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Muskoka & Parry Sound Dist., 1913

birth place is given before residence


#009928-13 James ARMSTRONG, 25, farmer, Macauley Twp, same, s/o James ARMSTRONG & June DIXON, married Annie Laura STEELE, 18, McLean Twp, Macaulay Twp, d/o William Edward STEELE & Naomi EHELER, witn: Edward & Naomi STEELE, both of Monsell , 23 Sept 1913 at Macaulay Twp #009929-13 John ARMSTRONG, 41, butcher, Grenville Co, Huntsville, widower, s/o -a ARMSTRONG & Elizabeth WEBB, married Beatrice Kathleen SMITH, 26, Grenville, Stephenson Twp Muskoka, d/o Thomas SMITH & Josephine ROBINSON, witn: Gladys SMITH of Huntsville, 19 Nov 1913 at Stephenson Twp [faded reg'n]
#009934-13 William BAILEY, 31, Gravenhurst, Burks Falls, s/o John BAILEY, carpenter & Margaret LEMON (Lawson?), married Margaret VAN DUSEN, 19, Burks Falls, same, d/o Archie VAN DUSEN, farmer & Mary (Campbell) VAN DUSEN, witn: Maggie BARNES & illegible, 7 June 1913 at Huntsville [faded reg'n] #009935-13 Richard BAILEY, 26, Bracebridge, same, s/o Ebenezer BAILEY, farmer & Margaret ROSS, married Alice Maria PARKER, 23, Bracebridge, same, d/o Charles PARKER, farmer & Victoria ADAMS, witn: Louisa LANGFORD, Arundel? & Elizabeth Jane BAILEY, illegible, 9 June 1913 at Bracebridge
#009930-13 Albert Arthur BALL, 21, Stephenson, Hamilton, s/o Walter BALL & Melissa ROUNDS, married Annie Florence BROWN, 21, Stephenson, same, d/o William BROWN, lumberman & Annie HORNING, witn: Frederick BALL, Toronto & Eva BROWN, Utterson, 1 Jan 1913 at Stephenson Twp #009937-13 Amos BARAGER, 64, farmer, Canada, Christie Twp, widower, s/o Gordon BARAGER & Mary Ann YATES, married Bella WALKER, 45, Canada, Huntsville, widow, d/o Duncan MCDOUGAL, & Isabella PORTERFIELD, witn: Roy BARAGER, Orville & Ethel CLARK, Huntsville, 22 Aug 1913 at Huntsville
#009939-13 William BARNES, 22, labourer, Gravenhurst, same, s/o Isaac BARNES, & Jane PRENTICE, married Clara Margaret SCHELL, 18, Muskoka Twp, same, d/o Frederick SCHELL, & Margaret SCHELL, witn: William BARNES, Clara M. SCHELL, Lornie STONER, & Miss Maggie BARNES, all of West Gravenhurst, 19 Sept 1913 at Gravenhurst #009933-13 Henry Ambrose BLANCHARD, 26, farmer, Falkenburg, same, s/o Henry BLANCHARD, farmer & Ann Maria POYNTON, married Catharine Gertrude O'BRIEN, 23, Toronto, Falkenburg, d/o Daniel O'BRIEN, not given & Mary Ann O’CONNOR, witn: George Samuel & Margaret Eliza YEARLY, both of Falkenburg, 3 June 1913 at St George's Church Falkenburg
#009942-13 Edward Arthur Shore BOOTHBY, 24, Canada, Franklin Twp, married Cecelia HEAD, 21, of Chaffey twp., 22 Dec 1913 at Huntsville [very faded reg'n] #009938-13 Herman Charles BORNEMAN, 24, boat builder, Muskoka Twp, Gravenhurst, s/o Herman BORNEMAN, & Ottila KOEBEL, married Chrissie Sedonia JERICK, 18, Kilworthy, same, d/o Otto Edward JERICK, & Catherine MCDONALD, witn: Annie Gertrude & Ken B. MCEACHERN, both of Gravenhurst, 24 Sept 1913 at The Manse Gravenhurst
#009941-13 Daniel Allum BRAY, 31, farmer, Stephenson Twp, Chaffey Twp, s/o Daniel BRAY, not given & Matilda MADILL, married Ethel Mildred FOWLER, 28, Sinclair, Huntsville, d/o William James FOWLER, not given & Christine PAYNE, witn: illegible ROBINSON & Mabel JOHNSON, both of Martins Siding, 9 Oct 1913 at Chaffey Twp #009931-13 Frank BRODIE, 22, London England, Huntsville, s/o James BRODIE, laborer & Emily BOURNER, married Matilda Ann BROADBENT, 18, Seely - Brunel Twp, same, d/o Thomas BROADBENT, farmer & Matilda LEWIS, 10 Feb 1913 at Seely
#009936-13 William BROWN, 27, Burks Falls, Brunel Twp, s/o Henry BROWN, farmer & Phoebe FERGUSON, married Emily Elizabeth PORTER, 17, Peterborough, Brunel Twp, d/o Henry PORTER, farmer & Elizabeth VIDIEU? (Videau?), witn: Thomas E. MARTIN & Eva COLE, both of Newholm, 25 June 1913 at Huntsville #009940-13 Andrew Somerville BROWN, 33, Leith Scotland, Toronto, s/o James BROWN, painter & Annie Somerville BROWN, married Isabelle FERGUSSON, 34, Beeton, Toronto, d/o George Alexander FERGUSSON, farmer & Flora Kennedy FERGUSSON, witn: John A FULLERTON, Toronto & Kate FERGUSSON, Glen Orchard, 6 Sept 1913 at Glen Orchard
#009932-13 Amos BUKER, 24, Macaulay Twp, Bracebridge, s/o Henry BUKER, labourer & Lydia nee ROWLEY, married Sarah Annie INCH, 17, Macaulay, same, d/o William INCH, farmer & Jessie (Lizzie?) JACK, witn: Rosanna & Edward BUKER of Bracebridge 23 Apr 1913 at Macaulay Twp [faded reg'n] #009947-13 Giovanni CHIAPPERO, 26, Italy, Bracebridge, s/o Henrico CHIAPPERO, not given & Emerenziana ALLODOLO, married Guisepena GAIDO, 20, Italy, Bracebridge, d/o Tommaso GAIDO, not given & Angela LAURENTI, witn: Guissepe CARAZAKO & Annie CLEMENTS, both of Bracebridge, 31 Mar 1913 at Catholic Church Bracebridge
#009944-13 John CHURCH, 28, Sinclair, Huntsville, s/o Henry CHURCH, farmer & Molly WOOD? (Ward?), married Nellie YOUNG, 18, Chaffey, same, d/o William YOUNG, farmer & Nellie THOMPSON, witn: Mary STEPHENS, Chaffey & Mary WILSON, Huntsville, 29 Jan 1913 at Huntsville #009949-13 Charles COCKBURN, 24, R.R. Conductor, Gravenhurst, Allandale, s/o George P. COCKBURN & Mary R. STEPHENS, married Mary Ann PYBURNE, 22, Oakley Muskoka, Bracebridge, d/o John PYBURNE & Agnes BOAN, witn: Edy W. PYBURNE, Bracebridge & M. COCKBURN, Allandale, 10 Sept 1913 at Bracebridge
#009948-13 Frank COMER, 24, farmer, of Zephyr - North Orillia Twp, s/o Peter COMER, farmer & Nancy ROSE, married Jessie GRAHAM, 19, farmer's daughter, of Morrison Twp, d/o John GRAHAM, farmer & Mary SCHELL, witn: Alice M. SEIHAVER & Albert SOPHER, both of Kilworthy, 23 July 1913 at Morrison Twp #009945-13 Napoleon COMMANDANT, 21, (Canadian Indian), Sahanation?, same, s/o Napoleon COMMANDANT, farmer & Liana COMMANDANT, married Mary STOCK, 19, Sahanation?, same, d/o Peter STOCK, farmer & Anna Table? STOCK, witn: Esther SAHANATION? & John WHITE Jr, both of Sahanation?, 12 Mar 1913 at Sahanation
#009950-13 Charles Worrell CONWAY, 27, bank manager, Uxbridge, Moose Jaw Sask, s/o Charles A. CONWAY & Minnie COWAN, married Jennie Elizabeth SHAW, 22, Boston Mass, Huntsville, d/o Charles O. SHAW & Jennie Eliz ABBOTT, witn: R.B. HERN & Pauline SHAW, both of Huntsville, 1? Oct 1913 at Huntsville #009943-13 Samuel CRONK, 22, farmer, of Rama Twp, s/o Luther CRONK, farmer & Margaret IRETON, married Margaret TRYON, 21, servant, Ryde Twp, d/o George TRYON, farmer & Margaret FALCONER, witn: Fred COOPER, Ramona & S.C. REDDON, Severn Bridge, 2? Jan 1913 at Morrison Twp
#009946-13 Boyce Henry CUNNINGTON, 58, London England, Franklin Twp Muskoka, widower, s/o Boyce Henry CUNNINGTON, draper & Emily SEEKINGS (Sickings?), married Mary Edith TAPLIN, 34, Stormont, Uffington, widow, d/o Joseph HAWN, farmer & Mary Ann EAMES, witn: Joseph HAWN, Uffington & Alice K. HINCKS, Bracebridge, 4 Mar 1913 at Bracebridge #009954-13 William Arthur DAVIDSON, 25, Brackenrig, same, s/o John DAVIDSON, farmer & Agnes HERRINGTON, married Margaret Isabelle KEALL, 25, Macauley Twp, Bracebridge, d/o John KEALL, farmer & Isabel MCNABB, witn: Alan KEALL, Bracebridge & Violet Mary DAVIDSON, Brackenrig, 20 Nov 1913 at Bracebridge
#009953-13 Orville George DEMARA, 21, chef, Bracebridge, same, s/ William DEMARA & Louise SEIGNE, married Ottaline MCDONAGH, 17, Gravenhurst, same, d/o William MCDONAGH & Mary DUCHEMIN, witn: William & Vera SHERWOOD, both of Gravenhurst, 15 Oct 1913 at St James Church Gravenhurst #009951-13 Frank J. DUNLOP (Francis John Dunlop), 31, of Thornton Simcoe Co, s/o William DUNLOP, gentleman & Eliza HODGE, married Caroline Alberta HILL, 28, of Hillside, d/o Thomas Rowland HILL & Annie McROBERT, witn: W.A. DUNLOP 38 Indian Road Toronto & Belva M. HILL, Hillside, 3 Sept 1913 at Franklin Twp

