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Northumberland & Durham Co., 1906


#014620-06 (Northumberland Co.) William John ABERNATHY, 26, teamster, Campbellford, Campbellford, s/o William H. ABERNATHY & Eliza MASON; married Aggie WILSON, 23, Cramahe, Cramahe, d/o Thomas WILSON & Mary REYNOLDS; witn: George L. SALTER of Campbellford & Ernest WILSON of Cramahe Twp.; 28 Feb.1906 at Cramahe. #014487-06 (Northumberland Co.) Charles ACKERMAN, 25, barber, Canada, Campbellford, s/o Michael ACKERMAN & Elizabeth RYDER; married Jennie L. MACDONALD, 22, Canada, Campbellford, d/o Addison MACDONALD & Isabella CUMMING; witn: Robert MACDONALD and Alexander MACDONALD, both of Campbellford; 6 June 1906 at Campbellford
#014570-06 (Northumberland Co.) Henry Willis ACKERMAN, 37, accountant, Milford, Belleville, s/o Jacob Henry ACKERMAN & Jennie KIRKLAND; married Mary Lucretia HOCKERIDGE, 24 (or 27), Orono, Cobourg, d/o William C. HOCKERIDGE & Jennie KIRKLAND (sic); witn A.C. FOSTER of Cobourg & I.H. HART of Belleville; 13 June 1906 at Cobourg. 014469 -06, Alphens (Alphurst) ADAMS, 23, Codrington, same, farmer, s/o Robert S. ADAMS, & Clarissa DELONG, married, Minnie HERRINGTON, 23, Orland, same, d/o George HERRINGTON & Mary CARR, witn. Edgar ADAMS of Codrington & Iva HERRINGTON of Havelock, June 20 1906 at Orland
  014561-06 (Northumberland Co.) Percy Blackwood ALLOWAY, 28, banker, Montreal, New Dundee, s/o Clement John ALLOWAY & Mary WILSON; married Alice Bethune FIELD, 23, Cobourg, Cobourg, d/o Corilla Collard FIELD & Mary Ann HOSSACK; witn Miss Norah H. PEDLEY of Montreal & C.C. ALLOWAY of Montreal; 6 June 1906 at Cobourg.
#014585-06 (Northumberland Co.) James Duncan ANDERSON, 29, farmer, Douro, Peterborough, s/o Daniel ANDERSON & Ann Jane McCRIFF; married Emily Matilda RUMBELOW, 25, Cobourg, Cobourg, d/o George RUMBELOW & Emily PEACHEY; witn Richard CHUGG of DOURO & Annie RUMBELOW of Cobourg; 14 Nov.1096 at Cobourg. #014580-06 (Northumberland Co.) Charles Francis ANDERSON, 37, teamster, Carlisle-England, Toronto, s/o David ANDERSON & Caroline L. DOUGLAS; married Elizabeth HORNBECK, 33, Cobourg. Toronto, d/o Gardner HORNBECK & Bridget O'BRIEN; witn Walter GIBBS of Port Hope & Ada ROUTH of Cobourg; 5 Sept.1906 at Cobourg.
#014573-06 (Northumberland Co.) William Leslie ARMITAGE, 36, clergyman, Kinross - Ont., Picton, s/o James ARMITAGE & Elizabeth SHELTON; married Marrianne Restrice REYMAR, 24 (27?) teacher, Cobourg, Cobourg, d/o Alfred Henry RAYMAR & Ida HAYDEN; witn C.R. DePENSER of Wellington - Ont. & Constantine REYMAR of Cobourg; 10 July 1906 at Cobourg. #014786-06 (Northumberland Co) Geroge ARNOLD, 37, farmer, Hamilton, Hamilton, s/o Richard ARNOLD & Francis Amelia ARNOLD, married Margaret Elizabeth BLAKE, 34, d/o Andrew BLAKE & Jane Ann POGUE, witn – John A. BLAKE, Percy & Alice BLAKE, Roseneath, 28 Mar 1906, Percy
#014516-06 (Durham Co.)  Thomas H. ARSCOTT, 37, farmer, Nogus Creek, Bobcaygeon Village, s/o Isaac ARSCOTT and Sarah J. WILSON; married Selena A. JOHNS, 40, farmer's daughter, Hope Twp., Caesarea Village, d/o William JOHNS & Fanny WILLIAMS; witn:  Andrew G. ATCHINSON of Harvey and Louis JOHNS of Caesarea; 14 Nov.1906 at Cartwright #014794-06 (Northumberland Co) Ambrose ATKINSON, 51, farmer, Percy, Percy, s/o John ATKINSON & Caroline HOWARD; married Lydia Ann MITCHELL, 40, Haldimand, Percy, d/o Robert MITCHELL & Elizabeth THURSTON; witn – Jessie A. MITCHELL & Charlotte E. MITCHELL, both Percy, 24 July 1906, Percy
#014637-06 (Durham Co.) Henry AVERY, 28, clerk, Darlington, Ingersoll, s/o Arthur AVERY & Sarah Y. STACEY; married Mary Grace HARRIS, 25, Clarke, Darlington, d/o John HARRIS & Mary J. COWLING; witn: Wilber MOORE of Hampton & Eva WICKETT of Bowmanville; 2 May 1906 at Darlington  
#014802-06 (Northumberland Co) Harold S. AYLESWORTH, 24, farmer, Collingwood, Percy, s/o M.B. AYLESWORTH & Florence STONE; married Annie MacDONALD, 22, Percy, Percy, d/o Murdock MacDONALD & Ann McMULLEN; witn – Abraham MacDONALD & May McKEOWN, both Percy, 12 Dec 1906, Percy #014622-06 (Northumberland Co.) William Justin BAKER, 22, farmer, Norham, Warkworth, s/o William J. BAKER & Charlotte TAYLOR; married Teresa Jane MOORE, Alnwick Twp., Cramahe, d/o James MOORE & Sarah A. THOMPSON; witn: John C. WILSON of Hastings & Miss Stella BAKER of Warkworth; 12 June 1906 at Cramahe
#014556-06 (Northumberland Co.) William George BARKER, 25, accountant, Port Hope, Cobourg, s/o Charles BARKER & Emma COYTE (Coyle?); married Eva TINNEY, 23, Cobourg, Cobourg, d/o John Udy TINNEY & Ann Jane MUSE; witn L.J. DUNBAR of Toronto & Bertha SQUIRES of Toronto; 25 Apr.1906 at Cobourg. #014584-06 (Northumberland Co.) Frederick William BATEMAN, 31, car builder, Caven Twp., Cobourg, s/o James BATEMAN & (Christian name not given) McCARTNEY; married Rebina FRANCEY, 30, Hamilton Twp., Cobourg, d/o George FRANCEY & Eliza LUCAS; witn Mabel BATEMAN (residence not given) and Hilton CROSGREY of Cobourg; 31 Oct.1906 at Cobourg.
  014438 -06 Frederick K. BATTLE, 35, Bowmanville, Oshawa, moulder, s/o Allen BATTLE & Sarah BLOW, married Mildred Alberta TAYLOR, 26, Bowmanville, same, d/o Mary Jane HEMMETT & Alex Ira TAYLOR, witn. Alex Ira & Mary Jane TAYLOR both of Bowmanville, June 6 1906 at Bowmanville
014423-06 Frank BEAVER, 32, Alnwick Reserve, same, laborer, s/o John BEAVER & Mary BRASS, married Mary BAY, 24, village Conway Connely Lennox, Alnwick reserve, d/o John BAY & Annie LaFREE, witn. Wellington BEAVER & Bertha SIMPSON, Dec. 25, 1906 at Roseneath Alnwick #014616-06 (Northumberland Co.) James Thomas BEGG, 31, farmer, Percy Twp., Brighton Twp., s/o John BEGG & Margaret REUSEAU (Rouseau?; married Essie Mable CARR, 27, Cramahe, Cramahe; d/o Abram CARR & Ella Calista TURNEY; witn: Harry CARR & Ethel DAVIDSON, both of Morganston; 26 Dec. 1906 at Cramahe.
#014444-06 (Durham Co): John Ernest BEGLEY, 24, widower, piano maker, Hamilton, Toronto, s/o Alex BEGLEY & Annie FAUSTINAN, married Verna Viola GINSBLETT?, 21, domestic, Darlington twp., Bowmanville, d/o William GINSBLETT & Rhoda VEALE, witn: Bertie GINSBLETT of Bowmanville, & James A. BEGLEY of Toronto, 27 Aug 1906 at Bowmanville 041841 -1906 Silas Parmenos BENNETT, 23, engineer, Hamilton twp, Barrie, s/o Paul BENNETT & Pauline JACOBS, married Beatrice Louise DARLING, 24, Hope twp, Port Hope, d/o Thomas Johnston DARLING & Mary Ann RABEE, witn. Frank BENNETT & William R. DARLING both of Port Hope, Sept. 19 1906 at Port Hope
#014654-06 (Northumberland Co.) Henry Nelson BESWETHERICK, 24, farmer, Haldimand Twp., Haldimand Twp., s/o Joseph T. BESWETHERICK & Laura SEXTON; married Mary Dorcas IRELAND, 25, farmer's daughter; Percy Twp., Haldimand Twp., d/o James Gilbert IRELAND and Mary Isabella CUFFE; witn: Samuel D. BAILEY of Campbellford and Ethel May IRELAND of Oak Heights; 17 Jan. 1906 at Haldimand Twp 014419-06 James BIGWIND, 21, Alnwick twp, Alnwick reserve, laborer, s/o Abner BIGWIND & Mary WILKINS, married Mesia TAYLOR, 18, Smith twp, Alnwick reserve, d/o William TAYLOR & Mary J. YELLOWHEAD, witn. Samuel T. BLAKER & Alice SMOKE both of Alnwick, Feb. 19 1906 at Alnwick
#014559-06 (Northumberland Co.) James BLACK, 29, machinist, Rochester, Detroit, s/o Albert BLACK & Electa BILLINGS; married Susan BOYLE, 30, Hamilton Twp., Cobourg, d/o John BOYLE & Catherine DWYRE; witn Margaret BOYLE of Cobourg & Thomas BOYLE of Cobourg; 5 June 1906 at St. Michael’s Church - Cobourg. #014551-06 (Northumberland Co.) Frederick William BLACKWELL, 26, express agent, Brighton Village, Dunville, s/o George BLACKWELL & Julia CORMICK; married Agnes R. MOORE, 26, Mansfield - USA, Cobourg, d/o Alexander MOORE & Elizabeth McCARTHY; witn Mac MOORE of Cobourg & Rose McCARTHY of Cobourg; 3 Mar.1906 at Cobourg.
014420-06 Samuel T. BLAKER, 26, Alnwick Reserve, same, laborer, s/o Samuel BLAKER & Hanna BIGWIND, married Ann MITCHELL, 24, Oso twp, Alnwick reserve, d/o Joseph MITCHELL & Mary ANTOINE, witn. Margaret DUPRAU & Agnew SHIPPEGAW both of Alnwick, Aug. 30 1906 at Roseneath Alnwick (also 14413-06) #014658-06 (Northumberland Co.) Elijah Wilson BODELL, 25, saddler, Brougham, Brougham, s/o William John BODELL & Susan WILSON; married Elsie Maud SARGENT, 26, farmer's daughter, Eddystone, Eddystone, d/o Ruscoe SARGENT & Alice EDDY; witn: Warren Casper WILSON of Brougham and Della Nettie SARGENT of Eddystone; 18 Apr. 1906 at Eddystone.
