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Norfolk Co., 1877

birth place is given before residence


7137-77 (Norfolk Co) James W. ALROOD, 25, carpenter, Townsend, Townsend, s/o David & Dianna ALROOD married Delilah J. VANBUSKIRK, 15, Townsend, Townsend, d/o Samuel & Nancy VANBUSKIRK, witn: L. MILBORN & Jesse WOODWARD of Townsend, 4 Dec 1877, Townsend  
7075-77 (Norfolk Co) Charles Francis AMESBURY, 42, widower, laborer, England, Walsingham, s/o James & Martha AMESBURY married Mary COPE, 45, Walsingham, Walsingham, d/o Jacob & Leah COPE, witn: Callum WOODWARD & Helen WOODWARD of Walsingham, 21 June 1877, Walsingham 7056-77 (Norfolk Co) John AMMERMAN, 25, farmer, Beverly, Windham, s/o John & Eliza AMMERMAN married Eley Jane COLLON, 24, Windham, Townsend, d/o Alexander & Hannah COLLON, witn: Mary Baker & Emily SOVEREEN of Windham, 24 Jan 1877, Windham
7098-77 (Norfolk Co) John ANDREWS, 42, widower, farmer, England, Windham, s/o John & Grace ANDREWS married Catherine THOMPSON, 31, Burford, Burford, d/o James & Mary THOMPSON, witn: William THOMPSON of Burford & T. FORDHAM of Windham, 28 Nov 1877, Kelvin 7091-77 (Norfolk Co) Cyrus ANDREWS, 21, farmer, Canada, Walsingham, s/o Cyrus & Nancy ANDREWS married Hannah MOORE, 20, Canada, Walsingham, d/o Henry H. & Catherine MOORE, witn: Calvin MOORE & Nancy J. MOORE of Walsingham, 13 Nov 1877, Walsingham
6977-77 William George ARMSTRONG, 29, farmer, Markham, Middleton s/o Thomas ARMSTRONG & Dorothy SEXSMITH, married Malissa BARTLET, 20, Middleton, same, d/o Henry BARTLET & Hannah BROWN, witn: Mary Jane BARTLET & Albert H. ARMSTRONG, both of Middleton, 25 July 1877 at Middleton 7090-77 (Norfolk Co) Albert Hamilton BACKHOUSE, 26, law student, Walsingham, Port Rowan, s/o John Alexander & Sarah M. BACKHOUSE married Annie Amelia BACKHOUSE, 21, Walsingham, Walsingham, d/o John H. & Sarah BACKHOUSE, witn: John D. KILLMASTER of Simcoe & T. L. BRULLY of Woodhouse, 12 Dec 1877, Walsingham
006985-1877 (Norfolk Co.) Thomas BALL, 25, farmer, Dereham, Middleton, s/o Thomas & Mary Ann, married Sarah SMITH, 21, Georgina, Middleton, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: William BALL of Townsend & Sarah J. PARK of Delhi, 4 Nov 1877 at Delhi 7190-77 (Norfolk Co) Alonzo BAUGHFMAN, 23, farmer, Wellandport, North Cayuga, s/o Joseph BAUGHFMAN & Margaret DARENGH married Sarah Jane MCDONALD, 22, North Cayuga, North Cayuga, d/o Samuel MCDONALD & Sarah OLDFIELD, witn: Emma SHOFF & Helena A. SUTHERLAND of Simcoe, 11 Dec 1877, Simcoe
7142-77 Freeman D. BARNES, 36, widower, mechanic, Deereville? Ohio, same, s/o John P. & Eliza, married Isabella J. CLARK, 33, widow, Pennsylvania US, Waterford, d/o James & Hannah WATERSON, witn: Thomas & Ann HAGUE of Waterford, 1 Dec 1877 at Waterford #007006-77 (Norfolk Co): William H. BAUSLAUGH, 29, farmer, Blenheim, Townsend, s/o Peter & Eliza, married Barbara STOREY, 25, Townsend, Waterford, d/o John & Margaret, witnesses were Nelson & Mary McINTOSH of Townsend, March 13, 1877
7174-77 (Norfolk Co) William BEATON, 21, cheese maker, Oxford Co, Windham, s/o William BEATON & Harriet PRIDDLE married Angeline PETTIT, 22, Windham, Windham, d/o Amos PRIDDLE & Isabella MARKLE, witn: Mrs. W. P. DREDGE & MR. D. S. DEAN of Simcoe, 25 Aug 1877, Simcoe 7049-77 John BENNETT, 24, farmer, England, Middleton, s/o Richard & Mary, married Ann Jane HERRON, 20, Middleton, same, d/o John C. H. HERRON & Jane LYNES (Synes?), wtn: Thomas BENNETT and Richard & William J. HERRON, all of Middleton, 24 May 1877 at res of brides father, Courtland
6987-77 (Norfolk Co) Hamilton BIRDSALL, 23, farmer, Canboro, Middleton, s/o Andrew & Elizabeth BIRDSALL married Maria H. HERRON, 17, Middleton, Middleton, d/o Thomas & Sophrona HERRON, witn: William WADELL of Culloden & Mary Jane HERRON of Middleton, 31 Oct 1877, Middleton 7162-77 (Norfolk Co) William S. BLEVINS, 25, mason, Kentucky USA, Simcoe, s/o Joseph & Eliza BLEVINS married Almeta DORSEY, 21, Simcoe, Simcoe, d/o Isaac & Eliza DORSEY, witn: Willis WILSON of Simcoe & Eliza DORSEY of Brantford, 3 May 1877, Simcoe
7100-77 (Norfolk Co) Nelson BORLAND, 25, farmer, Blandford, Blandford, s/o James & Haley BORLAND married Margaret LOGAN, 26, Londonderry Ireland, Windham, d/o Henry & Margaret LOGAN, witn: William & Caroline MOORE of Windham, 26 Dec 1877, Windham 7103-77 (Norfolk Co) J. G. BOTTOMLEY, 24, clerk, USA, Nixon, s/o Mr. & Mrs. BOTTOMLEY married Carrie May WOOD, 19, Canada, Nixon, d/o Robert & Amelia WOOD, witn: Addie Wood of Nixon, 25 Sept 1877, Windham
7073-77 (Norfolk Co) James H. BRADT, 21, tinsmith, Walsingham, Vittoria, s/o Edbert & Ellen BRADT married Sarah J. MCCELLAN, 20, Port Rowan, Port Rowan, d/o William & Mary MCCELLAN, witn: John WHEELER & Maggie HUTCHINSON of Walsingham, 4 April 1877, Port Rowan 7074-77 (Norfolk Co) Austin W. BRANDON, 25, farmer, Walsingham, Walsingham, s/o William R. & Elizabeth BRANDON married Mary COOK, 22, Walsingham, Walsingham, d/o William & Henrietta COOK, witn: Jonah COOK & Jane BRANDON of Walsingham, 28 April 1877, Walsingham
7085-77 (Norfolk Co) William H. R. J. BRISTOW, 24, cabinet maker, Canada, St. Williams, s/o Alfred & Harriette BRISTOW married Ann Ada WILLARD, 18, St. Williams, St. Williams, d/o not given, witn: Albert BACKHOUSE of Port Rowan & Bertha STEINHOFF of Simcoe, 5 Sept 1877, St. Williams 7040-77 William Augustus BROWN, 23, farmer, Charlotteville, same, s/o Mark & Elizabeth, married Frances Arabel DERRICKSON, 19, Michigan, Charlotteville, d/o James & Harriet, witn: James ORILEY of Woodhouse & Martha DERRICKSON of Charlotteville, 2 Jan 1877 at Fredericksburg
006983-1877 (Norfolk Co.) Aljermain (Algernon?) Hamilton BUTLER, 22, blacksmith, Caistorville, Simcoe, s/o Abram & not given, married Mary E. SCHRAM, 23, Charlotteville, Simcoe, d/o David & Elizabeth, witn: Miriam VAN LOON & Jane MARK, both of Delhi, 11 Sep 1877 at Delhi. #007124-77 (Norfolk Co): Peter BUTLER, 22, laborer, Walsingham, Charlotteville, s/o Ralph & Margaret, married Agnes Jane SMITH, 15, Walsingham, same, d/o James STEWART & Jane SMITH, witn: J.W. & Mary MYERS of Charlotteville, 5 Dec 1877 at Charlotteville
#007117-77 (Norfolk Co): William H. CALEY (or Coley), shoe maker, Rochester NY, Woodhouse, s/o William & Ann J., married Ada DOAN, 18, Canada, Woodhouse, d/o James & Margaret, witn: Berkley DOAN & John CRUICKSHANK, both of Woodhouse, 18 Dec 1877 at Woodhouse  
