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Northumberland & Durham Co., 1901, part 1

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12809-01 Courtland AGGATT, 44, widower, farmer, Millford, Percy twp., s/o John AGGATT & Jane OLDEBUCK?, married Isabella Davis CAMERON, 28, widow, Manvers, same, d/o Thomas DAVIS & Mary STALKER (Stacker?), witn: John S. DAVIS of Toronto & Nellie STALKER of Woodstock, 19 March 1901 at Ballyduff #012934-01 (Northumberland Co.) William T. ALLEN, 37, farmer, Ontario, Madoc Twp., s/o Charles ALLEN & Eliza ROBINSON; married Susan ANDERSON, 29, Ontario, Seymour, d/o George ANDERSON & Sarah A. WILSON; witn: John W. BLAIR of Montreal & Olive ANDERSON of Seymour; 16 Oct. 1901 at Seymour
#012670-01 (Northumberland Co): John Donald ARMOUR, 32, physician, Cobourg, London England, s/o John Douglas ARMOUR & Eliza CLENCH, married Maria Louise Clark MITCHELL, 30, Detroit, Washington DC, d/o Ormsly McKnight MITCHELL & Elsie PEQUETTE, witn: Elsie ARMOUR of Cobourg & Elsie A. DOBAN (or Dobau) of Washington DC, 2 Oct 1901 at St. Michael's RC Church, Cobourg 12882-01 William AUSTIN, 25, yeoman, England, Hope twp., s/o Arthur AUSTIN & Elizabeth WALLER, married Lillie May BATTLE, 19, Manvers twp., Hope twp., d/o Robert BATTLE & Sarah Ann RYAN, witn: Frederick & Ethel May AUSTIN of Port Hope, 26 March 1901 at Port Hope
012655-01 (Northumberland Co) William R. BAKER, 31, carpenter, Hamilton Twp, same, s/o John BAKER & Elizabeth DAVEY, married Mary RABY, 28, Cobourg, same, d/o Mathew RABY & Ellen ROGERS, witn Ken? THROOP of Cobourg & Mary L. BAKER of Hamilton Twp, 19 June 1901 at Cobourg

12524-01 Carman A. BAKER, 22, gardener, Ameliasburgh Prince Edward Co., Brighton, s/o Corey A. BAKER & Alycia S. ALYEA, married Flossie M. VANWICKLIN, 20, Brighton, same, d/o Lorenzo D. VANWICKLIN & Jennie BROOK, witn: C. O. VANWICKLIN of Brighton & Elizabeth AYER of Rochester on Aug. 14, 1901 at Brighton

12831-01 James M. BALLENTYNE, 25, laborer, Northumberland Co., same, s/o illegible BALLENTYNE & Eliza PETERS, married Annie CRUIKSHANK, 24, Ireland, South Monaghan, d/o Hugh CRUIKSHANK, farmer, & Jane SHRISTLE?, witn: John CRUIKSHANKS & Eliza BALLANTYNE (sic), both of Peterborough, 24 Dec 1901 at South Monaghan #012702 (Northumberland & Durham Co.) R. BARRETT, 26, farmer, Haldimand, Colborne, s/o E. BARRETT & A REYNOLDS; married Ella HILLCOX, 27, Waterloo, Colborne, d/o H. HILLCOX & M. HEWITT; witn Albert WATSON & Emma TURNEY, both of Colborne; 13 Nov. 1901 at Colborne.
012629-01 (Northumberland & Durham Co) John Alexander BARRIE, 26, farmer, Clarke tp, same, s/o John BARRIE & Mary E JOHNSTON, married Estella COBBLEDICK, 24, Clarke tp, same, d/o Wm COBBLEDICK & Mary Ann BRAGG, witn Mrs R L EDWARD of Welcome & W H COBBLEDICK of Clarke, 23 Oct 1901 at Zion in Clarke Twp 12794-01 Redford Henry BEAN, 32, teacher, Canada, Hope twp., s/o Abraham BEAN & Mary Ann REDFORD, married Florence Jane CURRELLY (Conelly?), 25, Canada, Hope twp., d/o Frederick CURRELLY & Caroline ROSEVEAR, witn: Effie FARMER of Hamilton & James BERRY of Aspley, 3 April 1901 at Hope twp
#012938-01 (Northumberland Co.) John BEATTIE, 33, farmer, Ontario, Seymour, s/o David BEATTIE & Eliza JOHNSTON; married Margaret McKELVIE, 31. Ontario, Seymour, d/o John McKELVIE & Margaret CLARK; witn: John & May McKELVIE of Seymour; 5 Dec. 1901 at Seymour  
#012652-01  George Coltman BIGGAR, 34, journalist, Murray Twp., Toronto, s/o James Lyons BIGGAR & Isabella HODGINS; married Ethel Boswell TAIT, 24, Montreal Que., Toronto, d/o Thomas Fielding TAIT & Emily BOSWELL; witn:  Gertrude C. TAIT of Cobourg & Arthur B. BOSWELL of Toronto; 4 June 1901 at Cobourg. #012704 (Northumberland & Durham Co.) Albert BILLINGS, 21, farmer; Percy, Haldimand, s/o P. BILLINGS & M. BILLINGS; married Minnie BRIGHT, 30, Cramahe, Cramahe, d/o C. BRIGHT & M. SHERWIN; witn George BRIGHT & Alice CARPENTER, both of Haldimand; 10 Dec.1901 at Colborne.
012616-01 Charles C. BIRCH, 25, Clarke Tp., Assiniboia, Farmer, s/o Edward BIRCH & Mary CHAPMAN married Aloa J. QUANTRILL, 21, Hope Tp., Clarke, d/o Geo QUANTRILL & Mary MILLER. Wtn: Jas W. QUANTRILL of Kendall and Lillian E TAPSCOTT of Port Hope on February 20, 1901 at Newtonville #012848-01 (Northumberland Co): Henry Isaac BLACK, 21, farmer, Murray, same, s/o John BLACK & Sarah HENNESSEY, married Agnes Burdetta POTTS, 20, Murray, same, d/o William H. POTTS & Maria Louisa LOVETT, witnesses were Allen E. BROOKS of illegible & Ella SMITH of Toronto, Feb 27, 1901 at Murray
#012726-01 (Durham Co.) Charles A. BLANCHARD, 25, farmer, West Whitby, East Whitby, s/o Co?ell BLANCHARD & Ellen BURDEN; married Rosena W. ASHTON, 21, Darlington, Darlington, d/o William ASHTON & Mary ELLENS (Wens?); witn James A. McKENZIE of E. Whitby & Edith E. RUNDLE of Darlington; 16 Jan. 1901 at Darlington. #012845-01 (Northumberland Co): John Henry BLEECKER, 19, Sidney, same, s/o John Ernest BLEECKER & Esther WHITE, married Ethel GUILES, 19, Murray, same, d/o Elijah GUILES (farmer) & Sarah HENNESSEY, witnesses were George BUS- of Sidney & Annie CROSBY of Trenton, Sept. 4, 1901 at Murray
  12485-01 Wilbert BLODGETT, 24, tailor, Ontario, Alnwick twp., s/o Artemus J. BLODGETT & Chloe Ann MERRIL, married Phoeba Ann SPARLING, 27, laborer, Ontario, Alnwick twp., d/o Philip SPARLING & Ann, witn: Margaret SPARLING of Alderville & Chloe Ann BLODGETT of Alnwick twp., 19 Nov 1901 at Alderville
#02717-01 (Northumberland Co.)  William. L. BOWMAN, 32, machinist, Brant Co., Cramahe, s/o Harvey BOWMAN & Eliz. HOUSE; married Jennie DUNCAN, 31, Cramahe, Cramahe, d/o Henry DUNCAN & Jane McDONALD; witn:  John WAIT of Wicklow & Minnie PICKWORTH of Colborne; 25 Dec.1901 at Castleton 12805-01 Thomas BRAITHWAITE, 28, farmer, Cavan twp., same, s/o Joseph BRAITHWAITE & Sarah HARKNESS, married Eliza CARR, 24, Manvers, same, d/o Thomas CARR & Ann RAGG, witn: William Thomas & Nellie BROWN of Bethany, 26 Feb 1901 at Bethany
12606-01 Frederick Austin BRANCH, 24, farmer, Smith twp., same, s/o Jonathan BRANCH & Lucy ROGER, married Ella Maud JACKSON, 21, Cavan twp., same, d/o William JACKSON & Priscilla DUNLOP, witn: Weston ROGER of Peterborough & Ellen? JACKSON of Cavan twp., 6 Nov 1901 at Cavan twp. #012723-01 (Durham Co.) William James BRAUND, 29, carpenter, East Whitby, Darlington, s/o Jos. BRAUND & Charlotte BOND; married Mabel Florence FRANK, 21, Bowmanville, Bowmanville, d/o George FRANK & Harriet GARDINER; witn Sidney M.? FRANK & Mary H. ROWE, both of Bowmanville; 31 Jan. 1901 at Bowmanville.
12817-01 Thomas BRISTOW, 21, farmer, Canada, Cavan twp., s/o Alex BRISTOW & Alex BRISTOW (sic), married Ida McMAHON, 21, Canada, Millbrook, d/o Ann LANG & blank, witn: M. L. & Robert CADE of Millbrook, 10 April 1901 at Millbrook [as written] 012493-01 (Northumberland & Durham Co) Andrew Lawson BROWN, 21, teacher, Brownsville, Leamington, s/o George & Ida BROWN, married Ethel Mabel FOSTER, 24, Bowmanville, same, d/o John FOSTER & Maria DORIS, witn A. J. LINTON of Leamington & Beatrice Foster of Orono, 9 Apr 1901 at Bowmanville
12608-01 Frederick BROWN, 23, farmer, Cavan twp., same, s/o John BROWN & Sophia NUGENT, married Minerva ZEALAND, 19, Hope twp., same, d/o John H. ZEALAND & Mary A. GRAHAM, witn: Mrs. T. P. & Lorne E. STEEL of Frazerville, 20 Nov. 1901 at Cavan twp. 12596-01 Richard Robert Henry Keegan BROWN, 39, farmer, Cavan twp., same, s/o Robert BROWN & Susan HAMMONT (s/b Hammond?), married Jane Frances MITCHELL, 24, Cavan twp., same, d/o John MITCHELL & Catherine WIDDIS, witn: John & Minnie MITCHELL of Cavan twp., 13 March 1901 at Cavan twp.
#012939-01 (Northumberland Co.) Jas. Ernest BRUNTON, 22, farmer, Ontario, Seymour, s/o Thomas BRUNTON & Maria TODD; married Nellie HAY, 22, Ontario, Seymour, d/o Adam HAY & Susan LITTLE; witn: John HAY & Jessie JOHNSTON, both of Seymour; 18 Dec. 1901 at Seymour 012867-01 (Northumberland) George BUCHANAN, 42, railway conductor, Prince Edward Co., Havelock, widower, s/o Robert BUCHANAN & Anne BUTLER, to Mary J. CARTER, 32, Percy, same, d/o Joseph CARTER & Sarah KING, wit: Benjamin BUCHANAN of Norham & Ellen CARTER of Percy, 12 June 1901, Percy
#01686-01 (Northumberland & Durham Co.)  John D. BUSH, 33, laborer, Cramahe, Castleton, s/o J.H. BUSH & E.S. BUSH; married M. V. REYNOLDS, 30, Percy, Castleton, d/o S. REYNOLD & S.E. GARBUTT; witn:  James N. BUSH & E.S. BUSH, both of Castleton; 13 Mar.1901 at Colborne. 12594-01 John Albert CALVERT, 35, farmer, Ennismore twp., Carberry Man., s/o Robert CALVERT & Florenda MORTON, married Emma McCALL, 18, Emily twp., Cavan twp., d/o William McCALL & Mary Ann McCARRELL, witn: Robert M. CALVERT of Carberry & Marretta McCARRELL of Emily twp., 13 Feb 1901 at Cavan twp.
#012696 (Northumberland & Durham Co.) John A. CAMERON, 30, CPR clerk, Colborne, Montreal, s/o C.V. CAMERON & M.J. ARCHER; married Annie M. CUMMING, 23, Weymount Chene Que., Colborne; d/o J.C. CUMMING & C. STRONG; witn A.J. BROWN & G.G. MERRIMAN, both of Colborne; 10 Sept. 1901 at Colborne.

