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003311-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) Joseph ADDISON, 30 England, Silverwater, Farmer, s/o Geo ADDISON &  Eliz HERD married Lucinda MAY, 26, Little Current, same, Domestic, d/o Humphrey MAY & Docas (Dorcas?) FRANKLIN. Wtn: Rick ADDISON of Silverwater and Lizzie McKENZIE  of Little Current on July 24, 1901 at Little Current  
15049-01 Charles ALCOCK, 30, laborer, Belleville, Rat Portage, s/o Joseph ALCOCK & Sarah B--TT?, married Ulieth LOCKE, 19, Yorkshire England, Rat Portage, d/o Ephraim LOCKE & Matilda WIGGINS, witn: Joseph BRYDGES & Carrie ALCOCK, both of Rat Portage, 25 March 1901 at Rat Portage 10589-01 George Lawson ALLAN, 43, merchant, Perth Ont., Vancouver BC, s/o W. F. ALLAN & Rebecca LAWSON, married Ida Maud SHARPE, 31, Perth, Rat Portage, d/o Richard SHARPE & Charlotte McMILLAN, witn: Ethel MAUGHAN of Winnipeg & A. BAKER of Rat Portage, 25 Sept 1901 at Rat Portage
003319-01 (Algoma) John B. ANDREW, 34, Brampton, Massey, Barber, s/o John ANDREW & Catherine BROWN married Augusene SKIPPEN, 29, Manitoulin Island, Massey, d/o Noah SKIPPEN & Rebecca BAYES. Wtn: J.H. TINSDALE of Massey and Cassie SKIPPEN of Walford on January 9, 1901 at Massey 012899-02 (Nipissing Dist) Jean ANTOINE, 61, grocer, widower, Mattawa, same, s/o S. & Marie Ann, married Suzanne STEVEN, 38, widow, of Mattawa, d/o John & Marie Ann, witn: Joseph FERRIS & Louisa McDONALD both of Mattawa on June 27, 1901, at Mattawa. (RC)
15085-01 Joseph ARMSTRONG, 33, merchant, Leeds Co., Rat Portage, s/o Hugh ARMSTRONG & Emily FARNSWORTH, married Etta Mary DULMADGE, 23, Northumberland, Rat Portage, d/o M. A. DULMADGE & Helen MIX, witn: Ira & Mosa DULMADGE of Rat Portage, 11 Sept 1901 at Rat Portage 15101-01 John M. ARMSTRONG, 28, engineer, Otonabee, Keewatin, s/o Martin ARMSTRONG & Catherine REED, married Muriel Isabel FORNESI, 22, Port Arthur, same, d/o Cosford FORNESI & Isabel AGAR, witn: Minnie BAKER of Rat Portage & illegible M. SUTHERLAND of Rat Portage, 18 Dec 1901 at Rat Portage
15056-01 James BACK, 35, widower, fireman, England, Rat Portage, s/o Thomas & Alice, married Martha INGSTRUM, 24, Norway, Rat Portage, d/o Robert INGSTRUM & Lizzie OLDSTRUM, witn: Robert & Minnie PETERSON of Rat Portage, 25 April 1901 at Rat Portage 15075-01 Frederick P. BANKHART, 24, railway employee, London England, Rat Portage, s/o Arthur BANKHART & Mary WHITTINGTON, married Rowena Maud HORNE, 19, Midland Ont., Rat Portage, d/o Thomas HORNE & Mary BOAG, witn: R. E. ATKINSON & M.E. CURTIS, both of Rat Portage, 8 Aug 1901 at Rat Portage
012261-01 John BARUTCHAI, no age given, laborer, Galicia Austria, Copper Cliff, s/o Borilius BARUTCHAI & Caroline BAISYKUA, married Maria JWANOZUK, no age given, Galicia Austria, Copper Cliff, d/o Alexis JWANOZUK & Arma BAZIRUKA, witn: Frank MUSCLACK & Maydel BARDINSKI on Sept. 27, 1901 at Copper Cliff. (RC) 003284-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) Rhiney BAYERS, 38, East Flambury, Bidwell, Farmer, s/o Lewis August BAYERS & M.A. HAAFFERMAN married Hannah E. MEYERS, 28, Norfolk Ont., Sheguiandah, d/o John MEYERS & Elizabeth POTTER. Wtn: John BAYERS of Bidwell Tp., and Hattie MEYERS of Sheguiandah on November 20, 1901 at Sheguiandah
012077-01 John BEATTIE, 35, Locomotive Engineer, Perth, North Bay, s/o Thomas BEATTIE & Mary ALLAN, married Kate SMITH, 23, Pembroke, Mattawa, d/o William R. SMITH & Anastasia HOGARTH. Witn: J. A. LYNCH, North Bay, and Margaret J. SHANKS, Mattawa. June 12, 1900, Mattawa 012143-01 Delphis BEAUCHAMP, 27, farmer, Embrun, Appleby, s/o Leander BEAUCHAMP & Elise THERIER, married Arthenise SAVARY, 31, Embrun, Appleby, widow of Joseph LEPAGE (sic), witn: Pierre SAVARY & A. GAUTHIER both of Appleby on Aug. 4, 1901 at Warren, Dunnet Tp. (RC)
012263-01 Michel BEAUDRY, no age given, laborer, Quebec, Copper Cliff, s/o Paschal BEAUDRY & Sophie LANTHILL, married Elise MASSY, no age given, Quebec, Copper Cliff, d/o Isidore MASSY & Apoline BRISEBOIS, witn: Alfred GAUTHIER & Peter STRASBOURG both of Copper Cliff on Sept. 15, 1901 at Copper Cliff. (RC) 012155-01 Esdros BEAUDRY, 21, farmer, Quebec, Verner, s/o Joseph BEAUDRY & Olive DUBEAU, married Exilda BRASSARD, 16, Quebec, Springer, d/o Hermidas BRASSARD & Mathilda BRIERE, witn: H. BRASSARD of Springer & L. BEAUDRY of Verner on Sept. 9, 1901 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC)
15059-01 Clovis BEAULE, 22, laborer, St. Saveur, Rat Portage, s/o Clovis BEAULE & Sophie LAROCHELLE, married Marie CYR, 19, Winnipeg, Rat Portage, d/o Joseph CYR & Marie MORIN, witn: Jos. THIBEAUDEAU & Anna FORTIER, both of Rat Portage, 10 June 1901 at Rat Portage (Rom Cath) 15069-01 John BECK, 28, miner, Smith Falls, Wabigeon, s/o John BECK & Ella DARLING, married Anna WILSON, 29, Inverness Scotland, Wabigeon, d/o Duncan WILSON & Kate STEWART, witn: Rev. John McGUIRE & M.M. C. ROCHESTER, both of Rat Portage, 17 July 1901 at Rat Portage
012074-01 Jean Baptiste BELANGER, 26, Farmer, Mattawa, same, so J. B. BELANGER & Elmire DOUCETTE, married Ida TRAHAN, 18, Winsocket U.S., Eau Claire, d/o Louis TRAHAN & Delia CHAMPAGNE. Witn: J.B. BELANGER & Wilfred GROULX, both of Mattawa. June 20, 1901, Mattawa. (R.C.) 3192-01 Napoleon BELANGER, 21, livery stable man, Hull, Chelmsford, s/o Elzear BELANGER & Louisa POULIN, married Rose Anna VAILLANCOURT, 21, Van Kleek Hill, Chelmsford, d/o Telesphore VAILLANCOURT & Marie PROULX, witn: Palma POULIN & Emeliana BELANGER, both of Chelmsford, 28 Oct 1901 at Chelmsford
003321-01 (Algoma) Ovila BERGERON, 27, Chichester, Massey, Laborer, s/o Eugene BERGERON & Nattiale LONGPORT married Lena DORLY, 17, Calendar, Massey, d/o Frank DORLY & Rosa MOUSSEAU.Wtn: Frank DORLY of Massey and Amelie BERGERON of Sturgeon Falls on April 22, 1901 at Massey 003228-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) Chauncey Ulyses BERRY, 25, Creemore, residence not given (Creemore, stroked through),  carpenter, s/o Hiram BERRY & Lydia BENEDICK (Benedict) married Janet SPEERS (Spears) 21, Kagawong, Providence Bay, d/o Robert SPEARS & Mary CAMPBELL. Wtn: J. BERRY of Providence Bay and ?ary McDONALD of London on November 20, 1901 at Carnarvon
003247-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) James Edward BIRD, 28, Suffolk Eng., Thessalon, Lumberman, s/o David BIRD & Mary PHILLIPS married Edith Ann LANE, 18, Stayner, Barrie Island, d/o John LANE & Sarah LIWLENCE (Linlence?). Wtn: William McTAGGART of Barrie Isl. and Mrs. William McTAGGART of Barrie Isl. on November 30, 1901 at Barrie Isl. 15096-01 Robert BLACK, 26, lumberman, Montreal, Winnipeg, s/o Alex BLACK & Margaret DEWAR, married Alice Sarah JOHNSON, 21, Toronto, Rat Portage, d/o William JOHNSON & Clara ROOKE, witn: Robert MURRAY & Anna B. YOUNG, both of Rat Portage, 26 Nov 1901 at Rat Portage
15046-01 Andrew BOAG, 42, teamster, Darling Ont., Rat Portage, s/o John BOAG & Flora BARR (Baer?), married Catherine Ann SULLIVAN, 26, Armaug? India, Rat Portage, d/o Owen SULLIVAN & Jane JOHNSON, witn: George L. SULLIVAN of Barwick & Annie McNAMARA of Rat Portage, 6 Feb. 1901 at Rat Portage #003516-01 (Algoma Dist) Alfred BODY, 29, miner, Fall River NS, Johnson twp., s/o Alfred BODY & Eliza STEVENS, married Sarah JOYCE, 25, Osprey twp., Glen---, d/o John JOYCE & Mary LEATHERS, witnesses were Ernest HOOPER & Annie YOUNG, both of Port Lock, Oct. 30, 1901 at Thessalon
012156-01 Philmon BOIRE, 25, laborer, Pembroke, Cache Bay, s/o Pierre BOIRE & Victoria COUSINEAU, married Corine PREVOST, 18, Quebec, Cache Bay, d/o Joseph PREVOST & Sarah BELANGER, witn: Joseph PREVOST of Springer & Pierre BOIRE of Verner on Sept. 30, 1901 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC) 012065-01 Narcisse BOULÉ, 21, Farmer, Ottawa, Mattawa, s/o Narcisse BOULÉ & Eugenie MOUSSEAU, married Melina GERMAIN, 18, Bonfield, same, s/o Maxime GERMAIN & Philomin ARNYOT. Witn: Joseph BRULE & David DUPONT both of Mattawa. Feb 11, 1901, Mattawa. (R.C.)
