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Northumberland & Durham Co., 1902


012557-02 (Northumberland Co) Harry Alexander ALDRICH, 27, electrician, St. Mary’s Ont., Peterboro Ont., s/o William ALDRICH & Mary JARDINE, married Ethel Louise PAYNE, 22, Cobourg, same, d/o M. PAYNE & Margaret FOWLER, witn: Blanche & Clifford PAYNE both of Cobourg on Mar. 5, 1902 at Cobourg.  
012571-02 (Northumberland Co) John Shilby ANDREWS, 22, plumber, Indiana, Ohio, s/o Martin ANDREWS & Mary WAGNER, married Alberta HEADMAN, 24, Cobourg, same, Thomas HEADMAN & Emma STUBBS, witn: Emma HEADMAN & David S. REID both of Cobourg on Sept. 11, 1902 at Cobourg 012669-02 John ARMSTRONG, 21, farmer, Seymour, same, s/o Arthur ARMSTRONG & Mary Jane IRWIN, married Mary Ann CARR, 20, Sidney twp, same, d/o Leonard CARR & Sarah BARTON, witn. B.J. ADAM of Hastings & G?ussie CLARRY of Millbrook, April 1 1902 at Hastings
012574-02 (Northumberland Co) George ARMSTRONG, 29, com. traveller, Peterboro’, same, s/o Thomas & Mary Ann ARMSTRONG, married Claribel THRALL, 27, Cobourg, same, d/o Robert & Mary Ann THRALL, witn: Mary A. & Bertha THRALL both of Cobourg on July 1, 1902 at Cobourg 012793-02 George W.D. ATCHESON, 25, (occ.not given), Seymour, same, s/o John ATCHESON & Sarah WATERS, married Annie M.T. WHEATON, 35, Seymour, Seymour, d/o William WHEATON, & Caroline CAMPBELL, witn. John F. ATCHESON & Carrie WHEATON both of Seymour, April 2 1902 at Seymour
012796-02 Thomas Sinclair BAKER, 25, (occ.not given), Seymour, same, s/o William J. BAKER & Charlotte TAYLOR, married Samueletta? QUICK, 25, Seymour, same, d/o Samuel QUICK & Isabella PEAKE, witn. Malcome BAKER of Warkworth & Horace? BAKER (place not given), June 17 1902 at Seymour 012583-02 Burton BARNES, 28, farmer, Canada, Cramahe, s/o A. & J. D. BARNES, married Ida BARRATT, 24, Canada, Cramahe, d/o F. H. & M.F.BARRATT,, witn: H. H. & Ida MACKLAM both of Brighton on Mar. 5, 1902 at Colborn
012762 (Co. Durham) William John BERRY, 24, Hope twp., Canton, farmer, s/o William BERRY & Mary MARKER, married Margaret Jane LITTLE, 21, twp of Hope, Port Hope, d/o Robert LITTLE & Mary GRIMISON, witn. Frank BERRY & Effie BOND, June 25 1902 at Port Hope 012768 (Co. Durham) John A. BILLERMAN, 25, Cincinnati, same, interior decorator, s/o George H. BILLERMAN & Ida KAISER, married Kate COLE, 20, Cambray, Port Hope, d/o J.D. COLE & Mary WOOD, witn. Augusta SMITH & Augusta SMITH, Sept. 16 1902 at Port Hope
012791-02 Robert J. BONAR, 33, farmer, Belmont, same, s/o Robert & Katherine BONAR, married Fillona J. McALPINE, 28, Seymour, same, d/o James McALPINE & Sarah McKEOWN, witn. John SEXSMITH of Belmont & Maggie PEOPLES (place not given), Mar. 26 1902 at Seymour 012783-02 John W. BOYCE, 65, photographer, Prince Edward County, Belleville, s/o Lewis BOYCE & Louise DARLING, married Charlotte STOLEHART?, 49, widow, Peterboro, same, d/o James LAVERLEY (Laverty?) & Mary CLARKE, witn. Mrs. J. FORSYTHE & Mrs. C. SMITH of Port Hope, Dec. 24 1902 at Port Hope
012670-02 Archelous P. BRAY, 26, farmer, Haldimand, Baltimore, s/o Solomon & Emma BRAY, married Maria J. McELLENBORO, 23, Alnwick, same, s/o John W & Maria J. McELLENBORO, witn. John David DROPE & Mr. McELLENBORO both of Roseneath, April 25 1902 at Alnwick 013843-03 (Northumberland & Durham Co) Frederick BROWN, 28, farmer, Cavan Twp, Carmel Cavan Twp, s/o William BROWN & Sarah GARDINER, married Martha HANNAH, 32, widow, Bensfort Bridge, Carmel Cavan Twp, d/o John WHITTINGTON & Margaret WEDLOCK, witn Luella BROWN & Mrs. L. S. WIGHT? Both of Millbrook, 3 July 1902 at Carmel
012704-02 James W. BYERS, 23, farmer, Darlington, same, s/o Joseph BEYERS & Mary DEWIT, married Florence ROWEN, 23, Bethany, same, d/o David ROWEN & Annie BYERS, witn. Albert BYERS of Manvers & Nettie BYERS of Darlington, Jan. 8 1902 at Millbrook  
012665-02 Charles CAMPS, 34, farmer, England, Alnwick, s/o William CAMPS & Harriette CAMPS, married Hennriette ZUFELT, 18, Percy, Alnwick, d/o Charles & Clara ZUFELT, witn. R.A. JAMES & Bessie PLANT, both of Hastings, Feb. 20 1902 at Hastings 012664-02 John Wesley CARNRIKE, 35, farmer, Prince Edward Co., Havelock, s/o Robert CARNRIKE & Margaret MURPHY, married Margaret A. SCRIVER, 23, Hastings, same, d/o Bryant SCRIVER & Margaret Jane TYLER, Witn. David E. SCRIVER & Ethel CLAPPER both of Hastings, Jan. 29 1902 at Hastings
012759 (Co. Durham) George CARRUTH, 24, Lake Dore, Port Hope, tailor, s/o Robert CARRUTH & Griscilda CULVINSON, married Mabel WILLIAMS, 21, Baltimore, Cobourg, d/o George WILLIAMS & Frances GINN, witn. George WILLIAMS & Bertha WILLIAMS, both of Port Hope, Sept. 10 1902 at Port Hope 012805-02 Ernest CASSAN, 24, farmer, Ontario, Seymour, s/o Edward CASSAN & Annie SMITH, married Eunice PEAKE, 19, Ontario, Seymour, d/o Fred PEAKE & Priscilla DAVIDSON, witn. Russell PEAKE & May MITCHELL both of Seymour, Oct. 15 1902 at Seymour
