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Northumberland & Durham Co., 1884, part 2

part 1

#008079-85 (Northumberland Co.) John ARNOLD, 23, farmer, Canada, Alnwick Twp., s/o Richard & Francis ARNOLD; married Mary Grace HYNE, 21, Canada, Alnwick Twp., d/o William & Maria HYNE; witn: George HYNE & Martha ARNOLD, both of Alnwick; 25 Dec. 1884 at Alderville - Alnwick Twp #008227-85 (Northumberland Co.) Thomas BAMFORD, 21, moulder, Canada, Cobourg, s/o Thomas & Sarah Victoria BAMFORD; married Anna Maria STILES, 20, Canada, Cobourg, d/o Richard & Catharine STILES; witn: W.H. HIGG, Mary STILES, Jas. PARKINSON & James STILES, all of Cobourg; 23 Dec. 1884 at Cobourg
#008113-85 (Durham Co.) Malcolm BEACOM, 37, widower, railway employee, Darlington, same, , s/o John & (Hira?/Ilira?) BEACOM; married Jane PHILP, 37, Manvers, same, d/o Robert & Mary PHILP; witn: John J. BEACOM of Darlington & Lavina PHILP of Manvers; 24 Dec. 1884 at Manvers 007994-85 (Northumberland Co) John CALCUTT, 35, farmer, Murray Tp., same, s/o John & Sarah, married Sarah OOUTENDIKE (Ouderkirk?), 40, widow, Murray Tp., same, d/o James & Mary LOVELESS, witn: Charles & Huldah PICKLE, both of Murray on Oct. 6, 1884 at Woole
#008226-85 (Northumberland Co.) William Henry CUNNINGHAM, 26, moulder, Canada, Cobourg, s/o William & Maria CUNNINGHAM; married Margaret Jane BOLSTER, 24, Canada, Cobourg, d/o Thomas & Sarah BOLSTER; witn: Catherine BOLSTER & William BROWN, 3 Dec. 1884 at Cobourg 008040-85 (Durham Co) Samuel DUTTON, 25, farmer, Clarke Tp., same, s/o William DUTTON & Essy ROBBIE, married Ettie HURK, 21, Clarke Tp., same, d/o John HURK & May Ann FINLEY, witn: J. W. DAVIES of Darlington & M. HURK of Clarke on Dec. 31, 1884 at Millbrook
#008088-85 (Northumberland Co.) Norman W. HERRINGTON, 24, farmer, Murray Twp., Murray Twp., s/o Stephen & Permilla HERRINGTON; married Effie TERRILL, 19, Brighton, Murray Twp., d/o Anthony & Martha TERRILL; witn: Maggie MYERS of Colborne & Carrie MYERS of Colborne; 29 Dec. 1884 at Colborne 007993-85 (Northumberland Co) William HENESSY, 29, farmer, Murray Tp., same, s/o William & May, married Lottie BURLEY, 19, Murray Tp., same, d/o Joseph & Ann, witn: William B. & Emily TUCKER of Wooler on Dec. 8, 1884 at Wooler
008060-85 Esau HILL, 28, stone mason, twp of Asphodel, village of Hastings, s/o Uston? HILL & Mary TUCKER, married, Ellen Louisa WILSON, 22, twp of Percy, same, d/o Samuel WILSON & Jessie HERMISTON, witn. John BLACK of Percy & Minnie JONES of Percy, Dec. 18 1884 at Percy twp #008284-85 (Northumberland Co.) Henry H. HOLMES, 32, widower, carriage maker, Percy Twp., Newcombs Mills, s/o James & Jane S. HOLMES; married Lucy O. FOWLER, 19, Colborne, Newcombs Mills, d/o Timothy & Harriet FOWLER; witn: Minnie EMBURY & Mrs. DEYRAN (residences not given); 26 Dec. 1884 at Brighton Twp
008039-85 (Durham Co) Henry Humphrey JONES, 25, clerk, Newtonville, Port Hope, s/o Samuel & Marie, married Jennie NATTRESS, 25, Cavan Tp., Port Hope, d/o John & Martha, witn: J. H. ANDEMIN & M. RICHARDSON of Millbrook on Nov. 21, 1884 at Millbrook 007997-85 (Northumberland Co) Warren E. KEMP, 24, farmer, Prince Edward Co., same, s/o Asa & Mary A., married Elizabeth A. MALLETT, 22, Victoria Co., Brighton, d/o George & May A., witn: Mary GOULD of Wooler & W. J. MALLETT of Brighton on Mar. 6, 1884, at Murray Tp.
