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Norfolk Co., 1907

birth place is given before residence


15429-07 William Robert ALWAY, 36, widower, physician, Canada, Waterford, s/o Frederick ALWAY & Rachel MASON, married Kathryn MARLATT, 35, Waterford, same, d/o D. Albert MARLATT & Geraldine SECORD, witn: D.A. MARLATT & Rachel ALWAY, both of Waterford, 18 June 1907 at Waterford 15294-07 Warren B. ANGER, 22, farmer, Walsingham, Springfield, s/o William ANGER & Eleanor ALANRIQUE, married Doratha WEST, 21, Houghton, same, d/o William F. WEST & Mary PUTMAN, witn: Elias ROBINS & Sarah ROBINS, both of Houghton, 17 April 1907 at Houghton
15436-07 William L. ASPDEN, 20, brakeman, Windham, Hamilton, s/o Jonathan ASPDEN & Sarah ROBINS, married Mary STEVENTON, 18, Cleveland Ohio, Hamilton, d/o Isaac STEVENTON & Alice ZIMMERMAN, witn: Bessie MILES & Harold KITCHEN, both of Waterford, 21 Sept 1907 at Waterford 15438-07 Roy ASPDEN, 24, fireman, Windham, Hamilton, s/o Jonathan ASPDEN & Sarah ROBBINS, married Bessie J. MILES, 20, Waterford, same, d/o John MILES & Rhoda BEAM, witn: Pearl DALE of Paris & J.R. ASPDEN of Hamilton, 6 Nov 1907 at Waterford
15330-07 Lewellyn Thomas ATKINSON, 26, manufacturer, Brant Co., Simcoe, s/o John ATKINSON & Mary Ann GILMOUR, married Lena MARTIN, 28, Cheapside, Port Dover, d/o George MARTIN & Clara STRICKLER, witn: T.R. ATKINSON & John S. MARTIN, both of Simcoe, 12 Oct. 1907 at Port Dover 15267-07 Albert C. AWDE, 26, processor, Delhi, Calumbia Tennessess, s/o Jonathan AWDE & Martha NUNN, married Ethel GERHARDT, 26, Delhi, same, d/o Adam GERHARDT & Martha J. DENNIS, witn: Frank AWDE & Agnes GERHARDT, both of Delhi, 15 Jan 1907 at Delhi
15443-07 James BAIN, 24, farmer, Windham, same, s/o Robert BAIN & Janet BLACK, married Caroline ARTHUR, 28, Teeterville, same, d/o Robert ARTHUR, farmer, & Anna HOPE, witn: Richard J. RUSSEL of Manitoba & Edith ARTHUR of Teeterville, 7 Jan 1907 at Teeterville #015262-07 (Norfolk Co): Alvie BALCOMBE, 25, farmer, Langton, Springford, s/o Silas BALCOMBE & Sarah MILLS, married Anna Belle WEST, 18, Yarmouth Center, Hemlock, d/o William H. WEST & Alice WHITELOCK, witnesses were George DUG & Myrtle McKIBBON, both of Langton, 6 June 1907 at Lynedoch
15322-07 Elijah BARKER, 42, widower, laborer, Lynedoch, Simcoe, s/o John Edward BARKER & Elizabeth BARRETT, married Emma Rosa BROWN, 38, widow, Woodhouse, Simcoe, d/o Christopher Nelson BROWN & Elizabeth DOWELS, witn: Edith MOODY & Emanuel ATKINSON, both of Port Dover , 20 June 1907 at Port Dover 15424-07 Fred BEAM, 41, farmer, Waterford, same, s/o Clinton MATHEWS & Sarah BEAM, married Bertha BEEMER, 37, Townsend twp., same, d/o Wesley BEEMER, farmer, & Ann KITCHEN, witn: Mrs. Elizabeth BIDDLE & Mrs. Sarah REEVES, both of Port Rowan, 20 March 1907 at Waterford
15296-07 J.L. BEAMEN, 44, widower, farmer, Erie View, same, s/o W.R. BEEMAN (sic) & not given, married Katie HARGRAVES, 32, Belleville, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o John HARGRAVES & Nancy CORBETT, witn: L.& Mrs. L. MacDONALD of Erie View, 25 April 1907 at Erie View #015259-07 (Norfolk Co): Henry O. BINGLEMAN, 21, cheese maker, Charlotteville, same, s/o John H. BINGLEMAN & Lidia J. STEWART, married Clara M. STEINHOFF, 17, Charlotteville, same, d/o Russel C. STEINHOFF & M.L. MARKLE, witnesses were H.G. DOOLITTLE & Mrs. James DOLAN, both of Vittoria, 23 April 1907 at Vittoria
15341-07 James BONNY, 32, painter, Kingston Ont., Simcoe, s/o George BONNY & Elizabeth R. HODGE, married Sadie IRWIN, 26, Simcoe, same, d/o Thomas IRWIN & Mary Ann GLOVER, witn: Pearl HODGSON & Ernest KNIGHT, both of Simcoe, 4 Feb 1907 at Simcoe 15425-07 John E. BOOKER, 20, printer, Decewsville, Cayuga, s/o James BOOKER & Martha A. WEDRICK, married Marion DAVIDSON, 20, Clanbrassil, same, d/o Robert DAVIDSON & Helen GILCHRIST, witn: Annie & Marion BOYD of Waterford, 4 April 1907 at Waterford
#015252-07 (NorfolkCo): James Thaddeus BOOTH, 28, farmer, Wyecombe, same, s/o James BOOTH & Jennie LOVETT, married Eliza Catherine McCLUNG, 24, Cayuga, Wyecombe, d/o Robert J. McCLUNG & Elizabeth SMITH, witnesses were John W. BOTH of Wyecombe & Lottie BRICKLER of Vittoria, 1 Jan 1907 at Wycombe #015265-07 (Norfolk Co): John Wallace BOOTH, 28, farmer, Walsingham, Charlotteville, s/o Archie BOOTH & Mary SHIELDS, married Lottie BRICKLER, 24, teacher, North Cayuga, Charlotteville, d/o Henry BRICKLER & Margaret NICHOL, witnesses were Lena BRICKLER of Charlotteville & Robert B.BOOTH of Wyecombe, 3 April 1907 at Charlotteville
