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Northumberland & Durham Co., 1908

birth place is given before residence, if it was given on the registration


014677-08 Henry Burk ALLEN, 47, Farmer, of Millbrook, s/o Thomas William ALLEN & Jessie McCLEELAND; married Ida M. FAIR, 40, of Millbrook, d/o William FAIR & Ann MACAMUS; wit Thomas William ALLEN, Millbrook & Ellen McCAMUS, Peterboro, 9 Sept 1908, Millbrook

14437-08 (Durham Co): Weston Tyler ANDREWS, 49, salesman, divorced, Minnesota U.S., Orono, s/o Freman ANDREWS & Mary GANISBY, married Mary Hannah REYNOLDS, 47, Darlington, Darlington, d/o Francis REYNOLDS & Mary WADE, witn: Ethel CORNISH and Jennie ANDREWS both of Bowmanville 10 Apr 1908 at Bowmanville

014522-08 David ARMSTRONG, 35, Farmer, Cavan, Cavan, s/o David ARMSTRONG & Ann Jane ATKINS; married Lulu Myrtle BROWN, 21, Cavan, Cavan, d/o William BROWN & Sarah GARDINER; wit J.M. ARMSTRONG, Cavan & Jennie C. GARDINER, Michigan US, 24 Jun 1908, Cavan

014508-08 Robert James ATCHISON, 24, Clerk, Curries Crossing, Toronto, s/o Albert ATCHISON & Sarah Ann KEARNS; married Helen Maude MORONEY, 28, Housekeeper, Enniskillen, Enniskillen, d/o Patrick MORONEY & Charlotte STEWART; wit James MORONEY & Maggie McLAUGHLIN, both Enniskillen, 15 Apr 1908, Enniskillen 14739-08 (Durham Co): George ATKINSON, 30, private secretary, England, Londonderry N. S. s/o Robert ATKINSON & Carrie CALLOWAY, married Alice Rowena WALLACE, 30, Port Hope, Port Hope, d/o William B. WALLACE & Ida BURTON, witn: R. E. CHADWICK and Louisa L. CHADWICK both of Toronto, 28 Feb 1908 at Port Hope

014513-08 Henry W. BARNARD, 29, Farmer, South Monaghan, South Monaghan, s/o Asa A. BARNARD & Katharine SNEYD; married Mary J. JEWISON, 21, Hamilton Twp, Bailieboro, d/o John JEWISON & Susan SODEN; wit Percy BARNARD, South Monaghan & Mabel JEWISON, Toronto, 8 Jan 1908, Cavan

014577-08 Henry Melvin BELL, 26, Farmer, of Liskard, s/o David BELL & Jane HENDERSON; married Beatrice McKAY JEFFRIES, 21, Housemaid, of Clarke, d/o not known & Margaret McKAY (foster mother); wit L.D. BELL, Liskard & Estella RUTLEDGE, Bowmanville, 11 Nov 1908, Clarke

014563-08 Lias Samuel BERRY, 30, Farmer, Darlington Twp, Darlington Twp, s/o Lias BERRY & Mary Ann PRYOR; married Iva Irene KELLY, 23, Clarke Twp, Clarke Twp, d/o William Henry KELLY & Sarah HOOPER; wit Mary KELLY, Clarke & John W. MERRY, Darlington, 1 Jan 1908, Clarke

014462-08 John Martin BLACK, 31, Stock Broker, of Montreal, s/o Charles BLACK & Elizabeth HALL; married Greta SIMPSON, 22, Graduate, of Bowmanville, d/o David Burk SIMPSON & Theo HAMLIN; wit Gordon BEITH, Bowmanville & Mary A. LEAL, New York City, 30 Dec 1908, Bowmanville

014680-08 Henry Edmond BOYLER, 24, Barber, of Peterboro, s/o George BOYLER & Sarah Elizabeth HOLMS; married Minnie BRISTOW, 22, of Cavan Twp, d/o Alexander BRISTOW & Annie LANG; witn Mrs. W.P. ROGERS & Edna BRISTOW, both Millbrook, 25 Dec 1908, Millbrook

14432-08 (Durham Co): Thomas S. BRADLEY, 32, labourer, Leskard, Bowmanville, s/o Francis BRADLEY & Mary Jane FALLIS, married Alma VINCENT, 20, Darlington Tp, Bowmanville, d/o Richard VINCENT & Elizabeth OKE, witn: William BARRETT and Florence BARRETT both of Bowmanville, 3 Jan 1908 at Bowmanville.

014457-08 Herbert M. BROWN, 28, Farmer, of Orono, s/o William BROWN & Margaret GRAHAM; married Mary Ethel PARKER, 19, Domestic, of Orono, d/o George PARKER & Mary RYAN; wit Nellie GARBUTT & George E. CHARLTON, both Bowmanville, 16 Nov 1908, Bowmanville

014458-08 James Alexander BROWN, 26, Mgr. Bell Telephone Co., of Barrie, s/o David B. BROWN & Sarah A. WOOD; married Annie Lois MAYER, 20, Domestic, of Port Hope, d/o Marcus MAYER & Martha HUMPHREY; wit William P. BENNETT, Port Hope & Florence MAYER, Bowmanville, 24 Nov 1908, Bowmanville

014524-08 Joseph Henry BROWN, 31, Farmer, of North Monaghan, s/o James BROWN & Annie BROWN; married Mary Ellen ARMSTRONG, 25, of North Monaghan, d/o John ARMSTRONG & Harriet CAYZIER?; wit May WEATHERILL & Violet WEATHERILL, both Frazerville, 30 Sept 1908, Frazerville

014566-08 Sherwood W. BRUNT, 23, Telegraph Operator, Darlington Twp, Algoma, s/o William BRUNT & Priscilla COLE; married Lila E. GILROY, 22, Clarke Twp, Kendall, d/o John GILROY & Mary COWAN; wit J.M.S. McKEEN & Nyda LEIGH, both Orono, 22 Apr 1908, Orono

014736-08 Alfred Edwards BUDGE, 47, Merchant, Port Hope, Port Hope, s/o Edward BUDGE & Hannah Jennings STEPHENS; married Maria Douglas READ, 48, Wid, Montreal, Port Hope, d/o Daniel GORRIE & Catherine MURPHY; witn Frederick J. BUDGE & Sidney S. BUDGE, both Port Hope, 16 Jan 1908, Port Hope