011027/13 (Parry Sound) Albert W. GARNETT, 27, accountant, Eccles England, Parry Sound, s/o James GARNETT & Emma MITCHELL, married K. Evelyn JORDAN, 25, Rosseau, Parry Sound, d/o Edward JORDAN & Kathleen PATTERSON, witn: Henry COLLINS & Diana COLLINS both of Parry Sound, 18 July 1913, Parry Harbour


011029/13 (Parry Sound) George Alvin GEDDES, 26, cook, Barrie Ont., Parry Sound, s/o David GEDDES & Elizabeth SMITH, married Annie Katherine BLAIR, 24, Sequin Falls, Parry Sound, d/o John BLAIR & Mary (unknown), witn: William John SMITH of Broadbent Ont. & Bertha SMITH of Parry Sound, 3 September 1913, Parry Sound

11030-13 (Parry Sound) Thomas Edgar GIBSON, 30, operator, Parry Sound, Cobalt, s/o Matthew Thomas GIBSON & Mary Rebecca WILSON, married Annabel NELSON, 26, Parry Sound, same, d/o William NELSON & Elizabeth RICHMOND, witn: Wilbert R. GIBSON & Lulu E. NELSON both of Parry Sound, 15 Oct 1913 at Parry Sound

011028/13 (Parry Sound) George McCuaig GILCHRIST, 25, commercial traveler, Barrie, Toronto, s/o John GILCHRIST & Mary APPLEBY, married Margaret Havergal EDGAR, 25, Sundridge, Sundridge, d/o Joseph EDGAR & Mary LITTLE, witn: Allan E. CUTHBURTSON of 480 Euclid Ave. & Annie EDGAR of Sundridge, 2 August 1913, Sundridge

11031-13 (Parry Sound) Ernest Ormsby GIRLING, 26, operator, Ottawa Carlton Co, same, s/o Arthur GIRLING & Marguerite ORMSBY, married Josephine Victoria MARIER, 25, Ottawa, Parry Sound, d/o Thomas illegible MARIER & Maria DUCHEMIN, witn: Allan McEwen & illegible both of Parry Sound, 12 Nov 1913 at Parry Harbor (faded reg'n)

11241-13 (Parry Sound) Antoine HACHEY, 23, laborer, of Byng Inlet, s/o Thadile HACHEY, farmer & Philomene LEGALT? married Marie BOISVERT, 18, of Byng Inlet, d/o Oliva BOISVERT, lumberman & Lumina RICHARD, witn: Alfred LEGAULT of Byng Inlet & Essie FRASER of Byng Inlet North, 7 Jan 1913 at Village of Byng Inlet North (RC)

11032-13 (Parry Sound) John HAGGART, 22, labourer, of Sundridge, s/o William HAGGART, labourer & Annie SMITH, married Louisa SARARAS, 2_?, of Sundridge, d/o John SARARAS, labourer & Louisa BOZZART, witn: William Humphrey HAGGARD & Hannah HAGGART both of Sundridge, 22 Feb 1913 at the Village of Sundridge


11046-13 (Parry Sound) Clifford HALL, 21, trackman, 21, Essex Co, Kearney, s/o David HALL & Jane HOLLAND, married Mabel CRONK, 18, Beaumorris, Foley twp, d/o Levi CRONK & Eliza J. NEWELL, witn: Emerson CRONK of Parry Sound & Mary GILESPIE (Gillespie?) of Otter Lake, 22 Dec 1913 at Foley twp

011035/13 (Parry Sound) John HAMILTON, 41, widower, farmer, Georgetown Ont., North Orillia Twp. Simcoe Ont., s/o Thomas HAMILTON & Elizabeth HALE, married Mary ANDERSON, 41, widow, Georgina Ont., Humphrey Twp. Ont., d/o Francis LALOND & Elizabeth DUCETTE, witn: Leah ADAMS & James John YENNEY both of Parry Sound, 22 May 1913, Parry Sound

11040-13 (Parry Sound) Henry George HAMILTON, 21, milkman, of Callander - North Himsworth twp, s/o William HAMILTON, laborer & Sarah HALLIDAY, married Julia May DUFFY, 19, of Callander, d/o William DUFFY, lumber dealer & Harriett MASON, witn: P.R. STUDER & Ellen HAMILTON both of Callander, 1 Oct 1913 at the Village of Callander

011037/13 (Parry Sound) Joseph HANLEY, 35, machinist, Armagh Co. Ireland, Webbwood, s/o William HANLEY & Margaret ALLEN, married Barbara McCallum SMITH, 31, Ryerson Twp. Burkes Falls, d/o Henry John SMITH & Catherine MITCHELL, witn: William Henry SMITH & Sarah Albina SMITH both of Burkes Falls, 27 August 1913, Burks Falls 011038/13 (Parry Sound) George Fredrick HANSELMAN, 27, farmer, Gurd Twp. Parry Sound Dist., s/o George HANSELMAN a farmer & Rosina HAUSLER, married Hedwig Mary HAUFE, 20, domestic, Gurd Twp. Parry Sound Dist., d/o Hugo HAUFE a farmer & Clara DEERING, witn: Oscar HAUFE & Thelma HAUFE both of Commanda, 20 August 1913, Gurd Twp.

