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Muskoka & Parry Sound Dist., 1912

birth place is given before residence (if it was given in the registration)


#011659-12 David Charles ANDERSON, 28, machinist,  lived in Orillia over a year, s/o Joseph ANDERSON, watchman & Harriet MACDONALD, married Rose HUNT, 20, Huntsville, same, d/o Thomas HUNT, contractor & Jennie SITHES, witn: Herbert BRADBURY & Mrs Anna BARKER, 18 Jan 1912 at Huntsville #011662-12 Edwin ANDERSON, 30, Sundervall Sweden, Chaffey Twp, s/o Nils ANDERSON, farmer & Gustafva CEDERBLAD, married Mary MCKENNY, 24, Chaffey Twp, same, d/o William Robert MCKENNY, farmer & Latecia KELWINGTON?, witn: Agnes ANDERSON & Nelson MCKENNY, both of Huntsville, 2 Sept 1912 at Huntsville
#011664-12 Tom Smith ARMISHAW, 30, labourer, of Novar, s/o William ARMISHAW, farmer & Mary FLETCHER, married Sarah Lavoica COUSINS, 19, of Novar, d/o David Hipsley COUSINS, farmer & Harriet Eliza COUSINS, witn: James Field RICHARDS, Huntsville & Lena Jane MCQUAIN (McQuade?), Ravensclift, 25 Dec 1912 at Chaffey Twp  
#011660-12 Thomas ASBURY, 25, lumbering, Dwight, same, s/o Charles ASBURY & Margaret CHELLMAN, married Cheffier Adelaid NEWTON, 20, Dwight, same, d/o Peter NEWTON, not given & Jenny KEOWN, witn: Victor C. & Mary Annie NEWTON, both of Dwight, 6 May 1912 at Franklin Twp #011661-12 James William ASBURY, 25, of Dwight, same, s/o Charles ASBURY & Margaret CHELLMAN, married Mary Annie NEWTON, 15, Dwight, same, d/o Peter NEWTON, merchant & Mary KEOWN, witn: Victor C. NEWTON, Dwight & Fanny H. EMBERSON, Hillside, 30 Sept 1912 at Franklin Twp
#011663-12 Albert AVERY, 23, Dunchurch, Macauley Twp, s/o Benjamin AVERY & Mary Elizabeth WEIRCARDEN?, married Annie BROWN, 22, Utterson, Huntsville, d/o Levant BROWN, & Selena BROADBENT, witn: C.R. RUMBALL & Selena BROADBENT, both of Huntsville, 12 Dec 1912 at Chaffey Twp #001677-12 Maurizzio BACCORE, 25, Italy, Bracebridge, s/o Maurizzio BACCORE, farmer & Honorina REMOLIF, married Emigha TOURNOUR, 23, Gravero Italy, Bracebridge, d/o Mallheo TOURNOUR, farmer & Maria NAIRISSO, witn: Maggorin & Barbara TOURNOUR, both of Bracebridge, 30 Nov 1912 at Church of St Josephs, District of Muskoka
#011680-12 Thomas Henry BAKER, 27, lumbering, of Chaffey Twp, s/o Thomas Henry BAKER, deceased & Martha HAWK, married Martha Florence ADAMS, 21, of Chaffey Twp, d/o George ADAMS, farmer & Florence PARKS, witn: Robert Adam FIELD & Annie Lucretia ADAMS, both of Huntsville, 25 Dec 1912 at Huntsville #011665-12 John Hetherington BARNETT, 23, telephone operator, of Gravenhurst, s/o George BARNETT, farmer & Catherine HETHERINGTON, married Hazel Montgomery WALLACE, 17, of Gravenhurst, d/o Thomas Samuel WALLACE, carpenter & Catherine Cecilia Marianne LAPORTE, witn: Catherine C.M. WALLACE & Arthur G. HORT---?,both of Gravenhurst, 24 Apr 1912 at Gravenhurst
#011672-12 Samuel BATEMAN, 22, , of Bracebridge, s/o James BATEMAN, farmer & Ellen KENNEDY, married Annie FULTON, 23, of Bracebridge, d/o Joseph FULTON , labourer & Emma EVANS, witn: Albert MCQUAID & Maggie L. FULTON, 30 Oct 1912 at Bracebridge #011671-12 James Ernest BELL, 24, GTR agent, of Trout Creek, s/o Richard BELL, & Sarah SPROULE, married Louie Mary Eliza STANLEY, 24, of Gravenhurst, d/o Robert STANLEY, & Helena Mary CROWLE, witn: W.T. STANLEY, Gravenhurst & Eliza TURNBULL, Hamilton, 12 Sept 1912 at Gravenhurst