12712-02 Robert CHAMBERS, 24, blacksmith, Canada, Leskard, s/o James CHAMBERS & Jane BYERS, married Emma CORNISH, 24, England, Leskard, d/o John CORNISH & Hanna WALTERS, witn: L.S.M. WIGHT & D. B. NUGENT, both of Millbrook, 30 July 1902 at Millbrook 012797-02 Valentine? CHAPLIN, 28, (occ.not given), Seymour, same, s/o Thomas CHAPLIN & Faith BELL, married Edith QUICK, 19, Seymour, same, d/o Thomas QUICK & Marjory THOMPSON, witn. Fred CHAPLIN & Lillian QUICK both of Seymour, June 26 1902 at Seymour
012566-02 Henry Walker CHISLETT, 24, adjuster, Belleville, New York City USA, s/o John M. CHISLETT & Ella Louisa GARRETT, married Ida Mary WOODRUFF, 23, Cobourg, same, d/o Thomas WOODRUFF & Ann CLARKE, witn: Olive CLARKE, & T. C. WOODRUFF both of Cobourg, June 26, 1902, at Cobourg 12715-02 John Franklin CLARK, 31, farmer, North Monaghan, Cavan twp., s/o William CLARK & Elizabeth KINNEARS, married Maggie Maude LAING, 26, North Monaghan, South Monaghan, d/o James LAING & Annie STEWART, witn: Henry P. LAING of Frazerville & Etta CLARK of Springville, 27 March 1902 at South Monaghan
012808-02 William M. CLARK, 27, farmer, Ontario, Seymour, s/o John CLARK & Agnes WADDELL, married Ina A STEPHENS, 24, Ontario, Seymour, d/o McKintosh STEPHENS & Annie KEOGH, witn. George T. CLARK & Berth? STEPHENS both of Seymour, Dec. 1 1902 at Seymour 012787-02 Robert C. CLEUGH, 27, farmer, Ont., Seymour, s/o Jas. C. CLEUGH & Helen MICKLEJOHN, married Eleanor S. BEDFORD, 28, Ont., Seymour, d/o Gilbert BEDFORD & Isabella GEARY, witn. Gilbert BEDFORD jr. & Annie BEDFORD both of Seymour, Jan. 29 1902 at Seymour
12726-02 Thomas Robert COCHRANE, 37, widower, farmer, Clarke twp., same, s/o John COCHRANE & Mary Ann McKELVIE, married Eliza Jane KIRK, 26, Cavan twp., Clarke twp., d/o James KIRK & Susan McKELVIE, witn: Jennie E. EDMISON of Newcastle & L. K. SHOURDS of Wellington, 29 Jan 1902 at Newcastle 012758 (Co. Durham) Arthur COLEMAN, 24, England, Port Hope, sailor, s/o Robert & Elizabeth COLEMAN, married Henrietta DARKE, 20, Canada, Port Hope, d/o John DARKE & Henrietta WALLACE, witn. Mrs. Thomson BIRD & Florence McNAUGHTON, Aug. 29 1902 at Port Hope
012567-02 Fred L. COMRIE?, 23, plasterer, Cobourg, same, s/o James COMRIE & Nora CASEY, married Edna M.DAVIDSON, 20, Cold Springs, Cobourg, d/o Nathaniel DAVIDSON & Susan ROWE, witn: Simon McBRIEN & Mabel THORNTON both of Cobourg on June 30, 1902 at Cobourg 012771 (Co. Durham) Joseph Mark COWRUR?, 23, Haldimand twp, Port Hope, farmer, s/o (?) COWRUR & Elizabeth CRAPP, married Ethel Georgina CHANT, 18, d/o William CHANT & Lavena GIBSON, witn. James COWRUR of Welcome & Mabel HIGHFIELD of Port Hope, Oct. 2 1902 at Port Hope
12725-02 James Albert CRAWFORD, 27, farmer, Marmora, same, s/o William CRAWFORD & Catherine GOODWIN, married Mary Agnes TAIT, 26, teacher, Murray, same, d/o John TAIT & Jane McCAULEY, witn: William CRAWFORD of Marmora & Jane TAIT of Murray, 22 Oct. 1902 at Wooler  
012775-02 James C. CURRIER, 28, farmer, Canada, twp Hope, s/o Samuel CURRIER & Elizabeth CROFT, married Mary W. SOWDEN, 20, Canada, Port Hope, d/o William SOWDEN & Susan McQUERY, witn. Sidney WAKELY & Mary E. BRYSON both of Port Hope, Dec 10 1902 at Port Hope 012763 (Co. Durham) John Alexander CUVERWELL, 36, Dundas, Peterborough, electrical engineer, s/o John I. CUVERWELL & Ellen TRENT, married Jessie Haughton HILL, 36, Madison Wisconsin USA, City of New York, d/o James L. HILL & Eliza Greenleaf LYNCH, witn. Edward I ADAMS of Toronto & Alice Hill KING of Port Hope, Aug. 14 1902 at Port Hope
012753 (Co. Durham) William DELONG, 28, Cobourg, same, Jeweller, s/o William DELONG & Lavina BELLINGER, married Jane Paterson CAMELON, 28, Goderich, twp Hope, d/o David CAMELON & Margaret McNAUGHTON, witn. John Sutton of Springville & Jane ALEXANDER of Port Hope, April 15 1902 at twp. of Hope 012707-02 Joseph W. DERRIN, 24, farmer, Canada, South Monaghan, s/o Samuel DERRIN & Margaret GRAHAM, married Mary E. LACK, 22, Millbrook, same, d/o George LOCK (print difference) & Elvey? MALLORY, witn. J.M. BROCK & Mrs. Thomas BROCK both of Cavan, Mar. 19 1902 at Millbrook
012554-02 (Northumberland Co) Alexander DOXTATOR, 37, blacksmith, Cramahe Tp., Harwood, Hamilton Tp., s/o Joseph DOXTATOR & Mary DIBBLE, married Maggie OLIVER, 25, Percy Tp., same, d/o John OLIVER & Almira HOPKINS, witn: M. OLIVER of Percy Tp. & Emily SAUNDERS of Cobourg on Jan. 15, 1902 at Cobourg 12711-02 William James EAKINS, 25, merchant, Millbrook, same, s/o Samuel EAKINS & Sarah RICHARDSON, married Louisa MULLIGAN, 24, Canada, Millbrook, d/o Henry MULLIGAN & Eliza WALLS, witn: Edward EAKINS of Millbrook & Alice COLEMAN of Toronto, 9 July 1902 at Millbrook
012667-02 Robert R. FENNELL, 37, laborer, Haldimand twp, Percy, s/o William R. FENNELL & Betsy RHUMSBY, married Elizabeth Jane STEVENSON, 25, Percy twp, Percy, d/o William STEVENSON & Mary R. HYNMAN, witn. W. STEVENSON jr. of Percy & Charlotte HIE of Harwood, Feb.25 1902 at Hastings 012802-02 William FISHER, 23, farmer, Ontario, Seymour, s/o Robert FISHER & Whili(?) SEABROOK, married Minnie DUNCAN, 20, Ontario, Seymour, d/o George DUNCAN & Eunice HOLLAND, witn. Henry SEABROOK of Seymour, & Lizzie DUNCAN, (place not given), Sept. 24 1902 at Seymour
