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Northern Districts, 1902, part 1

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3389-02 (Algoma Dist): Alfred AGUIN, 27, farmer, St. Lawrence NY, Jocelyn, s/o John B. AGUIN & Eleanore BLONDIN, married Clara MASSICOTTE, 18, Midland, Jocelyn, d/o Ferdinand MASSICOTTE & Donalda BLONDIN, witn: William BOOTH & M. Jane AGUIN, both of Jocelyn, 14 Jan 1902 at Tenby Bay (Rom Cath) 016594-02 Melvin Ernest ARDELL, 24, locomotive fireman, Thorndale Middlesex Co., Port Arthur, s/o James ARDELL & Elizabeth THOMPSON, married Nellie CHISAMORE, 25, Orillia, Port Arthur, d/o John CHISAMORE & Kate SINCLAIR, witn: W. F. METCALF & May WILLIAMS both of Port Arthur on Sept. 17, 1902 at Port Arthur
016615-02 George Henry ARTHUR, 29, hotel keeper, Fermaugh Ireland, Port Arthur, s/o Thomas ARTHUR & Janet CONLEY, married Margaret May SMYTH, 24, Tiverton, Port Arthur, d/o William SMYTH & Katherine CAMPBELL, witn: William & Maggie C. ARTHUR both of Port Arthur on Sept. 5, 1902 at Port Arthur. 15194-02 George Edward ATKINSON, 17, barber, Arnprior, Rat Portage, s/o John R. ATKINSON & Margaret WINDER, married Minnie EMMONS, 18, Toronto, Rat Portage, d/o John G. EMMONS & Bridget KELLY, witn: James R. & Margaret ATKINSON of Rat Portage, 3 Oct. 1902 at Rat Portage
003328-02 - D. J. Norman BAILEY, 23, farmer, Burpee Tp., same, s/o A. BAILEY & Christine CAMPBELL, married Agnes ARMSTRONG, 20, Robinson Tp., Gore Bay, d/o John ARMSTRONG & Emmie KEMP, witn: Samuel GREET & George BAILEY both of Gore Bay on Apr. 23, 1902 at Gore Bay 003329-02 John BALANTYNE, 20, farmer, of Manitowaning, s/o Alex BALANTYNE & Sarah LEAN, married Elenor MITCHELL, 17, Wingham, Cockburn, d/o Robert J. MITCHELL & C. POWER, witn: J. L. ROBINSON of Gore Bay & S. R. ROBINSON of Toronto on May 29, 1902 at Gore Bay
016583-02 Francis BARBER, 31, lumberman, Ottawa, Port Arthur, s/o Napoleon BARBER mother not given, married Delia TAYLEUR, 19, East Templeton, Port Arthur, d/o Augustine TAYLEUR & Bridget LOUISSAIGE, witn: Nellie ROTHWELL & Annie AUGUST both of Port Arthur on Oct. 13, 1902 at Port Arthur. (RC) #003483-02 (Algoma Dist): Samuel Ashley BARNETT (or Burnett), 23, moulder, Galt, Bay City Mich., s/o Samuel Lount BARNETT & Mary A, McALPIN?, married Janette Victoria GRAHAM, 18, Gloucester, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o William M. GRAHAM & Esther MOXLEY?, witn: D. PATTERSON & Mary BOOTH, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 16 May 1902 at Sault Ste. Marie
016613-02 Percival Arthur BARRET, 22, teamster, Rochester, Port Arthur, s/o Charles BARRET & Mary WEBSTER, married Emma DAUNAIS, 20, Port Arthur, same, d/o Oliver DAUNAIS mother’s name not known (as written) witn: Mrs. F. A. AUGUST of Port Arthur on Aug. 27, 1902 at Port Arthur 015165/02 (Rainy River) Robert BATES, 51, lumberman, Ontario Co., Rat Portage, s/o George BATES & Martha WAY, married Rosanna GUIGLEY, 42, Simcoe, Rat Portage, d/o James GUIGLEY & Mary SECOND(? Secord?), witn Rev. L. FAVREAU & ? J.B. BAUDIN, both of Rat Portage, 8 Apr. 1902 at Rat Portage
015158/02 (Rainy River) William John BATTY, 22, clerk, Ipswich Eng., Winnipeg, s/o John and Mary Ann BATTY, married Annie YOUNG, 21, Lac Seul, Lac Seul, d/o John & Annie YOUNG, witn James KIPLING & Sinastin JACONS, both of Rat Portage, 22 Jan 1902 at Rat Portage 013065-02 Hilaire BECHAMP (BEAUCHAMP?), 21, laborer, Coulomb Ontario, Sudbury, s/o Antoine BECHAMP, & Sophie LEVESQUE, married Annie FLANIGAN, 17, Pembroke, Sudbury, d/o John FLANIGAN, & Mary R. BRUNET, witn: William GOUCHER of Trout Creek & Annie BECHAMP of Algoma Mills on Sept. 30, 1902 at Sudbury. (RC)
#016524-02 (Thunder Bay Dist) William John BENNETT, 27, carpenter, Peterborough, Ft. William, s/o William BENNETT & Isabel TASSE, married Edith Pauline MILLER, 23, Hamilton, Ft. William, d/o Frank MILLER & Elizabeth HAYDEN, witn Frank & Elizabeth MILLER of Ft. William, 25 June 1902 at Ft. William #016537-02 - Albert BERGER, 25, Hotel Proprietor, Taylor's Falls, Miss., Fort William, s/o Jacob BERGER and Mary BERGER, m. Adele BONIN, 20, Kemptville, Fort William, d/o Athanase BONIN and Clare LANGLOIS, w. A. BONIN and John PHELAN, Sep. 4, 1902, Fort William
016577-02 John William BIRD, 26, railway man, Mark’s Harbor England, Port Arthur, s/o Francis J. BIRD & Sarah SMITH, married Ellen Jane FOLEY, 24, Wilberforce Ont., Port Arthur, d/o John FOLEY & Mary O’SHAUGHNESSY, witn: Emmanuel MORROW & Caroline McCOY both of Port Arthur on May 12, 1902 at Port Arthur. (RC) #016536-02, Algoma Dist., James BLUNDELL, 28, Laborer, Liverpool England, Fort William, s/o William BLUNDELL and Martha TYRIE, m. Phoebe SIMPSON, 24, Liverpool, England, Fort William, d/o Peter SIMPSON and Margaret O'BRIEN, w. M. E. SCOTT and Bell DASS, Sep. 4, 1902, Fort William.
  013073-02 Fred BOADWAY, 21, farmer, Parry Sound, Hudson Tp. s/o George BROADWAY & Hannah McKAGUE, married Maud BOWERS, 19, Barrie, Hudson Tp. d/o Jeremiah  BOWERS & Mary BREMMER?, witn: William BROADWAY & Ada BOWERS? both of Hudson Tp. on Nov 28, 1902 at Hudson Tp
3570-02 Francis BOLT, 22, farmer, Tenly Bay same, s/o Jac BOLT & Christina Miller CONLI?, married Margaret FLEMING, 18, Dufferin Co., Tenly Bay, d/o Robert FLEMING & Isabell JONES, witn: Alex McQUEEN & J. DUNCAN, 6 Dec 1902 at Sault Ste. Marie #016526-02 (Thunder Bay Dist) William J. BONIN, 28, laborer, Kemptville, Ft. William, s/o Catherine? BONIN & Claire LANGLOIS, married Angele MEUNIER, 27, Mathan? Quebec, Ft. William, d/o Siden MEUNIER & Maria BOUDOIN, witn Napolean & Addie BONIN of Ft. William, 25 June 1902 at Ft. William (Rom Cath)
3575-02 Charles Lount BRAY, 22, clerk, Sault Ste. Marie, same, s/o Sam BRAY & Elizabeth LOUNT, married Maud Lorine SIMINGTON?, 24, Sault Ste. Marie, same, d/o Joseph SIMINGTON & Smiley? illegible (Jones?), witn: Oswald PALMER & Ray HUNTER, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 16 July 1902 at Sault Ste. Marie 003598-1902 (Algoma Dist.) John Robert BRECKENRIDGE, 28, woodsman, Jamestown, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o David BRECKENRIDGE & Catherine LEE, married Mary Christina ALLEN, 19, Iron Bridge, same, d/o William ALLEN & Jeanette CARLYALE, witn: A. R. CARLYALE of Toronto & Mary E. ARTHURS of Iron Bridge 22 Dec 1902 at Thessalon
003607-1902 (Algoma Dist.) William M. BRENMAN, 34, agent, New York, same, s/o Thomas BRENMAN & Julia GALLAGHER, married Edna ELLIOTT, 27, Kansas, Omaha, d/o William ELLIOTT & Emma BLACK, witn: Mrs. & Mary ARMSTRONG, both of Thessalon, 4 Jul 1902 at Thessalon. 003325-02 Henry BRILL, 25, tailor, Germany, Gore Bay, s/o John & Viya, married Edith PROCTOR, 28, Cookstown, Gore Bay, d/o John PROCTER & Reba MARTIN, witn: James PROCTER of Gordon Tp. & Flo PROCTER of Gore Bay on Feb. 5, 1902 at Gore Bay.
  003602-1902 (Algoma Dist.) John BROCK, 26, farmer, Saugeen, Grassett, s/o Isaac BROCK & Eliza PARISH, married Lena MARSHALL, 25, Owen Sound, Parkinson, d/o William MARSHALL & Mary McCAULEY, witn: George BROCK of Parkinson & Catharine WATSON of Grassett, 3 Jul 1902 at Thessalon
003608-1902 (Algoma Dist.) George BROCK, 24, farmer, Saugeen, Parkinson, s/o Isaac BROCK & Eliza PARISH, married Catharine Victoria WATSON, 19, Birmingham, Grassett, d/o Charles WATSON & Mary SERMON, witn: John BROCK of Grassett & Lena MARSHALL of Parkinson, 3 Jul 1902 at Thessalon 016603-02 Thomas Edgar BROWN, 42, taxidermist, Mariposa, White Fish, s/o William BROWN & Elizabeth McRORY, married Maud MONTGOMERY, 44, widow, Cornwall, White Fish, d/o Duncan CUMMINGS & Maud McDONALD, witn: John & Emily LAMPSHIRE both of Port Arthur on June 27, 1902 at Port Arthur
3573-02 William Hawthorn BUCHNER, 20, baker, Port Huron, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Paul BUCHNER & Jannett MAITLAND, married Laura MOORE, 18, Mattawa, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o L. MOORE & C. DRUILLE, witn: Herb YOUNG & Lettie BUCHNER, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 30 June 1902 at Sault Ste. Marie 003327-02 John W. BURKE, 21, farmer, Campbell Tp., Gordon Tp., s/o Daniel BURKE & Mary A. CLARKE, married Margaret GANERY?, 20, Campbell Tp., same, d/o Joe GANERY & Jane BRIDGES, witn: Daniel BURK (sic) of Gordon Tp. & Essie PAISLEY of Gore Bay on Feb. 28, 1902 at Gore Bay.
012907-02 (Nipissing Co) Michael John BURKE, 23, laborer, Mattawa, same, s/o John BURKE & Mary NEVILL, married Phelamisse BELANGER, 18, Mattawa Tp., Mattawa, d/o J. B. BELANGER & Elmire DUPUIS, witn: Israel THERIEN of Mattawa & J. B. BELANGER of Mattawa Tp. on June 3, 1902, at Mattawa. (RC) 015164/02 (Rainy River) Malcolm BURLEY, 28, miner, Creemore, Rat Portage, s/o William BURLEY & Christy LOUIS, married Caroline S.A.M. ALCOCK, 19, Bancroft, Rat Portage, d/o Joseph ALCOCK & Sarah BELCH, witn George KIDD, & Lucy E. ALCOCK, both of Rat Portage, 19 Mar. 1902 at Rat Portage.