012085-01 Frederic BOULÉ, 19, Farmer, Mattawa, same, s/o Narcisse BOULÉ & Eugenie MAISSEAU married Rozanna LEFEBRE, 19, Mattawa, same, d/o Joseph LEFEBRE & Marie PARENT. Witn: Narcisse BOULÉ & David Dupont both of Mattawan. Oct. 7, 1901, Mattawa. (R.C.) 003218-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) Thomas BOWSER, 24, Chatham, Gore Bay, s/o Fanny & Mathew BOWSER married Charlotte BAKER, 24, Grey Co., Mills, d/o Susan ROUSE & John B. BAKER. Wtn: Joseph C. BAKER of Mills and Gloria D. SIZER of Strout (Stroud?) on April 24, 1901 at Mills
003264-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) Robert BRACKEN, 67, Caledon, Elizabeth, Farmer, s/o John BRACKEN & Charlot LUCAS married Harriet BAXTER, 47, Yorkshire, Elizabeth, d/o William BAXTER & Mary WILES. Wtn: William BRACKEN of Elizabeth Bay and Mary E. WALKER of Gore Bay on November 29, 1901 at Gore Bay 3435-02 (Algoma Dist): Thomas James BROWN, 20, miner, Manitoulin Island, Massey, s/o George BROWN & Mary HOFMAN, married Mary MUNN, 22, widow, Iroquois, Massey, d/o John MILLER & Mary McDONALD, witn: L.C. GRAHAM of Walford & Sarah A. BROWN of Massey, 27 Nov 1901 at not given
3199-01 (Manitoulin Dist): William Smith? BURD, 36, doctor, Muskegon Mich., Blind River, s/o Francis BURD & Mary BROWN, married Mary Katerine ARGUE, 23, dress maker, Wyebridge, Spragg, d/o Joseph ARGUE & Margaret McWANDLER?, witn: W.B. & Mary Ellen LUMMINS of Spragg, 23 Oct 1901 at Spragg #017924-04 (Thunder Bay Dist): Archie John Wigwass BURESIGYIG, 23, laborer, Garden River, Fort William, s/o John W. MESHTANIKWIL & Lentine LAROSE, married Henrietta DUCHARME, 17, Fort William, same, d/o Martin DUCHARME & Catherine BADAD, witn: Francis BOUCHER & Josephine St.GERMAIN, both of Fort William, 8 Feb 1901? at Fort William (Rom Cath)
003214-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) Darchy B. BURNS, 23, Nottawasaga, Dawson, Farmer, s/o Martha MILLIGAN & Thomas BURNS married Euphemia McKECHNIE, 20, of Campbell, d/o Sarah & Daniel McKECHNIE. Wtn: Alex BURNS of Dawson and Jessie BURNS of Sandfield on January 30, 1901 at Campbell 003251-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) Darcy B. BURNS, 23, Nottawasaga, Dawson Tp., Farmer, s/o Thomas BURNS & Francis married Euphemia McKECHNIE, 20, Nottawasaga, Campbell Tp., d/o Daniel McKECHNIE & Sarah. Wtn: Alexander BURNS of Dawson Tp. and Jessie BROWN of Sandfield Tp. on January 30, 1901 at Gore Bay
15102-01 Thomas BURNS, 28, miner, Ireland, Rat Portage, s/o John BURNS & Anne SIMPSON, married Hattie DEARDEN, 16, Rat Portage, same, d/o Thomas DEARDEN & Louisa WRIGHT, witn: Annabel LOWES & John D. TAYLOR, both of Rat Portage, 25 Dec 1901 at Rat Portage 003508-01 (Algoma) Adolphus Robert CADE, 33, Hamilton, Bruce Mines, Merchant, s/o Rev. Dr. R. CADE & Mary A. EDMUNDS married Wilhelmina ARMSTRONG, 21, Florence, Thessalon, d/o Rev. Dr. ARMSTRONG & Margaret LINTON. Wtn: Fred DOBIE of Thessalon and Mary ARMSTRONG of Thessalon on June 5, 1901 at Thessalon
003242-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) William CAIN, 29, Gaspe, Gordon, Clerk, s/o Thomas CAIN & Matilda BAKER married Lenna Tilly THORN, 26, Prince Edward Co., Gordon, d/o George THORN & Margaret HUBBS. Wtn: Neil McKECHNIE of Gore Bay and Maggie CAIN of Gore Bay on November 6, 1901 at Gordon 003257-01 Thomas CAMPBELL, 24, Grey Co., Gordon, Farmer, s/o Daniel CAMPBELL & Eliza Jane married Mary A. McCRACKEN, 21, Gordon Tp., same, d/o Thomas McCRACKEN & Christina. Wtn: James CAMPBELL of Gordon Tp. and Hellen KAY of Gore Bay on May 21, 1901 at Gore Bay
#016565-02 (Thunder Bay Dist): Neil CAMPBELL, 28, locomotive engineer, Glasgow Scotland, Stanley, s/o Patrick CAMPBELL & Mary BOYLE, married Elizabeth MACKEY, 19, Finland, Stanley, d/o Manwell MACKEY & Susan KOSKI, witn: George & Annie NEVE of Port Arthur, 21 Dec 1901 at Port Arthur 15091-01 Joseph Madore CARDINAL, 22, bar tender, Ottawa, Rat Portage, s/o Gilbert CARDINAL & Catherine TETREAULT, married Alberta M. LEMAY, 19, Hull, Rat Portage, d/o Nap LEMAY & Selina LAFORE, witn: Jules CARDINAL & Nap LEMAY, both of Rat Portage, 22 Oct 1901 at Rat Portage
012058-01 Augustin CAUTIN, 21, Farmer, St. Tete Des Caps-P.Q., Ferris, s/o F. CAUTIN & N. GAUTHIER, married Lydia TREMBLAY, 16, Ferris, Levesqueville, d/o William TREMBLAY & M. ROCHEFORT. Witn: A. ROCHEFORT, Ferris & M. TREMBLAY, Bonfield. July 29, 1901, Levesqueville. (R.C.) [Coutin? Couteu?] 15063-01 Charles Edward CHAPMAN, 25, printer, Montreal, Rat Portage, s/o Edward A. CHAPMAN & Marie A. COTE, married Marguerite H. FITZGERALD, 25, Port Arthur, Rat Portage, d/o James FITZGERALD & Bertha ARG--? (or Agar?), witn: Bertha W. RITCHIE & Ager FITZGERALD, both of Rat Portage, 5 June 1901 at Rat Portage
15054-01 William Thomas CHARLES, 22, carpenter, Deception, Rat Portage, s/o Thomas & Catherine, married Maria B. BRIMSELL?, 19, England, Rat Portage, d/o Angus N. BRIMSELL (Brunsell?) & Elizabeth DANIELS, witn: Isabell HOLDEN & Angus N. BRIMSELL, both of Rat Portage, 24 April 1901 at Rat Portage 10588-01 Lionel Clare CHARLESWORTH, 27, mining lands agent, Windsor, Rat Portage, s/o H. G. CHARLESWORTH & Charlotte McEACHREN, married Gertrude illegible SEROIL (Sevoil?), 19, North Gower, Rat Portage, d/o S. S. SEROIL & Ella U. O’LAUGHLIN, witn: W. J. GREENE & L. JOHNSON, both of Rat Portage, 25 Sept 1901 at Rat Portage
012251-01 Peter CHARON, 28, laborer, Arnprior, Sudbury, s/o Maxime CHARON & Mary LARONDE, married Minnie LARONDE, 22, Mount St Patrick, Sudbury, d/o Charles LARONDE & Annie DUBREUIL, witn: Patrick & Adele LARONDE both of Sudbury on Aug. 19, 1901 at Sudbury. (RC) 012078-01 Edouard CHARTRAND, 28, Laborer, Cheneville P.Q., Mattawa, s/o Xavier CHARTRAND & Julie LANTHIER, married Delia VILLENEUVE, 21, St. Victoire, Mattawa, d/o Theodule VILLENEUVE & Oliveue MONETTE. Witn: Pierre & Theodule VILLENEUVE, both of Mattawa. July 8, 1901, Mattawa. (R.C.)
012146-01 Jean Baptiste CHARTRAND, 31, farmer, Ripon Quebec, Warren, s/o Jean Baptiste CHARTRAND & Domitile MADERY, married Eugenie OUELETTE, 17, Grenville, Warren, d/o Johnnie OUELETTE & Artherine LAVIGNEUR, witn: Camille LEGAULT & Artherine OUELETTE both of Warren on Nov. 5, 1901 at Warren, Dunnet Tp. (RC) 003507-01 (Algoma) Haley Duke COLE, 23, Black Creek Ont., Detroit, Photographer, s/o Samuel COLE & Isabella PRETTIE married Florence May ARMSTRONG, 23, Florence Ont., Thessalon d/o Rev. Dr. ARMSTRONG & Margaret LINTON. Wtn: Richard CHEER of Richard’s Landing Ont. and Mary ARMSTRONG of Thessalon on May 8, 1901 at Thessalon
003279-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) Thomas CONNOR, 27, Ontario, Green Bush, Farmer, s/o George CONNOR & Nancy WRENCHY married Mary MURDOCK, 18, Lindsay, Howland Tp., d/o William MURDOCK & Marg DOUGLAS. Wtn: John CONNOR of Massey and Flora BECKS of Little Current on August 14, 1901 at Little Current 012060-01 Joseph CONTANT, 30, Farmer, Golden Lake Ont., Ferris, s/o Moses CONTANT & Etienne MENARD, married Oliva ROCHEFORT, 16, Les Absolemato, P.Q., Ferris, d/o Elgear ROCHEFORT & Marie DESGAGNES. Witn: Delphis DENAULT & Louise OUILETTE, both of Levesqueville. Aug. 26, 1901, Levesqueville. (R.C.)
#003224-01 (Manitoulin Dist): John CORBIER, 28, laborer, West Bay, same, s/o Joseph CORBIER & Elizabeth CHINESE, married Martha Jane BRACKEN, 20, Rock lake, Carnarvon, d/o John BRACKEN & Jane STERLING, witn: Elizabeth WAGG & Nellie BARLOW, both of Carnarvon, 22 Jan 1901 at Mindemoya 15031-01 James CORMACK, 24, hotel keeper, Woodstock Ont., Fort Frances, s/o John & Mary, married Mary PETERSON, 23, Sweden, Fort Frances, d/o Ola & Phenia, witn: Mr. & Mrs. William WATSON of Fort Frances, 7 Jan 1901 at Fort Frances
003276-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) Ernest COULTER, 28, Preston Engl., Collins Inlet, Mill Hand, s/o Thomas COULTER & Jane WELBLE married Alice LEWIS, 32, Sheguiandah, same, Domestic, d/o David LEWIS & Mary McLEAN. Wtn: William LAIDLEY of Sheguiandah and Matilda LEWIS of Sheguiandah on May 1, 1901 at Sheguiandah 012159-01 Didier COUTURE, 47, laborer, Quebec City, Webbwood, s/o Onesime & Appolline, married Arabella RUSK, 48, widow, Quebec, Cache Bay, d/o John & Mary HOBSON, witn: J. H. HESSOP & Sarah MOORE both of Cache Bay on Dec. 18, 1901 at Cache Bay
#003410-01 (Algoma Dist): William CREBO, 24, laborer, Bruce Mines, same, s/o William CREBO & Elizabeth GRAY, married Agnes Frances DUNN, 28, England, Dunn Valley, d/o Alexander B. DUNN & illegible THOMPSON, witn: John & Maggie DUNCAN of Sault Ste. Marie, 3 July 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie 3189-01 William John CROTTEAU, 27, train man, Bradford, Chapleau, s/o John CROTTEAU & Delphine CARRIERE, married Cordelia BOURGEOIS, 22, St. Andre Avellin, Chelmsford, d/o Severe BOURGEOIS & Anna WISSELL?, witn: Alexandre PROVOST & Regina BOURGEOIS, both of Chelmsford, 9 Sept 1901 at Chelmsford
012152-01 Napoleon DAOUST, 46, farmer, widower, Quebec, Springer, s/o Augustin DAOUST & Oliva GRATON, married Amanda LEBLANC, 36, Quebec, Springer, d/o Thomas LEBLANC & Philomin FORTIER, witn: Augustin DAOUST & Thomas LEBLANC both of Springer on July 18, 1901 at Sturgeon Falls. (R.C) 003315-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) William Amos DEADMAN, 22, Victoria Harbor, Little Current, Engineer, s/o Chas DEADMAN & M. J. STAMP married Flora McGILVERY, 21, Jarvis Ont., Little Current, Tailoress, d/o D. McGILVERY & A.E. McFARLAND. Wtn: Fred KRAK of By. City? and Sarah McFARLAND of Little Current on September 18, 1901 at Little Current
3196-01 John DELANEY, 27, cook, Madoc, Chelmsford, s/o Robert DELANEY & Marguerite KING, married Bertie MARTELLE, 17, North Nation Mills, Chelmsford, d/o Xavier MARTELLE & Annie McKENZIE, witn: Clarence SPENKLE & Cassie MOORE, both of Chelmsford, 25 Nov 1901 at Chelmsford 012142-01 Antoine DESFORGES, 22, laborer, Wendover, Warren, s/o Antoine DESFORGES & Philomine DUBE, married Marceline GOSSELIN, 20, Sebastopol, Warren, d/o Onesime GOSSELIN & Margaret TENNET, witn: Willie GOSSELIN & Malvina DESFORGES both of Warren on Oct. 14, 1901 at Warren, Dunnet Tp. (RC)
012059-01 Joseph DESGAGNES, 21, Laborer, Le Aux Coudre, P.Q., Levesqueville, s/o E. DESGAGNES & G. BEAUDREAULT, married Josephine COUTIN, 17, St. Tete Des Caps-P.Q., Ferris, d/o F. COUTIN & W. GAUTHIER. Witn: P. COUTIN, Levesqueville & S. LEVESQUE, Bonfield. 29 July 1901, Levesqueville. (R.C.) 012262-01 Walter Pakenham DESPARD, 39, book keeper, Belleville, Victoria Mine, s/o Francis DESPARD & Imogene JONES, married Adeline RICARD, 27, Isle du Calumet, Sudbury, d/o Francois RICARD & Adelaide MOUSSESOU, witn: W. H. MULLIGAN & William KELLY, both of Sudbury on Sept. 24, 1901 at Sudbury. (RC)
15066-01 Edwin E. DEVLIN, 32, accountant, Pembroke, Winnipeg, s/o Charles DEVLIN & Olean? HURLBURT, married Minnie E.M. HORN, 25, Almonte, Rat Portage, d/o A.H. HORN & Janet JACKSON, witn: J. E. MONKMAN & Margaret A. FRANKS, both of Winnipeg, 3 July 1901 at Rat Portage 3207-01 John Henry DIXON, 30, farmer, Muskoka Dist., Dunns Valley, s/o John DIXON & Eliz. LINCLATE, married Ellen Jane SINGLETON, 20, Wawanosh twp., Dunns Valley, d/o Abra SINGLETON & Ellen PATTERSON, witn: James DIXON of Galbraith twp & Minerva SINGLETON, 26 June 1901 at Dunns Valley
#003515-01 (Algoma Dist) William John DRIVER, 45, farmer, Toronto, Gladstone, s/o Nathaniel DRIVER & Margaret ALLEN, married Elizabeth HENDRY, 22, Wellington Co., Gladstone, d/o Robert HENDRY & Jane BROWN, witnesses were John & Agnes HENRY, both of Day twp., Sept. 30, 1901 at Thessalon 15037-01 James H. DRUMMOND, 27, hotel keeper, Middlesex Ont., Mine Centre, s/o Mathew DRUMMOND & Elizabeth NEAL, married Mary Ann COLWELL, 19, Marquette Mich., Mine Centre, d/o C. P. COLWELL & Mary HUBBARD, witn: George ELLIOT of Sturgeon Falls & Agnes COLWELL of Mine Centre, 16 Sept 1901 at Mine Centre
012066-01 John DUBOIS, 26, Laborer, Portage du Fort, Sudbury, s/o John DUBOIS & Celina ROBILLARD, married Flavie CLEMENT, 20, Mattawa, same, d/o Joseph CLEMENT & Charlotte MONTREUIL. Witn: N. FINK & Joe GAUDETTE, both of Mattawa. Feb. 18, 1901, Mattawa. (R.C.) 012061-01 Egleson G. DUFFY, 23, Lumberman, Angus Ont., Himsworth, s/o William & Julia DUFFY married Mgt. (sic) Annie Eden QUIRT, 19, Ferris, same, d/o George & Ann Jane QUIRT. Witn: Thomas HAWKINS & Helena JESSUP, both of Nippissing Jct. Aug. 21, 1901, Nippissing Jct. [Quirk?]
