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Northumberland & Durham  Co., 1925

birth place is given before residence


15624-25 Herbert Sherman ABERNATHY, 26, barber, Ontario, 1300 Ossington Ave in Toronto, s/o William Henry ABERNATHY (b. Ont) & Eliza MASON, married Hilda Victoria BERRY, 22, book keeper, Ontario, 524 St. Clair Ave West in Toronto, d/o William John BERRY (b. Ont) & Margaret Jane LITTLE, witn: Mae R. BRIDGER of 150 Golfview Ave & Arthur BYWORTH of 32 Earl Haig Ave (both Toronto), 7 Sept 1925 at Port Hope  
15625-25 Herbert Stanley ALLEN, 36, dentist, Percy twp., Warkworth, s/o John ALLEN (b. Keene Ont) & Alice WILSON, married Monica MORAN, 23, Brighton twp., same, d/o Michael MORAN (b. Port Huron Mich) & Sarah McAULEY, witn: Mrs. Anis FLESCH & Anna HOULIHAN, both of Cobourg, 3 Jan 1925 at Cobourg 15626-25 Clifford Thomas ALLIN, 22, farmer, Darlington, same, s/o Wesley John ALLIN (b. Hampton Ont) & Mary Elizabeth WRIGHT, married Elsie DAVISON, 18, England, Darlington, d/o unknown DAVISON (b. Sheffield England) & Emma DAVISON, witn: Harold William & Dorothy Irene ALLIN of Hampton, 9 March 1925 at Bowmanville
15627-25 Lorne Clifford ANDERSON, 40, farmer, Lot 15 Con 11 of Mariposa twp., same, s/o Peter ANDERSON (b. Mariposa) & Caroline WELDON, married Sadie Elizabeth DUNDAS, 31, teacher, Hope twp., Mariposa, d/o John DUNDAS (b. Manvers) & Agnes BEGGS, witn: Edna Idella DUNDAS of Hope twp & Margaret J. MEARS of Port Hope, 22 July 1925 at Port Hope 15628-25 Edwin Joseph ARMSTRONG, 32, farmer, Cavan twp., same, s/o Robert John ARMSTRONG (b. Otonabee twp) & Martha MAHAFFEY, married Evelyn Louise FALLIS, 24, Cavan twp., same, d/o Wesley FALLIS, farmer, & Elizabeth POTTS, witn: Clifford R. FALLIS of Millbrook & Ruby M. BOYD of 40 Firstbrook Rd in Toronto, 20 June 1925 at Millbrook

15630-25 John George AST, 35 (36?), widower, truck operator, Helvetia West Virginia, Cuyahoga Falls Ohio, s/o John George AST (b. USA) & Louise BIRGAM, married Dolly Naomi GOLDEN, 40, widow, Richwood Ohio, Cuyahoga Falls, d/o Theodore ADAMS (b. USA) & Jeanette PEEL, witn: C.B. & Mrs. C. B. GRAY of Cuyahoga Falls Ohio, 6 July 1925 at Camborne

15629-25 James Russell ASHBURY, 21, brass moulder, Belleville, same, s/o James ASHBURY (b. Canada) & Jennie, married Aileen Louise ANDREWS, 18, Belleville, same, d/o James ANDREWS (b. Canada) & Hattie BELCH, witn: W. BURNETT (Bunnett?) & Mabel K. SNELL, both of Belleville, 4 Aug 1925 at Cobourg
  15631-25 Russell Barlow AYRHART, 23, weaver, Stirling, Campbellford, s/o George William AYRHART (b. Marmora Ont) & Addie E. BARLOW, married Viola FREDERICK, 18, spooler, Campbellford, same, d/o George Wellington FREDERICK (b. Campbellford Ont) & Margaret LAIRD, witn: Mrs. Addie E. & Beatrice E. AYRHART of Campbellford, 7 Aug 1925 at Campbellford
15632-25 William Walter Earl BADGLEY, 30, power house operator, Belleville, Seymour twp., s/o William H. BADGLEY (b. Hastings Co) & Annie MacKINNON, married Dorothy Drew MILNE, 29, Seymour East, Campbellford, d/o Andrew MILNE (b. Hastings Co) & Margaret CROSSEN, witn: P.B. & M.M. NELSON of RR1 Campbellford, 20 May 1925 at Campbellford 15633-25 Samuel Vandervoort BAILEY, 24, mechanic, Rawdon twp., Toronto, s/o S.J. BAILEY (b. Ont) & Blanche VANDERVOORT, married Olive Hazel TRIPP, 20, Campbellford, same, d/o Alfred TRIPP (b. Ont) & Betha FRATTS?, witn: O.R. BAILEY of Stirling & Irene TRIPP of Campbellford, 8 Sept 1925 at Campbellford
15634-25 James Martin BAIN, 22, machinist, Scotland, Campbellford, s/o William BAIN (b. St. Cyrus Scotland) & Christena ROBERTSON, married Emily Elsie COOPER, 21, waitress, England, Campbellford, d/o Herbert Alfred COOPER (b. Stotfold England) & Janie JELLIS, wit: James & Florence CROALLY of Front St. in Campbellford, 23 Jan 1925 at Campbellford 15635-25 Thomas Sinclair BAKER, 47, widower, produce merchant, Percy twp., Campbellford, s/o William James BAKER (b. Stirling Ont) & Charlotte TAYLOR, married Edna Sarah WEST, 36, widow, Campbellford, same, d/o James A. O'CONNOR (b. Percy twp) & Jane CAMPBELL, witn: Ward W. BAKER & Dorothy J. WEST, both of Campbellford, 20 Oct. 1925 at Campbellford
15636-25 William Jesse BARLOW, 22, merchant, Rawdon twp., Bonair Law, s/o Jesse BARLOW (b. Rawdon twp) & Mary FROST, married Laura McKEOWN, 23, teacher, Rawdon twp., Bonar Law, d/o J.S. McKEOWN (b. Rawdon twp) & Margaret MIKLEJOHN, witn: Reginald McGEE of Stirling & Lillian McKEOWN of Bonar Law, 23 Sept 1925 at Burnbrae 15637-25 Harry Alfred BARNUM, 23, farmer, Seymour twp., same, s/o Alfred BARNUM (b. Seymour twp) & Carrie PETHERICK, married Ethel Mildred FORDE, 20, Seymour twp., same, d/o W.M. FORDE (b. Seymour twp) & Mary Jane SWITZER, witn: Alfred A. BARNUM & William J. FORDE, both of Seymour twp., 13 April 1925 at Campbellford
15638-25 Edgar John BARROWCLOUGH, 21, laborer, Hope twp., same, s/o Simon BARROWCLOUGH & Ella BRIGHTWELL, married Edna Irene HILL, 22, Marvelville, same, d/o Daniel J. HILL & Clymeau HELMER, witn: Annie & Grace BREMNER of Cobourg, 17 Jan 1925 at Cobourg 15639-25 Clifford Sifton BATTERSBY, 24, apple packer, Hope twp., same, s/o John Henry BATTERSBY (b. Canada) & Eliza Jane OSLAND, married Olive Mary ROBINSON, 22, Hamilton twp., Port Hope, d/o Henry Albert ROBINSON (b. Canada) & Annie Louise LUMLEY? (Sunley?), witn: Stanley John & Stella Mae BATTERSBY of Port Hope, 28 Nov 1925 at Port Hope
15640-25 John Herbert BAXTER, 25, farmer, Percy twp., same, s/o John A. BAXTER (b. Canada) & Welthie WHITE, married Violet SHERWIN, 22, domestic servant, Peterborough, Alnwick, d/o Fred SHERWIN (b. Canada) & Ada COMBS, witn: Leslie DOWNS & Lora May SHERWIN, both of Roseneath, 2 Sept 1925 at Roseneath 15641-25 James Marcus BEATTY, 51, farmer, Haldimand twp., same, s/o William BEATTY (b. Ireland) & Jane ELLIOTT, married Ellen KILPATRICK, 30, widow, Glasgow Scotland, Haldimand twp., d/o William KILPATRICK (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Agnes FORREST, witn: Margaret KILPATRICK of Toronto & F.S. BOYLE of Cobourg, 22 July 1925 at Cobourg
15642-25 Ruluf Gifford BEBEE, 29, farmer, Hope twp., same, s/o Ebenezer BEBEE (b. Hope twp) & Etta GIFFORD, married Hope ANDERSON, 21, Hope twp., same, d/o John ANDERSON (b. Hope twp) & Bertha GOODMAN, witn: Dorothy ANDERSON & Nellie LANE, both of Canton, 30 Nov 1925 at Canton 15643-25 George Hurlburt Dorland BEDELL, 22, student, Ontario, 95 Willcocks St. in Toronto, s/o Thomas Casey Dorland BEDELL (b. Ont) & Laura Amelia WHITMARSH, married Marjorie Campbell GAMSBY, 25, social service worker, Ontario, 642 Spadina Ave in Toronto, d/o Guy Aylwin GAMSBY (b. Ont) & Helen Campbell ESSON, witn: Mrs. Helen C. GAMSBY of 317 King St. in Kingston & Miss Beatrice BEDELL of Bowmanville, 11 April 1925 at Bowmanville

15664-25 Everett Norman BEECH, 25, motor mechanic, Enniskillen, Port Hope, s/o Arthur BEECH, b. England & Lily Griffin, married Mary Jane DAWLEY, 29, Port Hope, same, d/o David A. DAWLEY, b. Hamilton Twp. & Emma BONE, witn: Lorne Haw DAWLEY & Amy Irene HENNESSY, both of Port Hope, 1 Oct 1925 at Port Hope

15645-25 William James BELL, 34, farmer, Logan twp., Newtonville, s/o James BELL (b. Canada) & Mary Ann HENDERSON, married Alfreda May STAPLETON, 27, Newtonville, same, d/o Thomas STAPLETON (b. Canada) & Elizabeth HENDERSON, witn: Elizabeth Jane CUNNINGHAM & Edith BAIRD, both of Port Hope, 18 Feb 1925 at Port Hope 15644-25 Lockhart E. BELL, 34, carpenter, Emily twp., Lindsay, s/o Thomas John BELL (b. York twp) & Frances JACKSON, married Louie Winifred LEE, 31, Manvers twp., Peterborough, d/o William Henry LEE (b. Manvers twp) & Sarah Jane SUTTON, witn: Mrs. W. HOOEY & Mrs. T. S. BOYLE, both of Cobourg, 16 July 1925 at Cobourg
15646-25 Lewis Gordon BENNETT, 65, widower, gentleman, Newcastle, Port Hope, s/o Richard BENNETT (b. Albany NY) & Eliza CLARKE, married Barbara Elizabeth BRUNDRETT, 55, widow, Port Hope, same, d/o James STEPHENSON (b. Co. Fermanagh Ireland) & Mary STEPHENSON, witn: Ada Louisa & Edith RIGBY of Port Hope, 25 Nov 1925 at Port Hope 15647-25 Howard Clayton BETTS, 29, Kodak works, Rochester NY, same, s/o Walter BETTS (b. New York City) & Milly Ann BURKELL, married Eader Eliza WOODARD, 23, Wenhagton? - Suffolk England, Cramahe twp., d/o John WOODARD (b. Sanholme? England) & Alice Harriet BRABBING, witn: John A. ARNOLD & Annetta V. RYAL, both of Rochester NY, 18 Aug 1925 at Norham
15648-25 William Victor BEVAN, 21, dye house worker, Cobourg, same, s/o Thomas H. BEVAN (b. Cobourg) & Emma KNOWLES, married Nora Una JENKINS, 18, Cobourg, same, d/o John JENKINS (b. Cobourg) & Caroline EARLS, witn: Clarence H. & Mrs. C. H. BEVAN of Cobourg, 1 Aug 1925 at St. Peters, Cobourg 15649-25 Lewis Henry Bell BIRD, 24, farmer, Sidney twp., same, s/o Newton BIRD (b. Ont) & Sarah J. BELL, married Margery Thelma Gladys FOX, 25, Murray twp., same, d/o Arthur FOX (b. Ont) & Jessie FRALEIGH, witn: Hazel V. BUSH of Franktown & Kenneth M. BIRD of Stirling, 19 Aug 1925 at Stockdale village
15650-25 Robert Wright BLAND, 21, farmer, Cramahe twp., same, s/o Thomas BLAND (b. Northumberland Co) & Laura WRIGHT, married Elsie May MAYBEE, 19, Brighton twp., same, d/o Descum? Clayton MAYBEE (b. Brighton twp) & Ethel COLTMAN, witn: Neva GAINFORTH & Arthur BROWN, both of Wooler, 16 Sept 1925 at Wooler 15651-25 William George BOWERS, 22, farmer, Manitoba, Cartwright, s/o Robert BOWERS (deceased, b. Manitoba) & Laura MILLER, married Ella Jean ELFORD, 21, Cartwright, same, d/o John ELFORD (farmer, b. England) & Susan ARMSTRONG, witn: Walter & Verna FERGUSON of RR2 Burketon, 23 Sept 1925 at Cartwright twp
15652-25 William Henry BOWEN, 19, farmer, Grafton Ont., Hamilton twp., s/o John BOWEN (b. England) & Emily MINTO, married Hilda MORELL, 22, Warren Ont., Hamilton twp., d/o Eric MORELL (b. Sweden) & Katie BLOOM, witn: Evelyn McBRIDE & Rosaline KERR, both of Cobourg, 10 June 1925 at Cobourg 15654-25 Frederick Chester BRADBURN, 24, Cartwright, same, s/o D.W. BRADBURN (b. Cartwright twp) & Mary BRADBURN, married Violet May LAWSON, 21, Fenelon twp., Manvers twp., d/o James LAWSON (b. Cartwright twp) & Emma May BRUCE, witn: Morwood McKEE of Burketon & Elizabeth LAWSON of Janetville, 10 Dec 1925 at Manvers twp
15653-25 Vincent Thomas BRENNAN, 18, laborer, Rawdon twp., Campbellford, s/o Thomas BRENNAN (b. Franktown Ont) & Catherine JOHNSTON, married Laura Elizabeth KELLY, 18, domestic, Coe Hill, Campbellford, d/o Michael KELLY (b. Ormsby Ont) & Elizabeth DRUMM, witn: John DRUMM of Coe Hill & Mrs. Dan O'BRIEN of Campbellford, 23 Nov 1925 at Campbellford 15655-25 Albert Edward BRIDGES, 21, file maker, Port Hope, same, s/o William Charles BRIDGES (b. Port Hope Ont) & Ann Jane SWANSON, married Ada Jane SMITH, 20, England, Port Hope, d/o Paul Gregory SMITH (b. Manchester England) & Alice WESTHEAD, witn: Sarah WESTHEAD & Mrs. Gladys Ann SMITH, both of Port Hope, 7 Feb 1925 at St. Marks Church, Port Hope
15656-25 Arthur Alexander BRISTOW, 20, farmer, Millbrook, Hope twp., s/o Thomas BRISTOW (b. Canada) & Ida McMAHON, married Hazel Winnifred WOODLEY, 19, Toronto, Hope twp., d/o Harry WOODLEY (b. Canada) & Mille BURLEY, witn: F.N. ALCORN of Millbrook & Phrona BRISTOW of Campbellford, 29 June 1925 at Port Hope 15657-25 Lyle Jean BROCK, 28, farmer, Hamilton twp., Haldimand twp., s/o David BROCK (b. Ont) & Helen Elizabeth NOBLE, married Lilian Elizabeth JEFFERIES, 27, Hamilton Ont., Haldimand twp., d/o Herbert E. JEFFERIES (b. Reading England) & Elizabeth Emma TUCKER, witn: John Wallace BROWN of John St. in Cobourg & Edith Annie JEFFERIES of Baltimore, 25 Nov 1925 at Bethesda Manse, Harwood

15662-25 James Henry BROWN, 29, labourer, Victoria Harbour, Darlington, s/o Henry BROWN & "does not know", married Edith CONNAGHAN, 35, widow, housekeeper, England, Darlington, d/o John BAILEY, b. England & Annie MOODY, witn: Arthur FARROW & Esther CLYSDALE, both of Enniskillen, 11 Nov 1925 at Newcastle.

