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Northern Dist., 1901, part 2

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003462-01 (Algoma Dist.) Amable B or M ?????, 30, laborer, St. Thomas?, Sault, s/o Godfrey B or M???? & Julia DUPIS, married Angelique PORTIOS, 26, Sault, same, d/o Lamont PORTIOS & Angelique DEMORIS?, wtn: George D??LISLI & Mary Jane PORTIOS, both of Sault, on April 24, 1901, at Sault St. Marie 3238-01 John ANDERSON, 26, farmer, Westmeath, Thompson, s/o John & Lizzie, married Henrietta COOK, 19, Thessalon, Thompson, d/o James COOK & Ann EVERETT, witn: Isabella & Minnie? HARRIS of Day Mills, 23 Aug 1901 at Day Mills
012123-01 (Nipissing Dist.), Gabriel ANISHMARIE, not stated, Beaucage Reserve, same, hunter, s/o Paul TOBIVINESBURG & Sophie TONIABIEUS, to Henrietta COMMAND, not stated, Whitefish Reserve, same, Matthias COMMANDA & Lisette MONGOUS, witn: Michel AUNKWABI & Lucy COMMANDA, both of Beaucage, 12, August 1901 at Beaucage 012234-01 Albert Edward ARNOLD 25, laborer, Bradshaw, Sudbury, s/o Albert ARNOLD & Emma DALMAGE, married Bella McPHEE, 30, Glengarry, Sudbury, d/o John McPHEE & Annie McDONALD, witn: M. McPHEE & Ida AURIE both of Sudbury on Apr. 30, 1901, at Sudbury. (RC)
012235-01 Joseph AUGER, 22, laborer, Clarence Creek, Sudbury, s/o J. B. AUGER & Domitilde HENRI, married Denis PILON, 18, Hull, Sudbury, d/o F. X. PILON & Josephine ROCHON, witn: F. B. BAZINET & F. X. PILON both of Sudbury on June 17, 1901 at Sudbury. (RC) 012194-01 Walter BALLARD, 22, miner, Cannington, Stobie Mine, s/o Henry BALLARD & Elizabeth PERCIVAL, married Louie CUSHING, 18, Cornwall, Stobie Mine, d/o P. W. CUSHING & Catherine McDONALD, witn: D. S. RYAN & Johanna CUSHING both of Stobie Mine on Feb. 18, 1901 at Sudbury
003449-01 (Algoma Dist.) Reginald Arthur BARBER, 22, clerk, Georgetown, Sault, s/o Sasmak? BARBER & Harriot RIDOUT, married Mary C.G. MONTGOMERY, blank, Goderich, Sault, d/o Geo P. MONTGOMERY & Mary BASKIFF, wtn: E. & Clara STEELE, both of Sault, on October 19, 1901, at Sault St. Marie 3369-01 Louis BARNARD, 22, fisherman, Sault Mich., same, s/o Leo & blank, married Mary DAIGH (Daigle?), 18, Sault Mich., same, d/o Frank DAIGH & Mary KOGNISH?, witn: Michael GAYRIK? & Rose DAIGH, both of Sault Ont., 11 Jan 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie
15047-01 John BAVEREY, 27, rukoner? (rancher?), Burly France, Norman, s/o Augustin BAVEREY & Jean MONGNET (Monguet?), married Amasthine VILLENEUVE, 17, Roberville Que., Norman, d/o Simon VILLENEUVE & Marianne LAVOIE, witn: Paul BAVEREY of Norman & Simon VILLENEUVE of Winnipeg River, 18 Feb 1901 at Rat Portage (Rom Cath) 3268-01 Warren Whittington BEALS, 34, laborer, Grand Valley, Walford, s/o Stephen & Charlotte, married Frances Maria CLIFF, 17, Navistock? Que., Walford, d/o W.N. & Almira, witn: S. W. BEALS of Sault Ste. Marie & Lulu May CLIFF of Walford, 30 Oct [1901] at Walford
019019-01 Napoleon BEAULEIU, 23, farmer, Allumette Island, Bonfield, s/o Etienne BEAULIEN & Emelie GIROUX, married Victorine OUELLETTE, 15, Clarence Creek, Bonfield, d/o Henry OUELLIETTE & Mathilda PICHE, witn: H. PICHE & Marie BEAULIEU both of Bonfield on Feb. 8, 1901 at Bonfield. (RC) 3392-01 Alfred BEAULIEU, 28, widower, laborer, Labea? Que., Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Thomas BEALIEU & Mary BEAUPRE, married Julie BOSSINEAU (Boisineau?), 19, Sault Ste. Marie, same, d/o Emery BOSSINEAU & Angelique BELLVALLE, witn: R. C. SOUCIS & Sarah BOISINEAULT (sic), both of Sault Ste. Marie, 22 April 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie [could be 1900]
003452-01 (Algoma Dist.) BEGGINGS, Mark H., 30, painter, Sault, same, s/o Edward BEGGINS & Elizabeth HOCKRIDGE, married Christina McLEOD, 26, illegible, Sault, d/o David McLEOD & Christina McLEOD, wtn: John MORRISON & Christina McKAY, on October 30, 1901, at Sault St. Marie  
012121-01 (Nipissing Dist.), Fabius BEGIN, 28, Cumberland, Widdifield Twp., laborer, s/o Joseph BEGIN & Julia LAVERNGE, to Mary DUBE, 27, Gaspe PQ, Widdifield Twp., d/o Rene DUBE & Philomena LEFEBVRE, witn: Isadore DUBE & Angelina DESJARDINE, both of Widdifield Twp., 30 September 1901 at North Bay 003463-01 (Algoma Dist.) Emile BELANGER, 31, laborer, St. Victor Q[uebec], Sault, s/o Solomon BELANGER & Sophia L??AGA?, married Angelique NADON, 28, Mall???, Sault, widow, d/o Xavier NADON & Eliza MANCOTTE, wtn: Thephone NADON & Pa?nsha NADON, both of Sault, on April 30, 1901, at Sault St. Marie
012074-01 Jean Baptiste BELANGER, 26, farmer, Mattawa, same, s/o J. B. BELANGER & Elmire DOUCETTE, married Ida TRAHAN, 18, Winsocket USA, Eau Claire, d/o Louis TRAHAN & Delia CHAMPAGNE, witn: J. B. BELANGER & Wilfred GROULX both of Mattawa on June 20, 1901 at Mattawa 012219-01 Cleophas BELL, 27, laborer, Hull, Sudbury, s/o J. B. BELL & Adelaide HEBERT, married Exilda DION, 16, Quebec, Sudbury, d/o David DION & Agathe BOULEY, witn: Joseph DION & Napoleon CHARETTE both of Sudbury on Jan. 21, 1901 at Sudbury.
  012127-01 (Nipissing Dist.), Edward H. BELLAMY, 26, Arnprior, Sudbury, jeweller, s/o Justice S. & Elizabeth J. BELLAMY, to Mary C. MITCHELL, 23, Simcoe Co., Toronto, d/o William & Mary MITCHELL, witn: A. I. HUNTINGTON & R. C. HARVEY, both of North Bay, 25 October 1901 at North Bay
012201-01 William BENNETT, 28, engineer, Renfrew, Sudbury, s/o William BENNETT & Alice HUNTER, married Annie JAMES, 20, Bromley, Sudbury, d/o William JAMES & Ellen OWENS, witn: Peter D. MORRISON & Sarah M. M. ARISS both of Stobie Mine on Apr. 24, 1901 at Sudbury 012120-01 (Nipissing Dist.), Louis BESSERER, 30, Gloucester Twp., Widdifield Twp., farmer, s/o Louis BESSERER & Harriet CAMERON, to Maybelle BESSERER, 24, Gloucester Twp., Widdifield Twp., d/o Louis William BESSERER & Helen COWAN, witn: Alex and Helen BESSERER, both of Widdifield Twp., 12 September 1901 at Widdifield Twp.
12276-01 Louis T. BESSERER, 29, farmer, Gloucester, Widdifield, s/o Wilbrod BESSER (sic) & Harriet CAMERON, married Maybelle BESSER, 24, Gloucester, Widdifield, d/o L. W. BESSER & Helen COWAN, witn: Alex & Helen A. BESSERER of Widdifield, 13 Sept 1901 at Widdifield 019022-01 Eugene BESSETTE, 20, farmer, Otter Lake, Chisholm, s/o Etienne BESSETTE & Philomine LESSARD, married Emma POITRAS, 16, North Bay, Bonfield, d/o George POITRAS & Marie Louise DECHAINE, witn: Arthur POITRAS & Adeline DECHAINE both of Bonfield on June 10, 1901 at Bonfield. (RC)
003457-01 (Algoma Dist.) Jas Manuel BICKELL, 33, marine captain, Dundas, Sault, widowed, s/o Donald BICKELL & Mary MITCHELL, married Emma YOUNG, 28, not known, Owen Sound, d/o not known, wtn: Frances NELSON of Owen Sound & Albert STONE of Sault, on October 7, 1901, at Sault St. Marie 012132-01 (Nipissing Dist.), Albert J. BILLINGSLEY, 28, Stephenson Twp., North Bay, laborer, s/o Richard BILLINGSLEY & Nellie BARIGERY, to Lucretia HARMON, 28, N. Gwillimbury, North Bay, d/o Timothy HARMON & Amelia EVANS, witn: Mrs A. U. SMITH & Mrs Ruby THOMAS, both of North Bay, 10 December 1901 at North Bay
15048-01 Carl Emil BLOM, 28, miner, Sweden, Rat Portage, s/o John Peter BLOM & Mary ANDERSON, married Hilda Mary ANDERSON, 29, Sweden, Rat Portage, d/o John NELSON & Carrie ANDERSON, witn: Albert JOHNSON & Hannah SWANSON, both of Rat Portage, 23 March 1901 at Rat Portage  
012039-01 Bernard BOGUE, 20, farmer, Five Miles Town Ireland, Chisholm, s/o Bernard BOGUE & Mary NAWN, married Margaret DROUIN, 16, Otter Lake Quebec, Chisholm, d/o Eugene DROUIN & Theresa DUNN, witn: Ambrose DUNN of Powassan & Kate BOGUE of Chisholm on July 25, 1901 at Levesqueville. (RC) 3373-01 Theodore BOOTH, 22, locomotive inspector, Durham Co. England, Sault Ont., s/o Alexander BOOTH & Jane GAUGHRIN?, married Ruth SCOTT, 21, Sault Ont., same, d/o Isaac SCOTT & Elizabeth NIXON, witn: N. D. GILBERTSON & Victoria SCOTT, both of Sault Ont., 21 Jan 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie
012191-01 Briant Edward BOROSER, 32, car repairer, Grimsby, Copper Cliff, s/o Henry BOROSER & Emily HENDERSON, married Susanna DOUGLAS, 30, Aurora, Orillia, d/o Thomas DOUGLAS & Jane ANDERSON, witn: W. J. DEAN & Bessie DWYER both of Sudbury on Feb. 5, 1901 at Sudbury. 012065-01 Narcisse BOULE, 21, farmer, Ottawa, Mattawa, s/o Narcisse BOULE & Eugenie MOUSSEAU, married Melina GERMAIN, 18, Bonfield, same, d/o Maxim GERMAIN & Philomine AMYOT, witn: Joseph BRUILE & David DUPONT both of Mattawa on Feb. 11, 1901 at Mattawa.
3367-01 Thomas BOVINGDON, 24, laborer, England, Korah twp., s/o Alfred & Annie, married Rose Alexandrina WILDING, 27, England, Korah, d/o George & Mary Ann, witn: George & Gertrude WILDING of Korah, 9 Jan 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie 3234-01 William BOYAR, 21, laborer, Grenville Que., Chapleau, s/o J. B. BOYER (sic) & Auralie PICARD, married Marie RATELLE (Ralette?), 19, Montreal, Chapleau, d/o Gedeau RATELLE & Delina LORRAINE, witn: Laus? BIENVENU & Gedeau RATELLE, both of Chapleau, 18 Nov [1901] at Chapleau
012026-01 Joseph BOYD, 27, laborer, Quebec, Caldwell, s/o Thompson BOYD & Margaret REID, married Exina LAMOUREUX, 21, Quebec, Caldwell, d/o F. LAMOUREUX & Mathilda PILON, witn: Ambroise MORIN & Angus DIGNARD both of Apple Bay on Jan. 7, 1901 At Verner. (RC) 012011-01 Napoleon BOYER, 20, farmer, Mattawa, Bonfield, s/o Pierre BOYER & Malvina BARON, married Celina CHAPUT, 14, Bonfield, same, d/o Leon CHAPUT & Celina BELAIRE, witn: William & Maggie CHAPUT both of Bonfield on July 1, 1901 at Bonfield. (RC)
12268-01 Edward BRAZZIEL, no age given, Barrie, Toronto, s/o Thomas BRAZZIEL & Ellen ELLIGRET, married Mary BEAULNE, 29, teacher, Curran, Sudbury, d/o Isidore BAULNE (sic) & Mary Ann HAL, witn: P. F. SHEEHAN & Leonard BRAZZIEL, both of Sudbury, 25 Dec 1901 at Sudbury 15067-01 William George BRECKON, 24, merchant, Kirkfield, Fort Frances, s/o George & not given, married Eulalie TREAU (Trean?), 18, Ottawa, Pinewood, d/o Edward & not given, witn: E. W. BRYDGES & Alex MacKENZIE, both of Rat Portage, 25 June 1901 at Rat Portage
003456-01 (Algoma Dist.) Thomas Young BROUGH, 25, blank, Muncton, Sault, s/o Donald BROUGH & Lillie YOUNG, married Millie BILSON, 19, Waterloo, Sault, d/o Wm BILSON & Annie CARROLL, wtn: Mrs. W.A. DUNKIN & John H. DUNCAN (sic), on December 12, 1901, at Sault St. Marie 012247-01 Jeremie BRUNEAU, 25, not given, Quebec, Copper Cliff, s/o Joseph BRUNEAU & Eliza LAURNIVEUX, married Clemence GAUTHIER, 30, Papineauville, Copper Cliff, d/o Alexandre GAUTHIER & Cecile CHARLEBOIS, witn: A. GAUTHIER & E. BAZINET both of Copper Cliff on July 22, 1901 at Copper Cliff. (RC)
3232-01 Maxime BRUNETTE, 23, carpenter, La Passe Ont., Chapleau, s/o Noe BRUNETTE & Marguerite CECILE, married Felicite DUMONTELLE, 21, lady, Papineauville, Chapleau, d/o Dolphis DUMONTELLE & Justie ROY, witn: Noe BRUNETTE of Pembroke & Dolphis DUMONTELLE of Chapleau, 28 Aug [1901] at Chapleau 012204-01 Frank F. BUCHTOLTZ, 21, book keeper, Pembroke, Rayside, s/o August BUCHTOLTZ & Louise ANGORA, married Annie L. BUDER, 21, Pembroke, same, d/o Martin BUDER & Minnie ZUGEL, witn: Nellie M. JOHNSTON & Katie BARBER both of Sudbury on Apr. 27, 1901 at Sudbury.
