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Muskoka & Parry Sound Dist., 1920

birth place is given before residence


#014858-20 Charles ACTON, 37, farmer, Udney, same, s/o William ACTON (b. Reach Ontario) & Mary SPEARING (s/b SPEIRAN), married Tessie Muriel POOLER, 21, school teacher, Muskoka, Hutton House Muskoka, d/o William Arthur POOLER (b. Shropshire England) & Amelia Ann JOHNSON (s/b JOHNSTON), witn: Lela A. POOLER, Hutton House P.O. Ont & W.H. ACTON, Atherley P.O. Ont, 29 Sept 1920 at St James Church Port Carling  
#014860-20 James ADDISON, 45, farmer, England, Perry Twp, s/o Edward ADDISON (b. England) & Elizabeth MABBS, married Emily Lillian BARKS, 39, housekeeper, Perry Twp, same, widow, d/o George SKIMMERSHORN, (b. Canada) & Sarah NORTON, witn: A. MULLIGRAW & L. WALL, both of Huntsville, 1 July 1920 at Huntsville #014865-20 Joseph AITCHINSON, 28, farmer, Chaffey Twp, Battle Bend Alberta, s/o Robert AITCHINSON (b. Hilar? Twp Ont) & Annie AVERY, married Annie Lucretia ADAMS, 24, mother's helper, Chaffey Muskoka, Battle Bend Alberta, s/o George ADAMS, (b. Canada) & Florence PARKS, witn: Martha Florence BAKER, Huntsville Ont & Simon AITCHINSON, Newholme Ont, 24 Mar 1920 at Huntsville
#014859-20 John Gordon ALLAN, 24, blacksmith, Uffington Muskoka, Tay Twp, s/o William ALLAN, (b. Scotland) & Sarah Jane PATTERSON, married Olive Isabella ADDISON, 22, teacher, Utterson, same, d/o Thomas ADDISON, (b. Nelson Twp Halton) & Olive FERGUSON, witn: T.E. & Pearl M. ADDISON, both of Utterson, 13 Sept 1920 at home of T. ADDISON, Utterson #014863-20 Lancelot ALLINSON, 27, farmer, England, Franklin Twp, s/o William ALLINSON & Emma REDMAN, married Edith Evelyn THOMPSON, 25, telephone operator, Ontario Canada, Franklin Twp, d/o John W. THOMPSON, & Jennet KENNEDY, witn: J.C. Blake HILL, Hillside & Irene GOULDIE, Dwight, 23 June 1920 at Dwight
14862-20 Melville Harry ARMSTRONG, 28, sales manager, Toronto, Burlington, s/o John Harvey ARMSTRONG (b. Hamilton) & Eliza Ann MELVILLE, married Marjory Stuart JARDINE, 26, Toronto, Muskoka, d/o Alexander JARDINE (b. Brockville) & Agnes LITSTER, witn: T. H. BARTON of Toronto & Raymond CRONE of Guelph, 14 Aug 1920 at St. James Church, Port Carling #014864-20 Albert Charles ARMSTRONG, 21, clerk, Burks Falls, Bracebridge, s/o Robert ARMSTRONG (b. Canada) & Maria SUTTON, married Winnifred P. WALTON, 19, living at home, Huntsville, Bracebridge, d/o George L.R. WATSON, (b. Canada) & Kathleen H. HAY, witn: Kathleen WALTON, Bracebridge & Martha HART, Huntsville, 26 Mar 1920 at Huntsville
#014857-20 Coleman Paul ARNOLD, 20, farmer, Dwight Franklin Twp, Gravenhurst, s/o Anione (b. France) & Elizabeth Jane nee KETCH, married Christiana LEMAY, 18, housekeeper, Southwood Wood Twp, Gravenhurst, d/o Benjamin (b. Southwood Wood Twp) & Helen nee STONER, witn: Herbert & Phoebe Ellen WOOD, both of Gravenhurst, 24 Dec 1920 at Gravenhurst  
14861-20 Leonard Thomas ASHTON, 21, cook, London England, Toronto, s/o John ASHTON (b. London England) & Rose BAKER, married Elizabeth BYATT, 21, cook, Belfast Ireland, Toronto, d/o Joseph BYATT (b. France) & Ruth SMITH, witn: William RANSIER & Isabel MURPHY, both of Huntsville, 8 Sept 1920 at Huntsville 019354-20 (Parry Sound) Ingersall ASHKEWE, 25, labourer, Cape Croker, Parry Sound, s/o George ASHKEWE & Clara OZORK?, married Mary TABABUDUNG, 18, Parry Sound, blank, d/o Simon TABABUDUNG & Mary KING, witn: Harry WANIBUSH & Hannah MONAGUE both of Parry Sound, 25 October 1920, Parry Sound
#014873-20 James BACCY, 36, fireman, Vidalago Italy, Huntsville, s/o Lewis BACCY, (b. Italy) & Mary CRESPIE, married Violet ROSE, 20, living at home, Patterson New Jersey, Huntsville, d/o Beriet? ROSE, (b. U.S.A.) & Sarah RELINA, witn: Reginald WARNER & Mrs WALL, both of Huntsville, 11 May 1920 at Huntsville #014870-20 Noel Robert BARBER, 22, advertising manager, Fredericton N.B., Huntsville, s/o Fred Wilbur BARBER, (b. Fredericton N.B.) & Annie MCFARLAND, married Helen Marguerite BLOGG, 24, housekeeper, Toronto, Huntsville, d/o Albert Edward BLOGG, (b. Toronto) & Louise Elizabeth BOWLES, witn: Charles SHEARER & Pr-d-? LAING, both of Huntsville, 6 Aug 1920 at Huntsville
