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Northumberland & Durham Co., 1897, part 2

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10618-97 George ALGAR, 25, painter, Port Hope, same, s/o Harry AGAR (sic) & Jane ALGAR, married Mary Jane McGIBBONY, 22, Port Hope, same, d/o James McGIBBONY & Catherine, witn: Mrs. R. TAYLOR & Florence TAYLOR, both of Newcastle, 22 April 1897 at Newcastle  
10527-97 Robert ARGUE, 49, widower, laborer, England, Cobourg, s/o Andrew ARGUE & Margaret SIMPSON, married Eliza BROOKS, 42, England, Baltimore, d/o John BROOKS, laborer, & Jane WEIR, witn: Margaret J. & Frederick C. MEARS of Baltimore, 18 Oct. 1897 at Baltimore, Hamilton twp 10523-97 John Alexander BARR, 39, mail carrier, Cobourg Ont., same, s/o Alexander BARR & Catherine FOWLER, married Agnes Knox FROW, 38, servant, Hamilton twp., Cobourg, d/o Stuart FROW & Elizabeth SMYLIE, witn: Clara WALLACE of Gores Landing & William DORIS of Cobourg, 30 June 1897 at Gores Landing
10537-97 John BEATTY, 28, widower, laborer, Haldimand, same, s/o John BEATTY & Mary BENSON, married Caroline HARNDEN, 19, Haldimand, same, d/o William HARNDEN & Caroline CAMERON, witn: Mrs. TERREY & Mrs. D. HARNDEN, both of Haldimand, 10 Dec 1897 at Haldimand 10548-97 Samuel Fred BICE, 26, Yeoman, Stanhope, Guilford Twp, d/o Isaac & Elizabeth BICE; married Amelia Mary SCRIVER, 25, Trent Bridge, Hastings, s/o James Henry SCRIVER & Amelia Jane SARGEANT; witn: William George STEVENS of Toronto & Annie Eliza SCRIVER of Hastings, 27 July 1897 at Hastings
  10681-97 William Robert BOUNDY, 28, express messenger, Bethany, Southampton, s/o William BOUNDY & Margaret J. KENNEDY, married Amelia HOLMES, 26, Port Hope, same, d/o John HOLMES & Ann Jane SKITCH, witn: Hugh & Mary WALKER of Port Hope, 27 Oct 1897 at Port Hope

10700-97 William BROWN, 37, widower, cheese maker, Ontario, Seymour, s/o William & Catherine, married Jane WALKINSHAW, 35, Ontario, Seymour, d/o George & Eleanor, witn: G. WALKINSHAW & Eleanor [no surname given], both of Seymour, 6 April 1897 at Seymour

10698-97 George BROWN, 23, Farmer, Ontario, Seymour, s/o Andrew & Maggie; married Jennie DURHAM, 23, Ontario, Seymour, d/o Henry & Annie; witn: Andrew BROWN & Maggie DUNHAM, both of Seymour, 17 March 1897 at Seymour

10386-97 Joseph Thomas BYERS, 23, farmer, Baillieboro, Hamilton twp., s/o James Douglas & Elizabeth Ann, married Catherine Louise LANG, 25, Baillieboro, same, d/o William Foster LANG & Catherine, witn: Joseph LANG & Edna BYERS, both of Baillieboro, 9 June 1897 at Cavan twp.

10409-97 Iredell CAMPBELL, 31, Railroad Man, none given, Rochester City NY, s/o William CAMPBELL & Melvina SHERBURN; married Anna E. HAYES, 27, none given, Cobourg, d/o James HAYES & Margaret HOSSACK; witn: Fred H. CHAUNCEY & Nellie V. ROGERS, 15 Sept 1897 at not given [reg'd at Cobourg]

