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Northern Districts, 1893


1038-93 (Algoma Dist): Byron Anson ABBOTT, 35, widower, farmer, Walpole twp., Sheguiandah, s/o Ambrose & Elizabeth, married Isabella ORR, 22, West Essa – Simcoe Co., Sheguiandah, d/o Arthur & Sarah, witn: Lorenzo ABBOTT & Hester Jane ORR, both of Sheguiandah, 17 May 1893 at Sheguiandah 1282-93 James ADAMS, 30, laborer, Valearty, Sudbury, s/o James ADAMS & Mary WILSON, married Mary Catherine LEROY, no age given, St. Alexander, Sudbury, d/o Henry LEROY & Catherine McDONALD, witn: James SWEENEY & Maggie LEROY, both of Sudbury, 14 Aug 1893 at Sudbury
001287-93 (Nipissing Dist) Thomas ANDERSON, 28, carpenter, Fitzroy Harbor Ont., Sudbury, s/o George & Martha, married Sarah BROWN, 24, Wayfield Que., Sudbury, d/o John & Mary Jane, witn: Ellen B.S.& Alexander S. SHORTT, of Sudbury on Sept. 29, 1893, at Sudbury #001031-93 (Nipissing Dist): Joseph BEAULIEU, 41, laborer, Loretto, Mattawa, s/o Joseph BEAULIEU & Agnes LEFEBRIE, married Olympe DUBE, 26, Grenville, Mattawa, d/o Autome DUBE & Appoline HUOT, witn: Jean Baptiste GIROUX & Suzanne VAILLANCOURT, both of Mattawa, 18 April 1893 at Mattawa (Rom Cath)
1275-93 Alfred BEAULNES, no age given, laborer, St. John NB, Murray Mine, s/o Xavier BEAULNES & Maria SINNET, married Lea LAURIN, no age given, St. Andre Avelin Que., Murray Mine, d/o Joseph LAURIN & Olive ROACH, witn: Xavier LAURIN & Maria L. MENARD, both of Murray Mine, 24 July 1893 at Murray Mine, Sudbury 1276-93 Joseph BERTRAND, no age given, laborer, Comte de Gaspe, Neinegosena CPR, s/o William BERTRAND & Zoe COUTURE, married Domatild MAJOR, no age given, St. Andre Avelin, Chapleau, d/o Joseph MAJOR & Rosaline GUENETTE, witn: Napoleon BLANCHETTE of Chapleau, 24 July 1893 at Chapleau
  01293-93 (Nipissing Dist) John BIDGOOD, 22, barber, Bristol England, Sudbury, s/o Robert & Sarah, married Annie CALLAGHAN, 18, Newfoundland, Sudbury, d/o Michael & Ann, witn: Ernest BIDGOOD & Jane SWERZEY both of Sudbury on Dec. 1, 1893 at Sudbury.
007973-94 (Nipissing Dist) Fredrick BIGGS, 22, merchant, Pembroke, North Bay, s/o Joseph & Annie, married Ellen C. TAYLOR, 19, Port Huron, North Bay, d/o William C. TAYLOR & Hellen F. CLARKE, witn: William TAYLOR & M. E. MITCHELL both of North Bay on Feb. 8, 1893 at North Bay. 001301-93 (Nipissing Dist) Matthew BOIVIN, 23, farmer, Mont St. Patrick, Nosbonsing, s/o Denis BOIVIN & Mary SHEEDY, married Emmelia LAMOTHE, 15, Pembroke, Nosbonsing, d/o Francis LAMOTHE & Mary Jane LANG, witn: David Forest GAGNON & Marguerite Ann BOIVIN both of Nosbonsing on Nov. 6, 1893 at St. Philomene Church Nosbonsing, East Ferris Tp. (RC)
1280-93 Oliver BONNIN, no age given, laborer, Kempville Ont., Chapleau, s/o Athanase BONNIN & Claire LANGLOIS, married Antoinette MENARD, no age given, Ottawa, Chapleau, d/o Joseph MENARD & Asitie LACOSTE, witn: Joseph CHARTRAND & Enery BEAUVAIS, both of Chapleau, 8 Aug 1893 at Chapleau  
#001015-93 (Nipissing Dist): Jean Dominik BRIGHT, 22, hunter, Fort William Quebec, Mattawa, s/o John BRIGHT & Marie PATIVE?, married Pomniess? COMMANDA, 19, Mattawa, same, d/o Chabot COMMANDA & Suzanne NYKERIWIDENE, witn: John GREEN & Moise COMMANDA, both of Mattawa, 8 Aug 1893 at Mattawa (Rom Cath) 8006-94 Daniel BROWN, 30, carpenter, Beachburg, North Bay, s/o Daniel & Jane, married Margaret McDONALD, 24, Portland twp., North Bay, d/o Arthur & Catherine, witn: Thomas BAILEY & Mary BROWN, both of North Bay, 9 Nov 1893 at North Bay
007970-94 (Nipissing Dist) Fredrick a. BURROWS, 25, blacksmith, Pakenham, North Bay, s/o William & Frances married Ann Ellen CONELLY, 23, Osceola Ont., North Bay, d/o James & Bella, witn: Donald & Maggie McLEOD both of North Bay on Jan. 25, 1893 at North Bay 1285-93 Nazaire CALLIN, no age given, laborer, Romanski Que., Sudbury, s/o Jules CALLIN & Ann LABRE, married Adela LAFRANCOIS, no age given, Matane, Sudbury, d/o Pierre LAFRANCOIS & Catherine VAILLANCOURT, witn: Jules CALLIN & Pierre LAFRANCOIS, both of Sudbury, 18 Sept 1893 at Sudbury
  008009-94 (Nipissing District), William E. CAVANAUGH, 26, railway conductor, Brockville, North Bay, s/o Evando CAVANAUGH and Elizabeth GILPIN, mar Margaret GOUGEON, 23, Point Alexander, North Bay, d/o Arsene GOUGEON and Bridget O'DONNELL, witn M. McGRATH of North Bay, 29 Nov 1893 North Bay
007971-94 (Nipissing Dist) William CHAPUT, 23, farmer, Allumette Island, North Bay, s/o Baptiste CHAPUT & Rochelle VAILLIANCOURT, married Olivia CHAPUT, 23, Stratford Ont., North Bay, d/o F. CHAPUT & Sophronia GAUTHIER, witn: Nazaire & Basile CHAPUT both of North Bay on Feb. 6, 1893 at North Bay. (RC) #008057-93 (Nipissing Dist): Filmont CHENETTE, 25, hotel keeper, unknown, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Joseph CHENETTE & Josephine MOUSSEAU, married Maggie Jane GAGNON, 19, Argenteuil Co. Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Olivier GAGNON & Martha BLAIS, witn: Alphonse CHENETTE & Charles GAGNON, both of Sturgeon Falls, 12 Sept 1893 at Sturgeon Falls (Rom Cath)
8010-94 John Brenner CHIVERS, 18, laborer, Aylmer, Wisa Wasa, s/o Andrew CHIVERS & Maggie JOHNSTON, married Maggie O’TOOLE, 23, Cumberland, Wisawasa, d/o Michael O’TOOLE & Sarah ROY, witn: J. M. CRAWFORD & Edith CONWAY, both of North Bay, 4 Dec 1893 at North Bay #001060-93 (Thunder Bay Dist): John Paul CHRISTENSON, 25, laborer, Vicborg Denmark, Ft. William, s/o Pierre & Ellen, married Margrethe LARSON, 21, Helsengare Denmark, Ft. William, d/o Christie & Hansene, witn: Martin BURKE & Maggie WALKER, both of Ft. William, 6 July 1893 at CPR Hotel, Ft. William
001300-93 (Nipissing Dist) Arsene, CLEMEN, 26, laborer, Ripon, Nosbonsing, s/o Arsene CLEMEN, no mother’s name given, married Eugenia BELANGER, 20, Three Rivers, Chisholm, d/o Francois BELANGER, no mother’s name given, witn: A. HEBART, Joseph CLEMENT, & Odele DUPIERRE all of Nosbonsing on May 8, 1893, at Nosbonsing, East Ferris Tp. (RC) 007974-94 (Nipissing Dist) John O. CLUNCH, farmer, 21, Ross Tp., Bonfield, s/o George F. CLUNCH & Chloe SQUIRE, married Mary HICKS, 18, Morrison Island, Bonfield, d/o George HICKS & Mary J. McGUIRE, witn: H. J. & M.C. CLUNCH both of North Bay on Feb. 24, 1893 at North Bay.