7144-77 James CAUGHEY, 39, widower, farmer, St. Catharines, Walpole, s/o William & Ann, married Maria Elizabeth HARRIS, 19, Townsend, Waterford, d/o Timothy & Eura, witn: A. E. CLEMENT & Almira HARRIS, both of Waterford, 28 Nov 1877 at Waterford #007005-77 (Norfolk Co): Charles CHAMBERS, 23, mill owner, Townsend, same, s/o Isaac & Lovila, married Ruth Amelia COLLOVER, 23, Townsend, same, d/o Nisbett & Julia, witnesses were William HEATH & Robert COLLOVER, both of Townsend, Jan. 3, 1877 at Townsend
7057-77 (Norfolk Co) Henry CHAMBERS, 50, widower, farmer, Townsend, Windham, s/o Joseph & Anna CHAMBERS married Elizabeth DACON, 40, widow, Blenheim, Windham, d/o Allan & Anna WALKER, witn: Abram BAKER & Mary BAKER of Windham, 31 Jan 1877, Windham 7025-77 (Norfolk Co) Lewis CHAMBERS, 22, farmer, Canada, Walsingham, s/o William & Sarah married Mary Catherine STROHN, 21, Canada, Simcoe, d/o Jacob & Filinder, witn: Jonathan SIMONS & Nancy A. MCCALL of Charlotteville, 18 April 1877, Charlotteville
7071-77 (Norfolk Co) Thomas M. CHAPMAN, 53, widower, minister of the gospel, Pomfret Con USA, Berlin Michigan USA, s/o Thomas W. & Abigail M. CHAPMAN married Jane DEWITT, 57, Walsingham, Port Rowan, d/o James & Gertrude DEWITT, witn: Adeline DEWITT of Port Rowan, 2 May 1877, Port Rowan 7080-77 (Norfolk Co) Herbert CHUTE, 23, blacksmith, Vienna, Vienna of Elgin, s/o Sidney & Phebe CHUTE married Ruth CONNOR, 21, Walsingham, Walsingham, d/o William & Martha CONNOR, witn: James L. DEDRICK of Port Rowan, 26 Sept 1877, Port Rowan
7180-77 (Norfolk Co) John Vallance CLARK, 25, cooper, Woodhouse, Port Ryerse, s/o Harry H. CLARK & Mary Ann WARD married Amy Calista RYERSE, 26, Port Ryerse, Port Ryerse, d/o James RYERSE & Sarah Ann WINTER, witn: William TAYLOR & Helen TAYLOR of Simcoe, 10 Dec 1877, Simcoe 7099-77 (Norfolk Co) George Washington CLARKE, 27, farmer, Norwich, Norwich, s/o John & Harriet CLARKE married Mary Amelia CLARKE, 23, Burford, Burford, d/o Henry & Arabella CLARKE, witn: George S. CUFF (Cubb?) of Burford & Charity POTTS of Kelvin, 5 Dec 1877, Windham
7146-77 George Arthur COHOE, 38, gentleman, Malahide twp., London twp., s/o Stephen & Margaret, married Mary Elizabeth ANDERSON, 21, Townsend, same, d/o James & Malinda, witn: Marshall E. & Amy ANDERSON of Townsend, 3 Dec 1877 at Townsend #007018-77 (Norfolk Co): Walter James COOK, 23, miller, Worstershire England, Port Dover, s/o George COOK & Mary BARKER, married Isabella ALLEN, 21, Canada, Port Dover, d/o William & Barbara, witn: Arthur H. COOK & Malinda ALLAN, both of Port Dover, 7 March 1877 at Port Dover
7105-77 (Norfolk Co) Ransom COOPER, 22, laborer, Castor, Castor, s/o Samuel & Emma COOPER married Nancy Jane MCBRIDE, 17, Woodhouse, Woodhouse, d/o James & Isabella MCBRIDE, witn: John A. MCBRIDE of Woodhouse & Margaret WIDERICK of Port Dover, 4 Oct 1877, Woodhouse 7046-77 James COWAN, 21, farmer, Charlotteville, same, s/o William COWAN & Clarissa SMITH, married Mary DEAN, 22, Gainsborough, Charlotteville, d/o Absalom DEAN & Sarah NELSON, witn: Arthur JONES & Mary COWAN, both of Charlotteville, 8 April 1877 at Fredericksburg
7084-77 (Norfolk Co) James CRONK, 26, laborer, Walsingham, Walsingham, s/o William & Sophia CRONK married Sarah MOWAT, 16, Scotland, Rainham, d/o William & Elizabeth MOWAT, witn: Christopher CRONK & Mary S. WHITING of Walsingham, 11 Aug 1877, St. Williams 7148-77 William Matthias CULLEN, 21, teacher, Vittoria, Windham, s/o John & Mary Ann, married Millie V. BUTLER, 21, Windham, same, d/o George & Panel Maria, witn: Walter Oaks BUTLER & Mary HERRON, both of Windham Centre, 15 Nov 1877 at Waterford
7054-77 (Norfolk Co) George DALE, 27, widower, farmer, Oakland, Windham, s/o William & Elizabeth DALE married Mary SMITH, 19, Waterford, Teeterville, d/o William & Anabella SMITH, witn: Zechariah & Mary SILVERTHORN of Windham, 3 Jan 1877, Windham 7055-77 (Norfolk Co) William Edward DAVIDSON, 21, farmer, Windham, Windham, s/o Robert & Caroline DAVIDSON married Arabell LARAMOUR, 22, Windham, Windham, d/o J. W. & Harriet LARMOUR, witn: Robert DAVIDSON & Mary J. LESTRE of Windham, 1 Jan 1877 of Teeterville
7112-77 (Norfolk Co) John R. DAVIS, 24, farmer, England, Woodhouse, s/o James DAVIS & Amelia GILLARD married Elizabeth HASELY, 19, Canada, Woodhouse, d/o Edward HASELY & Margaret DUNBAR, witn: J. A. CORBETT & Rachel RICHARDSON of Woodhouse, 24 Oct 1877, Port Dover 7089-77 (Norfolk Co) Andrew DEAN, 25, farmer, Formosa, Bayham, s/o David & Annie DEAN married Abigail MATTHEWS, 21, Bayham, Walsingham, d/o Zeba & Sarah Ann MATTHEWS, witn: Caroline GARNETT & Ella MORGAN of Walsingham, 28 Nov 1877, Walsingham
7106-77 (Norfolk Co) Melbourne A. DELL, 24, painter, Simcoe, Simcoe, s/o Benjamin DELL & Jane BELL married Fanny MATTHEWS, 21, Woodhouse, Woodhouse, d/o John MATTHEWS & Sarah FERRIS, witn: Clinton MATTHEWS of Woodhouse & Hattie GIFFORD, 8 Aug 1877, Port Dover 7070-77 (Norfolk Co) John Nicholas DEMERY, 22, farmer, Dorchester, Houghton, s/o Richard & Miranda, married Margaret Elizabeth YEGAR, 21, Houghton, Houghton, d/o Isaac & Elvira YEGAR, witn: Naomi EVANS of Port Rowan, 17 April 1877, Port Rowan
7068-77 (Norfolk Co) George S. DENNIS, 22, school teacher, United States of America, Walsingham, s/o David & Mary DENNIS married Sarah L. REID, 19, Walsingham, Walsingham, d/o Archibald & Jane REID, witn: Hamilton WOOD & Minnie REID of Walsingham, 28 March 1877, Walsingham 7077-77 (Norfolk Co) Francis DOAN, 24, farmer, Crowland, Crowland, s/o Michel & Elizabeth DOAN married Nancy CHAMBERS, 18, Townsend, Walsingham, d/o James & Mary Ann CHAMBERS, witn: William HAWLEY & C.A. YARNETT of Walsingham, 24 July 1877, Walsingham
7094-77 (Norfolk Co) Thomas Johnson DOCK, 26, grocer, Ireland, Simcoe, s/o John & Ann Jane DOCK married Minnie Isabella MILNE, 23, widow, Windham, Windham, d/o Daniel Wesley & Isabella FREEMAN, witn: Peter GILBERT of Bloomburg & Maramie FREEMAN of Windham, 20 Nov 1877, Windham 7135-77 (Norfolk Co) James A. DOLAN, 46, farmer, Charlotteville, Charlotteville, s/o M. S. & Elizabeth DOLAN married Charity E. KITCHEN, 40, Townsend, Townsend, d/o William & Lovina KITCHEN, witn: E. C. CARPENTER of Vittoria & Elijah KITCHEN of Bloomsbury, 10 Oct 1877, Bloomsbury
  7130-77 (Norfolk Co) Albert DOWNS, 30, farmer, Ontario, Bayham, s/o Barnabas & Sarah DOWNS married Annie H. DAVIS, 17, England, Houghton, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann DAVIS, witn: Thomas DAVIS & Mary Ann DAVIS of Houghton, 7 Nov 1877, Houghton
7064-77 (Norfolk Co) Stephen DUCKWORTH, 22, farmer, Buffalo New York, Brantford, s/o John & Clarissa DUCKWORTH, married Jane SEVICK (Levick?), 22, Canada, Walsingham, d/o Absolom & Martha SEVICK, witn: Stephen & Ellen SEVICK of Walsingham, 17 March 1877, Walsingham 7011-77 (Norfolk Co) John Freeman DUEBARETTE, 20, farmer, Brant, Windham, s/o John & Clarissa A. DUEBARETTE married Mary Maria GOOLD, 20, Townsend, Townsend, d/o John H. & Nancy GOOLD, witn: J. F. KIMBALL & Colin KIMBALL, of Waterford, 22 April 1877, Waterford