#014548-06 (Northumberland Co.) John BOLTON, 24, blacksmith, England, Cobourg, s/o Henry BOLTON & Sarah (surname not given); married Clara Sophia HANEFORD, 23, England, Cobourg, d/o Samuel HANEFORD & Elizabeth WILKINS; witn Thomas LEWIS of Cobourg & Jennie LEWIS of Cobourg; 30 Jan.1906 at Cobourg. #014792-06 (Northumberland Co) Harvey Albert BONNEY, 27, constructor, Percy, Toronto, s/o Thomas BONNEY & Mary BESWETHERICK?; married Lillian Beatrice MIX, 23, Percy, Warkworth, d/o Jay K. MIX & Perysatis HUMBER; witn – Arthur O. MIX, Warkworth & Florence LOTTEN, Claremont, 13 June 1906, Warkworth
041809 -1906 James BOUGHEN, 31, farmer, Hope twp, same, s/o William E. BOUGHEN & Susan BROWN, married Mary E.E. MANLEY, 25, Hamilton twp. same, d/o John MANLEY & Janet AITCHISON, witn. Fredrick BOUGHEN of Hope twp & Eliza J. MANLEY of Hamilton twp, Jan. 25 1906 at Port Hope 041830 -1906 John BOWEN, 47, farmer, England, Grafton, s/o Absolan BOWEN & Elizabeth MOORE, married, Emily MUSTO, 21, England, Grafton, d/o George MUSTO & Emma AMOS, witn. William AUSTON (Austin?) & Mrs. William AUSTON both of Port Hope, June 23 1906 at Port Hope
041842 -1906 James BRADLEY, 32, moulder, Barrie, Port Hope, s/o James BRADLEY & Mary Ann BANN, married Bertha May MERCER, 24, Port Hope, same, d/o Horatio MERCER & Mary Ann NELSON, witn. Eliza DANIEL & Julie DANIEL both of Port Hope, Sept. 22 1906 at Port Hope  
#014619-06 (Northumberland Co.) Joseph BRANIGAN, 25, farmer, Ireland, Colborne, s/o Thomas BRANIGAN & (first name not given) GRATTON; married Annie FARRELL, 18, housemaid, Colborne, Cramahe, d/o William FARRELL & E. WARREN; witn: Mrs. S. PROSSER & Mrs. L. HARNDEN, both of Castleton; 5 Jan.1906 at Castleton. 014412-06 (Northumberland Co) Frank BRISBIN, 26, farmer, Alnwick tp, same, s/o William BRISBIN & Eliza BROWN, married Hattie POLLOCK, 27, Saugeen tp, Alnwick tp, d/o Charles POLLOCK & Isabella THOMPSON, witn William POLLOCK & Carrie BRISBIN of Roseneath, 13 June 1906 at Alnwick Twp
#014656-06 (Northumberland Co.) Alexander BROWN, 27, farmer, Roseneath, Roseneath, s/o William BROWN & Jennet RUNCIMAN; married Ella M. BRISBIN, 22, farmer's daughter, d/o Leonard BRISBIN & Cynthia HARPER; witn: Andrew BROWN of Roseneath and Bessie BRISBIN of Fenella; 28 Feb. 1906 at Fenella 041840 -1906 Fletcher Chalk(?) BROWN, 29, laborer, Port Hope, same, s/o William L. BROWN & Mary HEWSON, married Annie Maud DOWNING, 27, England, Port Hope, d/o Sidney DOWNING & Virginia MATHEWS, witn. Beverley GEORGE & Laura BROWN both of Port Hope, Sept. 29 1906 at Port Hope
#014577-06 (Northumberland Co.) Fred Cullen BRYANT, 30, merchant, Belleville, Cranbrook - B.C., s/o Richard BRYANT & Cuzziah (?) LANG; married May Elizabeth MOFFATT, 28, Cobourg, Cobourg, d/o Richard Lake MOFFATT & Mary Permelia DAWE; witn Thomas Frank DAWSON of Calgary - Alberta & Eva Maud MOFFATT of Cobourg; 18 Aug.1906 at Cobourg. 041846 -1906 James Denniston BULL, 35, bookkeeper, Buffalo NY, same, s/o Theodore BULL & Jessie A. WHITE, married Gertrude Garner MILLWARD, 27, Port Hope, same, d/o Matheus (Mathias?) MILLWARD & Sophia ROWLAND, witn. Mr. & Mrs. George W. MILLWARD both of Port Hope, Oct. 24 1906 at Port Hope
014433 -06 Charles Nelson BULL, 26, Manilla Ont, Niagara Falls NY, laborer, s/o Gershaw BULL & Henrietta MADDEN, married Mary Elizabeth SIMPSON, 23, England, Bowmanville, d/o Alexander SIMPSON, Grace STOKES, witn. Mrs. W.A. POINTON & Mrs. V. H. EMORY both of Bowmanville, Apr. 4 1906 at Bowmanville #014557-06 (Northumberland Co.) William Henry BURKE, 38, laborer, Cobourg, Cobourg, s/o William BURKE & Rebecca WINCH; married Alberta Jane GILLESPIE, 40, Hamilton Twp., Hamilton Twp., d/o Thomas GILLESPIE & Phoebe Ann SOLOMON; witn Edward GILLESPIE of Cobourg & Elizabeth GILLESPIE of Hamilton Twp.; 25 Apr. 1906 at Cobourg.
#014609-06 - Francis Craig BUTTERS, 28, fireman, Haldimand twp., Havelock, s/o Dewar BUTTERS & Christiana CRAIG, married Addie Maud QUINN, Haldimand twp., Cramahe, d/o William N. QUINN & Mary A. LYNN, witn: Edmund QUINN & Fleta ANDREWS, both of Castleton, 26 Sept 1906 at Cramahe 041845 -1906 William Austin BYE, 34, carpenter, Hope twp, Port Hope, s/o James BYE & Susan Matilda AUSTIN, married Elizabeth Mable McCOMBE, 25, Hope twp, Port Hope, d/o Alexander McCOMBE & Elizabeth Jane McKINLEY, witn. John HAYDON & Ida BERTOLOTTO both of Port Hope, Oct. 11 1906 at Port Hope
014411-06 (Northumberland Co) Thomas CAREW, 28, farmer, Alnwick tp, same, s/o John CAREW & Mary HILL, married Clara FERGUSON, 24, Alnwick tp, same, d/o Daniel FERGUSON & Jane SMITH, witn Clarence LISCUMB of Warkworth & Clara FERGUSON of Roseneath, 28 Feb 1906 at Alnwick Twp #014612-06 (Northumberland Co.) Robert Major CARR, 24, farmer, Cramahe, Morganston, s/o Darius CARR & Tenie BOUND; married Cidna Diana ROBINSON, 20, Cramahe, Castleton, d/o William J. ROBINSON & Mary ANDRUS; witn: Edgar BUSH of Castleton & Annie CARR of Morganston; 4 Dec. 1906 at Castleton.
  014441 -06 John CHALMERS, 34, Toronto, same, miller, s/o James CHALMERS & Christina Johnston, married Helen A. CAMERON, 42, Prince Edward Co., Bloomfield Ont., d/o Y. CUNNINGHAM & Sarah BEDELL, witn. Miss ARMOUR & Thomas W. MURPHY both of Bowmanville, July 2 1906 at Bowmanville
#014579-06 (Northumberland Co.) Nicholas CHAPMAN, 53, carriage builder, Baltimore, Baltimore, widower, s/o Nicholas CHAPMAN & Mary WILLS; married Louisa BRISBIN, 42, (place of birth not given), Baltimore, d/o Charles BRISBIN & Grace ROBINSON; witn Ethel LEWIS of Cobourg & Maggie LEWIS of Cobourg; 5 Sept.1906 at Cobourg. 014410-06 (Northumberland Co) John CLARK, 24, farmer, Alnwick tp, same, s/o George CLARK & Elizabeth VARCOE, married Jennie Welta ROBINS, 22, Alnwick tp, same, d/o Joseph ROBINS & Mary Jane WEBB, witn Oliver VARCOE & Annie ROBINS of Roseneath, 28 Mar 1906 at Alnwick Twp
#014626-06 (Durham Co.) George Frederick CLARKE, 39, farmer, Cavan Twp., Cavan Twp., s/o James CLARKE & Mary EMMERSON; married Mary Etta FINLAY, 28, farmer's daughter, Haldimand Twp., Cavan Twp., d/o Robert FINLAY & Mary A. GRIFFIN; witn: Albert HUNTER of Springville & Ada FULLER of Fraserville; 28 Feb. 1906 at Cavan Twp. 041816 -1906 Charles Albert COLE, 39, farmer, Hamilton twp, same, s/o Thomas COLE & Mary Ann DOIDGE, married Janet MICHIE, 31, Hamilton twp, same, d/o George MICHIE & Sarah BLACK, witn. Grace HENDERSON & Maude HENDERSON both of Port Hope, mar. 15 1906 at Port Hope
#014653-06 (Northumberland Co.) Clayton Rupert COLE, 26, farmer, Percy Twp., Percy Twp., s/o Isaac R. COLE & Mary Jane DUNNETT; married Laura Alma BESWETHERICK, 25, farmer's daughter, Haldimand Twp., Haldimand Twp., d/o Joseph T. BESWETHERICK and Laura SEXTON; witn: Herbert T. COLE of Percy Twp. & Emma S. COX of Oak Heights; 10 Jan. 1906 at Haldimand Twp. 014421-06 Sampson COMEGO, 38, Alnwick reserve, same, musician, s/o George & Mary COMEGO, married Eliza Jane CROWE, 29, Alnwick reserve, same, d/o Peter CROWE & Mary HOWARD, witn. Charlotte CROWE & Mary A. PAUL both of Alnwick, Oct. 4 1906 at Roseneath Alnwick
#014446-06 (Durham Co): Frederick CORNISH, 23, farmer, England, Leskard Ont., s/o John CORNISH & Hannah WALTER, married Hazel PENWARDEN, 19, house keeper, Enniskillen Ont., Leskard, d/o Charles PENWARDEN & Isabella ARBUCKLE, witn: Robert TRELEREN & Mary A. BRENNER, both of Bowmanville, 26 Sept 1906 at Bowmanville #014478-06 (Northumberland Co.) Albert Allan COVENEY, 23, stage driver, Seymour, Campbellford, s/o Edmund COVENEY and Catharine KILLORAN; married Mary Elizabeth COWAIN (Cowan?), 19, Trent Bridge, same, d/o Joseph COWAIN & Jisterice? (Justine?) (Beatrice?) POMEROY; witn: Henry COVENY & Mary COVENY of Campbellford; 28 Jan.1906 at Campbellford
#014613-06 (Northumberland Co.) James COWEY, 21, farmer, Lakeport, Lakeport, s/o John COWEY & Barbara HAYNES; married Lillie May ARKLES, 22, Cramahe, Cramahe, d/o Peter ARKLES & Eliz. TAYLOR; witn: John KERNAGHAN of Lakeport & Mary ARKLES of Haldimand, 12 Dec. 1906 at Cramahe. #014517-06 (Durham Co.)  Ernest Beverley COWAN, 26, veterinary surgeon, Clarke Twp., Port Hope, s/o Robert R.J. COWAN & Grace Elizabeth CARSCADDEN; married Manerva Maud MARLOWE; 23, farmer's daughter, Blackstock Village, same, d/o Nelson MARLOWE & Ann Jane PARR; witn:  Charles SMITH of Blackstock & Nelson H. MARLOWE of Blackstock; 25 Dec.1906 at Blackstock
