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Northumberland & Durham Co., 1869

birth place is given before residence


Vol.2, p.88 - Joel ADAMS, 49, farmer, Vermont US, Hope twp., s/o Joel ADAMS & Elizabeth CAMPBELL, married Elizabeth DEFFOE (s/b Defoe?), 49, New York State, Hope Twp., widow, d/o William MIRON & Elizabeth DOYLE, witn: Calvin JOHNSON of Hope Twp. & Mary GENDINNING of Newcastle, 23 Sep.1869 at Newcastle. Vol.8, p.50 - James AGNEW, age not given, carter, Ireland, Cobourg, parents’ names not given, married Julia KELLY, age not given, Ireland, Cobourg, parents names not given, witn: Cuies(?) McGUINN & Bridget KELLY, both of Cobourg, 7 Feb.1869 at Cobourg
Vol.2, p.98 - James ALLIN, 26, pedlar, England, Darlington, s/o William & Ann ALLIN, married Hannah E. MOORE, 30, Canada, Clarke, d/o Robert & Elizabeth MOORE, witn: John CORNISH & M.A. HEARD, both of Darlington, 4 Oct.1869 (place not given). vol 2, pg 72 Christopher ARMSTRONG, 26, farmer, Canada, Manvers, s/o Robert & Mary Ann ARMSTRONG, married Jane BOHAM, 23, Canada, Manvers, d/o James & Ann BOHAM, witn: William ARGUE & Isabella GRAHAM, both of Manvers, 23 Nov. 1869 at Manvers.
Vol 2, pg 121, Charles ARTHUR, 25, artist, Waterloo twp, Port Hope, s/o Hugh & Jannette ARTHUR, married Esther JOHNSTON, 21, Canada, Port Hope, d/o James & Eliza JOHNSTON, witn: William JOHNSTON & Robert HEMING both of Port Hope, 10 Dec 1869, Port Hope Vol.2, p.98 - Thomas BECKET, 41, (occupation not given), England, Bowmanville, s/o John & Mary BECKET, married Mary COFFIN, 50, England, Bowmanville, widow, d/o William & Alice SANDERS, witn: James P. RICE & E.P. RICE, both of Bowmanville, 25 Sep.1869 (place not given).
Vol.2, p.77 - James BELL, 23, yeoman, Haldimand, Haldimand, s/o James & Margaret, married Olive DEWEY, 19, Hamilton, Haldimand, d/o Albert & Lucinda, witn: Charles & Bina RICHARDS (residence not given), 12 Aug.1869 (place not given). vol 2, pg 73 James BENNETT, 25, farmer, Whitby Ont., Scugog, s/o Ransom & Ann BENNETT, married Margaret DEAKE, 18, Wellesley, Utica Ont., d/o Hiram & Hannah DEAKE, witn: William TAYLOR & Robert WIDDEN, both of Cartwright, 26 Sep.1869 at Cartwright.
Vol.2, p.103 - Orin BENSON, 23, melodion maker, Canada, London, (parents’ names not given), married Eliza J. PAYNE, 25, Cobourg, Cobourg, d/o W.L. & Eliza PAYNE, witn: W.L. PAYNE Sr. & W.L. PAYNE Jr., both of Cobourg, 18 Sept.1869 at Cobourg. Vol.2, p.82 - Albert BLODGET, 23, farmer, Haldimand, Haldimand, s/o Albert & Almira BLODGET, married Margaret McBRIEN, 21, Alnwick, Alnwick, d/o Robert & Mary McBRIEN, witn: John A. Anstey VARCO of Alnwick, 29 Dec.1869 at Alnwick.
  Vol 2, pg 112, Joseph BROCKENSHIRE, 41, farmer, England, Hope twp, s/o Edward & Mary BROCKENSHIRE, married Jane GOHEEN, 24, Canada, Hope twp, d/o John & Olive GOHEEN, witn: Thomas GOHEEN & Ann GOHEEN both of Hope twp, 15 Nov 1869, Port Hope
Vol 8 pg 1&2 - James BROWN, 40, Monay (Moray?) Scotland, Alnwick, farmer, s/o Alex BROWN & Mary (illegible), married Mary Ann FUIK (Fink?), 26, New York, Alnwick, d/o Joseph JOHNSTON & Mary BROWN, witn. John. JOHNSTON & Stephen WEST both of Alnwick, December 15, 1869 at Alnwick Vol2 P75 - David Campbell BURK, <no age given>, <no birthplace given>, Newmarket, Merchant, s/o BURK, married Susan Ann SHARP, <no age given>, Canada, Cavan, d/o David & <blank> SHARP, witn: David SHARP, Eliza Jane WALSH, both Cavan, 8 Dec 1869
Vol.2, p.103 - Thomas BURKE, 65, gentleman, Ireland, Cobourg, widower, s/o Oliver & Mary Ann BURKE, married Malissa Ann WHITE, 28, Canada, Cobourg, d/o David & Harriet WHITE, witn: A.O. POWELL & Mary MARIN? both of Cobourg, 22 July 1869 at Cobourg. vol 2, pg 71 Jacob CAIN, 24, farmer, Canada, Manvers, s/o Edward & Ann CAIN, married Jane ALISON, 20, Canada, Manvers, d/o James & Miriam ALISON, witn: William ALISON & Mary Jane CAIN, both of Manvers, 30 Aug.1869 at Manvers.
  Vol 2, pg 121, William CAMPBELL, 21, farmer, Hamilton twp, same, s/o William & Sarah CAMPBELL, married Catherine BEGGS, 24, Canada, Hamilton, d/o John & Mary Ann BEGGS, witn: Nathaniel SMITH & Catharine SMITH both of Hamilton, 23 Dec 1869, Port Hope
Vol.2, p.79 - Alexander CARRUTHERS, 31, blacksmith, Hope Twp., Hope Twp., s/o James & Jane CARRUTHERS, married Anne Jane ALLIBY, 26, Hope Twp., Hope Twp., d/o Francis ALLIBY & Susan ALLIBY, witn: James MURRAY & Martha Jane WILLIAMS, both of Hope Twp., 30 Oct.1869 at the Wesleyan Parsonage in Canton. Vol. 8 pg. 48-49 - Patrick CASSERLY(?), (age not given), Ireland, Cobourg, laborer, s/o (parents not given), married Ann DUFFY, Ireland, Cobourg, (age not given), d/o (parents not given), witn. Hugh CAHILL of Haldimand, & Mary DUFFY of Cobourg, July 7 1869 at Cobourg
Vol.2, p.104 - James CLARK, 24, C. Engineer, Prince Edward Island, Cobourg, s/o George & Alice CLARK, married Mary WILSON, 23, Canada, Cobourg, d/o Nicholas & Ann WILSON, witn: James WILSON of Cobourg, 26 Aug.1869 (no place given). Vol 2, pg 121, Robert COCHRANE, 24, engineer, Port hope, same, s/o James & Mary COCHRANE, married Sarah JOHNSTON, 23, Canada, Port Hope, d/o James & Eliza JOHNSTON, witn: James COCHRANE Jr & H. BLETCHER both of Port Hope, 23 Dec 1869, Port Hope
Vol 2, pg 110, John COLLINGS, 22, farmer, England, Clarke twp, s/o Thomas & Rebecca COLLINGS, married Mary Jane WRIGHT, 22, Canada, Clarke twp, d/o William & Elizabeth WRIGHT, witn: William COLLINGS of Cobourg & James COLLINS of Clarke twp, 4 Oct 1869, Clarke twp. Vol.2, p.79 - Stephen COLLINS, 27, farmer, England, Seymour, s/o Charles & Johanna COLLINS, married Maria I. PARLIAMENT, 20, (birthplace not given), Seymour, d/o Paul & Emily PARLIAMENT, witn: Richard ROWE & Mary KNOX, both of Seymour, 15 Aug.1869 at Seymour.