10654-97 William CANT, 31, salesman, Scotland, Boston, s/o William CANT & Elizabeth NYLIE (Wylie?), married Gertrude JAMES, 24, Toronto, Port Hope, d/o Charles JAMES & Lucy JAMES, witn: Charles A. SEYMOUR of Rochester NY & Nellie A. JAMES of Port Hope, 26 Feb 1897 at Port Hope 10689-97 Richard CHAPLIN, 22, Farmer, Ontario, Seymour, s/o Thomas & Faith [CHAPLIN]; married Mayzod PETHERICK, 26, Ontario, Seymour, d/o William PETHERICK & Rebecca FRY; witn: Robert IRVINE & Henrietta PETHERICK, both of Seymour, 16 Jan 1897 at Seymour
10695-97 George COOK, 24, Labourer, Ontario, Seymour, s/o Ira & Eliza; married Annie WATERS, 25, Ontario, Seymour, d/o John & Jane; witn: Joseph COOK & Lena WATERS, both of Seymour, 17 Feb 1897 at Seymour

10661-97 William John COOPER, 27, farmer, Clarke twp., same, s/o William COOPER & Grace STARK, married Mary Austin CANN, 27, Hope twp., Port Hope, d/o Isaac CANN & Mary MARSHALL, witn: James R. COOPER of Toronto & Cora TAPSCOTT of Port Hope, 19 June 1897 at Port Hope

10546-97 Harry W. E. DODD, 20, Labourer, Lakefield, Hastings, s/o John J. DODD & Sarah Ellen LAUGHTON; married Mary RAYCROFT, 19, Morganston, Morganston, d/o William RAYCROFT & Mariah BEAMISH; witn: Fred & Lily DODD of Hastings, 30 June 1897 at Hastings

10385-97 William Edward EARL, 25, farmer, Cavan twp., same, s/o Henry EARL & Mary Jane, married Margaret Selina LANG, 29, Cavan twp., same, d/o John A. LANG & Eliza, witn: Henry LANG & Mary EARL, both of Cavan twp., 23 June 1897 at Cavan twp.
10540-97 George Robert ELEY, 26, farmer, Warkworth, same, s/o George ELEY & Phillipe WEBBER, married Minnie MACKLIN, 31, Haldimand, same, d/o Robert MACKLIN & Mary E. DOWN?, witn: Roy & Edna MACKLIN of Haldimand, 22 Dec 1897 at Haldimand 10524-97 John ENGLISH, 28, farmer, Haldimand twp., Hamilton twp., s/o James ENGLISH & Mary BENSON, married Grace CROSSEN, 30, Hamilton twp., same, d/o John CROSSEN, farmer, & Mary Jane PHILLIPS, witn: William PHILLIPS & Mary Ann CROSSEN, both of Hamilton twp., 17 Nov 1897 at Cold Springs, Hamilton twp
10387-97 James Dawson FAIR, 32, merchant, Canada, Millbrook, s/o George & Mariah, married Amy VANHONNUGH, 28, widow, Boston US, Millbrook, d/o George Henry FALLIS & Sophia, wit: David & Hannah FALLIS of Cavan, 14 Sept 1897 at Cavan twp. 10400-97 Weston Cardus FALLIS, 27, farmer, Cavan twp., same, s/o John & Margaret, married Ida Jane McROBERTS, 25, Alnwick, same, d/o David McROBERTS & Annie, witn: Edmond BALL & Olive GARDINER, both of Cavan twp., 14 Dec 1897 at Cavan twp
10521-97 Duncan FERGUSON, 28, farmer, Hamilton twp., same, s/o Alexander FERGUSON & Ellen HARDCASTLE, married Clara MAY, 21, Hamilton twp., same, d/o John MAY & Jane DAVEY, witn: William BAKER & Hattie MAY, both of Hamilton twp., 9 June 1897 at Cold Springs

10410-97 George M. FERRIS, 26, Physician, none given, Cobourg, s/o James M. FERRIS & C.F. FRALICK; married Elizabeth McCALLUM, 26, none given, Cobourg, d/o Peter McCALLUM & Mary RICHARD; witn: F. W. CARLOW & Helen McCALLUM, 22 Sept 1897 at not given [reg'd at Cobourg]

