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Norfolk Co., 1874


007590-74 (Norfolk Co.) Alexander ABERCROMBIE, 24, machinist, Co. Donegal Ireland, Simcoe, s/o Alexander and Jane ABERCROMBIE, married Margaret Ann CARROLL, 24, Co. Tyrone, Ireland, Simcoe, d/o Arthur and Lydia Ann CARROLL, witn; William CARROLL of Port Stanley and Margaret ABERCROMBIE of Simcoe, 7 Jul 1874 at Simcoe  
7428-74 Johann Georg ACKERMAN, 26, farmer, Germany, Middleton, s/o Martin ACKERMAN & Barbara G. BLUMENSLOCK, married Anna Margrettta DEMUTHE, 24, spinster, Middleton, same, d/o George L. & Ann Margaretta SCHMIDT, witn: Johann EITEL, Leonard DEMUTHE & Michael ACKERMAN, all of Middleton, 20 Oct 1874 at St. Peters Church, Middleton (Lutheran) 7380-74 (Norfolk Co): Michael ACKERMAN, 24, farmer, Germany, Middleton, s/o Martin & Barbara, married Elizabeth BEUTHER, 20, Middleton, same, d/o Frederick & Henrich, witn: Conrad WALTHER & George ACKERMAN, both of Middleton, 3 March 1874 at Ev. Lutheran Church, Middleton
7396-74 (Norfolk Co): William Henry ADAMS, 21, laborer, Canada, Simcoe, s/o George & Nancy, married Kate E. McBRIDE, 22, Canada, Simcoe, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: John McBRIDE & Alice ADAMS, both of Simcoe, 27 April 1874 at Woodhouse 7464-74 George ALBRIGHT, 22, farmer, Germany, Middleton, s/o Martin & Barbara, married Paulina HEINER, 22, NY state, Middleton, d/o Martin & Catherine, witn: Mattice VOIGHT & Helena ALBRIGHT, both of Middleton, 24 March 1874 at Lynedoch
7573-74 William B. ARMOUR, 21, farmer, England, Walsingham, s/o Edward & Sarah, married Margaret A. FARR, 19, Wainfleet, Houghton, d/o Aaron & Mary A., witn: Calvin W. WILSON & John W. RAYMOND, both of Houghton, 30 June 1874 at Houghton 7360-74 Michael ASPDEN, 21, engineer, Houghton, Charlotteville, s/o John & Martha, married Margaret Jane MURPHY, 21, Woodhouse, Charlotteville, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: James CRAIGIE of Port Dover & Mary A. CLARK of Toronto, 1 Aug 1874 at Port Dover
7491-74 Lorenzo M?. AUSCOMB, 24, shoe maker, Brantford, Walsingham, s/o William & Emily, married Louisa GILLESBY, 18, Walpole, Walsingham, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: William PICKARD & Jane GILLESBY, both of Walsingham, 5 Aug 1874 at Walsingham 7385-74 (Norfolk Co): Joseph AXELBY, 23, farmer, England, Woodhouse, s/o John AXELBY & Mary LANGRICK, married Mary Annie HORN, 26, Canada, Woodhouse, d/o John HORN & Margaret LOWRIE, witn: John HORN & Edward JENNINGS, both of Woodhouse, 1 Jan 1874 at Port Dover
7482-74 Elias BABCOCK, 50, laborer, Pelham, St. Williams, s/o Augustus & Delvia, married Sarah A. ROBBINS, 59, widow, Pelham, St. Williams, d/o William & Abigail GILMORE, witn: William & Alvina ROBBINS of St. Williams, 17 Feb 1874 at St. Williams  
7552-74 Jaheil Clark BAKER, 40, widower, farmer, NY state, Windham, s/o Huit & Alvira, married Sarah Jane COLLVER, 23, Townsend, same, d/o Mahlon H. & Lizana, witn: John McNALLY & Adelia COLLVER, both of Townsend, 12 Aug 1874 at Townsend 7371-74 (Norfolk Co): John BANFIELD, 19, carriage maker, Canada, Woodhouse, s/o James & Martha, married Catherine PRINCING, 20, Canada, Woodhouse, d/o John & Esther, witn: Thomas BUCK & S.E. BANFIELD, both of Nanticoke, 2 Dec 1874 at Messiah Church Parsonage, Woodhouse
7499-74 James BARKER, 24, farmer, Vittoria, Walsingham, s/o Charles & Louisa, married Mary DAWSON, 21, Glasgow Scotland, Walsingham, d/o Frederick & Jane, witn: Alexander McDONNELL & Elizabeth GRIER, both of Pleasant Hill, 25 Dec 1874 at Pleasant Hill, Walsingham twp 7462-74 Charles G. BARNES, 27, farmer, Simcoe, Charlotteville, s/o Samuel & Prudence, married Annie GORTON, 19, Simcoe, Charlotteville, d/o John & Jane, witn: Elizabeth & James WALKER of Simcoe, 11 March 1874 at Simcoe
7517-74 Thomas BARR, 26, farmer, England, Townsend, s/o John & Ann, married Elizabeth WHITING, 28, Townsend, same, d/o Samuel & Phebe, witn: Catherine MARKLE of Waterford & Jennie SECORD of Oakland, 25 March 1874 at Waterford 7404-74 John BATHMAN, 22, farmer, Rainham, Windham, s/o Jacob & Sarah, married Martha J. JOHNSON, 17, Windham, same, d/o Abraham & Matilda, witn: Wesley & Marilla HOWEY of Windham, 16 Feb 1874 at Windham
7463-74 George BAYS, 20, farmer, Canada, Charlotteville, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Adeline BURKE, 17, Canada, Charlotteville, d/o James & Sarah Jane, witn: John & Catherine WEDGE of Charlotteville, 12 March 1874 at Charlotteville 6094-75 (Norfolk Co): Simeon BEAUPRE, 23, farmer, Canada, Charlotteville, s/o Charles & Charity, married Janet ROVAN, 20, Canada, Charlotteville, d/o William & Margaret, witn: Charles F. AIMESBURY & Joseph MILLER, both of Charlotteville, 21 Dec. 1874 at Charlotteville
7478-74 James Morrison BECKER, 24, farmer, Walsingham, same, s/o Henry & Jane, married Rachel SMITH, 18, Walsingham, same, d/o Benjamin & Elenor Jane, witn: Malcolm McKENZIE & Benjamin SMITH, both of Walsingham, 5 Jan 1874 at Walsingham 7450-74 John BENEDICT, 40, widower, farmer, Canada, Walsingham, s/o Cyrus & Eunice, married Martha Jane STREETER, 36, widow, Canada, Charlotteville, d/o Samuel & Martha JOHNSON, witn: Mrs. Eva SCHRAM of Charlotteville & Mrs. Jane PRICE of Walsingham, 29 Sept 1874 at Charlotteville
7496-74 James Wesley BENEDICT, 27, merchant, Wurtsburgh NY, Port Huron Mich., s/o Henry & Rachel, married Martha KILLMASTER, 25, Port Rowan, same, d/o Henry J. & Mary, witn: John STEARNS & George STEWART, both of Port Rowan, 4 Nov 1874 at Port Rowan 7429-74 Joseph BENSON, 22, carpenter, Mono Mills, Tilsonburg, s/o John BENSON & Mary KINGSBOROUGH, married Charlotte EDMONDS, 21, Walpole, Tilsonburg, d/o William EDMONDS & Ann GILMORE, witn: Ellen GILBERT & Jane COOKS?, both of Delhi, 9 Dec 1874 at Delhi
7554-74 John BERTRAM, 56, widower, farmer, Clinton - Lincoln Co., Townsend, s/o Cornelius & Mariah, married Amanda Maria SHELDON, 50, widow, Townsend, same, d/o John MESSACAR & Sarah, witn: Alfred CARPENTER & Levi MESSACAR, both of Townsend, 8 Dec 1874 at Townsend 7567-74 Jacob BLUMSTINE, 24, farmer, Germany, Walsingham, s/o Martin & Rosena, married Anne CONNER, 19, Ontario, Houghton, d/o John & Mary Jane, witn: John FINCH & Sarah HOUSE, both of Houghton, 1 Jan 1874 at Houghton
7442-74 William BOTTOMLY, 26, mechanic, NY state, Lynedoch, s/o John & Alice, married Emma C. BELL, 21, Clinton, Fredericksburgh, d/o Sydney & Margaret, witn: B. A. BELL of Fredericksburgh & A. A. BOTTOMLY of Lynedoch, 3 Dec 1874 at Fredericksburgh 7518-74 Aaron BOWEN, 21, farmer, Windham, same, s/o Jason & Mary, married Syntha S. REES, 21, St. Catharines, Windham, d/o Lewis & Lydia (Reas?), witn: Alexander DUNLOP & J. E. GRUNDY, both of Waterford, 19 march 1874 at Waterford
7555-74 Edward Amos BRADY, 26, farmer, Townsend, same, s/o George & Mary, married Mary Elenor COLLVER, 19, Townsend, same, d/o Mahlon & Lizana, witn: Lemuel KITCHEN & Aaron BARBER, both of Townsend, 3 Oct 1874 at Townsend  
7395-74 (Norfolk Co): James BROCK, 21, mariner, Canada, Port Dover, s/o William & Hesterana, married Matilda MARTIN, 16, Canada, Townsend, d/o James & Nancy, witn: Donald PARISH & Hannah E. BROCK, both of Port Dover, 5 April 1874 at Port Dover 7486-74 Joseph BROOKS, 29, farmer, Gainsborough, Walsingham, s/o Robert & Elizabeth, married Lucretia BRONSON, 19, Pennsylvania, Walsingham, d/o Phineas N. & Lidia Ardelia, witn: Samuel & Mary Ann BROOKS of Walsingham, 26 Jan 1874 at Walsingham
7550-74 Jeremiah BROUGHTON, 21, farmer, Townsend, Windham, s/o John & Catherine, married Melissa MARLATT, 21, Townsend, illegible (Walsingham?), d/o Nathaniel & Phoebe, witn: Crawford FERRIS of Waterford & William DAVIDSON of Chipawa, 2 Aug. 1874 at Waterford 7455-74 (Norfolk Co): George BROWN, 21, laborer, Canada, Vittora, s/o John & Ann, married Maria DAVIS, 20, Canada, Vittoria, d/o Joel & Mary, witn: Wright & Elizabeth DAVIS of Vittoria, 25 Dec 1874 at Vittoria