Vol.2, p.82 - William COPAWA, 24, hunter, Otonabee, Alderville, s/o David & Margaret COPAWA, married Eliza HAGER, 25, Canada, Alderville, d/o John & Eliza HAGER, witn: John STORM & Jacob STORM, both of Alderville, 14 July 1869 at Alderville. Vol.2, p.97 - William B. COUCH, 30, clerk, England, Bowmanville, s/o Thomas & Ann, married Jane THOMPSON, 24, Whitby, London, d/o Richard & Elizabeth, witn: R.O. DICKSON & C.A. THOMPSON, both of Bowmanville, 26 Aug.1869 (place not given).
  Vol 8 pg 1&2 - George CRAIG, 26, Brighton, same, farmer, s/o William & Fanny CRAIG, married Charlotte LEE, 20, d/o Joseph & Emma LEE, witn. Sherman COOK & Elizabeth NORMAN both of Brighton, July 4, 1869 at Brighton
Vol.2, p.89 - Andrew CRAWFORD, 35, farmer, Ireland, Cartwright, s/o Jeremiah & Jane CRAWFORD, married Isabella McCREA, 34, Ireland, Clarke, d/o William & Jane McCREA, witn: Jane ANDERSON & John MITCHELL, both of Clarke, 3 Mar.1869 (no place given). Vol.2, p.81 - Anthony Moore CUFFE, 26, farmer, Dublin Ireland, Percy, s/o James L. & Jane CUFFE, married Mary Jane McLEARY, 19, Percy, Percy, d/o John & Caroline McLEARY, witn: Samuel McLEARY & Mary Ann KILLAND, both of Percy, 6 Oct.1869 at Percy.
Vol 2, pg 110, Melvin DANIELS, 24, farmer, Canada, Clarke twp, s/o Samuel & Emma DANIELS, married Mary COLLINGS, 23, England, Clarke twp, d/o Thomas & Rebecca COLLINS, witn: William COLLINGS of Cobourg & James COLLINGS of Clarke twp, 4 Oct 1869, Clarke twp.  
Vol 2, pg 118, Richard DAVEY, 27, farmer, England, Cavan, s/o Thomas & Grace DAVEY, married Mary Ann LILWALL, 21, Canada, Port Hope, William & Ann LILWALL, witn: John LEES & Maggie HOUSTON of Port Hope & Hope (sic), 18 Sep 1869, Port Hope Vol.2, p.95 - Mark DAVEY, 24, farmer, Hamilton Twp., Hamilton Twp., s/o Peter DAVEY & Harriet CHAMPION, married Angelina MAY, 21, Hamilton Twp., Hamilton Twp., d/o Richard MAY & Jane TURNEY, witn: John DAVEY & Sarah DAVEY, both of Hamilton Twp., 21 Dec. 1869 at Hamilton Twp.
Vol. 8 pg. 48-49 - William DEEP, (age not given), Canada, Cobourg, shoemaker, s/o (parents not listed), married Elizabeth McAVOY, (age not given), Ontario, same, d/o (parents not listed), witn. Richard G(illegible) & Julia GAREU both of Cobourg, Sept. 12 1869 at Cobourg Vol.2, p.77 - Thomas DELANEY, 27, yeoman, Cramahe, Cramahe, s/o William & Mary, married Ann Martha DALEY, 20, (no birthplace given), (no residence given), d/o Henry & Laura, witn: Mary DALEY (no residence given) & William DELANEY (no residence given), 30 Nov.1869 (place not given).
Vol.2 p.91 - Samuel Eugene DIXON, 23, school teacher (no birthplace given), Castleton, s/o James & Letitia DIXON, married Victoria GOULD, 19, Cramahe, Cramahe, d/o James & Adelaide GOULD, witn: Huldah FOWLER of Colborne, 14 Oct.1869 at Colborne. vol 2, pg 71 William DOBSON, 25, farmer, Canada, Manvers, s/o George & Elizabeth DOBSON, married Mary Jane McGUIRE, 24, Canada, Manvers, d/o John & Margaret MAGUIRE (sic) , witn: John DOBSON of Clarke & Jane MAGUIRE of Manvers, 23 Sep.1869 at Manvers.
Vol.2, p.99 - George DOMLER, (no age given), teacher, Canada, Brighton, (parents names not given), married Agnes Euphemia SQUIER, (no age given), Canada, Brighton, d/o Elijah & Sarah SQUIER, witn: A. McCUTCHIE & Alice SQUIER, both of Brighton, 19 Aug.1869 at Brighton. Vol.2, p.104 - John Henry DUMBLE, 38, barrister, England, Cobourg, widower, s/o Thomas & Eliza DUMBLE, married Sarah Georgina CHATTERTON, 35, England, Cobourg, neice of  R.D. CHATTERTON of Cobourg, witn: R.D. CHATTERTON of Cobourg, 11 Aug.1869 (no place given).
Vol.2, p.97 - Francis DUNANT, 30, farmer, Canada, Darlington, s/o William & Abigal DUNANT, married Rebecca FORDER, 23, England, Darlington, d/o Letitia & William FORDER, witn: William & Mary CLEWES? (Clemow?), both of Darlington, 26 Oct.1869 (place not given). Vol.2, p.91 - Nathan DUNN, 23, farmer, Hungerford, Hungerford, s/o Nathan & Ellen DUNN, married Jane Ann DUNN, 21, Picton, Picton, d/o Joshua & Ann DUNN, witn: Huldah FOWLER of Colborne, 2 Oct.1869 at Colborne.
Vol.2, p.82 - George ERSKINE, 27, house steward, Tyrone - Ireland, Washington - US, s/o Samuel ERSKINE & Maria HAWTHORN, married Ann Jane HAWTHORN, 20, Otonabee, Alnwick, d/o Geroge & Matilda HAWTHORN, witn: John HAWTHORN & Sarah Ellen HAWTHORN, both of Alnwick, 1 Sep.1869 at Alnwick. Vol 2, pg 117, James EVANS, 25, book keeper, Canada, Port Hope, s/o James & Ann EVANS, married Elizabeth PEPLOW, 24, England, Port Hope, d/o Edward & Mary PEPLOW, witn: Zachariah EVANS & E. PEPLOW both of Port Hope, 16 Dec 1869, Port Hope
vol 2, pg 71 John D. FALLIS, 26, blacksmith, Ireland, Clarke, s/o John & Margaret FALLIS, married Margaret McLEAN, 26, Canada, Clarke, d/o James & Eliza McLEAN, witn: M.J. WILSON of Manvers, 1 July 1869 at Manvers. Vol.2, p.83 - James FELL, 25, farmer, England, Manvers, s/o William & Jane FELL, married Jacobena DAWSON, 21, S. Monaghan, S. Monaghan, d/o William & Jane DAWSON, witn: William GALLAWAY of Manvers & Hannah LIGHTFOOT of S. Monaghan, 1 Oct.1869 at South Monaghan.
