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Northern Districts, 1904, part 2

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13978-1904 Kabe Joe ABRAHAM, 20, Pedlar, Syria, North Bay, s/o Joseph ABRAHAM & Sadia GEORGE, married Chaina BOU ASSAD, Syria, North Bay, d/o Bou ASSAD & Kaila GEORGE, Wtn. C. ABRAHAM, Anna JOSEPH, on Apr. 17, 1904 at North Bay  
4032-04 (Algoma dist) Robert W. ADCOCK, 24, farmer, Tenby Bay, same, s/o Henry ADCOCK & Letitia B-ARL, married Mary BOOKMAN, 19, house maid, London Ont., Tenby Bay, d/o George BOOKMAN & Mary Ann RYCKMAN, witn: George BOOKMAN & Lizzie GIBBS, both of Tenby Bay, 13 July 1904 at Tenby Bay #013932-04 (Nipissing Dist): Frederick C. ALDERDICE, 20, farmer, Muskoka, Harley twp., s/o James ALDERDICE & Elizabeth WARNER, married Annie Morrison HONEYMAN, 21, Mount Forest, Harley twp., d/o Alexander HONEYMAN & Maggie EMERSON, witn: Ernest & Maggie EMERSON of Dymond twp., 1 June 1904 at New Liskeard
3936-04 (Algoma dist) Roy ALKENBRACK, 22, Ontario, Bruce Mines, s/o John W. ALKENBRACK & Anna BARNS, married Kate McKINNON, 20, Ontario, Plummer twp., d/o Hector McKINNON & Martha MORRISON, witn: Donald McKINNON & Annie MORRISON, both of Plummer twp., 23 Sept 1904 at Bruce Mines 3905-04 (Algoma dist) John Munce ALLEN, 31, blacksmith, Illinois USA, Billings, s/o Samuel ALLEN & Elizabeth MUNCE, married Annie Opace WYMAN, 21, Billings, same, d/o George WYMAN & Margaret HICKMAN, witn: W.A. WYMAN of Billings & Jessie ALLEN of Gore Bay, 18 Oct 1904 at Kagawong
#016364-04 (Rainy River Dist): Walter Booth ALLEN, 25, conductor, Ottawa, Rat Portage, s/o George ALLEN & Emma BOOTH, married Anna GEORGSON, 20, Rat Portage, same, d/o John GEORGSON & not given, witnesses were Mrs. D. REDDICK & James PERRAULT, both of Rat Portage, Sept. 24, 1904 at Rat Portage #016277-04 (Rainy River Dist): James John ALLEZ, 31, sailor, Southampton England, Rainy River, s/o James ALLEZ & Annie TAYLOR, married Eliza WHEELER, no age given, Hungry Hall, same, d/o Alonzo WHEELER & Annie MORRISON, witn: E.M. MOFFATT & Mary TEMPLETON, both of Beaudette Minn., 4 June 1904 at Hungry Hall
3903 –04 (Algoma dist) Jean AMBROISE, 35, widower, laborer, Ottawa, Balfour, s/o Antoine AMBROISE & Aubetine St.AMAND, married Agnes OURMIET, 17, Buckingham, Balfour, d/o Alex OURMIET & Josephine DUQUET, witn: Alexander OURMIET & William McMILLAN, both of Balfour, 24 Nov 1904 at Chelmsford 013888-04 (Nipissing Dist) Thomas ANDERSON, 28, farmer, Chisholm, same, s/o Thomas ANDERSON & Margaret THOMPSON, married Annie SHIELDS, no age given, Ferris same, d/o Jeremiah SHIELDS & E. A. THOMAS, witn: August BOCHME of Kells Ont., & Jessie C. SHIELDS of Nosbonsing on June 22, 1904 at Nosbonsing East Ferris Tp.
13968-1904 Charles John ANDERSON, 36, Labour, Norway, North Bay, s/o Anton ANDERSON & Sophia CHRISTENSON, married Emma Elizabeth ERKINSON, 29, Norway, North Bay, d/o O. ERKINSON & Annie ERKINSON, Wtn. Harry STINER, Annie M. STEWART, on Nov. 6, 1904 at North Bay. 13992-1904 Conrad AUGER, 23, Labour, Quebec, Springer, s/o Charles AUGER & Julie PREVOST, married Noza LACOSSE, 19, USA., Caldwell, d/o Nelson LACOSSE & Bella GAUTHIER, Wtn. Charles AUGER, Nelson LACOSSE, on July 3, 1904 at Sturgeon Falls
13973-1904 Thomas Henry BAMFORTH, 27, Architect, Lincoln UK., Toronto, s/o John BAMFORTH & Mary Ann GYLES, married Edith McCREIGHT, 26, Hillsdale, North Bay, d/o James McCREIGHT & Isabella BALL, Wtn. George TEETER, Bertha McCREIGHT, on Nov. 30, 1904 at North Bay 14005-1904 Neil BARLANG, 20, Labour, Norway, Sturgeon Falls, s/o Nels BARLANG & J. NEILS, married Ann G. WHELAN, 19, Norway, Sturgeon Falls, d/o John WHELAN, B. KREW ?, Wtn. G. BARLAND, Gustav STAFROW ?, on May 14, 1904 at Sturgeon Falls.
13958-1904 Richard BARRE ?, 25, Section Foreman, Ireland, Eau Claire, s/o Richard BARRE ? & Annie MARTEN, married Mary Maud WILSON, Eau Claire, Same, d/o John WILSON & Jane STEWART, Wtn. O.S. WILSON, J.M. JOHNSTON, on June 11, 1904 at North Bay. #018074-04 - Charles William BAXTER, 22, cook, Liverpool England, Port Arthur, s/o Henry BAXTER & Matilda HATHAWAY, married Nellie GREEN, 18, waitress, Hancock Mich., Houghton Mich., d/o Denis GREEN & Mary COTTER, witn: S.J. DINSMORE of Port Arthur & Rose SWEENEY of Hancock Mich., 18 Nov 1904 at Port Arthur
13993-1904 Nelson BELLEFEUILLE, 24, Farmer, Argenteuil, Springer, s/o Felix BELLEFEUILLE & Delima PRUDHOMME, married Marie HURTUBISE, 17, Argenteuil, Springer, d/o Augustin HURTUBISE & Armeline LEGAULT, Wtn. Felix BELLEFEUILLE, Augustin HURTUBISE, on July 4, 1904, at Sturgeon Falls 013850-04 Arthur BELANGER, 24, clerk, Que., Verner, s/o Vincent BELANGER & Mathilda GOYHIER, married Anna LECUYER, 20, St Anicet, Verner, d/o Etienne LECUYER & Ann BERCIER, witn: Vincent BELANGER of Sturgeon Falls & Etienne LECUYER of Verner on June 30, 1904 at Verner. (RC)
013855-04 (Nipissing Dist) Ovila BELEC, 25, laborer, Ste. Adele, Caldwell, s/o Louis BELEC & Céline MIRON, married Marie GRENACHE, 23, Quebec, Verner, d/o Leon GRENACHE & Justine PELLERIN, witn: Louis BELEC, & Leon GRENACHE both of Verner on July 12, 1904 at Verner, Caldwell Tp. (RC) #017911-04 - Joseph Thomas BENESI, 19, laborer, Fort William, same, s/o Thomas BENESI & Sarah DESCHAMPS, married Nancy McMILLAN, Grand Marais, Fort William, d/o Daniel McMILLAN & Philomena MISHAW, witn: Simeon BENESI & Catherine SHAB?, both of Fort William, 25 Jan 1904 at Fort William, (Rom Cath)
#018059-04 - Jules BERLINGUETTE, 30, contractor, Papineauville Quebec, Port Arthur, s/o Louis BERLINGUETTE & Adeline ROBITAILLE, married Lea BOUGIS, 23, Quebec City, Port Arthur, d/o Jean Baptiste BOUGIS & Lea MARCONE, witn: Harry SERVAIS & Jean B. BOUGIS, both of Port Arthur, 31 Aug 1904 at Port Arthur (Rom Cath) 13984-1904 Joseph BERNACHEZ, 26, Labour, Que., Sturgeon Falls, s/o Henri BERNACHEZ & Julienne COURSE, married Antoinette MAJOR, 21, Papineauville, Springer, d/o Baptiste MAJOR & Clementine VALLEE, Wtn. Erneste BOISVERT, Alphada GAGNON, on Feb. 15, 1904 at Sturgeon Falls
#017954-04 - Alban Sylvain BERNON, 29, farmer, France, Ft. William, s/o Alban S. BERNON & Annie STENBERG, married Annie Effie PARSONS, 19, Slate River, same, d/o Henry PARSONS & Maria WRIGLEY, witn: Maurice BERNON & Helen SILLES, both of Ft. William, 9 July 1904 at Ft. William #018087-04 - William BESWELL, 29, fireman, Minden, Schreiber, s/o Charles BESWELL & Mary BONSEL, married Susannah McDONALD, 28, Prescott, Port Arthur, d/o John McDONALD & Mary COTTON, witn: J. FERGUSON of Port Arthur & Maggie McDONALD of Schreiber, 14 Sept 1904 at Port Arthur
13991-1904 Francois BIDAL, 44, Widower, France, Springer, s/o Fulgence BIDAL, & Julie FAVRE, married Maria BOUVIER, 37, Montreal, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Baptiste BOUVIER & Eugenie BOUVIER, Wtn. Frederick BIDAL, Eugenie BOUVIER, on May 2, 1904 at Sturgeon Falls. #017937-04 - Davidson William BLACK, 32, broker, Guelph, Ft. William, s/o Fergus BLACK & Georgie McDONALD, married Christena Edith MUIRHEAD, 24, London Ont., Ft. William, d/o James MUIRHEAD & Wilhelmina BRYCE, witn: W.D. & Laura MUIRHEAD of Ft. William, 21 June 1904 at Ft. William
#017965-04 - George BLACKLOCK, 21, section foreman, Dumfries, Kawene?, s/o Alex BLACKLOCK & Grace NEILSON, married Emma HANSON, 21, Finland, Stanley, d/o Alex HANSON & Maria HENDRICKSON, witn: John LIND & Nina JOHNSON, both of Port Arthur, 28 July 1904 at Ft. William 13999-1904 Alfred BLAKE, 27, Farmer, not given, Cache Bay, s/o John BLAKE & Elizabeth OSBORNE, married Josephine TRUDEL, 23, Quebec, Cache Bay, d/o Hilaire TRUDEL & Olive BENOIT, Wtn. Joseph TRUDEL, J. Bte BENOIT, on Sept. 19, 1904 at Sturgeon Falls (also 13894-04)
013886-04 (Nipissing Dist) Edouard BLONDIN, 37, farmer, Buckingham, Ferris, s/o Francois BLONDIN & A. LAFRAMBOISE, married Denise BRASSARD, 34, Quebec, Ferris, d/o Emile BRASSARD & Emeline GAGNE, witn: Francois BLONDIN & Alfred BRASSARD both of Ferris on May 23, 1904 at Nosbonsing East Ferris Tp. (RC) 013948-04 (Nipissing Dist) James Henry BOLTON, 47, traveller, widower, Durham Co., North Bay, s/o John BOLTON & Eliza McDONALD, married Annie Alice KING, 40, widow, London, Eng., North Bay, d/o Samuel & Hannah DIXON, witn: W. A. & Charlotte BROWN of North Bay on March 3, 1904 at North Bay
4214-04 (Algoma Dist.) Fred BORLAND, 22, mechanic, Goderich, Sault, s/o Jas. BORLAND and Mary WATT, married Jeanie May FLETCHER, 18, Clarendon Ont., Sault, d/o Frank FLETCHER and M.S. McDOWELL, witn Minnie FLETCHER and Wilmot PIKE, both of Sault, 23 Nov. 1904 at Sault. 13966-1904 William Norwood BOOTH, 27, Labour, Erin, Huntsville, s/o Christopher BOOTH & Bella THOMPSON, married Martha CLARKE, 22, Huntsville, Same, d/o William & Marie CLARKE, Wtn. D.H. BARR, Maria MARTIN, on Aug. 5, 1904 at North Bay
.13864-1904 Louis BRACONNIER, 22, Farmer, Quebec, Calvin, s/o G. BRACONNIER & E. HATTE, married Agnes AUSSAUNT, 17, Mattawa, Calvin, d/o T. AUSSAUNT & Nouelee VANDLE, Wtn. G. BRACONNIER, T. AUSSAUNT, on May 2, 1904 at Eau Claire. #018032-04 - David Alexander BRITTAIN, 45, carpenter, Westfield Ont., Port Arthur, s/o Robert BRITTAIN & Margaret SIMPSON, married Winifred Louisa WHITE, 34, Wellington Ont., Port Arthur, d/o Nicholas WHITE & Jennie PHILLIPS, witn: N.F. WHITE & William PHILLIPS, both of Port Arthur, 15 June 1904 at Port Arthur
#018089-04 - Malcolm BROWN, 26, farmer, Burleigh - Peterborough Co., Gillies twp., s/o Alex BROWN & Margaret GARROW, married Helen Victoria SAUNDERS, 17, North Gove? - Carleton Co., Gillies twp., d/o Robert SAUNDERS & Minette Jane AULT, witn: Robert SAUNDERS of Gillies twp & Maggie LINDSAY of Port Arthur, 28 Dec 1904 at Port Arthur 13985-1904 Alcide BRUNET, 23, Labour, Que., Springer, s/o Ferdinand BRUNET & Olive PELLETIER, married Valerie LECLERC, 22, Que., Badgerow, d/o Egesippe LECLERC & Eugenie LANGLOIS, Wtn. Olive PELLETIER, Thomas LANGLOIS, on Feb. 15, 1904 at Sturgeon Falls.