012015-01 James BURNS, 26, laborer, of Bonfield, s/o William BURNS & Mary TANSER, married Sarah E. BRIGDON, 21, Arnprior, Bonfield, d/o Charles BRIGDON & Sahara McGUIRE, witn: William James BRIGDON & Mary SAMPSON both of Bonfield on Sept. 9, 1901 at Bonfield. (RC) 3299-01 Wilfred BURNS, 35, farmer, Ontario, Jocelyn, s/o James BURNS & Jane MOREL, married Frances THORN, 18, St. Joseph Island, Jocelyn, d/o William T. THORN & Eliza DESMOND, witn: Archie LAMONT & Victoria THORN, both of Jocelyn, 14 Sept 1901 at Jocelyn
012192-01 Charles BUSH, 40, cook, widower, Sydenham, Sudbury, s/o G. BUSH & Emma SMITH, married Angeline MAYER, 26, Gracefield, Sudbury, d/o Joseph MAYER & Philomine McVICAR, witn: William & Catherine TAPP both of Sudbury on Feb. 11, 1901 at Sudbury.  
3295-01 Joseph CADOTTE, 31, laborer, Goulais Bay, Garden River, s/o Michael CADOTTE & Annie MESKALESKURT?, married Louise MOSHINE? (Mosher?), 19, Goulais Bay, same, d/o James MESHINE? & Susanne LAGRASKO?, witn: John LESAGE Jr. & Jane CADOTTE, both of Garden River, 25 June [1901] at Garden River (also 3293-01) 3265-01 M. George CARDIFF, 26, book keeper, Admaston, Webbwood, s/o John CARDIFF & Margaret A. McDOUGALL, married G. Grace WARDHAM, 24, Victoria Co., Webbwood, d/o Matthew WARDHAM & Marjorie KENNEDY, witn: S. J. BRACE & Maggie BOWAN, both of Webbwood, 6 March 1901 at Webbwood
3235-01 George F. CARL?, 21, clerk, Little Current, Blind River, s/o George CARL & Ann BRADY, married Maggie M. BARRY, 18, servant, Frank? Valley, Blind River, d/o Edwin & Annie, witn: C--? F--SON of Blind River, 15 May 1901 at Blind River 003440-01 (Algoma Dist.) Alexander CASSWELL, 30, laborer, Grey Co., Sault, s/o Sam CASSWELL & Hannah KENNEDY, married Annie McHUGH, 23, Megantic Q(uebec), Tarentorus, d/o Patrick McHUGH & Rebecca MONAHAN, wtn: ????McGILL & Francis McHUGH, both of Tarentorus, on September 17, 1901, at Sault St. Marie
012058-01 Augustin CAUTIN, 21, farmer, Quebec, Ferris, s/o F. CAUTIN & N. GAUTHIER, married Lydia TREMBLAY, 16, Ferris, Levesqueville, d/o E. TREMBLAY & M. ROCHEFORT, witn: A. ROCHFORT of Ferris & M. TREMBLAY of Bonfield on July 29, 1901 at Levesqueville. (RC) 012115-01 (Nipissing Dist.), Nicholas CHAMANDY, 26, Syria Asia Minor, North Bay, pedler, s/o Tanis CHAMANDY & Mary GEORGE, to Selena JACOB, 24, North Bay, same, d/o Moses JACOB & Sady ALISE, witn: Nicholas CHAMANDY & Calel AYOBE (Ayotte?), both of North Bay, 15 April 1901 at North Bay
012131-01 (Nipissing Dist.), Assad CHAMANDY, 223, Syria Asia Minor, North Bay, pedler, s/o Kalil CHAMANDY & Sara ALISE, to Fidy(?) Josepha ELIAS, 21, blank or might be ditto under Syria Asia Minor, North Bay, d/o Poseda ELIAS & Sara J. DABOUS, witn: Alexander LEMIEREN (Lemieux?) & Abraham CHAMANDY, both of North Bay, 15 April 1901 at North Bay  
012163-01 Edmond CHAMPAGNE, 30, farmer, Crysler, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Frances CHAMPAGNE & Philomene ADOL, married Clementine MIERE, 27, widow, Brook, Sturgeon Falls, d/o M. FRANCIS & Lucie POITERIN, witn: Joseph MICHAUD & L. JOSEPH both of Sturgeon Falls on Feb. 12, 1901 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC) 012113-01 (Nipissing Dist.), Nazarus CHAPUT, 28, Pembroke, North Bay, laborer, s/o Isadore CHAPUT & Zephanie GUNTHIER (Gauthier?), to Mary CLOUTIER, 21, Deux Riviere, d/o Francis X. CLOUTIER & Matilda HOPKINS, witn: Amadeus CHAPUT of Allumette Island, Elizabeth CLOUTIER of Bonfield, 16 July 1901 at North Bay
3424-01 Paul CHUDOB?, 19, laborer, Germany, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Fred & Augusta, married Ida TESSIER, 19, Blind River, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Theophile TESSIER & Adeline CAUSLEY (Cousley?), witn: Joseph BRASIA? & Myrtle MORNDITH?, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 12 May 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie 012166-01 Andrew John CLEARY, 50, farmer, widower, Huntley, Cache Bay, s/o Michael CLEARY & Bridget HOLLARAN, married Julia HALLOWAY, 56, widow, of Montreal, d/o Patrick & Maria GRACE, witn: Mr. & Mrs. P. DUFF both of Sturgeon Falls on Apr. 19, 1901 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC)
12272-01 Jean Baptiste CLOUTIER, 21, laborer, Trenton, Canoe Lake, s/o Louis CLOUTIER & Louise COTON?, married Maria FORTIN, 20, servant, Trenton, Canoe Lake, d/o John FORTIN & Charlotte TAGUE?, witn: John VALLY & Celina FORTIN, both of Canoe Lake, 24 June 1901 at Canoe Lake 12275-01 Peter COLLINS, 22, laborer, Gaspe Que., Whitney, s/o Jos. COLLINS & Clementine BOUGET, married Mary ROSS, 23, servant, Chapeau Que., Whitney, d/o Octave ROSS & Elodie BELAU, witn: Eugene COLLINS & Lizzie ROSS, both of Whitney, 4 Nov 1901 at Whitney
  012129-01 (Nipissing Dist.), Frederick C. CONE, 22, Sand Point, Whitney, machinist, s/o William H. CONE & Nancy LEVOY, to Elizabeth J. STRINGER, 22, Carlow, Whitney, d/o John STRINGER & Marian McWHITER, witn: George & Mrs George CAMPBELL, North Bay, 10 November 1901 at North Bay
012060-01 Joseph CONTANT, 30, farmer, Golden Lake Ontario, Ferris, s/o S. CONTANT & Etienne MENARD, married Olivia ROCHEFORT, 16, Quebec, Ferris, d/o Elgear ROCHEFORT & Marie DESGAGNES, witn: Delphis DENAULT & Louise OUILETTE both of Levesqueville on Aug. 26, 1901 at Levesqueville. (RC) 15050-01 George Henry COOK, 26, express man, Euly? Ont., Rat Portage, s/o Samuel COOK & Elizabeth WEBSTER, married Gertrude M. NICHOLSON, 20, Buckham? Ont., Rat Portage, d/o Malcolm NICHOLSON & Margaret SMITH, witn: Walter COOK & Annie LISK, both of Rat Portage, 27 March 1901 at Rat Portage
3267-01 George CORMIER, 26, laborer, New Brunswick, Webbwood, s/o John & Antoine Poirier CORMIER, married Maud OBEY, 18, New Brunswick, Webbwood, d/o A--? & Isabella, witn: Simon & Ida GUAY of Webbwood, 27 June 1901 at Webbwood 003450-01 (Algoma Dist.) Thomas CORRGAN, 33, sailor, Wisconsin, Sault Mich., s/o Wm CORRGAN & Kate MURRAY, married Lizzie GORDON, 38, Sault, same, widow, d/o St????JOLLMIAN & Anggigs? LON????, wtn: P. JOLLMIAN & Grances LISARD, both of Sault, on October 14, 1901, at Sault St. Marie
012013-01 William CRAIG, 26, laborer, Fitzroy, Powassan, s/o John CRAIG & Marguerite BRADLY, married Elizabeth GALLAGHER, 22, Perth, Powassan, d/o John GALLAGHER & Margaret O’CONNOR, witn: Joseph & Marie J. GARAULT both of Bonfield on Apr. 28, 1901 at Bonfield. (RC) 012133-01 (Nipissing Dist.), Albert A. CRAWFORD, 21, Sunnidale, North Bay, farmer, s/o Andrew & Eliza CRAWFORD, to Dorothy STACEY, 22, Belleville, North Bay, d/o John & Mary STACEY, witn: Bertha McCREIGHT & Laura HART, both of North Bay, 12, December 1901 at North Bay
012244-01 Newton CRYDERMAN, 25, farmer, North York Ontario, Wahnapitae, s/o John CRYDERMAN & Abigail TRAVIS, married Catherine LISK, 22, Pembroke, Wahnapitae, d/o Matthias LISK & Mary Jane LEWIS, witn: A. CRYDERMAN of Wahnapitae & Mary CARMICHAEL of Copper Cliff on Oct. 2, 1901 at Sudbury 012250-01 Joseph CUILLERIER, 26, not given, Notre Dame du Lac, Copper Cliff, s/o Charles CUILLERIER & Julie LEFEBVRE, married M. Jane BYRNE, 16, Quebec, Sudbury, d/o Robert BYRNE & Sarah WHELEN, witn: P. STRASBOURG & J. CUILLERIER. Both of Copper Cliff on Aug. 19, 1901 at Sudbury. (RC)
3386-01 Alex CURRIE, 45, widower, lumberman, Victoria Co., Sault Ste. Marie, s/o John CURRIE & Ellen REID, married Emma Jane SINCLAIR, 50, widow, Lindsay, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o James LIVINGSTON & Sarah HAST, 13 May 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie 012016-01 Elizeor DALBEE, 19, farmer, Fort Coulonge, Bonfield, s/o Antoine DALBEE & & E. MOUSSEAU, married Marguerit CHAPUT, 16, Bonfield, same, d/o Leon CHAPUT & Celina BELAIRE, witn: Ephraim DALBEE & Azilda CHAPUT, both of Bonfield on Sept. 30, 1901 at Bonfield. (RC)
012246-01 Joseph DAOUST, 27, not given, Penetanquishene, Stobie Mine, s/o Nazaire DAOUST & Cleophée ST. ARMAND, married M. Anne ST. AMAND, no age given, Quebec, Stobie Mine, d/o Auguste ST. AMAND & Victoria DURET, witn: R, GOULETTE & F. DAOUST both of Stobie Mines on July 16, 1901 at Sudbury. (RC) 3432-01 Edward DAVEY, 22, laborer, Peel Co., Sault Ste. Marie, s/o James DAVEY & Cyr? HINDELL, married Violina HOUNSELL, 18, Victoria Co., Sault Ste. Marie, d/o John HOUNSELL & Sarah SHERMAN, witn: Manus? TAPSCOTT & Florence BOOMER, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 11 Sept 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie
012211-01 William DEACHON, 24, lumberman, Quebec, Lake Wahnapitae, s/o Narcisse DEACHON & Maggie DUFAULT, married Louise WEASS, 19, Whitefish, Lake Wahnapitae, d/o Alex WEASS & Philomine WABUNIKI, witn: William CAUFIELD & William CASSELMAN both of Lake Wahnapitae June 11, 1901 at Sudbury. 012126-01 (Nipissing Dist.), Thomas DECAIRE, 29, Penetanguishene, North Bay, laborer, s/o Solomon DECAIRE & Mary GALVIN, to Margaret COLE, 27, Combermere, North Bay, d/o John COLE & Mary MAYHEW, witn: Bernard MULLIGAN & Benjamin GAUTHIER, both of North Bay, 22 October 1901 at North Bay
  012215-01 Joseph DELONGCHAMP, 23, baggage man, St. Paul Minn. USA, Sudbury, s/o Jean M. DELONGCHAMP & D. Louise LEBEAU, married Marie Philomine ST. JULIEN, 17, Fort Coulonge, Sudbury, s/o Napoleon ST. JULIEN & Henriette LASOIL, witn : Napoleon ST. JULIEN & Mrs A. ST. JULIEN both of Sudbury on Jan. 7, 1901 at Sudbury.
