13700-08 Ernest E. LITTLEJOHN, 26, farmer, of Casey Tp., s/o David LITTLEJOHN & Priscilla KENT, married Mary Annie WHITTENDALE, 21, of Monck Tp., d/o William WHITTENDALE & Mary ELLIOTT, witn: James F. WHITTENDALE of Bracebridge & Evelyn HIGGINS of Toronto on June 30, 1908 at Bracebridge

#013744-08 (Muskoka Co): Alvin Wesley MAHAFFY, 21, laborer, Parry twp., Parry Sound, s/o John MAHAFFY & Melissa WATSON, married Eva M. CONSTANTINE, 15, Parry twp., Parry Sound, d/o Louis CONSTANTINE & Mary CAIN, witn: Samuel & Catherine CROSS of Huntsville, 27 March 1908 at Huntsville #015411-08 (Muskoka & Parry Sound): Frederick MAY, 38, lumberman, Brunel twp. Muskoka, Grassmere, s/o Frederick MAY & Elizabeth CARTER, married Viva Marie GREEN, 26, dressmaker, Grassmere, same, d/o William GREEN & Sarah FLEMING, witnesses were Ernest CARTER of Huntsville & Jean HILL of Hillside, March 14, 1908 at Grassmere, Franklin twp

13669-08 Archibald McINTYRE, 32, baker, Canada, Moose Jaw Sask., s/o Hugh McINTYRE & Mary McKINNON, married Jennie APPLETON, 23, Canada, Bracebridge, d/o Horace APPLETON & Mary NEWTON, witn: Joseph G. ILLYERS & Etta ARCHER both of Bracebridge on Jan. 9, 1908 at Bracebridge.

#013804-08 Hector MCKAY, 28, millman, Purbrook Draper Twp, Mohsell Draper Twp, s/o Alexander MCKAY & Catherine MCCALLUM, married Ethel Gertrude SUFFEREN, 23, teacher, Raymond, same, d/o Anthony SUFFERN & Ann HEWITT, witn: Alexander THOMPSON, Uffington & Louisa A. HAMILTON, Raymond, 1 Jan 1908 at Raymond, Watt Twp

13702-08 John William McKENZIE, 25, farmer, of Stephenson Tp., s/o William McKENZIE, farmer & Mandy PATTERSON, married Mary Ann TIBBLES, 18, of Stephenson Tp., d/o Albert TIBBLES, labourer & Jane HART, witn: Charles HALL of Toronto & Jennie PORTEOUS of Newcastle on Dec. 3, 1908 at Bracebridge.


13705-08 Art Dalton MOON, 27, labourer, of Somerville Tp., s/o Amos MOON, farmer & Susan HENDRICK, married Katie Pearl FAIRHALL, 25, of Medora Tp., d/o Edward FAIRHALL, farmer & Catherine WHITE, witn: John FAIRHALL of Bala & Etta LAKEING of Draper Tp. on Dec. 22, 1908 at Bracebridge.

13680-08 Alexander MORELAND, 45, labourer, of Bracebridge, s/o James MORELAND & Mary Jane MERCER, married Henrietta CLARK, not given, of Ireland, d/o Robert CLARK & Susannah ENGLAND, witn: Alfred J. ROWAN & Gladys DART both of Bracebridge on Aug. 28, 1908 at Bracebridge.

#013751-08 (Muskoka Co): Ernest NORTON, 31, farmer, Chaffey twp., same, s/o George NORTON & Amelia MARTIN, married Maud E. THOMPSON, 22, Sutton West, Huntsville, d/o Mrs. THOMPSON, witn: Jennie GRAHAM & William B. THOMPSON, both of Huntsville, 24 June 1908 at Huntsville

13696-08 Albert James ORR, 28, farmer, of Port Sydney, s/o Robert ORR & Christine McMILLAN, married Agnes E. GREAVES, 20, of Uffington, d/o William GREAVES & Frances OLDERMAN, witn: Alice ORR of Port Sydney & James GREAVES of Uffington on Sept. 23, 1908 at Bracebridge.

