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Norfolk  Co, 1923

birth place is given before residence


16790-23 Henry ABRAHAM, 39, salesman, Blenheim twp., Woodstock, s/o Frederick ABRAHAM (b. Germany) & Minnie LUDWIG, married Sarah Jane CHRYSLER, 37, nurse, Nixon - Norfolk Co., Windham Centre, d/o William CHRYSLER (b. Haldimand Co) & Alice COFF (Goff?), witn: Gilbert ADAMS of RR5 Woodstock & Edith? MILLER of 50 Dundas St. in Brantford, 7 April 1923 at Windham Centre  
16793-23 Edmond Stafford ALLEN, 30, salesman, Brantford, Mt. Pleasant, s/o George Stafford ALLEN (b. Ont) & Lila FRAZER, married Marjorie Beryl MARTIN, 21, Waterford, same, d/o John MARTIN (b. Ont) & Mary Louise WILCOX, witn: Leigh PENGISH? of Simcoe & Eva ALLEN of Mt. Pleasant, 22 Feb 1923 at Waterford 16788-23 Enos Henry ALMOST, 30, wood worker, Beaconsfield Ont., Stratford, s/o Alfred ALMOST (b. Bayham) & Mary E. HONSBERGER, married Hazel Irene MOYER, 25, teacher, Mabees Corners Ont., Stratford, d/o Levi MOYER (b. Haldimand Co) & Lillian STILLWELL, witn: Edna L. & Percy CORNELL of RR6 Tillsonburg, 29 Aug 1923 at Courtland
16792-23 William ARMSTRONG, 30, Langton, same, s/o John ARMSTRONG (b. Elgin Co) & Hannah MILLS, married Celestia CRIDLAND, 21, Dixie Montana, Langton, d/o George CRIDLAND (b. Norfolk Co) & Elveretta BRONSON, witn: George ARMSTRONG & Eva CRIDLAND, both of Langton, 28 march 1923 at Langton 16791-23 Stanley Russell ARMSTRONG, 33, farmer, Woodhouse twp., North Walsingham twp., s/o Sidney ARMSTRONG & Ellen ROBINSON, married Evelyn Loretta SIPES, 18, Charlotteville twp., same, d/o James SIPES & Anna Bell MILLS, witn: Henry SEE of Silver Hill & Mrs. Henry CRICKINGTON of RR1 Sev--?, 16 April 1923 at Charlotteville twp
16802-23 Reuben BACON, 63, farmer, widower, Townsend twp., Renton, s/o Barney BACON (b. NY state) & Mary LEECH, married Margaret WHITING, 63, widow, Renton, same, d/o Dennis O’RILEY (b. Co. Galway Ireland) & Mary COSLOW, witn: Cecil & Cecilia MATTICE of Jarvis, 27 June 1923 at Renton 16806-23 Walter BAIN, 26, farmer, Windham twp., same, s/o Robert BAIN (b. Denny Scotland) & Jessie BLACK, married Pearl PHILLIPS, 23, Cardiff Wales, Simcoe, d/o Thomas PHILLIPS (b. Cardiff Wales) & Frances NORRIS, witn: William GLYNN of Delhi & Helen M. O--? of Simcoe, 31 March 1923 at Simcoe
16809-23 Robert Milton BALDWIN, 30, farmer, South Walsingham, Townsend, s/o Albert BALDWIN (b. Norfolk Co) & Fannie CRIDLAND, married Cora Pearl McCARTER, 36, Townsend twp., same, d/o Joseph McCARTER (b. Haldimand Co) & Margaret PORTER, witn: Dorothy BALDWIN & J. GOBLE, both of Waterford, 7 Feb 1923 at Villa Nova 16798-23 John Charles BAYLIS, 71, widower, shoe maker, London England, Toronto, s/o John BAYLIS (b. England) & Sarah BENNETT, married Emily Clara HARRINGTON, 56, widow, Woodford England, Toronto, d/o Robert HEATH (b. England) & Ada WOODLAND, witn: Ada E. HARRINGTON of Cayuga & Jennie? W. DAVIDSON of Port Dover, 2? Aug 1923 at Port Dover
16801-23 William Henry BEEMER, 50, widower, lumberman, Charlotteville twp., Simcoe, s/o Marshall BEEMER (b. Canada) & Mary MARLATT, married Laura Belle WHITING, 47, widow, Charlotteville twp., Simcoe, d/o Jeremiah JOHNSON (b. Canada) & Sarah GRIFFIN, witn: Ina BENT & Stephen SYMARCH?, both of Simcoe, 29 June 1923 at Simcoe 16797-23 Iva Roy BELBECK, 20, fisherman, Port Dover, same, s/o Alvin Anson BELBECK (b. Canada) & Emily LONG, married Eva Vivian OSBORNE, 19, Simcoe Ont., Port Dover, d/o Arthur F. OSBORNE (b. Canada) & Mary Eva JOHNSON, witn: Edith E. & Irene NEWCOMBE of Simcoe, 26 Sept 1923 at Simcoe
16803-23 Roy Arthur BERRY, 25, laborer, Corinth, Waterford, s/o Reuben BERRY (b. St. Catharines) & Mary Matilda PETTIT, married Caroline Leone DUESLING, 21, Waterford, same, d/o Frank J. DUESLING (b. Windham ) & Anna? Jane MATTHEWS, witn: Loyd DUESLING & Pauline SIMONS?, both of Waterford, 6 June 1923 at Waterford 16799-23 James Ernest BESWICK, 32, farmer, Manchester England, Middleton twp., s/o Charles BESWICK (b. England) & Hannah WOLSTENHOLME, married Sarah Evaline MYERS, 37, widow, Wentworth Co., Delhi, d/o Richard QUANCE (b. Wentworth Co) & Sarah TRUESDALE, witn: George D. & Bertha QUANCE of Delhi, 14 July 1923 at Delhi
16794-23 Andrew BINGLEMAN, 37, farmer, Rainham twp., same, s/o Chris John BINGLEMAN (b. Ont) & Annie MOERSCHFELDER, married Hannah Jane WINKWORTH, 32, South Walsingham, same, d/o William Henry WINKWORTH (b. Ont) & Isabella Jane COSSAR?, witn: Mrs. Lilian LEEDHAM & Mrs. Annie QUIGLEY, both of Port Rowan, 19 Nov 1923 at Port Rowan 16808-23 Clayton C. BOUCK, 31, farmer, South Walsingham, same, s/o Austin BOUCK (b. South Walsingham) & Eliza Jane CHAMBERLAIN, married Fern LEIGHFIELD, 27, South Walsingham, same, d/o William H. LEIGHFIELD (b. North Walsingham) & Florence Lillian ABBOTT, witn: Yorkley CHAMBERLAIN of South Walsingham & Jean H. ABBOTT of Houghton, 7 March 1923 at Port Royal
16798-23 James Ormay BRANDON, 22, farmer, Port Rowan, same, s/o Herbert BRANDON (b. Canada) & Rhoda CHAMBERS, married Emily Mary TILMAN, 18, Walsingham twp., same, d/o William TILMAN (b. England) & Nellie WEAVER, witn: Edith M. GRABB & Edith E. NEWCOMBE, both of Simcoe, 6 Sept 1923 at Simcoe 16807-23 Elgin William BUDD, 27, farmer, Woodstock, Charlotteville twp., s/o William BUDD (b. Delhi) & Annie (Bessie?) ANDERSON, married Marion Estella SOMERS, 23, Townsend twp., Waterford, d/o Frank M. SOMERS (b. Townsend Ont) & Caroline DOUGHERTY, witn: Mrs. HALL & S. W. VEALE, both of Waterford, 31 (21?) March 1923 at Waterford
16805-23 William Richard BURGESS, 40, produce buyer, Norfolk Co., Drumbo, s/o Frank P. BURGES (b. Canada) & Margaret HAVILAND, married Annie RAE, 33, clerk, Perth Co., res not given, d/o James RAE (b. Canada) & Wilhelmina McBETH, witn: Annie & Lena HARRIS of Waterford, 30 March 1923 at Waterford 16804-23 Harold Fred BURKE, 23, farmer, Charlotteville twp., same, s/o William BURKE (b. Canada) & Margaret SCHRAM (Schwan?), married Edith Marguerite JEWELL, 19, Charlotteville twp., Vittoria, d/o Walter JEWELL (b. Canada) & Elsie COOMBS, witn: Mrs. Earl FOSTER & Mrs. Edith NEWCOMBE, both of Simcoe, 7 April 1923 at Simcoe
16800-23 Frederick William BURTON, 22, farmer, Houghton twp., same, s/o Charles Wesley BURTON (b. Canada) & Persis HARRIS, married Florence Edna FINCH, 19, Houghton twp., same, d/o Lewis FINCH (b. Canada) & Annie BOUGHNER, witn: George VAN LOON & Mrs. A. LOVEDAY, both of Boston, 7 July 1923 at Baptist Parsonage, Boston 16795-23 Gordon J. BUTLER, 33, printer, Hagersville, Simcoe, s/o John Henry BUTLER (b. Ont) & Mary Jane CATHERWOOD, married Eva Maud COLE, 27, divorced, Kings. Co - Nova Scotia, Simcoe, d/o George CHANNING (b. Nova Scotia) & Phoebe PARISH, witn: J. H. FERBY & Mrs. J. H. FERBY, both of Simcoe, 4 Oct. 1923 at Delhi