#018085-04 - Thomas Richmond BRYANS, 34, match maker, Westminster - Middlesex Co., Port Arthur, s/o Thomas BRYANS & Margaret SANDS, married Mabel Jean ADAIR, 24, Byron - Middlesex Co., Port Arthur, d/o James ADAIR & Jean AKISTER, witn: Mr. & Mrs. ALEXANDER and Mrs. LARZIN, all of Port Arthur, 14 Nov 1904 at Port Arthur 13975-1904 Bruce Daniel BUCKLEY, 22, North Oxford, Widdifield, s/o Dan BUCKLEY & Elizabeth BROWN, married Annie BOISVERT, 21, Waltham Que., North Bay, d/o Alphonse BOISVERT & Julia VANASSE, Wtn. George E. WOODEN, Lila MACBETH, on Dec. 24. 1904 at North Bay
18002-04 - William Charles BURDON, 35, farmer, England, Paipoonge, s/o C. & Eliza, married Nellie HAYS, 24, widow, Ontario, Oliver, d/o Henry GARROW & Caroline CHAMBERS, witn: Henry & Mrs. H. GARROW of Oliver, 26 July 1904 at Oliver twp #017934-04 - John James BURNS, 25, farmer, Beaverton, Ft. William, s/o Lewis BURNS & Jane LYONS, married Volyea HALVERSON, 20, Owen Sound, Ft. William, d/o Hano HALVERSON & Annie KARRFINO, witn: A.E. GRANT & Anna HALVERSON, both of Ft. William, 29 June 1904 at Ft. William
013950-04 (Nipissing Dist) George BURROWS, 23, engineer, Montreal, Chapleau, s/o Frederick & Sarah, married Emma COOKSON, 20 England, Chapleau, d/o Thomas COOKSON, mothers name not given, witn: George & Annie THOMPSON of North Bay on Mar. 12, 1904 at North Bay #018045-04 - William Harding BUTCHER, 34, merchant, England, Port Arthur, s/o James E. BUTCHER & Jane HARDING, married Ida Maud JELLY, 24, Ontario, Port Arthur, d/o David JELLY & Catherine FERGUSON, witn: Robert C. BUSH & Anabella JELLY, both of Port Arthur, 28 July 1904 at Port Arthur
018022-04 - Archibald CAMERON, 42, prospector, Pictou NS, Port Arthur, s/o Mark CAMERON & Isabella McKENZIE, married Margaret ARTHUR, 25, Enniskillen Ireland, Port Arthur, d/o Thomas ARTHUR & Jane CONNELEY, witn: William ARTHUR & Ethel TRAYNOR, both of Port Arthur, 6 April 1904 at Port Arthur 13836-1904 Robert R. CAMPBELL, 30, Labour, Clayton, Haileybury, s/o Thomas CAMPBELL & Elizabeth BRADLEY, married Annie JOHNSON, 25, Hamilton, Haileybury, d/o Charles & L. JOHNSON, Wtn. George HILL, Maggie ROBB, on Aug. 30, 1904 at Haileybury
#017960-04 - John J. CAMPBELL, 24, steel worker, Kincardine, Ft. William, s/o Daniel CAMPBELL & Margaret MILNE, married Malvina HOUSTON, 23, Huron twp., Ft. William, d/o Gordon HOUSTON & Sarah SMITH, witn: Mrs. J. & Beth L. SMELLIE of Ft. William, 21 July 1904 at Ft. William 013859-04 (Nipissing Dist) Florien CHAPDELAINE, 34, farmer, Quebec, Caldwell, s/o Charles & Julia, married Olive GERVAIS, 28, Quebec, McPherson, d/o Zephirin & Marguerite, witn: Zephirin GERVAIS of McPherson & Charles CHAPDELAINE of Caldwell on Sept. 21, 1904 at Verner, Caldwell Tp. (RC)
4205-04 (Algoma Dist.) William CHAPMAN, 38, miner, Bruce Mines, same, s/o William and Mary CHAPMAN, married Minnie McDONALD, 37, King Twp., F. William, d/o Murdoch McDONALD and Mary McINTYRE; witn Arthur CHAPMAN and Alma CHAPMAN, both of Bruce Mines, 28 Oct. 1904 at Sault, Ont. 13960-1904 Adelard CHARETTE, 24, Farmer, Ste. Margaret Que., Widdifield Twp. s/o Belonie CHARETTE & Dolmeda CARDINAL, married Alvina SABOURIN, Prescott, Widdifield, d/o Ferdinand SABOURIN & Celina LEFEBRE, Wtn. Arthur CHARETTE, Mary SABOURIN, on July 18, 1904 at North Bay
13979-1904 Joseph CHARTIER, 22, occupation not given, not given, of Sturgeon Falls, s/o Leon CHARTIER & Sophie PARIZEAU, married Alphreda GAGNON, 19, not given, of Sturgeon Falls, d/o Louis GAGNON & Octavine BEAULIEU, Wtn. Napoleon SAVARD, Louis GAGNON, on July 25, 1904 at North Bay 013842-04 Stanislas CHRETIEN, 25, not given, St. Anicet, Caldwell, s/o Louis CHRETIEN & Lucie DESROCHERS, married Virginie GENIER, 21, St. Anicet, Caldwell, d/o Gilbert GENIER & mother’s name not given, witn: Etienne LECUYER & Olive BERNIER both of Verner on Mar. 18, 1904 at Verner. (RC)
#017958-04 - Frederick COLEMAN, 25, iron worker, Exeter, Ft. William, s/o John COLEMAN & S.A. THOMPSON, married Annie CRILLY, 24, Ottawa, Ft. William, d/o Daniel CRILLY & Mary COYLE, witn: Agnes CALDER & S.M. ROWAND, both of Ft. William, 14 July 1904 at Ft. William #018063-04 - Edmund George COLLYER, 35, teamster, Tunbridge Wells - Kent Co England, Port Arthur, s/o Joseph George & unknown (died when groom was a child), married Janet WILLIAMS, 21, Bruce Mines, Port Arthur, d/o W.J. WILLIAMS & Emma McLEOD, 12 Oct 1904 at Port Arthur
14044-1904 Matthew CONKEY, 37, Bartender, Hope Twp., Sudbury, s/o John CONKEY & Jane POTTS, married Adeline DUPUIS, 29, Westmeath, Sudbury, d/o Ernest DUPUIS & Lena PRIMEAU, Wtn. Edward EDMONDS, S. EDMONDS, on Apr. 5, 1904 at Sudbury. 18695-05 Frederick COONS, 26, trainman, Inkerman, Fort William, s/o William E. COONS & Rachel JOHNSON, married Maude MOONEY, 19, Mt. Albert, Fort William, d/o William John MOONEY & Elizabeth DENNIS, witn: Samuel WILLIKEN & Mary ARMITAGE, both of Fort William, 26 April 1904 at Fort William
013885-04 (Nipissing Dist) N. CORBEIL, 23, barber, St. Joseph Orleans, Ferris, s/o J. Bte. CORBEIL & M. LAZAIRE married Eva DECAIRE, 17, St. Joseph Orleans, Ferris, d/o Ben & A. DECAIRE, witn: Wilfrid CORBEIL & Volida DECAIRE both of Ferris on June 13, 1904 at Ferris Ont. (RC) #017942-04 - Robert CORBETT, 40, engineer, Ireland, Ft. William, s/o John CORBETT & Hectorina ROSS, married Helen PRITCHARD, 30, Port Arthur, Ft. William, d/o Warrington PRITCHARD & Louisa SOLOMON, witn: Moses McCOY & Mary A. PIERRE, both of Ft. William, 29 April 1904 at Ft. William
18103-04 - George A. COTTOM, 24, engineer, Sturgeon Falls, White River, s/o Isaac COTTOM & Henrietta McPEAKE, married Hattie ORCHARD, 22, Echo Bay, Schreiber, d/o Frank ORCHARD & Maggie LOUGHEED, witn: E. HALSEY of Schreiber & Gertrude COTTOM of White River, 24 May 1904 at White River 18003-04 - William Henry COUCH, 25, farmer, Ontario, Gillies twp., s/o Moses COUCH & Emma WOODS, married Edith HYMERS, 20, Ontario, Gillies twp., d/o Jonathan HYMERS & Sarah WAPPER, witn: Benjamin WOODS & Frances HYMERS, both of Gillies twp., 18 July 1904 at Murille
#017916-04 - David COULTER, 28, commercial traveller, Ireland, Winnipeg, s/o Thomas COULTER & Sarah McGEE, married Sarah Ann ALLEN, 32, Ireland, Winnipeg, d/o Theophilus ALLEN & Charlotte TAYLOR, witn: William S. PIPER & Birdie CORBETT, both of Fort William, 18 Feb 1904 at Fort William, 013840-04 Charlemagne COUSINEAU, 27, farmer, Hawkesbury, Badgerow, s/o Cyprien COUSINEAU & Victorine POISSON, married Delina LAFLEUR, 22, Que., McPherson, d/o Hildage LAFLEUR & Elmire LEMAY, witn : Hildage LAFLEUR of McPherson & Pierre LECLERC of Caldwell on Jan. 12, 1904 at Verner. (RC)
13957-1904 Webster William CRICHTON, 37, Machinist, Dundee Scotland, North Bay, s/o Robert Webster CRICHTON & Jessie CRICHTON, married Annie LEIGHTON, Dundee Scotland, North Bay, d/o William LEIGHTON & Ann WATT ?, Wtn. Douglas MILLER, Florence MORRIS, on June 23, 1904 at North Bay. #017951-04 - William Fergus CULLEN, 21, telegrapher, Detroit, Kashabowic, s/o William M. CULLEN & Mildred BUTLER, married Ellen Ester JOHNSON, 17, Finland, Kashabowic, d/o John JOHNSON & Mary ANDERSON, witn: Andrew & Annie ROOSE of Kashabowic, 4 July 1904 at Kashabowic
#017969-04 - John CUPARAK, 25, laborer, Hungary, Ft. William, s/o Mary LISKA & John SKULA, married Rosa SKULA, 20, Hungary, Ft. William, d/o Teresa CICERI & Robert CUPARAK (parents names as given), witn: Antony DULASKA & Mary DUNDAK, both of Ft. William, 23 Aug 1904 at Ft. William 004274-04 Alexander DAIGLE, 36, laborer, widower, Quebec, Algoma, s/o Alexander DAIGLE & Marie BOLANGER, marred Mary DUNLOP, 20, Alice Ont., Petawawa, d/o James DUNLOP & Margarite GANNON, witn: Paul COTE of Dean Lake & Theresa DUNLOP of Petawawa, on Dec. 28, 1904 at Thompson. (RC)
14031-1904 J. Henry DAILY, (DALEY) Labour, Age, of Sturgeon Falls, s/o John DAILEY & Mary BREEN, married Mary Jane ALVERSON, Age, of Sturgeon Falls, d/o O. ALVERSON & Helen O’TOOLE, Wtn. George ALVERSON, Mary DAILY, on Nov. 21, 1904 at Sturgeon Falls #017923-04 - Andrew DAVIDSON, 28, laborer, Finland, Fort William, s/o Matt DAVIDSON & Anna PERTHULA, married Annie AHOLA, 26, Finland, Fort William, d/o Henry AHOLA & Mary KAIKKONEN, witn: Oscar ANDERSON of Fort William & Mary ERKKILS of Port Arthur, 15 March 1904 at Fort William (Lutheran)
#017949-04 - Arthur DEBERNARDI, 27, mechanic, Woodstock, Port Arthur, s/o Joseph DEBERNARDI & Margaret BERINE, married Ida EVERALD, 20, Quebec, Silver Mountain, d/o Joseph EVERALD & Emma BOUCHARD, witn: Herbert SHEAR of Port Arthur & Louisa PAZETTI of Silver Mtn., 28 June 1904 at Silver Mountain (Rom Cath) #017964-04 - B.F. DELONG, 32, farmer, Whitby, Slate River, s/o Charles A. DELONG & Catherine CAMPLIN, married Alex Victoria CRAWFORD, 20, Ft. William, Slate River, d/o Alex C. CRAWFORD & Margaret GRANT, witn: John D. & Mary J. LAMKE, both of Ft. William, 27 July 1904 at Ft. William
013887-04 (Nipissing Dist) O. DELORME, 20, farmer, Chisholm, Nosbonsing, s/o T. DELORME & Julie LEGACE, married Celestine DUPUIS, 17, Ottawa, Nosbonsing, d/o A. DUPUIS & Celestine LEBINE, witn: D. DELORME & B. Anna BERNARD both of Chisholm on June 6, 1904 at Nosbonsing East Ferris Tp. (RC) 14000-1904 John DEMERS, 27, Farmer, Quebec, Field, s/o Remi DEMERS & Julia DEMERS, married Gratia EBERT, 24, Quebec, Field, d/o John EBERT & Mary CARSON, Wtn. Remi DEMERS, John EBERT, on Oct. 5, 1904 at Sturgeon Falls.
013848-04 Amedè DENOMME, 26, farmer, USA, Caldwell, s/o Evangeliste DENOMME & Adeline JOLY, married Euphrosine BEAUPARLAND, 23, Que., Caldwell, d/o Louis BEAUPARLAND & Pamela THERIEN, witn: Elie BRUNET & Louis BEAUPARLAND both of Caldwell on June 20, 1904 at Verner. (RC) 013862-04 (Nipissing Dist) Solomon DEROCHER, 24, farmer, Quebec, Caldwell, s/o Joseph DEROCHER & Eloise DUBEAU, married Gracie LEFEBVRE, 21, Quebec, Caldwell, d/o Max & Adeline, witn: Jos. DEROCHER & Max LEFEBVRE both of Caldwell on Oct. 31, 1904 at Verner, Caldwell Tp. (RC)
13834-1904 Leon DESCHAMP 25, Labour, Westmeath, Bonfield, s/o August DESCHAMP & Henriette DESCHAMBEAULT, married Alexina AMYOT, 20, Bonfield, Same, d/o Louis AMYOT & Emilie LAVERDURE, Wtn. Louis AMYOT, H. AMYOT, on Aug. 8, 1904 at Bonfield. 13909-1904 John DESILETS, 21, Labour, St. Celestin, Mattawa, s/o Thaddie DESILETS & Virginie DORVAL, married Elmire MORIN, 20, Ottawa, Mattawa, d/o Charles MORIN & Victoria DAMPHOUSE, Wtn. J.B. TREMBLAY, Charles MORIN, on Jan. 7, 1904 at Mattawa
#017959-04 - George DICK, 26, fisherman, Point Porphry, Ft. William, s/o Andrew DICK & Wasseabinokwe, married Nancy MICHON, 19, The Mission, Ft. William, d/o Henry MICHON & Marie L. OGODJE, witn: J. BINENSI & Mary A. McCOY, both of Ft. William, 16 July 1904 at Ft. William (Rom Cath) 13989-1904 Francis DOKIS, 38, Widower, Hunter, Indian Reserve, Beaucage Bay, s/o Charles DOKIS & Mary COMMANDA, married Catharine BENEMEE, 31, Indian Reserve, Beaucage Bay, d/o Joseph BENEMEE & Isabelle COMMANDA, Wtn. Joseph BEAUCAGE, on Apr. 18, 1904 at Sturgeon Falls
#017925-04 - Nicola Mastro DOMENICO, 23, laborer, Italy, Fort William, s/o Antonia Mastro DOMENICO & Louisa CHRISTO, married Maria Antonia TRUISI, 23, Italy, Fort William, d/o Paolo TRUISI & Emilia DE BLASE, witn: C. ALOIA & Philomena CHRISTO, both of Fort William, 11 April 1904 at Fort William (Rom Cath) 13981-1904 Joseph J. DOONER, age not given, Fireman, Brudenell, North Bay, s/o Michael DOONER & Anna BERBAGE ?, married May Mabel JARDINE, age not given, Alice, North Bay, d/o Stewart JARDINE & Joanne McLAUGHLIN, Wtn. John LALONDE, Rose O’TOOLE, on Aug. 10, 1904 at North Bay.
