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Northern Districts, 1905, part 2

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4134-05 Martin E. ALCOCK, 27, farmer, Bruce, Bruce Mines, s/o William ALCOCK & Elizabeth PINNEL, married Mary C. PHILLIPS, 20, Bruce, Wanash, d/o Will PHILLIPS & Annie ALTON, witn: H. I. ALCOCK & H. PHILLIPS both of Aberdeen on March 8, 1905 at Aberdeen.

4375-05 John W. ALLEN, 28, plumber, Albina USA, Soo Mich., s/o Charles H. ALLEN & Bertha WILLIAMS, married Frances HALL, 24, Font du Lac - Wis, Soo Mich., d/o Charles G. HALL & Mary Jane DONAN, witn: J. W. & Mrs. J. W. GALBRAITH of Soo Mich., 22 June 1905 at Sault Ste. Marie
016959-05 Richard Arthur ARMSTRONG, 28, farmer, London Twp, Rapid River s/o Richard ARMSTRONG and Alice FORSYTHE married Theodoshie JACQUES, 17, London England, Pinewood d/o Harry JACQUES and Annie HICKMAN witn: Thomas SMART and Millie JACQUES both of Pinewood, April 26, 1905, Pinewood  
18675-05 Frank Edward BACKUS, 27, machinist, Belleville, Lorain?, s/o Robert J. BACKUS & Emma PITTS, married Nettie Louise MURPHY, 24, Prescott, Fort William, d/o Edward P. MURPHY & Laura A. WALLACE, witn: G. E. THOMAS of Lorain & Eva G. MURPHY of Fort William, 8 Aug 1905 at Fort William

4131-05 Edward E. BAKER, 24, book keeper, Mt. Vernon Scotland, Bar River, s/o Thomas BAKER & Mary COCHRANE, married Jean WILSON, 25, Dalswinton, Bar River, d/o Robert WILSON & Isabelle COULTER, witn: Robert WILSON & Jessie FRASER both of Bar River on July 19, 1905 at Bruce Mines

4138-05 Frank BARKER, 23, farmer, Ontario, Ord Johnson Tp., s/o William BARKER, & Emma JACKSON, married Harriet EGAN, 22, Ontario, Johnson Tp., d/o Michael EGAN & Mary Ann CARTWRIGHT, witn: Fred McCLENNAN & Merabella EGAN both of Johnson Tp. on Feb. 23, 1905 at Bruce Mines

18625-05 Percy BARR, 28, operator, Morrisburg Ont., Pearl River, s/o John BARR & Caroline HUTCHINS, married Minnie VANSYBURG, 24, Halifax, Port Arthur, d/o Albert VANSYBERG & Mary KENNEDY, witn: Adolphe St.LOUIS & Albert FLUET, both of Port Arthur, 27 Oct 1905 at Port Arthur
18676-05 Samuel BARRACLOUGH, 26, book keeper, Woodville, Fort William, s/o Joshua BARRACLOUGH & Sarah, married Edith Agnes CARVER, 31, England, Fort William, d/o William CARVER & Caroline, witn: James LOWE & Ada M. COOPER, both of Fort William, 17 Aug 1905 at Fort William 4093-04 Eugene BELANGER, 21, farmer, St. Andre, Rayside, s/o A. BELANGER & M. POULIN, married Alda BELISLE, 18, St. Andre, Chelmsford, d/o Amidie BELISLE & Antoinette GAREAU, witn: Adelard BELANGER of Rayside & Amedie BELISLE of Chelmsford, 15 Jan 1905 at Chelmsford
18620-05 William BENGOWI, 35, widower, hunter, White River, same, s/o Makatebinsors & Odorckogigok (Marie), married Charlotte GIMKOMENS, 20, Michipicoten, White River, d/o Paul GIMKOMENS & Angelic IKWE, witn: Louis PATE & Jane LAGARDE, both of White River, 17 April 1905 at White River 004841-07 Ernest Gibson BERDAN, 24, laborer, Ontario Bruce Mines, s/o Colin BERDAN & Amelia J. DINGMAN, married Ellen Jane FITZPATRICK, 23, Ireland, Lefroy, d/o Alexander FITZPATRICK & Mary A. STEWART, witn: J. T. CAMPBELL of Wharncliffe & Mary E. FITZPATRICK of Lefroy on Nov. 2, 1905 at Bruce Mines