15665-25 Gordon Wellington BROWN, 27, mechanic, Alnwick Twp., same, s/o William J. BROWN, b. Alnwick Twp. & Ellen PETERS, married Margaret Beckenham MCKINNON, 19, England, Percy Twp., d/o George MCKINNON, b. England & Mary Harriet MORDUE, witn: John Herbert BAXTER & Violet SHERWIN, both of Roseneath, 24 Jun 1925 near Roseneath - Percy Twp

15658-25 Charles Arthur BROWN, 23, farmer, Cramahe twp., Murray twp., s/o George Arthur BROWN (b. Murray twp) & Bell Beatrice BRANSCOMBE, married Vera Maria TAYLOR, 20, lady, Brighton twp., same, d/o Lewis John TAYLOR (b. Brighton twp) & Helen May LOGAN, witn: Albert Edward BROWN of Wooler & Gladys A. McQULKIN of Hilton, 23 Sept 1925 at Hilton 15659-25 Clinton Leonard BROWN, 22, farmer, Clarke twp., same, s/o Dwight BROWN (b. Ont) & Alberta DAVY, married Gladys Margaret HEARD, 22, Clarke twp., res not given, d/o Moses HEARD (b. Ont) & Emma WEBB, witn: Allan BROWN of RR3 Newcastle & Betha DEAN of Toronto, 20 June 1925 at Newcastle
15660-25 Donald Herman BROWN, 19, clerk, Brockville, Bowmanville, s/o Ezra H. BROWN (b. Gananoque) & Annie L. HALL, married Theo Lillian MARTYN, 18, nurse, Bowmanville, same, d/o Harry L. MARTYN (b. Bowmanville Ont) & Annie R. TAPSON, witn: Harry C. ALLIN & Nina A. DILLING, both of Bowmanville, 28 Feb 1925 at Bowmanville 15661-25 Frank BROWN, 28, farmer, Alnwick twp., same, s/o John BROWN (b. Roseneath Ont) & Elizabeth BRENTON, married Verda Catherine WHITE, 23 + 10 mon (b. 7 June 1902), Percy twp., same, d/o John WHITE (b. Roseneath Ont) & Eliza Jane PILLAGE, witn: Irene BRAY of Baltimore & Roy WHITE of Roseneath, 25 Dec 1925 at Roseneath

15666-25 Roy Maxwell BROWN, 33, farmer, Asphodel Twp., same, s/o Thomas BROWN, b. Norwood & Ann Jane LYNN, married Ena Victoria SCOTT, 19, Asphodel Twp., same, d/o R McN. SCOTT & Roxana SCOTT, witn: Dr. E.J. & Wanda MCMILLAN, both of Norwood, 6 May 1925 at Hastings.

15663-25 Bruce Thomas BRYANT, 21, farmer, Wooler, Toronto, s/o Frederick BRYANT, b. Wooler & Ethel SMITH, married Iva Agnes Marie WHITNEY, 18, Brighton, Toronto, d/o Claxton WHITNEY, b. Brighton Twp. & Ethel Maud WHITNEY, witn: Florence M. STILLMAN & Gertrude MCBRIDE, both of Cobourg, 24 Feb 1925 at Cobourg.

15667-25 John George William BRYETT, 25, plumber, Marie de Colombes - France, Peterborough, s/o John Nicholls BRYETT, b. Holloway London England & Alice Elizabeth MINER?, married Annie Gertrude HARKNESS, 22, Cavan Twp., Millbrook, d/o Thomas George HARKNESS, b. Cavan & Mary Caroline KINYON, witn: K.E. BLOOD & George M. STEWART (Stevens?) both of Peterborough, 17 Sep 1925 at Millbrook.

15669-25 William James BUNNETT, 21, tile maker, Belleville, same, s/o David BUNNETT, b. Canada & Nellie KAISER, married Mabel Leona SNELL, 20, Hastings Co., Belleville, d/o Mr. & Mrs. DOHERTY, guardians, witn: Russell & Louise ASHBURY, both of Belleville, 4 Aug 1926 at Cobourg.

15668-25 Morley Maxwell BURGESS, 25, linotype operator, Darlington Twp., same, s/o Samuel A. BURGESS, b. Darlington Twp. & Edith POWER, married Enid Marina SOUCH, 23, stenographer, Bowmanville, same, d/o Walter O. SOUCH, b. Peterborough & Agnes HEASMAN, witn: Lola I. COX & Norman A. BURGESS, both of Bowmanville, 29 Aug 1925 at Bowmanville

15670-25 Manley Clifford BURTCH, 21, labourer, Gananoque, Bowmanville, s/o Elijah BURTCH, b. Seeleys Bay & Alice SERSON, married Muriel May BERRY, 20, Lyndhurst, Bowmanville, d/o Morgan BERRY, b. Lyndhurst & Maud BELL, witn: Mr. & Mrs. James BELL, both of Bowmanville, 11 Nov 1925 at Bowmanville

15671-25 Herbert Arthur BURWASH, 32, apiarist, Cobourg, Baltimore, s/o Stephen BURWASH, b. Canada & Annie Eliza CHAMBERLAIN, married Violet May Pearl BRAY, 23, Cold Springs, Baltimore, d/o James Wesley BRAY, b. Canada & Mary Jane MAY, witn: Alice BURWASH of Baltimore & Allan N. DAVIDSON of Burlington, 2 Nov 1925 at Baltimore.

15697-26 William James CAIN, 27, lumberman, Stirling, same, s/o John CAIN & Ellen KEENAN, married Marguerite BRENNAN, 24, Wellmans Corners, Campbellford, d/o Thomas BRENNAN & Catherine JOHNSTON, witn: Vincent BRENNAN & Kathleen KEENAN, both of Campbellford, 23 Feb 1925 at Campbellford. (RC)

15672-25 John Duncan CAMERON, 34, broker, Scotland, Cobourg, s/o Donald Angus CAMERON, b. Scotland & Annie Margaret SHAW, married Margaret Marion PRINGLE, 21, Ontario, Cobourg, d/o Clive PRINGLE, b. Quebec & Rebecca COWELL, witn: A.E. MACDONALD of Toronto & N.G. GUTHRIE of Ottawa, 10 Jan 1925 at Cobourg

15673-25 Roy Alfred CARR, 21, dredging, Hamilton Twp., Port Hope, s/o Alfred H. CARR, b. Canada & Eva RUSSELL, married Marjory Blanch Ann ASHTON, 18, Darlington Twp., Port Hope, d/o Reuben John ASHTON, b. Canada & Ethel GOODWIN, witn: C. James ASHTON & Helen ROBERTS, both of Port Hope, 28 Jul 1926 at Port Hope

15674-26 John CHALLIS, 64, widower, undertaker, England, Bowmanville, s/o George CHALLIS, b. England & Matilda BLOYED, married Ettie MCDOUGAL, 59, widow, Durham Co., Bowmanville, d/o William COLWELL, b. England & Margaret MARTIN, witn: Howard Albert & Mabel Viola CHALLIS, both of Bowmanville, 14 May 1925 at Bowmanville.

15675-25 Saxon Patterson CHAPMAN, 25, druggist, Brantford, Ansonville, s/o James CHAPMAN & Margaret H. PATTERSON, married Evelyn Georgina BROWN, 26, clerk, Cobourg, Ansonville, d/o George BROWN & Jane BILCOX, witn: Grace & William J. BROWN, both of Cobourg, 18 Mar 1925 at Cobourg

15676-25 Ralph Bernado CHEER, 32, merchant, Brighton, same, s/o James CHEER, b. Brighton Twp. & Alice POWNSEY, married Viola Iola REYNOLDS, 23, Campbellford, same, d/o Martin Abbot REYNOLDS, b. Campbellford & Annie Elizabeth NADOO, witn: M.E. & Eleanor BELFORD, both of Codrington, 11 Aug 1925 at Codrington.

15679-25 Harold Dawson CLEMENS, 26, mechanic, Tyrone, Bowmanville, s/o Albert William CLEMENS, b. Tyrone & Annie E. DAWSON, married Velma Eloide STAPLES, 29, music teacher, Darlington Twp., Bowmanville, d/o Wallace H. STAPLES, b. Tyrone & Elizabeth DANE, witn: Gordon H. MORECRAFT of Bowmanville & Edyth M. CLEMENS of Tyrone, 26 December 1925 at Bowmanville

15678-25 William Amos CLARKE, 22, rubber worker, England, Bowmanville, s/o Edward CLARKE, b. England & Frances DALY, married Winona Warner ROACH, 21, telephone operator, Hamilton, Toronto, d/o Edward ROACH, b. Canada & Winona MCINTOSH, witn: Edward D. BIRD & Ellen CLARKE, both of Bowmanville, 15 Aug 1925 at Bowmanville. (RC)

15677-25 Bruce Barrett CLARKE, 22, bank clerk, Wilton, Toronto, s/o Walter M. CLARKE, b. Frontenac Co. & Gertrude V. BURNETT, married Gertrude Lillian LONGMUIR, 25, clerk, Seymour Twp., Toronto, d/o James LONGMUIR, b. Seymour Twp. & Ethel NEVIN, witn: Pansy LONGMUIR of Havelock & A.W.D. YULE of Toronto, 20 Jun 1925 at Trent River

15680-25 Walter Orvel COCHRANE, 23, farmer, Darlington, same, s/o George S. COCHRANE, b. Darlington & Mary KNAPP, married Lelia Maud Viola RAHN, 19, Darlington, same, d/o William Henry RAHN, b. Ontario & Amelia AVERY, witn: Loverne GRIFFIN of Enniskillen & Walter RAHN of Burketon, 11 Feb 1925 at Burketon.

15681-25 William John COCHRANE, 28, farmer, Clarke Twp., same, s/o James George COCHRANE, b. Clarke Twp. & Minnie COOPER, married Grace VIRTUE, 21, post office clerk, Darlington Twp., Orono, d/o William James VIRTUE, b. Canada & Mary Ann THOMPSON, witn: Lizzie C. RICHARDS of Bowmanville & W.J. RIDDELL of Orono, 7 Nov 1925 at Orono


15682-25 George Edward COE, 23, moulder, England, Port Hope, s/o Robert COE, b. England & Emily COE, married Edna Florence BROOKING, 21, Hope Twp., same, d/o George BROOKING, b. England & Elizabeth GREENAWAY, witn: Arnold THORNDYKE of Wesleyville & Alice BROOKING of Toronto, 26 Sep 1925 at Wesleyville.

15684-25 John COLLINS, 57, widower, farmer, Brighton Twp., Cramahe Twp., s/o John COLLINS, b. Ontario & Elizabeth Hannah BELLEBY, married Hannah CHESTERFIELD, 53, Cramahe Twp., same, d/o Henry CHESTERFIELD, b. England & Jane BONETT, witn: Austin EDDY of Colborne & Annie T. FOLEY of Hilton, 25 Feb 1925 at Hilton.

15683-25 Alfred Clifford COLLINS, 28, teacher, Ottawa, Renfrew, s/o Rev. Robert COLLINS, b. Westmeath & Roxanna SYKES, married Violet May WILEY, 21, housemaid, Weyburn Sask., Campbellford, d/o Arnold WILEY, b. Marmora & Martha RICHARDSON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Edward OUTINGDYKE, both of Campbellford, 11 Jul 1925 at Campbellford.

15685-25 Andrew COMFORT, 23, basket maker, Beamsville, same, s/o unknown & Mabel Marie COMFORT, married Vera May VARCOE, 23, Roseneath, Beamsville, d/o O.E. VARCOE, b. Northumberland Co. & Mary Ellen KIRG, witn: Clarence W. VARCOE of Roseneath & Linda F. FRY of Norwood, 10 Jun 1925 at Roseneath

15686-25 Clarence Richard COMRIE, 29, plasterer, Cobourg, same, s/o James COMRIE & Maggie JOHNSTON, married Gladys Loyolla STARK, 20, Cherry Valley, Cobourg, d/o Calvin STARK & Martha MITCHELL, witn: Annie & Grace BREMNER, both of Cobourg, 9 Oct 1925 at Cobourg.

15687-25 Ralph CORNELIUS, 21, farmer, Haldimand Twp., Hamilton Twp., s/o Jesse CORNELIUS, b. Ontario & Sarah COX, married Ruby SMITH, 18, Haldimand Twp., same, d/o James SMITH, b. Ontario & Edith HONEYWELL, witn: F.E. COLES & Florence CHURCH, both of Colborne, 7 May 1925 at Colborne

15688-25 Thomas William COUSANS, 27, provincial constable, England, Cobourg, s/o Thomas Henry COUSANS, b. England & Ruth ANDERSON, married Gladys May LOWE, 21, trainee nurse, Brighton Twp., Cobourg, d/o Clinton LOWE, b. Canada & Alice SCRIVER, witn: H.A. SAYLES of Cobourg & Acelia LOWE of Bowmanville, 17 Jan 1925 at Brighton Twp

15689-25 Frederick Lloyd CRAGO, 21, farmer, Darlington, same, s/o F. Albert CRAGO, b. Ontario & Isa L. OSBORNE, married Emma Stella JEFFREY, 23, Darlington, same, d/o William J. JEFFREY, b. Ontario & Emma MONDAY, witn: Stephen JEFFREY & Elsie CRAGO, both of Bowmanville, 8 Sep 1925 at Darlington Twp.


15690-26 Lewis John CROSSLEY, 50, widower, farmer, Clarke Twp., Hope Twp., s/o Cornelius CROSSLEY, b. Clarke Twp & Mary Ann HARNESS, married Christie Ann Laura STAPLES, 40, Northumberland Co., Hope Twp., d/o Christopher J. STAPLES, b. Haldimand & Elva ROSEVEAR, witn: George Ernest BUNOUF & Thomas R. CROSSLEY, both of Port Hope, 28 Nov 1925 at Hope Twp.

15691-25 Barton CRONK, 31, farmer, Wellington, same, s/o Seburn CRONK, b. Wellington & Lily HAIGHT, married Agnes Marion DAVIDSON, 26, school teacher, Lynn, same, d/o John Mack DAVIDSON, b. Lynn & Nellie AIRD, witn: Mrs. J.U. ROBINS & Dorothy ROBINS, both of Bowmanville, 20 Oct 1925 at Bowmanville

15692-25 Borden CROWE, 19, farmer, Alnwick, same, s/o Peter CROWE, b. Grape Island & Charlotte WEBER, married Lucy Lovina SIMPSON, 21, Otonabee, Alnwick, d/o Frederick SIMPSON, b. Alderville & Susan E. MUSKRAT, witn: Wallace MARSDEN & Mae SIMPSON, both of Alderville, 15 Apr 1925 at Alderville

15693-25 Peter CROWE, 22, labourer, Alderville, Alnwick, s/o Peter CROWE, b. Alderville & Charlotte WEBER, married Ida May SMOKE, 19, Alderville, Alnwick, d/o John SMOKE, b. Alderville & Ida CHIPAGA, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Ross BEAVER, both of Alderville, 23 Sep 1925 at Alderville

15694-25 William Everett CRYDERMAN, 26, farmer, Darlington Twp., same, s/o Walter CRYDERMAN, b. Canada & Olive Susan GIBSON, married Lyda Irene TAYLOR, 25, school teacher, Manvers Twp., Darlington Twp., d/o W.T. TAYLOR, b. Canada & Jane GILBANK, witn: Charlie R. SMITH & Francis CRYDERMAN, both of Enniskillen, 14 Sep 1925 at Hampton.

15695-25 William Bruce CUNNINGHAM, 25, farmer, Fenelon Twp., same, s/o John CUNNINGHAM, b. Ontario & Jane POTTS, married Frances Esther CLOTWORTHY, 25, school teacher, Darlington, Hampton, d/o Joseph CLOTWORTHY, b. Ontario & Kate WESTAWAY, witn: Jack M. HALLIDAY of Fenelon Falls & Ruby E. CLOTWORTHY of Hampton, 26 Sep 1925 at Hampton.

15696-25 Ray Arthur Ethan CURVIN, 21, mechanic, Warkworth, Flint Mich., s/o Ethan Alexander CURVIN & Amy WHITE, married Beatrice Mary Grandy FORBES, 20, nurse in training, Cobourg, Flint - Mich., d/o James T. FORBES & Ruby CARR, witn: Annie & Grace BREMNER, both of Cobourg, 24 Sep 1925 at Cobourg.


15714-25 J.A. DALY, 61, widower, customs officer, Campbellford, same, s/o James DALY & Catherine DELANEY, married Susan GAVENEY, 52, Campbellford, same, d/o Edward GAVENEY & Catherine KILLORAN, witn: Percy J. Leonard & Eva COWNEY (Conney?), both of Campbellford, 2 Feb 1925 at Campbellford. (RC)

15698-25 Frederick Elgy DARLING, 22, farmer, Dummer Twp., Haldimand Twp., s/o Joseph DARLING, b. Ontario & Hatty CHATTEN, married Vera ABERNETHY, 18, Percy Twp., Trenton, d/o Alfred ABERNETHY, b. Ontario & Elinora FULFORD, witn: Gordon L. SMITH of Colborne & Mary L. BOUND of Castleton, 24 Feb 1925 at Colborne

15700-25 Charles Frederick DAVIDSON, 22, farmer, Seymour Twp., same, s/o John L. DAVIDSON & Maggie L. VAN VOLKENBURG, married Merrell Agnes UPTON, 25, teacher, Peterborough, Campbellford, d/o Thomas UPTON & Margaret HAMMILL, witn: T.J. UPTON of Campbellford & J.T. DAVIDSON of Hastings, 14 Jan 1925 at Campbellford.

15699-25 Andrew DAVIDSON, 52, widower, brass finisher, Seymour, Peterborough, s/o George DAVIDSON, b. Scotland & Maggie INNES, married Violet Myrtle Violette SIMMERSON, 23, Newmarket, Port Hope, d/o Frank SIMMERSON, b. Canada & Sarah BROWN, witn: L.N. BODEN & Edith J.B. BAIRD, both of Port Hope, 13 Jun 1925 at Port Hope.

15702-25 Winston Oriel DAVIDSON, 33, painter, Ontario, Detroit, s/o Henry DAVIDSON, b. Ontario & Mary CORNISH, married Leah Blanche PIERSON, 31, Ontario, Brighton, d/o Louis F. PIERSON, b. Ontario & Grace LA TOUR, witn: Cecil C. & Ina C. FIDDICK, both of Brighton, 8 Apr 1925 at Brighton.