Vol.2, p.78 - William FERGUSON, 25, farmer, Cartwright, Cartwright, s/o Samuel & Sarah FERGUSON, married Sarah BINGHAM, 30, Darlington, Darlington, d/o William & Elizabeth BINGHAM, witn: W.H. TAYLOR & Sarah E. WINCROFT, both of Cartwright, 25 Nov.1869 (place not given). vol. 8 pg 003 Ira A. FERGUSON, 21, farmer, Murray, same, s/o Hezekiah & Anna FERGUSON, married Sabina EDWARDS, 20, Brighton, same, d/o Matthew & Mary EDWARDS, witn: John ABERNATHY of Murray & Phebe EDWARDS of Brighton, 30 Dec 1869 at Brighton
Vol 2, pg 109, James FLEMING, 55, widower, seed merchant, Scotland, Toronto, s/o James FLEMING & Grace blank, married Mary E. WADE, 36, Canada, Hamilton twp, d/o John & Elizabeth WADE, witn: Henry WADE & Ada WADE both of Hamilton twp, 14 Jul 1869, Hamilton twp Vol.2, p.108 - Jones FRYAR, 21, laborer, Canada, Hope Twp., s/o Jones & Annie, married Maria Ann WILLIAMS, 18, Hope Twp., Hope Twp., d/o Thomas & Mary Ann, witn: Edward HORE & Julia FRYAR, boyh of Hope Twp., 17 July 1869 at Port Hope.
Vol2 P75 - James GARDINER, 30, Canada, Manvers, lumber merchant, s/o Matthew & Ann GARDINER, married Eleanor DAWSON, 26, Canada, Millbrook, d/o William & Margaret DAWSON, witn: Silas H. WALSH, Isabella DAWSON, both Millbrook, married 13 October 1869, St. John's Church, Millbrook Vol 2, pg 120, Thomas GORDON, 22, laborer, Ireland, Port Hope, s/o William & Sarah GORDON, married Elizabeth JOHNSON, 17, Canada, Port Hope, d/o Robert & Mary JOHNSON, witn: William MOORE & James JONES both of Port Hope, 16 Dec 1869, Port Hope
Vol.2, p.81 - Charles Lewis GOUIN, 38, lumber merchant, La Bail - Quebec, Three Rivers - Quebec, widower, s/o Francis & Lucinda GOUIN, married Helen Maria PLATT, 21, Percy, Percy, d/o Abraham S. & Lucy PLATT, witn: H.F. GOUIN of Three Rivers & Louisa POWERS of Colborne, 5 Aug. 1869 at Percy. Vol.2, p.81 - William GRAHAM, 21, farmer, Prince Edward Co., Percy, s/o James & Margaret GRAHAM, married Caroline JINKS, 22, Prince Edward Co., Percy, d/o Elija & Hester JINKS, witn: Hiram W. DUNHAM & Rachael DUNHAM, both of Percy, 22 Nov.1869 at Percy.
Vol 2, pg 113, Oliver Goldsmith HAGERMAN, 26, farmer, Canada, Hamilton twp, s/o Joseph & Charlotte Augusta HAGERMAN, married Rose Ann LILLY, 21, Ireland, Hamilton twp, d/o Patrick & Jane LILLY, witn: James MILLER & Margaret O’MEARA both of Port Hope, 6 Jul 1869, Port Hope Vol.2, p.76 - Thomas HALLEREN, 26, yeoman, Canada, Hope, s/o Michael and Frances HALLEREN, married Dinah Coombs MOORE, 29, Canada, Hope, d/o Richard & Mary MOORE, witn: William H. McCARDLE & Maggie KAY, both of Hope, 27 Dec.1869 (place not given).
Vol 2, pg 114, Robert HAMILTON, 26, railway employee, England, Port Hope, s/o Robert & Eliza HAMILTON, married Sarah Elizabeth BARTON, 22, Canada, Port Hope, d/o John & Elizabeth BARTON, witn: William HAWTHORNE & Elizabeth BEDFORD both of Port Hope, 28 Nov 1869, Port Hope (bride Emily Tremouth adopted by William Tremouth)  
Vol 2, pg 118, Alexander HAMMILL, 27, farmer, Ireland, Hope twp, s/o William & Martha HAMMILL, married Margaret DAVISON, 27, Canada, Hope twp, d/o William & Mary Ann WILLSON (sic), witn: John DAVISON & Martha M. GREY both of Hope twp, 30 Oct 1869, Port Hope Vol.2, p.77 - Alex HARNDEN, 22, laborer, Haldimand, Haldimand, s/o Orbai & Ellen, married Sarah Jane POTTS, 19, (no birthplace given), Cramahe, d/o John & Eliza POTTS, witn: J.W. PRESLEY & Margaret PERRY (residences not given), 31 Oct. 1869 at Haldimand.
Vol.2, p.99 - Edmund HAYS, 32, pedlar, Ireland, Belleville, widower, s/o Michael & Bridget HAYS, married Jane YOUNGS, 19, Canada, Brighton, d/o William & Nancy YOUNGS, witn: M.L. LAWSON of Brighton, 1 July 1869 at Brighton. Vol 2, pg 110, John HEARD, 23, farmer, Canada, Hope twp, s/o John & Phillipi HEARD, married Mary Jane BOND, 22, England, Clarke twp, d/o William & Catharine BOND, witn: Richard HEARD & Grace HEARD both of Hope twp, 15 Sep 1869, Port Hope
Vol 2, pg 120, Parker HENDERSON, 35, carpenter, Ireland, Port Hope, s/o James & Jane HENDERSON, married Sarah QUINN, 27, Ireland, Port Hope, d/o William & Agnes QUINN, witn: Samuel FISHER & Maria TODD both of Port Hope, 3 Dec 1869, Port Hope Vol.2, p.83 - Jerome W. HENDRICKS, 28, farmer, Murray, Murray, s/o Hiram & Mary HENDRICKS, married Sarah E. McDONALD, 21, Prince Edward Co., Murray, d/o Nathaniel & Mary McDONALD, witn: John ACK--? & C.E. GROUT, both of Stirling, 7 Dec.1869 at Stirling.
Vol.2, p.101 - Darius HERRINGTON, 23, farmer, Canada, Smithfield, s/o Moses & Melissa HERRINGTON, married Catharine BROOKS, 18, Canada, Smithfield, d/o Chancy & Jane BROOKS, witn: S. & R.A. FRESHMAN of Brighton, 4 Oct.1869 at Brighton. Vol.2, p.93 - John HETTLE, 27, merchant, Northumberland England, Wroxeter, s/o John HETTLE & Jane WATERS, married Ellen WALKER, 23, Hamilton Twp., Hamilton Twp., d/o Thomas WALKER & Margaret OGILVIE, witn: David WALKER & John McKINLEY, both of Hamilton Twp., 30 July 1869 at Bethesda Church.
