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Muskoka & Parry Sound Dist., 1884


7451-85 (Muskoka Dist): William ADDISON, 27, farmer, of Stephenson twp., s/o William & Mary Catherine, married Emma Sarah TURNBULL, 18, of Brunel twp., d/o William & Eliza Sarah, witn: John ADDISON of Pt. Sydney & Eliza Jane TURNBULL of Brunel twp., 24 Dec 1884 at Trinity Church, Brunel  
6955-84 Gustav ANDERSON, 29, farmer, Vinsen Sweden, Monteith twp., s/o Anders OLSEN & Marie Louse LARSEN, married Annie JOHANSON, 17, He--? Norway, Monteith, d/o Johanes JOHANSON & Annetta ANDERSON, witn: Jens JOHANSON & Marie BLOOM, both of Monteith, 29 Sept 1884 at the Norwegian Lutheran Church, Monteith #006851-84 Felix ARBECK, 23, lumberman, Finch, Bracebridge, s/o Isidore & Mary ARBECK, married Emma GANYEAU, 16, Quebec, Oakley, d/o Frank GANYEAU & Emma FORTI, witn: Rachel MCKINNON & Lily CONNELLY, both of Bracebridge, 26 June 1884 at Bracebridge
6956-84 Edward ARMSTRONG, 21, farmer, Renfrew Co., Nipissing Parry Sound, s/o William ARMSTRONG & Jane FLOYD, married Annie Isabella BOLTON, 22, Renfrew Co., Nipissing Parry Sound, d/o William Henry BOLTON & Eliza BEATTY, witn: John CONLEY & Hettie Jane BOLTON, both of Nipissing, 30 June 1884 at Nipissing

#006846-84 Samuel Henry ARMSTRONG, 26, butcher, Fermanagh Co. Ireland, Bracebridge, s/o Simon & Ann ARMSTRONG, married Emma Mary Ann PRATT, 23, London England, Bracebridge, d/o Josiah & Jane PRATT, witn: John & Josiah PRATT, both of Bracebridge, 25 Apr 1884 at Bracebridge

#006885-84 Joshua BACON, 26, farmer, Beaverton, Perry, s/o Henry George & Hester BACON, married Martha Ellen MANLEY, 22, Stouffville, Perry, d/o Thomas & Jane MANLEY, witn: Herbert MANLEY & Clarissa BEARDON, both of Perry, 4 Feb 1884 at Huntsville

#006874-84 William BAGLEY, 25, farmer, Aurora, North Orillia, s/o Thomas & Charlotte BAGLEY, married Catherine BOWERS, 24, Town of Orillia, Morrison Twp, d/o Michael & Elizabeth BOWERS, witn: William PETERS, N. Orillia & Fanny BOWERS, Morrison, 17 Sept no year given at Lot (blank) 2 Con Morrison

#006855-84 David Edgar BASTEDO, 23, publisher, Canada, Georgetown, s/o Joseph Rogers & Mary Elizabeth BASTEDO, married Elizabeth Ann OATEN, 22, England, Bracebridge, d/o Robert & Sarah OATEN, witn: Frederick OATEN, Bracebridge & M.S. BASTEDO, Baysville, 3 Sept 1884 at Bracebridge


#006854-84 John Lord BEAUMONT, 23, flour dealer, Suffolk Co England, Monck, s/o John & Susan BEAUMONT, married Letitia HOLDEN, 22, Ontario, Monck, d/o William & Susannah HOLDEN, witn: John & Mary HOLDEN, both of Monck, 22 July 1884 at Bracebridge

