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Muskoka & Parry Sound Dist., 1919

birth place is given before residence


17746-19 George Griffiths AITKEN, 33, chief geographer of B.C., Edinburgh Scotland, Ottawa, s/o George Andrews AITKIN & Agnes Melville THOMSON, married Evelyn Constance Wilma WARNE, 31, Baysville McLean Tp., Bracebridge, d/o Francis Percival WARNE & Susan MULHOLLAND, witn: Ray H. & Queenie WARNE both of Bracebridge on March 17, 1919 at Bracebridge

20728-19 Stephen AJAWASSIGE, 24, labourer, Pickerel, Byng Inlet, s/o Elias AJAWASSIGE & Henriette AMIKWABE, married Annie MISSABE, 23, Pickerel, Byng Inlet, d/o William MISSABE & Suzan GIWEKANDO, witn: Elizabeth MISHIGAKWAD & Mike CANTIN both of Pickerel on Oct. 27, 1919 at Byng Inlet

20726-19 Donald Carmichael ALEXANDER, 22, shipper, Ryerson Tp., Burks Falls, s/o William G. ALEXANDER & Margaret A. McKAGUE, married Blanche Elizabeth MOORE, 25, school teacher, Chapman Tp., same, d/o William MORRIS & Catherine HORNER, witn: Ernest DALEY of Burks Falls & Mina MORRIS of Cecebe, on Aug. 15, 1919 at Cecebe, Chapman Tp.

20727-19 Arthur James ALEXANDER, 37, farmer, widower, Ryerson Tp., same, s/o George ALEXANDER & Esther Floyd WOOSTER, married Mary HARDIE, 25, school teacher, Alexander HARDIE & Martha Bowie BROWNLEE, witn: Morley JOHNSTON of Royston & Jessie HARDIE of Hurdville on June 4, 1919 at Hurdville

20724-19 Lorne Everett ANDERSON, 27, labourer, Centreville, Parry Sound, s/o Henry ANDERSON & Sarah WILSON, married Mary OSBORNE, 21, Halifax N.S., Parry Sound, d/o Howard OSBORNE & Rebecca CURRIE, witn: R. McEACHERN & Mary MORRISON both of Perry Sound on Oct. 6, 1919 at Parry Sound.

17745-19 Clarence ANDREWS, 27, farmer, Draper Tp., same, s/o John ANDREWS & Elizabeth KEMP, married Elizabeth WHITE, 25, Draper Tp., same, d/o Charles WHITE & Jane BOWERS, witn: Mr & Mrs Jesse WHITE both of Gravenhurst on June 4, 1919 at Bracebridge
17744-19 William Thomas ATKINSON, 41, farmer, Raymond, same, s/o Robert ATKINSON (b. England) & Catherine HAND, married Margaret Hannah MIDDLEBROOK, 18, Bala, Aspdin, d/o Harper MIDDLEBROOK (b. Canada) & Annie Jane SCHELL, witn: Annie & Charles QUINTON both of Raymond on Nov. 19, 1919 at Bracebridge.

20725-19 Alfred Henry ATTFIELD, 38, clerk, Shrewsbury England, Parry Sound, s/o Alfred ATTFIELD & Sarah Ann ATKINSON, married Margaret Emma CAMPBELL, 18, Waubamik, same, d/o Douglas CAMPBELL & Susan McEACHERN, witn: Malcolm CAMPBELL of Waubamik & Mrs Ella HULL of Parry Sound on July 4, 1919 at Trinity Parish, Parry Sound.

20742-19 James BAILEY, 24, machinist, Huntsville, North Bay, s/o James BAILEY & Marcy LEVETT, married Muriel PHILLIPS, 24, Powassan, same, d/o John PHILLIPS & Elizabeth ALSTON, witn: Norman PHILLIPS of Powassan & Edith BAILEY of North Bay on July 9, 1919 at Himsworth

17755-19 Earnest Earl BARNES, 23, labourer, Foxmead Orillia Tp., Gravenhurst, s/o James Albert BARNES & Eva CUNNINGHAM, married Edna Alma STARK, 18, Reay, same, d/o John STARK & Jane WESTBROOK, witn: Peter John STARK of Reay LS Muskoka Dist. & Elizabeth STARK of Huntsville on May 28, 1919 at Reay

20748-19 William J. BARTON, 29, farmer, Hotham, Tomstown , s/o Robert BARTON & Sarah Ann McCORD, married Bertha A. COOK, 22, Carr , Nipissing , d/o Oscar COOK & Annie FRY, witn: Hugh BARTON of Hotham & Edith EDWARDS of Carr on April 30, 1919 at Powassan

20747-19 David Wesley BASSO, 22, soldier, Sundridge, same, s/o William BASSO & Elizabeth E. PINNELL, married Gladys Eveline HALL, 19, Collingwood, Sundridge, d/o Samuel HALL & Annie WAUGH, witn: J & H. HANNAH of Callander & Frances HALL of Sundridge on May 11, 1919 at Strong Tp.

20743-19 Robert George BATTRICK, 21, farmer, Bromley England, Sundridge, s/o John BATTRICK & Elizabeth PAYNTON, married Edith Louisa LUSH, 23, Burks Falls, same, d/o Richard LUSH & Miss HOLBURT (Hulbert?), witn: Almira S. LUSH of Burks Falls & William Fallon BATTRICK of Sundridge on July 9, 1919 at Burks Falls.

20753-19 Matthieu BEAUCAGE, 29, fisherman, widower, West Bay Excelsior , Byng Inlet, s/o Ignace BEAUCAGE & Lizette LOSENS (?), married Madeleine LAMORANDIERE, 17, French River, Byng Inlet, d/o Frederic LAMORANDIERE & Marie Anne NEDAWASH, witn: Sophie WEMIGWANS & Jacques COOPER both of Byng Inlet on June 30, 1919 at Byng Inlet.

20741-19 William Herbert BEATTIE, 26, mail clerk, North Bay, same, s/o Adam BEATTIE & Catherine COX, married Mary Ina MARTYN, 22, North Bay, same, d/o W. A. MARTYN & Margaret JAMISON, witn: Eva HUNTER & Harold J. MARTYN both of North Bay on July 17, 1919 at Callander

17758-19 Herbert Edward BEAUMONT, 46, farmer, Mendham Norfolk England, Bracebridge, s/o James John BEAUMONT & Martha LADD, married Hannah Ethel MAWDSLEY, 33, Bracebridge, same, d/o Charles Edgar MAWDSLEY & Mabel Elizabeth Mary SCOTT, witn: Ruby MAWDSLEY of Bracebridge & George F. BEAUMONT of 31 East St. East Toronto on Oct. 7, 1919 at St. Thomas Church Bracebridge

17747-19 Henry Benjamin BEIRNES , 27, farmer, Cardwell Tp., same, s/o Samuel BEIRNES & Mary LEONARD, married Bessie Priscilla CUBBITT, 18, Bleekling? England, Cardwell Tp., d/o James CUBBITT & Amy EWING, witn: James & Amy CUBITT both of Hekkla, on Jan. 1, 1919 at Hekkla Church, Cardwell Tp.  

20739-19 Joseph BELFRY, 35, labourer, St. Anne's (nr Montreal), South River, s/o Charles BELFRY & Mary TERRIER, married Josephine STODDARD, 18, Brockville, South River, d/o Andrew STODDARD & Caroline WHITE, witn: Albert & Esther Elizabeth Jane TUCKER both of South River on Aug. 6, 1919 at South River.

20740-19 Anthony BELFRY, 34, labourer, St. Ann's (nr Montreal), South River, s/o Charles BELFRY & Mary TERRIER, married Leona CONNELL, 18, Watertown NY, South River, d/o James CONNELL & Mary MOTT, witn: Albert & Esther Elizabeth TUCKER both of South River on Aug. 6, 1919 at South River.

20752-19 Alfred Hiram BENTON, 29, Minister, England, North Bay, s/o Alfred Hiram BENTON & Sarah HARRISON, married Hilda Annie HARPER, 23, Montreal, Mattawa, d/o George HARPER & Harriett CULLUM, witn: Harriett HARPER of Mattawa & W. A. TONSLEE? of Callander on Jan. 1, 1919 at Callander.

20746-19 Albert Lavern BESSEY, 26, clerk, Acton, South River, s/o father deceased & Phoebe M. UNGER, married Olive Irene WINDRIM, 26, bookkeeper, Carswell (Cresswell?), d/o George Henry WINDRIM & Mary Adelaide CONKLIN, witn: Eva Gertrude BESSEY & Harvey C. CARTER both of South River on May 28, 1919 at South River.

