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Northumberland & Durham Co, 1879, part 2

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7587-79 Thomas ADAMS, 33, farmer, Canada, Manvers, s/o Robert & Jane, married Mavis BULLIED, 19, Canada, Manvers, d/o Samuel & Harriet, witn: John ADAMS & Mary PARKINS both of Clarke on Oct. 23, 1879 at Clarke. 7463-79 Nathan ALLEN, 65, widower, farmer, NY state, Ops, s/o James & Abigail, married Mary Jane LITTLE, 50, widow, Ireland, Manvers, d/o James & Mary JOHNSTON, witn: Robert TOUCHBURN & Margaret PRESTON, both of Manvers, 11 Feb 1879 at Manvers
087725-80 William Henry ALLISON, 30, dispatcher, Canada, Toronto, s/o Benjamin & Eliza ALLISON, married Georgeanna DAVENPORT, 27, Canada, Belleville, d/o Simon & Elizabeth COLE, witn. Absalom ALLISON of Toronto & George MORDEN of Belleville, Nov. 4 1879 at Belleville 7261-79 Thomas ARCHER, 40, farmer, widower, Hope Tp., same, s/o G. & A., marred Mary Ann TACY (Facy?), 39, Cavan Tp., Port Hope, d/o W. & A., witn: James PARSON of Hope & Maggie DUNDAS of Port Hope on Dec. 11, 1879 at Port Hope.
7581-79 Robert ARMSTRONG, 36, teacher, Ireland, Cavan, s/o Robert & Ann, married Roseanna HARRIS, 26, Canada, Clarke, d/o James & Christiana, witn: Nicholas HARRIS of Cavan & Mary ARMSTRONG of Clarke on May. 29, 1879 at Newtonville 7483-79 James ATKINSON, 30, yeoman, Ireland, Kingston, s/o George & Elizabeth Jane, married Margaret Jane WYLIE, 26, Ontario, Manvers, d/o Henry & Mary Ann, witn: William & Ann WYLIE of Manvers, 23 Dec 1879 at Manvers
7467-79 William Thomas BEACOCK, 30, farmer, Canada, Manvers, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Sarah Jane CLARK, 22, Canada, Manvers, d/o James & Sarah, witn: Henry LINDSAY of Clarke & Elizabeth Ann CLARK of Manvers, 27 March 1879 at Lotus 7193-79 George BEATTY, 33, farmer, Canada, Hamilton Tp., s/o John & Jane, married Margaret Jane EWART, 23, Canada, Hamilton Tp., d/o John & Mary, witn: Samuel NICHOLLS & Ellen EWART both of Hamilton Tp. on July 2, 1879 at Hamilton Tp.
#007457-79 (Northumberland Co.) William BEAVER, 22, laborer, Alderville, Alderville, s/o John & Mary BEAVER; married Almira CHUBB, 18, Alderville, Alderville, d/o Samuel & Sarah Jane CHUBB; witn: Annie EVARY of Alderville & Lucy W. BROOKING (residence not given); 1 Apr. 1879 at Alderville. 7478-79 Joseph H. BEDFORD, 21, farmer, Canada, Cavan, s/o David & Mary L, married Susanna THOMPSON, 19, Canada, Manvers, d/o John & Ann, witn: Hamilton THOMPSON of Manvers & Elizabeth A. BEDFORD of Cavan, 25 June 1879 at Bethany
7591-79 Thomas C. BELL, 28, minister, Whitby, Clarke, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Alberta PARENT (?) 26, Clarke, same, d/o Henry Leroy & Amailla, witn: Thomas H. PARENT & Carrie JACKSON both of Clarke on Dec. 25, 1879 at Clarke Tp. 7507-79 John BELLAMY, 27, farmer, Canada, Clarke, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Agness Winona CRYDERMAN, 21, Canada, Darlington, d/o James & Ann, witn: F. W. CRYDERMAN of Bowmanville & Nona LAWRIE, of Darlington on Feb. 19, 1879 at Darlington.
7474-79 Samuel BLAIR, 39, widower, blacksmith, Ireland, Lindsay, s/o William & Mary, married Margaret CHAMBERS, 31, widow, Canada, Manvers, d/o Thomas GRANDY & Rebecca, witn: Samuel & Mary WOODS of Lindsay, 7 March 1879 at Manvers 7538-79 (Northumberland Co) Charles BLAKELEY, 29, Hotel Keeper, Cramahe Twp, Cramahe Twp, s/o Henry & Esther BLAKELEY; married Sarah RICHARDSON, 18, Haldimand Twp, Cramahe Twp, d/o Mailtland & Esther RICHARDSON; witn Margaret Sophia CRAGG, Warkworth & Annie Elizabeth CRAGG, Warkworth, 26 Feb 1879, Warkworth
7517-79 Thomas W. BLEAKLEY, 22, yeoman, Canada, Bowmanville, s/o Francis & Mary Jane, married Ida J. GIBBARD, 19, Canada, Darlington, d/o Alex & Margaret, witn: George E. & Carrie GIBBARD both of Darlington on June 17, 1879 at Darlington  
7614-79 Thomas BLIZZARD, 70, widower, farmer, England, Percy twp., s/o John & Jane, married Jane Eliza McDONALD, 35, Prince Edward Co., Haldimand, d/o Darius & Anna, witn: Elizabeth HURD of Pt. Hope & M. Sophia CRAGG of Canton, 30 Sept 1879 at Canton, Hope twp 7516-79 William BOND, 50, farmer, widower, England, Whitby Tp., s/o Samuel & Jane, married Harriet SHORTRIDGE, 51, widow, England, Darlington, d/o Elizabeth & William MARTIN, witn: Thomas & Mary Ann SHORTRIDGE both of Darlington on July 24, 1879 at Darlington
.7181-79 Caleb BONEY (Bowey?), 25, saddler, Canada, Port Hope, s/o Richard & Mary Ann, married Arabella HACKER, 21, Canada, Port Hope, d/o Henry & Sarah, witn: Miss ALEXANDER & H. JAMIESON both of Cobourg on Mar. 26, 1879 at Cobourg 7811-80 Menno S. BOWMAN, 29, merchant, Waterloo Co., Port Elgin, s/o Jacob BOWMAN & Mary, married Edna Lavinia HENRY, 23, Darlington, same, d/o John HENRY & Elizabeth, witn: Levi CLEMENS of Waterloo & E. Maud YARNOLD of Prince Albert, 15 Oct 1879 at Darlington
7568-79 James BRADLEY, 23, farmer, Clarke, Clarke Tp., s/o Alexander & Margaret, married Mary DAVIS, 18, Clarke, Clarke Tp., d/o Conney (?) & Ann, witn: A. DELANY & Elizabeth DAVIS both of Kendall on Feb. 22, 1879 at Newtonville #007646-79 (Durham Co.) John BRANT, 26, farmer, Canada, Cartwright, s/o John & Matilda BRANT; married Martha HYLAND, 22, Australia, Cartwright, d/o Andrew & Fitzgerald HYLAND; witn: Australia HYLAND of Cartwright & Matilda BRANT of Cartwright; 5 Mar. 1879 at Cartwright
#007536-80 (Durham Co.) Henry BRAULT, 27, labourer, Laprairie P.Q., Newcastle, s/o Francois & Ovile BRAULT; married Mary McCORMICK, 20, Newcastle, Newcastle, d/o Patrick R. KENNEFIE & Mary McCORMICK; witn: John KENNEFIE & Mary DELAHUNTY, both of Newcastle; 30 Sept. 1879 at Port Hope #007460-79 (Northumberland Co.) Richard BROCK, 25, farmer, Quebec, Adelaide Twp. - Middlesex Co., s/o George & Isabelle BROCK; married Harriet Amelia INGHAM, 23, Canada, Alnwick Twp., d/o Samuel & Elizabeth INGHAM; witn: Jenney INGHAM & Alexander F. EDMISON, both of Alnwick; 27 June 1879 at Alderville
7610-79 Joseph BROWN, 27, farmer, Hope, same, s/o L--? & Ellen, married Mary Jane JONES, 19, Hope, same, d/o William & Isabella, witn: R. C. HODNETT of Perrytown, 9 July 1879 at Perrytown 7603-79 J. A. BROWN, 37, grain merchant, Hope, same, s/o Joseph & Mary Ann, married Jeanie WALTON, 26, England, Hope, d/o Thomas & Maria, witn: Thomas J. WALTON of Hope, 26 Nov 1879 at res of Thomas Walton, Hope
7599-79 Thomas BROWN, 24, farmer, Hope Tp., Clark Tp., s/o Hiram & Jane, married Elizabeth Jane BULLERD ?(off page, Bullied?) 19, Port Hope, Clark Tp., d/o Thomas & Mary Ann, witn: James BULLERD & Ellen HOOEY both of Clark Tp. on Mar. 13, 1879 at Welcome, Hope Tp 7196-79 James BULGER, 23, laborer, Canada, Cobourg, s/o Edward & Mary, married Ann HART, 22, Canada, Cobourg, d/o Brian & Anastasia, witn: James BULGER & Kate HART both of Cobourg on Apr. 23, 1879 at St. Michael’s Church at Cobourg.
7611-79 William BULLIED, 55, widower, military sergeant, England, Welcome, s/o Richard & Elizabeth, married Jane COAD, 41, England, Port Hope, d/o George & Sarah, witn: Thomas & Mary A. BULLIED of Clarke, 2 Oct 1879 at Port Hope 7606-79 James BULLIED, 23, yeoman, Port Hope, same, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Ellen HOOEY (Hovey?), 21, Ireland, Newtonville, d/o Andrew & Ellen, witn: Thomas & Susan BULLIED of Clarke twp., 27 Nov 1879 at Welcome
7429-79 Henry BYERS, 29, farmer, Canada, Manvers Tp., s/o Joseph & Mary, married Mary LONG (Lang?), 27, Canada, Clarke Tp., d/o Richard & Eliza, witn: Alexander ALLEN & Carrie TURNER both of Millbrook on Sept. 8, 1879 at Millbrook 7688-79 Daniel BYRNE, 42, carpenter, widower, Montreal, Port Hope, s/o James BYRNE & Martha HARMON, married Martha PIDGEON, 27, Port Hope, Frazerville, d/o Richard PIDGEON & Matilda PRESTON, witn: S.& N. McDOWELL both of Frazerville on June 9, 1879 at Frazerville
7609-79 Robert CALDWELL (Coldwell?), 26, farmer, Perrytown, same, s/o Samuel & Mary, married Mary S. FROOM, 27, Perrytown, same, d/o George & M., witn: Emma Jane FROOM & Willard CALDWELL, 1 July 1879 at Perrytown, Hope twp 087723-80 Lorenzo CAMPBELL, 30, farmer, Canada, twp Cramahe, s/o Joseph & Mary Ann CAMPBELL, married Emma REYNOLDS, 18, Canada, Twp of Cramahe, d/o Anson & Ellen REYNOLDS, witn. Alma & Horace DOXSEE, July 27 1879 at Warkworth
7204-79 Stephen CARR, 26, farmer, Canada, Hamilton Tp., s/o Matthias & Catherine, married Sarah AIKINS, 22, Canada, Hamilton Tp., d/o Francis & Mary, witn: Maggie McCLARY of Port Hope & John TOZER of Hamilton Tp. on Nov, 18, 1879 at Cobourg  
7197-79 Charles CARROLL, 36, farmer, Ireland, Hamilton Tp., s/o Peter & Ann, married Bridget FLANIGAN, 22, Ireland, Cobourg, d/o Patrick & Ann, witn: James GALLAGHER & Kate FAREY (?) both of Cobourg on June 3, 1879 at St. Michael’s Church at Cobourg. 7520-79 Richard C. CARRUTHERS, 27, farmer, Courtice, Pickering Tp., s/o Richard & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth A. COURTICE, 26, Darlington, same, d/o Robert & Susanna, witn: A. PORT (Post?) of Pickering & F. COURTICE of Darlington on Oct. 29, 1879 at Darlington
7597-79 John CHALLISS, 22, farmer, England, Hope Tp., s/o John & Sophia, married Mary Ann WORR, 23, England, Hope Tp., d/o Richard & Jane, witn: Charles & Annie ROBB both of Hope Tp. on Mar. 12, 1879 at St. Paul’s Church Perrytown, Hope Tp. 7565-79 Alfred Ernest CHAPMAN, 26, farmer, Clarke, Clarke Tp., s/o Ann CHAPMAN, married Elizabeth COWAN, 21, Clarke, Clarke Tp., d/o John & Elizabeth BIRCH (sic), witn: John H. BELLWOOD & Annie BOWEN both of Newcastle on Feb. 11, 1879 at Kirby.
