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Northumberland & Durham Co., 1876, part 1

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7352-77 Richard ALLEN, 23, farmer, Canada, Clarke twp., s/o William & Jane, married Elizabeth Ann COLVILLE, 19, Canada, Clarke twp., d/o Charles & Mary Ann, witn: Sylvester PATTEN & Mary P. FOLEY, both of Darlington, 30 Dec 1876 at Clarke twp. 7410-77 James ANDREWS, 71, widower, laborer, England, Bowmanville, s/o John & Hannah, married Caroline HOLLIDAY, 60, widow, Scotland, Bowmanville, d/o Joseph WATSON & Jennet JOHNSTON, witn: Robert & Catherine PASTON? of Bowmanville, 6 Sept 1876 at Bowmanville
007160-76 Willet ANSWORTH 25, Cramahe, Hillier, Farmer, s/o Eli & Elizabeth AMSWORTH married Catherine THORNE, 19, Hillier, same, d/o Samuel & Pricilla THORNE. Wtn: W. DOOLITTE (s/b Doolittle?) and Jenette GEROW of Hillier on February 26, 1876 at Brighton 007352-76 William ARMOUR, 30, Ireland, Darlington, Yeoman, s/o Robert & Ann ARMOUR married Sarah BISHOP, 17, Whitby Tp., Whitby, d/o David & Margaret BISHOP. Wtn: Robert and Ellen ARMOUR of Darlington on January 31, 1876 at Bowmanville
#007617-76 - William ARMSTRONG, 24, farmer, Cavan twp., same, s/o James & Catherine, married Mary HUNTER, 23, Hamilton twp., same, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: John LINTON of Hamilton & Margaret FRANCEY of Cavan, 14 June 1876 at Cobourg #007435-76 (Durham Co.) David ARMSTRONG, 24, farmer, South Monaghan, same, s/o William & Anne ARMSTRONG; married Margaret HEASLIP, 19, Hamilton, same, d/o John & Hellen HEASLIP; witn: James ARMSTRONG of S. Monaghan & Charlotte HAESLIP of Hamilton; 29 March 1876 at Millbrook.
007312-76 (Northumberland Co) Jonathon Scott BEAVER, 21, Indian, Alderville, same, s/o Isaac & Caroline BEAVER, married Cecelia SKY, 17, Montreal, Alderville, d/o Alexander & Mary Ann SKY, witn Samuel INGHAM & Lottie BARRETT of Alderville, 29 May 1876 at Alderville in Alnwick Twp 007335-76 David Thomas BELL, 25, Prince Edward, Murray, carriage maker, s/o William & Nancy BELL, married Eustatia STEIMBURG (s/b Steinburg?), 18, Murray, same, d/o Henry & Mary Ann STEIMBURG, witn; Susanna & Louisa TIMM? of Percy. 1 Mar, 1876 at Norham.
#007108-76 - Richard Guy BLACKHAM, 21, painter, Kingston Ont., Port Hope, s/o Richard Guy BLACKHAM & Sarah BLACKHAM; married Mary HILL, 19, Trenton Village, Trenton Village, d/o James Bennett HILL & Anna Maria HILL; witn: Lucy E. HASKILL of Port Hope & Laura J. HARPER of Port Hope; 29 June 1876 at Port Hope 007494-76 Thomas BLUIT, 26, Canada, Seymour, Hotel Keeper, s/o James BLUIT & Cathy MURPHY married Maggie DAILEY (sic), 20, Canada, Seymour, d/o James DALEY & Cathy D. LUNEY. Wtn: Timothy COUGHLIN & Maria DALEY of Seymour on February 21, 1876 at (reg'd in Hastings twp)
7569-77 Thomas BONNEY, 28, farmer, England, Percy twp., s/o Thomas & Martha, married Mary J. BESWITHERICK, 23, Haldimand, same, d/o John & Ann, witn: William & Mary KNIGHT and John BESWITHERICK, all of Haldimand, 25 Dec 1876 at Haldimand 007523-76 Dan BORLAND, 20, Haldimand, same, Farmer, s/o Samuel & Lucy Ann BORLAND married Emily BAYS, 21, Haldimand, same, d/o Solomon & Mary BAYS. Wtn: David PERRITTI of Colborne and Etta MILLER of Colborne on February 14, 1876 at Colborne
7343-77 Thomas BOUGHER, 24, farm laborer, England, Hope, s/o James & Hannah, married Elizabeth COPP, 24, England, Hope, d/o William & Maria, witn: William & Emma GORE of Hope, 4 Nov 1876 at Hope 7425-77 Allen A. BOWERMAN, 23, manufacturer, Whitby, same, s/o Willet D. & Margaret, married Ada B. HOGARTH, 20, Darlington, same, d/o Daniel & Elizabeth, witn: Jabez HOGARTH of Darlington & John B. BOWERMAN of Whitby, 25 Dec 1876 at Darlington
#007440-76 (Durham Co.) Robert BOWLES, 22, farmer, Cavan, same, s/o Robert & Elizabeth BOWLES; married Sarah Anne MADILL, 20, Cavan, same, d/o John & Elizabeth MADILL; witn: James FERGUSON of Emily & Richard NESBITT of Hope; 21 June 1876 at Cavan 007322-76 George Henry BOYCE, 24, Canada, Warkworth, merchant, s/o William N. & Jane BOYCE, married Clara Maud ALINGHAM (s/b Allingham?), 21, Canada, Warkworth, d/o Hugh & Clara ALINGHAM, witn; Robert N. HUMPHRIES & Frances ALINGHAM of Warkworth. 23 May, 1876 at Warkworth.
7413-76 (Durham Co): William BRAY, 29, farmer, Canada, Manvers twp., s/o Christopher & Ann, married Sarah KELLETT, 25, Ireland, Manvers twp., d/o James & Margaret, witn: Christopher & Ann J. BRAY of Manvers, 8 Dec 1876 at Millbrook #007143-76 Samuel BRIMBLE, 23, Farmer, Sophiasburg, Brighton twp., s/o Samuel & Matilda BRIMBLE, married Emily J. BOWERMAN 20, Sophiasburg, Brighton twp., d/o Cornelius & Maria BOWERMAN, wit, S. E. MARSH, C. C. LAMBLY, both Brighton, 26 Jan. 1876 at Brighton
#007642-76 - James BULGER, 25, blacksmith, Cobourg, Grafton, s/o John & Mary, married Ann Jane LILLY, 24, Grafton, same, d/o James & Mary, witn: William SOMERVILLE & Julia BULGER, both of Cobourg, 13 Sept 1876 at Cobourg (Rom Cath) 007154-76 Charles BURK, 23, Chatham, Cramahe, Manufacturer, s/o Peter and Barbara BURK married Harriet COLE, 19, Cramahe, same, d/o Cornelius & Phebe COLE. Wtn: Allen EMPEY and John A. SEXSMITH of Brighton on June 10, 1876 at Brighton
#007232-76 - Charles BURKELL, 29, yeoman, Alnwick, same, s/o George & Eliza, married Catherine HENRY, 29, widow, near Port Hope, Hamilton twp., d/o Reginald & Cloe CARR, witn: William SCARLETT of Harwood & Pollie STAPLES of Baltimore Ont, 3 Oct 1876 at Hamilton twp., near Baltimore 007326-76 Obadiah BURLINGHAM, 27, Canada, Picton, mechanic, s/o Reuben R. & Ann BURLINGHAM, married Louisa GERMAN, 22, Canada, Percy, d/o William N & Charlotte GERMAN, witn; John BURLINGHAM of Picton & Emily GERMAN of Percy. 28 Feb, 1876 at Percy.
#007215-76 - Thomas BUTTAR, 24, Hamilton, Hamilton, b, farmer, s/o Charles BUTTAR & Isabella YEAMAN, married Margaret RUSSELL, 24, Hamilton, Haldimand, s, d/o William RUSSELL & Ellen DAWSON, witn: Charles RUSSELL of Haldimand, Margaret BUTTAR of Hamilton, 1 March 1876, Haldimand #007231-76 - Joseph BYAM, 24, farmer, Hamilton twp., same, s/o Charles & Alice, married Mary Jane WATT, 24, Hamilton twp., same, d/o Robert & Jane, witn: C.H. & G.C. KOYLE of Baltimore Ont., 18 Sept 1876 at Baltimore Parsonage
#007646-76 - James CAFFREY, 26, shoe maker, Lindsay, Cobourg, s/o Philip & Catherine, married Mary illegible (Slansen? or Kamin?), 24, Cobourg, same, d/o James & Bridget, witn: William SLANSEN? & Johanna ROCKFORD, both of Cobourg, 30 Nov 1876 at Cobourg (Rom Cath) 007148-76 George A. CAMERON, 22, Ontario, Muskoka, Lumber Merchant, s/o William & Mahala CAMERON married Margaret CRONK?, Ontario, Hillier, d/o William and Margaret CRONK?. Wtn: Benjamin HUBBS and Amanda CRONK of Hillier on August 8, 1876 at Brighton
007508-76 John CARREY, 24, Canada, Hastings, Wagon Maker, s/o George CARREY & Catn (Catherine?) LOGAN (Keene) married Catherine LYCET, 22, Canada, Hastings, d/o Patrick LYCET & Bridget. Wtn: Pat LYCET and Bridget RYAN of Asphodel on November 27, 1876 at Hastings #007643-76 - John CAUTY (or Canty), 28, printer, Port Hope, Cobourg, s/o Cornelius & Sarah, married Alice GILLIESE, 24, Hamilton twp., same, d/o Thomas GILLIESE & Ann CONWAY, witn: Ann GILLIESE of Hamilton twp., 14 Sept 1876 at Hamilton twp [Gillies?]
#007114-76 - John Steven CEASER, 30, veterinary surgeon, Canada Chinguacousy, Port Hope, s/o Henry & Clarissa CEASER; married Clara BINGHAM, 26, London England, Port Hope, d/o Charles & Thomasina Roxilia BINGHAM; witn: F.A. BENSEN of Port Hope & Kate BINGHAM of Port Hope; 28 June 1876 at Port Hope 007349-76 William CHAMBERS, 24, Darlington, Fenelon, Farmer, S/o Henry CHAMBERS & Ellen CHAMBERS married Marry Ann COLWELL, 19, Devon England, Darlington, d/o Thomas COLWELL & Betsy COLWELL. Wtn. Maggie CORBITT and John Thom COLWELL of Darlington on January 11, 1876 at B.C. Parsonage Bowmanville
007317-76 (Northumberland Co) Wilson CHATTERSON, 25, farmer, Percy, Brighton, s/o Alexander & Jane CHATTERSON; married Clarinda MASTERS, 26, Percy, Percy, d/o Jacob & Chloe MASTERS; witn – Mrs. N.E. MARSH, Warkworth, Oct 19, 1876, Warkworth #007441-76 (Durham Co.) Francis Napoleon CLARK, 25, machinist, Montreal, Millbrook, s/o Edward & Mary CLARK; married Rebecca ROPER, 16, Manvers, Millbrook, d/o John & Elizabeth ROPER; witn: James HANLEY of Mount Pleasant & Rachel ARMSTRONG of Millbrook; 25 Apr.1876 at Cavanville
7428-76 (Durham Co): John Wesley CLARK, 21, farmer, Canada, Cavan, s/o James & Mary, married Maria Jane REYNOLDS, 19, Canada, Cavan, d/o William & Jane, witn: Albert M. REYNOLDS of S. Monaghan & Mary Charlotte CLARK of Cavan, 1 March 1876 at Millbrook 007538-76 Stephen H. CLARK, 17, Hillier, Cramahe, cooker (sic), s/o Jonathan CLARK & Martha, married Mary Ann BARNEY, 18, Cramahe, same, d/o Daniel BARNEY & blank, witn; David & Nancy Ann BARNEY of Cramahe. 7 Dec, 1876 at Cramahe.
