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Muskoka & Parry Sound Dist., 1911

birth place is given before residence (if it was given in the registration)


8559-11 Robert AITCHISON, 21, farmer, of Chaffey Tp., s/o Robert AITCHISON, farmer & Annie AVERY, married Mary JOHNSTON, 15, of Huntsville, d/o James JOHNSTON, farmer & Sophia STAHLS, witn: Ella SMITH & Joseph AITCHISON both of Huntsville on Sept. 18, 1911 at Huntsville

8558-11 William John ANDERSON, 25, farmer, of Ridout, s/o William Henry ANDERSON & Lydia Marie LOVELACE, married Florence ROWLEY, 21, of Stephenson Tp., d/o Nelson ROWLEY & Agnes MALLORY, witn: William POTTER & Cora Belle ANDERSON both of Dorset on July 12, 1911 at Huntsville

8557-11 Edgar John APPLETON, 29, farmer, of Aberdeen South Dakota USA, s/o Erwin Bruce APPLETON, lumberman & Jannet BURTON, married Mary MEYERS, 27, dressmaker, of Bracebridge, d/o Joseph MEYERS, farmer & Elizabeth TIGHE, witn: Joseph MEYERS & Gertrude APPLETON both of Bracebridge on July 6, 1911 at Bracebridge

8560-11 Thomas Alfred ARMSTRONG, 21, not given, of Sudbury, s/o John ARMSTRONG, lumberman & Josephine SMITH, married Lillian McCLENCHEY, 19, of Gravenhurst, d/o Matthew McCLENCHEY, deceased & Amy CROWCHER, witn: Effie Mabel ANDERSON of Gravenhurst & Sidney SHAW of Renfrew on Nov. 6, 1911 at Gravenhurst

8556-11 Mossom Lincoln AUSTIN, 23, labourer, of Novar, s/o Alexander AUSTIN, farmer & Jeanette BUCK, married Ethel Elizabeth TEBBY, 20, of Huntsville, d/o Henry TEBBY, farmer & Ellen BALDWIN, witn: Iva Irena AUSTIN of Novar & Henry TEBBY of Fern Glen on April 12, 1911 at Church of All Saints in Huntsville

8573-11 Thomas Albert John BALL, 20, farmer, of Bracebridge, s/o William BALL, farmer & Mary E. STILES, married Isabella McKAY, 18, of Bracebridge, d/o Jesse McKAY & Katherine CUTHBERT, witn: Alex McKAY of Bracebridge & Hazel STILES of Gravenhurst on Dec. 6, 1911 at Bracebridge

8564-11 Frederick Richard BASTEDO, 40, of Baysville, s/o Joseph BASTEDO, farmer & Mary E. FORCE, married Jewel C. Mary CRONIN, 18, of Baysville, d/o Daniel CRONIN & Margaret A. GERMAN, witn: Bessie JERMYN & Mabel A. BASTEDO both of Bracebridge on May 31, 1911 at Bracebridge.

8568-11, Robert James BELL, 28, Laborer, of Rosseau, s/o Samuel BELL, deceased & Sarah HOWARD, married, Jessie ARISS, of Rosseau, d/o Thomas ARISS, farmrer, & Rose Ann KNIGHT, witn: Lillian BELL of Gravenhurst & John BELL of Rosseau, June 28, 1911, Rosseau

8561-11 Ivan Monteith BICKMORE, 30, photographer, of Bracebridge, s/o Henry BICKMORE, farmer & Rachel SCOLEY, married Edith Norma PERKINS, 20, of Bracebridge, d/o Lyman PERKINS, clerk & Emma FENN, witn: Mabel R. BICKMORE & Charles W. FENN both of Bracebridge on Jan. 4, 1911 at Bracebridge