7187-79 Charles CHAPPLE, 24, farmer, England, Hamilton Tp., s/o James & Dinah, married Margaret ARMITAGE, 23, Canada, Hope Tp., d/o Edward & Margaret, witn: George ARMITAGE of Hope Tp. & Annie CHAPPLE of Hamilton Tp. on June 2, 1879 at Cobourg #007458-79 (Northumberland Co.) Ephraim Potts CHASE, 21, laborer, Alderville, Alderville, s/o John & Harriet Potts CHASE; married Mary Ann TOBICO, 18, Alderville, Alderville, d/o Smith & Elizabeth TOBICO; witn: John Potts CHASE & Harriet Potts CHASE, both of Alderville; 2 May 1879 (place not given). Registered at Alnwick Twp
7260-79 W. R. CHISLETT, 24, carpenter, Port Hope, same, s/o William & Charlotte, married Elizabeth MACHESNEY, 24, Port Hope, same, d/o William & Eliza, witn: Amelia PRICE & John MACHESNEY both of Port Hope on Feb. 26, 1879 at Port Hope 7258-79 Bartholomew CLANCEY, 29, laborer, Cobourg, Port Hope, s/o Peter & Elizabeth, married Keziah Jane WARE, 22, Cobourg, Port Hope, d/o John & Mary, witn: John & Henrietta Jane WARE both of Port Hope on Feb. 26, 1879 at Port Hope
7625-79 Richard CLAPPERTON, 22, farmer, Hamilton Tp., same, s/o Robert CLAPPERTON (adoptive father ) & Agnes THOMPSON, married Susan E. ISAAC, 19, Hamilton Tp., same, d/o Henry & Mary, witn: John Charles ISAAC & Margaret CHEYNE both of Hamilton Tp. on June 10, 1879 at Hamilton Tp. 7513-79 Thomas H. CLAYTON, 22, farmer, Darlington, same, s/o John & Mary, married Grace YELLAND, 26, England, Darlington, d/o John & Emily, witn: Marian ROBBINS of Darlington & Nellie AYERS of Whitby on May 21, 1879 at Darlington
7180-79 Frederick CLUNE, 24, tinsmith, England, Cobourg, s/o Thomas & Jane, married Susan Rebecca BILCOX, 19, Canada, Cobourg, d/o Richard & Jane, witn: Amelia A. BILCOX, J. B. CLUNE & W. DELANEY all of Cobourg on Feb. 25, 1879 at Cobourg 7984-79 William E. COCHRANE, 22, farmer, Cramahe, same, s/o Edward & Eliza, married Estella E. PURDY, 19, Cramahe, same, d/o Ira & Eliza, witn: Joseph J. ONION & Minnie COCHRANE both of Cramahe on Dec. 25, 1879 at Cramahe Tp
.7563-79 William COLBOURN, 22, laborer, Scotland, Clarke, s/o Elizabeth & James, married Margaret SAMIS, 21, Canada, Darlington, d/o Gilbert & Mary, witn: Robert PRIDE of Clarke & Elizabeth SAMIS of Darlington on Feb. 4, 1879 at Clarke. 7573-79 Charles COLTER, 30, farmer, Canada, Clarke, s/o Francis & Jane, married Catherine COULSON, 22, Canada, Clarke, d/o William & Sarah, witn: John COULSON & Sarah E. COLTER both of Clarke on May 14, 1879 at Clarke.
7475-79 William CONNELL, 25, farmer, Canada, Manvers, s/o William & F., married Lizzie A. REHILL, 22, Canada, Manvers, d/o Thomas & Mary Jane, witn: William REHILL & Annie ANDERSON, both of Manvers, 14 March 1879 at Bethany 7207-79 Albert H. COONEY, 23, painter, Canada, Cobourg, s/o Edward & Caroline, married Ellen E. LEE, 19, England, Cobourg, d/o Edward & Eliza, witn: Edward & Rachel COONEY both of Haldimand Tp. on Sept. 2, 1879 at Cobourg

007774-80 William CORNISH, 22, Mechanic, Canada, Orono, s/o James & Charlotte CORNISH; married Sarah A. BARRETT, 19, Canada, Clarke twp, d/o Charles & Margaret BARRETT; witn William JARDON & Caroline ANDREW, both Darlington, 14 Dec 1879, Darlington

087727-80 Thomas C. COURTON, 24, farmer, s/o William & Jane COURTON, married Ann SHAW, 21, Canada, Haldimand twp., d/o James & Agnes SHAW, witn. Alma DOXSEE & Anna MAYBEE of Warkworth, Dec. 11 1879 at Warkworth
7586-79 Robert COWAN, 25, carpenter, Clarke, Kendall, s/o Alexander & Sarah, married Grace Elizabeth CARSCADDEN, 20, Kendall, same, d/o John & Jane, witn: Miss Lizzie COLQUHOUN of Cornwall & Miss Annie McNAIRN of Toronto on Oct. 15, 1879 at Newtonville, Clarke Tp. 7585-79 William COWAN, 24, farmer, Clarke, same, s/o James & Isabella, married Mary Jane McCOMB, 21, Co. Armagh Ireland, Clarke, d/o John & Jane, witn: James McCOMB & Mary COWAN both of Orono on Sept. 3, 1879 at Orono.
7473-79 Joseph CRAIG, 25, farmer, Canada, Manvers, s/o Adam & Catherine, married Maria LEE, 24, Canada, Manvers, d/o Thomas & Eliza, witn: Edmund SYER & Annie CRAIG, both of Manvers, 6 March 1879 at Bethany 7427-79 Thomas CROCKER, 27, farmer, Canada, Cavan Tp., s/o Daniel & Phyllis, married Jane Ann CHAMBERS, 24, Canada, Cavan Tp., d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: Henry CROCKER & Eunice Jane MITCHELL both of Millbrook on Sept. 3, 1879 at Millbrook
#007461-79 (Northumberland Co.) Nathaniel CURTIS, 20, yeoman, Canada, Haldimand Twp., s/o James & Matilda CURTIS; married Elizabeth TIMLIN, 20, Canada, Alnwick Twp., d/o Thomas & Jane TIMLIN; witn: Richard MINNIFFIE & Millie SANDERSON, both of Alnwick; 5 Nov. 1879 at Alderville. 7551-79 (Northumberland Co) Ransom H. CURTIS, 23, Farmer, Percy Twp, Percy Twp, s/o Simeon & Jane CURTIS; married Lydia J. VALLEAU, 21, Brighton Twp, Brighton Twp, d/o Jessie & Almira VALLEAU; witn George SPAFFORD & Margaret A. VALLEAU, both Brighton Twp, 31 Dec 1879, Brighton Twp
087722-80 Thomas DALE, 27, Canada, twp of Brighton, carpenter, s/o Joseph & Maria DALE, married Eliza LEACH, 21, Canada, twp of Haldimand, d/o George & Jane LEACH, witn. Alma & Maud DOXEE of Warkworth, July 11 1879 at Warkworth 7562-79 Robert DAVIDSON, 23, farmer, Clarke Tp., Clarke, s/o Thomas & Agness, married Catherine FERGUSON, 25, Clarke Tp., Clarke, d/o George & Mary, witn: Peter POLLARD of Hope & Andrew MITCHELL of Clarke on Jan. 29, 1879 at Clarke.
7615-79 Nathaniel DAVIESON ?, 50, farmer, Hamilton Tp., same, s/o John & Letitia, married Susan ROWE, 34, Hamilton Tp., same, d/o Daniel & Carolina, witn: N. SMITH of Hamilton Tp. & Annie E. CRAGG of Canton on Sept. 16, 1879 at Canton, Hope Tp. 7685-79 Joseph George DAY, 20, farmer, Cramahe, Haldimand, s/o Thomas & Esther, married Sophronia DAKE, 18, Cramahe, same, d/o Daniel G. & Feby G., witn: Luther & Edna BURLEY both of Haldimand on Sept, 13, 1879 at Castleton
7604-79 Lyman S. DEAN, 28, farmer, Hope, same, s/o Sylvester & Harriet, married Naomi SWINN?, 22, New York, Hope, d/o Lyman & Emily, witn: Thomas H. DADO? of Hope & Annie B. SWINN of Clarke, 29 Dec 1879 at Zion, Hope 7608-79 Robert J. DEAN, 27, farmer, Hope, same, s/o Stewart & Ann, married Elizabeth STRONG, 29, Hope, same, d/o James & Mary Ann, witn: Charles A. ROBB & Mary Ann STRONG, both of Hope, 10 Sept 1879 at Oak Hill, Hope
7182-79 Kenneth DINGWALL, 32, barrister, Canada, Hamilton Tp., s/o Murdock & Mary, married Mary Elleda Wood NELLES, 22, Canada, Cobourg, d/o Samuel S. & Mary B., witn: Fred W. BARRETT of Port Hope & Frank T. NUGENT of Toronto on Apr. 3, 1879 at Cobourg 7466-79 John Henry DUNN, 30, farmer, Hope, same, s/o Thomas James DUNN & Jane HASTINGS (deceased), married Elizabeth Ann LAIDLEY, 20, Manvers, same, d/o Thomas LAIDLEY & Catherine REA, witn: John Jackson HANNAH & Letitia LAIDLEY, both of Manvers, 19 Feb 1879 at Manvers
7555-79 (Northumberland Co) William DUNNETT ,26, Farmer, Haldimand, Percy Twp, s/o James & Jane DUNNETT, married Almira CROWDER, 25, Haldimand Twp, Haldimand Twp, d/o John & Elizabeth CROWDER; witn M.V DENIKE & Laura BIRNEY, both Norham, 9 Oct 1879, Norham 7428-79 William DYER, 30, clergyman, England, Manitoba, s/o William & Agnes married Mary AINLAY, (Ainley?) 27, Canada, Cavan Tp., d/o Henry & Jane, witn: A. J. BARLTROP of Manvers Tp., & Lizzie AINLAY of Cavan Tp., on July 29, 1879 at Cavan Tp
7256-79 Simon DYMONT, 20, lumber merchant, Lynden, Toronto, s/o Nathaniel & Annie, married Ann WHITE, 22, Port Hope, same, d/o John & Lovenia, witn: Walter COLWILL (Colwell?) & Louisa HEWSON both of Port Hope on Jan. 30, 1879 at Port Hope. 7572-79 Charles M. EDDY, 23, farmer, Clarke, same, s/o Hiram K. & Electa, married Amelia GIBSON, 17, Clarke, same, d/o James & Elizabeth Jane, witn: Norman PARKER & Stella Maude GIBSON both of Clarke on Apr. 9, 1879 at Clarke.