20735-19 Joseph Donat BIENVENU, 26, chef, Sainte Theodosie - Vercheres Co. Que., Byng Inlet, s/o Gaspard BIENVENU & Valida DANSEREAU, married Alice FOURNIER, 17, Penetanguishene, Byng Inlet, d/o Louis FOURNIER & Flora CAMERON, witn: Louis FOURNIER & Flora CAMERON both of Byng Inlet on Oct. 11, 1919 at Byng Inlet.

20732-19 Angelo BINDA, 23, labourer, Italy, Parry Sound, s/o Frederick BINDA & Assunta PISCIA, married Ella RICHIE, 19, Cushing, Perry Sound, d/o Oliver RICHIE & Viola HANNIGAN, witn: Joseph ROGIANI & Isabella THOMPSON both of Parry Sound on April 19, 1919 at Parry Sound.

20744-19 Peter BIRD, 23, labourer, Russia, Scotia Jet, s/o John & Rosa, married Annie Lou MARKS, 18, Scotia Jet, same, d/o John MARKS & Annie JARVIS, witn: Wilbert RIED & Edith COWELL both of Kearney on June 23, 1919 at Scotia, Parry Tp.

17751-19 Eli Murton BIRTCH, 25, labourer, Huntsville, same, s/o Thomas BIRTCH & Hanna BENETT, married Ella MITCHELL, 19, Huntsville, same, d/o Robert MITCHELL & Annie BROWN, witn: Aubrey LAW & Edith NEWLOVE, both of Huntsville on June 19, 1919 at Huntsville

20734-19 Patrick Anthony BISSONETTE, 18, printer, Peterborough, Parry Sound, s/o Fred BISSONETTE & Mary KENNEDY, married Jennie FLESHER, 27, widow, Parry Sound, same, d/o Young BUCHANAN & Martha HARRIS, witn: John illegible & Mrs illegible SARGEANT both of Parry Sound on Jan. Illegible 1919 at Parry Sound. [faded reg'n]

17748-19 William John BLACK, 30, carpenter, Oakley Tp., Bracebridge, s/o Jacob BLACK (b. Canada) & Mary McDONALD, married Minnie Edna HALL, 24, Lancelot , Bracebridge, d/o Thomas H. HALL (b. Oakville Ont.) & Elizabeth OSBORNE, witn: Leslie George BLACK of Bracebridge & Ada Mae HALL of Hamilton on Dec. 31, 1919 at Bracebridge

20738-19 Sidney James BLAIR, 20, farmer, Cumbermere, Whitney, s/o William John BLAIR & Jean McDUNNIS, married Mary Florence HAYER, 20, Centreview Hastings Co., Whitney, d/o William HAYER & Mary CARR, witn: William H. BLAIR of Whitney & Daisy V. SMALL of Kearney on Aug. 27, 1919 at Kearney.

20736-19 Joseph BLANEY, 31, farmer, Croft Tp., same, s/o Robert & Augusta, married Edith FRITZ, 19, Ryerson Tp., same, d/o Louis FRITZ & Mary, witn: Aubrey TILSON & Louise COURVOISIER both of Ahmic HARBOUR on Sept. 3, 1919 at residence of Charles Tilson of Croft Tp.

20751-19 Thomas Wilfram BOOTH, 38, farmer, Gurd Tp. Commanda , same, s/o Joseph BOOTH & Anna FARNLEY, married Marie Rose HAUFE, 20, Gurd Tp. Commanda Tp., same, d/o Hugo HAUFE & Clara DOERING, witn: Ernest HAUFE & Etta BOOTH both of Commanda on Nov. 16, 1919 at Commanda

17750-19 William Henry BOOTHBY, 26, carpenter, Port Cunnington - Muskoka Dist., same, s/o Edward S. BOOTHBY & Jane MORROW, married Ursula Beatrix RILEY, 24, school teacher, Toronto Junction, Milford Bay, d/o George William RILEY & Florence PENNEY, witn: Florence & George RILEY of Milford Bay on June 25, 1919 at St. Marks, Milford Bay

20745-19 Henry William John BORN, 26, farmer, Logan Tp. Perth Co., Ryerson Tp., s/o Henry BORN & Katherine KISTNER, married Olive Edna LANGFORD, 19, nr Webbwood Sudbury Dist., Ryerson Tp., d/o Samuel LANGFORD & Emily ROSS, witn: Isabella MENZIES & Gertrude H. TILSON both of Burks Falls on June 4, 1919 at Burks Falls.

17757-19 James BOTTING, 30, farmer, Coldwater, Stephenson Tp., s/o Albert BOTTING & Jennie FRASER, married Agnes Mable LYLE, 19, waitress, Bath England, Stephenson Tp., d/o Herbert Isaac LYLE & Mable HOEY, witn: Mr & Mrs George BUKER both of Bracebridge on Feb. 12, 1919 at Bracebridge

20749-19 Arthur Clifton BOWDEN, 36, cutter, Newmarket, Toronto, s/o William Henry BOWDEN & Emeline HUNT, married Edith Luella HUNTER, 31, Burks Falls, Toronto, d/o Alexander Thomas HUNTER & Emma WILSON, witn: Harold Jamison MARTYN & Eva Estella HUNTER both of North Bay on Jan. 20, 1919 at Armour Tp.

17753-19 Reginald William BOYD, 30, clerk, Windermere, Huntsville, s/o J.R. BOYD & Olive Jane HUTCHESON, married Grace Sutherland FISHER, 27, Huntsville, same, d/o James Edward FISHER & Agnes McKENZIE, witn: Norma FISHER & Frank HUTCHESON both of Huntsville on June 18, 1919 at Huntsville.

17749-19 Harry BOYER, 30, granite dealer, Bracebridge, same, s/o Henry BOYER & Florence E. DAVIS, married Sarah Ida Edwina GOHEEN, 21, Ryde Tp., Bracebridge, d/o William GOHEEN & Maria Jane ELLIOTT, witn: Mildred BROWN & Stirling POWSON? both of Bracebridge on Sept. 10, 1919 at Bracebridge

20737-19 James BRANT, 25, labourer, Armour Tp., Burks Falls, s/o Frederick BRANT & Eliza Jane PHILLIPS, married Margaret Adella JORDAN, 16, Armour Tp., Parry Sound Dist., d/o Samuel JORDAN & Margaret Ann WALKER, witn: Edith MASON & Alice BRANT both of Burks Falls on Sept. 17, 1919 at Burks Falls.

20733-19 Ernest Arthur BREENS, 19, labourer, Parry Sound, same, s/o Arthur BREENS & Minnie RICHARDS, married Etta Clarissa McINDOO, 21, Rosemount Ont, Parry Sound, d/o William McINDOO & Margaret CHAMBERS, witn: James Milton HARPER & Jessie FENTON both of Parry Sound on Jan. 6, 1919 at Parry Sound

20750-19 Thomas Arthur BRENNAN, 27, railroad engineer, Ottawa, Depot Harbour, s/o Thomas William BRENNAN & Mary Ellen JUBINVILLE, married Catharine Imelda GLEASON, 19, clerk, Depot Harbour, same, d/o William Henry GLEASON & Rose Jane O'BRIEN, witn: B. C. DONAGAN of Parry Sound & Mary GLEASON of Depot Harbour on Jan. 29, 1919 at Depot Harbour.

20730-19 Ethelbert Rennie BRENT (Brint?), 24, baker, Uxbridge, Parry Sound, s/o James Charles BRENT & Eliza ANDERSON, married Pauline LABRASH, 19, Parry Sound, same, d/o Edward LABRASH & Ella PYIE, witn: John DUTRIZAC & Mrs. M. SARGINSON both of Parry Sound on Aug. 26, 1919 at Parry Sound.

17752-19 Arthur Frederick BROADLEY, 27, farmer, Walkers Point, same, s/o Enos BROADLEY & Olive ELGAR, married Eva BERRY, 27, Walkers Point, same, d/o William BERRY & Phyllis SMITH, witn: May & Sidney BERRY both of Walkers Point on Jan. 28, 1919 at Walkers Point, Wood Tp

17756-19 Myron Stanley BROOKS, 32, farmer, Sinclair Tp., same, s/o Edgar BROOKS & Elizabeth Jane MAY, married Isabel Shaw KEOWN, 22, Franklin Tp., same, d/o George KEOWN & Maggie GLASS, witn: Robert? Stanley KEOWN of Dwight & Edna Eleanor BROOKS of Hillside on May 21, 1919 at St. Peter's Church at Dwight.

