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Northumberland & Durham Co., 1904

birth place is given before residence


013388 04 Simon John ALLEN, 26, tailor, Bowmanville, same, s/o John T. ALLEN & Sarah JENN, married Mabel BURTON, 24, Millbrook, Bowmanville, d/o John BURTON & Amanda THOMPSON, witn. J. B. MITCHELL & Mrs. J. B. MITCHELL both of Bowmanville, Apr. 22 1904 at Bowmanville 013392 04 Arthur Allan BATTLE, 29, organ tuner, England, Bowmanville, s/o Allan BATTLE & Sarah BLOSS, married Alice Gertrude PERKINS, 29, Bowmanville, same, d/o John PERKINS & Louisa BENNETT, witn. Emeline WILLIAMS & Lorain(?) BENNETT both of Bowmanville, June 15 1904 at Bowmanville
013374 04 Isaac BEAVER, 27, laborer, Alnwick Reserve, same, s/o Cecelia SKY & Scott BEAVER, married Mary Martha HENRY, 23, Moncey(?) Ont., Alnwick Reserve, d/o Jemma SENECA(?) & William HENRY, witn. Edward TAYLOR of (place not listed) May 23 1904 at Alnwick #014554 (Durham Co.) Hilton BEGGS, 24, farmer, Hope Twp., Hope Twp., s/o Robert BEGGS & Mary Ann STRONG; married Clara CANN, 18, lady, Millbrook, Millbrook, d/o George CANN & Mary JONES; witn Margaret & May NEEDHAM of Millbrook; 18 Feb.1904 at Millbrook.
013394 04 William Bryann(?) BICKELL, 47, teamster, widower, Smith twp, Bowmanville, s/o George BICKELL & Catherine NELSON, married Jennie WRIGHT, 42, York twp, Bowmanville, d/o William WRIGHT & Mary Jane HARDEN (Garden?), witn. William & Jennie RICHARDS both of Bowmanville, June 29 1904 at Bowmanville 013526 04 Burton E. BRITNELL, 24, farmer, Cramahe, same, s/o Robt. BRITNELL & Lydia L. MURPHY, married Franey Iva WAITE, 22, Cramahe, same, d/o Edgar WAITE & Victoria BELLYON, witn. Gilbert WAITE & K. E. A. WAITE both of Hilton, Sept. 28 1904 at Cramahe
13708-04 Robert William BROOKS, 29, laborer, Port Hope, same, s/o Robert & blank, married Jennie L. HAYES, 20, England, Bewdley, d/o George & blank, witn: W. MONTGOMERY & Mrs. KELLY, both of Baillieboro, 17 March 1904 at Baillieboro 13479-04 (Northumberland Co) John BUCHANNAN, 46, widower, farmer, Seymour, same, s/o John BUCHANNAN & Jane HAY, married Eliza Anna FINCH, 26, Tp. Rawdon, Seymour, d/o James FINCH & Catherine FRY, witn: Minnie S. & Ethel May FUSEE both of Campbellford, 2 Dec 1904 at Campbellford [Buchanan?]
13709-04 George Augustus BUCKLIN, 28, professor of science, W. Hartnay, Norman Oklahoma, s/o Augustus & Mary, married Emeline Wood PORTER, 27, nurse, Douro twp., Keene, d/o Joseph PORTER & Mary WOOD, witn: George E. PORTER of Keene & Kate DRUMMOND of Peterboro, 27 Aug 1904 at Benefort 14363-04 (Northumberland Co) D. A. BUCKNELL, 39, farmer, Eastwood, Ingersoll, s/o D. A. & unknown, married Ethel Grant McDONALD, 31, Darlington England, Cobourg, d/o James & Ellen P. BROWN, witn J. A. BUCKNELL of New York & Edith M. GRAUT of Cobourg, 1 Sep 1904 at Cobourg
  013401 04 William N. BUTTE, 50, laborer, widower, Orono, Bowmanville, s/o John BUTTS & Sarah SIMONS, married Christiana SINNETT, 30, Manchester England, Toronto, d/o John SINNETT & Maria HARDING, witn. Ada L. BUTTE of Bowmanville & Annie SINNETT of Toronto, Nov. 9 1904 at Bowmanville