#001018-93 (Nipissing Dist): John CONWAY, laborer, no age given, widower, not given, Deux Riviere, s/o John CONWAY & Maria FAHER?, married Isabella CAREY, 19, Allumette Island, Mattawa, d/o James CAREY & Jane McGILLIS, witn: William DOWDAL & Mary FURLONG, both of Mattawa, 16 Oct 1893 at Mattawa (Rom Cath) 001307-93 (Nipissing Dist) Napoleon CORBEILLE, 24, farmer, St Hermes, Ferris Tp. s/o J. B. CORBEILLE & Marie Reine LAVERE, married Marie GAUTHIER, 16, Quebec, Ferris Tp., d/o Antoine GAUTHIER & Josepthe TREMBLAY, witn: Vansant GAUTHIER & Salomie CORBEILLE, both of Ferris Tp. on May 1, 1893 at Antoine Gauthier residence at Ferris, Ferris Tp. (RC)
#001027-93 (Nipissing Dist): Joseph COURTEMANCHE, 31, laborer, Papineauville, Mattawa, s/o Joseph COURTEMANCHE & Matilde GAUTHIER, married Anne GERARD, 25, Papineauville, Mattawa, d/o Baptiste GERARD & Marie COURTEMANCHE, witn: Emile BELANGER & Marie GERMAINE, both of Mattawa, 14 Feb. 1893 at Mattawa (Rom Cath) 001286-93 (Nipissing Dist) Magloire COUSINEAU, age not given, laborer, St. Anne de Bellevue, Sudbury, s/o Narcisse COUSINEAU & Esther GOYER, married Mary GEROUX, age not given, of Sudbury, d/o Joseph GEROUX & Sophia PREVOST, witn: S. FORGET & N. RASON both of Sudbury on Sept. 18, 1893 at Sudbury (RC)
1005-93 (Algoma Dist): Thomas A. CRAIG, 22, tailor, Bruce twp., Manitowaning, s/o John & Merrien, married Ida McGAULEY, 20, Bentinck twp., Tehkummah, d/o John & Eliza, witn: T.G.R. BRADBURY & Dora McGAULEY, both of Tehkummah, 19 July 1893 at Tehkummah twp 007979-94 Alfred CRELAND, 22, England, Widdifield, Farmer, s/o John CLELLAND (sic) & Mary ROSEBACK married Elizabeth BURR, 20, England, Ottawa, d/o John BURR & Elizabeth NALE. Wtn: C.L. HENDERSON and R. BYESSUT? of North Bay on April 8, 1893 at North Bay
1270-93 Robert DALEY, 20, laborer, Pembroke, Warren, s/o John DALEY & Lizzie McGILLIVRAY, married Euphemia STINSON, 20, Mansfield Que., Warren, d/o James STINSON & Jane McDONALD, witn: Thomas McCO--?(off page) & Mary SUMMERS, both of Warren, 27 June 1893 at Sudbury 5362-94 William L. DAWSON, 24, farmer, Canada, Stanley twp., s/o Henry & Sarah, married Agnes J. PECK, 24, Canada, Bayfield, s/o John & Mary Jane, witn: John A. PECK of Bayfield & Barbara M. DAWSON of Stanley, 4 April 1894 at Varna
1263-93 Jeremiah DEAN, 38, miner, Co. Kerry Ireland, Sudbury, s/o James DEAN & Ellen DONEHUE, married Mary CURTIN, no age given, Renfrew Ont., Sudbury, d/o Patrick CURRIN (sic) & Jane FINNIGAN, witn: James SHEEDY & Ellen SCULLY, both of Sudbury, 11 April 1893 at Sudbury 1273-93 Andrew DE FOREST, 35, laborer, Beverly twp., Wahnapitae, s/o Philip & Eliza, married Cecilia Mary HERBERT, 25, widow, England, Sudbury, d/o unknown, adopted when young, witn: Ellen & Ellen B.S. SHORTT of Sudbury, 6 July 1893 at Sudbury
1001-93 (Algoma Dist): Richard Edmund DICKHOUT, 23, farmer, Vaughan twp., Billings twp., s/o Peter & Ruth, married Rebecca Jane FISHER, 26, Innisfil twp., Billings twp., d/o William & Margaret, witn: John Henry DICKHOUT & Bella ROSS, both of Billings twp., 29 March 1893 at Billings twp 1284-93 Pierre DION, no age given, laborer, St. Nerie Que., Sudbury, s/o Gervais DION & Florence LAROCHELLE, married Alphonsine BARRIOUX, no age given, St. Joseph Rimouski, Sudbury, d/o Joseph BARRIOUX & Philomene BOUCHARD, witn: Jules CALLIN & Joseph BARRIOUX, both of Sudbury, 4 Sept 1893 at Sudbury
#008052-93 (Nipissing Dist): Moise DOGENAIS (Dagenais?), 22, laborer, Quebec, Verner, s/o Moise DOGENAIS & Justine St.ONGE, married Sarah MATTE, 18, Quebec, Verner, d/o Cyrille MATTE & Elmire DOGENAIS, witn: Moise DOGENAIS & Cyrille MATTE, both of Verner, 2 July 1893 at Sturgeon Falls (Rom Cath) 007972-94 (Nipissing Dist) Michael DOYLE, 28, bartender, Prescott, North Bay, s/o Patrick DOYLE & Margaret McCAULEY married Josephine PICHE, 23, Pembroke, North Bay d/o Herbert PECHE & Anne BENOIT, witn: Michael HATT & Elizabeth McDONALD, both of North Bay on Feb 14, 1893 at North Bay. (RC)
7998-94 John DOYLE, 24, railroad trainman, of North Bay, s/o Alexander DOYLE & Catherine FINDLAY, married Sarah MITCHELL, 21, of North Bay, d/o Joseph MITCHELL & Mary McKERRACHER, witn: Dan DONOVAN & Mary Jane DUFOY, both of North Bay, 4 Oct. 1893 at North Bay (Rom Cath) 1042-93 (Manitoulin Dist): David DRYBOROUGH, 24, farmer, Perth Co., Howland twp., s/o William & Margerie, married Margaret KENNEDY, 18, Grey Co., Allan twp., d/o Angus & Flora, witn: Malcolm KENNEDY of Allan twp & Margerie DRYBOROUGH of Howland twp., 8 Nov 1893 at Allan twp (res of bride's father)
01299-93 (Nipissing Dist) - E. DUBE, 22, laborer, La Magdeleine, Wahnapitae, no parents names given, married Marie BINETTE (BENETTE?), 19, St. Bernard Quebec, Nosbonsing, d/o Joseph BINETTE, no mother’s name given, witn: Joseph BINETTE & Honore TRUDELL both of Nosbonsing on Feb. 13, 1893 at Nosbonsing, East Ferris Tp. (RC) 007983-94 Lewis DUBÉ, 22, Gaspé, Widdifield, Farmer, s/o Romain DUBÉ & Philomine FOLIE married Eleanor BUNETTE, 20, Chichester (sic) Ont, Widdifield, d/o Charles BRUNETTE & Caroline NICKOLSON. Wtn: Phileas LAURIE & Mamenon? DUBÉ OF North Bay on May 2, 1893 at North Bay