014461-08 William BURNS, 33, Labourer, of Bowmanville, s/o Michael BURNS & Ann KILPATRICK; married Rose MANNELL, 25, Domestic, of Liskeard, d/o James MANNELL & Sarah WICKET; wit Mabel CARROLL & Helena M. WELCH, both Bowmanville, 15 Dec 1908, Bowmanville

14707-08 Lloyd Allison BUTLER, 25, gentleman, Oakwood, Newcastle, s/o R.P. BUTLER & Nellie AINLEY, married Isabella Mignonette PARKER, 20, Newcastle, same, d/o James PARKER & Isabella MELROSE, witn: R. Lillian IRWIN & Adie HAVILL, both of Newcastle, 30 Sept 1908 at Newcastle

014454-08 Roy CANDLER (or CAUDLER), 21, Labourer, of Bowmanville, s/o Samuel CANDLER & Louise HOAR; married Leah LANDER, 19, Domestic, of Bowmanville, d/o Edward LANDER & Jane HOLWELL; wit Nettie GARBUTT & Esther GARBUTT, both Bowmanville, 3 Oct 1908, Bowmanville

014576-08 Malcolm A. CARLETON, 22, Barber, of Orono, s/o William James CARLETON & Mary KELLAR; married Vera Fosetta WALLIS, 18, Housemaid, of Orono, d/o William J. WALTER & Frances BLEWETT; wit D.M. GERRY, Orono & Alma BRADLEY, New York?, 4 Nov 1908, Orono

014678-08 George Charles CARTER, 22, Farmer, of Hope Twp, s/o George CARTER & Eliza H. SMALL; married Hannah Eliza GRIMSHAW, 20, of Cavan Twp, d/o Henry GRIMSHAW & Mary E. FLETCHER; wit John MATHEWS, Cavan Twp & Dollie GRIMSHAW, Hope Twp, 7 Oct 1908, Millbrook

014446-08 John Henry CAVANAGH, 27, Druggist, Parry Sound, Strasbourg Sask, s/o T.S. CAVANAGH & Mary J. DICKSON; married Edna Winnifred JONES, 25, Housekeeper, Newtonville, Bowmanville, d/o John J. JONES & Janet PATTERSON; witn M.D. CAVANAGH, Winnipeg & Wilhemena SCOTT, Toronto, 8 Aug 1908, Bowmanville

14740-08 (Durham Co): James Carl CLARK, 32, merchant, Port Hope, Port Hope, s/o James Frederick CLARK & Janet Richardson MCNEILLIE, married Margretta Elizabeth WADDELL 27, Hope Tp., Hope Tp., d/o George WADDELL & Susan MCCLELLAND, witn: James F. CLARK and Mrs. V. B. COLEMAN both of Port Hope, 3 Mar 1908 at Port Hope
#014571-08 (Northumberland & Durham): William J. Stanley COBBLEDICK, 30, farmer, Clarke twp., Orono, s/o Edmund COBBLEDICK & Mary A. WALSH, married Lina M. POWERS, 20, Clarke twp., same, d/o Melvin POWERS & Harriett HUGHSON, witnesses were Newton COBBLEDICK of Orono & Rena RAPIR of Millbrook, June 23, 1908 at Clarke twp 14737-08 (Durham Co): James ? COCKBURN, 25, laborer, Port Hope, Port Hope, s/o James & Agnes COCKBURN, married Vera MCEVERS 20, Port Hope, Port Hope, d/o Richard MCEVERS & Mary BROOKS, witn: Charles H. BROOKS of Cobourg and Mable SNELL of Port Hope, 20 Jan 1908 at Port Hope
14536-08 (Northumberland Co): William H. CODY, 24, merchant, Mariposa twp., Whitby twp., s/o Allen CODY & Elizabeth ROGERS, married Sarah Isabella ALLEN, 26, Ridgeway, Cobourg, d/o Robert ALLEN & Mary LAPP, witn: L. CODY of Brooklin & G.L. ALLEN of Cobourg, 17 June 1908 at Cobourg  
014642-08 Francis COLLINS, 41, Teamster, Thorold, Hastings, s/o John COLLINS & Bridget HOLRAIN, married Thora O'NEIL, 40, Percy Tp., Hastings, d/o Thomas O'NEIL & Margaret SMITH. Witn: Thomas & Catherine O'NEIL both of Percy, on June 29, 1908, at Hastings Tp. (RC) 014641-08 Thomas COLLINS, 40, Farmer, Widower, Percy Tp., same, s/o Timothy COLLINS & Mary SULLIVAN, married Rachel McGRATH, 41, Percy Tp., same, John McGRATH & Elizabeth CASSON. Witn: John G. COLLINS of Hastings & Mary NATHAN of Campbellford, on June 16, 1908, at Hastings Tp. (RC)

014449-08 Charles T. CRESSWELL, 35, Teacher, England, Rapid City Mich, s/o J.P. CRESSWELL & Margaret TRELEVYAN; married Susie May BELLMAN, 28, Teacher, Bowmanville, Bowmanville, d/o Edward BELLMAN & Jane CHILDS; wit A.E. BELLMAN & Annie M. BELLMAN, both Bowmanville, 8 Aug 1908, Bowmanville