4132-05 Daniel M. BLACKLOCK, 23, farmer, Ripley Huron, Plummer, s/o Thomas BLACKLOCK & Margaret McLEOD, married Edith Emily MORE, 20, England, Galbraith, d/o William MORE & Eliza A. COLESON, witn: John R. MORE of Galbraith & Maud INGRAM of Bruce Mines on May 17, 1905 at Plummer

18704-05 Frederick J. BLACKSTONE, 25, switch man, Muskoka, Fort William, s/o Eveland BLACKSTONE & Ellen MILES (Mills?), married Ella COWLING, 25, Toronto, Fort William, d/o William COWLING & Maria DAVIS, witn: William & Regina GRAVELLE of Fort William, 25 Dec 1905 at Fort William
4374-05 Henry BORLAND, 26, laborer, Goderich, Sault Ste. Marie, s/o John BORLAND & Mary WATT, married Hattie Elizabeth POWELL, 21, Dublin Ireland, Sault Ste. Marie, d/o George Henry POWELL & Eliza QUILL, witn: Arthur & Ethel DUNCAN of Sault Ste. Marie, 14 June 1905 at Sault Ste. Marie 016945-05 Arsene BRIN, 26, labourer, St. Charles que., Keewatin s/o Arsene BRIN and Octavie DUFRENE married Fortune GORMAN, 21, Ironside que., Keewatin d/o Peter GORMAN and Marena PELLTIER witn: Arsene BRIN and Peter GORMAN both of Keewatin, November 14, 1905, Keewatin
18697-05 Frank W. BUTTERFIELD, 34, civil engineer, Waukegon, Fort William, s/o Isaac BUTTERFIELD & Medina GURNEY, married Ida M. McINTRYE, 26, Waukegon, Fort William, d/o John McINTYRE & Harriet M. WILLIAMS, witn: Frank & F. L. FREEMAN of Fort William, 14 Nov 1905 at Fort William  
016947-05 Nathaniel CALDWELL, 32, farmer, Lakefield, Elkhorn Manitoba s/o Joseph and Mary CALDWELL married Louisa RALPH, age n/g, Steeley BAY, Keewatin d/o William and Eliza RALPH witn: Thomas SELLERS and Ethel RALPH both of Keewatin, December 6, 1905 Keewatin 18628-05 Irving CARLEY, 27, turner, Barrie, Schreiber, s/o Aaron CARLEY & Annie CURRIE, married Martha Louisa FIELD, 21, Prescott, Schreiber, d/o James C. FIELD & Sarah BASKERVILLE, witn: Alex McPHAIL of Schreiber & Irene GILLIS of Ft William, 12 Dec 1905 at Schreiber

4123-05 Napoleon CARRIERE, 30, labourer, Pembroke, Blind River, s/o Jacques CARRIERE & Sophile LABERGE, married Lucinda ST. PIERRE, 19, Byng Inlet, Blind River, d/o Michel ST. PIERRE & Victoria TESSIER, witn: Michel ST. PIERRE & Fidele GAUDET both of Blind River on Sept. 5, 1905 at Blind River.