15701-25 John Richard DAVIDSON, 20, farmer, Brighton Twp., same, s/o William Ernest DAVIDSON, b. Brighton Twp. & Katheline RYOTT, married Vera Pauline DEMOREST, 22, Cramahe Twp., same, d/o Egbert DEMOREST, b. Murray Twp. & Maud PHILLIPS, witn: Dora TURNEY & Harry DARKRUS, both of Morganston, 3 Sep 1925 at Cramahe Twp.

15703-25 William George DAVIS, 24, cement finisher, Newton, same, s/o Charles DAVIS, b. Hamilton & Margaret COLLINS, married Sarah Myrtle KERR, 21, Denby, Newton, d/o Howard KERR, b. Millford & Laura PETTISER, witn: John DAVIS & Mrs. Gordon DAVIS, both of Newton, 25 Aug 1925 at Brighton.

15704-25 George Alexander DAWE, 50, merchant, Alnwick, Roseneath, s/o Isaac F. DAWE, b. Cornwall - England & Isabella ALEXANDER, married Nellie Maude BLACK, 44, widow, Percy Twp., Warkworth, d/o Fletcher PETERSON, b. Canada & Isabella WILSON, witn: Charles BROWN of Roseneath & Alma M. BLACK of Warkworth, 16 Sep 1925 at Warkworth.

15705-25 Gerald Franklin DAWSON, 24, farmer, South Monaghan, same, s/o Clarence DAWSON, b. South Monaghan & Margaret WHITTINGTON, married Hattie Jean EAGLESON, 23, Cavan, same, d/o George EAGLESON, b. Cavan & Mary Hattie REID, witn: Elvin EAGLESON of Millbrook & Mary Olive DAWSON of Peterborough, 23 Sep 1925 at Cavan Twp.

15706-25 Norman John DEAN, 28, cable man, Burford, Brantford, s/o Alfred Ernest DEAN, b. Canada & Effie Elizabeth WHEATLEY, married Violet Elizabeth May COSTELLO, 23, Nipissing Co., Port Hope, d/o Arthur COSTELLO, b. Canada & Annie A. SATCHELL, witn: A. COSTELLO & Hazel E. COSTELLO, both of Port Hope, 12 Aug 1925 at Port Hope

15707-25 James DEARMAN, 23, stoker, London England, Cobourg, s/o George DEARMAN, b. Miles End - England & Sophia OWEN, married Flora Louise FIELD, 21, Cobourg, same, d/o Arthur S. FIELD, b. Lanchester England & Jessie A. GIBSON, witn: William G. MCDONOUGH & Lilly R. GIBSON, both of Cobourg, 8 Apr 1925 at Cobourg.

15708-25 Ernest Russell DIAMOND, 47, farmer, Campbellford, Grafton, s/o John Diamond, b. Ontario & Elizabeth FRENCH, married Ellen Louise PRENTICE, 26, Grafton, same, d/o James PRENTICE, b. England & Rose NICHOLAS, witn: Frances Elizabeth & Percy PRENTICE, both of Grafton, 20 Jan 1925 at Grafton

15715-25 Leonard Joseph DIXON, 35, operator, Leeds England, Hydro, s/o George William DIXON & Mary ABBOTT, married Anastasia Emerita DALY, 23, Campbellford, same, d/o James A. DALY & Nellie ROACH, witn: Percy LEONARD of Campbellford & Mary MCKAY of Toronto, 23 Jun 1925 at Campbellford. (RC)

15709-25 Walter Frank DRACUP, 22, farmer, Rawdon Twp., same, s/o Walter W. DRACUP, b. Rawdon Twp. & Mary WATSON, married Laura Edith HAWLEY, 21, Peterborough Twp., same, d/o Robert R. HAWLEY, b. Peterborough Twp. & Annie Laura HAWLEY, witn: Oscar L. DINGMAN of Morganston & Ada Irene DINGMAN of Colborne, 24 Nov 1925 at Hilton.

15710-25 Cecil Harry DUDLEY, 23, railway clerk, Colborne, Bowmanville, s/o Jacob DUDLEY, b. Colborne & Olive H. WILLIAMS, married Reta Ruth COLE, 25, music teacher, Winnipeg, Bowmanville, d/o William C. COLE, b. Tyrone & Dorothy G. OKE, witn: F.H. DUDLEY & Georgie Langmaid PIERCE, both of Bowmanville, 9 Sep 1925 at Bowmanville

15711-25 Bertram Alexander Gordon DUNDAS, 26, farmer, Manvers Twp., Hope Twp., s/o John William DUNDAS, b. Manvers Twp. & Agnes BEGGS, married Joanna Jane PARSONS, 26, Whitby, Darlington Twp., d/o John Lewis PARSONS, b. Darlington Twp. & Mary Ann HASKIN, witn: Elizabeth WHIFFEN of Belleville & William Cedric PARSONS of Bowmanville, 3 Jun 1925 at Courtice

15712-25 Edward Ernest DUNK, 20, farmer, Seymour Twp., same, s/o William Ernest DUNK, b. Ontario & Marjorie HUBBLE, married Alma Gertrude STEPHENS, 21, Seymour Twp., same, d/o Henry STEPHENS, b. Ontario & Ennie MCCULLOUGH, witn: Walter THAIN & Bessie STEPHENS, both of Seymour, 30 Dec 1925 at Campbellford.

15713-25 Daniel Joseph DUNLAY, 31, farmer, Percy Twp., same, s/o James DUNLAY & Bridget BURNS, married Loretta Rachel MCMILLAN, 26, Norwood, Percy Twp., d/o Thomas MCMILLAN & Isabel DALY, witn: Ernest ANGER of Campbellford & Kathleen MCMILLEN of Hastings, 25 Nov 1925 at Hastings. (RC)

15716-25 William George EASTON, 24, lawyer, Rochester NY, same, s/o John C. EASTON, b. New York state & Eva L. ANDERSON, married Mabel Eleanor HARTLEY, 21, teacher, England, Brighton Twp., d/o Esli TIRRELL [sic], b. Brighton & Eleanor HARRINGTON, witn: John Marshall ROWE of Rochester NY & Edith Margaret GRAHAM of Trenton, 30 Jun 1925 at Floral Hill Farm, Wooler

15717-25 Frederick Roy EDDY, 22, iron worker, Alnwick, Rochester NY, s/o George Harvey EDDY, b. Cramahe Twp. & Orilla MASTERS, married Verna May HAYNES, 21, Cramahe Twp., same, d/o Frank HAYNES, b. Alnwick Twp. & Minnie ANDRUS (Andress?) witn: Mary Elizabeth BANDY of Belleville & William HAYNES of Castleton, 8 Apr 1925 at Castleton

15719-26 Frederick John EDGELL, 22, loom fixer, England, Cobourg, s/o Henry F. EDGELL, b. Yately England & Annie BROWN, married Elsie ROLLINGS, d/o James ROLLINGS, b. Strew England & Elizabeth CROWHURST, witn: S. UMLER? & Florence MEDHURST, both of Cobourg, 3 Jun 1925 at Cobourg

15718-25 Ernest EDGELL, 24, knitter, England, Cobourg, s/o Henry F. EDGELL, b. Yately England & Annie BROWN, married Amelia ROLLINGS, 23, weaver, England, Cobourg, d/o James ROLLINGS, b. England & Elizabeth CROWHURST, witn: Frederick J. EDGELL of Cramahe & Elsie ROLLINGS of Cobourg, 11 Apr 1926 at Cobourg

15720-25 William Arnold ELDER, 25, farmer, Alnwick Twp., Alnwick, s/o John ELDER, b. Haldimand Twp. & Evelyn BEATTIE, married Verna Mabel TIMLIN, 20, farming, Alnwick, same, d/o James TIMLIN, b. Alnwick & Martha HARVEY, witn: Agnes & Thomas R. MCCORD, both of Baltimore, 21 Oct 1925 at Harwood

15721-25 James Harold EMERSON, 25, chauffeur, Hungerford Twp., Tweed, s/o Joseph EMERSON, b. Canada & Ida GRAHAM, married Mabel Edna MORGAN, 24, milliner, Brighton, same, d/o Edward MORGAN, b. Canada & Emma HILL, witn: W.J. MORGAN of Hilton & Mrs. A. MAYNES of Tweed, 21 Oct 1925 at Murray Twp.

15731-25 Charles James FANNING, 35, farmer, Burnley, same, s/o John FANNING & Anne DILLON, married Mary NOONAN, 21, Burnley, same, d/o John Joseph NOONAN & Mary Ellen WILSON, witn: Ambrose FANNING of Burnley & Teresa NOONAN of Hastings, 3 Jun 1925 at Burnley. (RC)

15732-25 Leonard J. FARDELLA, 23, merchant, Italy, Cobourg, s/o Joseph FARDELLA & Anna VALLEUNGA, married Edna Clara HAYES, 19, housemaid, Walla Walla Washington USA, Port Hope, d/o Frank HAYES & Mary DEXTER, witn: Anthony FARDELLA of Cobourg & Marie CANALLA of Port Hope, 24 Nov 1925 at Cobourg. (RC)

15722-25 George Hornsford FARNSWORTH, 33, truck driver, Digby Nova Scotia, Toronto, s/o Thomas Henry FARNSWORTH, b. Deer Island NB & Mary Hattie DALEY, married Neta Margaret WAKE, 22, Bethany, Port Hope, d/o Joseph John WAKE & Mary Ann GRAHAM, witn: Ida Gertrude GRAHAM & Henry MERRIFIELD, both of Port Hope, 5 Sep 1925 at Port Hope.

15723-25 William Robert FENNELL, 23, chauffeur, Hastings, Cobourg, s/o Robert R. FENNELL, b. England & Elizabeth STEVENSON, married Lily Beatrice ELTON, 29, Somerset England, Cobourg, d/o Charles ELTON, b. England & Selina HONEY, witn: Charles & Eva Frances TAYLOR, both of Cobourg, 24 Oct 1925 at Cobourg

15724-25 Bertram William FINNEY, 21, labourer, Manvers Twp., Pontypool, s/o William FENNEY, b. Ontario & Elizabeth PARKES, married Ruby May WRIGHT, 20, Manvers Twp., same, d/o Ephraim WRIGHT, b. Ontario & Mary PHAIR, witn: Walter A. JACKMAN & Mrs. A. POULTER, both of Bethany, 22 Sep 1925 at Bethany.

15725-25 Walter Laurence FINNIE, 33, farmer, South Monaghan, same, s/o Walter FINNIE, b. Canada & Elizabeth TRUSCOTT, married Annie Hamilton MCCONNACHIE, 26, bank teller, Ayr Scotland, South Monaghan, d/o Arthur MCCONNACHIE, b. Scotland & Catherine HOUSTON, witn: Connie MCCONNACHIE of South Monaghan & R.G. FINNIE of Peterborough, 3 Jun 925 at South Monaghan.

15726-25 Edmund FOWLER, 26, farmer, Cartwright, Darlington Twp., s/o Robert FOWLER, b. Cartwright Twp. & Anne FOWLER, married Verna Mary JOHNSTON, 19, Victoria Co., Darlington, d/o William James JOHNSTON, b. Verulan Twp. & Mary Ann BOOTH, witn: Harold BURGESS of Tyrone & Alberta FOWLER of Burketon, 10 Jan 1925 at Pontypool.

15727-25 William Ambrose FOWLER, 30, farmer, Cartwright Twp., Manvers Twp., s/o Robert FOWLER, b. Cartwright Twp. & Anne FOWLER, married Mamie ALDREAD, 38, widow, housemaid, Manvers Twp., same, d/o Thomas CAMPBELL, b. Ireland & Rachael MCLAUGHLIN, witn: Mrs. J. BIRD & John BIRD, both of Pontypool, 9 Mar 1925 at Pontypool.

15730-25 Cecil Carroll FOX, 21, baker, Cobourg, same, s/o John FOX & Ellen FARRY, married Dorothy Annie MILNER, 21, nurse, Yorkshire England, Cobourg, d/o Frederick MILNER & Edith WARD, witn: Basil & Mary FOX, both of Cobourg, 16 Feb 1925 at Cobourg. (RC)

15729-25 James Warren FREE, 46, farmer, Murray Twp., same, s/o William FREE, b. Marmora Twp. & Amanda SCOTT, married Clara Enid WILEY, 29, Marmora, Murray Twp., d/o James WILEY, b. Murray Twp. & Rachel BROWN, witn: Russell C. WILEY of Frankford & Nettie M. BROWN of Belleville, 1 Jan 1925 at Murray

15728-25 William Leonard FROST, 24, labourer, Belleville, same, s/o John FROST, b. Hamilton & Sarah Catherine RIGBY, married Annie Elizabeth Pearl STEVENSON, 24, Cobourg, Belleville, d/o Gilbert STEVENSON, b. Eddystone & Annie Victoria HIE, witn: Mrs. William HOLLOWAY, Jr. & J. FROST, both of Cobourg, 25 Apr 1925 at Cobourg.


15733-25 Robert Lloyd GARDINER, 23, farmer, Hope Twp., same, s/o Robert James GARDINER, b. Canada & Lena Dora MCCANN, married Gladys PATTON, 20, Cavan Twp., same, d/o Robert John PATTON, b. Canada & Margaret KINSMAN, witn: Annie CALLENDER & Mrs. H.A. BISSET, both of Canton, 14 Jan 1925 at Canton

15734-25 Harold Edwin GEISELMAN, 19, decorator, Ohio, Seymour Twp., s/o Edward Lee GEISELMAN, b. Columbia Co. - Ohio & Adaline STEEL, married Helen May RISDEN, 19, dressmaker, Ohio, Seymour Twp., d/o Edward RISDEN, b. Homeworth Ohio & Honora MALONE, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Philip BLACKSTONE of Alliance Ohio, 3 Jul 1925 at Healey Falls.

15735-25 Charles Wilbert Lester GIBBS, 20, plumber, Port Hope, Toronto, s/o Wilbert GIBBS, b. Port Hope & Amy HORNBECK, married Mildred Margaret DURNFORD, 19, London  England, Toronto, d/o James DURNFORD, b. Yarmouth England & Violet HARDIMAN, witn: Elizabeth W. BEST & A.B.C. BEST, both of Bowmanville, 1 Jan 1925 at Bowmanville.

15736-25 Thomas Bruce GILCHRIST, 35, merchant, Ontario, Bowmanville, s/o Thomas GILCHRIST, b. Ontario & Martha SPEER, married Maria Andrea OLSEN, 20, stenographer, Ontario, Bowmanville, d/o Thomas Christian OLSEN, b. Denmark & Flora BUCHWALD, witn: N.P. OLSEN of Bowmanville & Ellen L. LARSEN of Ottawa, 26 Dec 1025 at Bowmanville

15745-25 Joseph Peter John GIROUX, 22, bank clerk, Chester  Nova Scotia, Toronto, s/o Joseph L. GIROUX & Lillian HICKEY, married Zita RELLIS, 24, teacher, Campbellford, same, d/o John RELLIS & Emma McAVILLA, witn: Lillian GIROUX of Whitby & P.A. RELLIS of Campbellford, 3 Sep 1925 at Campbellford. (RC)

15837-25 James Clarence GLOVER, 24, farmer, Morganston, same, s/o James Walter GLOVER, b. Morganston & Mary R. ROSS, married Nellie Mae POLLOCK, 24, Manitoba, Morganston, d/o John Williard POLLOCK, b. Cramahe Twp. & Jennie May STEPHENSON, witn: Florence Isabel GLOVER & Robert Willard POLLOCK, both of Morganston, 25 Mar 1925 at bride's home at Cramahe Twp

15739-25 Raymond William GOHEEN, 27, student, Hamilton Twp., same, s/o W.H. GOHEEN, b. Hamilton Twp. & Elizabeth BEGGS, married Charlotte Helen CAIRNS, 22, Campbellford, same, d/o James Wolseley CAIRNS, b. Burford & Mary Pearl KIMBALL, witn: Winfred H. GOHEEN of Port Hope & Kenneth S. CARINS of Campbellford, 30 Jun 1925 at Campbellford

15738-25 Harvey Eddie GOHEEN, 24, farmer, Hope Twp., same, s/o Henry GOHEEN, b. Canada & Eunice KINSMAN, married Verne May BYERS, 22, South Monaghan, Hamilton Twp., d/o George BYERS, b. Canada & Henrietta LOCKINGTON, witn: Harold William COLLISTON of Roseneath & Greta BYERS of Bewdley, 21 Mar 1925 at Port Hope

15740-25 William Chisholm GORDON, 23, farmer, Haldimand Twp., Hamilton Twp., s/o John GORDON, b. Ireland & Maude CHISHOLM, married Marguerite Alverna MCKINLEY, 24, Hamilton Twp., same, d/o John MCKINLEY, b. Ontario & Jennie DOIDGE, witn: Kenneth Lewis & Beatrice W. CRUSE, both of Bewdley, 11 Mar 1925 at Plainville

15741-25 Henry James GOSS, 23, auto mechanic, England, Hamilton Twp., s/o Henry Thomas GOSS, b. England & Lilian NORMAN, married Marjorie Isabel SMITH, 22, Millbrook, Hamilton Twp., d/o John SMITH, b. Canada & Isabel BUTLER, witn: Bessie & Thomas Henry BRAY, both of Bewdley, 24 Apr 1925 at Port Hope.