1256-93 Joseph B. DUHAMEL, no age given, farmer, St. Thomas D’Alfred Que., Chelmsford, s/o A. B. DUHAMEL & Cleophie PERESIER, married Malvina RANGER, no age given, Quebec, Chelmsford, d/o Andre RANGER & Philomena LAUZON, witn: Andre RANGER & Duncan DUHAMEL, both of Sudbury, 13 Feb 1893 at Chelmsford 001302-93 (Nipissing Dist) Thomas DUNN, 28, laborer, USA, Nosbonsing, s/o Stephen DUNN & Helen MERCHANT, married Adelia PEPIN, 21, Westmeath, Nosbonsing, d/o Narcisse PEPIN & Emelia St. LOUIS, witn: Joseph DUNN of Bonfield & Clara DUNN of Nosbonsing on July 10, 1893 at St. Philomene Church Nosbonsing, East Ferris Tp. (RC)
#001032-93 (Nipissing Dist): Honore DUPUIS, 27, laborer, Van Kleek Hill, Mattawa, s/o Gabriel DUPUIS & Elizabeth MONETTE, married Bernadette BELANGER, 20, St. Victorie Alfred, Mattawa, d/o Solome BELANGER & Sophie LAROQUE, witn: Solome BELANGER & Louis BASTIEN, both of Mattawa, 14 May 1893 at Mattawa (Rom Cath) #008053-93 (Nipissing Dist): Magloire EMARD, 21, laborer, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Olivier EMARD & Francoise LESPERANCE, married Philomene CHARON, 22, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Louis ARCHAND & Olivier POTVIN, witn: Louis ARCHAND & Olivier POTVIN, both of Sturgeon Falls, 21 Aug 1893 (witnesses possibly written twice?) (Rom Cath)
8004-94 William G. FAUGHT, 23, CPR foreman, Eganville, same, s/o L. G. FAUGHT & Annie LETT, married Jessie MORRISON, 23, Quebec, Widdifield, d/o Thomas MORRISON & Isabella SIMPSON?, witn: G. W. WILLIAMS & Florence MORRISON, both of North Bay, 6 Nov 1893 at North Bay 007984-94 Maurice FLANNERY, 31, Pembroke, North Bay, Merchant, s/o William FLANNERY & Catherine WELLS married Mary Alice BOURKE, 25, Brockville, North Bay, d/o Thomas BOURKE & Mary LAFFIN. Wtn: Daniel FLANNERY & Anna E. BOURKE of North Bay on May 10, 1893 at North Bay
  1039-93 (Thunder Bay Dist): Emile FOURNIER, 27, telegraph operator, St. Simon de Rimouski, English River CPR, s/o Ferdinand FOURNIER & Philomena RIOUX, married Philomena ZABRIE (or Zubrie), 19, NY City, St. Simon de Rimouski, d/o Martral ZABRIE & Philomene DELISLE, witn: Alex PELLETIER & Thomas CUNEN?, 8 Dec 1893 at Murillo (Rom Cath)
007986-94 John FRASER, 21, Fort Coulonge PQ, Springer Tp., Lumberman, s/o John & Katr J. FRASER married Naomi ARMITAGE, 21, North Onslow, Springer Tp., d/o John & Elizabeth D. ARMITAGE. Wtn: Geo BUFFET and Emily ARMITAGE of Sturgeon Falls on May 30, 1893 at North Bay 007969-94 (Nipissing Dist) August FRUCHEON (TRUCHEON?), 25, farmer, of North Bay, s/o Xavier FRUCHEON & Margaret CROTRAIN, married Julia HEINBRAULT, 18, St. Joseph Ont, North Bay, d/o J. B. HEINBRAULT & Julia BOYD witn: J. TRUCHEON, & E. HEINBRAULT both of North Bay on Jan. 9, 1893 at North Bay. (RC)
1002-93 (Algoma Dist): William Robert GARRETT, 26, Little Poboas, Laird twp. s/o Joseph & Mary A., married Annie M. HURLEY, 19, Storrington Ont., McFinald? Twp., d/o Joseph & Elizabeth, witn: Joseph HURLEY & Sarah E. PETERBAUGH, both of McFinald twp., 3 April 1893 at Zion Methodist Church, McFinald 001305-93 (Nipissing Dist) Alfred GASCON, 22, traveller, Ripon, Nosbonsing, no parents names given, married Alphonsine CUSSON, 20, Hull, Nosbonsing, no parents names given. Witn: Napoleon GAUTHIER & Leonie BOISSONEAULT both of Nosbonsing on Sept. 18, 1893 at St. Philomene Church at Nosbonsing East Ferris Tp. (RC)
001306-93 (Nipissing Dist) Napoleon GAUTHIER, 22, farmer, Ottawa, Nosbonsing, s/o Jean Baptiste GAUTHIER & Aurelia GRAVEL, married Lucia LACROIX? (Page cut off), 24, Lapasse, Nosbonsing & Mattawa (sic), d/o Louis & Elizabeth LACROIX, witn: Jean Baptiste GAUTHIER & Joseph TURCOTTE both of Nosbonsing on Oct. 23, 1893? , at Nosbonsing, East Ferris Tp. (RC) 007980-94 W.N. GREEN, 29, Brockville, Maryville (sic) Mich US, Stone Mason, s/o John GREEN & Frances NILE married Elizabeth McDONALD, 20 Exeter, Wingham, d/o John McDONALD & Elizabeth CARRICK? Wtn: R.J. SHERWOOD and Bella ARMSTRONG of North Bay on April 11, 1893 at North Bay
7995-94 Harry F. GREGORY, 23, plumber, Burnley England, North Bay, s/o F. GREGORY & Margaret WALTON, married Catherine RANKIN, 20, Wappingus Falls USA, North Bay, d/o Robert RANKIN & Joanna FOX, witn: Margaret ROOT & Hartley GIBSON, both of North Bay, 6 Sept 1893 at North Bay 01292-93 (Nipissing Dist) Thomas GUTHRIE, age not given, laborer, White Church, Chelmsford, s/o Thomas GURTHIE & Ellen KELLY, married Mary WILSON, age not given, Fitzroy Harbor Ont, Chelmsford, d/o Charles & Mary, witn: Ed DELANEY & Mary BEAULNEA both of Chelmsford on Nov. 27, 1893 at Chelmsford Ont. (RC)
7994-94 Francis S. HARRISON, 28, carpenter, Trodingham Yorkshire England, North Bay, s/o Charles HARRISON & Emma MYERS, married Sarah Jane MORRISON, 22, Hamilton, North Bay, d/o Donald MORRISON & Catherine McKENZIE, witn: F. J. MARTYN & Jane McMILLAN, both of North Bay, 5 Sept 1893 at North Bay 01259-93 John Gordon HENRY, 28, carpenter, Pennsylvania, Sudbury, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Lilian FINCH, 21, Owen Sound, Sudbury, d/o Abraham & Isabel, witn: Jas. H. ROWAT & Ellen SHORTT of Sudbury, 1 Mar 1893 at Sudbury Ont.
