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Northumberland & Durham Co., 1909

birth place is given before residence (if it is given on the registration)


015449-09 Arthur Ernest ALLEN, 30, Painter, Cobourg, s/o Thomas William ALLEN & Eliza JEFARMERREY; married Annie Elizabeth BENTLEY, 26, Domestic, Hamilton, d/o Isaac BENTLEY & Julia BANCROFT; wit Thomas MITCHELL & A.S. MORRISON, both Cobourg, 21 Apr 1909, Cobourg  
015443-09 William Thomas BAIRD, 29, Organist, Cobourg, s/o Thomas BAIRD & Kathleen PALMER; married Lillian FLEMING, 26, Cobourg, d/o David FLEMING & Elizabeth PLEWS; wit Wildred LOZO, Cobourg & F. LEONARD, Greenwood, 3 Feb 1909, Cobourg 015447-09 John BARTON, 19, Mat Maker, Cobourg, s/o James BARTON, farmer & Eliza WATSON; married Eva Beatrice EAGLESON, 19, Domestic, Cobourg, d/o William John EAGLESON, farmer & Emily COCHRANE; wit James BARTON & Mable E. EAGLESON, both Cobourg, 6 Apr 1909, Cobourg
015419-09 William F. BENNETT, 30, Farmer, Seymour, s/o Joseph BENNETT, farmer & Elizabeth BAMBER; married Margaret VARCOE, 27, Campbellford, d/o William VARCOE, retired farmer & Isabella WALLACE; wit Ralf BENNETT & Hattie VARCOE, both Campbellford, 27 Dec 1909, Campbellford 015460-09 George Byron BREWER, 24, Advertiser, Rochester NY, s/o Franklin P. BREWER, commercial traveller, & Emily BREWER; married Hellen Gladys FOX, 23, Rochester NY, d/o John H. LATTIAN (sic), traveller, & Elizabeth; wit A.J. FIDLER, Toronto & E.H. SPRAGGE, Cobourg, 7 Jul 1909, Cobourg
015439-09 Thomas BREWSTER, 49, Farmer, Cobourg, s/o James BREWSTER, farmer & Catherine GRAY; married Nettie LIDGETT, 26, Cobourg, d/o Edward LIDGETT, laborer & Laura Jane STENS; wit James TUCKER & Elizabeth McGRATH, both Cobourg, 7 Jan 1909, St. Michaels Church 015463-09 Percy Reskers? BROWN, 29, Farmer, Port Granby, s/o Alfred BROWN, farmer & Sarah HAMMOND; married Violet Maud JACKSON, 27, Orono, d/o Thomas William JACKSON, farmer & Edith A. CLAYTON; wit Mrs. W.H. CHAPMAN, Orono & E.A. SPRAGGE, Cobourg, 14 Jul 1909, Cobourg
015644-09 Michael CADIGAN, 39, Labourer, Wid, Peterboro, s/o John CADIGAN, farmer & Catherine CLEARY; married Nora CLANCY, 43, House keeper, Percy Twp, d/o Jeremiah CLANCY, farmer & Ellen MAHONEY; wit Maurice McMANN, Peterboro & Loretta CLANCY, Percy, 15 June 1909, Warkworth  
015457-09 Frederick CAMPBELL, 22, Cabinet Maker, Midland, s/o Joseph CAMPBELL & Agnes STAMP; married Martha DEVINEY, 22, Midland, d/o James DEVINEY & Martha BOYD; wit Allie CARSON, Centerton & Alma E. DEVINEY, Cobourg, 30 Jun 1909, Cobourg 015647-09 John Wilbert CAMPBELL, 40, Farmer, Dartford, s/o John Wesley CAMPBELL, farmer & Betham HILTON; married Gertrude YOUNG, 31, Dartford, d/o William YOUNG, farmer & Joanna STICKLE; wit D.J. RICHARDSON & Mrs. D.J. RICHARDSON, both Dartford, 27 Oct 1909, Dartford
  015640-09 Cecil H. CARSCADDEN, 26, Farmer, Hope Twp, s/o Robert CARSCADDEN & Mary Jane DEAN; married Marjorie May McCONNELL, 23, Percy Twp, d/o William McCONNELL & Mary Ann BLOOMER, wit A.E. METCALFE & Edith E. McCONNELL, both Hastings, 31 Mar 1909, Percy Twp