013380 04 William Luke BUTTERY, 32, farmer, Darlington, same, s/o William BUTTERY & Susannah POLLARD, married Emily C. F. LORETT, 33, widow, London England, Darlington, d/o Nathaniel J. BELL & Charlotte ROGERS, witn. Anne & Ethel CROSSLEY both of Bowmanville, Jan. 6 1904 #013509-04 (Durham Co.) Francis CAMPBELL, 38, b. N. Monaghan Twp, of Peterborough, Carpenter, s/o William CAMPBELL & Mary McINDOO, married Margaret Jane BATTEES (Butters?), 36, b. S. Monaghan Twp, of Cavan Twp, d/o William BATTEES & Dorothy BOTHERELL, witnesses: David BATTEES of Cavan Twp & Jennie HUSTON of N. Monaghan Twp, on 30 November 1904 at Cavan Twp,
013396 04 Joseph Fletcher CHAPMAN, 31, clergyman, Orono, Minden, s/o Jos. CHAPMAN & Matilda TAMBLYN, married Annie Bertha MORRIS, 34, Bowmanville, same, d/o Levi MORRIS & Sarah BARTLETT, witn. Frank F. MORRIS of Bowmanville & Edith M. CHAPMAN of Orono, Aug 31, 1904 at Bowmanville 013390 04 Alfred Thomas COLWELL, 26, farmer, widower, England, Brighton Ont., s/o Alfred COLWELL & Matilda HICKLING, married Nellie Maud STANTON, 27, England, Brighton Ont., d/o Thomas STANTON & Ellen BROWN, witn. Annie & Mabel CARROLL both of Bowmanville, May 13 1904 at Bowmanville
#013505-04 (Durham Co.) John DONNELLY, 20, b. Cavan Twp, of Peterborough, Laborer, s/o Samuel DONNELLY & Martha JONES, married Charlotte May GILMOUR, 23, b. Millbrook, of Cavan Twp, d/o William GILMOUR & Violet GREER, witnesses: Frederick GILMOUR & Charlotte GILMOUR, both of Cavan Twp, on 28 September 1904 at Cavan Twp 13707-04 James Henry DOUGLAS, 25, farmer, Ontario, South Monaghan, s/o Thomas DOUGLAS & Dorothy McCOLL, married Margaret S. HIBBERT, 17, house keeper, South Monaghan, same, d/o Joseph HIBBERT & Jennie IRVIN, witn: Mrs. W. JOHNSTON of Millbrook & Jennie IRVIN of S. Monaghan, 9 Nov 1904 at Millbrook
013387 04 Adolphus DRONSO, 25, woodworker, Trenton, Oshawa, s/o Antoine DRONSO & Amelia BULLERS, married Francis LAWRENCE, 20, Oshawa, same, d/o George LAWARENCE, (mother's name illegible), witn. Vetal & Annie DRONSO both of OSHAWA, Apr. 20 1904 at Bowmanville #013810-04 (Northumberland Co): Charles DUNHAM, 31, farmer, Ontario, Rawdon, s/o Burt DUNHAM & Mary RAINNIE, married Maggie WALLACE, 18, Ontario, Seymour, d/o George WALLACE & Rosannah GARDNER, witn: George WALLACE of Seymour & Maud HORST of Rawdon, 24 Feb 1904 at Seymour
#013814-04 (Northumberland Co): Thomas DUNHAM, 25, Seymour, same, s/o Henry DUNHAM & Annie RAINNIE, married Muriel Fredrica BROWN, 20, Seymour, same, d/o Frederick BROWN & Mary McWINTRY?, witn: Thomas BROWN of Seymour & Minnie GREEN of Campbellford, 29 June 1904 at Seymour 13710-04 Robert DWYER, 27, laborer, Peterboro, Otonabee, s/o William DWYER & Catherine McMAHON, married Lily KING, 17, servant, England, not given, d/o Peter & Florence Eliza, witn: Herb CARDWELL of Otonabee & Margaret BONAR of S. Monaghan, 10 Oct 1904 at South Monaghan
13705-04 Samuel Ed EAKINS, 23, merchant, Millbrook, same, s/o Samuel EAKINS & Sarah RICHARDSON, married Ethel Alice FERGUSON, 22, Millbrook, same, d/o Joseph FERGUSON & Alice MEDD, witn: Carry MORGAN (or Morgan CARRY) & Millie EAKINS, both of Millbrook, 6 July 1904 at Millbrook #014547-04 (Durham Co.) George ELGAR, 37, b. Canada, of Cavan, Farmer, s/o John ELGAR & ----- EAGLESON, married Mary EARL, 35, b. Canada, of Millbrook, d/o Harry EARL & May FRANCEY[?], witnesses: John ELGAR of Carmel & Isaac LUNNY of Hope, on 2 March 1904? at Millbrook