7460-74 Mark BROWN, 34, widower, farmer, Charlotteville, same, s/o Mark & Caroline, married Harriet Adelaide DERRICKSON, 23, Simcoe, Charlotteville, d/o James E. & Harriet, witn: Judson AUSTIN & Sarah Ann DERRICKSON, both of near Simcoe, 17 Feb 1874 at Charlotteville 007585-74 (Norfolk Co.) George BROWN, 25, farmer, Caledonia Co. Haldimand, Townsend, s/o John and Eliza BROWN, married Sabina? BURBRIDGE, 22, Mount Calm - Lower Canada, Jarvis, d/o Elias BURBRIDGE and Sarah MACLAIN, witn; M. Stein LIVINGSTONE of St. John New Brunswick and Mrs. R. P. JACKSON of Simcoe, 17 June 1874 at Simcoe
  7541-74 Samuel D. BUDD, 45, widower, New Jersey, Windham, s/o Isaac & Phebe, married Martha BLAKE, 20 (30?), widow, Townsend, Waterford, d/o Thomas W. CLARK & Nancy, witn: Thomas W. CLARK & Henry SKELLEY, both of Waterford, 21 Oct. 1874 at Waterford
5992-75 Gilbert BUDGE, 31, master seaman, Scotland, Chicago, s/o William BUDGE & Barbara MATCHES, married Mary Jane DUNCAN, 21, Oswego USA, Port Dover, d/o James DUNCAN & Margaret CROMARTY, witn: James MOWATT & Charles NICOL, both of Port Dover, 31 Dec 1874 at Port Dover 7527-74 John Calvin BURGER, 22, laborer, Waterford, same, s/o David BURGER & Mary LESTER, married Mary GRANGER, 17, Windham, Waterford, d/o Israel & Rachel, witn: Lewis BEEMER? (Benner?) of Waterford & Jane SILVERTHORN of Townsend, 19 June 1874 at Waterford
7421-74 George BYERLEY, 55, farmer, Wainfleet, Middleton, s/o George & Jane, married Jane KING, 52, Montreal, Walsingham, d/o William & Jane, witn: Mrs. Mary CLINE of Fredericksburgh, 25 Aug 1874 at Fredericksburgh 7376-74 (Norfolk Co): George BYERLY, 22, laborer, Lower Canada, Middleton, s/o Abraham BYERLY & Mary Mariah SMITH, married Evangeline GARNETT, 21, Dunnville, Middleton, d/o William GARNETT & Mary THOMPSON, witn: Dennis LESON & Matilda SHERSON?, both of Middleton, 13 Jan 1874 at Delhi
7409-74 Marshal Dixon CARDER, 24, book keeper, Norwich, St. Thomas, s/o George W. & Caroline, married Eliza Ann HOUSE, 24, Clinton, Windham, d/o Robert & Jane, witn: Albert BEEBE of Oakland & Isabella MARTIN of Brantford, 10 March 1874 at Windham 7519-74 Ira A. CARPENTER, 29, farmer, Townsend, same, s/o Charles & Ann, married Hannah Alberta WORDEN, illegible age, Townsend, same, d/o John & Elizabeth, witn: William Ansley CARPENTER & Martha WORDEN, both of Townsend, 8 April 1874 at Townsend
007588-74 (Norfolk Co.) George. CARPENTER, 27, farmer, Canada, Walpole, s/o George and Margaret CARPENTER, married Jane CHARTER, 22, Canada, Walpole, d/o Thomas and Jane CHARTER, witn; Robert SEATON and Jane CARPENTER, both of Walpole, 25 June 1874 at Simcoe 007599-74 (Norfolk Co.) Stephen CARPENTER, 26, farmer, Canada, Windham, s/o Jeremiah and Mary Ann CARPENTER, married Frank (sic) TATE, illegible age, Canada, Windham, d/o Thomas and Julia Ann TATE, witn; G.W. WILLIAMS and R. WILLIAMS, both of Simcoe, 14 October 1874 at Simcoe
007589-74 (Norfolk Co.) Newton CHALLON, 24, carriage builder, Sussex England, Town of Brantford, s/o John CHALLON and Catherine PEWTERESS?, married Elizabeth Alice AUSTIN, 21, Simcoe, Simcoe, d/o John S. AUSTIN and Maria RYERSE, witn; Arthur M. CHALLON of St.Thomas and Julia Ann PEGG of Simcoe, 8 July 1874 at Simcoe 7546-74 Alexander CHARTERS, 26, farmer, Townsend, same, s/o David & Jenett, married Mary Ann MEALEY, 21, Oxford, Townsend, d/o Peter & Eliza, witn: John G. SEWELL & James HAYES, both of Townsend, 23 Dec 1874 at Townsend
7531-74 Adam H. CHRYSLER, 36, farmer, widower, Rainham, Townsend, s/o Baltus & fanny, married Hulda E. THOMPSON, 25, Townsend, same, d/o Daniel & Marilla, witn: James & Marilla THOMPSON of Townsend, 19 Aug 1874 at Townsend 7568-74 Albert CHUTE, 23, blacksmith, Bayham, Vienna, s/o Sidney & Phoebe, married Matilda Jane ROBINSON, 22, New Brunswick, Houghton, d/o Jacob & Mary, witn: David ANDERSON & Matilda WILLIAMS, both of Houghton, 19 Jan 1874 at Houghton
7354-74 John A. CLARK, 32, farmer, Canada, Woodhouse, s/o Alexander CLARK & Annie McINTOSH, married Martha Hanna ROUTH, 22, USA, Port Dover, d/o Lancelot ROUTH & Miranda HILL, witn: Leonora MATTHEWS of Woodhouse & Frederick ROUTH of Port Dover, 24 June 1874 at Port Dover 7427-74 John W. CLARK, 23, sawyer, Middleton, same, s/o Jacob & Mary, married Caroline JOHNSON, 15, North Cayuga, Middleton, d/o John & Angeline, witn: John & Angeline JOHNSON, 28 July 1874 at Middleton
7485-74 Charles CLARK, 23, farmer, St. Catharines, Houghton, s/o William & Margaret, married Elizabeth BURGER, 20, Walsingham, same, d/o Aaron & Margaret, witn: Frances MURPHY of Pleasant Hill, 19 March 1874 at Pleasant Hill, Walsingham 7425-74 Henry COLE, 20, sawyer, Canada, Norwich, s/o George & Ann, married Sophia ROBERTS, 16, Canada, Middleton, d/o John & Hannah, witn: Joseph ROBERTS & Elizabeth COLE, both of Middleton, 31 Aug 1874 at Middleton
7394-74 (Norfolk Co): Alexander COLEMAN, 38, widower, butcher, England, Port Ryerse, s/o James & Mary, married Mary WILD, 40, widow, England, Port Ryerse, d/o William & Susannah GODDARD, witn: H. & Henry LEANEY of Port Ryerse, 22 Feb 1874 at Port Ryerse  
7553-74 James Seymore COLLVER, 21, farmer, Townsend, same, s/o Ranson & Louisa, married Bell KITCHEN, 18, Townsend, same, d/o Charles & Elizabeth, witn: Rosell HASKETT of Villanova & Edward MATTHEWS of Simcoe, 7 Oct 1874 at Townsend 7490-74 James T. CONKLING, 20, sawyer, Malahide, Walsingham, s/o James & Letty, married Mary Ann MOONEY, 17, Walsingham, same, d/o Joseph & Alice, witn: James AUSCOMB & Elizabeth JOHNSON, both of Walsingham, 30 June 1874 at Walsingham
7378-74 (Norfolk Co): Lewis CRANDALL, 36, widower, farmer, Canada, Bayham, s/o William & Eliza, married Miriam HERMAN, 35, widow, Canada, Middleton, d/o William & Elizabeth VANSICKLE, witn: Hezekiah & Hannah CRANDALL of Middleton, 11 Jan 1874 at Middleton 007596-74 (Norfolk Co.) William Henry CRAWFORD, 27, rail road man, Ohio U.S., Townsend, s/o James and Ruth CRAWFORD, married Rose DAVIS, 19, Maryland U.S., Townsend, d/o John and Mary DAVIS, witn; James DEAN and Josephine DEAN both of Simcoe, 3 September, 1874 at Simcoe
  7433-74 William L. CROMWELL, 22, farmer, Charlotteville, same, s/o William & Jane, married Eliza FRANKLIN, 21, Middleton, same, d/o Nathan & Mary, witn: Martha SMITH of Windham & Anna J. MOORE of Simcoe, 2 Sept 1874 at Delhi, Middleton
7495-74 Samuel CROZIER, 24, laborer, Canada, Walsingham, s/o William & Eunice, married Hannah BURCHILL, 20, Canada, Walsingham, d/o Alfred & Ann, witn: Jos (or Jas) OAKS & James LOUCK, both of Walsingham, 12 Oct. 1874 at Walsingham 7547-74 William DAVIDSON, 44, farmer, Niagara, Walsingham, s/o Daniel & Louisa, married Catherine BEAMAN, 21, Windham, Walsingham, d/o Robert & Amelia, witn: Seth BRADSHAW & John W. CRADDOCK, both of Waterford, 16 Nov 1874 at Waterford
7466-74 James H. DADE, 22, mechanic, Canada, Houghton, s/o James & Margaret, married Mattie JOHNSON, 21, Canada, Houghton, d/o Alanson & Sarah, witn: Mrs. H. PALMERSTON of Charlotteville, 4 April 1874 at Pastor's res, Charlotteville 7489-74 Gideon DAVIS, 22, farmer, Walsingham, same, s/o Eli & Oretta, married Margaret JACKSON, 20, Charlotteville, same, d/o Edwin & Betsy, witn: John McNAMARA of Norfolk & Jane BROWN of Walsingham, 31 May 1874 at Walsingham (also 7488-74)
7432-74 James H. DEAN, 22, teacher, Ontario, Middleton, s/o Perez & Sarah A., married Amy J. STILWELL, 19, Ontario, Middleton, d/o John & Mary, witn: L. W. DEAN & J. A. RONSON, both of Middleton, 12 July 1874 at Middleton 7408-74 Robert DENEWOODIE (Dunwoodie?), 28, blacksmith, Edwardsburg, Draffordville (s/b Straffordville?), s/o James & Margaret, married Martha PRICE, 25, widow, Gloucester, Houghton, d/o Joseph & Ann WEBB, witn: Col. TISDALE of Simcoe & Alexander McCALL of Charlotteville, 19 Jan 1874 at Delhi
7551-74 Jonathan DOAN, 46, widower, farmer, Woodhouse, Walsingham, s/o Elijah & Esther, married Sarah Ann OLMSTEAD, 40, widow, Suffolk England, illegible, d/o Frederick COTTON & Priscilla, witn: Lewis BEEMER & Roxa SCOVELL, both of Waterford, 3 Aug 1874 at Waterford 7424-74 Fred DOWNING, 23, farmer, Toronto, Dereham, s/o Henry & Mary, married Louisa JEFFERY, 2-, Middleton, same, d/o John & Catherine, witn: Frank DOWNING of Dereham & Emma WILLIAMS of Victoria, 16 Sept 1874 at parents' res in Middleton
