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Norfolk Co., 1899


011122-1899 (Norfolk Co.) Arthur W. ALEXANDER, 28, school teacher, Walsingham, St. Williams, married Annie SWICK, 20, Canborough, St. Williams, d/o Peter SWICK & Mary W. DONALD, witn: I. A. & Mrs. I WOODWARD, both of St. Williams, 12 Jan 1899 at St. Williams. #011345-00 (Norfolk Co): John ANGER, 22, farmer, Walsingham, Middleton, s/o James ANGER & Jane FARR, married Elizabeth YOUNG, 22, Walsingham, Middleton, d/o Robert YOUNG & Usebia MILLS, witn: Jessie ADAMS & Mrs. E. SHEPPARD, both of Courtland, 20 Dec 1899 at Courtland
11143-99 (Norfolk Co): John R. ARMSTRONG, 23, carpenter, Tilsonburg, same, s/o John & Annie, married Lucy Ann WINEGARDEN, 20, Middleton, same, d/o John & Jannet, witn: Hannah THURGARLAND? & Mary CHARLETON, both of Delhi, 30 March 1899 at Delhi  
11381-00 James C. BELL (Bill?), 32, Internal Revenue Dept., of Port Dover, s/o Robert BELL & Matilda CLEGG, married Annie JOLLEY, 26, d/o J.T. JOLLEY & Vina SHOEFFLER, witn: J. F. JOLLEY & Lan? BEAUPRE, both of Port Dover, 2 Nov 1899 at Port Dover 011198-1899 (Norfolk Co.) William BERK, 30, farmer, Pelham Twp., St. Williams, s/o William BERK & Hannah McCLINTOCK, married Maggie SCHRAM, 19, Charlotteville, St. Williams, d/o George SCHRAM & Abbie SWICK, witn: Mrs. W. J. & Perry? BRANDON, both of Port Rowan, 24 May 1899 at Port Rowan
#011209-99 (Norfolk Co): Thomas A. BOUGHNER, 20, farmer, Windham, Delhi, s/o Elizabeth WILKINSON & Nathan BOUGHNER, married Coral CRABB, 20, Windham, Delhi, d/o Frederick Hugh & Sarah, witnesses were Roger CHRYSLER & A.A.H. CRABB, both of Delhi, 14 Feb., 1899 at Simcoe 11470-00 Samuel BRACKENBURY, 67, widower, gentleman, Oxford, Langton, s/o John BRACKENBURY & Mary CHARLES, married Emily W. CUTLER, 54, widow, England, Langton, d/o John CUTLER & Sarah CONORS (Connors?), witn: William & Sarah FRANKLIN of Langton, 29 June 1899 at Langton
  11154-99 (Norfolk Co): Thomas W. BRADFIELD, 29, farmer, Houghton , same, s/o Henry BRADFIELD & Nancy VAUGHN, married Jennie SMITH, 19, Yarmouth, Houghton , d/o Samuel SMITH & Mary DOOLITTLE, witn: Abraham & Mary CROOKER of Houghton , 19 April 1899 at Houghton
11315-99 (Norfolk Co): James Elijah BROCK, 22, farmer, Ontario, Charlotteville twp., s/o James BROCK & Matilda MARTIN, married Anne SECORD, 22, Ontario, Charlotteville twp., d/o Daniel SECORD & Jennie VANBUSKIRK, witn: H.H. NEWDOCK? & Fannie H. PEARCE, both of Waterford, 24 June 1899 at Waterford 011128-1899 (Norfolk Co.) Lorn CAMERON, 21, farmer, Middleton, Wycombe, s/o Walter CAMERON & Deborah CHIPPS, married Jennie WALKER, 22, Charlotteville, same, d/o Levi WALKER & Jane COWAN, witn: Kate WHEATON & Selina BINGHAM, both of Walsh, 6 May 1899 at Walsh
11285-99 (Norfolk Co): William CAMPBELL, 30, farmer, widower, Huron Co., London, s/o Andrew CAMPBELL & Grace A. PASSMORE, married Florence ROHRER, 30, North Walsingham, London, d/o Daniel ROHRER & Harriet WILCOX, witn: J. CAMPBELL of Huron & Alice ROHRER of North Walsingham, 16 Aug. 1899 at North Walsingham 011289-1899 (Norfolk Co.) William Abe CLARKE, 34, farmer, Ekfrid, same, s/o Adam CLARKE & Sarah SPARLING, married Emily Mary Matilda HAGEN, 31, South Walsingham, same, d/o H. W. HAGEN & Emily COT, witn: Charles G. BEGG of Toronto & Grace CLARKE of Melbourne, 9 Feb 1899 at Walsingham Centre.