007995-85 (Northumberland Co) George E. McDONALD, 25, farmer, Ontario, Percy Tp., s/o George & Mary, married Unice (Eunice?) Addie PICKEL, 24, New York State, Murray, d/o Asa & May, witn: R. W. & Jane SAGER both of Wooler on Mar. 5, 1884 at Wooler 007992-85 (Northumberland Co) Sidney James MENDELL, 22, farmer, Croydon Ont., Sterling, s/o Carlos & Catherine, married Mary Janett HENDRICKS (KENDRICKS?), 20, Murray Tp., same, d/o Wilmont & Janette, witn: Carlos MENDELL of Sterling & Wilmont HENDRICKS of Murray on Apr. 9, 1884 at Murray Tp.
007996-85 (Northumberland Co) Daniel S. MINAKER, 27, Ameliasburgh, Brighton, s/o Isaac & Ellen, married Minnie SABINS, 17, Cramahe, same, d/o Alfred & Delina, witn: Mrs. VALENTINE & Mrs. G. HORTON both of Wooler on Jan. 29, 1884 at Wooler  
#008213-85 (Northumberland Co.) Hiram MOORE, 28, farmer, Cramahe Twp., Cramahe Twp., s/o Sylvester & Mary Ann MOORE; married Frances A. WOLFRAIM, 19, Cramahe Twp., Cramahe Twp., d/o Hamlet & Frances WOLFRAIM; witn: Casper D. PROSSER & Isabella PROSSER, 31 Dec. 1884 at Cramahe Twp #008112-85 (Durham Co.) William PHILP, 28, farmer, Manvers, same, s/o Robert & Mary PHILP, married Lizzie MARSHALL, 24, Manvers, same, d/o James & Margaret MARSHALL; witn: John MARSHALL of Manvers & Jane PHILP of Manvers; 12 Nov. 1884 at Manvers
#008283-85 (Northumberland Co.) Seward Ryno POST, 29, farmer, Batavia, Batavia - Genesee Co. US, s/o W.H.G. & Freelove POST; married Bertha A. DAYE, 20, Brighton, Brighton, d/o William H. & Esther E. DAYE; witn: Herman DAYE & Herlfab(?) F. HONY, both of Brighton; 30 Oct.1884 at Brighton 008038-85 (Durham Co) Henry REDNOR, 65, carpenter, widower, Prince Edward Co., Fenelon Falls, d/o John & Elizabeth, married Rachel BURK, 38, widow, England, Millbrook, d/o Samuel & Susann BURK, witn: Sarah & John DELMER both of Hope on Nov. 19, 1884 at Millbrook, Cavan Tp.
#008104-85 (Northumberland Co.) Herbert W. ROSEVEAR, 25, yeoman, Hamilton Twp., Hamilton Twp., s/o Henry & Sarah ROSEVEAR; married Josephine BRISBIN, 20, Hamilton Twp., Hamilton Twp., d/o Ira & Elizabeth BRISBIN; witn: John FRASER & W.H. SMITH, both of Baltimore - Ont.; 26 Nov. 1884 at Hamilton Twp 008059-85 Asa SAGER, 26, paper mill worker, Napanee, Campbellford, s/o Aaron SAGER & Eliza FULLER, married Margaret DEACON, 26, Campbellford, same, d/o Henry DEACON & Ann McCORMICK, witn. Mary SUTHERLAND of Warkworth, Nov. 6 1884 at Warkworth
  #008513-83 (Northumberland Co.) Thomas Henry SOUCH, 34, farmer, Clark Twp., Clark Twp., s/o Thomas & Maria SOUCH; married Charlotte Ann FALLS, 33, Clarke Twp., Dale, d/o James & Margaret FALLS; witn Robert FALLS & Cynthia BASSET, both of Dale; 15 Jan.1884 at Dale.
007944-84 (Durham Co): James STOREY, 26, rail road laborer, Millbrook, same, s/o John STOREY & Frances BRAY, married Mary KING, 26, Cobourg, Millbrook, d/o Thomas KING & Margaret LYDON, witn: John ROSS & Mrs. Annie CAMERON, both of Millbrook, 8 April 1884 at Millbrook #008283-84 (Durham Co): William B. STOTT, 39, teacher, Ontario, Port Hope, s/o William & Rose, married Almina ROSEVEAR, 37, Hope twp., same, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: Thomas M. HENRY & Eugena ROSEVEAR, 20 Dec 1884 at Hope twp
7950-84 (Durham Co): Angus SYER, 25, laborer, Cavan, same, s/o Henry SYER & Grace KENEDY, married Catherine Jane FINDLAY, 25, Bobcaygeon, Cavan, d/o James FINDLAY & Elizabeth HARKNESS, witn: Mr. & Mrs. George KENEDY, 18 June 1884 at Millbrook #007877-84 (Durham Co): Henry THICKSON, 24, farmer, Canada, Canton - Hope twp., s/o William & Mary, married Finity? SADSBURY, 25, Canada, Canton , d/o Samuel & Mary, witn: James McMAIN & Ann THICKSON, both of Canton, 9 Dec 1884 at Port Hope [Salsbury?]