13988-1904 Octave DUBEAU, 28, Labour, Que., Sturgeon Falls, s/o Felix DUBEAU & Elmire St.ONGE, married Laurianna LAVOIE, 19, USA., Springer, d/o Ben LAVOIE & Losia St.AUBIN, Wtn. Hormidas LAVOIE, Rose St.AUBIN on Apr. 18, 1904 at Sturgeon Falls. 13884-1904 William A. DUKE, 29, Farmer, Grey Co., Kerns, s/o Adam DUKE & Agnes HOLMES, married Ella DUMOND, 27, Pickering Twp., Dymond. d/o A. DUMOND & Margaret STONEHOUSE, Wtn. Davie DUKE, Eva STONEHOUSE, on Oct. 18, 1904 at Dymond.
#018067-04 - Francis DUNKLEY, 22, tailor, Chatham, Port Arthur, s/o James & Jennie, married Maud HANNAN, 22, Seaforth, Port Arthur, d/o Edward HANNAN & Jane HARK, witn: M.A. & Minnie WALKER of Port Arthur, 20 Oct 1904 at Port Arthur 13890-1904 Sylvester DUNN, 24, Farmer, Leslie Que., Chisholm, s/o William DUNN & Ellen HAMILTON, married Annie (illegible) Himsworth, Same, d/o Charles (illegible) & Illegible, Wtn. George DUNN, Mary Elizabeth (illegible) on Dec. 7, 1904 at Astorville.
#017961-04 - Reinhart ERICKSON, 24, carpenter, Norway, Ft. William, s/o R. ERICKSON & Annie VAILUND, married Magdalene OLSEN, 23, Norway, Ft. William, d/o O.C. OLSEN & Susan GALRUELSON, witn: G. OLSON (sic) & Dina BRUNE, both of Ft. William, 24 July 1904 at Ft. William (Lutheran) 013847-04 Josias ETHIER, 23, farmer, St. Jerome, Caldwell, s/o Jeremie ETHIER & Celina BELEC, married Marie HENRIE, 19, Ste Adele, Springer, d/o Jean Baptiste HENRIE & Valerie GRANGER, witn: Jeremie ETHIER of Caldwell & Jean Baptiste HENRIE of Springer on June 14, 1904 at Verner. (RC)
#018029-04 - Charles EVANS, 24, laborer, Manchester England, Port Arthur, s/o Joseph EVANS & Annie DUNN, married Mary Jane JOHNSON, 27, Thornbury Ont., Port Arthur, d/o William JOHNSON & Mary Jane CONGLEY, witn: Colin A. McKENZIE & F. SOUTHALL, both of Port Arthur, 22 April 1904 at Port Arthur #018021-04 - William FARROW, 26, laborer, Wiarton, Ft William, s/o Charles FARROW & Annie SHEAN, married Millie RONALD, 18, Meaford, Owen Sound, d/o Robert RONALD & Millie WRIGHT, witn: W.J. & Lillie L. CLARKE, both of Port Arthur, 1 March 1904 at Port Arthur
#017920-04 - Fortunato FERA, 20, laborer, Italy, Port Arthur, s/o Raffaela & Teresa, married Emma COSENTINO, 21, carpenter, Thessalon, Port Arthur, d/o Vincenzio COSENTINO & Caroline GUIDO, witn: David MILLS of Port Arthur & Allan McDOUGALL of Fort William, 21 Jan 1904 at Fort William (Rom Cath) #018072-04 - Wellington Wakefield FENTON, 23, farmer, East Gwillimbury., McIntyre twp., s/o Robert FENTON & Lavina SIDERE, married Mary Agnes GLOVER, 27, widow, Arran twp., Oliver twp., d/o Thomas S. MORROW & Ruth WARNOCK, witn: William H. & Margaret WILSON of McIntyre twp., 26 Oct 1904 at Port Arthur
13972-1904 George FISCHER, 22, Brakeman, Erie P.A., North Bay, s/o Thomas FISCHER & Agnes WALKER, married Annie ROBERTSON, 18, Loring, North Bay, d/o John ROBERTSON & Jessie ROLLO, Wtn. Roland FISCHER, Jessie HAGGART, on Nov. 30, 1904 at North Bay 13903-1904 Arthur Ramsay FISHER, 22, Farmer, Pickering, Hudson, s/o William FISHER & Margaret RAMSAY, married Agnes Isabella Crichton BROWN, 23, West Garafraxa, Hudson, d/o Thomas BROWN & Annie MITCHELL, Wtn. Isaac CLARK, Margaret BROWN, on Oct. 12, 1904 at Hudson
004273-04 Hypolyte FLETCHER, 23, laborer, Penetanguishene, Thessalon, s/o John FLETCHER & Deloide GIROUX, married Marie Louisa GAGNON, 16, of Thessalon, d/o Arthur GAGNON & Obeline GAUTHIER, witn: Fred GAGNON & Jane BELLVOISE, both of Thessalon on Nov. 21, 1904 at Thessalon. (RC) 13828-1904 Dovila FOISY, 22, Farmer, Bonfield, Same, s/o Eugene FOISY & Elise LARIVIERE, married Emma CONDON, 21, Westmeath, Bonfield, d/o Theodule CONDON & Adeline ARCHAMBEAULT, Wtn. Eugene FOISY, John ROMAIN, on Aug. 30, 1904, at Bonfield.
13830-1904 Jean Baptiste FOISY, 23, Farmer Bonfield, Same, s/o J. Bte. FOISY & Marie AMYOT, married Elizabeth MARION, 19, Warren, Bonfield, d/o Adolph MARION & Hermeline PRIMEAU, Wtn. J. Bte. FOISY, Luc LEMIEUX, on Sept. 6, 1904 at Bonfield 14038-1904 Phileas FOISY, 21, Labour, Bonfield, Sudbury, s/o Phileas FOISY & Rose W. LANG, married Virginie ALBERT, 20, Ottawa, Sudbury, d/o Prosper ALBERT & Adelina MONTREUIL, Wtn. Prosper ALBERT, William JONES, on Jan. 19, 1904 at Sudbury
13959-1904 Clement Edward FORGE, 23, Farmer, Windermere, Same, s/o Francis FORGE & Elizabeth DAWSON, married Margaret McPHERSON, age not given, Lucknow, Trout Creek, d/o Daniel McPHERSON & Annie McSWAIN, Wtn. James GORDON, Mrs James GORDON, on July 12, 1904 at North Bay 13998-1904 Edmond FOURNIER, 24, Farmer, Quebec, Springer, s/o Euchariste FOURNIER & Zoe POTVIN, married Adele RANGER, 21, Que., Cache Bay, d/o Antoine RANGER & Marie LAROCQUE, Wtn. Euchariste FOURNIER, Antoine RANGER, on Sept. 5, 1904 at Sturgeon Falls.
4204-04 (Algoma Dist.) Didier(?) Francois FRANCOEUR, 27, laborer, Rimouski, Wawa City, s/o Pirm(?) FRANCOEUR & Alma DEMERS, married Mary Anna Pearle TREMBLEY, 22, Toledo Ohio, Wawa City, d/o Joseph TREMBLEY & Emma ROUSSEAU, witn Jas. S. SWICK and Mrs. J.S. SWICK, both of Michipicoten, 30 Oct 1904 at Wawa City (RC) #018027-04 - Frederick FREGEAU, 41, printer, Ontomagon Mich., Port Arthur, s/o Frederick FREGEAU & Virginia BELANGER, married Amey CONNOR, 30, widow, Oxfordshire England, Port Arthur, d/o Thomas BAUGHAN & Harriet MANSFIELD, witn: Louis & Mrs. Caroline FREGEAU of Ft William, 16 May 1904 at Port Arthur
#018044-04 - Arthur A. FRYE, 29, accountant, Ontario, Emo Ont., s/o Edwin FRYE & Sarah CAHOON, married Laura GILLARD, 27, Ontario, Wallaceburg, d/o Harvey GILLARD & Susan HUTCHINSON, witn: Mary WALKER & Lillie STOPHELBIEN, both of Port Arthur, 27 July 1904 at Port Arthur #017929-04 - Archibald FULLERTON, 32, telegrapher, Annapolis, Parrywood, s/o Augustus FULLERTON & Maria GATES, married Amy Eliza BARBERIE, 38, Dalhousie, same, d/o John BARBERIE & Charlotte ALLEN, witn: H.H. GODARD & J.B. DAVIES, both of Fort William, 29 April 1904 at Fort William
13990-1904 Wilfrid GAGNE, 40, Farmer, Hull, Springer, s/o Seraphin GAGNE & Justine GAGNE, married Annonciade LECLERC, 34, Quebec, Sturgeon Falls, d/o Egesippe LECLERC & Eugenie LANGLOIS, Wtn. Stanislaus GAGNE, Augustin LANGLOIS, on Apr. 28, 1904 at Sturgeon Falls. 13987-1904 Joseph GAGNE, 24, Farmer, Que., Springer, s/o Seraphin GAGNE & Justine GAGNE, married Eugenie LECLERC, 23, Que., Sturgeon Falls, d/o Egesippe LECLERC & Eugenie LANGLOIS, Wtn. Wilfrid GAGNE, Augustin LANGLOIS, on Feb. 15, 1904 at Sturgeon Falls.
13983-1904 Benjamin GAUTHIER, 62, occupation not given, Rigaud, North Bay, s/o Manuel GUERTIN & Mary Rose ROY, married L. LEPAGE, age not given, Rimouski, North Bay, d/o Mathias LEPAGE & Philomena LAGRACE, Wtn. Ernest GAUTHIER, Phileas PELLETIER, on Sept. 27, 1904 at North Bay 18005-04 - George McDougall GORLEY, 27, carpenter, Manitouwanig, Fort William, s/o John GORLEY & Jane GUTHRIE, married Ethel May TREWIN, 22, farmer, Whitby, Slate River, d/o Arthur W. TREWIN & Emma VANSTONE, witn: Hanlaw WALSH & Florence TREWIN, both of Fort William, 31 Aug 1904 at Slate River Valley
#017963-04 - Joseph GRAIGEL, 23, laborer, Hungary, Ft. William, s/o George GRIGEL (sic) & Teresa LARMORDAK, married Helena KOVAS, 18, Hungary, Ft. William, d/o John KOVAS & Maria LACVAN, witn: Antony BEDA & Ann GRIGEL, both of Ft. William, 26 July 1904 at Ft. William 14051-1904 Antoine GRAVELLE, 34, Labour, Vaudreuil, Sudbury, s/o Alexis GRAVELLE & Zoe GAUTHIER, married Maggie ROBILLARD, 21, Bonfield, Sudbury, d/o Samuel ROBILLARD & Marie DUBREUIL, Wtn. Samuel ROBILLARD, A. GALLAGHER, on July 19, 1904 at Sudbury
4217-04 (Algoma Dist.) John W. GRAY, 42, traveller, London Ont., Minneapolis US., s/o John J. GRAY and M.E. GLAIN, married Georgetta GIRVAN?, 22, Montreal, Sault, d/o P. GIRVAN and Adele BRESSETTE, witn Alex McLEAN and Mrs. A. McLEAN, both of Sault, 3 Dec. 1904 at Sault. #018039-04 - Emil GRUKEGEG, 30, laborer, widower, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Yohan GRUKEGEG & Marie SEPHIE, married Anna NURPHEND, 26, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Wilhelm NURPHEND & Marie HALME, witn: Emil & Alexandra HULKKA of Port Arthur, 22 July 1904 at Port Arthur (Lutheran)
#018060-04 - Charley GUSTAFSSON, 31, laborer, Sweden, Port Arthur, s/o Gustof GUSTAFSSON & Karolina PETERSON, married Ida Safin THEREIN, 27, spinster, Sweden, Port Arthur, d/o Theade? ANDERSON & Sophie LARSON, witn: John & Ida GUSTAFSSON of Port Arthur, 21 Sept 1904 at Port Arthur (Lutheran) #018054-04 - Matt HAARALA, 21, laborer, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o David HAARALA & Lizzie MAKI, married Elizabeth HIETALA, 22, servant, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o John HIETALA & Muno MAKINEN, witn: Erik & Annie KORKOLAINEN of Port Arthur, 10 Sept 1904 at Port Arthur
#017907-04 - Gustav Renhold HALLACHE, 28, Finland, Fort William, s/o Solomon HALLACHE & Serophia TEIVAANMAH, married Minnie BERGENHALE, 22, Finland, Fort William, d/o Mikkel BERGENHALE & Mary HAKALA, witn: Gus. & Lizzie HERMANSON of Fort William, 8 Jan. 1904 at Fort William, (Lutheran) #017970-04 - Har Edgar HARKNESS, 23, brakeman, Renfrew, Ft. William, s/o Robert HARKNESS & Mary BARRY, married Edith Adella BRYAN, 19, St. Thomas, Ft. William, d/o Henry A. BRYAN & Idella M. MISENER, witn: John D. PEDDEN & Pearl L. BRYAN, both of Ft. William, 24 Aug 1904 at Ft. William
4208-04 (Algoma Dist.) William Victor HARRISON, 19, laborer, Petrolia, Soo Ont., s/o William Hy HARRISON and Isabella McINTYRE, married Margaret Jane FISHER, 19, Sarnia, Steelton, d/o William Hy. FISHER and Mary BUGNER; witn Arthur KOCH and Lillian Mabel PARKER, both of Sault, 16 Nov 1904 at Sault. #018031-04 - Richard E. HASSETT, 30, teamster, London England, Port Arthur, s/o John Edmund & Elizabeth Jane, married Kate SMITH, 21, Newnk--? Germany, Port Arthur, d/o Jacob SMITH & Miegi? WE--LE, witn: Leo SEGUIN & Freda KEEHN, both of Port Arthur, 6 June 1904 at Port Arthur
13956-1904 Wilfrid HEBERT, 22, Labour, Hull, North Bay, s/o Maxime HEBERT & Lea DAVIS, married Clara LEBOUEF, 22, Valleyfield, North Bay, d/o Michel LEBOUEF & Virginie TAILLEFER, Wtn. Maxime HEBERT, Michel LEBOUEF, on May 24, 1904 at North Bay. #017962-04 - Abraham HEINO, 30, laborer, Finland, Ft. William, s/o A. & Eva, married Wilhelmina KULMALA, 25, Finland, Ft. William, d/o Sammi KULMALA & Scena KWIKANGAS, witn: John & Samma SEPPALA of Ft. William, 25 July 1904 at Ft. William (Rom Cath)
#018083-04 - Adolf HELEN, 25, laborer, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Adolf HAKALA (sic) & Wilhelmina JONASON, married Anna Johanna TOKKOJA, 20, servant, spinster, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Jacob & Agata KORPI, witn: Otto SJOBLERN & Peeta AHO, both of Port Arthur, 6 Dec 1904 at Port Arthur (Lutheran) #018046-04 - Jonas Petter HELLGREN, 30, laborer, widower, Sweden, Port Arthur, s/o Johan HELLGREN & Ingebor LIND, married Louisa STORHOG, 30, servant, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Matt STORHOG & Lizzie WINTALA, witn: Tom & Arnalia KALLIO of Port Arthur, 13 Aug 1904 at Port Arthur (Lutheran)
#017948-04 - Patrick HENNESSEY, 27, laborer, Killola, Ruby, s/o Patrick HENNESSEY & Marguerite CULL, married Florence HOGAN, 20, Wyavel, Savanne, d/o Patrick HOGAN & Lizzie BROOM, witn: Albert & May HOGAN of Savanne, 15 Feb 1904 at Savanne (Rom Cath) 004270-04 Herbert N. HERN, 24, lumber grader, Port Perry, Sarnia, s/o Louis HERN & Rebecca SPINKS, married Caroline STINSON, 30, Falkenburg, Lefroy, d/o Robert STINSON & Caroline O'NEIL, witn: W. E. CRONKHITE & Louise STINSON both of Thessalon on Aug. 22, 1904 at Lefroy.