012059-01 Joseph DESGAGNES, 21, laborer, Quebec, Levesqueville, s/o E. DESGAGNES & G. BAUDREAULT, married Rosarina CAUTIN, 27, Quebec, Ferris, d/o F. CAUTIN & W. GAUTHIER, witn: P. CAUTIN of Levesqueville & S. LEVESQUE of Bonfield on July 27, 1901 at Levesqueville. (RC) 3436-01 James DESROSIER, 21, laborer, Pembroke, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Louis DESROSIER & Mary JORDAN, married Annie RUDOCK, 20, Ireland, Sault Mich., d/o Abram RUDOCK & Mary MITCHELL, witn: Mrs. E. S. WALKER of Sault Ste. Marie & M.J. RUDDOCK (sic) of Sault Mich., 17 Sept 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie
012108-01 (Nipissing Dist.), Joseph DESROSIER, 30, Quebec, not stated (Province Quebec crossed out), laborer, s/o Augustus DESROSIER & Delissige(?) COTE, to Helena RANGER, 20, Quebec, not stated (Province Quebec crossed out), d/o Moses RANGER & Margaret CARDINAL, witn: Joseph & Catherine RANGER, both of Callander, 18 May 1901 at North Bay 012218-01 Gustave Napoleon DOIRON (Dorion?), 25, laborer, New Port Gaspe, Copper Cliff, s/o Gustave DOIRON, & Rachel BLAIS, married Annie LANTIN (Lautin?), 21, New Port Gaspe, Copper Cliff, d/o Pierre LANTIN & Genevieve CROMIER, witn: Wilfrid GATIEN & Genevieve DOIRON both of Copper Cliff on Jan. 7, 1901 at Copper Cliff.
3368-01 James G. DOREANCE, 23, laborer, Sylvan P--?, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o S. G. DOREANCE & & M. EVANS?, married Emily PAYMENT, 19, Sugar Island, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Philip & blank, witn: George & Sarah WILLS of Sault Ste. Marie, 11 Feb 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie 012238-01 Fred Clifford DORWAY, 26, R.R. dispatcher, Lanark, Michipicoten Harbour, s/o William M. DORWAY & Anne E. ROBINSON, married Margaret L. PAUL, no age given, Quebec, Sudbury, d/o Alexander PAUL & Margaret CROZIER, witn: Charles DORWAY of Michipicoten Harbour & Edith PAUL of Sudbury on Dec. 25, 1901 at Sudbury
12048-01 Wesley DOUPE, 21, farmer, Egremont twp., illegible, s/o Sidney DOUPE & Susan CRANDELL, married Mary BURGESS, 19, domestic, Huntsville, Liskeard, d/o W. BURGESS & Mary GRAVE, witn: Robert EMERSON & Mary McCAMUS, both of New Liskeard, 18 (8?) Sept 1901 at New Liskeard 003460-01 (Algoma Dist.) Frank DOYLE, 25, tailor, F??son, Sault, s/o Michael DOYLE & Ann MONTGOMERY, married Mary McCARTHY, 25, Adjala, Sault, d/o John McCARTHY & illegible COX, wtn: R.H. DEMAIS & Mrs. Jas. DUGGAN, both of Sault, on May 15, 1901, at Sault St. Marie
3239-01 Daniel DRAPER, 29, widower, farmer, Georgina, Thompson, s/o Jacob DRAPER & Sarah Ann SEWELL, married Annie McLACHLAN, 22, Arthur, Patten, d/o Dougall McLACHLAN & Ann RATHWELL, witn: Samuel CRAIG & Sarah McLACHLAN, both of Patten, 4 Dec 1901 at Patten 15052-01 William DREW, 37, miller, Devonshire England, Keewatin, s/o John DREW & Elizabeth GREEDFELL, married Carrie ETLER (Etles?), 28, London England, Keewatin, d/o Charles ETLER & Hannah BATHS, witn: Elizabeth B. & Hannah MORGAN of Rat Portage, 4 April 1901 at Rat Portage
012066-01 John DUBOIS, 26, laborer, Portage du Fort, Sudbury, s/o John DUBOIS & Celina ROBILLARD, married Flavie CLEMENT, 20, Mattawa, same, d/o Joseph CLEMENT & Charlotte MONTREUIL, witn: N. FINK & J. GAUDETTE both of Mattawa on Feb. 18, 1901 at Mattawa 012220-01 Edward DUBREIUL, 23, laborer, Macdonald, Sudbury, s/o William DEBREIUL & Olive GERVAIS, married Mary Ann SEALY, 24, widow, Macdonald, Sudbury, d/o John McNEIL & Catherine DUBREIUL, witn: Rev. Father LEFEBVRE of Massey & Brother FLUCH of Sudbury on Feb. 10, 1901 at Sudbury
012061-01 G. Egleson DUFFY, 23, lumberman, Angus Ontario, Himsworth, s/o William & Julia, married Margaret Annie E. QUIRT, 19, Ferris, same, d/o George & Ann Jane, witn: Thomas HAWKINS & Helena JESSOP both of Nipissing Junction on Aug. 21, 1901 at Nipissing Junction. (RC)  
012116-01 (Nipissing Dist.), William DUMOND, 49, Kamouraska, not stated, widower, laborer, s/o Etienne DUMOND & Modesta DIORUELL(?), to Exilda M. Tessier ST. PIERRE, St. Stanislaus, not stated, widow, d/o Charles TESSIER & Olive PREVEAU, witn: John G. COLLINS & Eva ST. PIERRE, both of North Bay, 6 August 1901 at North Bay 012057-01 F. H. DUPUIS, 29, laborer, St. Joseph De Orleans Ontario, Ferris, s/o Frank DUPUIS & Mary Louise CORBEIL, married Marie PILON, 16, Cincinnati USA, Ferris, d/o J. F. PILON & Aurelia COUTURE, witn: Joseph J. CORBEIL & Amanda DICARE both of Ferris on July 8, 1901 at Corbeil. (RC)
012056-01 Oliver DUPUIS, 21, laborer, St. Joseph De Orleans Ontario, Ferris, s/o Frank DUPUIS & Mary Louise CORBEIL, married Marie Anne THIBAULT, 16, St. Angle Quebec, Ferris, d/o Jean THIBAULT & Marceline PLANTE, witn: Adelard THIBAULT & Eugenie DUPUIS both of Ferris On July 8, 1901 at Corbeil. (RC) 012209-01 William EARNAKER, 24, laborer, England, Sault Ste Marie, s/o George EARNAKER & Elizabeth DROVER, married Alma GAUDAUR, 21, Ashley, Murray Mine, d/o Frank GAUDAUR & Maria FRANKLYN, witn: D. WEIR & Amy GAUDAUR both of Murray Mine on June 3, 1901 at Sudbury
3297-01 Charles Nelson EDDY, 20, farmer, St. j\Joseph, Jocelyn, s/o Fred EDDY & Emma FISH, married May Adorathy WOOD, 19, St. Joseph island, Jocelyn, d/o John WOOD & Elizabeth MANSFIELD, witn: Arken A. EDDY of Jocelyn & Sarah A. CONNELL of St. Joseph, 13 Feb 1901 at Jocelyn 3306-01 Jesse EDGE, 22, carpenter, Seaforth, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o William EDGE & Frances LAVORS?, married Lottie May SHEWARD, 23, Toronto, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Thomas SHEWARD & Charlotte MAY, witn: James W. & Emma ROBINSON of McLennan, 19 Sept [1901] at McLennan,
3296-01 William ERSKINE, 28, lumberman, Garden River, same, s/o John ERSKINE & Susan SOLOQUINE?, married Therese THIBAULT, no age given, Garden River, same, d/o Stephen THIBAULT & Mary LAROSE, witn: F. W. BAGUSHENSE? of Garden River & E. Maud STONE of Parry Sound, 14 July [1901] at Sault Ste. Marie 3377-01 James EWERS?, 42, widower, farmer, of Park twp., s/o illegible & blank, married Eliza THER, 50, widow, of Park twp., d/o S. Henry JONES & Annie POTTER, witn: A.L. & Jessie ATKINSON of Sault, 6 March 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie
3407-01 William Henry FAGAN, 28, farmer, Canada, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Thomas & Jane, married blank ROTHWELL, no age given, Canada, Sault Mich., d/o William & Mary, witn: Adam CLELLAND & Susie CORBETT, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 3 Jan 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie 3428-01 Alfred William FALKNER, 28, painter, Sault Mich., Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Fred J. FALKNER & Martha COUSINS, married Eva PARKER, 18, Manchester England, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Benjamin PARKER & Mary E. HICKLING, witn: John FALKNER & A. PARKER, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 1 July 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie
012226-01 Philippe FAVREAU, 32, laborer, Toledo Ohio, Copper Cliff, s/o Antoine FAVREAU & Eliza LAVESDINE, married Rose Ann GUERTIN, 22, Papineauville, Copper Cliff, d/o Charles GUERTIN & Jane GALLAGHER, witn: Charles GUERTIN & J. DESJARDINS both of Copper Cliff on Apr. 17, 1901 at Copper Cliff. 012205-01 Selim FERRIS, 19, pedlar, Syria, Sudbury, s/o Abraham FERRIS & Cheyne ASHER, married Louisa CHEYNE, 19, Syria, Sudbury, d/o Szay CHEYNE & Saida SHAY, witn: Alexander LOMAN & Grace FERRIS both of Sudbury on Apr. 29, 1901 at Sudbury
012012-01 Ephraim FOISY, 24, farmer, Fort Coulonge, Bonfield, s/o Joseph FOISY & Julie ARCHAMBAULT, married Philomine BOULANGER, 18, Quebec, Bonfield, d/o Frederick BOULANGER & Eleonar THERIEN, witn: Thomas BOULANGER & Clara COUDON, both of Bonfield on July 2, 1901 at Bonfield. (RC) 3233-01 William FRANKLIN, 27, brakeman, England, Chapleau, s/o George FRANKLIN & Mary Elizabeth WISE, married Della Mary CONDIE, 19, lady, Beachburg Ont., Chapleau, d/o William CONDIE & Susan McLAREN, witn: Arthur A. E. LOOKE (Tooke?) & Mary C. BOYD, both of Chapleau, 9 Oct 1901 at Chapleau
3370-01 Edward Thomas FRECHETTE, 39, widower, saloon keeper, St. Ferdinand Halifax, Scotte?, s/o Louis FRECHETTE & Zoe SWEZE, married Frances LAMB, 24, Germany, Sault Ont., d/o not given, witn: Maud ROYES & Cassis McINTYRE, both of Sault Ont., 14 Jan 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie 12049-01 Manuel FREE, 29, farmer, Zurich Switzerland, Liskeard, s/o Emil FREE & Mary MYERS, married Mary Jane BAIRD, 28, nurse, Tyrone Ireland, Liskeard, d/o Joseph BAIRD & Sarah PATRICK, witn: Robert & Grace HAMMOND of New Liskeard, 26 Dec 1901 at New Liskeard
012231-01 Wilfred GAUTHIER, 33, laborer, Papineauville, Wahnapitae, s/o Vincent GAUTHIER & Caroline SEGUIN, married L. THOMAS, 27, widow, of Wahnapitae, d/o Cyprien GAUTHIER & Elaine O'BRIEN, witn: Cyprien & Eugene GAUTHIER both of Wahnapitae on June 27, 1901 at Wahnapitae. (RC) 012064-01 Albert GAUVREAU, 23, butcher, Ottawa, Mattawa, s/o O. N. GAUVREAU & Emeline FINK, married Anna PAYETTE, 24, dressmaker, Renfrew, Mattawa, d/o Gilbert PAYETTE & Scholastique DESROCHER, witn: O. N. GAUVREAU & T. PAYETTE both of Mattawa on Jan. 25, 1901 at Mattawa.
012014-01 Charles GENEREUX, 26, farmer, Allumette Island, Bonfield, s/o Pierre GENEREUX & Philomine BARNET, married Clara CONDON, 19, Black River, Bonfield, d/o Theodule CONDON & Adeline ARCHAMBAULT, witn: T. PROULX & Maggie GENEREUX both of Bonfield on Aug. 30, 1901 at Bonfield. (RC) 012222-01 David GIROUX, 27, laborer, Gatineau, Bonfield, s/o Joseph GIROUX & Leocadie RACICOT, married Louise RACICOT, 17, North, Bay, same, d/o Eustache RACICOT & Eleonore GIROUX, witn: S. FORGETTE & L. E. GRENON both of Sudbury on Apr. 9, 1901 at Sudbury
012018-01 Joseph GIROUX, 28, farmer, Montebello Quebec, Ferris, s/o Joseph GIROUX & Leocadie RACICOT, married Amanda MARTIN, 20, Quebec, Bonfield, d/o Ovide MARTIN & Anne VAILLENCOURT, witn: Joseph GIROUX Jr. of Ferris & Ovide MARTIN of Bonfield on Oct. 28, 1901 at Bonfield. (RC) 12271-01 George GORGERAT, 31, farmer, Switzerland, Whitney, s/o Jean GORGERAT & Catherine KARR, married Josephine MENARD, 18, servant, Calabogie, Whitney, d/o Francis MENARD & Mary DUHARNE, witn: Louis HOLMBERY of Whitney & Bridget CASEY of Maynooth, 20 May 1901 at Whitney
3434-01 Peter GRANT, 31, sailor, Sugar Island, same, s/o Charles GRANT & Charlotte THEBO, married Rebecca CHAUDONETTE (Chandonette?), 28, Quebec, Sault Mich., d/o Napoleon CHAUDONETTE & Philomene DESMARAIS, witn: John ROUSSEAU & Matilda CHAUDERET, both of Sault Mich., 16 Sept 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie 012055-01 Emile GRAVELLE, 21, farmer, St. Joseph De Orleans Ontario, Ferris, s/o Camile GRAVELLE & Delima CORBEIL, married Adele THIBAULT, 18, St. Joseph De Orleans, Ferris, d/o Jean THIBAULT & Urseline PLANTE, witn: Julien GRAVELLE & Eva DICARE both of Ferris on July 8, 1901 at Corbeil. (RC)
12135-01 Ambroise GRAVELLE, 24, laborer, Hull Quebec, Mattawa, s/o Moise GRAVELLE & Philomene DICAIRE, married Alphonsine MINER, 18, seamstress, Papineau, same, d/o Eusebe MINER & Josephine DESORMEAU?, witn: Joseph DESORMEAU of Mattawa & Eusebe MINER of Papineau, 4 April 1901 at Mattawa 012063-01 Wilfred GROULE (Groulx?), 26, laborer, Quebec, Mattawa, s/o Francis GROULE & Elmire GAGNE, married Elmire BELANGER, 22, Mattawa, same, d/o J. B. BELANGER & Elmire DOUCET, witn: Bruno CHARON & Edward BOYLAU both of Mattawa on Jan. 14, 1901 at Mattawa
15077-01 Erkke Albinet? HAAPARK, 22, farmer, Finland, Keewatin, s/o Erkke HAAPARK & Lisa HARKISON, married Lisa Pettie KIDOLS, 19, Finland, Keewatin, d/o Simon KILDOL (sic) & Liss AHINKO, witn: Matilda HALLA of Keewatin & Henry KITOLS (sic) of Rat Portage, 16 Aug 1901 at Rat Portage (Lutheran) 012067-01 Lemieu HACHE, 26, hospital steward, Caraquet, Mattawa, s/o Juste HACHE & Susanne CORMIER, married Angelique LECLERC, 19, Thurlow, Mattawa, d/o Pierre LECLERC & Josephine PARENT, witn: George L. LAMONTHE & Joseph PARENT both of Mattawa on Feb. 18, 1901 at Mattawa.