12528-01 James CARBERRY, 27, dentist, Erin Ont., Detroit Michigan, s/o Thomas CARBERRY & Jane GRAHAM, married Mina KENNY, 26, Brighton, same, d/o Thomas KENNY & Mary DAY, witn: Orlando KENNY & Florence STONEBURG both of Brighton on Sept. 11, 1901 at Brighton

012643-01 (Northumberland Co) Frederick CARLEY, 24, clerk, Cobourg, Calgary, s/o Alexander & Mary Jane CARLEY, married Violet Gertrude DAVIDSON, 21, Streetsville, Cobourg, d/o W H DAVIDSON & Sarah MONTGOMERY, witn A CARLEY & S DAVIDSON both of Cobourg, 28 Jan 1901 at Cobourg 012667-01 (Northumberland Co) J. Warren CARPENTER, 65, gentleman, New York, Lockport NY, s/o Isaac CARPENTER & Abby SUTTON, married Jennie M. WHITELAW, 48, Cobourg, same, d/o John WHITELAW & Agnes Logan GLOVER, witn Marion G. McDONALD & W. R. WHITELAW both of Cobourg, 25 Sept 1901 at Cobourg
012619-01 Thomas Dean CARSCADDEN, 42, Clarke, Thornbury, Agent, s/o Thomas CARSCADDEN & Mary PAYNE married Mary Jane PATTERSON, 28, Clarke, same, d/o George PATTERSON & Ann J. PAYNE. Wtn: Herbert PATTERSON of Leskard and Ida WHITE of Kendall on April 9, 1901 at Leskard 12784-01 John D. CHANDLER, 27, carpenter, Norwood, Windsor, s/o John F. CHANDLER & Helen TRICKETT, married Libbie L. WRIGHT, 25, Sidney twp., Hastings, d/o D. R. WRIGHT & Selina PETTY, witn: Harold F. CHANDLER of Norwood & Frida WRIGHT of Newburg NY, 28 Aug 1901 at Hastings
#012842-01 (Northumberland Co): Charles Herbert CHARD, 22, farmer, Murray, same, s/o William CHARD & Julia LOTT, married Malissa SHARPE, 21, Murray, same, d/o Marcus SHARPE (farmer) & Saphrona MIKLE, witnesses were Lucas & Mrs. Lucas SHARPE of Murray, Aug. 1, 1901 at Murray 012708-01 (Northumberland Co) Duncan Wellington CHARLES [s/b Church], 23, farmer, Ottawa, Cramahe Twp, s/o Edward CHARLES [Church] & Matilda REDDICK, married Augusta Luella PETERS, 27, Cramahe Twp, same, d/o Wm PETERS & Mary NOBLE?, witn: James PETERS & Mable TURNEY both of Cramahe Twp, 27 Mar 1901 at Cramahe Twp
012861-01 (Northumberland) Walter CHATTERSON, 41, farmer, Brighton, same, s/o Elias CHATTERSON & Amanda MILLIGAN, to S. Jennie KEMP, 26, Brighton, same, d/o Henry KEMP & Hannah TERRY, wit: Francis C. HURLBUT and Ruby E. HAMILTON both of Warkworth, 21 March 1901, Warkworth 12602-01 William John CHRISTIE, 34, farmer, Cavan twp., same, s/o Andrew CHRISTIE & Mary KIDD, married Margaret Rosalind EARL, 32, Cavan twp., same, d/o Henry EARL & Mary FRANCEY, witn: Frederick PENDREY of Millbrook & Mary EARL of Cavan, 26 June 1901 at Cavan twp.
012661-01 (Northumberland Co) Jas. Norman CLAPPERTON, 22, blacksmith, Baltimore, same, s/o James CLAPPERTON & Jane BODDY, married Isabella BUTTARS, 23, Baltimore, Haldimand Twp, d/o James BUTTARS & Marjorie CAMPBELL, witn Florence HENDERSON & Emily SAUNDERS both of Cobourg, 31 July 1901 at Cobourg #012685-01 (Northumberland & Durham Co.) William CLARY, 25, coachman, Peterboro, Cobourg, s/o Harry CLARY & M.E. CLARY; married Luella BELL, 22, Grafton, Vernonville; d/o John BELL & L.E. BELL; witn:  F.H. DUNCAN & Alice M. DUNCAN, both of Colborne; 21 Feb.1901 at Colborne.
012664-01 (Northumberland Co) George H. COCKBURN, 24, livery business, Bowmanville, Cobourg, s/o William COCKBURN & P??ers PERKIN, married Annie MARKLE, 21, Colborne, Cobourg, d/o Isaac MARKLE & Mary ROWEN, witn Taylor D. KELLY of St. Louis Mo & Margaret BATTELL of Cobourg, 19 Sept 1901 at Cobourg 012501-01 (Northumberland & Durham Co) George COLLACOTT, 24, farmer, Darlington Twp, same, s/o Robert COLLACOTT & Ella HENRY, married Emma KNIGHT, 23, Napanee, Bowmanville, d/o Thomas KNIGHT & Martha BUSH, witn Sara & Nessa? HEADS of Bowmanville, 11 Dec 1901 at Bowmanville
#01689-01 (Northumberland & Durham Co.) George CONNORS, 25, laborer, Colborne, Colborne, s/o William CONNORS & C. DELAREY; married Lillian B. WELSH, 24, Reach Twp., Colborne, d/o R. WELSH & C. O’NEILL; witn:  M.A. WATSON & A.G. WATSON, both of Colborne; 1 June 1901 at Colborne. 012490-01 (Northumberland & Durham Co) William Walter CORNISH, 27, farmer, England, Leskard, s/o John CORNISH & Hannah WALTERS, married Rosa Jessie BELL, 22, Tyrone, Leskard, d/o David BELL & Sarah J. HENDERSON, witn L. D. BELL of Leskard & Nellie CORNISH of Orono, 16 Jan 1901 at Bowmanville
12601-01 John Ennis COULTER, 26, farmer, Toronto, Cavan twp., s/o Francis ESMES? & Winnifred SHOREY, married Mary Eliza GREER, 26, Wingham, Cavan twp., d/o John W? GREEN & Elizabeth McINDOO, witn: Thomas GREER & Emma McINDOO, both of Cavan, 11 June 1901 at Cavan twp. #012716-01 (Northumberland Co.)  John T. COURTICE, 25, teacher, Clinton, Castleton, s/o R.T. COURTICE & Bessie DAVIS; married  Effie PROUT, 25, matron, Castleton, Castleton, d/o Wesley PROUT & Martha HONEYWELL; witn:  John PROUT of Castleton & Pearl COURTICE of Demorestville; 25 Dec.1901 at Castleton
012630-01 (Northumberland & Durham Co) George W COWAN, 37, farmer, Clarke tp, same, s/o Robert COWAN & Sarah McCHESNEY?, married Ella COOPER, 34, Clarke tp, Orono, d/o John COOPER & Jane COATHAM, witn Charles & Ada COOPER of Kendall, 11 Dec 1901 at Orono 12829-01 George F. COWLING, 24, painter, of Peterborough, s/o William COWLING & Mary MAY, married Ella THOMPSON, 23, Monaghan, South Monaghan, d/o Freeman THOMPSON & Isabella MORRISON, witn: Anthony COWLING of Peterborough & Lissie DEWNEY?, 25 April 1901 at South Monaghan
012666-01 (Northumberland Co) Cornelius COX, 38, w, farmer, Hamilton Twp, same, s/o William COX & Bridget BANNON, married Ellen KENEALLY, 28, Cobourg, same, d/o Thomas KENEALLY & Rose FLYNN, witn John COOGAN & Bella KENEALLY both of Cobourg, 18 Sept 1901 at Cobourg St. Joseph’s Chapel #012697 (Northumberland & Durham Co.) Joseph COX, 35, farmer, Canada, Thurlow, s/o J.P. COX & M. SNIFFEN; married Addie REID, 25, Madoc, Thurlow, d/o Andrew REID & C. ROSENPLAT; witn A. ROSENPLAT & C. ROSENPLAT, both of Brighton; 14 Sept.1901 at Colborne.
12786-01 William Robert COYLE, 28, farmer, Alnwick twp., same, s/o John COYLE & Lettie DROPE, married Amy Eliza NICHOL, 24, Alnwick twp., same, d/o Francis NICHOL & Ruth, witn: Thomas COYLE & Edward NICHOL, both of Alnwick twp., 11 Dec 1901 at Hastings  
#012703 (Northumberland & Durham Co.) John CUNNINGHAM, 26, laborer, Cobourg, Cobourg, s/o H. CUNNINGHAM & B. FOX; married S.I. MUNROE, 28, Haldimand, Haldimand, d/o John MUNROE & Mary PURDY; witn Mabel FREEMAN of Holly NY, & W.H. CUNNINGHAM of Gateport; 30 Jan. 1901 at Colborne. #012679-01 (Northumberland Co): James CURTIS, 22, spinner, Cobourg, same, s/o A. & L., married Jennie DANIELS, 18, Cobourg, same, d/o Edward & Mary, witn: Julia MARSHALL & W.D. BEST, both of Cobourg, 9 Dec 1901 at Cobourg
012617-01 John Arthur DAVEY, 27, Clarke, same, Farmer, s/o John DAVEY & Mary RICKABY married Edith Maud COBBLEDICK, 24, Clarke, same, Farmer, d/o Amos COBBLEDICK & Minnie GILBANK. Wtn: Newton COBBLEDICK of Clarke and Gertrude DAVEY of Clarke on March 13, 1901 at Clarke 012627-01 (Northumberland & Durham Co) Robert A DELOR?, 38, clergyman, England, Selwyn, s/o John DELOR? & Louisa F--?, married Alberta BUCKLEY, 24, Orono, same, d/o John BUCKLEY & Elizabeth HAWKENS, witn Leslie F--? of Lindsay & Etta BUCKLEY of Orono, 3 Sept 1901 at Orono
#012677-01 (Northumberland Co): Martin DEW, 22, laborer, Ontario, Cobourg, s/o James Harry DEW & Mary MONTGOMERY, married Agnes WILLS, 19, Haldimand twp., Cobourg, d/o John WILLS & Alice SIMPSON, witn: Annie WILLS & Samuel MENUAL, both of Cobourg, 9 Dec 1901 at Cobourg 012639-01 (Northumberland Co) James DICKSON, 49, widower, farmer, Hamilton tp, same, s/o James DICKSON & Bridget McMANN, married Eliza Jane WILSON, 44, widow, Cobourg, Balderson, d/o James BOTHWELL & Eleanor CLEADMAN, witn Julia MARSHALL & Maud WILSON both of Cobourg, 7 Feb 1901 at Cobourg
12791-01 John DODDS, 42, farmer, Canada, Manitoba, s/o Peter & blank, married Lucy WARD, 24, England, Hope twp., d/o C. J. WARD (father) & blank, witn: Alice & Robert CAMPBELL of Hope twp., 20 March 1901 at Hope twp 12484-01 Adam George DOUGLAS, 20, farmer, Ontario, Alnwick twp., s/o Thomas DOUGLAS & Dorothy McCOLE, married Mabel Beatrice HIE, 20, laborer, Ontario, Hamilton twp., d/o Edward HIE & Mary COOK, witn: John YOUNG & Fanny HIE, both of Harwood, 13 Nov 1901 at Roseneath

