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Norfolk County Marriages, 1860

from microfilm MS 248, reel 11, vol 14

FORMAT: Birthplace is given before residence


Page 43, by William Craigie, Presbyterian

Robert SINCLAIR, 43, Scotland, Port Dover, s/o Thomas SINCLAIR & Nancy SMITH, married Margaret THOMPSON, 29, Scotland, Townsend, d/o Henry THOMPSON & Ann SMITH, witn: Henry THOMPSON Jr. of Townsend, 3 Jan 1860

Gideon FORSYTH, 48, Scotland, Woodhouse, s/o Walter FORSYTH & Margaret ROLPH, married Mary Ann ELLIOTT, 21, Ireland, Woodhouse, d/o Joseph ELLIOTT & Margery ANDERSON, witn: James WANTLEY? of Woodhouse, 28 (25?) Feb 1860

John HEPBURN, 23, Scotland, Woodhouse, s/o William HEPBURN & Ann ORDS, married Lucy POTTS, 18, Canada, Woodhouse, d/o Nelson POTTS & Polly MESSECAR, witn: Nelson POTTS of Woodhouse, 21 March 1860

George DUNCAN, no age given, Scotland, Woodhouse, s/o not given, married Elsie ENGLAND, no age given, Scotland, Woodhouse, d/o Alexander ENGLAND & blank, witn: Thomas ENGLAND of Woodhouse, 1 May 1860

Robert JOHNSON, 40, Ireland, Woodhouse, s/o John JOHNSON & Jane SATHER?, married Helen Selinda GRIFFINS 26, Canada Charlotteville, d/o Curtis GRIFFIN & Esther MABEL, witn: George MABEL of Charlotteville, 7 May 1860

James MURPHY, 34, Canada, Woodhouse, s/o Francis MURPHY & Mary LYNCH, married Mary ROBERTS, 18, Canada, Woodhouse, d/o James ROBERTS & Julian LAMKINS, witn: William ROSE of Woodhouse, 4 June 1860

Samuel McKEE, 28, Ireland, Woodhouse, s/o Robert McKEE & Mary PATERSON, married Mary THOMPSON, 27 (29?), Scotland, Townsend, d/o Henry THOMPSON & Ann SMITH, witn: Robert SINCLAIR of Port Dover, 3 July 1860

Augustus ALTENBURG, 25, USA, Haldimand, s/o Augustus ALTENBURG & Mary JOHNSTON, married Mary Matilda MONTGOMERIE (Montgomery?), 27, Canada, Woodhouse, d/o Alexander McQUEEN & Sarah SYMPSEN (Simpson?), witn: H. CATTERMOLE of Port Dover, 21 July 1860

Thomas Lewis Mulder TIPTON, 32, England, Cayuga, s/o Thomas William TIPTON & Louisa Helena MULDER, married Ellen CAMPBELL, 20, Canada, Cayuga, d/o Donald CAMPBELL & Margaret McNIVEN, witn: John STEWART of Oneida, 10 Sept 1860

Samuel BALFOUR, 27, Ireland, Port Dover, s/o James BALFOUR & Catherine RUTHERFORD, married Catherine SMITH, 19, Ireland, Port Dover, d/o James SMITH & Annie McINNES, witn: Samuel BROWNLEE of Port Dover, 25 Sept 1860

William Henry ADAMS, 24, Canada, Woodhouse, s/o William ADAMS & Ellinor ELLIS, married Isabella ROSS, 19, Scotland, Woodhouse, d/o Daniel ROSS & Jane McINTOSH, witn: George HUSTED of Port Dover, 28 Dec 1860


Page 44, return by William Treadwell, Regular Baptist

Horatio N. MONTROSS, 54, Charlotteville, same, s/o Silas & Sarah, married Susan FOX, 33, Bayham, Walsingham, d/o Ancil FOSTER & Jennett, witn: Christian DICK of Walsingham, 21 March

William McKENZIE, 21, Nova Scotia, Walsingham, s/o John & Isabella, married Elenor McGAW, 19, Beamsville, Walsingham, d/o Alexander & Mary, witn: John PARKER of Walsingham, 3 April