Vol.2, p.92 - Thomas HOOPER, 23, laborer, Cornwall - England, Colborne, s/o Edward & Marrell HOOPER, married Angeline HIGGINS, 23, Niagara - Ont., Colborne, d/o William & Caroline HIGGINS, witn: George SANDERSON of Cramahe & Sarah Hananh GUILLETT of Cobourg, 28 Sep.1869 at Colborne. Vol.2, p.88 - Mark H. IRISH, 40, express agent, United States, Toronto, widower, s/o (no Christian names given) IRISH, married Jenny HOUGHTALING, 29, New York, Newcastle, widow, d/o (no Christian Names given) THORP, witn: H.I. NORTHROP & S.B. CHANDLER, both of Newcastle, 21 Jan.1869 (no place given).
Vol.13, p.321 Reuben J. IRWIN, 25, farmer, Murray, Murray, s/o Hiram & Mary Ann HENDRICKS (sic), married Sarah Ann HENDRICKS, 24, Murray, Murray, d/o Hiram & Mary Ann HENDRICKS, witn: Hiram HENDRICKS & Mary Ann HENDRICKS, both of Murray, 9 Feb.1869 at Murray Vol 2, pg 113, William JAMIESON, 23, unknown, Ireland, Cobourg, s/o William & Mary Ann JAMIESON, married Elizabeth MULRANNON (Mulcannon?), 23, Ireland, Cobourg, d/o Bartholomew & Margaret MULRANNON, witn: William MOYSE & Mary Ann MULRANNON both of Cobourg, 9 Aug 1869, Port Hope
Vol.2, p.87 - William Randal JONES, 24, farmer, Seymour Twp., Percy, s/o Charles & Mary, married Louisa Hannah WALKER, 25, Cramahe, Cramahe, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: Charles W. JONES of Percy & Nancy E. GREENAWAY of Cramahe. 25 Dec.1869 (no place given) Vol.2, p.104 - Robert Ezra JONES, 29, gentleman, Canada, St. Catharines, s/o William T. & Elizabeth JONES, married Mary McDONALD, 28, Canada, Cobourg, d/o Archibald & Catharine McDONALD, witn: Edward GARDNER & Villiers JONES of St. Catharines, 14 Oct.1869 (no place given).
  Vol.2, p.89 - William JORDAN, 26, farmer, Port Hope, Port Hpe, s/o John & Sarah JORDAN, married Elizabeth WALSH, 22, Ireland, Port Hope, d/o William & Hannah WALSH, witn: David RUTHERFORD & Matilda JORDAN, both of Port Hope, 15 May 1869 (no place given).
Vol.2, p.76 - William JORDAN, 37, yeoman, Canada, Hope, s/o John & Mary JORDAN, married Sarah Jane HAMILTON, 23, Canada, Hope, d/o Joseph & Mary HAMILTON, witn: David HENRY & Elizabeth HENRY, both of Hope, 16 Dec.1869 (place not given). Vol2 P74 - Richard JOSE, 24, England, Bowmanville, tailor, s/o Joseph H. & Catharine JOSE, married Agnes Selvia MURRAY, 26, Scotland, Bowmanville, d/o John & Jane MURRAY, witn: William C. PENTON, Millbrook & Joanna MURRAY, Bowmanville, married 27 Sep.1869, Millbrook
vol 2, pg 73 George JUSTICE, 30, farmer, Canada, Cavan, s/o Hugh & Mary Ann JUSTICE, married Mary Jane MULLIGAN, 30, Canada, Cavan, d/o William & Mary MULLIGAN, witn: William JUSTICE & Ann ANDERSON, both of Cavan, 22 Dec.1869 (no place given). Vol 2, pg 116, James KEEN, 23, farmer, Canada, Haldimand, s/o Andrew & Ann KEEN, married Melissa OLIVER, 18, Canada, Cobourg, d/o David & Betsy OLIVER, witn: Robert SADLER & Jessie CUTHBERT both of Cobourg, 18 Oct 1869, Port Hope
Vol.2, p.85 - William KERR, 36, innkeeper, Ireland, Orono, s/o John & Ann, married Mary GRIGG, 27, England, Orono, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: J.L. TUCKER & A. LAWSON, both of Orono, 30 Oct.1869 at Orono. Vol 2, pg 116, William KINSMAN, 20, miller, Hope twp, same, s/o John & Elizabeth KINSMAN, married Augusta Emma HOLDAWAY, 21, Canada, Hope twp, d/o George & Eliza HOLDAWAY, witn: Geo HOLDAWAY & John KINSMAN both of Hope twp, 10 Sep 1869, Port of Britain
Vol.2, p.87 - Marshall KNAPP, 28, farmer, Prince Edward Co., Cramahe, s/o Alpheus & Elizabeth, married Ann PHILP, 25, Cramahe, Cramahe, d/o William & Mary Ann, witn: James SHANNON & Christiana PHILP, both of Cramahe, 25 Dec.1869 at Cramahe. Vol.2, p.91 - Jacob KNAPP, 23, farmer, Cramahe, Cramahe, s/o Alpheus & Elizabeth KNAPP, married Fanny ALLAN, 19, Haldimand, Haldimand, d/o George ALLAN, witn: Osgood COON of Cramahe, 26 Aug.1869 at Colborne.
Vol 2, pg 109, Bernard F. KNAPP, 29, widower, machinist, England, Port Hope, s/o F. A. & Emma KNAPP, married Ellen T. RUBIDGE, 26, Canada, Port Hope, d/o Alfred & Sementha RUBIDGE, witn: David RUBIDGE & Agnes CARMICHAEL both of Port Hope, 14 Sep 1869, Port Hope  
vol 2, pg 72 William LATHONGUE, 24, farmer, Canada, Manvers, s/o Andrew & Mary LATHONGUE, married Ann COLOIN?, 18, Canada, Manvers, d/o William & Ann COLOIN, witn: Andrew MALCOLM of Cartwright & Eliza COLOIN of Manvers, 16 Dec.1869 (no place given). Vol.8, p.50 - William LAVERY, age not given, farmer, Ireland, Haldimand Twp., parents’ names not given, married Ellen BURNS, age not given, Ireland, Haldimand Twp., parents’ names not given, witn: Patrick BURNS & Mary BURNS, both of Haldimand, 25 Apr.1869 at Cobourg
Vol 2, pg 111, Thomas LAW (Lean?), 26, student, Canada, Hamilton twp, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth LAW, married Jane GIBB, 23, Canada, Hamilton twp, d/o Joseph & Mary GIBB, witn: Joseph & Margaret GIBB both of Hamilton twp, 9 Oct 1869, Port Hope Vol.2, p.100 - Phillip Henry LAWSON, 23, farmer, Canada, Murray Twp., widower, s/o Hiram & Elizabeth LAWSON, married Gertrude Adelia POWERS, 17, Canada, Murray Twp., d/o Samuel & Maria POWERS, witn: Ada ARKELL of Caledon & I.C. SMITH of Brighton, 12 July 1869 at Brighton.