14744-08 (Durham Co): James William CROFT, 22, laborer, Port Hope, Port Hope, s/o William CROFT & Louise SMITH, married Flossie Pearl ARMSTRONG, 25, Bradford, Port Hope, d/o Simon ARMSTRONG, & Martha REID, witn: Edward Carl ROBERTS and Edith Clara CROFT both of Port Hope, 8 Apr, 1908 at Port Hope
14741-08 (Durham Co): William Raby DARLING, 24, operator, Hope Tp., Port Hope, s/o Thomas Johnston DARLING & Mary Ann RABY, married Clara Maude BOWEN, 22, Hope Tp., Port Hope, d/o John Wesley BOWEN & Emmoline THISTELL, witn: Ward BROCKINSHIRE and Mary BOWEN both of Port Hope, 4 Mar 1908 at Port Hope 14538-08 (Northumberland Co): George Alexander DAVIDSON, 31, merchant tailor, Brighton, same, s/o Walter DAVIDSON & Isabel MASSEY, married Ida Maude WAINWRIGHT, 30, nurse, Brampton, Cobourg, d/o William A. WAINWRIGHT & Ann Jane KETCHUM, witn: William M. KETCHUM of Brighton & Eleanor R. WAINWRIGHT of Cobourg, 24 June 1908 at Cobourg
014620-08 William DEAN, 58, Farmer, Garden Hill, Hope Tp., s/o William DEAN & Agnes FERGUSON married Margarett E. ROONEY, 56, Beaverton, Perrytown, d/o Rev. K. A. ROONEY, & Clara MUNS. Witn: May A. WILSON, of Perrytown & D. R. ROONEY of Shelburne on February 19, 1908, at Perrytown  

014516-08 James DOUGLAS, 48, Wool Manufacturer, Selkirk Scotland, Cavanville, s/o Robert DOUGLASS (sic) & Grace REID; married Jennie SWAIN, 44, Cavan, Cavan, d/o Robert SWAIN & Caroline SMITH; wit R.M. HORTON & Annie HORTON, both Mount Pleasant, 16 Feb 1908, Cavanville

014648-08 Alfred George DUNCAN, 24, Laborer, of Percy Tp., s/o William DUNCAN & Susan HENDY, married Ethel Lillie FAIRMAN, 24, of Percy Tp., d/o Peter FAIRMAN & Margaret BLAKELEY. Witn: William W. CROSS of Percy Tp. & Elizabeth Irene SEQUIN of Warkworth on October 14, 1908, at Hastings Tp

014572-08 James EAGLESON, 39, Farmer, Cavan Twp, Bailieboro, s/o Andrew EAGLESON & Mary GREER; married Eliza Jane FOWLER, 28, Clarke Twp, Kendall, d/o Robert FOWLER & Esther Ann ELLIOTT; wit George EAGLESON, Peterboro & Nettie G. BUNNER?, Newtonville, 27 Jun 1908, Newtonville

014706-08 Eugene EDDY, 27, Butcher, Clarke Twp, Newcastle, s/o Charles EDDY & Amelia GIBSON; married Elizabeth Charlotte NOBES, 28, Clarke Twp, Clarke Twp, d/o Thomas NOBES & Elizabeth BEATTY; wit Minnie BROWN & Ethel LOCKHART, both Newcastle, 15 Apr 1908, Newcastle

  014515-08 William John FINNEY, 30, Farmer, Manvers, Manvers, s/o John FINNEY & Mary HEARN; married Annie Ethel WHITE, 21, Dressmaker, Manvers, Cavan, d/o Ephraim WHITE & Sarah GRIFFIN; wit Albert FINNEY, Manvers & Carrie WHITE, Cavan, 19 Jan 1908, Cavan
14434-08 (Durham Co): Charles FISHER, 27, clerk, Cobourg, Cobourg, s/o John FISHER & Sophia HARNDEN, married Miriam MCCARRY, 24, Millbrook, Cobourg, d/o Frederick MCCARRY & Jessie MCRAY, witn: Nettie GARBUTT and Lena HADDY both of Bowmanville, 11 Mar 1908 at Bowmanville 014651-08 Patrick FITZPATRICK, 35, Farmer, Widower, of Hastings, s/o Michael FITZPATRICK & Susan CHRISTIE, married Elizabeth FITZPATRICK, 22, of Hastings, d/o Edward FITZPATRICK & Mary CASSEN. Witn: William McLEVER of Douro & Annie FITZPATRICK of Hastings on November 4, 1908, At Hastings Tp. (RC)
14748-08 (Durham Co): Thomas GAUTT (Gault?), 55, farmer, Kingston, Cavan Tp., s/o Andrew & Elizabeth GAUTT, married Sarah Jane HUTCHINSON, 38, Cavan Tp., Cavan Tp., d/o John HUTCHINSON & Esther MCGILL, witn: Eliza E. DANIEL of Port Hope and Madeline MEVILLE of Toronto, 26 May 1908 at Port Hope.

014574-08 Harry GEARY, no age given, of Toronto, s/o W.H. GEARY & Jane LOVETT; married Elizabeth S. HOWDEN, no age given, of Newcastle, d/o John HOWDEN & Caroline J. BYWATER; wit W.H. ARGALL & Eleanor ARGALL, both Newcastle, 20 Jul 1908, Newcastle

014646-08 Albert Edward GOLDRING, 20, Farmer, of Percy Tp., s/o Albert Edward GOLDRING & Alice J. WILKINSON, married Jessie McGOWAN, 18, of Percy Tp., d/o George McGOWAN & Annetta KING. Witn: Albert & Rebecca McGOWAN both of Percy Tp., on October 7, 1908 at Hastings  

014670-08 Joseph H. GORDON, 32, Farmer, Canada, Hope twp, s/o William GORDON & Sarah J. HAMILTON; married Mabel HORNER, 24, Canada, Hope Twp, d/o Joseph HORNER & Mina LOWE; wit George R. HORNER & M.E. ROWLAND, both Hope Twp, 8 Jan 1908, Millbrook

014448-08 John David GRAHAM, 22, Engineer, Darlington Twp, Bowmanville, s/o David GRAHAM & Emily A. COWLING; married Mabel Irene PINCH, 22, Housekeeper, Cleveland Ohio, Bowmanville, d/o Alpha PINCH & Sarah A. FEREN; wit A.W PINCH, Bowmanville & Miss H.B. GRAHAM, Darlington, 29 Jul 1908, Bowmanville

014568-08 Norman GREENFIELD, 21, Rubber Tile Manufacturer, Bowmanville, Toronto, s/o Robert GREENFIELD & Annie FLETCHER; married Eva EDWARDS, 22, Colborne, Orono, d/o Levi EDWARDS & Mary WILLIAMS; wit J.W. EDWARDS, Orono & Mary BLACK, Colborne, 27 May 1908, Orono