012573-02 (Northumberland Co) Henry FLESH, 43, mechanic, Hope Tp., Cobourg, s/o Henry FLESH & Catherine KERWIN, married Elizabeth ROONEY, 38, Cobourg, same, d/o John ROONEY & Margaret CUNNINGHAM, witn: Thomas FLESH & Louisa ROONEY both of Cobourg on Nov. 12, 1902, at St. Michael’s Church at Cobourg. (Cath) 012585-02 Henry FREDERICKS, 28, farmer, England, Vernonville, s/o C. FREDERICKS & C. CHILD, married Nettie M. GEROW, 17, Canada, Colborne, d/o parents unknown (sic), witn: M. D. & Mary D. PARKER both of Colborne on Mar. 31, 1902 at Colborne
012710-02 William I. GARDNER, 44, merchant, Canada, Millbrook, s/o Robert GARDNER & Marion RICHARDSON, married Margaret WHITFIELD, 45, twp Cavan, Millbrook, witn. Jas. DOUGLAS of Cavanville & Elena EIYENS? (Egan?) of Millbrook, June 12 1902 at Millbrook 012782-02 George GIBSON, 32, farmer, Springville, same, s/o Robert GIBSON & Jane BOTHWELL, married Ada LUSH, 29, Port Hope, Fraserville, d/o Dana LUSH & Mary McFALL, witn. Mrs. J. FORSYTHE & Mrs. C. SMITH both of Port Hope, Dec. 24 1902 at Port Hope
  012576-02 (Northumberland Co) James GORDON, 33, farmer, Ireland, Haldimand Tp., s/o William & Jane married Fanny WOODS, 30, England, Hamilton Tp., d/o William & Jane, witn: Isabella Sarah WOODS of Toronto & Thomas GORDON of Haldimand Tp. on Nov. 19, 1902 at Hamilton Tp.
012580-02 (Northumberland Co) John H. GRAHAM, 42, farmer, Bethany, same, s/o Thomas GRAHAM & Ann HOUSTON, married Adelaide R. STAPLES, 42, Cavan Tp., Millbrook, d/o William & Hannah GRAHAM, witn: S.S.E. & Adelaide E. PURSER both of Cobourg on Dec 17, 1902 at Cobourg 012792-02 Irwin HAIG, 29, (occ.not given), Seymour, same, s/o James HAIG & Ann CLARK, married Edith Eona DONALD, 19, Seymour, same, d/o James DONALD & Alice MERRICK, witn. Frank N. HAIG & Mary E. DONALD both of Seymour, April 9 1902 at Seymour
012706-02 William J. HALLORAN, 33, Canada, Hope, s/o Francis HALLORAN & M.D. McILVEY, married Christina MITCHELL, 29, Canada, Hope, d/o Ferdinand MITCHELL & Hungardt? HABER, witn. Jessie ALLEN & Clance? KINGSLY both of Millbrook, Jan. 31, 1902 at Millbrook 012756 (Co. Durham) George William HANNA, 43, Prince Edward Co., Port Hope, cheese maker, s/o William G. HANNA & Mary Anne VINTROSS (Ventress?), married Annie BRINSON, 23, England, Baltimore, d/o George BRINSON & Elizabeth CHIVERS(?), witn. George SCOTT & M.G. SCOTT, June 28 1902 at Port Hope
012705-02 Charles HARD, 26, farmer, Cavan, same, s/o John HARD & Mary Jane BUNTING, married Jane Ann McLAREN, 26, Cavan, Millbrook, d/o John McLAREN & Elizabeth WIDDOP, witn. Florence WIDDOP & Thomas H. HARD both of Millbrook, Jan. 27 1902 at Millbrook 012568-02 (Northumberland Co) William Henry HARNESS, 32, conductor of R.R., (divorced), Oswego NY State, Rochester NY State, s/o John HARNESS & Mary RAPIN, married Lillian Irene MONTGOMERY, 22, Rochester NY State, same, d/o David MONTGOMERY & Charlotte LEE, witn: Julia MARSHALL & M. WILLIAMS both of Cobourg on July 7, 1902 at Cobourg
012564-02 Walter HARPER, 24, farmer, Hamilton Tp., same, s/o William HARPER & Catherine DICKE, married Mary Emily WOODS, 21, Hamilton Tp., same, d/o E. WOODS & Charlotte BENNING, witn: George Alexander HARPER & Tena LAING both of Hamilton Tp. on Mar. 26, 1902 at Cobourg. 012555-02 (Northumberland Co) Thomas HAWKEN, 30, laborer, Hamilton Tp., same, s/o William HAWKEN & Sarah TENNEY, married Janet Maria SPEAR, 25, Peterboro Tp., Otonobee Ont., d/o Robert SPEAR & Elizabeth BUSH, witn: Maggie E. HAWKEN of Cobourg & Alex SPEAR of Plainville on Feb. 5, 1902 at Cobourg
012788-02 John HAY, 21, farmer, Ont., Seymour, s/o Adam HAY & Susan LITTLE, married Bertha JOHNSTON, 20, Ont., Seymour, d/o Clark JOHNSTON & Lucy LASHER, witn. Thomas HAY & Aggie JOHNSTON both of Seymour, Feb. 26 1902 at Seymour 012560-02 (Northumberland Co) Edward HENNESY, 24, mechanic, Cobourg, same, s/o Patrick HENNESY & Mary LYONS, married Lilian McMAHON, 20, Cobourg, same, d/o John McMAHON & Mary FOLEY, witn: John J HENNESY & Lilia BELL both of Cobourg on June 18, 1902, at Cobourg
012773-02 William James HIGHFIELD, 23, section man, twp of Hope, same, s/o Joseph HIGHFIELD & Elizabeth HIRTHMAN, married Mabel ROWDEN, 20, Port Hope, same, d/o William ROWDEN & Fanny PYNE, witn. Harry WAKELY & Felice ROWDEN both of Port Hope, Oct. 8 1902 at Port Hope 012779-02 William Joseph HILL, 40, farmer, Clarke twp, Port Hope, s/o George HILL & Mary CLARKE, married Florence M. BASSETT, 26, Clarke twp, Port Hope, d/o Francis MEDVAS & Sarah BEAN, witn. J.I. CLARKE & Mary E. CLARKE both of Cobourg, Nov. 19 1902 at Port Hope
  #013847-03 Francis F. HOCKIN, 22, farmer, Clarke Twp., Clarke Twp., s/o William & Emma Jane, married Ann Jane GILBANK, 19, Manvers Twp., Liskard, d/o Frank & Christina, witn: William John HOCKIN of Clarke Twp., & G.E.B. GILBANK of Liskard, 24 Dec. 1902 at Liskard.