6963-84 Louis BELLAN (Bellau?), 22, common laborer, Allcove Island - Georgian Bay, Byng Inlet, s/o Francis BELLAN & Teresa SOLOMON, married Delina MESSIER, 20, French Settlement, Byng Inlet, d/o Louis MESSIER & Angele GENDRON, witn: Sam BELLAN & Sophie BECHARD, both of Byng Inlet, 14 Aug 1884 at Byng Inlet (Rom Cath)
6957-84 John BERNARD, 28, laborer, St. Jean L’Evangelist Que., Byng Inlet, s/o Nicolas BERNARD & Mary Louise PHILLIP, married Rosa MESSIER, 18, St. Croix Ont., Byng Inlet, d/o Louis MESSIER & Angele GENDRON, witn: Louis MESSIER & George GENDRON, 30 June 1884 at Byng Inlet (Rom Cath) 6906-84 Daniel BOON, 21, farmer, Nova Scotia, Ryde, s/o George & Maria, married Kate LAKE, 30, widow, Ontario, Ryde, d/o Isaac & Glymithane TEACHOUT, witn: John & Sarah Merinda St.PETERS of Ryde, 23 April 1884 at Ryde
6962-84 Thomas BOUCHER, 23, common laborer, Penetang., Byng Inlet, s/o Michel BOUCHER & Louisa PURRIN, married Adeline NORMANDIN, 23, Penetang., Byng Inlet, d/o Jos. NORMANDIN & Claristide BERGER, witn: Edward & Edward BOUCHER of Byng Inlet [same name twice], 4 Sept 1884 at Byng Inlet (Rom Cath) 6966-84 Joseph Enos BRIGG, 25, mason, Reach twp., Parry Sound, s/o Walter BRIGG & Elizabeth MARKS, married Charlotte STANLEY, 21, Biddulph twp., Christie twp., d/o Henry STANLEY & Susannah SEILLEY? witn: Abram BRIGG of Parry Sound & Susannah STANLEY of Christie, 1 Oct 1884 at Christie twp

#006843-84 Emmanuel BROWN, 68, farmer, England, Vespra Twp, widower, s/o Jonathan & Priscilla BROWN, married Emily TAYLOR, 50, England, Draper Twp, widow, d/o George & Matilda HEETON (HESTON?), witn: Robert & Sarah OATEN, both of Bracebridge, 4 Apr 1884 at Bracebridge

6890-84 Duncan CAMERON, 20, farmer, Glengarry, Bethune, s/o Alexander & Mary, married Martha DUNK, 18, Oshawa, Bethune, d/o John & Mary, witn: James & Clara BRYAN of Perry, 1 July 1884 at Huntsville 6958-84 Joseph CLOUTIER, 30, laborer, Quebec, Sturgeon Fall CPR, s/o Joseph CLOUTIER & Mary BANLEY (Bauley?), married Aselda LEGAUD, 16, Terseau?, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Louis LEGAU (sic) & Mary, witn: Napoleon FAVROISE & Louis LEGAU (Legan?), 10 Aug 1884 at Sturgeon Falls (Rom Cath)

#006860-84 Edward CONROY, 24, lumberman, Peterborough, same, s/o Edmund & Mary CONROY, married Anne Matilda MORGAN, 19, Muskoka, Brunel Twp, d/o not given, witn: Daniel MCPHEE, Bracebridge & Rose ENNIS, Brunel, 24 Aug 1884 at Bracebridge

#006852-84 Joseph COOK, 24, teamster, England, Gravenhurst, s/o John & Elizabeth COOK, married Nettie FITZGERALD, 20, Ireland, Humphrey Twp, d/o Tate & Mary FITZGERALD, witn: Thomas M. BOWERMAN & Sarah C. MATTHEWS, both of Bracebridge, 2 July 1884 at Bracebridge

6964-84 David Edmund CORBIERE, 52, widower, engineer, Toronto, Byng Inlet, s/o Louis CORBIERE from Montreal & Mary EDMUNDS of Ont., married Elizabeth LUMSDEN, 47, [no marital status given] Scotland, McDougall twp, d/o Walter SMITH & Elizabeth RICHARDSON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. H. J. GOULD of Byng Inlet, 9 July 1884 at Byng Inlet 7602-85 (Parry Sound Dist): Babtista DELANDRAER, 28, farmer, Capriana Austria, Mills twp., s/o Babtista & Margerite, married Dinah BAIN, 22, Caithness Scotland, Hardy twp., d/o James & Margaret, witn: John BAIN & Ernestine DE BON, both of Hardy, 29 Dec 1884 at Ferris twp
6900-84 Henry DIXON, 29, farmer, England, Macaulay twp., s/o William & Maria, married Ellen COULTHARD, 22, England, Macaulay twp., d/o John & Sarah, witn: Samuel COULTHARD & Ellen DIXON, both of Macaulay, 23 April 1884 at Macaulay

