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Norfolk Co., 1910

birth place is given before residence (if it was given on the marriage reg'n)


016572-1910 (Norfolk Co.) George William BOUGHNER, 23, farmer, not given, Waterford, s/o Arthur BOUGHNER & Frances BEEMER, married Gertrude SPENCER, 26, not given, Waterford, d/o Leonard SPENCER & Amelia ANDREWS, witn: Mrs Ed SPENCER of Waterford & Dora R. DAYFOOT of Simcoe, 21 Sep 1910 at Simcoe.  
16603-10 (Norfolk Co) Joseph BUTLER, 55, widowed, mechanic, of Brantford, s/o William BUTLER (brickmaker) & Hannah GOLDEN, married Mary Pauline FINCH, 49, widowed, of Waterford, d/o Manuel LEPARD & Sophia FINCH, witn: Lillian & Elwin FINCH both of Waterford, 23 Mar 1910 at Waterford 016571-1910 (Norfolk Co.) William Charles CHRYSLER, 21, bridge man, not given, Windham Twp., s/o William CHRYSLER & Alice CROFT, married Annie May SIMPSON, 19, not given, Port Dover, d/o Alex & Alice SIMPSON, witn: Mrs S. & William HAN, both of Simcoe, 15 Sep 1910 at Simcoe.
016598-1910 (Norfolk Co.) John Robert COLLINS, 46, tailor, not given, London, widower, s/o William COLLINS & Elizabeth WALKER, married Sadie C. WOOD, 43, not given, Waterford d/o not given, witn: Fern HEATH & L. BOUGHNER, both of Waterford, 15 Jan 1910 at Waterford. 016574-1910 (Norfolk Co.) Aaron GEE, 21, farmer, not given, Silver Hill, s/o Fred GEE & Emily MARSH, married Eva SCHRAM, 18, not given, Simcoe, d/o Culver SCHRAM & Bessie SLOAT, witn: Miss Lizzie CATTELL & Mrs Annie DAYFOOT, both of Simcoe, 5 Oct 1910 at Simcoe.
016573-1910 (Norfolk Co.) Joseph Alexander HAY, 29, banker, not given, Simcoe, s/o John HAY & Josephine HAMELYN, married Ethel HARPER, 29, not given, Simcoe, d/o David HARPER & Hannah M. GREEOUGH, witn: L. E. & E. WEDD, both of Simcoe, 4 Oct 1910 at Simcoe. #016641-10 (Norfolk Co): Isaac Wismer LEWIS, 47, widower, inn keeper, of Windham Center, s/o Charles LEWIS & Clarissa J. SMITH, married Dorothy R. ARNOLD, 48, dress maker, of Brantford, d/o Joseph ARNOLD & Margaret SHEPPARD, witn: Miss E. McNAMARA of Simcoe, 11 May 1910 at Windham
#016645-10 (Norfolk Co): Frederick McELHORN, 27, carpenter, of Embro?, s/o Edward McELHORN & Briget McDOOLE, married Lillian McNAMARA, 25, of S. Norwich, d/o Thomas McNAMARA & Margaret SCHOOLEY, witn: William McNAMARA of Windham & Winnifred McNAMARA of S. Norwich, 8 June 1910 at La Salette?, Windham twp (RC)  
016570-1910 (Norfolk Co.) Albert SHAVER, 58, tanner, not given, Simcoe, widower, s/o Michael SHAVER & Katherine not given, married Emma Margaret ILTON, 33, not given, Simcoe, d/o Edward ILTON & Elizabeth HARDING, witn: C. A. CHADWICK & A. H. HICKS, both of Simcoe, 1 Sep 1910 at Simcoe. 016544-1910 (Norfolk Co.) Charles STUART, 22, bookkeeper, not given, Delhi, s/o James STUART & Irene CULVER, married Ethel Lorene HOUSE, 20, not given, Delhi, d/o Richard HOUSE & Mary SCHMIDT, witn: Ada HICKS & James CROOK, both of Simcoe, 19 Feb 1910 at Simcoe.
#016646-10 (Norfolk Co): Orto? Stanley VANEVERY, 20, farmer, of Windham, s/o Louis VANEVERY, farmer, & Mercy Eliza BOWBEER, married Ida Bell PURSALL, 17, of Windham twp., d/o Clinton PURSALL, farmer, & Margaret OLMSTEAD, witn: George ROBINS of Lynville & Ellen BRETT of Brantford, 13 July 1910 at Windham 016546-1910 (Norfolk Co.) William WALMSLEY, 57, farmer, not given, Charlotteville, widower, s/o George WALMSLEY & Phoebe BOUGHNER, married Elizabeth Jane ALMAS, 46, not given, Charlotteville, d/o Henry ALMAS & Frances TERRYBERRY, witn: S.W. WADDLE & M. HOLMES of Simcoe, 23 Feb 1910 at Simcoe.
#016642-10 (Norfolk Co): David Alexander WELSH, 30, teacher, of Vanessa, s/o James WELSH, farmer, & Mary SKINNER, married Luella Mildred BARTHOLOMEW, 26, of Vanessa, d/o Albert BARTHOLOMEW, farmer, & Amanda CLEMENT, witn: Fred WELSH & Violet BOOTH, both of Vanessa, 1 June 1910 at Vanessa 016545-1910 (Norfolk Co.) Isaac Brock WHITEHEAD, 56, farmer, not given, Charlotteville, widower, s/o James WHITEHEAD & Sarah BAKER, married Mary Jerusha BELL, 55, widow, d/o William POWELL & Symilda GRIFFIN, witn: Symilda POWELL & Ann DAYFOOT, both of Simcoe, 21 Feb 1910 at Simcoe.
#016644-10 (Norfolk Co): Asa WILLIAMS, 22, farmer, of Port Dover, s/o Titus WILLIAMS & Tryphenia PEACH, married Flossie THOMPSON, 21, of Simcoe, d/o Lawrence THOMPSON & Susannah BUTLER, witn: Mrs. A. Ross BLOOMSBURY of Simcoe, 28 June 1910 at Windham #016643-10 (Norfolk Co): Russell William WINSKELL, 22, farmer, of Windham, s/o Prosper WINSKELL , farmer, & Mary RAMAGE, married Edna Lydia JULL, 18, dressmaker, of Windham, d/o J.A. JULL, farmer, & Eliza MARTIN, witn: Fred LEE of Otterville & Gertie JULL of Ranleigh, 1 June 1910
  016575-1910 (Norfolk Co.) Clarence E…? YOUNG, 27, carpenter, not given, Hamilton, s/o George B. YOUNG & Christine M. TAYLOR, married Ethel Clarke SMALL, 35, not given, Simcoe, divorced, d/o Arthur CLARKE & Mary AUSTIN, witn: Nora M. AUSTIN & Grace YOUNG, both of Simcoe, 26 Oct 1910 at Simcoe.