8572-11 William Martin BORNEMANN, 25, labourer, of Gravenhurst, s/o August BORNEMANN, farmer & Otillie GOLTZ, married Caroline GATES, 22, of Bracebridge, d/o John GATES, farmer & mother unknown, witn: Lea EDWARDS & Ida BAILLIE both of Gravenhurst on Nov. 22, 1911 at Gravenhurst

8571-11 George White BOYER, 33, printer, of Bracebridge, s/o James, deceased & Hannah married Edith Victoria ARCHER, 25, of Bracebridge, d/o William R. ARCHER & Jane BRYERS, witn: F. J. BOYER of Powassan & M. F. ARCHER of Bracebridge on Oct. 4, 1911 at Bracebridge

8562-11 Frederick BRANCH, 33, farmer, widower, of Perry Tp., s/o Stephen BRANCH, hoop maker & Mary Ann SHOEBRIDGE, married Agnes TRACEY, 38, widow, of Orillia, d/o Joseph McINTYRE, deceased & Naomi CAVANAGH, witn: Mary WILSON & Annie RHINESS both of Huntsville on April 5, 1911 at Huntsville

8569-11 Herbert Wilfrid BRIESE, 25, lumberman, of Ullswater, s/o August John BRIESE, lumberman & Blevia POWELL, married Ida Adminta REPSKE, 20, of Ullswater, d/o Joseph REPSKE, stone mason & Annie Maria HOFFMAN, witn: James & Mary ANDERSON? of Ullswater & J. FROST of Rosseau, 5 July 1911 at res of August Briese  

8574-11 Clark Harrison BROCKBANK, 20, plainer, of Gravenhurst, s/o William BROCKBANK, labourer & Minnie REICHART, married Nettie Ann STARK, 17, of Muskoka Tp., d/o John STARK, labourer & Jane WESTBROOK, witn: Sinai REID & Annie May BONNIS both of Gravenhurst on Dec. 14, 1911 at Gravenhurst

8563-11 Roy Hugh BROWN, 24, dentist, of Port Sidney, s/o Hugh R. BROWN, lumberman & Sarah Annie OSBORNE, married Enid Essie HANES, 23, of Utterson, d/o John L. HANES, timber estimator & Flora DARBY, witn: Fred M. JOHNSTON & Daisy HANES both of Utterson on May 10, 1911 at Utterson Village

8570-11 James BUCKER, 27, labourer, of Bracebridge, s/o Henry BUKER & Lily ROWLEY, married May GRIST, 23, of Bracebridge, d/o George SLATER (sic) & mother’s name not given, witn: Edward & Rosanna BUKER both of Bracebridge on Aug. 2, 1911 at Huntsville.

8566-11 George BUCKER, 21, labourer, of Bracebridge, s/o Henry BUCKER & Lydia ROWLEY, married Rosie EMMERSON, 18, of Bent River, d/o John EMMERSON & Nancy CROWDER, witn: Edward & Rosanna BUCKER both of Bracebridge on June 16, 1911 at Bracebridge

8575-11 Henry BURK, 40, not given, widower, Stone Staffordshire England, Baysville, s/o John BURK & mother’s name not given, married Rosie THOMPSON, 33, widow, Bracebridge, Baysville, d/o William GIBBS & mother’s name not given, witn: Charles W. RHODES & Helena HAZLEHURST both of Baysville on Feb. 1, 1911 at Baysville.

8584-11 Edward Blake CAMERON, 24, laborer, of Gravenhurst, s/o Kenneth CAMERON, lumberman & Jane WOOD, married Eliza SCHELL, 20, of Gravenhurst, d/o David SCHELL, laborer, & Mary PRENTICE, witn: William SCHELL & Ellen FITCHETT, both of Gravenhurst, 10 Oct 191 at Gravenhurst

8583-11 George Millard CLARK, 42, traveller, widower, of Paris Ont, s/o Latham CLARK, Baptist Minister & Sarah MOULTON, married Minnie LOOMIS, 41, of Huntsville, d/o father deceased & mother not known, witn: Robert RAYNOR of Toronto & Miss Annie LOOMIS of Montreal on Sept. 28, 1911 at Huntsville