  1265-93 Rodger HIRALLA, no age given, traveller, Beyrauth Syria, res given as jewelley pedlar, s/o Dep HIRALLA & Ferster CAIRIE?, married Mary Emma MATHIESON, 20, Greenock Scotland, res given as jewelley pedlar, d/o William MATHIESON & Maggie CRAIG, witn: A. FRENETTE & Madam DESOURDY, both of Sudbury, 5 May 1893 at Sudbury
8003-94 Charles William HOGEAN (s/b Hogan?), 19, Kent England, North Bay, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Martha Elizabeth BEHM (Behrn?), 20, Alice twp., North Bay, d/o Charles & Sophia, witn: John McCURDY & Elizabeth E. HARWOOD, both of North Bay, 25 Oct. 1893 at North Bay #001020-93 (Nipissing Dist): Edward HUARD, 32, widower, hotel keeper, Paspebia, Mattawa, s/o Reme HUARD & Marie PARSIER, married Rebecca SEGUIN, 26, Monte Bello, Mattawa, d/o Paul SEGUIN & Anna McCRAE, witn: John SEGUIN & Celina THERIEN, both of Mattawa, 20 Nov. 1893 at Mattawa (Rom Cath)
007987-94 James M HUGES, 29, Georgetown PIE?, North Bay, Ry Conductor, s/o Geo A. HUGES & Margaret DEWAR married Jessie ROBERTSON, 23, Montreal, North Bay, d/o John ROBERTSON & Georgina ARNOTT. Wtn: E.B. EDEY & Robt HAWKINS of North Bay on June 21, 189(3) at North Bay  
001289-93 (Nipissing Dist) James HUGHES, 35, hotel keeper, Lanark Ont., Sudbury, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth, married Annie Lincoln MORTON, 34, widow, Australia, Sudbury, d/o James & Elizabeth EUGENE, witn: E.S. TOWNSEND of Toronto & Ellen SHORTT of Sudbury on Oct. 10, 1893 at Sudbury 1278-93 William T. IRWIN, 31, physician, Pembroke, same, s/o James IRWIN & Matilda MOSES, married Ida R. POTTER, 23, Pembroke, Sudbury, d/o James POTTER & Eleanor PICHE, witn: Joseph GIBBONS & Jennie POTTER, both of Sudbury, 2 Aug 1893 at Sudbury
1052-93 (Rainy River Dist) Norman ISENER, 29 + 7 months, laborer, Holland, Keewatin Ont, s/o John ISENER & Sarah ASHLEY, married Margaret STEELE, 17 + 7 months, Renfrew Co., Keewatin Ont., d/o James STEELE & Agnes COUSWELL, witn: John WOODMAN & Mrs. W. McKay OMAND, both of Keewatin, 4 March 1893 at Keewatin 1272-93 Moses G. JACKSON, 25, miner, Harrowsmith, Murray Mine, s/o Nelson JACKSON & Sarah J. HICKS, married Violet McDANIEL, 18, Pembroke, Murray Mine, d/o Robert McDANIEL & Margaret ROBERTSON, witn: Marion McDANIEL & Florence HARRIS, both of Sudbury, 4 July 1893 at Sudbury
#001014-93 (Nipissing Dist): Francois JEANVEAUX, 25, laborer, Ripon, Klock Mills, s/o Michael & Layie, married Olivene St.CYR, 25, Allumette Island, Klocks Mills, d/o Dolphin St.CYR & Lucia CHARTRAND, witn: Michael JEANVEAUX & Louise St.CYR, both of Klocks Mills, 31 July 1893 at Mattawa (Rom Cath) #001034-93 (Nipissing Dist): Meuri JENKS, 29 (or 39), band master, Erpledaush L-(illegible), Mattawa, s/o James JENKS & Marguerite POMMEREL, married Rose Anna MORIN, 19, Hull, Mattawa, d/o Louis MORIN & Christine DUVILLE, witn: John CUNNINGHAM & Celia DUFOUR, both of Mattawa, 15 June 1893 at Mattawa (Rom Cath)
#008054-93 (Nipissing Dist): Adelard JODOIN, 24, farmer, Gatineau Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Louis JODOIN & Mary ROBINSON, married Marie DANIS, 15, Gatineau Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Felix DANIS & Philomene MOUSSEAU, witn: Louis & Clement JODOIN of Sturgeon Falls, 21 Aug 1893 at Sturgeon Falls (Rom Cath) 007975-94 (Nipissing Dist) James Ross JOHNSTON, 29, builder, Whitby, Sturgeon Falls, s/o James & Agnes, married Leona Margaret RITCHIE, 20, Kinmount, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Alex & Margaret witn: Hezekiah & Caroline KINCH both of Sturgeon Falls on March 1, 1893 at North Bay
#001029-93 (Nipissing Dist): Edward JONES, 30, teacher, Brantford, Mattawa, s/o James JONES & Hannah DOHERTY, married Julia CHAMBERLIN, 19, Chelsea Quebec, Mattawa, d/o Josiah CHAMBERLIN & Annie MELOCHILL, witn: John MORAN & Selina THERIEN, both of Mattawa, 9 April 1893 at Mattawa (Rom Cath) 007981-94 George W. JOWDRY, 30 Truro NS, North Bay, Brakeman, s/o Peter JOWDRY & Christina SUTHERLAND married Mary St ANGES, 20, Alice Ont, North Bay, d/o Louis St ANGES & St. PIERRE. Wtn: Michael McGRATH and Petronilla CONWAY of North Bay on April 17, 1893 at North Bay
1283-93 Jeremiah KELLY, 35, scaler of logs, Nepean, Sudbury, s/o Michael KELLY & Ann GLISSON, married Mary KEANEY, no age given, Pembroke, Sudbury, d/o Terrance KEANY & Bridget LYNCH, witn: James KELLY & Bridget FRAWLEY, both of Sudbury, 23 Aug 1893 at Sudbury 1264-93 Israel KRUK, 28, laborer, Finland, Blezard, s/o Thomas KRUK & Ula AHAMAKI, married Justina KISKI, 30, widow, Finland, Blezard, d/o Andrew KISKI & Sophia LOKE, witn: Leander LAKE of Copper Cliff & M. RONDEAU of Sudbury, 14 April 1893 at Sudbury
001310-93 (Nipissing Dist) Benoit LABEL, 23, farmer, Quebec, Ferris Ont., s/o Alexander LEBEL & Elizabeth GAGNE, married Mary Jane RATHWELL (ROTHWELL?), 16, St Joseph Ottawa, Ferris Ont., d/o Thomas RATHWELL & Olivene CORBIELLE, witn: Joseph RATHWELL & Vitaline LEBEL of Ferris on Oct. 16, 1893 at residence of B. Pilon, Ferris. (RC) #001016-93 (Nipissing Dist): Thomas LALIBERTE, 29, laborer, Coulonge Quebec, Mattawa, s/o Louis LALIBERTE & Elizabeth SICARD, married Catherine HOLDEN, 21, Chichester, Mattawa, d/o James & Mary Ann, witn: Baptiste GIROUX & Marie MORIN, both of Mattawa, 25 Sept 1893 at Mattawa (Rom Cath)
#008055-93 (Nipissing Dist): Celepha LALONDE, 27, laborer, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Joseph LALONDE & Henriette LEBLANC, married Dellia VALADE, 20, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Toussant VALADE & Edwidge DINELLE, witn: Toussant VALADE & Leopold LOZEAU, both of Sturgeon Falls, 30 July 1893 at Sturgeon Falls (Rom Cath) 1258-93 Hermenegilde LAMONT, no age given, laborer, Quebec, Chapleau, s/o not given, married Annie Mary NOLL (Noel?), no age given, Quebec, Chapleau, d/o not given, witn: Leon NOLL & Thomas DOWNEY, both of Chapleau, 13 Feb 1893 at Chapleau