Vol.8, p.51 - Lewis LEAN, age not given, carpenter, Quebec, Quebec, parents’ names not given, married Ann LEONARD, age not given, Grafton, Cobourg, parents’ names not given, witn: Thomas NIKIL & Margaret SELBY, both of Cobourg, 25 Aug.1869 (place not given but registered at Cobourg) Vol 2, pg 118, Patrick Timothy LEHANE, 24, factory operative, Ireland, Peterboro, s/o Timothy & Mary LEHANE, married Eliza PETTIT, 25, Canada, Peterboro, d/o Abraham & Elzina PETTIT, witn: David GALLETY & Ella C. DONALD both of Port Hope, 18 Nov 1869, Port Hope
Vol.2, p.92 - William Marcus LENT, 32, farmer, Hamilton Twp., Clarke Twp., s/o Callahan & Lydia LENT, married Rosanna Rachael CONKLIN, 25, Cramahe, Cramahe, d/o William & Maria CONKLIN, witn: William CONKLIN of Cramahe & Charles LENT of Clarke, 3 Nov. 1869 at Cramahe. Vol.2, p.80 - John LOW, 42, merchant, Kirkaldy, Rawdon, s/o John & Christian, married Jane WHITTON, 29, England, Seymour, d/o Thomas & Jane, witn: Alexander DONALD & James WHITTON, both of Seymour, 4 Nov.1869 at Seymour.
vol 2, pg 73 John MAGWOOD, 21, farmer, Canada, Eldon, s/o John & Mary MAGWOOD, married Mary Jane STAPLES, 19, Canada, Manvers, d/o Samuel & Catherine STAPLES, witn: Henry POLLARD & Esther MAGWOOD, both of Eldon, 24 Dec.1869 (no place given). Vol 2, pg 117, John MAIZE, 27, farmer, Ireland, Hamilton twp, s/o John & Mary MAIZE, married Sarah SNELL, 21, Canada, Hamilton twp, d/o William & Mary SNELL, witn: Sylvester DONLEY & Mary SNELL both of Hamilton twp, 24 Nov 1869, Port Hope
Vol.2, p95 - Richard MALLETT, 26, student, England, Mariposa, s/o John & Betsy, married Elizabeth Hurd CADDY, 33, England, Cobourg, widow, d/o George & Betsy, witn: Hiram MORRIS & Elizabeth MORRIS, both of Cartwright, 1 July 1869 (place not given). Vol.2, p.86 - John MARSHALL, 19, farmer, Clarke, Clarke, s/o John & Johanna, married Sophia FRAZIER, 19, Darlington, Darlington, d/o Richard & Letitia, witn: Thomas & Emma LONG of Clarke, 2 Dec.1869 at Clarke.
Vol.2, p.79 - David MARTIN, 25, tinsmith, (no birthplace given), Stirling, s/o Martin & Mary, married Janet ROSEBUSH, 21, (no birthplace given), Stirling, d/o Ira & Huldah ROSEBUSH, witn: Addison McDONALD & Sarah Ann MARTIN, both of Campbellford, 18 Aug.1869 at Campbellford. Vol.2, p.84 - Samuel MASTERS, 34, yeoman, Cramahe, Cramahe, s/o Samuel & Mary, married Mary E. BULL, 22, Cramahe, Cramahe, d/o Amos & Mary, witn: F.M. WEBSTER & P.J. CUPPEN, both of Brighton, 29 Nov.1869 (no place given).
Vol 2, pg 115, Harry MATTHEWS, 25, farmer, England, York twp, s/o Nicholas & Jane MATTHEWS, married Hannah POMAROY (Pomeroy?), 22, England, Port Hope, d/o Emanuel & Louisa POMAROY, witn: Philip GLIDDEN & Thomas WALSH both of Hope twp, 7 Dec 1869, Port Hope  
Vol.2, p.105 - James McCOMB, 27, merchant, St. John's - New Brunswick, Belleville, s/o James & Ann McCOMB, married D. Victoria SHEPARD, 22, Sidney Twp., Cobourg, d/o Gideon & Almira SHEPARD, witn: J.R. SHEPARD of Belleville & E.A. ARGELL of Forestville, N.Y., 30 Aug.1869 at Cobourg. Vol.2, p.84 - Mathias McCOY, 52, yeoman, Fredericksburgh, Cramahe, widower, s/o John & Catharine, married Sarah Ann OSTRUM, 38, Sydney, Cramahe, d/o Abram & Polly, witn: William McCOY & S. Jane McCOY, both of Cramahe, 17 Oct.1869 at Hilton.
Vol.2, p.93 - John McCULLOUGH, 26, farmer, Hamilton Twp., Hamilton Twp., s/o Hugh McCULLOUGH & Mary SHANNON, married Catherine FERGUSON, 24, Scotland, Hamilton Twp., d/o Alexander FERGUSON & Susana AITCHISON, witn: Mary McCULLOUGH & James McCULLOUGH, both of Plainville, 7 July 1869 at the groom’s residence. Vol.2, p.96 - William McGILL, 21, (occupation not given) Manvers, Manvers, s/o Samuel McGILL & Mary BYERS, married Margaret ARCHER, 28, Ireland, Darlington, d/o Samuel ARCHER & Mary COWN, witn: John EDGERTON of Cartwright, 7 July 1869 (place not given).
Vol. 8 pg. 48-49 - Charles McGUIRE, (age not given), Cobourg, same, Painter, s/o Richard McGuire & (illegible) GORDON, married Isabella MEIGHAN, (age not given), Cobourg, same, d/o (parents not listed), witn. Richard GAREU & Mary Ann MEIGHAN, Nov. 21 1869 at Cobourg Vol. 8 pg. 48-49 - James McGUIRE, (age not given), Ireland, Cobourg, laborer, s/o (parents not listed), married Ann ROONEY, (age not given), Ireland, Cobourg, d/o (parents not given), Mathew KELLY & Rose ROONEY both of Cobourg, Nov. 21 1869 at Cobourg
  Vol 2, pg 111, William McKEOWN, 24, school teacher, Canada, Hope twp, s/o William McKEOWN & S. McKEOWN, married M. E. RUSSELL, 26, Ireland, Port Hope, d/o J. H. & M. RUSSELL, witn: C. RUSSELL & blank DEARING both of Port Hope, 2 Aug 1869, Port Hope
Vol.2, p.106 - Jeremiah McNUTT, 53, farmer, Percy Twp., Hamilton Twp., widower, s/o James & Sarah McNUTT, married Mary WARD, 55, Champlain Quebec, Cobourg, widow, d/o Duncan & Sally CAMPBELL, witn: Elmira SHEPARD & E.M. SHEPARD, both of Cobourg, 17 Nov.1869 at Cobourg. Vol.2, p.90 - George A. METCALF, 25, gentleman, England, Credit, (parents names not given), married Julia WILMOT, 21, Clarke, Clarke, d/o Allen & Julia WILMOT, witn: Lizzie Wilmot of Newcastle & B.R. CLARKSON of Toronto, 13 July 1869 (place not given)
Vol.2, p.103 - James MILLS, (no age given), teacher, Canada, Penville, (parents’ names not given), married Jessie ROSS, Cobourg, Cobourg, d/o David ROSS, (witnesses not given), 6 July 1869 at Cobourg. Vol.2, p.100 - Thomas MITCHELL, 29, butcher, England, Murray Twp., s/o George MITCHELL (mother’s name not given), married Sarah M. OSTERHOUT, 18, Canada, Murray Twp., d/o Henry & Hannah OSTERHOUT, witn: A. ARKELL of Caledon & A. FISH of Brighton, 1 Sept 1869 at Brighton
Vol 2, pg 120, William MORROW, 27, teamster, Ireland, Port Hope, s/o Arthur & Mary MORROW, married Mary Ann WADE, 24, Canada, Port Hope, d/o Thomas & Mary WADE, witn: Edward LOCKINGTON & M. FOREST both of Port Hope, 10 Nov 1869, Port Hope  
Vol.2, p.89 - Johnson MORTON, 23, farmer, Clarke, Manvers, s/o (no Christian names given) MORTON, married Catharine WHITE, 20, Clarke, Clarke, d/o James & Mary WHITE, witn: Sarah MORTON & Thomas WHITE, both of Clarke, 3 Mar.1869 (no place given). Vol.2, p.107 - Thomas MORTON, 28, merchant’s clerk, Cornwall England, Whitby, s/o William & Jane, married Huldah Jane CALDWELL, 23, Whitby, Whitby, d/o Edward & Sarah, witn: James HAW of Port Hope & Martha CALDWELL of Whitby, 29 July 1869 at Port Hope.