016968-05 Walter Otho CHAPMAN, 28, jeweller, Salsborough New Brunswick, Rainy River s/o Otho S. CHAPMAN and Marie DUNCAN married Lila THORNTON, 23, Appleton Minnesota, Rainy River d/o David THORNTON and Della BROWN witn: E.A. PEARSON and Addie THORNTON both of Rainy River, August 23, 1905, Rainy River
  #018663-05 (Thunder Bay Dist): Aden Lyman CODY, 38, civil engineer, Gilmanton, Port Arthur, s/o Matthew & Esther, married Marie Louise FREGEAU, 32, Superior, Fort William West, d/o Fredriel FREGEAU & Virginie BELANGER, witn: J.C. & Virginie FERGEAU of Fort William West, 24 June 1905 at Fort William (Rom Cath)
18667-05 Charles COMBS, 24, electrician, Pakenham, Port Arthur, s/o Charles COMBS & Jane DUNLOP, married Margaret FAIRBAIRN, 25, Edinburgh, Fort William, d/o Robert FAIRBAIRN & Lavinia BIGBEE, witn: William & Jessie McK. STEVENS of Fort William, 28 June 1905 at Fort William 18694-05 Alfred Harvey COOKE, 21, photographer, Port Arthur, same, s/o William P. COOKE & Annie M. HADDOCK, married Willimina PROUDFOOT, 19, Fournier, Fort William, d/o Thomas PROUDFOOT & Mary LENDRUM?, witn: Percy PROUDFOOT of Fort William & Jennie M. PAUL of Nipigon, 1 Nov 1905 at Fort William
18701-05 Milton COOPER, 21, laborer, Rat Portage, Fort William, s/o David COOPER & Charlotte KENNARD, married Mabel Maude WHEELER, 23, widow, Tweed, Fort William, d/o George WHEELER & Jane MOON (Moore?), witn: S. M. & Elmer M. ROWAND of Fort William, 16 Dec 1905 at Fort William 18669-05 Charles Augustus COTTERELL, 28, train dispatcher, Enden?, Fort William, s/o William James COTTERELL & Katherine KELLY, married Isabella Alexandria McLEOD, 23, Lawrencetown, Fort William, d/o Howard McLEOD & Jane LEOPOLD, witn: R. C. WILSON & Dr. J? E. DEAN, both of Fort William, 12 June 1905 at Fort William

4137-05 Johnson COULTER, 35, farmer, Wawanosh, Bruce Mines, s/o Sam COULTER & Kath JOHNSON, married Mary A. FERGUSON, 29, Bruce Mines, Plummer, d/o Alex FERGUSON & Mary McLEOD, witn: Alex FERGUSON of Plummer & Kate COULTER of Bruce Mines on May 2, 1905 at Plummer

4124-05 Joseph COUTURE, 19, labourer, Bay City Michigan USA, Blind River, s/o Camille COUTURE & Dorothea DUBE, married Fidelia AUGER, 20, Graceville, Blind River, d/o John AUGER & Marie PETREN, witn: Camille COUTURE & Joseph MORIN both of Blind River on Sept. 26, 1905 at Blind River.

18539-05 Charles Edwyn COX, 24, bar tender, England, Fort Frances, s/o Edwin COX & Emma NICHOLLS, married Marguerite CHRISTIE, 23, Dundee Scotland, same, d/o David CHRISTIE & Jean CAMERON, witn: James FREEMANTLE & Annie CORRY, both of Port Arthur, 22 June 1905 at Union Hotel, Port Arthur 18692-05 Andrew DANIEL, 31, widower, blacksmith, Hungary, Fort William, s/o John DANIEL & Frances JAMES, married Teresa MATLAK, 30, Hungary, Fort William, d/o Joseph MATLAK & Serena MASURE, witn: Joseph KRUPE & Verona VARESAK, both of Fort William, 30 Oct. 1905 at Fort William
3924-04 Silas P. DAWSON, 32, contractor, Oxford?, Fernie BC, s/o William DAWSON & Amelia KENNY, married Ethel Flora FOSTER, 18, Cockburn Island, Cutler, d/o William FOSTER & Emma S. HALL, witn: Fred RICKABY of Bruce Mines & Gladys B. FOSTER of Cutler, 4 Jan 1905 at Cutler  
18687-05 Agniline (Aquiline?) DECAPRIO, 22, laborer, Italy, Fort William, s/o Antonio DECAPRIO & Guiseppa DELIDONA, married Maggie BOUCHER, 15, Fort William, same, d/o Luke BOUCHER & Jane PAULIN, witn: Luke & Jane BOUCHER of Fort William, 5 Oct. 1905 at Fort William

4121-05 Peter DECOTA, 27, engineer, of Blind River, s/o Louis DECOTA & Anna BOYER, married Genevieve FORTIN, 18, of Blind River, d/o Alphonse FORTIN & Mary LAFLAMME, witn: Alphonse FORTIN & Elisee NADON both of Blind River on Aug, 15, 1905 at Blind River

4122-05 Earnest DEGUIRE, 32, labourer, Couteau Landing, Blind River, s/o not given, married Mary Louise VILLANCOURT, 32, widow, Montreal, Blind River, d/o Maxim JETTE & Selina CHAREST, witn L Maxim JETTE Jr. & Minnie WASHBURN both of Blind River on Aug. 18, 1905 at Blind River.