7494-74 Charles Metcalf DRAKE, 30, widower, farmer, St. Thomas, Walsingham, s/o Benjamin & Isabella, married Elizabeth McCAFFRAY, 30, Liverpool England, Walsingham, d/o James & Jane, witn: V. D. DeWITT & David DRAKE, both of Walsingham, 1 Sept 1874 at Walsingham 7414-74 Albert EARLE, 25, farmer, Norfolk, Charlotteville, s/o Samuel & Catherine, married Ellen MISNER, 21, Barton, Middleton, d/o Alfred & Ann, witn: George ROLPH & Sarah HOUSE, both of Simcoe, 25 March 1874 at Middleton
6147-75 Miles EDGWORTH, 23, sawyer, Windham, Walsingham, s/o Edward & Drusilla, married Emeline PRICHARD, 22, Windham, Walsingham, d/o Ralph & Margaret, witn: John BERRY & Martha SWAIN, both of Walsingham, 12 Oct. 1874 at Walsingham  
7505-74 Benjamin EDY, 25, farmer, Oakland, same, s/o Newcomb & Mary, married Josephine WARNER, 18, Hadford, Waterford, d/o Daniel & Sarah, witn: Alexander NELLES of Boston & Andrew EDY of Oakland, 11 March 1874 at Waterford 7436-74 John George EITEL, 25, farmer, Germany, Middleton, s/o Heinrich & Barbara E., married Rosina Barbara DEMUTH, 18, Middleton, same, d/o Leonard & Margareth D., witn: Leonard DEMUTH & Leonard VEIT, both of Middleton, 29 Dec 1874 at St. Peters Church, Middleton (Lutheran)
7497-74 Silas Proctor EMES, 34, physician & surgeon, Georgina - York Co., Drayton - Wellington Co., s/o Silas & Henrietta, married Anna McLENNON, 22, Port Rowan, same, d/o Andrew & Elizabeth, witn: Benjamin KILLMASTER and John & Jessie McLENNON, all of Port Rowan, 11 Nov 1874 at Pt. Rowan 007600-74 (Norfolk Co.) Danford EVANS, 22, farmer, Grimsby, Walpole, s/o Joseph and Elizabeth EVANS, married Anna WILLIAMSON, illegible age, Walpole, Jarvis, d/o William and Sarah WILLIAMSON, witn; Charles YEOCOM and Isabella BRADSHAW, both of Walpole, 21 October 1874 at Simcoe
7508-74 William FADER, 22, farmer, Townsend, Sombra twp., s/o William & Elizabeth, married Mary JEFFREY, 18, Townsend, same, d/o David & Mary, witn: Robert MACKIE & Margaret SMITH, both of Townsend, 14 Jan 1874 at Townsend 7363-74 William A. FERO, 29, laborer, Canada, St. Williams, s/o Valentine & Mary, married Rachel MABBE (Mabee?), 22, Houghton, Charlotteville, d/o Simon & Lydia, witn: John BROCK & Isaac WALDICK, both of Port Dover, 29 Aug 1874 at Port Dover
7454-74 (Norfolk Co): Oliver FERRIS, 18, farmer, Charlotteville, same, s/o James & Hester, married Harriet SMITH, 17, Walsingham, Charlotteville, d/o Elisha & Elizabeth, witn: Wilber & John H. HAVEN of Charlotteville, 13 Dec 1874 at Charlotteville 7559-74 William L. FICK, 21, farmer, Canada, Walsingham, s/o William L. & Lorinda, married Alvira ANDREWS, 20, Houghton, Walsingham, d/o David & Mary, witn: Daniel S. & Hannah TREADWELL of Houghton, 4 Oct 1874 at Houghton twp
07564-74 (Norfolk Co) Thomas H. FINCH, 21, farmer, Canada, Houghton, s/o Thomas C. & Catherine, married Mary Jane BUCHNER, 21, Canada, Houghton, d/o Peter & Unice A., witn: William A. BUCHNER & Amanda YOUNGS of Burford, 31 Dec 1874 at Houghton Twp. 6033-75 (Norfolk Co): John FINCH, 21, farmer, Canada, Houghton, s/o George & Sarah, married Sarah HOUSE, 21, Canada, Houghton, d/o Joseph & Louisa, witn: James FAREWELL of Simcoe & Nettie HOUSE of Houghton, 24 Dec 1874 at Simcoe
6154-75 John FITCH, 23, laborer, Houghton, same, s/o John & Phebe, married Hannah SCOTT, 16, Esquesing, Walsingham, d/o William & Matilda, witn: Robert SCOTT of Walsingham, 1 March 1874 at Walsingham 7416-74 Charles GAMBLE, 22, farmer, Charlotteville, same, s/o William & Mariah, married Angeline FIRMAN, 16, Windham, Charlotteville, d/o Adam & Hannah, witn: Usual & Alice FIRMAN of Charlotteville, 9 May 1874 at Fredericksburgh
6032-75 (Norfolk Co): Charles GIBSON, 28, joiner, Canada, Jarvis, s/o John & Annie, married Eliza DALBY, 22, Canada, Jarvis, d/o John & Anny, witn: R. SMITH & R. WILLIAMS, both of Simcoe, 30 Dec 1874 at Simcoe  
7503-74 George W. GOBLE, 23, farmer, Townsend, same, s/o John P. & Emily, married Grace MILLER, 22, Brantford, same, d/o John & Polly, witn: George STAFFORD & Jacob GOBLE, both of Townsend, 3 Feb 1874 at Townsend 7422-74 Abram GRAY, 23, clerk, Charlotteville, Walsingham, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Sarah COLE, 19, Charlotteville, Walsingham, d/o Jacob & Eliza, witn: Robert ERWIN & Georgina SNIVELLY, both of St. Thomas, 1 July 1874 at Fredericksburgh
7393-74 (Norfolk Co): George GUTCHER, 26, mariner, Scotland, Port Dover, s/o James & Catherine, married Cythira MARR, 22, Canada, Port Dover, d/o Francis & Esther, witn: Alpheus J. DILL & Isabella ALLEN, both of Port Dover, 18 March 1874 at Port Dover 7423-74 William HAINES, 22, merchant clerk, Woodstock, Fredericksburgh, s/o Joseph & Hannah, married Ellen POWEL, 21, Simcoe, Fredericksburgh, d/o Henry & Elizabeth, witn: H. W. EAGLES & James WHITSIDE, both of Fredericksburgh, 23 June 1874 at Fredericksburgh
7533-74 David HALL, 22, farmer, Townsend, same, s/o William & Martha, married Mariah WHITHAM, 27, England, Townsend, d/o James & Jemima, witn: Enoch Stafford HALL & Sarah WHITHAM, both of Townsend, 23 Sept 1874 at Waterford 7356-74 William HALL, 48, farmer, England, Port Dover, s/o John & Martha, married Agnes CUNNINGHAM, 40, widow, Ireland, Charlotteville, d/o Henry CASSLES & Mary, witn: Daniel OLDS of Port Dover & Agnes CASSILES (sic) of Charlotteville, 30 April 1874 at Port Dover
007602-74 (Norfolk Co.) William J. HARRIS, 57, widower, shoemaker, Cornwall England, s/o Samuel and Elizabeth HARRIS, married Elizabeth HILL, 24 ?, Pennsylvania, Windham, d/o William and Ann HILL, witn; Precilla HARRIS and Carry? HARRIS , blank, 2 December 1874 at Simcoe 007598-74 (Norfolk Co.) James HARRIS, 25, farmer, Louth, Rockford, s/o William and Sarah HARRIS, married Elizabeth PETHERAM, illegible, Townsend, Townsend, d/o Richard and Elizabeth PETHERAM, witn; Charles CHAMBERS of Villa Nova and Alice PETHERAM of Rockford, 16 October 1874 at Simcoe
007587-74 (Norfolk Co.) James HATCH, 47, widower, miller, Canada, California U.S., s/o John and Sally HATCH, married Precilla DeCEW, 34, widow, Canada, Woodhouse, d/o Philip and Mary AUSTIN, witn; Joshua AUSTIN and Richard SMITH, both of Simcoe, 24 June 1874 at Woodhouse 7457-74 (Norfolk Co): Abner HELMER, 20, laborer, Canada, Charlotteville, s/o Andrew & Rhoda, married Jane GODKIN, 20, Canada, Charlotteville, d/o James & Sarah, witn: Charles & Margaret HELMER of Charlotteville, 3 Jan 1874 at Charlotteville
007601-74 (Norfolk Co.) Joseph HENDERSON, 28, miller, Clifton [illegible county] England, Simcoe, s/o William and Mary HENDERSON, married Mary Jane FAWSIT (Fawcett?), 25?, Buffalo New York, d/o William and Mary FAWSIT, witn; George Goulding FAWSIT and Sarah GARLAND, both of Simcoe, 25 November 1874 at Simcoe 7386-74 (Norfolk Co): Walter HEROD, 27, mason, Canada, Oneida, s/o William & Annie, married Abigail CLARK, 22, Canada, Woodhouse, d/o Henry & Demaris, witn: Richard HEROD of Oneida & Julia CLARK of Woodhouse, 6 Jan 1874 at Woodhouse
7451-74 Edward James HILL, 20, blacksmith, Ingersol, Blanchard, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Annie HAWKEY, 18, Darlington, Blanchard, d/o Richard & Susan, witn: Catherine CHRYSTAL & Jacob GRIFFITH, both of Lynedoch, 28 Nov 1874 at Lynedoch 7492-74 John HILL, 20, farmer, Walsingham, same, s/o Edward & Mary Jane, married Matilda MEADOWS, 23, Walsingham, same, d/o Andrew & Rosetta, witn: Amos & Martha BRANDON of Walsingham, 4 Aug 1874 at Walsingham
7448-74 Jeffrey HILL, 30, C of E Minister, Canada, Meaford, s/o Baldwin & Isabella, married Clara RAPELJE, 26, Vittoria, same, d/o Peter & Clara, witn: Arundel HILL of Hamilton & Florence Louisa WILSON of Simcoe, 2 Sept 1874 at Christ Church, Vittoria 7392-74 (Norfolk Co): George Henry HONEY, 26, farmer, England, Townsend, s/o Henry HONEY & Elizabeth BLEWITT, married Elizabeth Catherine WATSON, 20, Canada, Woodhouse, d/o Elliott WATSON & Eliza Jane CARPENTER, witn: John B. HONEY of Townsend & Mary Jane WATSON of Woodhouse, 26 Feb 1874 at Port Dover