8581-11 William COLEMAN, 25, labourer, of Bracebridge, s/o John COLEMAN, labourer & Emma POLTON, married Mary Jane BEAMAN, 21, of Peterboro, d/o Edward BEAMAN, rail roader & Mary WARD, witn: Joseph COLEMAN & Irene WOODHOUSE both of Bracebridge on Aug. 2, 1911 at Bracebridge

8582-11 William James CONLIN, 26, saw setter, of Huntsville, s/o John CONLIN, farmer & Mary McDONALD, married Lilly May FLETCHER, 19, of Huntsville, d/o James FLETCHER, farmer & Louise SHARPE, witn: Richard MELVIN & Nellie PEELAR both of Huntsville on Aug. 2, 1911 at Huntsville

8585-11 Charles COOKSON, 22, farmer, of Huntsville, s/o John COOKSON, farmer, & Minnie PLEACE, married Violet May ANDERSON, 19, of Muskoka Dist., d/o William Henry ANDERSON, farmer, & Lydia LOVELACE, witn: Ellen CASTLE & Elizabeth Winnifred CASTLE, both of Gravenhurst, 26 Oct 1911 at Gravenhurst

8579-11 William James COPELAND, 25, labourer, of Huntsville, s/o James COPELAND & Esther McGRIFFIN, married Alice Myrtle KEETCH, 17, of Huntsville, d/o Melvin KEETCH & Sarah BROWN, witn: William KEETCH & Lillie FLETCHER both of Huntsville on June 28, 1911 at Huntsville.

8580-11 Thomas COX, 24, labourer, of Bracebridge, s/o father’s name not given & Lucy COX, married Mary Agnes JAMIESON, 20, of Bracebridge, d/o David JAMIESON & Mary Ellen HENRY, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Robert FRITH both of Bracebridge on June 28, 1911 at Bracebridge

8578-11 Joseph CLOSE, 29, labourer, of Toronto, s/o John CLOSE & Ann REED, married Mary Ann ARTIS, 21, of Huntsville, d/o father’s name not given & Mary Ann SMITH, witn: M. T. TUDHOPE & A. J. FISHER both of Huntsville on Feb. 18, 1911 at Church of All Saints in Huntsville

8577-11 Bradshaw S. CROMBIE, 26, banker, of Porcupine, s/o Robert CROMBIE, banker & Susan BENSON, married Marguerite A. HUTCHINSON, 23, of Ottawa, d/o Frederick E. HUTCHINSON, merchant & Georgiana LORD, witn: Georgina & Charlotte G. HINCKS both of Bracebridge on Jan. 24 (?), 1911 at Bracebridge

8576-11 David CROSSAN, 55, hotel porter, widower, of Huntsville, s/o Joseph CROSSAN & Margaret DORLAND, married Louise CHAPPELLE, 54, widow, of Huntsville, d/o Frederick (no other information given on father) & Elizabeth ROBBINS, witn: Edith E. PARLETT & Eva A. DUNLOP both of Bracebridge on Jan. 11, 1911 at Bracebridge

8586-11 Arthur Henry CUFF, 22, freight agent, of Bracebridge, s/o George Henry CUFF, druggist & Florence HUTCHISON, married Elizabeth Victoria Pellar MAUDLEY, 18, of Bracebridge, d/o Ambrose MAUDLEY, carpenter, & Elizabeth Jane WHALEY, witn: Robert MAUDLEY & Mary BETHUNE, both of Bracebridge, 25 Dec 1911 at Monck twp
8522-11 Archer KING, 40, bartender?, of Moose Point, s/o John KING, farmer, & Mary WALKER, married Charlotte SIMONS, 28, of Moose Point, d/o Andrew SIMONS, deceased & Charlotte SILVESTER, witn: Theophile TOBIE & Jane SIMON (sic), 23 Sept 1911 at RC Church, Honey Harbour  