15743-25 William Ray GRAHAM, 46, labourer, Galway Twp., Bobcaygeon, s/o Thomas GRAHAM, b. Cartwright Twp. & Martha RAY, married Florence Lucy PURDY, 34, Bobcaygeon, same, d/o William PURDY, b. Galway Twp. & Clara WHITING, witn: W. Frank PURDY & Mrs. Frank PURDY, both of Bowmanville, 20 Jun 1925 at Bowmanville.

15742-25 William GRAHAM, 20, labourer, Haldimand Twp., same, s/o Fred GRAHAM, b. Tweed & Stella PRATT, married Louella PRATT, 24, widow, housekeeper, Dummer Twp., Haldimand Twp., d/o Andrew SOLE, b. Castleton & Edith TOWN, witn: Arthur GOLDSTEIN of Castleton & Mabel PRATT of Burnley, 12 Aug 1925 at Warkworth

15744-25 William GRAY, 57, widower, railway section foreman, Manvers Twp., Millbrook, s/o R. Frederick GRAY, b. Scotland & Jane McBRIEN, married Louise REYNOLDS, 50, widow, nurse, Millbrook, same, d/o Gordon MCIVER, b. Ireland & Mary Ann WINDEL?, witn: W.C. ALLEN & Mary ALLEN, both of Millbrook, 2 Nov 1925 at Millbrook

15746-25 Hugh HALLIGAN, 39, widower, carpenter, Haldimand Twp., Camborne, s/o James HALLIGAN, b. USA & Mary CARRUTHERS, married Cara Maud WALDON, 31, Hamilton Twp., Camborne, d/o Harry WALDON, b. Canada & Mary BATE, witn: Mrs. C.E. PALMATEER & Mrs. George D. CAMPBELL, both of Camborne, 4 Nov 1925 at Camborne

15747-25 John Henry Bell HAM, 21, grinder, Port Hope, same, s/o James HAM, b. Toronto & Susan WILSON, married Luella BOND, 20, Aurora, Port Hope, d/o Charles BOND, b. Aurora & Elizabeth E. NEALY, witn: Ruth M. COLWELL of Port Hope & Ira R. TRAVELL of Oshawa, 10 Jul 1925 at Port Hope

15770-25 Alex David HARDIE, 42, educationalist, London - England, Toronto, s/o James HARDIE & Marion PETTIE, married Lilian Florence DICKENS, 34, widow, d/o Archibald RICH & Elizabeth WINFIELD, witn: John Robert JONES & Nellie F. NESBITT of Brighton, 9 Sep 1925 at Brighton

15749-25 Frank William HARE, 42, farmer, Haldimand Twp., same, s/o George HARE, b. Ontario & Elizabeth BIGGS, married Ada Jean BLACKLOCK, 31, Haldimand Twp., same, d/o James BLACKLOCK, b. Ontario & Ada Jane BOYD, witn: Margaret Janey CLOUSTON & Fred D. HARE, both of GRAFTON, 26 Aug 1925 at Grafton

15750-25 Alexander HARKNESS, 24, farmer, Cavan, Millbrook, s/o Thomas George HARKNESS, b. Cavan & Mary Caroline KENYON, married Florence May DONALDSON, 19, telephone operator, Millbrook, same, d/o George Arthur DONALDSON, b. Bethany & Florence Ethel TOUGAN, witn: M.L. HOWARD & J.E. BURNHAM, both of Millbrook, 28 Feb 1925 at Millbrook

15748-25 George HARNDEN, 20, farmer, Bracebridge, Grafton, s/o Andrew HARDEN [sic], b. Haldimand Twp. & Elizabeth MILLER, married Sarah Beatrice JOHNSTON, 22, Grafton, same, d/o Adam JOHNSTON, b. Haldimand Twp. & Ivy BRADLEY, witn: Cameron C. HARNDEN of Grafton & Ila Bessie BAKER of Cobourg, 13 Jan 1925 at Cobourg.

15751-25 Maurice Edward HART, 23, baker, Cobourg, same, s/o James HART, b. Cobourg & Ellen LONG, married Lily BROOKS, 20, England, Cobourg, d/o Edward BROOKS, b. England & Emily HILL, witn: Roy B. MAHER & Clara MARKEY, both of Cobourg, 15 Jan 1925 at Cobourg

15752-25 George Arthur HAWKINS, 41, clerk, Colborne, same, s/o George HAWKINS, b. Colborne & Sophronia INSLEY, married Mary Maude TAIT, 36, Haldimand Twp., same, d/o James TAIT, b. Orkney Scotland & Mary SHAW, witn: James & Agnes TAIT, both of Castleton, 14 Jan 1925 at Haldimand Twp

15769-25 William Joseph HAWKRIGG, 31, real estate agent, Ambleside England, New York City, s/o Thomas HAWKRIGG & Jane HORNBY, married Mary BLACK, 32, registered nurse, Campbellford, same, d/o Daniel BLACK & Bridget GIBSON, witn: Sara L. BLACK of New York City & James BLACK of Campbellford, 21 Sep 1925 at Campbellford. (RC)

15755-25 James Arthur Meads HAY, 30, teacher, Belmont Twp., Chatham, s/o Andrew HAY, b. Ontario & Mary Elya HUBBLE, married Elizabeth Frances ARMOUR, 29, Percy Twp., Hastings, d/o Robert S. ARMOUR, b. Ontario & Margaret JOHNSTONE, witn: Clarence E. HAY of Stirling & Bertha SPINGLE? of Hastings, 18 Aug 1925 at Scott Fifes

15754-25 Beresford Earl HAY, 23, draughtsman, Peterborough, same, s/o G.L. HAY, b. Scotland & Rosemond FOX, married Mary MCCULLOUGH, 20, Scotland, Peterborough, d/o Hugh MCCULLOUGH, b. Scotland & Jean MCKELVIE, witn: J.L.M. ANDERSON & Berta M. ANDERSON, both of Port Hope, 8 Apr 1925 at Port Hope

15753-25 Adam HAY, 62, widower, farmer, Seymour Twp, same, s/o W.M. HAY, b. Scotland & Margaret SIMPSON, married Agnes DIAMOND, 68, widow, Ireland, Seymour Twp., d/o Albert MCNEVIE, b. Ireland & Jane McSENERY?, witn: Mrs. R. BULLEN & Mrs. Charles D. DANIEL, both of Campbellford, 2 Oct 1925 at Campbellford

15756-25 Leonard HENDERSON, 28, farmer, Cavan Twp., same, s/o A.J. HENDERSON, b. Cavan & Jennie FALLIS, married Geraldine NORTON, 23, Cavan Twp., Millbrook, d/o Lewis J. NORTON, b. Castleton & Miss? O. HARE, witn: David R. FOWLER & Pearl C. LAMB of Millbrook, 31 Oct 1925 at Millbrook.

15757-25 John Frederick HENDRICKS, 29, farmer, Murray Twp., same, s/o Smith A. HENDRICKS, b. Trenton & Sadie WIGGINS, married Elma Agnes GARDINER, 24, Cobourg, Darlington Twp., d/o Benjamin F. GARDINER, b. Tyrone & Ida HODGSON, witn: Frank G. HENDRICKS of Trenton & Florence GARDINER of Tyrone, 25 Mar 1925 at Tyrone

15758-25 Dalton Mathewson HETHERINGTON, 32, farmer, Fenelon Falls, same, s/o William HETHERINGTON, b. Ontario & Isabella MOFFAT, married Hannah Mabel TURNEY, 31, Colborne, same, d/o William A. TURNEY, b. Ontario & Mary HESELTINE, witn: Alan E. RUTHERFORD & Eliza M. CHATTERSON, both of Colborne, 14 Nov 1925 at Colborne

15759-25 George Walter HICKS, 42, farmer, Corbyville, same, s/o Hart HICKS, b. Ontario & Mary LEVERTON, married Mary Ellen Alva BEST, 40, Durham Co., Port Hope, d/o George BEST, b. Hope Twp. & Susannah DINER, witn: Cyril A. & Mary E. DARKE, both of Port Hope, 14 Oct 1925 at Welcome

15760-25 Lewis HIE, 35, widower, saddler, Haldimand Twp., Baltimore, s/o Henry HIE, b. Haldimand Twp. & Elizabeth Ann HIE, married Marion Elizabeth BAXTER, 18, Cobourg, Baltimore, d/o Thomas BAXTER, b. Roseneath & Mary HOPKINS, witn: Florence & Maurice STILLMAN, both of Cobourg, 7 Jan 1925 at Cobourg.

15762-25 Herbert HILL, 27, labourer, England, Darlington, s/o John HILL, b. England & Sarah GOODMAN, married Katherine POTTER, 19, Brantford, Darlington, d/o William POTTER, b. England & Annie MILLON, witn: Harold & Reta POTTER, both of Enniskillen, 14 Jan 1925 at Hampton.

15761-25 Edward Albert HILL, 21, school teacher, USA, Toronto, s/o Henry HILL, b. Ontario & Emily RAINER, married Isabella THORNDYKE, 25, school teacher, Ontario, Millbrook, d/o Charles THORNDYKE, b. Ontario & Isabell ARMSTRONG, witn: James TIMPANY of Manitoba & Anna J. THOMPSON of Sunderland, 19 Aug 1925 at Millbrook

15763-25 Wilfrid Norman HOBDEN, 31, bottler, Toronto, Bowmanville, s/o Clarence H. HOBDEN, b. London - England & Mary E. BEACOCK, married Edith Mary BEACOCK, 21, stenographer, Cartwright, Bowmanville, d/o Abram BEACOCK, b. Durham Co. & Hannah HICKSON, witn: Fergus Hartley BEACOCK of Toronto & Vera Elizabeth BEACOCK of Bowmanville, 10 Oct 1925 at Bowmanville

15764-25 William Henry HOSKIN, 21, farmer, Haldimand Twp., same, s/o William HOSKIN, b. Canada & Annette BLACK, married Harriet Aletta NEWTON, 17, Haldimand Twp., same, d/o William Alfred NEWTON, b. Canada & Olive Myrinda LAWLESS, witn: Vera Jane & Edward James KERNAGHAN, both of Colborne, 16 Nov 1925 at Colborne

15765-25 Clifford Sydney HOWSE, 21, clerk, England, Toronto, s/o Frederick HOWSE, b. England & Annie PHIPPS, married Gladys Margaret CARNRITE, 19, Ontario, Hastings, d/o Robert CARNRITE, b. Ontario & Agnes RICE, witn: Dorothy CARNRITE of Seymour Twp. & Stanley CARNRITE of Buffalo, 26 Sep 1925 at Seymour Twp.

15766-25 Harold William HOVEY, 21, farmer, Darlington Twp., Orono, s/o William HOVEY, b. Darlington & Jane WARREN, married Lillian Kathleen ALLEN, 18, clerk, Clarke Twp., Orono, d/o Arthur ALLEN, b. Clarke & Margaret MOFFATT, witn: Alineta & Allen MOFFATT, both of Orono, 12 Dec 1925 at Orono

15767-25 Hoyt Russell HOWARD, 53, widower, motorman, Wampaca Wisconsin, Oshawa, s/o Jeremiah HOWARD, b. USA & Adelaide CRANDALL, married Sarah Elizabeth JACKSON, 55, widow, Bedfordshire England, Oshawa, d/o Thomas ARMSDEN, b. England & Sarah E. BRINKLOW, witn: Mrs. J.U. ROBINS & Dorothy ROBINS, both of Bowmanville, 28 Oct 1925 at Bowmanville

15768-25 Bernard S. HUNTLEY, 30, farmer, North Gwillimbury, same, s/o Thomas W. HUNTLEY, b. Canada & Martha SENATE, married Frances SWEETMAN, 29, Ashby, Smithfield, d/o Samuel J. SWEETMAN, b. Canada & Lillie SWEETMAN [sic], witn: Aileen SWEETMAN of Brighton & Orwin WILLOUGHBY of Belhaven, 26 Aug 1925 at Smithfield


15771-25 Elson Reginald JAMES, 29, farmer, Rockland, Murray Tp., s/o William JAMES (b. Canada) & Lillian SURTEES, married Laura Anita PERRY, 22, Murray Tp., same, d/o Phillip PERRY (b. Canada) & Nettie WOOD, witn: R. A. & Edna Luella HAGGARTY both of Brighton on Feb. 25, 1925 at Brighton

15772-25 Frank JAYNES, 32, farmer, Hamilton Tp., Haldimand Tp., s/o Barnabas JAYNES (b. Ontario) & Ida HERRINGTON, married Louisa PARKES, 38, Hamilton Tp., Haldimand Tp., d/o John PARKES (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth EARL, witn: Edith KENT of Windsor & Elizabeth BROWN of Cobourg on Dec. 26, 1925 at Cobourg

15773-25 Stanley Francis JOHNS, 20, labourer, Port Hope, Cobourg, s/o Aulbrey JOHNS (b. England) & Elizabeth HYNES, married Vera TROLLEY, 20, England, Cobourg, d/o Sam William TROLLEY (b. England) & Harriet Louisa LIOPEL?, witn: Gladys M. TROLLEY & George CAMPBELL both of Cobourg on Jan. 28, 1925 at Cobourg.

15774-25 Cecil JOHNSTON, 28, farmer, Manvers Tp., Grantham Tp., s/o William R. JOHNSTON (b. Orono) & Margaret STREETER, married Winnifred SISSON, 35, Cavan Tp., same, d/o Christopher SISSON (b. Cavan) & Jane McBRIEN, witn: Keith SISSON & Margaret OLIVER both of Cavan on Nov. 2, 1925 at Millbrook

15775-25 Robert JOHNSTON, 37, blacksmith, Ireland, Orono, s/o Hans JOHNSTON (b. Ireland) & Maria STEVENSON, married Violet May WHITE, 23 (b. 4 Jan 1903), Hull England, Orono, d/o William WHITE (b. England) & Mary Jane SYKES, witn: Mabel PEARSON & M. M. TUCKER both of Orono on Nov. 10, 1925 at Orono.

15776-25 Joseph Stanley JOICE, 32, farmer, Haldimand Tp., same, s/o Joseph JOYCE (sic) (b. Ireland) & Mary CONNERS, married Grace BRANIGAN, 19, Haldimand Tp., same, d/o Joseph BRANIGAN (b. Ontario) & Annie FARRELL, witn: W. G. EDDY of Vernonville & Oliva M. JOICE of Grafton on Dec. 2, 1925 at Bells Corners, Haldimand Tp.


15778-25 Peter Roscoe JONES, 23, farmer, Brighton Tp., Percy Tp., s/o Peter JONES (b. Ontario) & Johanna TOWNS, married Madge Irene SAMPSON, 24, Manvers Tp., Percy Tp., d/o William James SAMPSON (b. Rochester N.Y. USA) & Amerilla Elizabeth RILEY, witn: Mrs. M. L. & Miss May HINTON both of Hastings on Oct. 14, 1925 at Hastings.

15777-25 Stanley Russell JONES, 32, farmer, Hope Tp., Clarke Tp., s/o George JONES (b. Durham Co.) & Melona BEBEE, married Mary Hazel HATHERLY, 30, Douro Tp., Millbrook, d/o John HATHERLY (b. Durham Co.) & Phoebe HAW, witn: Irwin HATHERLY of Millbrook & Mary A. JONES of R. R. 3 Port Hope on April 15, 1925 at Millbrook

15779-25 John Dudley JOYNT, 37 (b. 4 June 1888), body builder, widower, Detroit, 5532 Oregon Ave, Detroit Mich. USA, s/o Robert JOYNT (b. Ontario) & Loretta TINSLEY, married Elizabeth Deborah GILLESPIE, 34, graduate nurse, Ontario, 691 Merrick Ave. Detroit Mich. USA, d/o Charles Smith GILLESPIE (b. Ontario) & Deborah Ann VAN BLARICOM, witn: Robert JOYNT of 5532 Oregon Ave. Detroit Mich. USA & Grace A. GILLESPIE of Campbellford on June 27, 1925 at St. Andrew Church Campbellford.

15780-25 Andrew Alexander KEMP, 21, cheese maker, Scotland, Cramahe Tp., s/o Richard KEMP (b. Scotland) & Helen SHERIT, married Adra Annie KNAPP, 21, Cramahe Tp., same, d/o Arthur KNAPP (b. Cramahe Tp.) & Susie LANE, witn: Gladys VOSBURG & Nick KNAPP both of Castleton on April 4, 1925 at Castleton

15781-25 Ralph KERNAGHAN, 25, telegraph operator, Colborne, Newcastle, s/o William KERNAGHAN (b. Newcastle) & Stella POMROY, married Nellie Beryl THOMAS, 19, Newcastle, same, d/o William THOMAS (b. Newcastle) & Beatrice PARSONS, witn: Harold LAKING & Rene THOMAS both of Newcastle on Nov. 28, 1925 at Newcastle

15782-25 William Thomas KERR, 28, pharmacist, Fergus, same, s/o Thomas Albert KERR (b. Wellington Co.) & Rachel Mary DOUGLAS, married Marjorie Isabel GREER, 24, Cobourg, Toronto, d/o George GREER (b. Hamilton Tp.) & Jessie Elizabeth DINES, witn: William Henry GREER of Cobourg & Marion Grant KERR MD of 687 Lansdowne St. Toronto on Sept. 16, 1925 at Cobourg.