15084-01 Edward H. DULMADGE, 29, farmer, Northumberland, Rat Portage, s/o M. A. DULMADGE & Helen MIX, married Kathleen E. LA POINTE, 25 (28?), Hastings, Trenton, d/o Jos. LA POINTE & Mary CAREY, witn: Ira & Mosa DULMADGE of Rat Portage, 11 Sept 19801 at Rat Portage 15029-01 Delphill DUMARTIN, 31, farmer, Ste. Marthe Quebec, Pinewood, s/o Jean Baptiste & Lauire Mathilde, married Exerryle LAROQUE, 26, dressmaker, St. Eustache Quebec, Pinewood, d/o Cyrille & Filila Exerryle, witn: Thomas LAVERDUE & R. LAROQUE, both of Pinewood, 7 Jan 1901 at Pinewood (Rom Cath)
012057-01 F. H. DUPUIS, 29, Laborer, St. Joseph De Orleans Ont., Ferris, s/o Frank DUPUIS & Mary Louise CORBEIL married Marie PILON, 16, Cincinnati U.S., Ferris, d/o J. B. PILON & Aurelia COUTURE. Witn: Jos. Jun (sic) CORBEIL & Amanda DICARE, both of Ferris. July 8, 1901, Corbeil. (R.C.) 012056-02 Oliver DUPUIS, 21, Laborer, St. Joseph De Orleans, Ferris, s/o Frank DUPUIS & Mary Louise CORBEIL, married Marie Anne THIBAULT, 16, St. Angle P.Q., Ferris, d/o Jean THIBAULT & Marceline PLANTE. Witn: Adelaird THIBAULT & Eugenie DUPUIS, both of Ferris. July 8, 1901, Corbeil. (R.C.)
003274-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) Charles EADE, 30, Sullivan Tp., Little Current, Farmer, s/o Abraham EADE & Elizabeth BAGLEY married Annie SCHILTROTH, 20, Bolton, Howland Tp., Domestic, d/o George SCHILTROTH & Magdalena MINK. Wtn: William F. EADE of Little Current and Mrs. E. B. LLOYD of Little Current on April 24, 1901 at Howland Tp. 15081-01 Marshall C. EASTABROOK, 22, blacksmith, New York NY, Rat Portage, s/o William L. EASTABROOK & Josephine HULL, married Mabel Blanche BAINES, 20, Parry Sound, Rat Portage, d/o Howard BAINES & Lucy JONES, witn: Matt CARMICHAEL & Lillie May BAINES, both of Rat Portage, 22 Aug 1901 at Rat Portage
3424-02 (Algoma Dist): George Edward EASTWOOD, 27, farmer, Netherchong Yorkshire England, Prince twp., s/o Ben & not given, married Mary C. HOLDSWORTH, 27, Hepworth Yorkshire England, Prince twp., d/o George Henry & not given, witn: Edith Anetta & John Albert ALLEN of Prince, 31 Dec 1901 at Prince 15032-01 George ELLIOT, 23, hotel keeper, Kinlough? Ont., Mine Centre, s/o George ELLIOT & Mary Ann McCAIGIE?, married Josephine Irene COLWELL, 16, Michigan USA, Mine Centre, d/o Charles P. COLWELL & Mary HUBBARD, witn: James DRUMMOND & Mary Ann COLWELL, both of Mine Centre, 6 Feb 1901 at Mine Centre
003225-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) George Nelson ELLIS, 25, Uxbridge, Manitowaning, Hotel Keeper, s/o David (John, stroked through) ELLIS & Sarah LONG married Janet GALBRAITH, 24, Holland Tp. Bruce Co., Carnarvon, d/o John GALBRAITH & Anne GALBRAITH. Wtn: John ELLIS of Sheguiandah and Maggie GALBRAITH of Carnarvon on September 16, 1901 at Carnarvon 003243-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) Philip J. FAHRER, 23, Bruce Co., Gordon, Farmer, s/o Tony FAHRER & Theresa CLEPPLER married Violet Jessie WILLETT, 18, Gordon Tp., same, d/o Andrew WILLETT & Elizabeth LEONARD. Wtn: Frank WILLETT of Gordon and Minnie WILLETT of Gordon on October 23, 1901 at Gordon
15095-01 Allan FERGUSON, 27, mill man, Lanark, Rat Portage, s/o Allan FERGUSON & Agnes GARVIN, married Annie McKINLEY, 21, Thornberry, Rat Portage, d/o Jas. McKINLEY & Mary WEIR, witn: Henry JONES & Violet SHERNS?, both of Rat Portage, 15 Nov 1901 at Rat Portage (Salv Army) 15071-01 Martin C. FITZGERALD, 32, laborer, Madoc, Rat Portage, s/o James FITZGERALD & Bertha AGAR, married Lottie M. SULLIVAN, Barrie, Rat Portage, d/o John SULLIVAN & Catherine MADDEN, witn: Robert KITLY & Maud SULLIVAN, both of Rat Portage, 24 July 1900 at Rat Portage
003262-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) John Robt. FRASER, 26, Innisfil Tp., Allan, Farmer, s/o John A. FRASER & John A. MOORE (sic) married Flo May WRIGHT, 20 of Allen d/o Anthony WRIGHT & Jane FOGAL. Wtn: Thomas WRIGHT of Kagawong and Annie Mary GORDON of Kagawong on August 14, 1901 at Gore Bay 3191-01 Arquita? GAUTHIER, 27, cook, Papineauville, Victoria Mine, s/o Leon GAUTHIER & Matilda TASSE, married Bernadette HORTIE, 17, Hull, Chelmsford, d/o Isaie HORTIE & Julie CLAVELLE, witn: Walter QUESNEL of Sudbury & Isaie HORTIE of Chelmsford, 30 Sept 1901 at Chelmsford
012064-01 Albert GAUVREAU, 23, Butcher, Ottawa, Mattawa, s/o O W. GAUVREAU & Emeline FINK, married Anna PAYETTE, 24, Dressmaker, Renfrew, Mattawa, d/o Gilbert PAYETTE & Scholastique DESECHER. Witn: O. W. GAUVREAU & Tevire PAYETTE, both of Mattawa. Jan 28, 1901, Mattawa. (R.C.). 003246-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) Charles H. GILROY, 32, Simcoe, Allen, Farmer, s/o Jas GILROY & Anne HACKETT married Sarah E. WOODRUFF, no age given, Hanover, Gordon, Widow, d/o Samuel WRIGHT & Cath McCORMICK. Wtn: Willard HALL of Gordon and Minnie GILROY of Allen on November 19, 1901 at Gordon
012086-01 Albert GODIN, 26, Locomotive Engineer, Sorel, Biscotasing, s/o Edouard GODIN & Leda DERNAIS, married Marie LEBLANC, 20, Hull, Mattawa, d/o Michael LEBLANC & Alphonsine LABROSSE. Witn: Octave Nap GAUVREAU & Michael LEBLANC, both of Mattawa. Nov. 19, 1901, Mattawa. (R.C.) 15083-01 George William GRANT, 35, box maker, widower, Halton, Winnipeg, s/o William GRANT & Elizabeth RYDER, married Charlotte FARLEY, 26, Middlesex, Detroit, d/o Edward FARLEY & Elizabeth SCHULTZ, witn: Elizabeth & Hannah MORGAN of Rat Portage, 11 Sept 1901 at Rat Portage
012900-02 (Nipissing Dist) Ambroise GRAVEL, 35, of Mattawa, traveller, s/o M. GRAVEL & Philomin DECUIRE, married Alphonsine MINOR, 18, Papineau Tp., Mattawa, d/o E. MINOR & Josephine DESORMEAU, witn: Joseph DESORMEAU of Mattawa & E. MINOR of Papineau on April 4, 1901 at Mattawa. (RC) 012055-01 Emile GRAVELLE, 21, Farmer, St. Joseph De Orleans Ont., Ferris, s/o Camile GRAVELLE & Delima CORBEIL, married Adèle THIBAULT, 18, St. Joseph De Orleans Ont., Ferris, d/o Jean THIBAULT & Marceline PLANTE. Witn: Julien GRAVELLE & Eva DICARE, both of Ferris, July 8, 1901, Corbeil. (R.C.)
