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  boat ramp at Long Point Provincial Park, May 2009

Norfolk Co., 1886

birth place is given before residence


7835-86 (Norfolk) Ai? ABBOTT, 26, Farmer, Walsingham, s/o David & Alzina, married Eliza Jane FOSTER, 24, Walsingham, d/o Edward & Amanda, wit: William FOSTER, Isaiah FOSTER, of Walsingham, 4 Jan. 1886, at Walsingham.  
7935-86 George W. ALTON, 27, farmer, Houghton, same, s/o John & Margaret, married Janet JACKSON, 23, Moore twp., Houghton, d/o Samuel & Jane, 24 Feb 1886 at res of W. H. Treadwell, Clear Creek 7840-86 (Norfolk) William ANDRESS, 27, Farmer, Charlotteville, Charlotteville, s/o John & Nancy, married Rosalie Breza NEWMAN, 23, Walsingham, Walsingham, d/o George W. PRICE, Francis NEWMAN, of Walsingham, 10 Feb. 1886, at Walsingham
7843-86 (Norfolk Co): Joseph ANGUISH, 29, farmer, Walsingham, same, s/o Jacob & Prescilla, married Sarah BUNNING?, 28, Walsingham, same, d/o William & Eliza, witn: Ella & William BRIDGEMAN of Langton, 9 Feb 1886 at Langton #007870-86 (Norfolk Co): Robert Waddle AUSTIN, 35, carpenter, Woodhouse, same, s/o Isaac & Margery, married Rachel Lenore GEE, 18, Windham Centre, same, d/o William & Louise, witnesses were Cynthia Ann GOULD & Esther Ann SMITH, both of Luterville, Feb. 1, 1886 at Luterville
7845-86 (Norfolk Co): George AYRES, 60, widower, farmer, England, Walsingham, s/o Isaac & Elizabeth, married Henrietta UNDERHILL, 25, Walsingham, same, d/o Henry & Nancy, witn: William LEES & Nancy UNDERHILL, both of Walsingham, 8 March 1886 at Walsingham 7922-86 Henry V. BALDWIN, 25, teacher, Walsingham, Dixon Illinois, s/o John & Jane, married Annie L. CRIDLAND, 22, Walsingham, Port Rowan, d/o Robert & Jane, witn: Arthur MYERS & Lizzie CRUISE, 23 March 1886 at Port Rowan
  7919-86 (Norfolk Co): William Harrison BARRINGER, 21, shoe maker, Ontario, St. Williams Ont., s/o Smith & Mary, married Jennette HATHAWAY, 18, Walsingham, same, d/o Thomas & Fanny, witn: William W. & Annie S. FINCH of St. Williams, 30 Dec 1886 at St. Williams
#007861-86 (Norfolk Co): Louis BARRONS, 22, farmer, Gainsboro, Walsingham, s/o Louis & Louisa, married Ann WHITE, 17, Walsingham, same, d/o Joseph & Mary, witnesses were Katie BARRONS & Mary WHITE, both of Walsingham, Oct. 20, 1886 at Langton #007860-86 (Norfolk Co): George A. BENNING?, 23, farmer, Walsingham, same, s/o William & Eliza, married Minnie B. McKAY, 16, Midland Michigan, Walsingham, d/o William & Mary, witnesses were Elizabeth MILLER & Anna E. SUTZER, both of Walsingham, Oct. 24, 1886 at Walsingham
7856-86 (Norfolk Co): Nelson BLOOMFIELD, 47, widower, farmer, Brant twp., Walsingham, s/o John & Eliza, married Harriet MARKELL, 42, widow, Ancaster, Houghton, d/o Peter & Elizabeth WILSON, witn: Tabitha & Jane MARSHALL of Langton, 9 Sept 1886 at Langton 7913-86 (Norfolk Co): John Thomas BLOOMFIELD, 22, farmer, Windham twp., same, s/o John & Phebe, married Florence KALAR, 18, Wentworth Co., Townsend twp., d/o James & Alice, witn: Mrs. J.B. & Bessie MOORE of Waterford, 13 Oct 1886 at Waterford
