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Northumberland & Durham Co., 1899, part 1

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011371-99 Wesley John ALLIN, 28, farmer, Darlington, same, s/o William ALLIN & Maria CORNISH, married Elizabeth WRIGHT, 20, Manvers Tp., Clarke Tp., d/o William Henry WRIGHT & Georgina POINTER, witn: Lewis ALLIN of Darlington Tp. & Mary ROWE of Clarke Tp. on Feb. 22, 1899 at Bowmanville 011423-99 Willie Ernest ALLISON, 21, Sophiasberg, Sophiasberg Twp, no occupation given, s/o Rockwell ALLISON & Emma SMITH, married Florence Ethel SMITH, 19, not given, Brighton Twp, d/o Sheldon SMITH & Isabella TRUMPOUR, witn; N. P. & Victoria GERMAN of Brighton Twp. 13 Dec, 1899 at Brighton Twp.
#011767-99 (Northumberland Co.) Amos ALTHOUSE, 30, farmer, Ontario, Belmont, s/o Elija ALTHOUSE & Eliza GREEN; married Martha CHARD, 29, Ontario, Belmont, d/o William CHARD & Margaret REDDEN; witn Edward KING & Hanah McGOWAN, both of Seymour; married 17 Oct.1899, Seymour Twp. #011761-99 (Northumberland Co.) Maxwell ANDERSON, 29, farmer, Ontario, Seymour, s/o George ANDERSON & Sarah A. WILSON; married Joanna DRYSDALE, 26, d/o Hy DRYSDALE & Rebecca MEIKLEJOHN; witn Fred ANDERSON, & Feria(?) ROWE (name blurred), both of Semour; married 15 Feb.1899, Seymour Twp.
011741 99 Robert James ANDREWS, 22, printer, Canada, Port Hope, s/o Robert & Jane ANDREWS, married Annie Ethel May WOOD, 20, Canada, Port Hope, d/o Cecil & Jessie WOOD, witn. Alfred James HAMILTON & Annie WOOD both of Port Hope, Oct. 16 1899 at Port Hope  
011498-99 Frederic C. ARMSTRONG, 29, “not returned”, London England, Electrical Engineer, s/o W. H. ARMSTRONG & Elizabeth CHALMES married Helen R. McCALLUM, 25, “not returned”, Cobourg, d/o Peter McCALLUM & Mary RICHARD. Wtn: J.J. ASHWORTH and Georgie A. MILLS on January 12, 1899 at Cobourg 011405-99 Walter BARNARD, 52, widower, Glenville Sch'dy NY, railroad cond'r, s/o M. L. BARNARD & C. E. HERMANCE, married Effie M. THOMPKINS, 27, Brighton, same, d/o George E. THOMPKINS & H. HAINES, witn; D.J. URQUHART of New Brunswick NY, & May E. RITCHIE of Belleville. 21 Dec, 1899 at Brighton.
11399-99 - Gilbert BARNES, no age given, farmer, Brighton twp., Cramahe twp., s/o Aaron BARNES & Jane DOWNS, married Harriet REDDICK, no age given, dress maker, Brighton twp., same, d/o David REDDICK & Harriet ROUSE, witn: Harry MACKLEM of Cramahe & Ida BARNES of Brighton, 25 Jan 1899 at Brighton #011722-99 - Edward William BARNETT, 78, contractor, Montreal, Port Hope, widower, s/o Edward BARNETT & Isabella FORBES; married Ellen HEASLIP, 70, Ireland, Port Hope; widow, d/o Henry WOOD & Jane JAMIESON; witn David HEASLIP & Mary Jane HEASLIP, both of Baillieboro; 31 Jan.1899, Port Hope
11701-99 (Durham Co): John BARRETT, 56, widower, farmer, Devonshire England, Clarke twp., s/o William & Annie, married Janet E. LOVEKIN, 45, Clarke twp., same, d/o John W. & Jane, witn: Francis J. BARNETT of Clarke twp & Mrs. G. McLEOD of Newcastle, 22 June 1899 at Newcastle 11700-99 Charles BARRETT, 22, laborer, Newcastle, same, s/o James & Helen, married Louisa HAYES, 23, Clarke twp., same, d/o Michael & Annie, witn: Evan McLEAN & D. W. GRIEVES, both of Newcastle, 20 March 1899 at Newcastle
11697-99 William BARRETT, 23, farmer, Clarke twp., same, s/o John & Sarah, married Annie SMITH, 23, Clarke twp., same, d/o John & Matilda, witn: Jennie & Winnifred FARNCOMB of Newcastle, 22 March 1899 at Newcastle #011580-00 - Francis Wesley BATE, 54, widower, farmer, Brighton twp., same, s/o William BATE & Mary Jane SMITH, married Harriet RALEIGH, 46, widow, Hillier twp., Bloomfield, d/o James JONES & Harriet PARR, witn: John & S.J. FULFORD of Brighton twp., 28 Dec 1899 at Brighton twp
11462-99 William Isaac BEACOCK, 25, farmer, Cartwright, same, s/o William John BEACOCK & Susan S. TAYLOR, married Mabel Mary FALLIS, no age given, Cartwright, same, d/o George FALLIS & Anna L. TAYLOR, witn: John TAYLOR of Toronto & Maggie BEACOCK of Cartwright, 21 June 1899 at Cartwright 011638 99 John BEATTY, 30, farmer, twp of Hope, same, s/o Alex & Sophia BEATTY, married Annie GORDON, 21, twp of Hope, same, d/o Arthur & Sarah GORDON, witn. W.G. BICKLE & Mr. KERNAN both of twp of Hope, May 24 1899 at twp of Hope
  011497-99 Peter BEHAN, 28, Hamilton Tp., same, Yeoman, s/o John BEHAN & Mary WATSON married Elizabeth MILAN, 18, Hamilton Tp., same, d/o James MILAN & Martha CLARKE. Wtn: Francis NORRIS of Cobourg and Ann BEHAN of Cobourg on January 11, 1899 at Catholic Prebytery at Cobourg
011500-99 James BEHAN, 32, “not returned”, Hamilton Tp., Farmer, s/o John BEHAN & Mary WATSON married Catherine LAWLOR, 30, “not returned”, Hamilton Tp., d/o John LAWLOR & Ellen McGINTY Wtn: James LEONARD of Hamilton Tp. and Louise BEHAN of Cobourg  on February 1, 1899 at St. Michael Church Cobourg 11596-99 Robert F. BLACKLOCK, 26, teacher, Haldimand twp., same, s/o James? & Jane, married Lulu SARGENT, 23, Haldimand twp., same, d/o N--? SARGENT & Alice EDDY, witn: Thomas BLACKLOCK of Grafton & Elsie SARGENT of Eddystone, 12 July 1899 at Eddystone
11361-99 - Herman BLODGETT, 23, farmer, Ontario, Alnwick twp., s/o Artimus BLODGETT & Anna MERRILL, married Myra SANDERCOCK, 19, Ontario, Alnwick twp., d/o John SANDERCOCK & Ella WESTINGTON, witn: John & Mary SANDERCOCK of Alnwick twp., 4 Oct 1899 at Alnwick twp  
011614-99 Archibald BOWMAN, 26, Hamilton Tp., same, Merchant, s/o John BOWMAN & Annie SMART married Grace Agnes CROSSEN, 22, Hamilton, same, Dressmaker, d/o Jackson CROSSEN & Ann THOMPSON. Wtn: David F. DINES of Hamilton Tp. and Christine CROSSEN of Hamilton Tp. on July 11, 1899 at Hamilton Tp. 11691-99 Harry BOYCE, 23, teacher, P.E. County, Murray, s/o John BOYCE & Helen CLEGG, married Agnes PRESTON, 35, widow, Peterborough, Murray, d/o James HEAL (Neal?) & Agnes FILE, witn: J. R. BOYCE of Murray & Alice BOULER of Trenton, 5 July 1899 at Murray
011402-99 George Robert BOYD, 22, Twp Cramahe, same, farmer, s/o George BOYD & (Miss) GILL, married Ethel May McGREGOR, 21, Twp. Cramahe, same, d/o John McGREGOR & Bertha CLARK, witn; Mrs. W.H. REDMON of Brighton. 15 Nov, 1899 at Brighton. 11593-99 Charles S. BRADLEY, 57, widower, bailiff, Haldimand twp., Grafton, s/o Abraham BRADLEY & Ruth TUCKER, married Charlot Elis CLETHEROE, 43, Grafton, same, d/o Thomas James CLETHEROE & Margaret WALSH, witn: Ralph WEBB & Florence L. McBRIDE, both of Grafton, 11 April 1899 at Grafton
11522-99 Henry BRIGDEN, 68, widower, farmer, Sussex England, Roslin, s/o Henry & Sarah, married Elizabeth Sophie PALLIE, 53, Isle of Jersey, Cobourg, d/o Charles & Mary Elizabeth, witn: Frederick & Ida M. PEARCE of Cobourg, 25 Oct 1899 at Cobourg 11677-99 (Durham Co): William BRISTOW, 22, farmer, Canada, Cavan, s/o Alexander BRISTOW & Ann LANG, married Martha McMAHON, 22, Canada, Cavan, d/o Arthur McMAHON & Minnie GREY, witn: Jessie A. & Lottie M. CADE of Millbrook, 12 April 1899 at Millbrook
  011642 99 Edward BROADBENT, 35, baker, England, Port Hope, s/o Jessie BROADBENT & Mary BROWN, married Lucy Edith REEVES, 25 of twp of Hope, same, d/o James REEVES & (not readable) BROCK, witn. Mry Alice NOTT of twp of Hope & Harry ROSEVEAR of Port Hope, July 12, 1899 at twp of Hope
011363-99 Henry BROCK, 34, farmer, Cornwall England, Scarborough Ontario, s/o Thomas BROCK & Many Ann KINSMAN, married Abigail Louisa CLEMENS, 44, Darlington, Bowmanville, d/o William CLEMENS & Mary Ann DORRANT, witn: William John & Maria CLEMENS both of Darlington on Feb. 27, 1899 at Bowmanville. 11630-99 George BROWN, 48, laborer, England, not given, s/o Charles BROWN & Sarah BATRIDGE?, married Edith SIMPSON, 27, house work, Bewdley, not given, d/o John & Isabella, witn: Ella BURK of Percy twp & Amey DILWORTH of Hastings, 28 Nov 1899 at Hastings
011675 99 - John BRUCE, 37, farmer, Cartwright, Manvers, s/o Thomas BRUCE & Elizabeth BROWN, married Florence McLAUGHLIN, 21, Darlington, Manvers, d/o John McLAUGHLIN & Elizabeth COX, witn. Robert & Elizabeth McLAUGHLIN, both of Manvers, Dec. 27, 1899, at Pontypool  
011424-99 Milton? Mallory BRYANT, 24, Murray Twp, same, farmer, s/o David BRYANT & Elizabeth POWELL, married May M. BROOKS, 24, Brighton Twp, same, d/o William BROOKS & Jessie NIX, witn; Allen BROOKS of Brighton Twp & Sadie BRYANT of Wooler, 22 Nov, 1899 at Brighton Twp. 11526-99 Leslie Wallace Mason BULLER, 22, telegrapher, Lindsay, Port Hope, s/o John BULLER & John (sic) LAIDLAW, married Lottie May STEVENSON, 23, Port Hope, same, d/o John STEPHENSON (sic) & Elizabeth SPRY, witn: B.B. THOMPSON of Port Hope & Millie COOK of Cobourg, 19 Oct 1899 at Cobourg
11598-99 Henry E. BURNHAM, 25, butcher, Cobourg, Sandy Creek USA, s/o Charles BURNHAM & Cordelia MALLORY, married Bessie Blanche WEBSTER, 24, Haldimand twp., same, d/o William WEBSTER & Annie CLARK, witn: Mary HARE & Edna ANDERSON, both of Grafton, 27 Oct 1899 at Grafton 11607-99 Asa A. BURNHAM, 29, farmer, Hamilton twp., same, s/o William L. BURNHAM & Maria ALLAN, married Margaret H. RODDICK, 29, Cobourg, Hamilton twp., d/o George RODDICK, farmer, & Hannah HAGERMAN, witn: R. H. RODDICK & Blanche E. BURNHAM, both of Hamilton twp., 8 March 1899 at Hamilton twp