#014878-20 Truman BARRON,, 26, farmer, Baxter Twp, same, s/o Joseph BARRON, & Annie SWEET, married Claudia KING, 18, farmer's daughter, Baxter Twp, same, d/o Joseph KING & Annie ST. ARMAND, witn: Eli KING, Port Severn & Annie QUESNEL, Lefaivre Corners (Penetang), 7 Jan 1920 at Port Severn #014879-20 Oscar BEAUDOIN, 23, lumberman, Ogdensburg, Tioraga Siding, s/o Joseph BEAUDOIN, & Cordelia PARENT, married Frances HUBERT, 24, clerk, Bracebridge, Gravenhurst, d/o Joseph HUBERT, & Lizzie THOMPSON, witn: Essie CHRISTENSON, Tioraga Siding & Margaret MCLINCHY, Gravenhurst, 27 Nov 1920 at Gravenhurst
#014876-20 William BEERS, 26, C.P.R. trainman, New Lowell, MacTier. s/o William BEERS, (b. Canada) & Catherine RAUN, married Edith Ellen NEWELL, 21, Suffolk Eng, MacTier, d/o John NEWELL, (b. England) & Clara Elizabeth CHANEY, witn: Ben & Rachel SCHELL, both of MacTier, 3 Mar 1920 at MacTier  
#014871-20 Walter Homer BENNET, 23, mechanic, England, Toronto, s/o Alfred Walter BENNET, (b. England) & Emma Blanche HOMER, married Annie Elizabeth MARTIN, 23, housekeeper, Port Carling, same, d/o Henry MARTIN, (b. England) & Sarah Frances FOREMAN, witn: D.C. BENNET, 67 Gothic Cres Toronto & N.K. MARTIN, Port Carling, 15 June 1920 at St James Church Port Carling #014877-20 George A. BENNETT, 25, carpenter, Chaffey Twp, Brunel Twp, s/o Thomas H. BENNETT, (b. Canada) & Anna GOODMAN, married Mabel HOFFMAN, 19, housekeeper, Sinclair Twp, Huntsville, d/o Samuel S. HOFFMAN, (b. Canada) & Margaret A. QUINN, witn: Reginald & Ann SCOTT, both of Huntsville, 17 Jan 1920 at Huntsville
#014880-20 Carmelo BILLOCCO, 34, labourer, Italy, Bracebridge, s/o unknown & unknown, married Silvanni FALCHETTO, 26, Italy, Bracebridge, d/o Baptiste FALCHETTO & Catherina VOLA, witn: Louis & Antonette CLAFFERS, both of Bracebridge, 16 Sept 1920 at Bracebridge #014874-20 Robert Alexander BONSER, 23, lumberman, Chaffey Twp, same, s/o William BONZER (as written), (b. England) & Esther LANGATE, married Olive Theresa LAMB, 18, housekeeper, Stisted Twp, Ashworth Stisted Twp, widow, d/o Henry SMITH, (b. England) & Matilda BROWN, witn: Vernon JOINER, Huntsville & Mary SMITH, Ashworth, 24 Mar 1920 at Ashworth
#014867-20 Archibald Nicholas BORNEMANN, 20, carpenter, Draper Twp, Gravenhurst, s/o Barney BORNEMANN, (b. Draper Twp) & Eadie RYDER, married Elizabeth BARNES, 19, housekeeper, West Gravenhurst, same, d/o Hargraves BARNES, (b. England) & Janie BURNS, witn: Mrs Fred SCHELL & Mrs Barney BORNEMANN, both of West Gravenhurst, 22 Dec 1920 at West Gravenhurst #014866-20 Perrie Clifford BOYD, 24, labourer, Kilworthy, same, s/o Albert BOYD, (b. Hamilton) & Mary Ann ROBINSON, married Mary Dorothy HEIDMANN, 23, dress maker, Kilworthy, same, d/o Fred HEIDMANN, (b. Draper Twp) & Margaret WEISMILLER, witn: Stanley BOYD, & Emma HEIDMANN, both of Kilworthy, 11 Oct 1920 at Kilworthy
#014875-20 Edgar BROOK, 25, farmer, Stisted Twp, Chaffey Twp, s/o Joseph BROOK, (b. England) & Fannie ARMISHAW, married Maggie O. HINES, 23, living at home, Stisted Twp, Chaffey Twp, d/o William Henry HINES, (b. Huntsville) & Hannah Osmond LAMB, witn: Thomas DEMAINE & Beatrice HINES, both of Etwell, 17 Mar 1920 at Huntsville #014868-20 Frank Robert BROWN, 24, engineer, Massey, Sudbury, s/o Edward BROWN, (b. Grey County Ont) & Permilla A. BAILEY, married Daisy SAWYER, 19, lady, Milford Bay Muskoka, same, d/o Harry J. SAWYER, (b. Dist of Muskoka) & Liza S. MCKITTRICK, witn: Gordon MCCARTHY, Coppercliff & May MILLS, Beaumoris, 8 Sept 1920 at Milford Bay
#014869-20 William Ivet BROWN, 25, barber, Bardsville, Bracebridge, s/o John BROWN (b. Winchester Ont) & Fannie DONLEY, married Emily Catherine MCARTHUR, 18, Bracebridge, same, d/o Angus MCARTHUR, (b. Orillia Ont) & Sarah Isabella CARSON, witn: Eliza Ray BROWN & Mabel C. MCARTHUR, both of Bracebridge, 10 Aug 1920 at Port Carling #014872-20 George Alexander BROWNE, 30, shoe merchant, Bracebridge, Orillia, s/o George W.H. BROWNE, & Annie KENNEDY, married Sarah English MCCALLEY, 27, bookkeeper, Port Carling, same, d/o Joseph MCCALLEY, & Nancy COWAN, witn: Ernest E. STEACY, Orillia & Miss Ada MCCALLEY, Port Carling, 2 June 1920 at Knox Church Port Carling