#013511-04 (Durham Co.) William EYRES, 58, b. Cavan Twp, of Peterborough, Widower, Gentleman, s/o William EYRES & Sarah BUSH[?], married Francil Amelia COE, 40, b. Cavan Twp, of same, d/o John COE & Elizabeth EVANS, witnesses: Victor COE & Sarah WHITFIELD both of Cavan Twp, on 29 December 1904 at Cavanville, Cavan Twp 014355 95 Frederick FALLS, 30, widower, farmer, Clarke, Clarke twp, s/o Robert FALLS & Sarah RANSOM, married Mildred BOYD, 20, Clarke, Kendall, d/o William BOYD & Ruth WHITE, witn., Maria YOUNG & Allie REID both of Newtonville, Dec. 12 1904 at Newtonville
13438-04 William B. FIDDICK, 19, farmer, Hilton, same, s/o Charles FIDDICK & Eliza LANGDON, married Edna M. BONTER, 19, Consecon, Hilton, d/o Gilbert BONTER & Cassie TRUMP, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Fred FIDDICK of Hilton, 5 Sept 1904 at Hilton 13439-04 Peter Wellington FINTON, 19, teamster, Trenton, Brighton, s/o William FINTON & Malinda BENSON, married Susan KEELER, 17, Battersea, Brighton, d/o John KEELER & Lizzie BUTCHNOW, witn: Joseph & Josephine HARTE of Brighton, 20 Nov 1904 at Smithfield
014381 05 (Northumberland Co.) James Thomas FORBES, 31, miller, Bowmanton, Cobourg, s/o Thomas Wilson FORBES & Fannie TIMLIN, married Ruby Jacques CARR, 17, twp Hamilton, Cobourg, d/o Stephen CARR & Mary NICHOLS, witn., Fred CARR of Cobourg & Jennie FORBES of Bowmanton, March 15 1904 at Cobourg 013398 04 Cator FULLER, 35, farmer, England, Newcastle, s/o Charles FULLER & Mary ALLCOCK, married Elizabeth ALLUM, 28, England, Bowmanville, d/o David ALLUM & Elizabeth SEMMS, witn. David & Kezie ALLUM, both of Toronto, Sept 21 1904 at Bowmanville
013527 04 Francis Aaron GEROW, 27, farmer, Scugog, same, s/o John GEROW & Mary VANSICKLEN, married Ethel Louisa BUSH, 23, Castleton, same, d/o James BUSH & Sarah TOWN, witn. James & Mabel BUSH both of Castleton, Oct. 12 1904 at Castleton 013529 04 Isbau GHENT, 26, apple picker, widower, Cramahe, Castleton, s/o George GHENT & Leathey ALLEN, married Bessie M. PERRY, 22, Cramahe, same, d/o Benjamin PERRY & Maggie WADE, witn. Dennis PAPPIN of Castleton & Maud BESWETHERICK, of Castleton, Sept. 30 1904 at Castleton
  013402 04 Isaac Arthur GOLD, 25, merchant, Thornbury, Leammington, s/o George GOLD & Ella LARMDAY(?), married (name not illegible) May BRADLEY, 21, Leammington, same, d/o William J. BRADLEY & Mary THATCHER, witn. William J. & MARY BRADLEY both of Bowmanville, Dec. 27 1904 at Bowmanville
014394-05 (Northumberland Co) John Steele GOODY, 19, carpenter, Cobourg, same, s/o Thomas GOODY & Mary STEELE, married Mary Elsie PEAT, 19, Norwood, Cobourg, d/o John PEAT & Charlotte MACKLIN, witn T. F. SUMMERHAYES & E. H. SPRAGGE of Cobourg, 3 Aug 1904 at Cobourg 013385 04 George N. GRAHAM, 40, rubber mgr, Scotland, Bowmanville, s/o George N. GRAHAM & June ROBINSON, married Eva BRENNAN, 23, Toronto, Bowmanville, d/o Andrew BRENNAN & Mary A. VANHORN, witn. Thomas & Mrs. T. JACKSON both of Bowmanville, Mar. 30 1904 at Bowmanville
013379 04 Robert GRAY jr., 20, hunter, Alnwick, Marmora, s/o Robert GRAY & Martha RICE, married Isabella FRANKLIN, 25, county of Hastings, township of LAKE, (no parents listed), witn. C. G. ISLEED (Isteed?) & G. BROWN both of Marmora, Nov. 22 1904 at Marmora [reg'd in Alnwick twp] 13436-04 Floyd GROAT, 46, widower, farmer, Junnis? NY, same, s/o Simeon GROAT & Louisa M. GOORD?, married Nellie SWEETMAN, 32, Brighton twp., Junnis NY, d/o William J. SWEETMAN & Elizabeth CHATTERSON, witn: Clarence & Lottie THORNE of Hilton, 24 Aug 1904 at Hilton