3306-02 (Algoma Dist): Robert BURNS, 25, railroader, Bick Quebec, Chapleau, s/o Isaac BURNS & Aglia SIMON, married Admire LAFRANCE, 16, Bick Quebec, Chapleau, d/o Lambert LAFRANCE & Adela ROI, witn: Adelbert GAGNON & Celina CHARLEBOIS, both of Chapleau, 14 Oct 1902 at Chapleau (Rom Cath 016600-02 William BURROWS, 35, merchant, Sutton West, Port Arthur, s/o George BURROWS & Elizabeth DOHERTY, married Marian LANGWORTHY, 29, Manchester England, Port Arthur, d/o William Newman LANGWORTHY & Lavinia SIDEBOTTOM, witn: Richard McKNIGHT of Port Arthur & Edith SELLERS of Fort William on Sept. 9, 1902 at Port Arthur
013067-02 William G. CALDER, 38, carpenter, Seaforth, Copper Cliff, s/o Andrew CALDER & Jemima McKENZIE, married Jessie GILLESPIE, 36, Burgess Tp. Copper Cliff, d/o John BARBER (sic) & Marian FYFE, witn: John R. & Mrs J.R. McKINNON both of Copper Cliff on Oct. 15, 1902 at Sudbury 015154/02 (Rainy River) Ira Norman CAMPBELL, 20, teamster, Osgoode Ont., Rat Portage, s/o Robert & Nancy CAMPBELL, married Fanny FALSTER, 18, St. Andrew's Man., Rat Portage d/o Henry FALSTER & Elizabeth MUGGABERG; witn Walter B. ALLEN & Bella SINCLAIR, both of Rat Portage, 1 Jan. 1902, at Rat Portage
003334-02 John A. CAMPBELL, 27, farmer, Campbell Tp., same, s/o Neil CAMPBELL, & Annie McDOUGALL, married F. McCOLEMAN, 20, Campbell Tp., same, d/o Simon McCOLEMAN & Maggie ANDERSON, witn: Archie McCOLEMAN of Campbell’s Tp. & May A. CAMPBELL of Burpee on August 20, 1902 at Gore Bay. 016586-02 Jean Baptiste CARON, 56, miller, widower, St. Joachim Que., Port Arthur, s/o Jean Baptiste CARON & Louise DAGEMAIS, married Isabella WASHBURN, 47, widow, Manchester England, Port Arthur, d/o Ashwood TAYLOR & Alice INGRAM, witn: Charles & Emily JUTRAS both of Port Arthur on Nov. 19, 1902 at Port Arthur
#016521-02 (Thunder Bay Dist) Richard Henry CATTLE, 25, clerk, Goderich, Ft. William, s/o George CATTLE & Frances MARLTON, married Janet Mary Florence PROUDFOOT, 22, Fournier, Ft. William, d/o Thomas PROUDFOOT & Mary LANDRUM?, witn Percy & Gertie PROUDFOOT of Ft. William, 24 June 1902 at Ft. William 3365-02 (Algoma Dist): William J. Allen CAWFIELD, 29, farmer, Carleton, St. Joseph Island, s/o William CAWFIELD & Fanny GOOD, married Etheline BROWNLEE, 24, Carleton, St. Joseph Island, d/o David BROWNLEE & Isabella ANAMORHEAD?, witn: Howard CAWFIELD of St. Joseph Island & Mary A. McLAY of Soo Mich., 29 July 1902 at Hilton
3449-02 (Manitoulin Dist): Andrew Eli CELICK, 26, farmer, Uxbridge, Sandfield, s/o Ira CELICK & Nancy BROWN, married Sarah Alice LEHMAN, 19, Carnarvon, Sandfield, d/o Frank LEHMAN & Eliza ROBINSON, witn: Charles LEHMAN & Olive CELICK, both of Sandfield, 3 Dec 1902 003430-02 Emile CHARETTE, 24, farmer, St. Andre, Azilda, s/o J. & M. married Zoë PILON, 19, Ottawa, Azilda, d/o N. & F., witn: Moe GUINDON & Adolphe PAQUETTE both of Rayside on June 30, 1902 at Chelmsford. (RC)
003426-02 Arthur CHARTRAND, 29, farmer, Montreal, Rayside, s/o P. & J., married Clementine LAGUAY, 20, St. Lin, Chelmsford, d/o P. N. & O., witn: Leonard MOSSE of Chelmsford & Amedè BRUNET of Rayside on Jan. 7, 1902 at Chelmsford. (RC) 3579-02 (Algoma Dist): Richard W. CHEER, 28, farmer, Keppel, Richards Landing, s/o Amos CHEER & Louisa ALLAN, married Emma YOUNG, 28, Fergus, Richards Landing, d/o Charles YOUNG & Euphemia McINTYRE, witn: Charles A. & Mary YOUNG of Richards Landing, 26 March 1902 at Richards landing
15173-02 Cyril Archibald CHESTERTON, 35, insurance agent, Ottawa, Rat Portage, s/o Walter CHESTERTON & Sophia ASHWORTH, married Elvira Christena McINTOSH, 20, St. Thomas, Rat Portage, d/o James McINTOSH & Christena FORBES, witn: Charles BRENT & Zona McINTOSH, both of Rat Portage, 1 May 1902 at Rat Portage #016506-02 (Thunder Bay Dist.): Stanislas CIFORELLI, 56, laborer, widower, Italy, Ft. William, s/o Francis CIFORELLI & Alexandria MASOTTI, married Madalina CAPORICCI, 60, widow, Italy, Ft. William, d/o Joseph & Angela CAPORICCI, witn: Fortunato COLASIMO & Angela DELVECCHIO, both of Ft. William, 7 Jan 1902 at Ft. William (Rom Cath)
#016578-02 (Thunder Bay Dist.): Alexander CLARKE, 26, laborer, Silver Islet, Pt. Arthur, s/o Alexander CLARKE & Bessie AKEBE, married Margaret LOUTTIL, 19, Albany - Hudsons Bay, Pt. Arthur, d/o John LOUTTIL & Laura HUNTER, witn: Sarah CLARKE & Lillie THURSBY, both of Pt. Arthur, 18 April 1902 at Pt. Arthur #012886-02 (Nipissing Dist.) John CLEMENT, 33, b. Bedford, of Hilliard Twp, Farmer, s/o Martin CLEMENT & Elizabeth SCOTT, married Maggie MITCHELL, 17, b. Muskoka, of Hilliard Twp, d/o Thomas MITCHELL & Margaret A. MATTGET, witnesses: Adibert MILLER & Maryanne MILLER, both of New Liskeard, on 12 November 1902 at New Liskeard
3305-02 (Algoma Dist): Daniel Watson CLINE, 24, clerk, Tilsonburg, White River, s/o David C. CLINE & Jane A. LONG, married Madelle B. POTTER, 27, Van Kleek Hill, White River, d/o Samuel POTTER & Catherine SCOLLY, witn: Francis H. HINCKS & Pearl McDOUGAL, both of White River, 28 Aug 1902 at White River 15184-02 Robert Henry COBB, 30 (or 31), engineer, Fort Coulonge, Rat Portage, s/o John COBB & Mary A. CARMICHAEL, married Helen May YOUNG, 23, Apsley, Rat Portage, d/o John YOUNG & Helen KEMPT, witn: J. WELLINGTON & Mary KILLAM, both of Rat Portage, 8 Jan 1902 at Rat Portage
013074-02 Eugene COLLINS, 21, laborer, Gaspe, Whitney, s/o Joseph COLLINS & Isabella LANGLOIS, married Eliza ROSS, 27, Chapleau, Whitney, d/o Octave ROSS & Glady FLACE?, witn: William JOHNSTON & Bridget RUDDY both of Whitney on Jan. 20, 1902 at Whitney. (RC) 003335-02 William CONNELL, 28, lumberman, Walter Falls, Cockburn Island, s/o David CONNELL & Margaret McAULEY, married Laura REID, 19, Cockburn Island, same, d/o John REID & Victoria RAWN, witn: David CONNELL & Annie REID both of Cockburn Island on Sept. 15, 1902 at Gore Bay.
3618-02 (Manitoulin Dist): William S. COOK, 24, farmer, Gordon twp., Silverwater, s/o John COOK & Ellen CUFFE, married Carrie May EDMONDS, 20, Silverwater, same, d/o John EDMONDS & M. WETHERAL, witn: John E. COOK & M.W. EDMONDS, both of Silverwater, 23 Sept 1902 at Silverwater 016606-02 William COOKE, 24, carpenter/builder, Port Arthur, same, s/o William COOKE & Ann HADDOCK, married Margaret GEHL, 19, Norman Bay Bruce Co., Port Arthur, d/o William GEHL & Catherine NEFILE, witn: William & Annie JEFFS both of Port Arthur on July 22, 1902, at Port Arthur. (RC)
3298-02 (Algoma Dist): Edward Neil COOPER, 24, miner, Paisley, Dunns Valley, s/o Angus COOPER & Isabel MITCHELL, married Stewart Isabel DUNN, 26, Chatsworth, Dunn Valley, d/o Alex Bailie DUNN & Frances THOMPSON, witn: Andrew McKISSOCK of Owen Sound & Maggie DUNN of Dunns Valley, 25 June 1902 at Dunns Valley 015161/02 (Rainy River) Robert Thomas CORRIGAN, 55, farmer, widower, Quebec, Emo Ont., s/o Robt. CORRIGAN & Caroline MORTON, married Caroline WILSON, 47, widow, Marsh Ont., Stratton, d/o Henry BOUCHER & Annie ACRES, witn E. J. BOUCHER & Florence BOUCHER, both of Boucherville, 28 Jan. 1902, at Stratton
013070-02 Edgar CRAGG, 33, farmer, Greenbank, Harley Tp. s/o Timothy & Emma, married Margaret Jane DOUPE, 21, Flesherton, Harley Tp, d/o A. DOUPE & Eliza BEST, witn: William Thomas DOUPE & C. DOUPE both of Harley Tp. on Mar. 5, 1902 at Harley Tp 15180-02 Sven Oscar CRONLUND, 27, laborer, Sweden, Rat Portage, s/o John PALENA (sic) & Lena PALENA, married Syrena P. WIKSTROM, 24, Sweden, Rat Portage, d/o Erik & Marie, witn: John SULTAN & Helena JOHNSON, both of Rat Portage, 7 June 1902 at Rat Portage (Lutheran)
#016534-02,- Moses L. CUMMINGS, 25, Switchman, Grenville Co., Fort William, s/o Richard CUMMINGS and Cordelia PERKINS, m. Emma Lorette DUPRAW, 19, Essex Co., Fort William, d/o Augustus DUPRAW and Eurettia LAMB, w. D. A. GORDEN and M. E. PERRAS, Aug. 20, 1902, Fort William #016517-02 (Thunder Bay Dist): Andrew Saunders CUTHBERT, 30, merchant, not given, Rat Portage, s/o Barnston CUTHBERT & Eliza McFARLAND, married Alice Bella McDONEGAL, 24, not given, Owen Sound, d/o John McDONEGAL & Mary WELLS, witn: C.H. JACKSON & Frances LEMON, both of Ft. William, 5 June 1902 at Ft. William
#012947-02 (Nipissing Dist.) Paul CYRE (s/b Cyr?), 22, labourer, Cyreville, North Bay, s/o Josie CYRE and Levina LAFOURNIER?, married Mary YANSEN, 26, Denmark, Ferris Twp., d/o Christy YANSEN and Annie M. NELSON. Witnesses: John CYRE and J.M. JOHNSTON both of North Bay, on 20 Nov. 1902 in North Bay 016574-02 Horace DAWSON, 35, railway laborer, Dorset England, Port Arthur, s/o James DAWSON & Ruth LAWRENCE, married Joanna Roberta CARISS, 32, widow, Chester England, Port Arthur, d/o Robert RANDELL & Jane STANLEY, witn: Mr. & Mrs George NEVE both of Port Arthur on Apr. 9, 1902 at Port Arthur.