14882-20 Robert CAIRNS, laborer, Uffington, Bracebridge, s/o David CAIRNS (b. Scotland) & Sarah COULTER, married Ellen Rosa TAYLOR, 19, Macaulay twp., Bracebridge, d/o William TAYLOR (b. Canada) & Nellie SHOPLAND, witn: John A. HILL & Blanche IRWIN, both of Bracebridge, 27 Dec 1920 at Bracebridge  
#014891-20 Francis CAMPBELL, 25, electrician, Muskoka Falls, same, s/o Hugh CAMPBELL, (b. Canada) & Agnes MCBRIDE, married Della Nellie MAYES, 21, Bracebridge, Muskoka Falls, d/o O.J. MAYES, (b. England) & Emily TAYLOR, witn: O.J. MAYES & W.G. CAMPBELL, both of Muskoka Falls, 10 June 1920 at Muskoka Falls #014894-20 Karl William CAMPBELL, 25, driver Good-Mail Stage, Baysville, same, s/o John Malcolm CAMPBELL, & Lena BROWN, married Alice May PIPER, 25, not given, Baysville, d/o Richard PIPER, & Rebecca KING, witn: Robert A. ELLIS & Daisy HAZLEHURST, both of Baysville, 11 Feb 1920 at Baysville
#014881-20 James Frederick CARTER, 22, labourer, London England, Springdale, s/o John J. CARTER, (b. England) & Mary JONES, married Mary ALCOX, 19, domestic, Springdale, same, d/o George ALCOX, (b. Muskoka) & Rosie GILL, witn: Mrs P.M. PEACOCK & Mrs Roy PATTERSON, both of Bracebridge, 23 December 1920 at Bracebridge #014885-20 Charles Vincent CHANTLER, 22, grocery clerk, Elmville Simcoe Co, Huntsville, s/o Lewis CHANTLER, (b. Canada) & Emma INCH, married Susan OLAN, 24, living at home, Novar, Huntsville, d/o Alfred OLAN, (b. Canada) & Mary Jane TURNER, witn: George OLAN & Grace CHANTLER, both of Huntsville, 2 Sept 1920 at Huntsville
#014890-20 Henry Cornell CLAFLIN, 27, chemical engineer, Cuyahogen Ohio U.S.A., Nitro West Virgina, s/o Arthur H. CLAFLIN, (b. Ohio State U.S.A.) & Anna EGGER, married Florence Marie PRICE, 24, Newburgh Ont, Cleveland Ohio, d/o Albert PRICE, (b. Newburgh) & Stella MARTIN, witn: Kenneth PRICE, 2835 Hampshire St Cleveland Ohio & Loraine F. PRICE, Niagara Falls N.Y., 17 July 1920 at Baysville Mills Point #014889-20 Owen Daniel CLARK, 40, labourer, Durham County, Huntsville, s/o William CLARK (b. Ireland) & Maria BULLOCK, married Ada Mary WILLS, 40, dressmaker, England, Huntsville, d/o Thomas H. WILLS, (b. England) & Elizabeth TREAR?, witn: W.J. & E.M. STEPHENS, both of Huntsville, 11 Aug 1920 at Huntsville
#014892-20 Kenneth Cecil CLARK, 19, sailor, Midland, same, s/o Andrew CLARK, (b. Sutton) & Rachel BROWN, married Ella Gertrude VANCLIEF, 21, housekeeper, Baysville, same, d/o Samuel James VANCLIEF, (b. Fenelon Falls) & Hannah Jane EHLER, witn: Lottie Jane & Carman Britten BARRY, both of Baysville, 5 Apr 1920 at Baysville #014893-20 Charles Justus CLARK, 23, carman C.P.R., Halifax Nova Scotia, Foots Bay, s/o Charles Robert CLARK, (b. England) & Sarah Louise APTED, married Winnifred Ethel BOYD, 21, Bracebridge, Foots Bay, d/o Hugh BOYD, (b. Canada) & Elizabeth BROWN, witn: George & Pearl WOLFE, both of Mactier, 3 Apr 1920 at Mactier
#014883-20 John Edgar CLEMENT, 26, labourer, Barkway, same, s/o James Edward CLEMENT, (b. Canada) & Eva JOHNSON, married Annie Rosie JOHNSON, 18, housekeeper, Louisham, Barkway, d/o John JOHNSON, (b. Quebec) & Catherine TRYON, witn: Hattie & Elias JOHNSTON, both of Gravenhurst, 29 Dec 1920 at St James Church Gravenhurst #014886-20 William Leslie COCHRANE, 27, locomotive engineer, Pembroke, MacTier, s/o William A COCHRANE, (b. Canada) & Margaret MCLEAN, married Lillian LOCKHART, 21, living at home, Gravenhurst, MacTier, d/o John LOCKHART, (b. Canada) & Charlotte HEVERELL, witn: D. & Pearl E. GREY, both of MacTier, 17 Sept 1920 at Muskoka
#014884-20 Robert CRAWFORD, 38, farmer, Rosseau, Montieth, s/o John CRAWFORD, (b. Perth Ont) & Elizabeth LAURIE, married Mary BEIRNESS, 26, Hekkla, not given, d/o Robert BEIRNESS, (b. Guelph) & Mary CROWDER, witn: Alfred & Clara BEIRNESS, both of Hekkla, 12 Oct 1920 in Hekkla #014888-20 Francis Norman CROOKS, 24, labourer, Huntsville, same, s/o illegible CROOKS, & Mary Jane LEWIN, married Edith THOMPSON, 19, housekeeper, Franklin Twp, Dwight, d/o Willard THOMPSON, & Maud KELLY, witn: Gary LINDGRAIN? & Lillian MARKLE, both of Huntsville, 29 June 1920 at Bracebridge