7379-74 (Norfolk Co): David HORNING, 22, blacksmith, Windham, Oakland, s/o John & Martha Eve, married Elizabeth A. LIGHTFOOT, 21, Chincousha? (Chinguacousy?), Oakland, d/o Abraham & Alice, witn: S.D. BROWN & Mortimer HEATH, both of Middleton, 16 Feb 1874 at Middleton 007594-74 (Norfolk Co.) William HOYLE, 21, farmer, Canada, Burford, s/o Andrew and Margaret HOYLE, married Sarah Jane ANDREWS, 20, Canada, Woodhouse, d/o William and Mary Jane ANDREWS, witn; Archie HILLER and Martha HILLER, both of Simcoe, 31 August 1874 at Simcoe
7562-74 Edward HUFFMAN, 32, farmer, Canada, Walsingham, s/o Jacob & Sarah, married Margaret A. BECKER, 26, Canada, Walsingham, d/o George & Elizabeth, witn: Hannah TREADWELL & Castelia MILLARD, both of Houghton, 22 Dec 1874 at Houghton twp 6145-75 Isaac HURLEY, 22, laborer, Houghton, Walsingham, s/o James & Sarah Maria, married Helen OVERBAUGH, 18, Walsingham, same, d/o Isaac & Maria, witn: John OVERBAUGH & Mary Jane LEFORTUNE, both of Walsingham, 8 Nov 1874 at Walsingham
6144-75 Alexander M. HUTCHINSON, 32, farmer, Walsingham, same, s/o George & Orilla, married Anna GRIER, 21, Darlington, Walsingham, d/o Joseph & Sarah, witn: James DAY of Walsingham & Lizzie RYAN of Walpole, 23 Dec 1874 at Pleasant Hill, Walsingham 7493-74 Robert HUTCHINSON, 25, carpenter, Yorkshire England, Bayham, s/o William & Hannah, married Mary Elizabeth PURDY, 17, Dorchester, Bayham, d/o Thomas & Harriet, witn: William & Sarah McKIBBEN of Walsingham, 7 June 1874 at Walsingham
7526-74 John Burges IVEY, 22, farmer, Jarvis, Woodhouse, s/o Hugh & Mary, married Agness Ann PLINERING?, 18, Walpole, same, d/o John & Easther, witn: George IVEY of Woodhouse & James B. McMICKING of Jarvis, 22 June 1874 at Waterford  
7561-74 John JACKSON, 22, farmer, Canada, Houghton, s/o Anthony & Ann, married Harriet CONSTABLE, 19, Canada, Bayham, d/o Alfred & Mary, witn: William H. HILL & Matilda GUEST, both of Bayham, 24 Nov 1874 at Houghton twp 6031-75 (Norfolk Co): John JAMIESON, 21, farmer, Woodhouse, Windham, s/o John JAMIESON & Mary MITCHELL, married Calista WHITEHEAD, 21, Windham, same, d/o Thomas WHITEHEAD & Maria GRIFFIN, witn: Helen Miller LIVINGSTONE & Sarah GARLAND, both of Simcoe, 1 Dec 1874 at Simcoe
7524-74 Abraham Rapeline? JEWELL, 30, farmer, Charlotteville, same, s/o William & Cynthia, married Minnie MORICH, 24?, Woodhouse, Charlotteville, d/o William & Anna, witn: Lucy A. SLAGHT & Alice SERVICE, both of Townsend, 26 Jan 1874 at Waterford 7481-74 Samuel JOHNSON, 29, carpenter, Charlotteville, same, s/o Richard & Eliza, married Cordelia MYERS, 19, Walsingham, same, d/o William H. & Elizabeth, witn: John MYERS of Walsingham & Eliza A. MYERS of Charlotteville, 4 March 1874 at St. Williams, Walsingham
7535-74 Harry JOHNSON, 22, rail road operator, Canada, St. Thomas, s/o William & Calista, married Silvena HONEY, 18, Townsend, Waterford, d/o Lemuel & Marie, witn: J. H. HONEY of Waterford & Joseph COLLVER of Townsend, 22 July 1874 at Townsend 7387-74 (Norfolk Co): George JONES, 61, farmer, widower, England, Charlotteville, s/o William JONES & Mary STENCHCOMB, married Fanny HUBBARD, 35, widow, England, Charlotteville, d/o John & Susannah HOOKER, witn: George & Louisa JONES of Charlotteville, 27 Jan 1874 at Port Dover
7440-74 Wesley KEMP, 25, carpenter, Prince Edward Co., Fredericksburgh, s/o Abram & Sarah, married Augusta Ann ROBERTSON, 18, Beverly, Middleton, d/o John & Louisa, witn: Gideon RIDER & Henry EAGLES, both of Middleton, 4 Nov 1874 at Middleton  
007597-74 (Norfolk Co.) David KENNEDY, 27, farmer, Ireland, South Norwich, s/o William KENNEDY and Jane KELSO, married Margaret WILSON, 24, Ontario, South Norwich, d/o David WILSON and Janet ALLAN, witn; Mrs. Edmond JACKSON and Helen Miller LIVINGSTONE, both of Simcoe, 21 October 1874 at Simcoe. 7539-74 Abraham KING, 48, widower, farmer, Ontario, Townsend, s/o James & Susan, married Laura? SLINGBY, 30, widow, Ontario, same, d/o Cornelius WILSON & Elizabeth, witn: John & L. HUFFMAN of Townsend, 16 Nov 1874 at Waterford
7417-74 Frederick KIRN, 49, widower, farmer, Germany, Walsingham, s/o Christian KIRN & Margarethe LETERER?, married Dorothea SCHUMINCKLER, 41, widow, Germany, Middleton, d/o blank SCHUMINCKLER, witn: Heinrich EITEL, John LONGHER & Michael VIAT?, all of Middleton, 7 July 1874 at St. Peters Church, Middleton (Lutheran) 7536-74 Lemon KITCHEN, 24, farmer, Townsend, same, s/o Henry & Elizabeth, married Tryphena LEFLER, 20, Waterford, same, d/o Low & Elizabeth, witn: Ranson COLLVER of Townsend & Joseph K. SMITH of Waterford, 27 Oct. 1874 at Waterford
7510-74 John KITCHEN, 35, farmer, Townsend, same, s/o Caleb (Calep?) & Alzina, married Sarah LEFLER, 24, Townsend, same, d/o Peter & Mary Ann, witn: John & Rachel WEAVER of Windham, 28 March 1874 at Townsend 7389-74 (Norfolk Co): Thomas KNIFFEN, 57, widower, farmer, NY state, Woodhouse, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Erza Ann AUBEL, 31, widow, Huron Co Ohio, Woodhouse, d/o William & Betsy AUBEL, witn: Albert SHARP & Mary KNIFFEN, both of Woodhouse, 8 Feb 1874 at Messiah Church Parsonage, Woodhouse
7366-74 James KNIFFEN, 24, yeoman, Woodhouse twp., same, s/o John & Annie, married Sarah THOMPSON, 24, Woodhouse, same, d/o John & Jane, witn: Ross THOMPSON & Mary Jane KNIFFEN, both of Woodhouse, 19 Oct 1874 at Messiah parsonage, Woodhouse 7484-74 George KREISS, 21, farmer, Walsingham, same, s/o Peter & Dorothea, married Laura Jane WRESTON, 16, Canbro, Walsingham, d/o William & Rebecca, witn: David & Adalaide HAWLEY of Walsingham, 1 March 1874 at Pleasant Hill, Walsingham
7445-74 Daniel Commons LABAR, 27, laborer, East Flamboro, Windham, s/o John & Ellen, married Rebecca Mercer LEWIS, 22, Michigan, Windham, d/o William & Mary, witn: Edward & Mary YOUNG of Windham, 31 Dec 1874 at Fredericksburgh 7412-74 George LADD, 23, laborer, Princeton, same, s/o John LADD & Jane GRIGGS, married Mary MAUTHE, 20, Rainham, Middleton, d/o George MAUTHA & Phoebe DOVE, witn: John MAUTHA & Martha JOHNSON, both of Middleton, 28 Feb 1874 at Delhi
7365-74 William Henry LAMPKIN, 25, yeoman, Brantford twp., Woodhouse, s/o John & Maranda, married Abigail McBRIDE, 24, Woodhouse, same, d/o William & Mary Mariah, witn: John Wesley McBRIDE & Ninie LEMON, both of Woodhouse, 23 Sept 1874 at res of William McBride, Woodhouse 7430-74 John LAVIN, 21, mechanic, North Norwich, Otterville, s/o Thomas LAVIN & Catherine WARREN, married Koselshia OATMAN, 18, South Norwich, same, d/o George OATMAN & Ellen HAUN, witn: Ellen GILBERT & Susannah SHAW, both of Delhi, 9 Aug 1874 at Delhi
7357-74 John LAWRENCE, 23, farmer, Canada, Woodhouse, s/o William & Sarah, married Mary STAMP, 25, England, Woodhouse, d/o James & Elizabeth, witn: William STAMP & Maria LAWRENCE, both of Woodhouse, 6 May 1874 at Woodhouse 7370-74 Enoch LAWSON, 24, brick layer, Canada, Oneida, s/o John LAWSON & Debora HARRIS, married Elizabeth A. CARLISLE, 18, Canada, Walpole, d/o Matthew CARLISLE & Ann Isabella GIBSON, witn: George A. GRAHAM of Port Dover & Mary S. LAWSON of Oneida, 23 Nov 1874 at Port Dover
7353-74 Samuel LEDMAN, 24, farmer, Canada, Saltfleet, s/o Thomas LEDMAN & Margaret CRAWFORD, married Isabella SPENCER, 22, Canada, Saltfleet, d/o John SPENCER & Elizabeth REID, witn: Helen & James CRAIGIE of Port Dover, 27 May 1874 at Port Dover 7406-74 Hiram LEFLER, 50, widower, machinist, Townsend, Simcoe, s/o Peter LEFLER & Catherine SOVERIEN (Sovereen?), married Harriet CUTTING, 25, England, Middleton, d/o Stephen CUTTING & Caroline LAYCOCK, witn: Phoebe CUTTING & Benjamin BURNS, both of Middleton, 14 Feb 1874 at Delhi
7398-74 (Norfolk Co): James LEFLER, 23, mason, Simcoe, Windham, s/o Hiram & Rebecca, married Adeline THOMPSON, 23, widow, Colborne, Windham, d/o Elijah M. & Eunice M. HARP, witn: Robert J. GRIFFITHS & A.C. SHAPLEY, both of Windham, 5 July 1874 at Windham 007603-74 (Norfolk Co.) Charles Ringly LEWIS, 21, fruit packer, Canada, Grimsby, s/o Isaac and Lydia LEWIS married Margaret O’HARAN, 21, Canada, Townsend, d/o James and Jane O’HARAN, witn; Bella WILLIAMS and R. WILLIAMS both of Simcoe, 12 November 1874 at Simcoe.