011368-99 George BUTSON, 27, farmer, Cartwright Tp., Prince Albert, s/o Robert BUTSON, mother unknown, married Phoebe Ella HUBBARD, 20, Prince Albert, Brock Tp., d/o George HUBBARD, mother unknown, witn: Dr. TILLY & Mrs J.J. RAE, both of Bowmanville on Jan. 19, 1899, at Bowmanville 11358-99 - Charles CAMP, 21, farmer, Ontario, Ameliasburg, s/o Charles & Adaline, married Bella HEAL, 25, Ontario, Murray twp., d/o James HEAL & Margaret FIFE, witn: Lottie & Blanch McDONALD of Roseneath, 12 July 1899 at Alnwick twp
  011666 99 - Mathew CAMPBELL, 49, widower, farmer, twp of T?ck, (illegible), twp of Tay, s/o (illegible) CAMPBELL & Herma WOODS, married Martha Eleanor ARMSTRONG, 43, Mount Horeb, same, d/o William ARMSTRONG & Jane JACKSON, witn. James CAMPBELL of Midland & Sarah ARMSTRONG of Mount Horeb, Aug. 30 1899, at Mount Horeb
011613-99 Samuel CANNING, 24, Ireland, Hamilton Tp., Farmer, s/o William CANNING & Margaret ? (W?) married Minnie DIXON, 28, South Monaghan, Hamilton Tp., Farmer, d/o William DIXON & Jane ARMSTRONG. Wtn: Maggie WHITE of Cobourg and W.F. DIXON of Warsaw? on March 28, 1899 at Hamilton Tp. 11624-99 - William T. CARBERRY, 33, civil engineer, Asphodel, Norwood, s/o John CARBERRY & Mary STEWART, married Emma BERKLE, 28, Alnwick, Haldimand, d/o John BERKLE & Sarah HIBBARD, witn: A. ANDERSON of Hastings & Bella WEEKS of Picton, 15 Feb 1899 at Hastings
011743 99 John H. CARTER, 29, mason, Colborne, same, s/o William CARTER & Sarah FIDDICK, married Maggie LOWE, 21, Port Hope, same, d/o James LOWE & Mary RAMAGE, witn William & Emma LOWE both of Port Hope, Nov. 15 1899 at Port Hope 011621-99 William CASSIN, 22, Seymour, same, Laborer, s/o not given & Margaret? CASSON married Ellen SMITH, 22 Crema? England, Seymour, d/o John SMITH & Elizabeth BRETHAY (Brethny?). Wtn: Jannet THOMSON of Hastings and Agnes SHEARER of Hastings on January 18, 1899 at Hastings
011745 99 David Albert CHEER, 31, laborer, Port Hope, same, s/o David CHEER & Jane BROCKENSHIRE, married Ellen Florence SMITH, 25, Port Hope, same, d/o William Smith & Sarah PETERS, witn. Charles BRITTON & Edith SMITH, both of Port Hope, Nov. 22 1899 at Port Hope 11589-99 William CLAREY, 28, blacksmith, Canada, Colborne, s/o Patrick CLEARY (sic) & Ellen DOODY, married Teressa GILMURRAY (s/b McIlmurray?), 20, Canada, Haldimand twp., d/o Hugh GILMURRAY & Margaret LILLIS, witn: Edward LEE of Cramahe twp & Mary DOODY of Cobourg, 15 May 1899 at Grafton (Rom Cath)
11608-99 Joseph COATES, 29, farmer, Hamilton twp., same, s/o Henry COATES & Mariah HARBOR, married R--? A. FLEMING, 32, house keeper, Hamilton twp., same, d/o David FLEMING & Elizabeth CLEWS, witn: Fred COATES of Bewdley & Margaret E. FLEMING of N--?, 22 March 1899 at Hamilton twp 011374-99 Roland Moss COLE (CALE?), 22, farmer, Hampton Ont., Bowmanville, s/o Robert COLE & Elizabeth MOY (May?), married Maryanne HANCOCK, 21, Liskeard Ont., Bowmanville, d/o John HANCOCK & Emma Jane MAYNARD, witn: Fred DICKINSON & Nellie HANCOCK both of Bowmanville on Apr. 19, 1899 at Bowmanville
011420-99 Walter COLELL (COLETT), 25, Duffstown, Napanee Twp, farmer, s/o George COLELL & Josiah (sic) COLELL, married Frances LEVERTON, 24, Napanee Town, Shannonville, d/o James LEVERTON & Keziah REED, witn; Joseph & Mrs. Joseph SHARPE of Brighton Twp, 17 Oct, 1899 at Brighton Twp. 011419-99 Frederick M. COLTMAN, 21, Ontario, Brighton Twp, farmer, s/o Thomas COLTMAN & Rebecca McMASTERS, married Ada MAYBEE, 21, Brighton Twp, same, d/o John Moses MAYBEE & Henrietta LAWSON, witn; Nelson MAYBEE & Ethel COLTMAN of Brighton Twp. 27 Sept, 1899 at Brighton Twp.
11687-99 Michael Joseph COWAN, 36, farmer, Brighton, same, s/o Miles COWAN & Mary KENNALY, married Catherine GILBRIDE, 25, Brighton, same, d/o John GILBRIDE & Jane TATE, witn: Hugh GILBRIDE & Catherine COWAN, both of Brighton, 12 April 1899 at Wooler 011393-00 William COX, 75, farmer, widower, Cornwall England, Darlington, s/o William COX & Jane HAMBLEY, married Mary LANGDON, 72, widow, Cornwall England, Darlington, d/o Thomas GLANVILLE & Phillipa SIMMONS, witn: Thomas & Jane CURTIS both of Bowmanville on Oct. 10, 1899 at Bowmanville
#3011763-99 (Northumberland Co.) William G. CRAIGHEAD, 27, farmer, Ontario, Seymour, s/o Alex Craighead & Elizabeth THIRD; married Eliza A. GRILLS, 23, Ontario, Seymour, d/o William GRILLS & Sarah PETHERICK; witn William FORDE & Emma GRILLS, both of Seymour; married 22 Mar.1899, Seymour Twp. 011401-99 Robert Jerome CRONK, 32, Canada, Sidney, farmer, s/o Reuben CRONK & Stacie PRIOR, married Ellace PRINGLE, 18, Canada, Trenton, domestic, d/o George PRINGLE & Cressie KINGSBURY, witn; Annie I. & Annie C. WILSON of Brighton. 1 Oct, 1899 at Brighton.
11632-99 Henry CROSSEN, 21, farmer, Percy, same, s/o Henry CROSSEN & Martha TODD, married Margaret PHILLIPS, 20, Alnwick, same, d/o Henry PHILLIPS & Eliza HOYLE, witn: Amy DILWORTH & Winnifred JOHNSON, both of Hastings, 20 Dec 1899 at Hastings 11628-99 Edward Pitt CUFFE, 34, merchant, Percy twp., Norwood, s/o James CUFFE & Ann TARBLETON, married Jessie K. MORRISON, 32, Hastings, same, d/o David MORRISON & Elizabeth KERSHAW, witn: John M. ROBERTSON of Tweed & Miss MURDOCK of Strathroy, 9 Aug 1899 at Hastings
11682-99 - Arthur Stewart DEAN, 37, widower, laborer, Hope twp., Clarke twp., s/o Robert DEAN & Eliza Jane McGUIRE, married Sarah Jane O’HEIR, 27, South Monaghan, same, d/o Hugh O’HEIR & Mary MONTGOMERY, witn: William RALPH of Clarke twp & Mary Agnes O’HEIR of S. Monaghan, 15 Nov 1899 at South Monaghan 011637 99 Stewart DEAN, 48, farmer, twp of Hope, same, s/o Stewart & Ann DEAN, married Margaret TAMBLYN, 28, twp of Hope, same, d/o Francis & Margaret TAMBLYN, witn. Albert & Annie TAMBLYN both of twp of Hope, May 24 1899 at twp of Hope
011504-99 Norman E. DELL, 25, Welland Co., Cobourg, Painter, s/o Elisha DELL & Mary J. WADE married Maggie GORDON, 28, Oronto?, Cobourg, d/o John A. GORDON & Emma BROWN. Wtn: John BROWN of Cobourg and Emma BROWN of Cobourg on March 30, 1899 at Cobourg 11732-99 Alphonse J. DES CHAMPS, 22, carpenter, Chambly Ca--?, Hartford Conn., s/o Napoleon DES CHAMPS & Ernestine BELL, married Eugenia A. LYNCH, 25, Beauharnois, Port Hope, d/o Owen LYNCH & Vitaline RAPIER, witn: Richard CHRISTOPHER & Josephine LYNCH, both of Port Hope, 24 April 1899 at Port Hope
011663 99 - Thomas DEYELL, 35, farmer, Ops, Ops Victoria Co., s/o John DEYELL & Calista STINSON, married Charlotte PORTER, 30, Manvers, same, d/o John PORTER & Ann MORTON, witn. Wesley DEYELL of Rebon & Margaret PORTER of Janetville, March 31 1899, at Manvers #011755-99 (Northumberland Co.) William DIAMOND, 24, farmer, Ontario, Seymour, s/o Saml (Samuel?) Diamond & Maggie Little; married Meriam HAIG, 24, d/o John HAIG & Tryphenia HEAN, witn N.H. HARRIS of Campbellford and Libbie HAIG of Seymour; married 31 Jan.1899, Seymour Twp.
011406-99 Clarence Cadwell DONAGHY, 26, Brighton, same, engineer, s/o William DONAGHY & Ellen HAINES, married Rebecca SIMPSON, 24, Brighton, same, d/o A.R. SIMPSON & Anna POST, witn; George R. GENNINGE & Alice SIMPSON of Brighton. 27 Dec, 1899 at Brighton. 11619-99 - Charles Henry DUN, 19, laborer, of Campbellford, s/o Henry & Elizabeth, married Eliza COLE, 25, widow, of Cloyne, d/o Francis COLE & Marion?, witn: Theresa JOHNSON & Etta WELDON, both of Hastings, 18 Oct 1899 at Hastings
  #011753-99 (Northumberland Co.) William Henry DUNK, 30, farmer, Ontario, Seymour, s/o George M. DUNK & Susan LOCK; married Eleanor CLARK, 31, Ontario, Seymour, d/o John CLARK & Agnes MADDILL; witn William CLARK & Lucy DUNK, both of Seymour; married 25 Jan.1899, Seymour Twp.
011610-99 William J. EAGLESON, 25, Hamilton Tp., same, Farmer, s/o John EAGLESON & Annabella FORD married Ethel May SACKVILLE, 22, Hamilton Tp., same, Farmer’s daughter, d/o George K. SACKVILLE & Cecilia RICHARD. Wtn Thomas HARDCASTLE of Cold Springs and Mary Jane SACKVILLE of Bewdley on October 10, 1899 at Bewdley 011403-99 Frederick EARL, 22, Canada, Haldimand, farmer, s/o James EARL & Catharine Elizabeth BULL, married Vedah Elizabeth COLE, 17, Canada, Haldimand, housekeeper, d/o John COLE & Rhoda FIPPEN, witn; Polly AYLSWORTH of Warkworth & Rhoda COLE of Haldimand. 13 Dec, 1899 at Brighton..
011395-00 Stephen EDGAR, 65, butcher, widower, England, Ingersoll, s/o Samuel & Grace, married Sarah COATES, 63, widow, England, Bowmanville, d/o Ephraim & Mary HONSVIEW, witn: Mr. & Mrs D. H. COATES both of Brantford on Aug. 23, 1899 at Bowmanville #011754-99 (Northumberland Co.) George M. ELLIOTT, 34, farmer, Ontario, Huntington, s/o George ELLIOTT & Jane LAFORAIS(?); married Isabella SIMPSON, 23, Ontario, Seymour, d/o Alex SIMPSON & Catherine FRY; witn H.M. ELLIOTT of Rawdon & Maggie SINCLAIR of Campbellford; married 1 Feb.1899, Seymour Twp.