012256-01 George GREGG, 30, turner man, Ireland, Copper Cliff, s/o George GREGG Maria LINDSAY, married Minnie HIGGINS, 22, Ireland, Copper Cliff, d/o Michael HIGGINS & Mary KELLY, witn: William & Martha McARTHUR both of Copper Cliff on Nov. 29, 1901 at Sudbury 012252-01 Michael GREGG, 33, laborer, Chapeau Quebec, Sudbury, s/o John GREGG & Margaret BRENNAN, married Jane LARONDE, 25, Mount St Patrick, Sudbury, d/o Charles LARONDE & Annie DUBREUIL, witn: James & Maggie LARONDE both of Sudbury on Aug. 19, 1901 at Sudbury. (RC)
15025-01 John GREY, 21, trapper, Frenchmans Head, same, s/o James & Harriet, married Sarah SHEE-SHE-PACE, 19, Sturgeon Lake, Frenchmans Head, s/o Maungosegun & Waatie, witn: Henry SAPLEY & Margaret ALEXANDER, both of Frenchmans Head, 22 Aug 1901 at Frenchmans Head 003320-01 (Algoma) Chas H. GROBERT, 40 of Parry Sound, Lumberman, Widower, s/o L. GROBERT & Catherine BEEKER married Mae FLESHER, 23 of Spanish River, d/o Thomas FLESHER and Mary Jane WRIGHT. Wtn: R. W. SCOFIELD and A.A. Maude FLESHER of Spanish River on January 23, 1901 at Massey
012063-01 Wilfred GROULX, 26, Laborer, St. Adelé P.Q., Mattawa, s/o Francis GROULX & Elmire GAGNE married Elmire BELANGER, 22, Mattawa, same, d/o J. B. BELANGER & Elmire DOUCET. Witn: Bruno CHARRON & Edward BOYLAU, both of Mattawa. Jan 14, 1901, Mattawa (R.C.) 012144-01 Felix GUINDON, 19, farmer, Clarence, Warren, s/o Felix GUINDON & Anastasia GAREAU, married Anna ETHIER, 15, Clarence, Warren, d/o Baptiste ETHIER & Aurelie LAPLANTE, witn: Elizabeth ETHIER & Magloire LAPLANTE both of Warren on Sept. 2, 1901 at Warren, Dunnet Tp. (RC)
012067-01 Lemieu HACHÉ, 26, Hospital Steward, Caraquet, Mattawa, s/o Juste HACHÉ & Susanne CORMIER, married Angelique LECLERC, 19, Thunboro, Mattawa, d/o Pierre LECLERC & Josephine PARENT. Witn: George L LAMOTHE & Joseph PARENT both of Mattawa. Feb. 18, 1901, Mattawa (R.C.) 003216-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) James HANER, 29, Hastings Co., Campbell, Farmer, s/o Mary & William HANER married Gertrude KIRK, 19, Deseronto, Campbell, d/o Annie TRACEY & George KIRK. Wtn: Alfred HANER of Manitowaning and Florence KIRK of Spring Bay on April 17, 1901 at Campbell
#003413-01 (Algoma Dist): John W. HARDY, 36, laborer, Northumberland Co., Sault Ste. Marie, s/o William HARDY & Mary EASTON, married Victoria COOK, 24, Bruce Co., Wiarton, d/o David & Martha, witn: R. SCOTT & M. McKECHNIE, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 10 July 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie 3209-01 (Manitoulin Dist): Owen J. HARMAN, 22, mason, Wyevale, same, s/o George HARMAN & Esther BANKER, married Elizabeth SHAWLE, no age given, Bruce Mines, same, d/o Octavius SHAWLE & Flora BLONDIN, witn: William SHAWLE & Joanna McLEOD, both of Bruce Mines, 23 July 1901 at not given
012157-01 Louis HEBERT, 32, laborer, Quebec, same, s/o Narcisse HEBERT & Julie BISSON, married Georgeline GUERIN, 23, Quebec, Embrun, d/o Isidore GUERIN & Marie HEBERT, witn: Narcisse HEBERT of Quebec & Isidore GUERIN of Springer on Nov. 26, 1901 at Springer. (RC) #003416-01 (Algoma Dist): Henry HENRICK, 26, book keeper, Johnston Co. - New Jersey, City of illegible (Sere?)- Penn., s/o Henry HENRICK & Christine PETERSON, married Anna Sophia SCHACHT, 27, Sandusky Ohio, Sere? Penn., d/o Simson SCHACHT & Sophia LACLEKEE?, witn: A. STONE of Sault Ste. Marie & G. Maud STONE of Parry Sound, 8 July 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie
15040-01 Frank Woodcock HOCKLEY, 32, accountant, Camberwell England, Rat Portage, s/o Jacob HOCKLEY & Elizabeth W. WOODCOCK, married Batilda Catherine McCARTHY, 22, Winnipeg, Rat Portage, d/o William McCARTHY & Valgerdie HALSTEAD, witn: Rose McCARTHY & Thomas HEYS, both of Rat Portage, 9 Jan 1901 at Rat Portage 15072-01 Edward Roswood HOLMES, 43, widower, miner, Staffordshire, Fernie BC, s/o Edward & Eliza, married Mary Ann MITCHELL, 32, Wellington Co., East Selkirk, d/o C.H. MITCHELL & Sarah J. PATTERSON, witn: A.D. & Mrs. MacKENZIE of Rat Portage, 26 July 1901 at Rat Portage (Salv Army)
003249-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) Chas. O. HILL, 23, Owen Sound, Gore Bay, Sailer, s/o Richard Hill & mother not given, married Annie RIORDAN, 19, Rockville, Gore Bay, d/o J.T. RIORDAN & mother not given. Wtn: Peter L. MARTIN (Mastin?) of Tehkummah and Maggie RIORDAN of Little Current on October 24, 1901 at Gore Bay 003503-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) David HOPKIN, 26, Ontario, Tehkummah, s/o William HOPKIN & Emily MORRISON married Jennie MUNDLE, 21, Ontario, Tehkummah, d/o William MUNDLE & Jane LIVINGSTON. Wtn: William MUNDLE of Tehkummah and Mary HOPKINS of Tehkummah on June 25, 1901 at Campbell Tp.
15057-01 Ivor HOWE, no age given, laborer, Norway, Rat Portage, s/o Orton HOWE & Ingaborg ANDERSON, married Annie MANSON, 19, Norway, Rat Portage, d/o Maus JACOBSON & Bertha DEIDRICKSON, witn: Adolph ERIXON & Gina OLSON, both of Rat Portage, 27 April 1901 at Rat Portage 012075-01 Antoine JAMBONE 61, Widr. Grocer, Mattawa, same, s/o Antoine & Marie Emi STONEHUIS?, married Suzanne STEVEN, 38, Wid., unknown birthplace, Mattawa, d/o John & Marie Ann STEVEN. Witn: Joseph FERRIS & Louisa McDONALD, both of Mattawa. June 27, 1901, Mattawa.(R.C.)
#003417-01 (Algoma Dist): Thomas JARVIS, 23, laborer, Calumet Island Quebec, Rhinelander Wis., s/o Louis JARVIS & Mary GERMAINE, married Gertie SMITH, 20, Marriett USA, Sault Ste. Marie Mich., d/o Adam SMITH & Mary LALEPANDES?, witn: Mrs. WILKER & Jennie BOLTON, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 15 July 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie 3193-01 Henry Robert JEAN, 32, hotel keeper, Indiana USA, Sudbury, s/o Henry JEAN & Catherine KELLY, married Georgiana MENARD, 17, Hull, Rayside, d/o Emilien MENARD & Leana LIMOGES, witn: Henry MENARD of Sudbury & Adele St.LOUIS of Victoria Mine, 28 Oct 1901 at Chelmsford (Rom Cath)
012073-01 Edmond JODOUIN, 27, Farmer, Aylmer, Mattawa, s/o Emil JODOUIN & Cadelia MOUSSEAU, married Rosie SEGUIN, 18, Papineauville, Mattawa, d/o Tousaut SEGUIN & Julie LAFLAMME. Witn: Ernie JODOUIN & Toussant SEGUIN. Both of Mattawa. June 11, 1901, Mattawa. (R.C.) 15064-01 Theodore JOHNSON, 36, laborer, Sweden, Rat Portage, s/o John PATERSON & Johanna JOHNSON, married Anna L. NORDQUIST, 28, Sweden, Rat Portage, d/o Nils NORDQUIST & Marie LARSON, witn: Alfred NEILSON & Jennie CLARK, both of Rat Portage, 18 June 1901 at Rat Portage
15065-01 Albert JOHNSON, 37, miner, Sweden, Sultana Mine, s/o John JOHNSON & Augusta PETERSON, married Matilda ANDERSON, 27, Sweden, Rat Portage, d/o Andrew ANDERSON & Marie PETERSON, witn: C. A. JOHNSON & Ida ANDERSON, both of Rat Portage, 29 June 1901 at Rat Portage 003263-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) Bert JOHNSTON, 24, Barrie, Gore Bay, Lumberman, s/o James JOHNSTON & Sophia HOLLINGHEAD married Rachel GOOD, 20, Huron Co., Gore Bay, d/o Ranold GOOD & Agnes WILSON. Wtn: Alexander GOOD of Gore Bay and M. PREWER of Gore Bay on October 24, 1901 at Gore Bay
15055-01 Elmer JONES, 25, engineer, Westport Ont., Winnipeg, s/o E. JONES & E. McMAHON, married Emma EMMONS, 21, Toronto, Rat Portage, d/o John EMMONS & Bridget KELLY, witn: Kate EMMONS & Gabriel BELLEFEUILLE, both of Rat Portage, 23 April 1901 at Rat Portage 15023-01 Donald KEEGHIG, 22, trapper, Trout Lake, Lac Seul Reserve, s/o Keeghig & Mooseneequa, married Sarah Jane ANTOINE, 18, Mattawa, Lac Seul, d/o Lac Seul ANTOINE & Angelie THOMAS, witn: William & Mary A. KEEGHIG of Lac Seul, 21 July 1901 at Lac Seul
  #016561-02 (Thunder Bay Dist): James KETTERIDGE, 24, farmer, Palgrave, Murille, s/o Joseph KETTERIDGE & "impossible to get", married Matilda McDONALD, clerk, Durham Quebec, Murille, d/o Daniel McDONALD & "impossible to get", witn: Alfred S. KETTERIDGE & Mina McKENZIE, both of Murille, 18 Dec 1901 at Murille
3401-02 (Manitoulin Dist): Fred KIAH, 27, lumberman, New York, Little Current, s/o George KIAH & Ann BURKE, married Mary Elizabeth MILLS, 21, Little Current, same, d/o Watson MILLS & Christina WATSON, witn: William LESLIE & Ann PETERS, both of Little Current, 30 Dec 1901 at Little Current 003316-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) James KINGSBOROUGH, 30 Mona, Coldwater, Merchant, s/o William KINGSBOROUGH & Eliz MOON married Mary Mensye? (Menzie?) RAMESBOTTOM, 27, Collingwood, Little Current, d/o John RAMESBOTTOM & S. J. CAMMERON. Wtn: G.W. SPENCER of Little Current and Patricia FOOTE of Little Current on October 8, 1901 at Little Current
003314-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) Daniel KITCHEN, 52, England, Little Current, Widower, Lumberman, s/o Wm KITCHEN & Catherine ROMWELL married Rachel WAKELAM, 24 Rockville, Little Current, Domestic, d/o Ed WAKELAM & Margaret WAKELAM. Wtn: Alfred MARSHALL of Honora and Jennie FERGUSON of Little Current on August 28, 1901 at Little Current 003310-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) Joseph LA BARGE, 25, Mich. State, Little Current, Mill hand, s/o B. LA BARGE & Maria TERRY married Jennetta McKENZIE, 20 Little Current, same, d/o D. McKENZIE and A. MARSHALL. Wtn: L. LA BARGE of Little Current and Jennie BISHOP of Soo Ont. on July 15, 1901 at Little Current
012150-01 Delphise LACROIX, 21, laborer, Gracefield, Springer, s/o Amable LACROIX & Philomine FORCIER, married Elise DANIS, 21, Gracefield, Springer, d/o Diendonné DANIS & Exilda RONDEAU, witn: Diéndonné DANIS & Amable LACROIX both of Springer on June 24, 1901 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC) 15078-01 Pacifique LALONDE, 26, laborer, Montreal, Rat Portage, s/o Antoine LALONDE & Elizabeth CAMPEAU, married Marie LAFRENIERE, 21, Somerset, Rat Portage, d/o O.B. LAFRENIERE & Marie MAURICE, witn: David LEFEBRIER & Josephine LAFRESNE, both of Norman, 12 Aug 1901 at Rat Portage (Rom Cath)
3208-01 Onesine LALONDE, 28, farmer, Curran, Rayside, s/o Olivier LALONDE & Josette MIRON, married Rose Anna CHARRON, 17, Muskekan USA, Rayside, d/o Nain CHARRON & Josephine DESNOYERS, witn: Edouard CHARRON of Hanmer & Delia LAROCQUE of Rayside, 23 Sept 1901 at Chelmsford (Rom Cath) 012069-01 John LAMOTHE, 19, Farmer, Bonfield, Papineau, s/o Francis LAMOTHE & May Jane TANG, married Emma TURCOTTE, 21, Black Bay, Mattawa, d/o Flavia TURCOTTE & Victoria PERRIN. Witn: James NEIL & Julianna TURCOTTE, both of Mattawa. April 22, 1901, Mattawa. (R.C.)