001308-93 (Nipissing Dist) Adrien LANTIER, 27, farmer, Ripon. Nosbonsing, s/o Clement LANTIER, & Mary LEVESQUE, married Emelie OUELLET, 18, Clarence Creek, Nosbonsing, d/o Henrietta BEAUCHAMP & Michael OUILETTE (sic), witn: Jeremiah HURTIBISE & Michael OUILETTE of Ferris on July 31, 1893 at St. Philomene Church, Nosbonsing. (RC) 001304-93 (Nipissing Dist) William LAPLANTE, 24, farmer, Madawaska Ont., Nosbonsing, d/o Jean Baptiste LAPLANTE, Caroline BOISVIN, married Marie Pauline PERRON, 19, Hull, Nosbonsing, d/o Fabien PERRON & Elmire SAIDNIER, witn: William SAWYER of Quebec, & Basile LAPLANTE of Nosbonsing on Sept. 12, 1893 at St Philomene Church Nosbonsing, East Ferris Tp. (RC)
#001024-93 (Nipissing Dist): Joseph Arthur LAROCHELLE, 25, assistant superintendent Lake illegible Ry Co., St. Auceline Quebec, Mattawa, s/o Auseline Hypolite LAROCHELLE & Leocadie VENNER?, married Cecilia GILLIGAN, 20, Gloucester, Mattawa, d/o Bartholomew GILLIGAN & Mary Ann McNAFF, witn: J.H. MORIN & Elizabeth STARRS, both of Mattawa, 8 Jan 1893 at Mattawa (Rom Cath) 7996-94 Onesine LAROCQUE, 20 (or 21), laborer, Rigault Quebec, North Bay, s/o Barnaby LAROCQUE & Sophia SEGUIN, married Delia GRATTON, 19, Alfrede? Quebec, Widdifield, d/o Barnaby GRATTON & Victorine PRESAULT, witn: Fred GRATTON & Rosana CUSSON, both of Widdifield, 18 Sept 1893 at North Bay (Rom Cath)
7997-94 Dennis LARONDE, 28, Indian hunter, Westmeath, Indian Reserve, s/o Alex LARONDE & Anna STRACOH?, married Mary LARIVIERE, 19, Mattawa, Indian Reserve, d/o Joseph LARIVIERE & Elizabeth GRAND LOUIS, witn: Jos. TAILLEFIR & Georgina RUELLE, both of North Bay, 28 Sept 1893 at North Bay (Rom Cath) 001309—93 (Nipissing Dist) Francois LEBEL, 25, farmer, Quebec, Ferris, s/o Alexander LEBEL & Elizabeth GAGNE, married Exillia CHAMPAGNE, 20, St. Joseph Ottawa, Ferris, d/o Prosper CAHMPAGNE & Delphine CORBEILLE, witn: Alexander LEBEL & Prosper CHAMPAGNE both of Ferris on Oct. 16, 1893 at Ferris. (RC)
1279-93 Oliver LEBLANC, no age given, laborer, Eganville, Sudbury, s/o Isidore LEBLANC & Adelaide GOYER, married Marie Louise HORTIE, no age given, Papineauville Que., Rayside, d/o Isaie HORTIE & Julia CLAVEL, wtn: Walter QUESNELLE & Julie HORTIE, both of Sudbury, 7 Aug 1893 at Sudbury  
1006-93 (Algoma Dist): John LEESON, 30, farmer, Erin, Tehkummah, s/o Isaac & Sarah, married Bessie QUACKENBUSH, 24, Warkworth, Tehkummah, d/o Louis & Mary, witn: Alexander McPHAIL & Hugh BOYD, both of Tehkummah, 25 Oct 1893 at Tehkummah #001061-93 (Thunder Bay Dist): John LEGARDE, about 30, laborer, Michipicotou River, same, s/o Samson LEGARDE & Margaret DUBOIS, married Mary AGODJISH (widow CYRETTE), about 33, Lake Nipigon, Ft. William, d/o Agodjish & Nancy NESSOGONEBIK, witn: Ambrose CYRETTE & Amalle COLBON, both of Ft. William Mission, 14 Aug 1893 at Ft. William Mission (Rom Cath)
1262-93 Paul LEVESQUE, no age given, laborer, St. Patrick Que., Sudbury, s/o F. X. & Severine, married Margarette LEON, 20, Lake of Two Mountains, same, d/o Antoine LEON & Nancy DENIS, witn: F. X. LEVESQUE & H. QUENVILLE, both of Sudbury, 10 April 1893 at Sudbury 01295-93 (Nipissing Dist) Octave LEVESQUE, 21, farmer, Quebec, Nosbonsing, parents names not given, married Augustina BOISVERT, 18, Waltham, Nosbonsing, parents names not given, witn: Valerie LABRECQUE, Clara DUNN, Adelard BOISVERT, & Caesarea Eva MORISSETTE all of Nosbonsing on May 2, 1893 at Nosbonsing. (RC)
1041-93 (Manitoulin Dist): William LINLEY, 28, farmer, Grey Co., Gore Bay, s/o Thomas & Eliza, married Ida Emma WORD (or Ward), 23, Simcoe Co., Gordon twp., d/o Henry & Anna Augusta, d/o John WORD & Alice WIGGNS, both of Gordon twp, 15 Nov 1893 at res of bride's father, Gordon twp 007982-94 W.S. LOVELACE, 26, Belleville, North Bay, Baker, Widower, s/o J.W. LOVELACE & Jane A. MAYBEE married N.E. J. GREENSILE (Greenlee?), 20 Middleborough, North Bay, d/o Thomas O. GREENSILE & Lucy M. LIVINGSTON. Wtn: C.G. THOM and Kath GLOVER of North Bay on April 20, 1893 at North Bay
#001057-93 (Thunder Bay Dist): Joseph MANGADE, about 26, hunter, Long Lake Ont., Bremner GRR, s/o Wassegijig (deceased) & Isabella CAS--IVA, married Magdalen PISLIKAN, 16, near Long Lake Ont., Bremner GRR, d/o Paul PISLIKAN & Janet ECLIRSAS? (Arabilawate), witn: Hornisdas alias Frank LEVILLE and his wife Mary Ann ODAN of Bremner, 11 March 1893 at Bremner (Rom Cath) 1277-93 Edmond MARCOTTE, no age given, laborer, St. Andre Avelin Que., Chelmsford, s/o A. MARCOTTE & Ema BELANGER, married Leda POULIN, no age given, St. Thomas de Alfred, Chelmsford, d/o Z. POULIN & G. GAUTHIER, witn: Zotique POULIN & M. BELANGER, both of Chelmsford, 25 July 1893 at Chelmsford
#001053-93 (Thunder Bay Dist): George Thomas MARGRIE, 24, laborer, London England, Fort William, s/o George Thomas & Elizabeth, married Margaret GORLING, 24, London England, Ft. William, d/o Thomas & Margaret, witn: John GORMAN & Mary Ann CALVERT, both of Ft. William, 2 Jan. 1893 at St. Lukes Church, Ft. William

1134-94 (Algoma Co) Henry MARSHALL, 37, farmer or laborer, Inverness Quebec, Sault Ste Marie, s/o Robert MARSHALL & Mary AISTHORPE married Emma COOPER, 23, Teston Kent England, Park twp, d/o William COOPER & Lucy SHARPE, witn George SHARPE & Alice C. COOPER of Sault Ste Marie, 18 July 1893, Sault Ste Marie

#001013-93 (Nipissing Dist): Robert Edward MARSHALL, 28, laborer, Toronto, Ridout, s/o Hamilton MARSHALL & Esther EDWARDS, married Gran? DUNLOP, 19, Head twp., Mackeys Station, d/o James DUNLOP & Catherine CONWAY, witn: Thomas SWAIN & Bridget DUNLOP, both of Mattawa, 30 July 1893 at Mattawa (Rom Cath) 1040-93 (Thunder Bay Dist): John James MARSHALL, 27, farmer, York Co., St. Joseph Island, s/o John & Mary, married Ida MORTON, 20, Richmond twp., St. Joseph Island, d/o John & Jane, witn: William QUINLAN & B. BROWNLEE, 26 Dec 1893 at Municipality of Hilton
001291-93 (Nipissing Dist) Joseph MARTEL, age not given, laborer, Rimouski Que, Sudbury, s/o Joseph & Melvina, married Aurore GERVAIS, age not given, Quebec, Sudbury, d/o Louis GERVAIS & Marie GERMAIN, witn: Joseph MARTEL & Louis GERVAIS both of Sudbury on Nov. 6, 1893 at Sudbury. (RC) 007978-94 John McCOLMAN, 22, Sunnydale, Sunnydale Tp., Farmer, s/o Duncan McCOLMAN & Elizabeth WALKER married Annie ROW, 21, Hampshire England, Sunnydale, d/o William ROW & Lydia DIDYMAS? Wtn: C.L. HENDERSON and Bella ARMSTRONG of North Bay on April 5, 1893 at North Bay