11043-13 (Parry Sound) William James HARDIE, 23, tramman, of Chapleau District of Algoma, s/o William HARDIE, tramman & Anna Page, married Anna Elizabeth MOORE, 23, milliner, of South River, d/o Thomas MOORE, farmer & Isabella GREEN, witn: R.A. Macomb & Lorna McCOMB both of South River, 25 Oct 1913 at South River

011036/13 (Parry Sound) Frederick HARE, 32, farmer, Parry Sound, Carling Twp., s/o Samuel HARE & Sarah HAMILTON, married Margaret Annie BARKER, 29, McDougal Twp., McDougal Twp., d/o Willet BARKER & Margaret McQUEEN, witn: May HALL & John McDOUGAL both of Ambo, 10 June 1913, Ambo, Twp. McDougal

11039-13 (Parry Sound) Hugh E.T. HICKS, 30, of Chapman twp, s/o Thomas A. HICKS, retired farmer & Martha HICKS, married Jessie ROBERTSON, 25, of Hagerman twp, d/o Alexander ROBERTSON, farmer & Mary WILCOX, witn: Emil CULIN of Arnstein - Mills twp & Sarah ROBERTSON of Dunchurch, Aug 1913 at Croft twp

011034/13 (Parry Sound) Harold W. HILL, 25, moving picture prop, Brantford, Preston, s/o George HILL & Annie HARVEY, married Ida Margaret BROOKS, 19, Gravenhurst, Parry Sound, d/o Stanley BROOKS & Margaret ELLIOTT, witn: Carol THOMPSON of Bigwood & Mrs. C.R. BATES of Parry Sound, 29 April 1913, Parry Sound

11047-13 (Parry Sound) Anthony HOLDEN, 20, Bracebridge, same, s/o William HOLDEN, lumber dealer & Ellen FITZMAURICE, married Serena May SHEA, 19, Hillsgreen Lambton Co, Sprucedale, d/o Theodore SHEA, farmer & Sarah FLYNN, witn: Bernard HENRY & May HOLDEN, 15 Jan 1913 at Town of Kearney RC

011030/13 (Parry Sound) Donald John HOLLARD, 32, farmer, Croft Twp., s/o Joseph HOLLARD a farmer & Christina GRANT, married Edna Gertrude GENNOE, age full, school mistress, Croft Twp., d/o Henry GENNOE a farmer & Phoebe FARRIS, witn: Albert COUSINS & Maud HOLLARD both of Ahmic Harbour, ? March 1913, Twp. Croft

11042-13 (Parry Sound) Ezra William HOWES, 21, laborer, of Loring Village - McConkey twp, s/o Ezra HOWES, foreman for city corporation & Lucy BURRET, married Melissa Adeline Jane YEO, 22, of Loring Village, d/o Richard Bab YEO, farmer & Sarah Jane LAMPKINS, witn: Roy THOMPSON & Emma Rebecca YEO both of Loring, 10 Nov 1913 at the Village of Loring

11041-13 (Parry Sound) Roy Benjamin HUDSON, 20, moving picture operator, Parry Sound, same, s/o Robert HUDSON & Mary McFARLAND, married Emily Parmelia RIVERS, 19, Echo Bay, Parry Sound, d/o Modess RIVERS & Rachel HURLEY, witn: T.E. BLACKMAN & Lucy FRASER both of Parry Sound, 9 Oct 1913 at Parry Sound, divorced 13 Nov 1934

11045-13 (Parry Sound) Edwin HUGHES, 28, Stratford, Emsdale, s/o William HUGHES, farmer & Emma CROXON, married May FURLONG, 18, South River, same, d/o William FURLONG, contractor & Mary MILLS, witn: William FURLONG & Mary FURLONG both of South River, 7 May 1913 at Village of Burks Falls

11049-13 (Parry Sound) Daniel IBBITSON, 19, laborer, of Restoule Patterson twp, s/o John IBBITSON, farmer & Mary Ann CLARKE, married Seymie BARTON, 23, domestic, of Hotham, d/o Seymour BARTON, farmer & Mary ARMSTRONG, witn: Sam GRAWBARGER & Theressa IBBITSON both of Restoule, 29 Oct 1913 at Hotham

11048-13 (Parry Sound) Moore William IRWIN, 52, widower, farmer, Albion twp Peel Co, South Himsworth, s/o William John IRWIN & Mary McCORMICK, married Sara LAWRENCE, 60, widow, Chelmsford England, South Himsworth, d/o George BROWN & Catherine BOWMAN, witn: George LAWRENCE & Susan MAKINS both of Powassan, 16 Apr 1913 at South Himsworth

9988-13 Byron Henry IVES, 54, widower, florist, Gouverneur - St. Lawrence Co NY, Alberquerque Mexico, s/o Herbert Henry IVES & Nancy MARSHALL, married Helen Andre POOLER, 44, widow, Kirschnerville - Louis? Co NY, Huntsville, d/o Michael ANDRE & Henriette GAGNE, witn: Charles O. & Mrs. C.O. SHAW of Huntsville, 9 July 1913 at Huntsville

11053-13 (Parry Sound) Herbert Stanley JACKSON, 26, teamster, of South River, s/o blank (deceased) & Elizabeth REID, married Mary Ethel NOAIK, full, of South River, d/o Frank NOAIK, teamster & Sarah LEIGHTON, witn: Minnie LANE & Laura MINORGAN both of Sundridge, 19 Apr 1913 at Village of Sundridge

11058-13 (Parry Sound) Hemming JOHNSON, 26, mill hand, Emaasu? Finland, s/o John JOHNSON & Maria LITRISCH married Sandra KALTRASKO, 18, Emaasu? Finland, Parry Sound, d/o Young KALTRASKO & Manda FORSTEN, witn: Joseph LITRISH & Mrs COPREY both of Parry Sound, 11 Nov 1913 at Parry Sound

11057-13 (Parry Sound) Olaf JOHNSON, 22, RR, Christina Norway, Point au Baril, s/o Andrew John JOHNSON & Katrine ERICSON, married Minnie May JOHNSON, 19, Parry Sound, Point au Baril, d/o Gilmore JOHNSON & Rhoda WILLIS, witn: Gert PARKER & Mamie JOHNSON both of Parry Sound, 31 Oct 1913 at Parry Sound

11051-13 (Parry Sound) Alfred Cedric JOHNSTON, 29, farmer, of Maple Island McKenzie twp, s/o Moses Horatio JOHNSTON, farmer & Etta CHAPMAN, married Rachel MOORE, 22, of Dunchurch Hagerman twp, d/o Thomas MOORE, farmer & Sarah Elizabeth STANYER, witn: Ofi JOHNSTON of Maple Island & Ruth MOORE of Dunchurch, 26 Mar 1913 at McKenzie twp

11053-13 (Parry Sound) Walter JONES, 22, clerk for T.N.O.R., Cartier Nippissing District, North Bay, s/o William JONES & Fanny HOLLINSHEAD, married Pollie GREATREX, 23, Stafford England, North Bay, d/o Thomas GREATREX & Eliza GILES, witn: William Thomas CUBITT of Commanda & E.M. GEORGE of Powassan, 15 May 1913 at Powassan