#003513-01 (Algoma Dist) Joseph Henry LANDEL?, 26, dealer, Champlain, Blind River, s/o Hector LANDEL & Marie PETIT, married Henrietta MORIN, 21, Gat--au, Blind River, d/o Laurent MORIN & Delphine LECROIX, witnesses were Joseph BOIS & Elisie NADON, both of Blind River, Dec. 3, 1901 at Blind River #003412-01 (Algoma Dist): Camille LAPLANTE, 34, laborer, St. Nicholas Quebec, Blind River, s/o George LAPLANTE & Sobolet? LARUE, married Ann LA JOI, 14, St. Irene Quebec, illegible, d/o Jos (or Jas) LA JOI & Georgina PILOT, witn: Pierre & Adeline DECOTTEAU of Blind River, 20 May 1901 at Blind River (Rom Cath)
012082-01Celestine LAURIN, 41, Carpenter, St. Benoit, Mattawa, s/o Celestine LAURIN & Antionette BAUBIN, married Marie Louise LAJAMBE, 21, Mattawa, same, d/o Pierre LAJAMBE & Lucinda DAUEST. Witn: Michael LEBLANC & Pierre LAJAMBE, both of Mattawa. Sept. 5, 1901, Mattawa. (R.C.) 0003213-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) John C. LEARMOND, 29  of Mills, Laborer, s/o Jennet & Philip LEARMOND married Margaret SCOTT, 21 of Mills, d/o Maria & John SCOTT. Wtn: John D. JAMISON of Mills, Clara L. SCOTT and Mary E. CLARK of Mills on January 3, 1901 at Mills
012151-01 Arcade LEBLANC, 27, farmer, Quebec, Springer, s/o Thomas LEBLANC & Philomin FORTIER, married Emma DAVIDSON, 17, Quebec, Springer, d/o James DAVIDSON & Phebe DALLAIRE, witn: Onesime LAFRANCE & James DAVIDSON both of Springer on July 15, 1901 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC) 012154-01 Aime LEGAULT, 31, farmer, Quebec, Springer, s/o Michel LEGAULT & Anna CARON, married Delia LAFROMBOISE, 24, Quebec, Springer, d/o Casmir LAFROMBOISE & Marguerite LONGEVIN, witn: Philippe LEGAULT of Sturgeon Falls & Casmir LAFROMBOISE of Verner on July 23, 1901 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC)
003252-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) Antrim LEHMAN, 41, Waterloo, Gore Bay, Widower, Sailor, s/o Michael LEHMAN & Lizzie KARMAN married Agnes McMURRY, 26, Tehkummah, Gore Bay, d/o William McMURRY & Martha MILLIGAN. Wtn: Muroch McKAY of Owen Sound and Matilda McMURRY of Tehkummah on February 11, 1901 at Gore Bay 10587-01 Isador LELIEVRE (Lebevre?), 39, clerk, Gaspe, Rat Portage, s/o Isadore LELIEVRE & Pauline COATIN, married Alma CARON, 27, Montague, Rat Portage, d/o Stanislas CARON & Laura COTE, witn: Andrew OULETTE & Louis CARDINAL, both of Rat Portage, 20 Sept 1901 at Rat Portage (Rom Cath)
012260-01 Arudi LEONARD, no age given, laborer, St. Marguerite, Copper Cliff, s/o Jacques LEONARD & Josephine LEBRUN, married no first name given BEATY, no age given, widow, Michigan, Copper Cliff, d/o Wilbert BEAUCHAMP & Marie DAGENAIS, witn: Simeon RICHER & Helene POVIN both of Copper Cliff on Oct. 22, 1901 at Copper Cliff. (RC) 003280-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) Thomas John LEWIS, 23, Sheguiandah, same, Farmer, s/o David LEWIS & Jane McLEAN married Sarah Frances PRETTY, 24, Walsingham, Sheguiandah, d/o C.W. PRETTY & Susannah THOMPSON. Wtn: W.H. PRETTY of Sheguiandah and Matilda J. LEWIS of Sheguiandah on August 28, 1901 at Sheguiandah
15080-01 John LONGE, 32, laborer, England, Rat Portage, s/o John LONGE & Sarah ELDERS, married Sarah SMITH, 25, Ontario, Rat Portage, d/o Thomas SMITH & Margaret GRAHAM, witn: Mr. & Mrs. John ELDERS of Rat Portage, 4 July 1901 at Rat Portage  
012901-02 (Nipissing Dist) Chancey Kirby LOUGH, 26, bank clerk, Hull Quebec, Ottawa, s/o William LOUGH & Sarah KIRBY, married Mary Maud HOGARTH, 25, Pembroke, Mattawa, d/o William HOGARTH & Jane McDONALD, witn: A. Russell FRASER of Pembroke & Catherine HOGARTH of Mattawa on Dec 25, 1901 at Mattawa. #003421-01 (Algoma Dist): Howard LUCKENVILLE, 25, moulder, Philadelphia, Sault Ste. Marie Mich., s/o Henry LUCKENVILLE & Sarah HEINTZ, married Ella McCRACKEN, 21, Sault Ste. Marie Mich., same, d/o Blair McCRACKEN & Martha FLETCHER, witn: Louis MORRISON of Sault Ste. Marie & M.J. BOTHWELL of Sault Ste. Marie Mich., 23 July 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie
012062-01 William C. LUNSTRUM, 36, Laborer, no place of birth given, Mattawa, s/o William LUNSTRUM & Frances THOMAS, married Ellen CAMLEY, 26, Dressmaker, Point Alexandre, Mattawa, d/o Terrence CAMLEY & Mary QUIGLY. Witn: John FERGUSON & P. GAGNE both of Mattawa. Jan 7, 1901, Mattawa 15099-01 Sinclair MALCOLM, 33, contractor, Scotland, Rat Portage, s/o George MALCOLM & Margaret MANSON, married Martha B. WILLIAMS, 24, Holland Centre, Rat Portage, d/o Alfred WILLIAMS & Sarah STONE, witn: John McKINNON & Annie WILLIAMS, both of Rat Portage, 31 Dec 1901 at Rat Portage
15039-01 Herbert William MANERY, 24, furniture dealer, Fort Frances, same, s/o John MANERY & Margaret E. SLOAN (Stein?), married Carrie Ellen ALLEN, 18, Steele? City Mich., Fort Frances, d/o John R. ALLEN & Elizabeth KEITHLY?, witn: John McLEARY & Mrs. J. KNAUFF, both of Fort Frances, 6 Nov 1901 at Fort Frances 012084-01 Michael MANDVILLE, 32, Mattawa, same, Laborer, s/o Paul MANDVILLE & Philomene JOLY, married Elenore PAQUIN, 21, Mattawa, same, d/o David PAQUIN & Delina DUQUETTE. Witn: James GAUDETTE & David PAQUIN, both of Mattawa. Oct. 1, 1901, Mattawa. (R.C.)
003313-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) Albert Wesley MARSHALL, 25, Little Current, Port Hope, Laborer, s/o Thomas MARSHALL & Eliz NAPWOOD married Jennie FERGUSON, 18, Silver Bay, Port Hope, Domestic, d/o Geo FERGUSON & Ratchel KITCHEN. Wtn: William CLARK of Little Current and Catharine COVENTRY of Little Current on September 3, 1901 at Little Current 003423-01 (Algoma Dist): Edward Francis MARTIN, 25, laborer, Peterborough, same, s/o Francis & Mary, married Phoebe BOYER, Sault Ste. Marie, same, d/o Benjamin & Ann, witn: Duncan NEIL & Libbie Jane SNOWDEN, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 1 Aug 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie
003318-01 (Algoma) Donat MASSICOTTE, 26, Ste. Geneaire P.Q., Massey, Farmer, s/o Moise MASSICOTTE & Elizabeth ST. ARMAND married Rosanna GIGNAC, 23, St. Geneaire, Massey, d/o Antone GIGNAC & Louise PERRON. Wtn. Albert ST. ARMAND of Massey and Mary GIGNAC of Webbwood on January 14, 1901 at Massey #003420-01 (Algoma Dist): John McCOOMB, 31, laborer, Simcoe Co., Sault Ste. Marie, s/o James McCOOMB & Mary A. MILLIGAN, married Isabella TELFER, 32, Ryaton? England, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o William TELFER & Jane CALONT?, witn: Joseph KIRKHAM & Edna QUICK, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 17 July 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie
#003510-01 (Algoma Dist) John McCOY, 27, laborer, Sault Ste. Marie, Algoma Mills, s/o Angus McCOY & Josephine DENOMINCE?, married Elizabeth WILLIS, 35, widow, R--dale, Algoma Mills, d/o William GRIFFITHS & Annie PAUL, witnesses were Thomas GRIFFITHS of Algoma Mills & Mary ARMSTRONG of Thessalon, Dec. 31, 1901 at Thessalon 012079-01 John George McDONALD, 44, Saddler, Allumette Island, Mattawa, s/o John H. McDonald & Flora McGILLIS, married Mary Agnes BURKE, 19, Buckingham, Mattawa, d/o David BURKE & Mary Jane PILON. Witn: Edward BOYLAN & David BURKE, Mattawa. July 15, 1901, Mattawa (R.C.)