Vol.2, p.106 - Joseph NESBITT, 21, laborer, Ireland, Cavan, s/o Joseph & Jane NESBITT, married Anne Jane STRATTON, 20, Canada, S. Monaghan, d/o Samuel & Sarah STRATTON, witn: Samuel STRATTON of Port Hope & Sarah STRATTON of S. Monaghan, 25 Nov.1869 at Cobourg. Vol.2, p.87 - Thomas NEVISON, 22, saddler, England, Fenelon Falls, s/o John & Elizabeth NEVISON, married Esther NEWMAN, 19, Emily Twp., Cramahe, d/o Samuel & Esther NEWMAN, witn: Samuel NEWMAN Jr. & Catherine NEWMAN, both of Cramahe, 16 Oct.1869 at Cramahe.
Vol.2, p.85 - John NICHOLSON, 29, laborer, England, Clarke, s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Catharine MAY, 24, Canada, Darlington, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: James MAY & George RAY of Clarke & Darlington, 24 Sep.1869 at Orono.  
Vol.2, p.105 - Thomas OVERS, 23, servant, Ireland, Cobourg, s/o John & Mary OVERS; married Margaret Jane MANN, 27, Canada, Cobourg, d/o James & Margaret MANN; witn Henry GRIEVE of Cobourg; 14 Oct.1869 (no place given) Vol.2, p.102 - George OWENS, 23, farmer, Canada, Brighton, s/o Thomas & Margaret OWENS, married Sarah Eliza GIBSON, 20, Canada, Brighton, d/o Abner & Sarah GIBSON, witn: Jacob PIESTER & Emily McMASTER, both of Brighton, 13 Oct.1869 at Brighton.
Vol2 P74 - William Charles PENTON, 28, England, Millbrook, Inn Keeper, s/o John & Mary PENTON, married Maggie BENNETT, 22, United States, Toronto, d/o Samuel & Hannah M. BENNETT, witn: Robert DEYELL of Millbrook, Kate BENNETT of Toronto, married 6 October 1869, Millbrook Vol.2, p.80 - William PETHERICK, 25, farmer, Darlington, Seymour, s/o Daniel & Ann PETHERICK, married Rebecca FRY, 23, England, Belleville, d/o Thomas & Wayette FRY, witn: Daniel PETHERICK & Emma FRY, both of Seymour, 11 Nov.1869 at Belleville.
Vol 2, pg 112, Richard PETHICK, 21, farmer, Canada, Hope twp, s/o Philip & Eliza PETHICK, married Jane HARNESS, 21, Canada, Hope twp, d/o James & Sarah HARNESS, witn: William KERMAN & Emma MATTHEWS both of Clarke twp, 1 Dec 1869, Port Hope Vol 2, pg 114, William PIM, 21, sailor, Canada, Port Hope, s/o Daniel & Emma PIM, married Susan RONDEN, 18, Canada, Port Hope, d/o William & Ann RONDEN, witn: William YEO & Margaret DYER both of Port Hope, 15 Dec 1869, Port Hope
Vol.2, p.102 - Charles Washington POST, 24, farmer, Canada, Mariposa, s/o Charles & Abigal POST, married Henrietta WELLER, 18, Canada, Murray, d/o James & Jane WELLER, witn: Reuben POST of Mariposa & Eliza WELLER of Murray, 13 Oct.1869 at Brighton. Vol.2, p.102 - James POTTER, 23, farmer, Percy, Warkworth, s/o Richard & Martha POTTER, married Emajean HUDSON, 19, Percy, Warkworth, d/o Charles & Sophia HUDSON, witn: William POLLARD of Cobourg, 24 July 1869 at Cobourg.
Vol.8, p.50 - Peter QUINN, age not given, labourer, Ireland, Haldimand Twp., parents’ names not given, married Mary Ann O'BRIEN, age not given, Canada, Haldimand Twp., parents’ names not given, witn: William Henry O'BRIEN & Ellen O'BRIEN, both of Haldimand., 9 Aug.1869 at Cobourg Vol.2, p.101 - William RALEY, 21, farmer, Canada, Brighton Twp., s/o Abel W. & Jane RALEY, married Mary YOUNG, 18, Canada, Consecon, d/o John & Susan YOUNG, witn: Johnson YOUNG & Lucretia MICHAEL (residence not given), 4 Oct.1869 at Brighton.
Vol 2, pg 114, Edmund RAYAN, 34, widower, unknown, Ireland, Adjala, s/o John & Mary Ann RAYAN, married Margaret Elizabeth NICHOL, 19, Eldon twp, Markham, d/o Robert & Rebecca NICHOL, witn: Margaret HAW & Lawrence HAW both of Port Hope, 25 Sep 1869, Port Hope Vol.2, p.78 - George REYNOLDS, 34, yeoman, Prince Edward, Haldimand, s/o Lawrence & Polly, married Amelia HICKERSON, 18, Whitby, Haldimand, d/o John & Amelia, witn: Frederick HICKERSON & Julia MAGUIGY, 10 Dec.1869 (place not given).
Vol.2, p.95 - William ROGER, 24, (no occupation given) Quebec, Peterboro, s/o Charles ROGERS (sic) & Dorothy McROBIE, married Matura CHURCH, 19, Percy, Harwood, d/o Duncan CHURCH & Margaret MYERS, witn: West M. ROMAN of Peterboro & M.V. CHURCH of Harwood, 16 Nov.1869 at Harwood. Vol 2, pg 115, John RUNNALS, 26, farmer, England, Hope twp, s/o William & Ann RUNNALS, married Catherine OKE, 23, Canada, Hope twp, d/o Thomas Baker & Susan OKE, witn: W.D. SMITH & Henrietta SMITH both of Hope twp, 23 Nov 1869, Port Hope
Vol.2, p.86 - Harrison RUSS, 24, farmer, Haldimand, Haldimand, s/o Jonathan & Mary RUSS, married Eliza J. WARNER, 21, Tyendinaga, Haldimand, d/o John & Harriet WARNER, witn: Philanda RUSS & Permelia RUSS, both of Haldimand, 5 Sep.1869 at Haldimand Twp. Vol.2, p.97 - John RYAN, 25, cooper, Pickering, Hayden, s/o Michael & Susan RYAN, married Jane WRIGHT, 34, Darlington, Hayden, widow, d/o John & Ann WRIGHT, witn: William SHILSON of Hayden & Fanny DICKSON of Bowmanville, 17 July 1869 (place not given).