12525-01 Daniel Wright DULMAGE, 60, dentist, widower, Canada, Brighton, s/o Peter DULMAGE & Elizabeth WRIGHT, married Sarah Jane Rodgers FREEMAN, 49, widow, Canada, Brighton, d/o Benjamin RODGERS & Lydia Anne BETTES, witn: Mary MILLER of Brighton & Mrs. M. LOVETT of Lovett on Aug. 14, 1901 at Brighton

012650-01 (Northumberland Co) Peter DUNCAN, 30, upholsterer, Cobourg, same, s/o John DUNCAN & Mary McKENZIE, married Maggie SMITH, 23, Haldimand tp, same, d/o Reuben SMITH & Nancy ATCHISON, witn Annie & Eva BATTELL both of Cobourg, 22 May 1901 at Cobourg
012660-01 (Northumberland Co) Hugh DUFFY, 31, professor, Cobourg, New York City, s/o Patrick DUFFY & Mary REDDY, married Ellen RYAN, blank, Cobourg, same, d/o Michael RYAN & Bridget SLAMON, witn John CASSERLY of Cobourg & Sarah MASTERSON of Burnley, 29 Aug 1901 at Cobourg St. Michael’s Church #012680-01 (Northumberland Co): William EARL, 70, widower, laborer, on Atlantic, Cobourg, s/o William & not given, married Maggie DREWRY, 60, Ireland, Cobourg, d/o M. DREWRY & not given, witn: W.D. BEST & J. THOMPSON, both of Cobourg, 9 Dec 1901 at Cobourg
12812-01 Robert R. EDWARDS, 55, widower, Methodist minister, Prescott, Hope twp., s/o Joseph EDWARDS & Elizabeth LOVE, married Prudence KETCHESON, 27, Moira, Hope twp., d/o Elijah & Martha, witn: Mrs. C. E. HOWARD of Janetville & Mrs. C. W. ASHLEY of Aurora, 1 Oct 1901 at Janetville 012613-01 Thomas FALLS, 29, Clarke Tp., same, Farmer, s/o Robert FALLS & Sarah ROWSON married Ella HEARN, 20, Hope Tp., same, d/o James HEARN & Ellen GRAHAM. Wtn: Fred FALLS of Kendall and Clara  HEARN of Osaca on January 2, 1901 at Newtonville
012648-01 (Northumberland Co) Arthur FIELD, 29, weaver, England, Cobourg, s/o George FIELD & Jane BROWN, married Jessie GIBSON, 27, Hamilton tp, Cobourg, d/o David GIBSON & Margaret STEVENSON, witn William MOORE & Susie GIBSON both of Cobourg, 17 Apr 1901 at Cobourg 012495-01 (Northumberland & Durham Co) Theodore FISHLEIGH, 24, mechanic, Bowmanville, same, s/o William FISHLEIGH & Maria TURNER, married Alice Maud May HAMBLY, 20, Bowmanville, same, d/o Lewis HAMBLY & Mary MITCHELL, witn Arthur HAMBLY of Oshawa & Maria FISHLEIGH of Bowmanville, 29 May 1901 at Bowmanville
#012720-01 (Durham Co.) Frederick FITZGERALD, 53, farmer, London, London Twp, widower, s/o G.F. FITZGERALD & Margaret FENTON; married Elizabeth C. POLLARD, 46, Darlington, Darlington, d/o John POLLARD & Elizabeth JARDINE; witn Howard C.P. RUNDLE of Haydon & Ada M. PIPE (Pips?) of Norwich; 1 Jan 1901 at Darlington. 012646-01 (Northumberland Co) Edwin E FLEMING, 26, mechanic, blank, Cobourg, s/o David FLEMING & Elizabeth PLEWS, married Mildred B SCORE, 23, blank, Cobourg, d/o John SCORE & Selina TINNEY, witn Ephraim FLEMING & Mary L HOCKERIDGE both of Cobourg, 14 Mar 1901 at Cobourg
12807-01 Walter FLEMMING, 37, farmer, Emily, Ops twp., s/o Nathaniel FLEMING (sic) & Eliza A. ELLIS, married Lizzie STEWART, 23, Manvers, same, d/o Hugh STEWART & Susannah DAVIS, witn: Albert FLEMING of Ops & Maggie MORTON of Frazerville, 13 March 1901 at Franklin #012722-01 (Durham Co.) William Charles FRANK, 28, traveller, Darlington, Darlington, s/o Charles FRANK & Francis CURTIS; married Mary Adriena COLE, 32, Darlington, Darlington, d/o Samuel COLE & Sarah PASCOE; witn Helena COATES & D.H. COATES, both of Brantford; 1 Jan. 1901 at Darlington.
#012714-01 (Northumberland Co.)  James FREEMAN, 22, farmer, Burnley, Burnley, s/o William FREEMAN & Eliz. FREEMAN; married Lillie VANSICKLEN, 21, Castleton, Cramahe, d/o Ferdinand VANSICKLEN & Jane SMITH; witn:  Elizabeth BUNNER & Sylvania LEAVENS, both of Castleton; 17 Dec.1901 at Castleton. 012862-01 (Northumberland) Robert Willis FROST, 26, farmer, Percy, same, s/o Levi James FROST & Mary ANDERSON, to Margaret EWING, 28, Percy, same, d/o James EWING & Jane SPEIRS, wit: Benjamin EWING & Edith ROBERTSON both of Percy, 27 March 1901, Percy
  #012940-01 (Northumberland Co.) John FRY, 56, farmer, Ontario, Seymour, s/o William IVY & Eliz. ASHTON; married Elsie WATSON; 44, Ontario, Seymour, d/o Thomas WATSON & Jessie GARDNER; witn: Andrew WATSON & Jane WATSON, both of Seymour; 18 Dec. 1901 at Seymour

12529-01 Frederick FULFORD, 22, farmer, Canada, Brighton , s/o Henry & Dinah, married Sarah JENKS, 20, Canada, Port Hope, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: Maggie KENNY & Jennie CHATTEN both of Brighton on Oct. 19, 1901 at Brighton.

012628-01 (Northumberland & Durham Co) Thomas F GARDNER, 32, carpenter, Tyrone, same, s/o Thomas GARDNER & Louisa? BRISBIN, married Martha FRAISER (Fraser?), 22, Madoc, Newpark, d/o John FRAISER & Jessie LOWE?, witn Arthur BRISBIN & Kate FRAISER both of Newpark, 30 Oct 1901 at Orono
012634-01 (Northumberland & Durham Co) Harvey GILBANK, 24, farmer, Pontypool, same, s/o William GILBANK & Maria McKELVIN, married Alvina WRIGHT, 19, Clarke tp, same, d/o John WRIGHT & Emma COOPER, witn Ella BATTEN & L. LEGGATT both of Orono, 18 Dec 1901 at Orono 012492-01 (Northumberland & Durham Co) Arthur Edward GILBERT, 30, merchant, Darlington Twp, Bowmanville, s/o John GILBERT & Eliza SOUCH, married Minnie May SOUCH, 30, Darlington Twp, Bowmanville, d/o Samuel SOUCH & Marion THOMPSON, witn N. S. SOUCH of Bowmanville & Leta BENNETT of Peterborough, 13 Feb 1901 at Bowmanville
#012725-01 (Durham Co.) Albert Edward GILDERS, 26, carpenter, Enniskillen, Darlington, s/o Thomas Edward GILDERS & Sarah Jane LOCKART; married Georgina ROWE, 24, Darlington, Darlington, d/o Charles ROWE & Mary DIAMOND; witn Anthony LANGSTAFF & Mabel GILDERS, both of Hayden; 26 Feb. 1901 at Tyrone. #012930-01 (Northumberland Co.) John GIVAN, 49, farmer, Ontario, Seymour, s/o Walter GIVAN & Lillie CLARK; married Lavinia S. CASSAN, 29, farmer, Ontario, Seymour, d/o Edward CASSAN & Annie SMITH; witn: R.C. ROWES (Rowe?) & Eva BONNYCASTLE, both of Seymour; 31 July 1901 at Seymour
012864-01 (Northumberland) Emmet GLENN, 22, farmer, Parma Centre, same, s/o Charles GLENN & Mary WARBOISE, to Elizabeth Bryden GRIEVE, 23, Warkworth, same, d/o James GRIEVE & Agnes YOUNG, wit: David GRIEVE & Adelia MASSEY both of Warkworth, 16 May 1901, Warkworth 012632-01 (Northumberland & Durham Co) Herbert W GLOVER?, 23, farmer, Clarke tp, Hope tp, s/o William GLOVER? & Lucy MARSHALL, married Hettie V M BOWEN, 18, Clarke tp, same, d/o Edward BOWEN & Isabella MARSHALL, witn Bertin KENNEDY & Maurice? BRITTON both of Clarke, 11 Dec 1901 at Newtonville
12879-01 William GOULD, 26, farmer, Canada, Arthur twp., s/o John GOULD & Matilda HALL, married Netty Maud WILKERSON, 20, Cavan, Hope twp., d/o John WILKERSON & Lidia ROBBINS, witn: William & Louisa WILKERSON of Hope twp., 25 Jan 1901 at Port Hope 12870-01 James Stephen GRANT, 37, farmer, Scotland, Percy twp., s/o William GRANT & Isabella MAN, married Charlotte Jane CUFFE, 20, Percy twp., same, d/o John CUFFE & Mary IRELAND, wit: Alexander GRANT & Maggie CUFFE, both of Warkworth, 17 Dec 1901 at Warkworth
12811-01 Herbert Stanley GRAY, 23, farmer, Manvers, Cartwright, s/o John GRAY & Ellen SHERKSTER?, married Lillian Annette CAMPBELL, 19, Mariposa, Cartwright, d/o Joseph CAMPBELL & Halimah? SUGGETT, witn: Wesley CAMPBELL of Cartwright & Fred GRAY of Manvers, 4 Sept 1901 at Janetville 12482-01 Robert GRAY, 55, widower, Indian, Ontario, Alnwick twp., s/o Peter & Betsy, married Rebecca SMOKE, 42, widow, Indian, Ontario, Alnwick twp., d/o Charles & Mary TAYLOR, witn: Sarah GARLAND & Lillie LEEKES, both of Alderville, 31 July 1901 at Alderville
012860-01 (Northumberland) William Albert GREENLY, 26, farmer, Percy, same, s/o Charles GREENLY & Matilda LONG, to Margaret GOW, 24, Percy, same, d/o David GOW & Mary Ann ROSS, wit: James E. GREENLY & Jessie Ann GOW both of Warkworth, 16 January 1901, Percy 12884-01 John GREER, 48, yeoman, Cavan twp., same, s/o Thomas GREER & Jane ARMSTRONG, married Ann COUSLEY, 48, Ireland, Cavan twp., d/o unknown, witn: Thomas & Minnie MARSHMAN of Millbrook, 2 Jan 1901 at Port Hope
012491-01 (Northumberland & Durham Co) David GRIGG, 44, pedlar, England, Bowmanville, s/o Thomas GRIGG & Jane LASHBROOK, married Prue Susanna PLUMMER, 36, Darlington Twp, Bowmanville, d/o John & Helen PLUMMER, witn Thomas H. Richards of Tyrone & Isabella PLUMMER of Toronto, 23 Jan 1901 at Bowmanville 012651-01  John GROSJEAN, (no age given), yeoman, Haldimand Twp., Haldimand Twp., s/o Joseph GROSJEAN & Elizabeth FLOOD; married Ellen COOGAN, (no age given) Cobourg, Cobourg, d/o John COOGAN & Ann MORAN; witn:  Nicholas GROSJEAN, of Haldimand Twp. & Mary BULGER (no residence given); 3 June 1901 at St. Michaels Church in Cobourg.
12810-01 George A. HALL, 21, farmer, Manvers, Scugog, s/o M. HALL & Elizabeth READER (Render?), married Sarah Evelyn BROWN, 22, Manvers, same, d/o William & Maggie, witn: William & Elizabeth BROWN of Pontypool, 16 June 1901 at Pontypool 012626-01 (Northumberland & Durham Co) Samuel HALLIDAY, 53, widower, farmer, Clarke tp, same, s/o John HALLIDAY & Isabella CARRUTHERS, married Florence REED, 38, Orono, same, d/o James REED & Jane McCAULEY?, witn John WHITE of Bowmanville & Kate R SQUAIR of Orono, 13 Aug 1901 at Orono
012618-01 H. Egerton HANCOCK, 25, Clarke, same, Farmer, s/o John HANCOCK & Susan BYE married Nora Jane WONNACOTT, 19, England, Bowmanville, d/o Robert WONNACOTT & Nora ? (Davie?). Wtn: H.S. HANCOCK of Clarke and F.L. MERCER of Bowmanville on March 20, 1901 near Bowmanville