#014887-20 George Adam CROZIER, 29, grocer, Oakley, Bracebridge, s/o John CROZIER, (b. Waterloo) & Agnes Elizabeth BREWSTER, married Ella Gertrude ADAMSON, 23, school teacher, Pickering, Uffington, d/o Henry Gamble ADAMSON, (b. Pickering) & Elizabeth Beatrice COOK, witn: Henry J. & M. Madaline ADAMSON, both of Uffington, 28 July 1920 at Uffington #014901-20 Lorne Laverne DAVIDSON, 23, farmer, Innisfil Twp Simcoe Co, same, s/o William Jolen DAVIDSON, (b. Innisfil Twp Simcoe Co) & Abigail Amanda MORRIS, married Helen Watson SCOTT, 25, school teacher, Guelph, Huntsville, d/o William SCOTT, (b. Waterloo Twp, Waterloo Co) & Isabella SCOTT, witn: Ralph DAVIDSON, Cookstown & Betsy M. SMITH, Huntsville, 10 Feb 1920 at Huntsville
#014899-20 Wilfred Rufes DELONG, 24, labourer, Perry Twp, same, s/o Albert DELONG, (b. Pontypool) & Sarah ANTCLIFFE, married Vera Verna AUSTIN, 23, housekeeper, Huntsville, Perry Twp, d/o Alexander AUSTIN, (b. Trenton) & Jane BUCK, witn: Roswell AUSTIN & Olive DELONG, both of Novar, 10 June 1920 at Huntsville #014895-20 George DEMBERLINE, 32, lumberman, Beeton, Sprucedale, s/o not given DEMBERLINE (b. Hamilton) & Helen IRELAND, married Elizabeth SMITH, 18, Ilfracome, same, d/o James SMITH, (b. England) & Edith Theresa BROWN, witn: Mrs Arthur DEMBERLINE & Mrs James SMITH, both of Sprucedale, 3 Nov 1920 at Ilfracombe
#014896-20 Herbert Henry DOOLITTLE, 26, farmer, Severn Bridge, same, s/o Herbert DOOTLITTLE, (b. Prince Edward) & Elizabeth CHARLES, married Sarah Ellen FORSYTHE, 29, Ireland, Severn Bridge, d/o Hugh FORSYTHE, (b. Ireland) & Jane PARK, witn: Leon DOOLITTLE & Irene FORSYTHE, both of Severn Bridge, 20 Oct 1920 at Severn Bridge #014900-20 Richard Alexander DOWNING, 25, farmer, Seguin Falls, same, s/o William G. DOWNING, & Sarah SUGDEN, married Laura Maude MCDONALD, 15, working home, Portage, Seguin Falls, d/o John MCDONALD, & Mary CAMICK, witn: Alexander THOMPSON, South Portage, Nellie MOODER, Whitehall, 10 Mar 1920 at Huntsville
#014897-20 Allan Edward DUFFIELD, 26, clergyman, Kirkton, Perth Road, widower, s/o Charles DUFFIELD, (b. Granton) & Rachel FOSTER, married Elizabeth BOYER, 22, teacher, Bracebridge, same, d/o Henry BOYER, (b. Cambridge England) & Elenor DAVIS, witn: Ray ASHFORD, Ahmic Harbor & Pearl BOYER, Bracebridge, 23 Sept 1920 at Bracebridge #014898-20 Cyril Dudley DUNN, 27, salesman, Toronto, 165 Admiral Rd Toronto, s/o Augustus DUNN, & Louise (not given), married Cora C. PRATTIS, 22, stenographer, Toronto, 16 Edna Ave, d/o John PRATTIS, & Clara (not given), witn: Minnie R. ALLMAN, Gravenhurst & Pauline M. STANLEY, Toronto, 7 Aug 1920 at St James Gravenhurst
#014902-20 James Alfred EWING, 25, farmer, Monck Twp, same, s/o William J. EWING, (b. Ont) & Elizabeth LOVATT, married Janet Ann NAISMITH, 27, farmer's daughter, Monck Twp, same, d/o John NAISMITH, (b. Ont) & Effie TELFER, witn: Isabella J. NAISMITH & William J. EWING, both of Ziska, 9 June 1920 at Monck Twp #014909-20 Edison Verne FAILES, 24, machinist, Muskoka Twp, Flint Michigan, s/o Harry S.W. FAILES, (b. Canada) & Martha Ann BURKHOLDER, married Helen Violet BANKS, 24, bookkeeper, Barrie, Bracebridge, d/o John BANKS, (b. Canada) & Elizabeth COOPER, witn: Dorothy & Alfred NORTON, both of Bracebridge, 18 Mar 1920 at Bracebridge
#014905-20 Robert James Adam FAWCETT, 24, clerk, Uffington Muskoka, Severn Bridge, s/o Michael FAWCETT, & Bessie KIRKPATRICK, married Ida Emily BRADY, 20, Sparrow Lake, Severn Bridge, d/o James BRADY & Catharine AIKMAN, witn: Arthur FAWCETT & Marjorie JACKSON, both of Severn Bridge, 9 Sept 1920 at Severn Bridge #014907-20 Dudley FENWICK, 21, cashier, Montreal, Toronto, s/o Thomas FENWICK, (b. Yorkshire Eng) & Mable WILSON, married Daisy BOYCE, 18, clerk, Toronto, same, d/o Edward BOYCE (b. England) & Nellie MCGILL, witn: Mrs P.M. PEACOCK & Mrs Ethel MCGILL, both of Bracebridge, 26 July 1920 at Bracebridge