7623-76 John H. CLARKE, 21, merchant, Ontario, Brighton, s/o Edward CLARKE & Sarah Elizabeth McARTHUR, married Alma A. CLARKE, 21, Ontario, Brighton, d/o John CLARKE & Sarah Maria McKENNY, witn: Rev. Thomas FOTHERINGHAM & Mrs Jane DOUGLAS, 29 March 1876 at Cobourg 7725-77 - Samuel CLARKE, 23, merchant tailor, Darlington twp., Cobourg, s/o Thomas & Maria, married Mary Joyce HOSKIN, 23, Haldimand twp., same, d/o Thomas & Annie, witn: Thomas HOSKIN & Elizabeth SPEARS, both of Haldimand twp., 7 Nov 1876 at Cobourg
7226-76 William CLAYTON, 22, farmer, Hamilton twp., same, s/o William & Ann, married Emaline WATT, 21, Hamilton twp., same, d/o Robert & Jane, witn: George LITTLE & Colin WATT, both of Hamilton twp., no date or location given [reg'd in Hamilton twp] 007498-76 Timothy CLEARY, 26, Canada, Asphodel, Farmer, s/o William CLEARY & Cathn (Catherine) DOUGHERTY married Cathy COUGHLINE (sic), 30, Canada, Asphodel, d/o Richard COUGHLIN  & Cathn (Catherine) McCARTHY. Wtn: Danl (Daniel) COUGHLIN & Joanne? CLEARY on February 22, 1876 (reg'd in Hastings twp)
7351-77 Robert Clare CLEMENS, 26, farmer, England, Hamilton twp., s/o William & Caroline, married Mary P. LEAN, 30, England, Hamilton, d/o John & Deborah, witn: John & Mary TRELEVIN of Hamilton twp., 26 Dec 1876 at Clarke twp. 007338-76 Richard CLEMENT, 28, Rawdon, same, farmer, s/o Thomas & Christine CLEMENT, married Agnes PETTIT, 28, Huntingdon, Murray, d/o Ebenezer & Jane PETTIT, witn; Sophrona WRIGHT of Melville & illegible St.PHILLIPS of Murray. 28 Nov, 1876 at Murray
007157-76 Edmond COCHRANE, 41, Cramahe Tp., same, Widower, Farmer, s/o James & Mary COCHRANE married Ellen Louisa BULE 36, Brighton Tp., Cramahe Tp. Widow, d/o Stephen & Joanna THORNE. Wtn: M.A. COTTEN of Frankford and T.J. THORN of Hilton on April 29, 1876 at Brighton Tp 7417-76 (Durham Co): William COCHRANE, 25, hack driver, Port Hope, same, s/o James & Mary, married Kate SCOTT, 20, Cavan twp., North Monaghan twp., d/o William S. & Jane, witn: William MASON of Port Hope & William DERBYSHIRE of Orono, 27 Dec 1876 at Cavan
#007228-76 - John COCHRANE, 51, widower, lumber dealer, Ontario, Hamilton twp., s/o John & Jane, married Elmira BUSH, 35, Hamilton twp., same, d/o John & not given, witn: W.J. WEIR & C?.E. BUSH, both of Hamilton twp., 22 Nov 1876 at Hamilton twp #007439-76 (Durham Co.) James COCHRANE, 31, station master, Port Hope, Millbrook, s/o James & Mary COCHRANE; married Harriet A. PAYNE, 22, Cavan, same; d/o William & Mary PAYNE; witn: George COCHRANE of Port Hope & Caroline CAMPBELL of Hope; 7 June 1876 at Cavan
007525-76 James Henry COLLINGS , 21, Cobourg, same, Carriage Builder, s/o Samuel & Caroline COLLINGS married Mary Jane DORRITTY (Dougherty?), 22, Rochester, Cobourg, d/o John & Johanna DORITTY (sic). Wtn: Margaret BENNETT of Colborne (Colborne) and Mrs. POOLEY of Cobourg on February 23, 1876 at Colborne (Colborne) 007502-76 John COLLINS, 28, Canada, Percy, Farmer, s/o Timothy COLLINS & Margaret SULLIVAN married Mary McDONALD, 25, Canada, Asphodel, d/o Thomas McDONALD & Eliza BARRY. Wtn: Marcills (Marcellus) McDONALD and Ellen SULLIVAN of Asphodel and Hastings on February 29, 1876 (reg'd in Hastings twp)
007504-76 Dennis CONOLLY (sic), 27, Canada, Seymour, Farmer, s/o Michael CONNELLY & Mary CARTY married Anne HUGHS, 24, Canada, Seymour, d/o James HUGHS & Mary QUOGHAN. Wtn: Michael MAHONY & Cathn (Catherine) CONNELLY of Seymour on April 25, 1876 (reg'd in Hastings twp) 007318-76 (Northumberland Co) Charles N. Wilcott COOLIDGE, 22, farmer, Sophiasburg, Demorestville, s/o Ira Allen & Sarah Eliza COOLIDGE; married Margaret WAY, Ameliasburg, Percy, d/o James & Elizabeth WAY; witn – Nancy COOLIDGE & John DIXON, both Demorestville, October 24, 1876, Percy
#007365-76 - Charles COOMBS, 47, widower, laborer, Cornwall England, Bowmanville s/o Charles & Mary, married Ann STEPHENS, 37, Isle of Wight, Clarke twp., d/o William & Harriet, witnesses were William BUNNY? & Ellen EDGER, boh of Bowmanville, Jan 25, 1876 at Bowmanville #007485-76 - George COON, 27, farmer, Cramahe, same, s/o William & Betsy, married Mary Ann TRIPP, 21, Brighton twp., same, d/o James & Eley Ann, witn: Edward H. WILSON of Castleton, 21 Nov 1876 at Castleton
007506-76 Timothy COUGHLIN, 21, Canada, Hastings, Farmer, s/o Timothy COUGHLIN & Ellen MURPHY married Eliza TIERNEY , 19, Canada, Percy, d/o Matthew TIERNEY & Mary Ann HEYDEL. Wtn: Patrick CONVEY & Kate? TIERNEY of Percy on May 10 1876 (reg'd in Hastings twp) #007373-76 - William Smale COWLE, 26, widower, teacher, England, Clarke twp., s/o John & Harriet, married Katie POTTS, 30, Clarke twp., same, d/o William & Elizabeth, May 20, 1876 at Bowmanville
7426-76 (Durham Co): Francis Samuel CROSLEY, 21, farmer, Clarke, Cavan, s/o Frank & Mary Ann, married Mary WILLIE, 23, Hope, same, d/o Richard & Ann, witn: R.R. HARNESS & Mariah DARK, both of Hope, 16 Feb 1876 at Millbrook #007367-76 - John CURTIS, 44, widower, farmer, Lincolnshire England, Darlington, s/o Francis & Eleanor, married Charlotte GAY, 44, widow, Devon England, Darlington, d/o Wiliam & Charlotte GIMLET, witnesses were Louis & Jane GIMLET of Darlington, Jan 15, 1876 at Bowmanville
#007220-76 - James CUTHBERT, 25, Haldimand, same, b, mechanic, s/o Alexander CUTHBERT & Johanna NEWTON, married Esther JOHNSTON, 27, Haldimand, same, s, d/o James JOHNSTON & Esther EALING, witn: Sarah Ann JOHNSTON, William KERR, both Haldimand, 31 May 1876, Haldimand 007489-76 Cornelius W. DENGINA? (off page, Degenais?) 22, Canada, Percy, Lawyer (Sawyer?), s/o William & Caroline married Jennie ROBERTSON, 25 Canada, Seymour, d/o Joseph & Hannah. Wtn: E.J. WOODSWORTH of Hastings on March 9, 1876 at Hastings
007350-76 Philip DENHAM, 27, Somerset England, Darlington, Yeoman, s/o George DENHAM & Fanny DENHAM married Emma HARRIS, 20, Isle of Wight, Bowmanville, d/o George HARRIS & Jane HARRIS. Wtn: William and Elizabeth DENHAM of Darlington on February 2, 1876 (probably s/b 12th) at Bowmanville 007156-76 Joseph E. DEVLIN, 40, Brighton, Port Hope, Widower, Hotel Keeper, s/o Mark DEVLIN & Martha DEVLIN married Camilla NEWCOMBE, 25, Prince Edward Co., Brighton Tp., Widow, d/o James C. KEMP & Mary KEMP. Wtn: Joseph B. NEWCOMBE and Elizabeth NEWCOMBE of Brighton Tp. on January 5, 1876 at Brighton Tp.
#007217-76 - Alonzo DINGMAN, 21, Cramahe, Haldimand, b, farmer, s/o Jared & Julia Ann DINGMAN, married Hannah Jane MERRIAM, 17, Cramahe, same, d/o William & Diantha MERRIAM, witn: Wallace MASTERS, Mary Ann MERRIAM, 16 February 1876, Fernonville 007327-76 Norman DINGMAN, 21, Canada, Cramahe Twp, farmer, s/o Samuel & Hannah DINGMAN, married Nancy CHATTERSON, 19, Canada, Cramahe, d/o Alexander & Jane CHATTERSON, witn; John DINGMAN & William RUPERT of Percy. 12 Apr, 1876 at Warkworth.