20729-19 William Otis BUNDY, 44, merchant, Linwood, same, s/o John BUNDY & Susan BENNETT, married Alberta RING, 31, widow, Tara Bruce Co., Waterloo Tp., d/o Benjamin NICKLE & Susan MEAUSETTE, witn: Benjamin & Susan NICKLE both of Burks Falls on Nov. 25, 1919 at Burks Falls

17754-19 Osborne Andrew BUSH, 19, farmer, Houseys Rapids - Ryde Tp., same, s/o Andrew BUSH & Alice Agnes BARRY, married Flora Isabella WALKER, 18, Toronto, Houseys Rapids, d/o Howard Austin WALKER & Sadie DURDAN, witn: Maude McNAB & Susie O. COOK both of Gravenhurst on June 19, 1919 at Gravenhurst.

20731-19 John Emerson BUSHEY, 23, farmer, widower, Parry Sound, same, s/o Levi BUSHEY & Emma Jane ALDRED, married Vera Margaret HAYSTEAD, 18, Foley Tp., Parry Sound, d/o Alf HAYSTEAD (deceased) & Willoene VANKOUGHNETT, witn: Allan & Harriet HAYSTEAD both of Parry Sound on Aug. 25, 1919 at Trinity Church, Parry Sound.

20770-19 John Charles CALLERY, 23, farmer, St. Vincent Tp., Machar Tp., s/o William Alexander CALLERY & Lucy McDONALD, married Lilian Elizabeth LONEY, 19, Laurier Tp., same, d/o Isaac LONEY & Sarah STANLEY, witn: Harvey Isaac LONEY & Mary Jane CALLERY both of South River on Aug. 3, 1919 at Sundridge

20754-19 Daniel CAMPBELL, 38, labourer, Parry Sound, Loring, s/o Dougall CAMPBELL & Susan McEACHERN, married Cora BEALIEU, 28, widow, Loring, same, d/o Richard LAMBKIN & Charlotte BROOKS, witn: Edward LAMBKIN & Mabel BOWERS both of Loring on Dec. 7, 1919 at Loring.

17761-19 Horace Moore CAMPBELL, 21, farmer, Stisted Tp., Yearley Ontario, s/o William CAMPBELL deceased (b. Mount Forest) & Agnes PACE, married Vera Eleanor WARE, 18, Brunel Tp., Canal , d/o Samuel WARE (b. Canal Ont.) & Nellie SPROAT, witn: Elma L. & Woodrow WOOLEY both of Utterson on Dec. 26, 1919 at Utterson

17762-19 William CAMPBELL, 28, farmer, Gravenhurst, Walkers Point, s/o Peter CAMPBELL & Eliza PRENTICE, married Nellie ROBERTS, 18, Middlesex England, Milford Bay, d/o George ROBERTS & Gertrude Louisa WILLIS, witn: Samuel CLARKE & George ROBERTS both of Milford Bay on Oct. 22, 1919 at St. Thomas Church at Bracebridge.

20760-19 Ronald CANNING, 24, merchant, McKellar, same, s/o William Thomas CANNING & Eliza Jane KERR (deceased), married Agnes BROWN, 26, Brantford, Dunchurch, d/o Adam BROWN & Agnes YEARDLY, witn: D. DUNLOP & Ella BROWN both of Parry Sound on Aug. 25, 1919 at Parry Sound.

20769-19 Louis CANTIN, 21, lumberman, Henvey Inlet, same, s/o Joseph CANTIN & Angeline NAGANACK, married Annie AGOSE, 18, Little Current, Wikwemikong, d/o Joseph AGOSE & Louisa DESJARDINS, witn: Michel & Pauline CANTIN both of Henvey Inlet on Jan. 6, 1919 at Byng Inlet

20756-19 James M. CARR, 26, farmer, Trout Creek, South River, s/o Thomas CARR & Annie STEWART, married Pearl Annie ROBERTSON, 24, South River, same, d/o Mark ROBERTSON & Elizabeth CRAIG, witn: F. MARTIN (?) & Clifford ROBERTSON both of South River on Oct. 29, 1919 at South River


17765-19 Roy Lavern CHADWICK, 25, brakeman, St. Ann, St. Catharines, s/o John CHADWICK & Jennie HILLECKER, married Alma Mary Lake WATSON, 20, England, St. Catharines, d/o Alfred WATSON & Alma MAGG, witn: William Davidson HEWITT & Lily Mary HEWITT both of Gravenhurst on Aug. 11, 1919 at St. James Church in Gravenhurst.

17764-19 John Elmore CHAPMAN, 24, merchant, Spruce Dale, Uffington, s/o John CHAPMAN & Mary FAULKENER, married Cassie BRYSON, 22, student, Uffington, same, d/o Walter BRYSON & Herdelia SAWYER, witn: Mr & Mrs Walter R. TAPLIN both of Uffington on Sept. 30, 1919 at Bracebridge

20765-19 George W. CHAPPLAIN, 49, marine engineer, Halifax, Nairn Centre, s/o George B. CHAPPLAIN & Helen McCARDELL, married Rose MORIARITY, 47, widow, Halifax, Nairn Centre, d/o Ephraim & Mary LAPIERRE, witn: Mr. & Mrs. A. J. O'NEILL both of Parry Sound on June 23, 1919 at Parry Sound.

20771-19 Jean CHARLES, 23, farmer, Vailly France, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Francis CHARLES & Franceline FRAZZARD, married Lydia Ann ROBICHAUD, 18, munitions worker, Herminsville Michigan USA, Parry Sound, d/o James ROBICHAUD & Emma DEHART, witn: Albina GROULX & Fabian ROBICHAUD both of Parry Sound on May 27, 1919 at Parry Sound.

17763-19 David Richard CHRISTIE, 29, steam fitter, Banff Scotland, Gravenhurst, s/o David Richard CHRISTIE & Margaret McKAY, married Rachel SCHELL, 20, Gravenhurst, same, d/o Frederick & Maggie, witn: Mr. & Mrs Charles R. GRAHAM both of Gravenhurst on Jan. 14, 1919 at Gravenhurst

17766-19 William George CLARK, 45, labourer, Alliston, Bracebridge, s/o John CLARK & Mary Ann WILSON, married Mary Aurlda LOCKHEAD, 31, widow, Bracebridge, same, d/o William MANDLY & Annie HOLDEN, witn: Beulah MORROW & Lilian MATTHIAS both of Bracebridge on May 28, 1919 at Bracebridge

17769-19 Ernest Dawson CLAYTON, 22, farmer, of Dorset, s/o Jeremiah CLAYTON, farmer & Eliza Jane SAWYER, married Thelma Eileen WESTERN, 23, of Dorset, d/o Cecil WESTERN, deceased & Louise Alberta COLE, witn: Fredric Frank BIGGS & William Coburn SEWARD both of Dorset on June 11, 1919 at Dorset

20761-19 Thomas Henry COLLINS, 27, carpenter, Penryn Cornwall England, Sudbury, s/o Thomas Combe COLLINS & Elizabeth FRANCIS, married Ethel May LAND, 26, Waubamik, same, d/o Wellington LAND & Ellen MONTGOMERY, witn: Russell LAND of Waubamik & Susanna CRAWFORD of McKellar on Aug. 29, 1919 at Parry Sound.

20762-19 Arthur Albert COOK, 24, driller, Rochester New York USA, Parry Sound, s/o Henry COOK & Mary RAMSAY, married Delia Hattie PORTER, 18, Parry Sound, same, d/o John PORTER & Hattie PERIS, witn: William HUNTER of Parry Sound & Mrs M. McFADDEN of Peterboro on Aug. 16, 1919 at Parry Sound.

17759-19 Arthur William CONNOR, 28, farmer, Isle of Jersey Channel Islands England, Port Credit Ontario, s/o Charles Mathew CONNOR (b. St Heliel? - Isle of Jersey) & Alice Jane BOTTOMLEIGH, married Edith Lucy KNIGHT, 26, school teacher, Midland, Brunel Tp., d/o William German KNIGHT (b. Hastings Co) & Mary Ann CAPPS, witn: Ruby CONNOR of Port Credit & James A. BROWN of Huntsville on Dec. 30, 1919 at Brunel

17767-19 Morgan CONROY, 20, labourer, Peterborough, Huntsville, s/o John CONROY & Annie MORGAN, married Nellie GUNN, 19, Coboconk, Huntsville, d/o Walter GUNN & Charlotte SLIGHT, witn: William STEPHEN of Orillia & Allan AUSMAN of Huntsville on March 25, 1919 at Huntsville

20759-19 Joseph Henry CORNFIELD, 38, labourer, New Fraser, Parry Sound, s/o William CORNFIELD & Aline (Caroline?) WOODS married Mary Louise MAXEY, 38, widow, Ottawa, Parry Sound d/o George DISLEY & Bridget MAGUEY, witn: Mrs. H. WATTS & E. R. EMES both of Parry Sound on Sept. 1, 1919 at Parry Sound

20755-19 Edward COUSINS, (legally adopted the name Cousins) 25, farmer, Haldane Hill, Todmorden, s/o Henry GARDINER (b. Yorkshire England) & Ada Grace YOUNG, married Susan Lila ATKINSON, 26, school teacher, Rosseau, same, d/o William J. ATKINSON (b. Walkerton Bruce Co.) & Elizabeth ROLESTON, witn: Stanley J. GARDINER of Franklin Avenue Toronto & Alma ATKINSON of Rosseau on Nov. 8, 1919 at Rosseau.