#014906-20 Leonard John FISHER, 52, carpenter, England, Franklin Twp, s/o Raymond FISHER, (b. England) & Sarah RAYMOND, married Edith Harriett Reeling LAXTON, 44, housekeeper, Quebec, Franklin Twp, d/o Charles LAXTON, (b. Canada) & Emily GUMMETT, witn: S. MULLIGAN & L. WALL, both of Huntsville, 30 June 1920 at Huntsville #014904-20 Thomas Ambrose FLAHERTY, 25, farmer, VanKoughnet, same, s/o David FLAHERTY, (b. illegible Ont) & Elizabeth illegible, married Flora Elma STUTHERS, 20, housekeeper, Bracebridge, same, d/o William John STUTHERS, (b. Gwillimbury? York Co) & illegible SMITH, witn: Cora MCLEAN & illegible, 22 Sept 1920 at Gravenhurst [faded reg’n]
#014908-20 Charles FLEURY, 19, labourer, St Melenie Quebec, Huntsville, s/o Eleine FLEURY, (b. Quebec) & Delma PILON, married Florence MONTROY, 17, housekeeper, Markham, Huntsville, d/o John MONTROY, (b. Canada) & Annie FENTON, witn: Earl NEWLOVE & John MULLIGAN, both of Huntsville, 26 May 1920 at Huntsville #014903-20 Samuel FORSYTHE, 29, accountant, York Co, Huntsville, s/o William James FORSYTHE, (b. Co. Down Ireland) & Susan SCOTT, married Winnifred Agnes MOIR, 27, teacher, Huron Co, Huntsville, d/o William C. MOIR, (b. Huron Co) & Margaret MURRAY, witn: Charles A. SHAW, Huntsville & G.R. MOIR, Quebec, 22 Nov 1920 at Huntsville
#014910-20 Arthur Grasett GATES, 34, broker, Hamilton, same, s/o Arthur Robert GATES, & Fannie DEACON, married Kathleen Muriel WILKERS, 27, bank clerk, London Eng, Hamilton, d/o Frederick William WILKERS, & Edith Elizabeth PAULETT, witn: Mable V. STASSING? & Violet E. KIRK, both of Bracebridge, 19 Oct 1920 at Bracebridge #014912-20 Harry GIBSON, 25, engineering, Scotland, Oakville, s/o Harry GIBSON, (b. Kincardine Scotland) & Elizabeth McLEAN, married Ann Alvira Pauline CHARLWOOD, 22, housekeeper, Huntsville, same, d/o Arthur CHARLWOOD, (b. Meaford) & Solina MAY, witn: Luella B. CHARLWOOD & George HELSTERN, both of Huntsville, 28 June 1920 at Huntsville
#014911-20 James William GREEN, 41, labourer, Uddersfield England, Bracebridge, widower, s/o William GREEN, (b. England) & Martha, married Ellen Selena SPECK, 31, housekeeper, Watt Twp, Bracebridge, d/o John SPECK, (b. England) & Jane PREBBLE, witn: Henry SPECK & Blanche IRWIN, both of Bracebridge, 2 Sept 1920 at Bracebridge 014915-20 James Sydney GREEN, 24, lumberman, Baysville, same, s/o John GREEN, & Sarah Jane VANCLIEF, married Vera Nomvuella Rita ROWE, 21, Baysville, same, d/o John Wesley ROWE, & Alice Jane JETTY, witn: Dewardo Sylvester ROWE & Margaret Derinda CAMPBELL, both of Baysville, 15 Dec 1920 at Baysville
#014914-20 Thomas GREGAN, 26, farmer, Teeswater, same, s/o George GREGAN, (b. Ireland) & Sarah FLUKE, married Annie CAMPBELL, 24, Toronto, same, d/o William CAMPBELL, (b. Scotland) & Marion ARMSTRONG, witn: Winifred & Evan R. PEACOCK, both of Bracebridge, 20 May 1920 at Bracebridge #014913-20 Alfred GROOMES, 23, farmer, Eastbourne Sussex England, Huntsville, s/o Arthur GROOMES, (b. Canada) & Elizabeth BEDFORD, married Mabel PAYNE, 16, lady, Huntsville, same, d/o George PAYNE, (b. Canada) & Eliza FINLEY, witn: Norman & Gertrude CLARK, both of Huntsville, 2 June 1920 at Huntsville
#014932-20 William HANES, 40, farmer, Brunel Twp, same, s/o Joseph Norman (Naman?) HANES, & Hannah LONG, married Mary Elizabeth MITCHELL, 33, dress maker, Southport Eng, Brunel Twp, d/o Patrick MITCHELL, & Jane WILLIAMS, witn: J. & Mrs J. DOONAN, both of Huntsville, 25 Feb 1920 at Huntsville #014931-20 William Robert Guy HARPER, 19, labourer, Monck Twp, Bala, s/o James Harris HARPER, & Amelia Elizabeth HILLMAN, married Edith Mary PERRY, 18, housekeeper, Monck Twp, Bala, d/o Oliver Sidney PERRY, & Annie Matilda CHAPMAN, witn: Rexford HARPER & Ruth Alice HIBBERT, both of Bala, 14 Jan 1920 at Bala
#014924-20 Albert Maxwell HARRIS, 28, farmer, Howick, same, s/o Russel HARRIS, & Rachel JACQUES, married Annie AITCHESON, 24, farmer's daughter, Huntsville, McLean Twp, d/o Robert AITCHESON, & Mary AVERY, witn: Simon & Margaret AITCHESON, both of Newholme, 18 June 1920 at Newholme #014926-20 Earl Hughes HARVEY, 27, station agent, Coboconk, Washago, s/o John Harrison HARVEY, (b. Canada) & Alwilda Jane CARL, married Annie May DAVIS, 23, Severn Bridge, same, d/o Alfred DAVIS, (b. Canada) & Annie WHITESIDE, witn: Sydney R. DAVIS, Severn Bridge & Hazel BATTRAM, Hamilton, 9 June 1920 at Severn Bridge