15783-25 Thomas Roy KIMMERLY, 32, labourer, Deseronto, Rochester New York USA, s/o Kenneth KIMMERLY (b. Deseronto) & Edith HOWELL, married Lela Bernice PAGE, 18, Havelock, Trenton, d/o George PAGE (b. Kingston) & Lillian DUNLOP, witn: Sidney J. LAIRD of R. R. 1 Trenton & Esther C. NEAL of Wooler on Dec., 5, 1925 at Wooler

15784-25 Ernest Watson KING, 49, patrolman, widower, Winona (Winonan?), Port Hope, s/o Anthony KING (b. Canada) & mother not known, married Edith May McGIBBON, 47, Port Hope, same, d/o Thomas McGIBBON (b. Canada) & Mary MAINS, witn: Edith J. B. & Grace D. BAIRD both of Port Hope on April 4, 1925 at Port Hope

15785-25 Edward KITTEGA, 32, teamster, Fort William, Cavan Tp., s/o Angus KITTEGA (b. South Dakota USA) & Emma SEYMORE, married Beatrice Essie MURPHY, 23, Markham, Cavan, d/o George Thomas MURPHY (b. Whitchurch Tp.) & Harriet Teresa JOHNSTONE, witn: Daisy V. & Vera FIERHELLER both of Bethany on Feb. 6, 1925 at The Parsonage Bethany.


15786-25 Milton LEAVERE, 19, clerk, Cardinal, Port Colborne, s/o Albertus LEAVERE & Lillian JACKSON, married Winifred MILLS, 19, clerk, Toronto, same, d/o father deceased (sic) & Mrs. Grace M. MAHON, witn: Mrs. Grace McMAHON of Chicago Illinois USA & Emma HERRON of Caesarea, on July 4, 1925 at Blackstock.

15787-25 Lyle Eugene LEAVITT, 18, farmer, Bloomfield - Prince Edw. Co., same, s/o Henry Edward LEAVITT (b. Quebec) & Mary SIMMS, married Grace Mildred AUSTIN, 20, Wooler, same, d/o David Stanley AUSTIN (b. Ontario) & Mary Shepherd SHAW, witn: Ray PLUMPTON of Codrington & Lillian RIEL of Wooler on April 14, 1925 at Wooler

15793-25 William Leo LEE, 31, farmer, Haldimand Tp., same, s/o Michael LEE & Mary BOYLE, married Henrietta YOUNG, 32, Harwood Village, same, d/o Alexander YOUNG & Margaret COOK, witn: Mary Mercedes LONERGAN of Warkworth & Tom CONNOLLY of Chesley on Nov. 25, 1925 at St. Jerome's Church Warkworth

15788-25 William Henry LEE, 21, farmer, Dummer, South Dummer, s/o Calvin LEE (b. Bobcaygeon) & Abbie STORM, married Violet Alice McHARRY, 18, Peterboro, Norwood, d/o George McHARRY (b. Peterboro) & Kathaleen BUCK, witn: William HILL & Janet THOMSON both of Hastings on Jan. 26, 1925 at Hastings

15794-25 John Alfred LEMAIRE, 26, decorator, Hastings, same, s/o Peter LEMAIRE & Felia PILLE married Mary Adeline WHISLER, 25, widow, Peterboro, same, d/o Henry GUERIN & Camilla GADAND, witn: Marie & Peter LEMAIRE both of Hastings on May 19, 19325 at Hastings

15789-25 Robert Walton LIDSTER, 31, carpenter, Belleville, Oshawa, s/o Robert W. LIDSTER & Sarah Victoria FAREWELL, married Elma Vivian TRAIN, 19, stenographer, Deseronto, Oshawa, d/o William TRAIN & Effie Jane McFARLAND, witn: Grace & Ruth BREMNER both of Cobourg on April 25, 1925 at Cobourg

15790-25 Gordon Edward LINN, 23, farmer, Rawdon Tp., same, s/o James C. LINN (b. Stirling) & Sabra PATTERSON (Petterson?), married Gertrude Lillian WATSON, 21, Seymour, Seymour Tp., d/o James WATSON (b. Campbellford) & Christine SUMMERS, witn: Harry & Bessie WATSON both of Campbellford on Dec. 2, 1925 at Seymour

15791-25 William Arthur LOCKHART, 24, farmer, Clarke Tp., same, s/o Arthur Joseph LOCKHART (b. Clarke Tp.) & Fanny M. PETHICK, married Gladys LANCASTER, 22, Clarke Tp., same, d/o John LANCASTER (b. Clarke Tp.) & Lizzie BEIGHTON, witn: Miss Ruby LANCASTER of Port Granby & Mrs. T. WALLACE of Clarke on March 25, 1925 at Newtonville

115792-25 Robert Russel LOWERY, 30, barber, Clarke Tp., Toronto, s/o John LOWERY (b. Clarke) & Helen POWERS, married Mary Matilda RUTHVEN, 29, South Crosby Tp., Clarke Tp., d/o Wellington RUTHVEN (b. Elgin) & Mary L. CLARKE, witn: Edwin RUTHVEN of Orono & illegible LOWERY of R. R. Kendal on Nov. 16, 1925 at Newtonville

15795-25 Thomas MADGE, 35, farmer, Devonshire England, Hamilton Tp., s/o John MADGE (b. England) & Grace ALLEN, married Dorothy COULTON, 33, England, Hamilton Tp., d/o Henry COULTON (b. England) & Lucy ROBERTS, witn: Hilda B. RICHARDS & Edna E. McKEE both of Baltimore Ontario on June 8, 1925 at Baltimore

11596-25 James Cecil MALLEY, 29, farmer, Clarke Tp., Conc. 7 Lot 22 Clarke Tp., s/o Samuel MALLEY (b. Clarke) & Sarah MOUNTAIN, married Hazel Robina BROWN, 26, teacher, Clarke Tp., Conc. 2, Lot 21 Clarke Tp., d/o Clifford BROWN (b. Clarke) & Annie HEARD, witn: Wellington BRUNT & Fern BROWN both of Newcastle on Oct. 3, 1925 at Newcastle

15797-25 Charles Robert MARKLE, 18, rubber cutter, Grafton, 7 Elizabeth Street same, s/o Samuel MARKLE (b. Stratford Ont.) & Edith BARD, married Eva Beatrice ROBERTS, 22 (b. 16 Dec 1902), machine operator, Cobourg, Grafton, d/o Charles ROBERTS (b. England) & Annie SLOPER, witn: Cyrus ASHTON of Port Hope & Helen ROBERTS of Cobourg on Oct. 24, 1925 at Port Hope

15798-25 Wallace MARSDEN, 20, farmer, Alderville, same, s/o Norman MARSDEN (b. Alderville) & Sarah CROWE, married Olive Marguerite SIMPSON, 15, Alnwick Reserve, Alderville, d/o Fred SIMPSON (b. Alderville) & Susan MUSKRAT, witn: Leslie & Reta MARSDEN both of Alderville on Dec. 30, 1925 at United Church Alderville

15800-25 James Gilchrist MARTIN, 28, mason, Scotland, Bowmanville, s/o Peter MARTIN (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Janet Paton McPHAIL, married Elizabeth Ann TAIT, 34, widow, England, Bowmanville, d/o James Moat BRANT (b. Newcastle on Tyne England) & Isabella MEYERS, witn: Peter & Helen M. MARTIN both of Bowmanville on May 8, 1925 at Bowmanville

15799-25 William Edward Grant MASSEY, 27, farmer, Haldimand Tp., same, s/o Simpson MASSEY (b. Haldimand Tp.) & Sarah DRINKWATER, married Muriel Elizabeth McAULEY, 25, Haldimand Tp., same, d/o Thomas McAULEY (b. Haldimand Tp.) & Mary SMITH, witn: John K. MASSEY of Baltimore Ontario & Margaret HARNDEN of Vernonville on Sept. 19, 1925 at Grafton  
015816-25 Oscar Melville MCALLISTER, 29, Mail Clerk, Port Hope, Port Hope, s/o William MCALLISTER (b. Rossmount) & Matilda HILLIS; married Jennie Winnifred BROWN, 25, Port Hope, Port Hope, d/o Charles Henry BROWN (b. Bowmanville) & Ellen Jane THOMPSON; wit Hilda F. BROWN & John N. BENNETT?, both Port Hope, 9 Nov 1925, Port Hope 015815-25 Alfred George Harold McALLISTER, 22, Farmer, Hamilton Twp, Hope Twp, s/o Hilliard McALLISTER (b. Canada) & Grace KINSMAN; married Greta Gwendoline BYERS, 19, Hamilton Twp, Hamilton Twp, d/o George Watson BYERS (b. Canada) & Henrietta LOCKINGTON; wit Berta M. ANDERSON & Gertie A. GARNETT, both Port Hope, 1 Aug 1925, Port Hope
015817-25 William Francis McCOLL, 23, Silversmith, Murray Twp, Newton, s/o Frank McCOLL (b. Hastings Co) & Annie T. McDONALD; married Nettie Isabell COOK, 23, Finch, Newton, d/o Angus COOK (b. Dundas Co) & Mabel CAMERON; wit Margaret BROWN & Jean BROWN, both Cobourg, 7 Sept 1925, Cobourg 015818-25 William James McCORMICK, 45, Physician, Wid, Ontario, 16 Gilbie Ave in Toronto, s/o Robert McCORMICK (b. Ontario) & J. GAY; married Kathleen Mary DOLMAN, 26, Ontario, Campbellford, d/o S.J. DOLMAN (b. Ontario) & K. CAREY; wit C.C. DOLMAN, Campbellford & L. Marguerite FARROW, Oshawa, 18 Sept 1925, Campbellford
015820-25 Ray John McCULLOCK, 22, Farmer, Seymour Twp, Seymour Twp, s/o Archie McCULLOCK (b. Seymour Twp) & Aggie ROBB; married Della Kathleen LONGMUIR, 20, Seymour Twp, Seymour Twp, d/o George LONGMUIR (b. Seymour Twp) & Ellen BROWN; wit Harold McCULLOCH, Campbellford & L.R. LONGMUIR, Hastings, 19 Sept 1925, Seymour 015819-25 David Alexander McCULLOUGH, 62, Retired, Wid, Kingston, Bowmanville, s/o John McCULLOUGH (b. Ireland) & Mary FERGUSON; married Elena HORNE, 35, Bowmanville, Bowmanville, d/o Nathan HORNE (b. Darlington Twp) & Jane RICE; wit C. McCULLOUGH, Toronto & F.J. HORNE, Bowmanville, 31 Aug 1925, Bowmanville
015834-25 William McDERMOTT, 51, Carpenter, Rochester NY, Port Hope, s/o Andrew McDERMOTT & Susan McCORMACK; married Ellen MALONEY, 51, Port Hope, Port Hope, d/o John MALONEY & Bridget SEXTON; wit William LANGLOIS & Annie KENNEFECK, both Port Hope, 30 Jun 1925, Port Hope 015821-25 Alexander Laughlin McDONALD, 24, Electric Crane Operator, Rama Twp, Port Hope, s/o John Alex (b. Canada) & Annie Leona McDONALD; married Edith Mary WHITE, 29, Port Hope, Port Hope, d/o John Charles WHITE (b. Port Hope) & Sarah Jane BOUNDY; wit Gladys E. EMMETT & Emma CLOW, both Port Hope, 24 Jun 1925, Port Hope
015822-25 Roland McDONALD, 27, Steam Fitter, Bowmanville, Bowmanville, s/o James Huey McDONALD (b. Bowmanville) & Margaret Ann LOUCK (Leask?); married Christina Sarah DILLING, 21, Bowmanville, Bowmanville, d/o Andrew DILLING (b. Bowmanville) & Ann ALCUMBRACK; wit H.M TYRRELL & Mrs. H.M. TYRRELL, both Bowmanville, 20 Jun 1925, Bowmanville 015833-25 Wilfred MACDONALD, 28, Fisherman, Brighton, Brighton, s/o Lawrence MACDONALD & Florence SIMPLE; married Elizabeth GAMMIE?, 30, Maid, Forsyth Scotland, Brighton, d/o Archibald GAMMIE? & Elizabeth FORSYTH; wit George POST & Maggie POST, both Brighton, 18 Nov 1928, Wooler
015823-25 Claude Harvey MACINNES, 32, Farmer, Hastings Co, Halloway, s/o James MACINNES (b. Murray) & Ada McARTHUR; married Gladys OUSTERHOUT, 28, Clarkdale, Halloway, d/o Sheldon OUSTERHOUT (b. Renfrew) & Jennie HAMILTON; wit Mrs. George WRIGHT & Philip OUSTERHOUT, both Frankford, 14 Jan 1925, Stockdale 015824-25 William Wendall Charles McIVOR, 22, Brick maker, Millbrook, Cobourg, s/o Frederick McIVOR & Emily BURROWS; married Kathleen Marguerite ASH, 20, Cobourg, Cobourg, d/o Allan ASH & Agnes COCKBURN; wit A.W. YOUNG & Mrs. A.W. YOUNG, both Cobourg, 4 Jul 1925, Cobourg
015825-25 Hugh MACKAY, 25, Mill Wright, Leith Scotland, Port Hope, s/o Hector MACKAY (b. Edinburgh Scotland) & Mina WILSON; married Rose Elizabeth HARWOOD, 19, Port Hope, Port Hope, d/o Vincent William HARWOOD (b. London England) & Elizabeth BAILEY; wit Vincent William Thomas HARWOOD & Kathleen Mulville DOUGLAS, both Port Hope, 6 Feb 1925, Port Hope  
015832-25 John McKENDRY, 32, Dyer, Cobourg, Cobourg, s/o John McKENDRY & Delia DOYLE; married Dorothy ROBERTS, 26, England, Cobourg, d/o Arthur ROBERTS & Nancy FALKINGHAM; wit Albert STOTT & Mrs. Albert STOTT, both Cobourg, 23 May 1925, Cobourg 015826-25 Murdock McLEAN, 38, Engineer, Scotland, Newtonville, s/o Donald McLEAN (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth McKENZIE; married Martha Ann LONDON, 26, New Brunswick, Newtonville, d/o John LONDON (b. New Brunswick) & Gertrude DOUCETTE, wit Fannie WALSH, Montreal & Ellen FALLON (TALLON?), Port Hope, 17 Aug 1925, Port Hope
015828-25 Andrew George McMANN, 22, Farmer, Baltimore, Baltimore, s/o William McMANN (b. Hamilton Twp) & Mary PATTERSON; married Ruby FERGUSON, 33, Hamilton Twp, Baltimore, d/o William FERGUSON (b. Hamilton Twp) & Eugene GUYATT; wit Mabel M. LANNING, Vancouver BC & Florence M. STILMAN, Cobourg, 17 Jun 1925, Cobourg 015827-25 Gale Ernest Glenholme McMASTER, 24, Brighton Twp, Percy Twp, s/o William A. McMASTER (b. Brighton Twp) & Mary E. OLIVER; married Isabella OUTTERSON, 20, Co. Berwick Scotland, Campbellford, d/o David OUTTERSON (b. Co. Berwick Scotland) & Mary S. HILL; wit Garnet A. McMASTER, Hastings & Helen OUTTERSON, Campbellford, 28 Dec 1925, Campbellford
015829-25 Harlin McMULLAN, 18, Farmer, Campbellford, Belmont, s/o Frederick John McMULLAN (b. Rawdon Twp) & Mary Jane HEDGER; married Marjorie MACMILLAN, 16, Campbellford, Havelock, d/o Theron MACMILLAN (b. Seymour Twp) & Pearl WRIGHT; wit Anna R. GRIER & Alice SERGEANT, both Campbellford, 2 Oct 1925, Campbellford 015830-25 Donald Charles MACMULLEN, 21, CPR Fireman, Warkworth, Toronto, s/o John Wesley McMULLEN (b. Rawdon Twp) & Ella HENDY; married Bessie Evelyn MACDONALD, 19, Seymour Twp, Percy Twp, d/o William H. McDONALD (sic) (b. Seymour Twp) & Mabel BUCHANAN; wit John Samuel McDONALD, Hastings & Edith M.E. STILLMAN, Campbellford, 15 Sept 1925, Hastings
  015831-25 James Charles Leonard McNEILL, 26, Farmer, Cavan Twp, Cavan Twp, s/o John McNEILL (b. Ontario) & Margaret FAIR; married Sara Leslie Pearl STAPLES, 28, Cavan Twp, Cavan Twp, d/o Joseph F. STAPLES (b. Ontario) & Margaret HOWDEN; wit Helen S. STAPLES & T.A. McCAMUS, both Ida, 23 Jun 1925, Campbellford

15801-25 Alfred Keith MINAKER, 23, merchant, Murray Tp., Brighton Tp., s/o David S. MINAKER (b. Cramahe Tp.) & Minnie SABINS, married Leah Marguerite SEWARD, 19, Brighton Tp., same, d/o Alfred SEWARD (b. Brighton Tp.) & Annie KELLAR, witn: Helen RICHARDS & Donald C. LAPP both of Brighton on July 1, 1925 at Murray Tp.