10383-97 John McLennan FINLAY, 23, farmer, Haldimand twp., Cavan twp., s/o Robert McLennan FINLAY & Mary Ann, married Charlotte Jane CLARKE, 18, Cavan twp., same, d/o Wesley CLARKE & Maria, witn: Clare MOORE & Minnie CLARKE, both of Cavan twp., 10 March 1897 at Cavan twp 10675-97 James FISHER, 40, widower, farmer, Cold Springs, same, s/o Mark FISHER & Mary Jane, married Elizabeth Ann CROSSEN, 40, widow, Price's Corners, Cobourg, d/o Joseph PRECIOUS & Elizabeth, witn: Christena SMITH & Mary Ann KENNEDY, both of Port Hope, 29 Dec 1897 at Port Hope
  10592-97 George FOSTER, 26, farmer, Cavan twp., same, s/o Thomas FOSTER & Mary Jane MERETON?, married Carrie KINGSMAN, 24, Cavan twp., same, d/o John KINGSMAN & Eliza CROCKER, witn: E.W. PHELPS & K. McDONALD, both of Millbrook, 11 Aug 1897 at Millbrook
10542-97 Rodolph W. FRASER, 26, farmer, Campbellford, same, s/o Josia F. FRASER & Harriet, married Bertha Jane BERNEY, 21, Haldimand, same, d/o James BERNEY & Elizabeth JOYCE, witn: Wilbert W. FRASER of Campbellford & Lillie M. BERNEY of Haldimand, 28 Dec 1897 at Haldimand 10659-97 McGillvray Stewart FRASER, 37, meshcine?, Ontario, Brandon, s/o Rev. C. Cumming FRASER & Jessie McGillivray FRASER, married Minnie Evelyn Campbell POWERS, 28, Canton, Port Hope, d/o Lafontaine B. POWERS & Maria Eliza, witn: Edward C. POWERS of Montreal & Robina R. POWERS of Port Hope, 16 June 1897 at Port Hope
10680-97 Frederick Walter FRENCH, 22, book keeper, Pennsylvania, Syracuse NY, s/o John Frederick FRENCH & Alma Salome, married Evaline SMITH, 22, Port Hope, same, d/o William SMITH & Sarah, witn: Edith SMITH & Byrd WOODS, both of Port Hope, 27 Oct 1897 at Port Hope 10401-97 John Wesley FRY, 26, carpenter, Cavan twp., Millbrook, s/o John FRY & Catherine, married Carrie Althea JACQUES, 18, Cavan twp., same, d/o Charles JACQUES & Emma, witn: Lewis FRY of South Monaghan & Philippa OLIVER of Millbrook, 29 Dec 1897 at Cavan twp.
10538-97 Michael GEROW (Gerin?), 32, farmer, Haldimand, same, s/o John GEROW & Catherine QUIGLEY, married Ellen McCANN, 19, Haldimand, same, d/o unknown, witn: Laurence NATHAN & Sarah MASTERSON, both of Burnley, 24 Nov 1897 at Burnley 10532-97 Henry GILMURRAY, 45, widower, farmer, Canada, Grafton, s/o Denis GILMURRAY & Catherine GREEN, married Mary Ann KELLEY, 44, Canada, Haldimand, d/o Charles A. KELLEY & Mary McGRATH, witn: James WALSH & Kate HAIG, both of Haldimand, 10 Feb 1897 at Grafton

10688-97 Thomas GLASSFORD, 33, Farmer, Ontario, Glenburnie, s/o James GLASSFORD & Becky ROSS; married Annie STEWART, 29, Ontario, Seymour, d/o William STEWART & Christina RAINIE; witn: Andrew MILNE & Aggie ANDERSON, both of Seymour, 16 Jan 1897 at Seymour

10697-97 Frank GLENN, 25, Farmer, Ontario, Seymour, s/o George & Matilda; married Elizabeth SMITH, 24, Ontario, Seymour, d/o William & Mary; George & Clara SMITH of Seymour, 10 March 1897 at Seymour