15321-07 John Wallace BOOTH, 28, farmer, North Walsingham, same, s/o Archie BOOTH & Mary SHIELDS, married Lottie BEICKLER, 24, North Cayuga, same, d/o Henry BEICKLER & Margaret NICKLE, witn: Lena BEICKLER of Charlotteville & Robert BOOTH of Wyecombe, 13 April 1907 at Port Dover 15297-07 John C. BRADY, 26, undertaker, Bayham, Port Burwell, s/o Thomas BRADY & Margie CHISHOLM, married Ethel FRANCIS, 21, Houghton, same, d/o Samuel FRANCIS & Amanda JACKSON, witn: Herbert & Ida FRANCIS of Fairground, 8 May 1907 at Houghton
15432-07 Honickel Ory BURTCH, 20, mechanic, Burtch, Brantford, s/o David BURTCH & Lucretia CLARK, married Pearl Evelyn WOODLEY, 20, Burtch, same, d/o John WOODLEY & Jennie VAN LOON, witn: W.M. CHARLTON & Alice E. CHARLTON, both of Brantford, 14 Aug 1097 at Waterford 15437-07 Joseph D. BYE, 27, farmer, Charlotteville, same, s/o George BYE & Annie JENNINGS, married Amelia L. SLOAT, 18, Simcoe, same, d/o Wilson SLOAT & Melinda SMITH, witn: Emma & Edward BYE of Walsh, 14 Oct. 1907 at Waterford
15305-07 William CAROLL, 21, tinsmith, Salford - Oxford Co., Tilsonburg, s/o William C. CAROLL & Ella L. WEEKS, married Magdalena EITEL, 23, tailoress, Rhineland, same, d/o J.G. EITEL & Rosina DEMUTH, witn: Ernest CAROLL of Tilsonburg & Emma EITEL of Berlin, 19 June 1907 at Rhineland #015256-07 (Norfolk Co): Wilcomes? Wayman CARROLL, 30, farmer, Ingersoll, Carholme, s/o Reuben H. & not given, married Maggie Blanche HALLIDAY, 30, Carholme, Lynedoch, d/o David HALLIDAY & Georgia A. EVANS, witnesses were David H. HALLIDAY & Iva R. REID, both of Lynedoch, 12 April 1907 at Lynedoch
15278-07 Merenus Alfred CARTER, 19, miller, Colborne, Delhi, s/o Edward CARTER & Elizabeth CONNOR, married Florence Olivette CONLIN, 20, Delhi, same, d/o John CONLIN & Mary WIMMER, witn: Harry KENT & Ella LEHMAN, both of Delhi, 4 Sept 1907 at Delhi 15342-07 William CHAMBERS, 28, farmer, Walsingham, same, s/o James CHAMBERS & Mary GOULD, married Sensia BARKER, 20, Charlotteville, same, d/o Edward BARKER & Jane BLOOM, witn: Annie & John McCLAIN of Simcoe, 17 Feb 1907 at Simcoe
15328-07 Alexander CONLIN, 23, moulder, Smiths Falls, Hamilton, s/o John James CONLIN & Susan Harriet FLEMING, married Clara Maria ATKINSON, 20, Woodhouse, Port Dover, d/o John ATKINSON & Sarah BUSH, witn: Wallace & Mary BUSH of Port Dover, 26 Sept 1907 at Port Dover 15324-07 Clinton William COOPER, 22, railroad hand, Port Dover, same, s/o Thomas COOPER & Mary WEST, married Lillian Pearl MARTIN, 21, Brantford, same, d/o Eli MARTIN & Elizabeth MORRIS, witn: Ada YOUNG & V.J. ROBERTSON, both of Port Dover, 30 July 1907 at Port Dover
15331-07 William COPE, 35, farmer, South Walsingham, same, s/o James COPE & Victoria WOODWARD, married Ida M. SMITH, 23, South Walsingham, same, d/o Charles SMITH & Ellen BODEN, witn: Mrs. M.J. WILSON & V.J. ROBERTSON, both of Port Dover, 30 Oct 1907 at Port Dover #015325-1907 (Norfolk Co): Wallace Edwin CURWANE, 26, engineer, Jarvis, same, s/o Thomas CURWANE, & Mary J SWITZER, married Eliza ROBINSON, 27, Port Dover, same, d/o John ROBINSON & Eliza BASSAULT; witnesses were Fred ROBINSON, Sadie McPHERSON., of Port Dover. 4 Sep 1907 at Port Dover.
15474-07 John A DARLING, 49, widower, druggist, Simcoe, Durham, s/o James DARLING & Helen HILL, married Lillian E. SMITH, 41, Charlotteville, Woodhouse, d/o A. W. SMITH & Susan HART (Haht?), witn: A. H. SMITH Of Charlotteville & Margaret H. REEVE of Woodstock, 22 Oct 1907 at Lot 1 Con 3 of Woodhouse twp  
#015264-07 (Norfolk Co): Andrew William DAWSON, 24, farmer, Charlotteville, same, s/o William DAWSON & Georgina McIMRIE, married Helena M. BUTLER, 25, Vittoria, same, d/o J. Edward BUTLER & Elizabeth DAVIS, witnesses were Lorne DAWSON of Paris & Blanche PICKELL of Vittoria, 26 June 1907 at Vittoria 15445-07 John William DAWSON, 22, farmer, Windham, same, s/o Justus DAWSON & Milessa BECKER, married Jennie McINALLY, 23, Norwich Ont., Windham, d/o Gilbert McINALLY, farmer, & Emeretta HENDERSON, witn: Edwin HILL of Teeterville & Emma DAWSON of Windham twp, 20 March 1907 at Windham twp
15286-07 Roy DELL, 22, farmer, Houghton, same, s/o Henry DELL & Agnes BINGHAM, married Alzina TUTTY, 15, Houghton, same, d/o Andrew TUTTY & Ruamy MILLEN, witn: Walter STANSELL & Eva M. GODBY, both of Houghton, 23 Dec 1907 at Houghton 15371-07 Roscoe DEVITT, 26, cuter, Michigan, Delhi, s/o Aaron DEVITT & Mary SWARTZ, married Ethel Lillian KELLUM, 23, Walsingham, Delhi, d/o Warren KELLUM & Esther WILSON, witn: Jason KELLUM of Delhi & Arvila DEVITT of Berlin, 13 Feb 1907 at Delhi