  041851 -1906 William James CRAMER, 24, laborer, Port Hope, same, s/o Abraham CRAMER & Mary GOULET, married Annie ETCHER, 19, Northumberland Co., Port Hope, d/o William ETCHER & Cassandra BLODGETT, witn. Fay L. ETCHER & Mary E. McALLISTER both of Port Hope, Nov. 20 1906 at Port Hope
#014454-06 - Truman A. CRANDELL, 54, widower, farmer, Colborne, same, s/o Ruben CRANDELL & Eliza M.C. LAPIN, married Amanda BROWN, 30, Brighton, same, d/o James BROWN & Mary STOREY, witn: Mrs. C. SIMPSON of Brighton, 21 Feb 1906 at Brighton #014615-06 (Northumberland Co.) William Henry CREELOCK, 42, farmer, Cramahe Twp., Morganston; s/o Richard CREELOCK & Jane SANDESON (Sanderson?); married Emma CARR, 40, Cramahe Twp., Morganston, d/o Hiram CARR & Eliz. JACQUES; witn: Alberta VanBLARICOM of Morganston & Eva NICHOLS of Castleton; 20 Dec. 1906 at Castleton
#014479-06 (Northumberland Co.) Thomas CROSSEN, 23, farmer, Seymour, Seymour, s/o William CROSSEN & Elizabeth FRY; married Minnie LINN, 19, Rawdon, Seymour, d/o Francis LINN (mother not shown); witn: Pervis ALLEN of Seymour & Estelle MEIKLEJOHN of Rawden; 24 Jan.1906 at Campbellford #014791-06 (Northumberland Co) Charles Hiram CURTIS, 34, farmer, Percy, Percy, s/o Ranson CURTIS & Elizabeth TOWNSEND; married Ethel BLAIR, 27, teacher, Percy, Percy, d/o Peregan BLAIR & Catherine STONE; witn – Lewis GLOVER & Pearl STONE, both Percy, 30 May 1906, Percy
#014523-06 (Durham Co.) Harry CURTIS, 41, farmer, Darlington Twp., Darlington Twp., s/o William CURTIS & Hannah HALLOWAY; married Ettie T. BUCKLEY, 31, farmer's daughter, Clarke Twp., Clarke Twp., d/o John BUCKLEY & Elizabeth HOCKIN; witn John BUCKLEY of Clarke & Elizabeth BUCKLEY of Clarke; 18 Apr. 1906 in Clarke. #014569-06 (Northumberland Co.) Willis Oscar CURTIS, 44, farmer, Fenella, Haldimand Twp., s/o James CURTIS & Melissa PARSONS; married Frances MONTGOMERY, 41, Port Hope, Fenella, widow, d/o David CUMMINGS & Mary Angelina JENKINS; witn Ida MACKLIN of Cobourg & William WARNE of Hamilton Twp.; 6 June 1906 at Cobourg.
  #014641-06 (Durham Co.) John James DAVIDSON, 24, conductor, birthplace not given, Toronto, s/o James DAVIDSON & Elizabeth ATKINSON; married Mary Edith GILDERS, 21, birthplace not given, Haydon, d/o Thomas GILDERS & Sarah J. LOCKART; witn: Henry G. DAVIDSON of Toronto & Grace GILDERS of Haydon; 27 June 1906 at Haydon
#014611-06 (Northumberland Co.) Arthur Willoughby DAVIS, 28, farmer, Cramahe, Colborne, s/o James W. DAVIS & Flavice CHATTERSON; married Blanche E. COCHRANE, 21, Cramahe, Cramahe, d/o William H. COCHRANE & Elizabeth J. BRADD; witn: Forrest W. RACE of Port Hope & Annie DAVIS of Colborne; 31 Oct. 1906 at Cramahe. 014435 -06 John Alfred DEMILL, 22, Cartwright twp, Bowmanville, merchant, s/o Stephen DEMILL & Mary Ann. E. BURR, married Nellie WHARTON, 18, Birmingham Eng., Bowmanville, d/o Thomas WHARTON & Betsy TUNK, witn. Edwin F. CARR & Margaret FLETCHER both of Bowmanville, Apr. 19 1906 at Bowmanville
014440 -06 Arthur Herbert DENSEM, 23, Bowmanville, same, foundry hand, s/o Frederick DENSEM & Anna FREEMAN, married Bessie WILLIAMS, 26, Bowmanville, same, d/o Edward WILLIAMS & Louisa Alberta THOMAS, witn. D.B. SIMPSON & Charles GOODMAN both of Bowmanville, June 24 1906 at Bowmanville 041807 -1906 Andrew DODDS, 23, accountant, Alton, Toronto, s/o William J. DODDS & Annie HAMMOND, married May Grace GEARY, 21, London, Cobourg, d/o John GEARY & Mary BROOKS, witn. Alice & Edith TROTTER both of Port Hope, Jan. 1 1906 at Port Hope
#014800-06 (Northumberland Co) William George DONALDSON, 34, Accountant, Pennsylvania USA, Toronto, s/o John DONALDSON & Helen McDONALD; married Berthana Arminta ADAMS, 31, Percy, Percy, d/o James ADAMS & Ellen KINGSLEY; witn – William ADAMS & Sarah ADAMS, both Percy, 24 Oct 1906, Percy  
014426 -06 Robert EASTMAN, 24, Brantford Ont. Bowmanville, moulder, s/o William EASTMAN & Abigail CHESNELL, married Florence May GIBSON, 20, Darlington twp, Bowmanville, d/o William GIBSON & Jane AGNES, witn. Georgett SOUCH & Larmia GIBSON both of Bowmanville, Jan. 11 1906 at Bowmanville 014430 -06 Thomas EDGAR, 38, Devonshire Eng., Bowmanville, laborer, s/o Thomas EDGAR, (unknown) BRIDGMAN, married Fanny MORTON, 33, Clarke twp, same, d/o John McQuarrie, & Henrietta LATTIE (Latta?), witn. Annie HIPKIN & Gertrude HIPKIN, Mar. 1 1906 at Bowmanville
014782-06 (Northumberland Co) Mark EDWARDS, 21, labourer, Twp of Douro, Twp of Douro, s/o James EDWARDS & Hannah McCOY; married Mary Elizabeth BROWN, 19, farmers daughter,Twp of Drummer, Twp of Drummer, d/o George BROWN & Mary CROSS; witn – George BROWN & Elizabeth BROWN, both twp of Drummer, 31 Jan 1906, Percy #014657-06 (Northumberland Co.) James F. ELLIOTT, 52, widower, farmer, Haldimand Twp., Centreton, s/o Barnabas ELLIOTT & Bessie GUNN; married Libby McCUTCHEON, 42, clerk, Baltimore, Centreton, d/o Thomas McCUTCHEON & Elizabeth McMANN; witn: Robert A. ELLIOTT of Cobourg, Jennie ELLIOTT of Cobourg; 31 Jan. 1906 at Centreton
#014635-06 (Durham Co.) Henry ELLIOTT, 71, widower, merchant, s/o Henry ELLIOTT & Mary OKE; married Jane CLARKE, 67, widow, Darlington, Hampton, d/o John WILLIAMS & Ann DAVIS; witn: Charles KERSLAKE of Hampton & Mary J. KERSLAKE of Hampton; 8 May 1906 at Darlington. #014522-06 (Durham Co.) William Arthur FARROW, 22? (blurred), farmer, Clarke Twp., Clarke Twp, s/o Robinson FARROW & Eliza BRAY; married Elizabeth H. COUVEIR, 18, farmer's daughter, Clarke Twp., Clarke Twp., d/o Alexander COUVIER & Diana KING; witn. Arthur BEDWIN of Clarke & Emma COUVIER of Clarke; 26 Mar.1906 at Newtonville
#014449-06 (Durham Co): William James FARROW, 22, foundry man, Oshawa, Bowmanville, s/o Alfred James FARROW & Harrier Helen DORLAND, married Ethel BROWN, 20, house maid, England, Bowmanville, d/o James BROWN & Eliza HOWARD, witn: Ernest BROWN & Hannah WATSON, both of Bowmanville, 14 Nov 1906 at Bowmanville #014624-06 (Northumberland Co.) Corey FARROW, 21, farmer, Hilton, Hilton, s/o William FARROW & Ella FRANKLIN; married Lila SMITH, 17, Hilton, Hilton, d/o William SMITH & Francis McQUINN; witn: Dr. DEAN of Brighton & Mrs. William SMITH of Hilton; 13 June, 1906 at Cramahe
.#014645-06 (Durham Co.) James Edward FIELDING, 24, farmer, Cartwright, Reach, s/o Adam FIELDING & Mary FRANKLIN; married Phoebe VIVIAN, 20, Darlington, Reach, d/o James VIVIAN & Ellen CURRAN; witn: William HUGGINS of Courtice & Ethel SANDERS of Courtice; 10 Oct. 1906 at Courtice #014582-06 (Northumberland Co.) John FITZIMMONS, 40, clerk, Cobourg, Cobourg, s/o Bryan FITZSIMMONS & Honora MACK; married Jane CROSS, 34, Belleville, Cobourg, d/o Samuel CROSS & Elizabeth CHARLSWORTH (Charlesworth?); witn John GUY of Cobourg & Eliza FITZSIMMONS of Cobourg; 22 Oct.1906 at St. Michael’s Church (Cobourg?)
#014461-06 - Stephen C. FLINDALL, 34, farmer, Murray twp., Brighton Twp., s/o William B. FLINDALL & Catherine CONNELL, married Olive L. NIX, 18, Smithfield, same, d/o William A. NIX & Sarah SPENCER, witn: Harry FLINDALL & Jessie M. POOLE, both of Smithfield, 14 Feb 1906 at Brighton twp #014554-06 (Northumberland Co.) William George FOSTER, 44, carpenter, England, Cobourg, s/o Tom FOSTER & Jane TAYLOR; married Rhoda LISCUMB (Liscomb?), 40, Cobourg, Alnwick, d/o Bailey LISCUMB & Mary DONAGHUE; witn Silas ORR of Cobourg & Lillian LISCUMB of Cobourg; 25 Apr.1906 at Cobourg.
#014642-06 (Durham Co.) William J. FOUND, 25, butcher, East Whitby, Bowmanville, s/o John FOUND & Mary E. BRAUND; married Ada C. LOTT, 25, Darlington, East Whitby, d/o Albert LOTT & Amelia DAVEY; witn: Mrs. J.R. BUTLER of Courtice & Mrs. A. WYBORN of Courtice; 30 June 1906 at Courtice #014572-06 (Northumberland Co.) Alfred Leopold FOWLER, 22, gardener, Deptford St. Pauls - England, Cobourg;son of James Edward FOWLER & Annie ANDREWS, married Lucy Mabel CAREY, 20, Red Hill - Sussex England, Cobourg, d/o Alfred Goodwin CAREY & Esther BURTON; witn George FOWLER of Belleville & Ernest A.A. CASEY(sic) of Cobourg; 1 July 1906 at Congregational Church - Cobourg.