13899-1904 William Stuart HERRON, 34, Yeoman, Gelert, Haileybury, s/o William HERRON & Eliza McILWAIN, married Edith Isabel JOHNSON, Widow, age not given, Mount Forest, Haileybury, d/o Joseph SITHES & Patricia MOSHER, Wtn.. A.N. MORGAN, Mrs. Annie CAMPBELL, on Nov. 28, 1904 at Haileybury. 13837-1904 William Steward HERRON, 34, Lumberman, Gelert, Haileybury, s/o William HERRON & Patience MOSHER, married Edith Isabel JOHNSON, 30, Widow, Mt. Forest, Haileybury, d/o Joseph illegible, Wtn. A. MORGAN, on Nov. 28, 1904 at Haileybury.
  016882-05 John HILL, 41, miner, Ireland, Rat Portage, s/o Joseph & Ann, married Amanda M. OLESON, 42, Sweden, Rat Portage, d/o Olaf & Christina, witn: C. J. & Mrs C. J. ANDERSON both of Rat Portage on Dec. 29, 1904 at Rat Portage
#018023-04 - Albert John HIMER, 25, laborer, Kentsville, Ont., Ft William, s/o Eleisha HIMER & Mary ATKINSON, married Selena Jane WEIGAND, 15, Ft William, same, d/o John Thomas & Mary, witn: Arthur ROBINSON & Effie May WEIGAND, both of Ft William, 18 April 1904 at Port Arthur #017932-04 - Harry Ernest HOOD, 36, carpenter, Ottawa, Port Arthur, s/o Robert HOOD & Sarah MARSHALL, married Mina May SHARPE, 34, Michigan, Port Arthur, d/o George SHARPE & Mina ROADER, witn: Norman C. LUNAN (Lunau?) & Mary McNICHOL, both of Port Arthur, 30 June 1904 at Fort William
4215-04 (Algoma Dist.) George A. HOWE, 23, brakeman, Sault, same, s/o Alfred W. HOWE and E.L. JUBGAN, married Jennie S. BISHOP, 23, Summerville N.S., Sault, d/o Thomas J. BISHOP and Emma MICHIE, witn Thomas A. BISHOP and Alberta Morton HOWE, both of Sault, 29 Nov. 1904 at Sault #017938-04 - William Charles HOWLINSTINE, 24, miner, Duluth, Ft. William, s/o William C. HOWLINSTINE & Caroline HEINE, married Margaret COOPER, 24, Dublin Ont., Ft. William, d/o David COOPER & Charlotte C. KENNARD, witn: David COOPER & Annie WILTON, both of Ft. William, 19 May 1904 at Ft. William
13900-1904 Joseph Godfrey HUMPHREY, 22, Farmer, England, Kerns, s/o Walter Humphrey & Alice BELCHER, married Clare Levitt RUTHERFORD, 21, Huntsville, Harley, d/o George RUTHERFORD & Maggie OLIVER, Wtn. William RUTHERFORD, Eva May LATTIMORE, on Mar 23, 1904 at Harley Twp #018061-04 - J.V. Campbell HUNTER, 23, stock manager, Toronto, Port Arthur, s/o S. Rutledge HUNTER & Margaret -EACE, married Sarah Emily SUNSTAN, 24, Port Arthur, same, d/o Frederick SUNSTAN & Selina WILLIAMS, witn: Norman LUNAN of Port Arthur & Maude F. RITCHIE of Rat Portage, 27 Sept 1904 at Port Arthur
13897-1904 W.A. HUNTINGTON, 25, Barber, Beachburg, Sudbury, s/o Silas HUNTINGTON & Sarah BROWNLEE, married Jennie WRIGHT, 21, Cantly Que., Sudbury, d/o William WRIGHT & Sarah BRADLEY, Wtn. James WRIGHT, Ethel Chamberlain, on Oct. 19, 1904 at Markstay #018082-04 - Jacob HUSSALA, 32, laborer, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Lauri HUSSALA & Sauna? HUNNALA, married Anna KAURALA, 20, servant, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Joel KAURALA & Gustava HAAPAKOIPA, witn: John & Ida LIPPONEN of Port Arthur, 25 Nov 1904 at Port Arthur (Lutheran)
#017908-04 - Henry Reginald INGRAM, 26, checker, Somerset Eng., Fort William, s/o John Stone INGRAM & Esther MILLS, married Lucy Alice McCOLLUM, 23, Dublin Ireland, Fort William, d/o Archiblad McCOLUM & Lucy Annie KELLY, witn: A.M. McCOLLUM of Fort William, & Emma JILLERT of Port Arthur, 1 Jan 1904 at Fort William #017941-04 - Sidney Thompson JACKSON, 24, laborer, Port Huron, Kaministikwia, s/o James W. JACKSON & Ettie SHIPPER (or Stopper), married Mary Louisa GAMMOND, 20, Kaministikwia, same, d/o William R. GAMMOND & Sarah READ, witn: A. McMICHAEL of Murills & Maggie FOLSTER of Kaministikwia, 6 June 1904 at Ft. William
#017917-04 - Clarence Hugh JACKSON, 32, merchant, Pictou NS, Fort William, s/o Hugh T. JACKSON & Margaret Ann FOSTER, married Bertha Elizabeth MORRIS, 24, Blenheim, Fort William, d/o John Kidd MORRIS & Sarah GREEN, witn: A.D. STEWART of Fort William, & Edna F. JACKSON of Port Arthur, 14 March 1904 at Fort William #017906-04 - Matt JACOBSON, 23, farmer, Finland, Fort William, s/o Jacob & Fii JARNENPAA, married Gustava SIPPALA, 25, widow, d/o Andrew SARALAMPI & Brita PYSTE, witn: Sanford & Anna JACOBSON, both of Fort William, 14 Jan 1904 at Fort William, (Lutheran)
#018051-04 - William Henry JAMES, 33, brakeman, Millbank, Port Arthur, s/o John JAMES & Mary AIKENS, married Helen SCARRY, 38, widow, Greenwich England, Port Arthur, d/o John CONDON & blank, witn: Sydney J. O’CONNOR & Mrs. Peter RIVERS, both of Port Arthur, 30 June 1904 at Port Arthur #018065-04 (Thunder Bay Dist): Sidney Walter JOHNS, 27, confectioner, Wyemouth? England, Winnipeg, s/o Thomas JOHNS & Caroline ROBERTS, married Edna May HILLMAN, 26, book keeper, Ottawa, Port Arthur, d/o Irvane? HILLMAN & Harriet QUIMBY (or Quinaby), witn: Frank CAMERON & Jennie STEVENSON, both of Port Arthur, 26 Oct 1904? at Port Arthur
#017956-04 - William Carleton JOHNSON, 27, wireman, Alma, Ft. William, s/o Samuel JOHNSON & Jane CULLUM, married Margaret McDONALD, 19, Ft. William West, Ft. William, d/o George McDONALD & Bessie McLEARY, witn: Thomas JOHNSON & Dorothy VERGER, both of Ft. William, 11 July 1904 at Ft. William 14033-1904 John JOHNSTON, 23, Section Boss, Mattawa, Wahnapitei, s/o James JOHNSTON & Hannah KELLY, married Mary McLELLAND, 20, Chelsea, Sturgeon Falls, d/o John McLELLAND & Jane MACKWELL, Wtn. J. McLELLAND on Nov. 2, 1904 at Sturgeon Falls
13910-1904 John JONES, 31, Farmer, Shawville Que., Calvin Twp., s/o John JONES & Mary WALLS, married Minnie SMILEY, 19, Mattawa, Papineau Twp., d/o William SMILEY & Fanny SMITH, Wt. Ethel THOMPSON, Harry SMILEY, on Jan. 13, 1904 at Mattawa. 13969-1904 Edward JORDAN, 33, Labour, Ellenburg NY., s/o James JORDAN & Jennie OLDHAM, married Christine ATKINSON, 29, Portage du Fort, North Bay, d/o William ATKINSON & Ellen WORKMAN, Wtn. Norman SULLIVAN, Annie SLATER, on Oct. 29, 1904 at North Bay.
#018064-04 - August KAIPAINEN, 28, laborer, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o John KAIPAINEN & Riina PIERANEN, married Edla Maria KAHLBERG, 27, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Alex KAHLBERG & Annie ARIKAINEN, witn: Daniel & Ann Elisa NURMINEN of Port Arthur, 14 Oct 1904 at Port Arthur (Lutheran) #017913-04 - Gust. KALLIS, 22, laborer, Finland, Fort William, s/o Christian KALLIS & Miina LECKKARI, married Lizzie OJALA, 25, Finland, Fort William, d/o August OJALA & Sofia KIRKKONEN, witn: Carl TEWASOMAKI & Hulda KUKKEE, both of Fort William, 30 Jan 1904 at Fort William, (Lutheran)
4206-04 (Algoma Dist.) John Arthur KAYE, 48, farmer(?), not known, Steelton, s/o not known married Clara RAPLAY, 26, Essex Eng., Steelton, d/o George John RAPLEY and Emma Jane BARNES; witn N.V. TAPSCOTT and A.M. TAPSCOTT, both of Sault, 22 Oct. 1904 at Sault, Ont. 13911-1904 John A. KENNEDY, 28, Machinist, March Twp., Same, s/o Donald KENNEDY & Margaret WALSH, married Hannah MONTGOMERY, 34, Widow, illegible, of Mattawa, d/o James DAVIDSON & Sarah HAYES, Wtn. Christopher KENNEDY, Lillian S. FISH, on Apr. 7, 1904 at Mattawa
#017935-04 - Samuel John KENNEDY, 34, car repairer, Loctore, Ft. William, s/o John KENNEDY & Lavina SQUIRES, married Hannah BENNINGTON, 30, Rudley, Ft. William, d/o Robert BENNINGTON & Bertha EDMOND, witn: Eliza E. GERRARD & G. BENNINGTON, both of Ft. William, 25 May 1904 at Ft. William (Salv. Army) #018053-04 - Mattie KERTESOJA, 23, laborer, Finland, Ft. William, s/o Gust KERTESOJA & Kaiso MALJALA, married Hilma TEERIMAKI, 20, servant, Finland, Ft William, d/o Herman TEERIMAKI & Jadi AUNOLA (or Armola), witn: Charles & Mari HALONEN of Ft. William, 1 Sept 1904 at Port Arthur (Lutheran)
#017933-04 - John Alexander KNOX, 24, farmer, Ottawa, O'Connor twp., s/o Robert KNOX & Annie HERBINSON, married Bertha SMITH, 17, Hicksburg, Fort William, d/o Phil L. SMITH & Elizabeth LENOX, witn: Herbert KNOX of O'Connor twp & Ethel HENDRICK of Fort William, 28 May 1904 at Fort William #017914-04 - Peter KRUPPA, 25, laborer, Hungary, Fort William, s/o Thomas KRUPPA & Mary TOMKULAK, married Julia ZUFFA, 19, Hungary, Fort William, d/o Michel ZUFFA & Annie KURLATCK, witn: Joseph KRUPPA & Mary ZUFFA, both of Fort William, 1 Feb 1904 at Fort William, (Rom Cath)
#017915-04 - Michael KUCULEMA, 23, laborer, Poland, Fort William, s/o Simon KUCULEMA & Malevea STA-IER?, married Catherine MATIIZEN, 18, Gallacia, Fort William, d/o Joseph MATIIZEN & Anna SIGI, witn: Fero OUSTAFF & Anna TAPSEY, both of Fort William, 2 Feb 1904 at Fort William, (Rom Cath) 18102-04 - Damase LAFLEUR, 35, carriage maker, Ottawa, Port Arthur, s/o Hermenegilde LAFLEUR & Virginie ROBILLARD, married Josephine NICOL, 20 (or 22), dress maker, Montgomery, Jack Fish (Rossport), d/o Prudent NICOL & Emelie RETIR, witn: Albert NICOL of Rossport & Amedee NICOL of Jack Fish, 12 Jan 1904 at Rossport (Rom Cath) (also 18092-04)
013849-04 Euclide LAFRENIERE, 30, farmer, Que., Badgerow, s/o Cuthbert LAFRENIERE & Elizabeth TAILLEFER, married Mathilda PLANTE, 22, Que., Caldwell, d/o Ulric PLANTE & E. FORCHETTE, witn: Ulric PLANTE & Etienne LECUYER both of Caldwell on June 20, 1904 at Verner. (RC) #017930-04 - George Leonard LAMKE, 22, fireman, Rock Falls USA, Slate River, s/o John Daniel LAMKE & Hattie DEMING, married Alice Emily PAYNE, 23, England, Slate River, d/o Arthur PAYNE & Matilda SMITH, witn: Fred C. LAMKE & Ada PAYNE, both of Slate River, 27 April 1904 at Fort William
#018033-04 - Joseph West Hill LANGLEY, 27, plumber, St. Anns England, Ft William, s/o Joseph LANGLEY & Sarah HILL, married Nora STRUBLE, 21, Mircir Penn., Oliver twp., d/o Lester A. STRUBLE & Margaret CUBBINSON, witn: J.E. MURRAY & J.N. BLODGETT, both of Port Arthur, 15 June 1904 at Port Arthur 013861-04 (Nipissing Dist) Magloire LAPLANTE, 27, farmer, of Badgerow Tp., s/o Paul LAPLANTE & Virginie BELANGER, married Victoria GIROUX, 23, Clarence, Caldwell, d/o Jos. GIROUX & Ursula POIRIER, witn: Paul LAPLANTE of Badgerow Tp. & Jos. GIROUX of Caldwell on Oct. 25, 1904 at Verner, Caldwell Tp. (RC)
13986-19044 Joseph LAROCQUE, Labour, Que., Badgerow, s/o Ferdinand LAROCQUE & Olive LANGLOIS, married Valerie LECLERC, 19, Que., Springer, d/o Ferdinand LECLERC & not given, Wtn. Olive PELLETIER, Toussaint VALADE, on Feb. 15, 1904 at Sturgeon Falls. 13896-1904 Henrie LAVOIE, 2, Farmer, USA., Field, s/o Benjamin LAVOIE & Emma BERNARD, married Aloysie St.AUBIN, 19, Quebec, Field, d/o Joseph St.AUBIN & Vitaline St.ONGE, Wtn. Benjamin LAVOIE, Joseph St.AUBIN, on Nov. 22, 1904 at Sturgeon Falls.