10522-97 John GORDON, 27, farmer, Garron - Co. Monaghan Ireland, Haldimand twp., s/o William GORDON & Jane McCANN, married Maud CHISHOLM, 21, Hamilton twp., same, d/o Joseph CHISHOLM & Mary BROOKS, witn: William GORDON of Haldimand twp & Mary CHISHOLM of Hamilton twp., 14 July 1897 at Hamilton twp  
10382-97 John Swain GRANDY, 29, farmer, Cavan twp., same, s/o Henry & Hannah, married Hannah Helena GRANDY, 23, Manvers twp., Cavan twp., d/o Samuel & Ann, witn: Hannah GRAHAM & Phoebe KILGOUR, both of Cavan, 1 March 1897 at Cavan twp. 10679-97 William S. HARRIGAN, 23, sailor, Port Hope, same, s/o Patrick HARRIGAN & Sarah E., married Evelina WILKINSON, 22, Cavan, Port Hope, d/o Frederick WILKINSON & Margaret, witn: Frederick & Margaret WILKINSON of Port Hope, 28 Sept 1897 at Port Hope

10414-97 Charles Albert Edwin HARRISS, 35, Composer, London England, Montreal, s/o Edwin [HARRIS] & Elizabeth HARRISS; married Ella Frances SHOENBERGER, 55, Wid, Cobourg, Cobourg, d/o John (M.D.) & Eleanor BEATTY; witn: Westropp MacDOUGAL of Ottawa & Ada YATES of Kingston, 15 Sept 1897 at Cobourg

10698-97 William HATTIN, 23, Farmer, Ontario, Seymour, s/o John HATTIN & Mary EASTWOOD; married Martha McGOWAN, 23, Ontario, Seymour, d/o Hugh McGOWAN & Elizabeth RIDDELL; witn: Thomas McQUADE & Hannah McGOWN (sic), both of Seymour, 31 March 1897 at Seymour

10289-97 Robert James HAWTHORN (Hanthorn?), 27, farmer, Ontario, Alnwick, s/o Robert HAWTHORN & Amanda Ann McNUTT, married Hellen CLOSSON, 21, Ontario, Cramahe twp., d/o John CLOSSON & Mary Jane POLLOCK, witn: Albert COLBY of Asphodel twp & R. B. HAWTHORN of Alnwick twp., 16 July 1897 at Alnwick twp 10290-97 Ezra HOUGHTAILING, 27, blacksmith, Ontario, Alnwick twp., s/o James HOUGHTAILING & Harriet OWENS, married Ev LAPP, 20, farmer, Ontario, Alnwick twp., d/o Orra LAPP & Jane CLARKE, witn: James WILEY & Maggie LAPP, both of Alnwick, 29 Dec 1897 at Alnwick twp

10549-97 Lachlan Tayler HUYCKE, 33, Tailor, Percy, Hastings, s/o A.C. HUYCKE & Mary Ann GIBSON; married Susie Amelia TATE, 33, Asphodel, Hastings, d/o Enoch & Mary TATE; witn: William A. JOHNSTON & Lillian TATE, both of Hastings, 6 Sept 1897 at Hastings

10406-97 Stanley B. JEFFREY, 21, Clerk, none given, Cobourg, s/o Daniel JEFFREY & Catherine SQUAIR; married Rosina MOORE, 22, none given, none given, d/o William MOORE & Jane LOSCOMB; witn: Matilda MOORE & William BOUNDRY, 23 Aug at not given [reg'd at Cobourg]

10544-97 Fred William KINCAID, 31, yeoman, Madoc, same, s/o William KINCAID & Mary Ann, married Beccie STANBURY, 29, West Seymour, same, d/o Edward STANBURY & Mary Ann, witn: William STANBURY of Myersburg & Clara STANBURY of West Seymour, 10 Feb 1897 at West Seymour

10694-97 William F. KINCAID, 31, Farmer, Ontario, Madoc, s/o William & Mary; married Becca STANBURY, 29, Ontario, Seymour, d/o Edward & Mary, witn: William & Clara STANBURY of Seymour, 27 Feb 1897 at Seymour