3305-01 George Arch. HANEY, 27, carpenter, Perth Co., Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Arch HANEY & Janet BROWN, married Wilamine TOWNSEND, 19, Huron Co., Tarbutt twp., d/o Isaac TOWNSEND & Jane MURRAY, witn: Mabel R. HANEY of Johnson twp & Lillian TOWNSEND of Tarbutt, 25 Dec [1901] at Tarbutt 3430-01 Levi Eugene HARRIS, 38, widower, sailor, Toronto, Cheboygan, s/o Allan & Caroline, married Philomene LYNCH, 25, Peterboro, Sault Mich., d/o William LYNCH & Mary TORMLEY?, witn: A. J. McMATH of Sault Ste. Marie & R. CONRICK? of Toronto, 13 Aug 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie
  012206-01 Matte HAUTLAMAKI, 24, miner, Finland, Stobie Mine, s/o Frederick & Lizzie, married Mary KANGAS, 24, Finland, Stobie Mine, d/o Eric & Sanna Kaisa, witn: Victor HAUTLAMAKI of Stobie Mine & Resta PELTAMINA of Copper Cliff on May 25, 1901 at Sudbury.
3372-01 John Edward HAWKINS, 26, mason, Sand Beach, Sault Mich., s/o Edward HAWKINS & Phoebe MAND, married Frances SHULAR, 27, Southampton, Sault Mich., d/o Joseph SHULAR & Harriet HOMER, witn: George J. & Mary PERRY of Sault Mich., 31 Jan 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie 3426-01 Albert HOWLETT, 25, farmer, Hartfordshire England, Prince twp., s/o Benjamin HOWLETT & not known, married Nellie MAWHINEY, 37, Buffalo NY, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Joseph MAWHINEY & Catherine LINDORMAN, witn: James McDONALD & Mrs. E. S. WALKER, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 4 Sept 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie
3401-01 Thomas James HUTTON, 29, physician, Durham, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Thomas [illegible surname, not Hutton or middle name] & E. J. WILLIAMSON, married Edith Anabel FRASER, illegible birth place (somewhere in Michigan?), Sault Mich., d/o John FRASER & Annie McGILLIS, witn: Annie & Jane ATKINSON of Sault Mich., 3 June 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie 012187-01 John HYGLIANEN, 29, miner, Finland, Copper Cliff, s/o Elia HYGLIANEN & Minnie HELIS, married Ida PORTEUS?, 23, dress maker, Finland, Copper Cliff, d/o Thorn PORTIUS & Kate LAITENEN, witn: J. H. KARUPI of Copper Cliff & James COOPER of Sudbury on Jan. 15, 1901 at Sudbury.
012075-01 Antoine JAMBOUX, 61, grocer, widower, Mattawa, same, s/o Antoine STONEHAUS (sic) & Marie Ann, married Suzanne STEVEN, 38, widow, of Mattawa, d/o John STEVEN & Marie Ann, witn: Joseph FERRIS & Louisa McDONALD both of Mattawa on June 27, 1901 at Mattawa. 012134-01 (Nipissing Dist.), Robert JAMIESON, 35, Meadowville, North Bay, lumber inspector, s/o William JAMIESON & Anne COLEMAN, to Mary Alice MANN, 25, Collingwood, North Bay, d/o Almina MASON & Mary HOUSE, witn: Dougald McCRAE of Powassan, Lizzie COCHRANE of North Bay, 18 December 1901 at North Bay
12024-01 Thomas Richard JELLY, 25, farmer, Ralford? Ont., Liskeard, s/o John JELLY & Mary RICHARDS, married Janet WAUGH, 25, Parry Sound, Liskeard, d/o George WAUGH & Mary SWORD, witn: William WAUGH of Dymond twp. & Matty? JELLY of Liskeard, 27 March 1901 at Dymond twp  
012073-01 Edmond JODOUIN, 21, farmer, Aylmer, Mattawa, s/o Ernie JODOUIN & Cadelia MOUSSEAU, married Rosie SEGUIN, 18, Papineauville, Mattawa, d/o Toussant SEGUIN & Julie LAFLAMME, witn: Ernie JODOUIN & Toussant SEGUIN both of Mattawa on June 11, 1901 at Mattawa. 3309-01 Sylvester JOHN, 22, mill hand, Bellarona, Little Current, s/o not known & Lenora JOHN, married Maud CAUGHELL, 15, domestic, Little Current, same, d/o Walter CAUGHELL & Ann BEREWER (Brewer?), witn: Fred FERGUSON & Letitia PHILLIPS, both of Little Current, 19 June 1901 at Little Current
3435-01 Jack JOHNSTON, 25, carpenter, Almonte, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Robert JOHNSON & Elizabeth OAKLEY, married Myrtle WATTA?, 15, Manitoulin Island, same, d/o John RICKMAN & Henrietta RIPMAN, witn: Frank JOHNSON & Emma HONRATTY, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 28 Aug 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie 012212-01 Yaakob KALLIOMAKI, 25, laborer, Finland, Copper Cliff, s/o Yaakob KALLIOMAKI & Fugo KAMINERO, married Lüsa WALLI, 20, Finland, Copper Cliff, d/o Johan WALLI & Sanna HARKOMAKI, witn: Yaakob LALOMMA & Adelfino AMPIOLA both of Copper Cliff on June 22, 1901 at Sudbury
  012112-01 (Nipissing Dist.), Charles KEARNEY, 24, Egansville, North Bay, laborer, s/o Michael KEARNEY & Mary CURLEY(?), to Mary MARTEL, 22, Quebec, North Bay, d/o Alfred MARTEL & Elensina CAROIE (or CAVOIE), witn: Thomas PAGE & Matilda LANCE, both of North Bay, 15 July 1901 at North Bay
012161-01 James H. KIBBLE, 40, prospector, of Sudbury, s/o John & Hannah, married Cornelia LEMIEUX, 38, widow, Quebec, Sudbury, d/o Louis & Cornelia CUILLERE, witn: Louis CUILLERE & Delina LANGLOIS both of Sturgeon Falls on Jan. 18, 1901 at Sturgeon Falls. 12046-01 Charles KING, 25, farmer, Hibbert twp., Dymont twp., s/o James KING & Martha GARBETT, married Arvilla DOUPE, 18, domestic, Flesherton, Harley twp., d/o William DOUPE & Susan CRANDELL, 25 (28?) June 1901 at New Liskeard
3376-01 Berney KING, 24, electrician, Branch Co. Mich., Soo Mich., s/o Luther KING & Ellen HALL, married Sarah McINNIS, 21, Dundalk Ont., Soo Mich., d/o Hector McINNIS & Bertie McQUEEN, witn: John H. & Mrs. W. DUNCAN of Sault., 11 March 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie 012248-01 Théophile LACOURSE, not given, not given, Renfrew, Victoria Mine, s/o Joseph LACOURSE & Henriette PELLETIER, married Cazilda LACELLE, not given, St. Thomas d’Alfred, Victoria Mine, d/o Cavieler LACELLE & Philomene COUTURIER, witn: Jean POULIN & E. VANTALEON both of Victoria Mine on Aug. 19, 1901 at Victoria Mine. (RC)
012170-01 Dolphis LACROIX, 21, laborer, Gracefield, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Amable LACROIX Philomene FORCIER, married Elmire DANIS, 21, Gracefield, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Diéndonné DANIS & Azilda RONDEAU, witn: Onesime LEBLANC & Diéndonné DANIS both of Sturgeon Falls on July 15, 1901 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC) 003459-01 (Algoma Dist.) James LAHEY, 45, farmer, York Co., Sault, s/o John LAHEY & B[rown?], married Julia WINN, 22, Lindsay, Sault, d/o John WINN & Mary ILLEGIBLE, wtn: John W. KIRWAN & Mary CONNLEY, both of Sault, on May 21, 1901, at Sault St. Marie
012217-01 Elizeor LALANCELLE 24, laborer, St. Alexis, Sudbury, s/o J. LALANCELLE & Emilie GAGNON, married Marguerite BELANGER, 18, Madawaska, Sudbury, d/o Marcel BELANGER & M. DUBREUVILLE, witn: A. & Emma TREMBLEY both of Sudbury on Jan. 7, 1901 at Sudbury. 012069-01 John LAMOTHE, 19, farmer, Bonfield, Papineau, s/o Francis LAMOTHE & Mary Jane LANG, married Emma TURCOTTE, 21, Black Bay, Mattawa, d/o Xavier TURCOTTE & Victoria PERRIER, witn: James O'NEIL & Julianna TURCOTTE both of Mattawa on Apr. 22, 1901 at Mattawa
012045-01 Eugene LAPARIER, 26, farmer, Quebec, Chisholm, s/o Fern & Victoria, married Rose de Lena FARLAND, 26, Quebec, same, d/o Pierre & Adele, witn: Joseph LAPERIER & Fabiola LAFERIESE both of Chisholm on Oct. 29, 1901 at Chisholm. (RC) 012017-01 Denis LAPLANTE, 48, farmer, Madawaska, Bonfield, s/o Jean Baptiste LAPLANTE & Caroline BOIVIN, married Agnes McQUARY, 19, Bonfield, same, d/o M. McQUARY & Celina DALBEE, witn: Ephraim DALBEE & Malvina LAPLANTE both of Bonfield on Oct. 20, 1901 at Bonfield. (RC)
012020-01 Alex LARIVIERE, 24, farmer, Allumette Island, Bonfield, s/o Alex LARIVIERE & A. MAINVILLE, married Salome LATENDRESSE, 16, Pembroke, Bonfield, d/o A. LATENDRESSE & M. DUMAIS, witn: Alex LARIVIERE & James GARAULT both of Bonfield on Nov. 19, 1901 at Bonfield. (RC) 15073-01 Charles E. LARSON, 27, machinist, Sweden, Rat Portage, s/o Ole LARSON & Christena PETERSON, married Amanda GEDDMAN, 33, Sweden, Rat Portage, d/o John G. GEDDMAN & Eva GUSTAVE, witn: Theresa WALLIN & Henry LEA, both of Rat Portage, 26 July 1900 at Rat Portage (Lutheran)
12266-01 Wilfred LAUZON, 33, farmer, widower, St. Jerome, Sudbury, s/o Isidore LAUZON & Esther LALONDE, married Agnes PLOTTE, 17, laborer, Gatineau, Sudbury, d/o Phileas PLOTTE & Exilda HOTTE, witn: Isidore LAUZON & Phileas PLOTTE, both of Sudbury, 2 Sept 1901 at Sudbury 3237-01 Alex LAVERSAGE, 32, farmer, Cardwell, Thessalon, s/o James & Flora?, married Jannett F. CORDUKES, 36, Quebec?, Thessalon, d/o Thomas & Frances, witn: Bartrand? (Barbara?) McDOUGALL of Thessalon & O. L. DAY of Soo, 12 June 1901 at Thessalon
12269-01 Alfred Sidney LAWS, 23, lumber sales, Gaspe, Whitney, s/o Alfred LAWS & Clara ESNOUF?, married Margaret Eleanor TAYLOR, 21, servant, Torbolton, Murchison, d/o John TAYLOR & Elizabeth PAYNE, witn: Austin LAWS of Renfrew & Laura F. WILSON of Madawaska, 23 Jan 1901 at Murchison  
3236-01 Edward LEACOCK, 29, laborer, Arnprior, Blind River, s/o George LEACOCK & Susan GOING (Young?), married Jennie BRADDY, 28, widow, Waterloo, Blind River, d/o George ELLIS & Agnes BABCOCK, witn: Arthur PEARSON & Grace ELLIS, both of Blind River, 20 March 1901 at Blind River 12051-01 Joseph C. LEBLANC, 32, widower, farmer, St. Simon, Chiswick, s/o Necaire LEBLANC & Up. BOUILLAN?, married Josephine TREMBLAY, 31, widow, Barradesville Vache - Que., Chiswick, d/o Gideon TREMBLAY & Adelaide DESCHENE, witn: David & Gideon TREMBLAY of Chiswick, 30 Sept 1901 at Levesqueville
012171-01 Arcade LEBLANC 27, farmer, St. Eugene, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Thomas LEBLANC & Philomine FORTIEN, married Emma DAVIDSON, 17, Point Chine, Sturgeon Falls, d/o James DAVIDSON & P. DELAIRE, witn: James DAVIDSON & Onesime LAFRANCE both of Sturgeon Falls on July 29, 1901 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC) 12050-01 William LEDOUX, 26, farmer, St. Francoise De Lac - Que., Chisholm, s/o Antoine LEDOUX & Lerina MARTE, married M. L. HOULE, 15, Coeticoke, Levesqueville, d/o Severe HOULE & Julia GUILMETTE, witn: Charles LEDOUX & Severe HOULE, both of Levesqueville, 28 Jan 1901 at Levesqueville
012168-01 Amable LEFEBVRE, 34, laborer, widower, Pembroke, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Olivier LEFEBVRE & Vitaline BOIRE, married Anna PROVOST, 20, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Joseph PROVOST & Sara BELANGER, witn: Joseph PROVOST & Cyril MONETTE both of Monetteville on June 12, 1901 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC) 012221-01 Pierre Louis LERIGUER, 40, laborer, France, Sudbury, s/o Ives Marie LERIGUER & Marie F. CONAN, married Marie Luce GRENON, 29, Chicoutimi, Sudbury, d/o Michel GRENON & Vitaline GERARD, witn : A. FRENETTE & L. E. GRENON both of Sudbury on Feb. 18, 1901 at Sudbury.