014459-08 George Albert GREENWOOD, 34, Labourer, of Clarke Twp, s/o Job GREENWOOD & Elizabeth SMITH; married Elizabeth MOFFATT, 22, Domestic, of Clarke Twp, d/o Andrew MOFFATT & Elizabeth McKAY; wit Mrs. F.A. HADDY & Mrs. M.A. NICHOLLS, both Bowmanville, 25 Nov 1908, Bowmanville

014647-08 David B. HARNDEN, 26, Farmer, of Haldimand Tp., s/o David HARNDEN, & Margaret TRIPP, married Mable GUNNION, 21, of Percy Tp., d/o Robert GUNNION & Eliza McVEELY. Witn: Mrs. C. W. BARRETT & Maggie NELSON both of Hastings, on October 7, 1908, at Hastings Tp

014526-08 Joseph HAUF, 39, Farmer, Wid, of Rochester NY, s/o Matthew HAUF & none given; married Mary Louisa LYNN, 35, of Rochester NY, d/o William J. LYNN & Sarah E. BASSETT; wit William J. LYNN & Elizabeth A. LYNN, both Cavan Twp, 7 Sept 1908, Cavan Twp

014441-08 Norman G. HEARD, 21, Labourer, Darlington Twp, Oshawa, s/o John HEARD & Elizabeth CORNISH; married Nora May STACEY, 20, Housekeeper, Darlington Twp, Oshawa, d/o Thomas STACEY & Elizabeth BRAUND; wit Mary E. CRYDERMAN & Esther GARBUTT, both Bowmanville, 28 Apr 1908, Bowmanville

014666-08 Robert James HENDERSON, 44, Farmer, Wid, Manvers Twp, Manvers Twp, s/o James HENDERSON & Mary M. MITCHELL; married Isabella RUSSELL, 32, Housekeeper, Cavan Twp, Millbrook, d/o William RUSSELL & Jane MAHARRY; wit Adeline RUSSELL & T.C. RUSSELL, both Millbrook, 29 Apr 1908, Millbrook

015635-09 James HERR, 48, Farmer, Asphodel Twp, s/o John HERR, farmer & Catherine ENGLISH; married Ellen DOHERTY, 43, House Keeper, Percy Twp, d/o Laurence DOHERTY, farmer & Honora MAHONEY; wit John Joseph DOHERTY, Norwood & Mary DOHERTY, Hastings, 14 Jul 1908, Warkworth  

014573-08 William J. INCH, 30, Druggist, of Weston, s/o John INCH & Jane ROWE; married Iva BILLINGS, 27, of Clarke, d/o Samuel M. BILLINGS & Evaline SWANSON; witn Karland BILLINGS, Liskard & Edna DICKINSON, Port Hope, 16 Jul 1908, Clarke

014519-08 Frederick JAMESON, 31, Farmer, Osprey Twp, Cavan, s/o Joseph JAMESON & Lucy TUPLING; married Edna May BROCK, 25, School Teacher, Cavan, Cavan, d/o James BROCK & Elener MILLIGAN; wit Albert BROWN & Lily T. BROCK, both Cavan, 29 Apr 1908, Cavan
14742-08 (Durham Co): Charles KEELER, 27, laborer, Frontenac Co., Rochester, N. Y., s/o John KEELER & Elizabeth BRIDGENAUL, married Emma BOWEN, 30, Hope Tp., Port Hope, d/o John BOWEN & Sarah Ann KEELER, witn: Grace HENDERSON and Maude HENDERSON both of Port Hope, 19 Mar 1908 at Port Hope 14431-08 (Northumberland Co) Carl John KETTLESON, 27, farmer, of Soothcote Sask., s/o John KETTLESON & Minnie JOHNSON, married Etta Anna RAYCROFT, 22, dressmaker, of Morganston Ont., d/o William RAYCROFT & Marie BEAMISH, witn: Charlie and Walter RAYCROFT of Morganston, 23 Dec 1908 at Brighton Tp

014442-08 Thomas Ed. KNOWLTON, 29, Accountant, Toronto, Toronto, s/o William H. KNOWLTON & Rose A. CARKICK; married Ethel Younnie KING, 24, Teacher, Bowmanville, Bowmanville, d/o William C. KING & Josephine YOUNNIE; wit W.S. MEDLAND, Toronto & Edna C. KING, Bowmanville, 2 May 1908, Bowmanville

14738-08 (Durham Co): Robert LACKIE, 57, farmer, widower, Ireland, Port Hope, s/o Robert LACKIE & Agnes PARKER, married Margaret DOUGLAS, 49, widow, Clarke Tp., Port Hope, d/o Amos BEST & Mary BOWEN, witn: John E. HUNTER of Toronto and Maude HENDERSON of Port Hope, 7 Feb 1908 at Port Hope.

014445-08 Percy Robert LEE, 24, Fireman, England, Barrie, s/o John Edward LEE & Emma RICH; married Selena RICHARDS, 25, Housekeeper, Newcastle, Bowmanville, d/o Robert RICHARDS & Elizabeth BIRCH; wit Herbert RICHARDS, Bowmanville & Ethel SPENCER, Newcastle, 24 Jun 1908, Bowmanville

14743-08 (Durham Co): Walt Norman LIGHTLE, 28, farmer, Hamilton Tp., same, s/o William T. LIGHTLE & Jennie KERR, married Isabell MOFFATT, 26, Glasgow, Clarke Tp., d/o Robert MOFFATT & Mary GORE, witn: Adeline CHALK and Mary MCALLISTER both of Port Hope, 26 Mar 1908 at Port Hope

014735-08 William Thomas LINGARD, 19, Farmer, Hope Twp, Hope Twp, s/o Thomas LINGARD & Jane THICKSON; married Margaret Clitton KEATING, 23, England, Hope Twp, d/o John KEATING & Mary MATHESON; witn John BREBEDER & Elizabeth LINGARD, both Hope Twp, 8 Jan 1908, Port Hope

014525-08 Finlay MATHESON, 37, Clergyman, of Chatsworth, s/o John MATHESON & Margaret McLENNAN; married Ada Anetta FISHER, 27, none given, Frazerville, d/o William James FISHER & Letitia HUNTER; witn Hugh MATHESON, Caledon East & Mamie FISHER, Fraserville, 30 Jun 1908, Fraserville