16819-23 Clarence CAMERON, 20, farmer, Houghton, North Walsingham, s/o Lorne CAMERON (b. Middleton twp) & Jennie WALKER, married Leah Viola BARTLETT, 18, Cheapside, Houghton twp., d/o Jonathan BARTLETT (b. Cheapside) & Annie DOSSER, witn: Sidney & Annie FOSTER of Courtland, 14 Feb 1923 at Langton 16810-23 George Andrew CAREY, 22, mechanic, Woodstock, Simcoe, s/o William CAREY (b. Ireland) & Mabel MOORE, married Violet May BARBER, 18, Charlotteville, Simcoe, d/o Agsrilla? BARBER (b. Ont) & Florence Almira SOVEREIGN, witn: Bertha Laura BAKER of 182 Metcalf St. & Harry IRELAND of Sarnia, 1 Dec 1923 at 32 Talbot St. South in Simcoe
16816-23 Francis Ward CHAMBERS, 27, farmer, Windham twp., Burford twp., s/o Phineas CHAMBERS (b. Teeterville) & Ida TAYLOR, married Myrtle McINTYRE, 21, Burford twp., same, d/o Charles McINTYRE (b. Burford) & Lucy POTRUFF, witn: Mr. J. & Mrs. J. CUBBAGE of Windham Centre, 28 April 1923 at Teeterville 16814-23 Stephen A. CHAPMAN, 21, farmer, Houghton, South Walsingham, s/o Ransom Ross CHAPMAN (n. Eden) & Martha JILLETT, married Hazel PIETT, 18, South Walsingham, same, d/o Emerson PIETT (b. Hamilton) & Mary PALMER, witn: Ransom & Stella CHAPMAN of South Walsingham, 13 June 1923 at Waterford
16813-23 Truman CHARTER, 20, farmer, Hagersville, Renton, s/o Robert CHARTER, b. Hagersville & Catherine CARPENTER, married Margaret BEEMER, 27, widow, Scotland, Simcoe, d/o Liston KIRKWOOD, b. Scotland & Elizabeth Mary KINLOCH, witn: Francis LAMONT & James MITCHELL, both of Simcoe, 23 June 1923 at Simcoe 16821-23 James Howies CHISHOLM, 55, real estate broker, Ontario, 15 Playter Cres in Toronto, s/o Thomas CHISHOLM, b. Ont & Margaret GERRIE, married Aileen McINALLY, 38, Ontario, Simcoe, d/o John McINALLY, b. Ont & Wilhelmina WALKER, witn: Dora MARTIN & Erie B. STRINGER, both of Simcoe, 10 Jan 1923 at Simcoe
16822-23 Lawrence Emmett CLARK, 30, MCR operator, Hawtrey, same, s/o Samuel CLARK & Joanna LAWRENCE, married M. Zeta PETTIT, 27, teacher, Lasalette, same, d/o Wilmot J. PETTIT & Helen DERLINGER?, witn: Cladius PETTIT of Detroit & Margaret PETTIT of Lasalette, 28 June 1923 at Lasalette 16817-23 David Russell COLE, 25, farmer, Townsend twp., Windham twp., s/o Edward COLE, b. Burford & Mary Elizabeth BRADLEY, married Leta May WATSON, 23, Windham twp., same, d/o Albert Edward WATSON, b. Quebec & Lucie LEE, witn: John SWIFT of Wilsonvile & Gladys BARTLETT of Norwich, 7 March 1923 at Windham twp
16818-23 Stuart Grant CORNELL, 22, farmer, St. George Ont., Paris, s/o John Aikman CORNELL (b. St. George Ont) & Bertha GRANT, married Erie Lazella SCHRAM, 24, Vittoria, St. Williams, d/o James Theodore SCHRAM (b. Charlotteville twp) & Mary MacKENZIE, witn: Helen B. McGACHIE & Laura GIBSON, both of Simcoe, 10 Feb 1923 at Simcoe 16820-23 Walter Watson COULSON, 60, widower, farmer, Townsend, Windham, s/o John COULSON (b. England) & Emily MELLON, married Annie Margaret UPTHEGROVE, 57, widow, Townsend, Waterford, d/o John D. CHARTERS (b. Scotland) & Emma J. GOLDEN, witn: George & Emma STICKLES of RR4 Waterford, 6 Jan 1923 at Waterford
16812-23 Harold Morgan COURTNAGE, 28, merchant, Hagersville, same, s/o John Will COURTNAGE (b. Walpole twp) & Laura HALL (Hull?), married Doris Marie SWANTON, 19, Villa Nova, same, d/o William J. SWANTON (b. Townsend twp) & Maggie SUMMERS, witn: Clara MARTIN of Hagersville & Willis SWANTON of Waterford, 12 Sept 1923 at Villa Nova 16812-23 Thomas CRIBB, 26, butter maker, London England, Elmira, s/o William F. CRIBB (b. England) & Harriet HAWKES, married Winifred Maude BOYT, 20, St. Catharines, Boston, d/o George BOYT (b. Canada) & Agnes LAURIE, witn: Miss Jane BOYT & Mr. Arthur BOYT, both of Boston, 16 Oct. 1923 at Boston
16815-23 Edwin Nelson CROSS, 34, farmer, widower, Middleton twp., North Walsingham twp., s/o William CROSS (b. NY state) & Margaret SINCLAIR, married Mary Jane GILBERT, 33, widow, Brant Co., North Walsingham twp., d/o Mathew COOPER (b. Yorkshire England) & Margaret Ann STERLING, witn: Tom & Mrs. Thomas? PERRETT of Charlotteville twp., 2 May 1923 at Charlotteville twp 16943-23 Vernon Arthur CURTIS, 26, farmer, Courtland, Tillsonburg, s/o John William CURTIS (b. Tillsonburg) & Alice TOLHURST, married Mary Elora SIMMONS, 19, Courtland, same, d/o Joseph SIMMONS (b. Courtland) & Roxey E. GEE, witn: Mrs. T. MURPHY & Mrs. T. A. CREIGHTON, both of Courtland, 21 March 1923 at Courtland
16826-23 Lewis Leroy DAWSON, 18, Charlotteville twp., same, s/o James DAWSON (b. Charlotteville twp) & Maggie STEINHOFF, married Odetta Dubra? EARL, 21, Charlotteville twp., same, d/o James EARL (b. Charlotteville twp) & Marietta HOUSE, witn: Samuel Austin EARL & Mary M. MORROW, both of RR1 Simcoe, 19 March 1923 at Delhi 16824-23 Percy Orval DEAN, 24, farmer, Norfolk Co., Tilsonburg, s/o John H. DEAN, b. Norfolk Co & Bertha WILLIAMS, married Norma Aileen McDONALD, 20, Middleton, Tilsonburg, d/o Verne McDONALD, b. Norfolk Co & Maggie FULLER, witn: Miss Mary McDONALD of Cleveland Ohio & H. McDONALD of RR1 Tilsonburg, 25 July 1923 at Middleton
16823-23 Delford George DEMING, 19, teamster, Townsend twp., South Walsingham twp., s/o Albert DEMING (b. Townsend twp) & Maria Amanda, married Evelyn Pearl CODLING, 15, South Walsingham twp., same, d/o Joseph CODLING & Harriet SMITH, witn: Mrs. SHELLY & Mr. SHELLY, both of Port Rowan, 20 Oct 1923 at Baptist Parsonage (Vittoria?) 16825-23 Nelson Earl DOHERTY, 22 (23?), mechanic, Townsend twp., Simcoe, s/o Alfred Richard DOHERTY (b. England) & Maria DELMAGE, married Ora Inez Minerva SMITH, 18, Charlotteville twp., Simcoe, d/o Elijah SMITH (b. Canada) & Serena Harriet FREELAND, witn: Katie M. DOHERTY of Simcoe & Carl DOHERTY of Tyrrell, 5 June 1923 at Simcoe
16828-23 George Harold EDWARDS, 28, accountant, Onondaga twp., Guelph, s/o Charles EDWARDS (b. Onondaga) & Emma CLARKE, married Eleanor May EADIE, 21, dietician, Newport Scotland, Simcoe, d/o James Lamb EADIE (b. Scotland) & Sarah McLAREN, witn: Charles W. RILEY of OAC Guelph & Ethel L. MORRISON of 452 Hunter St. in Peterborough, 7 Sept 1923 at Simcoe 16827-23 Horace Francis ELEY, 24, England, Brant twp., s/o Lewis Francis ELEY, b. England & Agnes THOMPSON, married Olive SQUIRES, 17, Waterford, same, d/o Albert Edward SQUIRES, b. Canada & Candice HOWEY, witn: Carrie? SQUIRES of Waterford & Robert ALWAY of Simcoe, 6 Nov 1923 at Simcoe
  16831-23 Earl Linley FAULDS, 40, widower, Dorchester Ont., Tilsonburg, s/o James L. FAULDS, b. Ont & Catherine McDONALD, married Rose WILLIAMS, 38, widow, Tilsonburg, same, d/o George AUSCOMB, b. Paris Ont & Bessie E. FONGER, witn: Mrs. R. MAWHINNEY & Mrs. PLYLEY, both of Delhi, 21 Sept 1923 at Delhi