11297-99 (Norfolk Co): Nathan CORR, 18, farmer, Houghton twp., s/o John CORR & Clara POOLE, married Alice May GRIGGS, 18, South Walsingham, same, d/o Edward GRIGGS & Mary SOVA, witn: Lucy JACKSON of Winnipeg & Sarah BAILLIE of Walsingham Centre, 8 Nov 1899 at South Walsingham #011213-99 (Norfolk Co): Jacob CRONK, 21, farmer, Walsingham, same, s/o Phoebe A. MEADOW & Jacob H. CRONK, married Mary Eliza BREAUGH, 22, Middleton, same, d/o Mary E. DAWSON & Joseph BREAUGH, witness was Amos ANDREWS, 21, March 1899 at Simcoe
11354-99 (Norfolk Co): Archie E. CULVER, 29, farmer, Townsend, Simcoe, s/o J.G. CULVER & Barbery HUMPHREY, married Edith A. McBRIDE, 23, lady, Woodhouse, Simcoe, d/o J.A. McBRIDE & Sophia N. COLLINS, witn: Edmond J. McBRIDE & Leota CULVER, both of Simcoe, 18 Aug 1899 at Simcoe County House 011146-1899 (Norfolk Co.) Thomas Louis? DALTON, 28, yeoman, South Norwich, Middleton, s/o John & Ellen, married Clara Bell VANDERBURGH, 19, Delhi, same, d/o William D. & Mary E., witn: Wille D. VANDERBURGH of Delhi & Willart SOVEREEN of Windham, 14 Sep 1899 at Delhi
11357-99 (Norfolk Co): Simon Edward DAVIDSON, 27, farmer, Townsend, same, s/o James DAVIDSON & Isabella HUNTER, married Mary WATSON, 23, Guelph, Woodhouse, d/o James WATSON & Agnes BARBER, witn: James & Mrs. Isabella WATSON of Woodhouse, 20 Dec 1899 at Woodhouse twp  
011130-1899 (Norfolk Co.) Dwight DEMMING, 26, farmer, Woodhouse, Charlotteville, s/o Charles DEMMING & Jane GIBBS, married Ella TERRY, 25, Vittoria, same, d/o Thomas TERRY & Mary O'CONNOR, witn: A. C. & Mrs. S. BINGHAM, both of Walsh, 13 Jun 1899 at Walsh. 011150-1899 (Norfolk Co.) Henry DICKESON (s/b Dickson?), 63, tinsmith, London England, Delhi, widower, s/o James & Mary, married Elizabeth McLEOD, 51, Windham, Delhi, widow, d/o Peter MILLS & Sarah BARKER, witn: Jennie CRYSLER & Mabel McLEOD, both of Delhi, 22 Nov 1899 at Delhi.