015409-09 Charles Arthur CARTER, 23, Farmer, Huntingdon, s/o Thomas CARTER, farmer & Mary PRIEST; married Maude LYDSTER, 21, Huntingdon, d/o William T. LYDSTER, farmer & Sarah McKAY; wit E.A. BATEMAN & Mrs. E.A. BATEMAN, both Huntingdon, 3 Nov 1909, Northumberland 015454-09 William John CLEMENCE, 40, Farmer, Bowmanville, s/o John CLEMENCE, farmer & Maria RICHARD; married George Lillian ALLAN, 26, Cobourg, d/o Robert ALLAN, mechanic & Mary LAPP; wit W.J.S. RICHARD, Bowmanville & Adelaide PURSER, Cobourg, 9 Jun 1909, Cobourg
15451-09 Joseph COOPER, 27, Farmer, Cobourg, s/o George COOPER, laborer & Mary YORK; married Emily LOWRY, 27, Chamber Maid, Cobourg, d/o Thomas LOWRY & Jane McILWAINE; wit James DIXON & Eliza Jane DIXON both Cobourg, 3 Jun 1909, Cobourg  
015411-09 James Franklin DAUNCEY, 22, Farmer, Brighton, s/o James DAUNCEY, farmer & Catherine McCOLL; married Elizabeth GAINFORTH, 20, Wooler, d/o Charles GAINFORTH, blacksmith & Annie VANDER VOORT; wit Austin SMITH & Beatrice GAINFORTH, both Wooler, 24 Nov 1909, Campbellford 015417-09 Bertram DAWSON, 29, Bridge Engineer, Campbellford, s/o Charles DAWSON, bridge engineer & Fanny BUCK (BUSH?); married Laura Anna DICKSON, 24, Campbellford, d/o James DICKSON, bridge works owner & Charlotte CLARK; wit George B. DAWSON & George H. DICKSON, both no place given, 20 Dec 1909, Northumberland
015646-09 Andrew Austin DICKEY, 28, Farmer, Percy Twp, s/o Matthew DICKEY, farmer & Cannella JOHNSTON; married Annie Ethel MORROW, 19, Percy Twp, d/o James MORROW, farmer & Sarah Elizabeth BAILEY; wit William MORROW & May DICKEY, both Hastings, 16 Jun 1909, Percy 015575-09 John DOHERTY, 40, Farmer, Percy Twp, s/o James DOHERTY, farmer & Margaret QUINHAM; married Hanna DOHERTY, 38, Asphodel Twp, d/o Patrick DOHERTY, farmer & Bridget SULLIVAN; wit Laurence DOHERTY & Ellen FALLAN, both Asphodel Twp, 19 Jan 1909, Hastings
015441-09 Albert B. EDINGTON, 22, Farmer, Roseneath, s/o James EDINGTON, farmer & Louisa THACKERY; married Pearl HARVEY, 17, Roseneath, d/o George HARVEY & Clista SMITH; wit Eliza R. SHOREY & S.B. SHOREY, both Cobourg, 22 Jan 1909, Cobourg 015445-09 Abel ELLISON, 35, Cabinet Maker, Cobourg, s/o Francis ELLISON, carpenter & Ann HAMLET; married Mary Alice SLOPER, 27, Cobourg, d/o no father given & Alice PRENTICE; wit William SLOPER & Alice PRENTICE, both Cobourg, 24 Mar 1909, Cobourg
015414-09 William Watson FRANTS, 53, Farmer, Wid, Seymour, s/o James FRANTS, farmer & Jane WATSON; married Margaret QUACKENBUSH, 41, Wid, Seymour, d/o George SMITH, farmer & Ellen MORTON; wit William QUACKENBUSH & Lizzie FRANTS, both Seymour, 17 Nov 1909, Campbellford 015580-09 Angus FRENCH, 42, Engineer, Wid, Sutton, Campbellford, s/o James FRENCH, farmer & Annie McPHERSON; married Ada FAULL, 28, England, Campbellford, d/o Henry FAULL, farmer & Mary Elizabeth; wit Mrs. J.H. HESS & Rev. Mrs. C.U. BARRETT, both Hastings, 25 Apr 1909, Hastings