007593-74 (Norfolk Co.) Martin W. LIVINGSTONE, 27, druggist, Musselburgh Scotland, Simcoe, s/o Rev. Martin W. LIVINGSTONE and Margaret THOMPSON, married Mary PENNINGTON, 28, Hamilton, Simcoe, d/o Thomas PENNINGTON and Anne JACKSON, witn; Mrs. R. JACKSON, Hellen Miller LIVINGSTONE and N.?P. LUNE? All of Simcoe, 4 August 1874 at Simcoe 7361-74 William Joseph LONG, 21, yeoman, Woodhouse, same, s/o William & Martha, married Wilmanie McBRIDE, 20, Woodhouse, same, d/o James & Mrs. Isabel, witn: John Aaron McBRIDE & L. H. BENT, both of Woodhouse, 7 Aug 1874 at Messiah parsonage, Black Creek, Woodhouse
7437-74 William F. LOUCKS, 24, farmer, Charlotteville, Houghton, s/o Jacob & Hannah, married Nehsa? Jane HOUSE, 21, Houghton, same, d/o James W. & Catherine, witn: Alfred HOUSE of Windham & Loretta WELLS of Houghton, 9 Oct 1874 at Fredericksburgh 7415-74 Adam LOUKS (s/b Loucks?), 22, farmer, Charlotteville, same, s/o William & Agnes, married Agnes WEBB, 20, Middleton, same, d/o Thomas & Mary, witn: Mrs. Miriam VAN LOON of Middleton & Mrs. Temerson TEEPLE of Charlotteville, 7 May 1874 at Fredericksburgh
7577-74 George LOWRIE, 42, yeoman, Scotland, Woodhouse, s/o John & Catherine, married Susan Alice BOUGHNER, 28, Woodhouse, same, d/o Shelar & Martha, witn: John LEANEY of Woodhouse & E. H. GRASETT of Simcoe, 14 March 1874 at Simcoe 7465-74 Ira MABEE, 30, teacher, Charlotteville, same, s/o Gabriel & Phebe, married Martha STILL, 25, Canada, Charlotteville, d/o Joseph & Ellen, witn: Joseph & Jane STILL of Charlotteville, 5 May 1874 at Charlotteville
7369-74 James MABEE, 28, farmer, Canada, Charlotteville, s/o Gabriel & Rhoda, married Agness WINTERS, 21, Canada, Simcoe, d/o Seth & Elizabeth, witn: Daniel A. DELL of Simcoe & S. F. AUSTIN of Woodhouse, 17 Nov 1874 at Woodhouse 7364-74 Ruben Herman MABEE, 22, farmer, Townsend, same, s/o Silas & Alice, married Maggie SEATON, 21, Toronto, Woodhouse, d/o Bosedell & Charlotte, witn: Alexander BAKER of Woodhouse & Mary MABEE of Townsend, 6 Sept 1874 at Simcoe
7557-74 William MAGEE 27, farmer, Canada, Houghton, s/o John & Nancy, married Nancy VANCE, 24, Houghton, same, d/o Alexander & Nancy, witn: George JACKSON of Houghton & James HUTCHINSON of Bayham, 1 July 1874 at Houghton twp 7434-74 John MANARY, 38, lumber man, Nelson, Courtland, s/o William & Sarah, married Sarah WILSON, 36, Smithville, Middleton, d/o Peter URQUHART & Rebecca WILSON, witn: Andrew & Agnes CHIPPS of Middleton, 8 Nov 1874 at Delhi
6025-75 (Norfolk Co): Ephraim C. MASON, 22, yeoman, Norwich twp., same, s/o William B. & Sarah, married Emma WOOD, 21, Windham twp., same, d/o Thomas & Sarah, witn: Daniel W. & Catherine MASON of Norwich twp., 23 Dec 1874 at res of bride's father, Windham 7570-74 Solomon MATHEWS, 21, farmer, Canada, Bayham, s/o Thomas Nelson & Eliza Jane, married Deborah MABEE, 16, Canada, Bayham, d/o John & Agnes, witn: S. T. & Charlotte JACKSON of Houghton, 8 March 1874 at Houghton
7367-74 Charles MATTHEWS, 20, farmer, Woodhouse, same, s/o William & Mary, married Margaret Caroline KNIFFEN, 18, Woodhouse, same, d/o Henry & Margaret, witn: William KNIFFEN & Calla THOMPSON, both of Woodhouse, 4 Nov 1874 at Simcoe 7373-74 (Norfolk Co): Charles McCAFFREY, 21, farmer, Windham, same, s/o William McCAFFREY & Cordelia MESECAR, married Hulda Ann MUMA, 18, Windham, Charlotteville, d/o Samuel MUMA & Mary Ruth GILLETT, witn: Elen GILBERT & Wilber WHITESIDE, both of Delhi, 30 Jan 1874 at Delhi
7461-74 Arthur S. McCALL, 22, sailor, Canada, Charlotteville, s/o Robert S. & Mary Jane, married Medora GLOVER, 16, Charlotteville, same, d/o James & Sarah, witn: Ann BRITT (Brett?) & Sarah McCALL, both of Charlotteville, 8 March 1874 at Charlotteville 7453-74 (Norfolk Co): Thomas McCALL, 32, lumberman, Charlotteville, same, s/o David & Harriet, married Maggie JEWELL, 27, Charlotteville, same, d/o William & Synthy, witn: Rebecca & Emma Florence FENTON of Vittoria , 3 Dec 1874 at Vittoria
007580-74 (Norfolk Co.) John Wesley McCLINTIC, 26, farmer, Windham, Charlotteville, s/o John Alexander and Margaret McCLINTIC, married Sarah Lucinda BROWN, illegible age, Walsingham, Charlotteville, d/o Josiah and Annie BROWN, witn; Clarissa STEINHOFF and Nelson P. STEINHOFF, both of Woodhouse, 16 April 1874 at Simcoe 7420-74 Edward Archy McCRIMMON, 20, farmer, Middleton, same, s/o John & Sarah, married Maggie McDONALD, 20, Glengarry Ont., Middleton, d/o Donald & Elizabeth, witn: John H. BYERLEY & Mary MORROW, both of Middleton, 26 Aug 1874 at Lynedoch
7545-74 Nelson McINTOSH, 23, farmer, Windham, Townsend, s/o John R. & Elizabeth, married Mary BAUSLAUGH, 20, Brantford twp., Townsend, d/o Peter & Almeda, witn: Allen & Charles BAUSLAUGH of Townsend, 9 Dec 1874 at Townsend 7529-74 Daniel Freeman McLEAN, 23, laborer, Townsend, same, s/o Abram McLEAN & Mary DUGGAN, married Ann McDERMAID, 18, Scotland, Townsend, d/o Robert McDERMAID & Agnes DEWNEY? (Derony?), witn: Isaac SILVERTHORN & Charity Ann DUGGAN, both of Townsend, 18 July 1874 at Townsend
007581-74 (Norfolk Co.) Duncan McPHERSON, 62, widower, gentleman, Invernesshire Scotland, Toronto, s/o John and Margaret McPHERSON, married Harriet CULVER, illegible, widow, Vittoria Co. Norfolk, Simcoe, d/o Jacob and Rebecca Ann POTTS?, witn; Thomas William WALSH and Eliza WALSH, both of Simcoe, 5 May 1874 at Simcoe 7578-74 Robert McQUEEN, 18, farmer, Canada, Middleton, s/o Robert & Jane, married Sarah Eliza CAMPBELL, 21, Canada, Middleton, d/o Henry & Mary Jane, witn: Henry DAVIS & D. McQUEEN, both of Middleton, 8 April 1874 at Simcoe
7399-74 (Norfolk Co): Francis MEALEY, 47, widower, clerk, Ireland, Ingersoll, s/o Patrick & Grace, married Elizabeth CLEMENT, 42, Zorra, Windham, d/o Samuel & Martha, witn: R.A. CLEMENT & James FIELDS, both of Windham, 11 Aug 1874 at res of R.A. CLEMENT, Windham 007583-74 (Norfolk Co.) Park MONTGOMERY, 25, carpenter, Canada, Walpole, s/o Robert and Arezuma? MONTGOMERY, married Addie GRIGGS, 20, Canada, Simcoe, d/o John and Emeline GRIGGS, witn; Nelson and Angeline GILMORE both of Simcoe, 11 May 1874 at Simcoe
6018-75 (Norfolk Co): John L. MORDEN, 67, widower, farmer, Halton, Charlotteville, s/o Daniel & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth BYE, 23, Brantford, Charlotteville, d/o James & Harriet, witn: Janet McKAY & Rebecca FENTON, both of Vittora, 13 Oct 1874 at Vittoria 7405-74 Michael MURREY, 21, farmer, Burford, same, s/o William & Mary Ann, married Sarah DICKEY, 18, Burford, same, d/o Hiram & Margaret, witn: Lewis MARBLE of Oakland & Mandana MURREY of Burford, 2 March 1874 at Windham
7400-74 (Norfolk Co): James MUSSEL, 23, farmer, Burford, Middleton, s/o William & Mary, married Elizabeth A. BRECKENRIDGE, 23, Raleigh – Essex, Windham, d/o James S. & Eva, witn: Peter BRECKENRIDGE & Anna AXFORD, both of Windham, 14 Oct 1874 at Windham 7358-74 David M. MYRES, 22, farmer, Canada, Ancaster twp., s/o Nelson MYERS & Mary, married Eliza POTTS, 29, Canada, Woodhouse, d/o George & Mary, witn: Wesley PEGG of Townsend & Ephraim WHEELER of Woodhouse, 1 June 1874 at Woodhouse
