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Muskoka & Parry Sound Dist., 1870


15/4 (Parry Sound Dist) : John ALLARD, 21, England, McKellar twp, yeoman, s/o William and Mary, was married to Eliza HORNE, 16, England, McKellar Twp, d/o Stephen and Elizabeth, on Nov 21, 1870 Vol 5-Pg 358 Charles ALLEN, 21, mariner, Vermont USA, Gravenhurst, s/o Alphonse & Lucretia, married Martha Ann OUDERKIRK, 20, Dundas Co., Macaulay Tp., d/o Henry & Sarah, witn: William OUDERKIRK of Stephenson Tp. & William TAIT of Bracebridge on Jan. 1, 1870 at Village of Bracebridge
15/4 (Parry Sound Dist) : Samuel ARMSTRONG, 26, Ireland, McKellar Twp, merchant, s/o Samuel and Harriet Armstrong, married to Catharine TAYLOR, 16, Canada, McKellar Twp, d/o John and Elizabeth Taylor, witnesses David M. PATTERSON and Sarah McKEOWN, both of McKellar Twp, on December 26, 1870 15/4 (Parry Sound Dist) : John ARMSTRONG, 24, Ireland, Parry Sound village, bachelor, yeoman, s/o Samuel and Harriet, married to Mary TAYLOR, 18, Canada, McKellar Twp, spinster, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Samuel ARMSTRONG Jnr, and Catharine TAYLOR, both of McKellar, October 3, 1870 in McKellar
Vol 5-Page 362-70 Charles BLACKMORE, 25, yeoman, England, Lot 19 Conc. 5 Draper Tp., s/o William BLACKMORE & Grace LANNING, married Josephine LAMONT, 18, Canada, Draper Tp., d/o Hugh LAMONT & Mary Ann McKAY, witn: George SPENCE & Elizabeth LAMONT both of Draper Tp. on Feb. 9, 1870 at home of bride's father in Draper Tp. Vol 5-Pg 360-70 James BOYD, 21, farmer, Canada, Morrison Tp., s/o John BOYD & Ann McCLELLAND, married Isabella Penny ANDERSON, 20, Edinburgh Scotland, Morrison Tp., d/o Henry N. ANDERSON & Helen WEATHERHEAD, witn: Moses McCLELLAND & Margaret L. ANDERSON both of Morrison Tp. on Apr. 6, 1870 at Orillia.
Vol 5-Pg 365-70 Robert BRIERS (Brien?) 21, shoemaker, Co. Armagh Ireland, Muskoka Tp., s/o P. Nelson BRIERS & Angel WILSON, married Sarah ENNIS, 17, Hamilton Ont., Muskoka Tp., d/o William & Amy, witn: George HEY of Bracebridge & Margaret STEPHENS of Muskoka on June 7, 1870 at Muskoka Tp. Volume 13, pg 118 (Muskoka) Hugh S CAMPBELL, 30, Canada, Macaulay, butcher, s/o Aaron CAMPBELL & Sarah WRIGHT, married Margaret McFARLIN, 24, Ireland, Muskoka, d/o Robert McFARLIN & Jane ROBINSON, wit - Henry and Jane McFARLIN, Nov 17 1870, Muskoka
Vol 5-Pg 361-70 William CANNING, 23, farmer, Derry Ireland, Morrison, s/o John CANNING & Jane WINCHESTER, married Isabella HUNTER, 22, Forfarshire Scotland, Morrison Tp. d/o Samuel HUNTER & Margaret ANDERSON, witn: Joseph & Sarah Jane HUNTER both of Morrison on Nov. 5, 1870 at Gravenhurst. Vol 5-Pg 359 Richard CHAPMAN, 28, farmer, England, Watt Tp., s/o Richard CHAPMAN & Elizabeth WRIGHT, married Ellen WALTON, 26, England, Humphrey Tp., d/o James WALTON & Sarah SMITH, witn: Thomas SPENS? of Macaulay Tp. & E. J. CHAPMAN of Muskoka on Dec. 14, 1870 at Humphrey Tp.