17760-19 William COUTTS, 35, Minister, Watt Muskoka, Camilla, s/o James COUTTS (b. Aberdeen Scotland) & Mary MORTIMER, married Rose Enid KNOWLES, 31, teacher, Severn, Watt Muskoka, d/o Robert KNOWLES (b. Cheshire England) & M. E. CUNNINGHAM, witn: Robert COUTTS & Susanna SHEA both of Ufford on Dec. 31, 1919 at Ufford

20768-19 Alex COWDEN (Howden?), 21, labourer, Trout Creek, Perry Tp., s/o Alexander COWDEN & Lottie BIRCH, married Muriel FINLEY, 18, Chaffey Tp., same, d/o William FINLEY & Priscilla BRAHAN, witn: George OKE & Myrtle CHAFFEY both of Novar on Feb. 17, 1919 at Novar

20763-19 William CRAIG, 33, engineer, Golden Valley, Dunchurch, s/o William CRAIG & Fannie DOBBS, married Eva FARLEY, 33, Dunchurch, same, d/o Thomas FARLEY & Mary MOORE, witn: Maude R. & Virginia TAYLOR both of Parry Sound on Aug. 13, 1919 at Parry Sound.

20764-19 James Edward CRAIG, 22, labourer, Dunchurch, same, d/o William CRAIG & Frances DOBBS, married Rosie WAGAR, 19, Inchinbrook (Hinchinbrooke?), Maple Island, d/o Overton WAGAR & Susan PEATTERSON, witn: Allan ROBERTSON of Dunchurch & Frances WAGAR of Parry Sound on July 30, 1919 at Maple Island.

17768-19 Charles James CRANDALL, 26, farmer, Buffalo New York USA, Stephenson Tp., s/o George Henry CRANDALL & Mary Jane REEVES, married May Violet WOODROW, 21, Edgington, Parry Sound Dist., d/o Joseph WOODROW & no mother's name given, witn: Evelyn STEWART & Fred SHORT both of Utterson on March 19, 1919 at Stephenson Tp.

20766-19 Joseph Henry CREASER, 24, railway trainman, Dunchurch, Parry Sound, s/o R. A. CREASER & Hannah SANDS, married Edith Elizabeth HUTCHINS, 18, Mactier, Smith Falls, d/o Herbert Edward HUTCHINS & Margaret Ellen McDERMOTT, witn: W. J. SULLIVAN & Gertrude CREASER both of Parry Sound on Feb. 17, 1919 at Parry Sound.

20757-19 Emerson Gordon CRONK, 25, bushman, Beauvais? Ont, Kearney, s/o Levi CRONK (b. Canada) & Eliza Jane NEWELL, married May Victoria GILLESPIE, 24, Mactier, Parry Sound, d/o Alexander GILLESPIE & Annie PUTERBAUGH, witn: George L. MINER & Elena Belle RIDDELL both of Parry Sound on Dec. 23, 1919 at Parry Sound.

20767-19 William Earnest CUNNEYWORTH, 28, banker, Finch, Ottawa, s/o William David CUNNEYWORTH & Minnie SPENCER, married Gertrude Estelle MITCHELL, 27, Powassan, same, d/o Alfred MITCHELL & Christina McCREA, witn: Dr. R. H. DILLANE & Mae MITCHELL both of Powassan on Oct. 23, 1919 at Powassan

20758-19 James CURRY, 67, farmer, widower, Grey Co., Orrville, s/o Nathaniel CURRY & Margaret Ann WINTERS, married Margaret ALLAN, 60, widow, Ottawa, Boakview, d/o Don CAUGHEY & Hannah WOLL, witn: A. GRIER & Mrs Joe CORNFIELD both of Parry Sound on Oct. 19, 1919 at Parry Sound.


20776-19 Roy DAVIS, 23, farmer, West Gwillimbury Tp., Sundridge, s/o George Arnold DAVIS & Ann GALLOWAY, married Mildred Henrietta HAMILTON, 18, Sundridge, same, d/o George HAMILTON (deceased) & Henrietta RANEY, witn: Luella TARR (?) & Harold HAMILTON both of Sundridge on June 25, 1919 at Sundridge

20774-19 John Battista DELLANDREA, 31, farmer, Arnstein, same, s/o John Battista DELLANDREA & Dina BAIN, married Josephine WAGNER, 34, Arnstein, same, d/o Anton A. WAGNER & Annie KORMAN, witn: Henry HAMPEL & Emma BERGER both of Arnstein on Aug. 11, 1919 at Arnstein.

20778-19 Michael DEMERS, 22, farmer, Chiswick, same, s/o Thomas DEMERS & Adele DELORME, married Emma Gertrude WAY, 18, South Hemsworth Tp., same, d/o James WAY & Susan DUNN, witn: Rose Ann DEMERS & Eugene OULETTE both of Chiswick on Aug. 26, 1919 at Powassan

20777-19 Joseph Elias DESGAGNE, 33, farmer, illegible Quebec, Astorville , s/o Epiphany DESGAGNE & Genevieve BOURDREAULT, married Fabiana GAUTHIER, 20, Chrysler, South Hemsworth, d/o Cleophus GAUTHIER & Armeline BRISSON, witn: Caroline ROCHEFORT of Astorville & Leo GAUTHIER of Powassan on Jan. 21, 1919 at Powassan.

20772-19 John James DITCHFIELD, 21, electrician, Preston England, Nobel, s/o John DITCHFIELD & Ruth BENNETT, married Eva Charlotte CHARLTON, 20, North Shields England, Nobel, d/o John CHARLTON & Charlotte ROBINSON, witn: Leslie FERGUSON & Lucy Jane LITTLEHALE, both of Nobel on July 7, 1919 at Trinity Church, Parry Sound

20775-19 James Arthur DIXON, 31, farmer, Humphrey Tp. (?), Gordon Bay, s/o Alfred DIXON & Mary LASHBROOK, married Ethel May Jackson DAVIES, 24, Darfield Yorkshire England, Gordon Bay, d/o Thomas DAVIES & Elizabeth Ann BOSANQUET, witn: Thomas A. WATERS of Gordon Bay & Mary L. WATERS of Gordon Bay on July 12, 1919 at Humphrey Tp.

17771-19 Joseph Albert DOWNING, 24, farmer, Monteith Tp., Seguin Falls, s/o William George DOWNING & Elizabeth SUGDEN, married Vera Whilelmine MacDONALD, 18, Franklin Tp., Seguin Falls, d/o John MacDONALD & Mary CARRICK, witn: Richard DOWNING & Laura MacDONALD both of Seguin Falls on May 7, 1919 at Huntsville.

20773-19 Thomas DUNLOP, 25, line man, Parry Sound, same, s/o Robert DUNLOP & Mary McFEE, married Jessie FENTON, 20, Renfrew Co., Parry Sound, d/o John FENTON & Mary BLACK, witn: W. E. POYTRESS of Parry Sound & Hazel McINDOO of Toronto on May 14, 1919 at Parry Sound

17770-19 William Joseph DUNN, 25, blacksmith, Campbellford, Stisted Tp., s/o Noah DUNN & mother's name unknown ("home boy"), married Rosemond O'RILEY, 17, Beverley Tp., Stisted Tp., d/o Robert O'RILEY & Clara SMITH, witn: David A. RILEY & Edrie De MAINE both of Ashworth on Aug. 6, 1919 at Ashworth.

20780-19 William Harold ELDER, 28, manager of summer resort, Toronto, Bigwood , s/o William Alexander ELDER & Annie GOWER, married Ethel Margaret ROBINSON, 33, musician, Kilbride, Bigwood , d/o Alexander ROBINSON & Mary Martha AUSTIN, witn: W. & K. WENT both of Parry Sound on Dec. 20, 1919 at Parry Sound

20779-19 Calvin Harold ELLIOTT, 21, barber, Fern Glen, same, s/o Samuel John ELLIOTT & Mary CUNNINGHAM, married Bertha SUMMERWILL, 24, McMurrich Tp., Sprucedale, d/o James & Mary Jack SUMMERWILL, witn: F. H. SUMMERWILL of Sprucedale & Eva M. ELLIOTT of Fern Glen on Dec. 31, 1919 at Sprucedale.