014565-06 (Northumberland Co) Richard FRASER, 29, painter, Scotland, Cobourg, s/o William FRASER & Elizabeth ALEXANDER, married Barbara WARDROP, 28, Scotland, Cobourg, d/o George ROSE (sic) & Wardrop WARDROP, witn Richard & Esther TEUBETH? of Cobourg, 28 June 1906 at Cobourg (Note bride's surname ROSE was stroked out and replaced by WARDROP) 014425 -06 George Puckis FREELAND, 29, Waterville Que., Toronto, photographer, s/o Robert FREELAND & Mary Puckis, married Selena Catherine JARVIS, 24, Schomberg Ont., Bowmanville, d/o Richard JARVIS & Mary RIDDELL, witn. William SCOTT & Florence McGILL, Jan. 1 1906 at Bowmanville
  041831 -1906 William Henry FURBER (Farber?), 39, manager of estate, England, Cobourg, s/o Henry FURBER & Elizabeth ROLLSTON, married, Margaret Eugenie FLEMING, 26, Northumberland Co., Cobourg, d/o David FLEMING & Elizabeth PLEWS, witn. Robert STODDARD of Port Hope & Mrs. E.A.JOHNSON of Cobourg, June 12 1906 at Port Hope
#014571-06 (Northumberland Co.) Benjamin Bemen? FURBER, 23, mechanic, Staffordshire - England, Cobourg, s/o George FURBER & Emma BARTLAM (Barttam?); married Minnie PASSANT, 20, Staffordshire - England, Cobourg, d/o James Henry PASSANT & Mary WHITEHEAD; witn John FURBER of Cobourg & Mrs. John FURBER of Cobourg; 18 June 1906 at Cobourg. 014564-06 (Northumberland Co) Arthur GARRY, 31, butcher, Cobourg, same, s/o John GARRY & Catherine MULHALL, married Agnes Theresa LYONS, 24, Cobourg, same, d/o Dennis LYONS & Margaret BULGER, witn Thomas BULGER & Martha LYONS both of Cobourg, 20 June 1906 at Cobourg
#014638-06 (Durham Co.) Arthur John GAY, 28, contractor & builder, Darlington, Darlington, s/o Henry GAY & Elizabeth MORROW; married Mary Ida Viola RUNDLE, 23, Darlington, Darlington, d/o Albert E. RUNDLE & Alfreda COURTICE; witn: Leopold COURTICE of Courtice & Ethel GAY of Courtice; 20 May 1906 at Darlington #014525-06 (Durham Co.) Anson GILROY, 22, farmer, Clarke Twp., Clarke Twp., son of John GILROY & Mary COWAN; married Mabel COWAN, 24, farmer's daughter, Clarke Twp., Clarke Twp., d/o John Henry COWAN & Isabella ARCHER; witn Oswald COWAN of Cowanville & Mabel MORGAN of Clarke; 2 May 1906 at Orono.
014439 -06 Samuel GLANVILLE, 24, Cornwall Eng., Bowmanville, laborer, s/o (father not given) & Phillipa GLANVILLE, married Florence Lynda PINGLE, 28, Bowmanville, same, d/o Thomas PINGLE & Fanny BURTON, witn. George PINGLE & Blanche PINGLE, both of Bowmanville, June 24 1906 at Bowmanville #014486-06 (Northumberland Co.) William GODDARD, 28, labourer, Scotland, Campbellford, s/o John Joseph GODDARD & Jane GRANT; married Mary SPINKS, 22, Percy, Campbellford, d/o Jacob SPINKS & Eliza BIRD; witn: Fred DOUGHTY & Philie DOUGHTY, both of Campbellford; 2 May 1906 at Campbellford
#014482-06 (Northumberland Co.) John Wesley GORDON, 20, farmer, Haldimand Twp., Haldimand Twp., s/o Charles GORDON & Theodoshia PRIT (Prout?); married Ella HANNAH, 23, Brighton Twp., Campbellford, d/o William HANNAH & Alvina HARRIS; witn: Ella HANNAH & Ethel May FUSEE, both of Campbellford; 29 Mar. 1906 at Campbellford 014436 -06 Thomas GRAHAM, 29, Ennisdale, same, grain dealer, s/o Thomas GRAHAM & Marsha PRIEST, married Janet McDONALD, 30, Baltimore Ont., Port Hope Ont., d/o Donald McDONALD & Liza McVITTY, witn. Era MEATH & M. E. MUNROE both of BOWMANVILLE, May 10, 1906 at Bowmanville
#014553-06 (Northumberland Co.) Albert Charles GREGORY, 23, locomotive engineer, London - England, Stratford - Ont., s/o Albert GREGORY & Mary BONEFICE; married Marian MacCASKILL, 24, Inverness-Scotland, Cobourg, d/o James MacCASKILL & Isabella McRAE; witn Margaret BEATTIE of Cobourg & Alice Mabel BEATTIE of Cobourg, 21 Apr.1906 at Cobourg. 014567-06 (Northumberland Co) James Rowland HALL, 36, medical doctor, Grafton, Kansas City, s/o John HALL & Mary Ann GEACEY?, married Lillie WOODRUFF, 33, Cobourg, same, d/o Thomas WOODRUFF & Ann CLARKE, witn Thomas Edgar WOODRUFF of Cobourg & Ellen Elizabeth HALL of Toronto, 25 Apr 1906 at Cobourg
014429 -06 Thomas E. HARDY, 38, Clarke twp, Whitby Ont, farmer, s/o Thomas HARDY, Mary BLACKBURN, married Nancy JEFFERY, 38, Darlington twp, Bowmanville, d/o Henry JEFFREY & Elizabeth HOOPER, witn. Ida LEAVENS & Arthur HARDY, Jan. 24 1906 at Bowmanville #014546-06 (Northumberland Co.) Albert Richard HARPER, 40, farmer, Hamilton Twp., Hamilton Twp., s/o Richard HARPER & Lucinda JIBB; married Mary Louisa BOLSTER, 32, teacher, Cobourg, Cobourg, d/o William BOLSTER & Isabella FLETCHER; witn Bertha B. BOLSTER of Cobourg & William. J. JIBB of Cold Springs; 24 Jan.1906 at Cobourg.
#014655-06 (Northumberland Co.) Duncan HARVIE, 21, farmer, Hamilton Twp., Alnwick Twp., s/o Edwin HARVIE & Mary ROBERTSON; married Charlotte Jane ISAAC, 22, Charlotte, Alnwick Twp., d/o (father not known) & Margery ISAAC; witn: James ISAAC of Alnwick Twp. and Ellen HARVIE of Alnwick Twp.; 28 Feb. 1906 at Bethesda #014576-06 (Northumberland Co.) William Osborne HARVIE, 25, farmer, Alnwick Twp., Roseneath Village, s/o George HARVIE & Kelista (surname not given); married Laura MUNROE, 19, Northumberland Co., Roseneath Village, d/o David MUNROE & Katherine LINGARD; witn C.P.S. CARMAN of Cobourg & E.H. SPRAGGE of Cobourg; 25 July 1906 at Cobourg.
014452-06 (Durham Co): Robert Alex HASTINGS, 27, laborer, Oshawa, Bowmanville, s/o William & Ann, married Lottie CORNISH, 27, not given, Oshawa, d/o William & Elizabeth, 3 Jan 1906 at Bowmanville 014415-06 (Northumberland Co) Barton William HEAL, 35, electrician, Alnwick tp, Peterborough, s/o James HEAL & Margaret FIFE, married Fanny VARCOE, 27, Alnwick tp, same, d/o John VARCOE & Ursula RICHARDSON, witn Orra & Mary VARCOE of Roseneath, 4 Sept 1906 at Alnwick Twp
041810 -1906 William HEENAN, 32, farmer, Grafton, Port Hope, s/o Michael HEENAN & Lean HARRIET, married Mabel BELL, 25, Grafton, same, d/o John BELL & Louisa EDDY, witn. M. HULL & Miss T. H. MILLIGAN both of Port Hope, Jan. 29 1906 at Port Hope  
#014574-06 (Northumberland Co.) John HERRINGTON, 29, farmer, Brighton Twp., Fenella, s/o Isaac HERRINGTON & Susan DUSENBURY; married Florence BARKER, 26, Hope Twp., Fenella, d/o Benjamin BARKER & Levina BROOK; witn Nora GILLARD of Toronto & Alice Mabel BEATTIE of Cobourg; 14 July 1906 at Cobourg. 014470 -06, W. Loyd HERRINGTON, 20, Brighton twp, same, farmer, s/o Lewis F. HERRINGTON & Elnora TOMPKINS, married Addie Grace RUSSELL, 19, Brighton twp, same, d/o William Henry RUSSELL & Ada Luella AMES, witn. H.L. RUSSELL & Isa B. SMITH both of Brighton, Nov. 20 1906 at twp. of Brighton
014475 -06, Abraham(?) HOLMES, 29, Canada, Madoc twp, farmer, s/o Abraham HOLMES & Isabel BAALIM, married Alice E. SMITH, 25, Canada, Madoc twp, d/o Joseph Smith & Elena HAZZARD, witn. James H. SMITH of Campbellford & Mary J. HOLMES of Queensborough, Jan. 24 1906 at Campbellford 041850 -1906 Thomas George HOLMES, 32, merchant, Port Hope, same, s/o John HOLMES & Ann Jane SKITCH, married Olive Mary RICHARDS, 32, Springville, Port Hope, d/o Henry RICHARDS & Elizabeth ROBINS, witn. Walter H.R RICHARDS of Toronto & Cordelia Jane GIBSON of Port Hope, Nov. 21 1906 at Port Hope
041827 -1906 Charles Lucius HOOPER, 22, painter, Bowmanville, Oshawa, s/o John T. HOOPER & Florence CRAPER, married Annie LARKIN, 22, d/o Timothy LARKIN & Kate HARPER, witn. A.E. SUTTCLIFFE & Mrs. R.M. BEST both of Lindsay, June 13 1906 at Port Hope #014644-06 (Durham Co.) William Wallace HORN, 27, clerk, Bowmanville, Toronto, s/o Charles HORN & Norah BAILEY; married Effie May ROBBINS, 24, Hampton, Hampton, d/o Eli ROBBINS & Elizabeth TRULL; witn: R.M. GIBSON of Toronto & R.M. HORN of Hampton; 31 Jul. 1906 at Hampton.