#006842-84 Joseph DODD, 22, Vaughan, Muskoka Twp, s/o James & Hester DODD, married Sarah FETTERLY, 24, Stormont, Muskoka Twp, d/o William & Catharine FETTERLY, witn: Lucy P. & Jennie R. FINDLAY, both of Bracebridge, 20 Mar 1884 at Bracebridge

6898-84 Samuel John ELLIOTT, 23, farmer, Cartwright, McMurich, s/o William & Grace, married Mary Jane CUNNINGHAM, 23, Ireland, Perry, d/o Joseph & Eliza, witn: Clara Cann BEARDEN & Charles Henry ELLIOTT, both of Perry, 23 Dec 1884 at Huntsville  
7896-83 William Wiltshire FRYER, 28, clerk, London England, Winnipeg, s/o William & Elizabeth Louise, married Helen PARLETT, 22, Stanmore England, Wood twp., d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: George & Agnes PARLETT of Wood twp., 3 Jan 1884 at St. James Church, Gravenhurst 6961-84 - T. B. GANOCHE, 29, common laborer, L’Islette below Quebec, Byng Inlet, s/o David GANOCHE & Monique FASTON, married Caroline HAMELL, 25, widow, Quebec, Byng Inlet, d/o William & Caroline HAMELL, witn: Nazaire LAPOINTE & Honory BELLAN, 10 Sept 1884 at Byng Inlet

#006871-84 Crispin Hodge GIBBS, 38, farmer, Somerset England, Monck Twp, widower, s/o William & Elizabeth GIBBS, married Anne MONFORD, 32, Somerset England, Monck Twp, widow, d/o John & Ann SHOPLAND, witn: George YEOMAN & Allen SHOPLAND, both of Monck Twp, 26 Aug 1884 at Monck Twp

#006857-84 Thomas GRANT, 25, lumberman, Orillia, Gravenhurst, s/o James & Catherine GRANT, married Sarah BRINES, 24, Rhode Island U.S.A., Gravenhurst, d/o Henry & Jane BRINES, witn: George TIBBATT, Gravenhurst & Effie MCPHEE, Bracebridge, 15 Sept 1884 at Bracebridge

#006872-84 Edward GREEN, 40, farmer, England, Monck Twp, widower, s/o Joshua & Ann GREEN, married Anne DAVIS, 45, England, Monck Twp, widow, d/o William & Hannah BROWNING, witn: James & Annie GIFFIN, both of Monck Twp, 15 Sept 1884 at Monck Twp

007506 – 85 Enoch GUNBY, 29, Farmer, New York U.S., Nelson Twp., s/o Anthony & Sarah GUNBY, married Clara Mary BOOTH, 19, Canada, Twp. Of Oakley, d/o James & Margaret BOOTH. Witn: Byron BOOTH, Oakley & Hannah G. M. HIRBY,. Draper. 31 Dec 1884, Bracebridge

#006861-84 John C. HENLEY, 27, lumberman, Draper Twp, same, s/o Donald C. & Mary C. HENLEY, married Fanny MCKINNON, 22, Draper Twp, same, d/o Murdock MCKINNON & Margaret MCDONALD, witn: Peter C. HENLEY & Jane MCKINNON, both of Draper, 10 Sept 1884 at Bracebridge