3294-01 Paul LESAGE, 35, laborer, Garden River, s/o Pierre LESAGE & Therese TAYORK?, married Ellen TEGOSH, 29, Petosky Mich., Garden River, d/o Pierre TEGOSH & Rebecca Pakwah GER--?, witn: Pierre LESAGE Jr. & Pierre TEGOSH, both of Garden River, 26 Nov [1901] at Garden River  
012107-01 (Nipissing Dist.), William H. LEUFESTY, 22, Chalk River, North Bay, laborer, s/o William & Annie L. LEUFESTY, to Maggie PELLERIN, 22, Quebec, North Bay, waitress, d/o Charles PELLERIN & Elizabeth MOORE, witn: Elizabeth HUTCHINSON & Francis HALPENNY, both of North Bay, 15 July 1901 at North Bay 012124-01 (Nipissing Dist.), Raphael LEVEQUE, 24, St. Francis N.B., Callander, laborer, s/o Francis LERUE & Martina BERUBEE, to Lauriel HURTIBESE, 19, Templeton, Ferris Twp., d/o Alphonse HURTIBESE & Alda BERTRAND, witn: John SCHNIGLE & Jos. E. BERTRAND, both of North Bay, 9 October 1901 at North Bay
3266-01 McCulloch S. LINDSAY, 24, cook, Nandcleston Armagh Ireland, Nairn, s/o William & Ann, married Ruth May HUNT, 18, Sharbot Lake, Nairn, d/o Thomas & Sarah, witn: Nona? PALMER & Katie McLEAN, both of Nairn Centre, 26 June 1901 at Nairn Centre 3382-01 James LITTLE, 40, widower, railroader, Cumberland Co. England, Sault Mich., s/o Arch LITTLE & Bridget MORCROFT, married Mary FOSTER, 27, Dayton Ohio, Sault Mich., d/o William FOSTER & Mary ARMSTRONG, witn: Alex & Mrs. A. McKENZIE of Sault Mich., 9 May 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie
3425-01 Richard LIVINGSTONE, 23, carpenter, Welland, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o John LIVINGSTONE & Hannah POTTER, married Addie HAYWARD, 21, Penetang., Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Alonzo HAYWARD & Adeline LEBRASH, witn: William LEES & Maud E. BEST, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 27 May 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie 012242-01 Matte LUOMA, 20, miner, Finland, Copper Cliff, s/o John LUOMA & Mary MEKIE, married M. Tilta HEIKKILA, 19, Finland, Copper Cliff, d/o Matte HEIKKILA & Rose ARO, witn: Emile PUNTVIE (?) & Mary VALI both of Copper Cliff on Sept. 14, 1901 at Sudbury. (Luth)
003458-01 (Algoma Dist.) Edward, MAGILL, 31, farmer, illegible, Tarentorus, s/o John MAGILL & Mary Jane ORTSON?, married Mary Elizabeth MAGILL, 33, Perth, Sault, widow, d/o Henry LAWSON & Mahlda [Matilda?] Jane THOMPSON, wtn: Thomas H. McGILL & Mary E. DEW, both of Sault, on December 2, 1901, at Sault St. Marie 3384-01 George MARSHALL, 22, teamster, Korah twp., Sault Ont., s/o George MARSHALL & Mary CRAWFORD, married Hannah HOOD, 18, Korah twp., Sault Ste. Marie, d/o George HOOD & Hannah RENTING?, witn: John A. BISHOP & Cl--? MARSHALL, both of Korah, 22 a May 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie
012130-01 (Nipissing Dist.), Thomas MARSHALL, 24, Twitishislle England, North Bay, locomotive engineer, s/o William H. MARSHALL & Anna HALL, to Mary MONTGOMERY, 21, Melburne PQ, North Bay, d/o W. Johnston MONTGOMERY & Bridget HANNSON, witn: Fred CAMPBELL & Lizzie MARSHALL, both of North Bay, 31 October 1901 at North Bay 012223-01 Hilaire MARTIN, 24, laborer, Isle Verte, Ramsay, s/o Joseph MARTIN & Clementine VINGEAULT, married Delia LEBLANC, 19, widow, Penetang, Ramsay, d/o Alexandre LEBLANC & Adeline TESSIER, witn: D. DESOURDY & C. REID both of Sudbury on Apr. 10, 1901 at Sudbury.
012122-01 (Nipissing Dist.), Francis MASINIGIZIQ, 45, Whitefish Reserve, Beaucage Reserve, widower, hunter, s/o John B. SISIPATO & Mary AJAVASIGE , to Marianne AUUKWABI, 35, Beaucage Reserve, same, widow, d/o Michel AUUKWABI & Sophie BELLEMARE, witn: William TERRYWARK & Isabel AUUKWABI, both of Beaucage Reserve, 27 July 1901 at Beaucage 012233-01 Adelard MATTE, 24, laborer, Chichester, Copper Cliff, s/o Elie MATTE & Annie BENOIT, married Alphonsine GUERTIN, 17, St. Martin, Copper Cliff, d/o Charles GUERTIN & Jane GALLAGHER, witn: H. BOURGEOIS & Clara ROY both of Copper Cliff on July 9, 1901 at Copper Cliff. (RC)
012196-01 William McALLISTER, 32, miner, Liverpool England, Stobie Mine, s/o William McALLISTER & Margaret WOODS, married Margaret CUSHING, 22, Cornwall, Stobie Mine, d/o P. W. CUSHING & Catherine McDONALD, witn: Walter BALLARD & Nellie BELL both of Stobie Mine on Feb. 18, 1901 at Sudbury 012202-01 William McARTHUR, 33, fireman, Lanark Co., Copper Cliff, s/o Charles McARTHUR & Penelope RODGERS, married Martha REYNOLDS, 34, widow, England, Sudbury, d/o William SUGDEN & Margaret MARTIN, witn: William JOHNSON of Vankleek Hill & Edith G. STUBBINGTON of Sudbury on Apr. 24, 1901 at Sudbury
3304-01 William McARTHUR, 27, farmer, of Tarbutt twp., s/o Neil McARTHUR & Margaret McLEOD, married Marion KING, 22, of Tarbutt twp., d/o Thomas KING & Mary Ann RAMSAY, witn: Mal. McARTHUR & Stella KING, both of Tarbutt, 27 March [1901] at Tarbutt 12047-01 Peter McARTHUR, 23, farmer, Eldon Ont., Liskeard, s/o Charles McARTHUR & Catherine MORE, married Mary RUTHERFORD, 18, domestic, Huntsville, Harley twp., d/o George RUTHERFORD & Mary OLIVER, witn: Mrs. F. E. PITTS & Miss K. SERVICE, both of New Liskeard, 1 Aug 1901 at New Liskeard
3366-01 David Andrew McAULEY, 25, farmer, Albion Ont., Gourlais Bay, s/o Andrew McAULEY & Hannah DOWNEY, married Polly BYE, 20, Gat--hood? NY, Gourlais Bay, d/o Henry BYE & Mary LAMBERT, witn: Milton EVANS & Dorothy McAULEY, both of Gourlais Bay, 16 Jan 1901 at Gourlais Bay 3270-01 Charles McCLARY, 30, farmer, Grey Co., St. Josephs Island, s/o Malcolm McCLARY & Mary BOX, married Emily PINK, 25, England, St. Joseph Island, d/o John PINK & Emma POWER, witn: Albert PINK & Ada LOWER, both of St. Jos. Island, 30 Aug 1901 at Hilton
012119-01 (Nipissing Dist.), Edward R. McCOLGAN, 31, Guyon, Guyon PQ, lumber culler(?), s/o Charles McCOLGAN & Elizabeth THOMPSON, to Maud LANDON, 21, Chichester PQ, North Bay, d/o Horace LANDON & Teresa DUNN, witn: D. T. SMITH M.D. of Ottawa, M. D. KELMAN of North Bay, 26 August 1901 at North Bay 012197-01 Rory McCORMICK, 26, laborer, Glengarry, Copper Cliff, s/o Robert McCORMICK & Hattie McDONALD, married Hattie McDONALD (sic), 23, Glengarry, Copper Cliff, d/o Angus McDONALD & Elizabeth DOW, witn: Violet BOYDELL & Sam J. CORK both of Sudbury on Feb. 26, 1901 at Sudbury
3387-01 Alexander McDONALD, 28, carpenter, Halton Co., Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Duncan McDONALD & Barbara TAYLOR, married Claraelle? HYDE, 24, Parry Sound, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o William Henry HYDE & Eliz. C. BOYER, witn: E?. CHAST & Enoch O’HARA, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 29 May 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie 012199-01 Thomas McDONALD, 28, smelter worker, Glengarry, Copper Cliff, s/o Angus McDONALD & Elizabeth DOW, married Alice E. JONES, 18, Glengarry, Copper Cliff, d/o William JONES & Mary McPHEE, witn: Malcolm McDONALD & Emma KENNEDY both of Copper Cliff on Mar. 18, 1901 at Sudbury.
012110-01 (Nipissing Dist.), Henry M. McDONNELL, 26, Athone -Ireland, North Bay, railway mail clerk, s/o Patrick McDONNELL & Margaret STAUTON, to Annie E. BOURKE, 26, Portage du Fort, North Bay, d/o John BOURKE & Hannah W. COUGHLIN, witn: Thomas J. BOURKE & Hillary BOURKE, both of North Bay, 26 June 1901 at North Bay 3301-01 Murdock McGREGOR, 40, farmer, Huron twp., Tarbutt twp., s/o Donald McGREGOR & Annie GRAHAM, married Jessie McDONALD, 35, Huron twp., Tarbutt twp., d/o Donald McDONALD & Sarah DUMONT, witn: John McCLUSKIE & Henrietta BUCHANAN, both of Tarbutt, 17 April [1901] at Desbarats
003438-01 (Algoma Dist.) John Doherty McKAY, 26, plumber, Brockville, Sault Mich., s/o Geo McKAY & Eliza DOHERTY, married Conni C. VanEGMOND, 22, Eganville, Sault Mich., d/o Wm VanEGMOND & Jessie FRASER, wtn: C???? illegible & M.B. VanEGMOND, both of Sault Mich., on September 25, 1901, at Sault Ste. Marie 3405-01 Arthur Mark McKENZIE, 29, minister, York C., not given, s/o James McKENZIE & Harriet SALTER, married Annie Mae RALPH, 22, Sault Ste. Marie, same, d/o Archibald RALPH & Sarah COUGHLIN, witn: Pretty? M. PEACOCK of Gordon Lake & Anny E. RALPH of Sault Ste. Marie, 26 June 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie
012243-01 Alexander McKENZIE, 30, lumberman, of Sudbury, s/o James McKENZIE & Margaret CAMPBELL, married Pauline POULIN, 19, Hull Quebec, Chelmsford, d/o A. POULIN & Azelia BOULETS, witn: George ELLIOTT & Mary K. LATTE both of Sudbury on Sept. 10, 1901 at Sudbury. 003448-01 (Algoma Dist.) Albert McKINLEY, 22, yeoman, Tarentorus, same, s/o Rob't McKINLEY & Susan JAL--?, married Barbara LITTLE, 21, Hartley Twp, Sault St. Marie, widow, d/o Jas N??GHER & Betsy CURRIN, wtn: Thomas H. McGILL of Tarentorus & Mary E. DEN of Sault, on October 16, 1901, at Sault St. Marie
012198-01 William J. McKINLEY, 28, merchant Alliston Glengarry Co., Copper Cliff, s/o William McKINLEY & E. G. GORDON, married Annie G. M. HAGUE, 26, Melancthon Tp., Copper Cliff, d/o Samuel HOGUE & Margaret ARMSTRONG, witn: William DORSETT & Emily CRESSEY both of Copper Cliff on Feb. 27, 1901 at Sudbury. 012210-01 William McLEOD, 27, carpenter, illegible, Chapleau, s/o Angus McLEOD & Maria ISEROFF, married Ethel May WATSON, 21, Canaan, Stobie Mine, d/o William WATSON & Rosa M. LARMIER, witn: J. J. & Rose McCARTHY both of Sudbury on June 5, 1901 at Sudbury.
012216-01 James McPHEE, 21, laborer, Alexandria, Sudbury, s/o John McPHEE & Margaret MCMILLAN, married Annie CUMMINGS, 18, Casselman, Sudbury, d/o Samuel CUMMINGS & Jane McPHEE, witn: Dan McPHEE & Ida AURIE both of Sudbury on Jan. 7, 1901 at Sudbury 012068-01 William James McTIERNAN, 34, laborer, Clarendon, North Bay, s/o John McTIERNAN & Margaret STITT, married Susan STEVENSON, 22, Muskoka, Commanda, d/o James STEVENSON & Margaret WICKS, witn: R. R. McTAVISH & Ida CONNELLY both of Calvin on Apr. 3, 1901 at Mattawa.
012072-01 Noe MENARD, 25, foreman, Montebello P.Q., same, s/o Louis MENARD & Henriette POULIN, married Emma JODOUIN, 17, Aylmer, Mattawa, d/o Ernie JODOUIN & Cadelia MOUSSEAU, witn: Paul MORIN of Papineau & Ernie JODOUIN of Mattawa on June 26, 1901 at Mattawa 012111-01 (Nipissing Dist.), Joseph MENTHA , 21, Quebec, Widdifield Twp., farmer, Joseph MENTHA & Sophia BOYER, to Mary L. CUSSON, 19, Prescott, Co., North Bay, d/o Louis CUSSON & Olivine AUBIN, witn: Ferdinand CUSSON and Dorsina MENTHA, both of Widdifield Twp., 7 July 1901 at North Bay

16594-01 Leonard MERSEREAU, 28, telegraph laborer, NB, Schreiber, s/o Leonard MERSEREAU & E. McQUESTION, married Mary J. ORCHARD, 20, Ontario, Schreiber, d/o Frank ORCHARD & Maggie LOUGHEED, witn: R. CORBETT of Schreiber, 28 May 1901 at Schreiber

16596-01 George MICHAUD, 20, laborer, Quebec, Schreiber, s/o Joseph MICHAUD & Mary TACHE, married May DICKSON, 18, Ontario, Schreiber, d/o James DICKSON & Ann VANDUSEN, witn: Baptiste MICHAUD & Mary LAURIN, both of Schreiber, 3 July 1901 at Schreiber

3307-01 Albert Wellington MICK, 21, farmer, of Laird, s/o Mounty MICK & blank, married Maud COLLINS, 16, Laird, same, d/o not given, witn: not given, June 1901 at Laird 012189-01 William MILKIE, 27, miner, Canada, Stobie Mine, s/o Charles MILKIE & Elizabeth SMOKEN, married Alexandra NOVGAARD, 20, Finland, Stobie Mine, d/o Henrik NOVGAARD & mother’s name not given, witn: Edward ZINKE of Sudbury & Ann WANHOLDT of Stobie Mine on Jan. 16, 1901 at Sudbury.