7191-77 (Norfolk Co) Robert DUNKIN, 23, blacksmith, Georgetown, Simcoe, s/o John DUNKIN & Jane GRAHAM married Augusta Maria LEWIS, 19, Burford, Simcoe, d/o William LEWIS & Eliza M. LYMBURNER, witn: Emma DUNKIN & Charles LEWIS of Simcoe, 12 Dec 1877, Simcoe 7138-77 Robert DUNLOP, 23, farmer, Townsend, same, s/o Robert & Mary, married Susan J. TAYLOR, 22, Oakland, Townsend, d/o David & Lucy, witn: Robert TAYLOR of Scotland & Peter DUNLOP of Boston, 7 Nov 1877 at Townsend
7069-77 (Norfolk Co) Thomas DUNNING, 22, farmer, Bayham, Charlotteville, s/o Alexander & Sarah Ann DUNNING married Malissa Jane GEE, 18, Wainfleet, Walsingham, d/o Peter & Abigail GEE, witn: James & Emily AUSCOMB of Walsingham, 8 Feb 1877, Walsingham 7093-77 (Norfolk Co) William A. EDWARDS, 22, farmer, Canada, Townsend, s/o John & Margaret EDWARDS married Rebecca J. ROBINSON, 18, Canada, Windham, d/o Lawrence & Mary Ann ROBINSON, witn: Michael ALLEN of Hagersville & Elora ROBINSON of Tuscarora, 22 Oct 1877, Waterford
7128-77 (Norfolk Co) Joshua EPHLAND, 50, widower, carpenter, Ontario, Bayham, s/o Abram & Ann EPHLAND married Margaret WALKER, 44, widow, Ontario, Port Burwell, d/o James & Ebony SMITH, witn: Judson ANDERSON & J. H. WILLIAMS of Houghton, 10 Sept 1877, Houghton 7078-77 (Norfolk Co) William EVANS, 46, widower, farmer, Somerset England, Bayham, s/o William & Hester EVANS married Jane WICKS, 46, widow, Kingston, Middleton, d/o Alexander & Sarah ARMSTRONG, witn: Anna M. BIGSLEY of Port Rowan, 13 Aug 1877, Port Rowan
7088-78 Francis A. FINCH, 23, tinsmith, Charlotteville, same, s/o Butler & Livinia, married Hatty DARBY, 21, Walsingham, Charlotteville, d/o George & Jane, witn: Thomas & Maggie SINCLAIR of Charlotteville, 6 Sept 1877 at Vittoria 07167-77 (Norfolk Co) Jefferson FINCH, 26, farmer, Burford, Burford, s/o D. & M., married Jane ANDERSON, 19, Walsingham, Walsingham, d/o Not provided & Not provided, witn: M. HARDY of Simcoe & Frank METCALF of Twp. Burford, 28 Feb 1877 at Simcoe
7126-77 (Norfolk Co) Eugene FISH, 20, farmer, Ontario, Houghton, s/o Charles & Louisa FISH married Emma M. RUSLING, 18, Charlotteville, Houghton, d/o W.V. & Margaret A. RUSLING, witn: W. J. RUSLING & Florilla MITCHENER of Houghton, 17 Jan 1877, Houghton 7187-77 (Norfolk Co) John H. FLEMMING, 25, farmer, Walpole, Townsend, s/o Henry & Tounette FLEMMING married Hannah DELLENBACK, 21, Townsend, Townsend, d/o John & Mary DELLENBACK, witn: H.P. FITCH & Mrs. H.P. FITCH of Simcoe, 30 Oct 1877, Simcoe
7160-77 (Norfolk Co) John GALLIFORD, 23, blacksmith, Ingersoll, Ingersoll, s/o John & Fanny GALLIFORD married Margaret Elizabeth COATES, 20, Simcoe, Simcoe, d/o John & Ann COATES, witn: George COATES, Ruth COATES & Sally HARRIS of Simcoe, 17 April 1877, Rose Hill Simcoe 6995-77 (Norfolk Co) Thomas GILES, 32, widower, mechanic, York, Walpole, s/o Amos & Margaret GILES married Louisa Jane COLLVER, 25, Townsend, Townsend, d/o Hiram & Sally Ann COLLVER, witn: Calvin BECK & Manami Orphelia BRYNING of Walpole, 17 Jan 1877, Brantford
7141-77 Edward GRACE, 53, widower, bailiff, Ontario, Waterford, s/o Robert & Dora, married Catherine MARKLE, 49, widow, Brantford, Waterford, d/o Jonathan & Margaret, witn: William & D. L. HOBSON of Waterford, 26 Sept 1877 at Waterford 7107-77 (Norfolk Co) John George GRAY, 23, miller, Canada, Woodhouse, s/o Junior GRAY & Jessie WALLACE married Louis S. KNIFFIN, 27, Canada, Charlotteville, d/o Edward KNIFFIN & Margaret LEMON, witn: Junior W. GRAY & Mary MIDDLETON of Woodhouse, 18 Sept 1877, Port Dover
7152-77 Herbert G. GREEN, 20, telegraph operator, Waterford, same, s/o John W. & Mary Sophia, married Olive Susannah BARBER, 21, Waterford, same, d/o John L. & Abagail, witn: Alonzo M. BARBER & Edward W. BURGESS, both of Waterford, 22 Aug 1877 at Waterford 7185-77 (Norfolk Co) Emerson B. GRIFFON, 34, widower, businessman, Canada, Michigan USA, d/o John F. & Mary A. GRIFFON married Roxy V. JOHNSON, Woodhouse, Woodhouse, d/o William & Matilda JOHNSON, witn: Morice & H. A. HARDY of Simcoe, 12 Nov 1877, Simcoe
7177-77 (Norfolk Co) John Henry HALL, 24, machinist, London, Brantford, s/o Samuel & Sarah HALL married Fricena MYERS, 24, Brantford, Brantford, d/o Jacob & Sarah MEYERS (sic), witn: Ambrose POTTS & Ephraim WHEELER of Woodhouse, 198 Sept 1877, Woodhouse 6980-77 (Norfolk Co) William HALL, 23, farmer, Norwich, Middleton, s/o James & Elizabeth HALL married Mary SHIELDS, 17, Windham, Middleton, d/o John & Jane SHIELDS, witn: James HALL & William BURCH of Middleton, 2 Aug 1877, Middleton
#007115-77 (Norfolk Co): William Henry HAMBRIDGE, 23, builder, Canada, Simcoe, s/o John HAMBRIDGE & Sarah FOWLER, married Jessie Jane LAWSON, 18, Canada, Port Dover, d/o Adam LAWSON & Annie McINTOSH, witn: Bella BURGESS of Jarvis & Isaac LAWSON of Simcoe, 14 Nov 1877 at Port Dover 6982-77 (Norfolk Co) Henry W. HANSTED, 26, farmer, England, Middleton, s/o Henry & Charlotte HANSTED married Margaret EDMONDS, 22, Middleton, Middleton, d/o William & Ann EDMONDS, witn: Jonathan BAIN & Ann BUDD of Middleton, 11 March 1877, Delhi
  7186-77 (Norfolk Co) John HARPER, 30, widower, farmer, Canfield, Canfield, s/o John & Onner (Honor?) HARPER married Maria LARON (Larou?), 21, Simcoe, Simcoe, d/o John & Margaret LARON, witn: Albert LARON & Rosy SMITH of Simcoe, 4 Oct 1877, Simcoe
7027-77 (Norfolk Co) Charles HARRISON, 21, painter, Walsingham, Walsingham, s/o William & Matilda married Marion YONSON, 18, Walsingham, Walsingham, d/o George & Melissa, witn: John & Adam G. SINCLAIR of Vittoria, 2 March 1877, Charlotteville 7153-77 Israel HAVILAND, 21, farmer, Townsend, same, s/o William Henry & Eliza, married Victoria Louisa SMITH, 19, Townsend, same, d/o Daniel & Elizabeth, witn: Frank P. BURGESS of Drumbo & John LUNDY of Waterford, 26 Dec 1877 at Townsend
7062-77 (Norfolk Co) Clark S. HEALE, 39, merchant, England, Hamilton, s/o Thomas & Sarah HEALL married Maria CONNER, 21, Canada, Canada, d/o Owen & Ellen CONNER, witn: Josephine MABEE & Emma SCOTT of Port Rowan, 8 Feb 1877, Port Rowan 7061-77 (Norfolk Co) Isaac Benson HEALL, 22, farmer, Townsend, Windham, s/o Christopher & Charlotte HALL married Mary KELLAM, 22, Windham, Windham, d/o James & Mary KELLAM, witn: Isaac KELLAM & Charity KELLAM of Windham, 11 April 1877, Windham