014679-08 John MATTHEWS, 25, Farmer, of Cavan Twp, s/o James MATHEWS (sic) & Sarah STEWART; married Catherine WHEATLEY, 19, of Cavan Twp, d/o Roland WHEATLEY & Charlotte TUBB; wit William LOWERY, Cavan Twp & Emma FRANCEY, Millbrook, 23 Dec 1908, Millbrook

014520-08 William McADOO, 29, Cheese Maker, Sidney Ontario, Mount Pleasant, s/o Oliver McADOO & Elizabeth CAMIE; married Jennie BOYD, 30, Cavan, Mount Pleasant, d/o John BOYD & Elizabeth THEXTON; wit Thomas T. BOYD, Peterboro & Ethel BOYD, Mount Pleasant, 6 May 1908, Mount Pleasant

14539-08 (Northumberland Co): Isaac McAVOY, 24, mariner, Port Hope, same, s/o Francis McAVOY & Louisa GAYNOR, married Catherine BAMFORD, 22, Cobourg, same, d/o William BAMFORD & Sarah McCONNELL, witn: Willie REYNOLDS & Minnie BAMFORD, both of Cobourg, 30 June 1908 at Cobourg (Rom Cath)

014523-08 Edward Murray McBAIN, 25, Farmer, of Cavan Twp, s/o George McBAIN & Martha LOWES; married Ada Bertha SEATON, 18, of Cavan Twp, d/o Joshua SEATON & Mary DUNDAS; wit George C. McBAIN & Norman D. SEATON, both Cavan Twp, 23 Sept 1908, Cavan Twp

14439-08 (Durham Co): Colin S. McDONALD, 29, banker, Darlington Tp.,Williamstown Ont., s/o John F. MCDONALD & Jane SMITH, married Mary E. YOUNG, 32, clerk, Bowmanville, same, d/o Robert YOUNG & Dorcas PINCH, witn: Neil MCDONALD of Toronto, and Mrs. SCOTT of Listowel, 18 Apr 1908 at Bowmanville
014622-06 George McKAY, 34, Farmer, Ops Tp., same, s/o Henry McKAY, & R. CURTIS, married Esther BEBEC, 36, Hope Tp., same, d/o Fulman BEBEC & Lucinda IRWIN. Witn: Mrs. L. McHOLM & Mrs William BEBEC both of Hope on March 18, 1908 at Hope Tp

014509-08 James McKEE, 43, Farmer, Wid, Cartwright, Cartwright, s/o John McKEE & Mary A. TAYLOR; married Eliza A. GREEN, 43, Housekeeper, Wid, Cartwright, Cartwright, d/o Henry McKEE & Sarah GOSTLIN; wit Leslie MOUNTJOY & Maud MOUNTJOY, both Blackstock, 22 Apr 1908, Cartwright


014460-08 Thomas Jonathan McKNIGHT, 19, Farmer, of Bowmanville, s/o Thomas McKNIGHT & Sarah REID; married Mildred Priscilla GABB, 20, Domestic, of Bowmanville, d/o George William GABB & not known; wit Mabel CARROL & Mabel SCOTT, both Bowmanville, 8 Dec 1908, Bowmanville

014575-08 Alexander Powrie McLAREN, 39, Physician, of Rainer Oregon US, s/o Hugh & Christina McLAREN; married Eliza Jane FALLIS, 34, of Kendall, d/o John D. FALLIS & Margaret McLEAN; wit Bella UNDERWOOD, Toronto & Leonora McLEAN, Port Hope, 3 Nov 1908, Kendall

  014643-08 T. Thomas M. McMULLIN, 21, Laborer, Toronto, Campbellford, s/o Ferman McMULLIN & Margaret MUNROE, married Pearl WRIGHT, 18, Wooler, Campbellford, d/o Daniel WRIGHT, & Annie MARTIN. Witn: George R. MICKLE & Myrtle GREENLY both of Hastings on September 8, 1908 at Hastings Tp.
14440-08 (Durham Co): Richard P. McNEIL, 30, farmer, Darlington Tp., same, s/o Archie MCNEIL & Susan GREENWAY, married Zelina R. L. COWLING, 26, Darlington Tp, Enniskillen Ont., d/o John COWLING & Emma Jane HOCKEN, witn: Vera W. JOLIFFE and Mrs. T. E. HIGGINBOTTOM both of Bowmanville, 19 May 1908 at Bowmanville.

 014567-08 William McPHERSON, 68, Postmaster, Wid, Clarke Twp, Cannington, s/o Donald McPHERSON & Margaret ROSS; married Sarah TOURGIE, 54, Orono, Orono, d/o Lewis TOURGIE & Delia WARD; wit Albert TOURGIE, Cannington & Lydia A. TOURGIE, Orono, 22 Apr 1908, Orono

014512-08 Andrew S. McQUADE, 27, Farmer, of Cartwright Twp, s/o William McQUADE & Matilda McKEE; married Mary Ann EDGERTON, 26, of Cartwright, d/o John EDGERTON & Mary GIBSON; wit Henry EDGERTON of Cadmus & Olive NEAL of Neury, 9 Dec 1908, Cartwright

014669-08 Angus McQUARRIE, 21, Labourer, Clarke Twp, Hope Twp, s/o John McQUARRIE & Henrietta LYTTLE; married Maud STRONG, 21, Hope Twp, Hope Twp, d/o Henry & Jane STRONG; wit G.F. BURTON & A. JOHNSTON, both Millbrook, 4 Jul 1908, Millbrook

014453-08 Andrew John McSORLEY, 32, Tinsmith, Wid, of Bowmanville, s/o John McSORLEY & Mary WILLANS; married Jean ALLISON, 24, Domestic, of Bowmanville, d/o John ALLISON & Margaret HAMILTON; witn Nettie GARBUTT & Esther GARBUTT, both Bowmanville, 11 Aug 1908, Bowmanville

014675-08 George Fred METZLER, 54, Clergyman, Wid, Westbrook, Bridgenorth, s/o George T. METZLER & Nancy M. SHAMORE; married Anne Maud NUGENT, 32, Millbrook, Millbrook, d/o William David NUGENT & Sarah HUGILL; wit D.B. NUGENT, Ottawa & Annie E. PETERS, Peterboro, 19 Apr 1908, Millbrook

014621-08 Manley MILLS, 30, farmer, Hope Tp., Manitoba, s/o William MILLS & Annie MANLEY, married Lillie M BRIGHTWELL, 30, Hope Tp., same, d/o John BRIGHTWELL, & Mary COUGHLIN. Witn: Margaret MILLS & Ella BARROWCLOUGH of Hope on February 19, 1908 at Hope Tp.