  #011666-12 Joseph Fred BIRD, 23, illegible birth place, Toronto, s/o Joseph Manley BIRD, lumberman & Nellie Annette SMITH, married Alison Liversedge WEIR, 23, Utterson, same, d/o Joseph WEIR, farmer & Hannah Mary LIVERSEDGE, witn: Thomas WEIR, Hamilton & Florence BIRD, Bracebridge, 5 June 1912 at Stephenson Twp
#011674-12 Arthur BISSONETTE, 26, Kingston, Little Lake Joseph, s/o William BISSONETTE, labourer & Mary JEANMARIE, married Delphine LADOUCEUR, 22, Orillia, Washago, d/o John LADOUCEUR, deceased & Rommilla LAGAGE, witn: Joseph BISSONETTE, Stanley House Lake Joseph & Gertrude LADOUCEUR, Washago, 29 Oct 1912 at Bracebridge #011678-12 William Ronald BLACK, 27, Carman Man, Bangor Sask, s/o Duncan E. BLACK, farmer & Margaret JOHNSON, married Adeline PEELER, 19, Sinclair Twp, Ravenscliffe, d/o Charles Wesley PELLER, farmer & Tressie MARIECOMBE, witn: Charles PELLER, Ravenscliffe & Violet COOKSON, Huntsville, 18 Nov 1912 at Ravenscliffe
#011668-12 Benjamin Allen BLACKWELL, 32, doctor of medicine, of Richards Landing, s/o Benjamin BLACKWELL, merchant & Mary Ann NEIL, married Edith Grace THOMPSON, 30, nurse, of Huntsville, d/o Xavier THOMPSON, dead & Sophie BURKE (now TUDHOPE), witn: Dr SPOHN Penetang & J.W. & Mrs J.W. TUDHOPE, Huntsville, 21 Aug 1912 at Church of All Saints #011682-12 George Arthur BLACKWELL, 30, electrician, of Ragged Rapids, s/o James BLACKWELL, farmer & Catherine COX, married Sarah SMITH, 23, servant, of Southwood, d/o George SMITH, labourer & Sarah GRAHAM, witn: John IRELAND & Lottie FORSYTHE, both of Severn Bridge, 30 Dec 1912 at Morrison Twp
#011673-12 Joseph Clark BRADLEY, 24, machinist, Toronto, same, s/o Joseph M. BRADLEY & Sarah Jane NEFF, married Florence Amy TIMMINS, 19, farmer's daughter, Morrison Twp, same, d/o Arthur TIMMINS & Mary Elizabeth BAGLEY, witn: Harry - & Sarah E. JACKSON, both of Severn Bridge, 14 Aug 1912 at the bride's residence #011675-12 William Henry BRAZIER, 31, Kent England, Muskoka Twp, s/o William BRAZIER, coachman & Mary HOBDAY, married Agnes Florence Mary TOOGOOD, 25, Bristol England, Muskoka Twp, d/o Edward TOOGOOD, coachman & Harriet BENNETT, witn: Violet E. KIRK & Alice K. HINCKS, both of Bracebridge, 23 Oct 1912 at Bracebridge
#011667-12 George Alton BRITTAIN, 20, labourer, of Bracebridge, s/o Herbert H. BRITTAIN, labourer & Jane BARTLEY, married Mary WASHINGTON, 21, of Bracebridge, d/o George WASHINGTON, farmer & Elizabeth J. GRAY, witn: John COOK & Minnie BRITTAIN, both of Bracebridge, 24 June 1912 at Monck Twp #011679-12 Albert Carl BROCKNER, 32, Rinds--t? Germany, Cleveland Ohio, s/o John Frederick BROCKNER, musician & Catherine THEDE, married Mary Elizabeth ROCK, illegible age, illegible birth place, Bracebridge, d/o George E. ROCK, Baptist minister & Janet McLEOD, witn: Mabel R. BICKMORE & Charles ROCK, both of Bracebridge, 30? Dec 1912 at illegible [faded reg'n]
#011669-12 John Leslie BROWN, 21, electrician, Monck Twp, same, s/o John BROWN, farmer & Fannie DONALLY, married Barbara Ellen CAMERON, 17, Port Carling, same, d/o Alex CAMERON, carpenter & Sarah MCDERMOTT, witn: Ivet William BROWN, Monck Twp & Marion CAMERON, Port Carling, 30 Sept 1912 at Monck Twp #011676-12 William BRUCE, 27, Barrie, Haileybury, s/o John BRUCE, dead & Ellen SULLIVAN, married Annie FITZMAURICE, 28, Bracebridge, same, d/o Maurice FITZMAURICE, farmer & Ellen STOKES, witn: George & Fanny FITZMAURICE, both of Bracebridge, 22 Oct 1912 at Bracebridge