7431-79 James EDGERTON, 25, farmer, Canada, Cavan Tp., s/o John & Ann Jane, married Dorothea WILKINSON, 24, Canada, Cavan Tp., d/o Robert & Mary, witn: Charles EDGERTON of Cartwright & Sophia SISSON of Manvers on Sept. 17, 1879 at Millbrook. Cavan Tp. 7584-79 Samuel ELDRIDGE, 23, teamster, Clarke, same, s/o Sylvanus & Mary Ann, married Martha HILLEN, 20, Clarke, same, d/o John & Margaret, witn: Florence REID & Esther LAMBERT both of Orono on July 23, 1879 at Orono.
7450-79 John ELVIN, 37, farmer, Canada, Murray, s/o Edward & Elizabeth, married Sarah LITTLE, 33, Canada, Murray, d/o John & Anna Margaret, wtn: Lewis A. & Susan Alberta LITTLE of Murray, 25 Feb 1879 at Murray 7626-79 William FAIR, 22, farmer, Hamilton Tp., same, s/o George & Mary Ann, married Ellen RUSSELL, 20, Hamilton Tp., Haldimand Tp., d/o William & Ellen, witn: none given on June 29, 1879 at Baltimore, Hamilton Tp.
7233-79 Joseph FERELL, (Ferril?) 21, farmer,, Cramahe, Haldimand, s/o Joseph & Margaret, married Jane DAY, 16, Cramahe, Haldimand, d/o Thomas & Esther, witn: William & Esther DAY both of Haldimand on Apr. 6, 1879 at Haldimand 7605-79 Robert FERGUSON, 33, farmer, Clarke twp., same, s/o George & Mary, married Mary Ann BARKWELL, 28, Hope twp., Hope, d/o Stephen & Agnes, witn: William FERGUSON of Clarke twp. & Jane BARKWELL of Hope, 24 Dec 1879 at Hope twp
7430-79 William John FERGUSON, 28, merchant, Ireland, Stratford (?), s/o Edward & Jane, married Rebecca Caroline MEHARRY, 24, Cavan Tp., same, d/o Robert & Letitia, witn: Thomas D. WARDLAW of Galt & Lottie F. MEHARRY of Cavan Tp. on Aug. 26, 1879 at Cavan. 7509-79 David M. FINNIE, 25, farmer, Canada, Blanchard, s/o David & Margaret, married Sophronia C. THOMAS, 21? Canada, East Whitby, d/o Reuben & Melissa, witn: Oliver C. LICK of East Whitby & Edna L. HENRY of Oshawa on Jan. 8, 1879 at Darlington.
7198-79 James Sutherland FORBES, 29, book keeper, Canada, Cobourg, s/o Alexander & Margaret, married Jane HOBART, 33, widow, Canada, Cobourg, d/o Benjamin & Ann OUGH, witn: Miss A. MITCHELL of Lindsay & Mrs. B. L. HUTTON of Cobourg on May 6, 1879 at Cobourg. 7592-79 Wrighton FOSTER, 29, farmer, Clarke, same, s/o Richard & Catharine, married Annie Viola BURKE, 24, Darlington, Clarke, d/o Samuel & Mary, witn: Agness TRULL & Alexander GAMSBY both of Clarke on Dec. 16, 1879 at Orono Tp.
7504-79 William FRAYNE , 24, farmer, England, Darlington, s/o Samson & Grace, married Selina E. JOHNS, 24, Canada, Darlington, d/o John & Ann, witn: Cephias JOHNS & Emma J. FRAYNE both of Darlington on Jan. 1, 1879 at Darlington Tp.  
7552-79 (Northumberland Co) Martin FREDERICK, 27, Labourer, Prince Edward Co, Campbellford, s/o Lewis FREDERICK & Jane TAFT; married Elizabeth THOMPSON, 24, Seymour, Seymour, d/o John THOMPSON & Mary CURRIE; witn John W. FREDERICK, Campbellford & Amelia THOMPSON, Seymour, 1 Oct 1879, Warkworth 7543-79 (Northumberland Co) Robert FREE, 28, Wid, Carpenter, Seymour Twp, Campbellford, s/o William & Alice FREE; married Esther LITTLE, 18, Seymour Twp, Campbellford, d/o Thomas & Eliza LITTLE; witn Anne A. MAYBEE Warkworth & William LITTLE, Campbellford, 28 Apr 1879, Percy Twp
7205-79 James FREEMAN, 22, laborer, Canada, Hamilton Tp., s/o Edward FREEMAN & Mary Ann POLE, married Annie McCARTHY, 21, Canada, Cobourg, d/o Charles McCARTHY & Mary WHELAN, witn: William FITZGERALD of Cobourg & Jennie BARRIE of Hamilton on Nov. 19, 1879 at Cobourg. 7548-79 (Northumberland Co) J.C. GIBSON, 47, Wid, Farmer, Brighton, Campbellford, s/o John & Ann GIBSON; married Jane YOUNGER, 23, Cobourg, Seymour, d/o William & Nancy YOUNGER; witn M.V. DENIKE & Mattie M. HENORA?, both Norham, 4 July 1879
#007650-79 (Durham Co.) Robert GIBSON, 26, farmer, Cartwright, Cartwright, s/o Henry & Maria GIBSON; married Maggie S. FERGUSON, 24, Cartwright, Cartwright, d/o Samuel T. & Margaret FERGUSON; witn: John POLLY & Mary FERGUSON, both of Cartwright; 25 Dec. 1879 at Cartwright 7424-79 William GILMOUR, 24, farmer, Canada, Cavan Tp., s/o Richard & Elizabeth, married Violetta GREER, 19, Canada, Millbrook, d/o Thomas & Jane, witn: Edward STEWART & Sarah GILMOUR both of Cavan on Mar. 11, 1879 at Millbrook
7484-79 William GLENNIE, 25, farmer, Canada, Manvers, s/o Joseph & Sarah, married Anne REHILL, 22, Canada, Bowmanville, d/o Thomas & Jane, witn: Thomas SMITH & Sarah A. WINDEL?, both of Manvers, 29 Dec 1879 at Lotus 7203-79 William GODFREY, 69, yeoman, widower, Ireland, Hamilton Tp., s/o Michael GODFREY & Catherine HOGAN, married Dovel (Dood?) MOORE, 45, widow, Ireland, Cobourg, d/o William MOORE (sic) & Elizabeth DONELLY, witn: James HOGAN & Ellen CASSION both of Cobourg on Oct. 30, 1879 at Cobourg
7255-79 Angus A. GRAHAM, 22, furrier, USA, Chicago, s/o Peter D. & Amelia M., married Louise WHITE, 21, Port Hope, same, d/o John & Lavina, witn: Elizabeth RICHARDSON & Minnie ARMSTRONG both of Port Hope on Jan. 1, 1879 at Port Hope 7267-79 Joseph GRAHAM, 24, farmer, Cavan Tp., Emily Tp., s/o William GRAHAM & Eliza LANG, married Mary Ann BARNARD, 21, S. Monaghan, same, d/o Henry BARNARD & Ann PARKER, witn: Asa BARNARD of S. Monaghan & Fanny FETTERLY of Port Hope on Mar. 18, 1879 at Port Hope.
7177-79 John GRAIN (Gram?), 41, carriage maker, widower, Canada, Weston, s/o Conrad & Catherine, married Annie MASSEY, 30, Canada, Haldimand, d/o Samuel & Mary, witn: Samuel & Miss MASSEY both of Haldimand Tp. on Jan. 29, 1879 at Cobourg  
7550-79 (Northumberland Co) William GUMMER, 29, Farmer, England, Percy Twp, s/o John & Mary Ann GUMMER; married Eliza MASSEY, 22, Haldimand, Percy Twp, d/o William & Uretta MASSEY; witn Wesley GOHEEN & Henrietta MASSEY, 24 Dec 1879, Norham 7171-79 Sylvester HADLEY, 53, lumber merchant, widower, Canada, Chatham, s/o Charles HADLEY & Ann YOUNG, married Ruth S. STEPHENSON, 34, Canada, Cobourg, d/o Joseph STEPHENSON & Mary WILSON, witn: A. R. & M. A. STEPHENSON both of Cobourg on Jan. 2, 1879 at Cobourg.
7683-79 George HAINES, 22, farmer, Cornwall, Cramahe, s/o Edward & Mary, married Mary Grace SALTERN, 20, Cornwall, Cramahe, d/o Francis & Elizabeth, witn: Mary MINTO of Warkworth & Elizabeth USHER of Haldimand on Dec. 17, 1879 at Castleton 7689-79 John HALL, 47, blank, widower, Cavan, S. Monaghan, s/o William HALL & Letitia STEWART, married Jane MULLON, 39, England, S. Monaghan, d/o J. E. MULLON & Margaret BELLAMY, witn: H. & Mary WARD both of Cavan on Apr. 9, 1879 at S. Monaghan Tp.
7519-79 William HAMBLYN, 64, farmer, England, Darlington, s/o John & Mary, married Mary Ann NANCEKIVELL, 64, widow, England, Darlington, d/o William & Elizabeth NANCEKIVELL, witn: William & Elizabeth CREEPER on Oct. 8, 1879 at Hampton, Darlington Tp. 7596-79 Edward HAMBYN? , 25, farmer, England, Millbrook, s/o William & Selma, married Sarah Jane BRAY, 24, Hope Tp., same, d/o William & Betsy, witn: George A. ARMITAGE & Eliza BRAY both of Hope on Jan. 29, 1879 at Welcome, Hope Tp.
7582-79 Jackson HANNAH, 26, farmer, Canada, Manvers, s/o John & Ellen, married Susan A. McMILLIN, 24, Canada, Clarke, d/o John & Margaret, witn: J. HAYWOOD of Lindsay & E. McMILLIN of Clarke on June 4, 1879 at Clarke.  