#011710-99 (Northumberland Co.) Alexander EVANS, 59, shoemaker, Ireland, Warkworth, widower, s/o Henry & Jane EVANS; married Louise WHITE, 40, Warkworth, Warkworth, widow, d/o Robert & Abigail POMEROY; witn Mrs. Annie GORS of Warkworth (one one witness shown), 16 April 1899, Warkworth Percy Twp. #011770-99 (Northumberland Co.) William J. FAIR, 41, insurance inspector, Ontario, Kingston, s/o James M. FAIR & Annie HUSTON; married Sophia CLEUGH (no age given), Ontario, Seymour, d/o Jas. C. CLEUGH & Helen MEIKLEJOHN; witn E.J. CLEUGH & Annie BEDFORD, both of Seymour; married 27 Dec.1899, Seymour Twp.
011672 99 - Levi FALLIS, 25, track man, Manvers, same, s/o Edward FALLIS & Anna PORTER, married Birdie SANDY, 21, Manvers, same, d/o John SANDY & Melinda Barnett?, witn. John GUTHRIE & Olga SANDY both of Manvers, Dec. 13 1899, at Pontypool 11635-99 Crosley FALLIS, 29, farmer, Cavan twp., same, s/o Robert & Ann E., married Elizabeth Jane POTTS, 30, Hope twp., same, d/o William POTTS & Rachel PATTERSON, witn: Louisa POTTS of Hope twp. & Stuart FALLIS of Cavan twp, 15 March 1899 at Hope twp.
11518-99 Robert FERGUSON, 36, farmer, Hamilton twp., same, s/o Robert FERGUSON & Mary J. DAVIDSON, married Mary RUSSELL, 30, Gores Landing, Cobourg, d/o Alexander RUSSELL & Nancy BROWN, witn: William RUSSELL & Margaret WHITE, both of Cobourg, 6 Sept 1899 at Cobourg 11679-99 (Durham Co): David FISHER, 22, farmer, Canada, Cavan, s/o William FISHER & Ann INGRAM, married Eliza Ann RUSSELL, 21, Canada, Millbrook, d/o William RUSSELL & Jane MAHONY, witn: John LOWREY of Cavanville & Bella RUSSELL of Millbrook, 15 Nov 1899 at Millbrook
11629-99 Sidney J. FISHER, 24, blacksmith, Pickering, same, s/o Robert & Martha, married Edith J. JOHNSTON, 20, Alnwick, Hastings, d/o John JOHNSTON & Nancy THOMPSON, witn: Roger PEARCE of Pickering & Hattie POLLICK of Roseneath, 22 Nov 1899 at Hastings  
011671 99 - David Wesley FLACK, 25, merchant, Franklin, Swan Lake, s/o John FLACK & Miss FALLIS, married Vina, or Vera McGILL, 27, Janetville, Manvers, d/o Hugh McGILL & Ann WILSON, witn. Norman McGILL of Janetville & Beth MULLIGAN of Lifford, Nov. 15 1899, at Janetville 11524-99 Joseph FLANIGAN, 21, barber, Cobourg, same, s/o Patrick FLANIGAN & Mary Ann CONLIN, married Mary BEHAN, 22, Hamilton twp., same, d/o Thomas BEHAN & Mary Ann LOVE, witn: Francis ROURKE & Essie GALLAGHER, both of Cobourg, 20 Nov 1899 at St. Michaels Church, Cobourg
011367-99 A. H. A. FLETCHER, 25, gardener, Bowmanville, same, s/o Gordon D. FLETCHER & Sarah CASSWELL, married Mary E. FISHLEIGH, 25, Bowmanville, same, d/o William FISHLEIGH & Maria TURNER, witn: Norman PLUMMER & William FISHLEIGH both of Bowmanville on May 5, 1899 at Bowmanville 011376-00 Frederick Richard FOLEY, 25, farmer, Darlington, same, s/o William & Mary Ann, married Victoria Carlotta BRIMACOMBE, 26, Bowmanville, same, d/o John M. & Ann, witn: Herbert W. FOLEY of Bowmanville & Viola M. POWELL of Whitby on Nov. 15, 1899 at Bowmanville
11631-99 Corilla? E. FROST, 23, book keeper, Roseneath, Peterborough, s/o John FROST & Agnes BIRCH, married Winnifred LUCAS, 22, house work, Almeda Calif., San Francisco, d/o James LUCAS & Ellen STANFORD, witn: Winnifred JOHNSON & Jennie SHORT, both of Hastings, 29 Nov 1899 at Hastings #011764-99 (Northumberland Co.) George FRY, 28, farmer, Ontario, Seymour, s/o William FRY (mother's name not given), married Maggie STEWART, (no age given), Ontario, Seymour, d/o William STEWART & Chris RANNIE; witn Thomas FRY & Ethel STEWART, both of Seymour; married 29 Mar.1899, Seymour Twp.
  011668 99 - William FUMEY, 27, farmer, Manvers, same, s/o Benjamin FUMEY & Isabella McREADY, married Elizabeth PARKER, 22, Manvers, same, d/o John PARKER & Elizabeth LETHANGINE, witn. David PARKER & Ellie SHECKLETON both of Bailley Auff, Oct. 11 1899, at Janetville
#011707-99 (Northumberland Co.) John James GALLAGHER, 32, merchant, Pennsylvania USA, Alnwick Twp., s/o John & Mary GALLAGHER; married Mary CROW, 36, Alnwick Twp., Alnwick Twp., d/o Peter CROW & Mary HOWARD; witn Albert E. CROW of Alderville & John McROBERTS of Warkworth; 13 Feb. 1899, Warkworth - Percy Twp. 11521-99 Charles GERIN, 23, teamster, Cobourg, same, s/o Michael GERIN & Esther BYRNE, married Philomene LABONTE, 20, Cobourg, Ottawa, d/o Joseph & Mary, witn: Joseph FLANIGAN of Cobourg & Esther BYRNE of Haldimand twp., 18 Oct 1899 at Cobourg
011375-99 Frederick GIBBS, 34, farmer, Columbus Ont., Darlington., s/o William GIBBS & Caroline BURROWS, married Eliza JACKS, 28, Hampton Ont., Darlington, d/o James & Mary, witn: Alfred DANIEL & Minnie CALNER both of Bowmanville on Apr. 26, 1899 at Bowmanville 011377-00 Charles GOODMAN, 27, teamster, Bowmanville, same, s/o William GOODMAN & Maria HARPER, married Matilda Elizabeth DEUSEIN, 21, Bowmanville, same, d/o Frederick DEUSEIN & Elizabeth Ann FREEMAN, witn: William MAYNARD & Mary DEUSEIN both of Bowmanville on Nov. 22, 1899 at Bowmanville
011616-99 Thomas Alexander GIBSON, 21, Hamilton Tp., same, s/o David GIBSON & Margaret STEVENSON married Martha Ann CROSSEN, 21, Hamilton Tp., same, Dressmaker, d/o Jackson CROSSEN & Ann THOMPSON. Wtn: David DINES of Hamilton Tp. and Christina CROSSEN of Hamilton Tp. on December 20, 1899 at Hamilton Tp. 011373-99 James GILL, 24, laborer, England, Toronto, s/o Sampson GILL & Mary PROUT, married Elizabeth Alice RICHARDS, 23, Newcastle, Bowmanville, d/o Robert RICHARDS & Elizabeth BIRCH, witn: Thomas GILL of Toronto & Edith RICHARDS of Bowmanville on Mar. 9, 1899 at Bowmanville
011513-99 Charles GILLESPIE, 65, Hamilton Tp., Haldimand Tp., Widower, Farmer, s/o Thomas GILLESPIE & Agnes McCORMACK married Agnes JOHNSTON, 49, Dunham Tp Quebec, Detroit U.S., d/o William JOHNSTON & Jane CUMMINGS. Wtn: Mrs, R, C. ARCHBOLD of Detroit U.S. and Mrs. T.C. HAY of Cobourg on June 14, 1899 at Cobourg 11731-99 William GRANAN (Greenan?), 29, lace cutter, Canada, Port Hope, s/o Thomas GRANAN & Mary MAGUIRE, married Mary Selina CHISLETT, 28, Port Hope, same, d/o Charles CHISLETT & Emma MARSH, witn: M. LYNCH & C. FALLAN, both of Port Hope, 3 April 1899 at Port Hope
011674 99 - William James GRANDY, 44, farmer, Manvers, same, s/o Samuel GRANDY & Anne COLLAIRD, married Barbara MOORE, 36, horsekeeper, Manvers, same, d/o Edward MOORE & Martha NELSON, witn. Ipeah MOORE of Manvers & Prescilla FRU?(FREE) of Lindsay, Dec. 20 1899, at Mount Horeb 011747 99 William Clarke GREENAWAY, 24, butcher, Hope twp., Port Hope, s/o William R. GREENAWAY & Mary Ann CLARKE, married Eva Maude HEWSON, 21, Port Hope, same, d/o Robert HEWSON & Delia O'BRIEN, witn. Jacob GREENAWAY & Lillie May HEWSON both of Port Hope, Dec. 13 1899 at Port Hope
011366-99 W.H. GREENWOOD, 27, editor, Whitby Ont, Toronto, s/o J. H. & Charlotte GREENWOOD, married Alice Elizabeth Ida TAMBLYN, 23, Oshawa, Bowmanville, d/o William Ware TAMBLYN & Bertha FERGUSON, witn: William & Bertha TAMBLYN both of Bowmanville on May 12, 1899 at Bowmanville 11684-99 - John GREER, 28, farmer, Canada, Cavan twp., s/o John GREER & Mary EAGLESON, married Margaret J. LUCAS, 26, Canada, South Monaghan, d/o John W. LUCAS & Margaret FAIR, witn: William T. LUCAS & L. Cleora PERRIN, both of Bailieboro, 23 Nov 1899 at Christ Church, Bailieboro
#011721-99 - James William GRIEVES, 22, (occupation illegible), Coboconk, Coboconk, s/o J.B. & Isabella? GRIEVES; married Ida WILLIAMS, 23, Port Hope, Coboconk, d/o George & Frances WILLIAMS; witn Walter WILLIAMS & Julia CHISLETT, both of Port Hope; 22 Feb.1899, Port Hope 011390-00 Francis James GRIGG, 21, piano tuner, Bowmanville, same, s/o John GRIGG & Susana BOTTERAL, married Lillian may GIFFORD, 19, Darlington, Bowmanville, d/o Ezra GIFFORD & Eliza SKINNER, witn: O. A. SHARP of Colborne & Mrs O.A. SHARP of Bowmanville on Oct. 4, 1899 at Bowmanville
#011711-99 (Northumberland Co.) Louis M. GUNTER, 25, farmer, Wooler Murray Twp., north Murray Twp, s/o Samuel GUNTER & Lucinda FOLSON; married Lilian May FORBES, 18, Murray Twp., Murray Twp., d/o James FORBES & Emma BROWN; witn W.A. & Mrs. W.A. QUACKENBUSH, both of Warkworth - Percy Twp; 5 June 1899, Warkworth Percy Twp. 011391-00 William Adam HAINES, 27, merchant, Wales Ont., Toronto, s/o William Wesley HAINES & Agnes B. MILLER, married Caroline Ford BABCOCK, 22, Bowmanville same, d/o John BABCOCK & Caroline FORD, witn: James SAUNDERS of Bowmanville & B. F. DAVIES of Toronto on Oct. 11, 1899 at Bowmanville
011738 99 Wesley John HALL, 34, baker, Port Hope, same, s/o William HALL & Elizabeth BRANDON, married Agnes Eveline WOODCOCK, 25, Port Hope, same, d/o (illigible) WOODCOCK & Elizabeth JOHNSON, witn. Harry LITHGOW & Eva WOODCOCK both of Port Hope, July 27 1899 at Port Hope  
11692-99 Almon C. HAMILTON, 27, farmer, Sidney, Murray, s/o Anson? HAMILTON & Barbary JONES, married Theressa V. HERRINGTON, 25, Murray, same, d/o Enoch? HERRINGTON & Flavie (Florie?) CRANDALL, witn: Seymour HAMILTON of Halloway & Jennie (Jessie?) SPICER of Trenton, 4 Oct 1899 at Murray 011383-00 Frederick William HANNAH, 21, farmer, Hamilton Tp., Hope Tp., s/o Joseph HANNAH & Mary RYAN married Sarah Ann PROUSE, 20, Port Perry, Hope Tp., d/o John PROUSE & M. KEELER, witn: Milly HORN & Mary LAMBERT both of Bowmanville on June 2, 1899 at Bowmanville
#011852-00 - Frederick HARPER, 26, electric works, Toronto, same, s/o Joseph HARPER & Mary JOHNSON, married Helen RICHARDS, 18, Port Hope, same, d/o Thomas RICHARDS & Mary Ann WILSON, witn: Thomas KENNEDY & Eliza Jane RICHARDS, both of Port Hope, 6 Dec 1899 at Port Hope 011394-00 Charles Jacob HASKILL, 28, barber, Port Hope, Bowmanville, s/o Harry D. HASKILL & Sarah SMITH, married Clarabell BROWN, 23, Clarke Tp., Newcastle, d/o George W. BROWN & Mary ARCHER, witn: Andrew NORTON, & Emma WOODWARD both of Bowmanville on Nov. 1, 1899 at Bowmanville
11523-99 Samuel Wesley HASKETT, 41, commercial traveller, Nanticoke Ont., Montreal, s/o Samuel G. HASKETT & Jane IRWIN, married Flora BOLSTER, 30, Cobourg, same, d/o William & Isabella, witn: W. L. MUSSELL of Montreal & Wellena S. McKENZIE of Colborne, 31 Oct 1899 at Cobourg 11690-99 Styles G. HAWLEY, 30, farmer, Napanee, same, s/o Albert & Mary, married Adeline Frances WELLS, 21, Murray, same, d/o George & Adelia, witn: A. J. HAWLEY of Napanee & H. G. WELLS of Murray, 21 June 1899 at Murray