012765 (Co. Durham) John Alexander HOGG, 25, Alnwick, Cobourg, coachman, s/o George HOGG & Margaret DOUGLAS, married Clara Jane WILSON, 23, Garden Hill, Port Hope, d/o Thomas WILSON & Jane IRVINE, witn. Thomas & Emma MILNE both of Port Hope, Aug. 28 1902 at Port Hope #013871-03 (Northumberland Co.) George Walter HOLLAND, 24, merchant, Essex Town - Ont., Wyemore - Nebraska, s/o Ralph HOLLAND& Harriet BOWDEN, married Edna E. WELLWOOD, 23, Essex Town - Ont., Hamilton Twp., d/o James Wellwood & Jane WEIR; witn W.S. CAMPBELLl & B. WESTLAKE, both of Peterborough, 25 Dec.1902, Hamilton Twp.
  012807-02 Joseph HORE, 28, farmer, Ontario, Asphodel, s/o William HORE & Agnes MARTIN, married Maggie MARTIN, 27, Ontario, Seymour, d/o Edward MARTIN & Nancy COULTER, witn. Lewis GILCHRIST of Hastings & Lizzie THOMAS of Norwood, Dec. 3 1902 at Seymour
#013848-03 Alonzo HOSKIN, 30, farmer, Clarke Twp., Kendall, s/o John & Mary Ann, married Jennie LANGSTAFF, 19, Clarke Twp., Clarke Twp., d/o William & Fannie, witn: William LANGSTAFF of Kendall & Idella LANGSTAFF of Kendall, 30 Dec. 1902 at Newtonville. 12729-02 Ezra HOUGHTAILING?, 30, widower, blacksmith, Percy twp., Alnwick twp., s/o James HOUGHTAILING & Harriet OWENS, married Annie OWENS, 21, Grafton Ont., Alnwick twp., d/o Thomas OWENS & Jane MANN, witn: George W. & Clara ANDERSON of Mountain View - P.E. Co., 17 Feb 1902 at Percy twp
12716-02 Braden Hutchinson HUGGINS, 35, laborer, South Monaghan, same, s/o David HUGGINS & Phoebe MAGUIRE, married Elizabeth Ann OHEIR, 33, South Monaghan, same, d/o Hugh OHEIR & Mary MONTGOMERY, witn: John HUGGINS & Emma OHEIR, both of South Monaghan, 20 March 1902 at South Monaghan #013887-03 (Northumberland Co.) Henry F. HUNTER, 31, barrister, Canada, Bowmanville, s/o Alex G. HUNTER & Jennie TALBOT; married Minnie F. FOWLER, 34, Colborne, Colborne; d/o Harvey FOWLER & M.G. McKENZIE; witn A. SCOUGALE of Colborne & Ella RUTHERFORD of Toronto; 31 Dec.1902, Colborne
012801-02 William INNIS (?) 29, farmer, Ontario, Seymour, s/o James INNIS (?) & Mary INGRAM, married, Phoebe THOMPSON, 20, Ontario, Seymour, d/o Alex THOMPSON & Elizabeth ABERNATHY, witn. Fred INGRAM & Mary S. THOMPSON both of Seymour, Sept 17 1902 at Seymour 012774 -02 William JIGGINS, 28, farmer, London England, Hope twp, s/o Daniel & Mary JIGGINS, married Rose Ella RYAN, 18, Port Gramby, Hope twp, d/o William RYAN & Rosella REYMOND, witn. J.C. CLARK of Port Hope & William AUSTIN of Hope twp, Dec 1 1902 at Hope twp
012781-02 Charles JOHNS, 26, laborer, Hope twp, same, s/o Richard JOHNS & Elizabeth BISSETT, married Maud LINGARD, 20, Clarke twp, Port Hope, d/o Henry LINGARD & Margaret GRAHAMS, witn. Frederick JOHNS & Addie GIFFORD both of Port Hope, Dec. 10 1902 at Port Hope 012757 (Co. Durham) Martin KANABY (Kanady?), 26, Cobourg, same, cloth finisher, s/o Thomas KANABY & Rose FLINN, married Lizzie HORGAN, 23, Port Hope, same, d/o John HORGAN & Mary DAVIS, witn. Michael MacDONALD & Kate HORGAN, June 16 1902, at Port Hope
012761 (Co. Durham) Thomas Henry KENNEDY, 33, laborer, Port Hope, same, s/o Peter KENNEDY & Bridget MALONEY, married Eliza Jane RICHARDS, 27, Port Hope, same, d/o Thomas RICHARDS & Mary Ann WILSON, witn. Eliza E. DANIEL & Sophie ROBINSON both of Port Hope, June 24 1902 at Port Hope 012754 (Co. Durham) Robert Cawthorne KIDNER, 29, Port Hope, Whitby, Tailor, s/o William KIDNER & Mary Anne CAWTHORNE, married Edith REYNOLDS, 22, Port Hope, same, d/o Levi REYNOLDS & Ellen GEARNS, witn. Nelson REYNOLDS & Pheobe REYNOLDS both of Port Hope, June 11 1902 at Port Hope
  012786-02 Edward KING, 22, farmer, Seymour, same, s/o Henry KING & Priscilla ALTHOUSE, married Hannah M. FORDE, 23, Seymour, Seymour d/o Charles FORDE & Mary PETHERICK, witn. Nelson KING & Margaret FORDE both of Seymour, Jan. 29 1902 at Seymour
012552-02 (Northumberland Co) Richard KIRKPATRICK, 27, moulder, Oshawa, same, s/o Matthew KIRKPATRICK & Mary Jane CUNNINGHAM, married Helenda ASHBY, 20, Port Hope, Cobourg, d/o William Keen ASBHY& Martha Jane PROUSE, witn: Margaret & Eva BATTELL, both of Cobourg, on Jan. 27, 1902, at Cobourg. 12731-02 James Edward LAWE (Lowe?), 21, farm laborer, Niagara, Campbellford, s/o Robert & not known, married Lewella NICHOLS, 18, Campbellford, same, d/o John NICHOLS & Elizabeth PECKING, witn: Mrs. s. & Ina McAULAY of Warkworth, 2 April 1902 at Warkworth