003465-01 (Algoma Dist.) Joseph MISSERE, 25. carriage maker, Mildmay, Sault, s/o George MISSERE & Carlina FRANK, married Mary MIRON, 26, Sault, same, d/o Raymong MIRON & Jane NOLAN, wtn: George MISSERE & Sarah MIRON, on February 12, 1901, at Sault St. Marie 012241-01 Robert Spence MITCHELL, 27, tailor, Glasgow Scotland, Sudbury, s/o David MITCHELL & not given LOVE, married Bertha LOCKERBY, 24, Quebec, Sudbury, d/o Robert H. LOCKERBY & Jane MORRISON, witn: Robert E. McLEAN & Alice A. CHALMERS both of Sudbury on Sept. 18, 1901 at Sudbury
012167-01 Alfred MONETTE, 25, farmer, Ste. Famille, same, s/o Cyril MONETTE & Adele BOIRE, married Martine HURTIBISE, 19, Otter Lake, Smoky Falls, d/o Augustin & Hermeline HURTIBISE, witn: Cyril MONETTE of Monetteville & Augustin HURTIBISE of Smoky Falls on June 1, 1901 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC) 012169-01 Edmond MONETTE, 28, farmer, Desert, Monetteville, s/o Cyril MONETTE & Odile BOIRE, married Marie CHARLEBOIS, 40, widow, St. Anicet, Monetteville, d/o Pierre CHARLEBOIS & Elizabeth LEBLANC, witn: Jean Baptiste LEBLANC & Onesime FORCIER both of Sturgeon Falls on June 17, 1901 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC)
012214-01 Joseph Wilson MONTGOMERY, 26, brake man, Stayner, Sault Ste Marie, s/o James MONTGOMERY & Eliza McLAUGHLIN, married Celina HANNAH, 23, Peel Tp., Sault Ste Marie, d/o Henry HANNAH & Anna ELLIOTT, witn: Charles HANNAH & Margaret SMITH both of Copper Cliff on June 26, 1901 at Copper Cliff.  
15041-01 William MORRISON, 21, bushman, Plevna Ont., Rat Portage, s/o Peter MORRISON & Alzada VANALSTINE, married Debarosa LAROSE, 18, Winnipeg, Rat Portage, d/o Ephraim LAROSE & Julia BERNARD, witn: Richard & Mrs. Richard HARRIS of Rat Portage, 17 Jan 1901 at Rat Portage 003464-01 (Algoma Dist.) Arthur NADON, 28, bookkeeper, St. Victor Q[uebec], Sault, s/o Xavier NADON, Eliza MANCOTTE, married Margaret BISSIOTTO, 25, Mattawa, Sault, d/o Philipp BISSIOTTO & Lionore PERRANT, wtn: Thephone NADON & Agnes BORRANTA, both of Sault, on April 10, 1901, at Sault St. Marie
3433-01 Louis NEPHEW, 23, fisherman, Goulais Bay, same, s/o Michael NEPHEW & Mary DACOSE, married Rose DAIGH, 17, Whitefish Island, same, d/o F. X. DAIGH & Mary JOGWISH, witn: F. X. DAIGH (Doyle?) & Susan NEPHEW, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 13 Sept 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie 012040-01 Joseph NEWEY, 34, barber, widower, Birmingham England, Callander, s/o Frederick NEWEY & Ann PARSONS, married Cornelia SHEAFFER, 34, Quebec, Ferris, d/o M. Denis PARSONS & Mary MUNROE, witn: Alfred FOGEL & Rosanna ST. LOUIS both of Ferris on July 24, 1901 at Ferris. (RC)
012207-01 David OBON, 25, miner, widower, of Copper Cliff, parents not given, married Mary DEM, 18, of Copper Cliff, parents not given, witn: Henry ROCHON & Mrs, A. McCONNELL both of Copper Cliff on May 16, 1901 at Sudbury. 012230-01 John O'BRIEN, 20, laborer, Brudenell, Whitefish, s/o Michael O'BRIEN & Nettie GAGNON, married Bibian BLAIS, 16, Whitefish, same, d/o Eugene BLAIS & Eliza GARIEAU, witn: Alfred LEBLANC & Miss FITZSIMONS both of Whitefish on May 17, 1901 at Sudbury.
003453-01 (Algoma Dist.) George O'CONNOR, 27, lumberman, illegible, Sault Mich, s/o Jas. & Ellen O'CONNOR, married Mary GADYES, 30, Sault Mich, same, widow, d/o Jas PAYMENT & Kate DUCKEAR, wtn: Geo RACCAI of Sault Mich, & Mrs. Noa(h) DUNCAN of Sault Ont, on October 31, 1901, at Sault St. Marie 012071-01 Martin Joseph O’CONNOR, 28, laborer, Rockliffe, same, s/o Martin O’CONNOR & Charlotte KENNY, married Bertha CAREY, 22, Dieu Riviere, Rockliffe, d/o James CAREY & Jane McGILLIS, witn: Roger O’CONNOR of Rockliffe & Edith CAREY of Mattawa on May 7, 1901 at Mattawa.
019020-01 James O’CONNOR, 28, laborer, Arnprior, Bonfield, s/o James O’CONNOR & Johanna RYAN, married Mary Clare LAROCHELLE, 19, Calvin, Bonfield, d/o David LAROCHELLE & Mary CONNELLY, witn: James DUNN Jr., & Maggie LAROCHELLE both of Bonfield on May 15, 1901 at Bonfield. (RC) 012236-01 James O'NEIL, 37, laborer, Antrim, Sudbury, s/o James O'NEIL & Ann HAMEL, married Margaret O'NEIL, 36, Antrim, Sudbury, d/o Duncan O'NEIL & Jane McQUILLIE, witn: John DAVIS & Miss DONLON both of Sudbury on June 24, 1901 at Sudbury. (RC)
012224-01 John O'NEIL, 29, laborer, Lachine, Sudbury, s/o Owen O'NEIL & Lucie DAOUST, married Georgina TURPIN, 21, Fort William, Sudbury, d/o David TURPIN & Hermeline McGEE, witn: D. & R. TURPIN both of Sudbury on Apr. 15, 1901 at Sudbury.  
15076-01 Horace Charles PARK, 24, cheese maker, Dalhousie, Beaver Mills, s/o Andrew PARK & Lucy Ann CHURCH, married Elizabeth MILLER, 23, Northumberland, Keewatin, d/o Robert MILLER & Agnes DUNCAN, witn: John & Annie MILLER of Beaver Mills, 4 April 1901 at Beaver Mills (could be 1900) 012190-01 Matt PASTOPAKKA, 27, miner, Finland, Copper Cliff, s/o Matt PASTOPAKKA & Maria RAJAKERJAI, married Sarma K. SALOMAA, 24, Finland, Copper Cliff, d/o John SALOMAA & Sarma HAKAMAKI, witn: Herman KISKI & Emili PYNTTA both of Copper Cliff on Jan. 19, 1901 at Sudbury
3383-01 Silas PEPPER, 26, carpenter, Leeds Co., Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Andrew PEPPER & Martha HANN--?, married Maggie MOULTON, 18, Lanark Co., Sault Ste. Marie, d/o illegible MOULTON & Lovenia BROWN, witn: Mrs. W. A. DUNCAN & James KING, both of Sault, 27 May 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie 012031-01 Joseph PERRAULT, 26, farmer, Quebec, Caldwell, s/o Eugene PERRAULT & Nathalie RINVILLE, married Anna HERVIEU, 21, Quebec, Kirkpatrick, d/o Jean Baptiste HERVIEU & Rosalie ST. AMOUR, witn: Arthur PERRAULT of Caldwell & Annie FOIZIE of McPherson on July 1, 1901 at Verner. (RC)
012028-01 Eugene PERRAULT, 23, farmer, Quebec, Caldwell, s/o Eugene PERRAULT & Nathalie RINVILLE, married Electe ST. JEAN, 21, Quebec, Caldwell, d/o Pierre ST. JEAN & Lea PLANTE, witn: Eugene PERRAULT of McPherson & Joseph VILLENEUVE of Warren on Jan. 7, 1901at Verner. (RC) 3374-01 George Jeremiah PERRY, 30, electrician, Cuba - Alleghany Co. NY, Sault Mich., s/o Thomas PERRY & Rose SWIFT, married Mary McBURNEY, 25, Guelph, Sault Mich., d/o James McBURNEY & Mary BURNS, witn: John E. HAWKING & Fanny SHULAR, both of Sault Mich., 31 Jan 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie
  012225-01 Alfred PETIT dit St.PIERRE, 30, laborer, Cap Chat, Victoria Mine, s/o Charles PETIT dit ST. PIERRE & Henriette B. dit DRAMBOISE, married Elionore BOURGAULT, 24, Cap Chat, Victoria Mine, d/o Isaac BOURGAULT & Adele AUBRY, witn : Felix ST PIERRE & Adele ST. LOUIS both of Victoria Mine on Apr. 15, 1901 at Sudbury
12054-01 Joseph PIGEON, 22, laborer, Bark Lake - Renfrew, Levesqueville, s/o Michel PIGEON & Elmire LA JOZECENE, married Philomene OUILETTE, 17, Hull Que, Levesqueville, d/o Alphonse OUILETTE & Delima St.DENIS, witn: Robert DAMASE of Levesqueville, 8 March 1901 at Levesqueville 15079-01 Ferdinand Jos. PISTRE, 39, engineer, Toulon Fr., Rat Portage, s/o Antoine PISTRE & Marie DES PLATE, married Margaret HARRIGAN, 28, Boston Mass., Rat Portage, d/o William HARRIGAN (Horrigan?) & Mary Ann CASSIDY, witn: Thomas HEBERT & Arthur AUGUR, both of Rat Portage, 5 Aug 1901 at Rat Portage
012208-01 Alexander PITT, 30, black smith, Quebec, Copper Cliff, s/o James PITT & Caroline ROME, married Victoria LEBREUX, 17, Gaspe, Copper Cliff, d/o parents unknown (sic), witn: Thompson McNABB & Mary MELLER both of Sudbury on May 31, 1901 at Sudbury  
003442-01 (Algoma Dist.) Sydney PONTING, 22, iron worker, Yorkshire England, Sault, s/o Thomas PONTING & Nancy POWELL, married Ethel BURCH, 17, London, Sault St. Marie, d/o James BURCH & Jane MIDDLETON, wtn: Albert & Mary SHAW both of Sault, on October 16, 1901, at Sault St. Marie 003454-01 (Algoma Dist.) John Gilespie PRESCOTT, 26, hotel keeper, London, Sault Mich, s/o Geo PRESCOTT & Catherine LIP??TT, married Bessie Lena DAY, 25, H????ydon Ind, Sault Mich, d/o Robt' D. LENNOX, & Jane illegible [surname differs from bride], wtn: Chas C. WILLIAMS & Rob't MOORE, both of Sault Mich, on December 11, 1901, at Sault St. Marie
003451-01 (Algoma Dist.) John E. PRINCE, 29, illegible, Ohio, Sault, s/o Benjamin PRINCE & Ellen KIRK, married Martha DOUGLAS, East Korah?, same, d/o Robt DOUGLAS & Elizabeth [illegible surname], wtn: Chas PEN--? & Carrie DALE, both of East Korah, on October 24, 1901, at Sault St. Marie 012019-01 Adelard PROULX, 20, laborer, Quebec, Bonfield, s/o Théophile PROULX & Emma JALARNEAU (Galarneau?), married Marthe CHARETTE, 18, North Bay, Bonfield, d/o George CHARETTE & Julie LAPORTE, witn: Alex SAMPSON & William BURNS both of Bonfield on Nov. 16, 1901 at Bonfield. (RC)
012044-01 Napoleon PROULX, 22, farmer, of Chiswick, s/o Pierre PROULX & Martine FOUCEAULT, married Dene DUPUIS, 18, of Cheswick, d/o Onesime DUPUIS & Celestine LABRUEL, witn: M. LARIVIERE & D. TREMBLAY both of Chiswick on Aug. 19, 1901 at Chiswick. (RC) 3269-01 George REED, 27, farmer, of Marksville, s/o William REED & Mary Jane LEITHEAD, married Victoria BISHOP, 20, Marksville, same, d/o Henry BISHOP & Barbara VANHORN, witn: J. BISHOP of Marksville & Eliza FURKEY of Richards Ldg., 17 April [1901] at Marksville
012227-01 Olivier RENARD dit BONEFANT, 39, laborer, illegible, Victoria Mine, s/o Charles RENARD dit BONEFANT & Caroline MARSAN, married Alexina LAFONTAINE, 20, Mattawa, Victoria Mine, d/o Joseph LAFONTAINE & Virginie RICHARD, witn: Joseph LAFONTAINE & Mrs NEAULT both of Victoria Mine on Apr. 21, 1901 at Sudbury. 003441-01 (Algoma Dist.) Clarence A. RHYNDRESS, 39, millwright, Bellhaven, Sault, widowed, s/o John RHYNDRESS & Claista MORTON, married Bella ROBINSON, 22, Beaton, Thompsonville, d/o Rob't ROBINSON & Eliza ARMSTRONG, infm - Mr. & Mrs. Henry YOUNG, both of Sault, on October 9, 1901, at Sault St. Marie
3402-01 William RIEL (Reid?), 25, lighthouse keeper, Batchawana, same, s/o Benjamin RIEL & Mary ROBINSON, married Jane PAKSOWE?, 20, Batchawana, same, d/o Andrew PAKSOWE & Mary TOHEMMA?, witn: R. SAYERS & R.J. MIRON, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 6 June 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie (Rom Cath) 3378-01 James Wilson ROBINSON, 28, farmer, Simcoe Co., Tarbutt twp illegible, s/o William ROBINSON & Eliza PAGG--?, married Emma Laura ALLCOCK, 23, Collingwood, Sault Ont., d/o Lamton ALLCOCK & Mary Jane LATTER, witn: J. R. HOWE? of Bruce Mines & Mary ROBINSON of Maclennan Algoma, 27 March 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie
012165-01 Alfonse ROBITAILLE, 22, farmer, St. Hyacinthe, Verner, s/o Pierre ROBITAILLE & Louise GAUYON?, married Marie R. NADON, 22, Calumet Michigan, River Valley, d/o Louis NADEAU & Mary TARDY (?), witn: H. ROBITAILLE of Verner & Louis NADON of Field on Apr. 15, 1901 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC) 012164-01 William ROCHE, 22, laborer, Ross Tp., Sturgeon Falls, s/o John & Margaret, married Theresa JEFFREY, 22, Round Lake, Gordon Lake, d/o George & Isabelle, d/o J. & Celia CHARBONNEAU, both of Sturgeon Falls on Apr. 10, 1901 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC)