11054-13 (Parry Sound) Albert Isaac JONES, 25, laborer, McKellar, Parry Sound, s/o Walter JONES & Emily MOORE, married Clarassa ROSEWELL, 19, domestic, Carling twp, same, d/o Albert ROSEWELL & Margaret WOOD, witn: Wilson JONES & Ruby TROTH both of Parry Sound, 18 June 1913 at Carling twp

11056-13 (Parry Sound) John Henry JONES, 33, machinist, Shrewsbury England, Parry Sound, s/o Pryce JONES & Sarah JONES, married Ethel TAYLOR, 22, Parry Sound, same, d/o Edward TAYLOR & Annie E. JUKES, witn: George JONES & Frances L. JUKES both of Parry Sound, 12 Aug 1913 at Parry Sound

11056-13 (Parry Sound) Edgar JONES, 22, laborer, Hagersville, Cape Croker Bruce Co - Shawanaga, s/o Charlie JONES & Amelia CHECHALK, married Emma PAWIS, 18, Shawanaga, Shawanaga Indian Reserve, d/o Adam PAWIS & Eliza MISQUADES, witn: W.J. BEATTY & Jessie C. BINNIE both of Parry Sound, 14 Aug 1913 at Parry Sound

11050-13 (Parry Sound) George JORDAN, 44, widower, builder, Perth Co, Toronto, s/o Samuel JORDAN & Mary MOORE, married Marion LEGGATE, 31, Ryerson twp, Toronto, d/o Andrew LEGGATE & Mary MILLER, witn: James LEGGATE & Jane LEGGATE both of Burks Falls, 1 Jan 1913 at Ryerson twp

011065/13 (Parry Sound) William KELFORD, 22, lumberman, Snow Rd., Pickerel, s/o William. KELFORD & Mary Jane KELFORD, married Margaret Alice WATSON, 18, Ompah, Pickerel, d/o Andrew WATSON & Lissie LENNON, witn: John A. BRAGG & Mrs. D.F. COPSEY both of Parry Sound, 25 August 1913, Parry Sound

011061/13 (Parry Sound) George KEMP, 29, carpenter, Barrie Ontario, Joly Twp., s/o William KEMP & Sarah SWITZER, married Margaret June STRANG, 33, Garafraxa Twp. Ont., Joly Twp., d/o John STRANG & June MATHESON, witn: James STRANG & Hortence KEMP both of Joly Twp. Ont., 23 April 1913, residence of the bride's parents in Joly Twp.

011060/13 (Parry Sound) Robert William KERR, 21, liveryman, Muskoka Twp., Parry Sound, s/o Robert William KERR & Rose Hannah ELLIS, married Bridget Lydia McNEILL, 18, Toronto, Parry Sound, d/o William McNEILL & Susanna B?? Florence, witn: Stephen Robert McNEILL of Rathburn & Ellen R. WATCH of Parry Sound, 14 April 1913, Parry Sound

011066/13 (Parry Sound) Kacey KING, 27, farmer, Christian Island, Parry Island, s/o David Q. KING & Angelique KING, married Mary ASSANCE, 28, Parry Island, Parry Island, d/o Isaiah ASSANCE & Harriet TABABUNDONG, witn: Chas. BIGCANOE of Georgina Island & James L. KING of Christian Island, 8 September 1913, Parry Island Reserve

011059/13 (Parry Sound) Albert Alexander KING, 35, widower, lumberman, Cape Croker Ont., Parry Island, s/o Alexander KING & Elizabeth ELLIOTT, married Eva NANIBUSH, 19, Parry Island, Parry Island, d/o James NANIBUSH & Lucy SKY, witn: Kelso RITCHIE & Harriet RITCHIE both of Parry Island, 16 March 1913, Parry Island

011063/13 (Parry Sound) Edward Novillie KNAPP, 26, foreman railway, Vespra Twp., Parry Sound, s/o Herbert KNAPP & Sarah Eliz WILSON, married Florence Otra WHALEN, 21, Croft Twp., Foley Twp., d/o George WHALEN & Matilda FLETCHER, witn: Murdoch W. McDOUGALL & Bertha WHALEN both of Foley Twp., 25 June 1913, Foley

011062/13 (Parry Sound) Joseph Lemar KNAPP, 56, widower, laborer, York Twp., Parry Sound, s/o John B. KNAPP & Sally Marian CRAWFORD, married Sarah Gertrude HANNON, 48, widow, Burford Twp., Parry Sound, d/o Joseph HILL & Euphemia JENNINGS, witn: Samuel WHALES & Minnie COPSEY both of Parry Sound, 28 April 1913, Parry Sound

011064/13 (Parry Sound) William Frederick KRUGER, 23, banker, Larimore N.D. U.S.A., s/o Kunibert KRUGER a grain dealer & Agnes SPALDING, married Jessie Eaton YOUNG, 20, teacher, Rosseau Ont., d/o Albert Amasa YOUNG a Municipal clerk & Eliza Watson McCARTNEY, witn: Mrs. Lizzie IRWIN of 25 Conduit St. Toronto & Julia Victoria PRESLEY of Rosseau, 19 August 1913, Rosseau Village

11067-13 (Parry Sound) William Tilson KYDD, 21, train [employee] CPR, Port Carling, Muskoka Station District of Muskoka, s/o William Albert KYDD & Elizabeth MORTON, married Catharine Freda MASON, 19, Bardsville, Muskoka Station, d/o John MASON & Margaret Ann DECKER, witn: Norman NELSON & Mary POITVIN both of Parry Harbor, 23 Dec 1913 at Parry Sound

11068-13 (Parry Sound) Ozia LACHANCE, 25, laborer, of Byng Inlet North, s/o William LACHANCE, laborer & Octavie CHARLEBOIS, married Odile MARCHILDON, 28, housekeeper, of Byng Inlet, d/o Francois MARCHILDON, lumberman & Amanda LACOURSIERE, witn: Alphonse QUINN of Byng Inlet North & Francois MARCHILDON of Byng Inlet, 4 Nov 1913 at Village of Byng Inlet North RC

11070-13 (Parry Sound) Joseph Clement LALIBERTE, 24, Penetang, same, s/o Joseph LALIBERTE, carpenter & Mathilda DESAULMES, married Marie Jeanette MINER, 19, Dillonsport, same, d/o Edmont MINER, seaman and guide & Marie MAINVILLE, witn: Joseph BOURGUIGNON of Parry Sound PO & Mary MINER of Parry Sound, 21 Oct 1913 at Parry Sound RC

11074-13 (Parry Sound) Herbert LAMBERT, 32, policeman, England, Callander District of Nipissing, s/o Thomas LAMBERT & Louisa OULEY, married Nellie DELLER, 28, England, Callander, d/o David DELLER & Elizabeth HOPKINS, witn: Herbert GANGON & Mabel A.V. BROWN both of Callander, 16 Apr 1913 at St Peter's Church Callander

11069-13 (Parry Sound) Louis LAVALLEE, 26, laborer, of Byng Inlet North, s/o Louis LAVALLEE (deceased) & Agnes NADJIWAN, married Marie Louise Maud BOUCHER, 24, of Byng Inlet North, d/o Thomas BOUCHER (deceased) & Adelaide NORMANDIN, witn: Robert BOUCHER of Byng Inlet North & Josephine GENDRON of Byng Inlet, 8 Apr 1913 at Village of Byng Inlet North RC

11072-13 (Parry Sound) Mark LAWSON, 22, farmer, Conger twp, Christie twp Maple Lake Station, s/o Alexander LAWSON & Annie WHALEN, married Ida May SMITH, 19, Christie twp, same, d/o John E. SMITH & Louisa CORNISH, witn: Wesley LAWSON & Mrs Wesley LAWSON both of Christie twp Maple Lake PO, 26 Feb 1913 at Parry Sound