15802-25 John William MINERS, 19, varnisher, Oshawa, same, s/o George William MINERS (b. Oshawa) & Rachel MARR, married Lorraine Diantha COLTON, 19, Trenton, Oshawa, d/o William Wallace COLTON, (b. Picton) & Anna Jane SNIDER, witn: Roland BATE & Mrs. Emma POSTLETHWAITE both of Bowmanville on Jan. 3, 1925 at Bowmanville

15803-25 Benjamin Ellison MOISE, 28, painter, Newcastle, same, s/o Benjamin MOISE (b. Hope) & Violette ELLISON, married Laura Marie WALTON, 28, Clarke Tp., Newcastle, d/o Anson WALTON (b. Clarke) & Annie ROBINSON, witn: Harold LAKING & Janie SINGER both of Newcastle on Dec. 7, 1925 at Newcastle.

15806-25 William Edgar MOORE, 31, farmer, Hope Tp., Hamilton Tp., s/o Thomas MOORE (b. Canada) & Eliza BOWEN, married Minnie Alberta HANNAH, 32, Hamilton Tp., Hope Tp., d/o Philander HANNAH (b. Canada) & Charlotte Elizabeth JACKSON, witn: Thomas ELLIOTT of Campbellford & Sephrona HANNAH of R. R. 4 Port Hope on Dec. 19, 1925 at Port Hope

15805-25 Raymond MOORE, 20, farmer, Cramahe Tp., Percy Tp., s/o James MOORE (b. Ontario) & Sarah Ann THOMPSON, married Emily Ruby BARRIE, 19, clerk, Campbellford, same, d/o Thomas BARRIE (b. Ontario) & Susan WILSON, witn: Olive Lillian MOORE & George Raymond ROSS both of Warkworth on April 20, 1925 at Campbellford.

15804-25 John MOORE, 21, labourer, England, Lakeport, s/o Benjamin MOORE (b. England) & Amy PUGH, married Annie WINTERBOTTOM, 20, England, Lakeport, d/o Harry WINTERBOTTOM (b. England) & Sarah Helen CHAPMAN, witn: Bruce McMURRAY & Dorothy MOORE both of Lakeport on March 16, 1925 at the home of the groom's father Lockport

15808-25 Ernest Samuel MORRIS, 23, farmer, Prince Edward Co., Bloomfield, s/o Samuel MORRIS (b. Canada) & mother's name not given, married Mary Adelia ROGERS, 20, Murray Tp., same, d/o John ROGERS (b. Canada) & Emily AVERY, witn: John & Emily ROGERS both of Murray Frankford R.R. #4 on June 3, 1925 at Murray Tp.

15807-25 Charles MORRISON, 38, railroader, Hamilton Tp., Port Hope, s/o Hugh MORRISON (b. Durham Tp.) & Sarah Ann KENT, married Sarah Agnes SNELL, 27, Hope Tp., Port Hope, d/o William Wallace SNELL (b. Durham Tp.) & Pamelia? BROOKES, witn: William DUNCAN & David John STEVENSON both of Cobourg on July 15, 1925 at St. Andrew's Church Cobourg

15809-25 Clarence Ashworth MORROW, 25, farmer, Percy Tp., same, s/o James MORROW (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth BAILEY, married Annie Irene BROWN, 20, Seymour Tp., same, d/o George E. H. BROWN (b. Seymour Tp.) & Jennie DUNHAM, witn: Fred B. MORROW of Colborne & Alma BROWN of Hastings on June 3, 1925 at Hastings

15814-25 Francis Edward MULHALL, 32, carpenter, Cobourg, Detroit Mich. USA, s/o Thomas MULHALL & Mary BURNS, married Mary Ellen MURRAY, 26, bookkeeper, Grafton, Cobourg, d/o Owen MURRAY & Mary COX, witn: Alice MURRAY & Murray WALSH both of Cobourg on April 13, 1925 at St. Michael's Church Cobourg

15810-25 Fred MULHOLLAND, 24, General Motors, Oshawa, same, s/o James MULHOLLAND (b. Ontario) & Charlotte ANTHONY, married Marguerite BARRELL, 20, Bowmanville, same, d/o William BARRELL (b. England) & Florence FORSYTHE, witn: William BARRIBLE & Kate FLETCHER both of Bowmanville on March 14, 1925 at Bowmanville

15811-25 Howard Andrew MULVEY, 21, truck driver, Hope Tp., Port Hope, s/o John MULVEY (b. Canada) & Rhoda MARTIN, married Bessie May CANN, 18, Hope Tp., Cobourg, d/o John CANN (b. Canada) & Lottie JENKINS, witn: H. A. & Annie GOULAY both of 211 Garden Ave. Toronto on April 17, 1925 at Port Hope

15812-25 Isaac Gerald MURNEY, 22, chauffeur, Northumberland Co., Cobourg, s/o Henry James MURNEY (b. Harwood) & Jennie WITHERS, married Hazel Matilda ROBSON, 23, Northumberland Co., Cobourg, d/o Thomas ROBSON (b. Harwood) & Esther Ann ROWE, witn: Edith A. & Jessie HISCOCK both of Cobourg on Nov. 24, 1925 at Cobourg.

15813-25 W. A. MURPHY, 23, physician, Lindsay, Campbellford, s/o Peter MURPHY & Helen HOGAN, married Helen F. McAULEY, 27, nurse, Kingston, Campbellford, d/o John McAULEY & Helen Gertrude FITZMARTIN, witn: E. J. CUNNINGHAM of Campbellford & Marion SMITH of Toronto on April 14, 1925 at Campbellford.

015835-25 John Anthony NICHOL, 48, Farmer, Alnwick Twp, Alnwick Twp, s/o William NICHOL (b. Haldimand Twp) & Eliza Jane SHERWIN; married Ethel Jane BRADLEY, 31, Trained Nurse, Lansdowne Twp, Smiths Falls, d/o Ogle Richard BRADLEY (b. Leeds Co) & Jean BERRY; wit Oren B. NICHOL, Roseneath & Artins? B. BROOKS, Cobourg, 28 Oct 1925, Brighton 015836-25 Patrick NORMOYLE, 28, Farmer, Adare Co Limerick Ireland, Cobourg, s/o James NORMOYLE & Ellen SHEEHAN; married Elizabeth SPARLING, 24, Adare Co Limerick Ireland, Cobourg, d/o Christopher SPARLING & Maria McCARTHY; wit Joseph REILLY & Alice McGOVERN, both Cobourg, 1 Oct 1925, Cobourg
015839-25 Charles Joseph O'CONNOR, 21, Machinist, Campbellford, Rochester NY, s/o Jeremiah O'CONNOR & Honora E. GRADY; married Anne LEMAY, 23, Hastings, Hastings, d/o James LEMAY & Mary MULHERN; wit James LEMAY (Jr), Hastings & Elizabeth O'CONNOR, Rochester, 24 Aug 1925, Hastings 015837-25 Henry Carl OLIVER, 29, Percy Twp, Hastings, s/o Henry OLIVER (b. Northumberland Co) & Alice OAKLEY; married Edith Elizabeth BOWEN, 24, Mill Hand, Haliburton Co, Campbellford, d/o James BOWEN (b. Brighton) & Annie HUBBLE; wit Mrs. George OLIVER & George OLIVER, both Campbellford, 6 Aug 1925, Campbellford
015838-25 Charles Edwin OSBORNE, 23, Farmer, Darlington, Darlington, s/o Richard E. OSBORNE (b. Darlington) & Mary E. RUNDLE; married Leta Jane TURNER, 24, Housekeeper, Clarke Twp, Darlington, d/o Samuel E. TURNER (b. Clarke Twp) & Amelia J. CLEMENCE; wit Wilber SNOWDEN & Mrs. Rena P. SNOWDEN, both Oshawa, 19 Nov 1925, Darlington Twp 015840-25 John Alfred PAGE, 22, Labourer, Minden Twp, Port Hope, s/o Robert PAGE (b. Canada) & Mary Jane ROSS; married Edna May FRASER, 19, Whitevale, Hamilton Twp, d/o Charles FRASER (b. England) & Elizabeth BUTLER; wit Grace CAREY of Whitby & Leonard Hed CARD (Hidbard?) of Bewdley, 16 Sept 1925, at New Lodge Farm
015841-25 Wellington PARKER, 41, Fireman, Wid, Victoria Harbor, Hornepayne, s/o George W. PARKER (b. Canada) & A.M. TODD; married Pearl Mary LAPP, 24, Baltimore, Cobourg, d/o Thomas F. LAPP (b. Canada) & Lena V. ALGER; wit F.W. LAPP, Cobourg & Mrs. Belle WILSON, Toronto, 21 Sept 1925, Cobourg 015842-25 Joseph Robert PATTERSON, 20, Carpenter, Baltimore, Cobourg, s/o Robert Albert PATTERSON (b. Baltimore) & Susan Mary WEBB; married Lenna May JACKSON, 18, Cobourg, Cobourg, d/o Charles Batton JACKSON (b. Baltimore) & Mary IRISH; wit Florence M. STILLMAN, Cobourg & Mabel M. LANNING, Vancouver BC, 16 Jun 1925, Cobourg (Divorced 26/9?/49)
015844-25 William PAYNE, 57, Farmer, Wid, Clarke Twp, Clarke Twp, s/o Reuben PAYNE (b. England) & Eliz COSTBY; married Ethel JONES, 33, Hope Twp, Hope Twp, d/o George JONES (b. Canada) & Melona BEBEE; wit Carl Bebee JONES & Mary Alinses JONES, both Hope Twp, 7 Jan 1925, Port Hope 015843-25 Abraham Isaac PAYNE, 42, Gardener, Cobourg, Cobourg, s/o Samuel Cook PAYNE (b. Essex England) & Elizabeth ROGERS; married Ellen Austin TURNER, 32, Wid, England, Cobourg, d/o Charles AUSTIN (b. Sussex England) & Elizabeth READ; wit W.H. PAYNE & Eva AUSTIN, both Cobourg, 28 Oct 1925, Cobourg
015845-25 William Albert John PEARSE, 20, Plumber, Cobourg, Cobourg, s/o William John PEARSE (b. Canada) & Frances Mabel GLIDDON; married Olive Mary STEACY, 20, Clerk, Cobourg, Cobourg, d/o Glen Garfield STEACY (b. Canada) & Ella MURPHY; wit Mrs. J.D. SNIDER & Mrs. Berta W. ANDERSON, both Port Hope, 23 Apr 1925, Port Hope 015846-25 William PEMBERTON, 36, Teamster, Wid, England, Port Hope, s/o the father died when groom was very young and does not remember it (b. England) & the same in this case; married Eve May DEMILLE, 30 (b. 19 Nov 1895), Wid, Burkton, Port Hope, d/o Daniel DEMILLE (b. Ontario) & Liza Ann BINGHAM; wit Mrs. Annie WALKER & Margaret J. MEARS, both Port Hope, 31 Oct 1925, Port Hope [re bride: "my parents are dead"]
015847-25 Charles G. PETERSON, 23, Farmer, Flint Mich, Percy Twp, s/o Fred PETERSON (b. Colborne) & Wilhemina WATSON; married Hazel Mary STILLMAN, 23, Seymour Twp, Haldimand Twp, d/o Robert STILLMAN (b. Seymour Twp) & Lanceletta ROLLO; wit: [illegible signature] & Gordon R. BROWN, both Cobourg, 8 Jul 1925, Cobourg 015848-25 Frank Hagerman PLEWS, 36, Plumber, Cobourg, Cobourg, s/o Harold Hagerman PLEWS & Lillian H. MORROW; married Grace Alma BROWN, 27, Cobourg, Cobourg, d/o George Gordon BROWN & Mary Jane BILLOFF; wit H.C. MELVILLE & Mrs. C.B. MELVILLE, both Cobourg, 21 Nov 1925, Cobourg
015849-25 Harvey Robert PORTEOUS, 32, tool maker, Port Perry, Port Hope, s/o Simon PORTEOUS (b. Canada) & Ellen COWAN; married Verna Bernice BRAY, 20, Hope Twp, Port Hope, d/o Thomas BRAY (b. Canada) & Martha GARRETT; wit Annie CALLENDER & Mrs. H.A. BRUNET?, both Canton, 22 May 1925, Canton 015850-25 Benjamin Maybee POWELL, 79, Farmer, Wid, Murray Twp, Cramahe Twp, s/o Jonathan S. POWELL (b. New York State) & Jane MAYBEE; married Laura Jane POWELL, 76, Wid, Cramahe Twp, Cramahe Twp, d/o John BARKER (b. Yorkshire England) & Mary BRINTNELL; wit Roy Nelson PACKARD, Hilton & George Edwin MUTTON, Colborne, 17 Aug 1925, Cramahe Twp
015851-25 Edgar Lloyd PRESCOTT, 26, Farmer, Reach Twp, Darlington Twp, s/o William C. PRESCOTT (b. Ireland) & Ida M. GLIDE; married Irene Helen GIBSON, 23, Darlington Twp, Darlington Twp, d/o George GIBSON (b. Ireland) & Margaret E. McCULLOCK; wit Wilbert M. SMITH & Mavise G.N. PRESCOTT, both Enniskillen, 8 Apr 1925, at Hampton 015852-25 Ernest Rudolph PRESSEAU, 21, Fireman, Hull Quebec, Rochester NY, s/o Ferdinand PRESSEAU (b. Hull Quebec) & Filomene CORRIVEAUX; married Mary Edwina MABEE, 19, Cobourg, Rochester NY, d/o Joseph MABEE (b. Cobourg) & Julia Ann MEAGHER; wit Alice MABEE & William LAICCEY?, both Cobourg, 16 Nov 1925, Cobourg
015853-25 James PURDY, 23, Farmer, Haldimand Twp, Haldimand Twp, s/o John PURDY (b. Haldimand Twp, deceased) & Alice SHEPHARD; married Gertrude BURLEY, 15 yrs 9 mos, Haldimand Twp, Brighton Twp, d/o Christopher BURLEY (b. Haldimand) & Ailia? MAGRAW; wit Adelia BURLEY, Mutton's Mills & Adelia McLEOD, Brighton, 21 Dec 1925, Brighton

15854-25 Harold Clifford QUIBELL, 23, clerk, Snowden Tp., Campbellford, s/o father's name not given (b. Bobcaygeon) & Margaret BOWHEY, married Ruth BROOKS, 19, Percy Tp., Hastings, d/o Albert BROOKS (b. Percy Tp.) & Mary VANVOLKENBURG, witn: Norman HEAYNES of Campbellford & Edna G. BROOKS of Hastings on June 2, 1925 at Hastings

15855-25 Walter Alliston RAHM, 23, farmer, Darlington, same, s/o William Henry RAHM (b. Canada) & Emilia Ann AVERY, married Florence Marie Lorene GRIFFIN, 22, Darlington, same, d/o William GRIFFIN (b. Yorkshire England) & Mary Ann WOTTEN, witn: Melville Tennyson GRIFFIN of Enniskillen & Myrtle Elva GRIFFIN of Toronto on June 6, 1925 at Enniskillen

15856-25 Wilfred Harold REEVE, 24, farmer, Port Hope, Hope Tp., s/o William REEVE (b. Canada) & Emiline THOMAS, married Florence Muriel BENNETT, 24, Hope Tp., Port Hope, d/o Paul BENNETT (b. England) & Pauline J. GREENAWAY, witn: Howard REEVE & Frank BENNETT both of Port Hope on Aug. 26, 1925 at Port Hope.

15857-25 Charles Leonard RICHARDS, 23, farmer, Bowmanville, Darlington, s/o Alfred RICHARDS (b. England) & Zilla Maud PARKIN, married Leila Alberta WILKINS, 23, Darlington, same, d/o Alex WILKINS (b. Canada) & Florence PROUTT, witn: Garnet RICHARDS of Bathurst St. Toronto & illegible WILKINS of Bowmanville on [illegible] Sept., 1925 at Salem. [Reg'd 19 Sept 1925, license obtained 29 Aug 1925]

15858-25 Francis John RICHARDSON, 54, labourer, Cobourg, same, s/o Harry RICHARDSON (b. Brighton England) & Martha GILLAM, married Mary Lennox TEMPLETON, 34, Scotland, Cobourg, d/o Michael TEMPLETON (b. Uddingston Scotland) & Margaret McMILLAN, witn: Francis Henry & Mary HILL both of Cobourg on May 30, 1925 at Cobourg

15859-25 Clarence Frederick RIDER, 20, gardener, Oshawa, same, s/o James Andrew RIDER (b. Devonshire England) & Edith Emma COOMBE, married Olga Elizabeth GROSSMAN, 18, Toronto, Oshawa, d/o Joseph Frank GROSSMAN (b. Bukovina Austria Hungary) & Caroline Eva CHESAVEY, witn: Cecil DURNO of 887 Robinson St. & Olive TAPPING of 40 Royal St. both of Oshawa on June 3, 1925 at Bowmanville

15860-25 Thomas Boyd ROBERTSON, 21, electrician, Lanark, Hydro Ont., s/o Thomas G. ROBERTSON & Minnie BARBER, married Leona PEELING, 23, Campbellford, same, d/o John PEELING (b. Campbellford) & Fanny BLUE, witn: G. E. ROBERTSON of Dunnville & Catharine MacARTHUR of Campbellford on June 17, 1925 at Campbellford

15861-25 Ralph Cedric Marr ROBINSON, 21, farmer, Whitby Tp., Oshawa, s/o Ralph John ROBINSON (b. Oshawa) & Tryphosa PERKINS, married May Violet McEACHREN, 21, Hartley, Newcastle, d/o Neil McEACHREN (b. Hartley) & Mary BELL, witn: N.J. W. ARCHER & Mrs. J. U. ROBINS both of Bowmanville on Feb. 14, 1925 at Bowmanville

15862-25 Albert Edgar ROSEVEAR, 55, drover, Northumberland Co., Shelburne, d/o Joseph Harry ROSEVEAR (Northumberland Co.) & Sarah Ann CLEMENS, married Myrtle Elizabeth EAGLESON, 28, Northumberland Co., Cold Springs, d/o Alfred A. EAGLESON (b. Northumberland Co.) & Charlotte Eva CLEMENS, witn: S. Hilton & Jessie I. EAGLESON both of Cobourg on June 13, 1925 at Coldsprings United Church at Cobourg

15863-25 Charles Valleau ROSS, 21, farmer, Brighton Tp., same, s/o James Henry ROSS (b. Brighton Tp.) & Martha Irene VALLEAU, married Margaret May McCOMB, 21, Cramahe Tp., same, d/o Samuel Marvin McCOMB (b. USA) & Agnes JOHNSTON, witn: Sara E. McCOMB of Castleton & George ROSS of Codrington on Jan. 14, 1925 at Cramahe Tp.

