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Northern Districts, 1900, part 3

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15807-00 William H. BALDWIN, 22, telegrapher, Inkerman, Trudeau, s/o Albert BALDWIN & Lindy BARCLAY, married Wilhelmina L. SMITH, 18, Goderich, Port Caldwell, d/o Kenneth SMITH & Annie MORRISON, witn: Malcolm McLEOD & Ida JACKSON, both of Port Caldwell, 18 April 1900 at Port Caldwell

14211-00 Alford John BARKER, 25, farmer, Belville Ont., Big Fork, s/o Stephen BARKER & Emma BARTHOLOMEW, married Mary Ann SNYDER, 20, Culross Ont., Big Fork, d/o James SNYDER & Caroline GREEN, witn: William BARKER & Isabella SNYDER, both of Big Fork, 12 Nov 1900 at Big Fork, Woodyatt twp

15802-00 William George BELL, 36, widower, teamster, Northumberland England, Port Arthur, s/o George BELL & Hannah Elizabeth HODGINS, married Elizabeth RUSK, 32, Ontario, Port Arthur, d/o William RUSK & Margaret IRWIN, witn: George & Hannah BINNINGTON of Port Arthur, 12 Nov 1900 at Port Arthur

14220-00 Francis Neville BELL, 30, banker, England, Morris Man., s/o Rev. W. C. BELL & Mary ISMAY, married May Agnes MITCHELL, 25, nurse, Arthur Ont., same, d/o Francis MITCHELL & Margaret FRASER, witn: J.J. MILLIDGE of Bossiveau (Boissivan?) Man. & Minnie L. KELLY of Keewatin, 10 Oct 1900 at Keewatin
  14307-00 Adelard CADIEUX, 23, miner, St. Scholastique Que., Mikado Mine, s/o Fr. X. CADIEUX & Philomene PAQUETTE, married Aurore POIRIER, 16, St. Agathe Manitoba, Mikado Mine, d/o F. POIRIER & Marie BRULE, witn: J. DUMPHY & F. LAROQUE, both of Mikado Mine, 17 Sept 1900 at Sirdar Mine
14206-00 William Park CALLAN, 34, operator, Innerkip Ont, Ignace, s/o Michael CALLAN & Sarah BRITTON, married Marion Susan COBB, 24, Port Arthur, Ignace, d/o W. C. COBB & Susan GORDON, witn: George & Maria BEGG of Port Arthur (or Fort William), 23 May 1900 at Ignace (also 14999-01) 14203-00 George CAWSTON, 39, farmer, Stratford, Roseberry twp., s/o Charles CAWSTON & Elizabeth Ann DAVIDSON, married Agnes R. RITCHIE, 29, Greenock, Barwick, d/o John Beaton RITCHIE & Martha GIFFEN, witn: John RITCHIE & Emma PRIESTER, both of Barwick, 14 Nov 1900 at Long Sault
14210-00 John S. CHISHOLM, 33, farmer, widower, Teeswater, Carpenter twp., s/o A. C. CHISHOLM & Elizabeth SNYDER, married Ellen SUTTON, 19, London England, Dobie twp., d/o John F. SUTTON, farmer, & Mary WILSON, witn: James SALTON & Gertie BRIGHAM, both of Dobie twp., 4 July 1900 at Dobie twp

15803-00 William Gordon DARCY, 21, brakeman, Toronto, Schreiber, s/o William DARCY & Mary McLAUGHLIN, married Mabel WILLIAMS, 22, Waubaushene, Schreiber, d/o Edward WILLIAMS & Ellen ROGERS, witn: Duncan BLUE & Alice AUSTIN, both of Schreiber, 29 June 1900 at Schreiber

15757-00 Thomas DONALDSON, 33, grain buyer, Orangeville, Port Arthur, s/o John DONALDSON & Eliza ARMSTRONG, married Margaret Isabel CON?, 28, Toronto, Port Arthur, d/o Daniel D. CON & Isabel HILL, witn: J. E. MURRAY & May FITZGERALD, both of Port Arthur, 21 June 1900 at Port Arthur  

15805-00 Wesley EDMUNDS, 30, widower, fireman, Ontario, Schreiber, s/o James? & not given, married Ellen GUBBINS, 26, England, Schreiber, d/o Joseph GUBBINS & not given, witn: James McCRAE & W. C. HUDSON, both of Schreiber, 29 Aug 1900 at Schreiber