11071-13 (Parry Sound) Wesley LAWSON, 21, farmer, Humphrey twp, Christie twp, s/o Alexander LAWSON & Annie WHALEN, married Violet Georgina SMITH, 18, Christie twp, same, d/o George SMITH & Mary Elizabeth JOHNSTON, witn: Mark LAWSON & Ida SMITH both of Christie twp, 13 Jan 1913 at Parry Sound

11073-13 (Parry Sound) Madison Todd LEE, 25, clerk, Smith Falls, Copper Cliff District of Sudbury, s/o Frank LEE & Sarah FERGUSON, married Mary Ellen McNICHOLL, 18, illegible Ontario, Muskoka, d/o Patrick McNICHOLL & Amelia BROWNE, witn: illegible, 29 Sept 1913 at Parry Harbor (faded reg'n)

11075-13 James LEGATE, 27, not given, Ryerson Tp., Burks Falls, s/o Andrew LEGGATE (sic) & Mary MILLER, married Dora Anna SIEBER (Lieber?), 21, Saxony Germany, Burks Falls, d/o Ernst Frederick SIEBER & Wilhelmina GESSNER, witn: F. G. BARNARD & Laura KIDD both of Burks Falls on April 30, 1913 at Village of Burks Falls
11077-13 Michael McAVOY, 23, labourer, of Burks Falls, s/o Michael McAVOY, farmer & Denise DWYER, married Margaret DWYER, 22, of Kearney, d/o Denis DWYER, teamster & Catherine KEAGAN, witn: James DWYER of Kearney & Frances McAVOY of Burks Falls on April 30, 1913 at Kearney 11081-13 William Frank McCHESNIE, 22, butcher, of Webbwood, s/o Wesley McCHESNIE & mother's name not given, married Ethel Eliza WHITE, 20, of Port Anson, d/o father's name not given & Maggie CARMICHAEL, witn: Wilbert Howard & Annie Amelia WHITE no residences given on Jan. 1, 1913 at Village of Port Anson Parry Sound Dist.
11093-13 James Howard McCOMB, 24, farmer, of Broadbent McKellar Tp., s/o James McCOMB, farmer & Mary HOWARD, married Flora SMITH, 19, of McKellar Tp., d/o Thomas SMITH, farmer & Mary Jane McLEAN, witn: Victor STANLEY of Broadbent & Mary SMITH of McKellar on April 16, 1913 at McKellar Tp. 11079-13 Gordon Nelson McCULLOUGH, 27, farmer, Parry Sound, McDougall Tp., s/o Robert McCULLOUGH & Ada HURD, married Gertrude Mary BADGER, 27, Parry Sound, McDougall Tp., d/o Frederick BADGER & Mary CROCKER, witn: Percy BADGER of McDougall & Ida KIRKHAM of Ferguson Tp. on March 5, 1913 at McDougall Tp.

11098-13 (Parry Sound) Murdock John McDONALD, 24, farmer, Parry Sound, same, s/o William McDONALD & Mary McGUIRE, married Sarah Elizabeth NIVEN, 19, Parry Sound, same, d/o James NIVEN & Agnes CARRUTHERS, witn: W.C. McDONALD of Parry Harbor & Mary E. McGOWN of Parry Sound, 10 Dec 1913 at Parry Sound

11075-13 Murdock W. McDOUGAL, 28, farmer, Parry Sound, Foley Tp., s/o Murdock McDOUGAL & Isabella LINES, married Bertha WHALEN, 18, Humphrey Tp., Foley Tp., d/o George WHALEN & Mary FLETCHER, witn: Nathaniel WHALEN & Mary CLARK both of Falding Foley Tp.

11096-13 (Parry Sound) Bruce Thomas McKELVEY, 29, hotel clerk, Haliburton, Parry Sound, s/o Robert Clawson McKELVEY & Martha Jane KELLETT, married Bertha May SMITH, 19, Broadbent, same, d/o Daniel Charles SMITH & Minnie FLESSING, witn: William WALL of Parry Harbor & Florence A. COWLING of Parry Sound, 8 Dec 1913 at Parry Sound

11086-13 Ewen Archibald MacKENZIE, 29, physician, of Port Colborne, s/o Ewen MacKENZIE, contractor & Sarah McDONALD, married Beatrice RATHWELL, 25, of Parry Sound, d/o Andrew RATHWELL, farmer & Helen WHALEN, witn: James & Pamilie J. RATHWELL both of Parry Sound on Dec. 26, 1913 at Parry Sound
11078-13 Darcey McLAREN, 21, farmer, of Bonfield Tp., s/o James McLAREN, farmer & Sara BROWN, married Sharlot Euphemia BROWN, 17, of Nipissing Tp., d/o James BROWN & Sharlot GEROW, witn: Charles DUPUIS of North Bay & Elizabeth MILLER of Nipissing on Jan. 27 (?) 1913 at Nipissing Tp. 11080-13 Gordon McLEOD, 23, farmer, Medora Tp., same, s/o John McLEOD & Hannah TRACEY, married Margaret PRENTICE, 18, Gravenhurst, Medora, d/o James PRENTICE & Mary Ann SHELL, witn: Mrs Margaret SLADE & Minnie COPSEY? both of Parry Sound on March 18, 1913 at Parry Sound

11094-13 (Parry Sound) Alexander Tertino Carson McMASTER, 35, contractor, Toronto, same, s/o William John [McMASTER] & Elizabeth Georgina CARSON, married Isabella Mary VEITCH, 27, Spence, same, d/o Robert VEITCH & Margaret KEPPY, witn: Robert VEITCH & Margaret VEITCH both of Spence, 27 Aug 1913 at Burks Falls

11095-13 (Parry Sound) William McNICOLL, 29, locomotive engineer, Renfrew, Muskoka Station, s/o James McNICOLL & Nettie VIRGIN, married Hattie May WESTERVELT, 25, Lindsay, Parry Sound, d/o Thomas WESTERVELT & Matilda KENT, witn: William GRIFFITH & Mary POTVIN both of Parry Sound, 11 Sept 1913 at Parry Sound

11096-13 (Parry Sound) William McQUIRTER, 28, lumbering, of Kearney, s/o George McQUIRTER, lumbering & Annie GRAVELL, married Eva May CAMPBELL, 19, of South River, d/o William CAMPBELL, blacksmith & Mary McLEAN, witn: Gertrude CAMPBELL of North Bay & illegible of South River, 15 Oct 1913 at Town of South River

11090-13 Francis George MERRY, 22, not given, Toronto, Strong Tp., s/o Benjamin MERRY, minister & Emma HILL, married Sophia May WILSON, 17, Shelburne, Proudfoot Tp., d/o Jonathan WILSON, labourer & Mary Ann FOGAL, witn: Esie Gordon MERRY of Burks Falls & Alberta Mae HAZELWOOD of Strong Tp. on March 3, 1913 at Village of Burks Falls. 11089-13 William MEYER, 28, farmer, Chapman Tp., Dilke Sask., s/o Frederick MEYER & Louisa WORSTER, married Mabel Evelyn MILLER, 27, Chapman Tp., same, d/o Hugh Hanna MILLER & Cecelia Josephine HAYES, witn: Walter L. & Evelyn M. MILLER both of Rock Tp. Leeds Co. on Feb. 25, 1913 at Chapman Valley, Magnetawan.
11091-13 Samuel Richard MICHAELIS, 24, not given, South Algoma, Berlin, s/o August MICHAELIS, farmer & Pauline LENKE, married Catherine WELLER, 20, Parry Sound, same, d/o Peter WELLER, retired & Elizabeth HALL (Hohl?), witn: Marion WELLER & Hannah McVAY?, both of Parry Sound on Jan. 1, 1913 at Parry Sound.