3211-01 (Manitoulin Dist): Duncan McGIBBON, 28, farmer, Simcoe Co., Robinson twp., s/o Duncan McGIBBON & Betsy McRAE, married Laura KEOWN, 25, domestic, Simcoe Co., Burpee, d/o John KEOWN & Margaret GORDON, witn: Charles HUTTON of Robinson twp & Dora KEOWN of Burpee, 3 Dec 1901 at Burpee #003509-01 (Algoma Dist.) Mathew McGRATH, 22, farmer, Ontario, Kirkwood, s/o Charles McGRATH & Mary McCREIGHT, married Sarah George JOHNS, 31, Ontario, Kirkwood, d/o Fred JOHNS & Elizabeth MODELAND, witnesses were Gilbert ACHESON of Lefroy & Winifred JOHNS of Kirkwood, July 24, 1901 at Kirkwood
003317-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) John McHUGH, 24, Quebec, Soo Mich., Miner, s/o P. McHUGH & Rebecca MONAHAN married Margaret Ann RIORDAN, 28, Oshawa, Little Current, d/o John RIORDAN & Eliza LYNN. Wtn: Edward RIORDAN of Little Current and Annie HILL of Collingwood on September 12, 1901 at Little Current  
003283-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) William George McKAY, 22, Howland, same, Farmer, s/o Archie McKAY & Eliza Ann GARBUTT married Harriet Jane TAYLOR, 19, Little Current, same, d/o John TAYLOR & Madora ROWE. Wtn: Nelson A. ROWE of Howland and Florance A. ROWE of Howland on October 30, 1901 at Howland 3612-02 (Algoma Dist): Allen McKENZIE, 25, scaler, Aberdeen Scotland, Thessalon, s/o Allen McKENZIE & Janet THOMPSON, married Henrietta JONES, 25, Coldburn Ont., Lefroy twp., d/o Isaac JONES & Isabella HILDER, witn: Ed JONES of Lefroy twp & Emma GORDON of Thessalon twp., 16 Oct 1901 at Lefroy twp
012076-01 James M. McLAREN, widr., no age given, Farmer, Westmeath, Ruther Glen, s/o James McLAREN & Sarah BROWN, married, Mary BECKET, 23, Wiarton, Calvin, d/o John R. & Johanna BECKET. Witn: W. Wilson FORRIST & M. E. HURDMAN, both of Mattawa. May 30, 1900, Mattawa #003419-01 (Algoma Dist): Malcolm McLARTY, 28, stone mason, Oro twp., Sault Ste. Marie, s/o James McLARTY & Janet McDONALD, married Ethel M.A. SMITH, 23, Barrie, same, d/o George A. SMITH & Mary WEST, 15 July 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie
003259-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) John McPHAIL, 26 of Tekmaugh (Tehkummah), Farmer, s/o Colon McPHAIL & mother not given, married Melvin (sic) BERRY, 20, not given, not given, d/o John Dornian BERRY & mother not given. Wtn: William G. McALPINE of Gore Bay and Maggie McARTHUR of Gore Bay on July 8, 1901 at Gore Bay 012145-01 William Alex McPHEE, 24, laborer, Orillia, Warren, s/o John McPHEE & Eliza CLARE, married Ida BARBER, 19, Pembroke, Warren, d/o Peter BARBER & Catharine NEIL, witn: Hugh BARBER of Warren & Alice BOYLE of Copper Cliff on Nov. 13, 1901 at Warren, Dunnet Tp
012264-01 Alexander D. McPHEE, 32, laborer, Glengarry, Markstay, s/o Joseph McPHEE & Annie McDONALD, married Mary Bell McDONALD, 23, Glengarry, Markstay, d/o John & Mary, witn: Malcolm McPHEE & Catherine McDONALD both of Markstay on Sept. 17, 1901 at Sudbury. (RC) 003260-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) Roland McQUARRIE, 35, Caledonia, Gore Bay, Engineer, s/o Donald McQUARRIE & Margaret THORBURN married Agnes ALLAN, 20, Gore Bay, same, d/o Samuel ALLAN & Elizabeth MUNCIE. Wtn: Benjamin PORTER of Gore Bay and Janie ALLAN of Gore Bay on July 22, 1901 at Gore Bay
003255-01 Albert Edgar McTAGGART, 24, Hastings, Barrie Isld., Farmer, s/o Joseph McTAGGART & Mary married Mabel JENNINGS, 19, Sunnidale, Barrie Isld., d/o John JENNINGS & Harriet. Wtn: Russell NOBLE of Barrie Island and Lizzie McTAGGART of Barrie Isld. on April 17, 1901 at Gore Bay  
012068-01 William J. McTIERNAN, 34, Laborer, Clarendon, North Bay, s/o John N. McTIERNAN & Margaret STITT, married Susan STEVENSON, 22, Muskoka, Commanda, d/o James STEVENSON & Margaret WICKS (HICKS?). Wtn: R. R. McTAVISH & Ida CONNELLY both of Calvin. April 3, 1901, Mattawa 012255-01 Alexander Daniel MELDRUM 32, barrister, Harrington, Detroit, s/o William MELDRUM & Ann McLEAN, married Caroline Alberta PURVIS, 26, Barrie, Detroit, d/o James PURVIS & Ann KEMPSHALL, witn: W. G. SWITZER of Sudbury & Ethel IRWIN of North Bay on Nov. 26, 1901 at Sudbury
012072-01 Irve MENARD, 25, Foreman, Montebello, same, s/o Louis MENARD & Henriette POULIN, married Emma JODOIUIN, 17, Aylmer, Mattawa, d/o Emil JODOIUIN & Cadelia MOUSSEAU. Witn: Paul MORIN, Papineau & Ernie JODOIUIN Mattawa, June 26. 1901, Mattawa. (R.C.) [Jodouin?] (also 12892-02) 003253-01 George MERVIN, 24, Hanover, Barrie Isld., Farmer, s/o James MERVIN & Mary married Lizzie NEELY, 20, Gordon, Gordon Tp., d/o William NEELY & Jane. Wtn: Joseph BEST Jr. of Gordon Tp. and May NOBLE of Barrie Isld. on February 27, 1901 at Gore Bay
012259-01 Moise MESNARD, no age given, laborer, Clarence Creek, Copper Cliff, s/o Napoleon MESNARD & Josephine GATIEN, married Anna THIBAULT, no age given, Mad River Ontario, Copper Cliff, d/o Michel THIBAULT & Adelaide De La SURANTAYE, witn: Michel MESNARD & Azilda ROY both of Copper Cliff on Oct. 22, 1901 at Copper Cliff. (RC) 012158-01 Robert MILLS, 23, laborer, Eganville, Field, s/o William G. & Mathilda, married Effie E. M. RUSK, 22, Bobcaygeon, same, d/o John B. & Arabella, witn: J. H. & M. F. JESSUP both of Cache Bay on Oct. 9, 1901 at Cache Bay
012149-01 Edmond MONETTE, 28, farmer, Quebec, Monetteville, s/o Cyrille MONETTE & Odile BOIN, married Marie CHARLESBOIS, 43, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Pierre CHARLESBOIS & Elizabeth LEBLANC, witn: Cyrille MONETTE of Monetteville & John Baptiste LEBLANC of Springer on June 17, 1901, at Sturgeon Falls. (RC) 012148-01 Alfred MONETTE, 25,farmer, Quebec, Monetteville Ont, s/o Cyrille MONETTE & Odile BOIN, married Martine HURTUBISE, 19, Pontiac Ont, Field Ont, d/o Augustin HURTUBISE & Hermeline LEGAULT, witn: Cyrille MONETTE of Monetteville & Augustin HURTUBISE of Field on May 27, 1901 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC)
003244-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) Chris MONTGOMERY, 45 Mauvis, Allen, Widower, Farmer, s/o Jas. MONTGOMERY & Eliza ARMSTRONG, married Isabella MARTIN, 40, Cavan, Gordon, Widow, d/o Richard BLOXOM & Sarah McBRIAN. Wtn: John MONTGOMERY of Allen and Ida MARTIN of Gordon on April 17, 1901 at Gordon (also 3217-01) 15053-01 Robert Henry MOONEY, 27, teacher, Huron Co., Verdin Man., s/o George KIRK & Mary A. EASTERBROOK, married Margaret Ann KIRK, 22, Kirktown Ont., Rat Portage, d/o Alex MONEY & Susan ORR, witn: John E. KIRK & Susie STINSON, both of Rat Portage, 8 April 1901 at Rat Portage [as written]
3194-01 Fred MOORE, 27, proderman?, Germany, Copper Cliff, s/o John MOORE & Hannah WARNER, married Viola Frances HORZE, 16, Pembroke, Larchwood, d/o Joseph HORZE & Bertha OLDENBURG, witn: Karl WANDKE of Copper Cliff & Nellie BURMASTER of Larchwood, 30 Oct 1901 at Larchwood 003416-02 F. James MORE, 25, miner, Ontario, Bruce Mines, s/o James MORE & Eliza STEWART, married Nellie SMITH, 20, Ontario, Bruce Mines, d/o Robert SMITH & Annie PALMER, witn: John PARK of Bruce Mines & Ada SMITH of Ophir on Nov. 13, 1901 at Bruce Mines.
012153-01 Anselme MORIN, 22, laborer, Quebec, Verner, s/o Regis MORIN & Philomine FERLAND, married Sarah GAUTHIER, 20, Quebec, Springer, d/o Napoleon GAUTHIER & Fabiola COUILLARD, witn: Regis MORIN & Napoleon COUILLARD both of Verner on July 16, 1901 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC) 003226-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) David MUNRO, 36, Osprey Tp., Billings, Farmer, s/o Alexander MUNRO & Jessie RUSSEL married Mary H. TRACY, 27, Grenfell Vespra Tp., Carnarvon, d/o Ebenezer TRACY & Jane CARSON. Wtn: Jas. D. MUNRO of Billings and Gertie TAYLOR of Barrie on September 28, 1901 at Carnarvon
15036-01 Walter NEAL, 21, clerk, Fort Frances, same, s/o William & Margaret, married Hilda M.G. ROUND, 22, teacher, Fort Simpson, Fort Frances, d/o Henry & Anna, witn: Cecil NEAL & Katie JOHNSTON, both of Fort Frances, 18 Sept 1901 at Fort Frances 3205-01 Lancelot F. NETHERY, 26, farmer, of Plummer twp., s/o not given, married Mary L. MAGUIRE, 16, of Plummer twp., d/o not given, no date given [reg’d 21 March 1901], at Bruce Mines
15100-01 William NICKSON, 40, broker, England, Rat Portage, s/o William & not given, married Janet ARNOLD, no age given, widow, Hespeler, Rat Portage, d/o Henry FIELDS & Helen McCASEY?, witn: Mrs. R. NAIRN & Miss JORDAN, both of Rat Portage, 13 Sept 1901 at Rat Portage 003212-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) William G. NOOKS, 26 of Burpee, Farmer, s/o Mary & Timothy NOOKS married Rosetta PATERSON, 26 of Campbell, d/o Rebecca & Plurs? PATERSON. Wtn: John PATERSON of Campbell & Ida PATERSON of Campbell on January 2, 1901 at Campbell
003282-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) Daniel NORTH, 68 Dumfries, Howland, Widower, Farmer, s/o John NORTH & “not given” married Mary LEE, age not given, Hull Engl., Howland, Widow, d/o Samuel BELACH (Belash?) & Annie SMITH. Wtn: William PETERS of Howland and Cinderella RICHARDS of Howland on November 12, 1901 at Howland 003273-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) Wesley OBRIEN, 23, Victoria Co., Rockville, Farmer, s/o Jesse OBRIEN & Alice POWERS married Elizabeth PARKINSON, 25, Halidmand Co., Rockville, Domestic, d/o Joshua PARKINSON & Mary RANKIN. Wtn: William PARKINSON of Rockville and Edith OBRIEN of Honora on April 3, 1901 at Rockville
012071-01 Martin Joseph O’CONNOR, 28, Laborer, Rockliffe, same. Maetuo O’CONNOR & Charlotte KINNY married Bertha CAREY, 22, Devico Pioire, Rockliffe, d/o James CAREY & Jane McGILLIS. Witn: Roger O’CONNOR, Rockliffe & Edith CAREY, Mattawa. May 7, 1901, Mattawa. (R. C.) 15045-01 Charles Manfred ODELL, 27, lumberman, Carleton Miss., Rat Portage, s/o William ODELL & Sarah LEE, married Matilda May LOCKE, 17, Middlesex England, Rat Portage, d/o Ephraim LOCKE & Matilda SCOTT, witn: Allan YOUNG & Ulieth? LOCKE, both of Rat Portage, 19 Jan 1901 at Rat Portage
003272-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) Robert PARKINSON, 28, Haldimand, Rockville, Farmer, s/o Joshua PARKINSON & Mary RANKIN married Rebecca HALLETT, 21, Kinmount, Rockville, Domestic, d/o Benjamin HALLETT & “not given”. Wtn: William PARKINSON of Rockville and Louisa SHEPPARD of Rockville on March 20, 1901 at Sheguiandah 15033-01 Thomas PEELER, 35, miner, Indian River NY, Mine Centre, s/o Sylvester PEELER & Marguerette CLOSS, married Catherine Agnes HUBBARD, 37, dress maker, London England, Mine Centre, d/o John HUBBARD & Catherine FORRD (s/b Ford?), witn: T. C. & Mary O’KEEFE of Mine Centre, 17 June 1901 at Mine Centre (Rom Cath)