013386 04 Frederick L. HOOPER, 31, druggist, Newburgh, Napanee, s/o Douglas HOOPER & Caroline DALY, married Viola Maud GARRISON, 35, Thurlow, Napanee, d/o William H. GARRISON & Mary J. OUTWATER, witn. Annie & Ethel CROSSLEY both of Bowmanville, Mar. 31 1904 at Bowmanville #013813-04 (Northumberland Co): Allan HUTCHEON, 27, farmer, Seymour, same, s/o James HUTCHEON & Jemima MINTIE, married Jane Ledgewood MILNE, 25, Seymour, same, d/o William A. MILNE & Margaret STEWART, witn: Charles HUTCHEON & Alice MILNE, both of Seymour, 16 March 1904 at Seymour
014459-05 Lawrence Robertson ISAAC, 25, farmer, Haldimand Tp., same, s/o Sylvester & Bessie, married Laura Etta INGRAM, 23, Haldimand Tp., same, d/o Robert INGRAM & Jane BROWN, witn: W. J. G. ROBSON & Ella C. ISAAC both of Haldimand Tp. on Dec. 14, 1904 at Haldimand Tp #013508-04 (Durham Co.) Henry Howard KEEGAN, 39, b. Cavan Twp, of same, Stock buyer, s/o Edward KEEGAN & Eliza STEWART, married Ida KINKADE, 26, b. Manvers Twp, of same, d/o Gilbert KINKADE & Sarah A. INGRAM, witnesses: John NEWTON & Annie MOUNTEES, both of Cavanville, on 8 December 1904 at Cavanville, Cavan Twp
013522 04 George KELLY, 24, farmer, Isle of Man, Cramahe, s/o John KELLY & Sarah CONEL, married Barbara F. INGLES, 19, Cramahe, same, d/o Thomas INGLES & Elizabeth McVALY, witn. Stanely KELLY & Nellie INGLES both of Cramahe, June 28 1904 at Cramahe #013510-04 (Durham Co.) William Samuel KENNEDY, 28, b. Harwich Twp, of Cavan Twp, Farmer, s/o James KENNEDY & Eliza MAGILL, married Rebecca Charlotte GARDINER, 20, b. Cavan Twp, of same, s/o Robert GARDINER & Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, witnesses: Harvey GARDINER & Ida KENNEDY, both of Millbrook, on 7 December 1904 at Cavan Twp
14518-05 John KETCHEN, 33, widower, cheese maker, Seymour, same, s/o James KETCHEN & Mary Ann WHITTON, married Roda Ann SARGISON, 31, Seymour, Peterborough, d/o William SARGISON & Mary MAGUIRE, witn: Jean KENNEDY & John? DREW, both of Pontypool, 30 Nov 1904 at Pontypool 014458-05 Nelson A. KNEPP (Knapp?), 23, farmer, Haldimand Tp., same, s/o Marshall KNEPP & Ann PHILLIPS, married Julia M. KNIGHT, 24, Haldimand Tp., same, d/o William KNIGHT & Martha BONNEY, witn: Oliver KNIGHT of Haldimand & Jennie OSTRAIM of Toronto on Dec. 21, 1904 at Haldimand Tp
013528 04 Joseph Milton LAZIER, 23, teamster, North Orillia, Orillia, s/o Jos. LAZIER & Huldah LAWSON, married Eva Blanche HAYNES, 23, Percy twp, Cramahe, d/o George HAYNES & Mary SALTER, witn. Roy HAYNES of Castleton & Rosemond BALL of Orillia, Oct 25 1904 at Cramahe 13706-04 Andrew LUNNEY, 42, farmer, Millbrook, NY state, s/o Robert LUNNEY & Mary McMULLEN, married Ada McNEISH, 27, Millbrook, same, d/o James McNEISH, laborer, & Jessie HUNTER, witn: Eva GRAHAM & Wilbert McNEISH, both of Lindsay, 28 Sept 1904 at Millbrook