16833-23 George Samuel FAWCETT, 52, stationary engineer, England, Hamilton, s/o Henry FAWCETT (b. England) & Harriet SMITH, married Catherine Matilda VYSE, 49, widow, Canada, Port Dover, d/o James LOW (b. Canada) & Matilda SH--?, witn: Helen K. & Sarah C. PINES? of Port Dover, 27 June 1923 at Port Dover 168??-23 Thomas Sidney FENTON, 27, farmer, Belfast Ireland, Langton, s/o Thomas Sykes FENTON (b. Antrim Ireland) & Florence Elleanor CUNNINGHAM, married Lilian Irene ELLWOOD, 25, Langton, same, d/o Lew (Levi?) ELLWOOD (b. Canada) Ruany MILLEN, witn: Frank & Alice CHAMBERS of Langton, 1 Dec 1923 at Langton
16835-23 John Henry FERGUSON, 27, machinist, Delhi, same, s/o John Henry FERGUSON (b. Walsingham twp) & Eva Mary ROONER?, married Pearl MAXWELL, 19, Simcoe, same, d/o William David MAXWELL (b. Peel Co) & Martha Rosina JARVIS, witn: Beatrice MAXWELL & Laura GIBSON, both of Simcoe, 17 Jan 1923 at Simcoe 16834-23 Ernest S. FERRIS, 27?, fisherman, Woodhouse twp., Turkey Point, s/o James FERRIS (b. Turkey Point) & Mary Eliz. PATTY, married Mary A. SHAVER, 19, Charlotteville twp., Turkey Point, d/o William SHAVER (b. Charlotteville twp) & Mary ERIE, witn: W. MacKAY & Laura GIBSON, both of Simcoe, 2 June 1923 at Simcoe
168??-23 Gerald FLAVEL-COOK, 27, farmer, England, St. Williams, s/o Theodore FLAVEL-COOK (b. Cornwall England) & Alice Maude WALTON, married Helen Amy WHITNEY-SMITH, 43, widow, England, St. Williams, d/o John Scammell GOULD (b. England) & Helen Sophia BARRIE, witn: Florence J. & Constance Marjorie SMITH, of Port Rowan, 15 Aug 1923 at Port Rowan 16830-23 Oscar Sealey FRENCH, 23, farmer, Canada, Glanford twp., s/o James Augustine FRENCH, b. Glanford twp & Clarissa ARMSTRONG, married Lelah BUCK, 17, Canada, Townsend twp., d/o Joseph W. BUCK, b. Villa Nova & Eliza WALKER, witn: Grace WRIDE of RR4 Jarvis & N.S. PARKER of RR1 Caledonia, 29 Oct 1923 at Tyrrell
16836-23 Herbert Arnot GARDINER, 33, farmer, widower, Cavan twp., same, s/o Francis H. GARDINER (b. Cavan twp) & A. SANDERSON, married Nellie MILLER, 23, London Ont., res not given, d/o William MILLER (b. Norfolk Co) & Alma BEACH, witn: Louise BERGER of Vienna & Stanley WEST of Kinglake, 26 Oct 1923 at Houghton twp 16844-23 John Edward GARVEY, 18, butcher, Charlotteville twp., Simcoe, s/o George GARVEY (b. Cayuga) & Minna BYE, married Gladys May BAILEY, 17, Jarvis, Simcoe, d/o John Robert BAILEY (b. Lynnville) & Frances Esther IRWIN (Irvine?), witn: Minna ROWLING & Jane BAILEY, both of Simcoe, 24 June 1923 at Simcoe
16842-23 Clarence Wilmot GEE, 25, farmer, North Walsingham, Charlotteville, s/o Peter GEE (b. Lincoln Co) & Christena STROM, married Pauline Elenor TRICKETT, 21, South Walsingham, North Walsingham, d/o Charles TRICKETT (b. Port Rowan) & Ethel HUTCHINGS, witn: Morley J. COLLINGS of Wyecomb & Amy T. ROBINSON of Langton, 7 March 1923 at Langton 16843-23 William GIRLING, 40, farmer, Townsend twp., Waterford, s/o Thomas GIRLING, b. England & Charlotte WORNS (Worms?), married Beatice Maud WILSON, 27, Townsend twp., same, d/o Charles WILSON, b. England & Chrissie RAMBOW, witn: John & Mrs. John CHISLETT of Waterford, 31 Jan. 1923 at Simcoe
16841-23 Archibald Jacob GOBLE, 21, farmer, Villa Nova, RR4 Waterford, s/o Wanley GOBLE (b. Townsend twp) & Lizzie WALKER, married Melba Florence HALL, 21, Wilsonville, RR5 Waterford, d/o Albert HALL (b. Townsend twp) & Edith CHAMBERS, witn: Mrs. Grace & Bruce WILSON of Wilsonville, 30 June 1923 at Villa Nova  
16839-23 Robert GODBY, 22, lumberman, Langton Ont., Houghton, s/o George GODBY (b. Walsingham) & Mary MASSEY, married Grace MARNO, 15 (18?), London England, Houghton, d/o Charles MARNO (b. Glasgow Scotland) & Louise WATTS, witn: Mrs. W. D. BRISTOL & Mrs. Sarah LICKMAN, both of Langton, 12 July 1923 at Langton 16840-23 Jacob GOOLD, 50, widower, farmer, Woodhouse twp., Scotland, s/o John GOOLD (b. St. Catharines) & Nancy CHAMBERS, married Mary Lucretia McINTYRE, 52, widow, Burford twp., Simcoe, d/o William GREEN (b. Burtch) & Elizabeth ATKINS?, witn: William & Mrs. William JOHNSON of Teeterville, 20 June 1923 at Teeterville
16837-23 Walter GRANTHAM, 20, section man, Saskatchewan, Waterford, s/o Thomas GRANTHAM, b. Saskatchewan & Lillian WALKER, married Ivy TEES, 20, London England Simcoe, d/o Thomas Henry TEES, b. London England & Florence WARD, witn: Thomas H. & Mrs. Florence TEES of Simcoe, 3 Oct. 1923 at Simcoe

16888-23 Herbert Harold GREGORY, 40, druggist, Toronto, same, s/o Richard Charles GREGORY (b. Ontario) & Elizabeth ARMSTRONG, married Eva Florence ROSS, 32, school teacher, Ontario, Port Dover, d/o Samuel ROSS (b. Ontario) & Margaret EVANS, witn: George Henry & Luella Jane HALLAN both of Port Dover on Aug. 29, 1923 at Waterford

16848-23 Frederick HASKETT, 19, carder, Simcoe, same, s/o Michael HASKETT (b. Ont) & Susie PETIT, married Dorothy WHITE, 18, Oxford England, Simcoe, d/o George WHITE (b. England) & Annie COLE, witn: Edmund LAFORTUNE & Ardaleen JEFFREY, both of Simcoe, 21 May 1923 at Simcoe 16847-23 Lorne Wilbert HELMER, 22, printer, Port Dover, same, s/o Nandy? HELMER (b. Canada) & Bertha L. WILSON, married Thelma Madeline GROOME, 17, of Port Dover, d/o George GROOME (b. Canada) & Annie PEARCE, witn: Ernestine? STRINGER & Ivan GIBBS, both of Port Dover, 2 June 1923 at Port Dover
16850-23 Charles Benjamin HEWITT, 32, farmer, Marshville, same, s/o Benjamin HEWITT, b. Niagara Falls NY & Rhoda MOOTE, married Elsie Edith HURST, 27, Cheapside Ont., Simcoe, d/o William Henry HURST, b. Rainham twp. & Frances DAY, witn: Kenneth HEWITT of Marshville & Gladys J. HURST of Simcoe, 16 April 1923 at 489 Norfolk St. in Simcoe 16851-23 Carl Milson HILLIKER, 26, farmer, South Norwich twp., RR2 Otterville, s/o Wellington HILLIKER (b. South Norwich) & Lovina AVEY, married Agnes Mary CUTLER, 30, South Norwich twp., RR2 Otterville, d/o William CUTLER (b. South Norwich) & Alice MINGLE, witn: Annie M. S. CLARKE of Delhi & Wellington HILLIKER of Otterville, 25 April 1923 at Delhi
16845-23 Harry Roy HODGES, 39, widower, farmer, Brighton twp., same, s/o Edward HODGES, b. Brighton twp & Ada McLAUGHLIN, married Minnie B. STETLER, 27, teacher, Norfolk Co., same, d/o Herbert STETLER, b. Norfolk Co & Catherine CLINTON, witn: Maude E. SLAGHT of RR1 Simcoe & A. Gordon STETLER of Lasalette, 12 Dec 1923 at Windham Centre 16852-23 Thomas Waters HODGSON, 28, farmer, Yorkshire England, Windham twp., s/o George Watson HODGSON (b. Wafferton England) & Annie Elizabeth CORBETT, married Nellie KELLY, 22, England, Windham twp,. d/o Frederick Augustus KELLY (b. Ireland) & Mary SMITH, witn: Mrs. William & Mrs. E. LOVEGROVE of RR1 Scotland, 3 March 1923 at Kelvin