15446-07 James Merton DONNELLY, 24, farmer, Townsend, same, s/o John DONNELLY & Annie REID, married Clara May STONE, 18, Walpole, Woodhouse, d/o David STONE, farmer, & Edna M. HIGGINS, witn: Matilda DONNELLY & Gladys STRONGMAN, both of Simcoe, 27 March 1907 at Windham twp 15320-07 Frank DOWN, 26, mechanic, Beaverton Ont., Manitoba, s/o Samuel DOWN & Mary Ann WYNN, married Ester Irene FLEMING, 21, Nelles Corners, Port Dover, d/o R.S. FLEMING & Sarah AWDE, witn: Sanford & Hannah FLEMING of Port Dover, 1 Jan 1907 at Port Dover
15313-07 Harrie Clair DREYER, 20, laborer, Aylmer, Courtland, s/o Clement DREYER & Mary Catherine RIBBLE, married Ethel MORDEN, 18, factory work woman, of Forestville, d/o Abraham MORDEN & Ella BARHAM, witn: William DREYER & Mrs. George DREYER, both of Courtland, 21 Oct. 1907 at Courtland 15303-07 George W. DREYER, 21, railroader, Bayham, Courtland, s/o Peter Clement DREYER & Mary Catherine RIEBEL, married Lila May BRAHAM, 22, Middleton, same, d/o James BARHAM & Elma, witn: Frank DREYER of Courtland & M. MORDEN of Middleton, 30 Jan 1907 at Courtland
15336-07 Charles DUNCAN, 22, farmer, Forestville, same, s/o James DUNCAN & Sarah WOLVEN, married Violet BEEMER, 19, Forestville, same, d/o Orston BEEMER & Cynthia BUCK, witn: C.B. KILLMASTER & May SMITH, both of Port Rowan, 1 May 1907 at Port Rowan  
15312-07 George Edward EITEL, 20, farmer, Middleton twp., Rhineland, s/o J.G. EITEL & Barbara DEMUTH, married Rosa CHILTON, 19, servant, Middleton twp., same, d/o George CHILTON & Caroline CARPENTER, witn: Alfred EITEL of Rhineland & Mary CHILTON of Middleton twp, 16 Oct 1907 at Rhineland 15292-07 Henry C. ELLIS, 60, farmer, Port Rowan, same, s/o Henry ELLIS & C. FICK, married Penelope WHITE, 44, Clear Creek, same, d/o Warren WHITE & Harriet DOWLING, witn: Pearl FICK of Port Robinson & Mrs. R. CUNNINGHAM of Clear Creek, 17 Jan 1907 at Clear Creek
15316-07 David Brett FERRIS, 21, cheese maker, Middleton, same, s/o James FERRIS & Hannah WHITE, married Grace TURNBULL, 20, Middleton, same, d/o James TURNBULL, farmer, & Della STILWELL, witn: Jerome LAVIN of Tilsonburg & Lena STILWELL of Middleton, 11 Dec 1907 at Middleton #015327-1907 (Norfolk Co): Clarence Allan FERRIS, 24, miller, Charlotteville, Port Dover, s/o Charles FERRIS & Elizabeth HOLMAN, married Elgina Pearl LONG, 19, Port Dover, same, d/o Joseph LONG & Wilmina McBRIDE; witnesses were Chris & May QUANBURY, of Port Dover. 18 Sep 1907 at Port Dover.
15314-07 William D. FLEMING, 26, farmer, Holbrook, same, s/o William FLEMING & Henrietta DENNIS, married Ethel Maud MACKAY, 20, Courtland, same, d/o William MACKAY & Marion McDONALD, witn: Walter WIGHTMAN of Detroit & Lena BENN of Courtland, 21 Nov 1907 at Courtland 15421-07 Percy FULLER, 21, laborer, Woodstock, Waterford, s/o Stephen FULLER & Annie MUNROE, married Eunice RUSH, 17, Waterford, same, d/o Charles RUSH, laborer, & Annie MATTHEWS, witn: Fannie ELLIOTT & Ann ROSS, both of Waterford, 31 Jan 1907 at Waterford
015276-1907 (Norfolk Co.) Arthur GAMBLE, 21, laborer, Huron Co., Simcoe, s/o Daniel GAMBLE & Priscilla GLOBENSKER?, married Sylvia COATES, 18, Simcoe, same, d/o Thomas COATES & Charlotte E. BARBER, witn: Harry & Priscilla WARK, both of Simcoe, 12 Aug 1907 at Delhi. 15282-07 Guy GATES, 22, farmer, Houghton, same, s/o George GATES & Emily Estel KING, married Martha KING, 16, Houghton, same, d/o Joseph KING & Charlotte WILSON, witn: Mrs. H. ELLIS of Clear Creek & Henry ELLIS of Port Rowan, 4 Aug 1907 at Clear Creek
15349-07 James Christopher GREEN, 22, carpenter, Windham, Simcoe, s/o James Henry GREEN & Emily Jane DICKENSON, married Kate SNIDER, 21, Port Ryerse, Simcoe, d/o Conrad SNIDER & Kate STEIGMEIER, witn: Mrs. Charles AUSTIN & Mrs. Ethel SMALL, both of Simcoe, 30 April 1907 at Simcoe  
15334-07 John Grasot GUNN, 28, physician, Canada, Vittoria, s/o John GUNN & Jane JONES, married May Helen STEARNS, no age given, Canada, Port Rowan, d/o W.C. STEARNS & Elizabeth KILLMASTER, witn: W. TRUEMAN & Stella STEARNS, 9 Oct 1907 at Port Rowan 15407-07 James William HAGAN, 34, teacher, North Walsingham, same, s/o William HAGAN & Hannah BAILEY, married Ida Altena CHRISTMAS, 30, Walsingham Centre, same, d/o George CHRISTMAS & Emily DENCH, witn: Mr. & Mrs. William YOKOM of Walsingham Centre, 1 Jan 1907 at Walsingham Centre
15473-07 William HANSELMAN, 30, yeoman, Canada, Woodhouse, s/o John M. HANSELMAN & Engalhardt FROMICELE, married Ethel Louisa FOX, 18, Canada, Woodhouse, d/o George FOX & Emma FROST, witn: Cecil FOX of Woodhouse & Minnie HANSELMAN of Middleton twp., 16 Oct 1907 at St. Johns Church, Woodhouse #015340-07 (Norfolk Co): William H. HARPER, 22, farmer, Shalot NY, Fredonia NY, s/o William D. HARPER & Mary E. DEMOND?, married Erie E. EAGLES, 16, Simcoe, same, d/o Thomas EAGLES & Sarah BARKER, witnesses were Sarah EAGLES & Francis M. BARKER, 18 Jan 1907 at Simcoe