#11476-00 (Norfolk Co): Frank FICK, 21, farmer, S. Walsingham, St. Williams, s/o Stephen FICK & Esther WHEELER, married Lizzie PRICE, 18, St. Williams, same, d/o Cornelius PRICE & Jane COPE, witn: Ansley & S. BULMER of St. Williams, 31 Dec 1899 at St. Williams #011211-99 (NorfolkCo): Robert E. FRANKLIN, 43, farmer, Walsingham, same, s/o Nancy A. ABBOTT & Benjamin FRANKLIN, married Hope FRANKLIN, 25, widow, Walsingham, same, d/o Elizabeth SANDERS? & James RUSSEL, 1 March 1899 at Simcoe
11356-99 (Norfolk Co): Linas Basil GOWAN, 29, farmer, Walpole, Pt. Ryerse, s/o Edward GOWAN & Lavana, married Mabel A. STALKER, 26, Pt. Ryerse, same, d/o William & Adelaide, witn: Sherman A. GOWAN of Walpole & Georgina A. STALKER of Pt. Ryerse, 30 Sept 1899 at Port Ryerse 11153-99 (Norfolk Co): Arthur GRIFFIN, 21, miller, Bayham, Frogmore?, s/o Alvin GRIFFIN & Dina STRATTON, married Maggie BROWN, 19, Walsingham, Fairground, d/o John BROWN & Maggie JACKSON, witn: John BROWN of Fairground & Drusilla SOPER of Vienna, 3 Feb 1899 at Fairground
  011292-1899 (Norfolk Co.) C. S. HARRIS, 42, tailor, South Norwich, Otterville, s/o E. G. HARRIS & Ruth WOOD, married A. GILLESBY, 35, Hallville, Port Rowan, d/o George GILLESBY & Elizabeth CORBET, witn: E. A. CLYNE of South Walsingham & Edith r. shore of Port Rowan, 6 Jun 1899 at South Walsingham
#011298-00 (Norfolk Co): Lewis G. HILL, 42, widower, painter, Michigan USA, Ohio USA, s/o Edwin HILL & Bloomy CALE, married Laura SECORD, 25, Charlotteville, same, d/o James SECORD & Maria FISH, witn: Lucy H. CLARK of Charlotteville & Miner SECORD of S. Walsingham, 26 Nov 1899 at Forestville 11287-99 (Norfolk Co): Franklin Q. HITE, 29, farmer, Oakville, Elgin Co., s/o William HITE & M.A. WALKER, married Clarissa A. STEWART, 21, North Walsingham, same, d/o James STEWART & Nancy A. WOOD, witn: Willand HARRETT of Luton & Frances HITE of Calton, 15 Nov 1899 at North Walsingham
011145-1899 (Norfolk Co.) Joseph E. HODGSON, 24, teacher, Cranston, Delhi, s/o Thomas & Mary, married Maud B. WHITSIDE, 23, Delhi, same, d/o James & Hannah, witn: J. G. TAYLOR of Mapleton & F. M. GUNDRIN of Aylmer, 2 Aug 1899 at Delhi. 11157-99 (Norfolk Co): Vinton HUTCHINSON, 26, Port Burwell, same, s/o Eugene HUTCHINSON & Augustine DOWNE, married Mary JOHNSTON, 21, Bayham, Port Burwell, d/o Cornelius JOHNSTON & Jane SMITH, witn: Wendall & Rose JOHNSTON of Pt. Burwell, 25 July 1899 at Houghton
011151-1899 (Norfolk Co.) Joel Henry JAY, 23, laborer, Delhi, same, s/o Russell & Mary, married Ethel YOUNG, 18, Willgrove, Springford, d/o Edward & Mary, witn: J. W. GRIFFIN & Mrs. F. W. CHARLTON, both of Delhi, 28 Nov 1899 at Delhi. 11298-99 (Norfolk Co): Sylvester White KEYS, 33, farmer, East Oxford, same, s/o Sylvester White KEYS & Martha J. GREEN, married Rosa Theresa BRANDON, 27, North Walsingham, South Walsingham, d/o William R. BRANDON & Elizabeth CONNELL, witn: Chauncey BRANDON of Courtland & Ruth A. WINGROVE of Walsingham Centre, 27 Dec 1899 at South Walsingham
011123-1899 (Norfolk Co.) William L. LAFORTUNE, 26, laborer, South Walsingham, same, s/o Louis LAFORTUNE & Arlene LALONE, married May BREAUGH, 15, South Walsingham, same, d/o Thomas BREAUGH & Ida SMITH, witn: Sarah HUYCK & Sarah BUCKBERROUGH, both of St. Williams, 27 Feb 1899 at St. Williams 11313-99 (Norfolk Co): Bonner Mason LAMB, 24, lawyer, Greenfield Mass., same, s/o Joseph A. LAMB & Mary A. POTTER, married Eva BURKE, 26, Ontario, Waterford, d/o W.C. BURKE & Ann DIAMOND, witn: Grace L. LAMB & Clifford E. BATES, both of Greenfield Mass., 14 June 1899 at Waterford
011290-1899 (Norfolk Co.) George LEIGHFIELD, 31, farmer, North Walsingham. same, s/o John LEIGHFIELD & Elizabeth WARK, married Carrie L. ABBOTT, 30, South Walsingham, same, d/o John ABBOTT & Elizabeth HAINES, witn: Samuel LEIGHFIELD of North Walsingham & Evelyn ABBOTT of South Walsingham, 1 Mar 1899 at Erie View 011124-1899 (Norfolk Co.) Charles Eli LINN, 29, cheese maker, Simcoe Twp., Lynedoch, s/o James LINN & Margaret S. LOTT, married Ella Sennet REID, 26, Lynedoch, same, d/o Robert REID & Sarah HALLIDAY, witn: James B. LINN of Lynedoch & Maud E. HALLIDAY of Silver Hill, 1 Mar 1899 at Lynedoch.