7173-77 (Norfolk Co) Arthur HOBBS, 21, painter, England, Simcoe, s/o Joseph Saunders & Sarah HOBBS married Sarah LEMON, 20, Norfolk, Simcoe, d/o unknown, witn: J. S. HOBBS & A. W. SMITH of Simcoe, 13 Aug 1877, Simcoe 7178-77 (Norfolk Co) Frances Morris HOLCOMB, 24, yeoman, Crowland, Woodhouse, s/o Daniel Grove & Margaret HOLCOMB married Alice Melissa WRIGHT, 17, Woodhouse, Woodhouse, d/o John & Miranda WRIGHT, witn: Anne Jane SHEPPARD of Simcoe & James Cummings HOLCOMB of Woodhouse, 3 Oct 1877, Simcoe
7058-77 (Norfolk Co) George HOLMES, 50, widower, farmer, Niagara, Windham, s/o Isaac & Hulda HOLMES married Arabella DEPEW, 40, widow, Nova Scotia, Windham, d/o William & Azah CHESLEY, witn: Alansan HARRIS & Rev. B. B. MONTGOMERY of Brantford, 18 Jan 1877, Windham #007020-77 (Norfolk Co): Peter HORN, 40, farmer, Scotland, Port Dover, s/o James HORN & Margaret CLARK, married Mary Ann BOAL, 24, Ireland, Port Dover, d/o John BOAL & Isabella DONALDSON, witn: James HORN of Woodhouse & Peter LAWSON of Port Dover, 28 March 1877 at Port Dover
7102-77 (Norfolk Co) Judson HUBBARD, 20, tailor, Delhi, Middleton, s/o John & Mary HUBBARD married Emma J. BURN, 18, Townsend, Windham, d/o George & Elizabeth BURN, witn: Silas BURN & Eva BURN of Windham, 10 Sept 1877, Windham #007017-77 (Norfolk Co): John William HUMPHREY, 22, farmer, Walpole, Townsend, s/o Lawrence & Christena, married Frances WHITEHEAD, 17, Windham, Townsend, d/o Benjamin & Christianna, witn: Samuel & Barbara KITCHEN of Townsend, 26 May 1877 at Townsend
7037-77 Jacob IMMEL, 25, farmer, Clinton Canada, Middleton, s/o George IMMEL & Freidericke KIRSHNER, married Caroline SCHERER, 21, Stone Creek Canada, Middleton, d/o Andrew & Marie, witn: Leonhard IMMEL, T. LOWENSTEIN, Christian BILGER, & Christian SCHERER, all of Middleton, 23 Jan 1877 at St. Peters, Ev. Luth Church, Middleton 7184-77 (Norfolk Co) George Hair JACKSON, 30, merchant, Simcoe, Simcoe, s/o John JACKSON & Elizabeth HAIR married Margaret Stewart HUNTER, 25, Oneida, Simcoe, d/o Alexander HUNTER & Catherine EDINGTON, witn: John JACKSON & Alexander HUNTER of Simcoe, 14 Nov 1877, Simcoe
7024-77 (Norfolk Co) Edward R. JARVIS, 21, farmer, Canada, Walsingham, s/o Isaac & Rosetta JARVIS married Zelima A. ROSSELL, 17, Canada, Charlotteville, d/o Ezekiel & Catherine ROSSELL, witn: Nancy Ann MCCALL & Emma JONE of Charlotteville, 28 March 1877, Charlotteville 7189-77 (Norfolk Co) William Henry JOHNSON, 25, farmer, Grey Co, Simcoe, s/o William & Anne JOHNSON married Elizabeth Pauline WESTON, 19, Simcoe, Simcoe, d/o Richard & Elizabeth WESTON, witn: Richard Windsor WESTON & John Nixon FERGUSON of Simcoe, 25 Dec 1877, Simcoe
7156-77 (Norfolk Co) Charles KEMP, 28, blacksmith, Scotland, Charlotteville, s/o William & Christina KEMP married Melicia Ann WRIGHTMAN, 17, Ontario, Charlotteville, d/o Walter WRIGHTMAN & Martha HARKISON, witn: Helen Miller LIVINGSTONE & Mrs. Robert P. JACKSON of Simcoe, 2 March 1877, Simcoe 7012-77 (Norfolk Co) Frances KENNEDY, 21, farmer, Windham, Windham, s/o William & Jane KENNEDY married Agnes MCCAREY, 18, Townsend, Townsend, d/o William & Melvina MCCAREY, witn: Augusta SMITH of Burford & Sarah KENNEDY of Windham, 9 May 1877, Townsend
7175-77 (Norfolk Co) Francis KING, 32, deputy sheriff, England, Simcoe, s/o Robert & Catherine Frances KING married Mary Dean WALSH, 29, Simcoe, Simcoe, d/o Thomas William & Eliza WALSH, witn: Francis Leigh & Aquila WALSH of Simcoe, 8 Aug 1877, Simcoe 7149-77 Peter KING, 30, farmer, Nebraska US, same, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Annie CAMPBELL, 30, Glengarry Ont., Boston Ont., d/o Peter & Clara, witn: Robert A. BARTLETT of Renfrew Co & George F. MACLAM of Norwich, 16 Dec 1877 at Boston
7179-77 (Norfolk Co) Francis KITCHEN, 21, laborer, Port Ryerse, Woodhouse, s/o William & Catherine KITCHEN married Cora GILLMORE, 19, Aylmer, Woodhouse, d/o Alexander & Angeline GILLMORE, witn: Emma SHOFF & Helena SUTHERLAND of Simcoe, 18 Oct 1877, Simcoe #007019-77 (Norfolk Co): Elias KITCHEN, 42, farmer, Canada, Townsend, s/o Philip KITCHEN & Esther HEATH, married Mary Jane WATSON, 28, Canada, Woodhouse, d/o Elliott WATSON & Eliza Jane CARPENTER, witn: Julia WATSON of Woodhouse & Helen CRAIGIE of Port Dover, 21 March 1877 at Port Dover
7088-77 (Norfolk Co) James B. KNOWLES, 31, widower, farmer, Rochester US, Walsingham, s/o James & Jane KNOWLES married Mary DALES, 21, Walsingham, Walsingham, d/o Henry & Mary DALES, witn: James ALEXANDER & Margaret ABEL of Walsingham, 17 Oct 1877, Walsingham  
#007122-77 (Norfolk Co): John C. LAING, 22, farmer, Nassagaweya, Charlotteville, s/o Adam & Adeline, married Mary BOWYER, 20, Walpole, Charlotteville, d/o William & Harriet, witn: Lewis MESSECAR & Byron LAING, both of Charlotteville, 22 Nov 1877 at Charlotteville #007120-77 (Norfolk Co): James Easton LAING, 24, farmer, Puslinch, same, s/o John & Mary, married Eliza Ann HALL, 26, Pelham, Charlotteville, d/o James Colborne & Mary Ann HALL, witn: Florianda? DeWitt HALL & Elizabeth STEWART, both of Charlotteville, 7 Nov 1877 at res of the bride's father, Charlotteville
7172-77 (Norfolk Co) John LAWSON, 23, harness maker, Delhi, Simcoe, s/o Peter & Mary LAWSON married Alice ADAMS, 20, Simcoe, Simcoe, d/o George & Nancy ADAMS, witn: Isaac LAWSON & Bell BURGESS of Simcoe, 18 June 1877, Simcoe 7181-77 (Norfolk Co) Abraham Warren LEFLER, 22, farmer, Windham, Middleton, s/o Alen LEFLER & Nancy SLINGERLAND married Elizabeth Ann LEFLER, Middleton, Middleton, d/o James MARTIN & Mary Ann SHELDEN, witn: Benjamin A. BURNS of Simcoe & Fanny LOCKHART of Villa Nova, 17 Nov 1877, Simcoe
7107-78 Levi LEFLER, 20, laborer, Canada, Walsingham, s/o David & Sophia, married Jane LEFLER, 18, Canada, Walsingham, d/o Abram & Margaret, witn: Gideon & Margaret DAVID of Walsingham, 27 Dec 1877 at Walsingham 7136-77 (Norfolk Co) Samuel LEFLER, 21, farmer, Brant, Townsend, s/o Daniel & Matilda LEFLER married Euslati LUTES, 22, Houghton, Townsend, d/o James & Catherine LUTES, witn: William LUTES of Boston & Catharine ALMAS of Villa Noon, 14 Oct 1877, Townsend
7050-77 William LOUNSBERY, 22, farmer, Houten, Dereham, s/o Sylvester & Savella, married Maggie SANGER, 22, Dereham, same, d/o Samuel & Lucinda, witn: Sarah HAINES of Dereham & Polly OATMAN of Norwich, 28 May 1877 at Delhi 7158-77 (Norfolk Co) John LOWRY, 27, farmer, Woodhouse, Woodhouse, s/o Robert LOWRY & Sarah Ann DAVIDSON married Anna MCWILLIAM, 18, Scotland, Woodhouse, d/o Robert DAVIDSON & Mary MITCHELL, witn: Joseph SHARPE & Jessie Ann MITCHELL of Woodhouse, 16 April 1877, Simcoe