Priest LAFORTUNE, 38, S.S. Rock, Walsingham, s/o Francis & Elizabeth, married Eliza OVERBAGH, 36, Walsingham, same, d/o Hezekiah & Mary, witn: Moses WHITE of Walsingham, 29 April

John C. FICK, 20, Houghton, same, d/o Frederick & Sarah Ann, married Barbary C. BOWEN, 20, Houghton, same, d/o Nelson & Susanna, witn: Edward STEPHENS of Houghton, 10 June

Moses WHITE, 30, Three Rivers, Walsingham, s/o Antoine & Louise, married Ann OVERBAGH, 30, Walsingham, same, d/o Hezekiah & Mary, witn: John L. BECKER of Houghton, 16 Sept

Jonas McDONALD, 28, Haldimand, Walsingham, s/o John & Mary Ann, married Julia UNDERHILL, 21, Walsingham, same, d/o Samuel & Mary, witn: Aaron BARRETT of Houghton, 11 Oct

Robert PORTERFIELD, 26, Ireland, Walsingham, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Margaret FAR, 17 (19?), Cayuga, Walsingham, d/o John C. & Julia Ann, witn: Joseph CONNER of Houghton, 27 Oct.

William B. BROWN, 22, Walsingham, same, s/o William & Jane, married Mar Anne LUCUS, 18, Simcoe, Houghton, d/o Thomas & Harriet, witn: David FOSTER of Pt. Ryerse, 7 Nov


Page 45, by S. W. Folger, Regular Baptist

Henry DICKENSON, 23, England, Middleton, s/o James & Mary, married Nancy LANE, 20, Canada West, Middleton, d/o John & Lydia, witn: O. D. MABY, Mary McCRIMMER & Jane FOLGER, all of Middleton, 1 Feb 1860

Robert McCALIN?, 22, Main NJ, Middleton, s/o John & Margaret, married Mary A. EDMUDE, 18, Canada West, Middleton, d/o William & Mary Ann, witn: Edwin EYRES of Sherbrooke & Jane FOLGER of Middleton, 19 Feb 1860

Jehiel BAKER, 26, New York, Windham, s/o Hevet? B. & Alvira, married Eliza SNIDER, 23, Binbrook C. W., Windham, d/o Frederick & Ann, witn: Mary J. DUNBAR, Jane FOLGER & Joseph SINDEN, all of Middleton, 18 March 1860

William H. GRAHAM, 30, Dundas C.W., Windham, s/o Lewis & Mary Ann, married Hannah SNIDER, 30, Windham, same, d/o Aaron & Anna, witn: G. A. KIRK & R. M. WAY, both of Windham, and Amelia PUTMAN of Middleton, 25 March 1860

William BOYINGTON, 23, Woodhouse, same, s/o George & Sarah, married Melissa SMITH, 22, Windham, same, d/o E. B. & blank, witn: Asel DURHAM, E. B. SMITH & Charles SMITH, all of Windham, 2 Sept 1860

William H. YOUMANS, 24, Charlotteville, same, s/o Christopher & Charlotte, married Jennett BOUGHNER, 17, Townsend, same, d/o Eri & Colista, witn: John FOLGER, William L. SOVEREEN, & Henry WICK?, all of Middleton, 6 Sept 1860

Philip VOLK?, 22, Germany, Windham, s/o Henry & Mowberry?, married Julia Ann STITSINGER, 24, Camboro, Middleton, d/o Conrad & Rosanna, witn: J. F. STITSINGER, Mary McCRIMMON, & Joseph SANDERS, all of Middleton, 10 Nov 1860

Charles HICKS, 20, Kingston, Middleton, d/o Henry L. & Eliza Ann, married Soprona KING, 31, Germany, Middleton, d/o George & Mary Ann, witn: John FOLGER & William RONSON, both of Middleton, 2 Dec 1860

Jacob MABEE, 25, Middleton, same, s/o Thomas P. & Deborah, married Jane CAMPBELL, 18, Brantford, Middleton, d/o Robert & Jennette, witn: Benjamin NUNN, James CAMPBELL & Albert CLINK, all Middleton, 16 Dec 1860