7967-84 (Northumberland Co): Addison Wesley TWEEDLE, 22, yeoman, Canada, Brighton, s/o Edward & Eliza, married Mary ROGERS, 20, Canada, Murray, d/o Martin & Pamelia, witn: Bertie DAY of Brighton, 25 Aug 1884 at Brighton 7960-84 (Northumberland Co): William R. VAN SLYKE, 26, farmer, Brighton twp., same, s/o Marcellus VAN SLYKE & Mary TERRY, married Florence WATSON, 19, Thurlow, Plainsfield, d/o John WATSON & Eliza FOSTER, witn: Frank MAYBEE of Belleville & Carrie MAYERS of Brighton, 4 April 1884 at Brighton
#007955-84 (Northumberland Co): Sherman VAN WICKLIN, 18, yeoman, Canada, Brighton twp., s/o Gates & Mary Ann, married Emma MONTGOMERY, 19, Canada, Cramahe twp., d/o George & Lucinda, witn: Amelia D. & Thomas BREDIN of Brighton, 2 Feb 1884 at Brighton  
#008212-85 (Northumberland Co.) Clarence B. WAIT, 18, yeoman, Haldimand Twp., Cramahe Twp., s/o Donley & Cordelia WAIT; married Rebecca WILSON, 20, Brighton, Cramahe Twp., d/o David & Elizabeth WILSON; witn: David WILSON & Elizabeth WILSON, 23 Dec. 1884 at Cramahe Twp #007814-84 (Northumberland Co): George Albert WEBB, 21, Alnwick twp., same, s/o George & Lydia Ann, married Hepzebah WILBY, 20, England, Percy twp., d/o Samuel & Hepzabah, witn: George HOGG of Alnwick twp & Lena Azurila WILBY of Percy, 31 Dec 1884 at Warkworth
#007793-84 (Northumberland Co): George Whitfield WEGG, 22, farmer, Camden Ont., Alnwick twp., s/o Robert & Matilda, married Elizabeth MORROW, 16, Alnwick twp., same, d/o James & Ann, witn: William BUCHANAN of Warkworth, 2 April 1884 at Warkworth 7906-84 (Northumberland Co): James Stuart WHITE, 30, engineer, Canada, Toronto, s/o Joseph & Eleanor, married Elizabeth SPEAR, 32, Canada, Haldimand twp., d/o William & Sarah, witn: Aggie SPEAR & Joseph WHITE, both of Grafton, 18 Sept 1884 at res of William SPEARS, near Grafton (also 7952-85 as James Stewart White)
#007790-84 (Northumberland Co): William John WHITE, 34, farmer, Ontario, Haldimand twp., s/o William & Eliza, married Annie COX, 30, Percy twp., Haldimand twp., d/o John & Catherine, witn: Charles SHERMAN (or Sherwin) of Stanwick & Carra FOX of Haldimand, 31 March 1884 at Warkworth .#008216-85 (Northumberland Co.) William Edward WICKS, 23, farmer, Canada, Cramahe Twp., s/o John & Lydia WICKS; married Jessie STANTON, 19, England, Cramahe Twp., d/o Sam & Mary STANTON; witn: Austoffe RIPLY of Brighton & Adeline WICKS of Cramahe Twp.; 23 Dec. 1884 at Cramahe Twp
  #007820-84 (Northumberland Co): Samuel Ralph WILLIAMS, 29, clergyman, Ontario, Michigan, s/o David & Elizabeth, married Maria BUSH, 19, Hastings Co., Murray, d/o James H. & Sarah M., witn: Matilda BUSH & John POWELL, both of Murray, 4 June 1884 at Murray
7965-84 (Northumberland Co): George S. WILSON, 23, yeoman, Canada, Murray, s/o Joseph & Mary Jane, married Emma STORMS, 18, Canada, Cramahe, d/o George & Charity, witn: Sarah McLEOD & Amelia D. BREDIN, both of Brighton , 9 Aug 1884 at Brighton #007828-84 (Northumberland Co): William H. WOLFRAM, 20, farmer, Cramahe, same, s/o Hamlet WOLFRAM & Frances BROOKS, married Ida BOWLEN (or Bowlan), 21, Belleville, Colborne, d/o Daniel BOWLEN & Adaline THAYLEY?, witn: Oscar & Maggie WELLER of Brighton, 7 Jan 1884 at Brighton
7995-84 (Northumberland Co): Charles ZUEFELT, 30, farmer, Percy twp., same, s/o Charles & Harriet, married Clarinda POLLOCK, 32, widow, Rodan, Alnwick twp., d/o illegible (Tunis?) & Sarah SANDERS, witn: Elizabeth HYNDMAN & M. FORBES, 16 June 1884 at Alderville, Alnwick twp #007801-84 (Northumberland Co): William ZUFELT, 20, laborer, Percy twp., same, s/o Oliver & Mahaly, married Anna COVERT, 17, Percy twp., same, d/o Alpheus & Martha, witn: Sophia & Alpheus COVERT of Warkworth, 29 March 1884 at Warkworth