015459-09 Bert FULFORD, 30, Farmer, Hamilton Twp, s/o Henry FULFORD & Diana BICKFORD; married Alice B. HILLIER, 20, Port Hope, d/o Henry HILLIER & Love DREDGE; wit Fred FULFORD & Mrs. Fred FULFORD, both Port Hope, 10 Jul 1909, Cobourg 015453-09 George B. GERRARD, 42, Farmer, Wid, Coe Hill, s/o James GERRARD, farmer & Sarah G. CHILCOTT; married Isabel Jane CAMPBELL, 38, Clydesdale, d/o William CAMPBELL & Isabel SIDY; wit E.H. SPRAGGE, Cobourg & Willie WAGLAND?, Fort William, 8 Jun 1909, Cobourg
015645-09 Lewis Blake GLOVER, 28, Cooper, Warkworth, s/o William Allen GLOVER, farmer & Ada PAYLAN; married Lillian Winifred CURTIS, 30, Warkworth, s/o Ransom CURTIS, deceased & Elizabeth TOWNSEND; wit A.B. CURTIS, Warkworth & M.G.T. PURDY, Colbrook, 16 Jun 1909, Warkworth 015638-09 William GRANT, 42, Farmer, Percy Twp, s/o William GRANT, farmer & Isabella MARR; married Nettie CHISHOLM, 23, Percy Twp, d/o Samuel CHISHOLM & Janet ANDERSON; wit John MARR & Mrs. John MARR, both Warkworth, 4 Mar 1909, Warkworth
  015648-09 Nelson Albert HARDY, 39, Farmer, Dartford, s/o William HARDY, farmer & Mary FAXTON; married Eleanor Jane BOYCE, 40, Dartford, s/o Joseph W. BOYCE, farmer & Sarah D.E. FURLONG; wit A.L. BOYCE, Dartford & Adelia MASSEY, Warkworth, 24 Nov 1909, Dartford
015572-09 Burton Wallace HARVIE, 29yrs 9mo, Schreiber, s/o James Nicholas HARVIE, farmer & Emma Jane TAYLOR; married Flora Harris BOUSKILL, 26, Teacher, Rosemount, d/o Sidney James BOUSKILL, farmer & Mary FORD; wit William HARVIE, Warkworth & Claudea M. BOUSKILL, Rosemount, 27 Oct 1909, Rosemount 015440-09 John Harold HENDERSON, 28, Farmer, Condie Sask, s/o Matthew HENDERSON, farmer & Susan ROBERTS; married Jennie Isabel Clark CAMPBELL, 21, Cobourg, d/o Daniel CLARK & Isabel BAKER; wit Sarah J. ROBERTS & M.E. CAMPBELL, both Cobourg, 14 Jan 1909, Cobourg
015412-09 Ernest INGRAM, 24, Farmer, Seymour, s/o John INGRAM, farmer & Maggie MINTEY; married Nora PETHERICK, 20, Seymour, d/o Thomas PETHERICK, farmer & Maggie McKENZIE; wit J.F. PETHERICK & Minnie M. GREEN, both Seymour, 24 Nov 1909, Campbellford  
015655-09 William Nelson IRELAND, 39, Farmer, Wid, Percy Twp, s/o Thomas IRELAND, farmer & Dorcas HICKS; married Gertrude Melissa PRATT, 24, Bathurst Twp, d/o Elijah PRATT, farmer & Elizabeth ROBINSON; wit William Elmer SHERWIN & Alice Amelia SHERWIN, both Morganston, 31 Dec 1909, Percy Twp 015415-09 Frederic Coburn JEWETT, 29, Engineer, Campbellford, s/o Fredric B. JEWETT, farmer & Harriet Elizabeth BURPEE; married Ethel Mae SIMPSON, 24, Campbellford, d/o Alonzo SIMPSON, livery man & Hattie RUSSELL; wit Donald W. DOUGLAS, Campbellford & Grace CROOKS, Hamilton, 15 Dec 1909, Campbellford
015455-09 Frank Logan JONES, 22, Machinist, Rochester USA, s/o Albert H. JONES, contractor & Agnes WAUGH; married Elizabeth May DECHAW, 27, Domestic, Rochester USA, d/o Charles DECHAW, butcher & Frederika STINEWORTH; wit Henry SAUNDERS & Dorothy SAUNDERS, both Cobourg, 26 Jun 1909, Cobourg 015448-09 Louise Edward JORDON, 34, Dentist, Ottawa Ill US, s/o Edward g. JORDON & Florence SIMS; married Nora Madeline CROSSEN, 27, Cobourg, d/o William J. CROSSEN, car builder & Minnie Victoria HOWELL; wit Nora MACNACHTON, Cobourg & H.L. RICHARDSON, Ottawa Ill, 21 Apr 1909, Cobourg