041832 -1906 George HUMPHREY, 21, clerk, Castleton, Coe Hill, s/o George HUMPHREY & Laura ARMSTRONG, married Emma WOODLEY, 24, Kirby, Coe Hill, d/o James WOODLEY & Sarah COOPER, witn. William WOODLEY & C. Douglas HENDERSON both of Port Hope, June 26 1906 at Port Hope  
#014526-06 (Durham Co.) James Waldeman HUNTER, 28, farmer, Clarke Twp., Clarke Twp., s/o James HUNTER & Henrietta WOOD; married Clara POLLARD, 22, farmer's daughter, Clarke Twp., Clarke Twp., d/o George POLLARD & Margaret COLVILLE; witn Henry ADOLPH of Orono & Kate McKAY of Orono; 16 May 1906 at Orono. #014453-06 (Durham Co): Wilbrand IMRIE, 63, widower, of Tillsonburg, s/o Peter IMRIE & Christina TODD, married Annie J. WEIR, 54, of Bowmanville, d/o William WEIR & Martha WILSON, witn: Carrie L. CHERRY & Annetta COLES, both of Bowmanville, 22 Aug 1906 at Bowmanville
#014617-06 (Northumberland Co.) Archibald IRELAND, 21, farmer, Percy, Cramahe, s/o Thomas IRELAND & Clara DAVIS; married Edith WARNER, 21, Cramahe, Cramahe, d/o John N. WARNER & Adeline HYCKE; witn: Roy HAYNES & Gertrude WARNER, both of Castleton; 26 Dec. 1906 at Cramahe #014801-06 (Northumberland Co) Charles Henry IRISH, 25, farmer, Percy, Percy, s/o Austin IRISH & Rebecca LEGGETT; married Nettie E. WEATHERSON, 19, Percy, Percy, d/o James WEATHERSON & Eliza FETTS; witn – Andy WEATHERSON & Pearl IRISH, both Percy, 31 Oct 1906, Percy
  041817 -1906 George Underwood ISAAC, 29, farmer, Haldimand twp, same, s/o William J. ISAAC & Agnes CARRUTHERS, married Jennie FORBES, 29, Haldimand twp, same, d/o Thomas Wilson FORBES & Fannie TIMLIN, witn. Joseph FORBES & Lilian ISAAC both of Haldimand twp., Mar. 21 1906 at Port Hope
#014520-06 (Durham Co.) George Henry JAMIESON, 37, labourer, Clarke Twp., Kendall, s/o Edward JAMIESON & Maria JOHNSTON; married Mary Ann BLUE, 20, farmer's daughter, Kendall, Clarke twp., d/o Neil BLUE and Margaret LOWERY; witn John PIPER of Newtonville and Fanny PIPER of Newtonville; 28 Feb.1906 at Newtonville. #014457-06 - William Martin JOBES, 61, widower, farmer, Kingston, Presqu’ile, s/o Thomas JOBES & Ann Jane DEVAN, married Cinthia Adelia TAYLOR, 46, Brighton, Presqu’ile, d/o Luman TAYLOR & Sophia GIBSON, witn: Mrs. T.J. EDMISON & Mrs. L.S. WIGHT, both of Brighton, 8 Nov 1906 at Brighton
#014484-06 (Northumberland Co.) Walter JONES, 24, lumberman, Canada, Campbellford, s/o Clem JONES & Phronie PARMAR(?); married Bessie SHAW, 21, Canada, Campbellford, d/o James SHAW & Maggie COCHRANE; witn: Jessie SHAW & Walter LOWE, both of Campbellford; 16 Apr. 1906 at Campbellford 041828 -1906 William John KENT, 38, druggist, Otonabee twp. Ottawa, s/o Hugh KENT & Julia Ann COLLINS, married Mertie May CURTIS, 32, Durham Co. Port Hope, witn. Cedric M. GODDARD of Ottawa & Kate CURTIS of Port Hope, June 10 1906 at Port Hope
#014636-06 (Durham Co.) Frank Ruse KERSLAKE, 26, druggist, Darlington, Bowmanville, s/o George KERSLAKE & Maria RUSE; married Bessie Maude SHORT, 24, Darlington, Darlington, d/o William SHORT & Annie COWLING; witn: Gertrude CREEPER of Hampton & Effie M. ROBBINS of Hampton; 25 Apr. 1906 at Darlington.  
#014648-06 (Durham Co.) Joseph George KNAPP, 26, farmer, Darlington, Darlington, s/o Tom KNAPP & Harriet BEACOCK; married Bertha May GOODMAN, 21, Darlington, Darlington, d/o Fred GOODMAN & Mary ANGER; witn: Roger B. BEACOCK & Hilda SLEMON of Haydon; 28 Nov. 1906 at Haydon. #014485-06 (Northumberland Co.) Isaac LAIN, 28, farmer, Seymour, Seymour, s/o Arcantus LAIN & Sarah BARNUM; married Alice Mary CORNISH, 20, England, Campbellford, d/o John E. CORNISH & Mary J. EDGVAN (Edgman?); witn: Mary FUSEE & Ethel May FUSEE, both of Campbellford; 25 Apr.1906 at Campbellford.
014437 -06 William Christmas LAKE, 44, Clarke twp, Newcastle, farmer, s/o William T. LAKE & Eliza FLEGG, married Elizabeth Ann MOYSE, 34, Darlington twp, Newcastle, d/o Henry WEBBER & Susanna MARTIN, witn. Barbara STEVENS & Mary HENRY both of Bowmanville, June 5 1906 at Bowmanville 014466 -06, George Jacob LAWSON, 47, Murray twp, same, farmer, s/o Hiram LAWSON & Elizabeth MEYER, married Rose E. McGORMAN, 48, Murray twp, same, d/o Henry GOULD & Emeline BLY, witn. Robert SMITH & Mrs. A. H. FOSTER both of Smithfield, Aug. 23 1906 at Smithfield
014414-06 (Northumberland Co) Aaron LEACH, 40, farmer, Haldimand tp, same, s/o George LEACH & Jane NICHOL, married Anna May BROWN, 29, Alnwick tp, same, d/o James BROWN & Mary JOHNSTON, witn Mr & Mrs John BROWN of Roseneath, 6 June 1906 at Alnwick Twp  
041849 -1906 John Henry LINGARD, 20, farmer, Hope twp, Port Hope, s/o Henry LINGARD & Margaret LEE, married Violet WILSON, 18, Hope twp, Port Hope, d/o Christopher WILSON & Martha ROE, witn. Norman COOK & Mary COOK both of Port Hope, Nov. 21 1906 at Port Hope #014463-06 - Edward LOWE, 22, farmer, Murray, Brighton twp., s/o Lowan LOWE & Martha MACK, married Lucy TERRY, Brighton twp., same, d/o Charles TERRY & Maggie JERALD?, 18 April 1906 at Hilton
014416-06 (Northumberland Co) William John (J W) MacDONALD, 31, shoemaker, Toronto, Campbellford, s/o Donald MAC DONALD & Mary HARDWICK, married Tessa WEST, 22, Alnwick tp, same, d/o Stephen WEST & Racheal JOHNSTON, witn James MORROW of Norwood & Maggie WEST of Roseneath, 29 Sept 1906 at Alnwick Twp #014481-06 (Northumberland Co.) John Donald MacKAY, 30, mechanic, Campbellford, Campbellford, s/o William MacKAY & Esther CESNEE(?); married Anne Louise WHITTON, 23, Ontario, Trenton, d/o Frank WHITTON & Mary MACDONALD; witn: W.J. DOXSEE & G. MITCHELL, both of Campbellford; 6 Mar. 1906 at Campbellford
014566-06 (Northumberland Co) William MACKLOW, 30, laborer, England, Hamilton Ont, s/o Joseph & Annie MACKLOW, married Ann Marie ASHWORTH, age not given, widow, Manchester England, Cobourg, d/o John CABMAN & not given, witn Benjamin WHITEHEAD & Elizabeth CLEGG of Cobourg, 2 July 1906 at Cobourg 041812 -1906 Ray Robin MALLORY, 25, farmer, Percy twp, Hamilton twp, s/o Caleb Alwood MALLORY & Harriet Ann FURLONG, married Ella Lillian MALLORY, 17, Haldimand twp, same, d/o Charles Henry MALLORY & Florence WOOD, witn. M. HULL of Port Hope & Eleanor MALLORY of Cobourg, Feb. 15 1906, at Port Hope
014422-06 Christopher MARSDEN, 29, Saugeen Co. Grey, Alnwick reserve, farmer, s/o James MARSDEN & SOPHIA MADWAYOSH, married Tillie LUKES, 27, Alnwick reserve, same, d/o William LUKES & Ellen CROWE, witn. Maud LUKES & Margaret DUPRAU, Oct. 30 1906 at Roseneath Alnwick  
#014784-06 (Northumberland Co) Andrew MAGEE, 39, Widower, farmer, Asphodel, Asphodel, s/o Andrew MAGEE & Margaret STINSON; married Grace TAYLOR, 20, Haldimand, Percy, d/o John TAYLOR & Isabella PETRA; witn – M.L. JOHNSTON & Ethel LITTLE, both Warkworth, 28 Mar 1906, Percy #014447-06 (Durham Co): Harry Lorne MARTYN, 22, merchant, Bowmanville, same, s/o John Brown MARTYN & Elizabeth HOOPER, married Annie Rowe TAPSON, 23, dress maker, Bowmanville, same, d/o William TAPSON & Annie ROWE, witn: Herbert V. MOYES & Edna Irene ROWE, both of Bowmanville, 10 Oct 1906 at Bowmanville
#014610-06 - Frank Percival MASSEY, 21, farmer, Morganstown, same, s/o Marcus MASSEY & Mary McKAGUE, married Keitha Pearl LLOYD, 19, Morganstown, same, d/o Thomas LLOYD & Henrietta GOULD, witn: Aaron Oliver KNIGHT of Warkworth & Zella GUMMER of Norham, 5 Sept 1906 at Cramahe 014803-06 (Northumberland Co) Herman MASTERS, 2?, farmer, Percy, Haldimand, s/o George MASTERS & Almira BABCOCK; married Mary FREEMAN, 21, servant, Haldimand, Haldimand, d/o William FREEMAN & Elizabeth ORSER; witn – Mrs E.S.M. CROOKSHANK & Mrs. F.A. SMITH, both Percy, 19 Dec 1906, Percy
014474 -06, James McALPINE, 27, Seymour, same, farmer, s/o Robert McALPINE & Charlotte JONES, married Mable PRICE, 21, Seymour, same, d/o John PRICE & Hennrietta PETHRICK, witn. RUBY & Ava FUSIE both of Campbellford, Jan. 10 1906 at Campbellford 014467 -06, Murray Clark McCANN, 21, Sterling, Warkworth, farmer, s/o Edmund Murray McCANN & Alice Mallosa CLARK, married Mary Margaret OWENS, 19, Brighton, Warkworth, d/o Joseph OWENS & Margaret Euphemia FINLEY, witn. Clayton TUCKER of Sterling & Lillian Frances RICHARDSON of Warkworth, Sept. 5 1906 at Warkworth
#014488-06 (Northumberland Co.) George S. McCARTNEY, 34, clerk, Canada, Peterborough, s/o Hamilton McCARTNEY & Margaret SANDHAM; married Leona J. VOGLE, 31, widow, Canada, Peterborough, d/o John ADAMS & Jessie MOORE; witn: J.A. SHARP & Mrs. J.A. SHARP, both of Peterborough; 12 June 1906 at Campbellford. #014788-06 (Northumberland Co) John William McCONNELL, 28, W, farmer, Richmond, Richmond, s/o William McCONNELL & Margaret MAXWELL; married Mable Estella HALL, 28, Haldimand, Percy, d/o Albert HALL & Emma RODGERS; witn – Thomas HALL & Ethel BOYCE, both Percy, 11 April 1906, Percy
#014464-06 - Harry McDONALD, 21, farmer, Colborne, same, s/o Marshall McDONALD & Mary BROWN, married Edna SNELGROVE, 19, Brighton, same, d/o John SNELGROVE & Emma MARSH, witn: William McBRIDE of Campbellford & Dora SNELGROVE of Brighton, 18 April 1906 at Brighton twp #014578-06 (Northumberland Co.) John James McGILL, 29, civil servant, Brantford, Ottawa, s/o John James McGILL & Bridget Mary CUNNINGHAM; married Ethel Elizabeth WARD, 23, teacher, Camborne, Cobourg, d/o Charles WARD & Elizabeth Ann CULLIS; witn Sherwin T. SMITH of Ottawa & Ada Louise WARD of Cobourg; 29 Aug.1906 at Cobourg.