13996-1904 Stephen LEBLANC, 26, Labour, St. Anicet Que., Sturgeon Falls, s/o Alex LEBLANC & Sophie QUESNEL, married Sophie TURCOT, 18, USA., Springer, d/o David TURCOT & Olive ARCAND, Wtn. Alex LEBLANC, David TURCOT, on Aug. 22, 1904 at Sturgeon Falls. 14002-1904 Thomas LEBLANC, 26, Labour, St. Albert, Que., Springer, s/o Thomas LEBLANC & Philomene FORTIER, married Amanda PHILION, 19, Quebec, Springer, d/o Adolphe PHILION & Olivina VACHON, Wtn. Adolphe PHILION, Arcade LEBLANC, on Dec. 21, 1904 at Sturgeon Falls.
13857-1904 Dieudonne LEFEBRE, 27, Farmer, Que., Caldwell, s/o Max LEFEBRE & Odile MONGRAIN, married Ana PAQUETTE, 22, Ste. Adele, Caldwell, d/o Moise PAQUETTE & Adelina COURTEMANCHE, Wtn. Moise PAQUIN, Odile MONGRAIN, on Aug. 9, 1904 at Verner. 13865-1904 Joseph LEFEBRE, 27, Labour, St. Thomas, Sudbury, s/o Napoleon LEFEBRE & Julie CHARRON, married Delisca GASCON, Ripon, Copper Cliff, d/o Trefle GASCON & Domase BELLEFEUILLE, Wtn. William TURPIN, Domase GASCON, on Jan. 9, 1904 at Copper Cliff
013857-04 (Nipissing Dist) D. LEFEBVRE, 27, laborer, Quebec, Caldwell, s/o Max & Odile, married Anna PAQUETTE, 22, Ste. Adele, Caldwell, d/o Moise & Adeline, witn: Moise PAQUETTE & Odile MONGRAIN both of Verner on Aug. 9, 1904, at Verner, Caldwell Tp. (RC) 013856-04 (Nipissing Dist) Frederic LEGAULT, 21, farmer, Quebec, Caldwell, s/o Emile LEGAULT & Philomine GRIGNON, married Cecile GAUTHIER, 18, Quebec, Springer, d/o J. Bte. & Odile, witn: Emile LEGAULT of Badgerow & J. Bte. GAUTHIER of Springer on July 24, 1904 at Verner, Caldwell Tp. (RC)
013852-04 (Nipissing Dist) Napoleon, LEGENDRE, 23, farmer, USA, McPherson, s/o Alphonse & Florie, married Annie FOISIE, 19, Quebec, McPherson, d/o Ambroise & Catherine, witn: Alphonse LEGENDRE & Ambroise FOISIE both of McPherson on July 5, 1904, at Verner, Caldwell Tp. Ont. (RC) 013851-04 Napoleon LEGENDRE, 23, farmer, USA, McPherson, s/o Alphonse LEGENDRE & Maria CONSTANTINEAU, married Annie FOYSIE, 19, USA, McPherson, d/o Ambroise FOYSIE & Catherine MOORE, witn: Alphonse LEGENDRE & Ambroise FOYSIE both of McPherson on June 30, 1904 at Verner. (RC)
#017971-04 - John LEGINES, 24, laborer, Hungary, Ft. William, s/o John LEGINES & Maria ZAK, married Sophia LAFIG, 22, Hungary, Ft. William, d/o Andrew LAFAJ (sic) & Teresa MIGAJ, witn: Joseph KRUPA & Annie GARAJ, both of Ft. William, 29 Aug 1904 at Ft. William (Rom Cath) 13826-1904 Alfred LEMIEUX, 25, Farmer, Bois St. Paul, Bonfield, s/o Luc LEMIEUX & Mathilde SIMARD, married Selina SAVARD, 17, Bonfield, Same, d/o August SAVARD & Elizabeth illegible, Wtn. William GAGNE, W. GAGNON, on Aug. 9, 1904, at Bonfield
13891-1904 Marcelin LEREUX, 25, Farmer, Quebec, Field, s/o Marcelin LEREUX & Jeanne LEREUX, married Marie VALADE, 19, Springer Twp., Same, d/o Toussant VALADE & Edwidge DINEL, Wtn. Toussant VALADE, Edwidge DINEL, on Aug. 15, 1904, at Sturgeon Falls. #018069-04 - John Arman LIND, 20, laborer, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Richard LIND & Ida M. LINDGREN, married Mina Evida JOHNSON, 19, store clerk, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o John JOHNSON & Mary Johanna HAVILLA, witn: Wairio LIND & Tekla WIRTA, both of Port Arthur, 1 Nov 1904 at Port Arthur (Lutheran)
13963-1904 Ephraim LINDSAY, 26, Labour, Bridgewater, Powassan, s/o Richard LINDSAY & Sarah RODGERS, married Mary DANA, 19, Windsor, North Bay, d/o George DANA & Sarah DANA, Wtn. Fred LAFLAR, Ethel LAFLAR, on Sept. 17, 1904 at Powassan. #018062-04 - James LOGAN, 25, brick layer, Belfast Ireland, West Ft. William, s/o James LOGAN & Hanna McCLURE, married Mary WHEATLEY, 18, West Ft. William, same, d/o Burton WHEATLEY & Sarah CRUSSON, witn: J.E. MURRAY & Elizabeth PHINNEY, both of Port Arthur, 1 Oct 1904 at Port Arthur
#018015-04 - Anton LOHRA, 27, laborer, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Lahro LOHRA & Annie SORSA, married Hulda HELBAKKO, 18, servant, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Mikki HELBAKKO & Scrofra NYNEARK, witn: John BLOMQUIST & Tilda REMULA, both of Port Arthur, 1 March 1904 at Port Arthur (Lutheran) 013949-04 (Nipissing Dist) Thomas Henry LOUTON, 21, blacksmith, Powassan, North Bay, s/o George LOUTON no mother’s name given, married Fannie YOUNG, 18, Pembroke, North Bay, d/o Louis & Bella, witn: Annie COBB of North Bay on March 2, 1904 at North Bay
#018024-04 - Christian LUOMA, laborer, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Markus LUOMA & Anna MYLLYTA, married Alorke Sirofia KUHMALA, 33, servant, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o John KUHMALA & Kaisa KARKELA, witn: Nikki NEVALA & Hilma PARITI, both of Port Arthur, 2 May 1904 at Port Arthur (Lutheran) #017953-04 - John LYSNER, 30, blacksmith, Norway, Ft. William, s/o John A. LYSNER & Karn L. KARLSEN, married Alma JENSON, 28, Norway, Ft. William, d/o Andrew JENSEN & Annie PETERSON, witn: A. & Thesine AKELSEN of Ft. William, 5 July 1904 at Ft. William (Lutheran)
#018042-04 - Edward Blake MacKAY, 32, journalist, Ontario, Yorkton Assin., s/o Angus MacKAY & Abigail LOGAN, married Louisa Ella CAMERON, 31, Ontario, Orillia, d/o Duncan CAMERON & Louisa IRISH, witn: D. & M.J. STEPHENSON of Port Arthur, 14 July 1904 at Port Arthur #0186091-04 - John MADILL, 24, blacksmith, Artemesia twp., Port Arthur, s/o Alex S. MADILL & Mary McKEE, married Lettie LINKLATER, 22, Stayner, Port Arthur, d/o John B. LINKLATER & Annie JOHNSON, witn: L.E. LINKLATER & Sadie MADILL, both of Port Arthur, 7 Nov 1904 at Port Arthur
13846-1904 Leon MAILLOT, 27, Farmer, Quebec, Badgerow, s/o Elzeard MAILLOT & Annie HAMEL, married Pomelia JALBERT, 21, USA., Caldwell, d/o Onesime JALBERT & Philomene RONDEAU, Wtn. Elzeard MAILLOT, Onesime JALBERT, on June 7, 1904 at Verner 13994-1904 Arthur MAISONEUVE, 32, Farmer, St. Albert Que., Springer, s/o Gilbert MAISONEUVE & Rachael BEAUCHAMP, married Louise LEBLANC 19, Que., Sturgeon Falls, d/o Emille (sic) LEBLANC & Annie JONES, Wtn. Gilbert MAISONEUVE, Emille LEBLANC, on July 31, 1904 at Sturgeon Falls
#018086-04 - Anders Gustaa MAKI, 20, laborer, Finland, Ft. William, s/o Gust. MAKI & Hilda ROKALA, married Bertie LAURILA, 27, servant, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Andrew LAURILA & Mary KUROLA, witn: Nestar FRIMAN of Ft. William & Haina RUOTSALAINEN of Port Arthur, 15 Dec 1904 at Port Arthur (Lutheran) #018025-04 - John MALLULA, 25, laborer, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Augusta MALLALA & Anna SUIKALLA?, married Maria PUTAONSUN (pr Putarusun), 19, servant, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Johan PUTAONSUN & Greeta WIRSU, witn: Jacob HIVASKARI & Mary PUTAONSUN, 20 May 1904 at Port Arthur (Lutheran)
013860-04 (Nipissing Dist) Ovila MARTIN, 21, laborer, Quebec, Verner, s/o Francois & Josephine, married Ernestine BEAUCHAMP, 20, Quebec, Verner, d/o Jerome BEAUCHAMP & Elisa RAYMONDE, witn: Francois MARTIN & Elise RAYMONDE both of Verner on Oct. 18, 1904 at Verner Caldwell Tp. (RC) 013845-04 Louis MARTIN, 35, laborer, widower, Que., Verner, s/o Joseph MARTIN & Rose LEMAY, married Eliza RAYMOND, 37, widow, Que., Caldwell, d/o Jean Baptiste & Marie R., witn: Felix LEMIEUX of Verner & Lucien LESSARD of Caldwell on June 7, 1904 at Verner. (RC)
13980-1904 Samuel MAYHEW, 24, no occupation given, Maynooth, North Bay, s/o Elward MAYHEW & Johanna LYNCH, married Mary FARRELL, 23, Eganville, North Bay, d/o Bartholomew FARRELL & Rebecca (illegible), Wtn. Michael FARRELL, Anna MAYHEW, on Aug. 2, 1904 at North Bay #017921-04 - Douglas McCORMACK, 21, carpenter, Thessalon, Port Arthur, s/o Douglas McCORMACK & Mary McKINNON, married Maude E. PRESSLEY, 22, Carleton Place, Port Arthur, d/o James PRESSLEY & Susan BLAKE, witn: Arthur P. WILSON of Fort William & Elsie PRESSLEY of Port Arthur, 9 March 1904 at Fort William
18097-04 - John Arthur McDOUGALL, 37, Hudson Bay agent, Michigan, Savanne, s/o John McDOUGALL & Elizabeth CAREY, married Bertha WHITEHEAD, 34, widow, England, White River, d/o Thomas DODDS & Eleanor Mary REID, witn: John J. BARKER & Susan GREEN, both of White River, 3 Jan 1904 at White River 013937-04 (Nipissing Dist) Thomas McKEE, 31, hotel keeper, Clifford, New Liskeard, s/o John McKEE & Mary J. WILSON, married Rose BUR (sic), 21, Snowdon, New Liskeard, d/o James BUR & Sarah MORGAN, witn: George BANCROFT & Maude CAMPBELL both of New Liskeard on Aug. 31, 1904 at New Liskeard
#018030-04 - Colin A. McKENZIE, 27, railway inspector, Lucknow Ont., Port Arthur, s/o Roderick McKENZIE & Janet McDONALD, married Ada Louisa COOMBER, 24, England, Port Arthur, d/o not known "reared in children’s home", witn: Ambrose FERGUSON & Winnie McKENZIE, both of Port Arthur, 26 April 1904 at Port Arthur #018047-04 - Walter Abraham McMICHAEL, 22, farmer, Stisted - Muskoka, Oliver, s/o Alexander McMICHAEL & Isabella DARLING, married Murello MULLEN, 31, Mount Forest, Port Arthur, d/o Johnstone MULLEN & Lavina ARTHURS, witn: William B. BAXTER & Margaret McMICHAEL, both of Port Arthur, 1 July 1904 at Port Arthur
18004-04 - Alexander McMICHAEL, 28, farmer, Ontario, Oliver, s/o Alexander McMICHAEL & Grace DARLING, married Grace Clare PENNOCK, 25, teacher, Castleton Ont., Oliver, d/o James PENNOCK & Jennie STUART, witn: Frances & Lucinda MERRICK, both of Oliver, 1 Jan 1905 at Murville #017955-04 - Peter Alex McNABB, 32, engineer, Stayner, Ft. William, s/o Peter McNABB & Margaret McCALLUM, married Ellen HAMMOND, 41, widow, Port Hope, Ft. William, d/o William CHAPMAN & Mary JULIEN, witn: Robert STRACHAN & Sadie M. ROWAND, both of Ft. William, 11 July 1904 at Ft. William
13982-1904 Thomas J. McPARLAND, 27, Brakeman, Sheenboro, North Bay, s/o Edward McPARLAND & Alice DOWNEY, married Mary HAYES, 23, not given, of North Bay, d/o Simon HAYES & Sophia MARCELLA, Wtn. Edward J. BRUMAN, Agnes SULLIVAN, on Sept. 26, 1904 at North Bay. #018016-04 - John Lawrence McRAE, 31, laborer, Kirkfield, Port Arthur, s/o Colin & Margaret, married Alice McNEIL, 29, Arthur Ont., Port Arthur, d/o Michael McNEIL & Mary DILLON, witn: Richard McNEIL & Mary SHARPE, both of Port Arthur, 15 Feb 1904 at Port Arthur (Rom Cath)
#018013-04 - Robert Arthur McTAGGART, 21, conductor, Thorndale, Ft. William, s/o Robert McTAGGART & Mary BLENERHASSIT?, married Alice LINDSAY, 19, Port Arthur, Ft. William, d/o Samuel LINDSAY & Eliza JENNINGS, witn: Arthur LINDSAY & Nellie McTAGGART, both of Ft. William, 27 Jan 1904 at Port Arthur 0138843-04 Joseph MENARD, 24, farmer, USA, Caldwell, s/o Magloire MENARD & Delima MIRON, married Victoria RACETTE, 18, Que., Caldwell, d/o Israel RACETTE & Hermandine BRAZEAU, witn: Joseph COTE & Onesime MORIN both of Caldwell on Apr. 11, 1904 at Verner. (RC)
4212-04 (Algoma Dist.) Isaac MILLER, 61, farmer, widower, York Co., St. Jos. Isld., s/o James MILLER and Margaret WRIGHT, married Jean DUNN, 36, Gowin Scotland, St. Jos. Isld., d/o Donald DUNN and Annie CARSWO??, witn Mrs. William DUNCAN and Harriet SHEPARD, both of Sault, 16 Nov. 1904 at Sault 4211-04 (Algoma Dist.) Joseph MILLMAN, 25, fisherman, Owen Sound, Blind River, s/o Thomas and Elizabeth MILLMAN, married Josephene FISHER, 19, Cookstown, Meldram Bay, d/o Alfred FISHER and Mary Ann FOSTER(?), witn W.H. JOHNSTON of Blind River and Katherine BURNETT of Soo, Mich., 8 Nov. 1904 at Sault.