15755-00 Dominic FELAGA, 38, laborer, Aggen - Prov. Constanza Italy, Port Arthur, s/o Francis FELAGA & Isabella RERRAVIE, married Lovigina JIFFINA, 34, San Xysto - Prov. Constanza Italy, Port Arthur, d/o Giovanni JIFFINA & Constanza SABATTA, witn: Peter MATHERI & Angelica SALERM, both of Port Arthur, 25 April 1900 at Port Arthur
15754-00 George William FINN, 28, foreman on government roads, of Port Arthur, s/o George FINN & Elizabeth LAMBIER, married Clara EARLE, 23, of O'Connor twp., d/o Thomas EARL (sic) & Mary Ann GREENAWAY, witn: Maud & Thomas Jr. EARL of O'Connor twp., 24 Oct. 1900 at O'Connor twp 14222-00 Michael FOX, 20, trapper, Sturgeon Lake, Frenchmans Head, s/o Michael FOX & Mary KORKOOK, married Juliette SHAHBOOKEEZHIG, 17, Lac Seul, same, d/o Thomas & Annie, witn: Robert WESLEY & Mary CLERE, both of Lac Seul, 23 Sept 1900 at Lac Seul Church
14221-00 John GREEN, 25, laborer, Louisa? - Grey Co., Keewatin, s/o Alexander GREEN & Annie CALDER, married Jessie CARNEGIE, 20, Lanark Co Ont., Keewatin, d/o John CARNEGIE & Eliza FEATHERSTONE, witn: Alfred GREEN & Lottie WINDSOR, both of Keewatin, 19 Dec 1900 at Keewatin 14306-00 David GUTHRIE, 25, fireman, Georgetown, Rat Portage, s/o James GUTHRIE & Jane KIRKLAND, married Mary Etta McRITCHIE, 24, Big Harbour NS, Rat Portage, d/o Donald McRITCHIE & Annie McLEOD, witn: L. A. ROACH & Christy McRITCHIE, both of Rat Portage, 27 Dec 1900 at Rat Portage
14301-00 Harry HEIDENGER, 24, blacksmith, Berlin Germany, Rat Portage, s/o John HEIDENGER & Margaret LAWRENCE, married Emma Mina MEYERS, 19, Russia, Norman, d/o Andrew MEYERS & Annie MEACH, witn: George LUZON of Keewatin & Edith MEYERS of Rat Portage, 21 Nov 1900 at Norman 14214-00 George Washington HOARD, 30, farmer, Seymour twp., Emo, s/o David NICHOLSON & Melinda HOARD, married Grace MASON, 22, widow, Bruce Co, Emo, d/o John McDIARMID & Anise Seymour NIXON, witn: Walter HOARD & Helen McDIARMID, both of Emo, 10 Oct 190 at Emo
14212-00 Joseph Edgar HOLLAND, 28, farmer, Chatsworth, Emo, s/o John HOLLAND & Margaret EDGAR, married Mary Jane DUNGEY, 23, servant, Harriston, Emo, d/o John T. DUNGEY & Alicia RAE, witn: Edward TOMPKINS & Flora REID, both of Emo, 14 Nov 1900 at Emo 14991-01 Adam Hegler HOOVER, no age given, farmer, Elgin Co., Barwick, s/o Jonas HOOVER & Maria HEGLER, married Ellen REID, no age given, Waterloo Ont., Barwick, d/o William REID & Sarah COLLINS, witn: R. E. & Mrs. R. E. HAYES of Barwick, 19 Dec 1900 at school teacher's residence, Barwick
  14202-00 Arthur ION, 30, farmer, Knock - Westmoreland England, Dobie twp., s/o John & Emma, married Annie BOTH, 24, Ontario, Dobie twp., d/o Ernest BOTH & Mary RADIGER, witn: George SWANSON of Long Sault and Florence & Beatrice JOHNSON of Long Sault Mission, 11 Sept 1900 at Christ Church, Long Sault Mission
14227-00 William Wallace JONES, no age given, miner, Ontario Co., Fort Francis, s/o Anson & Sarah Armstrong, married Elizabeth ARDIS, no age given, Ottawa, Fort Francis, d/o Robert & Isabella Latimer, witn: Neil BERGER & Teresa FERGUSON, both of Mine Centre, 27 June 1900 at Fort Francis 14201-00 John Selby KAY, 25, engineer, Toronto, Norman, s/o John KAY & Annie PATERSON, married Mary LOCKHART, 17, Langside, Barwick, d/o James LOCKHART & Mary Jane HAYES, witn: James LOCKHART & Alice Amanda SWITZER, both of Morley twp., 13 Feb 190 at Barwick (also 14993-03)
14208-00 Charles J. LINDQUIST, 28, farmer, Sweden, Aylsworth twp., s/o Charles LINDQUIST & Hannah JOHNSTON, married Allice LUTTRELL, 16, Guelph, Lash twp., d/o Alex LUTTRELL & Charlotte TUCK, witn: Albert LINDQUIST of Aylsworth & Mary LUTTRELL of Lash, 17 April 1900 at Emo (also 15006-01) 14304-00 John James LINKLATER, 25, laborer, Berens River, Rat Portage, s/o Jacob LINKLATER & Charlotte MUSKEYD, married Agnes CAMERON, 22, Mattawa, Rat Portage, d/o Peter CAMERON & Harriet CAMERON, witn: Richard RUTHERFORD & Maria BEGG, both of Rat Portage, 10 Dec 1900 at Rat Portage
14200-00 James LOCKHART, 22, farmer, Langside Ont., Morley twp., s/o James LOCKHART & Mary Jane HAYES, married Alice Amanda SWITZER, 23, Northumberland Ont., Morley twp., d/o Roswell Hardie SWITZER & Elizabeth HUNT, witn: John Selby KAY of Norman & Mary LOCKHART of Morley twp., 13 Feb 1900 at Barwick 15756-00 Elie LOUIS, 39, widower, laborer, Fort William, same, s/o Char LOUIS & blank VEZINA, married Marguerite MOSES, 42, widow, Pic River, Fort William, d/o Mouris PIKIVAUGH & Louise MOUSOKIVE, witn: Simon BINISI & Agnes GORDON, both of Fort William, 30 May 1900 at Fort William