7145-77 John LUNDY, 21, farmer, Townsend, same, s/o Benjamin & Sarah, married Catherine WOODLEY, 21, Oakland, same, d/o Matthias & Mary, witn: F. P. BURGESS of Drumbo & Margaret HAVILAND of Boston, 26 Dec 1877 at Townsend  
7052-77 T. Ludwig MACHLENBOCHER (Machlenbacher?), 20, farmer, Rainham, same, s/o Ludwig MACHLENBOCHER & Carolina KREMP, married Sarah HERZER, 20, Middleton, same, d/o George HERZER & Rosina LANGOHR, witn: Ludwig MACHLENBOCHER of Rainham & Marie LONGOHR of Middleton, 12 June 1877 at father’s house 7014-77 (Norfolk Co) Stephen B. MACKLEM, 25, farmer, Windham, Lenington Michigan, s/o John & Margaret MACKLEM married Ella Theressa PURSELL, 20, Waterford, Waterford, d/o Jonathan E. & Maria PURSELL, witn: S. S. PURSELL & Hester Ann PURSELL of Waterford, 16 May 1877, Waterford
7169-77 (Norfolk Co) Alexander MACONACHIE (McConachie?), 34, widower, gentleman, Dumfries, Caledonia, s/o James MACONACHIE & Christina THOMPSON married Elizabeth Ann Jane CROSS, 21, Niagara, Simcoe, d/o William Henry & Margaret CROSS, witn: James MCCONACHIE & Mary MCCONACHIE of Oneida, 27 June 1877, Simcoe 7146-78 George MAGUIRE, 30, clerk, Richmond Ont., Courtland, s/o Thomas & Mary Ann, married Haryet Esther WHYTE, 19, Woodhouse, Courtland, d/o Thomas & Elizabeth, witn: Henry WHYTE of Courtland & Elsie MAGUIRE, 20 Dec 1877 at Courtland
7101-77 (Norfolk Co) John MAHER, 33, laborer, Sheffield, Windham, s/o Ann & James MAHER married Charlotte WINGROVE, 26, Nassagawaya, Walsingham, d/o Lucy & James WINGROVE, witn: Rebecca PAGE & Aaron Zelotes PAGE of Norwich, 10 Sept 1877, Windham 7060-77 (Norfolk Co) Daniel Wilson MASON, 25, farmer, North Norwich, North Norwich, s/o William B. & Sarah L. M. MASON married Rachel Maria BUCKBOROUGH, 21, Windham, Windham, d/o Gordon & Mary Ann BUCKBOROUGH, witn: David W & Alvira S. of Windham & Alvina SILVERTHORN of Burford, 28 March 1877, Windham
7063-77 (Norfolk Co) Walter MATTHEWS, 32, engineer, Colborne, Townsend, s/o Jane & Jane MATTHEWS, married, Isabella Russell REID, 21, Lynedock Norfolk, Walsingham, d/o John & Jane R. REID, witn: Duncan & Kate REID of Walsingham, 5 Feb 1877, Walsingham 7082-77 (Norfolk Co) Robert MCBRIDE, 23, farmer, Walpole, Houghton, s/o Robert & Margaret MCBRIDE married Estella BIGCROFT, 19, Michigan, Charlotteville, d/o Benjamin & Martha Ann BIGCROFT, witn: Emily AUSCOMB of Walsingham, 29 Aug 1877, Walsingham
7022-77 (Norfolk Co) James MCCALL, 21, farmer, Charlotteville, Charlotteville, s/o Jacob & Sarah MCCALL married Nancy A. MCQUEEN, 17, Canada, Charlotteville, d/o James & Elizabeth MCQUEEN, witn: James MCQUEEN & Jacob MCCALL of Charlotteville, 15 Jan 1877, Charlotteville 7048-77 Daniel W. McCALL, 22, yeoman, Vittoria, same, s/o Daniel McCALL & Janet COWAN, married Mary Elizabeth COWAN, 21, Middleton, same, d/o James COWAN & Jannette RONSON, witn: William DAWSON of Vittoria & Rosa COWAN of Middleton, 19 April 1877 at Middleton
7125-77 (Norfolk Co) Samuel Elijah MCCOOL, 20, farmer, Windham, Charlotteville, s/o Joseph & Emma MCCOOL married Almira Ethel Jennie CURTIS, 22, Townsend, Middleton, d/o Ephraim & Permilla CURTIS, witn: Martin Butler BUCKNER & Eliza Elizabeth BUCKNER of Lynedoch, 24 Dec 1877, at the bride's sister Lynedoch 7140-77 William Benjamin McINTOSH, 34, farmer, Windham, Townsend, s/o John R. & Elizabeth, married Helen Johnston HAIR, 27, Townsend, same, d/o Bartholomew & Margaret, witn: Johnstone & Annie HAIR of Rockford, 19 Dec 1877 at Townsend
7087-77 (Norfolk Co) William MCINTOSH, 23, laborer, Woodhouse, Walsingham, s/o Alexander & Sarah MCINTOSH married, Mary Isabell MINER, 18, Vittoria, Walsingham, d/o Daniel & Ellen MINER, witn: James MINER & Emma MCINTOSH of Walsingham, 30 Oct 1877, Walsingham 7076-77 (Norfolk Co) Patrick MCMASTER, 56, widower, farmer, Canada, Charlotteville, s/o James & Mary MCMASTER married Mary SCOTT, 17, Canada, Middleton, d/o William & Martha SCOTT, witn: Robert SCOTT & Sarah SCOTT of Middleton, 20 May 1877, Langton
  7044-77 Daniel McMULLEN, 22, railroad fireman Dereham, St. Thomas, s/o John & Margaret, married Mary Ann COLLINS, 18, Windham, Delhi, d/o John & Mary Ann, witn: Gideon EAGLES of Middleton & Cintha KITCHEN of Windham, 1 Jan 1877 at Delhi Station
7111-77 (Norfolk Co) Collin John MCNEILLEDGE, 24, farmer, Canada, Woodhouse, s/o Alexander McNEILLEDGE & Elizabeth RAPLEGE married Annie SHAND, 26, Canada, Woodhouse, d/o William SHAND & Marianna AUSTIN, witn: Alexander DECOW & Bertha NIXON of Woodhouse, 23 Oct 1877, Woodhouse #007118-77 (Norfolk Co): Samuel L. McPHERSON, 23, farmer, Canada, Woodhouse, s/o Samuel McPHERSON & Mary Ann PIPER, married Emma RYERSE, 23, Canada, Woodhouse, d/o Isaac Sweesy RYERSE & Mary CHAMBERLAIN, witn: Helen & Agnes CRAIGIE of Port Dover, 31 Dec 1877 at Port Dover
7143-77 John MILLER, 22, clerk, Dereham, Tilsonburg, s/o Alfred & Annie, married Hattie LONDESBURG, 20, Toronto, Waterford, d/o Edward & Rachel, witn: Edward GRACE & D. L. HOBSON, both of Waterford, 3 Oct. 1877 at Waterford 7182-77 (Norfolk Co) William John MILLER, 29, yeoman, Oakland, Windham, s/o Richard & Jane MILLER married Catherine DUNN, 24, Ireland, Windham, d/o Peter & Susan DUNN, witn: Helen Bligh SUEDER of Cayuga & Elliott Heddy GRASETT of Simcoe, 29 Nov 1877, Simcoe
7147-77 Henry MILLER, 27, farmer, Ancaster, Walsingham, s/o Philip & Diana, married Mary Vanval KEMBURGH, 25, Houghton, Norwich, d/o Peter Vanval & Mary, witn: Sylvia A. & Rhoda Minnie SLAGHT of Waterford, 28 Feb 1877 at Waterford #007157-78 (Norfolk Co): Joseph MILNER, 26, farmer, Ancaster, Windham, s/o Anthony & Catherine Jane, married Ella WHITEHEAD, 22, Windham, same, d/o Thomas & Maria, witn: Isaac NILNER of Windham, 19 Dec 1877 at Windham
7170-77 (Norfolk Co) David John MILSAP, 22, telegraph operator, Kingston, Jarvis, s/o William MILSAP & Margaret FERGUSON married Georgina IVEY, 23, Jarvis, Woodhouse, d/o Hugh IVEY & Mary BURGESS, witn: James B. AUSTIN & Robert HARRISON of Simcoe, 22 June 1877, Simcoe 7109-77 (Norfolk Co) James MISNER, 28, farmer, Canada, Woodhouse, s/o John & Margery MISNER married Sarah SHERMAN, 15, Canada, Woodhouse, d/o John & Flora SHERMAN, witn: John PRITCHARD & John MISNER, 15 Oct 1877, Woodhouse
7133-77 (Norfolk Co) Edgar MISNER, 21, farmer, Jerseyville, Townsend, s/o George & Gertrude MISNER married Hannah Marie CREASEY, 20, Saltfleet, Windham, d/o Arthur & Emma CREASEY, witn: Arthur CREASEY & Emma CREASEY of Simcoe, 26 Sept 1877, Waterford 007105-1878 (Norfolk Co.) John Henry MISNER?, 18, cabinet maker, Port Rowan, same, s/o John & Maggie, married Catharine PHILIPS, 18, Port Rowan, same, d/o Charles & Mary, witn: Sophia McDONELL & Annie CRONK, both of Walsingham, 19 Nov 1877 at Walsingham.