15193-02 Alfred S. DAVEY, 30, manager, Hampshire England, Winnipeg, s/o H. T. DAVEY & Marianne DREWETTE?, married Louisa Thomas MOOR, 22, Toronto, Rat Portage, d/o C.A. MOOR & J. Annie THOMAS, witn: F. P. DAVEY of Winnipeg & M. E. MOOR of Rat Portage, 2 Sept 1902 at Rat Portage 012902-02 (Nipissing Dist) Michael Francis DESORMEAU, 20, laborer, Mattawa, same, s/o Francis DESORMEAU & Maggie NEVILL, married Josephine DOUCET, 18, Mattawa, same, d/o Eugene & Mary E. DOUCETT (sic), witn: Israel THERRIN & Alfrid DOUCET both of Mattawa on Jan. 7, 1902 at Mattawa. (RC)
#003489-03 (Algoma Dist): William DEW, 46, widower, laborer, Yorkshire England, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o John DEW & Mary Ann WOOD, married Mary STOREY, 44, widow, Toronto, same, d/o Ed BEALE & Caroline BEATY, witn: Thomas & Mrs. C.H. HAMILTON of Sault Ste. Marie, 8 May 1902 at Sault Ste. Marie 15122-02 (Rainy River Dist): George Albert DIXON, 30, farmer, Snowden twp., Barwick, s/o William DIXON & Eliza Ann CROSS, married Rachel Lukes PASCOE, 45, Port Hope, Barwick, d/o John PASCOE & Jane MARSHALL, witn: George B. & Mrs. G.B. DAVIS, both of Barwick, 22 Oct 1902 at Barwick
15178-02 Charles James DOOLEY, 26, bar tender, Quis? Quebec, Norman, s/o Daniel DOOLEY & Mary Ann CLARK, married Exilda LAUNDRY, St. Jean Baptiste, Norman, d/o Joseph LAUNDRY & Julia ROY, witn: Owen LAUNDRY & Eva CARSON, both of Norman, 3 June 1902 at Rat Portage (Rom Cath) 012903-02 (Nipissing Dist) Alfred DOUCET, 21, laborer, Pembroke, Mattawa, s/o Eugene DOUCET & Mary E GANGNON married Agnes PRIDE, 19, Mattawa, same, d/o Henry PRIDE & Jane ARVILL, witn: Edward DUPRIS & Israel THERRIEN, both of Mattawa on Jan. 7, 1902 at Mattawa. (RC)
013311-03 (Nipissing District) John DOUGHTY, farmer, 23, Lancashire Eng., Hudson Tp., s/o Robert DOUGHTY & Rosalina AMPHLETT, married Grace HAMMOND, 20, Morriston Ont., New Liskeard, d/o Samuel HAMMOND & Mary Anne CAMPBELL, witn: Robert & Laura HAMMOND both of New Liskeard on Dec 25, 1902 at New Liskeard. 003338-02 Malcolm DOWNIE, 26, farmer, Middlesex Co., Cockburn Island, s/o Malcolm DOWNIE & Christie MITCHEL, married Pearl McCUAIG, 18, Cockburn Island, same, d/o Archie McCUAIG & Jane GILBERT, witn: Will CONNORS & Mary McINTYRE both of Gore Bay on Oct. 7, 1902 at Gore Bay
15169-02 Napoleon DUCHARME, 22, miller, Ottawa, Keewatin, s/o Nazaire DUCHARME & Sarah Ann LAURIN, married Ismah Ann MUTTART, 17, Exeter Ont., Keewatin, d/o George MUTTART & Annie CARRICK, witn: F. MORDEN? & Marcella LAUZON, both of Keewatin, 16 April 1902 at Rat Portage 013076-02 John DUFFY, 26, laborer, of Whitney, s/o Thomas J DUFFY & Mary Ann CAWLEY, married Bridget Catterina REDDY, 26, Springtown, Whitney, d/o John REDDY & Mary O’TOOLE, witn: Thomas DUFFY & Bella McDONALD both of Whitney on Apr. 21, 1902 at Whitney. (RC)
15192-02 David DUNLOP, 24, fireman, Carleton Place, Rat Portage, s/o Andrew DUNLOP & Mary GILMOUR, married Elizabeth EADY, 22, La Pas Quebec, Rat Portage, d/o Thomas EADY & Ellen COWDER, witn: John WANLESS & M. M. C. ROCHESTER, both of Rat Portage, 25 Aug 1902 at Rat Portage 012906-02 (Nipissing Dist) Augustin DUPONT, 22, laborer, Renfrew Co., Mattawa, s/o Leon DUPONT & Louisa VENASSE, married Malvina MINOR, 17, Papineau Tp., same, d/o E. MINOR & Josephine DESORMEAU, witn: Joseph ROBITAILLE & Julienne TURCOTTE both of Mattawa on April 7, 1902 at Mattawa. (RC)
3587-02 (Manitoulin Dist): John Wesley DUXSBURY, 21, farmer, Mulmur twp., Tehkumnah, s/o Robert DUXSBURY & Mary Alice ATTRIDGE, married Margaret RUSSELL, 16, Tehkumnah, not given, d/o John RUSSELL & Nellie MARTIN, witn: David MARTIN & Elizabeth DUXSBURY, both of Tehkumnah, 21 May 1902 at lot 11, con 3, Tehkumnah 3619-02 (Manitoulin Dist): Arthur C. EDMONDS, 25, farmer, Durham, Silverwater, s/o John EDMONDS & Margaret WETHERAL, married Rhoda C. JEWELL, 26, Quebec City, Toronto, d/o John JEWELL & Annie JOHNSTON, witn: William F. EDMONDS of Silverwater & Nainoa W. JEWELL of Toronto, 24 Sept 1902 at Silverwater
#003485-02 (Algoma Dist): Remo (or Kemo), ELDRIDGE, no age given, laborer, England, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o John & Mary, married Mary Jane BALLARD, no age given Sydenham, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Peter & Ann, witn: Simon & Emma FISHER of Sault Ste. Marie, 8 May 1902 at Sault Ste. Marie 003336-02 - S. John EMERY, 31, farmer, Collingwood, Gordon Tp., s/o John EMERY & Flora McRAE, married Mildred Jane KEOWN, 19, Burpee, Burpee Tp., d/o John KEOWN & Margaret GORDON, witn: Daniel EMERY of Gordon Tp. & Dora KEOWN of Burpee on Oct. 8, 1902 at Gore Bay.
003337-02 Simon EMS, 26, farmer, West Bay, same, s/o Ebon EMS & Esther KENOSH, married Mary TULUS, 22, Sagamock, same, d/o Charles TULUS & Eliza NOGWAOSUG, witn: W. H. BAXTER & Mrs. C. C. PLATT both of Gore Bay on Oct. 15, 1902 at Gore Bay. (RC) #016523-02 (Thunder Bay Dist) John Albrecht EOLL, 26, merchant, Bristol England, Ft. William, s/o Augustus A. EOLL & Fredrica ALBRECHT, married Lena May PUBLOW, 25, Bathurst Ont., Ft. William, d/o John PUBLOW & Isabel MOFFAT, witn W.H. BUTCHER of Port Arthur & Elizabeth V. PUBLOW of Ft. William, 11 June 1902 at Ft. William
#016519-02 (Thunder Bay Dist.): Hanover EPPS, 28, farmer, South Virginia USA, Ft. William West, s/o Hanover EPPS & Mary McGREGOR, married Annie GENDRON, 62, widow, St. Ovid Quebec, Ft. William West, d/o Louis GENDRON & Marion ALLARS?, witn: Martha KING & Matilda LEES, both of Ft. William West, 11 June 1902 at Fort William West 003428-02 Joseph ETHIER, 24, labourer, Victoria Mine, same, s/o A. & T. married Rose A. LAFRAMBOISE, 18, Chelmsford, Rayside, d/o P. & M., witn: J. CHARBRONEAU (Charboneau?) & Olive LAFRAMBOISE both of Rayside on June 16, 1902 at Chelmsford. (RC)
4005-03 George Joseph EVANS, 24, laborer, Liverpool, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Joseph EVANS & Sarah W. JONES, married Delima ROCHON, 24, Buckingham, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Eusebe ROCHON & Delima BOISSON, witn: Frances DORSE? & John MAINE, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 2 Dec 1902 at Sault Ste. Marie 3613-02 (Algoma Dist): John Thomas FELTHAM, 23, farmer, Thessalon twp., same, s/o Henry FELTHAM & Jane TRIM, married Cecila Helder HOUSE, 25, Trafalgar, Thessalon twp., d/o Frederick HOUSE & Margaret SIMPSON, witn: Irwin & Mary E. STAFFORD of Thessalon twp., 25 Dec 1902 at Thessalon
#016510-02 (Thunder Bay Dist): William Francis FEREN, 24, laborer, Severn Bridge, Ft. William, s/o Joel E. FEREN & Amanda OLIVER, married Mary Eliza OWEN, 24, Staffordshire England, Ft. William, d/o Robert OWEN & Mary Ann GILES, witn: John J. ARMSTRONG & Emma C. FEREN, both of Ft. William, 22 March 1902 at Ft. William 013055-02 Peter FERGUSON, 23, laborer, Carlton Place, Copper Cliff, s/o George FERGUSON & Elizabeth GOODFELLOW, married Mary TAIT, 18, Calabogie, Copper Cliff, d/o David TAIT & Agnes KING, witn: Robert DICKSON & Maggie CRAIG both of Copper Cliff on July 4, 1902 at Sudbury
4003-03 Charles FISHER, 25, steel worker, Sarnia, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o William FISHER & Mary BUCHAN, married Obeline MORIN, 22, Ottawa, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Louis MORIN & Christena BOUCHER, witn: Lar-? NADON & Mary CONWAY, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 24 Nov 1902 at Sault Ste. Marie 15182-02 Claude A. FISHER, 25, machinist, Hastings, Winnipeg, s/o John FISHER & Mary COOK, married Mary Hardie ANDERSON, 22, Brechin Scotland, Winnipeg, d/o David ANDERSON & Anabella LOW, witn: H. BANNER & Bill ANDERSON, both of Winnipeg, 1 July 1902 at Rat Portage
015163/02 (Rainy River) James FOSTER, 38, widower, farmer, Turnberry, Gladstone, s/o John FOSTER & Mary Ann ADAMS, married Ethel Maud THOMPSON, 21, Clifford, E--? Ont., d/o Jas. THOMPSON & May WARK, witn William J. THOMPSON & Lena THOMPSON, both of Rat Portage, 17 Feb. 1902 at Rat Portage 013063-02 Joseph FOWLER, 30, lawyer, Orillia, Sudbury, s/o Robert FOWLER, & Hildah AUSTIN, married Marian F. THOMSON, 25, Renfrew, Sudbury, d/o George THOMPSON & Katherine GRAVES, witn: George FREER of Sudbury & Ethel IRVING of Webbwood on Sept. 9, 1902 at Sudbury
#003493-02 (Algoma Dist): George C. GARDINER, 24, laborer, Goderich, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o John GARDINER & Elizabeth JORDAN, married Emma WIGAND, 25, Boston, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Henry WIGAND & Adeline ANGLE?, witn: D. GREEN of Sault Ste. Marie, 18 June 1902 at Sault Ste. Marie 15168-02 Richard Wilmot GARDNER, 26, real estate broker, Mt. Forest, Winnipeg, s/o Thomas GARDNER & Anny WRIGHT, married Rhoda Jennie HANSON, 24, Selkirk, Rat Portage, d/o Thomas HANSON & Caroline PRUDEN, witn: Isabell CARLTON & Thomas H. HANSON, both of Rat Portage, 12 April 1902 at Rat Portage
003417-02 A. Robert GIBSON, 25, carpenter, Ontario, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o James GIBSON & Charlotte WALLACE, married Sarah McLEOD, 26, Ontario, Bruce Mine, d/o Norman & Delina, witn: Herbert THOMPSON of Sault Ste. Marie & J. McLEOD of Bruce Mine on Apr. 8, 1902 at Bruce Mine 003422-02 John GLAZIER, 29, farmer, Ontario, Gordon Lake, s/o John & Mary, married Emma Sarah LEISHMAN, 23, Ontario, Bruce Mine, d/o Robert & Sarah, witn: Thomas LEISHMAN & Martha BLACK both of Bruce Mine on June 24, 1902 at Bruce Mine
003599-1902 (Algoma Dist.) James GORDON, 25, farmer, Barrie, Thessalon, s/o David GORDON & Margaret McCRACKEN, married Lizzie STOPES, 24, Collingwood, same, d/o William H. STOPES & Eliza EDGAR, witn: Charles HOTCHKISS & Ida STOPES both of Thessalon, 30 Dec 1902 at Thessalon 003340-02 John GORDON, 28, farmer, Walpole, Providence Bay, s/o John GORDON & Catherine McDONALD, married Melissa, McDERMID, 21, Walpole, Campbell, d/o Duncan McDERMID & Mary CRANSTON, witn: Arch CRANSTON & Mary McDONALD both of Campbell on Nov. 20, 1902 at Gore Bay.
3288-02 (Algoma Dist): Albert GRAHAM, 24, fisherman, Billings twp., same, s/o William & Eliza, married Edith WILSON, 20, Billings twp., same, d/o Joseph & Eliza, witn: Matthew GRAHAM & Jane FARQUHAR, both of Billings twp., no date given, at Billings twp? 012904-02 (Nipissing Dist) John GREEN, 28, farmer, Madawaska, Bonfield, s/o John GREEN & Suzanne LAMURE married Mary Magdalene ANTOINE, 24, Mattawa, same, d/o Francois & Elizabeth ANTOINE, witn: Louis STOGUA of Pembroke & Francois ANTOINE of Mattawa on Feb. 8, 1902 at Mattawa. (RC)
016576-02 Allen GUERARD, 27, clerk, Ottawa, Port Arthur, s/o Alphonse GUERARD & Angele DUCLOS, married Susan E. WALKER, 19, Clinton Ont., Port Arthur, d/o James WALKER & Eliza YORK, witn: William GUERARD & Agatha PERRAS both of Port Arthur on May 12, 1902 at Port Arthur. (RC) 016585-02 John Otto HAAPANIEMI, 27, laborer, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Sakarias HIREN (sic) & Maria RAHKONEN, married Hilma HAUTAKOIPI, 20, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Herman HAUTAKOIPI & Kasia HORIKLA, witn: Autti HAUTAKOIPI & Selma MAKI both of Port Arthur on Nov. 27, 1902 at Port Arthur
015167/02 (Rainy River) James HAGEN, 29, missionary, Dunbartonshire, Rat Portage, s/o John HAGEN & Annie ORR, married Nellie CRAWFORD, 34, Greenock Sco., Rat Portage, d/o James CRAWFORD & Anabel KIRK, witn ? McROCHESTER & ?.P. JONES, both of Rat Portage, 7 Apr. 1902 at Rat Portage 013059-02 William HALL, 28, carpenter, Cumberland Co, Sudbury, s/o Burgess HALL & Lorenza CHAMBERLAIN, married Edith Gertrude STUBBINGTON, 21, Somersetshire England, Sudbury, d/o Francis J. STUBBINGTON & Mary BENNETT, witn E. M. & Edna STUBBINGTON both of Waters Tp. on July 30, 1902 at Waters Twp.