012764 (Co. Durham) George LINGARD, 20, twp. Hope, same, railroader, s/o Thomas LINGARD & Mary Ann GRIFFIN, married Lilie SOWDEN, 19, twp. Hope, same, d/o William SOWDEN & Susan WAGGOT, witn. Henry & Annie LINGARD, Aug. 27 1902 at Port Hope  
012663-02 George A. LINTON, 27, farmer, Alnwick, Hastings, s/o James S. LINTON & Mary Ann REYNOLDS, married, Emma WEST, 22, Percy twp, Hastings, d/o Steven WEST & Rachel JOHNSON, witn. Luella C. MORROW & M.H. MORROW both of Peterboro, Jan. 1 1902 at Hastings 012760 (Co. Durham) Robert George LISCOMBE, 21, Baltimore, Cobourg, laborer, s/o William LISCOMBE & Annie FERGUSON, married Minnie Victoria WICKS, 16, Hope twp., Port Hope, d/o Alonzo & Jane WICKS, witn. John DOUGLAS & Jane WICKS, Jan. 7 1902 at Port Hope
012785-02 Robert H. LITTLE, 20, farmer, Ont., Seymour, s/o Robert LITTLE & Margaret WHITTON, married Mary Gertrude STEPHENS, 21, Toronto, Seymour, d/o McIntosh STEPHENS & Annie KEOGH, witn. C.B. STEPHENS & Margaret E. LITTLE both of Seymour, Jan. 15 1902 at Seymour 012800-02 William H. LITTLE, 23, farmer, Ontario, Seymour, s/o Lewis LITTLE & June or Jane WHITE, married Gertrude STEPHENS, 22, Ontario, Seymour, d/o Charles STEPHENS & Mary E. CLARK, witn. John F. LITTLE & Bertha STEPHENS both of Seymour, June 25 1902 at Seymour
012578-02 (Northumberland Co) John G. LOWERY, 42, cabinet maker, widower, Napanee, same, s/o H. P. LOWERY & Emeline CHAPMAN, married Agnes E. SMITH, 32, Lennox Co., Cobourg, d/o Henry SMITH & Amelia SIMPSON, witn: John McBRIDE & Emily SAUNDERS both of Cobourg on Nov. 29, 1902 at Cobourg. 012766 (Co. Durham) John MADDEN, 47, Ireland, Rochester NY, tailor, s/o John MADDEN & Bridget ELWARD, married Isabella ALLAN, 42, Canada, Rochester, d/o Joseph PRITCHARD & Ann WALKER, witn. Ethel WOOD of Port Hope & Juliet DANIEL of Cobourg, Sept. 1 1902 at Port Hope
012582-02 George B. MALLORY, 27, farmer, Warkworth, same, s/o C. A. & H. B. MALLORY, married Nettie C. SCOTT, 29, Colborne, same, d/o R. B. & M.A. SCOTT, witn: H. R. MALLORY of Cobourg & Fred J. SCOTT of Colborne on Feb. 12, 1902 at Colborne 012776-02 Thomas MARSHALL, 27, traveller, Toronto, same, s/o John MARSHALL & Mary MORAN, married Bertha Reid WALKER, 27, Port Hope, same, d/o William WALKER & Margaret READ, witn. William SIMPSON of Port Hope & Percival ATKINSON of Toronto, Oct. 4 1902 at Port Hope
012769 (Co. Durham) Samuel MARTIN, 24, Hastings twp, Hamilton twp, farmer, s/o Thomas MARTIN & Hannah COLE, married Maude ANDERSON, 23, d/o Thomas ANDERSON & Susan COOK, witn. Ampy JOHNS of Port Hope & Charlotte WEGG of St. Thomas, Sept. 24 1902 at Port Hope 12714-02 James McGILL, 28, farmer, Canada, Cavan twp., John J. McGILL & blank, married Ethel May ARMSTRONG, 25, Canada, Millbrook, d/o Alex ARMSTRONG & Rebecca O'BRIEN, witn: J.H. McGILL of Cavan & B. K. ARMSTRONG of Millbrook, 8 Oct. 1902 at Millbrook
012767 (Co. Durham) James Donald McINTOSH, 24, Cobourg, same, grocer, s/o James McINTOSH & Agnes CARSON, married Susanna Marguerita HALLAM, 24, Toronto, Port Hope, d/o John HALLAM & Isabel CARSON, witn. Thomas McINTOSH of Cobourg & Minnie ALWARD of Toronto, Sept. 15 1902 at Port Hope 012553-02 (Northumberland Co) William George McKENZIE, 20, laborer, Fenella Haldimand Tp., Cobourg, s/o William McKENZIE & Clara ROGERS, married Harriett REISS, 19, Castleton Ont., Haldimand Tp., d/o Harrison REISS & Eliza WARNER, witn: G. A. MITCHELL & E. H. SPRAGGE both of Cobourg on Feb. 21, 1902, at Cobourg
. 012751 (Co. Durham) William Alexander McMILLAN, 26, Port Hope, same, painter, s/o Duncan McMILLAN & Jessie LAWRENSON, married Sarah Jane DOUGLASS, 26, Port Hope, same, d/o William DOUGLASS & Susan JOHNSON, witn. Alice LANUBY & Alice RENWICK both of Port Hope, April 15 1902 at Port Hope 012581-02 (Northumberland Co) James McNAUGHT 31, barber, Tara Ont., Field BC., s/o William John & Jane, married Ethel L. ELLIOTT, 24, Cobourg, same, d/o Robert & Margaret , witn: David McNAUGHT of Hespeler & Fannie ELLIOTT of Cobourg on Dec. 23, 1902 at Cobourg. (also 13870-03)