7029-77 (Norfolk Co) Harman MORICK, 28, farmer, Woodhouse, Charlotteville, s/o William & Ann married Martha C HENDERSHOTT, 21, Windham, Woodhouse, d/o Samuel & Mary, witn: Daniel HENDERSHOTT & Mary E. WOOD of Woodhouse, 3 Jan 1877, Woodhouse #007116-77 (Norfolk Co): Robert MORRISON, 25, farmer, Canada, Woodhouse, s/o Robert MORRISON & Jennette SOWERSBY, married Isabella McINTOSH, 29, Canada, Woodhouse, d/o Alexander & Isabella, witn: Livingston BUTLER & Julia McINTOSH, both of Woodhouse, 3 Dec 1877 at Woodhouse
7097-77 (Norfolk Co) Benjamin MORSE, 18, baker, Palermo, Fingal, s/o William & Nancy MORSE married Ada BOWMAN, 17, Burford, Burford, d/o Ephraim & Mary BOWMAN, witn: Frank BOWMAN of Kelvin & Elvira UTTER of Burford, 26 Sept 1877, Windham 07051-77 (Norfolk Co) William MURPHY, 46, widower, farmer, Charlotteville, Charlotteville, s/o Charles & Jane, married Matilda FINCH, 36, widow, Charlotteville, Charlotteville, d/o Jonathan SIMMONS & Margaret MILLER, witn: Joshua MUDGE & Eliza C. MUDGE of Middleton, 7 Jun 1877 at Middleton
7110-77 (Norfolk Co) Charles NORRIS, 25, railroad employee, Canada, St. Thomas, s/o William & Mary Ann NORRIS married Carrie C. LUSCOMBE, 21, widow, England, Simcoe, d/o Samuel LUSCOMBE & Caroline CLEMENT, witn: Helen CRAIGIE & Margaret HEPWORTH of Port Dover, 18 Oct 1877, Port Dover  
7059-77 (Norfolk Co) James ODBERT, 27, tradesman, Montreal, Stratford, s/o Thomas & Marianne ODBERT married Mary Helena RISPIN, 22, Petrolia, Windham, d/o John & Helena RISPIN, witn: Shirley RISPIN & Martha RISPIN of Windham, 28 Feb 1877, Windham 6988-77 (Norfolk Co) William H. OVERHOLT, 41, widower, farmer, Rainham twp Haldimand, Townsend, s/o Isaac OVERHOLT & Susannah VANLOON married Mary SMITH, 40, widow, Townsend, Townsend, d/o Abram MESSACAR & Martha WALKER, witn: Mrs. R. J. LOBB & Mrs. R.J. MERRILL of Hartford, 1 Jan 1877, Townsend
7159-77 (Norfolk Co) William PALMER, 26, farmer, Bosanquet, Norwich, s/o William PALMER & Phoebe Jane married Eliza Jane TREW, 22, Thorold, Norwich, d/o James & Traphena TREW, witn: J.G. MAIN & Arthur FITCH of Simcoe, 24 April 1877, Simcoe 7008-77 (Norfolk Co) Richard PATTERSON, 62, shoemaker, widower, England, Townsend, s/o James & Ann PATTERSON married Margaret COOPER, 38, widow, Oakland, Townsend, d/o William & Catherine ROBINSON, witn: William Young & Phebe YOUNG of Townsend, 27 Feb 1877, Rockford
7194-77 (Norfolk Co) Christopher Arthur PHELPS, 28, hotel keeper, Rutland Mass USA, Port Dover, s/o Stephen PHELPS & Elizabeth GREEN married Ruth Amelia DEAN, 30, Townsend, Simcoe, d/o Neil & Hannah DEAN, witn: Robert MATTHEWS & Elizabeth DEAN of Simcoe, 25 Dec 1877, Simcoe 7168-77 (Norfolk Co) Abraham PITCHER, 23, lumberman, Nelson, Townsend, s/o David & E. PITCHER married Mary L. WEYMER, 18, Townsend, Townsend, d/o J. & S. WEYMER, witn: Mary RYERSON & Elizabeth MCMAHON of Simcoe, 23 May 1877, Simcoe
7067-77 (Norfolk Co) James PONTING, 22, farmer, England, Walsingham, s/o Mark & Harriette PONTING married Ruth CRONK, 20, Walsingham, Walsingham, d/o William & Sophia CRONK, witn: Christopher CRONK & Annie CRONK of Walsingham, 31 Jan 1877, Walsingham 006984-1877 (Norfolk Co.) Abram POWELL, 23, farmer, Middleton, Hawtrey, s/o Abram & Elizabeth, married Mary Ann ELLIOTT, 23, Walsingham, Hawtrey, d/o James & Henrietta, witn: George LONGSTREET of Hawtrey, 30 Sep 1877 at Hawtrey.