003604-1902 (Algoma Dist.) Thomas HAMMELL, 38, farmer, Morris Twp., Patton, s/o David HAMEL (sic) & Eliza McQUIRE, married Belle DOIG, 30, Seaforth?, Gladstone, d/o John DOIG & Janet McLAREN, witn: Mrs M. & Mary ARMSTRONG of Thessalon, 26 Nov 1902 at Thessalon 3308-02 (Algoma Dist): John HAND, 30, farmer, Markham, Day, s/o John HAND & Ella ANDERSON, married Elsie DUNN, 26, Sullivan, Day, d/o Daniel ( or David) DUNN & Isabella HYARTT?, witn: David DUNN of Day & Jane McCONNLEY of Par--?, 15 June 1902 at Day
#016539-02, Algoma Dist., William J. C. HANNAH, 26, Farmer, Barrie, Slate River, s/o William A. HANNAH and Margaret BRETT, m. Ruth Ella W. HUNT, 26, Kilsyth, Slate River, d/o John M. K. HUNT and Christina CARMICHEL, w. Thomas MILLER and Esther I. HUNT, Sep. 24, 1902, Fort William. #012957-02 (Nipissing Dist.) Joseph HANNIGAN, 38, labourer, Ireland, North Bay, s/o Edward HANNIGAN, and Anna TAYLOR, married Anna MILLER, 27, Germany, North Bay, d/o Frederic MILLER, and Anna SCHLIGHTING. Witnesses: William MILLER of North Bay, and Etta STORTZ of Peterboro. 4 Nov 1902 in North Bay (Rom Cath)
3304-02 (Algoma Dist): Carl HEKKILA, 51, widower, carpenter, Finland, Chapleau, s/o John & Catherine, married Annie DAVIS, 38, Moose Factory, Chapleau, d/o David & Mary, witn: George SWANSON & an "Indian", both of Chapleau, 5 March 1902 at Chapleau #016508-02 (Thunder Bay Dist.): Earnest HENNESSEY, 24, engineer, Toronto, Ft. William, s/o Patrick HENNESSEY & Mary MEAD, married Elizabeth THOMS, 23, Ft. William West, Ft. William, d/o Stewart & Elizabeth, witn: David BUTTERS & Annie ARMSTRONG, both of Ft. William, 29 June 1902 at Ft. William
013057-02 Hallet HERN, 26, postal clerk, Whitby, Copper Cliff, s/o John HEON & Henrietta BOWERMAN, married Mary IOTIE? (Jolie?), no age given, Ottawa, Copper Cliff, d/o Alfred IOTIE, & Elizabeth MARION, witn: Mrs B. WASHBURN & C. DORSETT both Sudbury on July 17, 1902 at Sudbury. 013313-03 (Nipissing District) Robert HERRON, 26, lumberman, Gelert, New Liskeard, s/o William HERRON & E. McELWAIN, married Ada DUMOND, 23, Markham, Dymond Tp., d/o A. C. DUMOND & Margaret STONEHOUSE, witn: Percy HERRON & Ellen DUMOND both of Dymond Tp. on Oct. 28, 1902 at New Liskeard.
013056-02 Edward Ernest HOBBS, 22, farmer, Shawville Quebec, May Tp. s/o Robert HOBBS & Isabella SHERKE, married Harriette Jane Gertrude CALDWELL, 22, Shawville Quebec, May Tp. d/o James CALDWELL & Sarah McDONALD, witn: W. KEETCH & Minnie BLACK both of Sudbury on July 9, 1902 at Sudbury #003484-02 (Algoma Dist): William James HODGKINSON, 28, farmer, Kinloss, Sylvan Valley, s/o William P.. HODGKINSON & Charlotte SCOTT, married Margaret MITCHELL, 18, Sylvan Valley, same, d/o Robert MITCHELL & Jeannette SPOONER, witn: Winifred INGERSOLL & Lydia HODGKINSON, both of Sylvan Valley, 16 May 1902 at Sault Ste. Marie
016614-02 Nicholas HOURDON, 22, trainman, Kincardine, Port Arthur, s/o James HOURDON & not known KENDRICH, married Anna Belle ANDERSON, 20, Harrisville Michigan, Port Arthur, d/o Henry ANDERSON & Margaret CHOWAN, witn: William & Annie FOX both of Port Arthur on Sept. 5, 1902 at Port Arthur 003333-02 Robert H. HUNT, 29, farmer, King Tp., Billings, s/o Henry HUNT & Mary CROSSLEY married Mary McLEOD, 17, Allan Tp., same, d/o Duncan McLEOD & Catherine BEELY, witn: witn: Wallis & Bessie McLEOD both of Allan Tp. on July 30, 1902 at Gore Bay
3390-02 (Algoma Dist): Herbert Secord HYLAND, 27, farmer, Wellington Co., St. Joseph, s/o Joseph & blank, married Maude SEE, 18, Jocelyn, same, d/o Octave SEE & Mary A. BLACK, witn: Arthur HYLAND of St. Joseph & May SEE of Jocelyn, 9 April 1902 at Jocelyn 3621-02 (Algoma Dist): George INGRAM, 26, farmer, Cobourg, Kirkwood, s/o Henry INGRAM & Eliza HAWSTONE, married Verna C. IRVINN?, 19, Kirkwood, same, d/o Samuel IRVINN & Amelia FERRIER, witn: Henry INGRAM & Annie JOHNSTONE, both of Kirkwood, 12 Nov 1902 at Kirkwood
#012949-02 (Nipissing Dist.) Wellington IRVINE, 24, Brakesman, Lanark Co., North Bay, s/o Robert and Frances, married Mary BROWN, 23, Beachburg, North Bay, d/o Duncan BROWN and Jane WHITE , Witnesses: J.R. CRAWFORD, and Frances SALE, both of North Bay. 26 Nov 1902 in North Bay 15170-02 William JACK, 32, brakeman, Fergus, Rat Portage, s/o Peter JACK & Margaret GEVIRE?, married Julia Theresa EAGAN, 21, West Huntley, Rat Portage, d/o Daniel EAGAN & Bridget McCORMICK, witn: Fred OLIVER & Bessie EAGAN, both of Brule, 16 April 1902 at Rat Portage
013069-02 James Wesley JARVIS, 25, farmer, Ontario, Kerns Tp. s/o James JARVIS & Harriet JOHNSTON, married Lydia Viola HAGUE, 16, Hagueville? Ontario, Kerns Tp. d/o William & Barbara, witn: Wm J. MONTGOMERY& Maggie NEWTON both of Kerns Tp. on Jan. 24, 1902 at Kerns Tp 016590-02 Charles JUTRAS, 36, businessman, Somerset Que., Port Arthur, s/o Hyacinthe JUTRAS & Zoé CHABOT, married Marie Emilie PAQUETTE, 24, St. Jean de Neuville Que., Port Arthur, d/o François PAQUETTE & Julie GELAMEAU, witn : Hyacinthe PAQUETTE & Adolphe PERRAS both of Port Arthur on Sept. 8, 1902 at Port Arthur. (RC)
013312-03 (Nipissing District) Abraham KENNEDY, 24, blacksmith, Northumberland Co., New Liskeard, s/o Adam & Jane WHITE, married Alice LEWIS, 20, Ireland, Harris Tp., d/o James & M. R. LEWIS, witn: Albert KENNEDY of New Liskeard & Marie DUNN of Harris Tp. on Nov. 11, 1902, at New Liskeard. 003603-1902 (Algoma Dist.) Pierre KETAKINAB?, 60, hunter, Les Sables, Blind River, widower, s/o Saianakulabia? & Bin….?, married Charlotte MISSABE, 50, widow d/o MISSABE & LA MANGEUSE?, witn: Pierre HOULE & Regina BRISSON, both of Blind River, 15 Aug 1902 at Thessalon
3567-02 Horan? KITCHEN, 36, contractor, Goodinklin? NB, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Sam KITCHEN & Catherine CAMPBELL, married Mannie GRAHAM, 29, Lindsay, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o William GRAHAM & Eliza GRAY, witn: Sarah CRAGG & James MARTIN, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 12 Nov 1902 at Sault Ste. Marie 003421-02 - J. KNIGHT, 30, miner, Ontario, Bruce Mine, s/o J. KNIGHT & Christiana SULLIVAN, married Mary Ann WHITE, 28, Ontario, Bruce Mine, d/o Thomas WHITE & Ann Laura CAMERON, witn: Edward H. WHITE & Amanda JACKSON both of Bruce Mine on May 10, 1902 at Bruce Mine.
#012884-02 (Nipissing Dist.) Gilbert KOEPKE, 28, b. Waterloo Co., of Kerns Twp, Farmer, s/o A.M. KOEPKE & Jane CHAPMAN, married Mary E. COULTER, 23, b. Uxbridge Twp, of Dymond Twp, d/o James COULTER & Eliza ALLBRIOD(?), witnesses: J. COULTER of Dymond Twp & Rose SCOTT of New Liskeard, on 30 July 1902 at New Liskeard 3611-02 (Algoma Dist): James LACHORE, 53, widower, gentleman, Glasgow Scotland, Blind River, s/o James LACHORE & Margaret ALEXANDER, married Christina GARSON, 50, widow, Orkney Scotland, Thessalon twp., d/o Magnus SCOTT & Maria ICEBISTER, witn: Albert GARSON & Annie GRAHAM, both of Thessalon, 30 April 1902 at Thessalon
016589-02 John LALONDE, 26, railway man, Port Arthur, same, s/o Emery LALONDE & Mary AITKINS, married Mary McMILLAN, 23, Inverness Scotland, Port Arthur, d/o Farquhar McLELLAN & Sarah GILLIS, witn: Angus McLELLAN & Louisa LALONDE both of Port Arthur on Sept. 8, 1902 at Port Arthur. (RC) 15186-02 David LANDON, 36, chief, Islington, same, s/o David & Margaret, married Eliza OMUYDU, 25, Grassy Narrows, Islington, d/o Omuydu & Indian woman, witn: James ANDERSON & J. S. NEWTON, both of Islington Mission, 10 Aug 1902 at Islington Mission
003419-02 B. William LATIMER, 33, farmer, Ontario, Gordon Lake, s/o Wm & Ann, married Maggie McRORIE, 29, Ontario, Bruce Mine, d/o Peter & Isabella, witn: Adam COOK & Lizzie McRORIE both of Bruce Mine on May 28, 1902 at Bruce Mine. 003429-02 Armand LAUZON, 22, farmer, of Rayside, s/o B. & C., married Georgiana DUTRISAC, 21, Papineauville, Rayside, d/o O. & M., witn: Cyprien CASTONGUAY & Alderic WATTIER both of Rayside on June 23, 1902 at Chelmsford. (RC)
#012955-02 (Nipissing Dist.) William Harry LEE, 25, R.R.Brakesman, St.Marys, North Bay, s/o Keith LEE and Martha COPELAND, married Agnes MORAND, 22, Pembroke, Pembroke, d/o Richard MORAND and Pauline ST.AMAND. Witnesses: Jas R. DONALD and Rose MORAND both of North Bay. 31 Dec 1902 15191-02 David LEFEVRE, 24, laborer, St. Eugene Quebec, Norman, s/o F.X. LEFEVRE & Elizabeth DENNIS, married Lydia LEBLEU, 19, Rat Portage, Norman, d/o Charles LABLEU (sic) & Elizabeth ROUGEAN, witn: Malcolm RIOUX & Riznilla LABLEU, both of Norman, 2 Sept 1902 at Rat Portage
016611-02 Abraham D. LEMAY, 34, laborer, Minnesota USA, Port Arthur, s/o Edward LEMAY & Ellen ROBERTSON, married Catherine McLEAN, 27, Saginaw Michigan USA, Port Arthur, d/o Charles McLEAN & Catherine HOLLAND, witn: Archie McGILLIS & Charlotte McLEAN both of Port Arthur on Aug. 20, 1902 at Port Arthur. (RC) 016596-02 Caleb LEVERETT, 27, gardener, Ipswich England, Port Arthur, s/o Caleb LEVERETT & Anna GOODERHAM, married Phoebe LIGHTHEART, 35, Brampton, same, s/o John LIGHTHEART & Catherine LITTLE, witn: Margaret GRAY & Christie McLENNAN both of Port Arthur on Oct. 29, 1902 at Port Arthur
15195-02 James LINKLATOR, 28, laborer, Rupert House, Rat Portage, s/o Magnus LINKLATOR & Elizabeth WINGRANS?, married Annie GARROW, 17, Chandos, Norman, d/o Joseph GARROW & Elizabeth McKINNON, witn: Wilfred CARON & L. LAMONTAGNE, both of Norman, 23 Sept 1902 at Rat Portage 15177-02 William LOCHT, 25, laborer, Poland, Rat Portage, s/o Mike LOCHT & Nina NEUBAUER, married Bertha BRANDT, 18, Russia, Rat Portage, d/o Henry BRANDT & Regina FIDDLE, witn: Gustaf HOLTZ & Gertie THOMPSON, both of Rat Portage, 16 April 1902 at Rat Portage (Lutheran)
015166/02 (Rainy River) Charles Henry LOTT, 27, laborer, Uxbridge, Dryden, s/o Chas. LOTT & Sarah Ann SMITH, married Mary Jane STEPHENSON, 21, Paisley Ont., Dryden, d/o James STEPHENSON & Mary SHOULDICE, witn Joseph & Christina SHOULDICE, both of Rat Portage, 9 Apr. 1902 at Rat Portage 016595-02 Henry Graham LOVE, 29, laborer, Bruce Mines, Port Arthur, s/o John LOVE & Jane CLARK, married Annie DAVIES, 22, Denbighshire Wales, Port Arthur, d/o John DAVIES & Jane ROGERS, witn: James SHERLOCK & Nellie WALKER both of Port Arthur on Oct.22, 1902 at Port Arthur.