16846-23 Bena Clifford HUSTED, 20, laborer, Nanticoke, Port Dover, s/o William E. HUSTED (b. Nanticoke) & Margaret JACKSON, married Leota Fidelia HARE, 18, Nanticoke, Port Dover, d/o George Albert HARE (b. Walpole twp) & Mary HENRY, witn: Mrs. J. S. LEWIS & Archie McQUEEN, both of Port Dover, 7 Nov 1923 at Rectory, Port Dover 16849-23 Kenneth Ray HYDE, 22, farmer, Townsend twp., same, s/o Charles E. HYDE, b. Canada & Ruth SCHUYLER, married Dorothy Marjory YOUNG, 19, Walpole twp., Simcoe, d/o Alexander C. YOUNG, b. Scotland & Ludmey STEWART, witn: Eva A. YOUNG & Charles W. YOUNG, both of Simcoe, 18 April 1923 at Simcoe
16853-23 James Kemp IRWIN, 26, banker, Norwich Ont., Fort Erie, s/o James Ross IRWIN (b. Toledo US) & Elizabeth PANTER, married Hazel Ivy GILBERT, 25, Woodhouse twp., same, d/o Albert GILBERT (b. Ont) & Georgina IVY, witn: Reginald B. KENT & Mary MAIR, both of RR2 Simcoe, 27 Oct 1923 at St. Johns Church, Woodhouse 16854-23 Frank IZYKOWSKI, 25, butcher, Poland, Toronto, s/o Stefen IZYKOWSKI, b. Poland & Gekli POTSHALNA, married Sophie TYSOSKA, 21, Poland, Townsend twp., d/o Mike TYSOSKA, b. Poland & Katie MIR, witn: Mary TYSOSKA & Marion YARZEK, both of Waterford, 29 Sept 1923 at Waterford [divorced 7/9/49]
  16855-23 William Edward JACKSON, 21, teamster, Forestville, Delhi, s/o Duncan JACKSON, b. Canada & Eliza MORDEN, married Retta GATES, 20, Houghton twp., Simcoe, d/o John GATES, b. Canada & Eunice RAYMOND, witn: Catherine GATES of 153 Union St. in Simcoe & Irene NEWCOMBE of Simcoe, 27 Oct. 1923 at Simcoe
16857-23 Thomas William JOHNSTONE, 22, Hawick Scotland, Delhi, s/o James JOHNSTONE (b. Hawick Scotland) & Isabel DOUGLAS, married Flossie ALBRIGHT, 23, Middleton twp., Delhi, d/o George ALBRIGHT (b. Witenberg Germany) & Emeline GREVES, witn: Mrs. George & George ALBRIGHT of Delhi, 18 May 1923 at Delhi 16856-23 Russell Wellington JOHNSTON, 45, widower, farmer, Burford twp., Wilsonville, s/o Thomas H. JOHNSTON, b. Canada & Amsala? McINALLY, married Cora A. MARSHALL, 31, widow, Ontario, Waterford, d/o John VANCE, b. Canada & Lucindy DEKENDERY, witn: Mary E. JOHNSTON of Waterford & John A. MARSHALL of RR2 Waterford, 1 Sept 1923 at Boston
16859-23 Samuel Laverne KELSO, 20, operator, Oxford Co., Cayuga, s/o Joseph KELSO, b. Ireland & Fannie Agnes DAVIS, married Marjorie H. WOODLEY, 21, Villa Nova, same, d/o David WOODLEY, b. Townsend twp & Susan MARSLAND, witn: Edith L. SMITH of RR5 Waterford & Earnest M. KELSO of RR5 Curries, 27 Oct. 1923 at Villa Nova 16861-23 Percival Robert KENDALL, 54, widower, clerk, Simcoe, same, s/o William Thomas KENDALL (b. Simcoe) & Eliza Ophelia SLAGHT, married Annie Belle WILSON, 40, widow, Lyndoch, Simcoe, d/o Thomas Lee ROBERTS (b. Woodhouse twp) & Christine McKAY, witn: Isabella ROBERTS & Susanna L. LEASK, both of Simcoe, 18 July 1923 at 242 Norfolk St. S. in Simcoe
16858-23 Arthur Carl KENNEDY, 21, lumberman, Toronto, Walsingham, s/o William KENNEDY (b. Ont) & Emmeline PHELPS, married Flossie Iola BENNETT, 16, domestic, South Walsingham, Walsingham, d/o Bruce BENNETT (b. Ont) & Ada UNDERHILL, witn: George E. & Mrs. George E. ANGER of Walsingham, 14 Nov 1923 at Port Rowan 16860-23 Fred Clayton KENNEDY, 21, Tillsonburg, same, s/o George W. KENNEDY (b. Dereham twp) & Mary A. CLAYTON, married Mabel VAIL, 21, Simcoe, same, d/o Ira VAIL (b. Woodhouse twp) & Georgina AITKEN, witn: Florence WALKER of Milton & Ann McBRIDE of Port Dover, 11 Sept 1923 at Simcoe
16862-23 Franklin Earl KITCHEN, 29, machinist, Windham twp., Townsend, s/o Thomas E. KTICHEN, b. Teeterville & Emma DEAN, married Lillian MARCHAND, 27, Stratford, Windham, d/o Arnold MARCHAND, b. Switzerland? & Martha BOURQUINE, witn: Mark KITCHEN of Townsend & Minnie WALKER of Paris, 23 May 1923 at Waterford  
16863-23 Charles William LACHAPELLE, 24, farmer, South Walsingham, same, s/o Delmer LACHAPELLE (b. Canada) & Ora ABBOTT, married Mary Helen BEAUPRE, 20, Woodhouse twp., Port Rowan, d/o Lee BEAUPRE (b. Canada) & Maud COOK, witn: Ruth BEAUPRE of Simcoe & Sherman BEAUPRE of Port Rowan, 29 Dec 1923 at Simcoe 16868-23 Roy Sanford LAMBERT, 25, farmer, South Middleton, Courtland, s/o Charles Wesley LAMBERT (b. Ancaster) & Sarah Jane MOYER, married Emily DOAN, 26, South Middleton, Courtland, d/o A. J. Chester DOAN (b. Port Dover) & Kate LAYMAN, witn: Gladys HORTON & Irene? W. LAMBERT, both of Courtland, 2 May 1923 at South Middleton
16869-23 Joseph M. LAVIGNE, 27, laborer, St. Theresa NB, Hamilton, s/o Joseph LAVIGNE & Lucie PITRE, married Ethel A. THOMPSON, 27, stenographer, Simcoe, Hamilton, d/o James THOMPSON & Bridget McDONALD, witn: Leighton THOMPSON of Simcoe & Hazel FIELD of Detroit, 2 June 1923 at Simcoe 16865-23 Frederick LESLIE, 31, shoe man, Owen Sound, Simcoe, s/o James LESLIE (b. Grey Co) & Rebecca TUCKER, married Charlotte Almeda BAUSLAUGH, 30, Simcoe, same, d/o Dennis BAUSLAUGH (b. Brant Co) & Eva Ann RAND, witn: Ruby LESLIE of Owen Sound & Russell BAUSLAUGH of Brantford, 5 Sept 1923 at Simcoe
  16867-23 Sherman LIVSEY, 25, farmer, Townsend twp., same, s/o Frank LIVSEY, b. Ont & Elizabeth BUTLER, married Olive May McKNIGHT, 29, Windham twp., same, d/o Henry McKNIGHT, b. Ont & Jennie EDGEWORTH, witn: Harry McKNIGHT of Teeterville & Marion BUTLER of Nixon, 12 July 1923 at St. Andrews Church, Windham
16864-23 Chester Earl LOGAN, 19, Courtland, same, s/o Tom LOGAN (b. Scotland Ont) & Mary WINEGARDEN, married Evelyn RODGERS, 19, Tillsonburg, same, d/o Frank RODGERS (b. Norwich) & Mary SWANCE?, witn: Gladys RODGERS of Tillsonburg & Donald McKIM of Courtland, 7? Nov 1923 at Courtland 16866-23 Gavin LUMSDEN, 61?, widower, farmer, Scotland, Woodstock, s/o William LUMSDEN (b. Scotland) & M. DUNLOP, married Mary Ann MILLER, 52, widow, Charlotteville, same, d/o George HOWDEN (b. England) & A. THOMPSON, witn: H. & Minnie HOWDEN of Charlotteville, 3 July 1923 at Manse, Vittoria
16882-23 James Arthur MABEE, 23, mechanic, St. Williams, same, s/o Peter MABEE (b. Canada) & Nancy JOHNSON, married Louie Mary WINTER, 19, England, St. Williams, d/o John WINTER (b. England) & Louisa NEWMAN, witn: Mr. Fred & Mrs. Fred BURKE of St. Williams, 21 July 1923 at Simcoe 16870-23 Frank MANARY, 46, widower, merchant, Middleton twp., Sandusky Mich., s/o John MANARY (b. Norfolk Co) & Sarah EREQUETTE, married Mabel Beatrice STAIB, 40, widow, North Walsingham twp., Simcoe, d/o Robert McKIM (b. Norfolk Co) & Elizabeth ROBERTS, witn: Mary Olive McKIM of Simcoe & Leslie R. McKIM of Brantford, 27 Dec 1923 at 51 Head St. South in Simcoe