4119-05 Alphonse DELLAIRE, 23, labourer, Petite Bergeronne, Blind River, s/o Narcisse DELLAIRE & Isabella DEBRENES (?), married Odine WALSH, 20, Gatineau, Blind River, d/o Napoleon WALSH & Angele THERRIEN, witn: Narcisse DELLAIRE & Clovis PICHE both of Blind River on July 3, 1905 at Blind River.

18670-05 Pasquale DEMEO, 20, laborer, Italy, Fort William, s/o Alexander DEMEO & Maria GINO, married Rosina CHRISTOFANE, 20, Italy, Fort William, d/o Pasquale CHRISTOFANE & Maria MOZZARE, witn: G. MANGIARDI & Rosa ROMANO, both of Fort William, 18 July 1905 at Fort William

4154-05 Abraham DEMERS, 42, labourer, Hull Quebec, Pardee, s/o Pierre DEMERS & Adelarde PERIARD, married Amanda PICARD, 25, St. Andre Avelin Quebec, Pardee, d/o Francois PICARD & Philomene CARRIERE, witn: William MESERVIER & Francois PICARD both of Pardee on June 19, 1905 at Pardee.

016941-05 Maurice DEROUARD, 30, machinist, Evon France, Keewatin s/o Vital DEROUARD and Josephine Couliand JULLELLESI?, married Anaise LEYDIER, 23, Valou – France, Keewatin d/o Alphonse LEYDIER and Justine MAGERIERE witn: Adolph FABE and Victor PORTIER both of Norman, August 17, 1905, Keewatin 3927-04 Emile DESAULIERS, 24, laborer, St. Prospere Que., Blind River, s/o Joseph DESAULIERS & Emilia GERMAIN, married Josephine LAHAYE, 19, Sheguiandah, Blind River, d/o Alfred LAHAYE & Marie Anne LAHAYE, witn: Fortunat DESAULIERS & Augusta LAHAYE, both of Blind River, 16 Jan 1904 at Blind River
18619-05 Felix DESMOULIN, 19, clerk, Pic River, Montizambel?, s/o Samuel DESMOULIN & Marie FINLAYSON, married Jane WINN, 21, Montizambel?, same, d/o Stephen WINN & Modwaramisrok, witn: John DESMOULIN of Pic River & Agnes GODCHERE of Montezambel?, 24 Feb 1905 at Montizambel? 18686-05 William John DOLLERY, 29, machinist, Toronto, Fort William, s/o W.C. DOLLERY & Matilda EWING, married Jessie JOHNSTONE, 28, Guelph, same, d/o James JOHNSTONE & Annie McPHERSON, witn: Dr. S. & Maude WITHROW of Fort William, 14 Oct. 1905 at Fort William
016942-05 Francis W. DOW, 33, foreman, Aberdeen Scotland, Keewatin s/o Alexander DOW and Isabella ANDERSON married Annie GRADY, 37, widow, Chicago, U.S., Keewatin d/o Michael GRADY and Helen STEVENS witn: P. SHAUGHNESSY and M. SHAUGHNESSY both of Keewatin, September 21, 1905, Keewatin 016971-05 Anesime DUCHARME, 28, labourer, St. Anne Manitoba, Pinewood s/o Roger DUCHARME and Elise BOILLY married Adelaide DOUCET, 14, St. Boniface Manitoba, Pinewood d/o Jas. DOUCET and Adelaide LAURIOT witn: Dieudonne DERRY and Thomas BOYLE both of Pinewood, October 17, 1905, Pinewood
18698-05 Alfred DUCLOS, 30, barber, Ottawa, Port Arthur, s/o Peter DUCLOS & Dina GUERARD, married Ellen LAPORT, 23, Lerne, Fort William, d/o Samuel LAPORT & Mary SLOANE, witn: Alex & Dora AUGER of Port Arthur, 2 Nov 1905 at Port Arthur 18674-05 Charles DUHEME, 28, cook, widower, St. Leon, Grand Portage, s/o Hercules DUHEME & Alida LAMBERT, married Elizabeth FRANCIS, 18, Grand Portage, same, d/o Robert FRANCIS & Theresa MEMASHKAWACH, witn: Joseph & Eliz. WEIDEN of Fort William, 3 Aug 1905 at Fort William

4135-05 John DUNBAR, 25, farmer, Rydal Bank, same, s/o Joseph DUNBAR & Annie COOK, married Jennie NICHOLSON, 32, Lucknow, Rydal Bank, d/o Angus & Annie, witn: Alex McKENZIE of Rydal Bank & Annie MILLER of Rock Lake on Dec. 27, 1905 at Rydal Bank.