#012945-02 (Nipissing Dist.) George LOXTON, 26, Fireman, Orangeville, North Bay, s/o George LOXTON and Sarah CALLIS, married Minnie ANTLER, 17, Pembroke, North Bay, d/o John (should be Ferdinand) ANTLER, and not stated (should be Caroline WIENKE), Witnesses: Thomas LOXTON and Nellie RYAN, both of North Bay. on 4 Nov 1902 in North Bay 016592-02 Emil LUIRI (Tuiri?), 27, laborer, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Johan Gustave LUIRI & Launa TAANT, married Maria KINNUNEN, 21, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Matte KINNUNEN & Tilda PAANANEN, witn: Johan NIRMI & Hilma HAUTAKORPI both of Port Arthur on Oct. 9, 1902 at Port Arthur
#003481-02 (Algoma Dist): William LYNCH, 31, farmer, London England, Johnston twp., s/o William LYNCH & Mary SHILT, married Josephine HILDERSLEY, 21, Glenmorris, Johnston twp., d/o Charles HILDERSLEY & Huldah TOSS?, witn: Annie BECK & Ruby SMITH, both of "Sault", 7 May 1902 at Sault Ste. Marie 15124-02 (Rainy River Dist): Richard J. F. MARSH, 49, widower, customs officer, York Co., Fort Francis, s/o James MARSH & Catherine ROSS, married Annie Mary MILLER, 33, Rawdon Ont., Rainy River, d/o Stewart MILLER & Jane ELLIOTT, witn: Joseph MILLER & Edith M. HODGE, both of Rainy River, 10 Dec 1902 at Rainy River
003699-03 George MARTIN, 24, laborer, Hull, Victoria Mines, s/o Antoine MARTIN & Marie MONTREYE, married Lea LAROSE, 20, Hull, Victoria Mines, d/o A. LAROSE & Elizabeth AIMELE, witn: Amedè LAROSE & Elizabeth AIMELE on Aug. 4, 1902 at Victoria Mines. (RC) 016593-02 George Wilfred MARTYN, 24, shoemaker, Innisfil Simcoe Co., Port Arthur, s/o John MARTYN & Maggie HERRILL, married Edith Mabel BLAKELY, 24, Barrie, same, d/o Samuel BLAKELY & Hannah TODD, witn: Charles TRAER & Mrs. W. J. WOODS both of Port Arthur on Sept. 16, 1902 at Port Arthur
003487-02 (Algoma Dist): Samuel MASON, 38, engineer, England, Statton, s/o Thomas & Martha, married Martha COLES, 28, Toronto, same, d/o John COLES & Maria WOODHOUSE, witn: Charles PIERCY & Clara CAPP, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 15 May 1902 at Sault Ste. Marie #016509-02 (Thunder Bay Dist.): Robert Thomas MATHESON, 24, butcher, Owen Sound, Ft. William, s/o William MATHESON & Jane JOLLY, married Jessie May McNEE, 20, Arnprior, Ft. William, d/o John & Euphemia, witn: C.P. & Mrs. C.P. RAPELJE? of Ft. William, 5 March 1902 at Ft. William
3436-02 (Algoma Dist): Alfred MAURY?, 35, lumberman, Peterborough, Massey, s/o Augustus MAURY & Mary BATESON, married Louisa ATKINSON, 27, James Bay, Massey, d/o George ATKINSON & Margaret CHILTERN, witn: William BECKETT & Mary WAREHAM, both of Massey, 12 March 1902 at not given 15175-02 Jules MAUTHA, 34, laborer, St. Sauveur, Rat Portage, s/o J. Bte. MAUTHA & Josephine CHARRON, married Georgia CHAMPAGNE, 37, widow, St. Jean de Mautha, Rat Portage, d/o Joseph CHAMPAGNE & Zoe BRAULT, witn: Rev. Fr. BAUDIN & Rev. Fr. THIBEADEAU, both of Rat Portage, 10 May 1902 at Rat Portage (Rom Cath)
003326-02 Donald McARTHUR, 24, farmer, of Mills Tp., s/o Matt McARTHUR & Ellen MATTHEWS, married Mary Helen FALLS, 21, Gore Bay, Meldrum Bay, d/o Wes FALLS & Mary BARRY, witn: Jackson ARMSTRONG of Meldrum Bay & Eliza BURNS of Gore Bay on Feb. 24, 1902 at Gore Bay. #016522-02 (Thunder Bay Dist): Alexander McARTHUR, 27, fireman, Wellington Co., Ft. William, s/o Donald McARTHUR & Christina YOUNG, married Helen Almira McDOUGALL, 21, Brockville, Ft. William, d/o Archie McDOUGALL & Anna ELWARD, witn: Wilbert SMYTH & Eva McDOUGALL, both of Ft. William, 25 June 1902 at Ft. William
016584-02 Alexander McCLUSKY, 34, railway man, Ireland, Fort William, s/o Henry McCLUSKY & Liddy BOYD, married Mary D. PERRAS, 21, Michigan, Fort William, d/o Augustus PERRAS & Euretta LAMB, witn: Mrs. R. NICHOLS & Mrs. ROWE both of Port Arthur on Nov. 18, 1902 at Port Arthur. 3451-02 (Algoma Dist): Malcolm McCLURE, 27, laborer, widower, Ontario, Korah twp., s/o John McCLURE & Margaret McCLOUD, married Ellen SULLIVAN, 24, USA, Korah twp., d/o Michael SULLIVAN & Lanag BRENNAN, witn: Theodore & Sophia NELSON of Korah twp., 18 June 1902 at Korah twp
3391-02 (Algoma Dist): Thomas McDERMOTT, 31, farmer, Enniskillen Ont., St. Joseph, s/o Matthew McDERMOTT & Margaret FERRIS, married Margaret H. YOUNG, 38, teacher, Leeds Ont., Jocelyn, d/o Christopher YOUNG & Jane FLEMING, witn: Humphrey YOUNG & Alice FERRIS, both of St. Joseph, 16 Dec 1902 at Jocelyn 013066-02 James J. McDONALD, 24, blank, New York, Markstay, s/o Thomas & Flora McDONALD, married Catherine MacDONNELL, 24, Lochiel - Glengarry Ont., Markstay, d/o R. & Margery MacDONNELL, witn: John BARRETT & Mary GRANT both of Markstay on Oct. 15, 1902 at Markstay (RC)
15189-02 James McDONALD, 27, brakeman, McKillop, Rat Portage, s/o James & Janet, married Martha WALSH, 22, Winnipeg, Rat Portage, d/o Walter WALSH & Martha GRAY, witn: Walter & Lizzie WALSH of Rat Portage, 1 Sept 1902 at Rat Portage 3277-02 (Manitoulin Dist): Malcolm McKECHNIE, 28, lumberman, Ontario, Providence Bay, s/o John McKECHNIE & Maggie McNICHOL, married Annie CHARLTON, 20, Ontario, Providence Bay, d/o James CHARLTON & Levina KILBOURN, witn: John SINCLAIR & Olivia CHARLTON, both of Providence Bay, 30 Dec 1902 at Manitowanig
016607-02 Albert Edward McKENZIE, 31, seed merchant, York Co., Brandon, s/o F. B. McKENZIE & Marie CARLEY, married Laura Elizabeth BELL, 29, Dufferin Co., Port Arthur, d/o R. BELL & M. A. AUGUST, witn: W. H. BUTCHER & M. C. MITCHELL both of Port Arthur on July 30, 1902, at Port Arthur 016599-02 Herbert Albert McKIBBON, 34, banker, Peterborough, Port Arthur, s/o Robert McKIBBON & Sarah RAY, married Barbara Haliburton KING, 27, Port Hope, Port Arthur, d/o Joseph G. KING & Emma J. HOLDSWORTH, witn: R. E. LARMOUR & Muriel S. KING both of Port Arthur on Sept. 9, 1902 at Port Arthur
15172-02 Allan McLENNAN, 32, barrister, Cornwall, Rat Portage, s/o Alex McLENNAN & Isabella MURRAY, married Helen Jean BAKER, 26, Halifax NS, Rat Portage, d/o W.L. BAKER & Isabella McCULLOUGH, witn: J. E. WELLBRIDGE & Alice BAKER, both of Rat Portage, 23 April 1902 at Rat Portage 016605-02 George McLEOD, 34, R. R. engineer, Picton N.B., Port Arthur, s/o John McLEOD & Eliza FERGUSON, married Agatha PERRAS, 24, Port Arthur, same, d/o Adolphe PERRAS & Susan BLOOM, witn: Hector McLEOD of Winnipeg Manitoba & Victoria PELLETIER of Fort William on June 25, 1902 at Port Arthur
15120-02 (Rainy River Dist): Thomas McMAHON, 28, hotel keeper, Renfrew, Stratton Station, s/o Simon McMAHON & Catherine DOYLE, married Mary Effie THOMPSON, 20, of Erno, d/o Joseph THOMPSON & Annie Jane NORK?, witn: William P. MURPHY & D. McGREGOR, both of Rainy River, 10 June 1902 at Rainy River (Rom Cath) #012950-02 (Nipissing Dist) Alexander McQUILLAN, 23, Car Repairer, Antrim Ireland, North Bay, s/o William and Esther, married Rebecca LIINDSAY, 22, Belfast Ireland, North Bay, d/o Samuel and Mary, Witnesses: Katie BROWN and Laura HART both of North Bay. 25 Nov 1902 in North Bay.