007311-76 (Northumberland Co) Robert DONALDSON, 32, farmer, Ireland, Alnwick tp, s/o William & Sarah DONALDSON, married Isabella SHERWIN, 21, Haldimand tp, Alnwick tp, d/o William & Sarah SHERWIN, witn Walter STEVENSON & Hannah SHERWIN of Alnwick, 17 Apr 1876 at Alnwick Twp 007520-76 John DOUGHERTY, 23, Canada, Asphodel, Farmer, s/o Lawrence DOUGHERTY & Johanna HEFFERNAN married Ellen GRADY, 20 Canada, Asphodel, d/o John GRADY & Mary. Wtn: James HEFFERNAN and Mary DOUGHERTY of Asphodel on December 2, 1876 at Hastings
7424-77 William DOWNEY, 21, farmer, Canada, Darlington, s/o David & Margaret, married Mary Jane STRUTT, 18, Canada, Darlington, d/o Robert & Margaret, witn: Richard AVARY & Annie ANDERSON, both of Darlington, 23 Nov 1876 at Darlington 07217-76 William DOWNS, 25, Canada, Brighton, Farmer, s/o John DOWNS & Larals? KIRBY married Annie FOLEY, 21, Canada, Asphodel, d/o P. FOLEY & Catherine MYLES. Wtn: John FOLEY and E. MULLINS of Asphodel on July 4, 1876 at Hastings
007313-76 (Northumberland Co) James DROPE, 30, widower, farmer, Hamilton tp, same, s/o William & Jane DROPE, married Ida Anna McPHERSON, 18, Stirling, Roseneath, d/o Joseph & Ann Jane McPHERSON, witn Thomas Sinclair BAKER of Warkworth & Campbell COYLE & Eliza DROPE of Alnwick, 21 Dec 1876 at Roseneath in Alnwick Twp 007492-76 James DUCY (Ducey or Duey?), 26, Canada, Seymour, no occupation given, s/o James DUCY & Catherine SHURMAN (Shannon?) married Marie SPENCE, 21, Canada, Campbellford, d/o James SPENCE & Margaret MASSIE?. Wtn: Patrick DUCY of Marmora and Margaret SPENCE of Seymour on January 9, 1876 at Hastings
7622-76 George DUNCAN, 19, clerk, Canada, Baltimore Ont., s/o John DUNCAN & Jane GIBSON, married Hattie IRISH, 17, Canada, Baltimore, d/o Napoleon IRISH & Margaret BREWSTER, witn: William & Maggie MANN, 12 Jan 1876 at Cobourg 7406-76 (Durham Co): James EASTWOOD, 33, farmer, widower, Canada, Cavan twp., s/o David & Agnes, married Ann BOTHWELL, 25, Canada, Cavan twp., d/o John & Jane, witn: William BOTHWELL & Jane EASTWOOD, both of Cavan, 18 Oct 1876 at St. Johns Church, Cavan
007348-76 David EDE, 27, Clarke, Bowmanville, Marble Cutter, s/o David EDE and Annie EDE married Margaret Ellen LUER, 24, Darlington, Bowmanville, d/o William LUER & Mary LUER. Wtn: Ambrose E. HENRY and Saran Ann HENRY of Darlington on December 23, 1876 at Bowmanville 7558-76 John EDGERTON, 34, farmer, widower, Canada, Cartwright, s/o Ralph & Mary, married Mary HYLAND, 29, widow, Cartwright, same, d/o Henry & Mary GIBSON, wit: Thomas GIBSON & Charles EDGERTON, both of Cartwright, 14 Nov 1876 at Cartwright
#007627-76 - Robert ELLIOTT, 21, bricklayer, Canada, Cobourg, s/o Robert & Elizabeth, married Margaret JONES, 19, Canada, Cobourg, d/o Robert & Bridget, witnesses were L. & Sarah BRANSTON of Cobourg, Oct. 4, 1876 at Cobourg 7735-77 - John C. ELLIOTT, 22, carriage maker, Northumberland Co., Cobourg, s/o Barnabus & Elizabeth, married Annie L. LENT, 21, Northumberland Co., Cobourg, d/o Marius & Elizabeth, witn: Fred LENT & Margaret ELLIOTT, both of Cobourg, 23 May 1876 at Cobourg
7224-76 James EWART, 37, captain on steam boat, Co. Down Ireland, Hamilton twp., s/o Francis & Ann Jane, married Annie CLOSE, 26, Hamilton twp., same, d/o Hugh & Mary, witn: Hugh & Mary CLOSE of Hamilton twp., 1 March 1876 at Hamilton twp #007616-76 - William Alexander FARMER, 31, farmer, Cobourg, Manitoba, s/o William & Jemima, married Mary FOWLER, 30, Canada, Hamilton twp., d/o John & Jane, witn: Daniel HOUSTON, Alfred & illegible FOWLER & W.O. STRONG, all of Cobourg, 8 Aug 1876 at Cobourg
007321-76 David FERGUSON, 23, Cavan Twp, Norham, labourer, s/o Richd & Jane FERGUSON, married Delina McCOY, 18, Lindsay, Norham, d/o William & Sarah McCOY, witn; Walter PELING & Charlotte McCOY of Norham. 6 Mar, 1876 at Norham. #007219-76 - George FISH, 31, NY United States, Haldimand, b, farmer, s/o Leander & Sophia FISH, married Maggie NOBLE, 20, Scotland, Haldimand, s, d/o James & Barbara NOBLE, witn: Samuel & Elizabeth BRADLEY, 18 March 1876, Haldimand
7421-76 (Durham Co): William Nelson FISHLEY, 23, farmer, Hope, same, s/o Bartholomew & Grace, married Elizabeth Grace GREENAWAY, 19, Hope, same, d/o John & Betsy, witn: John REYNOLDS & Ann Jane EVANS, both of Millbrook, 20 Jan 1876 at Millbrook 007495-76 James FITZPATRICK, 20, Ireland, Seymour, Farmer, Hugh FITZPATRICK & Ann GOULD married Mary SULLIVAN, 18, Canada, Seymour, d/o Dan SULLIVAN & Sarah SHERIDAN. Wtn: James CASSIDY & Anne SULLIVAN of Seymour on February 21, 1876 (reg'd in Hastings twp)
#007109-76 - James FLEMING, 29, coachman, Co. Tyrone Ireland, Port Hope, s/o John & Eliza FLEMING; married Isabella CRAIG, 26, Co. Antrim Ireland, Port Hope, d/o Alexander & Isabella CRAIG; witn: Alexander BALLAGH of Port Hope & Hannah CRAIG of Port Hope; 3 Aug 1876 at Port Hope. 007354-76 William FRIENDSHIP, 29, England, Bowmanville, Farmer, s/o John & Fanny FRIENDSHIP married Sarah RICHARDS, 35, England, Darlington, d/o James & May RICHARDS. Wtn: George and Elizabeth RICHARDS of Darlington on February 12, 1876 at Bowmanville
7144-77 Delvima FULFORD, 23, yeoman, Matilda, Brighton, s/o Nathaniel & Jane, married Sarah STORMS, 16, Brighton, same, d/o George & Matilda, witn: Wesley FULFORD & Pamelia COLLISON, both of Brighton, 14 Feb 1876 at Brighton #007107-76 - Eli GARDNER, 26, farmer, Perrytown, Hope Twp., s/o Robert GARDNER & Margery GARDNER; married Janet PHILLIPS, 16, Hope Twp., Hope Twp., d/o Peter PHILLIPS & Janet PHILLIPS; witn: Peter PHILLIPS of Hope Twp & Jacob RILEY of Port Hope; 1 July 1876 at Port Hope
7411-76 (Durham Co): James GARNETT, 24, farmer, England, Hope twp., s/o Robert & Susannah, married Sarah Ann CROSSLEY, 24, Clarke twp., same, d/o Francis & Mary Ann, witn: E.H. BARKER of Millbrook, 1 Oct 1876 at Millbrook 007213-76 James B. GARRATT, 40, Prince Edward Co., Hastings, Merchant, Widower, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth married Lewiza HULLETT, 31, Canada, Michigan U.S., Widow, d/o William & Emeline ALLEN. Wtn: Peter SCOTT & Emeline SCOTT of Clark Twp. on October 23, 1876 at Newtonville
007526-76 John GERMAN, 21, Cramahe, Haldimand, Farmer, s/o Robert GERMAN & Ann GERMAN married Mary Ann ALLIWELL (sic), 21, Haldimand, same, d/o Christopher ALLSWELL (sic) and Mary ALWELL (sic). Wtn: Eliza BAKER of Colborne (Colborne), on March 1, 1876 at Colborne (Colborne) 007531-76 John P. GERMAN, 28, Hillier Twp, Colborne, clerk, s/o Jortram GERMAN & Hester Eliza PETINGALL, married Elizabeth HUYCKE, 21, Wellington, Colborne, d/o Silas HUYCKE & Eurilla GARRETT, witn; Oran AINSLIE & Sarah EASTON of Colborne. 23 Feb, 1876 at Colborne.
007323-76 Andrew GEROW, 24, Canada, Percy, farmer, s/o John & Dorcas GEROW, married Emma TOWNSEND, 21, Canada, Percy, d/o Egbert & Sarah TOWNSEND, witn; Albert E. MALLERY (MALLING?) & Martha MAY? Of Warkworth. 6 June, 1876 at Percy. 7225-76 Eli GERVIS, 25, farmer, Percy, Hamilton twp., s/o Eli JERVIS (sic) & Julia LANDINE?, married Sarah BAKER, 16, Hamilton twp., same, d/o John BAKER & Alice? JACKSON, witn: Isaac & Mary Ann MURNEY of Harwood, 8 April 1876 at Hamilton twp
7452-76 John Woodcock GIBSON, 31, farmer, England, Richmond, s/o Stephen & Elizabeth, married Mary GIBBARD, 30, Darlington, same, d/o Alexander H. & Margaret, witn: Case SHOREY of Richmond & Caroline GIBBARD of Darlington, 19 April 1876 at Darlington  
007319-76 William D. GILBERT, 22, Canada, Campbellford, painter, s/o Elmer & Hannah GILBERT, married Selena ANDERSON, 19, Canada, Campbellford, d/o James & Caroline ANDERSON, witn; Elizth R. & William F. RUPERT of Warkworth. 10 June, 1876 at Warkworth. 007334-76 Samuel GILPIN, 26, Seymour, Campbellford, lumberman, s/o John & Minerva GILPIN, married Charlotte Maria Chishana MING (Minz?), 25, Germany, Percy, d/o Henry & Maria MING, witn; John FLETCHER & Mary Agnes JOHNS of Campbellford. 13 Jan , 1876 at Norham.
7412-77 Alfred GILSON, 22, laborer, England, Darlington, s/o James & mother dead, married Harriet HOLLAND, 24, England, Bowmanville, d/o John & mother dead, witn: Moses HOLLAND & Rosanna PEACH (Leach?), both of Bowmanville, 8 Nov 1876 at Bowmanville 007493-76 William GLYN, 27, Canada, Seymour, Farmer, s/o William GLYN & Susan VARDI married Margaret CONNELLY, 19, Canada, Seymour, d/o John CONNELLY & Mary Ann BARRY. Wtn: Marcellus McDONALD and Mary CONNELLY of Seymour on February 1, 1876 at Hastings
7566-77 John GOODFELLOW, no age given, farmer, Ireland, Brighton twp., s/o Charles & Mary, married Louisa DINGWALL, no age given, Cramahe twp., same, d/o David & Eliza, witn: Charles ATCHISON & Charles WELTON, both of Cramahe twp., 4 Oct 1876 at Cramahe twp 7402-76 (Durham Co): James GOODFELLOW, 44, farmer, Canada, South Monaghan, s/o Andrew & Isabella, married Ann ARMSTRONG, 32, widow, Ireland, Cavan twp., d/o Henry & Phebe, witn: Archibald GOODFELLOW of Springville & William B. GOODFELLOW of Peterborough, 13 July 1876 at Cavan [’groom a deaf mute"]
7134-76 Wellett GOULD, 26, yeoman, Cramahe, same, s/o Isaac & Hannah, married Elizabeth A. JACKSON, 25, Cramahe, same, d/o William H. & Eliza, witn: C. A. WICKS & M.A. AINSWORTH, both of Cramahe, 23 June 1875 at Brighton 007490-76 Alvin GOULD, 24, Canada, Hastings, Blacksmith, s/o Seth B. & Julia Ann married Harriet RISHORE, 20, Canada, Hastings, d/o Joseph & Susan. Wtn: James BUCHANAN of Percy and Agnes RISHORE of Hastings on March 20, 1876 at Hastings
007549-76 James GRAHAM, 21, Scotland, Hamilton Twp, farmer, s/o James & Mary GRAHAM, married Minerva McCARTHER, 27, New York USA, same, d/o John & Elizabeth PHILIP (sic), witn; James GRAHAM of Manvers & Emma SEYMOUR of Cartwright. 17 Feb,. 1876 at Methodist Parsonage, Cartwright. 7410-76 (Durham Co): John Wesley GRAY, 30, physician, Canada, Cartwright twp., s/o John & Mary, married Elizabeth KENNEDY, 18, Cavan twp., same, d/o Hugh & Margaret, witn: Robert TAYLOR & Mary KENNEDY, both of Cavan twp., 30 Oct 1876 at Millbrook
007368-76 - Charles Val GREEN, 21, druggist, Lundy’s Lane, Port Hope, s/o Rev. A.T. & Rachel, married Ada Victoria COLE, 19, Darlington, Bowmanville d/o Amanuel & Augusta, witnesses were Fred BARRETT & Carrie GREEN, both of Port hope, March 1, 1876 at Bowmanville #007366-76 - John GRIGG, 28, pedlar, Devon England, Bowmanville s/o Thomas & Susan, married Susan BOTROLL, 20, Bowmanville same, d/o John & Margaret, witnesses were David GRIGG & Elizabeth M. COFFIN, both of Darlington, March 1, 1876 at Bowmanville
007554-76 James GUINN, 35, Ireland, Cartwright, farmer, s/o James & Mary GUINN, married Mary JOHNSTON, 30, Marysburgh, Manvers, d/o Charles & Margaret JOHNSTON, witn; William JOHNSTON & George McLEAN of Manvers. 28 Aug, 1876 at Methodist Parsonag,e Cartwright. 7388-77 Louis HAGAR, 37, laborer, widower, Lake of Two Mountains, Alderville, s/o John & Mary Ann, married Mary Ann BIGMAN, 25, illegible Lake village, Alderville, d/o James & Mary, witn: M. G. BROOKING & Lottie BARRETT, both of Alderville, 5 Dec 1876 at Alderville, Alnwick
#007613-76 - Joseph W. HAIGHT, 27, cheese maker, Prince Edward Co., Haldimand twp., s/o Gilbert L. & Mary, married Elizabeth J. LAPP, 28, Haldimand, same, d/o Charles & Jane, witn: William & Ellen LAPP of Haldimand, 27 April 1876 at Cobourg 7624-76 Joseph Goddard HALL, 31, lawyer, Ontario, Port Hope, s/o Joseph B. HALL & Catherine Mary SMITH, married Margaret GOWANS, 24, Ontario, Cobourg, d/o James GOWANS & Ann PATON, witn: George F. HALL of Port Hope & Isabella GOWANS of Cobourg, 23 May 1876 at Cobourg
7393-77 Harry HALLET, 34, mechanic, England, Bowmanville, s/o John & Sarah, married Elizabeth DUNSFORD, 22, England, Bowmanville, d/o George & Catherine, witn: Catherine WIDDECOMBE & Harry DUNSFORD of Bowmanville, 23 Nov 1876 at Bowmanville #007128-76 - Alexander HAMILTON, 32, physician, Onondaga Twp. Ont, (residence not given), s/o Alexander & Jane HAMILTON; married Catherine Hutchinson RENWICK, 28, Clarke Twp., Clarke Twp., d/o William & Catherine Hutchinson RENWICK; witn: John HUNTER M.B.(?) of Millbrook & Sarah Wightman RENWICK of Clarke; 15 Oct. 1876 at Port Hope.