20781-19 William John ELLIS, 25, farmer, Bracebridge, Humphrey Tp., s/o Charles E. ELLIS & Mary McDONALD, married Eliza TOLTON, 27, widow, Cardwell Tp., Humphrey Tp., d/o Douglas CROWDER & Mary Malinda CARTER, witn: Thomas & Annie ENGLISH both of Humphrey Tp. on July 11, 1919 at Humphrey Tp.

17772-19 James Walter EMBERSON, 24, farmer, Franklin Tp., same, s/o Francis A. EMBERSON & Charlotte Ann TYNER, married Anne Caroline SALMON, 23, Franklin Tp., same, d/o Thomas SALMON & Elizabeth ROBSON, witn: Thomas & Graeme SALMON both of Fox Point & F .A. & Esther M. EMBERSON both of Hillside on June 24, 1919 at St. John's Church at Fox Point, Franklin Tp

20782-19 Ernest ETHIER, 24, labourer, Sturgeon Falls, Byng Inlet, s/o Paul ETHIER & Celina ST. DENIS, married Germaine BERTRAND, 19, clerk, Becancourt Que., Byng Inlet, d/o Narcisse BERTRAND & Clara BOISVERT, witn: Paul ETHIER & Narcisse BERTRAND both of Byng Inlet on Oct. 7, 1919 at Byng Inlet.

20786-19 Arkell Warren FARR, 23, government inspector, Parry Sound, same, s/o William Frank FARR & Alswitha MacFARLANE, married Agnes Catherine HALL, 25, Depot Harbour, same, d/o James HALL & Laura MARICA?, witn: William Joseph DESROCHER & Helen Marie HALL both of Depot Harbour on Aug. 6, 1919 at Parry Sound

20790-19 Denis Connor FARRELL, 23, farmer, Monteith Tp., Sprucedale, s/o Peter Joseph FARRELL & Mary Ellen BURNS, married Ellen Veronica FITZPATRICK, 25, school teacher, Downeyville, McMurrich Tp., d/o Michael FITZPATRICK & Jane CAVANAGH, witn: John KELLY & Mary Ellen FARRELL both of Sprucedale on July 9, 1919 at Sprucedale

20784-19 Ernest William Kurt FELSMANN, 26, labourer, illegible, Parry Sound, s/o Alfred FELSMANN & Maria MYSCHKOWSKY, married Susan Dorothy MICHAELS, 28, Eganville, Parry Sound, d/o August MICHAELS & Pauline LEMKE, witn: Walter John MORTLOCK & Benjamin MICHAELS both of Parry Sound on Dec. 15, 1919 at Parry Sound

20788-19 John Claude FENNELL, 26, manager, Carp, Englehart, s/o Joshua FENNELL & Louisa ARGUE, married Luella L. DUNBAR, 25, Sundridge, same, d/o William DUNBAR & Ellen TRIPP, witn: witness names obliterated on Sept. 24, 1919 at Sundridge

20783-19 George Wellington FISHER, 24, farmer, McKellar, Parry Sound, s/o Samuel FISHER & Alice Lena HAYES, married Gladys Pearl CLARE, 20, North Sidney, Parry Sound, d/o Solomon CLARE & Anna HATLEY, witn: Mrs. George SHROPSHIRE & Mrs G. Sidney SMITH both of Parry Sound on Dec. 17, 1919 at Parry Sound.

17782-19 W. J. FITZMAURICE, 40, farmer, widower, Monck, same, s/o Patrick FITZMAURICE & Marguerite DENALLY, married Alice LANAGAN, 32, widow, Kilkenny, Bracebridge, d/o John LANAGAN & Ellen DELANEY, witn: Edward FITZMAURICE of Ziska & Marguerite McCANN of Bracebridge on Sept. 1, 1919 at Bracebridge.

17773-19 Roderick FLEMING, 23, blacksmith, Franklin Tp., Huntsville, s/o Leslie FLEMING & Rose LANG, married Olive Irene SHAW, 19, Novar, Huntsville, d/o Edwin SHAW & Annie ROWE, witn: Gordon FLEMING of Huntsville & Gertrude SHAW of Novar on Oct. 14, 1919 at Novar.

17778-19 Harvey Leo FLOWERS, 18, fireman, Gravenhurst, same, s/o Frank Edward FLOWERS & Sarah PEARSON, married Ethel May MACK, 19, Huntsville, Gravenhurst, d/o Albert MACK & Elizabeth LAW, witn: Charles D. & Caroline F. R. PARFETT both of Gravenhurst on Aug. 7, 1919 at Gravenhurst.

20787-19 Francis John FORBES, 26, farmer, Orrville, same, s/o John Hugh FORBES & Mary WHITE, married Florence Lillian REID, 18, Orrville, same, d/o Crowell REID & Lena BESHAW, witn: M.C. WILSON & Mrs Norman FLUMMERFELT both of Orrville on Jan. 28, 1919 at Parry Sound


17777-19 John Mackie FORTH, 21, labourer, Falkenburg, Bracebridge, s/o Charles FORTH & Camilla GRAHAM, married Vera Clara KINGSHOTT, 20, Watt Tp., Bracebridge, d/o Albert KINGSHOTT & Elizabeth EATON, witn: Christopher FORTH of Bracebridge & Alice Verna GRAHAM of Gravenhurst on July 11, 1919 at Bracebridge

17774-19 David Percy FOWLER, 31, farmer, Chaffey Tp., same, s/o John FOWLER & Margaret HART, married Pearl Margaret BRAY, 21, Chaffey Tp., Muskoka, d/o Henry BRAY & Margaret SILVERWOOD, witn: Joseph FOWLER & R. Eva BRAY both of Huntsville on Oct. 15, 1919 at Huntsville

17776-19 Alfred Major FRANCIS, 23, labourer, New Haven England, Bracebridge, s/o unknown FRANCIS & Caroline SPRAY, married Lillian Burton WENHAM, 23, Manchester, Bracebridge, d/o Matthew WENHAM & Margaret BURTON, witn: Matthew WENHAM & Ethel Mary TOLSON both of Bracebridge on June 25, 1919 at Bracebridge.

20789-19 Switzer G. FREEBORN, 30, gentleman, Lions Head, Magnetawan, s/o James S. FREEBORN M.D., & Mariette E. GARDNER, married Annie Violet ARTHURS, 28, Buffalo New York USA, Restoule, d/o James ARTHURS & Elizabeth GILLESPIE, witn: Rob ARTHURS of Powassan & Muriel GOLDEN of Hamilton on Aug. 25, 1919 at Restoule

17779-19 James FRASER, 38, labourer, Gravenhurst, same, s/o David FRASER & Mariah DODD, married Agnes SEGUIN, 24, St. Eugene, Toronto, d/o Andre SEGUIN & Victoria BELILE, witn: E. B. OLAVESON & Annie POIDEVIN both of Gravenhurst, on May 1, 1919 at Gravenhurst.

17781-19 William Edward FRASER, 40, farmer, Elma Tp., Stephenson Tp., s/o Duncan FRASER & Jenet WATSON, married Elizabeth Evelyn BASSETT, 18, school teacher, Hull England, Watt Tp., d/o Joseph BASSETT & Jane GIBSON, witn: Mildred MOONEY & P.M. BEDFORD both of Bracebridge on April 2, 1919 at Bracebridge

17775-19 Ernest FRITSCHE, 35, insurance customs, Buffalo New York USA, same, s/o Leo FRITSCHE & Mary CONRAD, married Marion Rawstroh EMMETT, 24, nurse, Dorset, Gravenhurst, d/o William R. EMMETT & Sarah HOLLINGSWORTH, witn: Lillian A. EMMETT of Gravenhurst & A. J. DUNDAS of Vancouver B. C. on Oct. 15, 1919 at Gravenhurst.

20785-19 Nicholson William FUREY, 28, physician, Toronto, same, s/o Bryan Ormsby FUREY & Alice E. TYE, married Fernande Jacqueline VAN BELKORN. 20, wireless operator officer in American army, India, Toronto, d/o Jacque VAN BELKORN & Hermina SCHOONHEYT, witn: Elizabeth A. M. BURT & Elizabeth MARSHALL both of Parry Sound on Oct. 14, 1919 at Parry Sound

17780-19 Oscar FYSH, 20, labourer, Bothwell Kent, Toronto, s/o John Wesley FYSH & Julia TAYLOR, married Eliza SPECK, 19, Stephenson Tp., same, d/o John SPECK & Sarah Jane PREBBLE, witn: Herbert TAYLOR & Mary SPECK both of Utterson on Jan. 31, 1919 at Huntsville.