#014927-20 Benjamin HAYCOCK, 45, labourer, Birmingham England, Huntsville, s/o Samuel HAYCOCK, (b. England) & Eliza QUINN, married Eliza May WILDER, 23, servant, Franklin Twp Muskoka, Huntsville, d/o Edward WILDER, (b. Canada) & Martha WARD, witn: Charles & Mrs C. FLEURY, both of Huntsville, 2 June 1920 at Huntsville #014929-20 Charles John HAZLETON, 19, labourer, England, Huntsville, s/o Charles Henry HAZLETON, (b. England) & Florence THOMPSON, married Margaret BAHAN, 18, housekeeper, Muskoka, Huntsville, d/o William Thomas BAHAN, (b. Canada) & Eliza EMERSON, witn: Samuel & Mrs Sam DAY, both of Huntsville, 20 Feb 1920 at Huntsville
#014917-20 Edward Samuel HENDERSON, 20, labourer, Stisted Twp, Huntsville, s/o John HENDERSON, (b. Ireland) & Annie SMITH, married Emily May THOMPSON, 22, living at home, Portage, Huntsville, d/o Wellington THOMPSON, (b. Canadian) & Annie STEPHENS, witn: Norman & Mrs Norman CROOKS, both of Huntsville, 25 Nov 1920 at Huntsville #014922-20 Bernard John HENRY, 22, farmer, Brunel Twp, same, s/o David HENRY, (b. Merrickville) & Sarah MARTYN, married Hazel Elenor COWAN, 20, maid at home, Watt Twp, Brunel Twp, d/o Alex COWAN, (b. Muskoka) & Catherine MURRAY, witn: James J. HENRY, Port Sydney & Margaret M. COWAN, Windermere, 15 Sept 1920 at Watts Twp
#014933-20 Cornelius HICKEY, 62, farmer, Galway Ont, Kinmount, widower, s/o David HICKEY, & Ellen MURRAY, married Charlotte O'SULLIVAN, 67, retired, England, Gravenhurst, widow, d/o Samuel BASSETTE, & Mary MOLEY, witn: Mr.. & Mrs W.H. CROSS, both of Gravenhurst, 23 Aug 1920 at Gravenhurst #014921-20 Herbert S. HIGHSTEAD, 22, tailor, London England, Huntsville, s/o George HIGHSTEAD, (b. England) & Rose STARKEY, married Laura Eveline BRADLEY, 18, tailor, Stephenson Twp, Huntsville, d/o Samuel BRADLEY (b. Ontario) & Lydia SPIERS, witn: Arnold WEELER & Mrs J. ANDREWS, both of Huntsville, 30 June 1920 at Huntsville
#014920-20 Leslie John HILLYARD, 22, farmer, Brunel Twp, same, s/o Albert James HILLYARD, (b. Odgensberg) & Margaret COCKS, married Ruby WELLS, 18, housekeeper, Franklin Twp, Dwight, d/o Allan William WELLS, (b. Scotland) & Frances MARTINEAU, witn: Patrick HILLYARD & Myrtle MCKAY, both of Orillia, 21 Oct 1920 at Huntsville #014919-20 Patrick Julian HILLYARD, 20, farmer, Brunel Twp, same, s/o Albert James HILLYARD, (b. Odgensberg Ont) & Margaret COCKS, married Myrtle MCKAY, 18, housekeeper, Brunel Twp, same, d/o William John MCKAY, (Reach Twp) & Caroline HILLYARD, witn; Leslie J. HILLYARD, Orville & Ruby WELLS, Dwight, 21 Oct 1920 at Huntsville
  #014925-20 George Robert HOLT, 20, carpenter, Simcoe, Royal Muskoka, s/o William HOLT, (b. Simcoe Co) & Minnie ZULFT (Zuefelt?), married Hazel Cathlyn COOMBS, 18, schoolteacher, Bracebridge, same, d/o Ashton COOMBS, (b. Maple) & Ada ENNIS, witn: Walter WILLIAMS, Gravenhurst & Marjory COOMBS, Bracebridge, 18 June 1920 at Rosseau
#014916-20 Stanley Wray HOOVER, 27, farmer, near Novar, Muskoka Twp, s/o William HOOVER, & Lois Jane YORK, married Matilda Bell ENNIS, 19, farmer's daughter, Macauley Twp, same, d/o Richard ENNIS, (b. Brockville) & Jane CLOSE, witn: Garnet Elijah & Lila HOOVER, both of Bracebridge, 22 Dec 1920 at Bracebridge #014918-20 Garnet Elijah HOOVER, 20, farmer, Muskoka Twp, same, s/o William HOOVER, & Lois YORK, married Lila BROOKS, 20, farmer's daughter, Draper Twp, same, d/o John BROOKS, (b. Peel Twp) & Anna SLINGERLAND, witn: George W. NEWCOMBE & Genevieve BROOKS, both of Bracebridge, 15 Dec 1920 at Bracebridge