7429-76 (Durham Co): Joseph HAMILTON, 27, farmer, Ireland, Hope, s/o Joseph & Mary, married Agnes PEACOCK, 20, Canada, Hope, d/o Samuel & Mary, witn: George PEACOCK of Hope & Sarah MORING, March 1876 at Millbrook 7335-77 Robert HARDING, 20, painter, Lindsay, Bethany, s/o Robert & Eleanor, married Elizabeth FLEMING, 18, Scotland, Manvers, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: Thomas BRYAN & Susan HAWTHORNE, both of Bethany, 22 Nov 1876 at St. Pauls Church, Bethany
  007614-76 - George Richard HARE, 28, farmer, Canada, haldimand twp., s/o Donald & Caroline, married Elizabeth BOGGS, 28, Canada, Hamilton twp., d/o Oliver & Ann, witn: Smith E. MALLORY, Herbert & Margaret BOGGS, and Melissa HARE, all of Hamilton twp., 7 June 1876 at Cobourg
7132-76 David Beaton HARKINS, 25, seaman, Kinurnine? Scotland, Port Hope, s/o William & Mary, married Arabella Stuart BROWN, 26, Simcoe, Port Hope, d/o James & Anna, witn: Ella C. DONALD & Jane KYLE, both of Port Hope, 20 Dec 1876 at Port Hope #007229-76 - Marshall HART, 21, sawyer, Harwood, same, s/o John & Isabella, married Nellie CROWLIE, 21, Harwood, same, d/o James & Agnes, witn: Thomas & Sophia BILLINGS, both of Gores Landing, 6 Sept 1876 at Gores Landing
007337-76 John HENDERSON, 26, Pr Edward Co., Murray, farmer, s/o Daniel & Alley HENDERSON, married Charlotte HYDE, 15, Murray, same, d/o Shelar PHILLIPS & Hannah HYDE, witn; Mary BURLEY & Ed BRUGER? of Murray. 1 Nov, 1876 at Murray. #007112-76 - John HENRY, 30, mechanic, Ireland, Port Hope, s/o Joseph & Jane [HENRY]; married Elizabeth L. CROSSEN, 22, Port Hope, Port Hope, d/o Thomas & Martha [CROSSEN]; witn: Richard HARCOURT of Port Hope & Grace CROSSEN of Port Hope; 4 July 1876 at Port Hope.
#007372-76 - William HENRY, 26, yeoman, Cartwright, same, s/o Samuel & Ann Jane, married Mary Jane BARTON, 23, Darlington, same, d/o William & Eliza, witnesses were Jeremiah HURRY of Cartwright & Rebecca BARTON of Darlington, March 22, 1876 at Bowmanville #007370-76 - Samuel HICKS, 24, yeoman, Clarke, Darlington, s/o Charles & Catherine, married Mary Jane SPROUL, 21, Darlington, same, s/o James & Mary Jane, witnesses were Anna FERGUSON of Bowmanville & Ann M. LAWRENCE of Watford, May 11, 1876 at Bowmanville
007214-76 Thomas HILL, 27, Devonshire England, Markdale, Merchant, s/o William & Dorcas married Mary L. FULLER, 22, Coldwater, Hastings, d/o Jonathan & Lydia. Wtn: W.S. FULLER of Omemee and Mrs. R. POTTER of Fenelon Falls on September 27, 1876 at Hastings  
7445-76 James HOBBS, 25, yeoman, England, Darlington, s/o James & Martha, married Permelia COUCH, 20, Darlington, same, d/o James & Jane S., witn: John WRIGHT & Elizabeth Ann HOBBS, both of Darlington, 22 Jan 1876 at Darlington 7398-77 George William HOOPER, 21, upholsterer, Ontario, Bowmanville, s/o George & Ann, married Rachel E. BILL, 20, Ontario, Bowmanville, d/o Henry & Mary, witn: Harriet JOLLIFFE & Sarah DICKENSON of Bowmanville, 21 Dec 1876 at Bowmanville
7628-76 George HOPKINS, 41, widower, servant, England, Cobourg, s/o John & Sarah, married Mary WATSON, 26, Scotland, Cobourg, d/o William & Alice, witn: Annie & Elizabeth KENNER of Cobourg, 31 Oct 1876 at Cobourg 007503-76 John HOPS, 26, Canada, Seymour, Farmer, s/o Ben HOPS married Ellen HOEY, 25, Canada, Seymour, d/o Owen HOEY & Cathn (Catherine) KILLERAY. Wtn: Owen HOEY and Cathn (Catherine) GILLESPIE of Seymour on February 27, 1876 (reg'd in Hastings twp)
007346-76 John HOUGTON, 40, Seymour, same, Widower, Yeoman, s/o Robert & Mary married Theresa Jane BUCHANAN, 24, Murray, same, d/o William & Mary. Wtn: Thomas COWAN & Mary a BUCHANAN of Murray on February 1 [1876] at Murray [Houghton?] 7416-76 (Durham Co): Edwin HOWLET, 25, farmer, Clarke twp., Manvers twp., s/o Robert & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth COUCH, 20, Manvers twp., same, d/o John & Eliza, witn: Joseph LUNN & Susanna HAWTHORNE, both of Clarke twp., 27 Dec 1876 at Millbrook
007149-76 Benjamin L. HUBBS, 29, Ontario, Hillier, Miller, s/o Abraham & Eustatia HUBBS married Rachel A. CRONK, 20 Ontario, Hillier, d/o Philip CRONK and Helena CRONK. Wtn; Melvin CRONK and Mary A. CRONK of Hillier on September 19, 1876 at Brighton 007147-76 Cornelius HUBBS, 25, Ontario, Sophiasburg, Farmer, s/o David & Polly HUBBS married Huldah SPRUNG, 18, Ontario, Brighton, d/o David & Hannah SPRUNG. Wtn: James W. THOMPSON and Laura CREIGHTON of Brighton on October 10, 1876 at Brighton
  #007544-76 (Northumberland Co) Thomas HUBEL, 21, Seymour Twp., same, s/o Levi HUBEL & Catharine HUBEL, married Amelia BEEBE, 20, Seymour Twp., same, d/o Aaron BEEBE & Amie [Annie] BEEBE, wit: Daniel & Carrie BOWMAN [should be Barnum], 15 Sept.1876, at Campbellford
007512-76 Henry HUGHS, 22, Canada, Asphodel, Farmer, s/o William & Annie married Isabella METCALFE, 24, Canada, Asphodel, d/o Robert & Mary. Wtn: John and Mary ELMHIRST of Asphodel on July 5, 1876 at Asphodel #007129-76 - George Albert HUNTER, 22, labourer, Hope Twp., Port Hope, s/o Thomas & Mary HUNTER; married Rachael Elizabeth CLARKE, 23, Cobourg, Port Hope, d/o Daniel & Ann CLARKE; witn: Rev. W.A. McKAY of Baltimore Ont & Jane KYLE of Port Hope; 2 Nov. 1876 at Port Hope
#007437-76 (Durham Co.) Robert HUNTER, 25, farmer, Ireland, Cavan, s/o Joseph & Mary HUNTER; married Mary McMILLER, 22, Hope, same, d/o Archibald & Elizabeth McMILLER; witn: Elizabeth McMILLER, Joseph HUNTER of Cavan & Nancy McMILLER of Hope; 19 Apr.1876 at Millbrook #007436-76 (Durham Co.) James HUSTON, 35, farmer, Ireland, Cavan, s/o John & Mary HUSTIN; married Susannah McGILL, 26, Manvers, Cavan, d/o Thomas & Mary McGILL; witn: R. McCULLOCH of Cavanville & Miss GARDINER of Cavan; 6 Apr.1876 at Cavanville.
007532-76 Price INSLEY, 26, Haldimand, Colborne, carpenter, s/o W.M. & Polly INSLEY, married Sarah EASTON, 22, Haldimand, Colborne, d/o Samuel & Mary Jane EASTON, witn; John P. & Elizabeth GERMAN of Colborne. 10 May, 1876 at Colborne. 7567-77 Lewis Byron IRISH, 19, farmer, Centerton, same, s/o Festus & Lucy, married Elizabeth SMITH, 17, Otonabee, Percy twp., d/o Richard & Ann, witn: George DUNCAN of Baltimore & Joseph TAYLOR of Centreton, 4 Oct. 1876 at Percy twp
007539-76 William ISAACS, 43, widower, Devonshire England, Bowmanville, labourer, s/o William & Jane ISAACS, married Helen PALMER, 39, widow, Brighton, same, d/o William & Rachael SELLECK, witn; Ada STEPHENSON of Colborne & Fanny COLMAN of Brighton. No date, 1876 at Colborne. #007216-76 - William ISAAC, 25, Haldimand, same, farmer, s/o George ISAAC & Isabella CAMPELL, married Agnes CARRUTHERS, 24, Hamilton, Cobourg, s, d/o William CARRUTHERS & Mary UNDERWOOD, witn: John DENISTON of Haldimand, Mary CARRUTHERS of Hamilton, 1 March 1876, Haldimand
  007152-76 Hiram D. JACOBS, 56, State of Michigan, Brighton, Widower, Mechanic, s/o Benjamim & Lavina JACOBS married Clarinda SQUIRES, 55, Brighton, same, Widow, d/o Jesse & Zuba WELLS. Wtn  Mrs. A. CAMPBELL of Brighton and Mrs. Sophia BIBBY of Castleton on September 6, 1876 at Brighton
007248-77 – William Thomas JENKINS, no age given, laborer, of Port Hope, s/o Alexander & Harriet JENKINS, married Mary Ann LEE, no age given, of Port Hope, d/o Thomas & Catherine LEE. Witn: Robert COOK & Mary Ann CRIBBEN both of Port Hope on August 23, 1876 at Port Hope 7135-76 Harrison JOHNS, 24, laborer, Rochester NY, Belleville, s/o Stephen & Catherine, married Malissa FLAGLER, 21, San Francisco Calif., Belleville, d/o George & Nancy, witn: George FLAGLER of Belleville & Sarah SMITH of Brighton, 30 July 1876 at Brighton
007306-76 (Northumberland & Durham Co) George JOHNSTON, 28, farmer, Canada, Manvers tp, s/o Noble & Elizabeth JOHNSTON, married Mary LUNN, 28, Canada, Hope tp, d/o Thomas J & Jane LUNN, witn John JOHNSTON & Sarah LUNN of Clarke tp, 24 Dec 1876 at Hope tp 7453-76 William JOLL, 24, farmer, Canada, Darlington, s/o George & Jane, married Rhoda STEPHENS, 24, England, Darlington, d/o William STEPHENS & Sarah TRIMBLE, witn: John JOLL & Margaret H. TRIMBLE, both of Darlington, 19 April 1876 at Darlington
07215-76 John JONES, 25, Canada, Haldimand, Farmer, s/o John & Ann married Delina EDDY, 25, Canada, Haldimand, d/o Elisha & Elizabeth. Wtn: E.J. and M.U. WOODSWORTH of Hastings on December 7, 1876 at Hastings 7350-77 Robert KEAN, 25, farmer, Canada, Essa, s/o John MITCHELL (sic) & Margaret MITCHELL, married Minnie BROWN, 21, Canada, Clarke twp., d/o William & Jane, witn: Samuel & Jane BROWN of Clarke twp., 20 Dec 1876 at Clarke twp.