#007864-86 (Norfolk Co): Robert BOOTH, 33, farmer, Walsingham, same, s/o John & Jane, married Hannah BUNKER, 27 (or 29), Walsingham, same, d/o Robert & Jerusha, witnesses were George E. COTTLE? & Mary A, BUNKER, both of Walsingham, Nov. 24, 1886 at Walsingham 7849-86 (Norfolk Co): John BRACKENBERRY, 27, farmer, Canada, Walsingham, s/o Samuel & Catherine, married Lillie TRASK, 22, Canada, Walsingham, d/o George & Rhoda, witn: Charles & Annie WILSON of Walsingham, 22 Feb 1886 at Walsingham
7923-86 John BROWN, 19, farmer, Charlotteville, Walsingham, s/o Elizabeth & blank, married Juliette ROBINS, 17, Haldimand, Walsingham, d/o William & Mary, witn: Clary & Eliza SMITH of Charlotteville, 26 Jan 1886 at Charlotteville  
7875-86 (Norfolk Co): Charles F. BURKHOLDER, 30, merchant, Hamilton, Otterville, s/o Enoch & Harriet, married Sarah J. BLANEY, 21, Lynnville, same, d/o John & Jane, witn: Charles RAMMAGE & Alice LEAR, both of Lynnville, 29 April 1886 at Lynnville 7909-86 (Norfolk Co): Thomas BURTON, 25, farmer, Simcoe, Woodhouse, s/o Thomas & Maria, married Fannie MISNER, 23, Windham twp., same, d/o Anthony & Jane, witn: Alfred MISNER & Nettie BURLINGHAM, both of Windham, 18 May 1886 at Waterford
#007859-86 (Norfolk Co): John R. BUTCHER, 21, farmer, Walsingham, same, s/o William & Mary A., married Annie TILLEY, 16, Walsingham, same, d/o James & Emma, witnesses were George CHRISTIANS & Elizabeth MILLER, both of Walsingham, Sept. 8, 1886 at Walsingham 7872-86 (Norfolk Co): J.L. M. CANFIELD (Caufield?), 31, farmer, Townsend, Windham, s/o Ziba? William & Hannah, married Hannah GREEN, 24, Windham, same, d/o John & Euphemia, witn: Delos CANFIELD of Windham & Alberta DEPEW of Teeterville, 3 March 1886 at Windham
7874-86 (Norfolk Co): Nathaniel S. CARD, 50, widower, farmer, Toronto, Charlotteville, s/o Isaac CARD & Phebe SETTER? (Setler?), married Maggie MILLER, 39, Dumfries, Windham, d/o William MILLER & Agnes RITCHE, witn: Isabella A. WILLIAMS & Thomas MILLER, both of Windham, 8 April 1886 at Windham 7930-86 William CARRINGTON, 20, farmer, Townsend, Charlotteville, s/o Amby & Murilla, married Emma WOOD, 19, Windham, Port Ryerse, d/o Ira & Catherine, witn: Herman WOOD of Port Ryerse & Mary WODHAM of Walsingham, 19 Aug 1886 at Vittoria
7844-86 (Norfolk Co): William Ransaler CHATTERTON, 28, farmer, Townsend, Houghton, s/o Thomas & Josephine, married Winnie MATTHEWS, 19, Houghton, same, d/o Jacob & Jane, witn: Justus BARBER of Langton, 24 Feb 1886 at Langton 7891-86 (Norfolk) John Milton COLLVER, 25, Farmer, Woodhouse Tp., Charlotteville Tp., s/o William V. & Samantha, married Mary Elizabeth CALDWELL, 23, Widow, Wainfleet Tp., Woodhouse Tp., d/o Richard & Elizabeth DURHAM, wit: Elgin WOODLEY, Matilda ROBERTS, of Woodhouse, 22 Dec. 1886, at Port Dover
  7833-86 (Norfolk) Alvin J. COOK, 24, Farmer, Walsingham, s/o William & Henrietta, married Mary Jane RUSH, 19, Jarvis - Co. Haldimand, Walsingham, d/o Rob’t & Mary, wit: George BURNS, John SULLIVAN, of Walsingham, 17 Jan. 1886, at Walsingham