012584-02 Frank MORGAN, 35, farmer, Morganston, same, s/o James MORGAN & Catharine BAKER, married Myrtle A. TUTTLE, 23, Colborne, same, d/o E. W. TUTTLE, & M. STAFFORD, witn: W. A. TWIDDY of Brighton & C. A. TUTTLE of Colborne on Mar. 19, 1902 at Colborne  
012804-02 Robert N. MORRISON, 23, farmer, Ontario, Seymour, s/o John MORRISON & Emily RUSSELL, married Gertrude BENNETT, 19, Ontario, Seymour, d/o Edward BENNETT & Pamelia ROY, witn. Henry JOHNSTON of Frankford & Blanche BENNETTE of Seymour, Sept. 3 1902 at Seymour 012551-02 (Northumberland Co) Alfred Sam MORRISON, 29, blacksmith, Montreal, Toronto, s/o A. MORRISON & Annie HASBA, married Edna May MITCHELL, 29, Cobourg, same, d/o Thomas MITCHELL & Jane EDGCOMBE, witn; J. OSWIN & Annie MORRISON both of Toronto on Jan. 1, 1902 at Cobourg
012558-02 (Northumberland Co) Thomas MULHALL, 32, mechanic, Cobourg, same, s/o James MULHALL & Ellen KAVANAGH, married Jane McDONALD, 28, Cobourg, same, d/o Thomas McDONALD & Esther PENDER, witn: Henry GIDDENS & Mary Ann McDONALD both of Cobourg on June 4, 1902, at St. Michael’s Church Cobourg. (Cath) 12713-02 Frank MULLIGAN, 75, widower, retired farmer, s/o Joshua MULLIGAN & Ann CLARKE, married Rose PANKHURST, 29, Detroit, Millbrook, d/o J. C. PANKHURST & Eliza GRIMSHAW, witn: W. A. RUSSELL & Ann JOHNSTON, both of Millbrook, 7 Oct. 1902 at Millbrook
012577-02 (Northumberland Co) Percy Herbert MUNTON, 21, farmer, England, Cobourg, s/o Alfred & Harriet MUNTON married Esther BURKE, 22, England, Cobourg, d/o William BURKE & Esther CAUSE, witn: James & Mrs. James BROOKER both of Cobourg on Nov. 4, 1902, at Cobourg 012709-02 Richard E. NEWTON, 25, miller, Violethill, Minden, s/o John NEWTON & Margaret HEIL, married, Lillie ORR, 28, Millbrook, same, d/o William, ORR & Mary I. MEDD, witn. Edward EASKIM & Ehal? FERGUSON both of Millbrook June 5 1902 at Millbrook
  12730-02 Henry ORR, 38, farmer, Percy twp., same, s/o James ORR & Margaret MAY, married Emma OLIVER, 33, widow, Percy twp., same, d/o Peter FAIRMAN & Margaret BLAKELY, witn: E. WILCOX of Hastings & Lillie FAIRMAN of Godolphin?, 26 March 1902 at Percy twp
012790-02 John OSBORNE, 39, laborer, West Huntingdon, same, Jas. OSBORNE & Jane MacKAY, married Alice Jane HAIG, 37, Seymour, same, d/o James HAIG & Ann CLARK, witn. Frank N. HAIG & Nabrella? GAY both of Seymour, Mar. 12 1902 at Seymour 012570-02 (Northumberland Co) Thomas Arthur OWENS (OVENS?) 25, baker, Cobourg, same, s/o Thomas OWENS & Elizabeth MANN, married Jennie McGregor WALKER, 22, Glasgow Scotland, Cobourg, d/o John WALKER & Maggie STEWART, witn: Eva & Annie BATTELL both of Cobourg on Sept. 9, 1902 at Cobourg
012575-02 (Northumberland Co) Walter Henry PATTEN, 25, pharmacist, USA, same, s/o Walter H. & Sarah Jane PATTEN, married Estelle Marie STRATHY, 20, Toronto, Rochester NY, d/o Charlton & Fanny STRATHY, witn: E. H. SPREGGE of Cobourg & Mrs. McCaffrey DEAN of Rochester NY on July 4, 1902 at Cobourg. 012752 (Co. Durham) Archibald PESSCO, 39, Port Hope, Cobourg, merchant, s/o George PERKS & Isabella MILDS, married, Isabella IRWIN, 39, Victoria Co., Port Hope, d/o John L. IRWIN & Margaret MOFFAT, witn. Alex McNAUGHTON & May MINTOHILL, May 22 1901 at Port Hope
012803-02 William PETHERICK, 24, farmer, Ontario, Seymour, s/o William PETHERICK & Catherine MURREN?, married Maud M. CLEUGH, 19, Ontario, Seymour, d/o William CLEUGH & Rebecca INY (?) witn. Fred MILLS, & Elsie JOHNS both of Seymour, Sept. 2 1902 at Seymour 013908-03 (Northumberland & Durham Co) Albert F. PORTER, 28, farmer, New York, Cramahe Twp, s/o Parker PORTER & Sarah MASTERS, married Ellen STAPLES, 20, England, Cramahe Twp, d/o William STAPLES & Ellen AUCLIFFE, witn Frederick STAPLES of Roslin & Francis STAPLES of Moira, 25 Sept 1902 at Colborne
012799-02 John RAINNIE, 28, farmer, Ontario, Seymour, s/o Alex RAINNIE & Margaret MITCHELL, married, Ina ADDIE, 21, Ontario, Seymour, d/o Thomas ADDIE & Jane MUNROE, witn. Edward RAINNIE & Myrtle DELONG both of Seymour, June 11 1902 at Seymour 012755 (Co. Durham) Martin RALPH, 52, Canada, Port Hope, merchant, s/o James RALPH & (not given), married Rebecca Coulter SKITCH, 45, d/o George COULTER & Rebecca PRATT, witn., Sophia Porter HULL & Kate MILLIGAN both of Port Hope, June 5 1902 at Port Hope