11311-11 Robert Alexander MANN, 37, gentleman, of Kearney, s/o Robert Sutherland MANN, merchant & Kennetha FRASER, married Helen Ramsey Shephard WILSON, 20, of Kearney, d/o David WILSON, lumber scaler & Helen Ramsey SHEPHARD, witn: c. M. McCONKEY & Leta M. BELL both of Kearney on Dec. 19, 1911 at Kearney Village

11304-11 Vivian Meredith MANNING, 24, purchasing agent, of Greenville South Carolina USA, s/o Richard Irving MANNING, banker & Lelia Bernard MEREDITH, married Adair McDOWELL, 21, of New Orleans Louisiana USA, d/o Malcolm Hewitt McDOWELL, cotton buyer & Maud STOWE, witn: Charles B. & Malcolm B. COATE both of Rosseau on Aug. 22, 1911 at Humphrey Tp

11300-11 Sidney Edward Pickering MARSDEN, 27, farmer, of Ryerson Tp., s/o Maurice MARSDEN, farmer & Mary Ellen PICKERING, married Annie Dorothy KELSALL, 22, of Chetwynd Armour Tp., d/o Samuel KELSALL, accountant & Emily Caroline GOUGH, witn: William Francis MARSDEN of Ryerson Tp. & Mabel Gwendoline KELSALL of Chetwynd on June 7, 1911 at Chetwynd, Armour Tp.

11312-11 Thomas John McAUGHEY, 32, farmer, of Ryerson, s/o Samuel McAUGHEY, farmer & Mary Jane SHEARD, married Mary Louise PARRY, 28, of Ryerson, d/o Thomas PARRY, farmer & Elizabeth JONES, witn: Charles W. McAUGHEY & Dora PARRY both of Ryerson on Dec. 20, 1911 at residence of parents, Ryerson

11303-11 William Blake McCARGAR, 23, tanner, of Burks Falls, s/o Solomon Water McCARGAR, tanner & Angeline HOWIE, married Lillian Isabella BULLEY, 20, of Armour Tp., d/o Samuel BULLEY, tanner & Amy PLEASANT, witn: Leonard Edgar GOWING of Burks Falls & Gertrude BULLEY of Armour Tp. on July 18, 1911 at Armour Tp.

11299-11 George Wesley McCORMACK, 26, railroad agent, of McConnell Manitoba, s/o William J. McCORMACK, blacksmith & Lavina COLLINS, married Lottie LANG, 23, of Sundridge, d/o William LANG, butcher & Annie HILL, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Willard LANG both of Sundridge on May 24, 1911 at South River Village

11297-11 Duncan McINNES, 35, widower, lumberman, of South River, s/o Neil McINNES, farmer, & Mary McDONNELL, married Helen FAHEY, 28, clerk, of South River, d/o Michael FAHEY, laborer & Catherine DELAHANTY, witn: Edward GOUGH & Lizzie MOLONEY, both of Powassan, 15 May 1911 at Powassan

11302-11 Wellington Train McINTOSH, 22, farmer, of Burks Falls Armour Tp., s/o Alex McINTOSH, carpenter & Margaret DRYSDALE, married Eliza Jane HENRY, 22, of Burks Falls Armour Tp., d/o James HENRY, farmer & Mary EGGERS, witn: Mary Jane McINTOSH & John HENRY both of Burks Falls on June 28, 1911 at Village of Burks Falls.