Vol.2, p.108 - John SACKVILLE, 50, farmer, England, Hamilton Twp., widower, s/o John & Annie SACKVILLE, married Annie TURNBULL, 27, Canada, South Monahan, d/o Richard & Alice TURNBULL, witn: John SACKVILLE & Z?. OLIVER, both of Port Hope, 17 Sept.1869 at Port Hope. Vol.2, p.100 - Robert Tomson SARLES, 23, farmer, Canada, Sidney Twp., s/o Joseph & Jane SARLES, married Harriet TURNEY, 24, Canada, Cramahe Twp., d/o Daniel I. & Anna TURNEY, witn: Francis BIRD & Alissa BIRD, both of Sidney, 14 Sep.1869 at Cramahe.
vol 2, pg 72 William Henry SHAW, 24, farmer, Canada, Manvers, s/o Robert & Mary SHAW, married Sarah Jane EVANS, 20, Canada, Manvers, d/o William & Margaret EVANS, witn: William SHAW of Cavan & Lizzie SWEETNAM of Toronto, 16 Dec.1869 (no place given). Vol 2, p.88 (Northumberland & Durham Co) George H. SHERWOOD, 22, occupation not known, Canada, Port Hope, s/o John & Eliza SHERWOOD, married Jessie BARFELT, 20, (no birthplace given) Newcastle, d/o John & Charlotte BARFELT, witn: Edwin I. CLEGHORN of Newcastle, 7 Aug.1869 at Newcastle.
Vol.2, p.90 - Hugh SIMPSON, 25, farmer, Clarke, Clarke, s/o Hugh & Mary SIMPSON, married Margaret COONEY, 19, Clarke, Clarke, d/o John & Esther COONEY, witn: Arthur PLAYLL? & Lydia JEWELL, both of Newcastle, 4 Oct.1869 ( place not given) Vol 8 pg 1&2 - Frederick SIMPSON, 21, Brighton, same, farmer, s/o Obediah & Mary SIMPSON, married Rebecca POST, 18 d/o Isaac & Jemima POST, witn. Edwin POST & E. NORMAN both of Brighton, Oct. 31 1869 at Brighton
Vol 2, pg 113, Joseph SMART, 27, unknown, Ireland, Kingston, s/o James & Margaret SMART, married Margaret McISAAC, 24, Scotland, Kingston, d/o John & Mary McISAAC, witn: James McCARTHY & William LOGAN of Port Hope & Cartwright (sic), 1 Jul 1869, Port Hope Vol.2, p.94 - David SMART, 27, farmer, Perth Scotland, Hamilton Twp., s/o David SMART & Agnes PRINGLE, married Margaret THOMPSON, 23. Hamilton Twp., Hamilton Twp., d/o James THOMPSON & Agnes REEVE, witn: Archibald AINSLEY & John BOWMAN, both of Hamilton Twp., 17 Dec.1869 at Hamilton Twp.
Vol.2, p.85 - John SMITH, 28, laborer, Fort Erie, Clarke, s/o Theadore & Mary, married Matilda KNOBS, 18, Seymour, Clarke, d/o Henry & Anne, witn: James TAYLOR & Eliza JENKINS, both of Clarke, 26 July 1869 at Orono. Vol.2, p.92 - Robert SMITH, 25, mechanic, (no birthplace given), Haldimand, s/o John & Mary SMITH, married Ida WARRINER, 19, Haldimand, Haldimand, d/o William & Tryphena WARINER (sic), witn: George HUYETTE & H. PURDY, both of Colborne, 8 Dec.1869 at Haldimand.
Vol 2, pg 119, Seth Soper SMITH, 24, barrister, Port Hope, Lindsay, s/o E. P. SMITH & blank SMITH, married Susan Frances FULLER, 21, Canada, Port Hope, d/o blank, witn: D. SMART & Annie FULLER both of Port Hope, 28 Oct 1869, Port Hope  
Vol.2, p.93 - Thomas SMYLIE, 27, farmer, Hamilton Twp., Hamilton Twp., s/o Thomas SMYLIE & Elizabeth CROSSON, married Margaret CLAPPERTON, 20, Haldimand Twp., Haldimand Twp., d/o James CLAPPERTON & Barbara MASSON, witn: John COATES & James CLAPPERTON, both of Haldimand, 19 Oct.1869 at the bride's residence. Vol.2, p.108 - Thomas C.T. STAPLETON, 27, farmer, England, Port Hope, s/o Thomas & Susan STAPLETON, married Mary Ann TOLON, 27, Ireland, Port Hope, widow, d/o John & Elizabeth TOLON, witn: Richard WOOD & Rebecca WILLIAMS, both of Port Hope, 26 July 1869 at Port Hope.
Vol 2, pg 119, Andrew STARK, 27, farmer, Scotland, Clarke twp, s/o William & Mary STARK, married Mary Jane GASS, 17, Canada, Clarke twp, d/o William & Sarah GASS, witn: Edward THEOBOLD & Mary Jane THEOBOLD both of Port Hope, 22 Nov 1869, Port Hope Vol.2, p.101 - Ralph Miles STENNETT, 31, merchant, Canada, Keswick, s/o Henry STENNETT & Martha YEO, married Hannah Almira ROSE, 21, Canada, Brighton, d/o Phillip & Christiana ROSE, witn: I.H. TOBEY & M.W.S. DINGMAN, both of Brighton, 4 Oct. 1869 at Brighton.
Vol.2, p.96 - Alexander STONE, 45, (occupation not given) Scotland, Clarke, widower, s/o Thomas & Isabella STONE, married Caroline LUSK, 32, Belleville, Darlington, d/o David & Mary LUSK, witn: Francis SEITH of Clarke & Nannie LUSK of Darlington, 22 Oct.1869 (place not given). Vol2 P74 - Henry STRUDWICK, 33, England, Lindsay, Inn Keeper, s/o George & Sarah STRUDWICK, married Mariah FUNK, 35, Darmstadt, Lindsay, widow, d/o Valentine & Emma Maria [no surname given], witn: William BROWN, Emma BROWN, both Lindsay, married 18 August 1869, Millbrook
Vol 2, pg 115, Joseph SYMONS, 25, farmer, Canada, Port Hope, s/o Joseph & Betsy SYMONS, married Ann AUSTIN, 23, Canada, Hope twp, d/o James & Margaret AUSTIN, witn: John SYMONS & Elizabeth AUSTIN both of Hope twp, 30 Dec 1869, Port Hope  
Vol 2, pg 119, Robert TAYLOR, of Hope twp., married Caroline DAVIDSON, of Hope twp, 19 Oct 1869, Port Hope [all other information is missing] Vol.2, p.76 - Charles E. TAYLOR, 20, yeoman, Haldimand, Haldimand, s/o Michael & Mary Ann, married Sarah Jane ANDERSON, 19, Haldimand, Haldimand, d/o John & Eliza, witn: W.W. TAYLOR of Haldimand, 3 July 1869 at Haldimand.