7127-77 (Norfolk Co) John PRIDDLE, 58, widower, farmer, England, Houghton, s/o William & Nancy PRIDDLE married Mary GRAVERS, 50, widow, York State, Houghton, d/o Michael & Jane SIMMONS, witn: Edgar & Allace MISENER of Houghton, 22 Feb 1877, Houghton 7045-77 John QUANCE, 29, farmer, Binbrook, Middleton, s/o Robert & Alice, married Catherine FLUHRER, 22, Middleton, same, d/o Michael & Elizabeth, witn: Robert QUANCE & Mrs. John FLUHRER, both of Middleton, 17 Jan 1877 at Middleton
  7131-77 (Norfolk Co) Samuel RAMSEY, 35, widower, farmer, England, Bayham, s/o Samuel & Elizabeth RAMSEY married Emiline SAXTON, 31, Bayham, Houghton, d/o Robert & Mary SAXTON, witn: Tina MILLER & Elleanor MILLER of Bayham, 12 Nov 1877, Houghton
7079-77 (Norfolk Co) Charles Edward RAYMOND, 31, farmer, Houghton, Houghton, s/o William & Nancy RAYMOND married Henrietta Jane DENNY, 19, Walsingham, Walsingham, d/o William & Margaret DENNY, witn: James F. FINLAYSON & George T. ANGER of Walsingham, 8 Aug 1877, Walsingham 7188-77 (Norfolk Co) John REEVE, 29, widower, farmer, Suffolk England, Townsend, s/o Foster & Martha REEVE married Emily FETTIS, 35, widow, Cornwall England, Toronto, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth LETTHER?, witn: Thomas COATES of Simcoe & Phoebe BOWLBY of Woodhouse & Minnie REEVE of Townsend, 4 Dec 1877, Rose Hill Simcoe
7166-77 (Norfolk Co) John REN, 32, widower, farmer, Pelham Co Welland, Charlotteville, s/o David & Francis REN married Emily WARNER, 18, Niagara, Charlotteville, d/o Richard & Julia Anne WARNER, witn: Mary Emily GRASETT & Annie SHEPHERD of Simcoe, 3 July 1877, Simcoe 7155-77 (Norfolk Co) John Fredrick RENNAUD, 28, incumbent of St. Paul’s Church, Montreal, Port Dover, s/o Edward Thomas & Mary Anne RENNAUD married Sophia COVERNTON, 24, Charlotteville, Charlotteville, d/o James & Sarah COVERNTON, witn: Thomas DAVIS of Aylmer & Elliott GRASETT of Simcoe, 10 Jan 1877, Simcoe
#007156-78 (Norfolk Co): John RITENBERG, 27, carpenter, Saltfleet, Caistor, s/o David C. & Eliza Jane, married Mary Ann HYNDMAN, 21, Windham, same, d/o Archibald & Lucinda, witn: Wallace HYNDMAN of Windham & Mary Catherine COPE of Charlotteville, 25 Dec 1877 at Windham #007004-77 (Norfolk Co): Martin ROBINSON, 30, farmer, Townsend, same, s/o William & Catherine, married Mercy M. COOPER, 23, Townsend, same, d/o Matthew & Margaret, witnesses were David & Jemima BRADSHAW of Townsend, March 14, 1877 at Townsend
  7013-77 (Norfolk Co) Henry ROGERS, 21, farmer, Townsend, Townsend, s/o Orrin & Harriett ROGERS married Elizabeth Roxey MAGILL, 15, Windham, Townsend, d/o James & Catherine Jane MAGILL, witn: Robert James MAGILL & Victoria L. SMITH of Townsend, 16 May 1877, Townsend
#07119-77 (Norfolk Co): Ebenezer RYAN, 37, farmer, widower, Toronto, Middleton, s/o John & Catherine, married Eunice Ann BIGCROFT, 27, Charlotteville, same, d/o Nathan & Mary Ann, witn: Charles KNOLL & Catherine BIGCROFT, both of Charlotteville, 15 April 1877 at Charlotteville #007113-77 (Norfolk Co): Alfred Edward RYERSE, 28, farmer, Canada, Woodhouse, s/o Robert & Eliza, married Nancy HUBBARD, 22, Canada, Woodhouse, d/o Henry & Fanny, witn: Alfred ADES & Alice HUBBARD, both of Woodhouse, 31 Oct 1877 at Woodhouse
7108-78 Isaac H. SAXTON, 46, widower, farmer, Canada, Walsingham, s/o John H. & Annie, married Rachel DAVIES, 27, Port Rowan, Walsingham, d/o John & Mary, witn: Wilhelmina COLLETT & John DAVIES, both of Walsingham, 3 Nov 1877 at Port Rowan 7150-78 Elgin SCHOFF, 25, law student, Middlesex Co., Toronto, s/o Daniel & Jane, married Alice Adaline SHAW, 29, Townsend, same, d/o Benjamin & Margaret, witn: Kinsley SHAW & Minnie C. BARBER, both of Simcoe, 24 Dec 1877 at Townsend
007096-1877 (Norfolk Co.) Samuel SCOTT, 22, mechanic, Tillsonburg, same, s/o Reuben & Margaret, married Amelia CORNELL, 19, Burford, Middleton, d/o John & Mary Jane, witn: Ashley & William CORNELL of Burford, 19 Sep 1877 at Windham. 007016-77 (Norfolk Co): Daniel B. SCOTT, 30, farmer, NY state, Townsend, s/o George L. & Rachel, married Roxa PORTER, 22, Townsend, same, d/o James & Mary E., witn: Thomas SMITH & Elizabeth PORTER, both of Townsend, 13 June 1877 at Townsend
7092-77 (Norfolk Co) Charles SEABROOK, 24, farmer, Oakland, Windham, s/o John & Elizabeth SEABROOK married Alice L. HARTWICK, 21, USA, Windham, d/o Joseph & Lydia HARTWICK, witn: Joseph & Rachel SEABROOK, of Windham, 17 Oct 1877, Windham 7164-77 (Norfolk Co) Maxime SENECAL, 52, widower, night watchman, Bordeaux France, Walsingham, s/o Anthony & Mary Ann Francis SENECAL married Rosanna OUTWATER, 35, widow, Belleville, Walsingham, d/o Frederick & Mary Elizabeth HYNEMAN, witn: Herbert HURD & Helena SUTHERLAND of Simcoe, 18 May 1877, Simcoe
7026-77 (Norfolk Co) Robert E. SHANNON, 35, farmer, Charlotteville, Charlotteville, s/o William & Phebe married Margaret M. WASHINGTON, 25, Woodhouse, Charlotteville, d/o George & Mary Jane, witn: James & Sarah BRADT of Charlotteville, 11 April 1877, Charlotteville 7132-77 (Norfolk Co) George Albert SHAW, 23, laborer, Port Dover, Waterford, s/o James & Eliza SHAW married Annie Mabee BAKER, 24, widow, Ancaster, Waterford, d/o Silas & Eliza MABEE, witn: Catharine MURTLAND & Mary SILVERTHORN of Waterford, 11 Sept 1877, Waterford
7007-77 (Norfolk Co) Henry SHAW, 33, farmer, Leeds, Windham, s/o Robert & Sarah SHAW married Hannah ROBINSON, 25, Norfolk, Windham, d/o Martin & Julia ROBINSON, witn: Joshua & Clarissa YOUNG of Waterford, 28 March 1877, Waterford #007123-77 (Norfolk Co): James SHERK, 21, laborer, Wainfleet, Middleton, s/o Jesse & Susannah, married Mary Louisa CURTIS, 19, Townsend, Middleton, d/o Ephraim & Permilia, witn: Talbot WOODS of Walsingham & Almira Roxanne CURTIS of Charlotteville, 4 Dec 1877 at Lynedoch
7081-77 (Norfolk Co) Richard SHERMAN, 21, laborer, Canada, Walsingham, s/o John & Flora SHERMAN married Rhoda DICKINSON, 21, Indiana USA, Walsingham, d/o Richard & Eliza DICKINSON, witn: Charles ROSS of Port Rowan, 11 Sept 1877, Port Rowan 7023-77 (Norfolk Co) Charles W. SIMES, 27, farmer, Canada, Charlotteville, s/o John & Elizabeth SIMES married Annie Belle TEEPLE, 21, Charlotteville, Charlotteville, d/o Thomas & Caroline TEEPLE, witn: Joseph SHEENER of Charlotteville, 10 Feb 1877, Charlotteville
7161-77 (Norfolk Co) Elias Lorenzo SIPLE, 38, widower, hotel keeper, Norwich, Burford, s/o Ezra & Jane Anne SIPLE married Charlotte MARTIN, 32, West Dumfries, Burford, d/o George & Annie MARTIN, witn: Kate GALAVAINE & Robert NELLES of Simcoe, 23 May 1877, Simcoe 6981-77 (Norfolk Co) David W. SITZER, 37, widower, farmer, Thorold, Middleton, s/o Henry & Mariah SITZER married Sarah Ann MABEE, 38, widow, Middleton, Middleton, d/o Henry & Mary MABEE, witn: William SMITH & John BEAN ( Beam?) of Middleton, 24 June 1877, Middleton
#007003-77 (Norfolk Co): George C. SKINNER, 32, farmer, Scotland, Windham, s/o James & Isabella, married Agnes TOPPER, 25, Townsend, same, d/o Jeremiah & Matilda, witnesses were S.B. & Ersala NELLES of Townsend, Feb. 21, 1877 at Waterford 7129-77 (Norfolk Co) John SMITH, 21, farmer, Ontario, Windham, s/o John SMITH & Elizabeth SMITH married Keturah CHAPMAN, Ontario, Houghton, d/o Jacob & Matilda CHAPMAN, witn: Ruben GENERAUX & Emma Keturah [surname?] of Walsingham, 4 Oct 1877, Houghton
#007121-77 (Norfolk Co): George Henry SMITH, 26, farmer, Beverly, North Cayuga, s/o William & Catherine Margaret, married Mary Barbara KINCLE (or Kinde), 24, Germany, Middleton, d/o John Ludwig & Mary Barbara, witn: Charles KINCLE & Lena BOWYER, both of Middleton, 13 Nov 1877 at Lynedoch  
7183-77 (Norfolk Co) Oliver Cromwell SOVEREEN, 23, farmer, Townsend, Middleton, s/o Louis SOVEREEN & Eunice MATHEWS married Sarah Ann SNICK, 21, Walsingham, Lynedoch, d/o Absolom SNICK & Martha KELLY, witn: Mrs. Robert JACKSON & Mrs. W. W. LIVINGSTONE, 14 Nov 1877, Simcoe 6986-77 (Norfolk Co) Wesley STRATTON, 26, farmer, Canada, Bayham, s/o David & Druscilla STRATTON married Mary MCALISTER, 22, Canada, Bayham, d/o John & Anne MCALISTER, witn: Wellington SHARP of Houghton & Charlotte JACKSON of Middleton, 6 Nov 1877, Middleton
7108-77 (Norfolk Co) Richard SWAIN, 26, farmer, Canada, Woodhouse, s/o Richard & Abigail SWAIN married Sarah Jane DAVIS, 19, Canada, Woodhouse, d/o John DAVIS & Martha PHILIPS, witn: Matthew DAVIS & Eliza Ann LONG, of Woodhouse, 25 Sept 1877, Port Dover 007106-1878 (Norfolk Co.) John SWICK, 18, farmer, Canada, Walsingham, s/o Absolom & Martha, married Matilda SCHRAM, 18, Charlotteville, Walsingham, d/o Valentine & Martha, witn: Absolom & Martha SWICK, both of Walsingham, 11 Nov 1877 at Walsingham.