10683-97 John LANG, 36, farmer, Hamilton twp., same, s/o Martin LANG & Catherine McLARTY, married Mary Nettie WALTER, 24, Hope twp., same, d/o George WALTER & Margaret MILLER, witn: Clara C. CANE? of Port Hope & Lizzie A. WALTER of Hope twp., 8 Dec 1897 at Port Hope 10655-97 William LAWRENCESON, 21, laborer, Port Hope, same, s/o James LAWRENCESON & Catherine, married Elizabeth A. LACKIE, 21, Port Hope, same, d/o Robert LACKIE & Mary CROSS, witn: E.E. DANIEL & Juliet DANIEL, both of Port Hope, 19 April 1897 at Port Hope
10617-97 Alexander LESLIE, 50, widower, Presbyterian minister, Elora, Gobles, s/o George LESLIE & Ann, married Mary Christena HUNTER, 31, teacher, Newcastle, same, d/o Andrew H. HUNTER & Mary, witn: Archie HUNTER of Goderich & Mary BROUGHALL of Bowmanville, 25 Feb 1897 at Newcastle 10519-97 William LITTLE, 22, farmer, Hamilton twp., same, s/o Gilbert LITTLE & Ellen, married Ettie Ellen GRAHAM, 19, Hope twp., same, d/o Christopher GRAHAM & Harriet, witn: Gilbert LITTLE of Hamilton twp & Mrs. John MEARS of Camborne, 28 April 1897 at Camborne

10691-97 Thomas LOCK, 22, Farmer, Ontario, Seymour, s/o Jasper LOCK & Charlotte PATERSON, married Frances BENNETT, 22, Ontario, Seymour, d/o Joseph BENNETT & Frances BAMBRE?, witn: William SHANNON & Annie MORRISON, both of Seymour, 24 Feb 1897 at Seymour

10696-97 James LONGEMUIR, 30, Farmer, Ontario, Seymour, s/o James & Amelia; married Eunice E. NEVIN, 18, Ontario, Seymour, d/o Henry & Mary; Andrew BROWN & Rose GERMAN, both of Seymour, 24 Feb 1897 at Seymour

10541-97 James S. LOWREY, 29, laborer, Haldimand, same, s/o James LOWRIE (sic) & Jane BOYD, married Sarah BOYD, 28, Haldimand, same, d/o John G. BOYD & Elizabeth, witn: James BLACKLOCK of Grafton & John BOYD of Vernonville, 23 Dec 1897 at Grafton 10701-97 James H. MARKS, 31, blacksmith, Ontario, Haldimand, s/o John MARKS & Christena POVAY?, married Magdeline SHANNON, 30, Ontario, Seymour, d/o Thomas SHANNON & Margaret MILLER, witn: William MARKS of Haldimand & Daisy SHANNON of Seymour, 14 April 1897 at Seymour
10594-97 Henry MARTINELL, 25, carpenter, Newcastle Ont., Clarke twp., s/o Joseph MARTINELL & Priscilla FARREL, married Hattie GARRETT, 22, Kendall Ont., Clarke twp., d/o Alton GARRETT & Sarah McMILLAN, witn: William THIRLTE of Clarke twp & Annie JOHNSTON of Millbrook, 1 Oct 1897 at Millbrook 10526-97 Frederick A. MAYBEE, 36, farmer, Hamilton twp., same, s/o Alanson MAYBEE & Hannah ROWE, married Elizabeth J. JONES, 27, Hamilton twp., same, d/o Thomas JONES, farmer, & Mary J. JONES, witn: A.G. MAYBEE & A.E. JONES, both of Hamilton twp., 13 Sept 1897 at Hamilton twp
10684-97 Charles Alexander McELROY, 22, electrician, Canada, Port Hope, s/o Mark McELROY & Harriet, married Mary Emma HASKILL, 19, Canada, Port Hope, d/o Benjamin HASKILL & Mary, witn: Edward McELROY & Mrs. J. R. HULL, both of Port Hope, 1 Dec 1897 at Port Hope 10660-97 William Thomas McGIBBON, 22, file maker, Port Hope, same, s/o Thomas McGIBBON & Mary A. MAYNES, married Grace Mary OUTRAM, 22, Montreal, Port Hope, d/o Frederick OUTRAM & Mary WILKINSON, witn: William James MELROSE of Peterboro & Lillian OUTRAM of Port Hope, 10 June 1897 at Port Hope
  10620-97 Donald J. McLEOD, 26, farmer, Newcastle, same, s/o Alexander & Mary, married Leila HIGGINS, 25, of Newcastle, d/o David & Phoebe, witn: Minnie M. PARNELL & A. W. McLEOD, both of Newcastle, 15 Sept 1897 at Newcastle