012257-01 Joseph PELLETIER, 23, laborer, Rimouski, Sudbury, s/o Napoleon PELLETIER & Delma CHARETTE, married Marie Nina BEAUDRY, 20, Renfrew, Sudbury, d/o Louis BEAUDRY & Celine McGREGOR, witn: Olivier BRISEBOIS & Marie ROSS both of Sudbury on Nov. 29, 1901 at Sudbury. (RC) 15035-01 William PERAULT, 25, laborer, North Dakota, Fort Frances, s/o Dumas PERAULT & Virginie CYR, married Alice CYR, 21, widow, Domestic, York Factory, Fort Frances, d/o not given, witn: Charles ISHERWOOD & Flora WOODS, both of Fort Frances, 2 Sept 1901 at Fort Frances
003215-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) Robt. PERKINS, 28, Uxbridge, Campbell, Farmer, s/o Elizabeth SEGGE & David PERKINS married Annie REID, 25, Bruce Co., Campbell, d/o Uphene McNEIL & Allan REID. Wtn: David PERKINS of Campbell and Sarah McKECHNIE of Campbell in February (day not filled in) 1901 in Campbell 15034-01 John PETERSON, 30, hotel keeper, Sweden, Mine Centre, s/o John & blank, married Annie CARLSON, 31, Sweden, Woster Mass., d/o not given, witn: George SCARLETT & Miss W. WATSON, both of Fort Frances, 14 July 1901 at Fort Frances
#003411-01 (Algoma Dist): John Albert PETCH, 31, Methodist clergyman, Grey Co., same, s/o Reuben PETCH & Julia SAUNDERS, married Mary illegible PENNO, 31, Bruce Mines, Korah twp., d/o Henry PENNO & Gertrude BEST, witn: Charles PENNO of Korah & Ethel? SNOWDEN of Sault Ste. Marie, 21 Jan 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie 3187-01 Alphonse PHARAN, 23, farmer, Cassan Mich., Hanmer s/o Napoleon PHARAN & Marie Louise DENIS, married Georgiana HENRY, 21, Clarence Creek, Hanmer, d/o Moise HENRY & Victoire DESJARDINS, witn: Orphila LACOSTE & Napoleon PHARAN, both of Hanmer, 8 July 1901 at Chelmsford (Rom Cath)
003322-01 (Algoma) Edmond PICARD, 26, Midland, Massey Laborer, s/o Telesphore PICARD & Odel HOULE married Rose GAMACHE, 15, Massey, same, d/o Thomas GAMACHE & Marie LABELLE. Wtn: Jos GREER of Massey and Florence HOULE of Massey on May 28, 1901 at Massey 012141-01 Roderique RATEL, 38, farmer, St. Jerome Quebec, Verner, s/o Isaac RATEL & Brigide LOGINAIS, married Marie Louise LEBEAU, 31, widow, Quebec, Warren, widow of Adelard TURENNE, d/o not given, witn: Philip LEGAULT of Warren & Francois PATENAUDE Verner on Aug. 17, 1901 at Warren, Dunnet Tp. (RC)
3186-01 Cleophas ROBILLARD, 21, farmer, St. Francis Quebec, Rayside, s/o Napoleon ROBILLARD & Etudienne BRISSETTE, married Florestine ROULEAU, 18, St. Clet Quebec, Rayside, d/o Adelon ROULEAU & Adele PILON, witn: Napoleon ROBILLARD & Adelon ROULEAU, both of Rayside, 1 July 1901 at Chelmsford (Rom Cath) 012147-01 Alphonse ROBITAILLE, 22, farmer, St. Hyacinthe Que, Caldwell, s/o Pierre ROBITAILLE, & Louise GOUGEON, married Marie Rose NADEAU, 22, Michigan USA, Badgerow Ont, d/o Louis NADEAU & Marie TARDIF, witn: Alex ROBITAILLE of River Valley Ont. & Louis NADEAU of Badgerow on Mary 4, 1901 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC)
#003512-01 (Algoma Dist) John William ROGERS, 28, farmer, Toronto, Bright twp. Algoma, s/o Henry ROGERS & Maggie WHEELER, married Martha MARSHALL, 20, Sullivan Ont., Parkinson, d/o Charles MARSHALL & Mary S. SERMON, witnesses were Henry ROGERS of Bright & Jane McCAULEY of Parkinson, Oct. 30, 1901 at Thessalon 15094-01 Alexander ROWE, 25, miner, St. Tete Quebec, Rat Portage, s/o Oliver ROWE & Odile MONGRAIN, married Anna FORTIER, 16, Fermington?, Rat Portage, d/o Jos. FORTIER & Caroline POIRIER, witn: Theodore DUFRESNE & Isadore LEBEVRE (Lelievre?), both of Rat Portage, 10 Nov 1901 at Rat Portage (Rom Cath)
003275-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) George ROWLEY, 33, Bolton, Green Bush, Farmer, s/o George ROWLEY & Bessie CLARK married Sarah BRANDOW, 18, Green Bush, same, Domestic, d/o Lorenzo BRANDOW & Maria MAY. Wtn: James DUNLOP of Sheguiandah and Maggie DUNLOP of Sheguiandah on April 17, 1901 at Green Bush 3195-01 Albert ROY, 22, laborer, St. Albert, Blezzard, s/o Joseph ROY & Azilda SABOURIN, married Aldiana LACOUPE, 19, St. Lazare, Blezzard, d/o F. Bassire? LECOUPE & Celina PROULX, witn: Napoleon LACOUPE & Azila ROY, both of Blezzard, 25 Nov 1901 at Chelmsford
15092-01 Auguste RUBIN, 27, laborer, France, Norman, s/o Francois RUBIN & Marie CARRIERE, married Agnes LACOMBE, 21, Papineauville, Norman, d/o Octave LACOMBE & Marie THAVET, witn: Octave LACOMBE & Cassmir SOLLSBERG, both of Norman, 29 Oct 1901 at Rat Portage (Rom Cath) 15098-01 Joseph St.LAWRENCE, 28, lumberman, Quebec, Rat Portage, s/o Jos. St.LAWRENCE & Ann DUMONT, married Edith MYERS, 17, Germany, Rat Portage, d/o Andrew MYERS & Annie MASCH, witn: G. HOLTZ & Gertie THOMPSON, both of Rat Portage, 15 Dec 1901 at Rat Portage
  15027-01 Henry SAPEY, 18, trapper, Vermillion Lake, Frenchmans Head, s/o Henry & Mary Jane, married Margaret GREY, 18, Vermillion Lake, Frenchmans Head, d/o Alexander GREY & Mary Jane MINDEM--?, witn: John GREY & Sarah SHESHEPACE, both of Frenchmans Head, 22 Aug 1901 at Frenchmans Head
#016563-02 (Thunder Bay Dist): Alexander SAUNDERSON, 30, butcher, Co Armaugh Ireland, Port Arthur, s/o William SAUNDERSON & Annie Jane BROWN, married Emma SHANKS, 31, Needham Norfolk England, Fort William, d/o John SHANKS & Maria KAMP, witn: Andrew & Annie RABB of Port Arthur, 30 Oct 1901 at Port Arthur 012081-01 Xavier SAUVIE, 21, Farmer, Mattawa, same, s/o Emile SAUVIE & Delphine NADON, married Elizabeth RACICOT, 19, Montebello, Mattawa, d/o Gilbert RACICOT & Marguerite SEGUIN. Witn: Joseph ROCHON Mattawa, & Clara SAUVIE, Papineau. Aug. 12, 1901, Mattawa. (R.C.) [Sauve?]
012070-01 John SAUVE, 24, Laborer, Mattawa, same, s/o Emery SAUVE & Delphine NIDORE, married Valentine ROCHON, 20, St Victore Asphodel, Mattawa, d/o Cyril ROCHON & Emilie VILLEMAIRE. Witn: Emery & Clara SAUVE, both of Papineau. April 22, 1901, Mattawa. (R.C.) 012140-01 Israel SAVAGE, 27, farmer, Cumberland, Warren, s/o Charles SAVAGE & Jeanne DESCHAMPS, married Lea VILLENEUVE, 21, Ottawa, same, d/o Joseph VILLENEUVE & Lea PORTIER, witn: Joseph VILLENEUVE of Chelmsford & A. LABELLE of Copper Cliff on Feb. 18, 1901 at Warren, Dunnet Tp. (RC)
003312-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) William SHEARER, 21, Marquette Mich., Little Current, Laborer, s/o Thomas SHEARER & Mary O’BRIAN married Clara NEELEY, 18, Port Huron, Little Current, d/o Theodore NEELEY & Etta EASTMAN. Wtn: Thomas GRIFFITHS of Little Current and Etta BENO of Little Current on August 29, 1901 at Little Current  
003277-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) Henry SHEPPARD, 28, Summersett Engl., Bidwell, Farmer, s/o Albert SHEPPARD & Eliza GRAY married Belle SPRY, 27, Port Hope, Rockville, d/o J.H. SPRY & J. Sarah BOUNDRY. Wtn: A.G. SPRY of Rockville and Minnie FARREUH of Rockville on June 26, 1901 at Rockville #016564-03 (Thunder Bay Dist): Hugh Edgar SHERLOCK, 22, laborer, Alberton PEI, Port Arthur, s/o Henry SHERLOCK & Abigail McARTHUR, married Annie Elizabeth CRISP, Parry Sound, Port Arthur, d/o David CRISP & Elizabeth QUINN, witn: Robert Percy HENDERSON & Nellie CRISP, 18 Dec 1901 at Port Arthur
#003517-01 (Algoma Dist) John D.N. SHIPLEY, 35, banker, Lobo twp., Bruce Mines, s/o William & Eliz., married Bessie R. PATTERSON, 24, Pefferlaw, Thessalon, d/o John PATTERSON & Jennie MOORE, witnesses were C.F. ROTHERA & Pearl KEETCH, both of Thessalon, Oct. 23, 1901 at Thessalon 15097-01 John Miller SINCLAIR, 27, livery keeper, Caithness Scotland, Fort Frances, s/o John SINCLAIR & Marjorie MILLER, married Bertha SALTER, 25, Osgoode, Rat Portage, d/o William SALTER & Martha EDWARDS, witn: Frank MERKLEY & Ethel SALTER, both of Rat Portage, 15 Dec 1901 at Rat Portage
003278-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) William R. SKIPPIN (Skippen) 25, Green Bay, Campbell Tp., Farmer, s/o William T. SKIPPIN & Harriet BRYAN married Ida WHITNEY, 25, Listowell, Green Bay, d/o William WHITNEY & Anna Marie ROZELL. Wtn: Francis SKIPPEN of Green Bay and Tressa  ARMSTRONG of Green Bay on July 3, 1901 at Green Bay 012083-01 Stephen SLOAN, 25, Laborer, Ireland, Coppercliff, s/o John SLOAN, & Rose KENNY, married Maggie BURKE, 21, Mattawa, same, d/o John BURKE & Mary NEVILLE. Witn: John BURKE, Bernard E. Rodden, both of Mattawa. Oct. 1, 1901, Mattawa. (R.C.)
15038-01 Francis SLOAN, 31, hotel keeper, Ireland, Fort Frances, s/o William & Elizabeth, married Ina BROWN, 22, domestic, Winnipeg, Fort Frances, d/o not given, witn: Ernest HANNA & Elizabeth SHEA, both of Fort Frances, 8 Oct 1901 at Fort Frances (Rom Cath) #003418-01 (Algoma Dist): Thomas Richard SMART, 28, merchant, London England, Wawa, s/o Thomas SMART & Unknown, married Annie McKECHNIE, 26, Priceville, Collingwood, d/o Donald McKECHNIE & Mary GRAHAM, witn: Addie HAYWARD of Sault Ste. Marie, 13 July 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie
15093-01 Charles SMITH, 30, engineer, England, Rat Portage, s/o Henry SMITH & Matilda BURNS, married Delina DUCASSE, 35, Rimouski, Rat Portage, d/o Octave DUCASSE & Angele CHENET, witn: L. FAVEREAU & J. B. BAUDIN, both of Rat Portage, 4 Nov 1901 at Rat Portage 3200-01 (Manitoulin Dist): Theodore SMITH, 24, engineer, Glasgow, Blind River, s/o Joe SMITH & Irene ROE, married Jane WILSON, 22, Glasgow, Dayton, d/o James WILSON & Mary Sarah PATERSON, witn: J. & Maggie SMAIL of Dayton, 13 Nov 1901 at Dayton
003281-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) Thomas SOMERVILLE, 35, Ontario, Howland, Farmer, s/o Thomas SOMERVILLE & Mary CAMPBELL married Elizabeth Jane LILLICO, 15, Manitoulin, Howland, d/o Alex LILLICO & Isabella WELCHER. Wtn: Alex LILLICO Jr. of Howland and May SOMERVILLE of Bidwell on October 16, 1901 at Green Bush 012258-01 Joseph SOULIERE, 22, laborer, Aylmer, Sudbury, s/o Francis SOULIERE & Louisa CHARTRAND, married Victoria Delima ROSS, 17, of Sudbury, d/o Joseph ROSS & A. CHARETTE, witn: Joseph PELLETIER & Marie ROSS both of Sudbury on Oct. 28, 1901 at Sudbury. (RC)
15082-01 George Edward STAGALL, 42, laborer, Toronto, Rat Portage, s/o G. E. STAGALL & Martha PITHED, married Anna CHRISTIANSON, 37, Denmark, Rat Portage, d/o Christ. ANDERSON & Johanna NELSON, witn: Charles A. STAGALL & Peter CHRISTIANSON, both of Rat Portage, 28 (25?) Aug 1901 at Rat Portage 003248-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) Robt. J. STEAD, 36 of Gore Bay, Drover, s/o Parents not given married Isabella PORTER, 17, born Gordon Tp., d/o Thomas PORTER & not given CLAYTON. Wtn: Thomas STEADS of Wiarton and Minnie PORTER of Gordon Tp. on October 24, 1901 at Gordon Tp.