011082/13 (Parry Sound) William Jameson MISQUADES, 26, laborer, Shawanaga Reserve Ont., Shawanaga Reserve Ont., s/o William Jamieson & Mary Ann TABABUNDONG, married Hannah Florence PAUL, 17, Christian Island Reserve Ont., Christian Island Reserve Ont., d/o Noah PAUL & Julian KING, witn: Charles PAWIS & Hannah Florence ESSENCE both of Shawanaga Ont., 29 May 1913, Parry Sound

  11087-13 Duncan MOFFATT, 28, lumberman, of Trout Creek Hemsworth Tp., s/o Moses MOFFATT, carpenter & Christina BELL, married Jennie PRINCE, 18, of Gurd Tp., d/o John PRINCE, farmer & Gusty WANDLEY, witn: Rev. T. A. McCOMB & Rose PRINCE both of Trout Creek on Jan. 6, 1913 at Parry Sound.
11092-13 Joseph William MOORE, 24, of Sudbury, married Lucretta PERO, 18, of Sudbury, in March 1913 at Byng Inlet. [very faded reg'n and the rest of the information is illegible]

011084/13 (Parry Sound) James Bertie MOORE, 27, clerk, Patterson Twp., s/o James MOORE a stationary engineer & Sarah Jane CUMMINGS, married Ruby Edna CAMPBELL, 24, maid, Patterson Twp., d/o William. Weir CAMPBELL a farmer & Anna THOMPSON, witn: R. CAMPBELL & Olive M. CAMPBELL both of Restoule, 3 September 1913, Patterson Twp.

11085-13 John Lawrence MOSS, 35, farmer, Albion Tp. Peel Co., same, s/o Abraham MOSS & Catherine BIBLE, married Mary Isabella RAYBURN, 32, Caledon Tp. Peel Co., Powassan, d/o James RAYBURN & Mary McKINNON, witn: William RAYBURN of Genesee Rapids & Sarah Ann RAYBURN of Powassan on Nov. 24, 1913 at Powassan. 11088-13 William John MUIR, 34, conductor, of Brandon Manitoba, s/o Peter MUIR, farmer & Annie BRUCE, married Isabella TURNBULL, 34, of Burks Falls, d/o Andrew TURNBULL, farmer & Elizabeth WILSON, witn: Hall TURNBULL & Ellen CLARK both of Doe Lake on Feb. 5, 1913 at Village of Burks Falls.

011083/13 (Parry Sound) John Lewis MURRAY, 26, farmer, Mabou Nova Scotia, North Bay Ont., s/o Hezekiah MURRAY & Margaret CAMERON, married Lily Maude HANNA, 21, Barring Nova Scotia, Eureka Nova Scotia, d/o John HANNA & Sarah MUNROE, witn: R.S. HENDERSON & Maud HENDERSON both of Callendar Ont., 20 August 1913, Callendar

11099-13 Charles Ellis NEWELL, 29, clerk, of Parry Sound, s/o Robert NEWELL, deceased & Elizabeth MONTGOMERY, married Olive Mae KENNEDY, 21, of Croft Tp., d/o John KENNEDY, deceased & Lillian CROSWELL, witn: William GRIFFITH of Parry Sound & Edna KENNEDY of Croft Tp. on Feb. 5, 1913 at Croft Tp.
11100-13 Frederick Joseph OUELETTE, 21, trainman, Pembroke, North Bay, s/o Alfred OUELETTE & Emma CHAPUT, married Emma May CAMPBELL, 18, Arnprior, North Bay, d/o Robert CAMPBELL & Nellie CRAIG, witn: Henriette M. & D. DARLING both of Callandar on Sept. 5, 1913 at Callandar 11101-13 James OWENS, 28, farmer, of Chisholm, s/o Robert OWENS, farmer & Catherine McDERMOTT, married Violet DUNN, 19, of South Hemsworth, d/o John DUNN, farmer & Louisa REID, witn: James SHIELDS of Chisholm & Edith WAY of Powassan on Nov. 7, 1913 at St. Joseph's Church Powassan.

011109/13 (Parry Sound) Noah PAWIS (Pavis?), 21, carpenter, Shawanaga, Shawanaga, s/o Adam PAWIS & Eliza MISQUADAS, married Alice KING, 19, Moose Point, Christian Island, d/o Charles KING & Mary ISAAC, witn: Sam ISAAC & Charlotte ISAAC both of Moose Point, 2 October 1913, Parry Sound

11105-13 (Parry Sound) George Thomas PENNEY, 24, iron worker, Carbonear Newfoundland, Parry Sound, s/o Stephen PENNEY & Ann WILLIAMS, married Mabel Edna THOMPSON, 20, McKellar twp, Parry Sound, d/o William H. THOMPSON & Sarah TATE, witn: Charles DEXTER & Lulu THOMPSON both of Parry Sound, 6 May 1913 at Parry Sound

11108-13 (Parry Sound) Martin PHILLIPS, 39, widower, teaming, Parry Sound, same, s/o Enoch PHILLIPS & Hannah McALLISTER, married Ruth Ann HODDY, 47, widow, Yorkshire England, Parry Sound, d/o Nicholas WALKER & Elizabeth STEVENSON, witn: Thomas William HODDY & Miss Mary J. PHILLIPS both of Parry Sound, 2 Oct 1913 at Parry Sound

11102-13 Angus PHILLIPS, 26, farmer, McDougall Tp., same, s/o Enoch PHILLIPS & Ella McALLISTER, married Mae TAIT, 21, Hurdville, McKellar, d/o Robert TAIT & Cecilia LAWSON, witn: Norman TAIT of Hurdville & Edna PHILLIPS of Parry Sound on Dec. 24, 1913 at Parry Sound
11103-13 David Alfred PINKERTON, 21, labourer, South River, Sundridge, s/o David PINKERTON & Elizabeth Anne McGIRR, married Amelia Maud DIVER, 19, Langford, Sundridge, d/o William Edward DIVER & Eliza Alice STRATFORD, witn: Bella & Abel DENNIS both of Sundridge on Dec. 22, 1913 at St. Paul's Church Sundridge. 11104-13 George PINKERTON, 26, lumber merchant, of Sundridge, s/o Joseph PINKERTON, farmer & Ella TROMBLEY, married Beatrice BURTCH, 17, of Sundridge, d/o Thomas & Generva, witn: Roy BURTCH & Mattie PINKERTON both of Sundridge on Feb. 26, 1913 at Village of Sundridge

11106-13 (Parry Sound) Edwin James PLETZER, 25, farmer, Seguin Falls, North Seguin, s/o Henry PLETZER & Emma ECKLAND, married Jessie Louise BLACK, 21, Spence, same, d/o William BLACK &  & Rachel WALLIS, witn: Annie G. BLACK of Spence & Ernest A. WARK of North Seguin, 25 June 1913 at Spence

11107-13 (Parry Sound) David PRENTICE, 26, lumberman, Gravenhurst, Foot's Bay, s/o James Henry PRENTICE & Mary Ann SCHELL, married Jossie SCOTT, 18, Parry Sound, Otter Lake, d/o John SCOTT & Eliza VAN KOUGHKNETT, witn: Margaret E. LATTER & Hannah MONTER both of Parry Sound, 18 July 1913 at Parry Sound

011110/13 (Parry Sound) John Henry QUIOT, 31, lumberman, Luther twp., Machin Twp. Ont., s/o Thomas Henry QUIOT & Susan BOYTE, married Eveline PAGET, 23, Twp. Strong, Sundridge, d/o Job PAGET & Jane ARMSTRONG, witn: John PAGET of Sundridge & Susan QUIRT of South River, 10 September 1913, Strong Twp.