#001059-93 (Thunder Bay Dist): Thomas McCONNELL, 28, carpenter, "F-- Carlton", Ft. William, s/o Benjamin McCONNELL & Annie PRETTY, married Jane? MULDOON, 26, Co Fermanagh Ireland, Ft. William, d/o Anman? MULDOON & Mary McGIRN, witn: Charles A. COOMEY? & Lizzie M. blank, both of Ft. William, 11 April 1893 at Ft. William Mission 001290-93 (Nipissing Dist) Michael McCORMICK, age not given, merchant, Quebec, Sudbury, s/o James McCORMICK & Susan McGUIRE, married Annie JOICE, age not given, of Sudbury, d/o John JOICE & Ellen O’BOYLE, witn: James McCORMICK & P. H. O’MEARA both of Sudbury on Oct. 18, 1893 at Sudbury. (RC)
#001033-93 (Nipissing Dist): Sidney Cameron McDONALD, 27, train conductor, Ottawa, Mattawa, s/o John Angus & Adelaide Maria, married Margaret Ann LAWRENCE, 21, Brentwood Ont., Mattawa, d/o Alexander & Jane, witn: Kenneth McDONALD & Clara LAWRENCE, both of Mattawa, 12 June 1893 at Mattawa 1268-93 Daniel McDONALD, 23, fireman, Apple Hill Ont., Spanish Station, s/o Angus & Janet, married Christena McFARLANE, 19, Ripley Ont., Tarbutt, d/o Malcolm McFARLANE & Sarah McLEOD, witn: Charles McDONALD of Sanfield & Bella McLEOD of Tarbutt, 14 June 1893 at Sudbury
1267-93 George McGREGOR, 28, laborer, Victoria - Ottawa Co., Chelmsford, s/o Robert McGREGOR & Selina CHENIER, married Delina CLEMENT, 20, Buckingham Que., same, d/o Mozie CLEMENT & Philomene CHENIER, witn: Joseph MONDOUX & E. RONDEAU, both of Sudbury, 11 May 1893 at Sudbury #001058-93 (Thunder Bay Dist): Abraham McKAY, 23, fisherman, Gros Cap Algoma, Michipicotou River, s/o Neil McKAY & Angelique DAVIAND?, married Frances alias Pigeon SHELLING, 25, Michipicotou River, same, d/o Betaie SCHELLING & unknown, witn: Thomas SCHELLING & blank DUBOIS nee SCHELLING of Michipicotou River, 25 Dec 1893 at Michipicotou (Rom Cath)
1046-93 (Algoma Dist): Charles Alexander McKINNON, 25, hotel keeper, Bruce Co., Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Alexander McKINNON & Margaret MOCHEAN, married Mary BOYD, 23, Peterborough, Thessalon, d/o John BOYD & Eliza CAIN, witn: George CHISHOLM of Sault Ste. Marie & Fanny BOYD of Thessalon, 28 Nov 1893 at Victoria Terrace, Thessalon 007977-94 James McLELAND, 23, Morrison, same, Lumberman, s/o David McLELAND & Mary BOYD married Sophona COOKE, 24, Morrison, same, d/o Wm COOKE & Cathrine TEMPLE. Wtn: C.A. HENDERSON and R.A. CLARKE of North Bay on March 21, 1893 at North Bay
1045-93 (Manitoulin Dist): Robert McMENNARY?, 43, fisherman, Kincardine, Little Current, s/o William & Catherine, married Catherine McKAY, 24, Sault Ste. Marie, Little Current, d/o Daniel & Christina, witn: Martin L. McGRATH & L. EUYBSTE?, both of Sheguiandah, no date given, but registered on 31 Dec 1893, at Sheguiandah 001288-93 (Nipissing Dist)William McMILLAN, 26, blacksmith, Scotland, Coppercliff, s/o Duncan McMILLAN & Jessie McBAIN, married Charlotte FREE--? Page cut off, 24, Creemore Ont., Coppercliff, d/o Solomon FREE--? & Mary E. McCUTCHEON, witn: Sarah HAMBLEY & Albert GREGG both of Coppercliff on Oct. 3, 1893 at Sudbury
  1261-93 Joseph MIGNAULT, 20, laborer, Gaspe Que., Sudbury, s/o F. X. MIGNAULT & Mary GAGNON, married Rosanna POITVIN, 18, Plantagenet Que., Sudbury, d/o J.B. POITVIN & Emilie St.DENIS, witn: J. B. POITVIN & A. DEGRANGE, both of Sudbury, 3 April 1893 at Sudbury
001298-93 (Nipissing Dist) Xavier MINE, 28, farmer, St Andre Avelin, Nosbonsing, no parents names given, married Amanda De La CROCHEHERE, 21, Quebec, Nosbonsing, no parents names given, witn: Valerie LEBRECQUE & Marie DESCHENE, both of Nosbonsing on May 2, 1893 at Nosbonsing, East Ferris Tp. (RC) 01297-93 (Nipissing Dist) Louis MINER, 31, labourer, Quebec, Nosbonsing, no parents names given, married Adeline RAYMOND, 20, Coulonge, Nosbonsing, no parents names given, witn: Alphonse MOUSEAU & Odele BOISSONEAULT both of Nosbonsing on May 2, 1893 at Nosbonsing. (RC)
#001025-93 (Nipissing Dist): Louis MOREL, 22, butcher, Lac St. Jean, Mattawa, s/o Francis Xavier MOREL & Caliste TREMBLAY, married Anelie BANGS, 19, Mattawa, same, d/o James Damase BANGS & Martina NADON (or Vadon), witn: Nelson BANGS & Silvia THERIEN, both of Mattawa, 9 Jan 1893 at Mattawa (Rom Cath)  
#001023-93 (Nipissing Dist): Pierre MORIN, 28, laborer, Rimouski Quebec, Mattawa, s/o Antoine MORIN & Marie GAGNON, married Elizabeth CARON, 16, St. Sophial Halifax, Mattawa, d/o Jean CARON & Flore GALAMEAU, witn: Jean CARON & James P. JENKS, both of Mattawa, 7 Jan 1893 at Mattawa (Rom Cath) 001303-93 (Nipissing Dist)- E. MORIN, 22, laborer, Quebec, Nosbonsing, d/o Francis MORIN & Scholastize QUATE, married Eugenie DUCHEMIN, 18, Pembroke, Nosbonsing, d/o Napoleon DUCHEMIN & Herminie MAYNARD, witn: Valerie LEBRESQUE & Amanda LACROCHEL both of Nosbonsing on Jan. 10, 1893 at St. Philomene Church Nosbonsing. (RC)
007985-94 James MORRISSAY, 38, Pontiac County, Nipissing Junction, Farmer, s/o John MORRISSAY & Catherine O’RIELEY married Mary BIRCH, 18, Pembroke, Nipissing Junction, d/o John BIRCH & Mathilda KRAPUSCHKA. Wtn: Thomas LARONDE and Anna BIRCH of North Bay on May 22, 1893 at North Bay 7999-94 Brunskill MULLIN, 29, clerk, Hamilton, Nipissing, s/o James & Rhoda, married Maggie J. GILES, 20, Muskoka, Virden Man., d/o Thomas & Eliza, witn: Julia P. LINDSAY & C. R. BURNS, both of North Bay, 7 Oct 1893 at North Bay
#008056-93 (Nipissing Dist): Alexander NORMANDEAU, 30, lumberman, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Leonard NORMANDEAU & Rose ARCHER, married Josephine MORAN, 15, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, d/o David MORAN & Josephine LABERGE, witn: Louis JODOIN & Leonard NORMANDEAU, both of Sturgeon Falls, 30 July 1893 at Sturgeon Falls (Rom Cath) 007976-94 Elmer OSTERTAG, 24, Stouffville, Cache Bay, Laborer, s/o Charles OSTERTAG & Mary Ann OSTERTAG married Mary DOBBIE, 21, Flower Station Ont, Cache Bay, d/o Robert DOBBIE & Mary Ann DOBBIE. Wtn: Robert DOBBIE and Mary Jane McLEOD of North Bay on March 6, 1893 at North Bay