15061-01 William STERETT, 26, teamster, Grey Co, Rat Portage, s/o John STERETT & Annie COWIE, married Ray COWIE, 20, Grey Co., Rat Portage, d/o William COWIE & Catherine MacKENZIE, witn: William SHERRINGTON & May RITCHIE, both of Rat Portage, 24 June 1901 at Rat Portage 003254-01 James STINE, 28, Nottawasaga, Mills Tp., Farmer, s/o James STINE & Katie married Isabella McKENZIE, 28, Prince Edward, Mills Tp. d/o John McKENZIE & Louisa. Wtn: J.R. McGREGOR of Gore Bay and Mary McGREGOR of Gore Bay on March 6, 1901 at Gore Bay
15090-01 John William STONE, 26, boat builder, Dundas, Rat Portage, s/o Frank STONE & Mary Ann CALVERT, married Bertha Geraldine FITZGERALD, 21, Port Arthur, Rat Portage, d/o James FITZGERALD & Bertha AGAR, witn: A. BAKER & Agnes FITZGERALD, both of Rat Portage, 9 Oct 1901 at Rat Portage 003227-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) Jos. W. STUART, 21, Hamilton City, Gore Bay, Laborer, s/o Daniel STUART & Elizabeth GRUBB married Margaret CADDEL, 20, Carnarvon, same, d/o Peter CADDEL & Louiya OWEN. Wtn: Jas. CADDEL of Carnarvon and Elliott SAWYER of Carnarvon on October 16, 1901 at Carnarvon
15028-01 Richard SWAIN, 21, trapper, Osnaburg, Frenchmans Head, s/o James SWAIN & Jane WESLEY, married Jane GREY, 15, Frenchmans Head, same, d/o Alexander GREY & Mary Jane MINDEMOOWEYANA?, witn: James BANTING & Eliz. FOX, both of Frenchmans Head, 18 Dec 1901 at Frenchmans Head 003505-01 (Algoma) John Allan SYMON, 30, Acton, Sault Ste. Marie Ont., Merchant, s/o Charles SYMON & Helen B. ALLAN married Flora Isabella SLAYTON, 26, Montpelier VT, same, d/o A.P. SLAYTON & Delia LAMBERTON. Wtn: Alex SYMON of Thessalon and Mabel SYMON of Thessalon on March 28, 1901 at Thessalon
003506-01  (Algoma) Magnus TAIT, 34, Sandwich, Bright Tp., Farmer, s/o Magnus TAIT & Johanna DUNCAN married Mary TAIT, 34, Sandwich, GladstoneTp., d/o David TAIT & Susan MALCOMSON. Wtn: Jas. ARMSTRONG of Thessalon and Kina ARMSTRONG of Thessalon on April 3, 1901 at Thessalon #003414-01 (Algoma Dist): William TALBOT, 27 (or 21), widower, carpenter, Sault Ste. Marie Mich., Sault Ste. Marie Ont., s/o George TALBOT & Sarah TILLY, married Elizabeth COLE, 18, Paisley, same, d/o William John COLE & Smith? WICE, witn: Wilson COLEMAN & Alice McNEIL, both of Sault Ste. Marie Mich., 9 July 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie
15042-01 Bertram David TAYLOR, 24, grocer, Hornsey England, Rat Portage, s/o William David TAYLOR & Sarah NICHOLSON, married Cora Maud ARCHAMBAULT, 17, Bay City Mich., Rat Portage, d/o George ARCHAMBAULT & Selina POMMERLANE?, witn: Miss CRAWFORD of Brandon Man. & George PAGON of Rat Portage, 23 Jan 1901 at Rat Portage 3188-01 Ambroise TESSIER, 22, laborer, Las Passe, Warren, s/o J.B. TESSIER & Isabelle MARION, married Marie Louise VILLENEUVE, 19, Hull, Chelmsford, d/o Joseph VILLENEUVE & Lovina POULIN, witn: Joseph Napoleon VILLENEUVE & Ordillia ROBICHAUD, both of Warren, 2 Sept 1901 at Chelmsford (Rom Cath)
15070-01 - J.B. THOMAS, 21, laborer, Monticello Que., Norman, s/o J.B. THOMAS & Sugle? CARRIERE, married Marie Louisa LACOMB, 23, St. Eugene Que., Norman, d/o Octave LACOMB & Maria THANET, witn: Octave & Adelard LACOMB of Rat Portage, 17 July 1901 at Rat Portage 003256-01 Donald THORBURN, 26, Hamilton, Gore Bay, Laborer, s/o James H. THORBURN & Annie FRASER married Mary S. MASLIN, 21, Duneden, Gore Bay, d/o Jonathin MASLIN & Ellen BROWN. Wtn: Frank JOHNSTON of Gore Bay and Nancie JOHNSTON of Gore Bay on April 17, 1901 at Gore Bay
15058-01 James R. TUCKER, 30, traveller, England, Rat Portage, s/o James TUCKER & Lizzie ADEN, married Hattie Louisa WHITEHEAD, 26, Mitchell, Rat Portage, d/o Charles WHITEHEAD & Hannah HARPER, witn: Lizzie MASELL & Cecil C. CLARKE, both of Rat Portage, 25 May 1901 at Rat Portage 012080-01 Philias TURCOTTE, 25, Laborer, Pembroke, Mattawa, s/o Xavier TURCOTTE & Victoria PERRIN, married Lia LAMARRE, 20, Mattawa, same, d/o Paul LAMARRE & Caroline MORIN. Witn: Xavier TURCOTTE, Mattawa & Paul LAMARRE, Papineau. July 22, 1901, Mattawa. (R.C.)
15024-01 David UMBAUSH (Nenbaush?), 23, trapper, Cat Lake, Osnaburg, s/o William & Barbara, married Maria WAHWEIGASHKONG, 20, Osnaburg, same, d/o Georgie & Maria, witn: James REUBEN & Annie McIVER, both of Lac Seul, 26 July 1901 at Lac Seul  
003250-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) Foster VANHORNE, 32, Perth Co., Gore Bay, Laborer, s/o George VANHORNE & Tressie Ann married Annie M. COUTTS, 21, Collingwood, Barrie Island, d/o John COUTTS & Jean. Wtn: George VANHORNE of Kagawong and Ida A. SRIGLEY of Brittainville on January 30, 1901 at Gore Bay #003511-01 (Algoma Dist) James Philip VIBERT, 22, laborer, Chesley Ont., Rose twp. Algoma, s/o Philip J. VIBERT & Eliz. J. LAWRENCE, married Ellen Maria WILLIS, 19, Birmingham England, Owen Sound, d/o Fred WILLIS & Emma COULSON, witnesses were George, & Mrs. George SMITH of Parkinson, Oct. 14, 1901 at Thessalon
003258-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) Charles WARD, 29, Grey Co., Allan Tp., Farmer, s/o William & Sarah WARD married Fanny BOWSER, 20, Grey Co., Allan Tp., d/o Mathew & Fanny BOWSER. Wtn: George BOWSER of Gore Bay and Katie TURNER of Gore Bay on July 1, 1901 at Gore Bay (also 3245-01) 003502-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) David WATSON, 32, Mitchell, Manitowaning, Agent, Widower, s/o James WATSON & Eliza PARR married Mary McKECHNIE,29, Ontario, Tehkummah, d/o John McKECHNIE & Flora CAMERON. Wtn: W.R. MURDOCK of Manitowaning and Flora McKECHNIE of Tehkummah on January 30, 1901 at Tehkummah
15068-01 Frederick James WATTS, 25, farmer, Heningham? England, Rainy River, s/o George WATTS & Charlotte E. CURTIS, married Doretta Henrietta Lena OFFENEY, 21, Germany, Rainy River, d/o Gustave OFFENEY & Caroline WALLES, witn: John GORDON of Bouchnerville & Maggie MARSH of Fort Frances, 10 July 1901 at Boucherville #003514-01 (Algoma Dist) Joseph WEBB, 41, widower, constable, Inesshuron?, Thessalon, s/o Jospeh WEBB & Catherine McKILLOP, married Charles ? PROUD, 24, Grey Co., Thessalon, d/o Thomas PROUD & Sarah HARRISON, witnesses were Thomas E. STRAIN & Alice OLIVER, both of Thessalon, Nov. 25, 1901 at Thessalon
15051-01 Martin M. WEIDERICK, 29, cook, Norfolk Ont., Rat Portage, s/o Benjamin WEIDERICK & Flora SCAVILLE, married Harriett Rowan WALKER, 21, Hamilton Ont., Rat Portage, d/o Jos. WALKER & Charlotte FRANK, witn: Carl WEIDERICK & Agnes WALKER, both of Rat Portage, 3 April 1901 at Rat Portage 15060-01 Charles WEILAND, 27, laborer, Belgium, Rat Portage, s/o Dominick WEILAND & Margaret CLEMENT, married Annie KOPP, 20, Poland, Rat Portage, d/o Ludwig KOPP & Louisa WEISS, witn: Gus HOLTS of Rat Portage & Bertha BRANT of Whitemouth?, 21 June 1901 at Rat Portage
12253-01, (Nipissing), Frank WICKTWOCH, 27, Novaviech Poland, Copper Cliff, s/o Joseph & Lizzie WICKTWOCH, married Edna M. MARSHALL, 21, Bobaditson Germany, Copper Cliff, d/o Christopher MARSHALL & Tina VARNER, Wtn John WICKTWOCH & Maggie BADERSKI both of Copper Cliff, 20 Aug 1901 at Copper Cliff, (Rom Cath). 105086-01 Edward WIGGINS, 25, farmer, Oro twp., same, s/o Alex WIGGINS & Annie BELL, married Lillian Marion DOUGHERTY, 24, Guelph, Winton, d/o John DOUGHERTY & Charlotte PERKINS, witn: John & Charlotte DOUGHERTY of Winton, 14 Aug 1901 at Winton
3206-01 Irwin P. WILSON, 27, baker, of Sault Ste. Marie, s/o not given, married Lottie V. SHAWL, 24, of Lefroy twp., d/o Octave & Flora, no date given [reg’d 15 Feb 1901] at Cloudslee 012254-01, (Nipissing), James Henry WILSON, 27, Saw Mill, Unknown, Warren, s/o Mathew WILSON & Caroline HAINES, married Roxie WILKIE, 24, Unknown, Cargill, d/o William WILKIE & Mary GOOD, Wtn James LAUGHLIN of Warren & Mary H LATTER of Sudbury, 28 Aug 1901 at Sudbury
003261-01 (Manitoulin Dist.) William J. WILSON, 29, Creemore, Kagawong, Lumberman, s/o Joseph WILSON & Eliza KENDRICK married Jessie McLEOD, 25, Allandale, Kagawong, d/o James McLEOD & Rachel RICHARDS. Wtn: John ALLAN of Kagawong and Lola McLEOD of Kagawong on July 31, 1901 at Gore Bay 15062-01 Maurice F. D. WOODCOCK, 24, clerk, New Hamburg, Dryden, s/o Francis WOODCOCK & Matilda J. O’CONNOR, married Ellen Shepherd LEDYARD, 27, Toronto, same, d/o Thomas D. LEDYARD & Victoria ROBB, witn: Ettie M. FERGUSON & Elizabeth N. JONES, both of Rat Portage, 25 June 1901 at Rat Portage
#003415-01 (Algoma Dist): William WOODHALL, 27, canal worker, P--th? England, Sault Ste. Marie Mich., s/o William WOODHALL & Harriet DOBSON, married Dora (could be Ina) THORESON, 22, teacher, Norway, Sault Ste. Marie Mich., d/o Andrew THORESON & Annette HANSON, witn: G. & Mabel STONE of Sault Ste. Marie, 6 July 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie 15043-01 Joseph WOODMAN, 25, millhand, Malahide twp., Rat Portage, s/o Joseph WOODMAN & Elizabeth GOSBELL, married Marguerite Augusta SPENCE, 22, Pickering twp., Rat Portage, d/o Samuel SPENCE & Mary DEELY, witn: John A. McMILLAN & Angell HIGBEE?, both of Rat Portage, 23 Jan 1901 at Rat Portage