11542-01 Ernest E. HARNDEN, 19, labourer, Percy Tp., Brighton Tp., s/o Stanton HARNDEN & Melissa CRYDERMAN, married Marjory FERGUSON, 19, Murray Tp., Brighton Tp., d/o Ira FERGUSON & Sophrone EDMUNDS, witn: Ernest R. COLE & Nellie SHERMAN both of Brighton Tp. on Sept. 3, 1901 at Brighton Tp

#012681-01 (Northumberland Co): William Thomas HARRIS, 24, farmer, Precious Corners, Hamilton twp., s/o Thomas & Katherine Ann, married Florence Laura FLATT, 20, Grafton, Cobourg, d/o John FLATT & Jane ELARY, witn: G.E. KINSLEY of Grafton & Urela L. BLABY of Cobourg, 11 Dec 1901 at Cobourg 12853-01 Solomon HARRIS, 81, widower, England, Newcastle, s/o William HARRIS & Ann LAKEMAN, married Johanna BARRETT, 66, widow, England, Newcastle, d/o John BUDD & Johanna DART, wit: John UGLOW? & Leopold B. DAVIDSON, both of Newcastle, 12 Dec 1901 at Newcastle
#012693 (Northumberland & Durham Co.) A.H. HARRISTON, 41, farmer, England, Cramahe, s/o C.S. HARRISTON & M. CASSON; married S.A. WILKINSON, 30, England, Cramahe, d/o S. WILKINSON & S. SCOTT; witn Charles RICHARDS & Annie RICHARDS, both of Cramahe; 13 Aug 1901 at Colborne.

12544-01 Stanwick HARWOOD, 22, farmer, Durham England, Brighton Tp., s/o Ralph HARWOOD & Elizabeth Jane BENSON, married Alice TYLER, 23, Brighton Tp., same, d/o John TYLER & Rachel MONTGOMERY, witn: Nicholas MATTIS & Martha TYLER both of Brighton Tp. on Oct. 23, 1901 at Brighton Tp.

12877-01 Wilkins D. HASKILL, 28, cab driver, Port Hope, same, s/o Jeduthon (Jonathan?) HASKILL & Orillia GAGE, married Sarah CAMPBELL, 24, Port Hope, same, d/o Archibald CAMPBELL & Emma WHITMAN, witn: Archibald CAMPBELL & Mabel ROBERTS, both of Port Hope, 3 Jan 1901 at Port Hope 12883-01 Walter A. HEARD, 20, farmer, Canada, Peterborough, s/o Thomas HEARD & Martha COATES, married Mary Ann KINSMAN, 23, Canada, Hamilton, d/o Richard KINSMAN & Grace HEARD, witn: Robert J. ANDREWS & Sophia P. HULL, both of Port Hope, 1 Jan 1901 at Port Hope
12593-01 John James HEASLIP, 25, section man, Hope twp., Millbrook, s/o David HEASLIP & Mary Jane ARMSTRONG, married Adelina A. TIPPETT, 27, Hamilton twp., same, d/o Henry G. TIPPETT & Mary Jane HUNTHOUSE?, witn: Roland REYNOLDS of Frazerville & Annette TIPPETT of Hamilton twp., 7 Feb 1901 at Cavan twp. 12603-01 Thomas HEASMAN, 59, widower, gardener, Sussex England, same, s/o John HEASMAN & Jane COTTONHAM, married Lizzie HOMES, 32, Newastle on Tyne England, Cavan twp., d/o Arthur HOMES & Mary ROGERS, witn: John MORRISON of Cavan twp. & Lizzie BALLANTYNE of Peterborough, 14 Aug 1901 at Cavan twp.
12793-01 John HENRY, 32, farmer, Canada, Clarke twp., s/o Alex HENRY & Mary Jane STUBBS, married Mary A. SOWDEN, 23, Canada, Hope twp., d/o John SOWDEN & Jane Ann GREY, witn: Laura HENRY & Charles COOPER, both of Clarke twp., 27 march 1901 at Hope twp 12881-01 William J.F. HILL, 25, book binder, Cobourg, same, s/o William B. HILL & Mary HARRISON, married Alice TWILLEY?, 18, Port Hope, same, d/o J.W. TWILLEY & Annie BARRIE, witn: Eva WATSON of Colborne & Dora DAYFOOT of Port Hope, 27 Feb 1901 at Port Hope
#01688-01 (Northumberland & Durham Co.)  William A. HOGLE, 25, farmer, Sydney, Sydney, s/o James HOGLE & C. VANDERVOORT; married Letty McCRACKEN, 25, Colborne, Colborne, d/o G. COCKBURN & Eliza COYLE; witn:  L. McCRACKEN of Colborne & Bruce HOGLE of Sydney; 15 May 1901 at Colborne. 012614-01 William Henry HOOEY, 27, Darlington, same, Farmer, s/o David HOOEY & Sarah EGERTON married Jane WANNAN, 27, Clarke, same, d/o John WANNAN & Grace BURGESS. Wtn: J.M.S. McKEEN of Orono and H.C. McKEEN of Orono on February 13, 1901 at Orono
#012933-01 (Northumberland Co.) Amos W. HUBBLE, 27, farmer, Ontario, Seymour, s/o Amos HUBBLE & Mary A. STEPHENS; married Edith McCONNELL, 19, Ontario, Rawden, d/o Jos. McCONNELL & Sophia BRUNNAULT; witn: W.A. HUBBLE & Spray McCONNELL, both of Seymour; 9 Oct. 1901 at Seymour 12595-01 James HUTCHINSON, 33, farmer, Cavan twp., same, s/o James HUTCHINSON & Eliza DEYELL, married Lila Ada WIGHT, 26, Cavan twp., same, d/o Samuel WIGHT & Mary COLLINS, witn: Lizgar MORSE of Millbrook & Alice? L. WIGHT of S. Monaghan, 27 Feb 1901 at Cavan twp.
12824-01 Jacob ISBISTER, 29, blacksmith, Canada, South Monaghan, s/o William ISBISTER & Eliza DOUGLAS, married Mabel IRWIN, 21 (or 23), Millbrook, same, d/o Robert IRWIN & Anna (Armina?) DEYELL, witn: James ISBISTER of Lakefield & Eliza WIGHT of Millbrook, 13 Nov 1901 at Millbrook #01687-01 (Northumberland & Durham Co.)  William A. IVES, 24, farmer, Cramahe, Cramahe, s/o Elim? IVES & H. INGLIS; married M.B. COCKBURN, 20, Brighton, Colborne, d/o George COCKBURN & E.H. COCKBURN; witn:  L.H. DUNCAN & Jane COCKBURN, both of Colborne; 27 Mar.1901 at Colborne
  012496-01 (Northumberland & Durham Co) William James JEFFERY, 38, tailor, Bowmanville, same, s/o Joseph JEFFERY & Sarah STAPLES, married Florence JONES, 36, Bowmanville, same, d/o Henry JONES & Elizabeth JORDON, witn John JONES & Jane Ann FORBES both of Bowmanville, 13 Nov 1901 at Bowmanville
12880-01 Francis JOHNS, 22, yeoman, Hope twp., same, s/o Richard JOHNS & Elizabeth BISSETT, married Ida TAYLOR, 22, Canada, Hope twp., d/o Robert TAYLOR & Caroline DAVISON, witn: Frederick & Clara JOHNS of Canton, 6 Feb 1901 at Port Hope 12790-01 Samuel JOHNSTON, 24, farmer, Canada, Cavan twp., s/o James JOHNSTON & Mary Ann NESBITT, married Mary Agnes GREENAWAY, 21?, Canada, Hope twp., d/o Thomas GREENAWAY & Mary A. BROWN, witn: Minnie BROWN of Rossm--? & G. C. ANDERSON of South Monaghan, 20 Feb 1901 at Hope twp
012494-01 (Northumberland & Durham Co) Frederick Harold JONES, 29, dairyman, Brampton, Bowmanville, s/o John M. JONES & Annie McFADDEN, married Lillian Maud MORRIS, 24, Bowmanville, same, d/o Thomas MORRIS & Adelaide McBRIDE, witn Fred HARSTONE? & Nellie MORRIS both of Bowmanville, 5 Apr 1901 at Bowmanville #012675-01 (Northumberland Co): Joseph JONES, 30, matting binder, Hamilton twp., Cobourg, s/o Robert JONES & Bridget BURKE, married Ellen WALSH, 21, Ireland, Cobourg, d/o Patrick WALSH & Catherine MURRAY, witn: Arthur WALSH & Isabella KENSKY, both of Cobourg, 29 Oct 1901 at St. Michael's RC Church, Cobourg
#012700-01 - Charles F. JONES, 28, Doctor of Divinity, England, England, s/o W.I. JONES & E.E. JONES; married Florence HEWSON, 25, Port Hope, Port Hope, d/o T. HEWSON & I. HEWSON; witn T.B. HEWSON & Mrs. M.E. HEWSON, both of Colborne; 8 Oct. 1901 at Colborne. 12869-01 Samuel R. JONES, 60, widower, farmer, Seymour twp., Percy twp., s/o Charles JONES & Mary RENDLE, married Martha L. WIGGINS, 57, widow, Percy twp., same, d/o Simon S. CLOSSON & Lovica HENDRIX, witn: William & Mrs. William MASSEY of Warkworth, 14 Aug 1901 at Warkworth
#012932-01 (Northumberland Co.) James Burton KEELER, 26, miner, Ontario, Seymour, s/o James KEELER & Adaline BUCKOUT (Bookhout?); married Emma A. ELLIS, 25, Ontario, Seymour, d/o Luke ELLIS & Sarah HARDY; witn: George Ellis & Mary KILLBANK, both of Seymour; 25 Sept. 1901 at Seymour  
12788-01 Lesley KELLEY, 27, farmer, Canada, Hope twp., s/o William KELLEY & Susannah JEWELL, married A--? HAMMILL, 28, Canada, Hope twp., d/o James HAMMILL & Rebecca WALSH, witn: Mrs. W.H. HAMMILL & E. W. KELLEY, both of Garden Hill, 16 Jan 1901 at Hope twp 012645-01 (Northumberland Co) William George KERR, 35, railroader, Clarke tp, Hamilton tp, s/o Andrew KERR & Jane ALLINGHAM, married Birdie Rosie Maud GIBBS, 22, Port Hope, Cobourg, d/o Goerge GIBBS & Jane HALES, witn Mrs D & Bessie McCAMUS both of Cobourg, 28 Mar 1901 at Cobourg
102637-01 (Northumberland Co) Peter KING, 31, artisan, Ireland, not given, s/o Peter KING & Margaret WILLS, married Ann McGURTRY, 23, Ireland, Cobourg, d/o Thomas McGURTRY & Mary JUDGE, witn Henry GIDDENS & Rose FLESH both of Cobourg, 7 Jan 1901 at Cobourg 12787-01 John Wade LANCASTER, 36, farmer, Canada, Clarke twp., s/o Sidney WADE (sic) & Agnes WADE, married Lizzie BEIGHTON, 21, Canada, St. Catharines, d/o John BEIGHTON & Maria BULLOCK, witn: Annie & J.H. JEWELL of Welcome, 2 Jan 1901 at Hope twp
  012857-01 (Northumberland) Charles LANGMUIR, 34, farmer, Seymour, same, s/o James LANGMUIR & Amelia NICHOLAS, to Jennie BROOKS, 33, Percy, same, d/o George BROOKS & Annie KINES, wit: W.J. Nicholas of Lakefreed? & Ida BROOKS of Percy, 4 January 1901, Percy
012498-01 (Northumberland & Durham Co) Albert George LAW, 29, labourer, Darlington Twp, same, s/o Thomas LAW & Mary MARTIN, married Gertrude Maud CRAGO, 30, Darlington Twp, same, d/o William CRAGO & Matilda JACKSON, witn Rosie PETHICK of Toronto & Mary HENRY of Bowmanville, 23 Nov 1901 at Bowmanville 12607-01 Charles William LAWRENCE, 24, laborer, Croydon England, Cavan twp., s/o William & unknown, married Margaret MURNEY, 19, Monaghan twp., same, d/o George MURRAY & Mary A. MOFFATT, witn: Zachariah YORK & Velma MOURNEY (sic), both of S. Monaghan, 11 Dec 1901 at Cavan twp
12783-01 Frederick W. LEACH, 24, laborer, Windsale England, Percy twp., s/o Andrew LEACH & Sarah POWEL, married Jessie MAHEN, 21, Faraday twp., Norwood, d/o Edward MAHEN & Mary ANDERSON, witn: Jennet & Bella THOMSON of Hastings, 22 July 1901 at Hastings 012657-01 (Northumberland Co) Henry LINGARD, 35, farmer, Hamilton Twp, Hope Twp, s/o Thomas & Mary Ann LINGARD, married Annie WADE, 28, England, Hope Twp, d/o not given & not given, witn Mr & Mrs Thomas LINGARD of Hope Twp, 26 June 1901 at Cobourg
12878-01 James LITTLE, 22, farmer, Hamilton twp., same, s/o Gilbert LITTLE & Ellen BRADSHAW, married Alice COOK, 20, England, Hamilton twp., d/o William COOK & Annie ALLEN, witn: Eliza Jane DAVIS of Hope twp & Anna M.L. DAYFOOT of Port Hope, 9 Jan 1901 at Port Hope 012610-01 William Lewis LONG, 24, Orono, same, Merchant, s/o George W. LONG & Estella CLARK married Fanny Myrtle HONEY, 22, Castleton, Orono, d/o John G. HONEY & Elizabeth A. GOULD. Wtn: Fred LONG of Orono and Evelyn HONEY of Orono on January 1, 1901 at Orono
#012713-01 (Northumberland Co.)  William. A. LOWE, 31, farmer, Brighton, Brighton, s/o Freeman LOWE & Dorinda BROCK; married Ethel ANDRUS, 20, Castleton, Castleton, d/o Johnathan   ANDRUS & Armilla BARUS; witn:  Wesley ANDRUS & Addie SPRING, both of Castleton, 4 Dec.1901 at Castleton 012856-01 (Northumberland) Bowan A. LUCAS, 60, farmer, Sidney, same, widower, s/o Nathaniel LUCAS & Elizabeth AYLESWORTH, to Ellen Agnes COVERT, 30, Warkworth, same, d/o George COVERT & Constance DINGMAN, wit: William DINGMAN & Jennie DINGMAN both of Percy, 16 January 1901, Warkworth
012497-01 (Northumberland & Durham Co) Arthur LUTTRELL, 30, baker, Brantford, Bowmanville, s/o Alexander LUTTRELL & Ellen Sarah BARNES, married Ella PETHICK, 19, Bowmanville, same, d/o William PETHICK & Mary NICHOL, witn Doris LUTTRELL & Lillie PETHICK both of Bowmanville, 20 Nov 1901 at Bowmanville #012695 (Northumberland & Durham Co.) Charles V. MATHEWS, 21, cooper, Canada, Colborne, s/o D.C. MATHEWS & C. POMEROY; married Susan A. HARNDEN, 19, Canada, Colborne, d/o James HARNDEN & E. CLIFT; witn F. MATTHEWS & M. MacDONALD, both of Colborne; 28 Aug. 1901 at Colborne.
#012701 (Northumberland & Durham Co.) S.L. McBEAN, 26, manufacturer, Montreal, Montreal, s/o D.B.A. McBEAN & C.S. McKYES; married M.A. DAVEY, 25, Colborne, Colborne, d/o J.B. DEWEY (sic) & J.A. COLEMAN; witn Mrs. G. MERRIMAN & Mrs. G. CUMMING, both of Colborne; 16 Oct. 1901 at Colborne.