011291-1899 (Norfolk Co.) Harry Arthur? LOUKS, 22, laborer, Houghton, same, s/o Albert LOUKS & Mary WILSON, married Evaleena Maud STEPHENS, 19, Houghton, same, d/o William STEPHENS & Pricilla DAIVES?, witn: Lewis & Florence OAKS, both of South Walsingham, 10 May 1899 at South Walsingham.  
#011216-99 (Norfolk Co): John R. LUMSDEN, 27, widower, not given, Burford, same, s/o Rachel YOUNG & John LUMSDEN, maried Frances KELLY, 27, widow, Oxford, Teeterville, d/o Eliza SMITH & Edmond CRAM, 29 March 1899 at Simcoe 011125-1899 (Norfolk Co.) Levi MATTICE, 21, farmer, Charlotteville, same, s/o Joseph MATTICE & Catherine PRIEFFIN?, married Lena SIMONS, 17, Charlotteville, same, d/o James SIMONS & Elizabeth HARVEY, witn: Gnoley? BULMER of St. Williams & Sarah FICK of Port Rowan, 8 Mar 1899 at Walsh
011129-1899 (Norfolk Co.) Oswald MAYNARD, 26, farmer, Charlotteville, Walsingham, s/o William MAYNARD & Lydia WOOD, married Mary TEAFT, 18, Charlotteville, same, d/o Peter TEAFT & Emma Louise WEDGE, witn: Henry & Lizzie HOLTZMAN, both of Glenshee, 15 May 1899 at Glenshee 11524-00 (Norfolk Co): Cameron McBRIDE, 24, farmer, Woodhouse, same, s/o J.W. & Nina, married Martha STEINHOFF, 26, teacher, Woodhouse, same, d/o Peter & Susan, witn: Archie & Jennie STEINHOFF of Woodhouse, 28 Sept 1899 at Woodhouse
011196-1899 (Norfolk Co.) Herbert McINTIRE, 28, traveling salesman, Magnolia, same, s/o F. P. McINTIRE & Lucinda MILLS, married Bessey EAKINS, 23, Port Rowan, same, d/o James EAKINS & Hannah ELLIS, witn: Henry ELLIS of Port Rowan & E. G. CUSHING of Chicago, 17 Jan 1899 at Port Rowan #011207-99 (Norfolk Co): Roy McINTOSH, tailor, Brandy Creek, same, s/o Cornelia PURSAL & Daniel E. McINTOSH, married Ida BEEMER, 23, Simcoe, same, d/o Adelia COLLINS & Louis BEEMER, witnesses were Mabel GUY & Estella M. WIDNER, Feb. 1, 1899 at Simcoe
#011204-99 (Norfolk Co): James W. McKNGHT, 24, farmer, Windham, Lyndoch, s/o Mary HAGERMAN & John McKNIGHT, married Annie M. WALSH, 24, Walsh, same, d/o Mary GUILER & John WALSH, witnesses were W.E. IMRIE of Detroit & M. Louise IMRIE of Simcoe, 10 Jan 1899 at Simcoe  
11478-00 Burley MILLER, 23, farmer, Erie View, same, s/o Edward MILLER & Matilda HOLLENBECK, married Orpha May BUTCHER, 21, Erie View, same, d/o David BUTCHER & Emily PITMAN, witn: Frank & Beatrice BUTCHER of Erie View, 31 Aug 1899 at Erie View 11142-99 (Norfolk Co): Edward MILLER, 28, laborer, Walsingham, Windham, s/o John & Malinda, married Kate SULLIVAN, 29, Ireland, Windham, d/o David & Mary, witn: Elmer KITCHEN of Delhi & Sarah COPE of Walsingham, 1 April 1899 at Delhi