12270-01 Charles ROCHE, 24, farmer, McNabb, same, s/o Nicholas ROCHE & Catherine O'BRIEN, married Margaret DUFFY, 22, servant, Sebastopol, Whitney, d/o Thomas DUFFY & Mary A. McCAULEY, witn: ?-lphie & ?-ev SAUTERRE of Whitney, 22 April 1901 at Whitney 12053-01 Joseph ROCHFORD, 21, farmer, Lew Aboulments? Que., Levesqueville, s/o Elzear ROCHFORT & Marie DESGAGNES, married Adelaide THIBAULT, 22, Metis Que., Ferris, d/o Majorique THIBAULT & Philomene JEAN, witn: Trefle SAYER of Levesqueville & M. THIBAULT of North bay, 7 Jan 1901 at Levesqueville
012249-01 Alphonse ROCHON, 29, not given, Curren, Sudbury, s/o Charles ROCHON & Hermine LAFLAIMEU (?), married Elmire BOULAY, 21, St. Donat, Sudbury, d/o Hilaire BOULAY & Zoë CARON, witn: C. ROCHON & X. BOULAY both of Sudbury on Aug. 19, 1901 at Sudbury. (RC) 003455-01 (Algoma Dist.) John T. ROSS, 26, chainman, Rhode Isld, Sault, s/o John ROSS & Maron O'BRIEN, married Jannet F. KENDRICK, 26, Nottawasaga, Sault, d/o John KENDRICK & Mary MORRISON, wtn: F. ECLES & Sarah Ella WYANT, both of Sault, on December 11, 1901, at Sault St. Marie
012228-01 Peter ROSS, 24, laborer, Riviere Blanche, Wahnapitae, s/o Paul ROSS & Marie DION, married Sarah Ann BROWN, 19, Wakefield, same, d/o Thomas BROWN & Mary FISHER, witn: P. & Delia BERTRAND both of Wahnapitae on May 27, 1901 at Sudbury  
3379-01 Benjamin ROUSSEAU, 21, laborer, of Sault Mich., s/o Jac? ROUSSEAU & Mary NEVRAN?, married Delima CRAWFORD, 19, of Sault Mich., d/o George CRAWFORD & Mary WIGGS, witn: Ina G. & John H. DUNCAN of Sault Ont., 4 April 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie 012043-01 Edward ROY, 24, farmer, Cumberland Tp., Chisholm, s/o Severn ROY & Kate LORRAIN, married Marie Louise LAROCQUE, 21, Cumberland Tp., Chisholm, d/o Joseph LAROCQUE & Felise VACHON, witn: Eugene ROY & Marie VACHON both of Chisholm on Sept. 23, 1901 at Levesqueville. (RC)
3371-01 Albert RUTHERFORD, 23, lumberman, Bracebridge, Oakley twp., s/o William RUTHERFORD & Hannah STEWART, married Mary A. CONWAY, no age given, Oakley twp., same, d/o James CONWAY & Esther A. VINCENT, witn: Mrs. N.A. DUNCAN & A. FREEMAN, both of Sault Ont., 20 Feb 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie 12274-01 Dennis M. RYAN, 29, farmer, Maynooth, same, s/o Dennis RYAN & M. A. MANGAN?, married Kate REYNOLDS, 27, house maid, Bark Lake Ont., Murchison, d/o B. REYNOLDS & Jane RING, witn: John Thomas FLEMING of Killaloe & Marion REYNOLDS of Murchison, 20 Aug 1901 at Madawaska
012027-01 Adelor ST. AUBIN, 24, farmer, Quebec, Badgerow, s/o Joseph ST. AUBIN, & Vitaline ST. ONGE, married Marie BERGERON, 18, Quebec, Caldwell, d/o Jean Baptiste BERGERON & Philomene DESCLOS, witn: Joseph ST. AUBIN of Badgerow & Zenon CLOUTHIER of Caldwell on Jan, 7, 1901 at Verner. (RC) 012030-01 Evangeliste ST. JEAN, 26, farmer, Quebec, McPherson, s/o Amable ST. JEAN & Cleophée HARLEAU, married Mathilda LYMOGE, 19, Quebec, McPherson, d/o George LYMOGE & Delphine RACICOTT, witn: Pierre ST. JEAN & George LYMOGE both of McPherson on June 17, 1901 at Verner. (RC)
012042-01 Jeremie ST. LOUIS, 23, farmer, Clarence Creek, Chisholm, s/o Alphonse ST. LOUIS & Adeline TURGON, married Alexina LAROCHELLE, 19, Quebec, Chisholm, d/o Herbert LAROCHELLE & Philomene PARENT, witn: Ludger LAROCHELLE of Chisholm & Annie LAVIGNE of Levesqueville on July 22, 1901 at Levesqueville. (RC) 12273-01 Louis St.PETER, 23, laborer, Black River Que., Whitney, s/o Peter St.PETER & Maria LACASSE, married Emeline LAFRAMBOISE, 20, house maid, Ironside Que., Whitney, d/o William LAFRAMBOISE & Delina LA PIERRE, witn: Octavie St. PETER & Fellemeau LAFRAMBOISE, both of Whitney, 19 Aug 1901 at Whitney
012125-01 (Nipissing Dist.), Napoleon SABOURIN, 30, Fournierville, Widdifield Twp., farmer, Charles SABOURIN & Melina CARDINAL, to Exilia DEZIELLE de LABRECHE, 20, Ottawa, North Bay, d/o Felix DEXIELLE de LABRECHE, witn: Samuel BAGINETTE, of Widdifield Twp., Georgina LABRECHE of North Bay, 15 October 1901 at North Bay 012109-01 (Nipissing Dist.), Peter C. SAGADORE, 26, Pembroke, North Bay, widower, train--cin or trav--cin, s/o Peter SAGADORE & Bridget RYAN, to Mary E. BROPHY, 23, Campbellford, North Bay, d/o James BROPHY & Mary EMLAW, witn: Michael McFARLAND & Anna JENNINGS, both of North Bay, 24 June 1901 at North Bay
012213-01 Yaakob SALMMAI, 26, miner, Finland, Copper Cliff, s/o Johann SALMMAI & Sanna HARKOMAKI, married Addfina YASILA, 25, widow, Finland, Copper Cliff, d/o Johan AMPIOLA & Alpertina RICHKOMSKI, witn: Herman KOSKI & Yaakob KAHMIAKI both of Copper Cliff on June 22, 1901 at Sudbury. 3240-01 Alfred SAMPIER, 30, laborer, Quebec, Victoria Mine, s/o Charles SAMPIER & Harette BERGERON, married Nellie BOURDOUX, 24, waiter, Eganville, Victoria Mine, d/o Antoine BOURDOUX & Adel O'BRIE?, witn: Felix SAMPIER & Adel St.LOUIS, both of Victoria Mine, no date given, at Sudbury [reg'd 29 April 1901]
3388-01 Albon (Alvin?) SAMSON, 27, laborer, Sweden, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Sam CARLSON & Clara, married Ida PETERSON, 24, Sweden, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Peter NELSON & Anna SWANSON, witn: B. J. ANDERSON & Ida SALOMANEN, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 5 June 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie 012029-01 Israel SAUVAGE, 29, laborer, Quebec, Warren, s/o Charles SAUVAGE & Jeanne DESCHAMPS, married Lea VILLENEUVE, 24, Quebec, Caldwell, d/o Joseph VILLENEUVE & Lea POULIN, witn: Joseph VILLENEUVE & Aldus LODLE both of Warren on Jan. 18, 1901 at Verner. (RC)
012070-01 John SAUVE, 24, laborer, Mattawa, same, s/o Emery SAUVE & Delphine NADON, married Valentine ROCHON, 20, St Victoire Alfred, Mattawa, d/o Cyril ROCHON & Emilie VILLEMAIRE, witn: Emery & Clara SAUVE both of Papineau on Apr. 22, 1901 at Mattawa.  
012118-01 (Nipissing Dist.), Albert SEGUIN, 26, Rigaud PQ, Widdifield Twp (Rigaud PQ crossed out), farmer, s/o Alphonse SEGUIN & Malvina RANGER, to Mary A. MARCEAU, 21, Grondine PQ, North Bay (Grondine PQ crossed out) d/o Hypollite MARCEAU & Adele SUVAGEAU, witn: Raoul SEGUIN of Widdifield Twp., Bernadette MARCEAU of North Bay, 19 August 1901 at North Bay 012172-01 Eugene SERRE, 24, merchant, Hull, Sturgeon Falls, s/o E. SERRE & Rosalie GOYER, married Marie Louise AUBIN, 25, St. Vincent, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Jean Baptiste AUBIN & Elmire MERCER, witn: Ozias AUBIN & Zotique. MAGEAU, both of Sturgeon Falls on July 29, 1901 at Sturgeon Falls. (RC)
019021-01 Leon SHANK, 20, farmer, Fall River USA, Bonfield, s/o Abraham SHANK & Pamela BEAULIEU, married Celina ALLARD, 19, Curran, Bonfield, d/o Hilaire ALLARD & Marie GARIENY (?), witn: Adelard ALLARD & Marie SHANK both of Bonfield on May 28, 1901 at Bonfield. (RC) 3383-01 Albert SHAW, 25, bridge builder, Bayham Ont., Sault Ont., s/o William SHAW & Margaret J--PHENNY?, married Mary WALL, 22, Bayham, Sault Ont., d/o Cornelius WALL & M. FORBES, witn: Tilley COATING? & Ella BURCH, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 15 May 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie
12022-01 George SHORT, 21, Garafraxa, Harris twp., s/o David & illegible, married Hareat Mary RICHARDS, 17, Muskoka, Dymond twp., d/o John RICHARDS & Margaret CAMPBELL, witn: David & Mr. SHORTS of Harris twp., 31 Jan 1901 at Harris 15074-01 Arthur SIMMONS, 22, builder, London Ont., Winnipeg, s/o James H. SIMMONS & Mary Ann HILL, married Ma--? DENLY, 22, London Ont., same, d/o James A. & Emma, witn: A. F. & Emily GOODING of Rat Portage, 6 Aug 1901 at Rat Portage
012240-01 Finlay George SINCLAIR, no age given, clerk, Paisley, Sudbury, s/o Finlay SINCLAIR & Christina BROWN, married Alice Alexandria CHALMERS, 24, Ottawa, Sudbury, d/o William CHALMERS & Margaret McLAREN, witn: Harry SINCLAIR & Jessie DORSETT both of Sudbury on Nov. 20, 1901 at Sudbury. 3303-01 Frederick James SKINNER, 40, laborer, Norwich England, Desbarats, s/o John & Susan, married Lucy Mary DOWN, 40, lady, Chitlhampton? England, Desbarats, d/o Elias & Jane, witn: T. D. & Georgina McEACHREN of Desbarats, 15 June [1901] at Desbarats
15044-01 Royal Arm? SMITH, 25, miner, Buckingham Que., Rat Portage, s/o James SMITH & Dorothy HILL, married Alice Maud ATKINSON, no age given, Arnprior, Rat Portage, d/o John ATKINSON & Margaret WINTERS, witn: William GOODWIN & Sarah SINCLAIR, both of Rat Portage, 30 Jan 1901 at Rat Portage 003444-01 (Algoma Dist.) STARNES, Geo H, 29, commission office, Montreal, Michipicoten, s/o Geo ? STARNES & Ann BAULDRY, married Isabell DUFF, blank, Scotland, Lethbridge NWT, d/o John DUFF & Jane McKAY, wtn: W.J. EARL & G.H. DUOSY? both of Sault, on October 9, 1901, at Sault St. Marie
  012114-01 (Nipissing Dist.), George H. STEELE, 29, Haliburton Co., Widdifield Twp., engineer, s/o Robert STEELE & Lenora DEZELLE, to Catherine CARSON, 24, Gorrie - Huron, North Bay, d/o Alex CARSON & Jane WAKEFIELD, witn: Alfred FOGAL of Widdifield Twp., Ida McLEOD of North Bay, 24 July 1901 at North Bay
012193-01 William D. STEPHENS, 29, hunter, Belleville, Cartier, s/o John STEPHENS & Mary BURNS, married Eliza KENNIGESUK, 25, Algoma, Cartier, d/o Alexander KENNIGESUK & mother’s name not given, witn: Mrs. N. & Margaret BAILEY both of Sudbury on Feb. 12, 1901 at Sudbury 3408-01 Robert STEWART, 26, agent, Lucknow, Bruce Mines, s/o John STEWART & Helen MILLER, married Marion BENNETT, 21, Kagawong, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Caleb BENNETT & Harriet GREENFIELD, witn: Albert GIBSON of Sault Ste. Marie & Kattie MITCHELL of Sault Mich., 26 June 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie
003446-01 (Algoma Dist.) Charles William STICHCLIFF, 49, lumber merchant, Dodge Co Wis, Appleton Wis, widowed, s/o Walter? STICHCLIFF & Laura SMITH, married Alexandra Matilda NELSON, 25, ???ssden, St. Ignace Mich, widow, d/o Carl NELSON & Alexandra DAHMER, wtn: S & Bertha STONE, both of Sault, on September 29, 1901, at Sault St. Marie 12267-01 Mark STIPCICH, 33, foreman, Austria, Sudbury, s/o Victor STIPCICH & Bella FRANKLIN, married Delia BRISSON (Brusson?), 23, seamstress, Plantagenet, Sudbury, d/o William BRISSON & Delima SOUBLIERE, witn: William BUISSON (sic) & G. JORDAN, both of Sudbury, 2 Sept 1901 at Sudbury
012203-01 William Walter STULL (SHULL?), 27, surveyor, Esquesing Tp., Sudbury, s/o William David STULL & Caroline THOMPSON, married Caroline May CARLEY, 20, Cobourg, Sudbury, d/o Alexander CARLEY & Mary Jane SWAN, witn: George E. SILVESTER & Mamie W. POTTER both of Sudbury on Apr. 25, 1901 at Sudbury.  