7881-86 (Norfolk Co): Ewing R. CROMBIE, 26, farmer, Windham, same, s/o Ewing & Janet, married Jennet HUNTER, 26, Windham, same, d/o William & Mary Jane, witn: Mrs. W.D. BOYCE of Windham & T.J. WRAY of Teeterville, 30 Nov 1886 at Teeterville 7871-86 (Norfolk Co): George CUNNINGHAM, 25, farmer, Rainham, Windham, s/o William & Susan, married Maggie PEW, 19, Windham, same, d/o John & Melissa, 24 Feb 1886 at Teeterville
7857-86 (Norfolk Co): Alexander DAVIDSON, 31, physician, Berlin Ont., Toronto, s/o George & Margaret, married Frances Mabee THOROLD, 26, Charlotteville, St. Williams, d/o William & Eliza, witn: Caroline Emily WYLD & Bartle E. BULL, both of Toronto, 16 Sept 1886 at Port Rowan 7834-86 (Norfolk) Tho’s Harper DAVIDSON, 33, Mason, Yorkshire England, Middleton, s/o Cha’s & Isabella, married Elizabeth RIBLLE, 22, Houghton, Walsingham, d/o Henry W. & Betsy, wit: Ella BRIDGMAN, Justus BAILER, of Walsingham, 19 Jan. 1886, at Langton.
7841-86 (Norfolk) Thomas Del SANTO, 25, Laborer, Cadd Campyne Italy, Walsingham, s/o of Andrew & Angela, married Elizabeth PONTING, 20, Walsingham, Walsingham, d/o Mark & Hariette, wit: Elgen PONTING, Harriette PONTING, of Walsingham, 23 Feb. 1886, at Walsingham. 7845-86 (Norfolk Co): Charles B. ELLISON, 26, shoe maker, Blandford, Walsingham, s/o J.B. (Joseph?) & Mary, married Mary Ann SPENCER, 21, Walsingham, same, d/o Large & Sarah, witn: Joseph & Mary BOOTH of Walsingham, 8 March 1886 at Walsingham
#006993-79? (Norfolk Co): Christopher EVANS, 32, farmer, Canada, Walsingham, s/o Richard & Elizabeth EVANS, married Jean E. MARTIN, 24, US, Charlotteville, d/o Joseph & Sarah MARTIN; witnesses were Francis Evans, Frances Martin. 17 Mar 1886 at St Williams. 7928-86 Christopher EVANS, 32, farmer, Canada, Walsingham, s/o Richard & Elizabeth, married Jean E. MARTIN, 24, USA, Charlotteville, d/o Joseph & Sarah, witn: Francis EVANS & Frances MARTIN, 17 march 1886 at St. Williams
7925-86 Albert FARR, 28, farmer, Walsingham, same, s/o Peter & Jemima, married Lettie DODGE, 24, Walsingham, same, d/o Newell & Phoebe, witn: John HACKETT of Vittoria, 25 April 1886 at Vittoria 7876-86 (Norfolk Co): Stephen FERRELL, 21, farm laborer, Burford, same, s/o Andrew & Emeline, married Sarah Ann STEEL, 17, Burford, same, d/o Alexander & Mary, witn: Eliza C. HALL & Harriet E. TOUT, both of Kelvin, 23 July 1886 at Kelvin
#007863-86 (Norfolk Co): Chauncey Clesstor FINCH, 25, farmer, Houghton, same, s/o Thomas & Catherine, married Florence Josephine HUTCHINSON, 20, Walsingham, same, d/o Henry & Louisa, witnesses were Ora FINCH of Houghton & Floyd FRANKLIN of Port Rowan, Nov. 24, 1886 at Walsingham 7879-86 (Norfolk Co): George F. FOISE (or Forse), 23, farmer, Windham, same, s/o George & Maria, married Alfreda A. SEABROOK, 22, Teeterville, same, d/o George & Rachel, witn: Rachel & William SEABROOK of Teeterville, 6 Oct 1886 at Teeterville