#017912-04 - James H. MITCHELL, 33, telegrapher, St. John NB, Banning, s/o John MITCHELL & Catherine GORDON, married Alice May EVERETT, 30, Andover NB, same, d/o Charles EVERETT & Mary SCOTT, witn: Mina WILSON & Edythe WILSON, both of Fort William, 26 Jan 1904 at Fort William 13902-1904 Albert Grayling MITCHELL, 25, Farmer, Lancelot, Hudson, s/o Albert MITCHELL & Jane MARTIN, married Elizabeth MARTIN, 18, Lancelot, Hudson, d/o John MITCHELL & Elizabeth NELSON, Wtn. Elliot DUNN, Florence MARTIN, on Apr. 27, 1904 at Hudson.
#018055-04 - Milton MORGAN, 21, farmer, St. Elean? Ont., municipality of Shuniah, s/o J.W. MORGAN & Margaret FRASER, married Mina SUERNGEN, 18, North Dakota, Shuniah, d/o Willi SUERNGEN & Mary ZIMER, witn: John & Minnie MORGAN of Shuniah, 8 Sept 1904 at Port Arthur 13829-1904 Amable MORIN, 24, Farmer, Mattawa, Same, s/o J.B. MORIN & Jane BANGS, married Jilia ROBICHAUD, 20, Muskegon, Bonfield, d/o Alfred ROBICHAUD & Josephine GAGNON, Wtn. Alfred ROBICHAUD, Napoleon MENARD, on Sept. 14, 1904 at Bonfield
013841-04 Wilfrid MORIN, 23, farmer, St. Jerome, Caldwell, s/o Amable MORIN & Sophie GABOURY, married Albina LECLERC, 18, Que., same, d/o Pierre LECLERC & Marie LACHAPELLE, witn: Amable MORIN & Pierre LECLERC both of Caldwell on Feb. 1, 1904 at Verner. (RC) #018058-04 - Emmanuel MORROW, 38, fisherman, Adjala, Wolfe River CPR, s/o Thomas MORROW & Elizabeth BURKE, married Ina Napola VAHACURU?, 23, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Jarvis VAHACURU & Mary NAPOLA, witn: Albert BONIN & Lizzie CURRAN, both of Port Arthur, 11 July 1904 at Port Arthur
004271-04 George MORTIMORE, 28, farmer, Dorchester, Thessalon, s/o John MORTIMORE & Fanny RESSEU, married Mary FINDLAY, 19, Gordon Lake, Echo Bay, d/o William FINDLAY & Jane LAWLOR, witn: Sandie FINDLAY of Echo Bay & Mabel GAVIN of Livingstone Creek on Sept. 14, 1904 at Thessalon 4207-04 (Algoma Dist.) William MUNDAY, 59, bachelor, Episcopalian, farmer, England, Cockburn Isld., s/o William MUNDAY and Ursula WICKARD, married Nancy JAWANA, 56, widow, Roman Catholic, Musesayo(?), Cockburn Isld., d/o Thomas NAWENE(?) and Nancy Opima GYOKMS(?); witn John CAMPBELL and William John CAMPBELL, both of Cockburn, 15 Nov. 1904 at Cockburn
#018048-04 - Thomas MUNRO, 27, merchant tailor, Rosshire Scotland, Winnipeg, s/o Alex MUNRO & Margaret BR--ING, married Florence Helen CAMPBELL, 26, St. Johns Nfld, same, d/o Neil CAMPBELL & Mary SMITH, witn: Elizabeth PHINNEY & J.E. MURRAY, both of Port Arthur, 15 Aug 1904 at Port Arthur #017919-04 - Reginald D. MURRAY, 27, merchant, Scotland, Port Arthur, s/o William MURRAY & Julia LOCHEAD, married Lily McCORMICK, 22, Toronto, Port Arthur, d/o James Henry McCORMICK & Amelia PERRAS, witn: H. TRUCKEE & H.R. MARLAND, both of Port Arthur, 24 Feb 1904 at Fort William
4209-04 (Algoma Dist.) Warner NEWELL, 23, brakeman, illegible, Sault, s/o John J. NEWELL and Susan PARKER, married Lillian LUCAS, not given, illegible (looks like phonetic spelling for Muskegon) Mich., d/o John LUCAS and Lizzie BRUSE; witn Laura HART and Annie SMITH, both of Sault, 18 Nov. 1904 at Sault. #018014-04 - Mikko NIKUNEN, 20, laborer, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Mikko NIKUNEN & Anna NARA, married Josephine LEHTINEN, 21, spinster, servant, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o John WIILALS & Miine MATSON, witn: Herman & Kate PETERSON of Port Arthur, 15 Feb 1904 at Port Arthur (Lutheran)
13835-1904 Robert S. NOWSIE?, 30, Merchant, Glasgow, Milberta, s/o John & Helen NOWSIE, married Edith BURLEY, 21, Castleton, Milberta, d/o Hugh & Hannah BURLEY, Wtn. S.D. BRIDEN, on June 22, 1904 at Haileybury #018011-04 - Bernhard NUMMELA, 20, laborer, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o John NUMMELA & Hedouk ERICKSON, married Alexandra WARRIS, 28, householder, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Jermiah WARRIS & Anna MIKHONEN, witn: Daniel & Anna NURMINEN of Port Arthur, 23 Jan 1904 at Port Arthur (Lutheran)
#018052-04 - Edward O’BRINE, 46, brick layer, Vermont, Port Arthur, s/o John S. & Mary, married Florence ATWELL (or Alwell), 29, Mount Forest, Ft. William, d/o William ATWELL & Margaret THORNTON, witn: Herbert NESBITT of Ft William & Mary A. WALKER of Port Arthur, 1 Sept 1904 at Port Arthur #018090-04 - Alphonse O'DONNELL, 23, iron worker, Medonte twp., Port Arthur, s/o Daniel O'DONNELL & Margaret FLANAGAN, married Annie JENKS, 19, Port Arthur, same, adopted d/o Charles JENKS & Louisa HOEHN, witn: Matt BENNETT & Mary McLEOD, both of Port Arthur, 29 Dec 1904 at Port Arthur
14071-1904 Walter John O'DONNELL, 37, Farmer, Clarendon, Sudbury, s/o Arthur O'DONNELL & Bridget GIBBONS, married Elizabeth Mary GALLAGHER, 27, Sebastopol, Whitney, d/o Michael GALAGHER & Elizabeth FORAN, Wtn. Henry IRWING, on Apr. 11, 1904 at Whitney. #018075-04 - Pedar Kristian OLVEN, 27, laborer, Norway, Port Arthur, s/o Ale NILSON & Karoline PEDERSON, married Olga Anethe ERIKSON, 21, Norway, Port Arthur, domestic, d/o Erik NILSON & Fredikki OLSEN, witn: Ludwig FALEK & Laira FALK, both of Port Arthur, 14 Nov 1904 at Port Arthur (Lutheran)
#017957-04 - Joseph OSHTIGWAMSKE, 19, fisherman, Ft. William West, Ft. William, s/o Charles OSHTIGWAMSKE & Sarah DUCHARME, married Philomene MAUGWAU (or Mangwan), 22, Ft. William Wet, Ft. William, d/o M. MAUGWAU & K. NIGERUGIZIGOK, witn: J.B. BINENSI & Ester J. PIERRE, both of Ft. William, 13 July 1904 at Ft. William (Rom Cath) 13964-1904 Charles OSTRUM, 42, Farmer, Calumet Island, North Bay, s/o Darrick OSTRUM & June NICHOLS, married Sarah Ann WOODCOCK, 42, Eganville, North Bay, parents not given, Wtn. Albert H. DODD, Maggie STONE, on Sept. 27, 1904 at North Bay.
13825-1904 Michel OUELLETTE, 40, Farmer, Clarence Creek, Bonfield, s/o Michel OUELLETTE & Henriette BEAUCHEMIN, married Mathilde DIEL, 30, Allumette Que., Calvin Twp., d/o Francois DIEL & Rose LARIVIERE, Wtn. John DIEL, Victoria BELAIR, on July 7, 1904 at Bonfield. 18034-04 - Frederick Richard PAINE, 31, dyer, Port Dover, Toronto, s/o John Barre PAINE & Helen CAIRN, married Mary HEDICAN, 27, Mt. St. Patrick, Mackey Station – Renfrew Co., d/o Edward HEDICAN & Catherine INRIGHT (Enright?), witn: J.E. MURRAY & Augusta SANDSTROM, both of Port Arthur, 17 June 1904 at Port Arthur
13901-1904 David Herbert PALMATEER, 31, Labour, Kennebec Twp., New Liskeard, s/o Jacob PALMATEER & Elizabeth ARABY ?, married Arzettie DOUPE, 18, McMurrich Twp., Harley, d/o Sidney DOUPE & Susan CRANDALL, Wtn. George DOUPE, Vera DOUPE, on Sept. 7, 1904 at Harley Twp. 13906-1904 Albert PAYNE, 32, Farmer, Hastings, McKenzie Lake, s/o John PAYNE & Margaret DENISON, married Florence FARAL (Farrell?), 17, Shawville, Que., McKenzie Lake, d/o Ralph FARAL & Ellen SHEPPARD, Wtn. Rev. W. CARLSWORTH, Mrs. CARLSWORTH, on Feb. 29, 1904 at Eganville.