7479-74 George W. NEWMAN, 53, widower, farmer, England, Walsingham, s/o George & Mary, married Jemima PROCUNIER, 43, Walsingham, same, d/o David & Sarah, witn: William & Matilda McBURNEY of Charlotteville, 20 Jan 1874 at Walsingham 7520-74 Walter NIBBETT, 24, cooper, England, Townsend, s/o Edward & Ann, married Jane JOHNSON, illegible age, Windham, Townsend, d/o Chester & Ruth, witn: Levi JOHNSON & Elijah NIBBETT, both of Townsend, 23 June 1874 at Townsend
007584-74 (Norfolk Co.) William NORRIS, 23, switchman air? line, s/o William and Mary Ann NORRIS, married Elizabeth THOMPSON, 19, Simcoe, Simcoe, d/o Lenox and Mary THOMPSON, witn; Freeman Lucas, Clarissa LUCAS and Mary THOMPSON, blank, 13 June 1874 at Simcoe 7413-74 David S. NORTH, 24, carpenter, Gainsborough, Walsingham, s/o Robert NORTH & Mary Ann FLEWELLEN, married Susanna GEE, 21, Gainsborough, Wellington, d/o Peter GEE & Abigail PIPER, witn: Mumford? HOPKINS & Eliza CURTIS, both of Walsingham, 23 May 1874 at Delhi
007582-74 (Norfolk Co.) David OLDS, 41, widower, carpenter, Canada, Port Dover, s/o Courtland and Catherine OLDS, married Ellen McPHERSON, illegible, widow, Canada, Walsingham, d/o Benjamin and Caroline McPHERSON, witn; B.M. WALSH and R. WALSH both of Walsingham, 6 May 1874 at Simcoe 5988-75 Donald PARISH, 22, fisherman, Canada, Port Dover, s/o Handy & Ann, married Hannah E. BROCK, 18, Canada, Port Dover, d/o William & Hester Ann, witn: James ANDERSON & Jane BURLEY, both of Port Dover, 9 Nov 1874 at Port Dover
7419-74 Andrew Simeon PARKER, 23, farmer, Caistor, same, s/o Shingler & Marcella, married Sarah Ellen FERGUSON, 22, Middleton, same, d/o Eli & Ellen, witn: Francis FLOOD & Ellen FERGUSON, both of Middleton, 16 March 1874 at Middleton 7449-74 Lewis PEASE, 28, mechanic, USA, Dereham, s/o Lewis & Sophia, married Annie WALLACE, 21, Canada, Dereham, d/o William & Catherine, witn: Annie LEEDHAM of Charlotteville, 26 Sept 1874 at Minister's res, Forestville
7532-74 Joseph PETITT, 51, widower, farmer, near Hamilton, Windham, s/o Charles & Ann, married Elizabeth McKEE, 32, widow, Burford, Waterford, d/o Philip & Hester FLOCK, witn: Lorenzo D. & Susan Ann GROOVER of Waterford, 28 July 1874 at Waterford 7441-74 Hamilton PITCHER, 24, farmer, Nelson, Townsend, s/o Peter & Susan, married Elen WERNER, 19, Townsend, same, d/o Adam & Catherine, witn: Arthur PITCHER & Emma BANISTER, both of Townsend, 29 Dec 1874 at Fredericksburgh
7469-74 Albert J. POTTS, 32, gent, Charlotteville, Vittoria, s/o Edwin & Martha, married Jennie ANDERSON, 22, Charlotteville, same, d/o John & Ellen, witn: J. WILSON of Toronto & Clara RAPELJE of Vittoria, 11 June 1874 at Christ church, Vittoria 7470-74 James De Witt PRICE, 24, farmer, Walsingham, Woodhouse, s/o James & Emma, married Frances Clarenda MILLER, 25, Halton Co., Woodhouse, d/o Willett G. & Nancy, witn: Frederick COPE of Vittoria & James McBURNEY of St. Williams, 24 June 1874 at Woodhouse
7435-74 Robert QUANCE, 23, miller, Binbrook, Middleton, s/o Richard & Alice, married Hannah Louisa FLUHRER, 18, Middleton, same, d/o John & Elizabeth Madeline, witn: John KAY of Tilsonburg & Robert QUANCE of Delhi, 26 Aug 1874 at Middleton 7500-74 James RADLEY, 23, farmer, Canada, Walsingham, s/o Christopher & Mary Ann, married Sarah ECKER, 24, NY state, Walsingham, d/o Abraham & Martha, witn: George SIMPSON & Lauretta PIPER, both of Walsingham, 27 Sept 1874 at Walsingham
7388-74 (Norfolk Co): William RANKIN, 23, carpenter, Rochester NY, Woodhouse, s/o Robert & Agnes, married Vanda SHELAR, 20, Woodhouse, same, d/o Adam & Lenanda, witn: Edward & Louisa STRINGER of Woodhouse, 4 Feb 1874 at Woodhouse 7558-74 Andrew RAYMOND, 35, widower, farmer, Canada, Houghton, s/o Henry & Mary, married Eliza HOUSE, 36, widow, Canada, Houghton, d/o Richard HOUSE & Mary, witn: T. W. & Hannah TREADWELL, of Houghton, 10 Aug 1874 at Houghton
  7467-74 Thomas REEVES, 24, carpenter, England, Charlotteville, s/o Bendigo & Frances, married Isabella PROVEN, 23, Scotland, Charlotteville, d/o William & Margaret, 25 May 1874 at Charlotteville
7513-74 Albert RENNER, 32, widower, farmer, Townsend, same, s/o John & Sarah, married Florence DEAN, 19, Townsend, same, d/o Stafford & Celina, witn: Stafford DEAN & Emily Dean BACKUS, both of Townsend, 17 May 1874 at Townsend 7362-74 George RIDDELL, 48, widower, merchant, Scotland, Port Dover, s/o John RIDDELL & Margaret DONALD, married Jane WILLIAMS, 45, Canada, Woodhouse, d/o Benjamin WILLIAMS & Dorothea Jane McCOY, witn: Benjamin WILLIAMS of Woodhouse & John RIDDELL of Port Dover, 19 Aug. 1874 at Port Dover
7549-74 John RIDDLE, 36, farmer, Townsend, same, s/o George & Jane, married Julia Ann SLAGHT, 26, Townsend, same, d/o Philip & Eliza, witn: Elias & Mary SLAGHT of Townsend, 27 July 1874 at Townsend 7515-74 Alonzo ROBINSON, 24, farmer, Townsend, same, s/o William & Catherine, married Olive RENNER, illegible age, Townsend, same, d/o Adam & Mary, witn: William GROOVER (s/b Grover?) of Burford & Daniel RENNER of Townsend, 9 June 1874 at Townsend
7506-74 Oliver ROBINSON, 21, farmer, Townsend, same, s/o Hiram & Abigail, married Mary E. WOODLEY, 18, Townsend, same, d/o Benjamin & Myra, witn: Jesse FORD & Edna M. KENEDY?, both of Waterford, 12 March 1874 at Waterford 7418-74 George Wesley ROSE, 27, blacksmith, Prince Edward Co., Delhi, s/o John ROSE & Catherine KEMP, married Martha Jane BUCHNER, 19, Walpole twp., Windham, d/o Christopher BUCHNER & Mary CASWELL, witn: Wesley KEMP & Augustus ROBINSON, both of Delhi, 17 June 1874 at Windham
7543-74 John ROWE, 25, stove finisher, Brantford, same, s/o Jabez & Jane, married Theresa HOUSE, 26, Grimsby Ont, Brantford, d/o David & Hannah, witn: David RUTHFORD (s/b Rutherford?) & Edgar W. SMITH, both of Brantford, 12 Nov 1874 at Waterford 7560-74 Ruben ROXBOROUGH, 23, blacksmith, Canada, Colchester, s/o John & Reenna, married Eliza Jane MILLARD, 28, Canada, Houghton, d/o Joseph N. & Sarah, witn: Charles MILLARD & Sarah JACKSON, both of Houghton, 26 Oct 1874 at Houghton twp
6146-75 James E. RYCKMAN, 21, mariner, Charlotteville, Walsingham, s/o Herman & Savilla, married Margarette LEFORTUNE, 20, Walsingham, same, d/o Presse & Eliza, witn: John OVERBAUGH & Mary Jane LEFORTUNE, both of Walsingham, 8 Nov 1874 at Walsingham  
7483-74 George SAYLES, 23, farmer, Charlotteville, Walsingham, s/o John & Rachel, married Annie KREISS, 19, Walsingham, same, d/o Peter & Dorothea, witn: David & Adalaide HAWLEY of Walsingham, 22 March 1874 at Pleasant Hill, Walsingham 7516-74 Daniel SECORD, 28, widower, farmer, Oakland, Townsend, s/o Daniel & Almira, married Jane VAN BUSKIRK, 18?, Indiana, Townsend, d/o Samuel & Nancy, witn: Wallace SECORD & Orcelia BURTCH, both of Oakland, 17 June 1874 at Townsend