4347-05 Kenneth Rowe EDDY, 21, photographer, Soo Mich., same, s/o Joseph B. EDDY & Frances WILLIAMS, married Ethel Madeline STONEHOUSE, 20, Toronto, Soo Mich., d/o John H. STONEHOUSE & Elizabeth WHITE, witn: Maria S. HAMRATTY & Annie SMITH, both of Sault Ste. Marie, 10 May 1905 at Sault Ste. Marie
016975-05 Edward Johnson EK, 28, ferry? man, Cokato Minnesota, International Falls Minnesota s/o Nils Johnson EK and Inga PEARSON married Sophia WADE, 21, waitress, Norway, Rainy River d/o Silvert WADE and Kristina SELNAS witn: Gust L. EK and Elga EK both of Spooner Minnesota, October 21, 1905, Rainy River 18685-05 Elof ERICKSON, 33, widower, section foreman, Sweden, Sunshine, s/o Eric ERICKSON & Banta JOHNSON, married Jane FALK, 31, Sweden, Sunshine, d/o John FALK & Johanna MAGNUSON, witn: E. McCARTNEY of Sunshine & E. GUSTAFSON of Keoministikwie?, 7 Oct 1905 at Fort William
016944-05 William Thomas EVERETT, 21, miller, Grey Co, Keewatin s/o John EVERETT and Mary WYLIE married Henrietta McLEAN, 18, Glasgow Scotland, Keewatin d/o David and Kate McLEAN witn: David STEELE and Agnes McLEAN both of Keewatin, October 9, 1905, Keewatin 016952-05 Robert EWEN, 30, workman, Kirkfield, Rainy River s/o John EWEN and Marianne BAUCH?, married Matilda MARTIN, 22, Victoria Road, Rainy River d/o Henry MARTIN and Agnes HAMILTON witn: Frank McELROY and Annie BASSETT both of Rainy River, January 18, 1905, Rainy River
18683-05 Ralph FAITHFULL, 21, lather, Orillia, Port Arthur, s/o James FAITHFULL & Louisa KNIGHT, married Eliza GARLAND, 20, Oliver twp., Port Arthur, d/o Samuel GARLAND & Mary DEACON, witn: Andrew BOYD of Port Arthur & S. M. ROWAND of Fort William, 2 Oct. 1905 at Fort William 18703-05 Henry Campbell FOSTER, 24, coal clerk, Kincardine, Fort William, s/o Henry O. FOSTER & Margaret J. CASKEY, married Mary Jane PORTICE, 24, Kincardine, Fort William, d/o James PORTICE & Margaret ROBINSON, witn: Arthur J. HUTTON & Muriel E. RAHELJE (Rahelge?), both of Fort William, 27 Nov 1905 at Fort William
18681-05 James FRASER, 30, laborer, Ottawa, Fort William, s/o John FRASER & Maggie HANLON, married Annie GENGEON?, 20, Pt. Alexander, Fort William, d/o Arthur GENGEON & Mary J. STEWART, witn: J. GLAVIN & M. JAMES, both of Fort William, 26 Sept 1905 at Fort William

4335-05 Albert Wesley FRASER, 33, farmer, Erinsville Tp., Billings Tp., s/o John A. FRASER & Hannah MOORE, married Eliza Agnes PIERCE. 27, Billings Tp., same, d/o Thomas Nelson PIERCE & Frances Annie NELDEN (?), witn: William E. PIERCE of Billings Tp. & Laura McRAE of Gore Bay on Jan. 1, 1905 at Burpee Tp.

