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Northumberland & Durham Co, 1915

birth place is given before residence


10533-15 Charles Roy BAGULEY, 20, railway station agent, Jerseyville Ont., Bala, s/o George F. BAGULEY & Mary Ellen WEAVER, married Daisy Rebecca SIMMONS, 21, Cavendish Suffolk England, Colborne, d/o Ernest Charles SIMMONS & Rebecca Rosina WILMOTT, witn: Charles & Bertha CRANDALL of Colborne, 12 Oct 1915 at Colborne

010536-15 William Thomas BAKER, 24, Farmer, Darlington, Darlington, s/o Thomas BAKER & Margaret LAMMAN; married Mildred Edith Mary PENFOUND, 23, Darlington, Darlington, d/o John PENFOUND & Elizabeth KIRKPATRICK; wit Vera BAKER, Solina & Olive May FOUND, Bowmanville, 15 Dec 1915, Courtice

010534-15 Edwin BALL, 32, Farmer, Clarke, Clarke, s/o Edmond BALL & Isabella HAINES; married Lillian CHAPMAN, 22, Clarke, Clarke, d/o Joseph CHAPMAN & Ella CLEMENCE; wit Mrs. W. BLEWETT & Joseph H. CHAPMAN, both Orono, 18 Dec 1925, Bowmanville

010548-15 William H. BARRINGER, 60, Retired Gentleman, Wid, Cramahe Twp, Warkworth, s/o Jacob BARRINGER & Liza Ann DARLING; married Lucy WEATHERSON, 40, Warkworth, Warkworth, d/o Luke WEATHERSON & Mary MILLER; wit F.H. HOWARD & Mrs. F.H. HOWARD, both Warkworth, 3 Feb 1915, Warkworth

010535-15 Charles James BATTMAN, 22, Manchester, England, Rawdon, s/o Joseph BATTMAN & Maud BROTH; married Georgina BAKER, 23, Street Somerset England, Campbellford, d/o Harry BAKER & Elisabeth FOWLS; wit Agnes BATTMAN, Rawdon & Robert FOSTER, Campbellford, 15 Sept 1915, Campbellford

10529-15 Frank BEAUDOIN, 19, weaver, Champlain Que., Campbellford, s/o Joseph BEAUDOIN & not known, married Laura May IBEY, 18, Campbellford, same, d/o William Henry IBEY & Sarah SHERWIN, witn: George WHITEHEAD, William Henry IBEY & Sarah DOWNEY, all of Campbellford, 6 Sept 1915 at Campbellford

  010552-15 Charles Joseph BEDFORD, 27, Seymour Twp, Seymour Twp, s/o Charles Joseph BEDFORD & Mary Emily WOOTTON; married Jeanette AIKENS, 24, Seymour Twp, Campbellford, d/o Isaac AIKENS & Katherine McALPINE; wit Bessie I. BEDFORD, Campbellford & William J. PEOPLES, Stanwood, 10 Mar 1915, Campbellford

010549-15 Roy BELLAMY, 21, Farmer, Cramahe, Cramahe, s/o Dougall BELLAMY & Phoebe SCHRIVER; married Lila Eileen PETERS, 21, Cramahe, Cramahe, d/o Andrew PETERS & Melissa PALMATEER; wit Harris BELLAMY, Brighton & Maidie Phenie BELLAMY, 31 Mar 1915, Colborne

010545-15 Henry Frederick BENNETT, 31, Agent, Wid, Seymour Twp, Campbellford, s/o Edward BENNETT & Permelia RAY; married Carrie MOFFATT, 20, Seymour Twp, Campbellford, d/o Charles MOFFATT & Jane CASSAN; wit Janet WOOD & Mrs. Lily S. BROWN, both Campbellford, 17 Mar 1915, Campbellford

10530-15 Hubert Ernest BERRY, 26, munitions worker, Crewherne Somerset England, Campbellford, s/o Harry BERRY & Lucy CASELY, married Elsie WALTERS, 23, Street Somerset England, Campbellford, d/o Harry WALTERS & Emily DAY, witn: James OGDEN & Beatrice WALTERS, both of Campbellford, 11 Nov 1915 at Campbellford  

010539-15 Charles A. BIGELOW, 45, Farmer, Wid, Clarke Twp, Darlington Twp, s/o Philip BIGELOW & Emily TAMBLYN; married Theoda S. BRIGHTWELL, 45, Wid, Hope Twp, Port Hope, d/o John SLEEMAN & Lavinia SHAW; wit Mary BRIGHTWELL & Ida DAVIDSON, both Port Hope, 29 Sept 1915, Port Hope