6951-84 Edward HENWOOD, 29, farmer, Ontario, Sinclair, s/o Charles & Mary, married Rachel HEBNER, 19, Ontario, Sinclair, d/o John & Margaret, witn: John HEBNER & William PANE, both of Sinclair, 15 Oct 1884 at Sinclair
  6953-84 Walter Belton HOPCRAFT, 24, yeoman, Nottingham England, McMurrich, s/o John & Eliza, married Emily Sarah COLLINSON, 19, Nottingham England, Stisted, d/o Mark & Sarah Ann, witn: William COLLINSON of Stisted & Lucy WALTER, 8 Oct 1884 at res of Mr. J. Hopcraft, McMurrich
6887-84 John HUTTON, 27, farmer, Seymour, Tiny, s/o John & Jane, married Martha ARMSTRONG, 24, Williamsburg, Chaffey, d/o John & Catherine, witn: Lucy ARMSTRONG of Huntsville, 7 April 1884 at Huntsville 007505 – 85 William John JOHNSTON, 27, Labourer, Canada, twp. of Muskoka, s/o William & Ann JOHNSTON, married Jane TAYLOR, 26, Canada, Twp of Muskoka, d/o Alexander & Jane TAYLOR. Witn: George HENRY & Tillie TAYLOR, both of Peterborough. 24 Dec. 1884, Bracebridge

#006880-84 Walter B. JONES, 23, farmer, South Falls, McKellar, s/o Isaac & Lorina JONES, married Emily MOORE, 17, Greenwich Eng, McKellar, d/o William & Sarah MOORE, witn: Mathew C. QUINN, McKellar, 25 Mar 1884 at McKellar

6893-84 Charles Henry JOYES (Joyce?), 21, laborer, Linville, Chaffey, s/o Richard & Lois, married Frances Ann WHITE, 18, London, Sinclair, d/o William & Ann, witn: Richard & Elizabeth JOYES, 12 Aug 1884 at Huntsville

#006868-84 Timothy KELLY, 23, lumberman, Canada, Baysville Muskoka, s/o John & Margaret KELLY, married Mary TOOKE, 17, Canada, Baysville Muskoka, d/o William & Henrietta TOOKE, witn: Michael KELLY & Matilda TOOKE, both of Baysville, 22 Dec 1884 at Bracebridge

6954-84 Peter G. KEWAKUNDA, 24, hunter, Fort William - Ottawa River, Henrys Inlet, s/o Peter & Angelick, married Dinah ISAAC, 18, illegible (scratched film), Henrys Inlet, d/o "both deceased", witn: David HAWK of Parry Island & James AHSHAWASEGEG of Henrys Inlet, 14 Sept 1884 at Henrys Inlet

#06862-84 Edward KILEY, 33, lumberman, Peterborough, same, s/o Michael & Mary KILEY, married Minnie CAHILL, 20, Cavan Co Ireland, Peterborough, d/o Patrick & Ellen CAHILL, witn: William & Mary MCKINNON, both of Bracebridge, 20 Oct 1884 at Bracebridge

#006853-84 Robert KIRBY, 27, farmer, Canada, Macaulay Twp, s/o Nathaniel & Hannah KIRBY, married Annie Jane FOSTER, 27, Canada, Macaulay Twp, d/o John & Ann Jane FOSTER, witn: John FOSTER, Macaulay & Jessie L. TAIT, Monck, 10 July 1884 at Bracebridge

6894-84 George LAKE, 40, widower, farmer, of Georgina, s/o William & Charles (sic), married Elizabeth Amelia FORD, 24, of Bethune, d/o John & Susan, witn: Edward SAMIS & Emma McINTYRE, both of Huntsville, 15 Aug 1884 at Huntsville  

#006856-84 Antoine LAURI, 19, lumberman, Ramouski Nova Scotia, Bracebridge, s/o Joseph & Royella LAURI, married Margaret LLOYD, 18, Wales Great Britain, Draper Twp, d/o William & Mary LLOYD, witn: O.S. JAQUITH, Bracebridge & Leah LLOYD, Draper, 11 Sept 1884 at Bracebridge

7604-85 (Parry Sound Dist): Aronah? James LAY, 33, widower, farmer, Mitcheldean England, Spence twp., s/o James & Harriet, married Jane BROWN, 23, Co. Derry Ireland, Spence, d/o Matthew & Eliza A., witn: James & Rachel BROWN of Spence, 12 Dec 1884 at Spence

#006879-84 John LITTLE, 28, lumberman, Toronto, Ferguson, s/o William & Ann LITTLE, married Rachel WADDELL, 24, Oxford, Ferguson, d/o Robert & Ann WADDELL, witn: Wooley WADDELL & Elizabeth BOTTERELL, both of Ferguson, 25 Feb 1884 at McKellar