4158-05 George GADMERE, 26, labourer, Osceola, Biscotasing, s/o Melesippe GADMERE & Josephine VALEN, married Georgina MESERVIER, 20, Hull Quebec, Biscotasing, d/o Thomas MESERVIER & Deline ROBIN, witn: Thomas MESERVIER of Biscotasing & William MESERVIER of Pardee on July 18, 1905 at Biscotasing

013816-05 Sydney Anthony GALOSKA, 29, merchant, London England, Cobalt, s/o Carl GALASKA & Christina TAYLOR, married Mabel Baptiste GERMAIN, 20, Hong King China, Uno Park, d/o James Robert GERMAIN & Ellen Louise BAPTISTE, witn: A. M. MORGAN & Lila B. McDOUGALL both of New Liskeard on Dec. 25, 1905 at New Liskeard.

4160-05 Napoleon GODEN, 33, fisherman, of Lochalsh, s/o Peter Mercier GODEN & mother unknown, married Betsy SAUNDERS, 24, of Missanabie, d/o John SAUNDERS and mother not given, witn: Peter Mercier GODEN & D. BALANEAU both of Chapleau on July 15, 1905 at Chapleau.

016943-05 Harry Alexander HANCOCK, 25, miller, Camberwell - England, Keewatin s/o George and Deborah HANCOCK married Helen SMITH, 18, Selkirk Manitoba, Keewatin d/o Philip and Mary SMITH witn: Frank DAVIS and Annie SMITH both of Keewatin, October 2, 1905, Keewatin

4128-05 Thomas HARDING, 30, not given, Kinmount, Blind River, s/o not given, married Maud Elizabeth Dunn WALSH, 27, widow, Kinmount, Blind River, d/o not given, witn: R. E. MISKEMINS (?) & Olive RITCHIE both of Blind River on Dec. 18, 1905 at Blind River 016967-05 Reuben Malcolm HENDERSON, 24, timber dealer, Haliburton Co, Beaudette Minnesota s/o Miles HENDERSON and Mary Jane KENT married Cora Mary THOMPSON, 20 Portage du Fort que. d/o John THOMPSON and Elizabeth McLEAN witn: Samuel McNAMARA of Rainy River and Mary Jane KENT of Beaudette Minnesota, August 9, 1905, Rainy River
4420-05 William Johnston HERBERT, 21, druggist, Little Current, Soo Mich., s/o William HERBERT & Maggie WEATHERLY, married Gertrude Mary WOODCOCK, 22, Deseronto, Soo Mich., d/o Ryerson WOODCOCK & Mary DEWLING, 30 Oct 1905 at Sault Ste. Marie

4526-05 Oliver H. HEWITT, 28, druggist, Ingersoll, Blind River, s/o W. J. HEWITT & Harriet HOGARTH, married Anna WHITE, 25, Arnprior, Blind River, d/o James WHITE & Honore DRISCOLL, witn: Frank & T. Alban WHITE both of Blind River on Oct. 30, 1905 at Blind River.

4144-05 James Edward HOPKINS, 28, farmer, Pickering, Tehkummah, s/o William HOPKINS & Emily MORRISON, married Alice COOPER, 22, Bedfordshire England, Mindemoya, d/o John COOPER & Elizabeth BENNET, witn: William J. GRIFFIN & Annie L. HOPKINS both of Tehkummah on Feb. 1, 1905 at Mindemoya.

4156-05 Alonzo HURTIBISE, 22, C.P.R. brakeman, East Templeton, Chapleau, s/o Alphonse HURTIBISE & Hilda BERTRAND, married Emma ALAIRE, 20, Bonfield, Chapleau, d/o M ? ALAIRE & Rose BENOIT, witn: Joseph LARIVIERE & Alexander LANGIS both of Chapleau on June 21, 1905 at Chapleau.

4140-05 John William JOHNSTON, 27, farmer, Ontario, Johnson Tp., s/o Thomas JOHNSON & Eliza McMULLEN, married Jessie WILSON, 19, Ontario, Johnson Tp., d/o Jacob WILSON & Eliza McEWEN, witn: Jessie May BRYANS & E. J. WILSON both of Bruce Mines on June 21, 1905 at Bruce Mines.