15416-08 Robert OSBORN, 23, farmer, Paisley - Bruce, Trout Creek, s/o Thomas OSBORN & Eliza WILSON, married Margaret BOUCHER, 19, Masson Quebec, Trout Creek, d/o Nelson BOUCHER & Martha MORRIS, witn: Harvie & Pearl OSBORN of Trout Creek, 6 May 1908 at Burks Falls 14677-09 (Muskoka Dist): Percy Leopold PARKER, 31, clerk, of Parkersville, s/o William PARKER & Mary WHEALER, married Catherine Bronslow HOLINSHEAD, 27, of Brunel twp., d/o William HOLINSHEAD, farmer, & Lucy Jane COLLYER, witn: David A. HOLINSHEAD of Huntsville & Mary A. MacCALLUM of Port Elgin, 30 Dec 1908 at Brunel twp
#013740-08 (Muskoka Co): Telford Sinclair PARKINSON, 25, accountant, Thedford, Huntsville, s/o Thomas PARKINSON & Elizabeth L. HARRISON, married Alice Victoria GAREAU, 20, Brigden - Lambton Co., Huntsville, d/o John L.A. GAREAU & Mary A. JOHNS, witn: Edith WRIGHT & W.E. RICHARD, both of Huntsville, 4 Feb 1908 at Huntsville

13687-08 William Charles PELOW, 37, labourer, of Bracebridge, s/o David PELOW, hunter & Mary GIBSON, married Rose LEBRIE, 33, widow, of Bracebridge, d/o Mon ARBIE & Mary FORTIN, witn: Joseph ARBIE & Permelia JACQUES both of Bracebridge on Aug. 25, 1908 at Bracebridge.

  013795-08 Rowland Christie PERRYMAN, 27, manager photograph co., Acton Ont, London Ont, s/o Thomas PERRYMAN & Fannie CHRISTIE, married Effie Jane MADILL, 30, Stephenson Twp, same, d/o John Henry MADILL & Margaret DARLING, witn: Elizabeth & James H. MADILL, both of Stephenson Twp, 19 Feb 1908 at Stephenson Twp
15414-98 William PHILIPS, 23, farmer, Armour twp., same, s/o George F. PHILIPS & Mary M. LOWRY, married Caroline PETTIT, 23, Proudfoot twp., same, d/o William PETTIT & Jane SCOTT, witn: Charles PETTIT of Sand Lake & Edna PHILIPS of Burks Falls, 8 April [1908] at Burks Falls

13688-08 John Henry PRIDHAM, 26, laundryman, of Toronto, s/o William PRIDHAM & Emily COOK, married Grace Ellen M. GOODWIN, 21, of Toronto, d/o Christopher W. GOODWIN, express agent & Lucy HART, witn: Daisy JONES of Bracebridge & John PRIDHAM of Toronto on June 16, 1908 at Bracebridge

#013741-08 (Muskoka Co): Walter Ernest QUINN, 25, clerk, Proton twp., Huntsville, s/o William QUINN & Charlotte BOULLER, married Ethel BROWN, 21, Georgetown, Sprucedale, d/o Charles W. BROWN & Lydia Ann CHATFORD, witn: Hannah & Arthur J.V. QUINN, both of Yearly, 5 Feb 1908 at Sprucedale #013752-08 (Muskoka Co): Richard QUINN, 26, farmer, not given, Franklin twp., s/o William QUINN & Susan MYERS, married Mary ROBERTSON, 21, Halton Co., Sinclair twp., d/o George ROBERTSON & Mary BEATTIE, witn: Pearl E. HAWK & Thomas SHAW, both of Franklin, 24 Feb 1908 at Huntsville

13675-08 Herbert Kirby RAWSON, 22, farmer, Canada, Monck Tp., s/o Thomas RAWSON & Sarah KIRBY, married Lillie E. PATTERSON, 22, Canada, Stephenson Tp., d/o John PATTERSON & Jane McCARGAN, witn: William J. PATTERSON & Bessie SPECK both of Utterson on April 8, 1908 at Bracebridge.