Vol 5-Pg 361-70 Henry DIERKS, 36, farmer, Kinphansin (?) Germany, Morrison Tp., s/o Theil & Catharine, married Henriette Wilhelmina ROCH, 32, widow, Lubea (?) Holland, Morrison Tp., d/o Gottleib & Eleanor SUISCH, witn: Charles DIERKS & Henry ARENS both of Morrison on Sept 1, 1870 at Morrison Vol 5-Pg 365-70 John DOHERTY, 26, farmer, Donegal Ireland, Draper Tp., s/o Thomas & Ann, married Elizabeth CHAPMAN, 26, Cornwall England, Muskoka Tp., d/o Richard & Elizabeth, witn: Richard CHAPMAN of Muskoka & John FOSTER of Draper on July 26, 1870 at Muskoka Tp.
Vol 5-Pg 359 Alexander FRAZER, 32, farmer, Scotland, Watt Tp., s/o John & Margaret, married Eliza FOULKS, 17, Canada, Watt Tp., d/o John FOULKS & Mary Ann BALL, witn: Lewellen EDWARD & Mary FOULKS both of Watt Tp. on Nov. 12, year not given at Watt Tp. Vol 5-Pg 358 Thomas Henry GILES, 24, yeoman, Quebec, Watt Tp., s/o Henry & Martha, married Eliza Diana PICKERING, 19, Winchester Tp., Watt Tp., d/o Nelson & Maria, witn: Henry GILES & Susan SHEA both of Watt Tp. on Mar. 31, 1870 at Watt Tp.
Vol 5-Pg 363-70 William HANNAH, 22, yeoman, Ontario, Draper Tp., s/o Richard HANNAH & Christiana FRANCIS, married Sarah Ann SPEER, 21, Ontario, Bracebridge, d/o Alexander SPEER & Jane FLETCHER, witn: R. C. NAPMAN of Muskoka & Ellen WALTON of Draper Tp. on Aug. 3, 1870 at Village of Bracebridge Vol 5-Pg 364-70 George HAY, 23, yeoman, England, Macaulay Tp., s/o Joseph HAY & Ann THOMPSON, married Catherine GARDINER, 20, England, Macaulay, d/o Joseph GARDINER & Caroline CAIRNS, witn: Charles GOOD of Macaulay Tp. & Mary Ann COOK of Bracebridge on Dec. 25, 1870 at Bracebridge
  Vol 5-Pg 360-70 Thomas JOHNSTON, 20, farmer, Canada, Morrison, s/o Adam & Margaret, married Esther HUGHES, 18, Canada, Morrison, d/o Robert & Nancy, witn: J. H. & Mary JACKSON both of Morrison on Mar. 13, 1870 at Morrison Tp.
Volume 13, pg 120 (Muskoka) Phoenix McBRIDE, 25, Canada, Muskoka, farmer, s/o Samuel McBRIDE & Elizabeth GILLYLAND, married Emily Jane DAVIS, 19, Canada, Muskoka, d/o James DAVIS & Julian PHILIPS, wit - James DAVIS and Charlotte DAVIS both of Wood, Nov 2 1870, Muskoka Vol 5-Pg 364-70 Forbes A. McLAREN, 23, blank, of Parry Sound, s/o Thomas & Isabella, married Hannah EWING, 17, of Monck Tp., d/o Gordon M. & Mary, witn: none given on Oct. 12, 1870 at the home of the bride's father, Gordon M. Ewing at Monck Tp.
Vol 5-Pg 359-70 Charles McNABB, 34, commercial traveller, widower, Scotland, City of Hamilton, s/o John & Helen, married Agnes Mary LAWRENCE, 21, England, Brunel Tp., d/o William John & Margaret, witn: Charles JEFFREY & Emily Catherine LAWRENCE both of Brunel Tp. on Dec. 15, 1870 at residence of John Lawrence of Brunel Tp. Vol 5-Pg 363-70 William Thomas MORLEY, 30, yeoman, Canada, Watt Tp., s/o John MORLEY & Christiana BECKS, married Margaret Jane GOGGIN, 21, Ireland, Macaulay Tp., d/o William & Eliza, witn: William GOGGAN (sic) & Isabella GEORGE both of Macaulay Tp. on Sept. 6, 1870 at home of bride's father at Macaulay Tp.