#014552-06 (Northumberland Co.) George Montrose McGUIRE, 35, hotel keeper, Campbellford, Thomasburgh, s/o James McGUIRE & Elizabeth GUYETTE; married Carrie DEVINEY, 21, Haldimand Twp., Haldimand Twp., d/o James DEVINEY & Martha BOYD; witn John Alexander CARSON of Haldimand Twp. & Alma Elizabeth DEVINEY of Cobourg; 21 Mar.1906 at Cobourg. #014614-06 (Northumberland Co.) Roderick McKENZIE, 23, farmer, Alnwick Twp., Haldimand Twp., s/o William McKENZIE & Clara ROGERS; married Sarah McKEAN, 18, Glasgow Scotland, Haldimand Twp., d/o (not given); witn: John McKENZIE & Annie McKENZIE, both of Eddystone; 19 Dec. 1906 at Castleton
#014450-06 (Durham Co): William James McMASTER, 25, laborer, Belfast Ireland, Oshawa, s/o James McMASTER & Jane CLARKE, married Sarah HALL, 20, Darlington, Oshawa, d/o Francis HALL & Polly CORNESLE (Corneil?), witn: Mrs. HALL of Oshawa & Mrs. EMORY of Bowmanville, 12 Dec 1906 at Bowmanville 014428 -06 David A. McMULLIN, 36, Clarke twp, Kendall Ont. farmer, s/o John McMULLIN & Mary A. SMITH, married Alice M. BOUGHEN, 18, Kendall, same, d/o Thomas BOUGHEN & Elizabeth CUP, witn. Richard MALLORY & Mrs. EMORY, Jan. 24 1906 at Bowmanville
#014445-06 (Durham Co): Finlay McD McNAUGHTON, 34, civil engineer, Newington, Manitoba, s/o Alex McNAUGHTON & Jane McKAY, married Isabel WILSON, 30, dress maker, Newcastle Ont., Bowmanville, d/o Joseph WILSON & Martha BROWN, witn: MR. & Mrs. George R. MASON of Bowmanville, 18 Sept 1906 at Bowmanville #014518-06 (Durham Co.) George MELROSE, 36, well driller, Alma Twp., Listowel Ont., s/o Thomas MELROSE & Agnes GRAY; married Helen Jane GRAY, 26, farmer's daughter, Clarke Twp., Newtonville, d/o George GRAY & Jane HISLOP; witn J.E.W. PHILP of Newcastle and M. DONOVAN of Toronto; 25 Jan.1906 at Clarke Twp.
041847 -1906 David MILLER, 34, farmer, Douro twp, same, s/o Stephen MILLER & Margaret METHVEN, married Sarah Margaret COLEMAN, 39, Percy twp, Hope twp, d/o Vincent Able COLEMAN & Sarah Margaret MASSON, witn. Robert MILLER of Douro & Helen A. COLEMAN of Port Hope, Oct. 16 1906 at Port Hope  
014424 -06 Harry A. MILLSON, 29, Newcastle, Cleveland USA, postman, s/o John MILLSON & Enice BARRETT, married Fannie M. ELLEANOR, 28, Bowmanville, same, d/o William ELLEANOR & Martha CHERRY, witn. Margaret Young & Melvin C. SCOTT, Jan. 16 1906 at Bowmanville #014787-06 (Northumberland Co) Robert J_? MITCHELL, 38, farmer, Cramahe, Cramahe, s/o Samuel MITCHELL & Ester SWEET; married Ethel Maud COLE, 24, d/o Isaac R. COLE & Margaret DRIMMETT?; witn – Edwin MITCHELL, Cramahe & Florence COLE, Percy, 28 Mar 1906, Percy
041811 -1906 Charles Henry MOISE, 39, news agent, Hope twp, Port Hope, s/o Benjamin MOISE & Nora Jane TRICK, married Ida Jane McELROY, 34, hope twp, Port Hope, d/o Mark McELROY, Harriet WEBSTER (place not given), witn. Mr. & Mrs. Harry AUSTIN of Port Hope, Feb. 14 1906 at Port Hope 014468 -06, William O MONTGOMERY, 24, Brighton twp, same, farmer, s/o George C. MONTGOMERY & Charity CROUTER, married, Effa GAINSFORTH, 24, Brighton twp, same, d/o John GAINSFORTH & Mary L. CRANDALL, witn. Steven HERRINGTON of Murray twp. & Bessie GAINSFORTH of Brighton, Oct. 17 1906 at Brighton twp.
041829 -1906 Thomas Clifford MORRISON, 24, file cutter, Campbellford, Port Hope, s/o Thomas MORRISON & Elizabeth COLEN, married Lena May THOMAS, 21, Knoxville Pennsylvania U.S., d/o John THOMAS & Carrie WATKINS, witn. Gilbert MORRISON & Marinda C. POWERS both of Port Hope, June 20 1906 at Port Hope #014647-06 (Durham Co.) John Henry Holmes MUNDAY, 31, widower, farmer, Darlington, Darlington, s/o Mark MUNDAY & Rebecca MOORE; married Charlotte WILKINS, 27, Smith Twp., Darlington, d/o Ed WILKINS & Margaret Tyler NELSON; witn: Morley WILKINS of Courtice & Gladys MUNDAY of Bowmanville; 5 Dec. 1906 at Darlington
014409-06 (Northumberland Co) Edward Stanley NICHOL, 21, farmer, Alnwick tp, same, s/o Francis NICHOL & Ruth JANES, married Hazel Victoria DROPE, 20, Harwood, Alnwick tp, d/o David DROPE & Susan CUFF, witn Francis NICHOL & David DROPE of Roseneath, 15 Feb 1906 at Alnwick Twp #014555-06 (Northumberland Co.) Edward O’HARE, 36, woolen manufacturer, Midland, Midland, s/o Michael Joseph O’HARE & Ellen HOWARD; married Mary GROSJEAN, 28, Hamilton Twp., Hamilton Twp., d/o John GROSJEAN & Mary Ellen NOLAN; witn J.D. O’CONNEL of Lindsay & Alice GROSJEAN of Cobourg; 26 Apr.1906 at Cobourg.
#014790-06 (Northumberland Co) William Henry OLIVER, 32, farmer, Percy, Percy, s/o John C. OLIVER & Elmira HOPKINS; married Fanny Irene CHAPPELL, 35, Cramahe, Percy, d/o Elijah CHAPPELL & Lucette STUBBS; witn – Oscar B. HOPKINS & Emma CHAPPELL, both Percy, 23 May 1906, Percy #014793-06 (Northumberland Co) Samuel Wilson PARKS, 35, farmer, Brighton, Brighton, s/o Robert PARKS & Mattie Jane SMITH; married Susan HEDGER, 35, Percy, Percy, d/o William HEDGER & Sarah HAYES; witn – William HEDGER Jr & Martha HEDGER, both Percy, 11 July 1906, Warkworth
#014519-06 (Durham Co.) Robert Payne PATTERSON, 28, labourer, s/o George PATTERSON & Ann Jane PAYNE; married Nita BROWN, 18, farmer's daughter, Wicklow, Clarke Twp., d/o Dwight BROWN & Emma A. DAVEY; witn A.R. MOUNTEN of Orono and Ettie BATTEN of Orono; 14 Feb.1906 at Clarke Twp. 014434 -06 Richard PAUL, 29, Manvers twp, same, farmer, s/o Thomas PAUL & Elizabeth LEE, married Gertie McGILL, 22, Manvers twp, Bowmanville, d/o John James McGILL & Eliza Jane McDONALD, witn. John R. McDONALD of Bowmanville & Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, Apr. 11 1906 at Bowmanville
#014462-06 - Francis Herald PEARSON, 24, merchant, Canada, Brighton twp., s/o Francis Maybee PEARSON & Hanna PLATT, married Mary Ann SHORTT, 21, Canada, Brighton twp., s/o David C. STUART & Abbie Keniah VALLEAU, witn: H.S. PLATT of Burnley & Helen STUART of Brighton twp., 27 Feb 1906 at Brighton twp 014476 -06, Thomas PERRY, 21, England, Hastings, laborer, s/o Frank PERRY & Jane Anne PENNER, married Annie BURKE, 23, Ireland, Hastings, d/o James BURK & Mary BRYAN, witn. Marne(?) M. REID & Josephine McTAGGART both of Campbellford, Jan. 13 1906 at Campbellford
014473 -06, Sheldon J. PHILLIPS, 21, Brighton twp, same, farmer, s/o Harrison PHILLIPS & Heart CAMPBELL, married Hattie MAYBEE, 21, Brighton twp, same, d/o David E. MAYBEE & Mary J. WAY, witn. Clarence MAYBEE & Nettie PHILLIPS both of Brighton, Dec. 26 1906 at Brighton twp 041813 -1906 Arthur Philips POLLARD, 30, farmer, Clarke twp, Hope twp, s/o Peter Moses POLLARD & Margaret DAVIDSON, married Jane Mau? RODDICK, 31, Cobourg, Hamilton twp, d/o George RODDICK & Hannah Sophia HAGERMAN, witn. Robert H. RODDICK of Port Hope & Mrs. A.A. BURNHAM, Feb. 28 1906 at Port Hope
041814 -1906 Thomas Richard POMEROY, 28, laborer, Bruce Co., Port Hope, s/o Richard POMEROY & Hannah SANDERSON, married Sarah Elizabeth HARVEY, 28, Ireland, Port Hope, d/o Robert HARVEY & Agnes WALKER, witn. William S. POMEROY & Ruth M. RECORD both of Port Hope, Feb. 28 1906 at Port Hope 014545-06 (Northumberland Co.) Charles William POMEROY, 26, newspaper business, Cobourg, Winnipeg, s/o William H. POMEROY & Mary Smith; married Olive M. WOODCOCK, 25, nurse, Cobourg, Cobourg, d/o Louis WOODCOCK & Mary BEVAN; witn A.D. McCAUGHEY of Toronto & Queenie WOODCOCK of Cobourg; 9 Jan.1906 at Cobourg.