John OSTRANDER, 19, Middleton, same, s/o James & Nancy, married Mary CAMPBELL, 19, Brantford, Middleton, d/o Robert & Jennette, witn: Benjamin NUNN, James CAMPBELL & Albert CLINK, all Middleton, 16 Dec 1860

Frederick CLEMENT, 21, Niagara, Norwich, s/o Jonathan & Isabella, married Hannah SPENCER, 19, Flamboro East, Middleton, d/o Samuel & Dorothy, witn: Peter CLINE & Peter WYATT, both of Middleton, 23 Dec 1860

James RONSON, 23, Brantford, Norwich, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Henrietta REAVELY, 20, Windham, Norwich, d/o Walter & Theodata, witn: Peter WYATT & Joseph SANDERS, both of Middleton, 30 Dec 1860


page 46, return by Robert B. Smith, Regular Baptist

Robert CROSBY, 48, USA (or NS?), Walsingham, s/o not known, married Emily OLIVER, 22, Canada, Charlotteville, d/o not known, witn: William WILCOX & John SHEPARD of Normandale, 8 June 1860

Peter JENNINGS, 36, Canada, Charlotteville, s/o Thomas & Margaret, married Mary J. SIPPERELL, 24, Canada, Charlotteville, s/o blank & Caroline SIPPERELL, witn: Thomas JENNINGS & Daniel MONROE, both of Charlotteville, 26 Feb 1860

John STEINHOFF, 27, Canada, Walsingham, s/o Andrew & Ann, married Miriam BECKER, 28, Canada, Walsingham, d/o Henry & Rachel, witn: Margaret HUNTER of Charlotteville & C. N. SMITH, 16 April 1860

Daniel JACKSON, 24, Canada, Charlotteville, s/o John & Mahala, married Susan E. WELLS, 23, Canada, Charlotteville, d/o James & Margaret, witn: David BISSETT of Charlotteville & William RILEY, 10 May 1860

Jonas COPE, 39, Canada, Walsingham, s/o Jacob & Elizabeth, married Victoria WOODWARD, 22, William & Sarah, witn: B. PALMERTON of Charlotteville & C. N. SMITH, 24 May 1860

Jacob C. TICE, 29, Canada, Charlotteville, s/o Jacob & Mary, married Emily WRIGHT, 22, Canada, Walsingham, d/o David & Hannah, witn: William McLAREN of Walsingham & William N. ROWE of Walpole, 30 may 1860

Phenos REAVES, 27, England, Charlotteville, s/o Joseph & Sophia, married Emily BRANDOW, 24, Canada, Charlotteville, d/o Abraham & Jane, witn: D. B. & M.A. PALMERTON of Charlotteville, 3 June 1860

F. N. SPANE (Spaur?), 29, Canada, South Norwich, s/o William & Mary, married Maria JACKSON, 22, Canada, Charlotteville, d/o John & Matilda, witn: John G. SPANE of Charlotteville & D. JACKSON, 15 Aug 1860

Gordon JOHNSON, 21, Canada, Walsingham, s/o H. & Susanna, married Rhoda ANGLE, 19, Canada, Walsingham, d/o David & Elizabeth, witn: M. A. PALMERTON & L. N. SMITH, both of Charlotteville, 26 Sept 1860

Jacob MILLARD, 22, Canada, Walsingham, s/o Jesse & Mary, married S. A. OVERHOLT, 18, Canada, Walsingham, d/o J. & B., witn: Jesse MILLARD of Charlotteville & N. PIPER of Walsingham, 24 Oct. 1860

Robert SCRAM, 22, Canada, Charlotteville, s/o P. & S., married Lydia DAVIS, 19, Canada, Charlotteville, d/o J. & Mary, witn: John & L. DAVIS of Charlotteville, 4 Nov 1860