#012954-02 (Nipissing Dist.) Alexander McRAE, 35, Widower, Farmer, Glengarry, Weberville, s/o Malcolm McRAE and Catherine McDOUGALL, married Mary WATSON, 31, Varney, Rainey River, d/o Robert WATSON and Dina GADD. Witnesses: J.M.JOHNSTON and Beatrice MOORE, both of North Bay. 24 Dec 1902 in North Bay #01615-02 (Thunder Bay Dist.): John McVEIGH, 41, hotel keeper, Antrim Ireland, Rapid River, s/o Henry McVEIGH & Marguerite GIDION, married Catherine McGINNIS, 33, Phelpstone Ont., same, d/o James McGINNIS & Catherine KENNY, witn: John ADAMS & G. DUMAS, both of Ft. William, 5 May 1902 at Ft. William (Rom Cath)
016575-02 Charles MEAD, 23, conductor CPR, Somerset England, Ottawa, s/o Charles MEAD & Mary J. LOCKYEAR, married Lilian MAYMAN (Hayman?), 26, Liverpool England, Port Arthur, d/o William HAYMAN & Jane LUNT, witn: Arthur DEADMAN of Fort William & Alice L. EVANS of Port Arthur on Apr. 16, 1902 at Port Arthur 003427-02 Michel MENARD, 21, labourer, Ste. Rose, Rayside, s/o Nap & M., married Auxilia ROY, 19, Coppercliff, Rayside, d/o J. & A., witn: Amedè BRUNET of Rayside & Leonard MASSE of Chelmsford on Jan. 7, 1902 at Chelmsford. (RC)
3571-02 Roderick MILLAR, 29, architect, England, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Thomas MILLER & Ellen PENNY, married Kate MURCHISON, 29, Lindsay, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o John MURCHISON & Mary J. McLEAN, witn: H. R. DAVIS & A. S. BURNETT, 9 Dec 1902 at Sault Ste. Marie 4004-03 William B. MILLER, 27, manufacturer, Kincardine, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Elijah? MILLER & Mary Jane SMITH, married Minnie MALONEY, 30, widow, Pike Creek Ont., Sault Ste. Marie, d/o William C. HAYES & Annora JOBIN, witn: Mrs. William HIGGINGS & Mrs. C. JORDAN, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 26 Nov 1902 at Sault Ste. Marie
#003494-02 (Algoma Dist): John MILLER, 32, mason, illegible, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o John MILLER & Catherine RITCHBERG?, married Mary NELSON, 25, Southampton, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o David NELSON & Eliza GIBBONS, witn: C.W. & Ellen DAINTON of Sault Ste. Marie, 23 June 1902 at Sault Ste. Marie 15125-02 (Rainy River Dist): Joseph MILLER, 21, farmer, Dalhousie twp., Rainy River, s/o Stewart MILLER & Jane ELLIOTT, married Edith Mary HODGE, 21, London England, Rainy River, d/o John HODGE & Mary PAYNE, witn: Harry J. HODGE & Lillian MILLER, both of Rainy River, 17 Dec 1902 at Rainy River
15174-02 Frank Mitchell MILNE, 29, farmer, Paisley, Rapid River, s/o William MILNE & Mary CLARKE, married Agnes CHRISTOFFSON, 18, Denmark, Rapid River, d/o Hans CHRISTOFFSON & Margaret NELSON, witn: Arthur ARMSTRONG & Kathleen MURPHY, both of Rapid River, 30 April 1902 at Rapid River 003605-1902 (Algoma Dist.) Duncan MITCHELL, 24, mining engineer, Glencoe, Blind River, s/o John P. MITCHELL & Elizabeth McALLUM, married Annie MARTIN, 18, Perth, Blind River, d/o Robert MARTIN & Susan BOELAND, witn: James MARTIN & Martha DAVIDSON, both of Blind River, 20 Aug 1902 at Thessalon
013071-02 - J. MONTGOMERY, 24, farmer, Smith Tp, Kerns Tp, s/o David MONTGOMERY & Mary CRE--?illegible, married Margaret NEWTON, 17, Haldimand Tp. Kerns Tp. d/o John NEWTON & Ellen GALLIN? witn: W. GREEN, King Tp. & Effie NEWTON of Kerns Tp. on June 25, 1902 at Kerns Tp 3402-02 (Manitoulin Dist): Edward MORROW, 33, cook, Simcoe, Little Current, s/o J. & Emily, married Margaret PATTERSON, 25, Scotland, Little Current, d/o Dan & Mary, witn: William YOUNG & Janet PATTERSON, both of Little Current, 19 March 1902 at Little Current
003600-1902 (Algoma Dist.) William John MULHOLLAND, 28, farmer, Lambton Co., Kirkwood, s/o Hugh MULHOLLAND & Rebecca RISK, married Eva WHITEHEAD, 18, Norfolk Co., Kirkwood, d/o Ezra J. WHITEHEAD & Lorinda McKINNEY, witn: Edwin MULHOLLAND of Kirkwood & Lylie JACK of Ausonia, 3 Dec 1902 at Kirkwood 015159/02 (Rainy River) John MULVERHILL, 29, bartender, Renfrew, Rat Portage, s/o Martin MULVERHILL & Mary COSTELLO, married Mary Martha HANES, 30, St. Boniface, Rat Portage, d/o Thomas HANES & Kate RUSSELL, witn Emil & Diana DESILETS, both of Rat Portage, 27 Jan 1902 at Rat Portage (Catholic)
#016516-02 (Thunder Bay Dist.): John R. MUNRO, 34, machinist, Invergordon Scotland, Ft. William, s/o Robert MUNRO & Josie BAIN, married Dora Mary WILLIAMS, 27, London England, Ft. William, d/o John WILLIAMS & Georgina MORRIS, witn: Thomas P. KELLY of Ft. William & Esther MARIN of Pt. Arthur, 26 May 1902 at Ft. William (Rom Cath) #003331-02 ( Algoma Co) R.W. MUTCHMORE, 21, Merchant, Providence Bay, Gore Bay, s/o John MUTCHMORE and C. McKECHNIE, married M.M. MCRAE, 20, d/o D.B. McRAE and Mary LOGAN, witn: H. BULL & Minnie McRAE, July 14, 1902 Gore Bay
003606-1902 (Algoma Dist.) William A. NELLES, 22, laborer, Hamilton, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o William NELLES & Susan MEAD, married Sophia SAVIN, 18, Watson’s Corners Lanark Co., d/o William SAVIN & Agnes BARR, witn: Alfred SAVIN & Delila LEECH, both of Thessalon, 18 Jun 1902 at Thessalon. 016582-02 Edward NUSITALE, 31, laborer, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Johan NUSITALE & Edla TUSMAALA, married Hilda FORSBY, 18, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Johan FORSBY & Tilda HASMUNIKOSKI, witn: John & Mauda BELILAINEN both of Port Arthur on Nov. 13, 1902 at Port Arthur. (Ev. Luth)
#016513-02 (Thunder Bay Dist.): William OAKLEY, 27, farmer, West Bromwich, Slate River, s/o Ephraim OAKLEY & Rebecca DANIELS, married Mary BRILLINGER, 20, Ontario Co., Slate River, d/o Eli & Elizabeth C., witn: Joseph OAKLEY of Ft. William & Bert BRILLINGER of Slate River, 16 April 1902 at Ft. William 4002-03 Patrick William O’GORMAN, 36, laborer, Egansville, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o John O’GORMAN & Catherine DELORN?, married Mary A. QUILTY, 31, Askoa? - Renfrew Co., Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Nicholas QUILTY & M. A. DILLON, witn: M. J. CARGHANA? & Lizzie QUILTY, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 25 Nov 1902 at Sault Ste. Marie
016598-02 Patrick O’REILLY, 40, laborer, Renfrew Co., Port Arthur, s/o John O’REILLY & Margaret RUDDY, married Catherine WHALEN, 32, Renfrew Co., Port Arthur, d/o John WHALEN & Hellen HAYES, witn: Edward MALONE & Florence BARNES both of Port Arthur on Oct. 29, 1902 at Port Arthur. (RC) #003490-02 (Algoma Dist): Ferdinand Charles PAGE, 26, baker, England, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o George PAGE & Harriet HORTOP, married Susan McKINLEY, 23, widow, North Augusta, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Jacob WILLOUGHBY & Annie COUTRY?, witn: Charles WILLOUGHBY & Kate WALKER, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 22 April 1902 at Sault Ste. Marie
3276-02 (Algoma Dist): Felix PAQUET, 25, laborer, Ottawa, Little Current, s/o Francois PAQUET & Annie ENS, married Binie CAUGHELL, 16, Little Current, same, d/o Walter & Annie BREWER, witn: Mrs. H.K. PARTRIDGE & Mrs. R. CONNELL, both of Manitowanig, 24 Sept 1902 at Manitowanig #016560-02 (Thunder Bay Dist): John Charles PASKE, 29, brakeman, Lincolnshire England, Schreiber, s/o Henry PASKE & Mary E. PARNHAM, married Mary COULSON, 19, Sweden, Schreiber, d/o John COULSON & Clara LAWRENCE, witn: William CARSON of Schreiber & Annie ORSTAD of Pt. Arthur, 2 Jan 1902 at Port Arthur
#016535-02, Algoma Dist., Arthur Walten PASCO, 26, Cookee - Brighton England, Fort William, s/o George PASCOE and Emma KEEFE, m. Eldora Jennie EARL, 20, Roxanna, Michigan, Port Arthur, d/o Rufus EARL and Sarah McLEAN, w. George WALDRON and Ettie WALDRON, Aug. 20, 1902, Fort William. 15171-02 Henry PHILLIPS, 24, brakeman, Huron Co., Rat Portage, s/o Thomas PHILLIPS & Barbara BLUE, married May CARSON, 20, North Bay, Rat Portage, d/o James CARSON & Hannah FROST, witn: H.M. SUTHERLAND & M. LAMOND, both of Rat Portage, 20 April 1902 at Rat Portage
3289-02 (Algoma Dist): John Walter PHILLIPS, 24, carpenter, Wigwam Penn. USA, Biscotasing, s/o David W. PHILLIPS & Anna SERVAR, married Sophia Irene SAUNDERS, 24, Matogami, Biscotasing, d/o John SAUNDERS & Frances C. SWANSON, witn: Percy SAUNDERS & Jessie McLEOD, both of Biscotasing, 24 Dec 1902 at Biscotasing 003418-02 Thomas POOL, 39, miner, Ontario, Bruce Mines, s/o Thomas POOL & Mary HENDERSON, married Ellen TREGENZA, 41, Ontario, Bruce Mine, d/o Thomas & Mary Ann, witn: Amos & Nellie TREGENZA both of Bruce Mine on May 14, 1902 at Bruce Mine. (Meth)
3569-02 William Herbert PRICE, 23, electrician, Port--? PE, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Walter PRICE & Florence HOOBINGEN, married Ethel M. GRAHAM, 24, Barns?, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o William R. GRAHAM & Agnes GILBERTSON, witn: W. R. & Andy GRAHAM of Sault Ste. Marie, 19 Nov 1902 at Sault Ste. Marie #003486-02 (Algoma Dist): George PYETTE, 37, lumberman, Owen Sound, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o David PYETTE & Mary FROST, married Polly CAMPBELL, 38, widow, Salem O., Goulais Bay, d/o Thomas ROBINSON & L. VERSHOLM?, witn: William Ross KELLY & Mrs. Ross KELLY of Sault Ste. Marie, 20 May 1902 at Sault Ste. Marie
15190-02 William McDowell REESOR, 23, miller, Pickering, Keewatin, s/o William G. REESOR & Annie McDOWELL, married Charlotte A. HOLMES, 19, Parry Sound, Keewatin, d/o A. J. HOLMES & Annabell BARNES, witn: Anny J. ARMSTRONG & F. A. DEMOREST, both of Keewatin, 2 Sept 1902 at Keewatin 003425-02 J. W. REGIMBAL, 20, clerk, Azilda, same, s/o A. & Zothique, married Florida CHARTRAND, 17, Aylmer, Creighton, d/o Moise & Josephine, witn: Z. REGIMBAL of Azilda and M. CHARTRAND of Creighton on Jan. 13, 1902 at Chelmsford. (RC)
19139-02 Charles C. REID, 23, delivering, Simcoe Co., Sault Ste. Marie, s/o William REID & Asonit? RAMSBOTTOM, married Beatrice HAYWARD, 18, not known, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o Alonzo illegible HAYWARD & Adeline LA BRASH, no date or location given [reg’d in Sault Ste. Marie ] #016518-02 (Thunder Bay Dist.): Joseph S. RIVAIS, 30, barber, Aylmer Quebec, Ft. William, s/o Louis RIVAIS & Delphine PERRAS, married My McAVARY, 21, Toronto, Ft. William, d/o John McAVARY & Annie WHALEN, witn: G. DUMAS & Agnes HACQUEIL, both of Ft. William, 9 June 1902 at Ft. William (Rom Cath)
3307-02 (Manitoulin Dist): John ROBINSON, 26, yeoman, Bruce Co., Cockburn Island, s/o John ROBINSON & Elizabeth ALLEN, married Lillian Adelia GOODMURPHY, 17, Cockburn Island, same, d/o Thomas S. GOODMURPHY & Henrietta REYNOLDS, witn: Samuel & Bertie ELLIS of Cockburn Island, 24 Sept 1902 at Cockburn Island #016525-02 (Thunder Bay Dist): John J. ROBINSON, 24, Canboro, Ft. William, s/o William ROBINSON & Mary McDONALD, married Jane G. DUNN, 22, Renfrew, Ft. William, d/o John DUNN & Emelia DUDEON?, witn: John & Barbara DUNN of Ft. William, 25 June 1902 at Ft. William