Vol 5-Pg 363-70 Hiram NETTERLY, 21, yeoman, Ontario, Chaffey Tp., s/o Ira NETTERLY & Eliza VANEALT, married Ann SCHAFER, 19, Prussia, Macauley, d/o Michael SCHAFER & Catherine CHRIET?, witn: James A. NETTERLY of Chaffey & Matilda SCHAFER both of Macaulay on Nov. 10, 1870 at Bracebridge Vol 5-Pg 364-70 Thomas Henry PORTUS (Porteous?), 25, merchant, Canada, Bracebridge, s/o Thomas Harry PORTUS & Ellen WILSON, married Catharine Grace AMOS, 17, England, Bracebridge, d/o Henry Thomas AMOS & Caroline Judith EMERSON, witn: Richard James BELL & Aubrey WHITE both of Bracebridge on Dec. 22, 1870 at Bracebridge
Vol 15, pg 5 - David M. PATTERSON, 26, yeoman, Ireland, McKellar, s/o James & Jane, married Sarah McKEOWN, 20, Canada, McKellar, d/o James & Eliza, witn: Samuel ARMSTRONG & Catherine TAYLOR, both of McKellar, 26 Dec 1870 at McKellar Volume 13, pg 120 (Muskoka) David SCOTT, 40, York State US, Muskoka, yeoman, s/o Aaron SCOTT & Rhoda ELLIOT, married Louisa REACH, 39, Uxbridge, Muskoka, d/o Caleb FORSYTH & Susan SHOEFELT, wit - Solomon BRIGGS of Muskoka and Mary McNEIL, Dec 26 1870, Muskoka
Vol 5-Pg 361-70 Samuel R. THOMPSON, 22, merchant, Ireland, Severn Bridge, s/o Joseph & Margaret, married Margaret Litster ANDERSON, 18, Canada, Morrison Tp., d/o Henry N. & Helen, witn: Henry & William ANDERSON both of Morrison Tp. on Nov. 23, 1870 at Morrison. Vol 5-Pg 362-70 Martin WATSON, 22, yeoman, Ontario, Draper Tp., s/o William WATSON & Eliza MAXWELL, married Mary Jane CARRIGAN, 19, Quebec, Draper Tp., d/o Robert CARRIGAN & Catherine MORTON, witn: George BROWNELL & Henrietta CARRIGAN both of Draper Tp. on Aug. 16, 1870 at Draper Tp.
Vol 5-Pg 360-70 John WESTONFELT, 21, farmer, Germany, Morrison Tp., s/o Peter & Elizabeth, married Sarah Elizabeth McMASTER, 18, Belleville, North Orillia, d/o no parents given, witn: Thentor HEYE (Sleye?) & Russanna PILZIR both of Morrison Tp., on Feb. 25, 1870 at Morrison Tp. Vol 5-Pg 362-70 John A. WILSON, 30, millwright, Scotland, Meaford, s/o William WILSON & Jane JOHNSTON, married Margaret BOWERS, 19, Orillia, Morrison Tp., d/o Michael & Elizabeth, witn: Samuel R. THOMPSON & James BOWERS both of Morrison on Sept. 21, 1870 at Severn Bridge
Volume 13, pg 121 (Muskoka) George Peter WILSON, 32, , Gloucestershire England, Steamboat Nipissing, purser, s/o George WILSON & Elizabeth KENNEY, married Olive ELGAR (Edgar?), 16, England, Draper, d/o Charles ELGAR & Elizabeth ELGAR, wit - Peter B. DAVENPORT and Mayaid (sic) DENNETT, Nov 7 1870, Draper Volume 13, pg 119 (Muskoka) Duncan H. WOODROW, 27, Orillia, Gravenhurst, lumber agent, s/o Alex WOODROW & Mary McKENZIE, married Sarah BROWN, 31, Upper Canada, Gravenhurst, d/o Duncan BROWN & Mart McNEIL, wit - John H. SCOTT and Mary GLASS both of Gravenhurst, Aug 10 1870, Muskoka