11113-13 Charles Sanford RAYMOND, 25, telegraph clerk, Berwick Nova Scotia, Toronto, s/o Garrett Asa RAYMOND & Annie SANFORD, married Kate BARTLETT, 25, Rousseau, same, d/o Joseph BARTLETT & Sarah PHILLIPS, witn: Alfred DITCHBURN & Adele ASHDOWN both of Rousseau on Oct. 6, 1913 at Rosseau 11114-13 Albert Edward REID, 21, lumberman, McKellar, Orrville, s/o Caswell REID & Lena BERARD (?), married Agnes FRANTZ, 18, Dummer, Christie twp., d/o William FRANTZ & Lavina CHARD, witn: Mary BEERS & Florence RICHARDSON both of Parry Sound on Dec. 17, 1913 at Parry Sound.
011111/13 (Parry Sound) Gordon ROBSON, 33, farmer, Middleburgh England, Luseland Sask., s/o George ROBSON & Dorothy E. HOBSON, married Amelia M. TOEPPNER, 28, Nipissing Twp., Nipissing Twp., d/o Frederick TOEPPNER & Josephine MUCHEFSKI, witn: Walter TOEPPNER & Laura STORIE both of Storie?, 16 December 1913, Nipissing Twp.

11112-13 William RUSSELL, 24, farmer, Dorset, same, s/o James RUSSELL & Jennie KIMMERFIELD, married Charlotte McDONALD, 17, Haliburton, Dorset, d/o father's name not given (deceased) & Margaret SAWYER, witn: Norman RUSSELL & Maggie KNOWLES both of Sundridge on Aug. 12, 1913 at Sundridge.

11123-13 (Parry Sound) Richard Clement SARGENT, 19, clerk, Surrey England, Parry Sound, s/o John SARGENT & Emily BAKER, married Hilda Pearl GRANGER, 21, Peterboro, Parry Sound, d/o Arthur T. GRANGER & Annie Elizabeth FITTALL, witn: John PARK & Winnifred TAYLOR both of Parry Sound, 18 June 1913 at Parry Sound

11121-13 (Parry Sound) Thomas SCHELL, 21, laborer, Morrison twp, Bigwood twp, s/o John Henry SCHELL & Lavina M. RUMMERFIELD, married Clara SOPHER, 15, Gravenhurst, Bigwood twp, d/o George SOPHER & Jessie SCHELL, witn: Bertha SOPHER & Arnold SCHELL both of Bigwood, 3 Apr 1913 at Parry Sound - consent given by George SOPHER

11122-13 (Parry Sound) Charles Francis SCHMELER, 30, of Lount twp, s/o John SCHMELER, farmer & Lena KNORR, married Ida SCHNEIDER, 19, of Lount twp, d/o Daniel SCHNEIDER, farmer & Mary REICHE, witn: Rev Elijah HIGGINS of Emsdale & Katherine BLAKELY of Burks Falls, 24 Apr 1913 at Village of Burks Falls

11126-13 James Henry SCOTT, 29, engineer, Parry Sound, same, s/o Ephraim SCOTT & Jean WEIS, married Jessie Jane JACKLIN, 24, Foley Tp., same, d/o Andrew JACKLIN & Annie BRADLEY, witn: Joseph JACKLIN of Falding & Sarah SCOTT of Parry Sound on July 23, 1923 at Foley Tp.

11124-13 (Parry Sound) Adam SIMPSON, 27, laborer, of Dunchurch Hagerman twp, s/o Oliver SIMPSON, farmer & Harriet JERRELLS, married Leah Elizabeth LLOYD, 18, of Whitestone, d/o Edward LLOYD, farmer & Harriet MARTIN, witn: John LLOYD of Whitestone & Minnie CARLTON of McKellar, 25 June 1913 at McKenzie twp

11120-13 (Parry Sound) George Richard SLAUGHTER, 28, steam fitter, Wisk England, Parry Sound, s/o Henry SLAUGHTER & Carrie BONAL, married Margaret Helen McIntosh PARK, 21, Aberdeen Scotland, Parry Sound, d/o Charles PARK & Elsie McINTOSH, witn: Elsie FINDLAY & John PARK both of Parry Sound, 1 Feb 1913 at Parry Sound

11119-13 (Parry Sound) Leslie SMELTZER, 27, blacksmith, of South River, s/o David SMELTZER, mail carrier & Ellen McKEE, married Gertrude (Gertie) NOAIK, full, of South River, d/o Frank NOAIK, teamster & Sarah LEIGHTON, witn: Lillian FAULKNER & Minnie LANE both of Sundridge, 30 Jan 1913 at Village of Sundridge

11116-13 Jerome Oliver SMITH, 25, not given, Muskoka, Burks Falls, s/o George W. SMITH, farmer & Alexina BOGART, married Emma BRANDT, 21, Ryerson Tp., not given, d/o Gotliebe BRANDT, farmer & Louisa REINBATCH (?), witn: Florence BOLHAM & Edith STANLEY both of Burks Falls on Dec. 23, 1913 at Village of Burks Falls. 11128-13 August SPERBERG, 65, musician, McMurrich, same, s/o Christian SPERBERG, musician & Henrietta ROMLEY (Racher?), married Margaret DARBY, 55, of McMurrich, d/o John DARBY, farmer & Catherine DUNN, witn: John DARBY & Emily S. HOPECRAFT both of Haldane Hill on Dec. 1, 1913 at Haldane
11127-13 Vincente SPINOSI, 23, rail roader, Argentina South America, Point Aux Baril, s/o Rosario SPINOZI & Mariela LABERTE, married Annie JOHNSTON, 30, Lonsberg Norway, Point Aux Baril, d/o Andrew J. JOHNSON (sic) & Katrine ERICSON, witn: W. A. & Elizabeth FAWCETT both of Parry Sound on Oct. 18, 1913 at Parry Sound. 1115-13 Edward Brown STEEN, 35. Evangelist, of Toronto, s/o John STEEN, carpenter & Isabell BROWN, married Ena Margaret May HOLDITCH, 25, of South River, d/o William HOLDITCH, deceased & Elizabeth WILSON, witn: James Edward HEELS of Victoria Harbour & Maida IRWIN of Orillia on June 18, 1913 at Village of South River.

11125-13 (Parry Sound) William George STRACHAN, 23, locomotive fireman, Parry Sound, same, s/o George Smith STRACHAN & Emma ROBINSON, married Ellen BARNES, 19, Lake Joseph, Parry Sound, d/o Joseph BARNES & Gabrielle TYOREL ( s/b Thorel), witn: C. STRACHAN & C. BIERS both of Parry Sound, 17 July 1913 at Parry Sound

11117-13 (Parry Sound) Frank SULLIVAN, 31, Methodist minister, England, Espanola District of Sudbury, s/o John Walter SULLIVAN & Sarah Ann FLETCHER, married Mildred May ORSER, 22, Novar District of Muskoka, same, d/o William Amos ORSER & Elizabeth STEWART, witn: William E. CURRAN of Emsdale & Edith STANLEY of Burks Falls, 22 Dec 1913 at Burks Falls


011131/13 (Parry Sound) Frank TEMPLEMAN, 23, acetate maker, Streatham, Parry Sound, s/o Frank TEMPLEMAN & Helen WALTERS, married Ivy May EVANS, 18, London England, Montreal, d/o Henry Richard EVANS & Florence Rebecca JOHNSTON, witn: E. TEMPLEMAN & Gertrude TEMPLEMAN both of Parry Sound, 8 May 1913, Parry Sound

11132-13 Robert John TENNANT, 23, teamster, Sand Bay Leeds Co., McDougall Tp., s/o Prince Albert TENNANT & Sarah Jane MAXWELL, married Cora CLEMENT, 20, Wilberforce Haliburton Co., Haileybury, d/o Martin CLEMENT & Elizabeth SCOTT, witn: George RAWLINSON & E. R. WATCH both of Parry Sound on June 25, 1913 at Parry Sound 11133-13 Charlie THOMPSON, 55, labourer, widower, Bay City Michigan USA, French River, s/o Samuel THOMPSON & Rebeka JACKSON, married Elizabeth McMAHON, 45, widow, Southampton, French River, d/o John KEWANCEY & Luisa THOMPSON, witn: Frances E. MUNT & Mrs B. J. COPSEY both of Parry Sound on Aug. 18, 1913 at Parry Sound.