16876-23 Norman Wilfred MARTIN, 28, salesman, Brantford, 89 Eagle Ave in Brantford, s/o Albert MARTIN (b. Ont) & Margaret HARTLEY, married Leita Maud WOODLEY, 25, Waterford, same, d/o Wilbert WOODLEY (b. Waterford Ont) & Nellie McMICHAEL, witn: Helen M. BEEMER of 7 Follis Ave in Toronto & Leanna? McMICHAEL of Waterford, 26 Sept 1923 at Townsend twp 16888-23 Everett S. MARVIN, 26, machinist, Flat Rock Mich., Port Rowan, s/o Laneral? MARVIN, b. Detroit & Catherine THEXTERKALTER?, married Stella V. WILLIAMS, 16, Port Burwell, Port Rowan, d/o George WILLIAMS, b. Dindock? & Sarah ARMSTRONG, witn: George & Sarah WILLIAMS of Port Rowan, 24 Jan 1923 at Port Rowan
16881-23 Ormond Mays MASON, 27, Toronto, 41 Bowden St. in Toronto, s/o William John MASON (b. Ont) & Lucy Jane McGRATH, married Olive Luella COLE, 25, stenographer, Ontario, RR1 Simcoe, d/o Walter COLE (b. Ont) & Maria BURNHAM, witn: Elmer COLE & Constance HALE?, both of Simcoe, 14 Aug 1923 at Charlotteville twp 16891-23 Charles Barce McBRIDE, 22, mechanical engineer, Ontario, 146 Willow Ave. in Toronto, s/o James McBRIDE, b. Ont & Eva COLLIER, married Flora Beatrice VEITCH, 22, book keeper, Ontario, 22 Fernwood Park Ave., d/o Walter VEITCH, b. Ont & Mary DUNCAN, witn: V.J. ROBERTSON of Port Dover & E. THOMPSON of Hamilton, 11 April 1923 at Port Dover
16890-23 Reginald Bruce McINTYRE, 22, farmer, Oakland twp., same, s/o Charles McINTYRE, b. Oakland - Brant Co & Nellie CRUMBACK, married Edyth Muriel ANDERSON, 20, teacher, Townsend twp., same, d/o Joseph ANDERSON, b. Townsend twp & Louisa M. HYDE, witn: William M. RYERSON of Brantford & Edith L. SMITH of Villa Nova, 8 Sept 1923 at Townsend twp 16889-23 George Harold McMAHON, 31, farmer, Townsend twp., same, s/o Walker (Walter?) McMAHON (b. Rockford - Townsend twp) & Harriet HAVILAND, married Annie Grace WALLACE, 29, Townsend twp., same, d/o R. Judson WALLACE (b. Windham) & Mary WILSON, witn: Grace Evelyn McMAHON of New York City & A. B. WALLACE of Burlington, 22 Sept 1923 at Townsend twp
16879-23 Harmon Samuel MacPHERSON, 59, widower, principal, Gainsboro - Lincoln Co., Simcoe, s/o William S. MacPHERSON (b. Ont) & Malinda DOCKSTADER, married Maude Agnes BEEMER, 48, widow, Dereham twp., Simcoe, d/o Isaac HADCOCK (b. Herkimer NY) & Ruth Ann MOYER, witn: H. Frank COOK & F. George MARSHALL, both of Simcoe, 7 Aug 1923 at 21 Victoria St. in Simcoe 16885-23 John Purvis MELDRUM, 21, banker, Sudbury, Port Rowan, s/o Alexander Daniel MELDRUM, b. Puslinch Ont & Caroline Alberta PURVIS, married Edna Irene OVERBAUGH, 18, Port Rowan, same, d/o John Ralph OVERBAUGH, b. Port Rowan & Martha Florence HALLAM, witn: Wilfred Laurier VANSELSER & Alethea Godyn SMITH, both of Port Rowan, 10 May 1923 at St. Johns Rectory, Port Rowan
  16886-23 Hugh MESSECAR, 52, farmer, Townsend, same, s/o Abraham MESSECAR (b. Townsend twp) & Melida SLAGHT, married Margaret WILSON, 43, Townsend, same, d/o Hugh WILSON (b. Ireland) & Margaret COLE, witn: Annie WALLACE & Harold WRIGLEY, both of Townsend twp., 21 Feb 1923 at Townsend
16873-23 Cecil Wray MISENER, 21, farmer, Oakland Ont., Windham twp., s/o Charles C. MISENER (b. Norfolk Co) & Jennie ARTHUR, married Minnie Clemence PHILLIPS, 22, lady, Welland, Teeterville, d/o Thomas PHILLIPS (b. Lincoln Co) & Lily Evelyn REECE, witn: Erie WRIGHT of RR2 Vanessa & Estelle PHILLIPS of Welland, 7 Nov 1923 at Teeterville 16871-23 William Oscar MISNER, 51, farmer, Welland, Charlotteville twp., s/o Lyman MISNER (b. Ont) & Martha PUTMAN, married Luella HALL, 41, Windham twp., Charlotteville twp., d/o Benson? HALL (b. Norfolk Co) & Mary PELHAM (Rellam?), witn: Ethel A. CRICKINGTON & David TURNER, both of RR1 Simcoe, 5 Dec 1923 at Charlotteville twp
16875-23 Archie Cameron MITCHELL, 22, farmer, Townsend twp., Woodhouse twp., s/o Arthur MITCHELL (b. Houghton twp) & Amy SCOTT, married Ruth Elizabeth HAMBLY, 18?, Townsend twp., same, d/o William Eastman HAMBLY (b. Rockford Ont) & Susan Jane GAGE, witn: Miss May MITCHELL of RR5 Simcoe & Frank HAMBLY of RR3 Waterford, 21 Nov 1923 at Villa Nova 16872-23 Peter Raymond MITCHELL, 21, farmer, Woodhouse twp., same, s/o Peter MITCHELL (b. Woodhouse twp) & Rachel MISNER, married Lena DEMING, 17, Jarvis, same, d/o John DEMING (b. Townsend twp) & Mary PURSLEY, witn: Stella JONES of Jarvis & John R. LINGWOOD of Waterford, 6 Dec 1923 at Simcoe
16883-23 George Albert MORDEN, 31, Forrestville - Charlotteville twp., Delhi, s/o Abraham MORDEN (b. Wentworth Co) & Alma BARKER?, married Matilda Christena YOUSE, 21, Middleton twp., same, d/o John YOUSE (b. Norfolk Co) & Christena KOHL, witn: James Alvin MAY (Hay?) & Susana H--YOGT?, both of Delhi, 13 June 1923 at Middleton twp 16878-23 David Earl MORICK, 40, widower, farmer, Houghton, Walsingham, s/o Aaron MORICK (b. Norfolk Co) & Irene ANDREWS, married Minnie Melissa LOWDEN, 35, domestic, Atherton, Walsingham, d/o Hiram LOWDEN (b. Greece NY) & Naomi BUCK?, witn: Edna STREET of Simcoe & Charles LOWDEN of St. Catharines, 3 Sept 1923 at res of H. Lowden, Charlotteville twp
16887-23 Malcolm MORRIS, 22, farmer, Charlotteville twp., same, s/o Jacob MORRIS (b. Canada) & Amy HORTON, married Jean CORMICK, 21, Scotland Britain, Simcoe, d/o David CORMICK (b. Scotland) & Elizabeth SINCLAIR, witn: Pearl WINEGARDEN of Peel St. in Simcoe & William MORRIS of St. Williams, 10 Feb 1923 at Simcoe 16874-23 William MORRIS, 30, laborer, Charlotteville twp., same, s/o Jacob MORRIS (b. Canada) & Amy HORTON, married Phoebe Pearl WINEGARDEN, 18, London Ont., Simcoe, d/o John WINEGARDEN (b. Canada) & Rose GRIDD, witn: Mrs. Edith & Irene NEWCOMBE of Simcoe, 17 Nov 1923 at Simcoe
16884-23 Samuel Henry MORRIS, 30, printer, Feltham England, Port Dover, s/o Alfred Theodore MORRIS (b. Cheltenham England) & Harriet STANFORD, married Frances Ella SLOCOMB, 24, stenographer, Port Dover, same, d/o Francis Waterford SLOCOMB (b. Port Dover) & Ellen Elizabeth STEELE, witn: Dr. G. W. SLOCOMB of Port Dover & Myrtle GREENBURY of Proton?, 1 June 1923 at St. Pauls Church, Port Dover 16880-23 George MUIR, 35, teacher, Ontario, 81 Isabella St. in Toronto, s/o Robert MUIR (b. Ont) & Mary REID, married Leta Hannah DALTON, 30, teacher, Ontario, Delhi, d/o Dent DALTON (b. Ont) & Hannah HAGERMAN (Wagerman?), witn: Richard A. DALTON of Delhi & Mrs. Thomas WALLACE of Wingham, 8 Aug 1923 at Delhi
16892-23 James David NALON, 24, jeweller, Oshawa Ont., Gananoque, s/o Thomas NALON, b. Ont & Elizabeth FUMIER? (Funnar?), married Clara Pauline WOLCOTT, 18, Ontario, Hawtrey, d/o William WOLCOTT, b. Ont & Emma DUFFY, witn: Lawrence BEAL of Otterville & Mary MURPHY of Lasalette, 10 Feb 1923 at Lasalette 16895-23 Henry W. OSBORNE, 72, widower, gentleman, South Walsingham, Port Rowan, s/o David OSBORNE, b. Duchess Co NY & Margaret WILLIS, married Mrs. Annie GEE, 62, widow, North Walsingham, same, d/o Charles CRONKRITE, b. Dorchester & Sarah Jane BROWN, witn: John & Mary DAVYES of Langton, 30 May 1923 at Langton