15804-00 Charles McQUARRIE, 25, brakeman, Weford? NB, Schreiber, s/o John McQUARRIE & Margaret MORTON, married Mary A. THOMSON, 24, Beachbank Ont., Schreiber, d/o Walter THOMSON & Flora McLEAN, witn: Flora & Mrs. THOMSON of Schreiber, 17 July 1900 at Schreiber

14225-00 Fred Joseph MERTONS, 23, laborer, Minnesota, Fort Francis, s/o August & Matilda Bonder, married Harriet CALDER, 21, Rat Portage, Fort Francis, d/o William & Nancy, witn: Steven & Sarah BALDWIN of Fort Francis, 31 Jan 1900 at Fort Francis

15800-00 Allan Sheldon NUTTALL, 29, engineer, Leeds Ont., Port Arthur, s/o Eli John NUTTALL & Almeda Maria WASHBURN, married Mary Ann Charlotte SULLIVAN, 24, widow, Hamilton, Port Arthur, d/o Thomas Jeffers SNELL & Elizabeth Sabrina SHEPTON, witn: Henry R. SNELL & Mrs. Annie NUTTALL, both of Port Arthur, 7 Nov 1900 at Port Arthur

14224-00 Cornelius O'KEEFE, no age given, carpenter, of Mine Centre, s/o Dennis & Callumia?, married Mary KELLY, no age given, dress maker, of Mine Centre, d/o Patrick & Mary Neville, witn: John SUTHERLAND & Charles CALWELL, both of Mine Centre, 17 Jan 1900 at Mine Centre

15801-00 Andrew PUTAANSU, 24, laborer, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Johan PUTAANSU & Greta VIRSU, married Mary AHOLLA, 29, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Anti AHOLLA & Anna MATTI, witn: John PAANANEN & Alex JOHNSON, both of Port Arthur, 6 Nov 1900 at Port Arthur