7603-85 (Parry Sound Dist): Nathaniel LITTLE, 24, farmer, Glouc--? - Russell Co., McKellar twp., s/o William & Jane, married Essa McAMMOND, 16, Napean - Carleton Co., Glenila, d/o William & Sidney, witn: Charles LITTLE of McKellar & Barbara QUEBEC of Glenila, 30 Dec 1884 at Glenila, Hardy twp

#006875-84 William LOCKHART, 24, farmer, Ontario, Morrison Twp, s/o Joseph & Lidia Ann LOCKHART, married Grace BOYD, 17, Ireland, Morrison Twp, d/o James & Allana BOYD, witn: William WATT, Mount Forest & Agnes BOYD, Morrison, 7 Oct 1884 at Morrison Twp

6904-84 Charles William Bagley LYALL, 26, farmer, Barbados, Monck, s/o Charles F. & Charlotte E., married Mina Ida MUNTS, 19, England, Alport, d/o E. G. & E. L., witn: H.R., E.L. & L. A. MUNTS and J.L. EATON, all of Muskoka, 31 Dec 1884 at Bracebridge

#006867-84 Thomas LYNCH, 23, blacksmith, Canada, Bracebridge, s/o Timothy & Mary Coyle LYNCH, married Margaret SYLVER, 18, Canada, Bracebridge, d/o Ebenezer & Ellen R. SYLVER, witn: Nicholas & Sarah NEWMAN, both of Bracebridge, 15 Dec 1884 at Bracebridge

6889-84 John Emery MARTIN, 25, farmer, Scott, Stephenson, s/o John & Jane, married Elizabeth Jane NELSON, 22, Reach, Stephenson, d/o John & Jane, witn: Samuel MARTIN of Stephenson & Harriet NELSON of Huntsville, 15 April 1884 at Huntsville

#006870-84 John MASON, 30, farmer, Maryborough Twp, Monck Twp, s/o William & Ellen MASON, married Annie Margaret DECKER, 26, Germany, Maryborough Twp, d/o John & Margaret DECKER, witn: George MAWHINNEY & Catherine MASON, both of Monck Twp, 2 Apr 1884 at Monck Twp

6888-84 George MAY, 23, farmer, Lambton, Huntsville, s/o Frederick & Elizabeth, married Ellen Gardiner HAWKINS, 23, Aurora, Brunel, d/o Richard & Susannah, witn: Edgar & Eliza BROOKS of Huntsville, 12 April 1884 at Huntsville

#006883-84 William MCCRAE, 24, farmer, Blackwood?, Tosoronto, s/o Andrew & Jane MCCRAE, married Margaret NEWTON, 27, Mono, McKellar, d/o Samuel & Margaret NEWTON, witn: Jane & Lavina MONTGOMERY, both of McKenzie, 12 Aug 1884 at McKellar

6907-84 George Thomas McFADDEN, 21, farmer, Tecumseth, Morrison, s/o Alexander & Matilda, married Harriet McCORD, 23, Quebec, Ryde, d/o Samuel & Harriet, witn: William James McFADDEN of Morrison & Eliza Ann McCORD of Ryde, 18 June 1884 at Ryde
6960-84 Moses Harry MESGREADA, 20, laborer, Shawanaga, same, s/o Harry, deceased, & Mary Ann, married Julia [no surname given], 18, French River, Kabakurwong, d/o Peter SHAWANAGANAH, deceased, & Louisa, witn: S. JAMES of Shawanaga & Peter MEGIS? of Parry Island, 24 Aug 1884 at Parry Island 007500 – 85 James Simpson MILLER, 42, widr., Farmer, Scotland, Foley, s/o William & Jane MILLER, married Ellen HAINES, 42, Ireland, Foley, d/o Edward & Margaret HAINES. Witn. Robert McNAUGHTON Jr., & Dora HAINES, both of Foley. 19 Nov. 19, 1884, Foley.
6965-84 David MOORE, 30, farmer, Eramosa, Hagerman, s/o William & Mary Ann, married Caroline Victoria BELL, 18, Oro, Hagerman, d/o Edward & Ada, witn: Oliver BELL & Sarah MOORE, both of Hagerman, 1 Oct 1884 at Hagerman 6895-84 William James MYLES, 24, yeoman, Co. Fermanagh Ireland, Hillside - Simcoe Co., s/o Thomas & Isabella, married Ellanor ROONEY, 22, Cartwright, Bracebridge, d/o James & Elleanor, witn: Mackie KINTON & Mary E. LLOYD, both of Huntsville, 28 Oct 1884 at Huntsville