7157-77 (Norfolk Co) Andrew THOMPSON, 24, servant, Dover, Simcoe, s/o Lenox & blank THOMPSON married Mary MOISE (Morse?), 21, Dover, Simcoe, d/o Robert & Eliza MOISE, witn: W. H. DUNGAN & Sally HARRIS of Simcoe, 14 March 1877, Rosehill Simcoe 7104-77 (Norfolk Co) William Francis TIBBETTS, 25, druggist, not given, Port Dover, s/o William & Norah M. TIBBETTS married Charlotte Emily ANSLEY, 24, Port Dover, Port Dover, d/o Ozias & Clara ANSLEY, witn: John M. RIDDELL of Stratford & Clara M. LANG of Hamilton, 31 July 1877, Port Dover
#007114-77 (Norfolk Co): William TRINSTER, 61, farmer, Ro--ford England, Woodhouse, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Matilda NEWCOMB, 47, widow, Canada, Woodhouse, d/o Lawrence & Jane SANDS, witn: J.E. & Emma ANDERSON of Woodhouse, 7 Nov 1877 at Woodhouse 6999-77 (Norfolk Co) Isaac B. UPTEGROVE, 28, blacksmith, Norfolk, Waterford, s/o Absalom & Nancy UPTEGROVE married Henrietta MCDONALD, 20, Bayham, Waterford, d/o Allen & Lydia MCDONALD, witn: Fred HAYWARD & Rhoda BEAM of Waterford, 17 Jan 1877, Waterford
7163-77 (Norfolk Co) William VARY, 28, bricklayer, Port Dover, Woodhouse, s/o Brian & Maria VARY married Charlotte STEVENSON, 18, Port Dover, Woodhouse, d/o John & Eleanor STEVENSON, witn: Margaret PARKER of Port Dover & Helena SUTHERLAND of Simcoe, 20 March 1877, Simcoe 7034-77 (Norfolk Co) Leonard VEIT, 30, farmer, Germany, Middleton, s/o Katharine VEIT married Marie BILGER, 17, Canada, Middleton, d/o Christina BILGER, witn: Louise B. VEIGEL , Frederick HERMANN, Martin WALTHER, Christian BILGER & Marie LONGOHR of Middleton, 2 Jan 1877, Middleton
7165-77 (Norfolk Co) Charles WALDERICK, 21, sailor, Woodhouse, Woodhouse, s/o Frederick & Lydia WALDERICK married Laura BURLEIGH, 20, London, Woodhouse, d/o Watiss & Hannah BURLEIGH, witn: Charles BURLEIGH & Catherine WALDERICK of Woodhouse, 15 Jan 1877, Simcoe 7151-78 William S. WALKER, 30, barrister, Brantford, Montreal, s/o John & Janet, married Sarah PERNEY, 25, Townsend, same, d/o David & Eleanor, witn: Nelson CLARKE & Lewis SLAGHT, both of Waterford, 11 July 1877 at Waterford
7047-77 Thomas WALKER, 24, laborer, Middleton, same, s/o William WALKER & Resherbon? WEAVER, married Katherine SCHERER, 24, Buffalo NY, Middleton, d/o Andreas SCHERER & Margerethe GREISBACH, witn: Carl ARMBRUST, William WALKER, Christine SCHERER & Mary VOIGT, all of Middleton, 1 May 1877 at Lutheran Church, Middleton 7134-77 (Norfolk Co) Robert WALLACE, 27, farmer, Windham, Townsend, s/o Alex & Sarah Ann WALLACE married Mary WILSON, 21, Townsend, Townsend, d/o Hugh & Margaret WILSON, witn: David COLLVER of Bloomsbury & David WALLACE of Simcoe, 12 Sept 1877, Townsend
6979-77 James WARK, 22, laborer, Middleton, same, s/o Henry & Mary, married Emily Jane ARMBRUST, 21, Middleton, same, d/o William & Susan, witn: Martha HUBBARD & Sarah GUEST (Grist?), both of Delhi, 19 Aug.. 1877 at Delhi 7171-77 (Norfolk Co) James WARMINGTON, 43, farmer, Ireland, Townsend, s/o Richard WARMINGTON & Elizabeth COLTER married Mary Francis AUSTIN, 21, Woodhouse, Woodhouse, d/o Joseph AUSTIN & Margaret TELLER, witn: Joseph & Oliver AUSTIN of Woodhouse, 13 June 1877, Woodhouse
7015-77 (Norfolk Co) William WELSH, 21, farmer, Simcoe, Townsend, s/o Walter & Mary WELSH married Cecelia YOUNG, 20, Glanford, Townsend, d/o Stephen & Elizabeth YOUNG, witn: John SMITH & Jennie YOUNG of Townsend, 10 June 1877, Waterford 7010-77 (Norfolk Co) Ephraim WHEELER, 46, widower, farmer, Woodhouse, Woodhouse, s/o John & Charlotte WHEELER, married Ann Jane WALKER, 31, Townsend, Townsend, d/o Adam & Mary WALKER, witn: Charles VINNEY & Mrs. Charles KENNEY, 30 Jan 1877, Townsend
7072-77 (Norfolk Co) John WHEELER, 21, farmer, Walsingham, Walsingham, s/o John & Elizabeth WHEELER married Maggie HUTCHINSON, 23, Walsingham, Walsingham, d/o Edward & Ellen HUTCHINSON, witn: Albert E. HUTCHINSON of Walsingham, 23 May 1877, Port Rowan 007095-1877 (Norfolk Co.) Isaac WHITEHEAD, 24, mechanic, Windham, same, s/o James & Sarah, married Jennie POWELL, 19, Windham, same, d/o James William & Symilda, witn: Eliza WHITEHEAD & Mary POWELL, both of Windham, 28 Nov 1877 at Windham
6978-77 William WILKINSON, 31, mason, Thorold, same, s/o Robert WILKINSON & Rebecka VANDERBURG, married Amanda VANDERBURG, 24, Thorold, Windham, d/o Stephen VANDERBURG & Amanda WILL, witn: Henry N. & James F. VANDERBURG, both of Windham, 2 Aug. 1877 at Windham 7176-77 (Norfolk Co) Thomas WILLIAMSON, 26, book keeper, Dundas, Chicago, s/o John & Elizabeth WILLIAMSON married Enerva CARTER, 26, Hamilton, Simcoe, d/o Henry & Catherine CARTER, witn: John WILLIAMSON & Robert ROCHESTER of Simcoe, 24 Sept 1877, Simcoe
  7062-78 Elias WOODLEY, 24, farmer, Oakland twp., same, s/o Matthias WOODLEY& Mary Ann, married Mary McINTYRE, 23, Oakland, same, d/o Peter McINTYRE & Matilda, witn: M.H. HAVILAND & John LUNDY, both of Townsend, 19 Dec 1877 at Townsend
7086-77 (Norfolk Co) Large WOODWARD, 23, farmer, Charlotteville, Walsingham, s/o Joseph & Mary WOODWARD married, Malinda BURGER, 21, Walsingham, Walsingham, d/o Oscar & Margaret BURGER, witn: June CAMPBELL & Ella MORGAN of Walsingham, 2 Dec 1877, Walsingham 7021-77 (Norfolk Co) George Wesley WRIGHT, 44, widower, Physician & Surgeon, England, Berlin, s/o Jonas & Elizabeth WRIGHT married Carrie WALKER, 34, widow, Canada, Woodhouse, d/o Isaac & Anna TELLER, witn: Thomas Gray MATHESON of Simcoe & George Wilson WRIGHT of Port Colborne, 5 June 1877, Woodhouse
7009-77 (Norfolk Co) John YOUNG, 21, carpenter, Townsend, Townsend, s/o William & Phebe YOUNG married Euseba ROBINSON, 20, Townsend, Townsend, d/o William & Catherine ROBINSON, witn: Phebe YOUNG & J. E. COCKS of Townsend, 10 Feb 1877, Villa Nova Townsend 7083-77 (Norfolk Co) Fredrick ZIMMER, 24, farmer, Walsingham, Walsingham, s/o John & Ann ZIMMER married Charlotte MILLS, 21, Lynden, Walsingham, d/o John & Malinda MILLS, witn: Alfred GODBY & Jane ZIMMER of Walsingham, 6 June 1877, Walsingham