014455-08 Andrew MOFFATT, 27, Farmer, of Orono, s/o Andrew MOFFATT & Elizabeth McKAY; married Etta TOMS, 22, Domestic, of Newcastle, d/o William TOMS & Mary E. HENNINGS; wit Nettie GARBUTT & Esther GARBUTT, both Bowmanville, 21 Oct 1908, Bowmanville

#014490-08 (Northumberland Co), Robert MOORE, 39, of Campbellford, s/o Samuel James MOORE & Sarah RIDDELL married Lillian Beatrice PLATT, 37, of Campbellford, d/o John M. PLATT & Annie M. PETTY; wit: Mr & Mrs James PLATT, Campbellford; 2 Sep 1908, Campbellford

014510-08 Luther Edgar MOUNTJOY, 21, Farmer, Cartwright, Cartwright, s/o Wesley MOUNTJOY & Josephine McLAREN; married Tryphena MASON, 20, Cartwright, Cartwright, d/o John A. MASON & Francis GREEN; wit Henry CHAPMAN & Alice CHAPMAN, both Nestleton, 24 Jun 1908, Cartwright

014521-08 Frederick Austin NEWTON, 21, Merchant, Cavan, Cavan, s/o J.R. NEWTON & Olga Mary POPE; married Luella McIVER, 21, Cartwright, Cavan, d/o Thomas McIVER & Jane WILSON; wit Percy HANDLEY, Mile Crook & Edna Isabel HUTCHINSON, Cavan, 3 Jun 1908, Cavan


014674-08 Arindle OLAN, 21, Carpenter, Manvers Twp, Millbrook, s/o Levi OLAN & Emma TURNER; married Florence May MEDD, 18, England, Manvers Twp, d/o Sargent MEDD & Sarah Jane PUDSEY; wit Walter DONNELLY & Sadie HAMILTON, both Millbrook, 19 Mar 1908, Millbrook

014645-08 James O’RILEY, 43, Farmer, Percy Tp., Percy, s/o Thomas O’RILEY & Julia BUELLER, married Mary Rosannah CONVEY, 37, Detroit, Percy, d/o Felix CONVEY & Johannah PEARY. Witn: John BUELLER & Josephine CONVEY both of Percy on September 23, 1908 at Hastings Tp. (RC)

014451-08 Herbert F. OSBORNE, 26, Farmer, of Darlington Twp, s/o Eli OSBORNE & Jane BLAIR; married Eva Winifred PENNINGTON, 24, Stenographer, of Bowmanville, d/o Andrew PENNINGTON & Elizabeth SANDY; wit Harry PENNINGTON & Patte OSBORNE, both Bowmanville, 14 Oct 1908, Bowmanville

014518-08 George Ed. PARSONS, 23, Cheese Maker, Sharon, not given, s/o George S. PARSONS & Annie MACKVILL; married Agnes Loyd BUTLER, 23, Harley Shropshire England, res not given, d/o Joseph BUTLER & Mary Ann RUSSELL; wit William L. HOPPER & Millicent E. BUTLER, both Cavan, 22 Apr 1908, Cavan

  014450-08 Edwin William PATTINSON, 26, Mechanic, Bowmanville, Bowmanville, s/o Joseph PATTINSON & Susanna LYLE; married Almira DINGMAN, 36, Bowmanville, Bowmanville, d/o Warren DINGMAN & Agnes WRIGHT; wit B.J. HAZLEWOOD & Margaret THOMPSON, both Bowmanville, 11 Aug 1908, Bowmanville
#014569-08 (Northumberland & Durham): William George PENNY, 29, farmer, London Eng., Newcastle, s/o George PENNY & Sarah DARSLEY, married Ethel May BYERS, 25, Tyrone Ont., Newcastle, d/o Joseph BYERS & Mary DEVITT, witnesses were Norman BYERS of Liskard & Lena EARL of Toronto, May 20, 1908 at Liskard

014667-08 Samuel PERRY, 32, Janitor, England, Peterboro, s/o Walter C. & Mary PERRY; married Ruth HARRIS, 32, Domestic, England, Millbrook, d/o James HARRIS & Mary RUTH; wit H.J. GRIFFIN, Millbrook & Elizabeth MORGAN, Peterboro, 27 May 1908, Millbrook

14708-08 James Edward Williams PHILP, 44, station master, Newcastle, same, s/o James PHILP & Annie CURRY, married Margaret Esther BALLAGH, 46, Hope twp., Newcastle, d/o Robert BALLAGH & Esther CARSON, witn: Sarah BALLAGH & Howell ROWLAND, both of Newcastle, 12 Aug 1908 at Newcastle


014456-08 Alpha W. PINCH, 24, Labourer, of Bowmanville, s/o Alpha PINCH & Sarah A. FEREN; married Ethel F. COOPER, 20, Domestic, of Bowmanville, d/o William COOPER & Harriet BERTRAM; wit Oscar B. ANDRUS, Bowmanville & Fanny E. COOPER, Darlington, 2 Nov 1908, Bowmanville

14746-08 (Durham Co): Stanley Melborne PORTEOUS, 21, farmer, Newtonville, Clarke Tp., s/o Simon PORTEOUS & Ellen COWEN, married Jennie MCKENZIE, 28, Bracebridge, Clarke Tp., d/o William MCKENZIE & Amanda PATTERSON, witn: Sophia P. HULL and Georgie E. ABRAHAM both of Port Hope, 30 Apr 1908 at Port Hope.
014641-08 William Hammond PURDY, 24, Baker, Penetanquishene, Huntsville, s/o WALTER E. PURDY & Elizabeth MAYES married Sarah L. Q. DODD, 24, Hastings, same, d/o John J. DODD & Sarah E. LANGTON. Witn: Charlie DODD of Hastings & May DUNAVEN of Peterboro on June 24, 1908 at Hastings Tp.