15865-25 Gerald Ivan ROSS, 24, telegraph operator CNR, Brighton, Colborne, s/o Charles ROSS (b. Brighton) & Margaret LAPOINTE, married Vera Madeline EDWARDS, 23, saleslady, Colborne, same, d/o George A. EDWARDS (b. Cramahe Tp.) & Emma TURPIN, witn: Pearl EDWARDS & Pearl BENSON both of Colborne on July 17? 1925 at Colborne

15866-25 Edgar Montgomery ROWSON, 23, clerk, Port Hope, same, s/o William James ROWSON (b. Toronto & Laura CARVER, married Gladys Marguerite ROBERTS, 21, Cobourg, same, d/o Charles Henry ROBERTS (b. England) & Annie SLOPER, witn: Kenneth C. WARE of Port Hope & Mrs. K. C. WARE of Newtonville on Dec. 7, 1925 at Bowmanville

15864-25 James RUNCIMAN, 30, farmer, Brighton Tp., Percy Tp., s/o John RUNCIMAN (b. Brighton Tp.) & Sarah JUNOR, married Ina Ethel POOLE, 23, Percy Tp., same, d/o George POOLE (b. Seymour Tp.) & Martha GREENLY, witn: Anna R. GRIER & Mary E. NICHOLS both of Campbellford on Dec. 16, 1925 at Campbellford

15867-25 James Eldon RUSSELL, 28, chef, Toronto, Carnarvon, s/o William RUSSELL (b. Ireland) & Barbara SINCLAIR, married Edith WELCH, 24, Stanhope, Carnarvon, d/o James WELCH (b. England) & Grace JONES, witn: Harry CLAPINSON & Maud E. TETTON (Felton?) both of Cavan on Sept. 14, 1925 at Cavan.

15868-25 Adam Nelles RUTHERFORD, 27, farmer, Hamilton, Grimsby, s/o Adam RUTHERFORD (b. Orangeville) & Marie Elizabeth NELLES, married Marjorie Evelyn HARRIS, 12, Toronto, Grimsby, d/o Louis Merton HARRIS (b. Ingersoll) & Annie Victoria SMITH, witn: Malcolm Sumner NELLES of Grimsby & Eleanor E. ARMSTRONG of Cobourg on May 23, 1925 at Cobourg

15869-25 Gordon Forsyth RUTHERFORD, 25, farmer, Haldimand Tp., same, s/o Alexander RUTHERFORD (b. Haldimand Tp.) & Jennie McKENZIE, married Lulu Elizabeth GILLESPIE, 26, Haldimand Tp., same, d/o William GILLESPIE (b. Armaugh Ireland) & Elizabeth ARKELS, witn: Wilfred RUTHERFORD of 100 Gibbs St. Rochester New York USA & Vera GILLESPIE of Grafton on Sept. 5, 1925 at Haldimand Tp.

15870-25 James Arthur RUTHERFORD, 32, farmer, Haldimand Tp., same, s/o John T. RUTHERFORD (b. Haldimand Tp.) & Isabel KELLIE, married Helen Marjorie WALKER, 21, Cramahe Tp., same, d/o Clarence George WALKER (b. Cramahe Tp.) & Hermenia May CLARKE, witn: Inez & George C. WALKER both of Castleton on Nov. 18, 1925 at the home of the bride at Cramahe Tp


15871-25 Wilbert SANDERCOCK, 37, labourer, Port Hope, same, s/o John SANDERCOCK (b. England) & Elizabeth SMITH, married Matilda Ann FLEMING, 40 (b. 14 Dec 1884), Alnwick twp., Port Hope, d/o William FLEMING (b. Ireland) & Margaret BELLAM, witn: Margaret MEERS & Arethura E. WALKER both of Port Hope on Sept. 29, 1925 at Port Hope. [re bride: "My mother is an invalid and is in her seventy fifth year of age"]

15872-25 Robert Percy SANDERSON, 36, farmer, South Monaghan, same, s/o Thomas SANDERSON (b. Canada) & Annie Alberta HIBBERT, married Grace Alberta CLEMENTS, 21, South Monaghan, same, d/o Harry Edward CLEMENTS (b. England) & Mary Jane THOMPSON, witn: A. L. & Ethel SANDERSON both of Port Hope on July 21, 1925 at Port Hope.

15873-25 Gordon Victor SCOTT, 22, undertaker apprentice, Port Hope, same, s/o Walter SCOTT (b. USA) & Constance BARKER, married Mabel Gertrude ROBINSON, 19, Watertown NY USA, Port Hope, d/o Frank B. ROBINSON (b. Canada) & Margaret BROWN, witn: T. F. CHALK & Myrtle E. SCOTT both of Port Hope on Nov. 24, 1925 at Port Hope

15874-25 Ernest Victor SCRIVER, 19, labourer, Norwood, Asphodel, s/o William D. SCRIVER (b. Ontario) & Katie ROACH, married Isabel Irene INNES, 21, Seymour, Asphodel, d/o William INNES (b. Ontario) & Phoebe THOMPSON, witn: Lloyd SCRIVER of Hastings & Gladys INNES of Campbellford on July 7, 1925 at Hastings

15875-25 Stewart Warden SEENEY, 26, farmer, Belmont Tp., Percy Tp., s/o George SEENEY (b. Belmont Tp.) & Teresa WANNAMAKER, married Agatha Emily WARD, 20, England, Percy Tp., d/o Arthur WARD (b. Aldridge England) & Sarah Ann PAGE, witn: Arthur WARD of Dartford & Audrie B. WHITNEY of Wooler on Nov. 30, 1925 at Hastings

15876-25 John James SHEA, 27, engineer, Ottawa, Bowmanville, s/o Denis SHEA (b. Ottawa) & Rose Ann ROCHETTE, married Gladys Margaret WOODROW, 17, Barrie, Bowmanville, d/o John WOODROW (b. Barrie) & Anne SHAUGHNESSY, witn: Joseph Patrick SHEEHAN & Jessie A. MacDONALD both of Bowmanville on Feb. 2, 1925 at Bowmanville. [re bride: letter from her mother dated 27 Jan 1925, "Dear Mr. Shea I received your kind letter asking my consent to marry my daughter Gladys Well as I have never met you I realy don't know what to say keen as its is her wishes to marry I will send my consent... signed Mrs. George Hough, Burlington"]

15877-25 Roy Wallace SHEA, 22, farmer, Percy Tp., same, s/o Alfred Edgar SHEA (b. Seymour) & Elizabeth Annie SWEET, married Gwendoline Nellie BROOKS, 20, England, Percy Tp., d/o James Harry BROOKS (b. England) & Laura PEARSON, witn: William Donald HOAR of Dartford & Annie Louise BROOKS of Warkworth on March 25, 1925 at Hastings.

15878-25 Sidney Loan SHARPE, 22, manager, Hastings, Smith Falls, s/o Gilbert Sydney SHARPE (b. Ontario) & Florence WOODBECK, married Lottie KEAYS, 18, Perth, same, d/o John Livingston KEAYS (b. Canada) & Charlotte Ann BOWES, witn: George SHARPE & Iva DOUGLAS both of Hastings on Jan. 6, 1925 at Hastings

15879-25 Leslie SHILLINGLAW, 24, cheese maker, Seymour Tp., same, s/o James SHILLINGLAW (b. Seymour Tp.) & Janet LITTLE, married Bertha HAIG, 25, Seymour Tp., same, d/o Peter HAIG (b. Seymour tp.) & Annabella ANDERSON, witn: Mr. & Mrs. L. W. LITTLE both of Campbellford on March 25, 1925 at Burnbrae, Seymour Tp.

15880-25 Philip SIMPSON, 29, mechanical engineer, England, 175 Harvard Ave. Notre Dame De Guere Que., s/o John James SIMPSON (b. England) & Emily SINGLETON, married Mary Milne Livingstone MacPHERSON, 33, England, c/o Sir James Woods Grafton, d/o Charles Archibald MacPHERSON (b. Ontario) & Marion Henderson DOUGLAS, witn: W. B. WOODS of 69 Alessia Ave. Toronto & Euphemia B. WALKER of Avondale Ave. Toronto on June 20, 1925 at Grafton

15881-25 Harry Albert SKINNER, 43, labourer, England, Port Hope, s/o Harry SKINNER (b. England) & Amelia BOSTON, married Mary Ann TATTERSALL, 40 (b. 28 July 1885), divorcee, Bob's Smithy - Heston? - Lancashire England, Port Hope, d/o Richard Elias MASON (b. England) & Priscilla KERSHAW, witn: Frank S. ALLEN & Berta M. ANDERSON both of Port Hope on Sept. 20, 1925 at Port Hope.

15882-75 Cecil Laverne SKUCE, 24, farmer, Manvers Tp., same, s/o William SKUCE (b. Ontario) & Etta STAPLES, married Mabel Alzena PARKS, 25, Laxton Tp., Ops Tp., d/o Thomas PARKS (b. Ontario) & Annie COULTER, witn: Mary B. SOUTHAM of Ida Ontario & Ella M. PATTERSON of Janetville on Dec. 2, 1925 at Janetville

15883-25 Carl Ward SLOGGETT, 22, farming, Seymour Tp., Campbellford, s/o Joseph SLOGGETT (b. Ontario) & Ida DUNK, married Winnifred Isabell PHILLIPS, 16, Percy Tp., Campbellford, d/o William J. PHILLIPS (b. Ontario) & Janet OAKMAN, witn: Beecher BLAKE & Mabel MITCHELL both of Campbellford on Dec. 23, 1925 at Campbellford

15884-25 Franklin R. SMITH, 35, farmer, Sidney Tp., Murray Tp., s/o Clemens SMITH (b. Canada) & Anna PHILIPS, married Nora Marguerette YARROW, 24, Murray Tp., Brighton Tp., d/o William YARROW (b. Canada) & Emily LAISNEY, witn: Janney & Elmer COULTER both of Trenton on Dec. 16, 1925 at Smithfield

15885-25 George Arthur SMITH, 55, insurance agent, Port Hope, same, s/o John SMITH (b. Canada) & Margaret WAINWRIGHT, married Eva Millicent BRAUND, 47, Port Hope, same, d/o Joseph BRAUND (b. Canada) & Mary LETHBRIDGE, witn: Aubrey J. SMITH & Vivian N. PORTER both of Port Hope on Jan. 10, 1925 at Port Hope

15886-25 John Cedric SMITH, 22, farmer, Cobourg, Alnwick Tp., s/o Joseph Henry SMITH (b. London England) & Lilla Bertha FLATT, married Olive Elizabeth MAY, 21, Hamilton Tp., same, d/o John MAY (b. Hamilton Tp.) & Sarah MARTIN, witn: Victor Henry SMITH of R.R. Cobourg & Verna Grace MAY of R. R. 6 Cobourg on April 18, 1925 at The Manse at Baltimore

15887-25 Thomas Alfred SMITH, 61, gentleman, Prince Edward Co., Seymour Tp., s/o William SMITH (b. England) & Mary Ann NEEDHAM, married Rachel McMULLEN, 51, widow, Seymour Tp., same, d/o Charles WATSON (b. England) & Margaret HAY, witn: Bertha McMULLEN & Albert GIFFORD both of Campbellford on March 4, 1925 at Campbellford

15888-25 Thomas Percival SMITH, 21, farmer, Haldimand Tp., same, s/o Christopher SMITH (b. Haldimand Tp.) & Ida CHATTEN, married Vernice Elizabeth Deal FULFORD, 18, Brighton Tp., Haldimand Tp., d/o Lorne FULFORD (b. Prescott) & Lucretia BARNES, witn: Mabel M. LANNING of 4584 1st Ave. W. Vancouver B.C. & Florence M. STILLMAN of Cobourg on June 10, 1925 at Cobourg

15908-25 John Albert SMITH, 21, farm labourer, Croydon Surrey England, Campbellford, s/o Harry Ernest SMITH & Lilian Ann GREEN, married Mabel DIXON, 28, Butterwick Lincolnshire England, Campbellford, d/o Charles William DIXON & Henrietta ANDERSON, witn: Lilian May DIXON & Ross McCOMB both of Campbellford on Aug. 17, 1925 at Campbellford

  15889-25 Noah SMOKE, 25, farmer, Alderville, same, s/o Frank SMOKE (b. Alderville) & Rebecca TAYLOR, married Elizabeth TOBICO, 19, Alderville, same, d/o Joseph TOBICO (b. Alderville) & Susan SUNDAY, witn: Mrs. M. L. HINTON & Miss Lillian HINTON both of Hastings on Feb. 17, 1925 at Hastings

15890-25 James Herbert SNELL, 21, farmer, Hope Tp., same, d/o Charles SNELL (b. Ontario) & Annie BONE, married Bernice Lila PAYNE, 19, Clark Tp., same, d/o William PAYNE (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth BRIGHTWELL, witn: Carlton PAYNE U& Mrs. C. PAYNE both of R. R. 3 Newcastle on Sept. 22, 1925 at Bowmanville.

15891-25 John Wesley SNELL, 37, labourer, Hope Tp., Port Hope, s/o William Wallace SNELL (b. Canada) & Amelia BROOKS, married Florence Elizabeth VICKERY, 27, Peterboro, Port Hope, d/o Robert John VICKERY & Florence REID, witn: Charlie MORRISON & Sadie SNELL both of Port Hope on March 7, 1925 at Port Hope.

15892-25 Alexander SPEIRS, 22, farmer, Otonabee, Alnwick, s/o Robert Bruce SPIERS (b. Otonabee Tp.) & Eliza Ann MINNIFIE, married Bertie May DUFF, 24, Alnwick, same, d/o John DUFF (b. Madoc) & Annie Maria LINTON, witn: James DUFF of Roseneath & Agnes McCORD of Baltimore on July 2, 1925 at Bethesda Manse Harwood

15893-25 Albert Dudley SPRAGGE, 41, assistant sales manager, Newmarket, Cobourg, s/o Rev. Albert W. SPRAGGE (b. Canada) & Elizabeth Harriett DUDLEY, married Dorothy Emily SKILL, 38, Cobourg, same, d/o Henry H. SKILL (b. England) & Emma Fanny SENNETT, witn: John W. SPRAGGE & Frank M. SKILL both of Cobourg on Oct. 28, 1925 at St. Peter's Cobourg.

15894-25 William Charles SPRY, 39, rubber worker, Bowmanville, same, s/o John SPRY (b. Ontario) & Mary WINDSOR, married Ila Alberta Ann NICHOLS, 28, Bowmanville, same, d/o Thomas NICHOLS (b. England) & Mary Ann LUXTON, witn: James SPRY & Gladys BUNNER both of Bowmanville on Sept. 19, 1925 at Bowmanville

15895-25 Ralph Gardiner STAFFORD, 47, miller, Ameliasburgh, Rednersville, s/o H. G. STAFFORD & Cynthia POTTER, married Ida Aldrich SCRIMGEOUR, 50, Almonte, Port Hope, d/o James SCRIMGEOUR & Mary BARNET, witn: Anna Aldrich REMINGTON of 304 West Ave. Rochester N.Y. USA & Susan MASSIE of Port Hope on June 3, 1925 at Port Hope

15896-25 Edward George STANBURY, 23, mill hand, Seymour Tp., Campbellford, s/o George STANBURY (b. Northumberland Co.) & Margaret OWENS, married Rosella WYNN, 19, Seymour Tp., same, d/o William WYNN (b. Northumberland Co) & Hannah VARDY, witn: Ross WYNN of R. R. #1 Campbellford & Harriet POTTS of Campbellford on April 22, 1925 at Campbellford.