7232-79 William G. HARRIS, no age given, farmer, Toronto, Amherstburg, s/o William & Margery, married Cornelia PATTIN, 21, Haldimand, same, d/o Gilbert PATTIN no mother’s name given, witn: Thomas ONDERDONK & Dorothy HARRIS both of Haldimand on Feb. 26, 1879 at Haldimand. 7512-79 James HARRISON, 23, farmer, Manvers, same, s/o Robert & Agness, married Elizabeth STRONG, 18, Cavan, Manvers, d/o Robert & Mary, witn: A. H. HOWARD & Jane KNAPP both of Darlington on Mar. 31, 1879 at Darlington.
7480-79 Andrew HART, 27, farmer, Canada, Manvers, s/o Herman & Jane, married Elizabeth PAYNE, 21, Canada, Manvers, d/o William & Ann Jane, witn: Joseph HART & Christina PAYNE, both of Manvers, 30 Sept 1879 at Janetville 7528-79 (Northumberland Co) Peter HART, 25, farmer, Smithfield, Haldimand Twp, s/o John & Lydia HART; married Margaret GILLESPIE, 17, Haldimand Twp, Haldimand Twp, d/o James & Ellen GILLESPIE; witn Annie E. CRAGG & Margaret S. CRAGG, both Warkworth, 20 Mar 1879, Warkworth
  087726-80 James HAWKINS, 30, (occu. not given), s/o Mathew & Margaret HAWKINS, married _(illegible)_ BROOK, 23, Canada, twp. of Percy, d/o Samuel & Mary Ann BROOKS, witn. George HAWKINS of Seymour & Annie BROOKS of Percy, Nov. 18 1879 at Warkworth
7421-79 William HEASLIP, 23, farmer, Canada, Hamilton Tp., s/o John & Kate, married Margaret FRANCEY, 22, Canada, Cavan, d/o William & Sarah, witn: Charles & Laura BYERS both of Bailieboro, on Mar. 26, 1879 at Cavan. 7471-79 Benjamin HEASLIP, 25, farmer, Canada, Manvers, s/o Robert & Sarah, married Charlotte MAGILL, 19, Canada, Manvers, d/o William & Eliza, witn: Isaac HEASLIP of Manvers & Eliza ARMSTRONG of Ops, 8 Jan 1879 at Manvers
#007654-79 (Durham Co.) William HENRY, 24, blacksmith, Canada, Cartwright, s/o Robert & Mary Ann HENRY; married Sarah Jane BAILEY, 19, Canada, Cartwright, d/o James & Harriet BAILEY; witn: John BAILEY of Cartwright & Margaret A. HENRY of Cartwright; 1 Oct. 1879 at Cartwright 7553-79 (Northumberland Co) John HERRIOT, 24, Farmer, Percy, Percy, s/o George & Jenett RUNCIMAN (Herriot was crossed out); married Elsie SHAW, 21, Percy, Percy, d/o Andrew SHAW & Jane RAMSAY; witn George HERRIOT & Lilly SHAW, both Percy, 21 Oct 1879, Warkworth
#007649-79 (Durham Co.) William George HERRON, 22, farmer, Canada, Cartwright, s/o John & Eliza Ann HERRON; married Mary Jane NESBITT, 22, Canada, Cartwright, d/o John & Mary NESBITT; witn: James HALL of Cartwright & Letitia FULLER of Percy Twp.; 29 Nov. 1879 at Cartwright. 7257-79 Joseph HIGHFIELD, 24, farmer, England, Hope, s/o James & Mary E., married Elizabeth NORTHMORE, 25, England, Hope, d/o Stephen NORTHMORE & Mary TAYLOR, witn: Thomas & Elizabeth BROUGHAM both of Hope on Jan. 1, 1879 at Port Hope
7506-79 John HILLIER, 29, farmer, Darlington, Cartwright, s/o William & Margaret, married Emma Jane AVERY, 20, Bowmanville, Darlington, d/o George & Jane, witn: Ann EYNON of Darlington on Feb. 14, 1879 at Darlington #007592-80 (Durham Co.) John HOCKIN, 41, widower, yeoman, England, Reach, s/o Richard & Emma HOCKIN; married Mary COUCH, 31, Clarke Twp., Clarke Twp., d/o Henry & Elizabeth COUCH; witn: Charles R. OSBORNE of Reach & Mary G. BUCKLEY of Clarke; 2 Dec. 1879 at Newcastle
7590-79 William HODGSON, 25, farmer, Clarke, Mariposa, s/o John & Ann, married Levina Susan HUGHSON, 24, Clarke, same, d/o Richard & Jerusha, witn: Albert TANRYE? (Tannye?), & Annie WADDELL both of Orono on Dec. 29, 1879 at Orono. 7598-79 Frederick HOLDAWAY, 30, farmer, Hope Tp., same, s/o George & Eliza, married Mary S. HAYTER , 27, Hope Tp., same, d/o William & Selenia, witn: John HOAR of Hope Tp. & Harriet Elizabeth HOAR of Otonobee on Mar., 12, 1879 at Port Britain, Port Hope.
7432-79 George HOOEY, 22, farmer, Cartwright, same, s/o David & Agness, married Josephine GRAHAM, 22, Cartwright, same, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: Louis GRAHAM & Libbie FARMER both of Cartwright on Sept. 18, 1879 at Millbrook 7556-79 (Northumberland Co) John W. HOPKINS, 32, Wid, Farmer, Prince Edward, Cramahe Twp, s/o Jos & Margaret HOPKINS; married Eliza Ann DANIELS, 22, Cramahe Twp, Cramahe Twp, d/o William Ira & Ann DANIELS; witn Elijah DENIKE & Laura BIRNEY, both Norham, 18 Nov 1879, Norham
7422-79 Alfred Y. HOPKINS, 34, farmer, widower, Isle of Guernsey, Verulam Tp., s/o George & Anne Curtis, married Charlotte Elizabeth SCOTT, 31, Canada, Millbrook, d/o William & Catherine S., witn: Charles & Mariah SCOTT both of Millbrook on Apr. 28, 1879 at Millbrook 7588-79 Robert Hay HUNTER, 26, machinist, Cobourg, same, s/o William & Jane Smith, married Elizabeth Ann DAVEY, 26, Newcastle, same, d/o Richard & Ann, witn: Hugh & Eva R. HARPER both of Cobourg on Oct. 29, 1879 at Cobourg.
  7806-80 John HUTCHINGS, 25, farmer, England, Darlington, s/o William HUTCHINGS & Mary, married Mary Ann ELLINS, 20, Darlington, same, d/o William ELLINS & Susannah, witn: J.S. & M.A. ROWE of Darlington, 27 Dec 1879 at Darlington
7500-79 William INGLIS, 26, farmer, Canada, Cramahe, s/o Andrew & Mary Jane, married Nellie CRYDERMAN, 25, Canada, Darlington, d/o Daniel & Fidelia, witn: Frank H. MASON & E. A. LIBBY both of Darlington on Jan. 4, 1879 at Hampton 7580-79 William JACKSON, 24, farmer, Clarke, same, s/o Mark & Mary, married Jane Hannah ROANTREE, 23, Orono, Leskard, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann, witn: Robert ROANTREE of Duffin’s Creek & Miss COLMAN of Port Hope on June 18, 1879 at Leskard, Clarke Tp.
7189-79 William Alexander JENKINS, 26, carpenter, Hope Tp., Cobourg, s/o Alexander & Harriet, married Mary Jane GILL, 24, Canada, Cobourg, d/o George & Eurena, witn: Albert THORP & Mary NEWTON both of Cobourg on May 23, 1879 at Cobourg. 7690-79 John JEWISON, 25, farmer, South Monaghan, Hamilton Tp., d/o Jeffry (sic) JEWISON & Eliza SHARP, married Susy SOWDEN 23, USA, South Monaghan, d/o Thomas SOWDEN & Margaret Jane ROY, witn: John James SOWDEN of S. Monaghan & Emma JEWISON of Hamilton Tp. on Mar. 19, 1879 at Frazerville, South Monaghan Tp.
7465-79 James JOHNSTON, 25, farmer, Canada, Manvers, s/o John & Martha, married Margaret Jane SNODDEN, 21, Canada, Cartwright, d/o John & Margaret, witn: William JOHNSTON & Susie ANDERSON, both of Manvers, 17 Feb 1879 at Manvers 7477-79 William JOHNSTON, 30, farmer, Canada, Manvers, s/o Charles & Margaret, married Ellen Maria SHECKELTON, 21, Canada, Manvers, d/o George & Lydia, witn: Benjamin JOHNSTON & Isabella SHECKELTON, both of Manvers, 12 June 1879 at Manvers
7178-79 Archibald JOHNSTON, 25, farmer, Canada, Hamilton Tp., s/o Archibald & Elizabeth, married Ellen PRATT, 22, Canada, Cobourg, d/o John & Isabella, witn: James JOHNSTON of Baltimore Hamilton Tp. & Bella PRATT of Cobourg on Feb. 26, 1879 at Cobourg 7577-79 William John JONES, 23, merchant, Canada, Newtonville, s/o Edward & Susan, married Elizabeth Ann TURNER, 22, Canada, Clarke, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: Thomas STEPHEN & Maggie A. JONES both of Clarke on June 11, 1879 at Clarke Tp.
7539-79 (Northumberland Co) Daniel JONES, 22, Labourer, Cramahe Twp, Cramahe Twp, s/o Jacob & Sophemia? JONES; married Jessie KERR, 23, Cramahe Twp, Cramahe Twp, d/o Robert & Rebecca KERR; witn John POTTER, Percy Twp & Annie Elizabeth CRAGG, Warkworth, 3 Mar 1879, Warkworth

007780-80 William JORDON, 27, Mechanic, Canada, Darlington twp, s/o David & Betsy JORDON; married Caroline ANDREWS, 19, Canada, Darlington, d/o Frank & Louise ANDREWS; witn William & Sarah A. CORNISH, both Clarke twp, 24 Dec 1879, Bowmanville

#007651-79 (Durham Co.) Samuel KERR, 22, farmer, Canada, Cartwright, s/o William & Ann KERR; married Mary Jane GINN, 20, Canada, Cartwright, d/o Edward & Jane GINN; witn: H. FAREWELL of Oshawa & J. MONTGOMERY - M.D. of Cartwright; 31 Dec. 1879 at Williamsburgh - Cartwright 7624-79 George KERR, 29, carpenter, Hamilton Tp., Coldsprings Hamilton Tp., s/o William & Ann, married Mary Jane GRAHAM, 25, Hamilton Tp., same, d/o Robert & Margaret, witn: John KERR & Elizabeth GRAHAM both of Hamilton Tp. on May 22, 1879 at Coldsprings Hamilton Tp.