#011757-99 (Northumberland Co.) David L. HEAGLE, 29, farmer, Ontario, Rawdon, s/o William HEAGLE & Jane HIGGINS; married Flora BARNETT, 24, Ontario, Seymour, d/o Jas. BARNETT & Frances RENDLE; witn William CLEMENT & Maggie HEAGLE, both of Rawden; married 28 Feb.1899, Seymour Twp. 011512-99 William H. HELLYAR, 29 of Cobourg, Watchmaker, s/o John HELLYAR & Catherine BRENTON married Ethel S. HAMSHERE, 23 of Cobourg, d/o Fredk HAMSHERE & Mary E. NICHOLLS. Wtn: John HELLYAR Jr. of “not given” and Amy HAMSHERE of Cobourg on June 7, 1899 at Cobourg
11696-99 William Alfred Cole HENNINGS, 24, laborer, Goderich, Newcastle, s/o John & Olive, married Helen PARSONS, 20, England, Newcastle, d/o Josiah & Louisa, witn: Mrs. R. & Florence TAYLOR of Newcastle, 16 Feb 1899 at Newcastle 11529-99 William J. HIE, 28, farmer, Haldimand twp., same, s/o John HIE & Patience RAMSBERRY, married Margaret TRIPP, 17, Haldimand twp., same, d/o James TRIPP & Mary BLACK, witn: Fred TRIPP & Martha HIE, both of Haldimand twp., 22 Nov 1899 at Cobourg
011384-00 William Henry HILL, 22, farmer, London England, Newcastle, s/o William Hy HILL & Mary CROSS, married Ida Maud DARBY, 19, Newcastle, same, d/o William DARBY & Jane GODDARD, witn: William HISLOP & Mrs. J. H. BARNETT, both of Bowmanville on July 30, 1899 at Bowmanville 011389-00 James Henry HOAR, 19, painter, Whitby Tp., Oshawa, s/o John HOAR, & C. L. SMITH, married Sarah GALLAGHER, 19, Huron Co., Oshawa, d/o James GALLAGHER & Mary BURKES, witn: Mr & Mrs J.F.C. DAVIES both of Oshawa on Sept. 12, 1899 at Bowmanville
011765-99 (Northumberland Co.) Thomas HOOPER, 26, farmer, Ontario, Seymour, s/o John HOOPER & Harriet BRAY; married Aggie Ann THIRD, Ontario, Seymour, d/o Alex THIRD & Christiana CRAIGHEAD; witn Robt. Little of Campbellford & Elizabeth George (residence not given); married 7 June 1899, Seymour Twp.  
011364-99 Robert James HOOVY (HOOEY?), 29, farmer, Cartwright Tp, Dakota USA, s/o J. HOOVY & Sarah EVANS, married Sarah Maud GALBRAITH, 23, Cartwright Tp, same, d/o Edward GALBRAITH & Mary Ann HOOVY, witn: John H. McMURTRY & Eva MEATH both of Bowmanville, on Mar. 27, 1899 at Bowmanville 011415-99 Joseph Henry HORSELY, 23, Canada, Brighton Twp, farmer, s/o Henry HORSELY & Maggie McKENNY, married Jennie Beatrice FRASER, 21, Seymour Twp, Campbellford, matron, d/o Elias FRASER & Jane McMULLEN, witn; John T. COURTICE & Annie ABERNATHY of Brighton Twp. 26 Apr, 1898 (probably s/b 1899) at Brighton Twp
11455-99 Frederick HUFFMAN, 29, builder, Ontario, Campbellford, s/o John Sr HUFFMAN & Mary MOORE, married Maggie McKENZIE, 20, house keeper, Ontario, Seymour, d/o Robert McKENZIE & Barbara MINTY, witn: William McKENZIE of Seymour & Mary J. METHERELL of Campbellford, 13 Dec 1899 at Campbellford 11688-99 Spencer HUFFMAN, 22, cheese maker, Rawden, Murray, s/o John A. HUFFMAN & Margaret ROGERS, married Minnie W. GUILES, 19, Murray, same, d/o Elijah GUILES & Sarah HENNESY, witn: George F. HUFFMAN & Annie CROSBY, both of Trenton, 31 May 1899 at Trenton
  011641 99 Fred Herbert INCH, 28, farmer, twp of Hope, same, s/o William INCH & Sarah KURNALLS, married Gertrude MEADOWS, 22, twp of Hope, same, d/o Frances MEADOWS & Sarah BETAN, witn. (illegible) & Martin RUNNALLS both of twp of Hope, April 12, 1899 at twp of Hope
#011709-99 (Northumberland Co.) Isaac Jesse IRELAND, 47, laborer, Percy Twp., Percy Twp., widower, s/o Thomas IRELAND & Dorcas HICKS ; married Charlotte SULLIVAN, 32, Dummer Twp., Norwood , widow, d/o George RELLINGBECK & Elizabeth LARABY, witn Helen MIX & Florence TOTTEN, both of Warkworth; 3 Apr.1899, Warkworth 11400-99 - Albert Allen IRWIN, 22, farmer, Canada, Brighton twp., s/o Thomas IRWIN & Lucinda TAROUR?, married Gracie BELLAMY, 19, Canada, Cramahe twp., d/o Joseph BELLAMY & Harriet TRENEAR, witn: A.E. WEAVER & R.J. ROSS, both of Brighton, 22 Feb 1899 at Brighton
#011725-99 - Robert IRWIN, 72, farmer, Ireland, Cameron, widower, s/o John IRWIN & Margaret LIVINGSTON; married Rachael ARMSTRONG, 59, Ireland, Port Hope, widow; d/o George DAY & Elizabeth HART, witn John L. IRWIN & Emma MILNE, both of Port Hope; 5 April 1899, Port Hope 11606-99 Walter G. JENNINGS, 48, farmer, Haldimand twp., same, s/o George JENNINGS & Maria HORREL, married Jennie KELLEY, 30, dress maker, Hamilton twp., same, d/o Charles KELLEY & Jane MULHOLLAND, witn: Jessie ROBSON of Haldimand twp. & Josephine KELLEY of Hamilton twp., 1 Feb 1899 at Baltimore
011737 99 H. W. JOHNSTON, 37, merchant, Cavan twp., Millbrook, s/o Alexander & Mary JOHNSTON, married Esther HANSMAN, 27, Port Hope, same, d/o Michael & Harriet HANSMAN, witn. A. H. HUNTER of Millbrook & Mary HANSMAN of Port Hope, Aug. 9 1899 at Port Hope 11680-99 - Samuel JOHNSTON, 36, farmer, Belmont, same, s/o Thomas JOHNSTON & Mary BRENON, married Ida G. ROBINSON, 29, Bensford, same, d/o William ROBINSON, farmer, & Elizabeth PERRIN, witn: Stanley ROBINSON of Bensford & Maggie HOWSON of Norwood, 25 Jan 1899 at Bensford
11685-99 Wilbert Stanley KEMP, 24, butcher, Brighton, same, s/o Vincent KEMP & Margaret MORROW, married Mary Emily COULTER, 24, Murray, same, d/o James COULTER & Eliza LOCKLIN, witn: James KEMP of Brighton & Jessie COULTER of Murray, 11 Jan 1899 at Murray 11601-99 William KERNAGHAN, 25, manufacturer, Lakeport, same, s/o David KERNAGHAN & Catherine DOGHARTY, married Stella POMEROY, 21, Castleton, same, d/o James POMEROY & Martha HICKS, witn: James & Mary LORD of Grafton, 14 Nov 1899 at Grafton
11525-99 John J. KERR, 40, dentist, Wellington Co., Cobourg, s/o Samuel & Jane, married Rosaline McBRIDE, 26, of Cobourg, d/o John McBRIDE & Ellen KENNEDY, witn: Thomas E. LAWLESS of Toronto & Gertrude McBRIDE of Cobourg, 18 Oct 1899 at Cobourg 11398-99 - Victor KESTER, 26, printer, Canada, Markdale, s/o James KESTER & Elizabeth MILLER, married Lillian M.G. LANE, 27, Canada, Brighton, d/o C.T. LANE & Josephine HUFFMAN, witn: Alfred D. THURSTON of Toronto Junction & Zedlla LAPP of Brighton, 4 Jan 1899 at Brighton
11527-99 John A. KIRK, 24, book keeper, Hamilton twp., Rochester NY, s/o James KIRK & Matilda CLARKE, married Martha Janetta McKAY, 23, Edinburgh Scotland, Rochester NY, d/o William McKAY & Margaret RAMSAY, witn: Percy D. BENTLY & Jessie R. DIACK, both of Cobourg, 26 Oct 1899 at Cobourg  
11454-99 David KNOX, 23, miner, Marmora, same, s/o William KNOX & Elizabeth LITTLE, married Mary CULP, 21, dressmaker, Parry Sound, Marmora, d/o Isaac CULP & Abbie MORAN, witn: Acheson M. & Hattie CAMPBELL of Campbellford, 6 Dec 1899 at Campbellford 011387-00 Robert KNOX, 26, moulder, Listowel, Oshawa, s/o Andrew KNOX & Sarah NEDDRY, married Maude BRANTON, 22, Tyrone Ont., same, d/o Rick BRANTON & Sarah CARDIEUX, witn: W. T. ALLIN & L. T. COURTICE, both of Bowmanville on June 21, 1899 at Bowmanville
11699-99 Alfred LAKE, 36, farmer, Newcastle, same, s/o William & Eliza, married Henrietta Mary LAW, 22, Durham Co., Clarke twp., d/o John & Mary, witn: D. W. GRIEVES & Dora GIBSON, both of Newcastle, 12 April 1899 at St. George's Church, Newcastle 011660 99 - James LAMBKIN, 54, widower, farmer, Whitby, twp of Reach, s/o Stephen LAMBKIN & Frances (not known), married Harriet ADAMS, 55, widow, Whitby, twp of Whitby, d/o Richard ADAMS & Ann DOBB, witn. John Mat OSWOLD & Mary M. OSWALD both of Janetville, June 14 1899, at Janetville
11588-99 Denis LARKIN, 35, widower, farmer, Canada, Wolfestown illegible, s/o Patrick LARKIN & Bridget McCAIG, married Catherine HAIG, 32, Canada, Grafton, d/o Archibald HAIG & Catherine McGRATH, witn: Edward LAPP of Grafton & Ann CONROY of Lakeport, 12 Jan 1899 at Grafton (Rom Cath) 11533-00 - Austin Cecil LEAN, 26, farmer, Ont, Alnwick twp, s/o Thomas LEAN & Sarah Jane JEBB, married Mary Jane HICKS, 27, Ont., Alnwick twp., d/o Daniel HICKS & Margaret HOGLE, witn: William & Mrs. James ROSS of Haldimand twp., 25 Dec 1899 at Haldimand twp
011736 99 Arthur Edgar LEE, 33, clerk, Berlin, Walkerton, s/o John LEE & Sarah WRIGHT, married Maud Mary MATHEWS, 28, Lakeport, Port Hope, d/o William & Alvena MATHEWS, witn. Richard LEE of Walkerton and Alvena PEACOCK of Port Hope, July 28 1899 at Port Hope 11702-99 (Durham Co): Ernest William LEE, 25, clerk, Newcastle, Toronto, s/o James & Annie, married Minnie Mary PARNEL, 25, Newcastle, same, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: F.J. FERGUSON of Toronto & R.J. LEE of Mount Dennis, 16 Sept 1899 at Newcastle
11460-99 John James LENTON, 26, farmer, Ontario, Oshawa, s/o James LENTON & Martha HOLDEN, married Sarah E. MAGEE, 23, Cartwright, same, d/o William MAGEE & Letitia McNEIL, witn: Wesley M. CAMPBELL & Charlotte HANNA, both of Cartwright, 29 March 1899 at Cartwright 11623-99 - John LINDERVILLE, 33, tailor, Hastings, same, s/o Samuel LINDERVILLE & Margaret JOHNSON, married Florence PUFFER, 19, Percy, Hastings, d/o Henry PUFFER & Martina MAIDEN, witn: Mr. CHAPMAN & Miss PERRAULT, both of Hastings, 14 Feb 1899 at Hastings
011378-00 William George LINDSAY, 26, farmer, Ireland, Whitby Tp., s/o George LINDSAY & Catherine MORROW, married Lily CROWEL, 25, Canada, Whitby Tp., d/o James CROWEL & Georgina ROTH, witn: Fred H. JONES & Mrs J. J. RAE both of Bowmanville on Dec. 1, 1899, at Bowmanville 11694-99 Norman B. LINDSAY, 26, Hastings, Brighton, s/o R. J. LINDSAY & Lydia CLARK, married Hattie DAFOE, 23, Hastings, Brighton, d/o Asahel DAFOE & Mary CLARE (Clark?), witn: S. HILTON & E. J. COOMBE, both of Wooler, 8 Nov 1899 at Murray
011662 99 - John James LINTON, 26, farmer, Oshawa, same, s/o, James LINTON & Martha HOLDEN, married Sarah MAGEE, 23, Manvers, same, d/o William MAGEE & Elisha, (?or)Calista MACRAE, Wesley M. CAMPBELL & Charlotte HANNA both of Janetville, March 29 1899, at Manvers 11634-99 Alex LITTLE, 38, farmer, Hope twp., same, s/o Jas. LITTLE & Agnes HAMILL, married Rachel MAIZE, 33, Hope twp., same, d/o Robert MAIZE & Elizabeth NOBLE, witn: Sarah MAIZE & Ephraim LITTLE, both of Hope twp., 4 June 1899 at Hope twp.