  #007644-76 - Thomas KEEFE, 25, farmer, near Cobourg, Lindsay, s/o Patrick & Ann, married Margaret FOX, 23, Cobourg, near Cobourg, d/o Patrick & Eliza, witn: Jeremiah O’HARA & Catherine FOX, both of Cobourg, 3 Oct 1876 at Cobourg (Rom Cath)
007545-76 Robert KEEGAN, 32, Ireland, Rawdon, yeoman, s/o Charles & Ann KEEGAN, married Mary Ann McGRAUDY, 24, Quebec, Rawdon, d/o James & Susan McGRAUDY, witn; John KEEGAN & Barbara MICHIE? of Seymour. 22 Oct, 1876 at Campbellford. 7446-76 Frank S. KELLY, 25, mechanic, Brownsville Ohio, Darlington, s/o John & Marilla M., married Mary L. WILSON, 20, Oshawa, same, d/o John & Mary L., witn: Martin HERN & Bessie TUCKER, both of Oshawa, 31 Jan 1876 at Darlington
7621-76 Byron Laden? KENNEDY, 25, merchant, Cobourg, same, s/o Abel & Clarissa, married Letitia IRWIN, 18, Cobourg, same, d/o Samuel & Letitia, witn: Letitia IRWIN the elder, of Cobourg, 2 June 1876 at Cobourg #007125-76 - John William KENYON, 26, occupation not given, Cortland Illinois, same, s/o George & Nancy P. KENYON; married Mary Jane GARBUTT, 21, Clarke Twp. Ont., Cortland Ill. US, d/o John & Eleanor GARBUTT; witn: Charles GARBUTT & Mary GARBUTT, both of Port Hope; 9 Nov. 1876 at Port Hope
007310-76 (Northumberland Co) David KERR, 22, farmer, Colborne, Alnwick tp, s/o David & Agnes KERR, married Ruth TIMLIN, 21, Coldsprings Hamilton tp, Alnwick tp, d/o Thomas & Jane TIMLIN, witn Charlotte BARRETT & Martha Grace BROOKING of Alderville, 4 Feb 1876 at Alderville in Alnwick Twp 007347-76 Samuel KINGSTON, 30, Rawdon, same, Widower, Farmer, s/o William KINGSTON & Hester KINGSTON married Eliza Matilda MORAN, 24, Prince Edward Co., Murray, d/o David MORAN & Eliza Ann MORAN. Wtn: J.B. MORAN M.D. of Roslin and S.A. MORAN of Roslin on November 15, 1876 at Murray
7568-77 William KNIGHT, 22, farmer, Haldimand, same, s/o Richard & Fanny, married Martha Jane BONNEY, 22, England, Percy, d/o Thomas & Martha, witn: John & William BLAND of Haldimand, 18 Dec 1876 at Percy twp 7620-76 Norton Vernon KUHLMAN, 22, carpenter, London England, Cobourg, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Eliza COULTER, 19, Canada, Cobourg, d/o John & Eliza, witn: Thomas SMITH & Mary A. COULTER, both of Cobourg, 30 June 1876 at St. Peters Church, Cobourg
007528-76 George LABELLE, 22, Colborne (Colborne), Cramahe, Farmer, s/o Charles & Mary Ann LABELLE married Esther EDDY, 21, Haldimand, same, d/o Ira & Charlotte EDDY. Wtn: Anna MILLER of Colborne (Colborne) and Etta MILLER of Colborne (Colborne) on March 30, 1876 at Colborne (Colborne) 007536-76 Charles LABELLE, 20, Cramahe, same, farmer, s/o Charles & Mary LABELLE, married Estella PURDY, 20, Haldimand, same, d/o Chester & Mary PURDY, witn; Annie FASTEN of Colborne. 18 Oct, 1876 at Colborne.
  007430-76 (Durham Co.) Robert LAMB, 32, farmer, Ireland, Cavan, s/o William & Margaret LAMB; married Sarah CUNNINGHAM, 26, Canada, Cavan, d/o David & Jane CUNNINGHAM; witn: Harry B. ALLEN & Mary Anne McLELLAN, both of Cavan; 18 March 1876 at Millbrook
007501-76 John LAMEY, 30, Canada, Percy, Farmer, d/o Michael LAMEY & Margaret FITZGERALD married Margaret HEFFERNAN, 20 Canada, Percy, d/o Michael HEFFERNAN (mother not given). Wtn: James LAMEY & Cathy LAMEY of Percy on February 29, 1876 (reg'd in Hastings twp) 7414-76 (Durham Co): Robert LANCASHIRE, 41, widower, carpenter, Ireland, Cavan twp., s/o John & Margaret, married Annie SLOAN, 39, widow, Smith twp., Millbrook, d/o Robert & Ann DEYELL, witn: John DEYELL & Thomas B. COLLINS, both of Millbrook, 13 Dec 1876 at Millbrook
007487-76 Thomas LANCASTER, 22, Otonabee, Westwood, Merchant, s/o John LANCASTER & Jane ATKINSON married Catherine BUCHANAN, 23, Otonabee, Keene, d/o James BUCHANAN & Ann McDONALD. Wtn: Joseph FOX and Mary FOX of Hastings on March 15, 1876 at Hastings 007529-76 Nicholis LANE, 32, Cramahe, same, Farmer, Widower, s/o William LANE & Harriett LANE married Viorra PETTIBONE, 23, Haldimand, Cramahe, d/o James PETTIBONE & Harriett RICHARDSON. Wtn: J.S. PETTIBONE and Lucinda PETTIBONE on June 10, 1876 at Cramahe
007553-76 James LEATHERDALE, 22, Toronto, illegible C of Simcoe, farmer, s/o Luke & Mary LEATHERDALE, married Matilda LAWSON, 21, Cartwright, same, d/o James & Dorothea LAWSON, witn; William F. WILLIAMSON & Daniel BROWN of Cartwright. 11 Oct, 1876 at Bride's Father's, Cartwright.  
#007118-76 - Thomas LONG, 33, druggist, New York US, Port Hope, s/o William & Mary LONG; married Sarah Jane CLARKE, 24, Port Hope, Port Hope, d/o Joseph & Rachel CLARKE; (witnesses not given); 5 Sept. 1876 at Port Hope 7409-76 (Durham Co): William LYTLE, 26, farmer, Canada, Cavan twp., s/o Thomas & Mary, married Frances WATSON, 22, Canada, Cavan twp., d/o Isaac & Frances, witn: Henry EVANS & John McFAUL, both of Cavan, 28 Oct 1876 at Cavan
#007117-76 - James MacMILLAN, 25, farmer, Dummer, Otonabee, s/o James & Isabel MacMILLAN; married Sarah HUNTER, 21, Otonabee, Otonabee, d/o William & Margaret HUNTER; witn: Andrew MacMILLAN of Otonabee & Annie HUNTER of Otonabee; 19 July 1876 at Port Hope #007116-76 - William MacMILLAN, 28, farmer, Hope Twp., Hope Twp., s/o Donald & Jane MacMILLAN; married Harriet KILPATRICK, 24, Hope Twp., Port Hope, d/o Samuel & Margaret KILPATRICK; witn: John BROTHWELL of Hope Twp. & Margaret KILPATRICK of Port Hope; 1 July 1876 at Port Hope
07507-76 Thomas MacNAMES, 26, Canada, Seymour, Farmer, s/o Edwd (Edward) McNAMES & Bridget DUNDAS (Seymour) married Ellen READY, 20, Canada, Seymour, d/o Bryan READY & Mary Ann DRISCOLL. Wtn: James CASSIDY and Ellen CASSIDY of Seymour on November 14, (1876) at Hastings 007527-76 Eli MacPHERSON, 26, Murray, same, Farmer, s/o Peter & Margaret MacPHERSON married Ruth LOVELESS, 26, Murray, same, d/o Wilson & Mary LOVELESS. Wtn: Edwin GOULD of Colborne (Colborne)and Mrs. E. GOULD of Colborne (Colborne) on March 20, 1876 at  Colborne (Colborne)
007247-77 – Michael MALEY, no age given, Laborer, of Port Hope, s/o John & Bridget MALEY, married Jane CONVEY, no age given, of Port Hope, d/o Simon & Sarah CONVEY. Witn: Peter WALSH & Margaret MALEY both of Port Hope on May 31, 1876, at Port Hope 7389-77 Robert MARSDEN, 28, yeoman, Alderville, same, s/o Thomas & Olive, married Margaret SNAKE, 17, Lindsay, Alderville, d/o Lewis & Elizabeth, witn: Peter CROW & Joseph BEAVER, both of Alderville, 21 Dec 1876 at Alderville
7131-76 John Henry MARSHALL, 27, shoe maker, Port Hope, same, s/o John & Mary, married Susannah GAS, 21, Clarke Ont., Port Hope, d/o William & Sarah GASS (sic), witn: John STARK of Toronto & Emma GASS of Port Hope, 5 Dec 1876 at Port Hope 7625-76 Robert Napier MATHIESON, 23, merchant, Montreal Que., Chicago, s/o Rev. Alex MATHIESON D.D. & Catherine E. McKENZIE, married Mary Lillias FRASER, 24, Cobourg, same, d/o Alex FRASER & Mary Mead? TORRANCE, witn: John E. & Annie M. FRASER of Cobourg, 27 May 1876 at Cobourg
007548-76 John McALPINE, 26, Canada, Williamsburg Cartwright, Doctor of Medicine, s/o Malcolm & Ann McALPINE, married Eliza Jane HUGHES, 21, Canada, Cartwright, d/o John & Caroline HUGHES, witn; J. MONTGOMERY & Sara HUGHES of Cartwright. 2 Feb, 1876 at Cartwright. #007122-76 - James McCARTY, 24, labourer, Douro Twp. Ont, Peterborough, s/o John & Bridget McCARTY; married Lilly BUTTERY, 23, widow, South Monaghan, Otonabee Twp., d/o John & Jane BUTTERY; witn: James MORRISON of Baltimore Twp. (sic), & Susan FLANIGAN of Port Hope; 12 Oct. 1876 at Port Hope
007540-76 Wallace Hugh McCOLL, 24, Murray, same, farmer, s/o Donald & Elizabeth McCOLL, married Lydia DEMOR?, 21, Scotland, Seymour, d/o John & Mary Ann DEMOR, witn; Saml McCOLL of Murray & Maggie FRASER of Brighton. 19 Dec, 1876 at Colborne. #007483-76 - John Albert McCOY, 26, laborer, Cramahe, same, s/o Matthias & Eliza, married Mary BUCK, 21, Cramahe, same, d/o Benjamin & Eliza Jane, 26 Sep 1876 at Castleton
007339-76 Alaster Wilber McFAUL, 19, Canada, Murray, farmer, s/o James & Margaret McFAUL, married Anna JOHNSTON, 18, Canada, Murray, d/o Stephen & Sarah JOHNSTON, witn; Alexander PICKLE & Martha Ann LAWRENCE of not stated, 2 Dec, 1876 at Murray. 007541-76 John McGORMAN, 25, Loughborne?, Brighton, shoemaker, s/o Thomas E. & Helen McGORMAN, married Mary E. WESTLES?, 27, widow, Cramahe, same, d/o Chas. & Ann W. MUTTON, witn; Elizabeth MUTTON & John W. PERRY, 25 Dec, 1876 at Cramahe.