7191-79 Edwin KERWIN, 41, merchant, Canada, Cornwall, s/o William & Sarah, married Mary Elizabeth GOODEVE, 27, Canada, Cobourg, d/o George M. & Sarah A., witn: G. Charles PATTON of Cornwall, G. S. & Agnes E. GOODEVE both of Cobourg on May 7, 1879 at Cobourg. #007647-79 (Durham Co.) John James LANG, 24, farmer, Canada, Manvers, s/o Alex & Elizabeth LANG; married Susan Emma JOBB, 19, Canada, Darlington, d/o Zephaniah & Susan JOBB; witn: William JOBB of Darlington & Mary Ann LANG of Manvers; 12 Apr. 1879 at Cartwright.
7534-79 (Northumberland Co) Joseph LAPORTE, 24, Wid, Farmer, Percy Twp, Cramahe Twp, s/o Maxim LAPORTE & Betsey ZUFELT; married Marion HEWAN, 19, Cramahe Twp, Cramahe Twp, d/o David HEWETT (sic)] & Mary SHAY; witn M.F. DENIKES? & Laura BURNEY, both Percy Twp, 20 Jan 1879, Percy Twp 7533-79 (Northumberland Co) Thomas Russell LEARMOUTH, 30, Commercial Traveller, Hastings, Peterboro, s/o William & Mary LEARMOUTH; married Lucinda Ann BURTON, 22, Warkworth, Warkworth, d/o Ralph & Helen BURTON; witn Henry MULHERN, Warkworth & Willis DUNCAN, Cramahe, 12 Feb 1879, Warkworth
7607-79 Thomas LEITH, 30, farmer, Hope, same, s/o Malcolm & Isabella, married Margaret SOOTHERAN, 27, Millbrook, same, d/o J.W. & Grace SOTHERAN (sic), witn: Robert & Isabella LEITH of Hope, 3 Sept 1879 at Garden Hill, Hope twp

007778-80 James LEITH, 29, Farmer, Clarke twp, Clarke twp, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth LEITH; married Sarah STUTT, 29, Wid, Clarke, Clarke twp, d/o Nathaniel & Jane HENRY; wit Milletta McDOWELL & Sarah McLAREN, both Bowmanville, 17 Dec 1879, Bowmanville

  7691-79 John LIGHTFOOT, 30, farmer, Canada, S. Monaghan, s/o John & Hannah, married Katie R. McDOWELL, 21, Canada, Frazerville, d/o Henry & Sarah, witn: Robert FAIR of Centreville & Hattie McDOWELL of Frazerville on Oct. 7, 1879 at Frazerville, S. Monaghan Tp..
#007462-79 (Northumberland Co.) William LINTON, 21, yeoman, Canada, Alnwick Twp., s/o Alexander & Mary LINTON; married Margaret FERGUSON, 19, Canada, Alnwick, d/o Farrington & Eliza Ann FERGUSON; witn: Henry MONTGOMERY of Alnwick & Eurilla MONTGOMERY of Alnwick; 25 Dec. 1879 at Alderville. 087724-80 Andrew LISCOLM (Liscomb?), 23, laborer, Canada, twp. of Percy, s/o John & Mary LISCOLM, married Mary Jane ARMSTRONG, 18, Canada, twp. of Percy, d/o Richard & Mary ARMSTRONG, witn. Barsheba & Agness LINTON of Percy twp., Aug.. 25 1879 at Percy twp
7617-79 R. B. LOCKHART, 27, farmer, Baltimore, Newtonville Clarke Tp., s/o Levi & S. J., married Emma Kenzie LORD, 23, Newtonville, Perrytown, d/o Levi M. & Ann, witn: Zachariah A. LOCKHART & W. LORD both of Perrytown, Hope Tp. on Dec. 10, 1879 at Perrytown, Hope Tp. 7188-79 Henry LONSBERY, 23, laborer, of Hamilton Tp., s/o David & Maria, married Jane MUNROE, 20, Scotland, Hamilton Tp., d/o John & Margery, witn: Catharine COULIE of Cobourg & Alex NOBLE of Hamilton Tp. on June 24, 1879 at Cobourg.
7433-79 William H. LOUGH, 34, farmer, Canada, Cavan Tp., s/o David & Margaret, married Ellen Agnes BAPTIE, 28, Canada, Cavan Tp., d/o Alexander & Helena A., witn: none given, on Oct. 29, 1879 at Cavan. 7508-79 William A. LOWE, 25, blacksmith, England, Darlington, s/o Henry & Susan, married Martella WILBUR, 25, Canada, Darlington, d/o George & Sarah, witn: Frank WILBUR & Sarah J. BYERS both of Darlington on Mar. 18, 1879 at Darlington
#007526-80 (Durham Co.) Robert Brown LUNDY, 41, gentleman, Peterboro, Peterboro, s/o William & Margaret LUNDY; married Caroline Marion BURTON, 26, Port Hope, Port Hope, d/o Francis & Ann Jane BURTON; witn: W.I. LUNDY of Peterboro & W.B. WALLACE of Port Hope; 11 Dec. 1879 at Port Hope. 7472-79 William MAGUIRE, 28, farmer, Canada, Manvers, s/o John & Margaret, married Lila Jane SYER, 20, Canada, Manvers, d/o Thomas & Charlotte, witn: James MAGUIRE & Fanny SYER, both of Manvers, 5 Feb. 1879 at Manvers
#007534-80 (Durham Co.) Henry MAXWELL, 27, sailor, Montreal, Port Hope, s/o Henry & Margaret MAXWELL; married Catherine MOONEY, 22, Napanee, Port Hope, d/o William & Mary MOONEY; witn: Patrick CONNERS & Mary MOONEY, both of Port Hope; 8 Jan. 1879 at Port Hope 7418-79 James Henry McBRIDE, 21, farmer, Canada, Emily Tp., s/o James & Rachel, married Margaret Ann HANLEY, 19, Canada, Cavan Tp., d/o William & Isabella, witn: James McBRIDE of Emily Tp. & J. EWING of Cavan Tp. on Mar. 5, 1879 at Mount Pleasant, Cavan Tp.
7200-79 John McCAFFREY, 27, carter, Canada, Port Hope, s/o John & Ann, married Matilda DAY, 27, Canada, Port Hope, d/o Arthur & Margaret, witn: James & Ann GURNS (Gurner?) both of Port Hope on Aug. 16, 1879 at Cobourg. #007456-79 (Northumberland Co.) Elias S. McCARTY, 25, yeoman. Canada, Haldimand Twp., s/o George & Emeline McCARTY; married Maggie WHITTAKER, 21, Canada, Alnwick Twp., d/o George & Isabella WHITTAKER; witn: David BURR & Eliza Ann WHITTAKER, 1 Jan. 1879 at Alnwick Twp
.7436-79 John McCOMBE, 22, engineer, Canada, Cavan Tp., s/o John & Mary, married Amelia Louisa MALLORY, 18, Canada, Cavan Tp., d/o Allin Jules & Mariah, witn: George & Elizabeth LOCKS both of Millbrook on Dec. 4, 1879 at Millbrook, Cavan Tp. 7514-79 Robert N. McCONACHIE, 24, farmer, Cambria N. S., same, s/o Samuel & Margaret, married Annie J. ROWE, 18, Darlington, same, d/o John & Jane, witn: S. McCONACHIE & P. J. ROWE both of Bowmanville on Mar. 5, 1879 at Darlington
7263-79 William McCONNELL, 22, laborer, Hamilton Tp., same, s/o Daniel & Jane, married Mary Jane BURK (Burt?), 22, Bowmanville, Hamilton Tp., d/o Philip & Grace, witn: Albert MALLETT of Hamilton Tp. & Sarah LEONARD of Port Hope on Mar. 13, 1879 at Port Hope 7571-79 John McCORMACK, 35, farmer, Clarke, same, s/o James & Frances, married Annie HARNDEN, 32, widow, England, Clarke, d/o Stephen & Ann PLAYFORD, witn: Jane McCOLLOUGH & Susie EMSLEY both of Orono on Apr. 3, 1879 at Orono
7541-79 (Northumberland Co) George McCOY, 21, Farmer, Cramahe Twp, Percy Twp, s/o Mathew & Elizabeth McCOY; married Hattie QUIN, 20, Cobourg Twp, Percy Twp, d/o Samuel & Margaret QUIN; witn Martha McCOY & Charlotte Jane McCOY, both Percy Twp, 15 Apr 1879, Percy Twp 087721-80 George E. McEVANS, 25, Canada, Percy twp, vet. surgeon, s/o Sanford & Ann McEVANS, married Jane PLATT, 27, Canada, Percy twp, d/o A.S. PLATT & Lucy PLATT, witn. Edward PLATT & Mary PLATT both of Percy twp., Nov. 26 1879 at Percy Twp.
  7464-79 Robert George McGLAUGHLIN, 29, farmer, Canada, Darlington, s/o Thomas & Jane, married Rachel FURGUSON (s/b Ferguson?), 22, Canada, Manvers, d/o David & Elizabeth, witn: Alexander McLAUGHLIN (sic) of Enniskillen & Maggie FURGUSON of Manvers, 12 Feb 1879 at Lotus
7515-79 Charles A. McKINNON, 26, farmer, Brock, same, s/o Neil & Margaret, married Justine A. KIRKPATRICK, 30, Hope, Darlington, d/o Joseph & Rachel, witn: Daniel McLEAN & Mary J. FERGUSON both of Brock on June 3, 1879 at Darlington 7435-79 William McKNIGHT, 29, farmer, S. Monaghan, Cavan, s/o Robert & Mary, married Maggie HEMPTON, 23, Cavan Tp., same, d/o James & Margaret, witn: David HEMPTON & Henry SEATON both of Cavan on Oct, 8, 1879 at Cavan Tp.
#007648-79 (Durham Co.) John McLAHAN, 34, yeoman, Ireland, Luther - Canada, s/o William & Mary McLAHAN; married Mary NIDDESS (Nattress?), 25, widow, Ontario, Cartwright, d/o William & Maria PHILP; witn: Howard HENDERS of Manvers & Jane Ann PHILP of Cartwright; 2 July 1879 at Cartwright #007653-79 (Durham Co.) George Lindon McLAUGHLIN, 22, farmer, Canada, Cartwright, s/o James Y. & Isabella McLAUGHLIN; married Mary Ann BEATY, 21, Canada, Cartwright, d/o William & Jane BEATY; witn: John McLAUGHLIN of Cartwright & Eliza J. McLAUGHLIN of Cartwright; 25 Sept. 1879 at Cartwright.