012772-02 Samuel REDBURN, 31, painter, London England, Port Hope, s/o John REDBURN & Emma SCOFIELD, married Rebecca TUSK, 39, England, Port Hope, d/o Leonard BIRCH & Sara L. ROYAL, witn. J.A. McNELLIE & Kate ANDERSON both of Port Hope, Sept. 4 1902 at Port Hope  
012777-02 Joseph RICHARDSON, 62, gardener, England, Port Hope, s/o John RICHARDSON & Mary SCRIMSHAW, married Mary Ann LOFTS, 40, England, Port Hope, d/o Robert GARNETT & Susan COOK, witn. Kathleen LANCELY & Mrs. C.M. EASTMAN both of Port Hope, Oct. 4 1902 at Port Hope 012556-02 (Northumberland Co) Robert James ROSE, mason, Hope Tp., same, s/o William ROSE & Charlotte NEIL, married Sarah Ann DOLLEY, 22, Hamilton Tp., same, d/o Sylvester DOLLEY & Lizzie MAINS, witn: John DOLLEY, Hamilton Tp. & Susan ROSE of Wesleyville on Mar. 5, 1902 at Cobourg
012780-02 John E. ROWCLIFFE, 25, mason, Hope twp, same, s/o James ROWCLIFFE & Annie CHAPPEL, married Eleanor Rose SNELL, 19, Clarke twp, Port Hope, d/o George SNELL & Martha GOHEEN, witn. William FOGLER & Mary SNELL both of Port Hope, Dec. 3 1902 at Port Hope 012703-02 James RUSK, 22, mechanic, Manvers, same, s/o Thomas RUSK & Mary Ann NUN, married, Lillie POST, 23, Emily, same, d/o Joseph POST & Mary McCULLOGH, WITN. A. M. KINGSMAN of Canton, & Polly CORNSTOCK of Peterboro, Jan. 1 1902 at Millbrook
012563-02 (Northumberland Co) George SCOTT, 45, farmer, Clarke Tp., Almas Ont., s/o John SCOTT & Caroline HOPKINSON, married Emily GRIEVE, 46, widow, Port Hope, Cobourg, d/o Edmond PICKERING & Mary HOPKINSON, witn: Mrs. S. E. McMAHON of Baltimore & Emily GRIEVE (sic) of Cobourg on June 25, 1902 at Cobourg. 12569-02 (Northumberland Co) Van Ness K. Frederick SCOVEL, 21, occupation "none", Milan Italy, Cobourg, s/o Edward B. SCOVEL, Marcia ROOSEVELT, married Vivien Mae SARTORIS, 22, London Eng., Washington DC., d/o Algernon Charles SARTORIS & Ellen GOANT, witn: Rosemary SARTORIS of Washington DC., & Diaz ALBERTINE of Cobourg on Aug. 23, 1902, at Cobourg.
012671-02 Robert Edgar SHANNON, 34, farmer, Seymour twp, same, s/o Thomas SHANNON & Margaret MILLER, married Martha Ellen FORDE, 26, Belleville, Seymour twp, d/o Thomas FORDE & Ellen PHILLIP, witn. (off page?) THOMPSON & B. THOMPSON both of Hastings, June 11 1902 at Hastings 012795-02 William Thomas SHANNON, 27, (occ.not given), Ontario, Campellford, s/o John S. SHANNON & Christina DOUGLAS, married Annie Eliz. MORRISON, Seymour, same, d/o John MORRISON & Emily RUSSELL, witn. John SWISH? of Campbellford & Ida SHANNON of Seymour, June 10 1902 at Seymour
012561-02 (Northumberland Co) Allan Avery SHEPARD, 29, physician, Hancock Mich. U.S., Sault Ste Marie, Ont., s/o Allen Avery SHEPARD & Eliza A. G. BENNETT, married Fanny Eileen REYNER, 30, Cobourg, same, d/o Alfred RAYNAR & Fanny RINSHAW, witn: G. Arthur ROBERTS of Toronto & M. B. REYNER of Cobourg on June 3, 1902 at Cobourg  
012770 (Co. Durham) Robert Charles SMITH, 55, Consecon, Port Hope, gentleman, s/o Robert Charles SMITH & Sarah Mona BIGELOW, married Mary Wallace TIFFAN(difficult to read), 45, Port Hope, same, d/o Robert Wallace & Jane SMART, witn. Rex GIFF & Wallace SMART, & Mabel SOWDEN all of Port Hope, Sept 25 1902 at Port Hope 012666-02 William STEVENSON, 32, farmer, Percy twp, same, s/o William STEVENSON & Mary G. HYNMAN, married Charlotte A. HIE, 22, Hamilton twp, Harwood, d/o Edward & Mary HIE, witn. Robert R. FENNELL & Elizabeth Jane FENNELL both of Percy, Feb. 28th? 1902 at Hastings
012559-02 (Northumberland Co) Byron STEVENSON, 35, laborer, Percy Tp., Haldimand Tp., s/o William STEVENSON & Mary HENDERSON, married Agnes HEE, 21, Alnwick Tp., Haldimand Tp., d/o Josh HEE & Ellen HOGG, witn: Eva BATTELL & Mina JAMESON both of Cobourg on June 4, 1902 at Cobourg. 12728-02 Charles McLean STINSON, 25, insurance clerk, Weston, Toronto, s/o McLean STINSON & Mary Frances HILL, married Ida May EILBECK, 24, Newcastle, same, d/o George EILBECK & Alinda HOOPER, witn: John J. MAIN of Toronto & Winona EILBECK of Newcastle, 17 Sept 1902 at Newcastle
012572-02 (Northumberland Co) Robert STRUTHERS, 24, dairyman, Owen Sound, Illinois, s/o James STRUTHERS & Jane WEBSTER, married Laurette FOX, 23, Cobourg, same, d/o Michael FOX & Cecilia MORAN, witn: James STRUTHERS of Owen Sound & Mary FOX of Cobourg on Nov. 5, 1902 at St Michael’s Church at Cobourg 012809-02 Walter THAIN , 25, laborer, Ontario, Seymour, s/o Walter THAIN & Bella BUCHANAN married Martha GREEN, 22, Ontario, Seymour, d/o Wright GREEN & Charlotte, witn. Bawch HOARS & Alice S. SHARPE both of Seymour, Dec. 24 1902 at Seymour