7877-86 (Norfolk Co): Alvinzy FOSS, 23, farmer, Pelham, Charlotteville, s/o Moses FOSS & Almira STOW (Slow?), married Mary Ann RICE, 23, Walsingham, Charlotteville, d/o George RICE & Phoebe Catherine STOW, 29 Sept 1886 at Windham 7884-86 James Peter FOURNER, 26, brakeman, Tilsonburg, St. Thomas, s/o Peter & Bridget, married Bell MABEE, 22, Charlotteville, Port Dover, d/o Gabriel & Christena, witn: Thomas BRINAN & Flora AUSTIAN, both of Pt. Dover, 21 May 1886 at Port Dover
7889-86 (Norfolk) Robert FOWLER, 24, Farmer, Hagersville, Hagersville, s/o John & Sarah, married Elle BOWMAN, 19, Walpole Twp., Walpole Twp., d/o Edward & Catherine, wit: Eugena JOHNSTON, of Port Dover, 30 Nov. 1886, at Port Dover. 008109-1888 (Norfolk Co.) Ezra GABLE, 20, farmer, Townsend, same, s/o Ezra & Dorothy, married Sarah SCHRAM, 15, Charlotteville Twp., Townsend, d/o John & Matilda, witn: Emma & ? NORTH, both of Waterford, 29 Sep 1886 at Waterford
7892-86 (Norfolk) Peter Henry GAMBLE, 34, Book Keeper, Nanticoke, Grimsby, s/o Samuel & Sarah BONDHEAD, married Edith Elizabeth BUCKWELL, 37, Port Dover, Port Dover, d/o Alfred & Louisa, wit: Charles MILLS, of Grimsby, Alice BUCKWELL, of Port Dover, 29 Dec. 1886, at Port Dover. 7911-86 (Norfolk Co): John HAWTHORN, 28, widower, farmer, Townsend, Walpole, s/o Samuel & Sarah, married Mary Elizabeth TERRY, 23, Stromness, Walsingham twp., d/o Abram & Mary, witn: William HAWTHORN & Elizabeth E. MILLER, both of Walpole, 14 July 1886 at Waterford
7827-86 (Norfolk) Andrew HEWSON, 32, Farmer, Garnet, Garnet, s/o Andrew & Ann, married Emily McBRIDE, 23, Woodhouse, Victor, d/o James & Isabel, wit: Robert B. HEWSON, of Woodhouse, Lizzey McBRIDE, of Port Dover, 14 July 1886 at Victor  
7936-86 Robert C. HILL, 40, farmer, Walpole, Walsingham, s/o John & Jane, married Mary AUSTIN, 32, Townsend, Walsingham, d/o Lewis & Lydia, witn: Hannah TREADWELL & Adah MILLARD, both of Clear Creek, 29 May 1886 at Clear Creek 7912-86 (Norfolk Co): William R. HOBBS, 30, commercial traveller, England, London Ont., s/o George & Betsy, married Florence FOSTER, 26, Waterford, same, d/o Daniel R. & Lydia Ann, witn: H.M. ABBOTT of London & Edith MASTER of Gravenhurst, 4 Aug 1886 at Waterford
7837-86 (Norfolk) Henry J. HODGENS, 24, Farmer, Walsingham, Walsingham, s/o Samuel & Mary Jane, married Ida B. HUTCHINSON, 21, Walsingham, Walsingham, d/o Edward & Ellen, wit: Jane HARRIS, Warren HARRIS, of Bayham, 2 Feb. 1886, at Walsingham 7887-86 Richard HOLMES, 30, shoe maker, England, Simcoe Ont., s/o Richard & Ruth, married Kate FAULKNER, 28, England, Simcoe, d/o Charles & Rosa, witn: H. W. PEARSEL of Simcoe & Clara FAULKNER of Pt. Dover, 7 Oct 1886 at Port Dover
7842-86 (Norfolk) Alfred HOOPER, 22, Carpenter, London England, Port Rowan, s/o Albion & Charlotte, married Mary E. DUNFORD, 31, London England, Port Rowan, d/o Tho’s & Mary E., wit: E. WOOD, W.H. DUNFORD, of Pt. Rowan, 2 Mar. 1886, at Port Rowan 7915-86 (Norfolk Co): David Clark JOHNSON, 22, farmer, Townsend, same, s/o Henry & Hannah, married Eunice McWILLIAMS, 21, Burford twp., same, d/o Alexander & Amanda, witn: J.H. WOODLEY of Townsend & Emma McWILLIAMS of Burford, 22 Dec 1886 at Waterford