7174-79 Malcolm McNEILL, 55, farmer, East Indies, Hamilton Tp., s/o Malcolm & Mary Jane, married Emma Elizabeth GODARD, 21, Canada, Haldimand Tp., d/o Adolphus W. & Anne Churley, witn: Charles E. & Lizzie GODARD both of Haldimand Tp. on Feb. 12, 1879 at Cobourg. 7481-79 Hugh McROBERTS, 25, farmer, Canada, Manvers, s/o John & Margaret, married Mary Jane MILLS, 29, widow, Canada, Manvers, d/o Simon & Martha MILLS, witn: Jane & Sarah WINDEL (Wendel?) of Manvers, 14 Oct 1879 at Lotus
7578-79 Alfred MITCHELL, 27, farmer, Canada, Clarke, s/o Jacob & Mary, married Emma SMITH, 18, England, Newtonville, d/o John & Emma, witn: Christopher & Hannah MITCHELL both of Clarke on June 25, 1879 at Clarke. 7265-79 Edwin Maxwell MITCHELL, 27, florist, Port Hope, same, s/o William & Jane, married Charlotte IRWIN, 21, Manvers Tp., Port Hope, d/o John L. & Margaret, witn: John ROGERS & Margaret IRWIN both of Port Hope on Mar. 11, 1879 at Port Hope.
7184-79 Thomas MOFFATT, 24, butcher, England, Cobourg, s/o Richard & Martha, married Margaret JAMIESON, 22, Scotland, Cobourg, d/o Alexander & Margaret, witn: John MOFFATT & Mary WELLINGTON both of Cobourg on Apr. 30, 1879 at Cobourg. 7434-79 Daniel MONTGOMERY, 40, merchant, Brighton Tp., Montreal, s/o Richard & Lucy Ann, married Charlotte KNOWLSON, 31, Millbrook Village, same, d/o Mathew & Isabella, witn: George KNOWLSON & Mrs. E. HOWDEN both of Millbrook on Nov. 6, 1879 at Millbrook
7692-79 John MOORE, 24, farmer, Canada, Cavan, s/o no parents given, married Cecilia YOUNG 19, Canada, Cavan, d/o Silas & Phebe, witn: Peter & Sarah HOLMES both of Cavan on Dec. 27, 1879 at Frazerville, S. Monaghan Tp. 7503-79 Stephen C. MOORE, 29, farmer, Ontario, Darlington, s/o Thomas & Sarah, married Harriet M. BRIMACOMBE, 20, Darlington, Bowmanville, d/o Samuel & Mary, witn: Eli & Elizabeth ROBBINS both of Darlington on Feb. 1, 1879 at Enniskillen, Darlington
7266-79 Job MOORE, 21, farmer, Darlington Tp., Hope Tp., s/o Thomas & Lois, married Martha BEST, 18, Hope Tp., same, d/o Amos & Mary, witn: Henry PERKINS & Eliza Jane TIPP both of Hope Tp. on Mar. 18, 1879 at Port Hope 7190-79 Robert MORGAN, 24, yeoman, Canada, Otonobee, s/o Oliver & Margaret, married Elizabeth Ann DRUMMOND, 24, Canada, Otonobee, d/o Thomas & Jane, witn: William A. & Frederick T. FISK both of Cobourg on June 27, 1879 at Cobourg.
#007652-79 (Durham Co.) William MUIRHEAD, 31, farmer, Canada, Cartwright, s/o Salmon & Elizabeth MUIRHEAD; married Margaret WHITE, 20, Canada, Cartwright, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth WHITE; witn: Josiah MUIRHEAD & Phebe J. WHITE, both of Cartwright; 3 June 1879 at Cartwright 7545-79 (Northumberland Co) Adolph A. MURPHY, 28, Farmer, Percy Twp, Cramahe Twp, s/o Thomas & Martha S. MURPHY; married Agnes A. GEROW, 19, Percy Twp, Percy Twp, d/o John L & Dorcas GEROW; witn Charles COCHRANE, Cramahe Twp & Ida GEROW, Percy Twp, 17 Sept 1879, Percy Twp
7682-79 William MUTTON, 31, farmer, Cramahe, Brighton, s/o William & Belinda, married Martha E. HUBBS, 23, Hallowell, Cramahe, d/o John & Matilda, witn: Charles MUTTON & Maggie A. HUBBS both of Cramahe on Dec. 17, 1879 at Cramahe Tp. 7211-79 John Thomas NEWTON, 22, carpenter, Canada, Cobourg, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Annie Isabella WILSON, 21, Scotland, Cobourg, d/o Robert & Margaret, witn: Charles PARKER & Mary NEWTON both of Cobourg on Dec. 1879 at Cobourg
7623-79 Thomas NIXON, 28, farmer, NY USA, Bluevale Huron Co., s/o Robert & Mary married Ettie Letitia FORD, 16, Hamilton Tp., same, d/o James & Phillipa, witn: David WATT & Mary Ann LYGHTLE (Lightle?) both of Hamilton Tp. on Apr. 24, 1879 at Hamilton Tp. 7622-79 Alexander R. NOBLE, 31, farmer, Hamilton Tp., same, s/o John & Jane, married Lucinda FISHER, 33, Hamilton Tp., same, d/o Mark & Jane, witn: Mark FISHER Jr. & Mary NOBLE both of Hamilton Tp. on Mar. 19, 1879 at Hamilton Tp.
7423-79 Matthew NUGENT, 23, farmer, Canada, Cavan Tp., s/o William & Sarah, married Ellen HALL, 19, England, Cavan Tp., d/o Harry & Sarah, witn: Edward STEWART & Sarah GILMOUR both of Cavan on Mar. 26, 1879 at Millbrook 7574-79 Thomas Wesley OAKES, 21, farmer, Darlington, Clarke, s/o William & Mary, married Ellen HODGSON, 21, Whitby, Newcastle, d/o Matthew & Hannah, witn: F. B. LASKIN of Clarke & Margaret G. HODGSON of Columbus on May 21, 1879 at Clarke.
7593-79 Edward Eli ORCHARD , 30, shoemaker, Hampshire England, Kendall, s/o George & Hannah, married Margaret BLUE, 33, Darlington, Clarke, d/o Peter & Janet, witn: Mrs. Thomas WALSH & Jane LITTLE both of Clarke on Dec 17, 1879 at Clarke. 7616-79 A. Roe PAMPROSE, 24, farmer, Hamilton Tp., same, s/o A. F. & Honora, married Charlotte HURL, 19, Hope Tp. same, d/o John & Mary, witn: Noble BROWN of Hamilton Tp. & Annie E. CRAGG of Canton on Sept. 3, 1879 Canton, Hope Tp.
7231-79 John PARKER, 21, yeoman, Canada, Haldimand, s/o George & Eliza, married Elizabeth EARL, 21, Canada, Haldimand, d/o William & Ellen, witn: Henrietta E. WATTS, no residence given on Feb. 15, 1879 at Haldimand 7185-79 Robert PATTON, 38, not given, widower, Ireland, Manvers Tp., s/o David & Ann, married Margaret JONES, 36, Canada, Emily Tp., d/o Humphrey & Jane, witn: Richard GARLAND of Hamilton Tp. & Catherine FISK of Cobourg on May 26, 1879 at Cobourg
7691-79 John R. PEACOCK, 27, farmer, Canada, Hope Tp., s/o Samuel & Mary, married Martha WHITE, 23, Canada, Hope Tp., d/o William & Mary, witn: John G. ELLIOTT & Mary Jane WHITE both of Hope on Apr. 16, 1879 at Perrytown, Hope Tp. 7186-79 James PEARCE, 36, laborer, England, Cobourg, s/o William & Mary Ann, married Louse Ann MITCHELL, 36, Canada, Cobourg, d/o John & Mary Ann, witn: William PEARCE & Clara COLWELL both of Cobourg on June 15, 1879 at Cobourg
7476-79 John PEEL, 28, farmer, Canada, Ops, s/o Charles & Margaret, married Eliza MAGILL, 25, Canada, Manvers, d/o Robert & Letitia, witn: Mark PEEL of Ops & Susannah MAGILL of Manvers, 10 March 1879 at Manvers 7249-79 Benjamin PENNINGTON, 30, bricklayer, Devonshire England, Port Hope, s/o John & Margaret, married Anne SALTER, 27, Cornwall England, Port Hope, d/o James & Joanna, witn: Thomas WICKET & Ellen JENKIN both of Port Hope on Jan. 2, 1879 at Port Hope
#007535-80 (Durham Co.) Peter PENROSE, 27, farmer, Ireland, Lindsay, s/o Michael & Elizabeth PENROSE; married Elizabeth DUFFY, 27, Ireland, Darlington, d/o Neal & Margaret DUFFY; witn: George DUFFY & Margaret KELLY, both of Darlington; 21 Aug. 1879 at Port Hope 7542-79 (Northumberland Co) James R. PERRY, 23, Farmer, Cramahe Twp, Cramahe Twp, s/o James & Jane E. PERRY; married Julia TOWNSEND, 18, Percy Twp, Percy Twp, d/o Egbert & Sally TOWNSEND; witn Caroline DOWNS? & Ezza POLLOCK, both Percy Twp, 19 May 1879, Percy
  087731-80 Wellington Fletcher PETERSON, 26, farmer, Consecon, Percy, s/o Alexander & Laura PETERSON, married Isabella WILSON, 22, Percy, same, d/o Samuel & Jessie WILSON, witn. Martin H. PETERSON & Ellen WILSON of Percy twp., Dec. 27 1879 at Percy
7202-79 James Wellington PHILLIPS, 24, wool carder, Canada, Cobourg, s/o William & Jane, married Clara HUNT, 23, Canada, Cobourg, d/o George & Grace, witn: Robert J. HUNT, Sarah ALLEN & John ROUTH all of Cobourg on Oct. 2, 1879 at Cobourg 7259-79 Josiah PHILLIPS, 28, carpenter/joiner, Hungerford Tp., Warkworth Tp., s/o John PHILLIPS & E. SPENCER, marred Aggie COCKBURN, 28, Norham England, Hamilton Tp., d/o William & Agnes, witn: Christopher MATHERS of Welcome & Maggie COCKBURN of Cobourg on Jan. 6, 1879 at Port Hope.
7210-79 Robert PIDGEON, 25, moulder, Canada, Port Hope, s/o Richard & Matilda, married Minnie GRIGGS, 18, Canada, Port Hope, d/o Alexander & Susan, witn: Mr & Mrs George GRIGGS both of Cobourg on Nov. 25, 1879 at Cobourg. #007455-79 (Northumberland Co.) John A. PLATT, 28, farmer, Canada, Percy Twp., s/o Maitland & Lucy PLATT; married Annie REDNER, 20, Canada, Percy Twp., d/o Thomas & Clarissa REDNER; witn: M.G. BROOKING & Allice MILLAR, both of Alnwick Twp.; 11 March 1879 at Alnwick.