15295-07 David HAZEN, 34, farmer, Houghton, same, s/o John HAZEN & Mary CRAWFORD, married Amelia E. COOPER, 29, Dereham, Houghton, d/o William COOPER & Amelia STANTON, witn: W. & Mrs. W. CRAWFORD of Houghton, 24 April 1907 at Houghton 15311-07 Ronald Gilbert HERRON, 22, farmer, Middleton, same, s/o James Gilbert HERRON & Mary McDONALD, married Cora Adelaide JACKSON, 19, Middleton twp., same, d/o John JACKSON & Clara MARSLAND, witn: William D. HERRON & Sarah E. JACKSON, both of Tilsonburg, 18 Sept 1907 at Middleton twp
15414-7 Charles HEUBACH, 28, carpenter, Normanby twp., Berlin, s/o Otto HEUBACH & Annie GRIESS, married Ida M. KINGLSEY, 30, Charlotteville twp., South Walsingham, d/o Jacob KINGSLEY & Margaret BAER, witn: Mr L. & Mrs. BUTCHER of Erie View, 6 Nov 1907 at Rowan Mills 15449-07 Edwin HILL, 24, farmer, Mitchell, Teeterville, s/o Daniel FENNEY & Maria OLIVER, but adopted by Edward HILL, married Emma May DAWSON, 24, Windham twp., same, d/o Justus DAWSON & Melissa BECKER, witn: Clarence SILVERTHORN of Teeterville & Nettie SILVERTHORN of Round Plains, 10 April 1907 at Windham twp
15347-07 Edward HODGSON, 72, widower, shoe maker, Lancaster England, Simcoe, s/o Lawrence HODGSON & Mary RUSHTON, married Janet Anderson GILMORE, 60, widow, Hamilton Scotland, Simcoe, d/o John ANDERSON & Eliza ANDERSON, witn: Eliza & Charles MASON of Simcoe, 16 April 1907 at Simcoe 15279-07 Frederick Alex HODGSON, 37, printer, Simcoe, same, s/o Edward HODGSON & Grace CLARK, married Clara Ellen TAYLOR, 48, widow, Charlotteville, Simcoe, d/o John L. ANDERSON & Priscilla WALSH, witn: Mrs. NELLES of Windham & Mrs. Ira WHITEHEAD of Simcoe, 11 Sept 1907 at Simcoe
15415-07 Leon Corbett HUMPHREY, 24, farmer, Bayham twp., South Walsingham, s/o George C. HUMPHREY & Addie A. JOHNSON, married Alice Frances OVERBAUGH, 20, South Walsingham twp., Erie View, d/o Frederick A. OVERBAUGH & Martha L. LA FORTUNE, witn: James Henry ANDERSON of Port Royal & Jennie HUMPHREY of South Walsingham, 18 Dec 1907 at Erie View 15287-07 (Norfolk Co) Roy INGES, 23, farmer, London, Adelaide, s/o Edward INGES & Fannie DEATON, married Nellie FINCH, 20, farmer's daughter, Houghton, Jacksonburg, d/o Edward FINCH & Phoebe SHANAMON (sic s/b STERNAMAN), witn: Mrs. CUNNINGHAM & Mrs. John FRANKLIN both of Clear Creek, 25 Dec 1907 at Clear Creek
15448-07 William JAMIESON, 22, cheese maker, Ancaster, Windham, s/o James JAMIESON & Catherine MILLER, married Ida ROBERTS, 19, Vanessa, Windham, d/o William ROBERTS & Mary DURANT, witn: Arthur CRULL of Hamilton & Ada JAMIESON of Jerseyville, 20 March 1907 at Vanessa 15416-07 Charles Wellington JOHNSON, 27, farmer, St. Williams, same, s/o J. William JOHNSON & Samantha PATTERSON, married Bertha Victoria ARMSTRONG, 20, Cayuga Ont., South Walsingham, d/o James Edward ARMSTRONG & Emily GARVEY, witn: J.H. GRAY & Nellie JOHNSON, both of St. Williams, 25 Dec 1907 at Lot 22 Con 3 of South Walsingham twp
15284-07 Jason G. KENT, 31, widower, engineer, Haldimand, same, s/o C.H. KENT & Clarissa SHERK, married Elta MISENER, 34, Clear Creek, same, d/o Wilson MISENER & Iona WILLIS, witn: Leola MISENER of Clear Creek & Crellan OVERBAUGH of Erie View , 10 Oct 1907 at Clear Creek  
15439-07 Joseph LANGS, 53, widower, farmer, Round Plains, Jarvis, s/o Alfred LANGS & Rebecca KITCHEN, married Ethel CHATFIELD, 30, widow, London England, Jarvis, d/o William MOULD & Emily NICHOL, witn: Fannie ELLIOTT & Nina ROSS, both of Waterford, 25 Nov 1907 at Waterford 15426-07 Leo L. LEFLER, 25, clerk, Waterford, same, s/o Elikam LEFLER & Annie MATTHEWS, married Rebecca ROBINS, 20, Windham, Waterford, d/o Leonard ROBINS & Phoebe FURLER, witn: Dan & Cynthia ROBINS of Waterford, 27 March 1907 at Waterford
15345-07 Charles Merton LONG, 22, farmer, Woodhouse, Port Dover, s/o Joseph LONG & A. McBRIDE, married Beatrice P. ABBOTT, 23, Walpole, Port Dover, d/o Thomas ABBOTT & Eliza WIEDRICK, witn: Emma E. LONG & Clarence FERRIER, both of Port Dover, 26 March 1907 at Simcoe 15413-07 John Wesley LONG, 20, farmer, Middleton, same, s/o Henry LONG & Dorothy SWICK, married Minnie Alice SMITH, 18, South Walsingham, same, d/o Alfred SMITH & Sarah Jane PROPER, witn: Walter RUTLEDGE & Nellie May LONG, both of Houghton, 14 Aug 1907 at Walsingham Centre