015416-09 John Jackson LAWTON, 22, Clerk, Rochester NY, s/o James LAWTON & Elizabeth McMULLEN; married May WHITEHEAD, 24, d/o Joseph WHITEHEAD, engineer & Eliza BROOK; wit George BUSH & Eunice WHITEHEAD, both Campbellford, 8 Dec 1909, Campbellford 015643-09 William Nicholas LEAN, 23, Farmer, Cramahe Twp, s/o Nicholas LEAN, farmer & Verna PETTIBONE; married Esther Pearl BLAIR, 22, Norham, d/o Peregian? BLAIR, deceased & Harriet STONE; wit Herman LEAN & Maud CRYDERMAN, both Norham, 9 Jun 1909, Percy
015462-09 James Melville LOBB, 39, Tea Broker, Toronto, s/o James LOBB, farmer & Amelia Maria GIBBS; married Tina Alison CARTWRIGHT, 23, Toronto, d/o Hugh Anson CARTWRIGHT, farmer & Mary Eliza DRAKE; wit Percy F. MILLMAN & Elizabeth DEAKE, both no place given, 14 Jul 1909, Cobourg 015444-09 Angus LONSBERRY, 27, Farmer, Fenella, s/o Henry LONSBERRY, farmer & Jennie MUNROE; married Ethel McNAUGHTON, 18, Fenella, d/o Wallace McNAUGHTON, farmer & Lizzie MUNROE; wit Alice M. BEATTIE & Harriett SPINKS, both Cobourg, 10 Feb 1909, Cobourg
015573-09 Henry D--? LYON, 30, Farmer, Beaverton, s/o William LYON , farmer & Mary Ann PLUMTREE: married Margaret Catherine ROSE, 30, Gamebridge, d/o John ROSE, farmer & Isabella McCULLOUGH; wit Isabell COX & Fred W. COX, both Brookside, 22 Dec 1909, Hamilton Twp 015583-09 Charles MARJERISON (Margerison?), 38, Ship Wright & Diver, Hastings, s/o Charles MARJERISON, boatswain & Emma WILLIAMS; married Laura Ethel STONE, 31, Portsmouth England, d/o Thomas STONE, sargent of police & Rebecca E. COLLINS; wit J. THOMPSON & B.A. THOMPSON, both Hastings, 10 Jul 1909, Hastings
015650-09 Cecil MAY, 27, Farmer, Cramahe Twp, s/o Philip MAY, farmer & Mary JONES; married Nora Gertrude HARDEN, 18, Cramahe Twp, d/o Louis HARDEN, farmer & Sarah DRINKWATER; wit Margaret D. ROBESON & Annie RYAL, both Norham, 15 Dec 1909, Norham 015408-09 Joel K. McARTHUR, 22, Farmer, Seymour, s/o John McARTHUR, farmer & Hannah Jane REDDEN; married Annie ABAR, 24, Campbellford, d/o John ABAR, farmer & Martha ROBINSON; wit Samuel T. COVERT & Rosa STICKLEY, both Campbellford, 10 Nov 1909, Campbellford
015642-09 Archie McINTIRE, 25, Plumber, Hagersville, s/o Duncan McINTIRE, laborer & Jane CAMPBELL; married Maud LISCOMB, 24, Percy Twp, d/o Frederick LISCOMB, laborer & Jane HEWETT; wit James INGRAM & Elsie LISCOMB, both Norham, 22 Apr 1909, Norham 015579-09 Adam Henry McKELVIE, 32, Farmer, Campbellford, s/o John McKELVIE, farmer & Margaret CLARK; married Mary WADDELL, 33, Campbellford, d/o William WADDELL, farmer & Ann RUTHERFORD; wit James McCULLOCK & Jessie McKELVIE, both Campbellford, 7 Apr 1909, Hastings
015651-09 Albert Edward McLELLAND, 24, Miner, Underland Col. USA, s/o Allen McLELLAND & Mary Ann LYON; married Margaret Jane SCRIVER, 25, Dartford, d/o Charles SCRIVER & Jane DRAKE; wit Bruce HOPKINS & Ethel HOPKINS, both Dartford, 22 Dec 1909, Dartford 015574-09 James A. McLEOD, 44, Farmer, Plainville, s/o Alexander McLEOD & Isabella TENNANT; married Lillian G. NIXON, 26, Precious Corners, d/o George NIXON & Ann Jane HENDERSON; wit William HENDERSON, Brandon Man & Laura Elenor NIXON, Hamilton Twp, 29 Dec 1909, Hamilton Twp