010555-15 William Arthur BLACK, 23, Farmer, Hamilton Twp, Hamilton Twp, s/o William D. BLACK & Grace SUTHERLAND; married Lucy Gertrude BOGGS, 18, Hamilton Twp, Hamilton Twp, d/o Ernest Henry BOGGS & Lucy BURD; wit Alfred Ed. BURD & Lucy BOGGS, both Cobourg, 7 Apr 1915, Baltimore

010560-15 Manley BLAKE, 24, Spinner, Prince Edward Co, Prince Edward Co, s/o William Andrew BLAKE & Catherine Minerva STAFFORD; married Beatrice Ida LAIRD, 21, Campbellford, Campbellford, d/o Henry LAIRD & Margaret Ann BROWN; wit Harry BLAKE & Emma DORIE?, both Campbellford, 30 Jun 1915, Campbellford

010558-15 Frederick Desmond BOGGS, 53, Barrister, Hamilton Twp, Cobourg, s/o Oliver BOGGS & Ann CARSON; married Florence Louisa STANDBY, 44, Grafton, Grafton, d/o Robert William STANDBY & Lilla Helen PRINGLE; wit Euphemia Blakeney WOODS, Toronto & Margaret M. BOGGS, Cobourg, 17 Jun 1915, Grafton

010544-15 John Harrison BONE, 23, Fireman GTR, Staffordshire England, Belleville, s/o Richard BONE & Mary HARRISON; married Essa Blanche TERRILL, 23, Northumberland Co, Wicklow, d/o George TERRILL & Jane CORNEIL; wit William LOCKE & Minnie Maud TERRILL, both Wicklow, 8 May 1915, Colborne

010557-15 Colonel Arthur BONISTEEL, 41, Railway Engineer, Wid, Sidney Twp, Belleville, s/o Charles Henry BONISTEEL & Arissa EDMONS; married Louisa Maude KNIGHT, 35, Darlington Twp, Darlington Twp, d/o James KNIGHT & Mary COLWELL; wit Henry KNIGHT & Gertrude M. CAWKER, both Bowmanville, 21 Apr 1915, Darlington Twp

010541-15 John Wesley BOWEN, 52, Carpenter, Wid, Hope Twp, Port Hope, s/o John BOWEN & Eliza Ann KEELER; married Minnie BONE, 48, Wid, United States, Port Hope, d/o William KEELER & Eliza LUXON; wit Emily BOTTLE & Mary Grace GARNETT, both Port Hope, 13 Jan 1915, Port Hope

010542-15 Stephen Doherty BOWEN, 26, Store Keeper, Cobourg, Cobourg, s/o John Stephen BOWEN & Anna McGRATH; married Laura BARROWCLOUGH, 20, Hope Twp, Port Hope, d/o John BARROWCLOUGH & Anna BASSETT; wit John BUTLER & Selina BOWEN, both Cobourg, 21 Jul 1915, Port Hope

010540-15 Russell Kenneth BRAGG, 28, Farmer, Darlington, Darlington, s/o R.A. BRAGG & Mary BLAKE; married Lois M.L. WERRY, 27, Darlington, Darlington, d/o A.B. WERRY & Mary O. LEE or Mary OKE; wit Fred F. BRAGG & Vera I.A. WERRY, both Bowmanville, 17 Nov 1915, Darlington

010559-15 Frank Glenfield BRAY, 27, Farmer, Hamilton Twp, Hamilton Twp, s/o Thomas BRAY & Martha Jane JOHNSON; married Emma Mae HALLERAN, 31, Hope Twp, Hamilton Twp, d/o Frank HALLERAN & Mary Eliza McELROY; wit Franklin KENNEDY & Laura I. BRAY, both no place given, 9 Jun 1915, Hamilton Twp

010553-15 John Sidney BRENTON, 25, Farmer, Hamilton Twp, Hamilton Twp, s/o John BRENTON & Phoebe GEORGE; married Uno Pearl COCHRAN, 25, Hamilton Twp, Hamilton Twp, d/o Ira COCHRAN & Elizabeth BRAY; wit Mrs. E.A. McQUADE & Hazel RICHARDS, both Baltimore, 21 Apr 1915, Hamilton Twp

010538-15 Melvin Frank BRETHEN, 24, Canner, Woodville NY, Rochester NY, s/o Henry H. BRETHEN & Mary E. SHEARS; married Amy Elizabeth ROWLAND, 28, Port Hope, Port Hope, d/o Edwin ROWLAND & Mary A. SLIGHT; wit Ross C. BRETHEN, Rochester & Ethel SMITH, Port Hope, 16 Jun 1915, Port Hope

010537-15 Richard J. BROCK, 34, Farmer, of Solina, s/o George BROCK & Elizabeth HAYDEN; married Florence A. WALKER, 18, of Burketon, d/o Charles WALKER & Florence HILLIARD; wit Charles WALKER & Ethel WALKER, both Burketon, 1 Dec 1915, Darlington Twp