15293-07 Wallace C. LOUCKS, 21, printer, Houghton, Port Burwell, s/o Albert LOUCKS & Maria LATHAM, married Delia M. MERCER, 24, Houghton, same, d/o Charles MERCER & Mary SHERMAN, witn: Albert C. BROWN of Port Burwell & Mabel M. MERCER of Hemlock, 8 March 1907 at Houghton 15408-07 William Sylvester LOUNSBURY, 22, farmer, Bayham twp., South Walsingham, s/o Murry LOUNSBURY & Mary Ann BUTCHER, married Elsie May LEWIS, 18, North Walsingham, Charlotteville, d/o Levi LEWIS & Rosalie JONES, witn: Albert CHRISTMAS & Sarah CROPP, both of Walsingham Centre, 2 Jan 1907 at Walsingham Centre
#015257-07 (Norfolk Co): Henry E. MANSFIELD, 26, butcher, Niagara Falls NY, same, s/o George MANSFIELD & Jennie APPLEBY, married Bertha BROWN, 23, Charlotteville twp., same, d/o William A. BROWN & Frances DERRICKSON, witnesses were Fred A. & Florence BROWN of Charlotteville, 16 April 1907 at Charlotteville 15440-07 John Clayton MARLATT, 22, painter, Point Ryerse, Simcoe, s/o Clayton MARLATT & Eliza EVANS, married Beatrice HOGARTH, 21, Waterloo Co., Simcoe, d/o Andrew HOGARTH & Mary A. DOUGLAS, witn: J. Herbert & Mrs. Martha STAFFORD of Waterford, 2 Dec 1907 at Waterford
15428-07 George W. MARSAW, 44, carpenter, Huron Co., Brantford, s/o Moses MARSAW & Mabel GRIFFIN, married Amanda MESSECAR, 33, Walpole, Brantford, d/o Aaron MESSECAR & Fannie BROPHY, witn: Fred G. FARRIL of Brantford & Nora MESSECAR of Waterford, 12 June 1907 at Waterford 015338-07 (Norfolk Co): John Judd MASON, 36, merchant, USA, NY City, s/o Charles Stokes MASON & Mary JUDD, married Mary Helen SELBY, 29, England, Simcoe, d/o Henry SELBY & Mary DAVIDSON, witnesses were Mary Helen & Herbert C. SELBY of Hagersville, 1 Jan. 1907 at Simcoe
#015253-07 (Norfolk Co): John Nelson MATHEWS, 41, farmer, widower, Blayney, same, s/o John W. MATHEWS & Sarah POTTS, married Cassie STAIB, 32, Lynedoch, same, d/o John STAIB & Mary Ann RYDER, witnesses were Mrs.A. DOWNSWELL & Sarah STAIB, both of Lynedoch, 1 Jan 1907 at Lynedoch 15348-07 Joseph Henry MAXWELL, 25, dyer, Walpole, Simcoe, s/o James MAXWELL & Isabella WHITE, married Jennie TAYLOR, 23, Nixon, Simcoe, d/o John TAYLOR & blank BROADLEY, witn: Bessie TAYLOR & Ernie WINTER, 24 April 1907 at Simcoe
15444-07 John McCOMBS, 27, farmer, Scotland, same, s/o Charles McCOMBS & Jane SILVERTHORN, married Lily GORING, 22, Kelvin, same, d/o Frederick GORING, farmer, & Mattie SIPLES, witn: Mrs. Dr. BELL & Mrs. Rev. A.S. COLWELL, both of Teeterville, 12 March 1907 at Teeterville 15337-07 Thomas H. McCORD, 45, widower, agent, Houghton, same, s/o John McCORD & Jane BROWN, married Edith A. SAXTON, 35, Port Rowan, same, d/o Isaac SAXTON & not given, witn: Charles SAXTON of Aylmer & Dolly THOMPSON of Port Rowan, 22 May 1907 at Port Rowan
15422-07 Frank Lorne McDONALD, 26, laborer, Windham twp., Nixon, s/o Calvin McDONALD & Agnes KELLUM, married Laura Ethel TRINDER, 23, Woodhouse twp., Delhi, d/o John TRINDER & Margaret NEILSON, witn: Arthur & Mrs. Ella KELLUM, 19 Feb 1907 at Waterford 15431-07 John James McDONALD, 29, traveller, Maplewood, London, s/o William E. McDONALD & Frances KITTMER, married Leita GARDNER, 22, dress maker, Waterford, same, d/o Robert GARDNER & Ellen CLOUSE, witn: Mrs. W.E. McDONALD of Maplewood & Mrs. Ellen GARDNER of Waterford, 31 July 1907 at Waterford
15310-07 Levi Walter McDOWELL, 21, farmer, Bayham, Charlotteville, s/o Albert McDOWELL & Mariah HATCH, married Anna May ADAMS, 30, Cottam, Courtland, d/o Ezra ADAMS, minister & Catherine HOUSE, witn: George JONES of Eden & Miss Edna DELANEY of Courtland, 11 Sept 1907 at Courtland 15298-07 William McGREGOR, 23, farmer, North Walsingham, same, s/o James McGREGOR & Elizabeth STINIFF? (Slmiff?), married Martha A. CONNOR, no age given, Houghton, same, d/o George CONNOR & Nancy FICK, witn: W.B. FICK & Anna May CONNOR, both of Houghton, 19 June 1907 at Houghton
15420-07 Alexander McHARDY, 30, laborer, Kingsville, Leamington, s/o David McHARDY & Minnie GEANCREAU?, married Eliza Ann STICKLES, 28, Waterford, Leamington, d/o William HALL & E. C. CRAM, witn: Lewis STICKLES & Mrs. Emma MILLER, both of Waterford, 1 Jan 1907 at Waterford 15332-07 Henry Herbert MISNER, 25, sailor, Woodhouse, Port Dover, s/o John MISNER & Ester JACOBS, married Olive Florence McDONALD, 21, Bayfield, Port Dover, d/o John McDONALD & Sarah McNEAL, witn: Maggie & Harry MOORE of Port Dover, 4 Dec 1907 at Port Dover
15290-07 Allan MOFFAT, 22, farmer, Walsingham, same, s/o John MOFFAT & Mary SHERMAN, married Harriet J. ASPDEN, 19, Charlotteville, same, d/o Michael ASPDEN & Margaret J. MURPHY, witn: Leslie MOFFAT of Walsingham & Pearl ASPDEN of Charlotteville, 2 Jan 1907 at Clear Creek 15266-07 Wallace Garfield NEWELL, 24, farmer, Malahide, same, s/o Charles NEWELL & Susannah BROOKS, married Ruth SHAW, 21, Middleton, same, d/o Joseph SHAW & Alice HICKS, witn: H. Maxwell & Clara MORROW of Delhi, 5 Jan. 1907 at Delhi