#014930-20 Melbourne HOWELL, 33, mill owner, Parry Sound, Yearley, s/o Lorenzo HOWELL, & Mary Jane STAPLES, married Mabel SMITH, 19, daughter, McMurrich, Ilfracome, d/o James Percy SMITH, & Edith BROWN, witn: George DEMBERLINE, Sprucedale & Elisabeth SMITH, Ilfracombe, 4 Jan 1920 at Christ Church Ilfracombe #014923-20 John George HUTCHESON, 27, bank clerk, Gonrock?, Huntsviile, s/o William HUTCHESON, (b. Greenock Scotland) & Maud MACDONALD, married Carmen Annie MILLER, 19, living at home, Huntsville, same, d/o Robert MILLER (b. Frontenac Co) & Margaret GERHART, witn: A.E. MCGREGOR & Pearl BONSER, both of Huntsville, 4 Sept 1920 at Huntsville
#014928-20 William HUTCHINS, 43, labourer, Brunel Twp, Huntsville, widower, s/o Edman HUTCHINS, (b. Canada) & Emily DEVER, married Ida COTTRAL, 32, lives at home, Honey Harbor, Huntsville, d/o Ben COTTRILL, (b. Canada) & Maria COOK, witn: Ralph BAXTER & Martha COTTRILL, both of Huntsville, 5 Mar 1920 at Brunel 19443-20 Hector LAMERE, 20, laborer, Byng Inlet, same, s/o Stephen LAMERE (b. Three Rivers) & Pauline ALLEN?, married Alice TETRAULT, 18, Massachusetts US, Byng Inlet, d/o Stanley? TETRAULT (b. Tall River Mass) & Almina ROY, witn: Thomas LAMERE & Germain DEROCHER, both of Byng Inlet, 27 Oct 1920 at Parry Sound
19444-20 Charles LAWSON, 22, laborer, Parry Sound, same, s/o James LAWSON (b. Canada) & Lily WHALEN, married Myrtle BROWN, 23, Parry Sound, same, d/o George BROWN (b. Canada) & Sophia CROSSWELL, witn: Mrs. James BINNIE & William J. COCHRANE, both of Parry Sound, 3 Aug 1920 at Parry Sound 19441-20 Gordon LAWSON, 23, fireman, Parry Sound, Parry Harbour, s/o James LAWSON (b. Canada) & Lily WHALEN, married Mary CLEARY, 23, Ottawa, Parry Harbour, d/o James CLEARY (b. Canada) & Almira DESPATIE, witn: Mrs. Willett LINEAS & George LAWSON, both of Parry Sound, 8 Nov 1920 at Parry Sound
19440-20 Frederick William LEECH, 31, physician, Newboro - Leeds Co., North Bay, s/o Edward LEECH & Emily? E. CANNON, married Evelyn Lucy ACRES, 23, Hamilton, Toronto, d/o Charles Russell ACRES (b. Hamilton) & Louise Elizabeth Lucy BOWMAN, witn: C. A. RAE of Isolation Hospital in Toronto & Elsie G. HENDERSON of 88 Oriole Rd. in Toronto, 12 Aug 1920 at Snug Harbour 19442-20 Lee Harrison LYMAN, 29, chemist, Rushville Nebraska, Montreal, s/o deceased (b. Amherst Ohio) & deceased, married Gertrude Elizabeth LAIRD, 25, teacher, Parry Sound, same, d/o Robert LAIRD (b. Strabane Ireland) & Elizabeth BARKER, witn: Malcolm H. OAK of Caribou Maine & Marjorie J. FAWCETT of Parry Sound, 23 Oct 1920 at Parry Sound
19462-20 Robert Cecil Hazel MAHON, 23, book keeper, Carleton Place, Sudbury, s/o John MAHON, Canada & Annie MCGREGOR married Jean GOURLAY, 22, Port Calis France, Sudbury, d/o James GOURLAY, Scotland & Essie SCOTT, witn; Jessie C. BINNIE of Parry Sound, 25 Feb 1920, Parry Sound 19466-20 Hugh McARTHUR, 34, farmer, Shanty Bay, Bourdeau, s/o Gilbert McARTHUR (b. Scotland) & Mary GRAHAM, married Annie Matilda MULLIGAN, 19, Bourdeau - Ryerson twp., same, d/o Henry MULLIGAN (b. near Lindsay Ont) & Mary MORDEN, witn: E. C. BROWNHILL & Catherine E. CULLIS, both of Sprucedale, 1 Dec 1920 at Sprucedale
19467-20 Alpha William McINNIS, 32, farmer, Orillia, McDonald Manitoba, s/o Alexander McINNIS & Sarah McINNIS, married Winnifred Frances Victoria SHIELDS, 29, Callander, same, d/o Jeremiah SHIELDS (b. Ireland) & Elizabeth THOMAS, witn: J. Parker SHIELDS & Alice G. DUNCAN, both of Callander, 8 Dec 1920 at Parry Sound 19465-20 John James McMANUS, 54, widower, carpenter, Kinloss Ont., Powassan, s/o Andrew McMANUS (b. Ireland) & Martha Elizabeth JONES (James?), married Mary Isabella MOSS, 39, widow, Caledon East, Powassan, d/o James RAYBURN (b. Ont) & Mary McKINNON, witn: William RAYBURN of Powassan & Miss Jessie McKENZIE of Teeswater, 15 Dec 1920 at Parry Sound
19463-20 Moses MISSABAR, 35, bushman, Pickerel, same, s/o Peter MISSABAR (b. Pickerel) & Mary ASHAWSEGA, married Mary JOSEPH, 26, widow, Nipissing, Pickerel, d/o John FISHER (b. Pickerel) & Sarah MCQUABIA, witn: Andrew C. LAGAN & Mrs. A. SMITH, both of Parry Sound, 9 Jan 1920 at Parry Sound 19464-20 Walter Stanley MOSS, 29, tool maker, Bristol England, Toronto, s/o Elias MOSS & Hannah ABRAHAMS, married Rose Ann LLOYD, 21, Parry Sound, same, d/o Edward LLOYD & Harriet MARTIN, witn: Frederick Arthur REDWOOD of Toronto & Etta Maud LLOYD of Parry Sound, 28 Aug 1920 at Trinity Church, Parry Sound