#001021-93 (Nipissing Dist): George Thomas PAUL, no age given, laborer, Mattawa twp., Mattawa, s/o Joseph PAUL & Catherine BURNS, married Justine BURKE, 17, Deep River, Mattawa, d/o George T. BURKE & Justine GOUGENE?, 20 Nov 1893 at Mattawa (Rom Cath) 1281-93 Charles PAUL, 27, milk dealer, Lachute Que., Sudbury, s/o Alexander & Margaret, married Florena Mary IRISH, 18, Aylmer Que., Sudbury, d/o John & Eleanor, witn: John & Alice IRISH of Sudbury, 9 Aug 1893 at Sudbury
001062-93 (Thunder Bay Dist): Julien PAULIN, 22, laborer, Ft. William, Nipigon, s/o Julien PAULIN & Margaret WATT, married Louise KAGIGEKAMIJOK, 17, Lake Nipigon, Nipigon, d/o Paul WENAGOSH & Catherine KANDAGOKSOC, witn: Louis DESCHAMPS & Mabel COLBON, both of Ft. William Mission, 21 Aug 1893 at Ft. William Mission (Rom Cath) #001028-93 (Nipissing Dist): George PAYETTE, 24, blacksmith, Renfrew, Mattawa, s/o Gilbert PAYETTE & Scholastique DESROCHES, married Mary CHAMBERLIN, 21, Chelsea Quebec, Mattawa, do Josiah CHAMBERLIN & Annie MELOCHILL, witn: Alexis LAPOINTE & Annie MELLOCHILL (sic), both of Mattawa, 9 April 1893 at Mattawa (Rom Cath)
8001-94 Oscar E. PERIGO, 40, widower, mechanical engineer, Beckman NY, New Haven Conn., s/o William A. & Mary A., married Margaret F. ARNALL, 24, Marquette Mich., Iron Bridge Ont., d/o Robert & Margaret, witn: Mrs. M. ARNALL of Iron Bridge & Mrs. J. McMILLAN of North Bay, 11 Oct. 1893 at North Bay #001026-93 (Nipissing Dist): Ferdinand PERRAS, 25, bar tender, St. Etiende? Beauharnois, Sudbury, s/o Moise PERRAS & Elmira COUTEMANCHE, married Virginie MATTE, 19, Hull Quebec, Mattawa, d/o Nazaire MATTE & Leodenia SAUVAGEAU, witn: Emery QUESNEL & Priseillie DUFOUR, both of Mattawa, 30 Jan 1893 at Mattawa (Rom Cath)
#001010-93 (Nipissing Dist): Orastus POWER, 42, lumberman, Indiana USA, Wabmapitac, s/o Syldain & Maria, married Margaret MURPHY, 34, widow, Stonehause?, Mattawa, d/o Benjamin & Kate McKEE, witnesses were John BELANGER & Kate McKEE, both of Mattawa, July 15, 1893 at Mattawa 8002-94 Charles A. PURVIS, 24, merchant, Barrie, Webbwood, s/o David PURVIS & Mary Ann BROWN, married Frances M. TRICKEY, 19, Oso, Nosbossing, d/o Nicholas TRICKEY & Elizabeth S. WARREN, witn: H. SHERWOOD & Ann RESSICOTT?, both of North Bay, 25 Oct. 1893 at North Bay
1004-93 (Algoma Dist): David PYETTE, 30, farmer, Keppel, Tehkummah, s/o David & Mary, married Elizabeth Ann SLOAN, 22, Manvers, Tehkummah, d/o Samuel & Mary Ann, witn: Albert McKEVEN & Edith SLOAN, both of Tehkummah, 17 May 1893 at Tehkummah twp 01296-93 (Nipissing Dist) John Baptiste RAYMOND, 22, farmer, Isles de Allumette, Nosbonsing, s/o James & Lumina Marion, married Eva C. MARISETTE (Morisette?), 21, Isle de Calumet, Nosbonsing, d/o George & Euphemia MARISETTE, witn: George MAUSEAU & Emile BENOIT both of Nosbonsing on June 6, 1893 at St Philomin Church Nosbonsing. (RC)
1022-93 (Nipissing Dist): William RICHARD, 29, carpenter, Montreal, Mattawa, s/o August RICHARD & Dorothee VAILLANT, married Blanche DAVID, 19, Mountain Grove, Mattawa, d/o John DAVID & Sara SNITZER, witn: Joseph RICHARD & Nellie (or Nettie) DAVID, both of Mattawa, 27 Nov 1893 at Mattawa (Rom Cath) 1049-93 (Rainy River Dist) John Samuel RIDDELL, 29, telegraph operator, Nissouri Ont., Pipestone Manitoba, s/o William & Eliza, married Lavina IRWIN, 22, Nottawasega, Keewatin Ont., d/o Thomas & Isabella, witn: Frank H. HACKING of Keewatin & Lizzie RIDDELL of Pipestone, 20 Sept 1893 at Keewatin
01294-93 (Nipissing Dist) Kuste RITALA, 29, miner, Finland, Coppercliff, s/o Andrew & Sara, married Marya LANTAMUS, 22, Finland, Coppercliff, d/o Henry & Kaisae, witn: Kost MAKA of Coppercliff & Ellen B. S. SHORT of Sudbury on Dec. 14, 1893 at Sudbury. (Luth)  
1304-92 Prospero ROE, 31, carpenter, Quebec, Massey, s/o Oliver ROE & Voile MONGRAIN, married Alice LABLANC, 16, Quebec, Massey, d/o J. Baptiste LEBLANC & Adeline MORROIS, witn: Frank & Rosa DARBY both of Massey Station on Jan. 7, 1893 at Massey Station. 1050-93 (Rainy River Dist) Richard RUTLEDGE, 27, policeman, North Onslow Quebec, Fort Francis, s/o Thomas & Ellen, married Margaret ARDIES, 20, Wakefield Quebec, Keewatin, d/o Robert ARDIES & Isabella LETTMORE, witn: John THOMPSON & May ANDERSON, both of Keewatin, 16 Oct 1893 at Keewatin
#001019-93 (Nipissing Dist): John SAMPSON, 24, carpenter, Argenteuil Co., Mattawa, s/o Martin SAMPSON & Mary QUINLEVIN?, married Isabella NEW, 18, Admaston, Calvin twp., d/o Robert NEW & Mary Ann PATTERSON, witn: Richard C. NEW of Calvin & Lizzie WARBRICK of Mattawa, 18 Oct 1893 at Mattawa 1274-93 Napoleon SAUVE, laborer, St. Clet Que., Naughton Ont., married Eugenie BOUILON, Rimouski, Naughton, witn: Sylvain BOUILON & Agathe LEPAGE, both of Naughton, 18 July 1893 at Naughton [no other info given]
#001056-93 (Thunder Bay Dist): John SAVARD, 24, loco engineer, Montreal, Schreiber, s/o Frank SAVARD & Sophia DEBIEN, married Elizabeth WHITE, 20, Shediac NB, Schreiber, d/o Adolphus WHITE & Sophie THEREAULT, witn: Richard NEWMAN & Sarah GRANT, both of Schreiber, 13 Feb 1893 at Ft. William Mission (Rom Cath) #001030-93 (Nipissing Dist): Clovis SAVARD, 27, laborer, Quebec City, Mattawa, s/o Charles SAVARD & Euphemia DEGAGNE, married Celina TURPIN, 21, Eganville, Mattawa, d/o unsure, as parents and witnesses are all mixed together: Julien TURPIN, Richard TURPIN, Julie ROCHON, Marie GERMAINE, all of Mattawa, 12 April 1893 at Mattawa (Rom Cath)
  5403-94 John SCARLETT, 44, widower, farmer, Ireland, McKillop twp., s/o not given, married Annie LOVETT, age is somewhere in the forties, Goderich twp., same, d/o Charles LOVETT & blank, witn: Robert SCARLETT & Annie MAUS, both of Huron Co., 9 July 1894 at Summerhill