012905-02 (Nipissing Dist) Edmond ROBITAILLE, 19, laborer, Labelle Co., Mattawa, s/o Joseph ROBITAILLE & Caroline SEGUIN, married Julien TURCOTTE, 20, Pembroke, Mattawa, d/o K. TURCOTTE & Victoria PERRIN, witn: Joseph BELANGER of Papineau & Georgina ROBITAILLE of Mattawa on April 7, 1902 at Mattawa. (RC) 013281-03 (Nipissing West) John ROWE, 32, labourer, Buckingham, Wal?apital, s/o George ROWE & Anne GARVEY; married Lillie PRIOR, 19, Scotland, Wal?apital, d/o Hugh PRIOR & Anne PYE; witn - Jas. McNAMARA, Stinson’s & Ed McNAMARA, Stinson’s, 25 November 1902, Stintsons
013062-02 Alfred ROY, 36, laborer, widower, Bathurst N.B., Victoria Mine, s/o Jacques ROY & Dorilda MALONE, married Annie PIANOWASKA, 20, Mount St. Patrick Ontario, Worthington, no parents given, witn: Louis CUILLERE & Joseph MENTHA both of Victoria Mine on Aug. 11, 1902 at Sudbury. (RC) 3568-02 Herbert RUDELL, 19, baggage man, of Sault Ste. Marie, s/o William & Lizzie, married Lada (Lulu?) FOSTER, 18, USA, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o George FOSTER & Mary SMITH, witn: Mrs. C. WRAY & Mrs. John VICARY, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 17 Nov 1902 at Sault Ste. Marie
#016507-02 (Thunder Bay Dist.): Alphonse St.LOUIS, 20, clerk, Pt. Arthur, Ft. William, s/o Alphonse St.LOUIS & Cellina BRATTEAU, married Elizabeth BRADY, 23, widow, New York, Ft. William, d/o Nelson BRADY & Elizabeth COTREL, witn: Theophile ROUSSEAU & Mary MacAVERY, both of Ft. William, 27 Jan 1902 at Ft. William (Rom Cath) #012956-02 (Nipissing Dist.) Alexander SAMPSON, 27, Farmer, Ontario, Bonfield, s/o Francis SAMPSON and Jorenna (Jessica?) McGUIRE, married Mary J. BRENNAN, 20, Shienboro PQ, Widdifield, d/o John BRENNAN and Anna GAUTHIER. Witnesses: Francis X. SAMPSON of North Bay, and Bridget BRENNAN of Shienboro. 24 Nov 1902 in North Bay (Rom Cath)
003420-03 - R. John SANDIE, 26, miner, Ontario, Thessalon, s/o James & Mary, married Mabel HENDRICKSON, 23, Ontario, Thessalon, d/o Charles & Margaret, witn: Albert & Mona WRAY both of Bruce Mine on June 5, 1902 at Bruce Mine. 12909-02 (Nipissing Dist) - A. SARAZIN, 25, laborer, Montebello, Mattawa, s/o A. SARAZIN & Natalie LAURIN, married Nancy Louise SARAZIN, 27, Montebello, Mattawa, d/o Jeremi SARAZAIN (sic) & Lenore RICHIE, witn: Jeremi SARAZAIN of Mattawa & Michael GUIMOND of Cameron Tp. on June 1, 1902 at Mattawa. (RC)
003423-02 John SAUNDERS, 28, farmer, Ontario, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Francis & Mary Jane, married Margaret FLEMING, 19, Ontario, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o John & Kate, witn: Sterling & Florence McLENNAN both of Bruce Mine on Feb. 16, 1902 at Bruce Mine. 013077-02 Charles Herbert SAWBROOKE, 22, laborer, Birmingham England, Brule Lake, s/o William SAWBROOKE & Martha PALMER, married Julia ENRIGHT, 22, Douglas Tp. Brule Lake, d/o Patrick ENRIGHT & Margaret CONWAY, witn: W. J. CARON & Gertrude POWERS both of Whitney on June 16, 1902 at Whitney. (RC)
003332-02 - E. S. SCOTT, 23, farmer, of Gore Bay, s/o Rev. T. G. SCOTT & Anna SNOW, married A. K. HILLARD, 20, Kagawong, same, d/o John HILLARD & Annie SNOW (as written), witn: James D. KINNEY & A. B. McRAE both of Gore Bay on July 30, 1902, at (Manitoulin Island) Gore Bay. 013075-02 Cornelius J. SCULLY, 21, sawyer, Brudenell, Whitney, s/o Michael SCULLY & Katie NICHOLS, married Mary POWERS, 23, Eganville, Whitney, d/o Edward POWERS & Margaret McKIERNAN, witn: Harry IRVING of Eganville & Kate NELON of Killaloe on Apr. 8, 1902 at Whitney (RC)
2860-02 (Algoma Dist): Dieudonne SEGUIN, 26, farmer, Aux Cedres, Rayside, s/o Dieudonne SEGUIN & Philomene MENARD, married Marceline CHARBONNEAU, 18, Fournierville, Rayside, d/o Fabien CHARBONNEAU & Azile LEBLANC, witn: Arthur SEGUIN & Philomene MANSION, both of Rayside, 15 July 1902 at Chelmsford 016587-02 Levi SHEPHERD, 21, laborer, Picton, Port Arthur, s/o James SHEPHERD & Annie STOTT, married Olive THORNE, 21, Darlington, Port Arthur, d/o Thomas THORNE & Sarah HEYMERS, witn: Emil COOPER & Amanda TAPP both of Port Arthur on Dec. 23, 1902 at Port Arthur
#003491-02 (Algoma Dist): Isaac SHERMAN, 31, lumberman, Pittsburg, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o Hiram SHERMAN & Ann WILLETS, married Jane LAMON, 24 (or 29), widow, Sanlac Co Mich., Sault Ste. Marie, d/o George SHELDON & Margaret BRONCK?, witn: Ed & Mary McGILL of illegible, 25 June 1902 at Sault Ste. Marie #016511-02 (Thunder Bay Dist.): Hiram Henry SHERWOOD, 30, brickmaker, Paisley, Rat Portage, s/o George SHERWOOD & Catherine A. LEACH, married Mary Jane WILLIS, 28, Lanark Co., Rat Portage, d/o William WILLIS & M.A. FERGUSON, witn: Mary ALEXANDER & Mrs. P. McPHAIL, both of Ft. William, 22 March 1902 at Ft. William
15183-02 William SHOVELLS, 32, miner, Cornwall England, Gold Rock, s/o Samuel SHOVELLS & Lydia BERNY?, married Augusta LENGSTRUM, Sweden, Eagle River, d/o Nels LENGSTRUM & Hannah JOHNSON, witn: M. M. C. ROCHESTER & Ida ANDERSON, both of Rat Portage, 14 July 1902 at Rat Portage 013060-02 Harry Brown SINCLAIR, 25, clerk, Paisley, Sudbury, s/o Finlay SINCLAIR & Christina BROWN, married Euphemia Celina FOURNIER, 20, Thorncliff, Sudbury, d/o Stephen FOURNIER & Vitaline OUELLETTE, witn: John G. KEANEY & Marie A. FOURNIER, both of Sudbury on Aug. 4, 1902 at Sudbury. (RC)
#016512-02 (Thunder Bay Dist.): David SMITH, 29, publisher, Marquette Mich., Ft. William, s/o Thomas & Elizabeth, married Agnes CAMPBELL, 22, Glammis, Ft. William, d/o Murdoch CAMPBELL & Annie BEATON, witn: J.A. McLEOD of Ft. William & M. GRANT of Port Arthur, 16 April 1902 at Ft. William 016581-02 George Richard Alexander SMITH, 39, merchant, Collingwood, Port Arthur, s/o George SMITH & Christina GILLESPIE, married Clara Elizabeth Arabella BERRY, 29, Lucknow, Port Arthur, d/o George Washington BERRY & Agnes N. SAVAGE, witn: G. Wallace BROWN of Port Arthur & Jessie A. SCOTT of Lucknow on June 11, 1902 at Port Arthur
016604-02 Walter SPENCER, 29, cook, Tudor Tp. Hastings Co., Chelmsford, s/o Sydney SPENCER & Mary BLACK, married Sarah FURLONG, 25, Ellenvale Simcoe Co., d/o Michael FURLONG & Julia TORRELL, witn: Robert SCHOFIELD of Ignace & Margaret GRAY of Port Arthur on July 14, 1902 at Port Arthur 15123-02 (Rainy River Dist): John George STEIN, 26, merchant, Talriose? Wisc., Warread Minn., s/o John George STEIN & Marie J. PETERSON, married Audrey GERRIE, 20, Cheboygon Mich., Cedarbend Minn., d/o James Alexander GERRIE & Malvina GERARD, witn: W.B. JACKSON of Rainy River & Melrose DAY of Lake Charles, 25 Nov 1902 at Rainy River
3388-02 (Algoma Dist): William Francis STEPHENSON, 21, teacher, Rockwood, St. Joseph, s/o James STEPHENSON & Jane CRIPPS, married Aggie Sophia CAMPBELL, 23, Lapeer Mich., Jocelyn, d/o John CAMPBELL & Charlotte S. CLEGGE, witn: Boyse SHIPMAN & Maude DUNCAN, both of Hilton, 24 Dec 1902 at Jocelyn 013064-02 Frederick STONE, 24, mechinist, Seaforth, Copper Cliff, s/o George STONE & Hester QUIGLEY, married Gertie KAVSKOKI, 20, Renfrew, Copper Cliff, d/o Alexander KAVSKOKI & Patty MEHASKY, witn: John LOWES & Bella PAGALTT both of Sudbury on Sept. 30, 1902 at Sudbury
15179-02 Hector MacKenzie SUTHERLAND, 36, millwright, Sutherlandshire, Rat Portage, s/o Angus SUTHERLAND & Marion BRUCE, married Mary Elizabeth LAMOND, 23, Broughty Ferry, Rat Portage, d/o Thomas LAMOND & Mary ALLAN, witn: J. A. FRASER & V. M. FAHEY, both of Rat Portage, 4 June 1902 at Rat Portage 3452-02 (Algoma Dist): Swan SWANSON, 34, contractor, Sweden, Tarentorus twp., s/o Swan Swanson BIGTRAS, married Ida Florence COULTER, 23, Hungerford, Tarentorus twp., d/o Samuel COULTER & Roxina BAGLEY, witn: A.W. COULTER & L.E. WYANT, both of Tarentorus twp., 30 June 1902 at Tarentorus twp
#016579-02 (Thunder Bay Dist.): Elof SWANSON, 25, laborer, Sweden, Banning Ont., s/o Swan G. SWANSON & Johanna JOHNSON, married Ester Josefina SJOHOLM, 16, Sweden, Banning, d/o Seoholm SJOHOLM & Joahanna OKESON, witn: G. MATHESON of Pt. Arthur & Johanna CARLSON, of Banning, 17 May 1902 at Pt. Arthur 3392-02 (Algoma Dist): Chester TATE, 26, merchant, Sugar Island Mich., Soo Mich., s/o David TATE & Emaline WILCOX, married Lena SMITH, 19, Wellington Co., Jocelyn, d/o Asher SMITH & Sarah Ann MARTIN, witn: Harry BOOKMAN of Hilton & Jennie SMITH of Jocelyn, 3 Dec 1902 at Jocelyn
#016520-02 (Thunder Bay Dist): Emmerson D. TENNANT, 27, book keeper, Brantford, Winnipeg, s/o James TENNANT & Amelia J. HUNTER, married Ina Pearl MIDDLEMASS, 23, Belleville, Ft. William, d/o J.S. MIDDLEMASS & Eliza Jane HAMANS, witn: Jos (or Jas) MIDDLEMASS & Ada STRACHAN, both of Ft. William, 28 June 1902 at Ft. William 15121-02 (Rainy River Dist): Horace Edwin THEKER, 41, farmer, England, Stratton Station, s/o Thomas THEKER & Eliza SHAW (or Shane), married Mercy JAMES, 34, Parkhill Ont., Pine River, d/o Edward JAMES & Helen PLEWS, witn: Edward & Helen JAMES of Pine River, 21 July 1902 at Pine River
#003492-02 (Algoma Dist): Ira Sagar THERRIEN, 27, millwright, Toronto, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o D. illegible THERRIEN & E.S. SAGAR, married Adelaide M. MAXWELL, 25, waitress, Derby, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o William MAXWELL & Maria MORROW, witn: Alex FOCKHART of Sault Ste. Marie, 17 June 1902 at Sault Ste. Marie 3287-02 (Algoma Dist): Delphis THIBAULT, 19, farmer, Hartwell Quebec, Rayside, s/o Celestin THIBAULT & Caroline LANTHIER, married Delima MAILLOUX, 21, Hartwell Quebec, Balfour, d/o Dosithee MAILLOUX & Adeline GAUTHIER, witn: Polydore MAILLOUX of Balfour & Lonide REGINBAL of Rayside, 3 Nov 1902 at Chelmsford
3588-02 (Manitoulin Dist): William THOMAS, 32, farmer, Euphrasia, Tehkumnah, s/o George THOMAS & Eliz. RICHARDSON, married Margaret NEWMAN, 22, not given, Tehkumnah, d/o William NEWMAN & Elizabeth RUSSELL, witn: William McDONALD of Sandfield & Sadie NEWMAN of Tehkumnah, 4 June 1902 at lot 9, con 1, Tehkumnah 15187-02 John THOMAS, 37, widower, hunter, Wahbaskaming, White Shell, s/o Wahkakusick & Groundhog, married Marie AHKAHMAKEE, 24, widow, White Shell, same, d/o Ahkahmakee & Indian woman, witn: James ANDERSON & Adam LANDON, both of Islington Mission, 10 Aug 1902 at Islington Mission
#003482-02 (Algoma Dist): Charles THOMPSON, 22, lumberman, Tara, St. Joseph Island, s/o Charles THOMPSON & Mary Ann SOLIMES, married Mary Luella SEE, 21, St. Joseph Island, same, d/o George LEE & Alice WHITE, witn: C.L. & Mrs. C.L. HYDE of St. Joseph Island, 14 May 1902 at Sault Ste. Marie #012944-02 (Nipissing Dist.) John THOMPSON, 39, labourer, Halton Co., Victoria Mines, s/o James THOMPSON, and Isabella SHAW? married Margaret Evaline ALLAIR, age not stated, Allenforth, North Bay, d/o James ALLAIR and Elizabeth RULLANGS?. Witnesses: Jane TRELFORTH, and John ALLAIR, both of North Bay., on 3 Nov 1902 in North Bay
003610-1902 (Algoma Dist.) George Alex THOMPSON, 24, electrical mechanic, Orillia, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o George THOMPSON & Mary HOLMES, married Annie HARVEY, 20, Bruce Mines, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o James HARVEY & Esther GLANVILLE, witn: James HARVEY of Thessalon & Jemima McDONALD of Bruce Mines, 7 Jan 1902 at Thessalon #016540-02, Algoma Dist., Brunno Mazza TOCCIO, 23, labourer, Italy, Port Arthur, s/o Antonio N. TOCCIO and Rosa CIUROLA, m. Maria Mastro DOMINICO, 20, Italy, Fort William, d/o Antonio DOMINICO and --- ---, w. Michel de BUSH and Philomena CHRISTO, Oct. 1, 1902, Fort William.