#011681-12 David Henry BRYCE, 37, farmer, Ont, Keeler Sask, s/o Thomas BRYCE, & Jane THOMSON, married Evelyn Margaret Julia MORGAN, 21, Ont, Huntsville, d/o William J. MORGAN, & Dorothy PEACOCK, witn: Isaac PEACOCK, Aspdin Ont & Marguerite CULLON, Huntsville, 18 Dec 1912 at Huntsville #011670-12 Herbert Charles BUDD, 23, Montreal, Milford Bay, s/o Herbert Dione BUDD & Annie illegible, married Catherine BOWMAN, illegible age & birth place, Falkenberg, d/o Alexander BOWMAN, & Catherine Mc--?, witn: Alexander BOWMAN, Toronto, Mary TAYLOR & John GOGGIN, both of Falkenberg, date and place illegible [faded reg’n]
#011686-12 Aylmer CAMPBELL, 28, Simcoe Co, Franklin Twp, s/o James CAMPBELL, farmer & Eliza BISHOP, married Emma FITSELL, 28, Toronto, Franklin Twp, d/o Thomas William FITSELL, & Kate WORSEFELD? witn: Norman CAMPBELL & Annie Jane KEAVER, both of Portage, 20 Nov 1912 at Franklin Twp #011684-12 Peter Andrew William CHRISTENSON, 33, labourer, of Jarlsburg, s/o Neil Alexander CHRISTENSON, carpenter & Elizabeth SHAFER, married Mary Agnes RYAN, 21, teacher, of Rama, d/o John Joseph RYAN, farmer & Mary MCGOVERN, witn: Neil & Minnie CHRISTENSON, both of Gravenhurst, 4 Mar 1912 at Gravenhurst
#011685-12 Carl William CLARK, 59, Greenland NY, Kenmore NY, widower, s/o Charles CLARK, farmer & Pamelia C--?, married Martha MARRIOTT, of Calgary, d/o Henry MARRIOTT, & Charlotte Ann MORRISON, witn: Daniel & Hannah HAMILTON, both of Bestner, 7 Oct 1912, at Bestner, Watt Twp #011683-12 James Gordon CLARKE, 35, lumber merchant, of Aspdin, s/o Richard CLARKE, lumber merchant & Ellen DICKSON, married Kathleen Edith LAWRENCE, of Aspdin, d/o L. Percy LAWRENCE, farmer & Edith NICHOLS, witn: William James LALOR & Jean John LAWRENCE, both of Aspdin, 10 Apr 1912 at Stisted Twp
#011688-12 David CLEMENT, 29, Draper Twp, Ryde Twp, s/o Waldren CLEMENT, farmer & Rachel JOHNSTON, married Sarah BRETZ, 20, Waterloo Twp, Ryde Twp, d/o Daniel BRETZ, dead & Julie JOHNSTON, witn: Julie JOHNSON & W.M. CAMPBELL, both of Gravenhurst, 27 Dec 1912, at Gravenhurst #011689-12 Charles Henry COOK, 21, farmer, Ryde Twp, same, s/o William Frederick COOK, farmer & Mary Elizabeth MERKLEY, married Sarah Ann SMITH, 18, Ryde Twp, same, d/o Henry Frances SMITH, farmer & Annie BROOKS, witn: Bertrem MERKLEY of Barkway & Jessie May COOK, Housey Rapids, 23 Dec 1912 at the home of the bride
#011690-12 Robert COUTTS, 25, Ufford, same, s/o James COUTTS, farmer & Mary MORTIMER, married Effie May SMITH, 25, Beatrice, same, d/o William SMITH, farmer & Eliza Ann KINCH, witn: Annie Augusta SMITH, Beatrice & William COUTTS, Ufford, 18 Dec 1912 at Watt Twp #011687-12 Wilfred COWLEY, 22, Isle of Man, Chaffey Twp, s/o Albert Joseph COWLEY, & Sarah Urema COX, married Mabel FITCHETT, 16, Chaffey, same, d/o George FITCHETT, farmer & Mary RUSSELL, witn: Wesley MCQUAIN & Irene FITCHETT, both of Ravenscliffe, 25 Dec 1912 at Huntsville
#011693-12 John Edgar DAWKINS, 19, labourer, of Bracebridge, s/o Morgan DAWKINS, labourer & Nellie DAVIS, married Florence Annetta MILLS, 17, of Bracebridge, d/o George MILLS, labourer & Ann Selena HICKS, witn: William ROBINSON & Julia MILLS, both of Bracebridge, 6 June 1912 at Bracebridge #011698-12 Alexander DIXON, 29, Muskoka, Bracebridge, s/o Hugh L. DIXON, labourer & Maggie FULTON, married Ruby R. ARMSTRONG, 23, Belfast Ireland, Bracebridge, d/o Andrew M. ARMSTRONG, joiner & Ann KINCAIDE, witn: Minor DICKSON, Oro Station & Marretta ARMSTRONG, Bracebridge, 25 Dec 1912 at Bracebridge [groom’s name given as Dixon, but he signs his name as Alexander Dickson]