10693-97 Frederick McMULLEN, 37, Farmer, Ontario, Percy, s/o Andrew & Catherine McMULLEN; married Catharine HAY, 38, Ontario, Seymour, d/o Andrew & Agnes HAY; witn: Maud HUBBLE of Rawdon & John McMULLEN of Percy, 25 Feb 1897 at Seymour

10656-97 Thomas Carlyle McNEILLIE, 25, printer, Newtonville, Toronto, s/o Thomas D. McNELLIE (sic) & Margaret, married Violet Rachel Ann THROOP, 27, Port Hope, same, d/o Charles THROOP & Elizabeth, witn: Fred McNELLIE of Toronto & Alma Elizabeth Kent THROOP of Port Hope, 24 May 1897 at Port Hope

10405-97 Jay W. MEECH, 22, Electrician, none given, Rochester NY USA, s/o F.E. MEECH & S.W. FORNCROOK; married Rose HERINGTON, 21, none given, none given, d/o Stephan HERRINGTON (sic) & Phoebe HERINGTON; witn: Josie & Harriet STOTT, 20 Aug 1897 at not given [reg'd at Cobourg]

10687-97 James A. MILNE, 23, Farmer, Ontario, Seymour, s/o Alexander & Christine MILNE; married Susan ANDERSON, 25, Ontario, Seymour, d/o Alexander & Mary [ANDERSON]; witn: William ANDERSON & Lizzie MILNE, both of Seymour, 6 Jan 1897 at Seymour

  10534-97 Robert Charles MORRIS, 23, gardener, Cobourg, same, s/o Charles MORRIS & Eliza, married Helena FRANCEY, 21, Baltimore, Cobourg, d/o George FRANCEY & Eliza, witn: R.H.C. BROWN of Toronto & Kathleen FRENCH of Grafton, 9 Nov 1897 at Grafton

10415-97 Allen NEILSON, 30, Civil Engineer, Fredericksburg, Fredericksburg, s/o Robert & Elizabeth NEILSON; married Carrie WILLIAMS, 27, Cobourg, Cobourg, d/o Mathew & Elizabeth WILLIAMS; Robert NEILSON of Williamsport & Olive WOOD, 6 Oct 1897 at Cobourg