7846-86 (Norfolk Co): Walter KELLUM, 32, Townsend, Lynedoch, s/o Jason & Elsie, married Hilda REID, 30, Walsingham, same, d/o John & Lucy, witn: Aguilla REID of Walsingham & Clara LOVEL of Tilsonburg, 10 Feb 1886 at Walsingham 7855-86 (Norfolk Co): Malon M. KITCHEN, 62, widower, farmer, Bloomsburgh, Waterford, s/o William & Lavina, married Harriet L. KITCHEN, 60, widow, Simcoe, Walsingham, d/o Abram & Hester WILSON, witn: M.C. WILSON & George BURNS, both of Walsingham, 4 Aug 1886 at Langton
7883-86 Samuel A. LAN (Lair?), 27, farmer, Woodhouse twp., same, s/o John LAN & Ann Jane AIKENS, married Elizabeth DIXON, 22, Woodhouse twp., Port Dover, d/o William DIXON & Julia LAMONT, witn: Walter E. LAN of Woodhouse & Josephine DIXON of Pt. Dover, 24 Feb 1886 at Port Dover 7932-86 Richard LLOYD, 41, widower, farmer, Simcoe – Norfolk, Charlotteville, s/o William & Ann, married Mariann Rebecca SECORD, 34, widow, Charlotteville, same, d/o Joseph & Elizabeth SIMONS, witn: Emily & Elizabeth SMITH of Charlotteville, 4 Sept 1886 at Charlotteville
7858-86 (Norfolk Co): Walter LOUCKS, 25, farmer, Walsingham, same, s/o Jacob & Elizabeth, married Sarah Delia SMITH, 30, Canborough, Walsingham, d/o Lewis & Elizabeth, witn: Howard SMITH & Julia BROWN, both of Walsingham, 12 Oct 1886 at Walsingham 7914-86 (Norfolk Co): Perez Dean MARLATT, 50, widower, hotel keeper, Saltfleet twp., Simcoe, s/o Caleb & Amanda, married Mary Jane BRETT, 26, Walpole twp., Simcoe, d/o William & Mary, witn: Herbert COLLVER & Jennie MARLATT, both of Waterford, 17 Oct 1886 at Waterford
7846-86 (Norfolk Co): William MARTIN, 29, farmer, Devonshire England, Walsingham, s/o James & Elizabeth, married Phebe GILBERT, 28, Delhi, Middleton, d/o John & Emily, witn: Ella BRIDGEMAN & Maggie SURANE?, both of Langton, 12 March 1886 at Langton 7851-86 (Norfolk Co): Charles McDONALD, 25, physician, of Tilsonburg, s/o William & Janet, married Jenny RAYMOND, 22, of Walsingham, d/o George & Belinda, witn: John McDONALD of Tilsonburg & Meta FICK of Walsingham, 12 May 1886 at Walsingham
7882-86 (Norfolk Co): A.A. MILLER, 21, farmer, Windham, same, s/o Alfred & Catherine, married Catherine CRANE, 21, Windham, same, d/o Charles & Sarah, witn: Thomas BUCKBOROUGH of Teeterville & W.J. GRAY of Windham, 15 Dec 1886 at Teeterville 7830-86 (Norfolk) George Russel MITCHELL, 22, Farmer, Burford, Burford, s/o George & Sarah, married Alma Gertrude MILLER, 22, Windham, Windham, d/o of Jacob & Matilda, wit: Mary Ann DAVIS, Jessie WHITTAKER, of Woodhouse, 20 Oct. 1886, at Woodhouse Rectory
7850-86 (Norfolk Co): Ebenezer MONES (or Mories), 26, farmer, of Walsingham, s/o John & Elizabeth, married Leonora FICK, 26, Walsingham, Port Rowan, d/o John B. & Nancy M., witn: Quinton FICK & Theresa DUNCAN, both of Port Rowan, 8 April 1886 at Port Rowan 008107-1888 (Norfolk Co.) William MUDGE, 26, farmer, Blenheim Twp., Windham Twp. s/o Joseph & Sarah, married Mary HUNTER, 23, Windham Twp., same, d/o Hiram & Mary Jane, witn: Emerson DAVIS & Agnes HUNTER, both of Windham Twp. Mar? [probably 1886] at Waterford.