11528-99 Delbert LONSBERRY, 28, farmer, Haldimand twp., same, s/o David LONSBERRY & Maria REEVES, married Laura A. DOIDGE, 18, Haldimand twp., Hamilton twp., d/o William DOIDGE & Harriet WEBB, witn: Kate McCAMUS & Ellen SMITH, both of Cobourg, 14 Nov 1899 at Cobourg 011740 99 Henry George LOO KING TON (Tarkington?), 27, C Line, Port Hope, same, s/o Edward & Sarah LOO KING TON, married Caroline SWANSON, 17, Garden Hill, same, d/o Hugh & Annie SWANSON, witn. George ARMSTONG & Eva LOO KING TON both of Port Hope, Sept. 26 1899 at Port Hope
011667 99 - Robert LUNN, 29, farmer, Clarke, same, s/o James LUNN & Margaret HAWTHORNE, married Mary RAPER, 26, servant, Manvers, Millbrook, d/o John RAPER & Mary ROWE, witn.Letitia JOHNSTON & Lillian THOMPSON both of Bethany, Oct. 4 1899, at Bethany 011670 99 - Joseph Woodrow LYTLE, 29, farmer, Victoria Rd. same, s/o Edward LYTLE & Eliza KNIGHT, married Merata McGILL, 23, Manvers, same, d/o James & Lony McGILL, witn. Harry WEBSTER & Sarah L. LYTLE both of Victoria Road, Oct. 18 1899, at Manvers
011388-00 Francis Dudley MacKAY, 31, editor, Belleville, Peterborough, s/o Francis MacKAY & Harriet WILEY, married Bertha Maud GHERIN (SHERIN?), 29, Bowmanville, same, d/o Thomas GHERIN & Harriet MORROW, witn: Duncan WALKER & Eunice MORROW both of Peterborough on Aug. 29, 1899 at Bowmanville 011742 99 William G. MALLETT, 25, upholsterer, Hamilton Orono twp, Port Hope, s/o Josiah & Sarah MALLETT, married Edith BOWEN, 24, Hope Orono twp., Port Hope, d/o John & Sarah Ann BOWEN, witn. Frank ARKLISS & Emma BOWEN both of Port Hope, Nov. 8 1899 at Port Hope
  11695-99 Charles MAYBEE, 24?, widower, traveller, Odessa Ont., Ernestown, s/o Benjamin & Sarah Jane, married Estella Edith CLARK, 23, Newcastle, same, d/o Robert & Augusta, witn: Merkley CLARK of Newcastle & Ethel MAYBEE of Odessa, 18 Jan 1899 at Newcastle
11693-99 Wesley MAYBEE, 28, farmer, Brighton, same, s/o S. M. & Elizabeth, married Nettie BUSH, 23, Brighton, Murray, d/o Charles & Elizabeth, witn: J. R. BUSH of Sidney & Maude CLARK of Murray, 6 Sept 1899 at Murray 11591-99 Thomas McAULEY, 26, cheese maker, Centreton, same, s/o Thomas H. McAULEY & Isabella BROOMFIELD, married Mary SMITH, 29, Haldimand twp., same, d/o Reuben SMITH & Nancy ATCHESON, witn: Mary LORD & Ellen IBBOTSON, both of Grafton, 11 Jan 1899 at Grafton
11597-99 Alex McBRIDE, 48, farmer, Haldimand twp., same, s/o Alex McBRIDE & Jane SHIELDS, married Kate RICHARDSON, 31, Haldimand twp., same, d/o Frank RICHARDSON & Alice SARGENT, witn: Henry McBRIDE of Cobourg & Elsie RICHARDSON of Haldimand twp., 7 Aug 1899 at Grafton #011717-99 - Mars McCLELLAND, 33, physician, Monaghan Twp, Alnwick Twp, s/o Robert McCLELLAND & Rosanna HALL; married Maud Rosamond May GOHEEN, 22, Port Hope, Port Hope, d/o John & Margaret GOHEEN; witn John J. Moore of Brooklin - Ont. & Louie GOHEEN of Brown City - Mich USA; 4 Jan.1899, Port Hope
011414-99 Samuel McCOLL, 30, Brighton Twp, same, farmer, s/o Hugh McCOLL & Iona SCOTT, married Ethel Maud AMES, 24, Brighton Twp, same, teacher, d/o Thomas AMES & Nancy FRALEIGH, witn; Milton F. AMES & Nettie J. McCOLL of Brighton Twp. 5 Apr, 1899 at Brighton Twp. 11590-99 Fred Ernest McCOLL, 26, farmer, Murray twp., Cora USA, s/o John D. McCOLL & Sarah LAWSON, married Lillie D?. BLACKLOCK, 25, Grafton, same, d/o Archibald BLACKLOCK & Rosina BOYD, witn: S. C. & W. J. BLACKLOCK of Grafton, 11 Jan 1899 at Grafton
#011705-99 (Northumberland Co.) Peter McDONALD, 25, farmer, Rawdon Twp., Percy Twp., s/o Murdoch McDONALD & Anne McMILLAN; married Maude Alice GREENLY, 22, Percy Twp., Percy Twp., d/o James GREENLY & Catherine HERMINSTON; witn Harry GREENLY & Beatrice HUTCHESON, both of Percy Twp.; 18 Jan.1899, Percy Twp. 11453-99 Alex McDONALD, 42, widower, farmer, Hamilton twp., same, s/o Daniel McDONALD & Eliza McVITIE, married Minnie McVITIE (McVetie?), 43, Percy twp., same, d/o George McVITIE & Ellen McGUIRE, witn: Martha W. & Acheson M. CAMPBELL of Campbellford, 26 Dec 1899 at Campbellford
011664 99 - Orru Herbert McGILL, 24, farmer, Manvers, same, s/o Joseph McGEE & Agaheth PRITCHARD, married Maggie LOWERY, 24, Ireland, Manvers, d/o Thomas &Agnes LOWERY, witn. John LOWERY of Cavan & Bertha MULLIGAN of Lifford, July 21 1899, at Manvers 11530-99 David McGREGOR, 28, carpenter, Peterborough, same, s/o David McGREGOR & Margaret BLETCHER, married Nellie M. SMITH, 23, Napanee, Cobourg, d/o Henry SMITH & Henry (sic) SIMPSON, witn: Kate & Bessie McCAMUS of Cobourg, 19 Dec 1899 at Cobourg
#011712-99 (Northumberland Co.) Charles Edward McKELVIE, 23, farmer, Campbellford, Percy Twp, s/o Thomas McKELVIE & Elizabeth BEACH; married Nancy Jane GREENLY, 25, Percy Twp., Percy Twp., d/o James GREENLY & Catherine HERMISTON; witn Henry GREENLY & May SKINKLE, both of Warkworth Percy Twp.; 17 June 1899, Percy Twp. 11519-99 Donald McKENZIE, 45, farmer, Haldimand twp., same, s/o Roderick McKENZIE & Janet ROSS, married Matilda McNUTT, 38, Pearmake? twp., Haldimand twp., d/o Ryan McNUTT & Eliza REYNOLDS, witn: Mary & Bessie McCAMUS of Cobourg, 22 Aug 1899 at Cobourg
011411-99 Edward Milton McMASTERS, 23, Brighton Twp, same, farmer, s/o James & Hannah McMASTERS, married Lillie May BELL, 18, Brighton Twp, same, d/o William & Catharine BELL, witn; Bidwell SMITH of Hilton & Mabel HEAD of Smithfield. 8 Mar, 1899 at Brighton. 011370-99 Joseph McMILLAN, 28, horse dealer, Simcoe, Port Perry, s/o James & Annie, married Agnes WATSON, 19, Lindsay, Bowmanville, d/o James & Agnes, witn: William & Rachel BARILLE both of Bowmanville on Jan. 14, 1899 at Bowmanville.
  11636-99 Byron A. MEADOWS, 26, farmer, Hope twp., same, s/o Fred MEADOWS & P. BRAND, married Eva Lena Maud McCALLISTER, 26, Hope twp., same, d/o Jas. McALLISTER (sic) & Marie? E. HORNER, witn: Jas. McALLISTER & Mabel MEADOWS, both of Hope twp., 26 April 1899 at Hope twp.