10543-97 S. Wilbert NELSON, 21, farmer, Percy twp., same, s/o Stephen NELSON & Annie PERVELL?, married Eliza YOUNG, 20, Percy twp., same, d/o Joseph YOUNG & Elizabeth MAIDENS, witn: Janet THOMPSON & Agnes SHEARER, both of Hastings, 17 March 1897 at Manse, Hastings
10288-97 John PAUL, 27, laborer, Ontario, Alnwick, s/o David PAUL & Bridget, married Mary Ann COMEGO, 21, Ontario, Alnwick, d/o George COMEGO & Martha SKYE, witn: M.L. FRASER of Roseneath & M. MARSDEN of Alderville, 3 March 1897 at Roseneath 10619-97 R. B. PEACOCK, 29, farmer, Hope, same, s/o Robert PEACOCK & Elizabeth, married E.J. BARRIE, 20, Newcastle, same, d/o Robert BARRIE & Sarah, witn: J. F. HAWKINS of Hope & Ada J. BARRIE of Newcastle, 9 June 1897 at Newcastle
10678-97 William PETHICK, 23, blacksmith, Clarke twp., same, s/o John PETHICK & Elizabeth M. KISSICK, married Abbie BEBEE, 27, Illinois, Hope twp., d/o Joseph BEBEE & Sarah DONOVAN, witn: J.H. PETHICK of Clarke twp & Esther BEBEE of Hope twp., 27 Sept 1897 at Port Hope 10525-97 Samuel POCKETT, 45, widower, farmer, Cobourg Ont, Manitoba, s/o Henry POCKETT & Mary SMITH, married Clara L. GREER, 30, dress maker, Hamilton twp., same, d/o David GREER & Mary Ann SMITH, witn: Jacob SMITH of Haldimand twp & Olive LAWLESS of Grafton, 8 Sept 1897 at Cold Springs, Hamilton twp
10657-97 Joseph Ridge QUINBY, 23, merchant, Elizabeth NJ, New York, s/o T.R. QUINBY & Mary L. married Mabel Francis WELLINGTON, 23, Syracuse NY, Port Hope, d/o Arthur H. WELLINGTON & Sarah S., witn: Samuel L. & Grace QUINBY of New York, 2 June 1897 at Port Hope 10677-97 Joseph Martin RAY, 25, artist, Port Hope, Toronto, s/o James RAY & Mary Ann STEVENSON, married Rebecca REID, 21, Montreal, Port Hope, d/o Samuel S. REID & Ann GRAHAM, witn: S. B. RAY & Aggie B. RAY, both of Port Hope, 27 Sept 1897 at Port Hope
10531-97 Walter John RIDDELL, 53, farmer, Hamilton, Haldimand, s/o Walter RIDDELL & Mary RENWICK, married Janet MOFFATT, 40, Clarke, Haldimand, d/o Walter MOFFATT & Agnes GRAHAM, witn: Roger MOFFATT of Haldimand & Thomas MOFFATT of Clarke, 20 Jan 1897 at Haldimand 10545-97 Thomas William ROBINS, 21, farmer, Alnwick, same, s/o William ROBINS & Sarah REYNOLDS, married Margaret LINTON, 19, Alnwick, same, d/o Joseph LINTON & Anna SHERWIN, witn: James & Sarah McGEE of Alnwick, 24 May 1897 at Hastings
10518-97 Andrew ROSS, 35, farmer, Hamilton twp., same, s/o David ROSS & Agnes WILSON, married Margaret Hannah McINTOSH, 29, Hamilton twp., same, d/o David McINTOSH & Alison AITCHESON, witn: George McINTOSH & Anna Mary McINTOSH, both of Cold Springs, 27 Jan 1897 at Cold Springs  
10388-97 Albert Edward SANDERSON, 32, farmer, Cavan twp., same, s/o Edward SANDERSON & Sarah Jane TAYLOR, married Mary Eliza ARMSTRONG, 27, Cavan twp., same, d/o William ARMSTRONG & Margaret HAMILL, witn: Joseph SANDERSON of Springvillle & Margaret HAMILL of Garden Hill, 21 Sept 1897 at Cavan 10520-97 James SERVICE, 29, shoe maker, Cobourg, same, s/o John SERVICE & Nancy, married Alice BIRCH, 24, England, Hamilton twp., d/o Leonard BIRCH & Sarah, witn: Charles MARTIN & Christena BIRCH, both of Hamilton twp., 23 May 1897 at Camborne
10398-97 Freeman Stinson SPENCER, 34, merchant, Canada, Picton, s/o James R. & Eliza, married Georgina E. ELLIOT, 25, Cavan, Millbrook, d/o George F. & Zahilla, witn: J. W. ALLISON & Anna ELLIOTT, both of Millbrook, 29 Sept 1897 at Cavan

011538-99 George Samuel STANTON, 26, Farmer, London England, Cramahe, s/o S. & Eliza STANTON; married Beatrice Faith BALL, 21, Birmingham England, Colborne, d/o George & Elizabeth BALL; wit Adrian SQUIER & Alice SQUIER, both Cramahe, 1 Nov 1897, Colborne