Vol.2, p.99 - John Henry TERRY, 38, farmer, Canada, Brighton, s/o Nathaniel & Elmira TERRY, married Clarissa PALMATIER, 23, Canada, Brighton, d/o Peter & Elizabeth PALMATIER, witn: Charles TERRY & Mary Jane SHUTER, both of Brighton, 6 Sep.1869 at Brighton. Vol 2, pg 111, John TESKEY, 28, farmer, Canada, Ops twp, s/o Michael & Jane TESKEY, married Margaret BALCH, 29, Emily twp, Mariposa twp, d/o John & Jane BALCH, witn: William ROWLAND & Christiana COCHRANE both of Port Hope, 21 Oct 1869, Port Hope
Vol.2, p.107 - William THOMPSON,37, farmer, Canada, Hamilton Twp., widower, s/o Robert & Christian THOMPSON, married Mary Ann CHAPMAN, 27, Cobourg, Hamilton Twp., d/o John & Harriet CHAPMAN, witn: Michael F. CHAPMAN & Isabella CHENEY, both of Hamilton Twp., 29 Dec.1869 at Cobourg. Vol.2, p.94 - James THOMPSON, 30, farmer, Hamilton Twp., Hamilton Twp., s/o James THOMPSON & Agnes REEVE, married Catharine FINLEY, 17, Haldimand Twp., Hamilton Twp., d/o William & Samantha FINLEY, witn: David FINLEY & Maggie THOMPSON, both of Hamilton Twp., 19 Nov.1869 at Baltimore.
Vol 2, pg 109, William TINNEY, 24, blacksmith, England, Hamilton twp, s/o John & Catharine TINNEY, married Ann CONABEAR, 24, England, Hamilton twp, d/o James & Betsy CANABEAR (sic), witn: Mary Ann HUFFMAN & Elizabeth WILLIAMS both of Port Hope, 23 Sep 1869, Port Hope  
Vol. 8 pg. 48-49 - Thomas TOWS, 30, Cornwall England, Cobourg Ont., laborer, s/o William & Alice TOWS, married Elizabeth Jane LISTOW, 21, Hamilton twp, same, d/o William & Elizabeth LISTOW, witn. James RICHMOND & Charlotte McBRINE of Cobourg, Dec. 4 1869 at Cobourg Vol.2, p.96 - Paul TREBILCOCK, 21, printer, England, Bowmanville, s/o Paul & Margaret, married Emma Lily BALL, 19, United States, Bowmanville, d/o John & Sarah, witn: Elizabeth HEAL & George E. BALL, both of Bowmanville, 10 Aug.1869 (place not given).
Vol2 P75 - James TREW, 25, Canada, Cavan, yeoman, s/o James C. & Martha TREW, married Frances WILSON, 22, Canada, Manvers, d/o Job & Catharine WILSON, witn: William SHAW, Margaret WILSON, both Manvers, married 10 December 1869 Vol.2, p.78 - Mortimer Anson TOUEY, 21, miller, United States, Cavan Twp., s/o Daniel & Julia TOUEY, married Annie Maria BRAY, 18, Hope Twp., Hope Twp., d/o William & Elizabeth BRAY, witn: Charles KREGAN & Emma DEACON, both of Hope Twp., 7 Aug.1869 at the Wesleyan Parsonage in Canton.
Vol.2, p.80 - William A. TURNER, 32, carpenter, Canada, Seymour, widower, s/o Cornelius & Rachel, married Eliza Jane HICKS, 25, Canada, Seymour, d/o Robert & Hannah, witn: Samuel J. HICKS of Seymour & Caroline BENT of Percy, 28 Nov.1869 at Seymour. Vol.2, p.83 - Isaac Henry VANSLYKE, 27, yeoman, Brighton, Brighton, s/o Marcelius & Mary VANSLYKE, married Susan HANNA, 22, Brighton, Brighton, d/o George & Maria HANNA, witn: John B. ASHTON & George WESLEY (no residences given), 14 Oct.1869 at Hilton.
Vol.2, p.105 - Robert John WADE, 27, farmer, Canada, Hamilton Twp., s/o Ralph & Mary WADE, married Isabella WADDELL, 22, Cobourg, Hamilton Twp., d/o Archibald & Elizabeth WADDELL, witn: James REID & John WADDELL, both of Cobourg, 16.Sep.1869 at Cobourg. Vol.2, p.107 - Ralf C. WADE, 21, farmer, Canada, Hamilton Twp., s/o Ralf & Mary WADE, married Annie WADDELL, 28, Cobourg, Hamilton Twp., d/o Archibald & Elizabeth WADDELL, witn: John WADDELL & James HOGAN, both of Hamilton Twp., 29 Dec.1869 at Cobourg.
Vol 2, pg 116, Edward WALSH, 23, farmer, Canada, Clarke, s/o Thomas & Mary WALSH, married Sarah Jane WILSON, 19, Canada, Hope, d/o James & Sarah WILSON, witn: James WALSH of Hope & Elizabeth WALSH of Clarke, 30 Oct 1869, Port Hope Vol 2, pg 112, George Henry WALTON, 22, carpenter, Canada, Hope twp, s/o John & Mary WALTON, married Margaret MILLER, 25, Canada, Hope twp, d/o James & Margaret MILLER, witn: Andrew MILLER of Hope twp, 3 Nov 1869, Port Hope
Vol.2, p.98 - Henry WEBB, 28, cabinet maker, England, Bowmanville, s/o Richard & Elizabeth WEBB, married Elizabeth Ann SELBY, 22, Canada, Bowmanville, d/o Isaac & Isabella SELBY, witn: Alex HEAD & Elizabeth HEAD, both of Bowmanville, 17 July 1869 (place not given). Vol.2, p.86 - Adna WEEKS, 24, farmer, Prince Edward Co., Cramahe, s/o Townsend & Catherine WEEKS, married Mary MUTTON, 20, Cramahe Twp., Cramahe, d/o Charles MUTTON & Ann MUTTON, witn: Isaac YOUNG & Alice PERRY, both of Cramahe, 1 July 1869 at Cramahe Twp.
Vol. 8 pg. 48-49 - Patrick WHELAN, (age not given), Ireland, Haldimand twp., laborer, s/o (parents not given), married Sarah CARROL, (age not given), Ireland, Haldimand, d/o (parents not given), witn. James & Margaret HOOLIHAN of Haldimand, Jan. 31 1869 at Cobourg Vol.2, p.84 - Thomas WHITE, 24, laborer, England, Manvers, s/o Thomas & Jenifer, married Mary Jane DAWSON, 19, Clarke, Manvers, d/o John & Mary, witn: Eliza Ann DAWSON of Manvers, 24 July 1869 at Orono.
Vol.2, p.94 - George WILLIAMSON, 28, sea captain, Edinburgh Scotland, Cobourg, s/o Donald WILLIAMSON & Isabella HUNTER, married Agnes McFIGGAN, 23, Cobourg, Cobourg, d/o John McFIGGIN & Ellen FAIRBAIRN, witn: George GUILLET of Cobourg & Benjamin WILLIAMSON of Hamilton Twp., 10 Oct.1869 at Cobourg. (also vol 2, pg 106) Vol.2, p.90 - Asa WILMOT, 23, farmer, Clarke, Clarke, s/o Allan & Julia WILMOT, married Mary Jane HARNDEN, 20, Clarke, Clarke, d/o (no Christian names given) HARNDEN, witn: Lizzie WILMOT & George METCALF, both of Newcastle, 3 June 1869 (no place given)
Vol 2, pg 117, William Robert YEO, 21, Sailor, Canada, Port Hope, s/o James & Jane YEO, married Margaret DYER, 20, England, Port Hope, d/o William & Charity DYER, witn: Sam YEO & Ellen LUXON both of Port Hope, 30 Dec 1869, Port Hope