16893-23 Archie OSTERHOUT, 31, farmer, Port Rowan, same, s/o Thomas OSTERHOUT (b. Canada) & Sarah CARL, married Doris Ruth INGRAM, 24, England, Toronto, d/o Henry INGRAM (b. England) & Harriet BUNCE, witn: Mrs. Edith NEWCOMBE & Mrs. Ella FOSTER, both of Simcoe, 19 July 1923 at Simcoe 16894-23 Arthur Gordon OXLEY, 29, harness maker, Boston Ont., Simcoe, s/o George Wellington OXLEY, b. Canada & Florence Maud KEW, married Annie Flora Mildred AMBERGER, 23, Tilsonburg, Simcoe, d/o George William AMBERGER, b. Canada & Lily May Ethel SMITH, witn: Irene NEWCOMBE & Reta CLINE, both of Simcoe, 17 July 1923 at Simcoe
  16898-23 Edward Thomas William PAGE, 38, automobiles, Pittsburgh PA, same, s/o Thomas PAGE (b. USA) & Eleanor COYNE, married Ellen Florence McLEOD, 30, Bayfield Ont., Detroit, d/o Hugh McLEOD (b. Scotland) & Emma? (Annie?) McLEOD, witn: Mrs. James R. & Mrs. James W. BROCK of Port Dover, 5 Sept 1923 at Port Dover
16904-23 William J. PALING, 27, farmer, Caledonia Ont., Walpole twp., s/o James PALING & Susanna COLUMBUS, married Annie KICHAULEN, 25, Woodhouse twp., same, d/o Patrick KINCHAULER & Margaret FOLEY, witn: James W. COLUMBUS of Jarvis & Edna KINCHAULER of Port Dover, 30 April 1823 at Port Dover 16899-23 Allan Ambrose PATTISON, 24, laborer, St. Williams, Simcoe, s/o William PATTISON (b. Norfolk Co) & Minnie McDONALD, married Estella Irene LAMBERT, 18, Simcoe, same, d/o Perdy LAMBERT (b. Muskoka) & Jennie HOGG, witn: Melvin LAMBERT & May BECKER, both of Simcoe, 14 Feb 1923 at Simcoe
16877-23 Harry Melville PEACHEY, 24, machinist, Simcoe, same, s/o James PEACHEY (b. Canada) & Annie WEEKS, married Gertrude May PALMERSTON, 20, Brant Co., Simcoe, d/o Benjamin PALMERSTON (b. Canada) & Minnie GRUBER, witn: Lena? T. CAN--? & Maggie OVERHOLT, both of Simcoe, 17 Oct 1923 at Simcoe 16902-23 Byron Stephen PETTIT, 39, grain dealer, Windham Centre, same, s/o Stephen PETTIT (b. Windham twp) & Sarah Ann WOOD, married Lena Elva LUSK, 23, Hastings Co., Windham, d/o William LUSK (b. Hungerford twp) & Clara KNOWLES, witn: Mr. & Mrs. George KNOWLES of Simcoe, 25 April 1923 at Parsonage, Colborne twp, Norfolk Co (sic)
16897-23 Ross E. POOLE, 38, farmer, widower, Ontario, Burford twp., s/o Samuel POOLE (b. Burford twp) & Martha TOPLEY, married Florence LEES, 18, Ontario, Burford twp., d/o William John LEES (b. Oxford Co) & Ella YOUNG, witn: Miss L. A. CHAMBERLAIN & Mrs. W. H. LOVEGROVE, both of RR3 Scotland, 14 Nov 1923 at Kelvin 16896-23 Clarence POTTS, 22, barber, Woodhouse twp., Simcoe, s/o Oliver POTTS (b. Woodhouse twp) & Lillian Susanna BR--? (Benn?), married Kate Kennedy MITCHELL, 21, England, Simcoe, d/o Alex MITCHELL (b. Scotland) & Jane Ellen FENTON, witn: Lillian POTTS & Ivy MITCHELL, both of Simcoe, 24 Dec 1923 at Simcoe
16900-23 Leonard Cecil PRICE, 22, carpenter, Brantford, Port Dover, s/o Arthur PRICE (b. Dundas) & Adelaide JOHNSON, married Helen K. VYCE, 20, stenographer, Cleveland, Port Dover, d/o Frank Henry VYCE (b. Acton?) & Catherine Matilda LOWE, witn: Mrs. J. B. MOORE & Mrs. Etta WOOLEY, both of Waterford, 16 June 1923 at Waterford

16901-23 Frank PRICE, 37, mechanic, London, same, s/o David PRICE (b. Canada) & Lydia KING, married Mabel A. WOODWARD, 39, London, same, d/o Edwin WOODWARD (b, Canada) & Annie SALMON, witn: Ella FOSTER & Irene NEWCOMBE both of Simcoe on June 7, 1923 at Simcoe

  16903-23 Roy PRIDDLE, 39, farmer, Houghton, Delhi, s/o Alfred PRIDDLE (b. Middleton ) & Clara GRAVES, married Martha Susannah Matilda LIVINGSTONE, 37, Middleton, Delhi, d/o John LIVINGSTONE (b. Norfolk ) & Louisa WALTHERS, witn: Mrs. A. L. & A. L. CAMPBELL of Scotland, 4 April 1923 at Courtland
16905-23 Charles Edward QUIBELL, 22, farmer, Michigan, Langton, s/o Alfred QUIBELL (b. Burnt River) & Bertha May LATIMER, married Ethel Lavina FITCH, 19, Canada, Langton, d/o John FITCH (b. Canada) & Eliza LUCAS, witn: Johanna & Bertha M. BRONDI of Langton, 13 Sept 1923 at Langton 16908-23 Albert Edward REES, 21, laborer, England, Simcoe, s/o Henry R. REES (b. England) & Elizabeth REES, married Laura Eliza BUTLER, 21, Simcoe, same, d/o James BUTLER (b. Canada) & Harriet FROMEYER (Filsinger?), witn: Mrs. R. E. & R. E. DE FIELDS of R3 Simcoe, 1 Nov 1923 at Port Dover
16911-23 Halbert Fitzjames RENWICK, 36, merchant, Scotland Ont., Courtland, s/o James W. RENWICK (b. Scotland) & Mary Sophia BEAMER, married Mildred Joan ANDREWS, 24, Crewe England, Courtland, d/o Thomas F. ANDREWS (b. England) & Edith BENN, witn: Florian & Hilda LEE of Delhi, 19 Sept 1923 at Delhi 16906-23 William David REW, 32, widower, machinist, Simcoe, same, s/o William Henry REW (b. Ont) & Annabell SMITH, married Lillie Minerva BARBER, 22, Charlotteville, Simcoe, d/o Edward BARBER (b. Ont) & Mary Jane BLOOM, witn: Mrs. H. & Mrs. R. E. WILKINS of Waterford, 16 Aug 1923 at Waterford
16913-23 Herbert ROBBINS, 21, laborer, Yarmouth twp., Union, s/o D. H. ROBINS (sic) (b. Ont) & Julia Ann TAYLOR, married Susie May BUNTON, 20, domestic, Norfolk England, Union, d/o James BUNTON (b. England) & Edith COOK, witn: E. G. & Mrs. H. WILKINS of Waterford, 9 July 1923 at Waterford 16917-23 Andrew ROBERTS, 75, widower, farmer, Waterford, South Walsingham, s/o John ROBERTS (b. Walpole twp) & Hannah CHAMBERS, married Sarah Jane SMITH, 56, widow, South Walsingham, same, d/o John PROPPER (Proper?) (b. Gainsborough Ont) & Elen LANE, witn: Samuel PROPPER & Violet SMITH, both of Walsingham, 3 Feb 1923 at Simcoe
  16915-23 John William ROBINS, 21, laborer, Townsend twp., Windham, twp., s/o Herbert ROBINS (b. Vanessa Ont) & Cora RANDALL, married Bessie MUSSELL, 21, Windham twp., same, d/o Jesse MUSSELL (b. Windham twp) & Mary ROBINS, witn: D. E. & Fidelity MacKINTOSH of Simcoe, 21 Feb 1923 at Simcoe [divorced 10/9/53]
16909-23 Thomas Dennis ROCK, 33, miller, Toronto, St. Williams, s/o Thomas Dennis ROCK (b. England) & Agnes Helen TENNANT, married Mary Elizabeth SCHELS, 29, Charlotteville twp., North Walsingham twp., d/o John Henry SCHELY (sic) (b. Canada) & Mary Louisa WHITING, witn: Mrs. Lillian LEEDHAM & Mrs. Annie G. SRIGLEY, both of Port Rowan, 27 Oct 1923 at Port Rowan 16914-23 George ROCKERFELLER, 23, fisherman, Port Rowan, same, s/o Ab ROCKERFELLER (b. Canada) & Hannah RYCKMAN, married Mabel Irene LUDWIG, 18, Gravenhurst Ont., Simcoe, d/o Lambert LUDWIG (b. Canada) & Lena FURNESS, witn: Irene & Mrs. Edith NEWCOMBE of Simcoe, 19 June 1923 at Simcoe