Joseph PARSONS, 25, England, Charlotteville, s/o J. & Edna, married Susanna PRICE, 20, Canada, Charlotteville, d/o Peter & E., witn: C. H. SMITH of Charlotteville & Nancy MILLARD, 9 Nov 1860


page 46, return by John G. Appleford, Free Will Baptist,

Philip VASTBINDER, 74, New Jersey, Windham, s/o Philip & Ruth, married Mary GRIFFITH, no age given, Ireland, Windham, d/o James DEARY & Jane, witn: Henry A. APPLEFORD of Townsend, 4 April 1860

William BOUGHNER, 31, Windham, same, s/o Martin & Elizabeth, married Suranda BERRY, no age given, Windham, same, d/o John & Mary L. BERRY, witn: J. M. WOOD of Windham & H. WHITEHEAD, 3 Sept 1860

Henry V. PETIT, 23, Binbrook, Windham, s/o John C. & Elsey, married Harriet TATE, 27, Colborne, Windham, d/o Thomas & Julia Ann, witn: N. TATE & B. W. PETTIT, both of Windham, no date given


page 47, return by A. Slaght, Baptist Church in Hartford

Amos L. LOUNSBERRY, 28, Nicolas? NY, New York state, s/o Platt LOUNSBERRY & Sarah, married Caroline ROBINSON, 23, Townsend, same, d/o George & Mary A., witn: Ellen LAMMING & Lewis TAYLOR, both of Townsend, 16 Jan 1860

James BELT, 53, Norfolk England, Townsend, s/o William & Eadwy, married Mary A. BELTON, 38, Brighton England, Townsend, d/o Richard & Elizabeth, witn: Charles & Lyman KITCHEN of Townsend, 9 April 1860

Elijah DUNSCOMBE, 22, Townsend, same, s/o David & Mary, married Rhoda A. PARNEY, 20, Townsend, same, d/o John & Elenor, witn: William BOWLBY & Joseph NELLES, both of Townsend, 11 April 1860

Henry FINCH, 24, Charlotteville, same, s/o William & Hannah, married Matilda SIMMONS, 21, Charlotteville, same, d/o John & Margaret, witn: Philip & Lewis BEEMER of Waterford, 18 April 1860

William CLARK, 26, Townsend, same, s/o Thomas W. CLARK & Nancy, married Ellen LAMMING, 18, Townsend, same, d/o Robert & Rebecca A., witn: Catherine CLARK of Townsend & Alexander DUNSCOMBE of Waterford, 1 May 1860

Charles CHATTERSON, 21, Blenheim, Windham, s/o George & Dina, married Lucy BAXTER, 22, Blenheim, Windham, d/o Thomas & Betsey, witn: Jane SCOVELL of Windham & Hiram SCOVELL of Port Dover, 1 May 1860

James SMITH, 40, Townsend, same, s/o John & Polly, married Angeline CASE, 19, Esquesing, Windham, d/o Christopher & Eliza, witn: Alex DUNSCOMBE of Waterford & Nelson CLARK of Townsend, 1 July 1860

Aaron WINTER, 29, Charlotteville, same, s/o Imanuel & Martha, married Caroline OAKS, 22, Charlotteville, same, d/o Hammond & Isabella, witn: Mary & Samuel OAKS of Charlotteville, 8 July 1860

Henry McCOMB, 49, Ireland, Townsend, s/o James & Jane, married Elizabeth BOWLBY, 34, Nova Scotia, Townsend, d/o George & Sarah, witn: Nelson CLARK of Waterford & John COWAN of Simcoe, 6 Sept 1860

John SHELDRICK, 37, England, Windham, s/o John & Maria, married Emily Amelia HUNTER, 33 (35?), Windham, same, d/o Jeremiah GREEN & Mary, witn Leonard SOVEREIN & Philip BUCHNER, both of Waterford, 15 Sept 1860

Daniel LANGLEY, 31, Louth Canada West, Woodhouse, s/o Thomas & Pattena, married Mary Ann CONNER, 28, Ireland, Simcoe, d/o Daniel CONNER & Bridget, witn: Nelson CLARK & George A. PARK, both of Waterford, 7 Oct. 1860

William Henry OVERHOLT, 25, Rainham, Townsend, s/o Isaac & Susanna, married Sarah MASSECAR, 20, Townsend, same, d/o Abraham & Martha, witn: P Louisa ROBINSON & Mark E. COLLVER, both of Townsend, 27 Nov 1860