011130/13 (Parry Sound) Howard Melville THOMPSON, 26, farmer, Loring Ont., Loring Ont., s/o Albert THOMPSON (dead) & Rebecca LAMBKIN, married Minnie AVERY, 26, Loring Ont., d/o Benjamin AVERY (dead) & Elizabeth WEISGERBER, witn: Roy THOMPSON & Mrs. Anna AVERY both of Loring Ont., 7 May 1913, Loring

011135/13 (Parry Sound) Robert THOMPSON, 28, laborer, Gaspe Que., South River, s/o John THOMPSON & Rosie ELEMENT, married Mary Delma RESBERRY (Raspberry?), 18, Gatanu (Gatineau?) Que., South River, d/o John RESBERRY & Amelia ROBIETOIE (Robitaille?), witn: John WILLOUGHBY & John McCABE both of Sundridge Ont., 4 October 1913, Sundridge

011129/13 (Parry Sound) Thomas TOBY, 27, laborer, Honey Harbor Simcoe Co., Honey Harbor Simcoe Co. s/o John TOBY & Lizzie YELLOWHEAD, married Agnes TONCH, 32, Shawanaga, Bensky? Island Simcoe Co., d/o Frank TONCH & Lizzie RISBOROUGH, witn: John BIGG? (Baggs?) of Shawanaga & Joe PAWIS of Shawanaga, 1 March 1913, Parry Island

011134/13 (Parry Sound) Peter TREMBLE, 23, labourer, Rama Reserve, Parry Island, s/o Barney & Bigwind, married Hannah ASSANCE, 20, Shawanaga, Shawanaga, d/o Isaiah ASSANCE & Harriet TABABUNDONG, witn: Joseph PARTRIDGE of Byng Inlet & Benj. SIMCOE of Rama Road , 8 September 1913, Parry Island Reserve

11136-13 Thomas Wesley ULLMAN, 30, lumberman, widower, Parry Sound, same, s/o Thomas ULLMAN & Rebecca HEELEY, married Mary Elizabeth McDONALD, 17, Orillia, Parry Sound, d/o John McDONALD & Caroline JOHNSON, witn: Walter ULLMAN & Corrie McDONALD both of Parry Sound on Sept. 3, 1913 at Parry Sound. 11138-13 James Alexander VAIL, 34, barber, Medora, Parry Sound, s/o W. B. VAIL & Lidia HUTCHINSON, married Mary Bertha PARKS, 25, Walsall Staffordshire England, Parry Sound, d/o John PARKS & Emily LOVE, witn: Edith OLDFIELD & John PARKS both of Parry Sound on Sept. 15, 1913 at Parry sound.
11139-13 James Delarmey VANDUZEN, 38, of Burks Falls, s/o Benjamin VANDUZEN, farmer & Martha Ann CURTIS, married May NESBITT, 23, Proudfoot, same, d/o Thomas NESBITT, farmer & Mary Ann JORDAN, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. CAMPBELL no residences given on Oct. 24, 1913 at Perry Tp 11137-13 George Albert VANHOUSER, 34, labourer, Parry Sound, same, s/o George VANHOUSER & Caroline FOSTER, married Annie TAIT, 38, widow, Buffalo New York USA, Parry Sound, d/o Herbert Andrew RICHARDS & Mary Anne Elizabeth HOWELL, witn: Herbert ANDERSON & Mrs D. J. COPSEY both of Parry Sound on Aug. 2, 1913 at Parry Sound
11141-13 James Wesley WADDELL, 31, livery man, of Parry Sound, s/o James WADDELL, livery man & Elizabeth JUNCK, married Ester MUNROE, 24, of Machar Tp., d/o Andrew MUNROE, farmer & Agnes SHAUGHNESSY, witn: Jean CAMPBELL & Mary COLLINSON both of South River on Dec. 21, 1913 at Village of South River.

11143-13 (Parry Sound) Thomas Alfred WATERS, 24, painter, Medora & Wood twp, Humphrey twp, s/o Thomas WATERS & Margaret A. WALLS, married Mary Louisa Maud DIXON, 25, Humphrey twp, same, d/o Alfred DIXON & Mary Ann LASHBROOK, witn: Margaret E. WATERS of Craigilea PO & Thomas CLEGG of Gordon Bay, 11 June 1913 at Humphrey twp

11144-13 (Parry Sound) Robert Cecil WELLS, 22, section (RR), London England, Orrville Christie twp, s/o William John WELLS & Elizabeth EDE, married Mary Louisa CHAPMAN, 17, London England, Orrville, d/o Frederick CHAPMAN (deceased) & Louisa EDE, witn: Allan I SCHOFIELD of Orrville & Ida REID of Parry Sound, 20 Aug 1913 at Orrville - consent given by bride’s mother Louisa CHAPMAN

11140-13 Francis Albert WHITE, 51, train fireman (?), widower, Chelsea England, Carling Tp. s/o Michael Francis WHITE & Mary Ann Eliza HENDERSON, married Mary Ann GILLEN, 48, widow, Acton Halton Co., Toronto, d/o Alexander RUSSELL & Hannah Louisa FONGER, witn: William RANKIN & Ed WHEATLEY both of Parry Sound on Dec. 26, 1913 at Parry sound

11142-13 (Parry Sound) Yoni WIITANEN, 24, woodcutter, of McMurrich twp, s/o Yon WIITA ‘sic’, farmer & Manta Tomila, married Hilda HEIKKILA, 23, cook, of McMurrich twp, d/o Malakiija HEIKKILA, farmer & Santra WILSON, witn: Herman SANTIKKO of Sprucedale & Miss Ethel MARSHALL of Parry Sound, 23 May 1913 at town of Parry Sound

11145-13 (Parry Sound) Matthew Charles WILSON, 30, railwayman, Cardwell twp, Orrville Christie twp, s/o James WILSON & Alice CHRYSTAL, married Mary Jane FORBES, 23, Orrville, same, d/o John FORBES & Mary WHITE, witn: Frank FORBES & Margaret FORBES both of Orrville, 8 Oct 1913 at Parry Sound

11146-13 (Parry Sound) Edward B. WURM, 23, laborer, of Magnetawan Chapman twp, s/o Julius WURM, farmer & Charity MORRIS, married Matilda Louisa BOETTGER, 19, cook, of Magnetawan, d/o Ludwig C. BOETTGER, farmer & Bertha T. BRUECKNER, witn: Julia WURM & William BOETTGER both of Magnetawan, 14 Nov 1913 at Magnetawan

11147-13 (Parry Sound) Daniel Austin YOKOM, 31, farmer, Dorchester twp Middlesex [Co], McDougall twp, s/o Jesse YOKOM & Annie HAZEN, married Margaret J. LOESCH, 22, Freidburg (Freiburg?) Germany, d/o Otto LOESCH & Margaret RUCKERT, witn: Arthur WYNDHAM & Ada WYNDHAM both of Parry Sound, 6 Sept 1913 at Parry Sound