12520-01 William Howard McDONALD, 35, farmer, Canada, Cramahe, s/o John & Margaret, married Roxalena LOVERING, 22, Canada, Coldwater, d/o William Henry LOVERING & Rachel DODD, witn: Mrs. C. H. CLINTON & Annie J. WILSON both of Brighton on April 2, 1901 at Brighton

012649-01 (Northumberland Co) John McGUIRE, 36, yeoman, Cobourg, same, s/o John McGUIRE & Mary CONVEY, married Isabella KEWIN, 32, Haldimand tp, Cobourg, d/o Terence KEWIN & Ann FERGUSON, witn Terence KEON & Minnie GROSJEAN both of Hamilton tp, 30 Apr 1901 at Cobourg #012698 (Northumberland & Durham Co.) William L. McINTOSH, 27, farmer, Castleton, Castleton, s/o A. McINTOSH & S. USBORNE; married Sofia USBORNE, 23, Colborne, Colborne, d/o G. USBORNE & F. WRAY; witn William USBORNE & J. McINTOSH, both of Castleton; 25 Sept. 1901 at Colborne.
#012672-01 (Northumberland Co): Donald A. McKENZIE, 33, clergyman, Centerton, Bishop Mills, s/o Alexander McKENZIE & Elizabeth BREDSTER?, married Alice JOHNSTON, 37, Baltimore Ont., Cobourg, d/o George JOHNSTON & Mary LUDGATE, witn: George McKENZIE of Centerton & Annie POE of Cobourg, 16 Oct 1901 at Cobourg 012623-01 Alex W. McLEOD, 28, Newcastle, same, Fishcatcher, s/o Alex McLEOD & Mary A. PARKER married Lillie Robina HEARD, 24, Clarke, same, Dressmaker, d/o John HEARD and Esther KERR. Wtn: F.G. TRELEAVIN? of Newcastle and Minnie E. HEARD of Newcastle on June 6, 1901 at Clarke
12604-01 Benjamin McMAHON, 37, painter, Manvers twp., Millbrook, s/o George McMAHON & Leitita GRAHAM, married Mary Ann BRUCE, 26, Perrytown, same, d/o Robert J. BRUCE & Elizabeth IRWIN, witn: Flo ROBERTSON & M. C. McINTOSH, both of S. Monaghan, 16 Oct 1901 at Cavan twp. #012684-01 (Northumberland & Durham Co.)  Charles E. McMULLIN, 34, car finisher, Port Hope, Belleville, s/o H.F. McMULLIN & M. ARMSTRONG; married Ella SCOT (Scott?), 34, Napanee, Belleville, widow, d/o James DONAN & L. HELLAR; witn:  Margaret ARMSTRONG & Tessie HELLAR, both of Colborne; 22 Jan.1901 at Colborne.
  #012673-01 (Northumberland Co): Neil McPHAIL, 36, horse dealer, Sonja, same, s/o Lachlin McPHAIL & Catherine McLACHLIN, married Minnie COULTER, 28, Manchester Ont., same, d/o James COULTER & Catherine JOHNSTON, witn: Annie & Eva BATTELL of Cobourg, 16 Oct 1901 at Cobourg
12822-01 Fletcher H. MEDOWS (s/b Meadows?), 27, farmer, Hope twp., same, s/o Frederick MEDOWS & Aurelia BRAND, married Hattie McBRIEN, 18, Millford, Millbrook, d/o William McBRIEN & Sarah Jane COE, witn: Norton McBRIEN of Peterborough & Mabel MEDOWS of Hope twp., 25 Dec 1901 at Millbrook #012841-01 (Northumberland Co): James Elgy MERRIMAN, 22, farmer, Cramahe, Brighton Ont., s/o William MERRIMAN & Dion TWEED, married Margaret Ann ANGRAVES, 44, Haldimand, Brighton, d/o George ANGRAVES (farmer) & Ann LEONARD, witnesses were Archibald McGUIRE & Ellen COWEN, both of Brighton, July 16, 1901 at Wooler
12814-01 Illegible John Sanders MILLER, 24, farmer, Clarke, Darlington, s/o William MILLER & Hester CROZIER, married Sarah Adelaide TENNANT, 23, Darlington, same, d/o Joseph TENNANT & Eliza Ann MILLS, witn: Thomas BYERS of Midland & Mary Etta TENNANT of Darlington, 18 Dec 1901 at Janetville #012678-01 (Northumberland Co): William James MILNE, 26, farmer, Percy twp., Baltimore village, s/o James MILNE & Martha CLARK, married Millie Jane HERRINGTON, 21, Fenella, same, d/o S. HERRINGTON & L. LINTON, witn: J.T. & Mrs. THOMPSON of Cobourg, 6 Nov 1901 at Cobourg
12813-01 Alexander A. MONK, 21, laborer, W--er? England, Bethany, s/o Henry MONK & Annie M. FOX, married Ettie M. HOWDEN, 18, Millbrook, Bethany, d/o William HOWDEN & Susan KERR, witn: Arthur MOYES of Fleetwood & Luella HOWDEN of Bethany, 17 Nov 1901 at Bethany #012668-01 (Northumberland Co): Richard MOORE, 24, GTR employee, England, Cobourg, s/o William MOORE & Jane LARKIN, married Sarah LANNON, 26, Cobourg, same, d/o Patrick LANNON & Ann McGUINNESS, witn: George BEAUCHAMP & Emma CLARK, both of Port Hope, 23 Sept 1901 at St. Michael's RC Church, Cobourg
12818-01 Albert MOORE, 30, farmer, Hamilton twp, same, s/o David MOORE & Eliza MORTON, married Miriam BERIVON?, 25, Hamilton twp., same, d/o George BERIVON & Eliza ARMSTRONG, witn: Minnie BROOKS of Gores Landing & Herbert MARON of Ross Mount, 10 July 1901 at Millbrook #012727-01 (Durham Co.) Richard H. MORTON, 25, farmer, Darlington, Darlington, s/o John MORTON & Susanna MORTON; married Elizabeth McLAUGHLIN, 24, Darlington, Darlington, d/o William McLAUGHLIN & Isabell McLAUGHLIN; witn John McLAUGHLIN of Man. & Margaret McLAUGHLIN of Darlington; 13 Feb. 1901 at Darlington

12530-01 Richard R. MOWRY, 32, jeweller, widower, Canada, Toronto, s/o John H. MOWRY & Selena MARTIN, married Bertha R. MAYBEE, 24, Canada, Toronto, d/o Veloras C. MAYBEE & Victoria A. ROSE, witn: W. A. ALLAN of Toronto & Margaret E. MAYBEE of Brighton on Oct. 23, 1901 at Brighton