#014455-06 - Charles Alexander POST, 25, barber, Brighton, Colborne, s/o Irwin POST & Katie DONAGHY, married Julia MAHONEY, 24, Alton, same, d/o Michael MAHONEY & Ellen DONABAN, witn: William WARREN of Colborne & Lillie TAYLOR of Brighton, 25 July 1906 at Brighton #014448-06 (Durham Co): Thomas William POWELL, 22, laborer, Leeds England, Bowmanville, s/o Thomas POWELL & Mary WILKINSON, married Mary HORN, 25, Plymouth England, Bowmanville, d/o John J. HORN & Sarah TURNER, witn: William HORN & E.W. MUNSON, both of Bowmanville, 13 Oct 1906 at Bowmanville
014431 -06 George POWELL, 53, Port Perry, Orillia, Horse dealer, s/o James POWELL & Jane VANSICKLEN, married Elizabeth WATSON, 29, Lindsay, Bowmanville, d/o James & Annie WATSON, witn. James & Rachael WATSON both of Bowmanville, Mar. 15 1906 at Bowmanville  
#014575-06 (Northumberland Co.) Reginald John Manley POWER, 28, architect, Kingston, Cobourg, s/o Joseph William POWER & Edith MORTON; married Lenore DENNIS, 20, Cobourg, Cobourg, d/o Hugh C. DENNIS & Jessie CLARK; witn Oliver DENNIS of Cobourg & Gertrude POWER of Kingston; 11 July 1906 at Cobourg. #014785-06 (Northumberland Co) George PRATT, 39, Widower, farmer, Haldimand, Haldimand, s/o John PRATT & Hannah SOLE; married Elizabeth RITCHIE, 25, Haldimand, Haldimand, d/o John & Mary RITCHIE; witn – M.L. JOHNSTON & Ethel LITTLE, both Warkworth
#014798-06 (Northumberland Co) James A.C. PRESTON, 26, farmer, Asphodel, Asphodel, s/o John PRESTON & Henrietta HUTCHISON; married Mary J. STINSON, 22, Percy, Percy, d/o William W. STINSON & Christina COCHRANE; witn – Willis PRESTON, Asphodel & Annie STINSON, Percy, 26 Sept 1906, Percy #014568-06 (Northumberland Co.) William PROCTOR, 25, grinder, England, Port Hope, s/o William PROCTOR & Alice (surname not given); married Jane STODDART, 30, Ireland, Port Hope, d/o William STODDART & Jane ROSEMOND, witn William RUSSELL of Cobourg & Mabel L. GREEN of Cobourg; 7 July 1906 at Cobourg.
#014621-06 (Northumberland Co.) George Frederick PURDY, 27, farmer, Canada, Cramahe, s/o E.H. PURDY & Prudence CURTIS; married Florence Mabel GRIFFIS, 22, Canada, Cramahe, d/o Jos. P. GRIFFIS & Margaret RUTHERFORD; witn: Helen ELLIOTT of Port Hope & Cecil A. MUTTON of Dundonald; 7 Feb.1906 at Cramahe. #014783-06 (Northumberland Co) Bruce Mo QUACKENBUSH, 30, tailor, Brighton, Warkworth, s/o Calvin QUACKENBUSH & Mary CARNRIK; married Mina SPRUNG, 28, nurse, Cramahe twp, Nashville Tenn USA, d/o John SPRUNG & Susanah FLEMMING; witn – George C. QUACKENBUSH & Etta ANGUS, both Warkworth, 21 March 1906, Percy
#014632-06 (Durham Co.) Ernest RAYMENT, 24, farmer, England, Darlington, parents not known; married Rosa WILSON, 21, Darlington, Darlington, d/o George WILSON & Isabella HARNER (Horner?); witn: A.K. EDMISON of Tyrone & Mrs. L.S. WIGHT of Tyrone; 7 Mar. 1906 at Tyrone #014633-06 (Durham Co.) Robert READER, 24, farmer, Scugog, Scugog, s/o John READER & Mary Ann PLOWMAN; married Helen M. MONTGOMERY, 24, Darlington, Darlington, d/o David MONTGOMERY & Caroline VanNEST; witn: John MONTGOMERY of Darlington & Lulu READER of Scugog; 21 Feb. 1906 at Darlington.
  014471 -06, George Wallace REDDOM, 20, Brighton twp, same, farmer, s/o William REDDOM & Edela TOWNS, married Ida Rose RITTWAGE, 19, Brighton twp, same, d/o Frank RITTWAGE & Adeline WICKS, witn., Harry REDDOM & Ethel RITTWAGE both of Brighton twp., Nov. 28 1906 at Brighton twp
#014796-06 (Northumberland Co) David James RICHARDSON, 27, farmer, Percy, Percy, s/o Thomas RICHARDSON & Margaret EWING; married Sarah Elizabeth YOUNG, 20, Percy, Percy, d/o William YOUNG & Johana STICKLES; witn – Earnest E. STICKLES, Roseneath & Bella RICHARDSON, Percy, 26 Sept 1906, Percy #014583-06 - Charles Levon or Charles Leeman (sic) ROBERTS, 30, farmer, Grafton, Baltimore, s/o William ROBERTS & Emily KING; married Clara Northcombe THOMPSON, 30, Hamilton Twp., Cobourg, d/o William THOMPSON & Mary Ann CHAPMAN; witn William THOMPSON of Cobourg & Mrs. WICKS of Cobourg; 24 Oct.1906 at Cobourg.
014427 -06 George ROBINSON, 22, Newcastle, same, farmer, Thomas ROBINSON & Margaret MORROW, married May LOVEKIN, 19, Newcastle, same, d/o Frederick LOVEKIN & Annie HEARD, witn. Mrs. EMORY & Lena HADDY both of Bowmanville, Jan. 24 1906 at Bowmanville #014581-06 (Northumberland Co.) William Edgar RORABECK, (age illegible - very blurred), insurance agent, Picton, Bethel Prince Edward Co., s/o Thomas RORABECK & Sarah E. CARMAN; married Alice Marie RORABECK, 20, Point Peter Prince Edward Co., same, d/o Spencer RORABECK & Henrietta DAINARD; witn D.W. MINAKER of Cobourg & C.S.B. FAIRBANKS of Cobourg; 20 Sept.1906 at Cobourg.
#014480-06 (Northumberland Co.) William ROWE, 24, cheese maker, Canada, Campbellford, s/o Thomas ROWE & Ellen PETHERICK; married Millie SHORE, 18, Canada, Seymour, d/o Arthur SHORE & Mary McNAUGHTON; witn: Belle REEVES & Janet WOOD, both of Campbellford; 14 Mar. 1906 at Campbellford #014524-06 (Durham Co.) Herbert John RUSSELL, 38, machinist, Millbrook, Millbrook, s/o W.G. RUSSELL & Maggie BURTON; married Ada A. TRULL, 33, farmer's daughter, Clarke Twp., Liskard, d/o Alfred TRULL & Elizabeth NORTHCOTT; witn Dr. A.L. RUSSELL of Millbrook & Elva TRULL of Liskard; 25 Apr.1906 at Liskard.
014472 -06, Harry Leroy RUSSELL, 20, Brighton twp, same, farmer, 20, s/o William H. RUSSELL & Ada Luella AMES, married Bessie SMITH, 19, Brighton twp. same, d/o John Franklin SMITH & Jennie Aluera(?) FENNELL, witn. Harry HODGES & Aggie SMITH both of Brighton, Dec. 19 1906 at Apple Grove FARM Brighton twp 041833 -1906 Joseph William RUTTER, 21, marble cutter, Kansas City US., Port Hope, s/o William RUTTER & Mary Etta ROBE, married, Ruby Amy PEACOCK, 24, Hope twp, Port Hope, d/o John H. PEACOCK & Mary THOMPSON, witn. Robert Bailey THOMPSON of Port Hope & Norma COUCH of Bowmanville, June 27 1906 at Port Hope
  #014646-06 (Durham Co.) Norman W. SANDERS, 22, factory foreman, Darlington, Oshawa, s/o John SANDERS & Mara A. CREEK; married Ethel May BALSON, 23, Darlington, Darlington, d/o John BALSON & Susanna BALE; witn: John GERRY of Whitby & Elsie BELSON of Darlington; 28 Nov. 1906 at Darlington
#014797-06 (Northumberland Co) William E. SHERWIN, 21, farmer, Orillia, Percy, s/o Robert SHERWIN & Louisa TAYLOR; married Alice A. HICKS, 18, Percy, Percy, d/o James HICKS & Charlotte IRELAND; witn – Henry SHERWIN, Percy & Emma IRELAND, Haldimand, 26 Sept 1906, Percy #014558-06 (Northumberland Co.) Henry SMITH, 58, carpenter, Hamilton Twp., Cobourg, widower, s/o John SMITH & Jane FISHER, married Jennie JAYNES, 41, Hay Bay, Napanee, widow, d/o David MOORE & Sarah Mahala POST; witn John H. DAVIDSON of Cobourg & Mary J. DAVIDSON of Cobourg; 15 May.1906 at Cobourg.