15450-07 Charles NOLD, 28, farmer, South Norwich, same, s/o John NOLD & Alice WINN, married Margaret Ann O'BRIEN, 32, domestic, South Norwich, same, d/o Michael O'BRIEN & Elizabeth MURPHY, witn: Michael O'BRIEN & Alice NOLD, both of South Norwich, 17 April 1907 at Windham twp 015405- 1907 (Norfolk Co.) Herbert NOSEWORTHY, 23, carpenter, Newfoundland, Hamilton, s/o Harry NOSEWORTHY & Grace HUSSY, married Ethel ROLOSON, age not given, North Walsingham, same, d/o Joseph ROLOSON & Mary L. ROBINSON, witn: Oscar DAFOE of Wyecombe & Prudence LEAR? of Langton, 28 Nov 1907 at North Walsingham
15411-07 William PAINE, 18, farmer, Houghton twp., same, s/o Emerson PAINE & Harriet PERRIN, married Mary MOORE, 17, South Walsingham, same, d/o Jacob MOORE & Caroline BEACROFT, witn: William MOORE & Jessie PRATT, both of South Walsingham, 27 March 1907 at South Walsingham 15323-07 Oliver Franklin PANEBAKER, 24, sailor, Hespeler, Walkerville, s/o Edward PANEBAKER & Rose PALBOT, married Beulah SOPER, 18, Port Dover, same, d/o James SOPER & Loretta VROMAN, witn: F.G. & Mrs. SCHOOLEY of Port Dover, 23 July 1907 at Port Dover
15427-07 Alonzo PERRY, 60, widower, farmer, Townsend, same, s/o Elijah PERRY & Charlotte HEWSON, married Margaret WILCOX, 50, Townsend, Waterford, d/o Joseph WILCOX & Eliza SCHUYLER, witn: Frank PERRY & Phoebe RENNER, both of Round Plains, 5 June 1907 at Waterford 15333-07 Emerson PORRETT, 22, farmer, Nanticoke, same, s/o William Francis PORRETT & Mary Jane EVANS, married Lena MARSHALL, 25, Vittoria, same, d/o John MARSHALL & Margaret McCOY, witn: Annie MARSHALL of Port Dover & M.J. PORRETT of Nanticoke, 18 Dec 1907 at Port Dover
 15300-07 Thomas Bert PORTER, 24, farmer, Courtland, same, s/o Thomas PORTER & Kezia DOWN, married Mabel May BARHAM, 20, Middleton, same, d/o George BARHAM & Emma MAY, witn: Frederick PORTER & Nellie BARHAM, both of Middleton, 9 Jan 1907 at Courtland 15272-07 Charles Wesley POTRUFF, 29, machinist, Burford, Tilsonburg, s/o Alexander POTRUFF & Elizabeth SWARTZ, married Beatrice PRATT, 24, Dereham, Tilsonburg, d/o Thomas PRATT & Hattie HARRIS, witn: Mary KELLUM & Mrs. J.B. MOORE, both of Delhi, 30 April 1907 at Delhi
#015263-07 (Norfolk Co): Charles Leslie PRUCE, 25, farmer, Alviston, Salford, s/o Thomas PRUCE & Eliza HAYES, married Edith SHAW, 25, Middleton, same, d/o Joseph SHAW & Alice HICKS, 26 June 1907 at Lynedoch  
15281-07 Harry ROBBINS, 21, farmer, Malahide, Houghton, s/o John ROBINS (sic) & Bell RAYMOND, married Minnie LUCAS, 18, Houghton, same, d/o Stephen LUCAS & Margaret WEST witn: Wallace WEST & Eva ROBBINS, both of Houghton, 13 Aug 1907 at Clear Creek 15430-07 James H. ROBINS, 58, widower, farmer, Windham twp., Waterford, s/o Joshua ROBINS & Jane COUTTS, married Susan RAMMAGE, 55, widow, Montreal, Waterford, d/o James NORWOOD & Elizabeth ORKEY, witn: Mrs. Edith DARWIN of Northville Mich. & Mrs. Fannie ELLIOTT of Waterford, 3 July 1907 at Waterford
#015255-07 (Norfolk Co): James ROHRER, 26, farmer, South Walsingham, North Walsingham, s/o Irenius? ROHRER & Catherine LAKE, married Ethel MILLS, 19, North Walsingham, same, d/o Andrew MILLS & Susan McGREGOR, witness was W.A. LYNN of Lynedoch, 12 April 1907 at Lynedoch 15423-07 Thomas SAYWELL, 44, widower, gentleman, Elgin Co., Detroit, s/o William SAYWELL & Mary WARD, married Adelaide HOWIE, 38, widow, Caledonia, Detroit, d/o Christopher C. BACON & Adeline HAYNES, witn: R.D. GIBSON & Mrs. Angie GIBSON, both of Waterford, 30 March 1907 at Waterford
  #105254-07 (Norfolk Co): William SHAW, 19, farmer, Waterford, same, s/o Ansley SHAW & Annie SQUIRES, married Maggie COPE, 18, Nixon, Simcoe, d/o Frederick COPE & Sarah SMITH, 13 Feb 1907 at St. Williams
15273-07 John SILVERTHORN, 35, ,widower, barber, Windham, same, s/o William SILVERTHORN & Sarah HESSON, married Nellie Maud MARTIN, 21, St. George, Windham, d/o Marshal MARTIN & Emma GREEN, witn: Clarence SILVERTHORN of Windham & Eliza LESFRY? of South Norwich, 9 May 1907 at Delhi 15317-07 Harrie P. SIMES, 23, farmer, Vittoria, Middleton, s/o Charles SIMES & Annabell TEEPLE, married Dora Eleanor RONSON, 19, Middleton, same, d/o John W. RONSON & Annette BARHAM, witn: Archibald RONSON of Middleton & Georgina LANNIN of Beeton, 25 Dec 1907 at Middleton