11305-11 Thomas McLAUGHLIN, 29, mechanic, of Burks Falls, s/o Francis McLAUGHLIN, farmer & Mary HUSTON, married Edith Elizabeth MILLS, 19, of Burks Falls, d/o Henry MILLS, mechanic & Anna Maria JORDON, witn: Mrs. May & John Henry MILLS both of Burks Falls on Sept. 5, 1911 at Burks Falls

11307-11 Frederick William McNABB, 31, master plumber, of Parry Sound, s/o Robert McNABB, farmer & Mary Adelaide DAVIS, married Alice Marion MARSHALL, 23, saleslady, of Parry Sound, d/o William MARSHALL, painter, & Elizabeth HAWKES, witn: G. L. PECKETT & Ethel MARSHALL both of Parry Sound on Sept. 21, 1911 at Parry Sound

11306-11 Aldrick Edward McNUTT, 20, labourer, of Powassan Himsworth Tp., s/o Nelson McNUTT, farmer & Susan PLUNKETT, married Flossie Elizabeth May CASSELMAN, 20, of Powassan Himsworth Tp., d/o George Henry CASSELMAN, carpenter & Sosa Emily COLE, witn: Melville H. & Barney McNUTT both of Powassan on Sept. 6, 1911 at Himsworth Tp.

11309-11 Donald McPHAIL, 26, blacksmith, of St. Thomas, s/o Charles McPHAIL, farmer & Flora McLEAN, married Mary Letitia VAN LUVEN, 20, of Perry Tp., d/o George VAN LUVEN, farmer & Eliza O’NEILL, witn: Norman McPHAIL & Leda VAN LUVEN both of Novar on Nov. 22, 1911 at Perry Tp.

11301-11 Ross MILLER, 25, butcher, of Parry Sound, s/o John Albert MILLER, commercial traveller & Elizabeth REAR, married Adelaide Gertrude HUNT, 23, tailoress, of Parry Sound, d/o John HUNT, farmer & Rebecca ELLIOTT, witn: Milton HUNT of McDougall Tp. & Lena May MILLER of Parry Sound on June 21, 1911 at Parry Sound.

11310-11 Edward MILLS, 22, labourer, of Burks Falls, s/o Richard MILLS, engineer & Georgiana LAW, married Ethel May BOGART, 17, of Sundridge, d/o father’s name not given & Margaret EAGLESON, witn: Henry HAGGERT & Jennie EAGLESON both of Sundridge on Nov 25, 1911 at Sundridge Village.

11308-11 Robert John MOORE, 23, farmer, of Dunchurch Hagerman Tp., s/o John James MOORE, farmer & Elizabeth Jane DIXON, married Eliza Jane GIBSON, 20, clerk, Dunchurch Hagerman Tp., d/o Hugh GIBSON, farmer & Ellen MONTGOMERY, witn: Thomas Albert MOORE & Mary Ellen GIBSON both of Dunchurch on Nov. 22, 1911 at Parry Sound.

11314-11 William Francis Hawkes MOORE, 27, fireman, of Allandale, s/o George E. MOORE, deceased & Eliza MORGAN, married Ida KING, 21, of Magnetawan, d/o John KING, gentleman & Maria LANGTON, witn: F. E. HARRIS of Allandale & L. L. PUDDY of Magnetawan on Dec. 27, 1911 at Chapman Tp.

11298-11 Robert John MOOREHEAD, 24, carpenter, of Toronto, s/o William Edward MOOREHEAD, farmer, & Elizabeth HILL, married Janet Georgia FRASER, 23, of Powassan, d/o Alexander A. FRASER, carpenter, & Christena HAY, witn: William DOUGLAS of Toronto & Mary FRASER of Rosseau, 16 May 1911 at Rosseau

11313-11 George Arthur MOUSLEY, 27, merchant, of Gagetown Michigan, s/o Arthur MOUSLEY, carpenter & Phoebe HARMON, married Margaret Elizabeth ODELL, 24, school teacher, of Burks Falls, d/o James ODELL, farmer & Mary Jane DENHAM, witn: John BLACK of Sturgeon Falls & Fanny SIMPSON of Parry Sound on Dec. 25, 1911 at Burks Falls