#013738-08 (Muskoka Dist); George ROBINSON, 23, farmer, of Morrison twp., s/o James ROBINSON, farmer, & Letitia SYMINGTON, married Margaret SMITH, 18, of Wood twp., d/o William SMITH, farmer, & Ann Jane COLEMAN, witn: Mr. & Mrs. John LEMAY of Southwood, 4 Sept 1908 at Gravenhurst 15412-08 James Nelson ROY, 30, lumberman, Spencer twp., same, s/o George Fox ROY & Eliza Ann WEAVER, married Hazel SUMMERVILLE, 21, McMurrich twp., Sprucedale, d/o James SUMMERVILLE & Mary JACK, witn: Samuel MILLS of Burks Falls & Susie McRORY of Starrat, 1 Jan 1908 at Burks Falls
15415-08 James Mitchell RUMFORD, 43, agent for lumber company, St. Marys, Burks Falls, s/o James RUMFORD & Elizabeth BIRTCH, married Catherine McDONALD, 35, Mara twp., Burks Falls, d/o Donal Roderick McDONALD & Mary McPHAIL, witn: W. M. & Mary A. McDonald KERNICK of Haley Bury (s/b Hailebury?), 21 April [1908] at Burks Falls

13671-08 William John RUTTAN, 23, farmer, Canada, Monck Tp., s/o Philander RUTTAN & Sarah ROUSEHORN, married Fanny May KUHNS, 20, USA. Draper Tp., d/o Conrad KUHNS & Rickie GRAHAM, witn: James MILLER of Bracebridge & Ida KUHNS of Germania on March 11, 1908 at Bracebridge

#015409-08 (Parry Sound): Henry J.B. RYMAN, 31, waiter in restaurant, of Toronto, s/o Henry RYMAN & Louise BEETLE, married Nellie Gertrude LEGGETT, 23, of Armour twp., d/o Robert LEGGETT (farmer) and Jane RUMFORD, witness Beatrice LEGGETT of Katrine Station, Dec 30, 1908, Armour twp

13682-08 Frederick W. SAUDER, 20, liveryman, of Bracebridge, s/o Fred SAUDER & Sarah JONES, married Kathleen Sarah BIRD, 18, of Bracebridge, d/o Joseph M. BIRD & Nellie SMITH, witn: Nellie BIRD & Lucy LINNEY both of Bracebridge on Sept. 11, 1908 at Bracebridge

#013734-08 (Muskoka Dist); Albert Edward SCHOFIELD, 27, locomotive engineer, of Gravenhurst, s/o Albert Edward SCHOFIELD & Ann TOWNSEND, married Mary Elvin McMINN, 20, of Gravenhurst, d/o James McMINN, section foreman on RR, & Ida Alice METCALF, witn: Allan CHRISTIE & James McMINN, both of Gravenhurst, 24 June 1908 at Gravenhurst #013742-08 (Muskoka Co): Abel SHEARD, 29, machinist, Angus Ont., Huntsville, s/o Charles SHEARD & Esther PHILLIPS, married Margaret SINCLAIR, 34, widow, Balsover, Huntsville, d/o Moses BARKLEY & Sarah UTMAN?, witn: Amelia NORTON & George PELLS, both of Huntsville, 27 Feb 1908 at Huntsville

13694-08 Gerard James SIMMONS, 36, electrician, of Bracebridge, s/o William SIMMONS, soldier & Pauline CLARK, married Ida Catherine ERRINGTON, 29, of Sundridge, d/o Philip ERRINGTON & Catherine McGREGOR, witn: Oscar & Frances SIMMONS both of Bracebridge on Oct. 28, 1908 at Bracebridge.