014452-08 William A. QUIBELL, 51, Police Commissioner, Wid, of Winnipeg, s/o John QUIBELL & Annie E. ATKINS; married Bertha Laura MACWAIN, 38, Teacher, of Bowmanville, d/o Joel MACWAIN & Laura WELLS; witn Harry RICE, Bowmanville & W.E. O’BRIEN, Oshawa, 16 Sept 1908, Bowmanville

14433-08 (Durham Co): E. W. B. RICHARDS, 32, clergyman, Ottawa, Ottawa, s/o Wm Henry RICHARDS & Maria MOUNTAUR, married Annie May SPARLING, 29, teacher, Guelph, Bowmanville, d/o J. W. SPARLING, & Anna Kribs, witn: F. D. WOODCOCK of Russell Ont., and E. A. BROWN of Bowmanville, 6 Feb 1908 at Bowmanville 14438-08 (Durham Co): Roy Fred RICHARDS, 18, farmer, Darlington Tp., Bowmanville, s/o William RICHARDS & Mary GRIGG, married Clara Bell BRADLEY, 16, Toronto, Bowmanville, d/o David BRADLEY & Elizabeth BARRETT, witn: Elizabeth BRADLEY and William RICHARDS both of Bowmanville, 14 Apr 1908 at Bowmanville
14537-08 (Northumberland Co): Robert John ROBERTSON, 30, gardener, Cold Springs, same, s/o Robert ROBERTSON & Mary Ann JONES, married Lottie Gertrude SMITH, 25, Castleton, Cobourg, d/o James Fisher SMITH & Ann COYLE, witn: George M. ROBERTSON of Plainville Ont & Effie Jane CHISHOLM of Eddystone, 24 June 1908 at Cobourg

014673-08 Nelson RODDY, 24, Farmer, Millbrook, Virden Man., s/o William RODDY & Elizabeth GIBSON; married Lillian GIBSON, 24, Georgia Twp, Cavan Twp, d/o Robert GIBSON & Agnes GRAY; witn Frank W. GRAY, Hope Twp & Anna JOHNSTON, Millbrook, 19 Feb 1908, Millbrook

014672-08 Robert Thomas SCOTT, 34, Farmer, Huron Co, Portage-la-Prairie, s/o James SCOTT & Lottie GALLOWAY; married Sadie LARMER, 29, Millbrook, Millbrook, d/o Henry LARMER & Ada DONALDSON; wit Herbert LARNER, Millbrook & Annie LARMER, Cavan Twp, 12 Feb 1908, Millbrook

014650-08 Alfred SCOTT, 24, Farmer, of Dartford, s/o Gavin SCOTT & Annie SKAIFE, married Rose Annie ATKINSON, 23, of Dartford, d/o George ATKINSON & Annie SPECK. Witn: James SCOTT of Cold Springs & Helen WEBSTER of Scarborough England on November 2, 1908, Hastings Tp
14747-08 (Durham Co): John SMITH, 50, teamster, Quebec, Port Hope, s/o William SMITH & Ellen MOORE, married Emila Emma ASHLEY, 40, widow, born on the Ocean, Port Hope, d/o Joseph ROE & Mary BRADWITH, witn: Stanley C. MCNAUGHTON and Ethel SMITH both of Port Hope, 30 Apr 1908 at Port Hope. 014618-08 Frederick H. SNELL, 21, Farmer, Hamilton Tp., Hope Tp., s/o George SNELL & Martha GAHUN (Goheen?), married Ida May NEVILLE, 22, Hope Tp., same, d/o Joseph NEVILLE. & Mary L. YEO. Witn: Ann E & William A. NEVILLE, both of Hope Tp., on February 7, 1908 at Hope Tp

014447-08 Joseph SPENCER, 20, Teamster, Canada, Newcastle, s/o Richard SPENCER & Jane CRAMPTON; married Caroline Carlotta BLACKLER, 21, Housekeeper, England, Newcastle, d/o Matthew BLACKLER & Emily LAWLER; wit Matthew BLACKLER & Ethel SPENCER, both Newcastle, 29 Jul 1908, Bowmanville

14745-08 (Durham Co): John Kirkham STEPHENS, 30, farmer, Hope Tp., Clarke Tp., s/o James STEPHENS & Elizabeth Jane PERRY, married Margaret Jane WATTS, 19, Clarke Tp., Newcastle, d/o Joseph WATTS & Mary Ann TEBBLE, witn: Joseph SWEETING of Midland and Julia A. H. TEBBLE of Clarke Tp., 16 Apr 1908 at Port Hope

014511-08 Hedley Jason Edwin John STORIE, 25, Farmer, Reach Twp, Darlington Twp, s/o Philip Andrew STORIE & Mary Ann ASHTON; married Lottie Rebecca COATES, 24, Cartwright Twp, Cartwright Twp, d/o James COATES & Charlotte BRAY; wit Gertrude COATES & Flossie BRAY, both Shirley, 2 Sept 1908, Shirley

014671-08 Isaiah STRONG, 34, Farmer, Manvers Twp, Manvers Twp, s/o Robert STRONG & Mary STAPLES; married Vercia CHALLICE, 23, Cavan Twp, Cavan Twp, d/o John CHALLICE & Mary Ann WORR; witn William CHALLICE & Vickie CHALLICE, both Cavan Twp, 5 Feb 1908, Millbrook

014565-08 William STUTT, 45, Farmer, Clarke Twp, Fairmeda Sask, s/o John STUTT & Mary Jane HENRY; married Minnie E. RUTHERFORD, 27, Clarke, Clarke, d/o Joseph RUTHERFORD & Eleanor GARBUTT; witn S.R. HOLLOWELL & Mary A. HOLLOWELL, both Clarke, 12 Feb 1908, Clarke Twp

14429-08 (Northumberland Co) Albert Wesley TAYLOR, 46, farmer, Carman, Brighton Tp., s/o William TAYLOR & Abigail CARSCALLEN, married Mattie MAYBEE, 25, of Carman, d/o Samuel MAYBEE & Melinda Ann DAWN, witn: Ford TAYLOR of Carringplace, and J.J. DOWNER of Port Perry, 14 Oct 1908 at Carman