11319-11 Victor Emmanuel NEELY, 33, clerk, of Ahmic Harbour, s/o John NEELY, farmer & Jane MORRISON, married Lillian Elizabeth KENNEDY, 34, widow, of Ahmic Harbour, d/o John CROSWELL, farmer & Mary Ann TAYLOR, witn: Samuel PATTERSON of Parry Sound & Olive KENNEDY of Ahmic Harbour on Sept. 27, 1911 at home of Mrs. Neely

11316-11 Joseph Herbert NELSON, 30, of Parry Sound, married Jennie Vance McROBERTS, 31, of Foley Tp., license issued Jan. 9, 1911 at Parry Sound. [license only]

11318-11 Robert Richardson NODWELL, 31, hairdresser, of Callander, s/o James NODWELL & Mary PATTERSON, married Mary Wilson COPELAND, 32, cook, of Callander, d/o William COPELAND & Mary JOHNSTON, witn: Samuel GILCHRIST of Callander & M. Alberta CRUICKSHANK of Montrose on Aug. 3, 1911 at Callander

11317-11 William Devine NOKES, 24, butcher, of Toronto, s/o Harry NOKES, butcher & blank, married Minnie FAHRICH (or Fahrif, both given), 23, of Wattenwyl, d/o Fred FAHRICH & blank, witn: Charles F. SCHMETER & Clara FAHRIST (sic) both of Wattenwyl on July 12, 1911 at Wattenwyl.

11320-11 John Henry NORTH, 47, farmer, widower, of Maple Island Hagerman Tp., s/o William NORTH, farmer & Hannah PARKER, married Sarah Ethel SANDS, 25, of Fairholme Hagerman Tp., d/o Joseph SANDS, farmer & Mary Jane SIMPSON, witn: Oliver SANDS of Fairholme & Miss Maude JOHNSTON of Maple Island on Dec. 20, 1911 at Hagerman Tp

11315-11 John Henry NORTHCOTE, 30, farmer, of Katrine, s/o Charles NORTHCOTE, gentleman & Lydia HARRISON, married Emma PHILLIPS, 29, of Ryerson, d/o George PHILLIPS, farmer & Mary LOWRY, witn: Victor NORTHCOTE of Katrine & Mary PHILLIPS of Ryerson on Jan 4, 1911 at Burks Falls

11321-11 William OSBORNE, 22, carpenter, of Magnetawan, s/o George James OSBORNE, butcher & Matilda MILLER, married Lucy May BOTHAM, 23, of Spence, d/o Thomas John BOTHAM, farmer & Mary O. RIVELLE, witn: Emerald Colin DOLMAGE of Huntsville & Mary Elizabeth OSBORNE of Port Anson on June 7, 1911 at Village of Burks Falls.

11328-11 Gudolph PAROLIN, 22, farmer, of Arnstein, s/o August PAROLIN, farmer & Augusta HAMPEL, married Selma CULIN (Crelin?), 19, of Arnstein, d/o Angelo, farmer & Augusta, witn: August PAROLIN & Auguste CULIN both of Arnstein on Dec. 28, 1911 at Arnstein Village

11326-11 James Wallace PARTON, 32, mill man, of McKellar Tp., s/o Joseph PARTON, farmer & Martha BOWIE, married Adelaide May KING, 27, nurse, of McKellar Tp., d/o George KING, labourer & Caroline HARDIE, witn: John HARDIE & Eva M. PARTON both of Huntsville on Sept. 28, 1911 at McKellar Tp.

11322-11 Fred PERKS, 35, steamboat engineer, of Meaford, s/o Josiah PERKS, engineer & Ann LUCAS, married Sadie FARR, 32, of Parry Sound East, d/o William FARR, fisherman & Allena BIGGERSTAF (Bickerstaff?), witn: Henry FARR & Jennie MOULTON both of Parry Sound on Feb. 22, 1911 at Parry Sound

11323-11 William PERREAULT, 22, lumberman, of Byng Inlet North, s/o Frank PERREAULT, farmer & Lavina FLETCHER, married Philomene LANGLADE, 19, of Byng Inlet North, d/o Alex LANGLADE, lumberman & Sophie SICARD, witn: Albert & Lina PERREAULT both of Byng Inlet North on Feb. 27, 1911 at Village of Byng Inlet North