15421-08 Alexander SLOAT, 26, laborer, Ellice twp., Stratford, s/o John SLOAT & blank AIKINS, married Myrtle Susan ARMSTRONG, 19, Erin twp., Armour twp., d/o John ARMSTRONG & Emma WORDEN, witn: William L. & Minnie ARMSTRONG of Katrine, 22 July 1908 at Burks Falls

13689-08 Isaac SMITH, 25, lumberman, of Maclean Tp., s/o Charles SMITH, farmer & Irene BIGLOW, married Elizabeth BARNEY, 20, of Bracebridge, d/o George BARNEY, labourer & Susan PERDUE, witn: James JACKSON of Macauley Tp. & Lucy BARNEY of Bracebridge on July 13, 1908 at Bracebridge

#013797-08 Ebenezer E. SMITH, 29, general merchant, Queensville Ont, same, s/o John SMITH & Mary A. ANDERSON, married Beatrice BELL, 22, Lancelot, Utterson, d/o Malcolm BELL & Annie HORNING, witn: Norman A. SMITH, Queensville & Flossie BROWN, Utterson, 3 June 1908 at Port Sydney Muskoka
#013799-08 William SMITH, 45, farmer, Etokicoke York Co, Stisted, widower, s/o William B. SMITH & Mary Ann SLACK, married Hannah FRANKUM?, 19, household duties, Stisted, same, d/o James FRANKUM & Margaret RANKIN, witn: Samuel SMITH & Lillie FRANKUM, both of Stisted, 2 Jan 1908 at Stisted 15422-08 Ralston Robert THORPE, 26, undertaker, Gwillimbury twp. - Simcoe, New Liskeard, s/o Robert James THORPE & Margaret BELL, married Mildred Willcock MENZIES, 24, post office clerk, Burks Falls, same, d/o Robert Haggart MENZIES & Isabella WILCOCK, witn: William Abaslom THORPE of New Liskeard & Ethel Maud MENZIES of Burks Falls, 22 July 1908 at Burks Falls

13670-08 William WALTON, 36, farmer, England, Chisholm Tp., s/o John WALTON & Mary KENT, married Fannie WADSWORTH, 34, Toronto, Oakley Tp., d/o Charles WADSWORTH & Emma EDWARDS, witn: Charles & Mae PYBURN both of Bracebridge on Feb. 20, 1908 at Bracebridge.

#013800-08 John Henry WARREN, 27, farmer, Stisted, same, s/o Josephus WARREN & Charlotte KECK, married Isabella Illingsworth SMITH, 21, household duties, McMurrich, same, d/o James SMITH & Grace STEWART, witn: Mitchell PEDDIE? & Winona WARREN, both of Stisted, 24 June 1908 at Stisted

13675-08 William Franklin WASLEY, 35, Navigation Co. manager, Aurora, Gravenhurst, s/o Francis WASLEY & Mary EVANS, married Laura Louise WARDELL, 25, Bracebridge, same, d/o John WARDELL & Matilda McLAUGHLIN, witn: Roy WARDELL of Bracebridge & Irene HENDERSON of Sudbury on March 24, 1908 at Bracebridge.

13691-08 James Gilbert WHITESIDE, 30, labourer, of Huntsville, s/o William WHITESIDE & Sarah WILSON, married Ethel Sarah MOORE, 24, of Watt Tp., d/o Harold MOORE & Clara TIBBET, witn: J. Gilmour SHERIDAN of Huntsville & Fanny PATTERSON of Beatrice Watt Tp. on July 22, 1908 at Bracebridge

13679-08 James WHITTENDALE, 23, farmer, of Bracebridge, s/o William WHITTENDALE & Mary Ann ELLIOTT, married May McDONALD, 24, of Bracebridge, d/o John McDONALD & Ida TIGHE, witn: Uriah McDONALD, Margaret WHITTENDALE both of Bracebridge on Aug. 26, 1908 at Bracebridge