7890-86 (Norfolk) James MURTLAND, 23, Labourer, Wellington Tp., Port Dover, s/o William & Melissa SPARLING, married Sarah SPARLING, 22, Halton Tp., Port Dover, d/o Wellington & Elizabeth PEAR, wit: William MURTLAND, Mary MURTLAND, of Port Dover, 9 Dec. 1886, at Port Dover. 7929-86 Anream? O’CONNOR, 27, farmer, Charlotteville, same, s/o Philip & Rebecca, married Elena FOSS, 20, Pelham, Charlotteville, d/o Moses & Aloinzy, witn: Mary RUE? & Almira FOSS, both of Charlotteville, 24 May 1886 at Charlotteville
7933-86 Herbert PATTON, 37, farmer, Gaddes – Onondaga NY, Vittoria, s/o James & Lorie, married Sarah SIMONS, 20, Forestville, Vittoria, d/o Stephen & Elizabeth, witn: George & Martha STRATTON of Selkirk Ont., 28 Oct 1886 at Vittoria 7934-86 Lewis PEGG, 23, farmer, Woodhouse, Forestville, s/o Jacob & Emily, married Mary KERN, 25, Forestville, same, d/o Levi & Roxy, witn: Levi KERN & Alexander DUNN, 20 Oct 1886 at Forestville
7878-86 (Norfolk Co): Stephen PETTIT, 42, widower, farmer, Windham Centre, same, s/o Joel & Rebecca, married Sarah J. CLINE, 42, widow, Lynnville, same, d/o Henry & Elizabeth RAMMAGE, witn: Rev. H.G. LIVINGSTONE of Simcoe & Alice RAMMAGE of Lynnville, 29 Sept 1886 at Lynnville 7921-86 Edward H. POWELL, 32, farmer, Charlotteville, same, s/o Richard & Catherine, married Abigal HICKS, 33, Townsend, Charlotteville, d/o John & Eliza, witn: F. M. HICKS & Thomas CURTIS, both of Walsingham, 22 March 1886 at Charlotteville
7836-86 (Norfolk) Isaiah B. PROCUNIER, 27, Farmer, Walsingham, s/o Jacob Wymer & Emily Jane, married Jane Alberta ARGYLE, 26, Walsingham, d/o George & Susan, wit: Ella BRIDGMAN and Mary ARGYLE, of Walsingham, 27 Jan. 1886, at Walsingham.  