17788-19 Hugh GELHIDE, 35, farmer, Codrington, same, s/o John GELHIDE & Jane LALE (Tate?), married May DENNE (Dunn?), 25, teacher, Ziska, same, d/o William DENNE & Julia FITZMAURICE, witn: William GOWAN of Codrington & Mary RENTY of North Bay on Feb. 19, 1919 at Bracebridge

17785-19 Frederick GIRARD, 27, hardware clerk, Gravenhurst, same, s/o Henry GIRARD & Harriet HUNT, married Hazel BOYD, 24, Gravenhurst, same, d/o Abel BOYD & Eliza McCLINCHEY, witn: Charles GIRARD & Mrs M. McCLINCHEY both of Gravenhurst on Aug. 6, 1919 at Gravenhurst.

17783-19 Ralph GLASS, 21, labourer, Ridout Tp., Huntsville, s/o William GLASS (Tyrone Ireland) & Mary HUMPHREY, married Chrissie DEFO, 22, Woodstock, Huntsville, d/o William DEFO (b. Woodstock) & Mary Elizabeth THOMPSON, witn: James & Edith GLASS both of Huntsville on Oct. 28, 1919 at Huntsville.

17786-19 Montague Henry GOSLETT, 36, clerk, Middlesex England, Huntsville, s/o William GOSLETT & Helen MEREDITH, married Susanna SELKIRK, 36, clerk, Huntsville, same, d/o George SELKIRK & Elizabeth HUNT, witn: David BISHOP & Reta BELL both of Huntsville on Sept. 24, 1919 at Huntsville.

20791-19 Thomas Herbert GOULDING, 39, labourer, widower, Arthur, Burks Falls, s/o David GOULDING & Elizabeth WALKER, married Mary Annie BIVARD, 23, Dulwich England, Burks Falls, s/o Thomas BIVARD & Jane GREENFIELD, witn: Cecil Harold GOULDING & Edna Pearl ARMSTRONG both of Burks Falls on Oct. 1, 1919 at Burks Falls.

17784-19 Robert Kennedy GRANT, 25, farmer, Cranberry, Bracebridge, s/o Edward GRANT & Margaret Ellen POLLOCK, married Violet Rosetta HOOVER, 29, Mount Albert, Bracebridge, d/o William HOOVER & Louise YORK, witn: J. H. GRANT of Bracebridge & Violet REID of Orillia on June 18, 1919 at Bracebridge.

17787-19 William James GRAVES, 55, farmer, widower, Cherry Creek, Stephenson Tp., s/o not given GRAVES & Agnes FORTINGHAM, married Hattie NOTTAGE, 46, widow, Scotland, Stephenson Tp., d/o Richard & Levina HOSKINGS, witn: Mr & Mrs Walter Scott COKER both of Utterson on March 12, 1919 at Stephenson Tp

20799-19 Thomas Henry HANNIGAN, 51, farmer, Welland Ont., Carling, s/o Richard HANNIGAN & Rebecca SMITH, married Mary GLASS, 29, widow, Seguin Falls, Carling, d/o Edward GLASS & Mary FAIRBANKS, witn: Andrew Wesley McCAULEY & Rosie SUTTON, both of Carling, 19 June 1919 at Parry Sound 20798-19 John Burley HARRIS, 36, lumberman, Parry Sound, Ardberg, s/o Sidney HARRIS & Harriet LEON, married Ruby WHITMELL, 20, Parry Sound, Fairhorn?, d/o John WHITMELL & Emma PATTERSON, witn: Mrs. George VOWELS & Sarah L. BUNT, both of Parry Sound, 22 Oct 1919 at Parry Sound

17789-19 Henry HILL, 26, musician, England, Brantford, s/o Henry HILL & Annie Maria SMITH, married Lilian Margaret RICHARDS, 34, Canada, Paris, d/o Alexander RICHARDS & Melina LAKE, witn: Presta LAING & W. E. RICHARD both of Huntsville on Aug. 21, 1919 at Huntsville


020870/19 Michael Eugene ODROWSKI, 31, widower, farmer, Gurd Twp., Nipissing Twp., s/o Francis ODROWSKI & Ann GRABONSKI, married Elizabeth BUSCH, 19, Nipissing Twp., Nipissing Twp., d/o Francis BUSCH & Julia STRAUS, witn: Francis ODROWSKI Jr. of Commander Ont. & Alma KEISNETTES of Powassan Ont., 23 June 1919, Powassan

020868/19 William Henry OLAN, 29, engineer, Millbrook, Sprucedale, s/o Alfred OLAN & Jennie TURNER, married Lucy Gladis BAVERSTOCK, 19, Novar, d/o Alben BAVERSTOCK & Annie MILLER, witn: J.W. QUINN & Mrs. G. Sidney SMITH both of Parry Sound, 8 August 1919, Parry Sound

020867/19 John James O'MALLEY, 22, station agent, Madawaska, Kearney, s/o William Thomas O'MALLEY & Lillie YANDEAN, married Catherine Augusta STICKLAND, 19, living at home, Perry twp., Perry twp., d/o George STICKLAND & Sarah RITCHIE, witn: Victoria COULTER of Novar Ont. & Roy WATSON of Kearney, 24 December 1919, Parry Sound

020869/19 Samuel ORR, 27, shoemaker, Ireland, Parry Sound, s/o Robert ORR & Elizabeth BARNETT, married Mabel Maria MORRISH, 23, Parry Sound, Parry Sound, d/o Thomas MORRISH & Rhoda Atheliah ULLMAN, witn: George F. PARKER & Bertha MORRISH both of Parry Sound, 12 February 1919, Parry Sound [divorced 15/10/53]

020874/19 William Gordon PARKER, 28, labourer, Seymour Twp. Northumberland, Emsdale, s/o Frederick PARKER & Annie FOREST, married Hazel Eveline HART, 18, living at home, Penetang, Emsdale, d/o William HART & Jane FERNIE, witn: Dr. John A. McMURCHY of Kearney & Mrs. Mary Jane HART of Emsdale, 7 May 1919, Emsdale

020877/19 Harold Leo PAYIE, 19, wood turner, Seguin Falls, Parry Sound, s/o John PAYIE & Rachel CLARKSON, married Mary Juanita ANDERSON, 21, wood turner, Sprucedale, Parry Sound, d/o William ANDERSON & Mary Ellen LALONDE, witn: Mr. Alfred SLATER & Mrs. A. SLATER both of Parry Sound, 9 December 1919, St. Peters Church Parry Sound

020871/19 Francis PEGAHMAGABOW, 28, farmer, Shawanaga, Parry Island, s/o Michael PEGAHMAGABOW & Marion CONTAN, married Eva TRONCH, 17, live at home with parents, Parry Island, Parry Island, d/o Elijah TRONCH & Mary NANIBUSH, witn: Andrew NOGANOSH of Byng Island & Mrs. M. SARGINSON of Parry Sound, 18 June 1919, Parry Sound

020873/19 John Freeman PETERS, 21, farmer, Wilbur Ont., Pickerel River, s/o James PETERS & Jennie RICHARDSON, married Bertha May MOWERS, 21, lives at home, Waubaushene, Pickerel River, d/o Wilson MOWERS & Charlotte GEORGE, witn: Sara L. BUNT & Florence K. BUNT both of Parry Sound, 16 June 1919, Parry Sound

020876/19 Wesley PHILLIPS, 29, farmer, Parry Sound, Parry Sound, s/o Enoch PHILLIPS & Hannah McCALISTER, married Ruby TAIT, 20, Parry Sound Dist., Hurdville, d/o Robert TAIT & Cecelia LAWSON, witn: Orson TAIT of Hurdville & Etna PHILLIPS of Parry Sound, 21 April 1919, Hurdville

020872/19 Frank Joseph PICCOLO, 27, widower, merchant, Pietraffitta Italy, Nobel, s/o Giuseppe PICCOLO & Giuseppina TIQUANETTI, married Christina Young ANDERSON, 19, living at home, Motherwell Scotland, Nobel, d/o Andrew Blain ANDERSON & Jane MILLIGAN, witn: William SCOTT & Mary ANDERSON both of Nobel, 24 November 1919, home of bride's brother in Nobel

020875/19 Cecil Louwelland POWELL, 20, car inspector, Depot Harbor, Depot Harbor, s/o P.W. POWELL & Jessie Ann CARRUTHERS, married Madeline Arletta CURRIE, 19, Sarnia Ont., Sarnia Ont., d/o John CURRIE & Sadie PULLMAN, witn: Percy W. POWELL & Jessie A. POWELL both of Depot Harbor, 26 February 1919, Depot Harbor

020878/19 John James QUINN, 47, widower, farmer, Mulmur Twp., Hagerman Twp., s/o John QUINN & Annie Bella STEWART, married Ellen GARDINER, 31, living with brother on farm, Parry Sound, Hagerman Twp., d/o John GARDENER & H. HAINES, witn: John GARDINER of Parry Sound & Annabella QUINN of McKeller Ont., 6 October 1919, Parry Sound