11625-99 - Franklin MENELLEY, 34, farmer, Mariposa, Percy twp., s/o William James MENELLEY & Frances H. LUCK, married Emma Elizabeth KELLY, 20, Belmont twp., Percy twp., d/o William KELLY & Martha CROSS, witn: A. SHEARER & B.A. THOMSON, both of Hastings, 15 Feb 1899 at Hastings 011426-99 John Herbert MINAKER, 25, Cramahe Twp, Brighton Twp, teacher, s/o Isaac MINAKER & Esther MORGAN, married Isabella Maude WHITE, 21, Brighton Twp, same, d/o Cornelius WHITE & Margaret MORTON, witn; William H. MORTON of Hillier Twp & Maggie MINAKER of Cramahe Twp. 20 Dec, 1899 At Brighton Twp..
#011759-99 (Northumberland Co.) Arthur MITCHELL, 22, farmer, Ontario, Seymour, s/o John MITCHELL & Jane FRY; married Jennie SANDERS, 21, d/o John SANDERS & Mary ROWE; witn William THOMPSON & May MITCHELL, both of Seymour; married 8 Mar.1899, Seymour Twp. 11463-99 John MOORE, farmer, Ops, same, s/o James MOORE & Sarah GRAHAM, married Evelyn Margaret BEACOCK, 24, Cartwright, same, d/o William John BEACOCK & Susan TAYLOR, witn: Frederick BRAY? of Mariposa & Minnie BEACOCK of Cartwright, 27 Sept 1899 at Cartwright
11686-99 Michael Joseph MORAN, 35, farmer, Brighton, same, s/o Michael MORAN & Julia Ann PUFFER, married Sarah Ellen McAULEY, 26, Brighton, same, d/o Patrick J. McAULEY & Catherine SULLIVAN, witn: Charles McAULEY of Railton & Mary McAULEY of Brighton, 25 Jan 1899 at Wooler 011396-00 William Henry NEIL, 21, farmer, Manvers Tp., same, s/o James NEIL & Sarah Jane GIBSON, married Mary DEAN, 21, Manvers Tp., same, d/o Freeman (Truman?) DEAN & Mary HALL, witn: Mrs. J.J. RAE & Hannah EMMERSON both of Bowmanville on Oct. 20, 1899 at Bowmanville.
011673 99 - John Thomas NELSON, 31, carpenter, Manvers, same, s/o Robert NELSON & Margaret McNICOLE, married Matilda McNIGHT, 21, Cavan, same, d/o Jonathan McNIGHT & (reads, Johnathan FRAYTHE), wit. William FORSITHE (Forsythe?) of Manvers & Maud McNIGHT of Cavan, Dec. 20 1899, at Pontypool  
011404-99 Morris Vivian NEWMAN, 23, London Eng, Brighton, farmer, s/o Morris NEWMAN & blank, married Marie ARMSTRONG, 19, Brighton, same, d/o John ARMSTRONG & blank, witn; Gordon CRAIG & Effie SPRINTALL of Brighton. 12 Dec, 1899 at Brighton. 011615-99 John Thomas NEWTON, 41, Cobourg, same, Teamster, Widower, s/o John NEWTON & Elizabeth NEWTON married Lottie SMITH, 25, Alnwick Tp., Cobourg, Servant, do John K. SMITH & Lena SMITH. Wtn: William Joseph JIBB of Hamilton Tp. and Ida SMITH of Hamilton Tp. on December 13, 1899 at Hamilton Tp.
11633-99 George NICHOLSON, 45, brakeman, not given, Toronto, s/o John NICHOLSON & Elizabeth C--SHALL?, married Kate LYNN, 39, of Norwood, d/o Joseph LYNN & Ann ELLIOTT, witn: J. THOMSON & A. SHEARER, both of Hastings, 27 Dec 1899 at Hastings 11456-99 John James NORTHCOTT, 33, yeoman, England, Smith twp., s/o John James & Mary Ann, married Esther Ann McNAUGHTON, 31, Smith twp., same, d/o Alex McNAUGHTON & Rhoda Ann ROBINSON, witn: Hiram & Adaline BERTRAM of Seymour, 27 Dec 1899 at Campbellford
011386-00 Thomas NORTON, 32, sailor, Bowmanville, same, s/o William NORTON & Sarah HOPKINS, married Laura KEMPTHORN, 36, widow, Newcastle, Bowmanville, d/o Isaac SELBY, mother’s name not given, witn: Archie & Mrs A. MATTHEWS both of Bowmanville on Aug. 3, 1899 at Bowmanville #011720-99 - Frederick Thomas OKE, 27, merchant, Welcome, Port Hope, s/o Silas OKE & Elizabeth Ann JEFFERY; married Nellie Alberta PHILP, 29, Cramahe Twp., Port Hope, d/o Robert PHILP & Martha HONEY; witn Wallis J. OKE of Toronto & Musa E. PHILP of Port Hope; 15 Feb.1899, Port Hope
11626-99 - Joseph Henry OSTRUM, 29, farmer, Allendale, Alnwick, s/o Gideon T. OSTRUM & Emma TURNER, married Mary Jane BAMBRIDGE, 22, Roseneath, Percy twp., d/o John BAMBRIDGE & Rose Ann SHARPE, witn: Jennet THOMSON & Agnes SHEARER, both of Hastings, 16 March 1899 at Hastings #011752-99 (Northumberland Co.) James OWENS, 26, farmer, Ontario, Seymour, s/o Jas. OWENS & Margaret McCORMICK; married Mable Jane ROSS, 21, Ontario, Seymour, d/o Hugh ROSS & Isabella ARMSTRONG; witn Chas. BENOR & Blanch LINTON, both of Campbellford; married 2 Jan.1899, Seymour Twp.
011640 99 Hugh Albert PALMER, 22, farmer, twp of Hope, same, s/o (illigible) PALMER & Charlotte PALMER, married Edith CLARK, 19, twp of Hope, same, d/o W.Clarke & G. Milme Clarke, witn. Mima JEWELL & Dany JEWELL both of twp of Hope Nov. 9 1899 at twp of Hope 011639 99 Frank PARSONS, 22, farmer, twp of Hope, same, s/o Col(?) PARSONS, & Ellen PARSONS, married Ellen WELLER, 21, England, twp of Manvers, d/o Arthur WELLER & Alice FOLL??YTEN, witn. Mima JEWELL & M. BRADLEY both of twp of Hope, Nov. 7 1899 at twp of Hope
11452-99 George PAYTON, 25, tool maker, Ontario, Niagara Falls, s/o James PAYTON & Sylvena HAMBLIN, married Lydia PEELING, 24, Ontario, Campbellford, d/o Andrew PEELING & Eliza WRIGHT, witn: Albert PEELING & Lizzie BRADBROOK, both of Campbellford, 25 Dec 1899 at Campbellford 011508-99 Walter George PEDLAR, 25, Hope Tp., same, Farmer, s/o John PEDLAR & Sarah PERKINS married Evelyn HEARN, 28, Hope Tp., Port Hope, d/o James HEARN & Ellen GRAHAM. Wtn: Miss D. McCAMUS of Cobourg and Marry McCAMUS of Cobourg on May 2, 1899 of Cobourg
011412-99 Charles PETERSON, 33, Brighton Twp, same, farmer, s/o William PETERSON & Maria SIMPSON, married Ida Ann McMASTERS, 30, Brighton, Brighton Twp, d/o Samuel McMASTERS & Sarah HUTCHINSON, witn; Manly McMASTER & Edna PETERSON of Brighton Twp. 15 Mar, 1899 at Brighton Twp. #011723-99 - Robert J. PETHICK, 25, file maker, Port Hope, Port Hope, s/o Noah PETHICK & Martha LIDDELL; married Lottie BADGER, 20, Port Hope, Port Hope, d/o John BADGER & Frances HOBBS; witn James GREEN & Sarah PETHICK, both of Port Hope; 18 Feb.1899, Port Hope
  11459-99 Thomas Edgar PHILIP, 27, farmer, Mariposa, Pickering, s/o Richard PHILIP & Ann POLLARD, married Christie J. HUNTER, 27, Reach, Cartwright, d/o John & Mary Jane, witn: W.S. RUNDEL of Hayden & Bertha RAINES of Saintfield, 11 Jan 1899 at Cartwright
11531-99 Charles W. T. PHILLIPS, 25, wood merchant, Almonte, Toronto, s/o W.J. PHILLIPS & Margaret TWEEDY, married Sarah BAKER, 25, Harwood, Cobourg, d/o George BAKER & Mary McCRACKEN, witn: George CAMPBELL of Toronto & Allice CROSSEN of Cold Springs, 20 Dec 1899 at Cobourg 11733-99 Thomas PIDGEON, 31, widower, farmer, Port Hope, same, s/o Richard PIDGEON & Matilda PRESTON, married Charlotte CROFT, 27, England, Brooklyn NY, d/o George CROFT & Emma SNELL, witn: Herbert SNELL & Annie PIDGEON, both of Port Hope, 21 June 1899 at Port Hope
011408-99 Fred POOL, 22, Croydon Eng, Brighton Twp, cooper, s/o William POOL & Caroline WALKER, married Blanche C. SCRIVER, 18, Brighton Twp, same, d/o John H. SCRIVER & Emma HODGE, witn; Martha RANKIN & Nettie GARBUTT of Smithfield. 11 Jan, 1899 at Smithfield. 11600-99 Henry Edgar PRATT, 26, laborer, England, Haldimand twp., s/o Philip E. & Clara, married Mary Louise WEBB, 27, Haldimand twp., same, d/o James & Emma, witn: William WEBB & Ida WHIMSETT, both of Grafton, 12 July 1899 at Grafton
011506-99 Frederick PRESCIOUS, 39, “not returned”, Cobourg, Carpenter, s/o Joseph PRESCIOUS & Elizabeth DAWKINS married Isabella FOOTE, 33, “not returned”, Cobourg, d/o Alexander FOOTE & Ann ROBERTSON. Wtn: Christina FOOTE of Cobourg and Mrs. John HAY of Cobourg on April 13, 1899 at Cobourg 011381-00 Jonathan PRIOR, 53, lawyer, widower, England, Darlington, s/o Richard PRIOR & Phillipa HARPER, married Sarah JACKS, 38, Darlington, same, d/o of Samuel JACKS & mother’s name not given, witn: William J. BERRY & Nellie HANCOCK both of Bowmanville on Dec. 23, 1899 at Bowmanville
11698-99 William PRUSSIA, 23, farmer, Clarke? twp., Osprey, s/o William & blank, married Alice KEATING, 20, Melancthon twp., same, d/o James & Mary, witn: Lucinda MORRISON of Newcastle & Thomas PRUSSIA of Osprey, 6 April 1899 at Newcastle 011735 99 Aba Harold RANDALL, 28, machinist, Port Hope, same, s/o Maitland & Adelaide RANDALL, married Annie M. HARVEY, 27, Port Hope, same, d/o John HARVEY & ANN GAMBLE, witn. L. Binn RANDALL & Minnie HARVEY both of Port Hope, July 18 1899 at Port Hope
11689-99 Thomas Francis REGAN, 22, farmer, Murray, same, s/o J.H. McCOLL & Martha SHARP, married Edith May McCOLL, 21, Murray, same, d/o Patrick RYAN (Regan?) & Mary McGOWAN, witn: Paul & Edith BREGAN? of Murray, 7 June 1899 at Wooler (Rom Cath) [as written] 011665 99 - Frederick H. REYNOLDS, 26, undertaker, Bethany, same, s/o Charles REYNOLDS & Catherine JOHNSTON, married Margaret HEASLIP, 23, Janetville, same, d/o William HEASLIP & Margaret McGILL, witn. Vera McGILL & Isabella ADAM both of Janetville, Aug. 16 1899, at Janetville
011609-99 Lovell M. RICHARD, (no age given), Hamilton Tp., same, Farmer, s/o John RICHARD & Mary SHEA married Ella Victoria BOWMAN, 24, Hamilton Tp., same, Farmer’s daughter, d/o William BOWMAN & Sarah DONALDSON. Wtn: James A. BENSON of Bewdley  and Minnie BOWMAN of Plainsville on October 4, 1899 at Plainsville 011380-00 George H. RICHARDS, 30, gardener, Atlantic Ocean, Bowmanville, s/o Robert RICHARDS & Elizabeth BIRCH, married Caroline May COX, 25, England, Bowmanville, d/o David COX & Mary CLAPTON, witn: A. T. COX & Lena RICHARDS both of Bowmanville on Dec. 20, 1899 at Bowmanville
011514-99 Charles ROBERTS, 25, Cornwall England, Cobourg, Mat Maker, s/o Isaac ROBERTS & Sarah WILLIAMS married Annie SLOPER, 21 of Cobourg d/o William SLOPER & Mary THURSTON. Wtn: Paul COWLING of Cobourg and Alice SLOPER of Cobourg on May 25, 1899 at Cobourg 11604-99 Henry Albert ROBINSON, 25, farmer, Hamilton twp., same, s/o George ROBINSON & Martha HUNTINGTON, married Annie Louisa SMYLIE, 20, Hamilton twp., same, d/o James SMYLIE, farmer, & Amelia WATT, witn: Arthur MOORE of Rossmount & Edith SMYLIE of Camborne, 11 Jan 1899 at Hamilton twp
11517-99 William John ROBINSON, 29, mechanic, Bowmanville, Cobourg, s/o Edward ROBINSON & Elizabeth WELSH, married Flora E. BROOKENSHIRE, 23, Cobourg, same, d/o Thomas BROOKENSHIRE & Catherine HIZE (Hix?), witn: Maggie M. SMITH & Bessie McCAMUS, both of Cobourg, 11 Aug 1899 at Cobourg 11678-99 (Durham Co): William ROPER, 37, widower, laborer, Canada, Millbrook, s/o John ROPER & Elizabeth ROWE, married no first name given TUCK, 20, Canada, Millbrook, d/o Charles TUCK & Mary ARTHUR, witn: Robert & Mary TURNER of Clarke, 9 Oct 1899 at Millbrook
#011760-99 (Northumberland Co.) Robert ROWE, 26, farmer, Ontario, Belmont, s/o William ROWE & Mary CARNEGIE; married Maggie BURRIS, 29, Ontario, Campbellford, d/o Robt. BURRIS & Mary KEENE, witn M. MOON & H.E. MOON (Moore?), both of Seymour; married 3 Jan.1899, Seymour Twp. 11520-99 Alfred W. ROPER, 31, banking, Cobourg, Montreal, s/o John H. ROPER & Grace Ann VERNON, married Jessie C. BLACK, 33, Warkworth, Cobourg, d/o Andrew BLACK & Janette CLARKE, witn: B. T. FERGUSON & Ethel McNACHTAN (s/b McNaughton?), both of Cobourg, 18 Oct. 1899 at Cobourg
011611-99 Henry T. RUBY, 40, Prov. of Ontario, Hamilton Tp., Farmer, s/o John RUBY & Mary TRENBETH married Christina BIRCH, 21, England, Hamilton Tp., Farmer’s daughter, d/o Leonard BIRCH & Sarah ROYAL. Wtn: Arthur JENNINGS of Hamilton Tp. and Winna PETERS of Hamilton Tp. on October 25, 1899 at Baltimore Ont 011766-99 (Northumberland Co.) Daniel RUSSELL, 36, farmer, Ontario, Seymour, s/o Robt. Russell & Mary HUTCHINSON; married Emma WATSON, 37, Ontario, Seymour, d/o Thomas WATSON & Jessie GARDNER; witn Thomas WATSON of Seymour & Aggie RUSSELL of Sidney; married 5 Sept.1899, Seymour Twp.