12265-01 Peter SUTLIFF, no age given, Quebec, Whitefish, s/o William SUTLOFF & Catherine McGOGUEAN?, married Mary FITZGIBBONS, 21, Maynooth, Whitefish, d/o John FITZGIBBONS & Margaret BURKE, witn: James BURKE & Jane A. CAMERON, both of Whitefish, 9 Sept 1901 at Whitefish, 003447-01 (Algoma Dist.) Frederick Augustus TALLMAN, 36, carpenter, Victoria Co., Sault, s/o John TALLMAN & Jane PRICE, married Emma T. BISHOP, 37, Huron Co, Toronto, d/o Adam BISHOP & Palina GRAY, wtn: J.H. & Evadaa? SAMPSON, on September 30, 1901, at Sault St. Marie
3380-01 Charles TANCOCK (Fancock?). 31. plasterer, Devonshire England, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o John TANCOCK & Johanna GORMAN, married Ida Mary Helen MANN?, 26, Middlesex Co., Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Charles MANN & Mary THORN (Thom?), witn: illegible, 26 March 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie 3403-01 Richard Large TANNER, 56, widower, farmer, Vaughan, Grant twp., s/o James TANNER & Elizabeth SMITH, married Maggie McNEIL, 40, Paisley, Sault Mich., d/o John McNEIL & Catherine CURRY, witn: Angus McNEIL of Sault Mich. & Charlton STRATHEY? of Toronto, 19 June 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie
3375-01 Arthur TAYLOR, 25, salesman, Chicago, Detroit, adopted s/o T. G. L. TAYLOR & blank, married Eliza CRAY, 26, widow, Bay City, Detroit, d/o Abram CRAY & Hatty MAISSONVILLE?, witn: A--? MAIN & Mrs. W. A. DUNCAN, both of Sault., 4 March 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie 12052-01 Luc TELLAND, 25, widower, farmer, Lowell USA, Corbeils Landing, s/o Pierre TELLAND & Philomene QUINTE, married Sophie BEAULIEU, 30, widow, Perkins Mills Que., Ferris, d/o Lucien CHARETTE & Sophie LACLOCHE, witn: J. B. PILON of Corbeils Siding & Alfred BRUSSARD of Corbeils, 1 Dec 1901 at Corbeils
003439-01 (Algoma Dist.) Charles Edward TEMPEST, 29, dairyman, England, Sault, s/o Hozehead TEMPEST & Ann JAYDAN, married Clementine S. CAMERON, 23, Sault, same, d/o Donald CAMERON & Mary J. McMAHON, wtn: R.W. TEMPEST & Etta R. CAMERON, both of Sault, on September 25, 1901, Sault St. Marie 019018-01 Alfonse THERIAULT, 22, farmer, Quebec, Bonfield, s/o George THERIAULT & Virginie GAGNE, married Eleonar SAVARD, 19, Black Bay, Bonfield, d/o Auguste SAVARD, & Elizabeth LANY (Tany?), witn: A. ROCHEFORT & Lena TREMBLY both of Levesqueville on Feb. 19, 1901 at Bonfield. (RC)
3431-01 Richard La--? THOMAS, 56, widower, farmer, Vaughan, Brant, s/o James THOMAS & Elizabeth SMITH, married Maggie McNEILL, 40, Paisley, Sault Mich., d/o blank McNEILL & Catherine CURRY, witn: Charles MALTZ of Toronto & Maggie McNEIL (sic) of Sault Mich., 19 June 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie 012195-01 Peter TOWNS, 29, livery man, Ritchie Tp., Copper Cliff, s/o George TOWNS & Margaret DOBSON, married Rachel ELLIOTT, 25, Renfrew, Mattawa, d/o John ELLIOTT & Mary LAVINTURE, witn: William BLUEMAN & Laura CAMPBELL both of Copper Cliff on Feb. 18, 1901 at Sudbury
012200-01 Charles J. TRAVERS, 32, engineer, Algoma Mine, Worthington, s/o Matthew TRAVERS & Lizzie GLENNING, married Emma WARD, 21, Moose Factory, Worthington, d/o Philip & Harriet, witn: John D. GLEASON & Mrs A. GIRARD both of Worthington on Apr. 23, 1901 at Worthington. 012062-01 William C. TUNSTRUM (Lunstrom?), 36, laborer, of Mattawa, s/o William TUNSTRUM & Frances THOMAS, married Ellen CAMLEY, 26, Point Alexandria, Mattawa, d/o Terence CAMLEY & Mary QUIGLEY, witn: John FERGUSON & P. GAGNE both of Mattawa on Jan.7, 1901 at Mattawa.
012229-01 George TURCOTTE, 34, laborer, of Markstay, s/o Octave TURCOTTE & Marie BELLEFEVILLE, married Aurore CAYER (Cayen?), 19, Hawkesbury, Markstay, d/o Joseph CAYER & Arthenise LECOMPHE (Lecompte?), witn: Michel & Arch LEFEBVRE both of Markstay on May 27, 1901 at Markstay. (RC) 3437-01 William Charles TURNER, 24, steward at Block house, Staffordshire England, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o George TURNER & Lucy PERKINS, married Petramilla? ROSENHOFF, 23, Sweden, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Poutras? ROSENHOFF & Darl BERRY, witn: Mrs. W. A. & John H. DUNCAN of Sault Ste. Marie, 26 Sept 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie
012237-01 Joaka URILIA, 26, miner, Finland, Copper Cliff, s/o Simmi URILIA & Mary KONTEC, married Sarma HAKULA, 24, Finland, Copper Cliff, d/o Simmi HAKULA & Lizzie LANISMI, witn: Herman VICK & Hirneri VICHE both of Copper Cliff on Dec. 27, 1901 at Sudbury 012232-01 Celestin VAILLANCOURT, 28, laborer, Grand Ravine, Wahnapitae, s/o C. VAILLANCOURT & Genevieve THIBODEAU, married Marie ROY, 19, St. Lambert, Wahnapitae, d/o Henri ROY & Sophie FORTIN, witn: Henri ROY & Cyprien GAUTHIER both of Wahnapitae on July 3, 1901 at Wahnapitae. (RC)
  3271-01 Gerald VANDERSTAR, 24, pattern maker, NY City, Chicago, s/o Gerald VANDERSTAR & Mary BECKER, married Effie A. JAMES, no age given, St. joseph Island, Hilton twp., d/o William JAMES & Eliza EDDY, witn: Chester JAMES of Hilton twp & Christena GORDON of Jocelyn twp., 7 Nov 1901 at Hilton twp
3381-01 Nelson VILLAINCOUR (Vaillincourt?), 24, teamster, Alpena Mich., Sault Mich., s/o Nap VILLAINCOUR & Delia E--LET?, married Catherine CUTBUSH, 11, widow, Bruce Co., Sault Mich., d/o Andrew JOHNSTON & Matilda LITTLE, witn: Harry & Mr. Nellie JOHNSON of Sault Mich., 8 May 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie 3404-01 Alfred Randolph VOLTOGNS?, 27, jeweller, Germany, Sault Mich., s/o Randolph VOLHOYAS? & Mary SHOLTZ, married Anny (Amy?) Louise ROGERS, 22, Jamaica WI, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Alfred John ROGERS & Mary Ann ARCHER, witn: Jennie HORN? & Fred W. McCULLOUGH, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 11 June 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie
12023-01 Wesley WADDELL, 21, farmer, Parry Sound, Dymond twp., s/o William WADDLE & Mary CAMPBELL, married Delia Amelia TAYLOR, 19, Muskoka, Dymond twp., d/o John TAYLOR & Amelia DYE, witn: Arthur & Myrtle THOMPSON of Thornloe, 1 Jan 1901 at Dymond twp. 012128-01 (Nipissing Dist.), Thomas D. WARK, 25, Montreal, North Bay, laborer, s/o William WARK & Eliza DUNWOODY, to Mary E. STAPLES, 20, Fleetwood, Widdifield Twp., d/o James STAPLES & Mary TAYLOR, witn: John PALMER of Callander, Maggie STAPLES of North Bay, 19 November 1901 at North Bay
003445-01 (Algoma Dist.) Geo B. WARNICA, 27, clerk, Orillia, Sault, s/o Thomas WARNICA & Christina REID, married Addelin HORAN, 23, Owen Sound, Dayton, d/o John HORAN & Barbara McKINNON, wtn: Rob't WILSON of Thessalon & D.N. GANTON of Rydal Bank, on September 17, 1901, at Sault St. Marie 012188-01 James W. WASHBURN, 34, tailor, Bond Head, Sudbury, s/o Stephen H. WASHBURN & Jane CHAPMAN, married Jamesina KILLORAN, 20, Ross Tp., Sudbury, d/o James KILLORAN & Sarah SMITH, witn: James McMILLAN & Minnie LAWSON both of Sudbury on Jan. 14, 1901 at Sudbury.
012117-01 (Nipissing Dist.), Elias Henry F. WATSON, 46 Flint Michigan, Verner, widower, lumberman, s/o William Henry & Mary WATSON, to Emma NEWTON, 43, Kidley England, Barrie, widow, d/o Joseph & Elisa NEWTON, witn, John EATON of Tesserton, Bertha McCREIGHT of North Bay, 16 August 1901 at North Bay 003443-01 (Algoma Dist.) George WATSON, 31, store keeper, Toronto, Sault Mich., s/o James WATSON & Elizabeth WHITMAN, married Ella SUTHERLAND, 26, Eganville, Sault St. Marie, d/o Angus SUTHERLAND & Kate LAHEY, wtn: C.P. THORN & Delilia BRETT both of Sault, on October 17, 1901, at Sault St. Marie
3300-01 William James WEBB, 36, laborer, Hasnlen? Ont., Desbarats, s/o John WEBB & Margaret HARLEY, married Mary ERWIN, 21, Culross twp., Johnson twp., d/o Charles ERWIN & Mary Ann WOODS, witn: William James ERWIN & Mary Elizabeth BELL, both of Johnson twp., 3 April [1901] at Johnson 3429-01 William WEBSTER, 23, clerk, Shelburne, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o William WEBSTER & Margaret MORRISON, married Martha MORRISON, 19, Harriston, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Lindsay & Ellen Jane, witn: H. N. DRUMMOND of Sault Ste. Marie & W. S. DRUMMOND of Toronto, 13 Aug 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie
3427-01 George W. WILLIAMS, 40, hotel keeper, Croydon Co. (sic), Thompson Mich., s/o David & Elizabeth, married Bertha May STARK, 18, Thompson Mich., same, d/o John STARK & Elizabeth ALLEN, witn: Ralph & Martha STONE of Sault Ste. Marie, 2 Sept 1901 at Sault Ste. Marie 3230-01 Frederick John WILSON, 28, railway conductor, Brockville, Chapleau, s/o William WILSON & Eliza COLLINS, married Isabella Ann? HILL, 26, lady, Hillsdale, Chapleau, d/o Tomlinson HILL & Catherine TUCKER, witn: William HENDERSON of Chapleau & Minna WALLACE of North Bay, 1 May 1901 at Chapleau
003461-01 (Algoma Dist.) Joseph WINDLE, 31, laborer, Renfrew, Sault, s/o Patrick WINDLE & Margaret RYAN, married Margaret DIONNE?, 25, Hasdock Q[ue], Sault, d/o William CLIFF & All??ra CLARK, wtn: Patrick WINDLE of Renfrew & Alice McNEIL of Sault, on April 22, 1901, at Sault St. Marie 3241-01 William Thomas WRIGHT, 24, farmer, St. Vincent, Allen, s/o Thomas WRIGHT & Jane GOUT?, married Rachel NELSON, 21, Allen, same, d/o John NELSON & Elizabeth WILSON, witn: Charles WRIGHT & Sarah NELSON, both of Allen, 29 May 1901 at Allen
012245-01 Henry YENSIN (YENSTN?), 24, brickmaker, Denmark, Sudbury, s/o Christopher YENSIN & Annie M. NELSON, married Annie ROSS, 19, Cornwall, Sudbury, d/o Joseph ROSS & Agnes CHARET, witn: Mary & J. W. ROSS both of Sudbury on July 20, 1901 at Sudbury. 3298-01 William James YOUNG, 28, farmer, Durham Co., St. Joseph, s/o William YOUNG & Mary Ann KERR, married Eliza HENRY, 18, St. Joseph Island, Jocelyn, d/o William HENRY & blank BARTON, witn: Samuel HENRY & Sarah AXWORTHY, both of Jocelyn, 4 April 1901 at Jocelyn
3302-01 William Barber YOUNG, 38, engineer, Scotland, Desbarats, s/o John YOUNG & Jane SMITH, married Lottie CYR, 35, widow, servant, Merrickville, Desbarats, d/o Anotine CYR & Jane McKINNEY, witn: Benjamin & Sarah Jane CHAYER of Desbarats, 22 June [1901] at Desbarats