#013512-04 (Durham Co.) J. LUNNY, 37, b. Canada, of Hope Twp, Farmer, s/o William LUNNY & Margaret HENRY, married Matilda ELGAR, 32, b. Cavan Twp, of same, d/o John ELGAR & Matilda EAGLESON, witnesses: Herbert BUSHWELL of Hope Twp & Edith EMERSON of Michigan, on 21 December 1904 at Cavan Twp #013811-04 (Northumberland Co): Samuel MACK, 20, harness maker, Ontario, Rawdon, s/o Samuel MACK & Elizabeth RODGERS, married Ellina SHARPE, 15, Ontario, Murray, d/o Henry SHARPE & Deborah VERMILLYEA, witn: D. & Nellie (or Nettie) CONNAGHTY? of Murray, 8 Feb 1904 at Seymour
13694-04 William MALLEY, 29, agent, Manvers, same, s/o Samuel MALLEY & Mary FANON?, married Lavina Sophia WEBB, 21, Clarke, same, d/o James WEBB, farmer, & Eliza Jane CARTMAN, witn: John FALLIS of Manvers & Sarah WEBB of Clarke, 21 Sept 1904 at Bethany 014382 05 (Northumberland Co.) James MARKLE, 24, Clerk, Cobourg, same, s/o Isaac MARKLE & Mary ROUGHAN, married Isabella WHYTE, 24, Ottawa, Cobourg, d/o Peter WHYTE & Mary Ann McCOY, witn. Isaac MARKLE & Minnie MARKLE both of Cobourg, Oct. 12 1904 at Cobourg
013377 04 Ephriam MARSDEN, 24, farmer, Alnwick, Alnwick Reserve, s/o Robert MARSDEN & Margaret SMOKE, married Rose PETERS, 21, Georgina Island, Alnwick Reserve, d/o Thomas POST & Mary BLAKER, witn. Alfred SIMPSON & Elizabeth MARSDEN of Peterborough, Oct. 1 1904 [reg'd in Alnwick twp] 013383 04 Charles E. MARSHALL, 24, machinist, Woodstock, same, s/o William M. MARSHALL & Mary GROAT, married Bessie L. MARTYN, 23, Darlington, same, d/o Robert MARTYN & Emily CRADOCK, witn. Henry PENNINGTON of Bowmanville & Martha MARTYN of Darlington, March 9 1904 at Bowmanville
13695-04 Richard MATCHETT, 32, farmer, Cavan, same, s/o Richard MATCHETT & Mary COLBRICK, married Lillian May WILSON, 26, Manvers, same, d/o George WILSON, farmer, & Eliza STAPLES, wtn: Wesley STAPLES of Loxton & Mabel STAPLES of Manvers, 18 Oct 1904 at Manvers 013518 04 William J. MAY, farmer, England, Castleton, s/o Philip MAY & Mary TRAYS, married Lepha DINGMAN, 18, Cramahe, Morganston, d/o Jos. DINGMAN & Sarah PALMATEER, witn. Cecil MAY of Castleton & Lila DINGMAN of Codrington, March 23, 1904 at Castleton
013376 04 Peter McCUE, 37 laborer, Chemong Reserve, same, s/o William McCUE & Elizabeth SIMON(?), married Alice nee Blaker BEAVER, 37, widow, Alnwick Reserve, same, d/o George BLAKER & Charlotte McCUE, witn. Wesley IRONS of Chemong, June 20 1904 at Alnwick 013381 04 James McDOUGALL, 35, farmer, Chatham, same, s/o Alex McDOUGALL & Mary GREY, married Mary Jane ARNOTT, 26, Hampton, same, d/o James ARNOTT & Annie TRERAIL, witn. Mrs. L. A. TOLE and Mr. E. MEATH both of Bowmanville, Jan. 20 1904 at Bowmanville
#014549-04 (Durham Co.) George McELWAIN, 33, b. Ontario, of Pittsburgh, Carpenter, s/o Mathew McELWAIN & Eleanor McQUADE, married Mary Jane FOSTER, 27, b. Emily, of Cavan, d/o Thomas FOSTER & Mary Jane MORTON, witnesses: George JOHNSTON & Edith FOSTER, both of Cavan Ont, on 24 May 1904? at Millbrook #013812-04 (Northumberland Co): Richard McKELVIE, 32, farmer, Seymour, same, s/o John McKELVIE & Margaret CLARK, married Marian Jane BEATTIE, 30, Seymour, same, d/o David BEATTIE & Eliza JOHNSTON, witn: W.C. BEATTIE of Farnham Quebec & Jessie McKELVIE of Seymour, 8 March 1904 at Seymour
#014245-05 (Northumberland & Durham Co.) Harris O. MERKLEY, 26, merchant, N. Williamsburg Twp., Toronto, s/o George E. MERKLEY & Jane FORD; married Helen SAUNDERS, 26, Cornwall Eng., Bowmanville, d/o James SAUNDERS & Helen BABCOCK; witn Mildred GRIGG of Bowmanville & Jessie VOSPER of Toronto; 1 July 1904 at Bowmanville.  