016963-10 Herbert McROBERTS, 26, Farmer, of Darlington, s/o Hugh McROBERTS & Mary Jane MILLS; married Gertrude BRUCE, 23, Dressmaker, of Lotus, d/o Robert BRUCE, farmer & Elizabeth STEWART; wit Simeon McCOY, Darlington & N.A. LISCOMBE, Pontypool, 1 Dec 1909, Pontypool 015585-09 Daniel J. MEAGHER, 26, Clerk, Campbellford, s/o Thomas MEAGHER & Winnie FENLON; married Josephine CONVEY, 26, Hastings, d/o Felix CONVEY, farmer & Johannah GEARY; wit R.J. CONVEY, Ottawa & Martha CONVEY, Rochester, 8 Sept 1909, Hastings
015653-09 Alfred Ernest METCALFE, 27, Farmer, Asphodel Twp, s/o William METCALFE, farmer & Matilda LOBB; married Edith Jane McCONNELL, 26, Percy Twp, d/o William McCONNELL, farmer & Mary Ann BLOOMER; wit Edward McDONNELL, Percy Twp & Nettie METCALFE, Norwood, 28 Dec 1909, Percy Twp 015639-09 Herman Albert MITCHELL, 29, Cheese maker, Burnley, s/o George MITCHELL & Isabella WALLER; married Edith Mabel HELSON, 21, Percy Twp, d/o John HELSON, farmer & Minnie LOCKHART; wit William HELSON, Warkworth & Maud MITCHELL, Burnley, 25 Mar 1909, Percy Twp
015636-09 James H. MORROW, 22, Farmer, Percy Twp, s/o James MORROW, farmer & Elizabeth BAILEY; married Mary A. BEAMISH, 20, Percy Twp, d/o Samuel BEAMISH, farmer & Victoria DONALD; wit Charles BEAMISH & Ethel MORROW, both Hastings, 3 Feb 1909, Percy Twp 015410-09 William Arthur MOXAM, 22, Butcher, Oshawa, s/o George MOXAM & Carrie TAYLOR; married Bertha WILLMAN, 22, Campbellford, d/o Frank WILLMAN & Amelia NICHOLAS; wit Blanche WILLMAN & Mrs. Amelia WILLMAN, both no place given, 18 Nov 1909, Campbellford
015586-09 Thomas Walker NEWCOMB, 40, Farmer, Wid, Warkworth, s/o Thomas NEWCOMB, miller & Hannah WALKER; married Angus Charlotte TUDHOPE, 36, Wid, Hastings, d/o Charles BEAMISH, farmer & Mary DUKELOW; wit F. TYLER & Ann TYLER, both Hastings, 27 Oct 1909, Hastings 015458-09 Lorne NICHOLSON, 21, Steam Fitter, Cobourg, s/o Alfred NICHOLSON, brick layer & Margaret WATSON; married Mary Ann GRICE, 19, Domestic or Mother's Helper, Hope Twp, d/o Richard GRICE, farmer & Mary Jane ROWLAND; wit Howard ARMSTRONG, Rochester USA & Dorothy SAUNDERS, Cobourg, 8 Jul 1909, Cobourg
015582-09 John O'CONNELL, 53, Farmer, Wid, Hamilton Twp, Haldimand Twp, s/o Donald O'CONNELL & Jane SCOTT; married Ellen MANLEY, 49, Wid, Harwood, Peterboro, d/o Charles & Amanda ROBERTSON; wit J. THOMSON, Hastings & M.K. MACLENNAN, Norwood, 9 Jun 1909, Hastings 015581-09 Timothy O'GRADY, 23, Farmer, Asphodel Twp, Hastings, s/o Timothy O'GRADY & Catherine DOUGHERTY; married Teressa COVENEY, 25, Percy Twp, Hastings, d/o William COVENEY & Ellen COLLINS; wit James LANNEY & Martha COVENEY, both Percy, 9 Jun 1909, Hastings
  015461-09 John Stephen OWENS, 24, Bookkeeper, Port Hope, s/o Thomas OWENS, farmer & Annie Maria HARRINGTON; married Edythe THOMPSON, 22, Port Hope, d/o Thomas Alex THOMPSON, farmer & Agnes EDDIE; wit Joseph A. OWENS & E.H. SPRAGGE, both Cobourg, 29 Jun 1909, Cobourg