020880/19 John RAMSAY, 30, farmer, Carling Twp., Shebeshekong, s/o John RAMSAY & Lizzie THOMPSON, married Florence THOMPSON, 20, Carling Twp., Shebeshekong, d/o Andrew THOMPSON & Elizabeth CRERAR, witn: Alexander RAMSAY of Shebeshekong & Elizabeth DONNELLY of Parry Sound, 23 October 1919, Parry Sound

020887/19 Frederick Emile REICHSTEIN, 23, farmer, Gurd Twp., Gurd Twp. Parry Sound Dist., s/o Charles REICHSTEIN & Anne LADNER, married Catherine SHYCHOLSKI, 18, farmer's daughter, Austria, Twp. Gurd Parry Sound Dist., d/o Joseph SHYCHOLSKI & Frances KALMOUSKI, witn: Joseph REICHSTEIN & Julia OBROWSKI both of Commanda , 8 July 1919, St. Johns Church Alsace

020882/19 James REID, 31, laborer, Beachburg, Powassan, s/o James REID & Georgina WHALEN, married Emily Marion FINCH, 19, clerk, Powassan, Powassan, d/o Arthur FINCH & Sarah ALSTON, witn: William R. JONES & Gertrude FINCH both of Powassan, 27 August 1919, Powassan

020889/19 Archibald Samuel RHEAUME, 25, lumberman (retired soldier), Sprague, Parry Sound, s/o Armidas RHEAUME & Mary Ann RICHARDSON, married Mary Elizabeth THIVIERGE, 20, formerly munitions worker, Arnprior, Parry Sound, d/o John THIVIERGE & Josephine ARNETTE, witn: Lawrence P. THIVIERGE of Parry Sound & Mary D. COUSINEAU of Victoria Harbor, 3 March 1919, Parry Sound

020888/19 Martin Bernard RICH, 22, farmer, Nipissing Twp., Twp. South Hemsworth, s/o Joseph Bernard RICH & Magdaline GRISLER, married Bridget Appolenia RICH, 27, farmer's daughter, Nipissing Twp., Nipissing Twp., d/o Joseph RICH & Mary Ann KUNKEL, witn: Joseph A. RICH of Powassan Ont. & Mary Ann MICHEFSKI of Nipissing Ont., 21 July 1919, Powassan

020890/19 Gerard George RICH, 32, farmer, Nipissing Twp., Nipissing Twp., s/o Joseph RICH & Mary Ann KUNKEL, married Mary Josephine CROTEAU, 25, farmer's daughter, Nipissing Twp., Nipissing Twp., d/o John CROTEAU & Delphine CARRIERE, witn: Edmund CROTEAU of Kirkland Lake & Rose LANG of Powassan, 27 October 1919, Powassan

020885/19 Clifton ROBERTSON, 24, farmer, Machar Twp., Machar Twp., s/o Mark ROBERTSON & Elizabeth CRAIG, married Alice May RALSTON, 22, housemaid, Machar Twp., Village of South River, d/o Charles RALSTON & Nellie WALDRIFF, witn: J.H. WALDRUFF & Annie E. HUNT both of South River Ont., 14 April 1919, South River

020879/19 John Rodger ROBERTSON, 29, farmer, Machar Twp., Machar Twp., s/o Mark ROBERTSON & Elizabeth CRAIG, married Lillian Jean JONES, 22, housemaid, Machar Twp., Machar Twp., d/o William JONES & Rachel MINORGAN, witn: Minnie R. MALOWNEY of Sundridge Ont. & illegible, 22 December 1919, the Manse Sundridge

020886/19 Wilfred Fabian ROBICHAUD, 26, iron worker, Ste. Marie Salome Que., Parry Sound, s/o James ROBICHAUD & Emma DEHART, married Marie Germaine Albina GROULX, 16, lives with parents, Lake St. Mary Que., Parry Sound, d/o Albert GROULX & Philomine DROUIN, witn: John ROBICHAUD & Mrs. Vachon COMPTE both of Parry Sound, 24 June 1919, Parry Sound

020883/19 Gordon RODGERS, 20, stationary fireman, Huntsville Ont., Mactier, s/o Charles RODGERS & Clara JONES, married Violet May BARAGER, 18, Huntsville, Seguin Falls, d/o William BARAGER & Nellie WILKINSON, witn: Gilbert William BARAGER of Mactier & Mrs. James BINNIE of Parry Sound, 15 January 1919, Parry Sound

020884/19 John Thomas ROWATT, 50, lumberman, Hillsdale, Croft Twp., s/o James ROWATT & Mary GALBREATH, married Jane THOMPSON, 40, housekeeper, Chapman Twp., d/o Hugh THOMPSON & Miss HOWIE, witn: J.W. TROYER & Hazel HICKSON both of Magnetawan Ont., 29 April 1919, Magnetawan

020881/19 Ernest Cleveland RYAN, 29, cook, Smith Falls Ont., Parry Sound, s/o Edward G. RYAN & Alice BOWEN, married Mrs. Emma PAULETTE, 27, widow, housekeeper, Parry Sound, Parry Sound, d/o D. D. VANKOUGHNETT & Caroline CARGILL, witn: Maurice VANKOUGHNETT of Parry Sound & T. WEST of Novar Ont., 11 July 1919, Parry Sound


020909/19 George SCHMIDT, 37, laborer, Formosa Bruce Co., Trout Creek, s/o Joseph SCHMIDT & Mary NEUBERGER, married Rose EVERS, 40, farmer's daughter, Germany Europe, Trout Creek Ont., d/o Julius EVERS & Emma GUNNABIER, witn: Alex SCHLOSSER & Mrs. Nellie EVERS both of Trout Creek Ont., 22 September 1919, Trout Creek

020896/19 John Alfred SCOTT, 38, farmer, Parry Sound, Parry Sound, s/o William SCOTT & Edith BADGER, married Margaret Isabell CLARK, 21, Parry Sound, Parry Sound, d/o Alex CLARK & Phoebe BADGER, witn: T. A. CLARK of James Bay Junction & Violet B. HUNT of Parry Sound, 23 April 1919, Parry Sound

020893/19 William Henry SHAW, 26, chemist, Hawkestone Ont., Beloeil? Que., s/o Albert Henry SHAW & Margaret CROOKE, married Verginie Xennette TAYLOR, 21, Parry Sound, Parry Sound, d/o William TAYLOR & Maud Ruth BAKER, witn: Stanley P. SHAW of Hawkestone & Helen R. TAYLOR of Parry Sound Ont., 15 October 1919, Parry Sound

020900/19 Robert Thomas SHORTREED, 35, lumberman, Hillsdale, Coulson, s/o Gideon SHORTREED & Elisa WILLIAMS, married Myrtle Hazel McEWAN, 23, Novar, Novar, d/o John S. McEWAN & Ella FOSTER, witn: Miss Ida May CONGDON of Orillia & Harold J. SHORTREED of Coulson, 1 October 1919, Novar

20910-19 James SICARD, 20, laborer, Penetanguishene, Byng Inlet, s/o Benjamin SICARD & Marie St.AMAND, married Julia Nellie BECHARD, 18, Byng Inlet, same, d/o Alfred BECHARD & Herminie POMBERT, witn: Celestine MILANI & Jeanne BECHARD, both of Byng Inlet, 7 Oct 1919 at Byng Inlet

020907/19 William SIMPSON, 43, laborer, Perth Co. Downie Twp., Sand Lake - Proudfoot Twp., s/o John Bell SIMPSON & Margaret POWLEY, married Emily PETTITT, 31, farmer's daughter, Proudfoot Twp., Proudfoot Twp., d/o William PETTITT & Jane AKITT, witn: Gertrude E.E. MASON & Charlie PETTITT both of Sand Lake, 22 January 1919, Sand Lake

020904/19 Eben James SIRETT, 31, farmer, Humphrey Twp., Humphrey Twp., s/o Alfred Torn SIRETT & Eliza Marsh ASHDOWN, married Mary McCANS, 24, Humphrey Twp., Humphrey Twp., d/o John McCANS & Elizabeth JACKSON, witn: H.M. JACKSON & Jane McCANS both of Rosseau Ont., 10 June 1919, Twp. Humphrey

020902/19 James Duncan SMART, 24, bee keeper, Beeton, Beeton, s/o James SMART & Jennie McMURCHY, married Caroline Victoria BRADLEY, 26, housekeeper, Carling Ont., Beeton Ont., d/o Eugene BRADLEY & Caroline BOLTON, witn: Joy McFARLAND of Carling Ont. & A. Cameron SMART of King Ont., 11 June 1919, Presbyterian Church Carling