#006844-84 John Thomas NICHASON, 22, Canada, Stephenson Twp, s/o John & Martha NICHASON, married Fanny MADGE, 19, Canada, Stephenson Twp, d/o Richard & Eliza MADGE, witn: Arthur YEOMAN, Monck & Hannah MADGE, Stephenson, 14 Apr 1884 at Bracebridge

#006859-84 Frederick OUDERKIRK, 24, tanner and currier, Canada, Bracebridge, s/o Henry & Eliza OUDERKIRK, married Elizabeth BOGART, 20, Canada, Watt Twp, d/o Jacob Henry & Nancy BOGART, witn: John BOGART, Watt & Effie M. SHEA, Bracebridge, 13 Oct 1884 at Bracebridge

#006884-84 David OVEREND, 33, farmer, Toronto, McMurrich, s/o William & Eliza OVEREND, married Maggie STEEL, 19, Guelph, McMurrich, d/o Thomas & Margaret STEEL, witn: Dr HOWLAND, Huntsville, 29 Jan 1884 at Huntsville

#006878-84 Edmund PAUL, 26, farmer, not given, Croft, s/o Edmund & Lydia PAUL, married Frances CRAWFORD, 19, Mulmur, McKellar, d/o William & Margaret CRAWFORD, witn: Alexander ROBERTSON & Lydia J. PAUL, both of Croft, 19 Feb 1884 at McKellar

6908-84 William Godfrey PHILCOX, 29, farmer, England, Stephen Minnesota, s/o William & Florence, married Mary CAMPBELL, 23, Ireland, Stephenson twp., d/o Samuel & Margaret, witn: Samuel CAMPBELL & Agnes LOWE, both of Stephenson, 11 April 1884 at Utterson 6905-84 William PIPER, 42, widower, machinist, Ireland, Bracebridge, s/o Charles & Margaret, married Mary PORTER, 34, Ireland, Bracebridge, d/o Andrew Thomas & Jane, witn: George ROBINSON of Gravenhurst & Estella PIPER of Bracebridge, 2 July 1884 at Macaulay

 6909-84 George PORTER, 38, widower, painter & farmer, England Brunel twp., s/o George PORTER & Sarah, married Sarah Ann JONES, 29, widow, England, Brunel twp., d/o Thomas GIDDINS & Margaret, witn: Herbert ZADELL & Emma GEALL, both of Port Sydney, 24 Sept at Port Sydney

#006881-84 Mathew C. QUINN, 22, baker, Hastings, McKellar, s/o John & Sarah QUINN, married May J. JONES, 16, Pike Falls, McKellar, d/o Isaac & Lorina JONES, witn: Willis B. JONES & Emily MOORE, both of McKellar, 25 Mar (no year given) at McKellar
6892-84 William RANDLESON, 29, medical, Whitehaven, Huntsville, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth, married Sarah Amelia KINTON (Kintore?), 35, Newark, Huntsville, d/o John Louis & Sarah Curtis KINTON, witn: Richard & Charlotte GODOLPHIN, 8 Aug 1884 at Huntsville 6959-84 Adjuter? RICHARD, 29, carpenter, Holton Que., French River, s/o Paul RICHARD & Odile DESJARDINS, married Celina CHARLEBOIS, 17, Penetang., French River, d/o Peter CHARLEBOIS & Anastasie CONNELL, witn: Charles BEGIN & Isabella CHARLEBOIS, 9 July 1884 at French River (Rom Cath)