007551-76 James McKEE, 50, widower, Ireland, Cartwright, farmer, s/o John & Elizabeth McKEE, married Mary GREEN, 34, Ireland, Cartwright, d/o John & Frances GREEN, witn; William GeorgeREYNOLDS & Francis GREEN of Cartwright. 28 July 1876 at Cartwright. 7557-76 William Alexander McQUAID, 24, farmer, Canada, Cartwright, s/o Henry & Margaret, married Matilda A. McKEE, 24, Cartwright, same, d/o Andrew & Matilda, witn: Robert McKEE & Ann Jane McQUAID, both of Cartwright, 1 Nov 1876 at Parsonage, Cartwright
007162-76 John MEISCH, 29, Switzerland, Brighton Tp., Laborer, s/o Jacob MEISCH & Mary MEISCH married Rosina HOFSTATTER, 19, Switzerland, Brighton Tp., d/o Jacob HOFSTATTER & Rosina HOFSTATTER. Wtn: Joseph WRIGHT of Brighton Tp. and Jacob HOFSTATTER of Brighton Tp. on July 1, 1876 at Brighton Tp. #00721-76 John MILLER, 23, farmer, Canada, Harwood, s/o William & Sarah A. MILLER, married Fidelia U. SMITH, 22, Canada, Harwood, d/o Peter & Mary A. SMITH; witn: Edward SHILLINGTON & Ellen SHARP (residences not given); 20 May 1876 at Haldimand
#007233-76 - Calvin MINAKER, 33, sore keeper, not given, Cobourg, s/o P. & P.W., married Mary Jane BEATTY, 27, Hamilton twp., same, d/o John & Jane, witn: George BEATTY & Annie NOBLE, both of Hamilton twp., 18 Oct 1876 at the res of the bride's mother, Hamilton twp 7349-77 George A. J. MITCHELL, 25, laborer, Emily twp., Manvers, s/o George & Eliza, married Martha HENDERSON, 24, Emily twp., same, d/o Robert & Martha, witn: Robert & Eliza HENDERSON of Emily, 25 Oct. 1876 at Orono
  #007113-76 - James MONGRAW, 19, barber, Canada, Port Hope, s/o James MONGRAW & Ann McCAFFRY; married Jenny CURRY, 17, Port Hope, Port Hope, d/o John CURRY & Mary Ann TISDALE; witn: William EMBLETON of Port Hope & M. EMBLETON of Port Hope; 15 Aug. 1876 at Port Hope
007316-76 (Northumberland Co) James Anthony MONTGOMERY, 27, farmer, Brighton, Brighton, s/o George & Lucinda MONTGOMERY; married Rachael BILLINGS, 22, Brighton, Brighton, d/o Charles & Susan BILLINGS; witn – John Frederick & Annie MONTGOMERY, both Brighton, 18 Oct 1876, Warkworth 007150-76 Peter MOON, 47, Prince Edward Co., Brighton, Widower, Farmer, s/o George & Sarah MOON married Mary Ann MUNROE, 36, Brighton, same, d/o William MUNRO (sic) & Mary MUNROE. Wtn; Emma SILLS and Hannah SILLS of Brighton on December 24, 1876 at Brighton
007546-76 J. James MUIRHEAD, 23, Canada, Cartwright, farmer, s/o Salmon & Fally MUIRHEAD, married Eleanor NESBITT, 22, Canada, Cartwright, d/o John & Mary NESBITT, witn; W.H. NESBITT & Margaret MUIRHEAD of Cartwright. 14 Mar, 1876 at Bride's Father's residence. #007431-76 (Durham Co.) Richard MULLEN, 28, farmer, England, Cavan, s/o Joseph & Margaret MULLEN; married Isabella MAHOON, 26, Ireland, South Monaghan, d/o Edward & Mary MAHOON; witn: Henry WARD of Cavan & Jane HOYY? of Monaghan; 15 Mar 1876 at Mount Pleasant
  #007482-76 - James Lane MURPHY, 22, farmer, Cramahe, same, s/o Thomas & Martha, married Etta EDDY, 19, Haldimand, Cramahe, d/o William & Delora, witn: Minnie RONEY & A. MURPHY, both of Cramahe, 20 Sep 1876 at Cramahe
007518-76 James MURPHY, 27, Canada, Campbellford, Farmer, s/o James MURPHY & Mary COLE married Mary Ann FORBES, 21, Canada, Campbellford, d/o John FORBES & Margaret McDEAL. Wtn: Terence LEAHY and Margt (Margaret) KEATING? of Campbellford on July 9, 1876 at Hastings 007362-76 John MUTTON, 26, Canada, Darlington, Farmer, s/o William & Mary MUTTON married Louisa HAGGITH, 24, England, Bowmanville, d/o Isaac & Elizabeth HAGGITH. Wtn: William STEVENS and Fanny VARCOE of Darlington on February 9, 1876 at Bowmanville
7407-76 (Durham Co): Thomas NEALE, 41, widower, farmer, England, Cavan twp., s/o Thomas & Jane, married Margaret Jane MORROW, 30, Cavan twp., same, d/o William & Sarah, witn: Archibald & Marcel MORROW of Cavan, 25 Oct 1876 at Cavanville 007547-76 William NELSON, 30, Scotland, Dundalk, storekeeper, s/o Irving & Jane NELSON, married Eliza SPINKS, 25, Canada, Cartwright, d/o Robert & Margaret SPINKS, witn; James ROGERSON of Toronto & Emma WILLAN of Cartwright. 10 May, 1876 at Bride's residence Cartwright.
007315-76 (Northumberland Co) Peregrine Maitland NELSON, 30, farmer, Ireland, Otonobee, s/o Stephen NELSON & Catherine; married Mary Ann KELLAND, 29, England, Percy, d/o William & Pracilla KELLAND; wit – N.J. KELLAND & George YABSLEY, both Percy, 27 Sept 1876, Percy  
007249-77 – William H. NEWBURY, no age given, Laborer, of Whitby, s/o Joseph & Eliza NEWBURY, married Mary HAYES, no age given, of Bowmanville, d/o Daniel & Ellen HAYES. Witn: Pat DEBAHUNTY of Newcastle & Julia HAYES of Bowmanville on October 10, 1876 at Port Hope 007499-76 James NOONAN, 25, Canada, Percy, Farmer, s/o Dan NOONAN & Ellen SHAUGHNESSY married Mary Ann DOWNS, 20, Canada, Percy, d/o James DOWNS & Ann CARNEY. Wtn: Patrick SMITH & Bridget DOWNS of Percy on February 28, 1876 (reg'd in Hastings twp)
007505-76 Patrick O’BRIAN, 38, Ireland, Percy, Farmer, s/o M. O’BRIAN & Mary COLEMAN married Alice O'DONNELL, 28, Canada, Percy, d/o Patrick O’ DONNELL  and Cilicy (sic) BROOK. Wtn: Dennis SULLIVAN and Julia O'DONNELL on May 3, 1876 (reg'd in Hastings twp) 007250-77 – Patrick O’CONNER, no age given, Farmer, of Enismire (Ennismore?), s/o John & Mary O’CONNER, married Hannah COSGROVE, no age given, of Ennismore, d/o Eugene & Elizabeth COSGROVE. Witn: Robert COOK & Annie BRANDAMON both of Port Hope on October 13, 1876 at Port Hope
#007484-76 - William OILES, 30, farmer, widower, Cramahe, Percy twp., s/o George & Charlotte, married Sarah Ann OSTROM, 36, widow, Trenton, same, d/o Abram & Mary, witn: Frank S. GOULD, 25 Oct 1876 at Castleton 007537-76 Christopher O'RIELY, 21, Colborne, same, sailor, s/o Christopher & Mary O'RIELY, married Aprine KERRAGHAN, 19, Cramahe, same, d/o David & Catherine KERRAGHAN, witn; Thomas O'RIELY of Colborne & Margaret KING of Cramahe. 6 Dec, 1876 at Colborne.
  7450-76 Helicomades OSBORNE, 26, farmer, Darlington, same, s/o Richard & Ann, married Jane Angelina BLAIR, 21, Darlington, same, d/o Duncan & Hannah L., witn: Sidney James PICKLE & Isabell BLAIR, both of Darlington, 16 March 1876 at Darlington
#007481-76 - Leonard OSTRUM, 26, laborer, Trenton, Cramahe, s/o Abram & Mary, married Bridget DUNN, 29, Belleville, Cramahe, d/o Patrick & Sarah, 15 Sept 1876 at Castleton 007341-76 GeorgePACKARD, 25, widower, Canada, Murray, labourer, s/o Daniel & Eliza PACKARD, married illegible PARKS, 17, Canada, Murray, d/o William & Margaret PARKS, witn; Thomas & Samonto? PARKS of not stated. 23 Oct, 1876 at Murray.
007542-76 Wesley PARLIAMENT, 27, Ameliasburgh, Sidney, farmer, s/o J.H. & Hannah PARLIAMENT, married Ida SNETSINGER, illegible, Cramahe, same, d/o Matthias & Maria SNETSINGER, witn; Benjamin JACQUES & Sarah PARLIAMENT of Cramahe. 25 Dec, 1876 at Cramahe. 7427-76 (Durham Co): William PAYNE, 35, farmer, Hope, same, s/o Gustavius & Jane, married Eliza LANG, 18, Manvers, same, d/o Alexander & Elizabeth, witn: Joseph McLUNG of Hope & Charlotte LANG of Manvers, 1 Feb 1876 at Millbrook
7424-76 (Durham Co): Joseph PEACOCK, 28, moulder, widower, Hope, same, s/o Samuel & Mary, married Ellen HURD, 20, Hope, same, d/o John & Phillippa, witn: Marshall THOMPSON & Sarah A. MORTON, both of Hope, 8 Feb 1876 at Millbrook 007488-76 Robert PEEL, 23, Ireland, Dummer, Farmer, s/o Robert PEEL & Rebecca married Jemima HENDRON, 21. Dummer, same, d/o John HENDRON and Jemima. Wtn: Samuel CLYDESDALE of Dummer and Maggie McMASTER of Duro (Douro) on April 5, 1876 at Hastings
#007618-76 - Henry PENGELLY, 31, laborer, Devonshire England, Cobourg, s/o Stephen & Margaret, married Mary Jane POOLEY, 32, widow, Cobourg, same, d/o Henry & Eliza RUNNALLS, witn: Louisa Ann MITCHELL & John RUNNALLS, both of Cobourg, 14 June 1876 at Cobourg  
#007432-76 (Durham Co.) Josiah PERRIN, 25, farmer, South Monaghan, same, s/o Josiah & Queen PERRIN; married Caroline DAWSON, 22, South Monaghan, same, d/o James & Jane DAWSON; witn: Levi BYERS & Henrietta PERRIN, both of South Monaghan; 15 March 1876 at Millbrook. 007535-76 Angus PETTIBONE, 26, Haldimand, Cramahe, yeoman, s/o James PETTIBONE & Harriett RICHARDSON, married Mary CLOSE, 25, Huntingdon, Cramahe, d/o James CLOSE & Elizabeth BALAM, witn; Nicholas Vernon PETTIBONE, residence not given, 9 Oct, 1876 at Cramahe.
#007615-76 - Thomas PETTITT, 23, servant, England, Cobourg, s/o Joseph & Catherine, married Hannah Elizabeth THURSTON, 20, England, Cobourg, d/o Charles & Honour, witn: John DEAR of Honour THURSTON, both of Cobourg, 8 May 1876 at Cobourg 007543-76 John PHILLIPS, 28, widower, Thurlow, Campbellford, yeoman, s/o Nicholas & Isabella PHILLIPS, married May AVISON, 20, USA, Campbellford, d/o James & Margaret Ann AVISON, witn; Mr & Mrs KENT of Campbellford. 14 July, 1876 at Campbellford
7519-76 - Alexander PIERE, 23, Canada, Seymour, Farmer, s/o Robert PIERE & Rose FYFE married Roseanna McGUIRE, 24, Canada, Seymour, d/o Patrick McGUIRE & Rose McGUIRE. Wtn: Dennis McGUIRE and Margaret FYFE of Seymour on August 17, 1876 at Hastings 007320-76 Horace PLUMPTON, 71, widower, England, Brighton Twp, farmer, s/o William & Mary PLUMPTON, married Jane MITCHELL, 41, Canada, Warkworth, d/o John & Eliza MITCHELL, witn; David PLUMPTON of Brighton. 22 June, 1876 at Warkworth.