14993-20 Gordon SHORTT, 28, farmer, Cardwell twp., same, s/o Richard SHORTT & Etta EINARSON, married Agnes CRAWFORD, 23, Cardwell twp., same, d/o Alex CRAWFORD & Jessie WILSON, witn: Henry C. GRENKE of Hekkla & Ella DRAYCOTT of Rosseau, 9 June 1920 at Cardwell twp 14992-20 John William SMITH, 26, fireman, London England, Port Sidney, s/o unknown, died when groom was an infant, married Marjory TREVOR, 19, Allinsville, Huntsville, d/o Sidney TREVOR (b. England) & Ethel CALDWELL, witn: Annie CHRISTIE & Constance WINTER, both of Bracebridge, 19 June 1920 at Bracebridge
14994-20 Egbert Menno SNYDER, 28, clerk, Brunner - Perth Co., Toronto, s/o Menno SNYDER (b. North Easthope two) & Thressa WALKER, married May Christena FERGUSON, 25, Gravenhurst, same, d/o Andrew FERGUSON (b. Denmark) & Anna Marie ANDERSON, witn: Gladys & Albert E. FERGUSON of Gravenhurst, 16 June 1920 at Gravenhurst

015014/20 (Muskoka Co) James Arthur VINCENT, 23, laborer, Bracebridge, Bracebridge, s/o Thomas VINCENT (b. England) & Mary LEEDER, married Edna Susan TAYLOR, 19, Bell Telephone operator, Bracebridge, Bracebridge, d/o James Edgar TAYLOR (b. Ontario) & Sarah C. GOODMAN, witn: Andy AIKIN & Marion VINCENT both of Bracebridge, 30 August 1920, Bracebridge

015022/20 (Muskoka Co) Albert WALLACE, 26, farmer, Stephenson Twp., Stephenson Twp., s/o Solomon WALLACE (b. Canada) & Alameda BARRAGAR, married Viola RICHARDS, 21, widow, school teacher, Bracebridge Ont., MacAulay Twp., d/o Henry THOMPSON (b. Canada) & Elizabeth THOMAS, witn: Albert WALLACE of Utterson Ont. & Mary B. LAW of Huntsville Ont., 12 June 1920, Huntsville

15018-20 Roy WATERS, 25, carpenter, Toronto, Gravenhurst, s/o Frank WATERS (b. Newmarket) & Nellie DOUBLEDAY, married Annie Ada Mary RUTTAN, 17, Lewisham - Ryde twp., Gravenhurst, d/o William RUTTAN (b. Delmar) & Hannah BROOKS, witn: Fred J. & Rosina M. SEEHAVER of Gravenhurst, 6 Oct 1920 at Gravenhurst

015015/20 (Muskoka Co) William Edward WHITE, 34, widower, farmer, Uxbridge, Huntsville Ont., s/o Abraham WHITE (b. Uxbridge) & Martha FAULKENER, married Mrs. Nettie CHURCH, 25, widow, home keeper, Chaffey Twp., Huntsville Ont., d/o William CHURCH (b. Newmarket) & Nellie THOMPSON, witn: William YOUNG & Mrs. W. THOMPSON both of Chaffey Twp., 30 October 1920, Huntsville

015016/20 (Muskoka Co) Henry Norman WILLIAMS, 31, hardware merchant, Chesley Ont., Englehart Ont., s/o David WILLIAMS (b. Ont.) & Mary Ann COLLINS, married Margaret Isabel MADILL, 27, school teacher, Allensville Ont., Allensville Ont., d/o John Henry MADILL (b. Ont.) & Margaret DARLING, witn: Archie MADILL & Edith DARLING both of Allensville, 29 September 1920, Allensville

015019/20 (Muskoka Co) Herbert WOOD, laborer, Muskoka Twp., Gravenhurst, s/o Herbert WOOD (b. England) & Matilda GRAHAM, married Phoebe Ellen ROBERTSON, 17 year past, housekeeper, Havelock, Gravenhurst, d/o Walter D. ROBERTSON (b. Hastings Co. Ont.) & Martha SINCLAIR, witn: William J. La ROACH & Christine LAMAY both of Gravenhurst, 5 October 1920, Gravenhurst

015017/20 (Muskoka Co) Frank WOOD, 28, compositor, London England, Toronto Ont., s/o Frank WOOD (b. England) & Jessie PINSENT, married Marvel MAY, 25, bookbinder, Ravenscliffe Ont., Toronto Ont., d/o Robert W. MAY (b. Canada) & Mary J. BRIDGES, witn: W.H. OLIVE of 262 Woodbine Ave. Toronto, Mary & Jean MAY of Ravenscliffe, 12 October 1920, Ravenscliffe

015020/20 (Muskoka Co) Victor WOODCOCK, 25, laborer, Huntsville, Town of Huntsville, s/o George WOODCOCK (b. Ont.) & Ida BUCK, married Myrtle EDGERTON, 19, housekeeper, Huntsville, Town of Huntsville, d/o John EDGERTON (b. Oxford Co.) & Clara Maud WHITNEY, witn: Clayton WOODCOCK & Ethel ERWOOD both of Huntsville, 8 September 1920, Huntsville

015021/20 (Muskoka Co) Matthew WREGGITT, 26, lumberman, Stephenson Twp., Stephenson Twp., s/o George W. WREGGITT (b. Canada) & Margaret Matilda PREBBLE, married Lizzie McBETH, 26, housekeeper, Scotland, Stephenson Twp., d/o Alex McBETH (b. Scotland) & Jane McKAY, witn: Archie WREGGITT & Mary Ann COOK both of Stephenson Twp., 12 June 1920, Huntsville