#017952-04 - Henry James PEARSON, 23, teamster, Liverpool, Ft. William, s/o William Henry PEARSON & Mary MAY, married Eliz. Ethel SANDERSON, 22, Portage La Prairie, Ft. William, d/o William SANDERSON & Bella CUSITAR, witn: George R. WALLACE of Ft. William & Isabella PARSONS of Port Arthur, 4 July 1904 at Ft. William #017910-04 - Eucher E. PELLETIER, 28, butcher, Montreal, Fort William, s/o Eucher PELLETIER & Denise PAULIN, married Michelle (? written as Michael) HADICAN, 23, Mount St. Patrick, Fort William, d/o Michel HADICAN & Mary KIELY (or Kirby), witn: J.A. McDougall & Victoria PELLETIER, both of Fort William, 25 Jan 1904 at Fort William, (Rom Cath)
#018018-04 - Alexander PELTOLA, 25, laborer, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Sam FORSBERG & Wilhelmina KNIRAKOSKI, married Selina Sofia MAKI, 21, servant, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o John MAKI & Matallina KYTOLA, witn: Alex LAUKALA & Minnie AHO, both of Port Arthur, 24 March 1904 at Port Arthur (Lutheran) 18098-04 - Reuben Melville PERKINS, 23, druggist, Ottawa, Schreiber, s/o W.C. PERKINS & Eliza A. HAMMEN, married Brooks Ellena DANIELS, 25, Prescott, Schreiber, d/o Frank C. DANIELS & Mary C. BENNETT, witn: Benjamin F. DANIELS & Lettia M. SMALL, both of Schreiber, 4 Feb 1904 at Schreiber
#018037-04 - Frederick PETERS, 24, tripper, Savanne, same, s/o James PETERS & Gioska MUKEREND, married Mary CAMERON, 17, servant, Rat Portage, Savanne, d/o Peter CAMERON & Helen McLEOD, witn: J.A. & B. McDOUGALL of Savanne, 15 June 1904 at Savanne #017922-04 - Arthur Wilson PINNER (Penner?), 26, fireman, Marmora, Fort William, s/o George PINNER & Urania McWILLIAMS, married Martha Emily DAVIDSON, 26, Ottawa, Fort William, d/o James Lyon DAVIDSON & Sarah Jane HAYES, witn: J.H. WALLACE & M.A. MECHIAN, both of Fort William, 23 March 1904 at Fort William
#018020-04 - William PLUMB, 31, galo iron worker, Napanee, Ft William, s/o George PLUMB & maybe Eleanor, married Margaret SHERLOCK, 22, Charlottetown PEI, Port Arthur, d/o Henry SHERLOCK & Abigail McARTHUR, witn: Henry & Mary SHERLOCK of Port Arthur, 11 Jan 1904 at Port Arthur 013854-04 (Nipissing Dist) Alphonse PRESSE, 24, farmer, Quebec, McPherson, s/o Frank PRESSE & E. ROUX, married Alphonsine POISSON, 21, Quebec, Verner, d/o Charles & Céline, witn: Frank PRESSE OF McPherson & Charles POISSON of Verner on July 11, 1904 at Verner, Caldwell Tp. (RC)
13827-1904 Godefroi PROULX, 28, Labour, Masham Mills, Bonfield, s/o Joseph PROULX & Cecile TRENT, married Louise MENARD, 23, not given, of Bonfield, d/o Napoleon MENARD & Adele SEGUIN, Wtn. Alphonse MENARD, Minnie MENARD, on Aug. 16, 1904, at Bonfield. 013839-04 Edmond PROVOST, 24, laborer, Que., Caldwell, s/o Théophile PREVOST & Sophie DELONG, married Virginie BRABON, 19, USA, Caldwell, d/o Napoleon BRABON & Virginie SAUVE, witn: Théophile PREVOST & Napoleon BRABON both of Verner on Jan. 24, 1904 at Verner. (RC)
004825-07 David QUINN, 29, laborer, of Blind River, s/o Patrick QUINN & Elizabeth CULLEN, married Maud MARTIN, 18, Blind River, same, d/o Robert MARTIN & Martha DAVIS, witn: Charles STONEHAVEN & Mable MARTIN both of Blind River on Apr. 11, 1904 at Blind River #018040-04 - Konstin RAJALA, 26, laborer, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Matt RAJALA & Runa? PERTALA, married Tekla Maria SUO, 21, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Ananias SUO & Olga KOLEHTO, witn: William HILL & Annie PERALA, both of Port Arthur, 21 July 1904 at Port Arthur (Lutheran)
#018038-04 - Matti RAKKOLA, 34, laborer, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Matt & Lusa, married Alexandra KULMALA, 33, servant, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Samuel & Kataruna, witn: Sarno & Kataruna RAJALA of Port Arthur, 17 July 1904 at Port Arthur (Lutheran) #018080-04 - Jean Baptiste RANGER, 31, laborer, Mattawa, Port Arthur, s/o Francois Xavier RANGER & Marie NADIAN, married Louisa PAZETTI, 22, Farno - Prov di Como Italy, Port Arthur, d/o Francisco PAZETTI & Maria BERINK, witn: Joseph JOSEPH & Mary PAZETTI, both of Port Arthur, 3 Nov 1904 at Port Arthur (Rom Cath)
13971-1904 John RANSON, 22, Labour, Keppel, North Bay, s/o Robert RANSON & Catherine DEVONSHIRE, married Elizabeth FLINN, not given, North Bay, d/o Alexander FLINN & Annie COPELAND, Wtn. Annie COUCH, Annie COBB, on Nov. 24, 1904 at North Bay. 13997-1904 Vital RENAUD, 32, Labour, Quebec, Springer, s/o Antoine RENAUD & Philomina LOYER, married Zoe CORMIER, 23, Quebec, Springer, d/o Jacques CORMIER & Marceline CORMIER, Wtn. Andre ROY, Charles LANGLOIS, on Sept. 15, 1904 at Sturgeon Falls.
13913-1904 Robert REYNOLDS, 24, Carpenter, Huron Co., New Liskeard, s/o Joseph REYNOLDS & Mary McDONALD, married Eva WALTON, Ellenville Simcoe, New Liskeard, d/o William C. WALTON & Mary S. SWITSER, Wtn. Patrick PARIGO ?, Charles A. LACASSE, on June 6, 1904, at Mattawa 13879-1904 L. RICHARDSON, 29, Machinist, Beeton, Copper Cliff, s/o John RICHARDSON & Lizzie MITCHELL married Annie HARGREAVES, 24, Athens Ont, Copper Cliff, d/o Charles HARGREAVES & Sarah BAKER, Wtn. Archie GUTHRIE, Nellie HARGREAVES, On August 24, 1904 at Copper Cliff.
013941-04 (Nipissing Dist) William RITCHER, 28, cook, Wilberforce Tp., Harris Tp., s/o Samuel S. RITCHER & Isabel KIDD, married Letitia SMYLIE, 26, Cobourg, New Liskeard, d/o Hugh SMYLIE & Margaret C PATTERSON, witn: A. J. RITCHER & Mrs STEWART both of New Liskeard on Dec. 29, 1904 at New Liskeard 14001-1904 Joseph RIVET, 25, Farmer, Quebec, Field, s/o Agapit RIVET & Gracia HEBERT, married Eloise LEGAULT, 21, USA., Field, d/o Emile LEGAULT & Philomene GRIGNON, Wtn. Agapit RIVET, Emile LEGAULT, on Oct. 10, 1904 at Sturgeon Falls.
013858-04 (Nipissing Dist) Antoine ROCHELEAU, 29, farmer, Quebec, Badgerow Tp., s/o Felix & Marie, married Lydia BREBON, 24, Quebec, Badgerow Tp., d/o Napoleon BREBON & Virginie SAUVE, witn: Felix ROCHELEAU & Napoleon BREBON both of Badgerow Tp. on Sept. 19, 1904 at Verner Caldwell Tp. (RC) #017927-04 - Antonio ROMANO, 22, laborer, Italy, Fort William, s/o Angelo ROMANO & Mairtla ALFRETA, married Rosa ROMANO, 23, Italy, Fort William, d/o Vitus ROMANO & Maria CIPPA, witn: James LAROIS & R. ROMANO, both of Port Arthur, 23 April 1904 at Fort William (Rom Cath)
13970-1904 Conan London RUSSELL, 28, Engineer, Pembroke, Same, s/o William RUSSELL & Jesse KENNEDY, married Edith BARRETT, 24, London, Toronto, d/o Fred A. BARRETT & Emily ROE, Wtn. Reginald CASE, Annie COBB, on Nov. 19, 1904 at North Bay 013943-04 (Nipissing Dist) John Edward R. RYAN, 27, illegible occupation, of Broadview N.W.T., s/o Andrew & Sara A., married Ida May CONNELLY,26, Bryson, North Bay, d/o Mr. & Mrs. R.C. CONNELLY, witn: Robert & Mrs. R. CONNELLY both of North Bay on Jan. 6, 1904 at North Bay
013951-04 (Nipissing Dist) Emery ST. JACQUES, 21, painter, Pembroke, North Bay, s/o C. ST. JACQUES & Margaret FLEURY, married Sarah CREIGHTON, 17, Brice, Himsworth Tp., d/o Thomas & Elsie, witn: Geo & Hillary BURY both of North Bay on March 14, 1904 at North Bay #018006-04 - Henry SALMINEN, 33, painter, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o Mikka SALMINEN & Kiika YUGO?, married Mary LAHDENPERA, 26, servant, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o John LAHDENPERA & Lizzie HUMMOST, witn: Carl NYMAN & Mary KAPINEN, both of Port Arthur, 2 Jan 1904 at Port Arthur (Lutheran)
13868-1904 Johan Waldemar Karl Emil SANDBERG, 21, Miner, Finland, Copper Cliff, s/o Ludwig SANDBERG & Minie LEPPINEN, married Susanna RITARI, 18, Finland, Copper Cliff, d/o Thom RITARI & (illegible) Wtn. J.H. KAMPI, Jacob KALLIO, on Feb. 18, 1904 at Copper Cliff. 13898-1904 Austin SANFORD, 19, Labour, Haliburton, Haileybury, s/o Charles AUSTIN, & Jessie Jane SCOTT, married Grace DEUVALL (Duval?), 16, Sundridge, Haileybury, d/o Edward DEUVALL & Isabel McDONALD, Wtn. David BERRY, Margaret ROBB, on Nov. 23, 1904 at Haileybury.
13889-1904 James SATCHELL, 33, Teamster, Sunnidale, North Bay, s/o William SATCHELL & Elizabeth GOSSELL, married Margaret CREIGHTON, 24, Richfield Que., North Bay, d/o John CREIGHTON & Jane A. OSTRUM, Wtn. James McDONALD, Dorothy McDONALD, on Oct. 27, 1904 at Nipissing Junction 13962-1904 Robert SAYER, 28, Locomotive Engineer, Pembroke, North Bay, s/o George SAYER & Sophie AMBRIDGE, married Rose GREGORY, 25, Quebec, North Bay, d/o Richard Gregory & Mary LAVERY, Wtn. Peter KING, Annie GREGORY, on Sept. 1, 1904 at North Bay
013844-04 Denis SCHAFFER, 32, photographer, Ontario, Caldwell, s/o Francis SCHAFFER & Suzanna FOILL, married Josephine PRIEUX, 25, Que., Caldwell, d/o Joseph PRIEUX & Josephine HEBERT, witn: Joseph PRIEUX of Sturgeon Falls & Alex VANDETTE of Verner on Apr. 11?1904 at Verner. (RC) #017926-04 - John H. SEED, 21, mechanic, England, Fort William, s/o John SEED & Clara CRAWSHAW, married Katie CREMMIN (Cummin?), 23, Ireland, Fort William, d/o John CREMMIN & Julia O’CONNOR, witn: William J. MOORE of Fort William & Louis LALONDE of Port Arthur, 21 April at Fort William
4210-04 (Algoma Dist.) Lee Byron SHANK, 21, brakeman, Hersey Mich., Sault, s/o Alonzo M. SHANK and Elsie DEBBENBOUGH (Dillabough?), married Ethel Mary BOYS, 24, Wellington Co., Sault, d/o Robert and Sophia BOYS; witn Ruby and Annie SMITH, both of Sault, 2 Nov. 1904. 13976-1904 Charles SHEA, 24, Railway Clerk, Toronto, North Bay, s/o Thomas SHEA & Louisa O’CONNOR ?, married Anastasia E. SHIELDS, 19, not given, North Bay, d/o John SHIELDS & Johanna COSTELLO, Wtn. John J. MACKEY, Johanna SHIELDS, on Mar. 3, 1904 at North Bay.
#018057-04 Alonzo Silvester SHELL, 30, brakeman, Uxbridge Ont., Port Arthur, s/o Alonzo SHELL & Mary DEWSBURY, married Mary McNICOLL, 18, Owen Sound, Port Arthur, d/o James McNICOLL & Catherine CONNOLLY, witn: William CHALMERS & Sarah McNICOLL, both of Port Arthur, 30 Aug 1904 at Port Arthur 18099-04 - Harry SHELLING, 23, fisherman, Ekana, Nipigon, s/o John & Jane, married Charlotte GIRARD, 21, St. Ignace, Rossport, d/o John GIRARD & Mary Jane JOHNSON, witn: Joseph LEWIS of Nipigon & Ann HOLLAND of Rossport, 24 June 1904 at Rossport (Rom Cath)
13904-1904 Wallace SILVERTHORNE, 22, Farmer, Muskoka, Armstrong Twp., s/o Thomas SILVERTHORNE & Jane GORDON, married Alice CARPENTER, 19, Twp. of Tiny, Armstrong Twp., d/o John CARPENTER & Angeline CROTEAU ?, Wtn. M. BEACH, Mrs. M. BEACH, on Aug. 9, 1904 at Twp. of Kerns #018077-04 - John SISCA, 20, laborer, Pianigreti? Cosinza? Italy, Port Arthur, s/o Xavier SISCA & Agatha MAURN, married Catherine MAZUCA, 18, Pianigreti? Cosinza? Italy, Port Arthur, d/o Michael & Angela M., witn: Anthony & Mrs. Anthony PILLA of Port Arthur, 19 Nov 1904 at Port Arthur (Rom Cath)
14060-1904 Alexander Henry SKENE, 31, Electrician, Turriff Scotland, Bracebridge, s/o George A. SKENE & Mary PERIL, married Edna May HENDERSON, 21, Bracebridge, Sudbury, d/o Charles H. HENDERSON, Patience L. BASTEDO, Wtn. W.A. HENDERSON, Irene HENDERSON, on Oct. 12, 1904, at Sudbury 13967-1904 Ernest Robert SLATER, 21, Carpenter, London UK., Calumet, s/o James SLATER & not given, married Ida May McDOWELL, 16, Clarendon Que., North Bay, d/o James A. McDOWELL & Margaret McCHEYNE, Wtn. R.J.H. MOORE, Annie McDOWELL, on Aug. 17, 1904 at North Bay
13912-1904 Adironem SMITH, age not given, Hayles, Bonfield, s/o P. SMITH & Lea SMITH, married Alice PENNELL, age not given, Horton, Bonfield, d/o Richard PENNELL & Rachael PENNELL, Wtn. Christopher James, Annie PENNELL, on Sept. 13, 1904 at Mattawa. 4213-04 (Algoma Dist.) Charles SMITH, 26, farmer, Aberdeen Scotland, Tp. McDonald Algoma, s/o George SMITH and Elsie McBAIN, maried Elizabeth Anna RIVERS, 15, Tp. Lanark, Tp. McDonald Algoma, d/o M. RIVERS and R.S. HURLEY, witn Mrs. William DUNCAN of Sault, 17 Nov. 1904 at Sault.