11327-11 Luigi PERRI, 36, railroad works foreman, of Byng Inlet, s/o Nito PERRI, farmer & Maria Francesca SCALZO, married Selina BELANGER, 23, of Byng Inlet, d/o Joseph BELANGER, carpenter & Catherine VASSEUR, witn: Phillipe BEAUDIN & Joseph BELANGER both of Byng Inlet on Nov. 28, 1911 at Village of Byng Inlet North

11325-11 George Northwood PHILLIPS, 33, railway trainman, of North Bay, s/o Isaac PHILLIPS, engineer & Isabel YOUNG, married Jessie Olive ABBOTT, 23, widow, of North Bay, d/o Oliver GARVIN, blacksmith & Rebecca HOWEY, witn: B. M. MITCHENER of Callander & Alberta CRIUCKSHANK of Montrose on Aug. 20, 1911 at Callander

11324-11 Frederic PRICE, 22, railroad chef, of Toronto, s/o Frank PRICE, contractor & Emiline PARSON, married Elizabeth LECLAIR, 17, of Parry Sound, d/o Henri LECLAIR, railroad section foreman & Celina BRISEBOIS, witn: Albert & Kate LECOUR both of Parry Harbour on June 18, 1911 at Parry Sound

11332-11 George Henry REED, 29, civil engineer, of Vancouver B. C., s/o George REED, clothier & Elizabeth ROWLEY, married Ida Amelia ARGUE, 23, of Parry Sound, d/o David ARGUE, lumberman & Ida A. CONVERSE, witn: Edwin Stewart TURNER of Port Dover & Frances Elizabeth ARGUE of Parry Sound on Feb. 24, 1911 at Parry Sound

1333-11 Edward RICE, 24, labourer, of Parry Island Reserve, s/o John RICE, labourer & Eliza Jane KING, married Maggie MONAGUE, 27, widow, of Parry Island Reserve, d/o David KING, labourer & Angeline MOSHEAN, witn: Clara BOBY of Honey Harbour & Talna KING of Parry Island on Sept. 11, 1911 at Parry Sound

11331-11 Alexander White RICHARDSON, 45, physician, widower, of Kingston, s/o Samuel RICHARDSON, tailor & Helen WHITE, married Gertrude Roberta CRAIG, 31, of Depot Harbor, d/o J. CRAIG, Clergyman & Fanny Gertrude RATHBONE?, witn: H. P. P. CRAIG M.D. of Kingston & E. G. CRAIG of Depot Harbor on Jan. 12, 1911 at Village of Depot Harbor

11330-11 Hugh Nelson ROBB, 20, of Perry Tp., married Frances Edna Pearl BLAIN, 19, of Armour Tp., license issued Dec. 23, 1910 at Burks Falls. [license only]

11334-11 William Herbert ROEHL, 20, railroader, of Burks Falls, s/o William ROEHL, sectionman & Louisa HUNTLEY, married Alberta BROOKS, 21, of Perry Tp., d/o Marshall BROOKS, farmer & Dinah CUNNINGHAM, witn: Switzer BROOKS of Perry Tp. & Ethel ROEHL of Armour Tp on Dec. 25, 1911 at Armour Tp.