013389 04 John Easington MILES, 32, minister, widower, Detroit, Detroit Mich., s/o Frank Lee MILES & Lula(?) L(illegible), married Nellie WILLIAMS, 29, Bowmanville, same, d/o Marcus D. WILLIAMS & Kate PROMER, witn. Morrin & Mrs. M. BURK, both of Bowmanville, Apr. 27 1904 at Bowmanville #014545-04 (Durham Co.) David MILLIGAN, 37, b. Scotland, of Millbrook, Widower, Blacksmith, s/o ?? MILLIGAN & E.E. CREIGH, married married Eliza KELLY, 39, b. Cavan, of same, d/o Joseph KELLY & Maretta SAVAGE witnesses: S.E. EAKINS & Ethel EAKINS, both of Millbrook, on 31 January 1904? at Millbrook
013400 04 William MORRISON, 52, painter, widower, Scotland, Bowmanville, s/o John MORRISON & Margaret McKENZIE, married Estella Maud SOUCH, 34, Bowmanville, same, d/o Samuel SOUCH & Maria THOMPSON, witn. Norman SOUCH of Bowmanville & Leta BENNETT of Peterborough, Mar. 7 1904 at Bowmanville 013520 04 Harry J. MUTTON, 27, farmer, Peuryn, same, s/o John MUTTON & Sarh HONEY, married Olive May DARK, 21, Stonewall Man., Peuryn, d/o Sam'l DARK & Emma DARK, witn. Hubert MUTTON of Peuryn, & Minnie LESTWICK of Brock, June 1 1904 at Peuryn
013517 04 Joseph John MUTTON, 30, farmer, Cramahe, Brighton twp, s/o John MUTTON & Sarah HONEY, married Edith Amelia DUNNETT, 22, Cramahe, same, d/o John DUNNETT & Louisa HINMAN, witn.Herbert MUTTON of Cramahe & Carrie B. DUNNETT of Cramahe, Jan. 20 1904 at Dundonald #014409 (Northumberland & Durham Co.) Earnest A. MUTTON, 23, farmer, Penryn, Penryn, s/o Charles MUTTON & Elizabeth ONION; married Tessie MacKELLAR, 22, Prince Edward, Penryn, d/o Walter KELLER (sic) & Carrie REDDICK; witn Neil MUTTON of Penryn & Miss KELLER of COLBORNE; 21 Dec.1904 at Colborne.
013521 04 John Wesley NEWMAN, 28, merchant, Cramahe, Castleton, s/o William John NEWMAN & Maria COLE, married Annie MITCHELL, 25, Cramahe, same, d/o Sam'l MITCHELL & Esther SWEET, witn. Oniff NEWMAN of Picton & Theresa BAILEY of Norham, June 15 1904 at Cramahe 013382 04 Henry Cecil OSBORNE, 22, organ tuner, Darlington, Bowmanville, s/o William H. OSBORNE & Caroline GROW, married Susie Lyle ALLIN, 22, Bowmanville, same, d/o John ALLIN & Margaret LYLE, witn. W. W. ALLIN & W. H. OSBORNE, both of Bowmanville, Feb. 14, 1904 at Bowmanville
14520-05 David H. POLLARD, 33, insurance agent, Ops, Pontypool, s/o William POLLARD & Mary WOOD, married Eva Margaret STANTON, 22, Kendal, Pontypool, d/o Thomas STANTON & Margaret CHESTNUT, witn: Mrs. Henry JONES of Clarke & Alma COWPER of Clarke, 10 Nov 1904 at Pontypool 013524 04 Simeon PUFFER, 41, farmer, widower, Cramahe, same, s/o Dan'l PUFFER & Susan DINGMAN, married Melissa DINGMAN, 39, widow, Cramahe, same, James SAMIS & Sarah NEWBURY, witn. Daniel & Mary SAMIS, both of Cramahe, May 31 1904 at Cramahe
013393 04 Henry C. REYNIER, 29, laborer, England, Toronto, s/o Alfred T. & Elizabeth REYNIER, married Alice M. MAYNARD, 24, Bowmanville, same, d/o John MAYNARD & Grace PERDON, witn. Ed JOHNSTON & Viola BOTTERAL both of Bowmanville, June 29 1904 at Bowmanville #014548-04 (Durham Co.) Albert RICH, 29, b. Mariposa, of Oakwood, Farmer, s/o William RICH & Eliza HANCOCK, married Eliza COAD, 28, b. Mariposa, of Oakwood, d/o John COAD & Catherine CRUISS[?], witnesses: W. HETHERINGTON & Estella HETHERINGTON, both of Millbrook, on 20 March 1904? at Millbrook