014562-06 (Northumberland Co) Wilbert SMITH, 23, farmer, Alnwick tp, same, s/o Sidney SMITH & Mary Ann PACEY, married Fannie Maud DOWN, 17, Haldimand tp, Alnwick tp, d/o John DOWN & Emily Mary MACKLIN, witn Jessie May DOWN of Grafton & Joseph SMITH of Centreton, 13 June 1906 at Cobourg #014631-06 (Durham Co.) Charles H. SNOWDEN, 26, farmer, Darlington, Darlington, s/o Sam SNOWDEN & Grace BELLATT; married Winnie E. AXFORD, 21, Darlington, Darlington, d/o Charles AXFORD & Polly POWERS; witn: W.J. SNOWDEN of Darlington & Ethel AXFORD of Darlington; 14 Feb. 1906 at Darlington
#014483-06 (Northumberland Co.) William SPENCE, 25, shoemaker, Canada, Campbellford, s/o Robert SPENCE & Maggie SPENCE; married Hattie CUMMING, 21, Canada, Campbellford, d/o Robert CUMMING & Harriet HERMISTON; witn: Ethel JOYCE & Robert CUMMING Jr., both of Campbellford; 11 Apr. 1906 at Campbellford. 014465 -06, W.L. SPRUNG, 30, Hilton, same, teacher, s/o Manly SPRUNG & Malissa JOHNSON, married Jessie L. McAULEY, 28, Hilton, same, d/o William J. McAULEY & Hattie E. DAY, witn. Orloff MAY of Smithfield & Nina McAULEY of Hilton, July 11 1906 at Hilton
#014456-06 - Thomas Charles STANTON, 24, laborer, England, Brighton, s/o Thomas STANTON & Ellen BROWN, married Margaret GUNN, 28, England, Brighton, d/o Donald GUNN & Mary PURVIS, witn: Thomas STANTON of Brighton & Nellie COLWELL of Toronto, 7 Sept 1906 at Brighton 014563-06 (Northumberland Co) William Arnold STAPLES, 24, merchant, Victoria Ont, Cobourg, s/o William STAPLES & Susan C McCLAUGHLIN, married Eva Irene MINAKER, 23, Cobourg, same, d/o Calvin MINAKER & Mary Jane BEATTY, witn Ernest J JOLLIFFE of Toronto & Susan G STAPLES of Winnipeg, 5 June 1906 at Cobourg
#014451-06 (Durham Co): Richard T. STEPHENS, 50, farmer, not given, Bowmanville, s/o Jonathan & Mary, married Annie Amelia CLEMENTS, 40, not given, Bowmanville, d/o Joseph & Charlotte, 1 Aug 1906 at Bowmanville #014789-06 (Northumberland Co) Edward Watson STEVENS, 25, laundryman, Colborne, Colborne, s/o Addison STEVENS & Rosa TWEEDY; married Jeanette Evelyne FAUX, 24, Westwood, Hastings, d/o Thomas FAUX & Ann ANDERSON; witn – M.L. JOHNSTON, Warkworth & E.A. HAMBLY, Drayton, 2 June 1906, Warkworth
014443 -06 Richard Thomas STEVENS, 50, Bowmanville, same, farmer, s/o Jonathan STEPHENS & Mary McMURTY, married Annie Aurelia CLEMENS, 40, Darlington twp, Bowmanville, d/o Joseph CLEMENS & Charlotte ROSEVEAR, witn., Ida STEPHENS & Ida CLEMENS both of Bowmanville, Aug. 1 1906 at Bowmanville 041844 -1906 Alexander STEVENSON, 33, laborer, Hamilton twp, same, s/o John STEVENSON & Ellen HOGG, married Alice Louise GIBSON, 25, Hamilton twp, Cobourg, d/o David GIBSON & Margaret STEVENSON, witn. Mrs. G.E. ABRAHAM & Miss. K.E. MAW both of Port Hope, Oct. 3 1906 at Port Hope
#014549-06 (Northumberland Co.) Albert STOTT, 22, teamster, Cobourg, Cobourg, s/o James STOTT and Jane CROSSEN; married Margaret McHENRY, 28, Cobourg, Cobourg, d/o John McHENRY & Delia DOYLE; witn Fred COBOURNE of Cobourg & Kate McHENRY of Cobourg; 12 Feb.1906 at St. Michael’s Church Cobourg. #014634-06 (Durham Co.) Evert STRUTT, 26, section man, Darlington, Burketon, s/o Henry STRUTT & Ellen JEWELL; married Rebecca Ada Jane SCOTT, 27, Darlington, Pontypool, d/o William SCOTT & Mary Ann GRANDY; witn: Edgar STRUTT of Darlington & Edith Laura Rose STRUTT of Darlington; 28 Mar. 1906 at Enniskillen.
#014640-06 (Durham Co.) Arthur Robert SUMMERHAYES, 28, farmer, Wales, Darlington, s/o William SUMMERHAYES & Hannah TOZER; married Elizabeth CHART, 25, England, Darlington, d/o Richard CHART & Anna VALENTINE; witn: Maisie E. TREBILCOCK of Enniskillen & Emma S. SNOWDEN of Enniskillen; 16 June 1906 at Enniskillen. 041825 -1906 George Wilmot SWAISLAND, 33, banker, Brantford, Edmonton Alberta, s/o Wilmot SWAISLAND & Maria WYE, married, Margaret Julia METCALFE, 26, England, Port Hope, d/o George Alfred METCALFE & Julia Ann WILMOT, witn. C.C. FIELD of Winnipeg & E.H. McLEAN of Newcastle, June 5 1906 at Port Hope
041818 -1906 Charles Edmund SWAISLAND, 31, commercial traveler, Brantford, Port Hope, s/o Wilmot SWAISLAND & Maria WYE, married Maud Adelaide METCALFE, 30, England, Port Hope, d/o George Alfred METCALFE & Julia Ann WILMOT, witn. W.W. McKINLEY & M.J. METCALFE both of Port Hope, Mar. 20 1906 at Port Hope 041843 -1906 James T. SWIFT, 40, commercial traveller, Toronto, same, s/o James SWIFT & Teresa, married Charlotte E.E. HOLLAND, 23, Ottawa, Montreal, d/o George C. HOLLAND & Alison ROBINSON, witn. Grace HENDERSON & Maude E. HENDERSON both of Port Hope, Oct. 3 1906 at Port Hope
#014799-06 (Northumberland Co) James Alexander SYKES, 25, farmer, Percy, Percy, s/o William SYKES (deceased) & Charlotte SHEARER; married Maggie SKINKLE, 21, Percy, Percy, d/o Alonzo SKINKLE & Grace LANE; witn – Charles DIAMOND & Mamie DIAMOND, both Peterboro, 9 Oct 1906, Percy (also 14805-06) 041826 -1906 Archibald TAIT, 50, merchant, Bowmanville, same, s/o Archibald TAIT & Margaret GALLOWAY, married Hannah A. McNALL, 40, Hope twp, Port Hope, d/o Luther McNALL & Jane DAVIS, witn. Alfetta IRWIN & Rose McNALL both of Port Hope, June 5 1906 at Port Hope
041808 -1906 Samuel Charles TAYLOR, 19, file maker, Grafton, Port Hope, s/o Charles TAYLOR & Amanda MAYBEE, married Christina Maud McNAUGHTON, 20, Campbellford, Port Hope, d/o Neil Duncan McNAUGHTON & Esther Eliza GOBET, witn. Neil McNAUGHTON, & Olive SMITH both of Port Hope, Jan. 15 1906 at Port Hope 041848 -1906 John THOMAS, 28, blacksmith, England, Port Hope, s/o William & Mary THOMAS, married Nellie ROSKROW, 25, England, Port Hope, d/o William ROSKROW & Levenia NICKOLL, witn. William T. HAWKINS & Maude HUTCHINGS both of Port Hope, Nov. 20 1906 at Port Hope
#014521-06 (Durham Co.) John James THORNTON, 27, farmer, Clarke Twp., Clarke Twp., s/o Charles Jonas THORNTON & Eleanor HUGHSON; married S.E.Gertrude DAVEY, 25, farmer's daughter; Clarke Twp., Clarke Twp., d/o John DAVEY & Mary RICKABY; witn C.E. THORNTON of Kirby & Sadie BROWN of Orono; 14 May 1906 at Liskard. 014442 -06 Frederick W. TREBILCOCK, 22, Bowmanville, same, commercial traveler, s/o Paul C. TREBILCOCK & Christina SINCLAIR, married, Julia Victoria TAMBLYN, 21, Bowmanville, same, d/o William W. TAMBLYN & Julia FERGUSON, witn. Paul E. TREBILCOCK & Beatrice TAMBLYN both of Bowmanville, July 6 1906 at Bowmanville
#014639-06 (Durham Co.) William Henry TREWIN, 24, farmer, Darlington, Darlington, s/o William TREWIN & Annie ROBERTS; married Ida May STAINTON, 22, Darlington, Darlington, d/o John STAINTON & Elizabeth VIRTUE; witn: Sidney John TREWIN of Haydon & Florence VIRTUE of Enniskillen; 31 May 1906 at Haydon. #014643-06 (Durham Co.) John Montague TRIMMER, 31, warehouse manager, birthplace not given, Toronto, s/o Benj. TRIMMER & Mary KEEP; married Katherine May VIRTUE, 25, Enniskillen, Enniskillen, d/o John W. VIRTUE & Ellen STAINTON; witn: Henry Albert TRIMMER of Toronto & Florence VIRTUE of Enniskillen; 11 July 1906 at Enniskillen
#014550-06 (Northumberland Co.) Oliver TURNER, 31, farmer, Devonshire - England, Yorkton NWT, s/o Samuel TURNER & Mary IRWIN; married Emma MORRIS, 33, Grafton, Cobourg, d/o Charles MORRIS & Eliza SMITH; witn Ida WHIMPSETT of Cobourg & Albert WELLS of Hamilton Twp.; 21 Feb.1906 at Cobourg. #014618-06 (Northumberland Co.) Robert Blake TURNEY, 20, laborer, (birthplace not given), Colborne; s/o William Asa TURNEY & Mary HESSELTINE; married Edith CARR, 16, (birthplace not given), Morganston; d/o George CARR & Sarah ROBINSON; witn: George & Mrs. ROBINSON, both of Morganston; (date not given) at Cramahe
#014795-06 (Northumberland Co) Claude TWEED, 22, labourer, Canada, Haldimand, s/o John TWEED & Alice McLELLAND; married Mattie Almeda RIXON, 22, Canada, Cramahe, d/o Phineas RIXON & Almeda WARNER; witn – C.S.M. CROOKSHANK & T.M. BAILEY, both Percy, 12 Sept 1906, Percy 014560-06 (Northumberland Co.) Samuel Bell WARREN, 29, cutter, Toronto, London - Ont., s/o Alex WARREN & Susan GOURLEY; married Maria Mason ROBERTS, 25, Cobourg, Toronto, d/o William McKenzie ROBERTS & Jennie ANDERSON; witn Andrew Boyd WOODS of Lindsay & Annie A. WOODS of Lindsay; 4 June 1906 at Cobourg.
#014547-06 (Northumberland Co.) Robert WEBB, 21, carpenter, Baltimore, Cobourg, s/o Joseph William WEBB & Hattie VAIL; married Annie WILTON, 19, Centerton, Centerton, d/o Charles Edward WILTON & Emma Jane WINTER; witn Ehel (sic) LEWIS of Cobourg & Mabel CRAIG of Cobourg; 29 Jan.1906 at Cobourg. 014417-06 (Northumberland Co) Levi William WICHER, 45, widower, carpenter, Percy tp, same, s/o William WICHER & Sarah BAILEY, married Charlotte Jane HONEY, 40, Percy tp, same, d/o James HONEY & Jane SANDERS, witn Ida ELLENOR & Mrs DUPIAW? of Roseneath, 13 Nov 1906 at Alnwick Twp
014432 -06 James C. WILLIAMS, 24, Bowmanville, Toronto, rubber worker, s/o Edward WILLIAMS & Bertha THOMAS, married Lillian Frances LEGG, 25, Bowmanville, same, d/o Thomas LEGG & Sarah Ann WILLIAMS, witn. Thomas LEGG & Sarah Ann LEGG both of Bowmanville, Mar. 31 1906 at Bowmanville 014804-06 (Northumberland Co) George WILSON, 23, cheesemaker, Scotland, Percy, s/o George WILSON & Magdalina YULE; married Eliza ELLIOTT, 21, dressmaker, Percy, Percy, d/o James ELLIOTT & Elizabeth McMULL--?(cut off page); witn – George WILSON Sr. & Ida McLELLAND, both Percy, 19 Dec 1906, Percy
041815 -1906 Leonard Ball WRIGHT, 24, farmer, Campbellcroft, same, s/o William WRIGHT & Harriet BALL, married Sarah Jean ATKINS, 24, Garden Hill, Port Hope, d/o John ATKINS & Charlotte KELLS, witn. Cecil WALSH of Perry town & Annie ATKINS of Port Hope, Mar. 8 1906 at Port Hope #014623-06 (Northumberland Co.) David WRIGHT, 27, farmer, Brighton, Brighton Twp., s/o James WRIGHT & Eliz. FREE; married Mary Jane NEWCOMB, 30, widow, dressmaker, Brighton, Brighton, d/o Jas. VANSLYKE & Mary STICKLES; witn: Miss Bessie FARRELL & Mrs. Jos. FARRELL, both of Castleton; 20 June 1906 at Castleton.