3011691-12 Malcolm DONALD, 28, painter, of Port Carling, s/o Frederick DONALD, painter & Margaret STONEHOUSE, married Alma J. BROWN, 19, lady, of Monck Twp, d/o John BROWN, farmer & Fanny DONNELLY, witn: John L. BROWN & Barbara CAMERON, both of Port Carling, 15 Jan 1912 at Bracebridge #011696-12 William Thomas DONALLY, 36, carpenter, of Milford Bay, s/o Thomas DONALLY, farmer & Mary Ann HAMILTON, married Julia O'DONNELL, of Pittsburg Pa, d/o Timothy O'DONNELL, labourer & Sarah KELLEY, witn: George A. DONALLY, Bardsville & Jessie MURISON, 26 Smith St Cowdenheath, 25 Sept 1912 at Monck Twp
#011695-12 Charles Anderson DOUGLAS, 63, Scotland, Toronto, widower, s/o Peter DOUGLAS, grain dealer & Jemima ANDERSON, married Annie McIntyre SCOTT, 63, Scotland, Toronto, widow, d/o John MCINTYRE, labourer & Isabella MORRISON, witn: J. MCINTYRE, Muskoka & John MCINTYRE, Bala, 1 Aug 1912 at Muskoka #011694-12 Herbert Matthew DUGGAN, 30, farmer, of Tessier Sask, s/o James DUGGAN, farmer & Susan MATTHEWS, married Anna Catharine REBMAN, 39, cook, of Simcoe Co, d/o Jacob REBMAN, farmer & Dorothy Elizabeth GIRK, witn: Mrs Sarah LANGE & Mrs Wilhemina SPREADBOROUGH, both of Bracebridge, 3 June 1912 at Bracebridge
#011692-12 Roland Oliver DYER, 21, clerk, of Bracebridge, s/o William DYER, labourer & Margaret BRUSH, married Dorothy A. HARRINGTON, 19, of Orrville, d/o Charles HARRINGTON, farmer & Julie KELLY, witn: Herbert DYER & Margaret CROWDER, both of Bracebridge, 4 Mar 1912 at Bracebridge #011699-12 William Henry EASTMAN, 60, auctioneer, of Huntsville, widower, s/o Samuel EASTMAN, sailor & Louisa GLOVER, married Mary DONNELLY, 39, of Melissa - Chaffey Twp, widow, d/o John BAKER, farmer & Elizabeth FOWLER, witn: Katherine C. MARSHALL & Nellie B. PRITTLE?, both of Huntsville, 12 Apr 1912 at Huntsville
11712-12 Isaac FAIRHALL, 31, Bala, same, s/o Edward FAIRHALL, farmer, & Catherine WHITE, married Evelyn HUNTER, 21, Severn, Severn Bridge, d/o Joseph HUNTER, farmer, & Sarah Jane DRAPER, witn: Russell & Ida Hunter HAWKINS of Parry Sound, 1 Oct 19112 at Severn Bridge 11711-12 Charles Albert FLOWERS, 22, of Gravenhurst, s/o Frank E. FLOWERS, engineer, & Sarah PEARSON, married Reta Maude CORBETT, 19, of Gravenhurst, d/o Arthur William CORBETT, car inspector, & Margaret Ann CROWLE, witn: Frank H. FLOWERS of Gravenhurst & Ella L. CONNER of Toronto, 22 Oct 1912 at Gravenhurst
11715-12 William Crispin GIBBS, 29, laborer, of Bracebridge, s/o C.H. GIBBS, laborer, & not known, married Margaret Ann KIRKPATRICK, 28, of Bracebridge, d/o William KIRKPATRICK, laborer, & Martha J. ALLEN, witn: Hugh & Mrs. Minnie MARTIN of Bracebridge, 5 Jan 1912 at Bracebridge 11713-12 Cuthbert Henry Hargreaves GILBERT, 32, barber, of Prince Albert Sask., s/o Joseph GILBERT & Sarah Ann BASKETT?, married Mary McKNIGHT, 28, of Huntsville, d/o Warren McKNIGHT & Martha BUTTRELL, witn: Martha McKNIGHT of Huntsville & Annie C. WILSON of Toronto, 6 April 1912 at Huntsville
11714-12 Henry Teeter GRIMES, 49, widower, retired physician, of Bracebridge, s/o Daniel Andrew GRIMES, minister, & Sarah TEETER, married Agnes KOONS, 40, widow, of Bracebridge, d/o William Henry WHITE, optician, & Jane PHILLIPS, witn: J.L. YEOMAN & George BAGGS, 22 May 1912 at Bracebridge