#006869-84 Wolston Charles RILEY, 22, farmer, Ilkiston Derby England, Bardsville Monck, s/o Charles William & Emma RILEY, married Sarah Evelyn POOLER, 21, Shropshire England, Mount Pleasant Monck, d/o Henry & Sarah Ann POOLER, witn: Edward PROWSE, Beaumaris & Amy H. POOLER, Mount Pleasant Monck, 26 Feb 1884 at Church of the Holy Cross Point Kaye

6897-84 Walter RINESS, 20, farmer, Ontario, Chaffey twp., s/o Jesse RINESS & Eunice SWEET, married Jennie LABRAM, 16, New York, Chaffey twp., d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Thomas & Lonnda BUDREAU of Chaffey twp., 15 Nov 1884 at Huntsville
7486-85 (Muskoka Dist): Eli ROACH, 17, farmer, Canada, Muskoka twp., s/o George & Louisa, married Margaret GOHM, 17, Halifax NS, Macaulay, d/o William & Adeline, witn: David SCOTT of Muskoka twp. & Matilda GOHM of Macaulay, 18 Nov 1884 at Muskoka twp [Gohen?]  

#006865-84 Anthony ROBERTSON, 33, farmer, Biggar Scotland, Ridout, s/o John W. & Catherine ROBERTSON, married Mary Ann BROWN, 23, Bexley, Ridout, d/o Duncan & Janet BROWN, witn: Charles & Patie HENDERSON, both of Bracebridge, 15 Nov 1884 at Bracebridge

6950-84 Robert ROBERTSON, 22, farmer, Leithgow Scotland, Croft twp., s/o William & Janet Benn-?, married Betsy DOBBS, 22, Blanchard Perth, Mills twp., d/o William & Maria Horton DOBBS, witn: William KIRTON & Esther DOBBS, both of Mills, 28 Oct [1884] at res of father, Mills twp
6896-84 Albert ROBINSON, 23, farmer, Plympton, Stisted, s/o John & Mary Ann, married Madglin? Nichol LAMB, 23, Downie, Stisted, d/o Absolom & Margaret, witn: Annie FOX of Huntsville, 9 Oct 1884 at Huntsville 7493-85 (Muskoka Dist): William ROUSHORN, 24, farmer, Kingston, Ryde twp., s/o Henry & Jane, married Eliza Ann GOHEEN, 18, Scott twp., Ryde twp., d/o Daniel & Sarah, witn: William & Lavina of Housey Rapids, 23 Dec 1884 at Uffington
7535-85 (Muskoka Dist) William ROSS, 23, finisher on woolen goods, Canada, Bracebridge, s/o William ROSS & Margaret Alexandrina ROSS, married Elizabeth MITCHELL, 21, Canada, Watt twp, d/o Donald MITCHELL & Margaret MITCHELL, witn: Albert CREASOR & Christina MITCHELL both of Watt twp, 25 Dec 1884 at Watt twp

#006886-84 Robert H. RUMFORD, 24, farmer, Downey, Sinclair, s/o John & Eliza RUMFORD, married Jennie KIPPEN, 22, Kincardine, Bethune, d/o John & Flora KIPPEN, witn: John KIPPEN, Bethune & Sophia WRIGHT, Huntsville, 18 Mar 1884 at Huntsville

#006845-84 Frederick SANDERS, 27, farmer, Canada, Bracebridge, s/o Henry & Mary SANDERS, married Ellen JONES, 22, Canada, Bracebridge, d/o Peter & Mary Elizabeth JONES, witn: Daniel & Martha SHRIGLEY, both of Bracebridge, 21 Apr 1884 at Bracebridge

#006850-84 Colin SANDS, 27, farmer, Colborne, Bracebridge, s/o Archibald & Catharine SANDS, married Mary JAMES, 18, Nissouri, Bracebridge, d/o Hugh & Letitia JAMES, witn: Robert HENSON & Letitia JAMES, both of Bracebridge, 28 May 1884 at Bracebridge

#006858-84 Benjamin SCOTT, 26, farmer, Canada, Muskoka Twp, s/o David & Louisa SCOTT, married Alice Ellen BURTON, 17, Canada, Muskoka Twp, d/o John & Eleanor BURTON, witn: Thomas L. BURTON & Martha E. THURSTON, both of Muskoka Twp, 1 Oct 1884 at Bracebridge