016965-05 Charles JOLICOEUR, 33, labourer Ile du Calumet que., Stratton s/o Moise JOLICOEUR and Henrietta VAILLANCOURT, married Mary Anne ARMSTRONG, 33, Cloyne, Stratton d/o Thomas ARMSTRONG and Mary Anne MULVEYHILL witn: Henry OSTER and Thomas ARMSTRONG both of Stratton, September 23, 1905, residence of Bride's Father

4152-05 Cyrille JOLY, 26, labourer, Renfrew, Biscotasing, s/o Alfred JOLY & Catharine LADOUCEUR, married Desniges VERNETTE, 21, Arnprior, Biscotasing, d/o Jean VERNETTE & Zoe CHARBONNEAU, witn: Charles PHILLIPS & Josephine ARNETTE both of Biscotasing on Jan. 8, 1905 at Biscotasing.  
18617-05 Simon KASH, 20, hunter, Michipicoten, same, s/o James KASH & Isabella TAGEGOK, married Marie A. LEGOG, 18, Michipicoten, same, d/o blank OGIBIDENS & Therese BOSHABANOK, witn: William MAGENODIN & Mary LAGARDE, both of Michipicoten, 13 Feb 1905 at Michipicoten

4153-05 William J. KILLINS, 28, C.P.R. conductor, Cole Lake, Chapleau, s/o George & Naomi, married Quintina M. FOLEY, 27, Brantford, Biscotasing, d/o Thomas & Amelia, witn: John HALLIDAY & William HENDERSON both of Chapleau on May 17, 1905 at Biscotasing

18690-05 Peter KUZYK, 28, laborer, Poland, Fort William, s/o Ivan KUZYK & Anna YOUTRUK, married Haska MOZEL, 20, Poland, Fort William, d/o Ivan MOZEL & Maria SHEVAK, witn: Frank & Ana WYNROT of Fort William, 17 Oct. 1905 at Fort William

4148-05 George LANGTRY, 27, farmer, Owen Sound, Providence Bay, s/o John LANGTRY & Jean DICKSON, married Mary LOVE, 21, Mindemoya, Providence Bay, d/o Thomas LOVE & Margaret McDERMID, witn: Thomas LOVE & Edith CHARTERS both of Providence Bay on March 29, 1905 at Providence Bay.

18677-05 Martin LAROQUE, 27, bar tender, Lanark Co., Fort William, s/o Leo LAROQUE & Helen CLOSE, married Minnie CLOSE, 22, Lanark Co., Fort William, d/o John CLOSE & Margaret QUINN, witn: John & Rosetta CLOSE of Fort William, 4 Sept 1905 at Fort William

4159-05 Pierre LEBLANC, 24, labourer, Caplan (?) Que., Chapleau, s/o Alexis LEBLANC & Marie PARISE, married Cordelia BLACKBURN, 16, Montreal, Chapleau, d/o Jean BLACKBURN & Florida LECLERC, witn: Jean RUSSI & Jean BLACKBURN both of Chapleau on Aug. 7, 1905 at Chapleau.

