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Muskoka & Parry Sound Marriages


St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Parish Bracebridge

LDS Film #2028183 & 2028184

transcribed & submitted by Carrol Press


No Entry #, No Page #

Joseph DUBE s/o Louis Dubé & Labour Lalanieu (LaLonde?) m Mary LaRIVIERE d/o M. & Julie LaRiviere November 24, 1889. Wtn: Mrs. LaRiviere and Ernie Cl…ary. All from Parry Sound except Ernie who is from Bracebridge.


St. Peter’s Parry Sound & Missions Roman Catholic Church Parry Sound

LDS Film #2028183 & 2028184

transcribed & submitted by Carrol Press


Entry #3, Page 3

John RIVERS (LaRiviere) s/o Michael & Lucie Rivers m. Hortance LaCHANCE d/o Benjamin & Philomana LaChance July 10, 1893. Wtn: Joseph LaChance & Agnes Rivers. All from Parry Sound.


No Entry #, No Page #

Napolian LaCHANCE s/o Benjamin & Philomana LaChance m. Louissa MOISSON d/o Thomas & Ida Moisson July 28, 1896. Wtn: John Culford & Ida Moisson. All from Parry Harbour.


No Entry #, No Page #

Philip RIVERS (LaRiviere) s/o Michael & Lucie Rivers m. Delia DUBE d/o John(?) & Mary Dubé August 10, 1896. Wtn: Magloire Rivers & George Payie. All from Parry Harbour except George Payie who is from Carling


No Entry #, No Page #

Michael Francis MCCAFFERTY s/o Bernard McCafferty & Grace Ana Boyle (Bolieu?) m. Helen May LABRASH d/o James LaBrash & Clara E. Alkinson September 10, 1917. Wtn: Frederick O’Lery(?) & Maud LaBrash. All from Loring except Michael’s parents who are from Delbort?


Entry #42, Page 5

Roland James LaBRASH s/o Ed LaBrash & Helena Payé (Payie) m. Marguerite H. HARRISON d/o Joseph Harrison & Liza Oldrid July 21, 1910. Wtn: Frank Tailor & Gladys LaBrash.


Entry #75, Page 8

Alexander McMANUS s/o William McManus & Elizabeth Douglas m. Lillian PAYIE d/o Nelson Payie & Margaret Allen October 5, 1914. Wtn: Beatrice Payie & Licome Dubé.


Entry #148, Page 15

Ethelbert R. BRINT s/o Jonas C. Brint (no mother listed) m. Pauline LABRASH d/o Ed LaBrash & Ella Payie August 26, 1919. Wtn: John Dutrizas & Mrs. M. Sarginson.


Entry #115, Page 11

Hermengid (Armenie) RANGER s/o Feidilat Ranger & Julie LaCelle m. Leda SABOURIN d/o Bazil Sabourin & Marie St. Jacques May 21, 1917. Wtn: Bazil Sabourin & Mouin Des Armour. Note in margin states they were baptized in Hull, Armenie 1891, Leda 1897.


Entry #53, Page 96

Frederick DUBÉ s/o Joseph J. Dubé & Marie Gastongne m. Marie Sarah RUSCOE d/o John Ruscoe & Sarah Scariff August 14, 1911. Wtn: Joseph Dubé & Lea Dubé.


Entry #134, Page 14

Patrick A. BISSONETTE s/o Fred Bissonette & Mary Kennedy m. Jennie BUCHANAN d/o Young Buchanan & Martha Harris Jauary 13, 1919. Wtn: John Dutrizas & Mrs. A. Sarginson.


Entry #143, Page 15

Francis PEGALMAGABOU s/o Michael Pegalmagabou & Marion Conlon m. Eva TRONCH d/o Eliza Tronch & Mary Nanibush January 18, 1919. Wtn: Andrew Noganosh & Mrs. M. Sarginson.


Entry #161, Page 17

Lisime (Onesime?) DUBÉ s/o Jules Dubé & Mary Assonequay m. Mary H. HARPSTEAD d/o Alf Harpstead & Willa Van Koughnett September 20, 1920. Wtn: Adolphus Vanier & Lenore McCann.


Entry #167, Page 17

Hector LAMORE s/o Stephen Lamore & Pauline Allen m. Alice TETRAULT d/o Stanley Tetrault & Alexia Roi October 27, 1920 both from Byng Inlet. Wtn: Thomas Lamore & Germain Deroches.


Entry #1, Page 356

Louis LEHAY age 28 s/o John Lehay & Mary Harris m. Sara Jane HASKINS age 24, d/o Charles & Anna Becket at Kearney January 10, 1901. Wit: Arthur O’Neal & Rose Ball. (Note in margin: The woman a convert from English Church).


Entry #2, Page 356

Robert HALLORAN age 26 s/o Ptrk. (Patrick?) Halloran & Mary Stack m. Ellen Mary BAMBIDGE age 19 d/o Robert & Tamar Richardson January 17, 1901 at Sprucedale. Wit: Patrick & Mary E. Halloran. (Dispensed from publication of three bans).