#011217-99 (Norfolk Co): John H. MISNER, 26, metal polisher, Norfolk, London, s/o Murilla SECORD & William D. MISNER, married Laura HELSDON, 19, Norfolk, Courtland, d/o Mary STRIKE & James HELSDON, 30 or 31 March 1899 at Simcoe  
011288-1899 (Norfolk Co.) Alexander MOORE, 27, farmer, South Walsingham, same, s/o Henry MOORE & Mary BEAUDORE?, married Sarah SCHRAM, 16, Courtland, Port Royal, d/o George SCHRAM & Martha SWICK, witn: Frank & Lavera SCHRAM, both of Port Royal, 19 Jan 1899 at Port Royal. #011215-99 (Norfolk Co): William Frank MOULTON, 23, farmer, Walsingham, Houghton, s/o Ellen COOPER & William MOULTON, married Cecelia Ellen DENCH, 18, Pt. Rowan, Houghton, d/o Cecelia FRANKLIN & Ephraim E. DENCH, 29 March 1899 at Simcoe
#011205-99 (Norfolk Co): William MUDGE, 24, mason, Windham, Simcoe, s/o Ellen UNDERHILL & James MUDGE, married Agnes WHEELER, 24, Kelvin, Simcoe, d/o Sarah EXELBY & Harry WHEELER, witnesses were Charlotte ROBINOSON & Mabel PRESCOTT, both of Simcoe, 26 Jan 1899 at Simcoe 011144-1899 (Norfolk Co.) William OVERHOLT, 34, farmer, Charlotteville, same, s/o Henry & Hannah, married Minnie MARKLE, 24, Charlotteville, same, d/o Alexander & Jennie, witn: Hannah THURGARLAND & Mrs. William CORLETT, both of Delhi, 9 Aug 1899 at Delhi
11156-99 (Norfolk Co): Watson PARK, 25, farmer, Houghton twp., Fairground, s/o Philip PARK & Margaret WATSON, married Lura CUTLER, 20, Bayham twp., Fairground, d/o Hugh E. CUTLER & Mehitable EDMUNDS, witn: J.L. MITCHNER of Clear Creek & Edith CUTLER of Fairground, 2 Aug 1899 at Fairground (also 11334-00) 011149-1899 (Norfolk Co.) Walter J. PATTERSON, 35, manufacturer, Peterborough, Otterville, widower, s/o Robert & Catharine Jane, married Mary Aleda McKENNEY, 29, Malahide, Florence, d/o Doyle & Sophia, witn: Elmer & Mrs. Elmer KITCHEN, both of Delhi, 29 Nov 1899 at Delhi.
  011293-1899 (Norfolk Co.) John POWELL, 35, farmer, Charlotteville, same, s/o Robert POWELL & Susan CLANCY, married Edith HALLAM, 20, South Walsingham, same, d/o George HALLAM & Jennie CLANCY, witn: Knightly & Rachel HALLAM, both of South Walsingham, 14 Jun 1899 at South Walsingham.