#013507-04 (Durham Co.) William Walter RICHARDS, 21, b. Torquay, England, of "not given", Laborer, s/o William R. RICHARDS & Susan OSBORN, married Annie HEANSLY, 18, b. Peterboro, of "not given", d/o George & May HEANSLY, witnesses: Thomas STEVENSON & Mrs. Thomas STEVENSON, both of Cavan Twp, on 3 November 1904 at Frazerville, Cavan Twp, 013391 04 William Ammesby RICHARDS, 21, baggage man, Barrie, Bowmanville, s/o James RICHARDS & Minnie CURRIE, married Maud Elinda REYNOLDS, 19, Bowmanville, same, d/o Charles H. REYNOLDS & Elizabeth COLE, witn. Norman THICKSON & Clara EDGAR both of Bowmanville, May 25 1904 at Bowmanville
013397 04 Herbert RIDGE, 24, blacksmith, Manvers twp, Bowmanville, s/o Richard RIDGE & Sarah STEWART, married Annie E. J. LEGGE, 24, Bowmanville, same, d/o Thomas LEGGE & Sarah WILLIAM, witn. James WILLIAMS & Lizzie LEGGE both of Bowmanville, Sept. 14, 1904 at Bowmanville 013525 04 William Arthur SAMONS, 21, farmer, Cramahe, same, s/o William SAMONS & Charlotte SAMIS, married Flaudie DINGMAN, 21, Cramahe, Morganston, d/o Jos. DINGMAN & Emily PALMATEER, witn. Hemon DINGMAN of Morganston & Mable SAMONS of Cramahe, Sept. 14 1904 at Morganston
013375 04 Allan SCOTT, 50, quack dr., widower, Ontario, city of Hamilton, s/o Allan SALT & blank McCUE, married Dante HAYNES, Michigan, city of Hamilton, d/o (parents not listed), witn. G. H. WEBB & W. A. McMASTER both of Toronto, April 15 1904 at Toronto Junction [reg'd in Alnwick twp] 013403 04 Richard Bertram SEABORNE, 45, clergyman, London England, Toronto Junction, s/o John SEABORNE & Sarah HUTCHINSON, married Muriel Kathleen REID, 21, Portsmouth, Bowmanville, d/o Lestook Holland REID & Julietta Margaret LOWDER, witn. W. H. (?) REID of Norway Ont. & Edith A. HOLLAND of Toronto, Dec. 29 1904 at Bowmanville
013399 04 Edward S. SEUKLER (Senkler?), 28, lawyer, Perth, North Bay, s/o William S. SEUKLER, & Honor TETT, married Marion E. McLAUGHLIN, 32, Enniskillen, Bowmanville, d/o James W. McLAUGHLIN & Ida Ellie GROSS, witn. Margaret CRONYN of Toronto & Julia M. MORGAN of Montreal, Oct. 6 1904 at Bowmanville 13434-04 Wilfred SIMPSON, 28, farmer, Brighton, Murray, s/o Thomas W. SIMPSON & Mrs? BOUND, married Dora KEIGHTON, 24, Murray, same, d/o William KEIGHTON & Mary McMASTER, witn: Mrs. a. FOSTER & Ethel TRIPP, both of Smithfield, 6 July 1904 at Smithfield
014325 95 Richardson SINCLAIR, 30, yeoman, Uxbridge twp, twp Reach, s/o William & Alexandria SINCLAIR, married Mary Naomi COATES, 22, Cartwright, same, d/o James COATES & Charlotte GREY?, witn. John STONE of Shirley & Naomi BRAY of Raglan, Dec. 14 1904 at Shirley 013378 04 John SMOKE, 20, laborer, Alnwick, same, s/o Frank SMOKE & Rebecca TAYLOR, married Ida SHIPPEGAW 20, Alnwick, same, d/o James SHIPPEGAW, witn. Mabel G. & Maud CROTHERS both of Peterborough Nov. 1 1904 at Peterborough [reg'd in Alnwick twp]
13435-04 George SNELGROVE, 24, farmer, Brighton, same, s/o John SNELGROVE & Annie IRELAND, married Nora Mary IRELAND, Murray, Brighton, d/o Isaac IRELAND & Alberta IRISH, witn: Stephen VANSICKLIN & Edna SNELGROVE, both of Brighton, 17 Aug 1904 at Smithfield 14519-05 Charles STEPHENSON, 26, farmer, Hope, Millbrook, s/o Thomas STEPHENSON & Lizzie HORSBY, married Pearl HUDSON, 19, Manvers, Cavan, d/o William HUDSON & Lizzie MORTON, witn: John DREW & Mina HUDSON, both of Pontypool, 28 Dec 1904 at Pontypool