15897-25 Robert Harold STAPLES, 23, farmer, Baltimore, same, s/o Stephen Wellington STAPLES (b. Canada) & Catherine INGRAM, married Hazel Marie MASON, 21, Hamilton Tp., Baltimore, d/o Francis J. B. MASON (b. Canada) & Agnes Selena CLAPPERTON, witn: E. M. HOGG of Baltimore & Jack STAPLES of R. R. 3 Cobourg on Feb. 11, 1925 at Baltimore

15899-25 Arthur John STEELE, 21, farmer, Wingham Park England, Canton Hope Tp., s/o Robert STEELE (b. England) & Bessie DIXON, married Dorothy Evelyn SMITH, 21, Taunton England, Canton Hope Tp., d/o Tom SMITH (b. England) & Mary Ann HOOPER, witn: Herbert G. SMITH of 70 Celina St. Oshawa & Elise LITTLE of Beverly on Dec. 19, 1925 at Canton

15900-25 Charles Burke STEPHEN, 47, farmer, Prince Edward Co., Seymour Tp., s/o Charles STEPHEN (b. Northumberland Co.) & Mary M. CLARKE, married Lena CASSON, 42, mill hand, widow, Elmvale, Campbellford, d/o Pearson DEAN (b. Simcoe) & Helen SAUNDERS, witn: Gertrude LITTLE & Alice J. McKENZIE both of Campbellford on Sept. 30, 1925 at Seymour.

15901-25 Ross Neal STEPHENS, 24, farmer, Seymour Tp., same, s/o Henry E. STEPHENS (b. Campbellford) & Emmie McCULLOCH, married Kathleen Helen LITTLE, 17, Seymour Tp., same, d/o W. H. LITTLE (b. Campbellford) & Gertrude STEPHENS, witn: Charles L. LITTLE & Alma C. STEPHENS both of Campbellford on May 20, 1925 at Campbellford.

15902-25 Clarence Rosslyn STEVENS, 24, farmer, Darlington, same, s/o Robert R. STEVENS (b. Darlington) & Rhoda R. A. MUNDAY, married Marion Evelyn MORRIS, 26, clerk, Bowmanville, same, d/o Frank F. MORRIS ((b. Bowmanville) & Fannie MARTYN, witn: Carrie MARTYN & R. R. STEVENS both of Bowmanville on Aug. 19, 1925 at Bowmanville

15903-25 Charles Robert STEWART, 22, bridge builder, Foxboro, same, s/o James William STEWART (b. Hastings) & Mary Adelaide LANG, married Verna Elizabeth McKELVIE, 20, stenographer, Seymour Tp., Campbellford, d/o William Herbert McKELVIE (b. Campbellford) & Blanche STICKLE, witn: Mrs. Mary STEWART of Foxboro & W. H. McKELVIE of Campbellford on June 10, 1925 at Campbellford

15904-25 Clarence Arthur STEWART, 18, labourer, Paris Ont., Pembroke, s/o Robert Bruce STEWART (b. Paris Ont.) & Edna Tresa DUNCAN, married Amanda Eva LE ROCHE, 19, knitter, Cologne Ont., Pembroke, d/o Ignace LE ROCHE (b. Chapelle Que.) & Mary SKING, witn : Annie May TAYLOR & Elizabeth SPARGO both of Bowmanville on June 12, 1925 at Bowmanville

15905-25 Hugh Cecil John STORY, 37, farmer, Pickering Tp., same, s/o Andrew STORY (b. Pickering Tp.) & Ella GREGG, married Annie Jane FOUND, 30, Pickering Tp., same, d/o Charles Henry FOUND (b. Yorkshire England) & Sarah Ann BROWN, witn: Ada may WOOD & Alexander WALSH both of Port Hope on Feb. 11, 1925 at Port Hope

15906-25 Howard Stanley SWAIN, 33, farmer, Cramahe Tp., same, s/o Andrew Jackson SWAIN (b. Canada) & Harriet IVES, married Blanche Thelma COFFEY, 26, teacher, Haldimand Tp., same, d/o Thomas COFFEY (b. Canada) & Jennie STEWART, witn: Martha B. & Elizabeth COFFEY both of Lakeport on Dec. 26, 1925 at the home of the bride at Lakeport.

15907-25 Leo SWALES, 24, enameller, Midland, Port Hope, s/o B. SWALES (b. Canada) & Lucy WOODS, married Hilda Mabel COYTE, 18, Hamilton Tp., Hope Tp., d/o William COYTE (b. Canada) & Mabel BRAY, witn: W. E. RUSSELL of Port Hope & Hazel McMAHON of Millbrook on Nov. 6, 1925 at Hope Tp.

015909-25 John Elias TAYLOR, 45, Blacksmith, Wid, Hope Town, Hastings, s/o James H. TAYLOR (b. London Ontario) & Ellen LEE; married Florence Jean STEWART, 42, Hastings, Hastings, d/o William STEWART (b. Percy Twp) & Ann S. PERCHARD; wit Fred J. STEWART, Toronto & Margaret E. TAYLOR, Hastings, 6 Oct 1925
015910-25 Wilson Samuel THAIN, 24, Farmer, Seymour Twp, Seymour Twp, s/o John THAIN (b. Campbellford) & Susan STEVENS; married Sarah Jane TINNEY, 20, Clothing Mender, Bancroft, Campbellford, d/o William TINNEY (b. Warkworth) & Agnes GOLDEN; wit Victor C. FREE & Nettie FREE, both Campbellford, 11 Mar 1925, Campbellford 015912-25 David THOMPSON, 51, Farmer, Wid, Haldimand Twp, Vernonville, s/o Thomas THOMPSON (b. Canada) & Margaret WAITE; married Emma TAYLOR, 51, Wid, Cramahe Twp, Vernonville, d/o John CORNELIUS (b. Canada) & Sarah JONES; wit Maria R. SAWERS & Hannah NAVIN, both Cobourg, 21 Jan 1925, Cobourg
015913-25 James Thomas THOMPSON, 24, Merchant, Wetaskwin Alta, Cobourg, Cobourg, s/o Christopher T. THOMPSON (b. Ontario) & Rose WILSON; married Hazel May DAVEY, 22, Clerk, Baltimore, Cobourg, d/o John DAVEY (b. Ontario) & Elsie STEVENSON; wit W.E. THOMPSON, Barrie & Mrs. Harold BODDY, Baltimore, 15 Apr 1925, Baltimore 015911-25 Alexander Harold THOMPSON, 23, Telegrapher, Port Hope, Port Hope, s/o James S. THOMPSON (b. Port Hope) & Agnes CROSSIN; married Sybil Evelyn BROADBENT, 21, Port Hope, Port Hope, d/o Jesse BROADBENT (b. Bridlington England) & Sarah Emma JESSOP; wit Alberta BROADBENT & James S. THOMPSON, both Port Hope, 2 Sept 1925, Port Hope
015914-25 James Leslie TIMLIN, 25, Farmer, Alnwick Twp, Alnwick Twp, s/o Nixon TIMLIN (b. Grafton) & Catherine WILSON; married Neta Muriel LEAN, 25, Alnwick Twp, Alnwick Twp, d/o Austin LEAN (b. Cold Springs) & Mary Jane HICKS; wit Bruse TIMLIN, Roseneath & Ester CURAL, Hastings, 18 Feb 1925, Hastings 015915-25 Ernest Albert TONKIN, 22, Gardener, Oshawa, Oshawa, s/o W.H. TONKIN (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth McGOWAN; married Mary Margaret McGOWAN, 22, Hope Twp, Newcastle, d/o Thomas POWELL (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth Ann McGAHEY; wit Mrs. A. BABCOCK & Elizabeth CANN, both Bowmanville, 22 Aug 1925, Bowmanville
015916-25 William Earl TRUMPER, 31, Labourer, Napanee, Port Hope, s/o George Franklin TRUMPER (b. Canada) & Esther Augusta BABCOCK; married Sadie CAMPBELL, 21 (b.26 Feb 1904), Wid, Belshill - Lanarkshire Scotland, Port Hope, d/o Alexander BROWN (b. Scotland) & Matilda GRAHAM; wit Albert J. WALSH & Elizabeth KEYS, both Port Hope, 9 Nov 1925, Port Hope [re bride: "my parents family bible is at Bellshill Scotland"] 015917-25 William Gladstone UNDERWOOD, 26, Farmer, Haldimand Twp, Haldimand Twp, s/o John UNDERWOOD (b. Hamilton Twp) & Isabel RITCHIE; married Margaret Hazel BAPTIST, 23, Haldimand Twp, Haldimand Twp, d/o Robert Alexander BAPTIST (b. Haldimand Twp) & Margaret STEWART; wit C.B. FERGUSON & Coral Rosevear HOGG, both Baltimore, 9 Sept 1925, Baltimore
015918-25 Percy Arthur VAN CAMP, 27, Farmer, Cartwright, Cartwright, s/o W.J. VAN CAMP (b. Cartwright) & Margaret SWAIN; married Elva Ruth WRIGHT, 25, Cartwright, Cartwright, d/o John WRIGHT (b. Darlington) & Ruth WHITFIELD; wit Stanford VAN CAMP, Cartwright & Edna HOLMES, Oshawa, 23 Sept 1925, Blackstock 015919-25 Ross Taverner VAN DYCK, 25, farmer, South Fredericksburgh, South Fredericksburgh, s/o Frank H. VAN DYCK & Anna P. TAVERNER; married Mary Letitia DICKSON, 25, South Fredericksburgh, South Fredericksburgh, d/o James DICKSON & Minnie MAGEE; wit Almeda BAILEY, Stirling & Esther NEAL, Wooler, 3 Nov 1925, Wooler
015920-25 Mossom Earl WALKER, 28, Farmer, Manvers, Manvers, s/o Joseph WALKER (b. Lindsay) & Mary Margaret MAGILL; married Luella Margaret FOWLER, 18, Manvers, Cartwright, d/o Thomas FOWLER (b. Cartwright) & Isabella CAMPBELL; wit Mrs. Richard FOWLER & Richard FOWLER, both Nestleton, 7 Mar 1925, Nestleton 015921-25 William Vernon Charles WALLACE, 21, Labourer, England, Campbellford, s/o James F. WALLACE (b. Bury St. Edmunds England) & Eva WYBURD; married Cecil Elmira LLOYD, 18, Waitress, Millbridge, Campbellford, d/o Benjamin LLOYD (b. Tyton England) & Elizabeth BATES; wit Arthur Thomas LLOYD & Rachael LLOYD, both Campbellford, 28 Mar 1925, Campbellford
015922-25 Albert John WALSH, 25, Painter, Port Hope, Port Hope, s/o William WALSH (b. USA) & Elizabeth WOOD; married Elizabeth McGraw KEYS, 20 (b. 15 Jan 1906), Kilmarnock Ayrshire Scotland, Port Hope, d/o John KEYS (b. Scotland) & Agnes McGRAW; wit William E. TRUMPER & Sadie CAMPBELL, both Port Hope, 9 Nov 1925, Port Hope [re bride: parents are still living in Scotland] 015923-25 Norman Itheel WALTERS (Watters?), 28, Manufacturer, Clarke Twp, Port Hope s/o Itheel WALTERS (b. Canada) & Cora WILSON; wit Helen Leola OGDEN, 22, Port Hope, Port Hope, d/o Daniel OGDEN (b. Canada) & Mary POWERS; wit C.M. OGDEN & Emily E. OGDEN, Port Hope, 15 Jan 1925, Port Hope
015924-25 John WALTON, 45, Farmer, England, Centreton, s/o Edgar (b. England) & Emma WALTON; married Lillian R. TRIPP, 20, Haldimand Twp, Centreton, d/o Benjamin TRIPP (b. Haldimand Twp) & Ada HARDING; wit Florence M. STILLMAN & Maurine G. STILLMAN, both Cobourg, 9 Apr 1925, Cobourg 015925-25 Kenneth Charles WARE, 22, Tinsmith, Port Hope, Port Hope, s/o Richard WARE (b. Rochester) & Florence FLETCHER; married Charlotte OWENS, 21, Newtonville, Newtonville, d/o George OWENS (b. Newtonville) & Lena BARLEY; wit Edgar M. ROWSON, Port Hope & Gladys ROBERTS, Cobourg, 7 Dec 1925, Bowmanville
015926-25 Harold Madison WEST, 24, Farmer, Grafton, Cold Springs, s/o John WEST (b. Ontario) & Jessie HOWARD; married Dorothy Agnes VARCOE, 22, Cold Springs, Cold Springs, d/o Frank VARCOE (b. Ontario) & Susan THOMPSON; wit W.B. Alfred WEST & Sarah Florence WEST, both Plainville, 25 Mar 1925, Plainville 015927-25 Floyd WESTLAKE, 24, Labourer, Mount Zion, Oshawa, s/o James (b. Mount Zion) & Margaret WESTLAKE; married Lillian May MINERS, 22, Employee Woolen Mills, Oshawa, Oshawa, d/o George William MINERS (b. Ontario) & Rachel MANN; wit Allie B.C. BEST, Bowmanville & Emma J. BEST, Toronto, 26 Dec 1925, Bowmanville
015928-25 Albert Ernest Roberts WESTMAN, 25, Teacher, Ottawa, Urbane Illinois, s/o Thomas WESTMAN (b. Canada) & Florence COLLETT; married Agnes Jean MINORS, 22, Teacher, Bobcaygeon, Bowmanville, d/o H. Milton MINORS (b. Canada) & Ellen KENNEDY; wit Reba S. SQUIRE, Norwood & G?. E. WESTMAN, Midland, 14 Jul 1925, Bowmanville 015929-25 John Wesley WHEELER, 28, Labourer, Haliburton, Cobourg, s/o William Joseph WHEELER & Harriet HARRISON; married Mabel Ann ELEY, 22, Campbellford, Cobourg, d/o George Robert ELEY & Mary MACKLIN; wit John E. ELEY, Cobourg & Mildred HANNAH, Camborne, 28 Jan 1925, Cobourg
015930-25 George Gilbert WICKS, 27, Expressman, Rochester NY, Cobourg, s/o George E. WICKS (b. Hamilton Twp) & Maud E. MURRAY; married Edith Gertrude THROOP, 23, Clerk, Cobourg, Cobourg, d/o Albert David THROOP (b. Cobourg) & Maria WELLINGTON; wit Bertram WRIGHT & Eleanor FALLS, both Cobourg, 17 Jun 1925, Cobourg 015937-25 Theodore Frederick WIESE, 27, Doctor Dentist, New Hamburg, Belle River, s/o Herman WIESE & Caroline GEMMER; married Catherine Josephine SHAUGHNESSY, 27, Hastings, Hastings, d/o Thomas SHAUGHNESSY & Mary CLEARY; wit Henry KASNER & Grace SHAUGHNESSY, both Hastings, 15 Sept 1925, Hastings
015931-25 Earl Webster WILLIAMS, 20, Garage, Havelock, Havelock, s/o Herbert WILLIAMS & Effie WILD; married Isabell Fredreka KELLER, 18, Campbellford, Seymour Twp, d/o Fred A. KELLER & Ethel GREEN; wit F.S. KELLER & Ethel KELLER, both Campbellford, 25 Feb 1925, Campbellford 015932-25 Edward Alexander WILLS, 21, Farmer, Hamilton, Haldimand Twp, s/o Albert A. WILLS (b. Canada) & Mary BROCK; married Lila May McDONALD, 18, Cramahe Twp, Cramahe Twp, d/o Harry McDONALD (b. Canada) & Mabel SAMONS; wit Beatrice Aileen McDONALD, Dundonald & Lyle Jean BROCK, Colborne, 1 Sept 1925, Colborne
015933-25 William Lawrence WILSON, 36, Farmer, Wid, Hope Twp, Hope Twp, s/o Samuel WILSON (b. Canada) & Selina TREW; married Minerva Spray MASSEY, 36, Haldimand Twp, Hamilton Twp, d/o Simpson E. MASSEY (b. Canada) & Sarah M. DRINKWATER; wit M.E. McAULEY, Centreton & W.E. Grant MASSEY, Baltimore, 25 Apr 1925, Baltimore 015934-25 Edwin Manson WOOD, 18, Farmer, Orono, Bowmanville, s/o Edwin Spencer WOOD (b. Uxbridge) & Emma G. TUCKER; married Annie Alexandra WILLIAMS, 21, Housekeeper, Darlington Twp, Darlington Twp, d/o Silas WILLIAMS (b. Hope Twp) & Alberta S. LANE; wit Eleanor WOOD, Bowmanville & Mrs. Mary KIVELL, Hampton, 25 Dec 1925, Bowmanville
015935-25 Leonard Douglas WOODING, 25, Grocer, Montreal, Trenton, s/o Alfred WOODING (b. London England) & Maude Margaret SMITH; married Vera Helen BLACKLOCK, 22, Grafton, Grafton, d/o William BLACKLOCK (b. Haldimand Twp) & Elizabeth CHANDLER; wit Albert STEIN, Brockville & Jessie M. SPEAR, Cobourg, 22 Jul 1925, Grafton 015936-25 Clarence Wilfred WOODLEY, 26, Farmer, Darlington, Darlington, s/o Richard WOODLEY (b. Darlington) & Euretta PENROSE; married Gladys Evelyn COLLACOTT, 21, Darlington, Darlington, d/o Harry M. CALLACOTT (b. Darlington) & Edith GREWIN; wit Euretta WOODLEY & Edith COLLACOTT, Tyrone, 12 Apr 1925, Tyrone
015938-25 John Hall YAKE, 28, Butcher, Stouville (Stouffville), Brighton, so Ira YAKE (b. Stouville) & Isabella FRASER; married Irene Elizabeth FRANCEY, 25, Millbrook, Millbrook, d/o James FRANCEY (b. Millbrook) & Adeline LARMER; wit Hattie BARNARD & W.E. THOMPSON, both Millbrook, 28 Dec 1925, Millbrook