15329-07 George Arthur SMITH, 21, engineer, Hamilton, same, s/o John SMITH & Louise LINDED, married Birdie ACKER, 20, Port Dover, same, d/o James ACKER & Elizabeth BISHOP, witn: Landa FAULKNER of Port Dover & George A. SMITH of Rockford, 31 Oct 1907 at Port Dover 15335-07 Frank SMITH, 19, farmer, Canada, Charlotteville, s/o Andrew SMITH & Florence FRANKLIN, married Maud SECORD, no age given, Ontario, St. Williams, d/o Thomas SECORD & Jennie LEE, witn: Pierre HERLOW? & Frances GARNHAM, 30 Oct 1907 at Port Rowan
#015258-07 (Norfolk Co): Charles Edward SMITH, 23, farmer, Woodhouse, same, s/o John SMITH & Sarah E. BELLUCK, married Mabel Helen GIBBS, 19, Charlotteville, same, d/o Mark GIBBS & Mary BAKER, witness was Luella LLOYD of Woodhouse, 16 April 1907 at Charlotteville 15309-07 George Albert SMITH, 22, farmer, Walsingham, Middleton, s/o Ruben SMITH & Susan TILLER, married Louisa MOORE (Moon?), 20, South Middleton, Middleton, d/o Elijah B. MOORE & Mary DAVIS, witn: William & Annie STERLING of Courtland, 24 Aug 1907 at Courtland
#015261-07 (Norfolk Co): Charles William SMOKE, 25, engineer, Delhi, same, s/o David SMOKE & Mary KRAMER, married Clara KELLY, 24, Lynedoch, same, d/o John KELLY & Mary JAMIESON, witnesses were Frank & Olive SMOKE of Delhi, 5 June 1907 at Lynedoch (bride's residence) 15315-07 Frank SMOKE, 22, farmer, Middleton twp., same, s/o Andrew SMOKE & Agnes McLEAN, married Ethel KNAB, 19, Bayham, Middleton, d/o John KNAB & Charlotte CHANDLER, wtn: Orie SITTS of Tilsonburg & Rosie KNAB of Goshen, 27 Nov 1907 at Middleton
15269- 07 Goldsboro SOPER, 27, farmer, Bayham, same, s/o Jesse SOPER & Mary BALL, married Myrtle SHAW, 19, Middleton, same, d/o Joseph SHAW & Alice HICKS, witn: Lillie PIERCE of Salford & Edith SHAW of Middleton, 6 Feb 1907 at Delhi 15343-07 Herbert SPENCER, 20, barber, Charlotteville, same, s/o Morrison SPENCER & Sarah Jane WOOD, married Mary DUSLING, 17, Townsend, same, d/o William DUSLING & Mary GRAY, witn: Anna & Mrs. Emily SMITH of Simcoe, 3 March 1907 at Simcoe
15289-07 Harry Youell STANSELL, 23, farmer, Houghton, Middleport - Brant Co., s/o Joseph Romana STANSELL & Arotlae? EICHENBURG, married Willena May HAZEL, 21, Houghton, same, d/o John Henry HAZEL & Emma CHAPMAN, witn: E. Birns STANSELL & Matilda STAZEL, both of Kingslake, 30 Dec 1907 at Houghton #015326-1907 (Norfolk Co): Harry J. STERLING, 25, banker, Simcoe, same, s/o John STERLING, & Maggie RYAN, married Louise May DELL, 25, Port Dover, same, d/o A J DELL & Agnes A SINCLAIR; witnesses were Ida B SMITH, of Buffalo, ? W BOURNE, of Selkirk. 5 Sep 1907 at Port Dover
15433-07 Frederick Burton STEWART, 20, electrician, Toronto, Welland, s/o Robert STEWART & Jersey BURTON, married Lottie May CROOKER, 20, Boston Ont., same, d/o Jacob CROOKER & Harriet GARLING (Carling?), witn: Roy & Issie WHEELER of Boston, 7 Aug 1907 at Waterford 15274-07 William Earle SUTHERLAND, 23, railroad agent, Mount Brydges, Port Robinson, s/o James SUTHERLAND & Annie RICHARDSON, married Eleanor MORGAN, 25, Delhi, same, d/o Edwin MORGAN & Phezzie HILLIS, witn: F.G. HENDRY of Delhi & Elizabeth FERGUSON of Hamilton, 26 June 1907 at Delhi
15434-07 Robert V. SWEERS, 19, laborer, Wiarton, Oakland, s/o Daniel SWEERS & Annie ARMSTRONG, married Mary J. ROBERTS, 18, Wilsonville, same, d/o George ROBERTS & Rachel GEE, witn: W.M. & Mrs. W.M. CHARLTON of Brantford, 14 Aug 1907 at Waterford #015339-07 (Norfolk Co): William Francis TAYLOR, 23, livery man, Woodhouse, Simcoe, s/o William M. TAYLOR & Clara E. ANDERSON, married Lillian Emma THOMPSON, 22, Simcoe, same, d/o Charles F. THOMPSON & Mary BOWDEN, witnesses were Loeta OAKES & F.R. THOMPSON, both of Simcoe, 2 Jan 1907 at Simcoe
15435-07 Charlton THOMAS, 21, farmer, Townsend twp., Oakland, s/o Squire THOMAS & Eliza CARR, married Flossie MATTHEWS, 18, Townsend twp., Wilsonville, d/o John MATTHEWS & Sarah RODWELL, witn: Mary & John SOVEREIGN of Waterford, 11 Sept 1907 at Waterford 15304-07 Charles Vase THOMSON, 25, druggist, Ontario, Tilsonburg, s/o Charles THOMSON & Jessie McLEAN, married Leila Harris TEETER, 19, Ontario, Courtland, d/o J. TEETER & Flora H. HARRIS, witn: Leonard MERRIL of Tilsonburg & Doris DUNBAR of Buffalo, 19 June 1907 at Courtland
15447-07 William B. THORNDYKE, 48, widower, farmer, Dunnville, Simcoe, s/o John M. THORNDYKE & Miss BELKNAP, married Emily DAY, 33, England, Port Rowan, d/o William DAY, farmer, & Harriet BARNES, witn: Howard & Gladys STRONGMAN of Simcoe, 27 march 1907 at Windham twp 15285-07 William Matthew TOWNSEND, 35, carpenter, Missouri twp. (Nissouri?), Brantford, s/o Edward TOWNSEND & May RAYMOND, married Clara Edith LOCKMAN, 29, Houghton, Hemlock, d/o George LOCKMAN & Jemima KIER, witn: Lewis A. LOCKMAN & Lillia ASPDEN, both of Hemlock, 11 Oct. 1907 at Hemlock