Page 47, return by Rev. William Newton, Primitive Methodist

Barney BOCK, 24, Canada, Walsingham, s/o John & Hannah, married Hannah BRIGHT, 17, Canada, Walsingham, d/o David WRIGHT & Hannah, witn: not known of Walsingham, 1 Jan 1860

James McBARNEY, 24, Canada, Walsingham, s/o James & Margaret, married Margaret GORDON, 25, England, Walsingham, d/o William & Mary, witn: David PROCUNIER of Walsingham, 20 Jan 1860

Edward EVANS, 25, Ireland, Walsingham, s/o Robert & Jane, married Esther Ann GREGORY, 22, St. Catharines, Walsingham, d/o Amos & Emily, witn: J. W. HAZEN of Walsingham, 25 Sept 1860

Frederick EYRE, 27, England, Walsingham, s/o William & Harriet, married Mary MITCHELL, 20, England, Walsingham, d/o John & Ann, witn: Arthur MITCHELL of Walsingham, 18 Dec 1860

Isaac ABBOTT, 22, Canada, Walsingham, s/o Timothy Phebe, married Alice Jane CROSBY, 24 (21?), Nova Scotia, Walsingham, d/o Robert & Zelpha, witn: D. WESTOVER of Walsingham, 23 (28?) Dec 1860


page 48, return by Isaac Barber, Wesleyan Methodist,

William HEAK, 24, Vermont, Walsingham, s/o James Glover & Mary HEAK, married Lydia Jane ROY, 21, Smithville, Middleton, d/o James & Bethea, witn: Ursula M. BARBER of Lyndoch & Prentiss BROWN of Brantford & G. BOXALL of Simcoe, 16 Oct. 1859

George COPELAND, 21, Toronto, Lyndoch, s/o William & Sarah, married Sadie Jane SMITH, 20, Jefferson Co NY, Norwichville, s/o Stephen & Caroline, witn: Ursula M. & Ursula M. BARBER, both of Lyndoch [same name twice], 11 April 1860

Richard SHAPELY, 26, Drummondville, Lyndoch, s/o Edward & Sarah, married Sarah TISDALE, 25, of Middleton, d/o Lot & Margaret, witn: A. SHAPLEY & William CAMPBELL, both of Lyndoch, 3 July 1860

James MINERS, 21, Cornwall England, Dereham, s/o Josiah & Elizabeth, married Frances CAMPBELL, 22, Louth, Middleton, d/o Wilson Nelson & Jane CAMPBELL, witn: E. D. BUCHNER of Middleton & U. . CLARK of Mount Vernon, 4 July 1860

William BROOKS, 22, Leeds Co., Walsingham, s/o John & Letitia, married Eliza Jane ARNOLD, 21, Saltfleet, Townsend, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: S. BOND of Woodstock & William DAVIS of Orwell, 26 Sept 1860

Albert WHITE, 23, Markham, Orwell, s/o Ira & blank, married Phebe Ursula DAVIS, 15, Bayham, Orwell, d/o David Hurt? (Flint?) & Mary DAVIS, witn: Ursula Mary BARBER of Lyndoch & Edward INGRAHAM, 24 May 1860

William MONEST, 32, Niagara Dist., Avon, s/o Henry & Martha, married Simildin MANDEVILLE, 32, Simcoe, Lyndoch, d/o Abraham & Hester WILSON, witn: P. McMASTER & William MISNER, both of Lyndoch, 3 Nov 1860

Colbourn BENNETT, 30, Charlotteville, Townsend, s/o David & Mary, married Mary Elizabeth MISNER, 20, Walpole, Woodhouse, d/o Henry & Mary Ann MISNER, witn: Harriet MURPHY & Laurina ZIMMERMAN, both of Woodhouse, 25 Dec 1860

William Francis JACOBS, no age given, Norwich, same, s/o not given, married Olivia HALL, no age given, Ireland, Norwich, d/o HALL, witn: Francis WARE of Norwich, 17 April 1860