7518-79 Christopher PLUMMER, 19, farmer, Darlington Tp., same, s/o John & Ellen, married Eliza HALL, 20, London England, Orono, d/o parents not known, witn: David GRIGG & Annie PLUMMER both of Darlington on Nov. 17, 1879 at Darlington. 7482-70 William PORTEOUS, 29, farmer, Manvers, same, s/o Robert & Mary, married P--? Amelia CAIN, 22, Manvers, same, d/o Charles C. & Ann J., witn: S. E. WILSON & Mary HAW, both of Bethany, 10 Dec 1879 at Bethany
7546-79 (Northumberland Co) Shelson POTTER, 25, Farmer, Percy Twp, Percy Twp, s/o Richard POTTER & Martha (HELSON) POTTER; married Sarah Ann CAMPBELL, 22, Haldimand Twp, Percy Twp, d/o William & Isabella (Sidey) CAMPBELL; witn Martha HELSON, Otonabee Twp, David CAMPBELL, Percy Twp, 16 Aug 1879, Percy Twp 7451-79 John Bunyon POTTS, 23, farmer, Brighton twp., same, s/o John POTTS & Eliza Ann STIMERS, married Caroline GREEN, 17, Rawden, Murray, d/o Lewis GREEN & Deborah BUCK, witn: Priscilla DAVIS & Adelaide TERRELL, both of Wooler, 1 Oct 1879 at Wooler
7269-79 Byron PRESTON, 33, farmer, widower, Canada Hamilton Tp., s/o Elijah & Nancy, married Margaret WHITE, 21, Hamilton Tp., same, d/o John & Margaret, witn: Rachel GREEN & Emily GEORGE both of Port Hope on Apr. 2, 1879 at Port Hope. 7229-79 George W. PRINGLE, 21, laborer, Canada, Haldimand, s/o blank & Julia Ann SAMMONS, married Sarah Ann LOILE, 21, Canada, Haldimand, d/o George J. & Ellen R., witn: John SMITH & Clarissa SAMMONS both of Haldimand on Jan. 14, 1879 at Haldimand
7554-79 (Northumberland Co) Robinson PUFFER, 24, Farmer, Cramahe, Cramahe, s/o Daniel & Susan PUFFER; married Martha J. FERGUSON, 18, Cramahe, Cramahe, d/o Daniel & Jane FERGUSON; witn Clarence STONE & Laura BIRNEY, both Norham, 3 May 1879, Norham  
7690-79 Martin RALPH, 28, farmer, Canada, Hope Tp., s/o James & Jane, married Mary Jane IRWIN, 24, Canada, Hope Tp., d/o William & Eliza, witn: William J. & Celista IRWIN both of Perrytown on Apr. 29, 1879 at Oak Hills, Hope Tp. 7687-79 John REDDELL, 39, farmer, S. Monaghan, same, s/o Walter REDDELL & Euphemia CHISHOLM, married Elizabeth SMITHSON, 39, S. Monaghan, same, d/o William SMITHSON & Sarah MASSON, witn: E. BALL & L. SMITHSON both of S. Monaghan on Mar. 18, 1879 at Lew Lawn Grange ? S. Monaghan Tp.
7589-79 Robert Wrightman RENWICK, 27, farmer, Clarke, same, s/o John & Rachel Steel, married Mary Elizabeth LOCKHART, 25, Oshawa, Clarke, d/o Allen & Isabella, witn: William LOCKHART & Mary RENWICK both of Clarke on Nov, 12, 1879 at Clarke. 7579-79 William George REUTER (Rinter?) 20, farmer, Darlington, Clarke, s/o William & Annie, married Mary HOUL (Hoal?) 21, Plymouth England, Clarke, d/o William & Fannie, witn: Linsie MAJOR of Whitevale & William McCORMACK of Clarke on June 25, 1879 at Orono.
7420-79 Kennedy White REYNOLDS, 20, farmer, Canada, Cavan Tp., s/o William & Jane, married Rosanna O'BRIEN, 20, Canada, Cavan Tp., d/o Robert & Rosamond, witn: Nelson O'BRIEN of Cavan & Elizabeth Ann REYNOLDS of Manvers on Mar. 13, 1879 at Millbrook, Cavan Tp. 7209-79 Charles REYNOLDS, 24, bricklayer, Canada, Cobourg, s/o Stephen & Susannah, married Jane (Anne?) E. JEWEL, 20, Canada, Cobourg, d/o Nicholas & Margaret, witn: William & Margaret FERGUSON both of Cobourg on Nov. 12, 1879 at Cobourg
7206-79 Joseph RIDER, 35, mason, England, Clinton, s/o James & Susan, married Rebecca PEARSE, 39, England, Cobourg, d/o William & Mary Ann, witn: James & Louisa A. PEARSE of Cobourg on Nov. 20, 1879 at Cobourg. 7564-79 Frederick RIDDLE, 31, farmer, Northamptonshire England, Clarke Tp., s/o George & Ann, married Lois STANYON, 22, Northamptonshire England, Clarke, d/o Charles & Mary, witn: Charlotte E. ELLIOTT & Susie EMSLEY both of Orono on Feb. 8, 1879 at Orono
7692-79 William H. ROBERTS, 30, mariner, Liverpool England, same, s/o William & Ellen, married Elizabeth B. BRODIE, 25, Sheffield England, Hope Tp., d/o Walter & Elizabeth BRODIE, witn: Annie BRODIE & Kate BINGHAM both of Port Hope on May 24 no year given at Hope Tp. 7510-79 Henry ROGERS, 32, farmer, Canada, Darlington, s/o William Henry & Mary Jane, married Emma Maria HUTCHESON, 26, Canada, Darlington, d/o David & Mary Jane, witn: Thomas KIRKPATRICK & Addie FLEMMING both of Darlington on Feb. 5, 1879 at Darlington
7537-79 (Northumberland Co) Henry ROSE, 23, farmer, Sidney Twp, Sidney Twp, s/o Aaron & Jane ROSE; married Minerva HAMPTON, 19, Brighton Twp, Brighton Twp, d/o George & Levina PLUMPTON; witn David PLUMPTON & Jane –elon--?, both Brighton, 26 Feb 1879, Percy Twp 7264-79 Edwin ROWLAND, 38, laborer, England, Port Hope, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Mary Ann SLIGHT, 27, Port Hope, same, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: William ROWLAND & Matilda MITCHELL both of Port Hope on Mar. 17, 1879 at Port Hope
7201-79 James ROWSON, 30, brick maker, widower, England, Hope Tp., s/o John & Esther, married Ann Jane SACKVILLE, 24, Canada, Hamilton Tp., d/o George & Margaret, witn: Thomas GREGG & William NORTHCUTT both of Hope Tp., & Mary E. & Christ Ann SACKSVILLE of Hamilton Tp. on Sept. 16, 1879 at St. Peter’s Church at Cobourg 7505-79 John S. RUNDLE, 27, yeoman, Canada, Darlington, s/o James & Mary, married Emily Louisa CURTIS, 25, Darlington, same, d/o William & Ann CURTICE (Courtice?), witn: Samuel C. RUNDLE & Annetta CURTICE both of Darlington on Feb. 20, 1879 at Darlington
7511-79 Henry RUNDLE, 25, farmer, Darlington, same, s/o William & Grace, married Mary Elizabeth SOUCH, 19, Darlington, same, d/o Richard & Dorcas, witn: Louisa RUNDLE of Darlington & James SOUCH of Port Perry on Apr. 2, 1879 at Darlington 7234-79 Ryerson RUSS, 28, farmer, Haldimand, same, s/o Jonathon & Polly, married Angeline BRADLEY, 19, Haldimand, same, d/o Samuel & Sarah Jane, witn: Henry HARREN & Hetty E. BRADLEY both of Haldimand on Apr. 6, 1879 at Haldimand
7268-79 Levi RYCKMAN, 29, farmer, Cramahe, same, s/o William & Abagail (sic), married Eliza BYAM, 29, Hamilton Tp., same, d/o Asa BYAM & Martha DEWEY, witn: M. SHAW of Port Hope & E. WHITELEY of Goderich on Mar. 29, 1879 at Port Hope 7575-79 Norman SAMIS, 25, farmer, Clarke, same, s/o William & Isabella, married Mary OVENS, 22, Newtonville, Clarke, d/o Hugh & Elizabeth, witn: Warren & William SAMIS both of Clarke on May 24, 1879 at Clarke.
7570-79 Archibald SAYLES, 35, farmer, widower, Vaughan, Manvers, s/o Nelson & Sarah, married Elizabeth LEY, 33, widow, Clarke, Manvers, d/o William & Martha RIDGE, witn: Cynthia BULLARD & William WHITE both of Manvers on Mar. 25, 1879 at Orono. 7194-79 John SHANNON, 70, farmer, widower, Ireland, Hamilton Tp., s/o parents not given, married Mary CONNOR, 64, widow, Ireland, Cobourg, d/o parents not given, witn: Timothy LARKIN of Quebec & Ann J. LILLIE of Cobourg on Apr. 17, 1879 at St. Michael’s Church at Cobourg.
7179-79 Samuel SHANNON, 30, farmer, Canada, Douro Tp. Peterboro Co., s/o Patrick & Mary Ann, married Emma GRAYSTOCK, 25, Canada, Otonobee Tp. Peterboro Co., d/o John & Amelia, witn: Charles FISK & Elizabeth B. JONES both of Cobourg on Mar. 5, 1879 at Cobourg 7621-79 William SHIER, 32, farmer, Brock, same, s/o Samuel & Ann, married Hannah Minah BARKER, 19, Brock, same, d/o James & Hannah, witn: R. HUMPHREY & Kate WILLIAMS both of Sunderland on Feb. 19, 1879 at Sunderland
7547-79 (Northumberland Co) Frank SHORELTY?, 26, Student, Belleville, Belleville, s/o Louis & Augustus SHORELTY?; married Maggie MURRAY, 23, Murray Twp, Murray Twp, d/o Duncan & Euphemia McPHAIL (sic); witn A.H. SMITH & Frank SMITH, both Norham, 20 Apr 1879, Percy Twp  
7199-79 George K. SIMMONS, 26, grocer, Canada, Cobourg, s/o George & Clara, married Clara BROOK, 22, England, Cobourg, d/o Charles & Emily, witn: Albert BROOK & Sarah FISHER both of Cobourg on May 22, 1879 at Cobourg 7425-79 Samuel SING, 25, carpenter, Canada, Millbrook, s/o James & Mary, married Adelina ARMSTRONG, 25, Canada, Millbrook, d/o Francis & Ann, witn: Thomas WILLIAMSON of Cavan & Susie ARMSTRONG of Millbrook on June 23, 1879 at Millbrook. Cavan Tp.