16916-23 John Albert ROSS, 21, carder at woolen mill, Port Stanley, Simcoe, s/o Robert ROSS (b. Windham twp) & Mary IRVINE, married Margaret Jane STAGE, 19, Simcoe, same, d/o Ethelbert STAGE (b. Port Stanley) & Alice Maria TAYLOR, witn: Ruby Bell ARTHUR of RR1 Brantford & Thomas MURPHY of Simcoe, 17 Feb 1923 at res of the bride, 70 B--? St., Simcoe 16907-23 Walter Edward ROWBOTHAM, 58, widower, farmer, London England, Villa Nova, s/o Benjamin ROWBOTHAM (b. Lincolnshire England) & Sarah MUNT, married Elizabeth JENKINS, 43, lady, Bristol England, Villa Nova, d/o Elizabeth (sic) JENKINS (b. Swansea Wales) & Jemima BRAY, witn: Lily & Herbert COX of RR5 Waterford, 31 Oct 1892 at Villa Nova
16910-23 Edward Ernest RUSSELL, 29, laborer, Hampshire England, Simcoe, s/o Edward RUSSELL (b. Leamington? England) & Annie BREWER, married Marion BOOTH, 25, Lancashire England, Simcoe, d/o Thomas BOOTH (b. Liverpool England) & Sarah BOWDEN, witn: Percy Arthur RUSSELL & Hilda BOOTH, both of Simcoe, 27 Sept 1923 at Simcoe 16912-23 Collin Arthur RYERSE, 24, farmer, Woodhouse twp., same, s/o William Arthur RYERSE (b. Port Dover) & Lydia Leaney FRY, married Margaret Druscilla ENGLAND, 24, Woodhouse twp., same, d/o Thomas Edmon ENGLAND (b. Port Dover) & Mable STRINGER, witn: Lydia RYERSE & Margaret Mary ENGLAND, both of Port Dover, 22 Aug 1923 at St. Johns Church Rectory
16932-23 Ernest SAYLES, 48, widower, carpenter, Brant Co., Simcoe, s/o George SAYLES (b. Canada) & Mary WILSON, married Myrtle Electa HOWICK, 20, Langton, same, d/o Albert HOWICK (b. Canada) & Bessie ROBINSON, witn: Irene NEWCOMBE & Ella FOSTER, both of Simcoe, 22 Feb 1923 at Simcoe 16931-23 Thomas SCHMONS (Schmous?), 21, laborer, Hawtrey, Waterford, s/o Lawrence SCHMONS & Josephine D. BRIAN (O’Brian?), married Audrey RUSSELL, 17, Townsend, same, d/o William RUSSELL & Laura GAYNER, witn: Barney SCHMONS of Brantford & Pauline SCHMONS of Waterford, 10 Feb 1923 at Waterford
16936-23 Charles SCHOOLEY, 32, farmer, Windham twp., same, s/o Daniel SCHOOLEY & Apollina WAGNER, married Rita SMITH, 26, Windham twp., same, d/o Martin SMITH & Annie ROONEY, witn: William SMITH of Nixon & Helen SCHOOLEY of Brantford, 20 Nov 1923 at Simcoe 16929-23 Frank James SCHUYLER, 34, farmer, Townsend twp., same, s/o Francis SCHUYLER (b. Canada) & Amelia DOWSWELL, married Linnie CULVER, 18, Townsend twp., same, d/o Mack D. CULVER (b. Canada) & Elizabeth HALL, witn: Mary SWING of Jarvis & Rupert CULVER of Simcoe, 18 April 1923 at Simcoe
16919-23 Harry Lorne SILVERTHORNE, 38, farmer, Houghton, Glenmeyer, s/o Chester SILVERTHORNE (b. Windham Centre) & Francis BLOOMFIELD, married Nancy Matilda Jane CONNERS, 56, widow, Walsingham, Langton, d/o Isaac Newton FICH (b. Walsingham ) & Adaline BRANDOW, witn: Peter N. RICE of Glen Meyer & Gertie E. McGREGOR of RR2 Langton, 23 Oct 1923 at Glen Meyer 16927-23 Charles Alfred SIMON, 23, laborer, Brantford, same, s/o William SIMON (b. Ont) & Rose Alberta VANSICKLE, married Ada WOODLEY, 18, Little Current, Waterford, d/o Henry WOODLEY (b. Ont) & Annie MARSHALL, witn: Charles Roy & Florence PURSLEY of Waterford, 16 June 1923 at Waterford
16949-23 Jabez Walton SLACK, 22, Walpole, same, s/o John WALTON (sic) (b. Walpole twp) & Matilda STALLWOOD, married Mary Lileah WILSON, 19, Townsend, Townsend twp., d/o John K. WILSON (b. Townsend twp) & Jennie? MANDERVILLE, witn: Murray L. ANDERSON of Walpole & Evelyn SMITH of Townsend twp., 10 Oct 1923 at Parsonage, Bloomsburg 16925-23 Vivian Milton SMALE, 21, bank clerk, Lambton Co., Simcoe, s/o Audrey SMALE (b. Ont) & Alberta Priscilla KNIFFEN (Kauffman?), married Gladys Geneva ROBBINS, 22, Delhi, Simcoe, d/o Albert J. ROBBINS (b. Ont) & Annie FRIES? (Frils?), witn: Vernon Audrey SMALE & Lula ROBBINS, both of Simcoe, 14 July 1923 at St. Johns Church, Woodhouse twp
16924-23 Chauncey Nelson SMITH, 22, glove cutter, Burford twp., Delhi, s/o J. H. SMITH (b. Hawtry Ont) & Mary CHAPMAN, married Helen Lydia ROHDE, 18 on 16 April 1923, Buffalo NY, Middleton twp., d/o August ROHDE (b. Prussia Germany) & Caroline DWORAK, witn: Thomas YOUSE & Hilda ROHDE, both of Delhi, 14 Aug 1923 at Middleton twp 16928-23 Charles SMITH, 22, farmer, Windham twp., Charlotteville twp., s/o Burley SMITH (b. Walsingham Ont) & Jennie KARN, married Lily Maude KEMP, 24, England, Simcoe, d/o unknown KEMP (b. England) & Maud Elizabeth (unknown surname), witn: Mrs. Nellie LEFLER of Grove St. in Simcoe & Elsie R. BAKER of 182 Metcalf St. in Simcoe, 24 May 1923 at 146 Colborne St. South in Simcoe [with note: bride's father died before she was born]
16922-23 Lawrence William SMITH, 22, optometrist & jeweller, Port Rowan, Port Dover, s/o William K. SMITH (b. Norfolk Co) & Margaret WARD, married Florence Ethel HELMER, 20, house work, Port Dover, same, d/o Mandy? HELMER (b. Norfolk Co) & Bertha L. WILSON, witn: Lorne W. HELMER of Port Dover & Helen M. SMITH of Selkirk, 18 April 1923 at Port Dover 16920-23 Harry Elmer SMITH, 19, laborer, Houghton twp., Simcoe, s/o Henry SMITH (b. Walsingham twp) & Clara Jennette DAVIS, married Gertrude Pauline CULVER, 21, Walpole twp., Simcoe, d/o Henry Anson CULVER (b. Waterford Ont) & Priscilla Victoria WOODHAM, witn: Violet May & Florence SMITH of Simcoe, 24 Oct 1923 at Colborne St. South in Simcoe
16934-23 Alexander Hutchinson SMITH, 23, machinist, South Walsingham twp., Windham twp., s/o Samuel SMITH (b. Ont) & Annie HUTCHINSON, married Gertrude BOUGHNER, 22, Windham twp., same, d/o George Louis BOUGHNER (b. Ont) & Alice GRIFFEN, witn: Mrs. J. W. ACKERMAN & Mrs. S?. D. JAMIESON, both of Delhi, 10 Jan 1923 at The Manse 16917-23 Charles Cecil SMITHSON, 26, Norfolk Co., Port Dover, s/o John Lindsay SMITHSON (b. Canada) & Kittie KAUFMAN, married Florence Mae DEDRICK, 19, domestic, St. Williams, same, d/o Abram S. DEDRICK (b. Canada) & Olive PROCUNIER, witn: Irene & Mrs. Edith NEWCOMBE of Simcoe, 22 Oct 1923 at Simcoe
16933-23 Bruce W. SNIVELY, 28, farmer, Townsend, same, s/o William W. SNIVELY (v. Ont) & Elvira A. SHAW, married Margaret J. MAIN, 21, teacher, Holstein, Townsend, d/o John D. MAIN (b. Ont) & Isabell S. FAIRBAIRN, witn: Clinton W. & Florence E. MAIN of Holstein, 17 Feb 1923 at Townsend 16921-23 Egbert William SPRATLING, 25, laborer, San Francisco USA, Port Dover, s/o William SPRATLING (b. Sandwich England) & Hilda ROCHE, married Kathleen Evelyn ELWOOD, 16, Simcoe, same, d/o William ELLWOOD (sic) & Margaret KNIFFEN, witn: George ELWOOD & Mrs. D. E. FOSTER, both of Simcoe, 8 Sept 1923 at Simcoe [divorced 20/6/51]