014705-08 Edmond THACKERAY, 33, Labourer, England, Newcastle, s/o James THACKERAY & Ann BUTTERY; married Mary Elizabeth STIGGANTS, 33, England, Newcastle, d/o Frederick MARKS & Precilla TWAITS; wit John ALLEN, Newcastle & Augusta K. MARKS, Toronto, 15 Apr 1908, Newcastle (NOTE: Brides name before adoption was MARKS, Ann Precilla)

14430-08 (Northumberland Co) Robert TRIPP, 45, farmer, widower, of Hillier Ont., s/o Daniel TRIPP & Betsy WADDINGTON, married Adelia CARR, 40, widow, of Cramahe?, d/o Simeon PUFFER & Emma PALMATEER, witn: Blanche GROFF and Emma LU both of Smithfield, 27 Oct 1908 at Smithfield #014570-08 (Northumberland & Durham): William Frederick TRULL, 30, farmer, Clarke twp., same, s/o Alfred TRULL & Elizabeth A NORTHCOTT, married Lottie Vera COBBLEDICK, 24, Clarke, same, d/o Amos COBBLEDICK & Mary A. GILBANK, witnesses were W.N. COBBLEDICK of Orono & Louisa DUNDAS of West Nissouri, June 18, 1908 at Clarke twp
014649-08 Walter TURNER, 45, Merchant, widower, of Hastings, s/o Cornelius TURNER & Clara Jane MARTIN, married E. Catherine ORISHAW, 18, of Hastings, d/o John ORISHAW, & Sophia GAY. Witn: JAMES McCARTHY & Mable ORISHAW both of Hastings on November 2, 1908, at Hastings Tp. 14540-08 (Northumberland Co): George Henry WALLER, 24, cheese maker, Hope twp., same, s/o George WALLER & Margaret MILLER, married Hannah Ella NELSON, 24, Hamilton twp., Cobourg, d/o Robert NELSON & Hannah HARDCASTLE, witn: Eliza R. & Mary E. SHOREY of Cobourg, 1 July 1908 at Cobourg
014668-08 William WEBB, 28, Farmer, Clarke Twp, Manvers Twp, s/o John WEBB & Eliza Jane CARTWELL; married Myra May FALLIS, 23, Manvers Twp, Manvers Twp, d/o Richard & Rebecca FALLIS; wit Sarah WEBB, Pontypool & John FALLIS, Manvers Twp, 1 Jul 1908, Millbrook 014517-08 William Lawrence WHITE, 24, Farmer, Peterboro Co, illegible res, s/o David WHITE & Helen FOWLER; married Violet Tessa BOTHWELL, 22, Durham Co., res not given, d/o John BOTHWELL & Elizabeth MADILL; wit Harry BOTHWELL & Ella WHITE, both Springville, 1 Apr 1908, Cavan

014676-08 Charles Henry WINSLOW, 58, Farmer, Wid, of Millbrook, s/o George WINSLOW & Mary Ann FORRESTER; married Edith Isabella RUSSELL, 42, of Millbrook, d/o William George RUSSELL & Margaret Ann BURTON; wit Louis Henry WINSLOW & Milford WINSLOW, both Ida Ontario, 15 Jul 1908, Millbrook

014514-08 Frederick WINSLOW, 22, Farmer, Cavan, Cavan, s/o Blainey WINSLOW & Isabel BOWMAN; married Fanny May LUNN, 19, Manvers, Cavan, d/o Charles LUNN & Margaret Ellen MOORE; wit Charles Wilmot LUNN, Glamorgan & Edna Mabel WINSLOW, Toronto, 23 Jan 1908, Cavan

014623-06 William WOOLACOTT, 28, Farmer, Mariposa, same, s/o William WOOLICOTT, & Rosina LEVELL, married Clara SANQUINES (Sanguine?), 23, Hope Tp., same, d/o G. SANQUINE & Jane KINSMAN. Witn: Mabel BESNELL & Howard WOOLACOTT both of Hope Tp. on April 8, 1908, Hope Tp. 14435-08 (Durham Co): Frederick WOODGER, 50, clergyman, widower, Mitchell Ont., Tyendinaga, s/o William WOODGER & Ruth STOROLD, married Sarah E. QUICK, 40, widow, Darlington Tp, Bowmanville, d/o Roger COLE & Charlotte REICH, witn: Henry C. HOAR of Darlington and Annie V. COLE of Bowmanville, 11 Mar 1908 at Bowmanville

014444-08 Edmund WORDEN, 26, Clerk, Darlington Twp, Weyburn Sask., s/o John WORDEN & Charity OSBORNE; married Ida Gertrude RUNDLE, 24, Housekeeper, Darlington Twp, Darlington Twp, d/o John RUNDLE & Emily COURTICE; witn Thomasine BAMBURY & Sarah J. HENRY, both Bowmanville, 14 Jul 1908, Bowmanville

014704-08 Arnie Milton WRIGHT, 23, Farmer, Clarke Twp, Manvers Twp, s/o C.W. WRIGHT & Mary M. BRADLEY; married Amelia Bernice EDDY, 22, Clarke Twp, Clarke Twp, d/o Charles EDDY & Amelia J. GIBSON; witn Harold HAMM, Orono & Mary WITHERILL, Newcastle, 18 Mar 1908, Newcastle

014443-08 William Henry YEO, 25, Foundryman, Darlington Twp, Bowmanville, s/o Alonzo YEO & Phillipa POOLEY; married Emma Alberta PROUT, 23, Domestic, Darlington Twp, Bowmanville, d/o Edmond PROUT & Emma SKINNER; wit William J. GRAHAM, Oshawa & Tina PROUT, Whitby Twp, 20 May 1908, Bowmanville 14436-08 (Durham Co): Robert McBeath YOUNG, 26, secretary, Scotland, Toronto, s/o Joshua YOUNG & Christina MCBEATH, married Frances Ferguson WILMOTT, 29, Bedford N.S., Bowmanville, d/o Asw. B. WILMOTT & Anna SMITH, witn: R. P. TEMPLETON and O. H. WILMOTT both of Toronto, 15 Mar 1908 at Bowmanville