016958-10 Samuel Arthur PALMER, 31, Farmer, of Elizabethville, s/o Joshua PALMER, farmer & Annie BIRKS: married Lilly May CANN, 22, of Elizabethville, d/o George A. CANN, farmer & Mary JONES; wit Mrs. A.H. HOARE & Mrs. M. ROOK, both of Canton, 24 Nov 1909, Canton 015405-09 Ivor Raymond PEGNAM, 42, Clothing Cutter, Rochester USA, s/o William PEGNAM & Alice LEONARD; married Catherine O'SULLIVAN, 32, Campbellford, d/o Cornelius O'SULLIVAN & Mary O'BRIEN; wit Joseph PEGNAM, Grafton & Nellie McAUBREY, Wooler, 20 Oct 1909, Campbellford
  015637-09 John PERIE, 48, Farmer, Wid, Seymour Twp, s/o John PERIE & Janet HASKETT; married Annie KERR, 46, Wid, Seymour Twp, d/o Louis DORIE & Mary EMLAW; wit Mrs. B.M. QUACKENBUSH & Nathalia McFARLAND, both Warkworth, 3 Mar 1909, Warkworth
015413-09 John Frederick PETHERICK, 24, Farmer, Seymour, s/o Thomas James PETHERICK, farmer & Maggie McKENZIE; married Minnie May GREEN, 22, Seymour, d/o Harry GREEN, farmer & Annie LEESON; wit Ernest INGRAM & Nora PETHERICK, both Seymour, 24 Nov 1909, Campbellford 015406-09 William H. ROE, 22, Electrician, Campbellford, s/o William ROE, farmer & Lucy REDDEN; married Mary C. HUNTER, 19, Campbellford, d/o John HUNTER, farmer & Susannah DARRAH, wit George BAILEY & Mrs. Rebecca JAMMON, both Campbellford, 25 Oct 1909, Campbellford
015587-09 John James ROGERS, 25, Carriage Maker, Liverpool England, s/o Daniel & Julia ROGERS; married Fanny TROUT, 20, Charlestown Virginia USA, d/o John TROUT & Cuidia? SUMMERFIELD; wit John FITZGERALD & Jim GRAHAM, both Hastings, 25 Nov 1909, Hastings  
015584-09 Earnest SANDERS, 28, Caulker, Hastings, s/o Robert SANDERS & Louise CORNISH; married Ellrude A.N. ROGERS, 28, Laddisville England, d/o Peter ROGERS & Annie NEWMAN; wit T.E. CURED & Arthur DAVIS, both Hastings, 17 Jul 1909, Hastings 016961-10 Charles Wesley SAUNDERS, 25, Labourer, of Millbrook, s/o James SAUNDERS, laborer, & Elizabeth HIBBARD; married Edith May MEDD, 21, of Manvers, d/o Sargent MEDD, farmer & Sarah Jane FERDSEY (Lindsay?); wit Talbert KELLETT & Gertrude MEDD, both Manvers, 29 Dec 1909, Manvers
015588-09 James SCOTT, 24, Farmer, Dartford, s/o Gavin SCOTT & Annie SKAIFE; married Harriett WEBSTER, 29, Dressmaker, Dartford, d/o John WESBSTER & Harriet MARSH; wit Albert SCOTT & Rose A. SCOTT, both Dartford, 25 Dec 1909, Hastings 015456-09 William SCOTT, 30, Labourer, Cobourg, s/o William & Mary Ann SCOTT: married Mary WAITE, 31, Cobourg, d/o Walter WAITE & Louisa NAYLOR; wit A.J. SMITH & Mrs. H.J. SMITH, both Cobourg, 30 Jun 1909, Cobourg
015407-09 John Albert SEXSMITH, 42, M.P., Belmont Twp, s/o Thomas, farmer & Margaret SEXSMITH; married Bessie BUCHANAN, 41, Campbellford, d/o James BUCHANAN, retired & Annie McCLARTY; wit Thomas Wesley SEXSMITH, Brighton & Eliza McNeil BUCHANAN, Campbellford, 3 Nov 1909, Campbellford 015649-09 Thomas SMITH, 26, Labourer, Percy Twp, s/o John SMITH, laborer & C. Jane SAMIS; married Lizzie TOWES (Lowes?), 36, Wid, Percy Twp, d/o George REYNOLDS, laborer & Amanda HICKERSON (Nickerson?); wit Annie REYNOLDS & Leah REYNOLDS, both Dartford, 8 Dec 1909, Dartford