15176-02 John TOPOLONSKI, 36, laborer, Austria, Rat Portage, s/o Simon TOPOLONSKI & Marcella ALEKSUK, married Marie RUEBEL, 19, Austria, Rat Portage, d/o John RUEBEL & Marie KAREBEL?, witn: Mike PEREZKI & Hilda RUEBEL, both of Rat Portage, 25 May 1902 at Rat Portage (Rom Cath) 016591-02 Mattias TRAINEN, 38, laborer, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Arith & Anna, married Mary SUONTAKANEN, 28, widow, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Elias MATTSON & Maria TORO, witn: Axel HUSINEN & Alina KOTANEN both of Port Arthur on Aug. 19, 1902 at Port Arthur. (Ev Luth)
#012946-02 (Nipissing Dist.) Austin TROTINAN, 40, Widower, Locomotive engineer, Chatsworth England, North Bay, s/o Henry TROTINAN and Sarah ROBINS, married Jessie B. CRAIG, 32, Lanark Co., Golden, BC., d/o Andrew CRAIG, and Sarah ROTHWELL. Witnesses: Adrian and Fannie MADILL of North Bay, on 19 Nov 1902 in North Bay #012948-02 (Nipissing Dist.) Thomas TURCOTTE, 29, Brakesman, Thoma Twp PQ., North Bay, s/o Joseph TURCOTTE and Sarah JUDD, married Mary BLACK, 19, Thoma Twp PQ., North Bay, d/o George BLACK and Sarah CLIEFF. Witnesses: William KILBY of Arnprior, and Frances SALAHALL of Nipissing Jct., on 26 Nov 1902 in North Bay
3448-02 (Manitoulin Dist): James TURNBULL, 38, widower, farmer, Grey Co., Tehkumnah, s/o James TURNBULL & Joann GORDON, married Mary Eliza FERGUSON, 17, Bidwell, Sandfield, d/o George FERGUSON & Catherine COVENTRY, witn: William FERGUSON & Bessie YOUNG, both of Sandfield, 16 Nov 1902 at Sandfield 016609-02 Herbert Edward TURNER, 29, cutter, Collingwood, Rat Portage, s/o William John TURNER, & Martha KERBY, married Catherine Florence McKENZIE, 27, Barrie, Toronto, d/o John McKENZIE & Christine McINNIS, witn; Robert SCHOFIELD of Ignace & Elizabeth DICKIE of Toronto on Aug. 11, 1902 at Port Arthur
003601-1902 (Algoma Dist.) Louis VINCENT, 19, laborer, Mississauga, Les Sables, s/o James VINCENT & Pauline OJAWASKHOBIUGES?, married Eliza OJ……?, d/o Alex ? & Monica WALBORNINNIE, witn: Anthony ? & Archange B?, both of Les Sables, 29 Mar 1902 at Les Sables. 3589-02 (Manitoulin Dist): Wallis Isaac WAGG, 28, merchant, Goodwood, Tehkumnah, s/o Francis WAGG & Eliz. COOK, married Mary Robina HOPKIN, 23, Balsam Ont., Tehkumnah, d/o William HOPKIN & Emily MORRISON, witn: Alma J. WAGG of Mindemoya & Annie L. HOPKIN of Tehkumnah, 27 Aug 1902 at Tehkumnah
#003488-02 (Algoma Dist): Martin WAITS, 33, laborer, Germany, Algoma Mills, s/o Fred WAITS & Anna SHNEK?, married Ann Jane CALHOUN, 32, Renfrew, same, d/o John & Bridget, witn: Samuel MARKS & Susan GILLESPIE, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 24 April 1902 at Sault Ste. Marie 016608-02 John Seneca WALKER, 48, land inspector, Glencoe Ont., Swan River Manitoba, s/o Joseph WALKER & Margaret CURRY, married Sara MUNRO, 41, Toronto, Glencoe, d/o George MUNRO & Ann M. WHITTON, witn: S. D. MIDDLETON of Murillo & Lillie THURSBY of Port Arthur on July 21, 1902 at Port Arthur
013072-02 Francis WALL, 44, farmer, England, Harris Tp. s/o Robert WALL & Hannah MILLS, married Elizabeth Jane ARMSTRONG, 40, Nepean Ont, Harris Tp. witn: James & Nellie ADAIR both of New Liskeard on Oct. 31, 1902 at Harris Tp 003609-1902 (Algoma Dist.) William John WARD, 27, miller, Glen Allen, Cockburn Island, s/o Eli WARD & T. PLAYFORD, married Edna LAWSON, 18, Parkhead, Richards Landing, d/o John LAWSON & Jennie MULTIER, witn: Fred & Della ROBERTSON, both of Thessalon, 27 Nov 1902 at Thessalon
#016538-02, Algoma Dist., Thomas WARNICA, 31, Carpenter, Oro Twp., Port Arthur, s/o Thomas B. WARNICA and Christina REID, m. Sarah Turner LOVE, 26, Collingwood, Port Arthur, d/o Fred. T. LOVE and Janet RANKINE, w. Robert WARNICA and Mrs. W. TERRY, Sep. 10, 1902, Fort William. 016588-02 Charles Everette WARRINER, 26, musician, Mexico, Fort William, s/o Carlos Everette WARRINER & Emma AVERILL, married Beatrice Annie COOPER, 30, Birmingham England, Fort William, d/o John COOPER & Annie Maria SMITH, witn: J. E. MURRAY & Maggie GRAY both of Port Arthur on Nov. 19, 1902 at Port Arthur.
#012952-02 (Nipissing Dist.) Donald WATT, 23, Farmer, McNabb Twp., McNabb Twp., s/o Donald WATT and Mary McINTYRE, married Elizabeth A. TAYLOR, 25, McNabb Twp., McNabb Twp., d/o Arthur TAYLOR and Mary RANKIN. Witnesses: J.A. JOHNSTON and Beatrice MOORE both of North Bay. 2 Dec 1902 in North Bay #012885-02 (Nipissing Dist.) William John WAUGH, 31, b. Babblise(?) Ireland, of Dymond Twp, Farmer, s/o George WAUGH & Margaret SWORD, married Abegal Bertha SNIDER, 19, b. Walpole, of Harris Twp, d/o Jesse SNIDER & Elizabeth WINGER, witnesses: David WAUGH & Jane WAUGH both of Dymond, on 24 September 1902
016580-02 Stanley WEBSTER, 26, machinist, Chester Co. Nova Scotia, Fort William, s/o Daniel WEBSTER & Mary Ann KAULBECK, married Sadie ATTRIDGE, 25, Baysville Muskoka, Port Arthur, d/o Edward ATTRIDGE & Eliza LANGFORD, witn: John ROBINSON of Fort William & Emma ATTRIDGE of Port Arthur on June 5, 1902 at Port Arthur. 3450-02 (Algoma Dist): Willard WEEKS, 24, farmer, Thorah, Korah twp., s/o Alexander WEEKS & Ada Mary, married Vesper P. BAGLEY, 17, Wakos Nebraska, Korah twp., d/o James BAGLEY & Alice, witn: Ellison & Mrs. WAINMAN of Korah twp., 1 Jan 1902 at Korah twp
3299-02 (Algoma Dist): Thomas WEST, 33, farmer, Warwick Ont., Plummer twp., s/o Frederick WEST & Margaret ALLEN, married Eliza Ann BRYANS, 33, Owen Sound, Plummer twp., d/o William BRYANS & Sophia McMULLIN, witn: John DUNBAR of Rydal Bank & Isabella BRYANS of Plummer twp., 21 Oct 1902 at Plummer twp 016601-02 John Thomas WHATMOUGH, 25, jeweller, Toronto, Port Arthur, s/o Charles T. WHATMOUGH & Charlotte CHARLES, married Jennie Maria STEWART, 24, Port Arthur, same, d/o Nathaniel STEWART & Rebecca SHOULDICE, witn: D. A. MAGUIRE & Alice STEWART both of Port Arthur on Oct. 8, 1902 at Port Arthur
016616-02 William WHISSEL, 28, blacksmith, Ottawa, Port Arthur, s/o Stephen WHISSEL & Claire LEBLOND, married Malvina DUCLOS, 28, Worcester Massachusetts, Port Arthur, d/o Pierre DUCLOS & Rosita Lima GERRARD, witn; Albert GUERARD & Louisa DUCLOS both of Port Arthur on Sept. 8, 1902 at Port Arthur. (RC) 015160/02 (Rainy River) Richard George WHITE, 31, brickmaker, Pakenham, Rat Portage, s/o Charles WHITE & Annie MEEK, married Jessie Elizabeth LITTLE, 30, Pickering, Rat Portage, d/o John LITTLE & Hester GAMBLE, witn Edwin R. LITTLE, & Mary E. FOSTER, both of Rat Portage, 29 Jan 1902 at Rat Portage
013058-02 Daniel WHITEMAN, 33, bartender, Canifton, Wahnapitae, s/o Daniel WHITEMAN & Sarah FITTERSON (TITTERSON?), married Jennie OLIVER, 29, Mona Ontario, Wahnapitae, d/o Joseph OLIVER & Ann PATERSON, witn: L. MOONEY & Florence M. GRAHAM, both of Sudbury on July 22, 1902 at Sudbury 016597-02 Leslie Wellington WILLIAMS, 23, carpenter, Lambton, Port Arthur, s/o Joseph WILLIAMS & Wilhelmina SIMPSON, married Milly PRITCHARD, 22, Fort William, Port Arthur, d/o Harrington PRITCHARD & Louisa SOLOMON, witn: James PRITCHARD & Rosie KIRKNESS both of Port Arthur on Aug. 13, 1902 at Port Arthur
#012951-02 (Nipissing Dist) Harvey William WILLIS, 37, Storekeeper, Scarboro Twp., Matheson, s/o Martin WILLIS and Catherine Hunt WILLIS, married Clarinda Bell HAYES, 16, Pt.Huron U.S., North Bay, d/o George HAYES and Isabella MARSHALL, Witnesses: G. BURY and Mrs. Mary BURY both of North Bay. 29 Nov 1902 in North Bay 3620-02 (Algoma Dist): James WILSON, 22, farmer, Canada, Wells, s/o John WILSON & Elizabeth SOLAR, married Florence May OSBORNE, 18, Algoma, Wells, d/o Jonathan OSBORNE & Sarah Ann GARNISSE, witn: Charles & Jonathan OSBORNE of Wells, 10 Sept 1902 at Wells
#012953-02 (Nipissing Dist.) Robert Stone WISSLER, 23, Clerk, Salem Ont., Warren, s/o Levi Erb WISSLER and Hennie SHIERS, married Mattie MOORE, 23, Elora, Elora, d/o Robert MOORE and Margaret CANDY (CORLEY?). Witnesses: J.M. JOHNSTON and Beatrice MOORE both of North Bay. 16 Dec 1902 in North Bay 015155/02 (Rainy River) Joseph Edward WOOD, 31, druggist, Erin Ont., Rat Portage, s/o Robert WOOD & Mary THOMAS, married Jane Dalglish SCOTT, 26, Kincardine Ont., Rat Portage, d/o John SCOTT & Elenor ORFORD, witn John L. and Ada WOOD of Rat Portage, 6?Jan 1902 at Rat Portage.
15181-02 George A.A. WRIGHTON, 25, wiper, England, Rat Portage, s/o George WRIGHTON & Mary FITZGERALD, married Minnie REYNOLDS, 27, London England, same, d/o G.M. Sarah, witn: Arthur LARGO & John WHITLON, both of Rat Portage, 26 June 1902 at Rat Portage 15185-02 Baptiste YELLOWHEAD, 22, hunter, The Dalles, Islington, s/o Yellowhead & Indian woman, married Eliza LANDON, 19, Islington, same, d/o Isaac LANDON & Matilda RAC--D, witn: James ANDERSON & Isaac LANDON, both of Islington Mission, 10 Aug 1902 at Islington Mission
#016533-02, Algoma Dist., William YULE, 28, Actor, Maryboro - Scotland, Fort William, s/o James YULE and Grace JOHNSON, m. Marie Maud DAVIDSON, 23, Orangeville, Fort William, d/o Joseph DAVIDSON and Ellen LYNN, w. W. G. ROACH and H. N. SHAW, Aug. 20, 1902, Fort William.