010554-15 William Henry BROWN, 27, New Park, New Park, s/o William H. BROWN & Isabelle HOOEY; married Mary Victoria FRASER, 24, Teeswater, Tyrone, d/o John L. FRASER & Jessie LOVE; wit Mrs. L.E. HIGGS, Tyrone & Mrs. Mary P. FOSTER, Frankford, 16 Jun 1915, Tyrone

010547-15 James Singleton BROWN, 29, Farmer, England, Roseneath, s/o George BROWN & Bertha J. CARTY; married Annie ROBINS, 27, Roseneath, Roseneath, d/o Joseph ROBINS & Mary Jane WEBB; wit F.A. McFARLAND & Cecilia H. McKIM, both Hastings, 24 Feb 1915, Hastings

010546-15 Alexander Aird BROWN, 29, Farmer, Haldimand, Haldimand Twp, s/o Thomas BROWN & Jessie FRASER; married Jessie May DOWN, 25, Haldimand Twp, Haldimand Twp, d/o W.G. DOWN & Martha Matilda MACKLIN; wit Elizabeth McCOMB, Baltimore & Amy Jane DOWN, Grafton, 20 Jan 1915, Grafton

010551-15 Joseph Henry BROWN, 37, Farmer, Wid, Springville North Monaghan, Springville North Monaghan, s/o James & Annie BROWN; married Margaret REYNOLDS, 27, Fraserville, Fraserville, d/o Archibald REYNOLDS & Elizabeth WRIGHT; wit Lorne MORROW & Mildred MORROW, both Peterboro, 2 Mar 1915, Fraserville

010550-15 Samuel Robert BROWN, 21, Express Driver, Clark Co, Bowmanville, s/o Samuel BROWN & Carrie WALDON; married Helena Maud HEATH, 19, Collins Bay - Lennox & Addington, Bowmanville, d/o Charles HEATH & Lydia DENNIS; wit Sarah GIBSON & Violet WELSMAN, both Bowmanville, 30 Mar 1915, Bowmanville

010556-15 Ernest Edwin BRUMMELL, 23, Tube Curer (Rubber), England, Bowmanville, s/o Eli BRUMMELL & Sarah CROUCH; married Edna Pearl HOBBS, 21, Cartwright Twp, Bowmanville, d/o Richard HOBBS & Louise DIRCH; wit James Everson HOBBS & Mabel Mary HOBBS, both Bowmanville, 10 Jun 1915, Bowmanville

010543-15 George BSARAS, 24, Waiter, Athens Greece, Montreal, s/o William BSARAS & Helen MPAHADS; married Mary THOMPSON, 20, Port Hope, Port Hope, d/o William THOMPSON & Elizabeth HARTLEY; wit Rev? A.H. GOING & Mrs. LADER (Leader?), both Port Hope, 10 Jun 1915, Port Hope

010562-15 Oliver Stanley CARNRITE, 38, Farmer, Seymour Twp, Seymour Twp, s/o Andrew CARNRITE & Lois Hannah TYLER; married Margaret Alice TYLER, 39, Wid, Marmora, Seymour Twp, d/o John LOUCKS & Margaret ACKER; wit Andrew CARNRITE, Trent River & Florence M. TUCKER, Campbellford, 1 Jan 1915, Campbellford

010561-15 Thomas Archibald CHAPMAN, 29, Farmer, Cramahe Twp, Cramahe Twp, s/o Frank John CHAPMAN & Evelyn McDONALD; married Emma Ethel ANDREWS, 29, Cramahe Twp, Cramahe Twp, d/o Hercules ANDREWS & Louisa WARNER; wit Arthur ANDREWS & Olive VENTRESS, both Colborne, 4 Jun 1915, Cramahe Twp

010563-15 Elmore Blake CRAIG, 26, Farmer, Brighton twp, Brighton Twp, s/o James Albert CRAIG & Martha IRWIN; married Lillian Mary JOYCE, 23, Wid, Brighton Twp, Campbellford, d/o John Nelson PLUMPTON & Ruth MONTGOMERY; wit Bertha PLUMTON & Fred HAIG, both Campbellford, 20 Jan 1915, Campbellford

10614-15 (Northumberland Co) William Clifford FINCH, 27, farmer, Rawdon Tp, same, s/o Thomas FINCH & Matilda IRWIN, married Mabel FINCH, 28, Rawdon Tp, same, d/o George FINCH & Margaret MEIKLEJOHN, witn: Janet WOOD & Winnifred HAY both of Campbellford, 22 Dec 1915 at Campbellford