7415-76 - William PORTER, 26, farmer, Manvers twp., same, s/o Charles & Jane, married Elizabeth KELLETT, 25, Manvers twp., same, d/o James & Margaret, witn: Francis PORTER & Margaret KELLETT, both of Manvers, 19 Dec 1876 at Millbrook 7133-76 William Henry POST, 24, teacher, Hillier, Brighton twp., s/o James & Catherine, married Zobeda Lovina Victoria SIMPSON, 18, Thurlow twp., Brighton, d/o James M. & Almira J., witn: G. HORTON of Brighton & E. KENNY of Colborne, no date, at Brighton village [reg'd July 1876]
  7405-76 (Durham Co): James Frederick POULTON, 22, farmer, USA, Lindsay, s/o George & Dinah, married Martha SANDERSON, 21, Canada, Emily twp., d/o Joseph & Esther, witn: Thomas POULTON & Joseph SANDERSON, both of Cavan, 11 Oct 1876 at Mount Pleasant, Cavan
007345-76 John K. POWELL, 29, Maryposa, Ops, Farmer, s/o Amon & Mary POWELL married Hannah A. OSTERHOUT, 26, Murray, same, d/o Henry J & Mary OSTERHOUT. Wtn: Phebe OSTERHOUT of Murray and Burton POWELL of Murray on March 14, 1876 at Residence of Henry J. OSTERHOUT of Murray 7530-76 Hiram PURDY, 53, widower, book keeper, Canada, Brighton, s/o Nathaniel PURDY & Wealthy JOHNSON, married Elizabeth ROONEY, 43, widow, Canada, Cramahe, d/o William GIFFORD & Mary DETLOR, wtn: W. DINGMAN of Brighton & Christy SHOREY (Storey?) of Camden, no date given, at Cramahe [reg'd June 1876]
007314-76 (Northumberland Co) William RAYCRAFT, 24, farmer, Cramahe, Cramahe, s/o John & Martha RAYCRAFT; married Maria BEAMISH, 20, Percy, Percy, d/o Charles & Mary BEAMISH; witn – John BEAMISH & Annie BEAMISH, both Percy, 26 July 1876, Percy 7629-76 Rev. A. RAYNOR, 35, professor at Victoria College, Quebec, Cobourg, s/o James & Eleanor, married Ida Jane HAYDEN, 20, Cobourg, same, d/o John & Eliza, witn: Albert DUMBLE & Arthur COLEMAN, both of Cobourg, 30 Oct 1876 at Cobourg
7404-76 (Durham Co): John READ, 32, merchant, Canada, Millbrook, s/o John & Eliza, married Margaret Jane FAIR, 18, Canada, Millbrook, d/o George & Margaret Jane, witn: L.A. McLEAN of Lindsay & Marion JOHNSTON of Bethany, 30 Aug 1876 at Millbrook 007121-1876 (Durham Co.) William REYNOLDS, 65, Justice of the Peace, New York, Cavan, widower, s/o James & Mary, married Sarah Jane REYNOLDS, 36, Cavan, same, d/o Thomas & Martha, witn: John REYNOLDS of Milbrook & Mary Ann WIDDES of Cavan, 31 Oct 1876 at Port Hope
007491-76 William J. REYNOLDS, 21, Canada, Asphodel, Farmer, s/o Andrew & Margaret married Mary E.A. ROBERTSON, 22, Canada, Asphodel, d/o Thomas & Adalaide. Wtn: Caroline ROBERTSON & William J. ROBERTSON of Asphodel on March 28, 1876 at Hastings  
7565-77 Thomas RICHARDSON, 34, farmer, widower, Percy twp., same, s/o Nicholas & Elizabeth, married Margaret EWING, 32, Percy twp., same, d/o Benjamin F. & Margaret, witn: David EWING & James RICHARDSON< both of Percy twp., 16 Aug 1876 at Percy #007374-76 - Henry RINCH, no age given, widower, England, Clarke, s/o John & Mary, married Maria? DRAPER, 60, Quebec, Clarke, d/o James & Malinda, witnesses were Roger COLE of Cartwright & Thomas VINCENT of Clarke, May 19, 1876 at Bowmanville
#007230-76 - William ROBERTS, 23, miller, England, Cobourg, s/o James & not given, married Jemima ANDERSON, 22, Forfar Scotland, Hamilton twp., d/o Alexander & Lily, witn: William ANDERSON of Hamilton & Jane McINTOSH of Cobourg, 1 Nov 1876 at Hamilton twp 007509-76 William John ROBERTSON, 29, Norwood, Asphodel, Farmer, s/o Thomas ROBERTSON & Adeline REYNOLDS married Janet Ann HILL, 30, Asphodel, Hastings, d/o Urton HILL & Agness BICKETT. Wtn: J.H. PALLIN of Norwood and Caroline ROBERTSON of Asphodel on September 20, 1876 at Hastings
007522-76 William ROBINSON, 26, Cramahe, Haldimand, Farmer, s/o Edward & Ann ROBINSON married Alice HARNDEN, 24, Haldimand, Cramahe, d/o Orrin & Ellen HARNDEN. Wtn: Alfred WILLIAMS of Haldimand and Mirilla BATES of Brighton on January 6, 1876 at Colborne (Colborne) #00722-76 John ROBINSON, 22, carpenter, England, Haldimand, s/o William & Elizabeth ROBINSON; married Fidelia HARNDEN, 18, Canada, Haldimand, d/o James & Olive HARNDEN; witn: John SMITH & Jorman(?) HARNDEN, both of Haldimand; 12 June 1876 at Haldimand
7570-77 Nelson RODGERS, 22, miller, Murray twp., Brighton, s/o William & Mary, married Sarah Jane CORNELING, 20, Percy, Brighton, d/o Peter & Lucinda, witn: William CORNELING of Brighton & Annie CRAGG of Percy, 27 Dec 1876 at Warkworth  
007521-76 John RONEY, 27, Adolphustown, Colborne, Blacksmith, s/o William & Maria RONEY married Annie MONTGOMERY, 24, Co. Antrim Ireland, Colborne (Colborne), d/o Alexander & Agnes MONTGOMERY. Wtn: Wilson MONTGOMERY of Hope and Hugh RONEY of Colborne (Colborne) on January 3, 1876 at Colborne (Colborne) #007647-76 - William RORKE, 26, sailor (or tailor), Cobourg, same, s/o John RORKE & Mary COAGH, married Elizabeth DODD, 23, Cobourg, same, d/o Patrick & Bridget, witn: James BUTTER (or Butler) & Bridget DODD, both of Cobourg, 30 Nov 1876 at Cobourg
#007130-76 - Benjamin Peter ROSS, 33, merchant, Lancaster Ont., Port Hope, s/o Thomas ROSS & Christina McLENNAN; married Elizabeth Phoebe PERKS, 24, Newboro Ont, Port Hope Ont; d/o George PERKS M.D. & Isabella Miles PERKS; witn: Ross LEWIS M.P. & Rodrick DINGWALL, both of Port Hope; 7 Nov. 1876 at Port Hope. 007353-76 Roger ROWE, 45, England, Clarke, Widower, s/o John & Elizabeth ROWE married Elizabeth ROSSITER, 42, England, Clarke, d/o William & Mary WINN. Wtn: Eliza F. FERGUSON and Margaret MATHESON? of Bowmanville on February 11, 1876 at Bowmanville
#007371-76 - Robert RULE, 25, laborer, Ireland, Collingwood, s/o Archibald & Mary, married Nora BUCHLER, 26, England, Bowmanville d/o William & Grace, witnesses were Louisa MAYNARD & L.S. QUICK, both of Bowmanville Jan 27, 1876 at Bowmanville 07216-76 William RUNNELLS, 25, England, Seymour, Carpenter, Widower, s/o William & Merrill married Mary Louisa DUNNING, 18, Canada, Seymour, d/o Joseph & Didama? B. Wtn: Henry ABERNATHY of Seymour and Carrie SHARP of Brighton on December 27, 1876 at Hastings
7470-77 George SANDERSON, 24, farmer, Canada, Cavan, s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Sarah Ann FLEMING, 23, Ireland, Cavan, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: Thomas HUNTER & Elizabeth FLEMING, both of Cavan, 27 Dec 1876 at Cavan 007550-76 James SCOTT, 49, widower, Canada, Cartwright, farmer, s/o Adam & Patty SCOTT, married Margaret BRYANS, 30, Ireland, Cartwright, d/o Robert & Jane BRYANS, witn; James BRYANS & Annie SCOTT of Cartwright. 1 Feb, 1876 at Cartwright.
7425-76 (Durham Co): James SCOTT, 29, farmer, Haldimand, Cavan, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Margaret HOPKINS, 27, Cavan, same, d/o Joseph & Margaret, witn: George SCOTT & Eliza HOPKINS, both of Cavan, 22 Feb 1876 at Millbrook 007333-76 George SEVENOR, 24, Percy, same, farmer, s/o Louis & Catherine SEVENOR, married Minerva Ann LANE, 19, Wellington County, Percy, d/o Andrew DENIKE & Harriet LANE, witn; F.W. WRIGHT of Brighton & Polly SEVENOR of Percy. 1 Jan, 1876 at Percy.
007500-76 Michael SHAUGHNESSY, 20, Canada, Percy, Farmer, s/o Michael SHAUGHNESSY & Mary LEE married Ellen DOWNS, 19, Canada, Percy, d/o John DOWNS & Margaret KENNEDY. Wtn: Thomas DOWNS & Mary DOWNS of Percy on February 29, 1876 (reg'd in Hastings twp) 007161-76 Archibald SHEARER, 48, Toronto, Asphodel Tp., Widower, Farmer, s/o Andrew SHEARER & Ella SHEARER married Sarah Eliza MAYBEE, 30, Sidney, Brighton Tp., d/o Peter MAYBEE & Lanore MAYBEE. Wtn: George AMES of Brighton Tp. and Phoebe Ann MCLAUGHLIN of Brighton Tp. on February 17, 1876 at Brighton twp.
007146-76 Levi L. SHERMAN, 23, Brighton, same, Farmer, s/o John & Elizabeth SHERMAN married Mary NIX, 19, Brighton, same, d/o John & Mary NIX. Wtn: Hannah SILLS and Emma SILLS of Brighton on November 30, 1876 at Brighton 007534-76 William Oscar SIMPSON, 22, Brighton Cramahe, farmer, s/o Abel & Mary SIMPSON, married Almilda HARE, 21, Pr Edward Co, Cramahe, d/o Isaac & Dorcas HARE, witn; L.H. & James DUNCAN of Colborne. 22 Oct, 1876 at Manse Colborne.
007555-76 Joseph SMITH, 40, Scotland, Cartwright, farmer, s/o Alexander & Mary SMITH, married Jane DEWARS, 20, Scotland, Cartwright, d/o John & Mary DEWARS, witn; David RITCHIE & Robert McPHAIL of Cartwright. 12 Oct, 1876 at Cartwright. 7451-76 - W. K. SMITH, 29, stationer, Belleville, Oshawa, s/o David & Sarah, married Catherine MAXWELL, 19, Port Hope, Oshawa, d/o Henry & Margaret, witn: Henry F. PHILLIPS & E. Ann BANASS, both of Darlington, 9 April 1876 at Darlington
7345-77 Jonathan SMITH, 24, farmer, Mount Pleasant - Cavan twp., same, s/o Nathaniel & Ann, married Mary Jane TREW, 20, Oke Hill, same, d/o Hugh & Mary Ann, witn: George LEE of Emily twp & Celina TREW of Oke Hill, 11 Oct. 1876 at Oke Hill, Hope twp [Oak Hill?]  