6061-75 (Norfolk Co) John M. SILCOX, 23, Free Hill Baptist Minister, Canada, Brook, s/o Henry & Jane, married Huldah Jane PETTIT, 21, Canada, Townsend, d/o Uriah & Harriett, witn: Foster ANDREWS, Charlotteville & Walter PETTIT, Townsend. 31 Dec 1874, Simcoe 7530-74 Isaac SILVERTHORN, 24, laborer, Townsend, same, s/o Richard SILVERTHORN & Mary SHAW, married Sarah Helen Ann SOVEREEN, 15, Windham, Townsend, d/o Peter & Mary, witn: Daniel Freeman McLEAN & Charity Ann DUGGAN, both of Townsend, 18 July 1874 at Townsend
  7563-74 Edmund SIMES, 24, tinsmith, Canada, St. Marys, s/o John F. & Elizabeth, married Charlotte C. BUCHNER, 21, Canada, Walsingham, d/o Azais & Mary E., witn: Daniel H. NELSON & Precilla E. BUCHNER, both of Walsingham, 23 Dec 1874 at Houghton twp
7447-74 John F. SIMONS, 24, farmer, Canada, Charlotteville, s/o Joseph & Elizabeth, married Marriett STREETER?, (Sheeter?), 17, Canada, Charlotteville, d/o David & Mary, witn: Sarah Jane PALMERSTON of Charlotteville, 1 July 1874 at Charlotteville 6034-75 (Norfolk Co): Charles Foster SINDEN, 23, farmer, Charlotteville, Walsingham, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth CLOUSE, 22, Townsend, Simcoe, d/o Israel & Lucy, witn: Peter & Lavinia CLOUSE of Simcoe, 24 Dec 1874 at Simcoe
7426-74 Martin SITZER, 22, farmer, Niagara, Middleton, s/o John & Jane, married Elva Jane PETTIT, 16, Bayham, Middleton, d/o Elijah & Margaret, witn: William M. & Margaret Jane PETTIT of Middleton, 12 Aug 1874 at Middleton 7534-74 Elias E. SLAGHT, 24, merchant, Townsend, Waterford, s/o Hugh & Emma, married Alice Sylvia SCOVELL, 21, Waterford, same, d/o Hiram & Roxy, witn: Alice SOVEREEN & T. R. SLAGHT, both of Waterford, 9 Sept 1874 at Waterford
7537-74 Augustus SLOAT, 22, blacksmith, Townsend, Hartford, s/o James & Angeline, married Mary Ann COOK, 19, Dunnville, Rockford, d/o Martin & Annie, witn: John A. CROSSEN & Matilda ROSS, both of Oakland, 23 Sept 1874 at Brantford [reg'd in Townsend twp] 7355-74 Calvin Hislmer? SMITH, 27, livery keeper, USA, Port Dover, s/o Robert J. SMITH & Elizabeth R. FLANDERS, married Mary FLEMING, 25, Canada, Port Dover, d/o John W. FLEMING & Sophrona McCRACKEN, witn: Robert J. SMITH & Helen CRAIGIE, both of Port Dover, 2 July 1874 at Port Dover
7459-74 John William SMITH, 39, widower, farmer, Gefialca?, Fairfield - Burford, s/o George & Lucinda, married Sarah BOURNES, 29, Niagara, Portland Ont., d/o William & Eliza, witn: William C. HAGERMAN & William BOWYER, both of Charlotteville, 23 Feb 1874 at res of widow Messecar, Charlotteville 7511-74 Joseph SMITH, 74, widower, farmer, Albany NY, Townsend, s/o Nicholas & Mary, married Alzina KITCHEN, 60, widow, Townsend, same, d/o John & Elizabeth SLAGHT, witn: John & Rachel WEAVER of Windham, 28 March 1874 at Townsend
7512-74 William SMITH, 23, farmer, Townsend, same, s/o James & Catherine, married Rebecca WINTERS, 23, Woodhouse, Townsend, d/o Robert & Elizabeth Ann, witn: George & Mary Ann ANDREWS of Townsend, 30 April 1874 at Townsend 7443-74 Daniel C. SMITH, 26, carpenter, Clinton, same, s/o John & Margaret, married Arvilla BERTRAN, 21, Windham, same, d/o David & Mary, witn: Henry CLINE of Fredericksburgh, 28 Dec 1874 at Fredericksburgh
7438-74 Henry SMITH, 22, farmer, Ancaster, same, s/o David & Charity, married Malinda KITCHEN, 20, Windham, same, d/o David & Elizabeth, witn: Elmer R. KITCHEN of Windham & Eliza W. CIPPEREL of Norwich, 24 Dec 1874 at Fredericksburgh 7458-74 (Norfolk Co): Thomas H. SMITH, 26, farmer, Canada, Walsingham, s/o Thomas & Lucretia, married Annie BALDWIN, 20, Canada, Walsingham, d/o John & Eliza, witn: John COPE of Charlotteville & Lucretia SMITH of Walsingham, 16 Feb 1874 at Charlotteville
7525-74 John James SMITH, 22, farmer, Townsend, same, s/o Daniel & Elizabeth, married Elizabeth LEFLER, 20, Townsend, same, d/o Daniel & Matilda, witn: Edward BIRDSELL of Townsend & Frederick GLOVER of Windham, 3 June 1874 at Townsend 7575-74 William SMITH, 24, hotel keeper, Scotland, Jarvis, s/o John & Christena, married Fanny J. LOCKE, 19, Canada, Jarvis, d/o William & Elizabeth, witn: Aaron MAPELMAN & A.H. SMITH of Simcoe of Port Dover, 9 Feb 1874 at Simcoe
  7444-74 James Almer SOVEREEN, 23, farmer, Townsend, Middleton, s/o Lewis & Eunice, married Adeline Aurena Adelia McCONKEY, 17, Houghton, Middleton, d/o Leonard & Eliza, witn: John & Mary SOVEREEN of Middleton, 30 Dec 1874 at Fredericksburgh
7390-74 (Norfolk Co): George Robertson SPENCE, 29, widower, master mariner, Scotland, Port Huron, s/o George SPENCE & Mary ROBERTSON, married Mary Elizabeth JACQUES, 24, Canada, Port Dover, d/o John JACQUES & Grace BALLAMEY, witn: George P. WIGGINS & George GUTCHER, both of Pt. Dover, 11 Feb 1874 at Port Dover 5961-75 (Norfolk Co): Samuel S. SPORE (or Shore?), 19, cheese maker, Wilsonburg – Bayham, Richmond – Bayham, s/o blank & Maria HOWEY, married Mary E. SMITH, 16, Nelson, Middleton, d/o Ephraim & Mary, witn: Elizabeth SMITH & Margaret A. VOLLICK, both of Dereham, 1 Dec 1874 at Middleton
7468-74 William H. STACKHOUSE, 23, farmer, Charlotteville, same, s/o David & Maria, married Mary Ann WILLIAMS, 18, Walsingham, same, d/o William P. & Ann, witn: Hirleh & Sarah Ann REEVES of St. Williams, 26 May 1874 at St. Williams 7504-74 George STAFFORD, 27, farmer, Townsend, same, s/o Enoch & Mary Ann, married Jane GOBLE, 18, Townsend, same, d/o John P. & Emily, witn: David REDDICK of Woodstock & Jacob GOBLE of Townsend, 18 Feb 1874 at Townsend
007592-74 (Norfolk Co.) George STANTON, 27, physician, Simcoe, Simcoe, s/o Francis Gore STANTON and May ROBERTSON, married Sarah Jane CULVER, 17, Woodhouse, Woodhouse, d/o George and Emily M. CULVER, witn; F.G. STANTON of Simcoe and George CULVER of Woodhouse, 19 August 1874 at Woodhouse  
7431-74 David A. STILWELL, 23, farmer, Ontario, Middleton, s/o John & Mary, married Adaline RONSON, 20, Ontario, Middleton, d/o John & Sally A., witn: L. W. DEAN & J. A. RONSON, both of Middleton, 12 July 1874 at Middleton 7439-74 Thomas STORY, 23, farmer, Nelson, Middleton, s/o Robert & Maria, married Martha Ann HICKS, 23, Middleton, same, d/o Henry J. & Eliza, witn: W. L. & Emma BOTTOMLY of Lynedoch, 9 Dec 1874 at Fredericksburgh
7579-74 George W. TANNER, 34, widower, farmer, Canada, Woodhouse, s/o John & Jane, married Eliza A. BROWN, 34, widow, Canada, Woodhouse, d/o Jacob & Catherine, witn: Fred & Sarah A. CLINE of Townsend, 9 April 1874 at Simcoe 7446-74 William McCall TAYLOR, 24, farmer, Canada, Charlotteville, s/o George & Margaret, married Clara ANDERSON, 18, Charlotteville, same, d/o John L. & Priscilla, witn: William WALSH & Sylvester PALMERSTON, both of Charlotteville, 2 Sept 1874 at Charlotteville
7528-74 James TODD, 48, widower, laborer, England, Woodhouse, s/o Jon & Jane, married Mary VASTBINDER, 61, widow, Ireland, Townsend, d/o James & Jane DEARY, witn: Orilla SALTZBERY & Mary E. COLLVER, both of Townsend, 29 April 1874 at Townsend 007595-74 (Norfolk Co.) Augustus Patrick TREGENT, 22, gentleman, Detroit U.S., London, s/o Patrick and Helen TREGENT married Margaret Anne WILSON, 20, Simcoe, Simcoe, d/o William Mercer and Susan Grace WILSON, witn; William Mercer WILSON of Judge County, ???, and Samuel HARRIS of Simcoe, 23 September 1874 at Simcoe