1043-93 (Manitoulin Dist): Francis SCOTT, 40, farmer, Hamilton Ont., Carnarvon twp., s/o Robert & Elizabeth, married Jessie McBurnie PHILLIPS, 20, Cavan twp., Carnarvon twp., d/o Peter & Janet Elizabeth, witn: James PHILLIPS & Mary SMITH, both of Carnarvon, no date given but registered on 1 July 1893, at res of bride, Carnarvon twp #001012-93 (Nipissing Dist): Yabien SIMON, 35, hunter, River Petewawa, Klocks Mill, s/o Jean Baptiste & Suzanne, married Marie Isabel PESINDAWATC?, 31, Muskrat Lake - Renfrew, Mattawa, d/o Jean Baptiste PESINDAWATC & Marie STOKWA?, witnesses were Pierre & Augient? LECLERE, of Mattawa, July 26, 1893 at Mattawa (Rom Cath)
1269- 93 Joseph SMART, 25, Indian, Taiento? Indian Reserve Deseronto, Deseronto, s/o David & Jerusha, married Mrs. Philomene PICARD, 23, widow, Oka Que., Sudbury, d/o Antoine RANNEY & Mrs. A., witn: Basil & Philomene MONTOUR? of Sudbury, 25 June 1893 at Sudbury 1266-93 James A. SMITH, 30, brick layer, New York, Warren, s/o Simon & Minetta, married Elizabeth SUTCLIFFE, 26, Rockingham - Renfrew, Warren, d/o Lester & Susan, witn: John & Mrs. Lizzie DAVIDSON of Warren, 4 May 1893 at Warren
1037-93 (Algoma Dist): John E. SMITH, 23, laborer, not given, Little Current, s/o not given, married Rebecca ABITOSSOWAY, 23, not given, Little Current, d/o not given, witn: John ATKINSON of L. Current & Sarah ABITOSSOWAY of Howland, 15 Feb 1893 at Sheguiandah 1051-93 (Algoma Dist): Fred William SNIDER, 22, clerk, Bruce Mines, same, s/o Fred J. & Mary Jane, married Martha Jane GRIGG, 22, Ontario, Bruce Mines, d/o William & Margaret, witn: Albert GRIGG of Bruce Mines & Sarah HOTCHKISS, 30 Dec 1893 at Bruce Mines
#001017-93 (Nipissing Dist): Evariste SOUCY, 25, farmer, "think it was Coulonge Quebec", Mattawa, s/o Theophile SOUCY & Celenie LAPOINTE, married Johanna NEVILLE, 18, not given, Mattawa, d/o Michael NEVILLE & Mary PAUL, witn: Emeriel QUESNELLE & Elenor CAULEY, both of Mattawa, 10 Oct 1893 at Mattawa (Rom Cath)  
1271-93 William STEVENS, 20, stone mason, Simcoe Co., Dowling twp., s/o Peter & Margaret, married Mary McLEAN, 15, Queensline - Renfrew Co., Onaping Station, d/o Arthur & Mary Ann, witn: Joseph O. & Bertha HORZE of Larchwood, 1 July 1893 at Larchwood #001055-93 (Thunder Bay Dist): Charles STEWARTSON, 28, teamster, Westmoreland England, Ft. William, s/o Matthew & Jane, married Larvia? OAKLEY, 19, "West B. England", Ft. William, d/o Ephraim & Rebecca, witn: William GASKELL & Amy BAUGHAN?, both of Ft. William, 24 Jan 1893 at Ft. William
008007-94 (Nipissing District), John SUNSTROM, 27, farmer, Ontario, Sturgeon Falls, s/o William SUNSTROM and Fannie THOMAS, mar Elizabeth ARMITAGE, 18, Pontiac, Sturgeon Falls, d/o John ARMITAGE and Elizabeth DOHERTY, witn John ROCHE and Maggie BAXTER both of Sturgeon Falls, 14 Nov 1893 Sturgeon Falls #001007-93 (Nipissing Dist): Walter SWATFAGER, 24, laborer, Lindsay, Mattawa, s/o James & Charlotte, married Alice BRIGDEN, 21, Nasbonsing, same, d/o Charles & Sarah, witnesses were Robert BELL & Mary GERMAIN, both of Mattawa, June 21, 1893 at Mattawa
1048-93 (Algoma Dist): Peter TEKHUMAH, 24, laborer, Ontario, Cockburn Island, s/o Francis TEKHUMAH & Ashleck SHAWIN, married Sophia WAGOOSH, 17, Ontario, Cockburn Island, d/o Peter WAGOOSH & Furess MENDOSKIN, witn: Elizabeth A. ROMBOUGH & Maggie MANARY, both of Cockburn Island, 27 Feb 1893 at Cockburn Island (Rom Cath) #001011-93 (Nipissing Dist): Ephrem THERIEN, 24, laborer, Mattawa, same, s/o Antoine THERIEN & Delphine NADON, married Julie LANDREAU, 18, Mattawa, same, d/o Alex LANDREAU & Ursule ROBY, witnesses were John DESORMEDEUX? & Selina THERIEN, both of Mattawa, July 25, 1893 at Mattawa (Rom Cath)
1260-93 John TOLLINGA, 22, laborer, Finland, Blezard, s/o Hiskea & Olepertue, married Serapia BAJI, 26, Finland, Blezard, d/o Hendrick & Olepertue, witn: John CORARDER? & Ellen SHORT, both of Sudbury, 4 March 1893 at Sudbury  
1047-93 (Algoma Dist): David TREMBLAY, 25, farmer, St. Rock Quebec, St. Azilda, s/o Lize TREMBLAY & Hermine BERNIER, married Rose Alba PROVOST, 15, St. Andre Avellin, St. Azilda, d/o Louis PROVOST & Josephine GIRARD, witn: Joseph BELENGER & Joseph MEINHEIR, both of St. Azilda, 13 March 1893 at Chelmsford (Rom Cath) (also 1257-93) 8005-94 John TUNN (Turm? Tume?), 24, laborer, Pembroke, Cache Bay, s/o John & Sebrah, married Johanna LOVERING, 22, Coldwater, Cache Bay, d/o Thomas & Flora, witn: John LEFEVRE & Julia JOHNSTON, both of North Bay, 6 Nov 1893 at North Bay
#001054-93 (Thunder Bay Dist): J.A. WALKER, 28, locomotive engineer, Ashburn Ont., Schreiber, s/o James & Isabella, married Harriet Marietta LONSDALE, 26, Packingham Quebec, Ft. William, d/o William & Charlotte, witn: William R. STRETTON of Schreiber & L.A. ALLEN of Ft. William, 18 Jan 1893 at Ft. William #001063-93 (Thunder Bay Dist): Louis WASLIKISIJIG, 20, hunter, Montjambert GRR, same, s/o Tokosis & Josephette ONAAMO, married Sarah MINABANSKIVE, about 19, Ougfish Rover house - James Bay, Montjambert, d/o John WAKE & Sophia KAGIGEKSOC, witn: Albert SABOURIN & Mary WUNAWNA, both of Montjambert, 11 July 1893 at Montjambert (Rom Cath)
#001009-93 (Nipissing Dist): Sherman David WEST, 21, laborer, Newmarket, Mattawa, s/o George WEST & Suzanne LLOYD, married Annie BAGERRAIS?, 23, Bromley, Mattawa, d/o George BAGERRAIS & Rose Ann SHIELD, witnesses were George SCHMIDT & Catherine McDONALD, both of Mattawa, July 10, 1893 at Mattawa (Rom Cath) 1305-92 Thomas WILKERSON, 38, hunter, England, Mississaugua River Cobden Tp., s/o John & Elizabeth, married Philomena MISHOWAS, 35, widow, Mississaugua River Cobden Tp., same, d/o William MISHOWAS mother’s name not known (as written) witn: George & Susanna SAYERS of Mississaugua River on Jan 3, 1893 at Mississaugua River, Cobden Tp
008008-94 (Nipissing District), John WILSON, 22, railway employee, Manchester England, North Bay, s/o Richard and Mary Ann WILSON, mar Nellie INCH, 18, Georgetown, North Bay, d/o James and Emma INCH, witn Mary FLEURY of North Bay, 25 Nov 1893 North Bay #001008-93 (Nipissing Dist): Daniel C. WILSON, 23, farmer, Lanark Co., Calvin, s/o John WILSON & Jane STEWART, married Sarah Jane ADAMS, 22, Oswego NY, Mattawa, d/o Robert ADAMS & Sarah BOYD, witnesses were Ulan? S. WILSON of Calvin & Alice ADAMS of Maynooth? - Hastings Co., July 5, 1893 at Mattawa