11458-99 James SAMELLS, 30, farmer, Darlington, Cartwright, s/o John SAMELLS & Thomasin FRIAR, married Matilda MALCOLM, 23, Simcoe, Cartwright, d/o John MALCOLM & Sarah WALKER, witn: William CLARKE of Darlington & Eliza JOBLIN of Cartwright, 4 Jan 1899 at Cartwright 11622-99 - Walter James SANDERCOCK, 24, farmer, Gver? (Gores?) Landing, Roseneath, s/o John SANDERCOCK & Mary GINDY, married Elizabeth PHILLIPS, 23, Roseneath, same, d/o Henry PHILLIPS & Elizabeth HOGEL, witn: Bella WEEKS of Picton & Etta WELDON of Lindsay, 25 Jan 1899 at Hastings
11595-99 O. Frederick SARGENT, 20, farmer, Haldimand twp., same, s/o Hanford & Catherine, married Ida L. CORNELIUS, 24, Haldimand twp., same, d/o John & Sarah, witn: Charles A. NOBLES of Grafton & Lulu SARGENT of Eddystone, 25 Jan 1899 at Eddystone #011768-99 (Northumberland Co.) Charles S. SAYLOR, 26, cheese maker, Ontario, Victoria Co., s/o Arthur SAYLOR & Rachael SMITH; married Maggie J. KETCHUM, 25, Ontario, Seymour, d/o Jas. KETCHUM & Mary WHITTON; witn George SAYLOR of Stirling & Minnie KETCHUM of Seymour; married 7 Nov.1899, Seymour Twp.
011503-99 George SCOTT, 52, Cavan Co. Ireland, Port Hope, Widower, Laborer, s/o William SCOTT & Jane SCOTT married Harriet McGEE, 53, Hamilton Tp., Cobourg, Widow, d/o George PAGE & Maria HAGERMAN. Wtn: Minnie DAWE of Cobourg and Mary J. McEVERS of Cobourg on March 15, 1899 at Cobourg 011502-99 Henry A. SCULTHORP, 22, Port Hope, same, Bookkeeper, s/o Henry SCULTHORP & Mary GIDDY married Lillie E. READ, 22, Cobourg, Port Hope, d/o Robert READ & Annie MEEHAN. Wtn: Kate McCAMUS of Cobourg and Mary McCAMUS of Cobourg on February 20, 1899 at Cobourg
#011706-99 (Northumberland Co.) John Spencer SHERMAN, 51, farmer, Percy Twp., Brighton Twp., widower, s/o John SHERMAN & Mary CRYDERMAN; married Prudence INGLIS, 37, Cramahe Twp., Percy Twp., d/o Andrew INGLIS & May J. CRYDERMAN; witn Sarah CRYDERMAN & George INGLIS, both of Norham, Percy Twp; 1 Feb. 1899, Norham - Percy Twp. 011516-99 Joshua A. SHERWIN, 23, Alnwick Tp., Haldimand Tp., Farmer, s/o Anthony SHERWIN & Mary J. DOWLAR married Lilly ATCHISON, 20, Haldimand Tp., same, d/o Francis ATCHISON & Annie GILLILAND. Wtn: James CLARKE of Frazerville and Kate McCAMUS of Cobourg on June 14, 1899 at Cobourg
#011724-99 - Frederick SIDEY, 27, farmer, Hamilton Twp., Hamilton Twp., s/o James SIDEY & Mary Jane GAINOR; married Elizabeth C. ROWSON, 27, Port Hope, Port Hope, d/o James ROWSON & Eliza MEMBRY; witn Frank RICHARD & Aggie SIDEY, both of Bewdley; 1 Mar.1899, Port Hope 011416-00 Aleck Chapman SMITH, 22, Canada, Brighton Twp, cheese maker, s/o Sheldon O. SMITH & Isabella TRUMPOUR?, married Nellie Almeda VOSBURG, 21, matron, Canada, Brighton Twp, d/o George VOSBURG & Margaret LEE, witn; Stella & Nellie SMITH of Brighton Twp. 14 June, 1899 at Brighton Twp.
11594-99 Joseph Henry SMITH, 29, laborer, London England, Grafton, s/o Joseph & Mary, married Bertha Lilla FLATT, 19, Cobourg, Grafton, d/o Ira FLATT & Mary Jane OUGH, witn: Thomas CLETHEROE of Grafton & Mary A. TROTTER of Toronto, 18 Jan 1899 at Grafton #011758-99 (Northumberland Co.) George J. SMITH, 29, farmer, Ontario, Seymour, s/o William SMITH & Mary McDANIELS; married Elizabeth OWENS, 23, d/o Edward & Elizabeth OWEN; witn Hy SMITH of Seymour & Harriet RIDDLE of Campbellford; married 8 Feb.1899, Seymour Twp.
11360-99 - Hulbert SMOKE, 60, widower, Indian, Ontario, Alderville, s/o Charles TAYLOR & Nancy SMOKE, married Susan TAYLOR, 29, Ontario, Alnwick twp., d/o Charles TAYLOR & Mary, witn: Ernest COMEGO & A. Murreil SPRAGUE, both of Alderville, 27 July 1899 at Alnwick twp [as written] 11359-99 - Zacchius SMOKE, 20, Indian, Ontario, Alderville, s/o Hulbert & Sarah Ann, married Alice JACOBS, 19, Indian, Ontario, Alderville, d/o J. Wesley & Mary Ann, witn: William & Rebecca SMOKE of Alderville, 16 May 1899 at Alnwick twp
17526-99 - Frank SMOKE, 21, Indian, Ontario, Alnwick twp., s/o Francis SMOKE & Rebecca, married Elizabeth BIGWIND, 18, Indian, Ontario, Alnwick twp., d/o Abram & Mary, no witness, date or location given. Registered in Alnwick twp., end of 1899 011425-99 Richard O. SPENCER, 26, Brighton Twp, same, farmer, s/o George & Margaret SPENCER, married Huldah Maria McCOLL, 19, Brighton Twp, same, d/o James W. McCOLL & Iola SCOTT, witn; Bessie & Pearl COURTICE of Brighton Twp, 20 Dec, 1899 at Brighton Twp.
011422-99 Robert Hazelton SPENCER, 24, Brighton Twp, same, farmer, s/o Corey & Margaret SPENCER, married Rose Estella BREEZE. 18, Michigan, Brighton Twp, d/o George BREEZE & Rose COULTER, witn; Richard SPENCER & May McCOLL of Brighton Twp. 22 Nov, 1899 at Brighton. #011762-99 (Northumberland Co.) Alfred SPENCER, 23, farmer, Ontario, Seymour, s/o John SPENCER & S.J. DUNK; married Emma ANDERSON, 23, Ontario, Seymour, d/o E. ANDERSON & Sarah A. WILSON; witn George SPENCER & Ollie ANDERSON, both of Seymour; married 15 Mar.1899, Seymour Twp.
011409-99 West SPRING, 25, not given, Brighton Twp, farmer, s/o Manly SPRING & Melissa JOHNSON, married Nina Blanche SHORTT, 24, Brighton Twp, same, teacher, d/o James SHORTT & Mary J. RODY, witn; Best SPRING & Louise SHORTT of Brighton Twp. 18 Jan, 1899 at Brighton Twp. #011708-99 (Northumberland Co.) William F. SPRUNG, 37, farmer, Ameliasburg - Prince Edward Co., Percy Twp., s/o Byrad SPRUNG & Lucinda McCOLLOUGH; married Sarah Florence COPPERTHWAITE, 30, Picton, Percy Twp., d/o Allan COPPERTHWAITE & Sarah Anne WICKER?; witn Nelson S. HARDY & Eleanor Jane BOYCE, both of Dartford ; 15 Feb.1899, Dartford - Percy Twp.
#011756-99 (Northumberland Co.) Peter STEPHENS, 27, farmer, Ontario, Seymour, s/o Emanuel STEPHENS & Emma G. HEAN; married Angelina POTTS, 22, d/o Stephen POTTS & Harriet STOLLERY; witn G.S. POTTS & Caroline ADAMS, both of Seymour; married 8 Feb.1899, Seymour Twp. #011769-99 (Northumberland Co.) Henry. E. STEPHENS, 29, farmer, Ontario, Seymour, s/o Emmanuel & Mary STEPHENS; married Enie McCULLOCH, 22, Ontario, Seymour, d/o John McCULLOCH & Catherine RUTHERFORD; witn William HOOPER & Kate McCULLOCH of Seymour; married 14 June 1899, Seymour Twp.