7448-76 Levi A. SOLE, 27, yeoman, Darlington, same, s/o Isaiah & Eliza, married Sarah CLEMMENS, 19, Darlington, same, d/o William & Sarah, witn: A. McLEOD & N. L. PYE, both of Darlington, 8 Feb 1876 at Darlington 7449-76 Samuel SOPER, 50, widower, yeoman, Toronto, Darlington, s/o Isey & Isabel, married Mahalah BROWN, 46, widow, Prince Edward Co., Clarke, d/o Gilbert WHITE & Maria, witn: John & Margaret FLEMING of Darlington, 31 Jan 1876 at Darlington
007153-76 Wilson C. STAPLETON, 43, Hillier, Brighton, Mason, s/o John and Jemima STAPLETON married Almira J. HODGES, 38, Brighton, same, d/o Isa (Ira?)and Sarah HODGES. Wtn: Isaac O. PROCTOR and Kate BARKER of Brighton on February 22, 1876 at Brighton 007496-76 Daniel SULLIVAN, 40, Canada, Seymour, Farmer, s/o Michael SULLIVAN & Mary HENNESSY married Eliza SULLVIAN, 26, Canada, Seymour, d/o Con SULLIVAN & Ellen O’LYNN. Wtn: Hugh GALLAGHER & Abel GUINAN of Seymour on February 22, 1876 (reg'd in Hastings twp)
7227-76 George SWEET, 26, farmer, Haldimand twp., same, s/o Hiram & Symantha, married Mary BRENTON, 22, Otonabe twp., Haldimand twp., d/o John & Eliza, witn: James Alexander SWEET & Isaac BRENTON, 3 Oct. [1876] at not given [reg'd in Hamilton twp] 007145-76 Charles F. TAGGART, 23, Waterloo near Kingston, Newtonville, Grocer, s/o Charles & Helen TAGGART married Catharine C.A. McALEASE, 21, Brighton, same, d/o John & Emily A. MacALEASE (sic). Wtn: James McALEASE and Belle B. TAGGART both of Brighton on July 5, 1876 at Brighton
#007126-76 - William TAYLOR, 26, labourer, England, Hamilton Twp., s/o William & Maria TAYLOR; married Martha MacKENZIE, 25, Hamilton Twp., Hamilton Twp., d/o William & Mary Ann MacKENZIE; witn: Sarah BALLAGH of Port Hope; 27 Oct. 1876 at Port Hope 7354-77 James THOMPSON, 27, laborer, Ireland, Clarke twp., s/o Daniel & Eliza, married Susanna McALLISTER, 24, Clarke twp., Hope, d/o Dennis & Jane, witn: James HAMMOND & Robert John THOMPSON, both of Clarke twp., 3 Jan 1876 at Clarke twp.
007158-76 Milton B.H. TOBEY, 21, Marysburgh, Picton, Tailor, s/o George & Caroline TOBEY married Jannette L. WELLS. 20, Brighton Tp., same, d/o Wilmott & Mary B. WELLS. Wtn: John A. TOBEY and A. E. TOBEY of Brighton Tp. on May 25, 1876 at Brighton Tp 007497-76 Patrick TRAINOR, 24, Canada, Percy, Farmer, s/o Patrick TRAINOR & Ellen O’REILLY married Mary McNEIL, 20, Canada, Percy, d/o John McNEIL & Cathn (Catherine) CASADY. Wtn: John McNEIL & Margt (Margaret) TRAINOR of Percy on February 22, 1876 (reg'd in Hastings twp)
7223-76 Harry TRAPESS, 30, brick layer, Warwickshire England, Coldsprings, s/o Edward Joseph & Sarah, married Josephine St.LOUIS, 19, Canada, Coldsprings, d/o Henry & Lucy, wtn: F. A. BARRON & Michael DEVINS?, both of Gores Landing and Emily Jane St.LOUIS of Coldsprings, 3 Jan 1876 at St. Georges Church, Gores Landing 7619-76 Heber TURNER, 27, gentleman, Birmingham England, Cobourg, s/o John Pemberton TURNER & Helen, married Maria BURNHAM, 25, Canada, Cobourg, d/o Asa Allworth BURNHAM & Elizabeth, witn: L. D. BEATTIE & Hattie BURNHAM, both of Cobourg, and Samuel WILMOT of Newcastle, 28 June 1876 at St. Peters Church, Cobourg
#007486-76 - Philip TYLER, 22, farmer, Brighton twp., same, s/o Philander & Melinda, married Sarah Margaret WASHBURN, 18, Cramahe, Percy, d/o Samuel & Susan, witn: William TYLER of Cramahe & Charles TYLER of Brighton twp., 16 Dec 1876 at Cramahe 007336-76 David VANDERVORT, 26, Sidney, Murray, farmer, s/o David & Elizabeth Jane VANDERVORT, married Nancy FOX, 19, Rawdon, Sidney, d/o William & Elizabeth FOX, witn; Ruth VANDERVORT of Murray & Jacob BROWN of Colborne. 20 Oct, 1876 at Murray.
007340-76 Peter VANDERWATER, 25, Canada, Huntingdon, yeoman, s/o James & Elizabeth VANDERWATER, married Martha Jane IRVINE, 21, Canada, Murray, d/o Alex & Martha IRVINE, witn; Thomas IRVINE of Murray & Hanna HALGATE of Sidney. 19 Sept, 1876 at Murray 007151-76 William VAN NORMAN, 24, Sidney Twp., Trenton, Mechanic, s/o John & Susan VAN NORMAN married Amelia HIRD, 20, London England, Trenton, d/o William H & Frances HIRD. Wtn: M. VANNORMAN and Bertha BROOKS of Brighton on December 25, 1876 at Brighton
#007124-76 - John VINCENT, 23, farmer, Hope Twp., Hope Twp., s/o Sellest (?) VINCENT & Mary VINCENT; married Susan BYERS, 22, Cavan, Cavan, d/o William & Susan BYERS; witn: J.M. SHAW & I.E. SHAW, both of Port Hope; 5 Oct. 1876 at Port Hope #007626-76 -: William Austin WAINWRIGHT, 28, carpenter, Sheffington - Chesire England, Brampton, s/o James & Catherine, married Ann Jane HUTCHINSON, no age, Cobourg, same, d/o Samuel & Elenor, witnesses were John W. BICKLE & Ann WATKINS, both of Cobourg, July 27, 1876 at Cobourg
#007127-76 - William Braydin WALLACE, 32, produce merchant, Port Hope, Port Hope, s/o Robert & Jane WALLACE; married Elizabeth Jane BURTIN, 26, Port Hope, Port Hope, d/o Francis & Annie Jane BURTIN; witn: Charles P. FISHER & Margaret Burtin BOTHOY(?), both of Port Hope; 12 Dec. 1876 at Port Hope #007645-76 - Patrick WALSH, 26, farmer, Grafton, same, s/o Thomas & Ellen, married Ann COONEY, 23, Haldimand twp., Grafton, d/o Denis & Mary, witn: Charles & Margaret McGUIRE, both of Grafton, 9 Oct 1876 at Cobourg (Rom Cath)
007218-76 - Francis WARNER, 22, Cramahe, Haldimand, b, labourer, s/o Abraham & Weltha Ann WARNER, married Cynthia HAGAN, 17, Clarkes Mills Ont, Haldimand, s, d/o John & Mary HAGAN, witn: Jacob JONES, Catherine WARNER, 26 February 1876, Vernonville 007524-76 George WARNER, 24, Haldimand, same, Farmer, s/o John & Harriett WARNER married Alice Jane HONEYWELL, 21, Haldimand, same, d/o Charles & Ellen HONEYWELL. Wtn: Eliza BARTON of Colborne (Colborne) on February 14, 1876 at Colborne (Colborne)
007556-76 Thomas WATSON, 26, Canada, Cartwright, farmer, s/o William & Ann WATSON, married Elizabeth HOLMES, 25, Canada, Cartwright, d/o John & Mary HOLMES, witn; Wm WATSON & Arthur illegible of Cartwright. 25 Oct, 1876 at Cartwright.  
7361-77 James WEBBER, 35, tailor, England, Millbrook, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Mary Frances DOUGHTY, 20, Cavan Ont., Millbrook, d/o James & Honor, witn: Elizabeth CARSCADDEN & Eveline E. SWANSTON, both of Kirby, 23 Dec 1876 at Kirby 007155-76 Thomas G. WEEKS, 21, Ameliasburgh, Murray, Miller, s/o Solomon & Susan WEEKS married Eva YOUNG, 21, Cramahe, Murray, d/o Amos & Charlotte YOUNG. Wtn: C.C. LAMBLY and Mary GEORGE of Brighton on July 3, 1876 at Brighton
007305-76 (Northumberland & Durham Co) Robert WHITE, 23, farmer, Canada, Clarke tp, s/o James & Mary WHITE, married Christina JOHNSTON, 21, Canada, Clarke tp, d/o Daniel & Elizabeth JOHNSTON, witn William WHITE & Letitia JOHNSTON of Clarke tp, 24 Dec 1876 at Newtonville 007120-1876 (Durham Co.) Frederick M. L. WHITEHEAD, 30, secretary Midland Railway, Port Hope, same, s/o Marcus & Sophia, married Catherine P. D. CLEMES?, 23, England, Port Hope, d/o Charles & Ann, witn: Charles P. CLEMES of Toronto & Lewis WALLACE of Port Hope, 5 Sep 1876 at Port Hope.
#007438-76 (Durham Co.) Robert WIDDIS, 26, mechanic, Cavan, Millbrook, s/o Jeffery & Margaret WIDDIS; married Agnes Jane FINLAY, 18, Hamilton, Cavan, d/o William & Samantha FINLAY; witn: David FINLAY & Mary WIDDIS, both of Millbrook; 24 May 1876 at Millbrook 7444-76 Peter WIGHT, 26, farmer, Darlington, same, s/o John & Jane, married Rebecca LORDIFF, 24, Darlington, same, d/o William & Hannah, witn: Jane WIGHT & William LORDIFF, both of Darlington, 20 Jan 1876 at Darlington
#007110-76 - James WILGAR, 60, clerk, widowed, Ireland, Hamilton Twp., s/o John WILGAR & Jane WILGAR; married Sarah Maria COOK, 32, widow, Canada, Hamilton Twp., d/o William SYKES & Jane SYKES; witn: Robert PATTERSON of Haldimand & Anna HUNTER of Cavan; 18 July 1876 at Port Hope 007552-76 William Henry WILSON, 22, Canada, Cartwright, farmer, s/o John & Eliza WILSON, married Elizabeth HUMPHRIES, 17, Ireland, Cartwright, d/o Hugh & Mary J. HUMPHRIES, witn; Robert WILSON & Ann illegible of Cartwright. 10 Aug, 1876 at Cartwright.
007533-76 John WILSON, 29, Kingston, Seymour, farmer, s/o John & Jane WILSON, married Ellen BRADLEY, 24, Seymour, Brighton, d/o George & Maria BRADLEY, witn; Annie FOSTER of Colborne. 19 Sept, 1876 at Colborne. 7648-76 Charles WILSON, 28, laborer, England, Hamilton twp., s/o John & Mary, married Martha MURRAY, 26, Swansea - S. Wales, Hamilton, d/o Charles & Caroline, witn: Elsie & Alexander DEMPSTER of Cobourg, 12 Dec 1876 at Cobourg
007510-76 Wilber F. WINTER, 24, Haldimand, same, Farmer, s/o Mathew WINTER & Ester A? (smudged) WINTER married Helen Celina RANONS, 19, Whitby, Hastings, d/o Philip RANONS & Sarah RANONS. Wtn: John DOXSEE & Mary DOXSEE of Hastings on September 21, 1876 at Hastings 007119-1876 (Durham Co.) James H. WOODLEY, 21, farmer, England, Clarke Twp., s/o James & Elizabeth, married Sarah COOPER, 20, Clarke Twp., same, d/o Robert & Emma, witn: Benjamin TAYLOR of Hope Twp., & Mary Ann COOPER of Clarke Twp., 24 Sep 1876 at Port Hope.
007163-76 Thomas J. WRIGHT, 24, Prince Edward Ont., Cramahe, Yeoman, s/o Peter WRIGHT & Sarah JONES married Clara A. SMITH, 25, Ontario Canada, Birghton, d/o James SMITH & Elizabeth BELLZAN. Wtn: William WADE and Amarilla WADE of Brighton Tp. on December 25, 1876 at Brighton Tp. #007730-76 (Durham Co): Joseph WRIGLEY, 29, merchant, Ayr Waterloo Co., Toronto, s/o George & Janet, married Rosa HARRINGTON, 20, Manchester ont., Port Perry, d/o Andrew & Martha, witnesses were: Duncan & Ella CAMPBELL, 1876 at Uxbridge