12823-01 Arthur MULLIGAN, 31, merchant, Manvers twp., Selkirk?, s/o Henry MULLIGAN & Eliza WELLS, married Edwina E. EAKINS, 27, Cavan twp., Millbrook, d/o Samuel EAKINS & Sarah RICHARDSON, witn: J. W. MULLIGAN of Victoria & Mary E. EAKINS of Peterborough, 25 Dec 1901 at Millbrook
012863-01 (Northumberland) Louis Carroll MURPHY, 23, cheese maker, Northumberland Co., Fenella, s/o James MURPHY & Ella EDDY, to Minnie HENNESSY, 21, Wooler, Hilton, d/o William HENNESSY & Abbie Bell?, wit: Mary PALMATEER & Annetta PEAKE both of Norham, 17 April 1901, Norham #012728-01 (Durham Co.) Leonard NEALE, 22, farmer, England, Whitby, s/o Walter NEALE & Emma RENNICKER; married Melinda G. BOND, 36, Canada, Oshawa, d/o William BOND & Elizabeth WALTER; witn Charles E. SHORTRIDGE of Solina & Sophia BOND of Enfield; 10 Apr. 1901 at Darlington.
012635-01 (Northumberland & Durham Co) Frederick William NOBLE, 25, blank, Grosse Isle Michigan, Kewin? Michigan, s/o John NOBLE & (unintelligible), married Mary A E BEDFORD, 29, Durham Co, Clarke tp, d/o Robert BEDFORD & Mary B EILBECK, witn A E BARRON of London & M B EILBECK of Clarke, 21 Dec 1901 at Clarke Twp 012656-01 (Northumberland Co) William John ODELL, 34, teacher, England, Cobourg, s/o Henry ODELL & Eliza GREVES, married Jessie Mary DEWAR, 34, Plympton, Cobourg, d/o Archie & Jessie DEWAR, witn Herbert ODELL of Toronto & Nellie G. DEWAR, 16 July 1901 at Cobourg
12868-01 John C. OLIVER, 53, widower, farmer, England, Percy twp., s/o Thomas OLIVER & Mary MARKS, married Elizabeth MONAHAN, 48, widow, Sidney twp., Percy twp., d/o James DRURY & Elizabeth ROBERTSON, witn: Mrs. S. & Ina H. McCAULAY of Warkworth, 2 July 1901 at Warkworth  
12785-01 Jacob Henry PARCELS, 32, farmer, Belmont twp., Havelock, s/o John PARCELS & Amelia ANDERSON, married Jessie May CLARK, 21, Belmont twp., same, d/o George CLARK & Mary WOOD, witn: William CLARK & Phoebe HUBBLE, both of Belmont twp., 11 Sept 1901 at Hastings 012706-01 (Northumberland Co) Charlie PETERS, 22, farmer, Cramahe, same, s/o Alvin & Tressie PETERS, married Mary McCONNELL, 24, Emily Twp, Cramahe Twp, d/o Theo & Maggie McCONNELL, witn: B.A. WILLOUGHBY & Bertha SPENCER both of Castleton, 6 Mar 1901 at Cramahe Twp
#012694 (Northumberland & Durham Co.) Lyman C. PETERS, 21, farmer, Cramahe, Cramahe, s/o H. PETERS & H. SCOTT; married Allie WILLIAMS, 18, Brighton, Brighton, d/o J.P. WILLIAMS & A. PRINGLE; witn William BONTER & S. BONTER, both of Colborne; 28 Aug. 1901 at Colborne. #01690-01 (Northumberland & Durham Co.)  Martin PETERS, 20, farmer, Cramahe, Cramahe, s/o H. PETERS & H. SCOTT; married T.A. WILLLIAMS, 18, Brighton, Brighton, d/o Joseph WILLIAMS & A.J. PRINGLE; witn:  Hyman PETERS of Cramahe & Mrs. W. BELLAMY of Colborne, 12 June 1901 at Colborne.
012665-01 (Northumberland Co) William Henry PETHWICK (Petherick?), 21, car builder, London, Port Hope, s/o William G. PETHWICK & Elizabeth LEY, married Evangeline FRYAR, 20, Port Hope, same, d/o Jones FRYAR & Maria WILLIAMS, witn Joseph Henry PHILLIPS & Maud STINSON both of Cobourg, 14 Sept 1901 at Cobourg 012662-01 (Northumberland Co) Joseph H. PHILLIPS, 21, tinsmith, Cobourg, same, s/o Sidney PHILLIPS & Mary RUSE, married Viola Maude STINSON, 20, Peel Twp, Cobourg, d/o James A. STINSON & Sarah F. DOYLE, witn Mr. & Mrs. W. H. PETHWICK of Cobourg, 17 Sept 1901 at Cobourg
012866-01 (Northumberland) John PICKENS, 48, farmer, Percy, same, widower, s/o John & Ellen PICKENS, to Agnes SHEARER, 35, Asphodel, same, d/o Archie SHEARER & Eliza DAVIDSON, wit: Daniel MILLER of Asphodel, 18 April 1901, Percy 012615-01 Fred H. PLAIN, 27, Orono, same, Farmer, s/o Elias PLAIN & Elizabeth PROUT married Sophia Isabella BROWN, 21, Newpark, d/o William BROWN & Isabella HOOEY. Wtn; Robt HOOEY of Orono and Mina HOOEY of Orono on February 27, 1901 at Orono
012859-01 (Northumberland) Edward POTTER, 23, farmer, Percy, same, s/o John POTTER & Ellen Jane COONEY, to Beatrice HUTCHISON, 22, Percy, same, d/o William HUTCHISON & Phoebe Ann STICKLE, wit: George W. GREEN of London, Ont. & Minnie POTTER of Percy, 23 January 1901, Percy #012937-01 (Northumberland Co.) Charles POTTS, 26, farmer, Ontario, Seymour, s/o Stephen POTTS & Harriet STALLING; married Edith BEACHAM, 19, England, Seymour, d/o Henry BEACHAM & Eliza TWITCHER; witn: Lucy SANDERS & Margaret SANDERS; both of Campbellford; 27 Nov. 1901 at Seymour.
012499-01 (Northumberland & Durham Co) William Arthur POYNTON, 21, farmer, Darlington Twp, Bowmanville, s/o William POYNTON & Sarah Jane BROSSART?, married Louise SYMONDS, 22, England, Darlington Twp, d/o John SYMONDS & Martha NOKES, witn Norman & Clarie JOLIFFE of Bowmanville, 29 Nov 1901 at Bowmanville 12782-01 Alfred PREST, 29, tanner, England, St. Catharines, s/o John PREST & Elizabeth DERIN?, married Helena THOMPSON, 29, Percy twp., Hastings, d/o Isaac THOMPSON & Sarah PARK, witn: W.C.R. IRWIN & Eva PREST, both of Hastings, 26 June 1901 at Hastings
012658-01 (Northumberland Co) Clive PRINGLE, 30, barrister, Grafton, Cobourg, s/o R. PRINGLE & Sarah STANTON, married Rebecca Brooks CORNELL, 24, Buffalo NY, Cobourg, d/o Richard CORNELL & Mary SCOVELL, witn W. H. BUNTING of Toronto & Lillian Shaw WILDER of Rochester NY, 11 July 1901 at Cobourg 012710-01 (Northumberland Co) Myron PUFFER, 32, laborer, Cramahe Twp, same, s/o Daniel PUFFER & Susannah DEU--?, married Edith BELLINGTON, 18, Port Hope, Haldimand Twp, d/o Steven BELLINGTON & not known, witn: J.H. McMULLEN & Mrs S. PROSSER both of Castleton, 25 Apr 1901 at Cramahe Twp
  #012935-01 (Northumberland Co.) Anthony M. RANKIN, 29, miller, Ontario, Collins Bay, s/o David I. RANKIN & Eliza J. PURDY; married Jean INNIS, 26, Ontario, Seymour, d/o Alex INNIS & Jessie PERIE; witn: John THOMPSON & Jessie INNIS, both of Seymour; 15 Oct. 1901 at Seymour
#012719-01 (Durham Co.) Robert REYNOLDS, 78, retired farmer, Canada, Cartwright; widower, s/o Francis REYNOLDS & Martha WIDDIS; married Mrs. Mary GOODMAN, 57, Canada, Darlington, widow, d/o Alex HUDSON & Elizabeth SMITH; witn Herb GOODMAN & Violet GOODMAN, both of Burketon; 8 Jan 1901 at Burketon. 012622-01 John H. Ernest RINCH, 24, Clarke, same, Farmer, s/o John RINCH & Amelia TOMS married Mary Ada ALLIN, 22, Darlington, same, d/o Richd B ALLIN & Elizabeth COLWILL. Wtn: WilliamE. BENMAN of Newcastle and May L RINCH of Newcastle on May 22,1901 at Clarke
#012676-01 (Northumberland Co): George Roger ROBERTS, 27, farmer, Haldimand twp., Grafton, s/o William ROBERTS & Emily KING, married Hannah Maria WALDIE, 30, widow, Norfolk England, Haldimand twp., d/o Alf WALDEN & Margaret MARSHEM, witn: Frederick ROBERTS of Grafton & Lillie WALDEN of Toronto, 31 Oct 1901 at Cobourg #012844-01 (Northumberland Co): Norris Matthew ROBERTS, 25, farmer, Murray, same, s/o Edwin ROBERTS & Louisa NORRIS, married Jemima WAY, 20, Murray, Ont., same, d/o Edwin WAY (farmer) & Henrietta STEINERS?, witnesses were Norman E. ROBERTS & Emma WAY, both of Murray, Sept. 11, 1901 at Murray
12609-01 Robert ROBERTSON, 28, farmer, Cavan twp., same, s/o Alexander ROBERTSON & Annie LANE, married May ARMSTRONG, 27, Cavan twp., same, d/o David ARMSTRONG & Jane GRAY, witn: Alexander M. LANG of N. Monaghan & Annie ARMSTRONG of Cavan twp., 27 Nov [1901] at Cavan twp 12605-01 Joshua Wellington ROBINSON, 25, farmer, Otonabee twp., same, s/o Robert J. ROBINSON & Mary Jane REID, married Jemima WEAVER, 22, Otonabee twp., Cavan twp., d/o Thomas WEAVER & Mary Ann BLEWITT, witn: Justin W. ROBINSON of Otonabee & Annie WEAVER of Cavan twp., 6 Nov 1901 at Cavan twp.
012709-01 (Northumberland Co) William ROBINSON, 22, laborer, Cramahe Twp, same, s/o Wm ROBINSON & M. Jane WAITE, married Anna LANGFORD, 35, widow, Cramahe Twp, same, d/o James CARR & Charlott MALLORY, witn: Andrew PETERS of Cramahe Twp & Mrs. S. PROSSER of Castleton, 27 Feb 1901 at Cramahe Twp #012674-01 (Northumberland Co): Henry Clay ROLLER, 24, chemist, Jersey City Heights NY, Niagara Falls NY, s/o John E. & Ida Louise, married Lillian Laura JONES, 23, Cobourg, same, d/o Frederick & Laura, witn: Ralph & Edith JONES of Cobourg, 16 Oct 1901 at Cobourg
012504-01 (Northumberland & Durham Co) Pembrook Selwyn ROMBOUGH, 24, blacksmith, Shannonville, Bowmanville, s/o Pembrook ROMBOUGH & Christine ROUGHLEY, married Edythe RICHARDS, 22, England, Bowmanville, d/o Richard RICHARDS & Eliza JONES, witn H. T. ROMBOUGH & Maude PARSONS both of Oshawa, 25 Dec 1901 at Bowmanville 12828-01 John W. RORK, 29, hardware merchant, Asphodel, Norwood, s/o Thomas RORK & Elizabeth BURGESS, married Frances PERRIN, 29, South Monaghan, same, d/o James PERRIN & Elizabeth RUTHERFORD, witn: Hill J. STEWART of Norwood & Eva O. TRUEMAN of Belleville, 12 June 1901 at South Monaghan
#012840-01 (Northumberland Co): William John ROSE, 24, farmer, Sidney Ont., Murray Ont., s/o Charles ROSE & Ellen CASSIDY, married Mary Agnes CORBETT, 24, Murray, same, d/o James CORBETT (farmer) & Honora BURNS, witnesses were James Albert ROSE & Ethel A. CORBETT, both of Murray, June 19, 1901 at Wooler #012849-01 (Northumberland Co): James Albert ROSE, 22, farmer, Murray, same, s/o Charles ROSE & Ellen CASSIDY, married Catherine Ellen COWAN, not given, Brighton Ont., same, d/o Michael J. COWAN (farmer) & Mary GALBRIDE, witnesses were Thomas & Ellen COWAN of Brighton, Nov. 20, 1901 at Wooler
#012936-01 (Northumberland Co.) William ROWE, 25, farmer, Ontario, Seymour, s/o Danl. (Daniel?) ROWE & Grace TANIS (Tavis?); married Mabel JOHNSTON, 22, Ontario, Seymour, d/o Clark JOHNSTON & Lucy LASHER; witn: John ROWE & Bertha JOHNSTON, both of Seymour; 13 Nov. 1901 at Seymour  
012631-01 (Northumberland & Durham Co) Norman SAMIS, 44, farmer, Reach tp, Clarke tp, s/o George SAMIS & Isabella CAMPBELL, married Ada ALLIN, 21, Solina, Clarke tp, d/o Thomas ALLIN & Grace WALTERS, witn Ada ALLIN & Fred COUCH both of Clarke, 10 Oct 1901 at Newtonville #012715-01 (Northumberland Co.) John SAMMIS, 23, carpenter, Haldimand, Cobourg, s/o Levi SAMMIS & Jaliann (Juliana?)  PRESSEN, married Laura A. PALMATEER, 15, domestic, Cramahe, Percy, d/o Augustus PALMATEER & Mary Ann SAMMIS; witn:  A.B. COLEMAN & Mrs. S. PROSSER, both of Castleton; 25 Dec.1901 at Castleton.
012640-01 (Northumberland Co) John SHAE, 32, mill hand, Cobourg, same, s/o John SHAE & Mary FITZGERALD, married Elizabeth LYONS, 25, Cobourg, same, d/o Dennis LYONS & Margaret BULGER, witn Agnes & James LYONS both of Cobourg, 13 Feb 1901 at Cobourg 12806-01 Nicholas SHIELD, 30, farmer, Cavan twp., North Dakota, s/o John SHIELD & Sarah WALTON?, married Bertha M. MULLIGAN, 22, Lotus, Lifford, d/o William J. MULLIGAN & Margaret MURPHY, witn: John M. SHIELD of N. Dakota & Edith A. HUMPHREY of Toronto, 27 Feb 1901 at Lifford
12808-01 Daniel Philip SHIER, 29, lumberman, Eldon, Fenelon, s/o Thomas SHIER & Maryini? CAMPBELL, married Jennie HENDERSON, 25, Cavan twp., Manvers, d/o John HENDERSON & Mary Ann DICKSON, witn: John T. SHIER of Lindsay & Etta (Ella?) MONCRIEFF of Smith twp., 13 March 1901 at Manvers #012712-01 (Northumberland Co.)  Bert SIMPSON, 22, mechanic, Mass. USA, Seymore, s/o W.J. SIMPSON & Margaret CLENDENNING; married Gracie PALMATEER, 31, Cramahe, Percy, d/o Albert PALMATEER & Emily CHISEM (Chisholm?), witn:  Lathan CLARK of Paris Ont. & Mrs. S. PROSSER of Castleton; 8 Aug.1901 at Castleton.
#012721-01 (Durham Co.) Thomas Henry SLEEMAN, 23, farmer, Clarke Twp., Port Granby, s/o William SLEEMAN & Emma WILLIAMS; married Mary Edith HILL, 20, Bowmanville, Courtice, d/o W.E. HILL & Mary Abigail FOLSOM; witn William BLAIR & Sarah Elizabeth HILL, both of Darlington; 9 Jan. 1901 at Darlington. 12820-01 James T. SLEEMAN, 24, farmer, Canada, Clarke twp., s/o John SLEEMAN & Lavinia SHAW, married Helena Martha SOPER, 24, Clarke twp., Bowmanville, d/o George SOPER & Rachel GHENT, witn: Mrs. L.S. WIGHT & Maud NUGENT, both of Millbrook, 4 Dec 1901 at Millbrook
012711-01 (Northumberland Co) Christopher SMITH, 30, apple dealer, Haldimand Twp, Cramahe Twp, s/o James SMITH & Ann COYLE, married May COCHRANE, 23, Haldimand Twp, Cramahe Twp, d/o Wm & Betsy COCHRANE, witn: Wallace COCHRANE & Bessie MILLER both of Cramahe Twp, 4 Apr 1901 at Cramahe Twp #012931-01 (Northumberland Co.) William Henry SMITH, 26, farmer, Ontario, Seymour, s/o William Smith & Mary McDONALD; married Clara FRASER, 25, Ontario, Seymour, d/o Walter FRASER & Sarah BRADLEY; witn: W.A. FRASER & May SMITH, both of Campbellford; 4 Sept. 1901 at Seymour
12854-01 Samuel SMITH, 24, laborer, Clarke twp., Orono, s/o John SMITH & Matilda NOBES, married Jennie WRIGHT, 18, Manvers, Darlington, d/o William WRIGHT & Georgina POINTEN?, witn: Mrs. George & George SMITH of Orono, 18 Dec 1901 at Newcastle 012654-01 (Northumberland Co) Norman SMITH, 26, locomotive fireman, Ausable Michigan, Belvedere Illinois, s/o Norman SMITH & Sarah Jane MOSHIER, married Rose A. RUMBELON, 23, Cobourg, same, d/o George RUMBELON & Emily PEACHEY, witn J. R. MOSHIER of Palmerston & Lillie L. RUMBELON of Cobourg, 13 July 1901 at Cobourg
12483-01 William A. SMOKE, 23, Indian, Ontario, Alnwick, s/o Frank SMOKE & Rebecca TAYLOR, married Alice BIGWIND, 18, Indian, Ontario, Alnwick, d/o John BIGWIND & Mary ANTOINE, witn: Amy ROBERTS & M.E.S. SNOWDON, both of Alnwick, 31 Oct. 1901 at Roseneath #012692 (Northumberland & Durham Co.) S.E. SNEDEKER, 30, bank clerk, White Plains - NY, White Plains, s/o J.F. SNEDEKER & M.A. SAYDAM; married H.B. RUTHERFORD, 25, Cramahe, Cramahe, d/o G. RUTHERFORD & J. JOHNSTON; witn H.S. CARRUTHERS of Lakeport & W.W. RUTHERFORD of Cramahe; 29 July 1901 at Colborne.