011417-99 Albert STEPHENS, 25, Cramahe Twp, Brighton Twp, farmer, s/o George STEPHENS & Huldah CLAPPER, married Clara LAMBERT, 17, Brighton, Brighton Twp, d/o Henry LAMBERT & Alferetta BOOTH, witn; Alferetta LAMBERT of Rochester NY & Catherine J. CROUTER of Brighton Twp. 23 July, 1899 at Brighton Twp. 11461-99 Robert J. STILLMAN, 26, dairyman, Seymour, Cartwright, s/o Andrew & Mary, married Evaline HOLMES, 23, Cartwright, same, d/o James HOLMES & Maria CHANNON, witn: Maude & Stella HOLMES of Cartwright, 4 April 1899 at Cartwright
011379-00 George Orlando TAYLOR, 25, tinsmith, Oshawa, same, s/o Richard TAYLOR & Elizabeth GILES, married Mabel THOMPSON, 21, Port Perry, Oshawa, d/o John THOMPSON & Jessie BLOOMER, witn: Luther T. COUSTILL & Mrs J.J. RAE both of Bowmanville on Dec. 18, 1899 at Bowmanville 011517-99 Charles Edward THACKERY, 21, Alnwick Tp., same, Farmer, s/o Peter THACKERY & Elizabeth WHITE married Minnie HARVEY, 21, Alnwick Tp., same, d/o George HARVEY & Kelesta SMITH. Wtn: Mary McCAMUS of Cobourg and Bessie McCAMUS of Cobourg on May 27, 1899 at Cobourg
  011643 99 John H. THERNTIN, 43, butcher, twp of Clarke, twp of Hope, s/o Richard THURNTIN & Mary LARKE, married Maria GRAY, 42, twp of Clarke, twp of Hope, d/o James GRAY & Margaret HELLER, witn. Mrs. James GRAY & Duggan GRAY both of twp of Hope, July 26 1899 at twp of Hope
11627-99 Richard THOMPSON, 32, farmer, illegible (Alnwick), Alnwick twp., s/o William THOMPSON & Sarah ARCHIBALD, married Ellen TAYLOR, 23, illegible (Alnwick?), Alnwick twp, d/o Daniel TAYLOR & Ellen McCORMISH, witn: J. THOMSON (sic) & A. SHEARER, both of Hastings, 1 July 1899 at Hastings 11676-99 (Durham Co): Benjamin THOMPSON, 23, laborer, Canada, Cavan, s/o James THOMPSON & Ann HOWDEN, married Annie MORTON, 21, Canada, Cavan, d/o John MORTON & Elizabeth BEYERS, witn: James MORTON & Adelaide THOMPSON of Peterborough, 5 April 1899 at Millbrook
11683-99 - Francis THOMS, 29, farmer, England, Bailieboro, s/o Edward THOMS & Hannah BURTON, married Olive ADAMS, 20, England, Bailieboro, d/o Walter ADAMS & does not know, witn: Joseph W. DAWSON of Bailieboro & Mrs. STEEL of Frazerville, 15 Nov 1899 at Frazerville 011661 99 - James TURNER, 21, labourer, Manvers, Cavan, s/o James TURNER & Catherine COUCH, married Carrie BRUCE, 21, servant, Hope, Millbrook, d/o William BRUCE & Fanny STOREY, witn. Robert LUNN of Millbrook & Emma FALLIS of Manvers, May 30, 1899, at Bethany
11602-99 William Henry TURPIN, 26, farmer, England, Wicklow, s/o John & Sarah Ann, married Elizabeth LOCKE, 20, Wicklow, same, d/o Jonathan LOCKE & Pansie? WEBSTER, witn: Herman BURR of Picton & Edna ANDERSON of Grafton, 25 Dec 1899 at Grafton 011734 99 William James TYERS, 24, photographer, Bramley Yorks, Montreal, s/o Charles & Kate TYERS, married Charlotte Jane MERRIFIELD, 24, Port Hope, same, d/o Charles Alfred & Ellen MERRIFIELD, witn. E.C. TYERS of Montreal & Annie STONE of Port Hope, June 21 1899 at Port Hope
011410-99 Gilbert VANSLYKE, 22, Brighton Twp, same, farmer, s/o Isaac VANSLYKE & Euphemia STICKLES, married Maude Silvia SABINS, 19, Cramahe Twp, Brighton Twp, d/o Alfred SABINS & Delilah CRYDERMAN witn; Edward WRIGHT & Emma W. VANSLYKE of Brighton Twp, 8 Mar, 1899 at Brighton Twp. 011739 99 Wallace Watson WAIT, 40, farmer, Cramahe twp. same, s/o Griffin WAIT & Elizabeth SPRINY, married Kathleen ALLEN, 30, Dundonald, same, d/o George ALLEN & Ruth RICHARDSON, witn. Mrs. W. L. WOODS & Miss M. WOODS both of Port Hope, Sept. 7 1899 at Port Hope
011509-99 Daniel WALSH, 28, “not returned”, Cobourg, Farmer, s/o David WALSH & Margt McKENNA married Elizabeth BEHAN (no age given) of Hamilton Tp., d/o John BEHAN & Mary WATSON. Wtn: Edward WALSH of Cobourg and Honora KEON of Cobourg on May 22, 1899 at St. Michaels Church (Cobourg) 011505-99 Richard WARE, 27, Cobourg, Port Hope, Tinsmith, s/o John William WARE & Mary WARE married Florence FLETCHER, 20, England, Port Hope, d/o Robert FLETCHER & Ellen FLETCHER. Wtn: Thomas E. BURT of Port Hope and Florence GAMBLE of Port Hope on March 29, 1899 at Cobourg (also 11726-99)
011507-99 William Henry WARNE, 40, Hamilton Tp., same, Farmer, s/o William WARNE & Mary Ann GILBERT married Amelia A. CURTIS, 22, Hamilton Tp., Cobourg, d/o James CURTIS & Matilda PARSONS. Wtn: Herbert CURTIS of Cobourg and Mabel WARNE of Peterborough on April 19,1899 at Cobourg #011727-99 - Horace Foster WAY, 25, farmer, Murray, Murray, son of Edward WAY & Henrietta STIMERS; married Annie HORSLEY, 27, Murray, Murray, d/o Briggam HORSLEY & Sarah McKINNEY; witn M. LYNCH & Eugenie A. LYNCH, both of Port Hope; 8 Feb.1899, Port Hope
011669 99 - Edward F. WEATHERELL, 29, farmer, Hope, Manvers, s/o Joseph WEATHERELL & Maria DUNN, married Elizabeth G. WILSON, 27, Manvers, same, d/o George WILSON & Eliza STAPLES, witn. John H. WEATHERELL & Emma STAPLES both of Manvers, Oct. 18 1899, at Lifford 011744 99 Alfred F. WELCH, 24, laborer, Port Hope, same, s/o Edward WELCH & Sarah WILSON, married Bertha E. AUSTIN, 23, England, Port Hope, d/o Arthur AUSTIN & Alice E. WALTON, witn. Victor BYAM & Maggie TURNER both of Port Hope, Nov. 15 1899 at Port Hope
  011385-00 Frederick WESTLAKE, 29, builder, Whitby Tp., same, s/o William WESTLAKE & Susan PALMER, married Georgina TAYLOR, 19, Whitby, same, d/o William TAYLOR & J. DUGLAS (sic), witn: Ed & Mrs. J. H. BARNETT both of Bowmanville on June 6, 1899 at Bowmanville.
011392-00 Norman Howard WHITE, 24, electrician, Port Hope, Bowmanville, s/o William & Adelaine, married Delva Maud BOSWELL, 18, Boston USA, Bowmanville, d/o William Stanley BOSWELL & Elda BREWER, witn: C. BOSWELL & Mrs. J.J. RAE both of Bowmanville on Oct. 14, 1899 at Bowmanville. 011382-00 William Angus WHITE, 27, physician, Millbrook, New York City, s/o Thomas WHITE & Mary Ann WOOD, married Mary Martha JAMES, 25, Ashburn Ont., Bowmanville, d/o Moses A. JAMES & Mary Jane BRAY, witn: James A PHILLIPS of New York City & Sophia E. JAMES of Bowmanville on Dec. 27, 1899 at Bowmanville
11587-99 Ed Henry WHITE, 40, farmer, Murray twp., same, s/o John WHITE & Mary PRESTON, married Maria Elizabeth HARE, 40, Haldimand twp., same, d/o Donald HARE & Caroline BUSIN?, witn: Frank FINDALL (Tindall?) of Smithfield & George HARE of Grafton, 15 March 1899 at Haldimand twp. 11681-99 - George WHITTINGTON, 28, farmer, South Monaghan, same, s/o John WHITTINGTON & Margaret WEDLORD?, married Edith WATERMAN, 24, South Monaghan, same, d/o William WATERMAN & Eliza Jane SMITHER, witn: Byron WOOD & Alice WATERMAN, both of Bensford, 4 Jan 1899 at Christ Church, Bailieboro
011612-99 William Alfred WICKS, 29, Hamilton Tp., same, Farmer, s/o Edwin WICKS & Charlotte ORLAND married Mary THOMPSON, 21, Hamilton Tp., Cobourg, Servant, d/o William THOMPSON & Mary Ann CHAPMAN. Wtn: Clora THOMPSON of Cobourg and Edith THOMPSON of Cobourg on November 22, 1899 at Baltimore Hamilton Tp. 011418-99 James T. WILKINS, 34, Brighton Twp, same, widower, farmer, s/o Edmund WILKINS & Saphira VANSLYKE, married Mary LENOX, 25, USA, Cramahe Twp, d/o Hiram LENOX & Martha SHAVER, witn; Jason LENOX of Cramahe Twp, & Florana AINSWORTH of Brighton Twp. 19 July 1899 at Brighton Twp
#011719-99 - Dwight Harvey WILLIAMS, 21, yeoman, Kansas, Wicklow, s/o Benjamin WILLIAMS & Nancy HUYCKE; married Lena May PERRY, 21, Colborne, Colborne, d/o John PERRY & Margaret HARNDEN; witn J.E. YOUNG & J.A. AYLESWORTH, both of Port Hope; 19 Jan.1899, Port Hope 011372-99 Robert James WILSON, 24, farmer, Darlington Tp., Oshawa, s/o John WILSON & Elizabeth CLEMENS, married Bertha CHATTERSON, 24, Brighton, Oshawa, d/o George CHATTERSON & Emeline ROUSE, witn: N. J. MARIN of Oshawa & Mary HATRICK of Whitby on Mar. 2, 1899 at Bowmanville
011499-99 Henry WOODCOCK, 34, England, Cobourg, Farmer, s/o Saml WOODCOCK & Annie WOODCOCK married Annie Eliz LENTY, 38, England, Cobourg, d/o William LENTY & Margaret LENTY. Wtn: Margaret Dunlop of Cobourg and John J. LENTY of Cobourg on January 16, 1899 at Cobourg 011365-99 Joseph WOOLNER, 46, laborer, widower, England, Bowmanville, s/o William WOOLNER & Mary Ann SMITH, married Elizabeth ROBINSON, 60, widow, England, Bowmanville, d/o Charles WELSH & Ann REID, witn: William & Mary Eleanor FREEMAN both of Bowmanville on Mar. 27, 1899 at Bowmanville.
011369-99 Charles WORDEN (MORDEN?), 27, farmer, Darlington Tp., same, s/o John WORDEN & Charity OSBORNE, married Minnie Ida SPRY, 25, Bowmanville, same, d/o John SPRY & Thomasine CROSS, witn: Thomas & Lizzie SPRY both of Bowmanville on Feb. 14, 1899 at Bowmanville 011421-99 Alexander YOUNG, 52, widower, Amherst Isle, Brighton Twp, mechanic, s/o Jacob YOUNG & Mary M. MONTGOMERY, married Ada WICKS, 40, Port Hope, Brighton Twp, d/o William WICKS & Sarah COLLEY?, witn; Edith SHORTTS & Pearl COURTICE of Brighton Twp. 15 Nov, 1899 at Brighton.
011413-99 William Stanley ZUVELT, 24, Canada, Cramahe Twp, farmer, s/o Loyal ZUVELT & Jane SAMIS, married Ethel Luella BARRINGER, 16, Canada, Cramahe, d/o William BARRINGER & Corintha PALMER, witn; G., & Jessie May LOWE of Brighton Twp .25 Mar, 1899 at Hilton.