012810-02 John THOMPSON, 25, farmer, Ontario, Seymour, s/o James THOMPSON & Agnes ARNOLD, married Jessie INNIS , 25, d/o Alex INNIS & Jessie PERIE, (place not given), witn. A. INNIS of Toronto & Jessie MORRIS of Madoc, Dec. 24 1902 at Seymour 012789-02 Thomas H. TUNIELTY?, 50, farmer, Fredericksburg, Madoc, s/o Henry TUNIELTY? & Phoebe PRINGLE, married Emma M. GALEWAY, 38, Madoc, same, d/o James GALEWAY & Eliza MOFFAT, witn. Henry. L. DOUGAN & Rose CASSAN both of Seymour, Mar. 5 1902 at Seymour
  012778-02 Alfred Victor WAGNER, 29, conductor, Dunkirk New York, Chicago, s/o Peter WAGNER & Mary SCHUH, married Bertha Melissa BROKENSHIRE, 22, Port Hope, same, d/o John BROKENSHIRE & Mary WARD, witn. Katie BROKENSHIRE of Port Hope & I.A. WAGNER of Buffalo, Oct. 29 1902 at Port Hope
012668-02 Archibald WALDIE, 22, farmer, Haldimand twp, same, s/o Thomas WALDIE & Christine BROWN, married Mabel MURPHY, 18, Cramahe twp, Alnwick twp, d/o George MURPHY & Sarah Jane WRIGHT, witn. B. THOMPSON & (off page) THOMPSON both of Hastings, Mar. 5 1902 at Hastings 012550-02 (Northumberland Co) John Stewart WALKER, 24, baker, widower, Glasgow Tp., Cobourg, s/o Alexander J. WALKER & Margaret STEWART, married Lillie Louisa RUMBELOW, 22, Cobourg, same, d/o George RUMBELOW & Emily PEACHEY, witn: George RUMBELOW & Minnie M. WALKER both of Cobourg on Jan. 1, 1902 at Cobourg.
12727-02 George C. WARREN, 31, apple evaporator, Newcastle, Bowmanville, s/o Richard WARREN & Mary TAMBLYN, married Ethel BONATHAN, 24, Bowmanville, Newcastle, d/o William T. BONATHAN & Emma PINCH, witn: A. W. PICKARD of Bowmanville & Alice BONATHAN of Newcastle, 23 July 1902 at Newcastle 012806-02 Thomas WATSON, 25, farmer, Ontario, Seymour, s/o Thomas WATSON & Jessie GARDNER, married May WATSON, 21, Ontario, Seymour, d/o (illegible) MICKLEJOHN & (illegible) WATSON, witn. Lindsay J. MICKLEJOHN of Seymour & Ethel MICKLEJOHN of Rawson, Oct. 8 1902 at Seymour
012794-02 Henry WATERS, 29, (occ.not given), Seymour, same, s/o John H. WATERS & Dorothy J. STORES, married Elizabeth FISHER, 22, Seymour, same, d/o Robert FISHER & Whili? SEABROOK, witn. William FISHER & Martha FISHER both of Seymour, May 14 1902 at Seymour 12798-02 Frederick WELLS, 32, farmer, Ontario, Marmora, s/o John WELLS & Eliza BLAKELEY, married Sarah E. DUNKLEY, 35, Ontario, Seymour, d/o Joseph DUNKLEY & Charlotte CONNOLLY, witn: Warner STEWART of Foxboro & Charlotte CONNOLLY of Stirling, 11 June 1902 at Seymour
012784-02 Atkinson A. WILD, 26, farmer, Ontario, Belmont, s/o James Wild & Charlotte DAFOE, married Mary J. HUTCHINSON, 26, Ontario, Seymour, d/o John HUTCHINSON & Eliza GRIFFITH, witn. Wellington WILD of Belmont & Annie HUTCHINSON of Seymour, Jan. 1 1902 at Seymour 012562-02 (Northumberland Co) Charles E. WILLIAMS, 25, farmer, Fenella, same, s/o George WILLIAMS & Annie CROSS, married Estella Eliza BLAND, 19, Castleton, Fenella, d/o William BLAND & Mary KNIGHT, witn; Charles JEX & Julia MARSHALL both of Cobourg on May 28, 1902, at Cobourg.
012708-02 William E. WRIGHT, 31, farmer, Hope, same, s/o Robert WRIGHT & Rachel WEEN?, married, Alberta BRICKMAN, 24, Canada, Twp Ameliasburg, d/o Wils H. BRICKMAN & Cinderella WAY, witn. Robert S. JOHNSTON & Emma JOHNSTON both of Millbrook, May 14 1902 at Millbrook 012579-02 (Northumberland Co) John Malcolm WRIGHT, 32, clerk, Toronto, same, s/o Daniel & Elizabeth married Mary Cecilia BOUNDY, 28, Cobourg, same, d/o Humphrey & Elizabeth, witn: A. P. WRIGHT of Toronto & Bessie M. LUCAS of Cobourg on Dec. 10, 1902 at Cobourg
012586-02 William A. YOUNG, 31, laborer, Colborne, same, s/o Joseph & M. E. YOUNG, married M. Ellen KERR, 20, Vernonville, Colborne, d/o of William KERR & mother unknown (sic), witn: D. C. & F. MATTHEWS both of Lakeport on Apr. 5, 1902 at Colborne 012565-02 John YOUNG, 31, laborer, Harwood, same, s/o Alexander YOUNG & C. FREEMAN, married Fanny Idell HIE, 19, Midland Ont., same, d/o Henry HIE & Mary COOK, witn: Frederick F. & Sarah Ann POPE both of Coburg on June 17, 1902 at Cobourg