015641-09 Thomas STEEN, 34, Farmer, Methuen Twp, s/o Robert STEEN & Ann Jane WILSON; married Ruth J.E. Eva A.A. YOUNG, 26, Percy Twp, d/o Joseph YOUNG, farmer & Elizabeth L. MAIDENS; wit Wilbert S. NELSON & Eliza NELSON, both Warkworth, 12 Apr 1909, Percy Twp 015652-09 George B. STEWART, 29, Teacher, Madoc, s/o William John STEWART & Marietta CRAIGIE; married Lillie Jane BLIZARD, 26, Warkworth, d/o Thomas BLIZARD, farmer & Eliza Jane McDONALD; wit John BLIZARD & E. Jane BLIZARD, both Warkworth, 27 Dec 1909, Warkworth
015452-09 Richard Henry STOTT, 31, Labourer, Cobourg, s/o George STOTT & Fanny GOODHAM; married Maud HARRISON, 27, Cobourg, d/o William & Elizabeth HARRISON; wit E. HARRISON & J.H. SMITH, both Cobourg, 6 Jun 1909, Cobourg 015654-09 Ambrose Jesse SYKES, 24, Farmer, Percy Twp, s/o Thomas SYKES, farmer & Nettie PHILLIPS; married Annie Isabelle CROSS, 19, Percy Twp, d/o Zebulon CROSS, farmer & Janet DUNCAN; wit William J. DUNCAN, Godolphin & Effie B. VARCOE, Campbellford, 29 Dec 1909, Percy Twp
015577-09 William Henry TAYLOR, 25, Farmer, Hastings, s/o Richard TAYLOR, farmer & Ida KILLINGBECK; married Elizabeth Mina TRIPP, 19, Servant, Hastings, d/o James TRIPP, farmer & Mary Ellen BLACK; wit Russell TAYLOR, Percy Twp & Maggie HIE, Hastings, 24 Mar 1909, Hastings  
015450-09 Edward William THOMPSON, 25, Pipe Fitter, Cobourg, s/o Edward THOMPSON, painter & Fanny WATTS; married Eva May LUFARMER, 24, Cobourg, d/o no parents given; wit William & Ann BEVIS, both Cobourg, 2 Jun 1909, Cobourg 015442-09 John Russell WAINWRIGHT, 25, Plumber, Sudbury, s/o [blank] WAINWRIGHT, carpenter & Ann Jane HUTCHINSON; married Ada Louise ROUTH, 24, Rochester, s/o Lance ROUTH, mechanic & Eliza HUNT; wit Charles L. FEATHERSTON & Ureta L. BLABY, both Cobourg, 25 Jan 1909, Cobourg
015578-09 John Robert WETHERUP, 22, Farmer, Percy Twp, Hastings, s/o Robert WETHERUP & Sarah McCRACKEN; married Bessie Ella NICHOLS, 18, Brighton Twp, Hastings, d/o Joseph NICHOLS & Minnie TENNOT; wit Mrs. William ATKINSON, Hastings & Mrs. George BUCKANAN (Buchanan?) Havelock, 1 Apr 1909, Hastings 015576-09 George Elmer WHEATLEY, 22, Cheese maker, Drummer Twp, s/o George WHEATLEY, farmer & Mary GILL; married Pansy Alberta SIMPSON, 19, Drummer Twp, d/o Charles SIMPSON, farmer & Sarah Jane ARCHER; wit B.A. THOMSON & J. THOMSON, both Hastings, 3 Mar 1909, Hastings
015446-09 Douglas WILSON, 21, Mechanic, Cobourg, s/o Harvey WILSON & Agnes WATSON; married Martha LINTON, 21, Cobourg, d/o James LINTON & Isabella ADAMS; wit Margaret HAIG, Cobourg & Eliza R. SHOREY, no place given, 6 Apr 1909, Cobourg 015418-09 Ernest ZUFELT, 22, Farmer, Warkworth, s/o William ZUFELT, farmer & Mary COUVERT; married Florence E. MERRIAM, 23, Warkworth, d/o Bert MERRIAM, farmer & Mary WOODS; wit Kenneth MERRIAM, Warkworth & Lena M. JONES, Campbellford, 22 Dec 1909, Campbellford