11312-99 (Norfolk Co): Samuel George READ, 55, widower, real estate agent, Ontario, Brantford, s/o Samuel READ & Jane R. SCOTT, married Miriam CARSON (or Corson), 41, widow, Ontario, Simcoe, d/o William SOVEREIGN & Mary Ann KITCHEN, witn: W. Leslie & Ethel SILVERTHORN of Waterford, 3 May 1899 at Waterford #011206-99 (Norfolk Co): George ROBINSON, 29, farmer, Walsingham, same, s/o Mary SOUTHWELL & Hiram ROBINSON, married Mary A. SMITH, 37, Renton, Walsingham, d/o Martha BROWN & James B. SMITH, witnesses were Mary FALLS & Mabel PRESCOTT, 30 Jan 1899 at Simcoe
011126-1899 (Norfolk Co.) Josiah ROCK, 57, builder, London, ? Michigan, widower, s/o Jonathon ROCK & Phebe Ann CALDWELL, married Matilda MURPHY, 58, Forestville, same, widow, d/o Jonathon SIMONS & Margaret MILLER, witn: Mrs. S. THOMPSON of Simcoe & U. CALDWELL of Forestville, 22 Mar 1899 at Forestville 11523-00 (Norfolk Co): Albert SAUNDERS, 23, farmer, Walpole, North Walsingham, s/o Albert & Lilly, married Victoria CRUISE, 23, North Walsingham, Woodhouse, d/o W.J., farmer, & Lizzie, witn: Frank SAUNDERS of Walpole & Gertrude CRUISE of Woodhouse, 1 March 1899 at Woodhouse
011148-1899 (Norfolk Co.) George F. SCHRAM, 21, farmer, Charlotteville, same, s/o Peter & Caroline, married Lillian May (PROPER) COPE, 15, Walsingham, Nixon, d/o John PROPER & Sarah Catherine COPE, witn: Sarah C. COPE of Nixon & Mrs. Elmer KITCHEN of Delhi, 4 Nov 1899 at Delhi. #011322-00 (Norfolk Co): Thomas T. SHIELDS, 27, Baptist minister, not given, Delhi, s/o Thomas & Maria, married Elizabeth A. KITCHEN, 36, not given, Delhi, d/o Darius & Elizabeth Ellen, witn: E.E. SHIELD & R. KITCHEN, 6 Dec 1899 at Delhi
11158-99 (Norfolk Co): Daniel E. SHIVELY, 30, widower, yeoman, South Dorchester, same, s/o Frederick SHIVELY & Julia Ann ALWOOD, married Melissa HARVEY, 19, Walsingham, Houghton , d/o James HARVEY & Melissa SIMS, witn: Lonzo HARVEY & Alice KETCHEBAW, both of Houghton , 13 Dec 1899 at Houghton 11141-99 (Norfolk Co): William L. SILCOX, 27, physician, Dunwich, Delhi, s/o Grant & Hattie, married Nancy Jane HEATH, 31, Delhi, same, d/o Mortimer & Nancy Jane, witn: Jacob SOVEREEN & Emma WARD, both of Delhi, 15 March 1899 at Delhi
011197-1899 (Norfolk Co.) Irwin SMITH, 22, engine fire hall, Port Rowan, St. Thomas, s/o Edgar SMITH & Jennie FRANCS?, married Evie CARTER, no information given, witn: A. C. & Mrs. A. C. FAY? (FOY?), both of Port Rowan, 20 Mar 1899 at Port Rowan. 11159-99 (Norfolk Co): Abner STRINGER, 62, widower, farmer, Bayham, Malahide, s/o John STRINGER & Mary BARNEY, married Eliza Jane JOHNSON, 48, widow, Delaware twp., Malahide, d/o White HALBERT & Mary BARNES, witn: John E. CROOKER of Houghton , 2 Oct 1899 at Houghton
#011214-99 (Norfolk Co): James G. TELLER, 34, widow, cook, Norfolk, Ashland Wisc., s/o Harriet PEARSON & James N. TELLER, married Mabel DEDRICK, 22, Norfolk, same, d/o Rachel REARSON & Thomas DEDRICK, witnesses were Jessie & Hattie SIPES of Vittoria, 21 March 1899 at Simcoe #011344-00 (Norfolk Co): William James TISDALE, 20, farmer, Charlotteville, same, s/o William TISDALE & Pheopulus SIMES, married Rose LEACH, 17, Hemlock?, Middleton, d/o George LEACH & Martha J. HOUSE, witn: John TISDALE of Charlotteville & Anna ADAMS of Courtland, 28 Dec 1899 at Courtland