14223-00 Thomas QUOQUOT, 22, trader & trapper, Lac Seul, same, s/o John QUOQUOT & Mary OGIMAHVISHKING, married Annie ROSS, 17, Lac Seul, same, d/o Annie FLINT & "child-for-ever", witn: David QUOQUOT & Jane ROSS, both of Lac Seul, 9 Sept 1900 at Lac Seul Church
14207-00 Walter RADBORNE, 31, farmer, Owen Sound, Carpenter twp., s/o John RADBORN (sic) & Maria FREESTONE, married Edith HALL, 18, North Seguine?, Lash twp., d/o Richard HALL & Mary DOXIE, witn: Elisha HALL & Jennie LANGSTAFF, both of Emo, 11 April 1900 at Emo (also 15005-01) 14213-00 Rev. W. A. RAE, 25, minister, Thedford, Fort Frances, s/o Robert RAE & Rachel Jane SMITH, married Madeline STEPHENSON, 20, servant, Toronto, Big Fork, d/o William STEPHENSON & Nancy TURNER, witn: Richard T. STEPHENSON of Big Fork & Maggie MARSH of Fort Frances, 23 July 1900 at Big Fork
14204-00 John RITCHIE, 36, widower, merchant, Greenock, Barwick, s/o John Beaton RITCHIE & Martha GIFFEN, married Mary Emma PRIESTER, 19, Wellington Ont., Barwick, d/o Martin PRIESTER & Victoria MEAR, witn: George CAWSTON of Roseberry & Agnes R. RITCHIE of Barwick, 14 Nov 1900 at Long Sault Mission  
14305-00 Willoughby SIMPSON, 27, laborer, Carleton Place, Rat Portage, s/o William SIMPSON & Henrietta CHERRY, married Mina JOHNSON, 32, Winnipeg, Rat Portage, d/o Henry M. JOHNSTON (sic) & Mary HOUSTON, witn: John McKINNON & Elizabeth YOUNG, both of Rat Portage, 19 Dec 1900 at Rat Portage 14302-00 George SIMPSON, 27, carpenter, Simcoe Co., Rat Portage, s/o William SIMPSON & Caroline HENRY, married Isabella McBRIAN, 20, Winnipeg, Norman, d/o John McBRIAN & Maggie LEITCH, witn: John M. SIMPSON & Annie McBRAN (sic), both of Norman, 5 Dec 1900 at Norman
14303-00 James William SINDEL, 28, machinist, Dublin, Rat Portage, s/o Thomas SINDEL & Mary HALLETT, married Hilda CARLSON, 23, Sweden, Rat Portage, d/o Carl CARLSON & Lena FREDERICKSON, witn: Martin FITZGERALD & Lottie LYONS, both of Rat Portage, 5 Dec 1900 at Rat Portage 14205-00 Arthur James SMITH, 22, farmer, Lincolnshire England, Barwick, s/o John C. SMITH & Elizabeth DICKENSON, married Mary Edith EVANS, 19, Wales B.I., Barwick, d/o John EVANS & Elizabeth MORGAN, witn: Caleb Arthur SMITH & Alice Mary PETERSON, both of Barwick, 23 Oct 1900 at Barwick (also 14994-01)
14226-00 Cryes STEVENSON, 22, laborer, Ohio US, Pine Wood, s/o James & Maria Bolanger, married Agnes KAVANAUGH, 20, Pine Wood, same, d/o Thomas & Indian, witn: Steven MALONE & John KAVANAUGH, both of Pine Wood, 5 Feb 1900 at Pine Wood 15752-00 James SUTTON, 27, miner, of Port Arthur, s/o Dan SUTTON & Mary Ann BELL, married Bella Christina EVERETT, 19, Bruce Co., Oliver, d/o Richard EVERETT & Emma GOODE, witn: Charles A. & Mrs. C. A. GAMMOND of Oliver, 14 June 1900 at Oliver (also 15753-00)
14310-00 William Renaldo TAYLOR, 23, carpenter, Michigan, Wabigon, s/o William C. TAYLOR & Mary RUSSELL, married Mary Agnes SCOTT, 24, Eganville, Fort William, d/o Robert SCOTT & Mary O'DONNELL, witn: Grace RUSSELL of Wabigon & Thomas H. TOMLINSON of Ignace, 25 July 1900 at Wabigon 14209-00 William J. Miller WILSON, 31, farmer, Castleton, Carpenter twp., s/o William J. WILSON & Elizabeth ANDERSON, married Louisa ALLAN, 21, Melancthon, Carpenter twp., d/o Thomas ALLAN, farmer, & Elizabeth MADILL, witn: Thomas ALLEN (sic) & Annie Elizabeth GILLES, both of Carpenter twp., 27 June 1900 at Carpenter twp