15306-07 John VANSICKLE, 25, farmer, Brantford, North Walsingham, s/o Isiah VANSICKLE & Martha CARRIER, married Florence CAIN, 17, Galt, North Walsingham, d/o James CAIN & Annie SCHRAM, witn: Charles VANSICKLE of Norwich & May HONSBERGER of Aylmer, 3 July 1907 at Courtland 15308-07 Alma Josiah WAGG, 31, merchant, Goodwin Que., Mindemoia, s/o Frank WAGG & Elizabeth COOK, married Effie Mary HERRON, 26, Courtland, same, d/o William HERRON & Mary BUCHNER, witn: Roy STEEL of Simcoe & Harriet HERRON of Courtland, 17 July 1907 at Courtland
15344-07 Harry WARK (MARK?), 21, laborer, Simcoe, same, s/o John WARK & Annie GRIGG, married Edith P. GAMBLE, 21, Middlesex Co., Simcoe, d/o Daniel Joshua GAMBLE & Priscilla KLOBENSKI, witn: H.R. CRABBE & W.T. BROAD, both of Simcoe, 26 March 1907 at Simcoe 15412-07 Fawcett WEIR, 29, farmer, Windham twp., Burford twp., s/o Alexander WEIR & Eliza MONTGOMERY, married Eliza May HICKS, 23, Townsend twp., South Walsingham, d/o Simeon HICKS & Eliza MYERS, witn: James HUTCHINSON of Carholme & E. Pearl BUSH of Port Rowan, 1 May 1907 at South Walsingham
15441-07 Morley WHEELER, 22, butcher, Greenfield, Burtch, s/o Asa WHEELER & Maggie LAWSON, married Iva ROCK, 17, Wilsonville, same, d/o Alexander ROCK & Annie BERVEN?, witn: W.F. & Mrs. Anna WILSON of Waterford, 25 Dec 1907 at Waterford 15319-07 Thomas H. WHITE, 23, drayman, Waterford, same, s/o William WHITE & not given, married Pearl ROSE, 19, Simcoe, same, d/o John ROSE & Sarah THOMPSON, witn: William SLOAN & E.G. RICHARDSON, both of Port Dover, 1 Jan 1907 at Port Dover
015406- 1907 (Norfolk Co.) Henry E. WHITEHEAD, 25, laborer, Windham, Delhi, s/o Nelson WHITEHEAD & Mary M. DRAKE, married Mary Jane DAFOE, 26, Teeterville, North Walsingham, d/o John DAFOE & Barbara CRUTHERS, witn: Fred WHITEHEAD of Delhi & Ellen DAFOE of Wyecombe, 24 Dec 1907 at North Walsingham 015275-1907 (Norfolk Co.) William Raymond WHITEHEAD, 22, painter, Kelvin, Delhi, s/o Nelson WHITEHEAD & Mary Melissa DRAKE, married Elizabeth DUNN, 21, England, Delhi, d/o Tom DUNN & Sarah Ann ROBINSON, witn: Frederick E. WHITEHEAD of Delhi & Caroline DUNN of Brantford, 6 Aug 1907 at Delhi
15417-07 Samuel WHITING, 49, widower, farmer, Townsend twp., same, s/o Samuel WHITING & Phoebe CRONMILLER, married Sarah ASPDEN, no age given, widow, South Walsingham, Houghton twp., d/o John MOFFAT & Magdaline STEINAMAN, witn: Albert CHRISTMAS & Sarah CROPP, both of Walsingham Centre, 26 Dec 1907 at Walsingham Centre 15318-07 August WILLER, 24, farmer, Germany, Michigan, s/o Frederick WILLER & Wilhelmina STEADY, married Mary Bell CHILTON, 22, Middleton, same, d/o George CHILTON & Caroline CARPENTER, witn: Ernest CHILTON & Mary SOVEREEN, both of Middleton, 25 Dec 1907 at Middleton twp
15307-07 James WILLIAMS, 34, gauger, Surrey England, Norwich, s/o Charles WILLIAMS & Mary Ann FORD, married Rebecca JAY, 32, work out girl, Charlotteville, Middleton, d/o Russel JAY & Mary WILSON, witn: George & Mrs. George SHOTT of Rhineland, 3 July 1907 15288-07 John Edward WILLIAMS, 51, widower, farmer, North Walsingham, Bertie twp., s/o Henry B. WILLIAMS & Eliza BOWEN, married Nancy CONNER, 42, widow, North Walsingham, same, d/o Isaac FICK & Adeline BRANDON, witn: William FICK & Mable BRONSTON, both of Marston, 25 Dec 1907 at Houghton
15283-07 Ernest Edgar WILLISON, 21, railroad employee, Oxford, Aylmer, s/o James WILLISON & Alice HAYWARD, married Maiden Elizabeth UNDERHILL, 20, Bayham, Aylmer, d/o Charles UNDERHILL & Matilda AVERILL, witn: Charles & Matilda UNDERHILL of Kingslake, 28 Aug 1907 at Houghton 15268-07 Ira Linford WILLSON, 21, farmer, Paris, Windham, s/o Oliver T. WILLSON & Elizabeth SHIMMER (Shimmee?), married Abigal BOOMER, 20, Windham, same, d/o George BOOMER & Mary Jane JOHNSON, witn: Mrs. J.B. MOORE of Delhi & Mrs. W.J.H. BROWN of Brantford, 7 Jan 1907 at Delhi
015277-1907 (Norfolk Co.) George Alexander WILSON, 30, miller, Wellington Co., Bolton, s/o John WILSON & Kate McLAUGHLIN, married May Bell LEADBEATER, 25, Delhi, same, d/o James LEADBEATER & Annie MANN, witn: Louis LEADBEATER of St. Marys & Ivy LEADBEATER of Delhi, 2 Sep 1907 at Delhi  15280-07 John Matthew WILSON, 29, baker, Mount Forest, Delhi, s/o James WILSON & Elizabeth SMITH, married Minnie Alberta QUANCE, 27, Middleton, Delhi, d/o Robert QUANCE & Hannah FLUHRER, witn: R. Frank QUANCE of Delhi & Lulu KITCHEN of Windham, 23 Oct 1907 at Delhi
15346-07 Muirville Proctor WILSON, 24, silversmith, Toronto, same, s/o Thomas WILSON & Laura BARNES?, married Mabel Clara HODGSON, 25, Simcoe, same, d/o Edward HODGSON & Grace CLARK, witn: Margaret A. BAILLIE & Fred A. HODGSON, 27 March 1907 at Simcoe