013395 04 John A. McDonald TAPSON, 23, piano tuner, Bowmanville, same, s/o William TAPSON & Betsy ROWE, married Carrie FLETCHER, 24, England, Bowmanville, d/o John FLETCHER & Betsy COONISH, witn. William WARD of Woodstock & Lizzie PICTHICK of Toronto, July 13 1904 at Bowmanville #013807-04 (Northumberland Co): John W. THOMPSON, 27, farmer, Seymour, same, s/o David S. THOMPSON & Jessie RAINNIE, married Lena R. ODDIE, 24, Orillia, Seymour, d/o Thomas ODDIE & Jane MUNROE, witn: Edward RAINNIE & Maggie MIKLEJOHN of Rawdon, 6 Jan 1904 at Seymour
014477-05 (Northumberland Co) John TIMLIN, 27, farmer, Haldimand tp, same, s/o William & Mary Jane TIMLIN, married Mirriam DAVEY, 21, Hamilton tp, same, d/o John DAVEY & Jane RONALDS?, witn Dawson SHERWIN of Harwood & Edith DAVEY of Camborne, 14 Dec 1904 at Camborne in Hamilton Twp 013384 04 James TRIMBLE, 28, farmer, Darlington, same, s/o George TRIMBLE & Sarah Jane SLUTE, married Iona Maud COOPER, 29, Whitby, Darlington, d/o Thomas COOPER & Sarah Ann LOOMIS, witn. Louisa BONATHAN & Annie CROSSLEY, both of Bowmanville, Mar. 9 1904 at Bowmanville
13437-04 Harry TUCK, 25, farmer, widower, Cramahe, Dundonald, s/o William TUCK & Martha CHATTERSON, married Mary A. HUBBS, 23, Cramahe, Hilton, d/o Cornelius HUBBS & Hulda SPRING (Sprung?), wit: Harold TURNEY of Trenton & Madge HUBBS of Belleville, 31 Aug 1904 at Hilton 014354 95 John S. WADE, 37, widower, farmer, Clarke, same, s/o Simons John WADE & Mary Jane WALKEY, married Mary Eliza HOLDAWAY, 28, Port Hope, Hope twp, d/o (not known), witn. W. J. JONES & Maria YOUNG both of Newtonville, Dec. 30 1904 at Newtonville
013515 04 Blake WAITE, 21, farmer, Cramahe, Brighton twp, s/o Willet WAITE, & Jane BEDAL, married Lola SNELGROVE, 19, Brighton, Cramahe, d/o George SNELGROVE & Alena TOMPKINS, witn. Rueben WAITE of Cramahe & Alena TOMPKINS of Brighton, Jan. 7 1904 at Cramahe #013504-04 (Durham Co.) Cyrus WEAVER, 28, b. Cavan Twp, of same, Farmer, s/o John WEAVER & Sarah VANEVE, married Annie TURNER, 21, b. England, of Cavan Twp, d/o William TURNER & "not given", witnesses: Wesley MAHAFFY & Emma MAHAFFY, both of Cavan Twp, on 14 September 1904 at Cavan Twp
13440-04 Harold Wilfred Rowe WHITE, 24, farmer, Canada, Sidney, s/o Thomas WHITE & Martha ROWE, married Clara Beatrice Jean FLINDALL, 25, Canada, Brighton twp., d/o William B. FLINDALL & blank, witn: S.C. & H.J. FLINDALL of Brighton twp., no date given, at Brighton twp #013503-04 (Durham Co.) James S. WOODSWORTH, 30, b. Ontario, of Winnipeg, Minister, s/o James WOODSWORTH & E.J. SHAVER, married Lucy L. STAPLES, 30, b. Ontario, of Co. Durham, d/o Richard & Hannah STAPLES, witnesses: Charles B. SISSONS of British Columbia & Clara WOODSWORTH of St. Thomas, on 7 September 1904 at Cavan Twp, by James WOODSWORTH
013523 04 William ZUFELT, 35, laborer, Grey twp, Cramahe, s/o Thomas & Jemima ZUFELT, married Minnia RUSS, 24, Haldimand, Cramahe, d/o Ryerson RUSS & Angeline BRADLEY, witn. Jas. & Mary SOMMERVILLE both of Cramahe, July 27 1904 at Cramahe