7172-79 Albert SMITH, 24, yeoman, Canada, Cobourg, s/o Thomas & Martha, married Annie Elizabeth WILLIS, 22, Canada, Cobourg, d/o Alfred & Margaret, witn: Wallace STEWART & Annie ARMSTRONG both of Cobourg on Feb. 4, 1879 at Cobourg. 7230-79 John SMITH, 24, laborer, England, Haldimand, s/o John & Catherine, married Clarissa J. SAMMONS, 18, Canada, Haldimand, d/o Levi & Julia A., witn: George W. & Sarah PRINGLE both of Haldimand on Feb. 17, 1879 at Haldimand
7530-79 (Northumberland Co) James SMITH, 30, Blacksmith, Cobourg, Cobourg, s/o William & May SMITH; married Janet CULVER, 23, Percy Twp, Percy Twp, d/o Almond & Margaret CULVER; witn Joseph SMITH, Cobourg & Sarah CULVER, Percy, 9 Apr 1879, Warkworth 7521-79 Alexander STAPLES, 30, yeoman, Clarke, Darlington, s/o Francis & Janet, married Philina VIRTUE, 29, Darlington, same, d/o John & Mary Ann, witn: John J. VIRTUE & Maggie STAPLES both of Darlington on Sept. 23, 1879 at Darlington
#007459-79 (Northumberland Co.) Colin STEEL, 21, carpenter, Canada, Hamilton Twp., s/o James & Mary STEEL; married Susan Elizabeth TAYLOR, 18, Canada, Alnwick Twp., d/o William & Susan TAYLOR; witn: Robert STEEL of Hamilton Twp. & Elizabeth HARVIE of Alnwick Twp.; 4 Nov. 1879 at Alnwick Twp. 7544-79 (Northumberland Co) Shedrack STEPHENS, 28, Wid, Farmer, England, Seymour Twp, s/o Robert & Mary STEPHENS; married Rosa Ann BROWN, 24, Richmond, Campbellford, d/o John Hugh & Jane BROWN; witn Ann E. CRAGG & Margaret S. CRAGG, both Warkworth, 25 Jun 1879, Percy Twp
#007454-79 (Northumberland Co.) Hiram TAYLOR, 21, farmer, Canada, Alnwick Twp., s/o William & Susan TAYLOR; married Hannah ELLENOR, 17, Canada, Alnwick Twp., d/o Edward & Teressa ELLENOR; witn: Colin STEEL of Hamilton Twp. & Elizabeth TAYLOR of Alnwick Twp., 21 Jan. 1879 at Alnwick Twp 7208-79 David TAYLOR, 26, farmer, Canada, Alnwick, s/o Henry & Mary Ann, married Ellen CORMICK (Cormack?), 24, Canada, Alnwick, d/o Francis & Margaret, witn: Mrs. James FORBES & Mrs. B. L. HUTTON both of Cobourg on Oct. 22, 1879 at Cobourg
  #007668-80 (Northumberland Co.) William THOMPSON, 29, sailor, Orkney - Scotland, Toronto, s/o John THOMPSON & Ann SCOTT; married Agnes DENNISON, 23, Haldimand, Toronto, d/o Chas. DENNISON & Agnes McLELLAN; witn: John SMITH of Peterboro & Marion DENNISON of Cobourg; 31 Dec. 1879 at Haldimand Twp
7529-79 (Northumberland Co) Hector THOMPSON, 33, Brick maker, Seymour Twp, Seymour Twp, s/o John & Mary THOMPSON; married Sarah Elizabeth CLARK, 22, Seymour Twp, Seymour Twp, d/o William & Elizabeth CLARKE (sic); witn Archabald WEIR & Perrie? THOMPSON, both Seymour, 24 May 1879, Warkworth 7183-79 Richard TIERNEY, 25, farmer, England, Hamilton Tp., s/o John & Catherine, married Elizabeth Ann THOMAS, 23, England, Cobourg, d/o Nicholas & Mary Ann, witn: James TIERNEY of Cavanville & Eliza JACOBS of Cobourg on Apr. 9, 1879 at Cobourg
7195-79 Thomas TRENBATH (?), not given, laborer, England, Cobourg, s/o Daniel & Mary, married Mary MCKENNY, not given, Ireland, Cobourg, d/o James & Abbie, witn: Patrick & Mary DOLAN both of Cobourg on Apr. 17, 1879 at St. Michael’s Church at Cobourg 7437-79 John TUCKER, 23, mechanic, Canada, Cavan Tp., s/o James & Agnes, married Melissa SAYERS, 22, Canada, Cavan Tp., d/o John & Mary, witn: John & Mahala WILKINSON both of Millbrook on Dec. 5, 1879 at Millbrook
7576-79 Thomas TUCKER, 48, porter, widower, England, Bowmanville, s/o Thomas & Emma, married Sarah J. HEDGES, 30, widow, Canada, Bowmanville, d/o William & Jane LUND, witn: Thomas & Mary A. RUSH both of Manvers on May 26, 1879 at Clarke Tp. 7566-79 John TYNEMAN, 22, farmer, Clarke, Kirby, s/o Jonathan & Elizabeth, married Sabrina BILLINGS, 18, Clarke, Kirby, d/o Henry & Rebecca, witn: Sarah BILLINGS & Thomas JOHNSTON both of Clarke on Feb. 17, 1879 at Orono
7557-79 (Northumberland Co) Joel Pierce UTTER, 27, Harness Maker, Michigan USA, Norham, s/o Philander & Betsy UTTER; married Jennie LIVETT, 22, Brighton Twp, Norham, d/o John LIVETT & no mother given; witn Jeffrey DINGMAN & Maggie VALLEAU, both Brighton Twp, 30 Sept 1879, Percy 7540-79 (Northumberland Co) Peter William VALLEAU, 23, Farmer, Brighton Twp, Brighton Twp, s/o Jessie & Almer VALLEAU; married Sarah Jane EVANS, 20, Percy Twp, Percy Twp, d/o William & Eliza EVANS; witn David DINGWALL, Cramahe Twp & Ronsom CARTER?, Percy Twp, 8 Apr 1879, Percy Twp
7262-79 William VOISEY, 39, laborer, widower, Plymouth England, Port Hope, s/o Rich & Jane, married Jessie RIDLEY, 34, widow, Kirkentilloch? Scotland, Port Hope, d/o Alexander BLACK & Ann SHAW, witn: Albert PREWETT of Hope & Prudence TAMBLYN of Port Hope on Feb. 22, 1879 at Port Hope. 7175-79 George WADDINGHAM, 32, yeoman, Quebec Prov., Manitoba, s/o James & Sarah, married Jane TRICK, 26, Canada, Cobourg, d/o Charles & Elizabeth, witn: John WADDINGHAM of Brock Tp. & Rhoda TRICK of Cobourg on Feb. 19, 1879 at Cobourg
7567-79 Richard WALKER, 22, laborer, Clarke, Clarke Tp., s/o James & Martha, married Elizabeth COONEY, 25, Clarke, Clarke Tp., d/o John & Esther, with: Thomas H. POWERS & Elizabeth Eveline SWANSON both of Clarke on Feb. 19, 1879 at Clarke. 7452-79 Raymond WALT (Watt?), 27, farmer, Prince Edward Co., Murray twp., s/o Reuben & Rebecca, married Henrietta L. PHILLIPS, 22, Murray twp., same, d/o John S. & Sarah, witn: James A. McLELLAN of Rothsay & Jennie PHILLIPS of Stockdale, 2 Dec 1879 at Tabernacle Church, Murray
  7561-79 Alexander WIGHT, 27, yeoman, Darlington, same, s/o William & Ann, married Elizabeth Elenor BELLWOOD, 22, Clarke Tp., Clarke, d/o John & Margaret, witn: Joseph WHITE of Darlington & Florence MONROE of Clarke on Jan. 8, 1879 at Clarke
7192-79 Hiram WILCOX, 24, farmer, USA, Hope Tp., s/o Moses & Julia, married Margaret ARMSTRONG, 23, Canada, Hope Tp., d/o James & Jane, witn: John McELROY Jr. & Flora LEVEY (?) both of Hope Tp. on July 1, 1879 at St. Peter’s Church at Cobourg 7235-79 James E. WILLIAMS, 24, farmer, Canada, Haldimand, s/o Charles & Rebecca, married Clarissa A. TUPPER, 20, Canada, Haldimand, d/o Elias & Clarissa, witn: George TUPPER & Emma J. WILLIAMS, both of Haldimand on May 14, 1879 at Haldimand
7569-70 John WILLIAMS, 64, farmer, widower, England, Clarke Tp., s/o William & Ann, married Nora COTTON, 40, widow, England, Clarke Tp., d/o John & Mary A. COTTON, (sic) witn: W. H. IRVINE of Port Hope & S. COTTON of Hamilton on Mar. 25, 1879 at Clarke 7583-79 John WILLOUGHBY, 37, Christian Minister, widower, N. Gwillimbury, Orono, s/o Ellis & Miranda, married Evaline V. GAMSBY, 26, Orono, same, d/o James & Sarah, witn: Alexander & Ida GAMSBY both of Orono on July 8, 1879 at Orono.
7479-79 John WILSON, 31, teacher, Manvers, Stratford, s/o John & Ann, married Alberta Louisa PRESTON, 25, Manvers, same, d/o Isaac & Mary Ann, witn: Archibald WILSON & Wilma PRESTON, both of Manvers, 14 Aug 1879 at Manvers  
7686-79 John Edward WOLFRAIM (Wolfrom?), 19, blacksmith, Cramahe, same, s/o Hamlet W. & Francis A., married Maggie GHENT, 18, Haldimand, same, d/o John & Caroline, witn: Hamlet & Jane J. WOLFRAIM no residences given on Nov. 24, 1879 at Castleton #007645-79 (Durham Co.) Thomas WOOD, 20, farmer, Manvers, Manvers, s/o Thomas & Martha WOOD; married Eliza Anne SHAW, 20, Cartwright, Cartwright, d/o Robert & Angeline SHAW; witn: Wesley SMITH of Cartwright & Herman HART of Manvers; 22 Jan. 1879 at Cartwright.
7173-79 James Gooderham WORT, (?) 26, merchant, widower, Canada, Toronto, s/o James G. & Sarah, married Mary Louisa ELLIOTT, 27, Canada, Cobourg, d/o Charles & Elizabeth, witn: George ELLIOTT, Alex R. HARGRAFT, A. J. MORGAN & C. E. HEWSON all of Cobourg on Jan. 21, 1879 at Cobourg. 7419-79 Alexander WRIGHT, 32, farmer, Ireland, N. Monaghan, s/o Alexander & Elizabeth Ann, married Jane LAING, 22, Canada, N. Monaghan, d/o William & Mary LANG (sic) witn: George GOODFELLOW & Elizabeth CAMPBELL both of N. Monaghan on Mar. 12, 1879 at Millbrook
7426-79 Andrew WRIGHT, 23, farmer, Cavan Tp., same, s/o James & Margaret, married Margaret MASON, 19, England, Cavan Tp.., d/o John Thomas & Helen, witn: Mrs ELLIOTT & Eveline GORDON both of Millbrook on July 12, 1879 at Millbrook 7549-79 (Northumberland Co) Frederick W. WRIGHT, 24, Harness maker, Wellington, Brighton, s/o William & Caroline WRIGHT; married Victoria PALMER, 19, Brighton, Brighton, d/o Joseph & Mary PALMER; witn Walter A. THAYER & Gen WRIGHT, both Brighton, 24 Dec 1879, Norham
7681-79 Rickson ZUFELT, 20, farmer, Prince Edward Co., Haldimand, s/o David K. & Lydia E., married Elizabeth BARRETT, 18, Cramahe, same, d/o Chester & Elizabeth, witn: Walace (sic) BARRETT of Cramahe & Eliza PACKARD of Haldimand on Dec. 11, 1879 at Castleton