7569-74 William TYRRELL, 37, widower, farmer, Canada, Houghton, s/o John & Mary, married Agnes DETTS (Dilts?), 36, widow, New Brunswick, Malahide, d/o William & Eliza, witn: James LOUNSBURY & Martha TYRRELL, both of Houghton, 20 Jan 1874 at Houghton 7574-74 Robert VANCE, 21, baker, Canada, Plattsville, s/o George & Margaret, married Elizabeth LUSCOMBE, 19, Canada, Simcoe, d/o Samuel & Rosetta, witn: G. F. COUNTER & G. LUSCOMBE, both of Simcoe, 20 Jan 1874 at Simcoe
7411-74 Solomon VAN LOON, 22, mechanic, Walpole, same, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Ella GLOVER, 20, Burford, same, d/o Francis & Myrah, witn: Wellington VAN LOON of Walpole & Edgar VAN LOON of Townsend, 1 April 1874 at Walpole [reg in Middleton twp] 7487-74 Isaiah VANSICKLE, 25, farmer, Brantford, Middleton, s/o William & Betsy, married Martha CARRIER, illegible age, widow, Pelham, Walsingham, d/o John & Elizabeth CARRIER, witn: Emily AUSCOMB of Walsingham, 9 Feb 1874 at Walsingham
7410-74 Irvin VANVALKENBURG, 23, farmer, Middleton, Windham, s/o John & Samantha, married Sarah Ann MANARY, 17, Nassagaweya, Windham, d/o William & Sarah J., witn: Charles GAMBLE & Angeline FIRMAN, both of Charlotteville, 19 April 1874 at Fredericksburgh 7544-74 John VEAL, 34, laborer, Lyndhurst England, Townsend, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Charlotte Elizabeth REEVES, 43, widow, Sussex Co - England, Waterford, d/o William WILLARD & Charlotte, witn: George & Mary HAYWARD of Waterford, 19 Nov 1874 at Waterford
7359-74 Isaac WALDICK, 20, mariner, Canada, Port Dover, s/o Frederick & Lydia, married Mary MATHEWS, 17, Townsend, Port Dover, d/o Samuel & Manday, witn: Nanday G. PARISH & Jane BURLEY, both of Port Dover, 16 July 1874 at Port Dover  
7571-74 David WALKER, 32, farmer, Houghton, same, s/o George & Elizabeth, married Melissa MILLARD, 18, Malahide, Bayham, d/o Nelson & Jane, witn: Hannah TREADWELL & Harmon BECKER, both of Houghton, 17 March 1874 at Houghton 7507-74 Lewis WALKER, 34, farmer, Townsend, same, s/o John & Elizabeth Schuyler WALKER, married Mary PORTER, 28, Darlington, Townsend, d/o Thomas & Mary Baker PORTER, witn: Marshall PORTER & Hellen HACE?, both of Townsend, 14 Jan 1874 at Townsend
7542-74 Walter Scott WARD, 32, farmer, Canada, Townsend, s/o Allen & Harriet, married Calista Ann BLANEY, 23, Canada, Townsend, d/o Richard H. & Jane, witn: John BEEMER of Townsend & John R. WOOD of Charlotteville, 16 Dec 1874 at Townsend 5989-75 William WATERBERY, 25, farmer, Canada, Walsingham, s/o George Stewart & Mary, married Laura MANN, 20, Canada, Woodhouse, d/o Lewis & Margaret Lucy, witn: George Stewart WATTERBERY (sic) of Walsingham & David C. WHITE of Port Dover, 7 Oct 1874 at Woodhouse
7604-74 William WATTERHOUSE, 31, widower, shoe maker, St. Catharines, Port Rowan, s/o Archibald & Elizabeth, married Sarah RUSH, 26, Lincolnshire England, Jarvis, d/o Joseph & Sarah, witn: Precilla HARRIS & Nelson STEINHOFF, both of Simcoe, 24 Nov 1874 at Simcoe 7540-74 John WIDNER, 70, widower, retired farmer, New Jersey, Townsend, s/o John & Betsy, married Loemma CHAPIN, 55, widow, Townsend, Oakland, d/o John & Esther HAVILAND, witn: Constance (s/b Constant) EDDY & wife of Oakland, 15 Dec 1874 at Scotland
7572-74 John R. WILKINS, 23, farmer, Walsingham, Houghton, s/o William & Sophia, married Lucy TULLY, 19, Houghton, same, d/o Edward & Wealthy, witn: John JACKSON & W. H. WILKINS, both of Houghton, 21 May 1874 at Houghton  
7368-74 John WILSON, 24, blacksmith, Walpole, Townsend twp., s/o Cornelius & Elizabeth, married Ellen PRITCHARD, 16, Townsend, same, d/o James & Marion, witn: David R. & Hannah YOUMANS of Townsend, 8 Nov 1874 at Messiah Parsonage, Woodhouse 7480-74 Calvin WILSON, 41, widower, lumberman, USA, Walsingham, s/o Joseph & Jemima, married Sarah PROCUNIER, 24, Walsingham, same, d/o Anthony & Susannah, witn: John A. STEARNS & Abraham DEDRICK, both of Pt. Rowan, 3 Jan 1874 at Port Rowan
7452-74 (Norfolk Co): Taylor WILSON, 21, farmer, Norfolk Ont., Walsingham, s/o John & Mary, married Melissa BLOOMFIELD, 20, Brant Co., Walsingham, d/o Edward & Jane, witn: Freeman WILSON of Bayham & Jane WILSON of Walsingham, 23 Dec 1874 at Lynedoch 007586-74 (Norfolk Co.) George William WILSON, 27, builder, Windham, Simcoe, s/o James H. WILSON and Jane DELL, married Elizabeth BROOKS, 21, England, St. Thomas, d/o Benjamin BROOKS and Jane DANEN, witn; William OSBORNE, Daniel A. DELL and Louis BEEMER all of Simcoe, 26 August 1874 at St. Thomas.
  7548-74 Timothy WINEGARNER, 25, farmer, Canada, Burford, s/o Hugh & Betsy, married Catherine BELLOW, 25, Canada, Burford? (?--ford), d/o Jacob & Catherine, witn: Annie STINSON & Isabell DENNIS, both of Waterford, 10 Dec 1874 at Waterford
7391-74 (Norfolk Co): Solomon WINTERS, 25, farmer, England, Woodhouse, s/o John & Mary, married Julia CULLIMORE, 21, Canada, Woodhouse, d/o George & Lucy, witn: Sarah & Fred BRYERS of Pt. Dover, 14 Feb 1874 at Port Dover 7397-74 (Norfolk Co): Henry Augustus WOODRUFF, 30, farmer, Niagara, same, s/o William & Mary, married Theresa Elizabeth CLEMENT, 25, Windham, same, d/o Robert A. & Catherine, witn: Robert WARREN of Niagara twp & Salinda FREEMAN of Windham, 21 Oct 1874 at Windham
007591-74 (Norfolk Co.) Frederick WRIGHT, 23, clerk, Cambridge, Rose Hill Townsend, s/o Edwin and Sarah WRIGHT, married Eliza REEVES, 29, Suffolk England, Rose Hill Simcoe, d/o Foster and Martha REEVES, witn; G. F. COUNTER of Rose Hill Simcoe and John REEVE of Colborne Windham, 28 August 1874 at blank (likely Simcoe). 7556-74 Bramwell YAGER, 22, farmer, Canada, Woodhouse, s/o Levi & Phebe, married Lova A. BUCK, 23, Canada, Townsend, d/o Henry & Mary, witn: Nelson BUCK of Townsend & Elizabeth YAGER of Woodhouse, 30 Dec 1874 at Townsend
7498-74 George YONSON, 43, widower, laborer, Scotland, Walsingham, s/o Walter & Sarah, married Emma E. TREADWELL, 36, widow, Canada, Walsingham, d/o Thomas & Lucretia SMITH, witn: Thomas BRANDS of Walsingham & Walter YONSON of Charlotteville, 11 Nov 1874 at Walsingham 7538-74 David R. YOUMANS, 23, farmer, Townsend, same, s/o Solomon & Sarah, married Hannah Matilda WILSON, 21, Townsend, same, d/o Cornelius & Elizabeth, witn: Richard & Jasper SMITH of Simcoe, 7 Nov 1874 at Simcoe
7576-74 Walter YOUNSON, 28, sailing master, Scotland, Charlotteville, s/o Walter & Sarah, married Mary E. POTTS, 22, Canada, Woodhouse, d/o Samuel & Rebecca, witn: Frederick COPE & H. C. REED, both of Vittoria, 9 Feb 1874 at Woodhouse 7372-74 (Norfolk Co): Bruce YOUNG, 21, yeoman, Glanford twp., Waterford, s/o Stephen & Elizabeth, married Jannie CROOKER, 21, Canada, Waterford, d/o James & Margaret, witn: Miss Annie MARR & Jennie M. EBERSOLE, both of Woodhouse, 28 Dec 1874 at Messiah Parsonage, Woodhouse
  7514-74 Barnard ZIMMERMAN, 35, farmer, Rainham, same, s/o Henry & Regina, married Jane OVERHOLT, 3-?, Rainham, Townsend, d/o Isaac (Jesse?) & Susannah, witn: William R. OVERHOLT & James BOWB--?, both of Townsend, 27 May 1874 at Townsend