020906/19 John Arthur SMITH, 37, farmer, Loring, Loring, s/o Donald SMITH & Barbara ROSIE, married Margaret McNEIL, 38, Co. Huron, Golden Valley, d/o Hugh McNEIL & Jane LAMONT, witn: Alex McNEIL of Golden Valley & Mary Jane SMITH of Loring, 4 March 1919, Powassan

020894/19 James Clayton SMITH, 28, teamster, Dorchester Ont., Parry Sound Ont., s/o Phillip SMITH & Almeda AYLESWORTH, married Ellen Jane BROWN, 21, living at home, Ottawa Ont., Parry Sound Ont., d/o Thomas BROWN & Alice PRICE, witn: Elizabeth MARSHALL & Gertrude Mary SARNEY both of Parry Sound, 3 October 1919, Parry Sound

020891/19 Frederick Alexander SMITH, 19, farmer, McKellar Twp., McKellar Twp., s/o Thomas SMITH & Mary Jane McLANE, married Laura Jane Gladys STANLEY, 21, McKellar Twp., McKellar Twp., d/o Richard STANLEY & Sarah Ann BRADLEY, witn: Robert V. STANLEY & Mattie May STANLEY both of Broadbent, 17 December 1919, Blackwater

020908/19 George Ingram SMITH, 46, farmer, Ufford, Ryerson Twp., s/o George SMITH & Alzina BOGART, married Stepha FITZ, 20, housekeeper, Germany, Ryerson Twp., d/o Lou FITZ & Mary GRAWER, witn: G.A. McNEIL & Minnie CALDWELL both of Burks Falls, 8 January 1919, Burks Falls

020892/19 William Cecil SPIERS, 29, bus driver, Huntsville, McKellar, s/o George SPIERS (b. Canada) & Annie PETERS, married Olive COOK, 28, widow, McKellar, McKellar, d/o Peter HARVEY (b. Canada) & Theresa MOFFATT, witn: Peter HARVEY & Vada STEWART both of McKellar, 17 December 1919, Parry Sound

020897/19 William STAMP, 23, sawmill setter, Gravenhurst Ont., Parry Sound, s/o George STAMP & Nancy HICKS, married Hazel ELIAS, 18, Sarnia, Parry Sound, d/o William ELIAS & Eleanor MADWAYOSH, witn: George SHARKEY & Mrs. George SHARKEY both of Parry Sound, 6 March 1919, Parry Sound

020899/19 Gordon STEELE, 25, farmer, Hotham, Hotham , s/o Joseph STEELE & Susan BROWNLEE, married Isabel CAMPBELL, 25, Nipissing, Nipissing Village, d/o James CAMPBELL & Mary Ann ROACH, witn: Henry LALONDE & Mrs. William REID both of Powassan, 22 October 1919, Parry Sound

020898/19 John STEELE, 38, shoemaker, Ballymena Ireland, Parry Sound, s/o John STEELE & Sarah CARSON, married Elizabeth DEACON, 31, housekeeper, Foley Twp., Parry Sound, d/o Alex DEACON & Hernahe? ULLMAN, witn: F. McCALLUM & Emma DEACON both of Parry Sound, 6 January 1919, Parry Sound

020901/19 Robert Chessel STEVENS, 28, farmer, Restoule, Restoule Ont., s/o Alfred STEVENS & Emma SISSON, married Mary Frances GRAWBERGER, 20, Restoule, Restoule Ont., d/o John GRAWBERGER & Isabella GRAWBERGER, witn: Thomas SWALLWELL & Sarah I. GRAWBERGER both of Restoule, 12 August 1919, Powassan

020905/19 George SUTHERLAND, 29, farmer, Beaverton Ont., Argyle Co. Victoria, s/o John SUTHERLAND & Catherine SUTHERLAND, married Daisy Matilda DEYETT, 19, housekeeper, Falding Ont., Falding Ont., d/o Milo DEYETT & Eliza ARMSTRONG, witn: Thomas W. HORNE & Ethel DEYETT both of Falding Ont., 2 April 1919, Falding, Foley twp

020903/19 Francis Charles SWEET, 21, farmer, Loring, Loring Ont., s/o Nelson SWEET & Ella QUINLAN, married Charlotte I. DOBBS, 24, Golden Valley, Golden Valley, d/o George DOBBS & Charlotte MILNER, witn: Robert HUMMEL & Elizabeth KELLY both of Trout Creek Ont., 14 June 1919, Trout Creek

020895/19 Joseph Archibald Earl SWINDEN, 19, bridge tender, Pembroke Ont., Rose Point Ont., s/o Edward SWINDEN & Mary OBRIEN, married Marie WOITO, 24, Pembroke Ont., Rose Point, d/o John WOITO & Annie SHENSKIE, witn: Willie CASKENETTE & Sybil COLFE both of Rose Point, 25 August 1919, Parry Sound

  20913-19 Robert Jardine TENNANT, 52 (32?), Wellington Co., Machar twp., s/o David TENNANT & Rachel JARDINE, married Lena Agnes TAYLOR, 19, Machar twp., same, d/o William L. TAYLOR & Mary McCAIG, witn: Sarah McCAIG & Joseph TENNANT, both of Machar twp., 25? June 1919 at Machar twp
20912-19 Leslie TRAYNOR, 24, farmer, Harvey twp., Kearney, s/o James TRAYNOR & Emiline SNIDER, married Sadie ASHBY, 19, Dist of Parry Sound, Kearney, d/o Charlie ASHBY & Sarah PEDLEY, witn: George & Eva TRAYNOR of Scotia, 15 Oct 1919 at Emsdale 20911-19 Charles William TURNBULL, 32, merchant, Brantford, same, s/o William Henry TURNBULL & Mary Ann TIBBITTS, married Lena Mildred WHITE, 24, Kettleby Ont., Parry Sound, d/o Wesley Gilpin WHITE & Rachel Elizabeth WATSON, witn: L. W. WHITE of Collingwood & Bernice WIGGINS of Parry Sound, 19 Nov 1919 at Parry Sound
20915-19 Joseph ULRICH, 26, farmer, Nipissing twp., same, s/o Francis ULRICH & Margaret KUNKEL, married Edith DOWDALL, 21, Nipissing twp., same, d/o Samuel DOWDALL & Elizabeth GERBER, witn: Felix & Susan ULRICH of Powassan, 7 Oct 1919 at Trout Creek 20914-19 George URCHUK, 26, railway section man, Austria, Byng Inlet, s/o Alex URCHUK & Tetinna, married Bell POLOWEK, 17, Shodorg? Sask., Parry Sound, d/o Alex POLOWEK & Nastasia KUSNIR, witn: Stephen & Mrs. S. WALDNICK of Parry Sound, 18 Oct 1919 at Parry Sound
20916-19 Levi Wesley VANKOUGHNETT, 26, farmer, Foley twp., Dunchurch, s/o John William VANKOUGHNETT & Mary Jane COCHRANE, married Florence May HILL, 21, Croft twp., Ahmic Harbour, d/o Frederick HILL & Alice PERRY, witn: Edna Pearl HILL of Ahmic Harbour & Walter F. VANKOUGHNETT of Dunchurch, 24 June 1919 at Parry Sound 20917-19 John Herbert WALDRIFF, 26, laborer, Machar twp., South River, s/o George Albert WALDRIFF & Maud RALSTON, married Charlotte Annie NOAIK, 19, Machar twp., South River, d/o Frank NOAIK, deceased, & Sarah LEIGHTON, witn: Charles E. NOAIK & Mabel G. LEIGHTON, both of South River, 26 Nov 1919 at South River
20918-19 Nathaniel George WHALEN, 26, farmer, Parry Sound, same, s/o George WHALEN & Mary Tilly FLETCHER, married Annie Frances McDONALD, 16, Fielding, same, d/o William McDONALD & Eliza JACKLIN, witn: illegible (faded), 12 Nov 1919 at Parry Sound 20920-19 Thomas Carol WHITE, 22, blacksmith, Keaney, Burks Falls, s/o Thomas James WHITE & Annie MILLER, married Ellen Jane BELL, 19, Port Anson, Burks Falls, d/o James A. BELL & Sarah McCARTNEY, witn: Robert H. & Galdys WHITE of Keaney, 8 Oct 1919 at Burks Falls
20919-19 Thomas Mark WHITMELL, 21, farmer, Dunchurch, McKellar, s/o John WHITMELL & Emily PATTERSON, married Maud FARLEY, 24, Dunchurch, same, d/o Thomas FARLEY & Mary MOORE, witn: Mrs. O. MOORE & Mrs. SMITH, both of Parry Sound, 30 June 1919 at Parry Sound