7852-86 (Norfolk Co): Griffes PROPER, 30, widower, laborer, Gainsborough Ont., Walsingham, s/o John & Ellen, married Mary C. ARMSTRONG, 15, Bayham, Port Rowan, d/o John & Mary Ann, witn: James ARMSTRONG & Ellen PROPER, both of Walsingham, 17 April 1886 at Langton 7931-86 James Walter REISLING, 31, common school teacher, Walsh – Charlotteville, same, s/o Thomas Fowler & Eliza Ann, married Mary Ida FITZGERALD, 20, Smith twp., Charlotteville, d/o George & Mary Jane, witn: John THORN & Maggie CLARK, both of Charlotteville, 8 Sept 1886 at Charlotteville
7853-86 (Norfolk Co): Byron Wallace RICE, 25, farmer, Houghton, Yarmouth, s/o Eleazor & Elizabeth, married Eliza RUTLEGE, 19, Walsingham, same, d/o John & Margrette, witn: Emily ANSCOMB of Walsingham, 14 April 1886 at Walsingham 7873-86 (Norfolk Co): Jacob ROSWELL, 22, farmer, Burford, same, s/o William & Rachel, married Rebecca MURRAY, 21, Burford, same, d/o William & Mary Ann, witn: Maggie WEAVER of Teeterville & James B. LOUTHER of Iona, 17 March 1886 at Teeterville
  7937-86 Albert G. RYERSON, 38, accountant, Belleville, Port Dover, s/o Edwy & Almena, married Hattie CARR, 26, Rainham, Charlotteville, d/o James & Ella, 19 June 1886 at Cameron’s Hotel, Clear Creek
007975-1886 (Norfolk Co.) William SCHRAM, 44, farmer, Louth, Charlotteville, widower, s/o Peter & Catharine, married Mary Ann ARMSTRONG, 52, England, Charlotteville, widow, d/o not reported, witn: Margaret FANGHORN? of Delhi, 31 Aug 1886 at Delhi. 008280-1887 (Norfolk Co.) Albert SCHRAM, 30, farmer, Gainsborough, Charlotteville, s/o Peter & Arvilla, married Margaret WEDGE, 26, Charlotteville, same, d/o George & Cornelia, witn: Jordan WEDGE & Anetta (sic) E. SCHRAM, both of Charlotteville, 31 Dec 1886 at Charlotteville.
7920-86 (Norfolk Co): Lervis? SHARP, 24, farmer, Woodhouse, same, s/o David & Abigail, married Mary E. SAVILLE, 18, Townsend, Charlotteville, d/o John & Mary, witn: Isaac E. VAIL of Pt. Ryerse, 10 March 1886 at Charlotteville 008108-1888 (Norfolk Co.) James Washington SHAW, 26, carpenter, Blenheim Twp., Waterford., s/o James & not given, married Ida BAKER, 18, Waterford, same, d/o Alexander & Anna, witn: Frank B. & Melissa? NEDHAM?, both of Waterford, 18 Mar 1886 at Waterford.
7888-86 William SHEARER, 29, farmer, Niagara twp., Charlotteville twp., s/o Robert SHEARER & Mary Ann ALLAN, married Catherine Jane NEILSON, 19, Charlotteville twp., same, d/o John NEILSON & Elizabeth WYLIE, witn: Barbara THYME of Pt. Dover, 13 Oct 1886 at Port Dover #007862-86 (Norfolk Co): John SHERK, 21, brakesman, Welland Ont., Simcoe, s/o Jerod & Susannah, married Jennie CROCKETT, 16, Charlotteville, Walsingham, d/o James & Elizabeth, witnesses were Samuel SHERK of Simcoe & Lilly O'HERSON? of Houghton, Oct. 6, 1886 at Walsingham
7886-86 Hanford H. SMITH, 29, hotel keeper, USA, Port Dover, s/o Lewis & Emily, married Sarah Alena BELL, 27, Port Dover, same, d/o Joseph & Alena, witn: Eugene HOLMSBE & Mary MOORE, both of Port Dover, 23 Sept 1886 at Port Dover 7880-86 (Norfolk Co): George SOPER, 41, widower, farmer, Wainfleet, same, s/o Leonard & Elizabeth, married Rhoda GILROY, 46, widow, Southwold, Windham, d/o Thomas & Mary MARR, witn: William R. MARR & Amelia SMITHSON, both of Windham, 13 Oct 1886 at Windham
#006992-86 (Norfolk Co): Russell STEINHOFF, 23, farmer, Woodhouse, Charlotteville, s/o William & Ophelia, married Melissa MARKLE, 20, Woodstock, Tilsonburg, d/o Benjamin & Prisilla; witness was John HACKETT, of Vittoria. 7 May 1886 at Vittoria. (also 7927-86) 7926-86 Allan SWAYZE, 52, widower, cabinet maker, Allanburg – Welland, Vittoria, s/o Samuel & Mary, married Margaret BOULTER, 43, widow, Stamford twp., Vittoria, d/o Mark & Lydia [no surname given], witn: Nelson H. FERRIS of Vittoria, 3 May 1886 at Vittoria
008279-1887 (Norfolk Co.) James TENBROECK, 37, farmer, Sherbrooke, Charlotteville, s/o John & Ellen, married Elfa Catharine SECORD, 17, Charlotteville, same, d/o Oscar & Catharine, witn: Henry & Rose FAIRCHILD, both of Charlotteville, 8 Dec 1886 at Charlotteville. 007976-1886 (Norfolk Co.) William H. TREMBLY, 27, laborer, Windham, same s/o Mathias & Sarah, married Maria WHITEHEAD, 25, Windham, same, d/o Thomas & Maria, witn: E. BROWN & Annetta KEMP, both of Delhi, 22 Sep 1886 at Delhi Station.