#017949-04 - Samuel Philip SPEED, 25, painter, England, Ft. William, s/o Thomas SPEED & Sarah Ann PHILLIPS, married Jeane Jeanette WALL, 25, England, Ft. William, d/o William WALL & Betsy DIBBLE, witn: William BUNTING of Ft. William & Alice J. CURRAN of Port Arthur, 24 May 1904 at Ft. William 013944-04 (Nipissing Dist) Joseph Patrick SPOONER, 24, fireman, Buckingham, North Bay, s/o William SPOONER & Mary GLEESON, married Annie JENNINGS, 22, Ontario, North Bay, d/o Arthur JENNINGS, & Margaret LEPAGE, witn: Peter LYONS & Cecilia JENNINGS both of North Bay at Jan. 12, 1904 at North Bay
#018050-04 - George Smillie SQUIERS (Squires?), 23, steel worker, Port Arthur, same, s/o Thomas SQUIERS & Ann ALLEN, married Edith MITCHELL, 26, Lowestoft England, Port Arthur, d/o John Rogers MITCHELL & Sarah BESSEY, witn: Robert Stephen DEHERNARDI & Christie Margaret SQUIERS, both of Port Arthur, 27 July 1904 at Port Arthur #018012-04 - Archibald STEWART, 24, concrete worker, Lambton Ont., Port Arthur, s/ John STEWART & Esther SULLIVAN, married Henrietta WRAY, 19, Montreal, Port Arthur, d/o Hugh WRAY & Mary GRANT, witn: W. Angus CAMERON & Burnie WRAY, both of Port Arthur, 13 Jan 1904 at Port Arthur
013939-04 (Nipissing Dist) Robt. John STOTTWOOD, 35, farmer, Hagarsville, New Liskeard, s/o Jabez & Matilda, married Agnes TROTT, 26, Devonshire England, New Liskeard, d/o John TROTT & Elena MANNING, witn: C.A. SPARLING & Lexia LINTON both of New Liskeard on Oct 22, 1904 at New Liskeard 13961-1904 Walter SYSON, 26, Railway Porter on Private Car, Brigg England, North Bay, s/o George H. SYSON & Mary WARD, married Rebecca McCAULEY, 19, Perth, North Bay, d/o James McCAULEY & Margaret WILSON, Wtn. John ARCHER, Sarah ARCHER, on Aug. 18, 1904 at North Bay.
#018081-04 - August TAMMELA, 26, laborer, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o John TAMMELA & Emma KUSORI, married Alexandra AUTTILA, 22, servant, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o John AUTTILA & Mary KUNSELA, witn: Solomon PEURALA? & Helma TAMMELA, both of Port Arthur, 26 Nov 1904 at Port Arthur (Lutheran) #017968-04 - Stephen TAPSY, 26, foreman, Hungary, Ft. William, s/o Stephen TAPSY & Teresa ADANSAK, married Mary DRINDAK, 20, Hungary, Ft. William, d/o Vandelin DRINDAK & Teresa CUPARAK, witn: Joseph KRUPA & Annie TAPSY, both of Ft. William, 9 Aug 1904 at Ft. William (Rom Cath)
#017939-04 - Kalle TEWAAN, 30, laborer, Finland, Ft. William, s/o Wilhelm TEWANNMAKI (sic) & Louise TOPANI, married Hulda ERICKSON, 22, Finland, Ft. William, d/o Erik LATDENMAKI & Louise MESINAKI, witn: Julius LEEKKARI & Lizzie HENRIKSON, both of Ft. William, 27 May 1904 at Ft. William (Lutheran) 13977-1904 Paul THIBEAULT, 74, St. Martin’s Junction, North Bay, s/o Paul THIBEAULT & Josephine DAGENAIS, married Armina ROCHEFORT, 68, Montreal, North Bay, d/o Thomes ? (Thomas ?) ROCHEFORT & Margaret MARCHAND, Wtn. F.J. CROWLEY, Mary COYNE, on Apr. 8, 1904 at North Bay
  13883-1904 H.L. THOMAS, 28, Farmer, Haliburton, Dymond, s/o Henry THOMAS & Sarah Jane ELDON, married Mary Alice HAYWARD, 20, Guelph, Dymond, d/o John HAYWARD & Caroline HUSBAND, Wtn. Arthur THOMAS, Anna HAYWARD, on June 22, 1904 at Dymond
004272-04 Chris THOMPSON, 29, farmer, Denmark, Dean Lake, s/o Neil THOMPSON & Maria JENSEN, married Ausni C. JENSEN, 20, Denmark, Dean Lake, d/o Eric JENSEN & Margaret PETERSON, witn: L. C. THOMPSON of Dean Lake & Jennie FOSTER of Wharncliffe on Nov. 1, 1904 at Thessalon. (Luth) #017966-04 - Alvin THOMPSON, 27, laborer, Sweden, Port Arthur, s/o Tobias THOMPSON & Augusta KRISTENSON, married M. Eliz. FRIBERG, 17, Sweden, Port Arthur, d/o John FRIBERG & Caroline OLSON, witn: R. ERICKSON of Ft. William & Maria OLSON of Port Arthur, 6 Aug 1904 at Ft. William
#017918-04 - Stefan TOMANOSKY, 21, laborer, Hungary, Fort William, s/o Valentine TOMANOSKY & Justina KUBALA, married Annie Kachanek GOMBALA, 16, Hungary, Fort William, d/o Matthe K. GOMBALA & Maria KOVACK, witn: Ignace KUBALA & Anna STOACKA, both of Fort William, 12 Jan 1904 at Fort William (Rom Cath) 13914-1904 Joseph TRAHAN, 19, Farmer, Eau Claire, , Same, s/o Joseph TRAHAN & Hermine MARTIN, married Rose TRAHAN, 19, Eau Claire, Same, d/o Louis TRAHAN & Delia CHAMPAGNE, Wtn. Joseph TRAHAN, Thomas McMANUS, on May 1, 1904 at Mattawa.
004275-04 Napoleon TRUDEAU, 32, laborer, Quebec, Iron Bridge, s/o Napoleon TRUDEAU & Delina COMTOIS, married Georgette DAIGLE, 27, Angus, Thompson, d/o Alexander DAIGLE & Marie BELANGER, witn: Felix & Annie DAIGLE both of Thompson on Dec. 28, 1904 at Thompson. (RC) #018078-04 - Joseph TUNIARCHI, 33, laborer, San Gregoire - Prov. Ale--? Italy, Port Arthur, s/o Nicholas TUNIARCHI & Philomena RE, married Elvira COLETTI, 19, San Angelo - Aquila Italy, Port Arthur, d/o Bernardine COLETTI & Sophia CRONA, witn: Mrs. Mary SMITH & Mrs. Sophia COLETTI, both of Port Arthur, 24 Oct 1904 at Port Arthur (Rom Cath)
#017967-04 - Stefa TUNTURI, 30, farmer, Finland, Lybster twp., s/o Mah TUNTURI & Mary RAJALA, married Ellen Eliz KAUPPI, 34, Finland, Lybster twp., d/o Matt KAUPPI & Lizzie JANKO, witn: Gus & Hilda MAKI of Lybster twp., 7 Aug 1904 at Ft. William (Rom Cath) 13908-1904 Philios TUSEY, 22, Labour, Pembroke, Sudbury, s/o Deline GAREAU & married Virginie ADELBERT, age not given, Hull, McKim, d/o Prosper ADELBERT & Wtn. John JONES, Valido ADELBERT, on Jan. 18, 1904 at Sudbury,
#018056-04 - Martin Jacob VAN VARSWELD, 25, farmer, Hague Holland, Whitefish Valley, s/o Frederick Arno VAN VARSWELD & Anna DE BRUYN, married Mary TURNER, 24, Manchester England, Whitefish Valley, d/o George TURNER & Mary LYNANE, witn: Anna DOWLING & Hanna O'BRIEN, both of Port Arthur, 15 Sept 1904 at Port Arthur 013853-04 (Nipissing Dist) Arthur VENNE, 27, farmer, Quebec, Caldwell, s/o Joseph & Azilda, married Ida GAGNON, 18, Quebec, Caldwell, d/o Antoine & Delima, witn: Joseph VENNE & Antoine GAGNON both of Caldwell on July 11, 1904 at Verner, Caldwell Tp. Ont. (RC)
#018079-04 - Dominic VESCIA, 19, laborer, Prov. di Cosenza Italy, Port Arthur, s/o Anthony VESCIA & Serephina COLOSIMA, married Carmela FASANS, 16, Port Arthur, same, d/o Raphael FASANA (sic) & Philomena MISARELLA, witn: John ACITE & Angelina SALERONA, both of Port Arthur, 18 Oct 1904 at Port Arthur (Rom Cath) #018066-04 - Arthur Sterling VIGARS, 26, marine engineer, Port Arthur, same, s/o Richard VIGARS & Jennie ROACH, married Gertrude GAMBLE, 22, Montreal, Port Arthur, d/o John GAMBLE & Annie FRENCH, witn: John GAMBLE & Blanche VIGARS, both of Port Arthur, 24 Oct 1904 at Port Arthur
13838-1904 Rex G.A. VOGEL, 24, Labour, Renfrew, Cache Bay, s/o Carl VOGEL & Augusta STEIN, married Martha A.M. BUCKHOLZ, 17, Pembroke, Cache Bay, d/o Albert BUCKHOLZ & Mathilda NEUMAN, Wtn. William J. JESSUP, Bella McINNES, on Mar. 2, 1904 at Cache Bay. #018076-04 - Jacob WAINIONPAA, laborer, Finland, Port Arthur, s/o John WAINIONPAA & Annie SAUKIAHO, married Helma HOGBLERN, 24, servant, Finland, Port Arthur, d/o Laro HOGBLERN & Mary KERJALA, witn: Gust NIKULA & Hanna WAINIONPAA, both of Port Arthur, 17 Nov 1904 at Port Arthur (Lutheran)
13974-1904 Robert James WALSH, 35, Engineer, Bruce, Warren, s/o James WALSH & Elizabeth JOHNSTON, married Elinor Jane DOLE, 26, Barrie, Warren, d/o Thomas DALE & Sarah McKEOWN, Wtn. Annie COBB, Annie COUCH, on Nov. 14, 1904 at North Bay. #017950-04 - Ignace WANGEL, 24, laborer, Hungary, Ft. William, s/o John WANGEL & Catherine MONDO--(off page), married Sophie MATCOVIK, 19, Hungary, Ft. William, d/o Joseph MATVOCIK (sic) & Annie KULAVAK, witn: John ZUBEK & Berta MATCOVIK, both of Ft. William, 4 July 1904 at Ft. William (Rom Cath)
18093-04 - Alex James WARD, 36, widower, Sidney Ont., Gravel, s/o Augustine WARD & Christie ANDERSON, married May W. BARKER, 17 ½, Ottawa, Gravel, d/o William BARKER & Susan WHELAND, witn: William GRANT & Alice BARKER, both of Gravel, 13 Jan 1904 at Gravel (Rom Cath) 4216-04 (Algoma Dist.) Robert WEATHERHEAD, 42, widower, laborer, Dwight Lincoln Co., Sault, s/o J.G. WEATHERHEAD and Jane Ann MOORE, married Vina DOUGLASS, 35, Stewartsville, Sault, d/o John DOUGLASS and Sarah Edna MUNRO, witn William LATHAM, and Sarah Edna MUNRO, both of Sault, 30 Nov. 1904 at Sault
18100-04 - Stewart WEBB, 28, CPR conductor, London Ont., Schreiber, s/o George WEBB & Frances LUNEN, married Violet Pearl D’ARCY, 20, Fordridge Ont., Schreiber, d/o William D’ARCY & Mary McLAUGHLIN, witn: Mr. & Mrs. Alex McGREGOR of Schreiber, 17 Aug 1904 at Schreiber #017936-04 - John WHITEMAN, 25, inspector, Teeswater, Ft. William, s/o John WHITEMAN & Caroline WOCKS, married Charlotte Louise BOGSTED, 16, Norway, Ft. William, d/o Sigwart O. BOGSTED & Louise ELLEFSEN, witn: Albert WHITEMAN & Alvina BOGSTED, both of Ft. William, 26 May 1904 at Ft. William (Salv Army)
#018070-04 - Robert WILSON, 24, contractor, Ayr Scotland, Port Arthur, s/o William WILSON & Agnes DUNLOP, married Christena McLENNAN, 24, Rose Valley PEI, Port Arthur, d/o Norman McLENNAN & Margaret GILLIS, witn: Lester McARTHUR & Katherine McLENNAN, both of Port Arthur, 26 Oct 1904 at Port Arthur #018049-04 - James WILSON, 22, painter, Fergus, Port Arthur, s/o Andrew WILSON & Charlotte CHALMERS, married Frances CUNNINGHAM, 19, Port Arthur, same, d/o Samuel CUNNINGHAM & Esther COLLINS, witn: Lorne McARTHUR & Alice CUNNINGHAM, both of Port Arthur, 11 Aug 1904 at Port Arthur
13965-1904 William Herbert WOODS, 24, Wyevale, Same, s/o William WOODS & Annie WILSON, married Verna JOHNSTON, 18, Midland, Little Current, d/o John JOHNSTON & Janet BEARD, Wtn. May STEWART, Lizzie STEWART, on Sept. 30, 1904 at North Bay. #018084-04 - Alfred Grant WRAY, 25, teamster, Toronto, Port Arthur, s/o Hugh WRAY & Kathleen GRANT, married Athel Ray HARRIS, 18, Galt, Port Arthur, d/o William HARRIS & Elizabeth JOHNSON, witn: Daniel READ, William HARRIS & Daisy WRAY, all of Port Arthur, 16 Nov 1904 at Port Arthur
#017928-04 - John ZOHOROWSKI, 27, laborer, Austria, Fort William, s/o Valory ZOHOROWSKI & Paraska HYDOS, married Justine BESMONCO, 20, Austria, Fort William, d/o Theodore BESMANCO & Helen ZARAMBA, witn: John & Rosa KARISNI of Fort William, 2 May 1904 at Fort William (Rom Cath)