12550-01 Adelbert Henry SNIDER, 25, farmer, Ameliasburg Tp., same, s/o Hiram Manly SNIDER & Eliza HUNTER, married Byance Blanch ADAMS, 21, Brighton Tp., same, d/o Hubert Scott ADAMS & Ann C. DELONG, witn: Edgar ADAMS of Codington & Adna CAUGHEY of Crofton on Dec. 25, 1901 at Brighton Tp.

012636-01 (Northumberland & Durham Co) William E SOUCH, 35, merchant, Darlington tp, Orono, s/o Charles SOUCH & Mary Ann JEWELL, married Martha E THORNTON, 40, Clarke tp, Orono, d/o Thomas THORNTON & Susannah PRIOR?, witn Silas SOUCH of Darlington tp & Alice HUGHSON of Clarke tp, 25 Dec 1901 at Orono
12803-01 Owen R?. STACEY, 34, merchant, Manvers, Fleetwood, s/o William STACEY & Maria ADAMS, married Mary BROWN, 28, Manvers, Fleetwood, d/o John BROWN & Lilla KELLS, witn: Wesley STACEY of Lindsay & Lottie BROWN of Fleetwood, 1 Jan 1901 at Manvers 12830-01 Frederick STAPLES, 27, farmer, Manvers, Cavan twp., s/o George STAPLES & Ann TOUCHBURN, married Hattie E. SOWDEN, 27, teacher, South Monaghan, same, d/o Thomas E. SOWDEN & Mary RAE, witn: Rev JOHNSTON of Bethany & Miss Nettie PERRIN of Oakwood, 27 Nov 1901 at South Monaghan
12600-01 Richard Sandfield STAPLES, 28, farmer, Cavan twp., same, s/o Richard & Hannah, married Ethel Madge SHARPE, 25, Cavan twp., same, d/o David SHARPE & Hannah NEVILLE, witn: Sanford HAWKINS of Canton & Lucy STAPLES of Cavan, 5 June 1901 at Cavan twp. 012633-01 (Northumberland & Durham Co) Isaac B STARK, 33, farmer, Clarke tp, same, s/o James STARK & Eliza BALLAGH, married Ida E WHITE, 24, Clarke tp, same, d/o John WHITE & Esther PATTERSON, witn W J STARK of Starkville & Jennie MORTON of Bethany, 4 Dec 1901 at bride's home near Kendall in Clarke Twp
#012843-01 (Northumberland Co): John A. STEEL, 29, farmer, Sidney Ont., same, s/o Thomas & Harriet married S. Alberta FLINDALL, 29, Murray Ont., same, d/o James FLINDALL (farmer) & Adelaide LANGDON, witnesses were Joseph F. LANGDON of Bridgeton & Augusta FLINDALL of Murray, Aug. 21, 1901 at Murray. #012669-01 (Northumberland Co): Percy Frederick STONE, 26, clerk, Cobourg, same, s/o George A. & Emma, married Edith BOUNDY, 22, Cobourg, same, d/o Humphrey & Elizabeth, witn: John A. MILLER of Rochester NY & Mary Cecil BOUNDY of Cobourg, 25 Sept 1901 at Cobourg
012620-01 James STORIE, 44, Darlington, same, Farmer, Widower, s/o James STORIE & Christina BELL married Eliza NOBLE, 34, d/o Archibald NOBLE & Annie MILES. Wtn: R.J. HODGSON of Tyrone and Maud A. DEAN of Tyrone on April 17, 1901 at Orono 12821-01 Melburn B?. STRINGER, 31, agent, Leeds Ont., Millbrook, s/o Robert STRINGER & Adelaide HORKIN, married Minnie GAGNO, 21, Vernon Ont., Millbrook, d/o Charles GAGNO & Eliza BRISBO, witn: W.D. McILMOYLE of S. Monaghan & Mrs. J. DONALDSON of Millbrook, 11 Dec 1901 at Millbrook
012707-01 (Northumberland Co) Arnott STUBBLEFIELD, 38, lawyer, Kentucky, Cramahe Twp, s/o Laird STUBBLEFIELD & Julia A. PEEK, married Mable HARDINGE, 20, Cramahe Twp, same, d/o Frederick HARDINGE & Susan KINGSLEY, witn: Clarence MASSEY of Cramahe & Gertrude AWES of Brighton, 20 Mar 1901 at Cramahe Twp 012659-01 (Northumberland Co) Harold Edward TAYLOR, 26, com. traveller, Toronto, same, s/o William Darling & Caroline TAYLOR, married Caroline LAVERTY, 29, Cobourg, same, d/o Robert LAVERTY & Charlotte LEE, witn A. H. TAYLOR of Toronto & Jeanie M. RODDICK of Cobourg, 17 July 1901 at Cobourg
12825-01 Richard THOMPSON, 26, laborer, South Monaghan, same, s/o Mathew THOMPSON & Mary IRWIN, married Mary Agnes OHEIR, 25, South Monaghan, same, d/o Hugh OHEIR & Mary MONTGOMERY, witn: Norman THOMPSON & Martha OHEIR, both of South Monaghan, 16 Jan 1901 at South Monaghan 12826-01 John THORN, 49, farmer, South Monaghan, Otonabee, s/o John THORN & Ellen LUCAS, married Adelaide WATERSON, 40, South Monaghan, same, d/o John WATERMAN & Jane WILLAN, witn: Thomas THORN of Otonabee & Ethel WATERMAN of N. Monaghan, 20 March 1901 at South Monaghan
012641-01 (Northumberland Co) Henry Hugh TIMLIN, 25, farmer, Alnwick tp, same, s/o William & Mary J TIMLIN, married Amy Grace SHERWIN, 28, Alnwick tp, same, d/o Joseph SHERWIN & Grace WHITE, witn John & Nellie TIMLIN of Baltimore, 6 Mar 1901 at Cobourg 012644-01 (Northumberland Co) John TOMBLIN, 26, cheesemaker, Bridgewater, Wicklow Haldimand tp, s/o William & Eliza TOMBLIN, married Margaret TENEY, 27, widow, Centreton, same, d/o Thomas H & Isabella McCAWLEY, witn E H & A D SPRAGGE both of Cobourg, 21 Mar 1901 at Cobourg
#012691 (Northumberland & Durham Co.) Albert L. TURNEY, 23, laborer, Cramahe, Colborne, s/o W.A. TURNEY & M. HESELTINE; married Mary BROWN, 24, England, Colborne, d/o ? BROWN; witn N.T. LOWE & J. WICKS, both of Colborne; 19 July 1901 at Colborne. #012847-01 (Northumberland Co): Allen TWIDDY, 38, widower, cheesemaker, Huntington Ont., Murray, s/o Robert TWIDDY & Susan BALLAIN (Ballam?), married Charlotte Louisa SIDDELEY, 21, helper in cloth factory, Liverpool England, Lancashire England, d/o Henry SIDDELEY & Jane DODD, witnesses were Richard H. & Martha TWIDDY of Murray, Oct. 9, 1901 at Murray

12549-01 Frank VENTRESS, 20, farmer, Cramahe Tp., same, s/o Thomas VENTRESS & Anna STIMERS, married Maud FRASER, 19, Cramahe Tp., same, d/o Isaac FRASER & Ella SNELGROVE, witn: F. W. & H. M. McKEE both of Smithfield on Dec. 15, 1901 at Smithfield Village

12536-01 Clarence F. VINCENT, 26, farmer, Brighton Tp., Brighton Village, s/o Stephen VINCENT & Matilda SCOTT, married Bella P. ROWLEY, 22, Brighton Tp., same, d/o Amos ROWLEY & Jane McCREADY, witn: Emmett SNELGROVE of Brighton Village & Oliver ROWLEY of Brighton Tp. on Feb. 20, 1901 at Brighton Tp.