16937-23 William Henry STAPLETON, 25, mechanic foreman, Minerva NY, Olean NY, s/o William STAPLETON & Carolina ANSELL, married Eliza Victoria ASH, 17 + 5 mons, South Norwich, same, d/o Alfred ASH, farmer, & Frances BOLONA, witn: Harvey & Mary BROWN of 6537 15th St. in Detroit, 16 May 1923 at Lasalette 16926-23 Walter Earl STEELE, 31, battery service, Aylmer Ont., Hamilton, s/o Arthur E. STEELE (b. Cheapside Ont) & Elizabeth DAVENPORT, married Gladys May RAMEY, 29, Ancaster Ont., Simcoe, d/o Emerson RAMEY (b. Wentworth Co) & Adelaide GREEN, witn: Edward Evans STEEL of Zurich Ont & Myrtle PHELPS of St. Thomas, 18 July 1923 at Simcoe
16923-23 George Bruce STEINHOFF, 19, farmer, Woodhouse twp., same, s/o Bruce A. STEINHOFF (b. Simcoe Ont) & Kate BEST, married Elaia Naomi PEICE, 20, Woodhouse twp., same, d/o Walter Davis PEICE (b. Scotland) & Florence BRADBURY, witn: Frank J. WILCOX & Elsie G. STEINHOFF, both of Simcoe, 22 Aug 1923 at res of bride's parents, Simcoe 16935-23 Charles Wesley STITT, 30, salesman, Charlotteville twp., Simcoe, s/o William Edward STITT (b. Charlotteville twp) & Henrietta TURVEY, married Ada Louise PERRY, 26, London England, Simcoe, d/o Stephen PERRY (b. England) & Ada Selina ROGERS, witn: Dorothy A. PERRY & Walter STITT, both of Simcoe, 7 Nov 1923 at 185 West St. in Simcoe
16940-23 Henry Franklin THOMPSON, 29, farmer, Townsend, same, s/o T. K. THOMPSON (b. Townsend twp) & Irene MURKLANDT?, married Mary Florence WISSON, 21, Langton, Simcoe, d/o Herman WISSON (b. Walsingham twp) & Mabel MARSHALL, witn: Hugh R. MATTHEWS & Ethel Lucile? FISHER, both of Simcoe, 21 March 1923 at Simcoe 16939-23 Frederick John THOMPSON, 22, farmer, Charlotteville, Vittoria, s/o John L. THOMPSON (b. Canada) & Sarah Amelia FOREST, married Jessie Edith SCOVELL, 20, Portsmouth England, Simcoe, d/o Joseph SCOVELL (b. England) & Zilpha Burton SHAW, witn: Howard P. SCHILTZ & Grace E. WILLIAMS, both of Simcoe, 1 Aug 1923 at Simcoe
16941-23 Walter Alexander TILLER, 20, farmer, Langton, Courtland, s/o James TILLER (b. Norfolk) & Nora EVITSON, married Gladys Pearl ARNOTT, 23, Rosanna, Tillsonburg, d/o George ARNOTT (b. Norwich) & Almeta SMITH, witn: Eva V. CRIDLAND of Langton & John SNAKE (Drake?) of Courtland, 14 Feb 1923 at Courtland 16942-23 Edward Louis TROKE, 22, Portsmouth England, Courtland, s/o John Henry (b. Portsmouth England) & blank, married Fern MATTHEWS, 22, Waterford, Courtland, d/o Henry Ernest MATTHEWS (b. Ont) & Catherine MARICK?, witn: Eva Viola CRIDLAND of Langton & John TROKE of Courtland, 14 Feb 1923 at Courtland
16930-23 John Howard TURVEY (Survey?), 26, farmer, Norfolk Co., Charlotteville twp., s/o John TURVEY (b. England) & Alice WALSH, married Georgina TERRY, 23, Norfolk Co., Charlotteville twp., d/o Richard TERRY (b. Norfolk Co) & Ida BELL, witn: Maria TERRY & Winona TURVEY, both of Charlotteville, 21 April 1923 at Port Dover 16944-23 Asa Alonzo VANNATTER, 21, farmer, Houghton, Langton, s/o Benjamin A. VANNATTER (b. Bayham) & Sophia FOREMAN, married Vera Catherine WILLIAMS, 20, domestic, Houghton, Langton, d/o George A. WILLIAMS (b. Houghton ) & Edith BRISSEAU, witn: Ila WILLIAMS & Roy BRISSEAU, both of Frogmore, 2 Jan 1923 at Fairground
16955-23 Samuel James WADDELL, 52 (62?), widower, salesman, Port Hope Ont., Chicago, s/o John WADDELL (b. Ireland) & Isabella McCANN, married Mary Elizabeth McGILIVERY, 55, widow, Windham twp., Simcoe, d/o Daniel BEACHAM (b. Ancaster twp) & Elizabeth McCOOL, witn: Inez A. McILVERY & Frank? E. McGILARY?, both of Simcoe, 30 March 1923 at 24 Talbot St. South in Simcoe 16951-23 Harold Edwin WALSH, 21, laborer, Niagara Falls, Waterford, s/o Ernest WALSH (b. Canada) & Mary CHART (Clark?), married Lena CHARTERS, 18, Waterford, same, d/o Lorne CHARTERS (b. Canada) & Mabel MOSS? (Maas?), witn: Mrs. Edith & Enid NEWCOMBE of Simcoe, 2 June 1923 at Simcoe
16954-23 Herbert WARDELL, 21, farmer, Port Ryerse, Woodhouse twp., s/o Nelson WADELL (sic) (b. Ont) & Carry SNIDER, married Mary MacDONALD, 16, canning factory, Scotland, Woodhouse twp., d/o James MacDONALD (b. Scotland) & Annie MacINTYRE, witn: illegible ROBERTSON of Port Dover & Em. THOMPSON of Hamilton, 25 April 1923 at Port Dover 16953-23 Joseph Robert WARDELL, 28, farmer, Vittoria, Townsend, s/o Robert WARDELL (b. Ont) & Mabel HEATHFIELD (Heartfield?), married Lena Madeline EVANS, 21, clerk, Waterford, same, d/o Morris EVANS (b. England) & Jennie Alberta LEFLER, witn: Wilmot Akin WARDELL of Townsend & Violet H. E. EVANS of Waterford, 5 May 1923 at Waterford
16945-23 Edgar WATERHOUSE, 25, machinist, Leeds - Yorkshire England, 5275 3rd Ave in Detroit, s/o William Arthur & Mary Jane, married Mildred Alice GOLDING, 18, London England, Simcoe, d/o William GOLDING (b. England) & Levina Ellen GOODRIDGE, witn: Maud Dorothy GOLDING of McKay St. in Montreal & James William FOOK? of 5275 3rd Ave in Detroit, 25 Dec 1923 at Simcoe 16947-23 Herbert Stanislas WATTS, 25, farmer, Toronto, Woodhouse twp., s/o Henry H. WATTS & Rose FAULKNER, married Edna KINCHSULER (Kinchauler?), 24, Woodhouse twp., same, d/o Patrick KINCHSULER & Margaret FOLEY, witn: Charles BLAKE of Port Dover & Rose WATTS of Toronto, 21 Nov 1923 at Port Dover
16946-23 Ross WHITE, 26, farmer, Norfolk Co., Tillsonburg, s/o Isaac ROSS (sic) (b. Beverly Ont) & Mary WALKER, married Elsie Beatrice BARTLETT, 24, Norfolk Co., Courtland, d/o Isaac BARTLETT (b. Norfolk Co) & Emmaline LOCKMAN, witn: Vera J. & Mrs. J.E. BARTLETT of Courtland, 2 Dec 1923 at Courtland 16950-23 James McLeod WILSON, 39, widower, contractor, Scotland, Windsor, s/o James MacLeod WILSON (b. Scotland) & Mary Sutherland McLEOD, married Alma May CHAMBERS, 28, Ontario, 490 Victoria in Windsor, d/o Walter CHAMBERS (b. Ont) & Malina BROCK, witn: M--? LEONARD & Clara CHAMBERS, both of Waterford, 5 Sept 1923 at Waterford
16948-23 John WOOD, 28, farmer, Yorkshire England, Townsend twp., s/o James WOOD (b. England) & Eliza SMILES, married Jean Rebecca LEIGHFIELD, 24, Port Rowan, same, d/o Charles LEIGHFIELD (b. Norfolk Co Ont) & Cynthia WELCH, witn: Ralph & Audrey Winnifred LEIGHFIELD of Port Rowan, 17 Oct 1923 at Meth. Parsonage, Simcoe 16956-23 Robert Edwin WOOLLY, 22, farmer, of Middleton twp., s/o Benjamin WOOLLY & Susan DAVEY, married Maude Alexandria TOOKER, 18 11/12, mail clerk, of Delhi, d/o Edwin Westcott TOOKER & Edith JOHNSTON, witn: Margaret SUTHERLAND & J.W. BERNARD, both of Delhi, 11 April 1923 at Delhi
16952-23 William Henry WRIGHT, 21, machinist, Montreal, same, s/o Ernest WRIGHT (b. Birmingham England) & Annie BEATTY, married Estella MONTROSE, 20, post office clerk, Vittoria, same, d/o Joseph MONTROSE (b. Normandale Ont) & Emma SHAW, witn: Grace GREEN & Ethel CR--?, both of Simcoe, 12 May 1923 at 146 Colborne St. South in Simcoe