  10682-97 Alfred Allen STEVENSON, 44, widower, carpenter, Hope twp., Port Hope, s/o John W. STEVENSON & Amy FOX, married Lillian Evelin MONAGHAN, 34, Port Hope, same, d/o William MONAGHAN & Phoebe MILLS, witn: Frederick & Edith ROSEVEAR of Port Hope, 27 Oct 1897 at Port Hope
10703-97 William TOMS, 53, miller, England, Seymour, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Isabella BEDFORD, 43, single, Ontario, Seymour, d/o Gilbert & Mary, witn: Gilbert & Mary BEDFORD of Seymour, 1 June 1897 at Seymour 10381-97 Edwin VEALE, 23, farmer, Cartwright, same, s/o John VEALE & Emma, married Irene PORTEOUS, 19, Cartwright, same, d/o John PORTEOUS & Elizabeth, witn: Walter VEALE & Ona PORTEOUS, both of Cartwright, 7 Dec 1897 at Blackstock
10528-97 John F. VENTON, 37, farmer, Hamilton twp., same, s/o Francis VENTON & Arletta MOORE, married Lilly BARCLAY, 35, Brock twp., Hamilton twp., d/o Sidney BARCLAY, farmer, & Susanna GREEN, witn: William WATT & Louis JACKSON, both of Hamilton twp., 25 Nov 1897 at Hamilton twp  
10340-97 Andrew VROOMAN, 33, clergyman, Oxford Co. Ont., Calgary Alberta, s/o Nelson VROOMAN & Mary PIERSON, married Rose Kenilla KEMP, 28, Brighton twp., Brighton, d/o C. B. KEMP & Emily GROSS, wit: Dr. Herbert G. & Kate KEMP of Brighton, 30 Oct. 1897 at Brighton 10384-97 John H. WARD, 27, farmer, Cavan twp., Alameda NWT, s/o Robert WARD & Emma, married Jennie Florence BYERS, 20, Monaghan twp., Cavan twp., d/o William BYERS & Sarah, witn: S. J. HUNTER & William BYERS, both of Cavan twp., 15 March 1897 at Cavan twp.
10593-97 Henry WHITE, 23, farmer, England, Cavan, s/o Henry WHITE & not known, married Alice BRUCE, 22, Garden Hill, Millbrook, d/o William BRUCE & Frances STORY, witn: Carrie BRUCE of Millbrook & Frederick WHITE of Cavan, 8 Sept 1897 at Millbrook 10412-97 William G. WILDBUR, 28, Weaver, none given, Cobourg, s/o William WILDBUR & Susan SHARPIN; married Alice HOPKINS, 21, none given, Cobourg, d/o George HOPKINS & Mary WATSON; witn: H. R. PEARSE & Hannah E. DINES, 29 Sept 1897 at not given [reg'd at Cobourg]
10658-97 Newman WILLIAMSON, 32, stationer, Smith Falls, Port Hope, s/o William WILLIAMSON & Rebecca, married Adelaide Edith NICHOLLS, 26, Port Hope, same, d/o Robert NICHOLLS & Adelaide M., witn: Bruce NICHOLLS of Toronto & Katie WILLIAMSON of Port Hope, 16 June 1897 at Port Hope 10552-97 Harry? WILSON, 30, farmer, Hope twp., same, s/o Edwin WILSON & Jane, married Sophia A. WHITE, 20, Hope twp., same, d/o William WHITE & Mary, witn: F. H. WILSON & Sophia WHITE, both of Hope twp., 31 March 1897 at Hope twp

10533-97 George Douglas WOOD, 24, teamster, Cobourg, same, s/o James WOOD & Margaret, married Rosella WILSON, 19, Cobourg, same, d/o Robert WILSON & Elizabeth, witn: Annie TOMS of Cobourg & Ida WHIMSETT of Grafton, 9 June 1897 at Grafton

11437-99 James Benjamin WRIGHT, 30, farmer, Castleton, Hastings, s/o Daniel WRIGHT & Eliza YOUNG, married Nettie Louisa BLAKE, 26, Rednersville, same, d/o William BLAKE & Lea MUNROE, witn: Thomas HOOPER of Hastings & Minnie GRILLS of Campbellford, 9 Dec 1897 at Campbellford
10662-97 Stanley D. YEO, 23, tanner, Port Hope, Toronto, s/o William YEO & Maggie, married Maggie JOHNSTON, 21, Port Hope, same, d/o Francis JOHNSTON & Maggie, witn: Sarah E. JOHNSTON & E.E. DANIEL, both of Port Hope, 2 June 1897 at Port Hope