#012671-01 (Northumberland Co): Patrick WALSH, 25, mill hand, Ireland, Cobourg, s/o Patrick WALSH & Catherine MURRAY, married Delia TURK, 19, Cobourg, same, d/o James TURK & Rebecca BIRCH, witn: Austin WALSH & Minnie DOLAN, both of Cobourg, 7 Oct 1901 at Presbytery, Cobourg 12789-01 Charles J?. WALTERS, 37, seaman, Canada, Goderich, s/o William WALTERS & Elizabeth PALMER, married Ellen BARKWELL, 32, Canada, Hope twp., d/o John BARKWELL & illegible ALLEN, witn: Mrs. I (J?). & John DAVISON of Port Hope, 30 Jan 1901 at Hope twp
012502-01 (Northumberland & Durham Co) Levi Stephens WARD, 26, labourer, Darlington Twp, same, s/o Thomas WARD & Thirza STEPHENS, married Jennie MENNELL, 24, Darlington Twp, same, d/o James MENNELL & Eliza WICKETT, witn George & Lottie VARCOE of Bowmanville, 4 Dec 1901 at Bowmanville #012699 (Northumberland & Durham Co.) Corey WARNER, 25, farmer, Haldimand, Haldimand, s/o G. WARNER & A.J. WARNER; married Bertha SPENCER, 18, Cramahe, Cramahe, d/o A. SPENCER & J.V. SPENCER; witn Mrs. YULE & Mrs. PARKER, both of Colborne, 2 Oct. 1901 at Colborne.
012865-01 (Northumberland) George W. WEAVER, 47, farmer, Murray, Brighton, s/o Peter WEAVER & Mary Ann SMITH, to Etta Jane CAREY, 32, Brighton, same, d/o Thaddeus CAREY & Sarah A. GAINFORTH, wit: Helen WALKER & Agnes CRAW? Both of Warkworth, 12 June 1901, Warkworth 12819-01 Robert Albert WHITE, 26, farmer, Canada, Brockville, s/o Charlotte Ann & unknown, married Lydia BRONSKILL, 21, England, Cavan twp., d/o Mary BARNFORD & unknown, witn: Mrs. L. S. WIGHT & Maud NUGENT, both of Millbrook, 29 Nov 1901 at Millbrook

12542-01 Clayton WHITNEY, 22, farmer, Brighton Tp., same, s/o Samuel WHITNEY & Emma MONTGOMERY, married Maud WHITNEY, 18, Brighton Tp., same, d/o George WHITNEY & Cynthia SHORTT, witn: Clarence THORNE & M. J. WETHERELL both of Brighton Tp., on Sept. 8, 1901 at Brighton Tp.,

12537-01 Norton WHITNEY, 24, farmer, Northumberland Co., Murray Tp., s/o Samuel WHITNEY & Emma MONTGOMERY, married Gertrude SHARPE, 20, Northumberland Co., Murray Tp., d/o Edgar SHARPE & Christianna RIGHTMYER, witn: Charles S. SAILOR & M. J. WETHERELL, both of Brighton Tp. on March 27, 1901 at Brighton Tp.

#012846-01 (Northumberland Co): Samuel Wesley WHITTLETON, 22, farmer, Uxbridge, same, s/o Edward WHITTLETON & Mary Ann MORGASON, married Ella Grace WILLIAMS, 21, dressmaker, Murray, same, d/o Marshall WILLIAMS & Ella BARTON, witnesses were H. E. MAYHEW & Maud HENNESY, both of Trenton, Oct. 9, 1901 at Murray #012729-01 (Durham Co.) William John Allighum WILKINS, 32, farmer, Peterboro, Darlington, s/o Ed. WILKINS & Margaraet NELSON; married Florence Louisa PROUT, 25, Darlington, Darlington, d/o Edmund PROUT & Emma L. SKINNER; witn Milford WILKINS of Oshawa & Edith PROUT of Bowmanville; 10 Apr. 1901 at Darlington.
012500-01 (Northumberland & Durham Co) Milford WILKINS, 30, motorman, Smith Twp, Oshawa, s/o Edward WILKINS & Margaret NELSON, married Bella May Rosena BICKELL, 30, Whitby Twp, Bowmanville, d/o George BICKELL & Catharine NELSON, witn Maggie J. JAMES & Edward WILKINS both of Bowmanville, 29 Oct 1901 at Bowmanville 12792-01 William WILKINSON, 28?, farmer, Canada, Manitoba, s/o John WILKINSON & Lydia ROWLAND, married Ida Jane RETALLICK, 24, Canada, Mariposa, d/o George RETALLICK & Jane KEIGHTLY, witn: Ruby DODDS & Edwin? R. RETALLICK, both of Hope twp, 21 Feb 1901 at Hope twp
#012724-01 (Durham Co.) Llewellyn B. WILLIAMS, 26, editor, Ontario, Campbleton (sic) N.B., s/o Charles WILLIAMS & Letitia KNAPP; married Sarah Jane ARNOT, 29, Ontario, Enniskillen, d/o Albert ARNOT & Sarah Ann BOWMAN; witn Cecil WILLIAMS of Enniskillen & Mary J. ARNOT of Taunton; 22 Feb.1901 at Enniskillen. 12815-01 William? O. WILLIAMSON, 32, steam fitter, Canada, Niagara Falls, s/o Gordon WILLIAMSON & May McILWAIN, married Anny CAIRN? (Caner?), 35, Canada, Cavan twp., d/o Henry CAIRN & Sarah GORDON, witn: Margaret & Barbara WILLIAMSON of Cavan twp., 23 Jan 1901 at Millbrook
12816-01 Western? WILLIAMSON, 29, farmer, Lindsay Ont., Cavan twp., s/o Gordon WILLIAMSON & blank McILWAIN, married Mary ARMSTRONG, 29, Ireland, Millbrook, d/o Robert ARMSTRONG & Ann MALONEY, witn: Offa WILLIAMSON & Ann JOHNSTON, both of Millbrook, 3 April 1901 at Millbrook 012663-01 (Northumberland Co) Donald S. WILLIAMSON, 28, farmer, Camborne, same, s/o Alex WILLIAMSON & Christina McFIGGIN, married Louisa FINNEMORE, 23, Cobourg, same, d/o W. H. FINNEMORE & Mary S. POUND, witn Susan E. PHINEMORE of Cobourg & Thomas L. McBRIDE of Camborne, 18 Sept 1901 at Cobourg
012855-01 (Northumberland) Marshall WILSON, 33, farmer, Percy, same, s/o no father listed & Caroline Mary BRANT, to Ellen Francis WILSON, 21, Percy, same, d/o James WILSON & Irene DAINARD, wit: William STICKLE & Mary WILSON both of Percy, 1 January 1901, Percy 012503-01 (Northumberland & Durham Co) Francis William WONNACOTT, 23, mechanic, England, Bowmanville, s/o Robt. WONNACOTT & Nora Jane WALTERS, married Florence MERCER, 32, Clarke Twp, Bowmanville, d/o Albert MERCER & Eliza BYE, witn Norman WONNACOTT of Bowmanville & Rolena HANCOCK of Clarke Twp, 18 Dec 1901 at Bowmanville
12851-01 Charles WOOLNER, 22, moulder, Clarke twp., Oshawa, s/o Joseph WOOLNER & Susan FRANCIS, married Martha RINTER, 19, Orono, Darlington, d/o not given, witn: Henry SWANCOTT of Orono & Maud RUITER? of Bowmanville, 11 Sept 1901 at Newcastle 12597-01 Hector Byron WOOD, 25, farmer, South Monaghan twp., same, s/o James WOOD & Sarah J. MORRISON, married Mildred Etta FRY, 23, Hope twp., South Monaghan, d/o John F. FRY & Elizabeth HUNTER, witn: Annie E. & Libbie L. STEELE of Cavan twp., 3 (8?) May 1901 at Cavan twp
012647-01 (Northumberland Co) Charles Henry WOODRUFF, 34, widower, tailor, Cobourg, same, s/o Thomas WOODRUFF & Ann CLARKE, married Theresa Almeda METCALF, 35, Whitby tp, Toronto, d/o John METCALF & Jane FLINT, witn W H METCALF & Ida WOODRUFF both of Cobourg, 10 Apr 1901 at Cobourg 12852-01 William James WOODS, 31, widower, motor man, Bradford, Toronto, s/o William WOODS & Kate FRY, married Vina HENNINGS, 22, Newcastle, same, d/o Herbert HENNINGS & Elizabeth CRAWFORD, witn: George Henry WOODS of Mono & Olive Maria HENNINGS of Newcastle, 27 Nov 1901 at Newcastle
#012653-01  Andrew Boyd WOODS, 24, tinsmith, Port Hope, (no residence given), s/o G.A. WOODS & Sarah BOYD; married Annie Anderson ROBERTS, 23, Coboug, (no residence given), d/o William McKenzie ROBERTS & Jennie ANDERSON; witn:  Maria Mason ROBERTS of Cobourg & Ernest Albert GILL of Buffalo NY; 26 June 1901 at Cobourg. #012730-01 (Durham Co.) William Frank WORDEN, 24, farmer, Darlington, Darlington, s/o Ed WORDEN & Sarah ADAIR; married Alice Maude OKE, 24, Darlington, Darlington, d/o Richard OKE & Mary Ann PIRIE; witn Leopold COURTICE of Darlington & Allie L. WORDEN of Darlington; 5 June 1901 at Darlington.
012621-01 Albert WRAGG, 34, Clarke, same, Farmer, s/o Charles WRAGG & Mary PETTRICK married Ellen WAUGH, 30, Clarke, same, d/o Abram WAUGH & Maggie CRAWFORD. Wtn: Charles CORDEN of Port Granby and Annie CORDEN of Port Granby on March 27, 1901 at Newtonville 12598-01 James Albert WRIGHT, 45, widower, blacksmith, Rockford Ill., Cavan twp., s/o Hugh WRIGHT & Margaret O'HARRA (O'Hara?), married Henrietta Jane KELLY, 35, Cavan twp., same, d/o Joseph KELLY & Marietta SAVAGE, witn: Thomas A. & Minnie KELLY of Cavan twp., 18 June 1901 at Cavan twp