#006847-84 Alexander STEVENSON, 24, farmer, Ottawa, Macaulay, s/o John & Maria STEVENSON, married Charlotte Ann FORSYTH, 21, King Twp, Bracebridge, d/o John & Mary FORSYTH, witn: John STEVENSON, Macaulay & Sarah Jane FORSYTH, Bracebridge, 6 May 1884 at Bracebridge

#006866-84 William A. STORY, 47, carriage maker, Canada, Bracebridge, widower, s/o Charles & Lucy STORY, married Margaret A. ROSS, 42, Canada, Bracebridge, widow, d/o Alexander & Margaret GORDON, witn: Samuel & Margaret BOWMAN, both of Bracebridge, 12 Nov 1884 at Bracebridge

#006877-84 Robert TATE, 24, labourer, Pakenham, McKellar, s/o Robert & Jane TATE, married Cecilia LAWSON, 18, Grey, McKellar, d/o Alexander & Margaret LAWSON, witn: Charles HORNE & Sarah J. TATE, both of McKellar, 29 Feb 1884 at McKellar

#006848-84 Charles Brown TAYLOR, 23, farmer, England, Muskoka Twp, s/o William H. & Margaret C. TAYLOR, married Charlotte Matilda CROCKFORD, 21, Canada, Draper Twp, d/o John & Charlotte Sophia CROCKFORD, witn: William A. CROCKFORD, Draper & Alice R. TAYLOR, Muskoka Twp, 20 May 1884 at Bracebridge

#006873-84 Frederick Paul TRETHEWAY, 30, engineer, Canada, Gravenhurst, s/o Samuel & Rebecca TRETHEWAY, married Elizabeth MANSON, 38, Ireland, Morrison, widow, d/o Alexander & Rose Mary BARR, witn: William & Eliza MONTGOMERY, both of Morrison, 7 Apr 1884 at Morrison

6891-84 Alfred Ernest WARD, 22, farmer, Brant, Sinclair, s/o Alfred & Maria, married Lucy Adelaide ARMSTRONG, 22, Dundas, Chaffey, d/o John & Catherine, witn: Alex BECKSTEAD of Chaffey, 19 July 1884 at Huntsville 6907-84 Alfred WARK, 24, farmer, of Spruce twp., s/o Andrew & Frances, married Elizabeth Lillie FRY, 21, of Monteith twp., d/o William & Ann Jane, witn: James Stewart FRY of Monteith & Julia GOOD of Rosseau, 8 Oct 1884 at Church of the Redeemer

#006863-84 Martin WARNER, 27, farmer, North Gwillimbury, McMurrich Twp, s/o Moses & Sarah WARNER, married Isabella BELL, 23, Morrison Twp, McMurrich Twp, d/o Duncan & Sarah BELL, witn: Annie MCGREGOR & Jennie R. FINDLAY, both of Bracebridge, 25 Oct 1884 at Bracebridge

#006849-84 Joseph WEIR, 29, farmer, Scotland, Stephenson Twp, s/o Thomas & Catherine WEIR, married Hannah Mary L. KNOWLES, 21, Canada, Stephenson Twp, d/o Thomas & Hannah KNOWLES, witn: John COOK & Janet BROWN, both of Stephenson, 27 May 1884 at Bracebridge

006882-84 Richard WHALEN, 27, farmer, Clarendon, Gainsworth, s/o James & Sophia WHALEN, married Sarah J. CRONWELL, 23, Peel, Croft, d/o Cornelius & Catherine CRONWELL, witn: Stephen & Catherine CRONWELL, both of Croft, 26 June 1884 at McKellar

6952-84 Henry Lewis YOUNG, 23, farmer, Ontario, Brunell, s/o unknown father’s name & Fanny YOUNG, married Agnes Harriett FARNSWORTH, 18, Ontario, Brunel, d/o William FARNSWORTH & Kate MARILLED?, witn: George YOUNG & John T. CASS?, both of Brunel, 30 Sept 1884 at Brunel twp