7918-86 (Norfolk Co): Edward Leslie TRINDER, 25, farmer, Woodhouse twp., same, s/o Henry & Eliza, married Ruth THORN, 27, Etonbray – Bedfordshire England, Charlotteville, d/o Jesse & Eliza, witn: John & Emily THORN of Charlotteville, 3 Feb 1886 at Charlotteville twp 7910-86 (Norfolk Co): James Edgar WALKER, 24, farmer, Townsend, same, s/o Edward & Sarah J., married Esadora SANDFORD, 22, Townsend, Waterford, d/o John M. & Rebecca, witn: Peter & Nancy RICE of Waterford, 23 June 1886 at Waterford
008110-1888 (Norfolk Co.) Peter James WALSH, 29, farmer, Townsend, same, widower, s/o Robert & Janet, married Sarah GOULD, 22, Windham, same, d/o John & Nancy, witn: Sylvia A. & Kate B. SLAGHT, both of Waterford, 15 Sep 1886 at Waterford. 7885-86 William WARDELL, 26, farmer, Walpole twp., same, s/o John & Mary, married Eliza BARTLET, 24, Walpole twp., same, d/o Daniel & Frances, witn: Thomas & Eliza BRENAN of Port Dover, 24 May 1886 at Port Dover
7829-86 (Norfolk) Charles WEBB, 37, Farmer, Snaffham Eng, Windham, s/o Edward & Christina, married Ida McBRIDE, 29, Woodhouse, Woodhouse, d/o William & Ann, wit: John H. PATTERSON, of Woodhouse, Lydia C. McBRIDE, 29 Sept. 1886 at Victor Residence Bride’s father. 7854-86 (Norfolk Co): George H. WERETEY, 25, farmer, Canada, Walsingham, s/o Jacob & Mary Ann, married Lorain SMITH, 17, Canada, Walsingham, d/o Philip & Mary Jane, witn: James H. CRUISE & Eunice MILLS, both of Walsingham, 19 May 1886 at Walsingham
008334-1887 (Norfolk Co.) Norman WHITING, 20, mechanic, Canada, Townsend, s/o Samuel & Phebe, married Jennie SCHRAM, 18, Canada, Townsend, d/o John & Matilda, witn: H. W. & Caroline GOODWIN, both of Waterford, 9 Nov 1886 at Waterford. 007977-1886 (Norfolk Co.) Alvy WILKINSON, 26, laborer, Guysboro, Courtland, s/o Henry & Rebecca, married Felema? Villenia? RONSON, 23, Courtland, same, d/o William & Mary Jane, witn: Alfred Eugene BELORE? & Janet DELANEY, both of Courtland, 11 Nov 1886, at Courtland.
7828-86 (Norfolk) John WISHART, 32, Mariner, 32, Orkney Scotland, Port Dover, s/o James & Helen, married Annie BAILEY, 19, Port Dover, Twp. of Woodhouse, d/o William & Mary Ann, wit: George F. ALLAN, of Port Dover, Maggie McKELLAR, of Ingersoll, 5 Aug. 1886 at residence of Bride’s Father Woodhouse Twp.