11295-99 (Norfolk Co): John R. TOMBLIN (Tamblin?), 25, farmer, widower, Norfolk Co., South Walsingham, s/o John R. TOMBLIN & Hannah Eliza MUSSELL, married Sarah DAIR, 19, of North Walsingham, d/o John DAIR & Jane LEE, witn: Sarah BAILLIE of S. Walsingham & Jane DAIR of N. Walsingham, 16 Aug 1899 at South Walsingham 11510-00 C. August TUFFORD, 27, farmer, Bookton, same, s/o Adam TUFFORD & Jane WILCOX, married Susan F. JAMES, 25, teacher, North Norwich, Bookton, d/o Samuel JAMES & Eliza TIMS (Sims?), witn: Thomas RANDALL of Bookton & Eliza JAMES of N. Norwich, 20 Dec 1899 at Teeterville
11383-00 Isaac WALKER, farmer, of Port Dover, s/o Henry WALKER & Sarah GOING, married Celia DOSSER, d/o William DOSSER & Mary HARRIS, witn: Joseph SINGER & Maria E. BLAND, both of Hamilton, 8 Nov 1899 at Hamilton [reg'd in Port Dover, no other info given] 11355-99 (Norfolk Co): Roy W. WALLACE, 24, RR agent, Middlesex Co., Simcoe, s/o Luke WALLACE & Mary McPHAIL, married Mabel STEINHOFF, 24, Simcoe, same, d/o Hiram STEINHOFF & Sarah WELLS, witn: Harvey WALLACE of Dresden & Edith STEINHOFF of Simcoe, 20 Sept 1899 at Woodhouse twp
#011212-99 (Norfolk Co): Wallace W. WALSH, 21, farmer, Charlotteville, same, s/o Alma MABEE & William F. WALSH, married Edith G. LAING, 20, Charlotteville, same, d/o Hannah DERRICKSON & William LAING, witnesses were A.H. HICKS of Simcoe & Annie F. JEFFRY of London, 14 March 1899 at Simcoe #011208-99 (Norfolk Co): John WARK, 26, laborer, Walsingham, Simcoe, s/o Annie GRIGG & John WARK, married Minnie Bell WISSON, 22, Walsingham, Simcoe, s/o Melinda SMITH & Emanuel WISSON, 24 Feb 1899 at Simcoe
11525-00 (Norfolk Co): John Edmon WATTS, 61, widower, farmer, Hamilton, Woodhouse, s/o Henry & Hannah, married Helen Charlotte FELL, 50, Woodhouse, same, d/o Joseph, farmer, & Cynthia FELL, witn: D.J. & Annie E. WYKOFF of Woodhouse, 21 Dec 1899 at Woodhouse 11314-99 (Norfolk Co): Hiram A. WESTERN, 20, laborer, Ontario, Waterford, s/o George WESTERN & Clarissa LEITCH, married Cora ROCK, 18, Ontario, Townsend twp., d/o Alex ROCK & Emma BOWEN, witn: Eliza HAVILAND & Bell MARTIN, both of Waterford, 18 June 1899 at Waterford
#011210-99 (Norfolk Co): Robert C. WHITING, farmer, Norfolk, Townsend, s/o Rachel ASPDEN & Samuel WHITING, married Caroline KITCHEN, 22, Norfolk , Townsend, d/o Caroline BASBINDER & Melvin KITCHEN, witnesses were Annie CATTLE & Annie P. DACK, both of Simcoe, 28 Feb 1899 at Simcoe 011127-1899 (Norfolk Co.) Arthur Nelson WILLIAM, 25, farmer, Woodhouse, same, s/o Howey N. WILLIAM & Mary BOUGHNER, married Alna MISENER, 22, Charlotteville, same, d/o Lyman MISENER & Martha Jane PULLMAN, witn: Byron WILLIAM of Woodhouse & Mary DAVIS of Vittoria, 30 Mar 1899 at home of bride Charlotteville.
#011345-00 (Norfolk Co): Frank WILSON, 25, farmer, Charlotteville, Walsingham, s/o James WILSON & Sarah KILLAM, married Ethel E. BIRDSALL, 21, Middleton, same, d/o Hamilton BIRDSALL & Maria HERRON, witn: W.H. BIRDSALL of Fenwick & Bella M LAMB of Brantford, 27 Dec 1899 at Middleton 11286-99 (Norfolk Co): Alvin WOOLEY, 21, farmer, Townsend, North Walsingham, s/o Ansley WOOLEY & Julia HUSTON, married Tessa ECKER, 22, Middleton, same, d/o Jerome ECKER & Rebecca STILWELL, witn: Cameron BOUGHNER & Carrie PATIENT, both of Langton, 19 Sept 1899 at Langton
011147-1899 (Norfolk Co.) David YOUNG, 24, laborer, Windham, same, s/o Joseph & Matilda, married Louisa WHALE, 25, Charlotteville, same, d/o John & Fannie, witn: Lizzie & Mrs. Elmer KITCHEN, both of Delhi, 1 Nov 1899 at Delhi