8067-11 Cesare ROSSETTO, no age given, Venous, Bracebridge, s/o Braggio ROSSETTO & Fichlata CLAFERAS, married Maria CHARABANDA, no age given, Venous, Bracebridge, d/o Louis CHARABANDA & Justina CAFFO, witn: Frank & Mrs. F. GENERO of Bracebridge, 23 Oct 1911 at Bracebridge

11339-11 James SANDS, 49, farmer, widower, of Hagerman Tp., s/o Joseph SANDS, farmer & Mary McFADDEN, married Margaret COCHRANE, 56, widow, Hagerman Tp d/o Benjamin VANKOUGHNET, farmer & Mary Jane VALYEAU, witn: Donald & Julia Ann McDONALD both of Parry Sound on March 14, 1911 at Parry Sound

11344-11 Thomas SCOTT, 26, merchant, of Rousseau, s/o Thomas SCOTT, farmer, & Mary Jane LUNDY, married Janet Jane CAMPBELL, 30, of Parry Sound, d/o John Rae CAMPBELL, engineer, & Agnes CRANSTON, witn: C.E. KENNEY & Belle M. CAMPBELL, both of Parry Sound, 14 June 1911 at Parry Sound
11342-11 Frank SCRIVENS, 29, carpenter, of Milford Bay, s/o Joseph SCRIVENS, farmer, & Pilly BASON, married Mary Elizabeth KINGSHOTT, 30, cook, of Bart River, d/o William KINGSHOTT, farmer, & Joanna McKAY, witn: Elizabeth MARSHALL & Florence LOWHING?, both of Parry Sound, 2 May 1911 at Parry Sound

11341-11 Alfred Roy SHIER, 23, bookkeeper, of Bracebridge, s/o James Dawson SHIER, lumbering & Elizabeth JACKSON, married Violet Simpson HUNT, 21, of Bracebridge, d/o Alfred England HUNT & Fanny SIMPSON, witn: F. W. & Margaret Lilian HUNT both of South River on April 17, 1911 at Village of South River.

11335-11 Herbert SHEPPERD, 25, engineer, of North Bay, s/o James SHEPPERD & Hannah GORMAN, married Bertie BURKE, 22, of North Bay, d/o Thomas BURKE & Minnie MORNEY, witn: J. C. WILSON of 5631 Wellesley Ave Pittsburgh Pennsylvania USA & E. V. HILL of Callander on Jan. 6, 1911 at Village of Callander

11340-11 Edwin Thomas SHORTLAND, 29, blacksmith, of South River, s/o Charles SHORTLAND, farmer & Caroline HART, married Alma BENZ, 26, of Powassan, d/o Leopold BENZ, miller & Mary Louisa FREDERICK, witn: Herb HOLLINGSHEAD & Laura DOBBS both of South River on April 15, 1911 at Tp of South Himsworth

11338-11 Andrew Thomas SMITH, 20, farmer, of McKellar Tp., s/o Daniel Charles SMITH, farmer & Minnie FLEMING, married Annie MAGEE, 18, of McKellar Tp., d/o William MAGEE, farmer & Ella Eugenia LEE, witn: Windom RUEBOTTOM & Bertha SMITH both of Broadbent McKellar Tp. on Feb. 8, 1911 at Parry Sound

11337-11 Salkeld STEMPER, 30, railway man, of North Bay, s/o Joseph John STEMPER, farmer & Ann HENDERSON, married Minnie GOULD, 30, widow, of North Bay, d/o Peter LEAVOY, farmer & Agnes STEWART, witn: Ernest WILLIS of North Bay & Bessie MITCHENER of Callander on Jan. 25, 1911 at Village of Callander

11336-11 Thomas STEVENSON, 43, farmer, of Powassan, s/o Constantine STEVENSON, farmer & Annie McQUITY, married Margaret C. RAYBURN, 32, milliner, of Powassan, d/o James RAYBURN, lumberman & Mary McKINNON, witn: James & Minnie RAYBURN both of Kells on Jan. 11, 1911 at Powassan

11343-11 David William SUGDEN, 25, farmer, of Spence twp., s/o Abraham SUGDEN, farmer, & Annie INCHLEY, married Tena May MULLIGAN, 20, domestic, of Spence twp., d/o John MULLIGAN, farmer, & Terrisine? CHRISTENSON, witn: William J. GEDDES of Sprucedale & Lillie MULLIGAN of Bourdeau, 31 May 1911 at McMurrich twp