  18688-05 William LOUIS, 27, widower, fisherman, Badjiwanig, same, s/o Louis LOUIS & Susana AGWOISN, married Mary COLLIN, 17, Badjiwanig, Fort William, d/o Joseph COLLIN & Annie JOURDAIN, witn: Mose & Mrs. Mose McCAY? of Fort William, 10 Oct. 1905 at Fort William
18691-05 William LYMBOURNE, 24, machinist, Scotland, Fort William, s/o Hugh LYMBOURNE & Mary McCALLUM, married Ada BARBER, 27, England, Liverpool, d/o Samuel H. BARBER & Sarah WALKER, witn: W. EVERSON & Mary LYMBOURNE, both of Fort William, 23 Oct. 1905 at Fort William 15226-1907 Albert MADGECO, 23, Miner, Partakonff Austria, Copper Cliff, s/o Martin & Mary MADGECO, married Mary BOROWSKI, 19, Partakonff Austria, Copper Cliff, d/o Albert BOROWSKI & Anna OSHTIOC, Wtn. Michael ROCHLINSKI, Lina CHERKOSKI, on Sept. 12, 1905, at Copper Cliff.
15227-1907 Angus MARTENIAK, 27, Miner, Segulima - Posen Prov., Copper Cliff, s/o Casimir MARTENIAK & Francesca KELLICH, married Helene RIDAGAR, 22, Midgerah - Posen Prov., Copper Cliff, d/o Maximilian RIDAGAR & Bodesmara DROPCHOPKA, Wtn. Josua SIB, Beatrice McKLOSKY, on Sept. 12, 1905 at Copper Cliff  
18689-05 Guiseppe MAZZONI, 21, plumber, Italy, Fort William, s/o Carmino MAZZONI & Carmilla TUNIZZIO?, married Assinta DECAPRIO, 21, Italy, Fort William, d/o Antonio DECAPRIO & G. DELADENA, witn: Aquilio DECAPRIO & S. M. ROWAND, both of Fort William, 11 Oct. 1905 at Fort William 18700-05 Lorne Milroy McARTHUR, 24, plumber, Rockland, Port Arthur, s/o Donald McARTHUR & Kathleen MUIR, married Maude Eleanor FORDER, 22, London, Fort William, d/o William FORDER & Mary E. GOOD, witn: Edith E. HAYDEN & Gertrude E. WOOD, both of Fort William, 14 Dec 1905 at Fort William
18610-05 Joseph McATEER, 27, railway conductor, Angus, Fort William, s/o Thomas McATEER & Nancy SOMERVILLE, married Tom ANDERSON, 21, Bundswall Sweden, Port Arthur, d/o Peter ANDERSON & Peter (sic) WESTERBRAND?, witn: Oskar ANDERSON of Port Arthur & Vandella ANDERSON of Ft William 18679-05 Archibald James McCALLUM, 27, clerk, Ireland, Fort William, s/o Archibald James McCALLUM & Lucy Alice KELLY, married Mary Jane PIGOTT, 27, Ireland, Fort William, d/o Thomas PIGGOTT (sic) & Fanny KELLS, witn: James B. DAVIES & A. A. QUIGLEY, both of Fort William, 19 Sept 1905 at Fort William

4147-05 Archibald McCOLEMAN, 26, farmer, Sandfield, Campbell Tp., s/o Joseph McCOLEMAN & Lanie LUTTES, married Letitia Agness HEWITT, 20, Carnarvon Campbell Tp., d/o Thomas Henry HEWITT & Margaret ALEXANDER, witn: John LOUGHEED of Grimsthorpe & Mary Jane McCOLEMAN of Campbell Tp. on June 20, 1905 at Campbell.

18621-05 Joseph McDONALD, 21, mail carrier Lake Nipigon, Nipigon, s/o unknown & Nancy SAGASKAMATCHKWA, married Louise DESLARONDE, 21, Lake Nipigon, Nipigon, d/o Charles DESLARONDE & Marie JENAWASHIK, witn: Joseph BOUCHARD & Sophie JAGANASH, both of Nipigon, 26 Aug 1905 at Nipigon 18699-05 John Halley? McDONALD, 31, iron worker, Kingston, Fort William, s/o Thomas A. McDONALD & Mary Ann HALLEY (Holley?), married Eliza EDWARDS, 18, England, Slate River, d/o William EDWARDS & Rachel KOVACHIE?, witn: George CALDWELL & Annie COOKE, both of Fort William, 12 Dec 1905 at Fort William
016946-05 Wentworth Armer McDOUGALL, 28, labourer, Roden Nova Scotia, Keewatin s/o Salter McDOUGALL and Sabry COSTNER married Mary Adeline BECKWORTH, 17, High Gate, Keewatin d/o Herman BECKWORTH and Alice DARK witn: Hugh SHAW of Keewatin and Mary L. McNAIR of Norman, November 29, 1905, Keewatin 18627-05 John Wentworth McELROY, 28, CPR conductor, St. Catharines, Schreiber, s/o Neil McELROY & Sarah A. WENTWORTH, married Laura DE MAUR, 19, Arnprior, Schreiber, d/o Herman DE MAUR & Lily McDONALD, witn: John McPHAIL & Lily DE MAUR, both of Schreiber, 26 Oct. 1905 at Schreiber
016958-05 John Roderick McGINNIS, 24, farmer, Prince Edward Island, Rainy River s/o John McGINNIS and Rebecca STEWART married Lottie BUFFY, 23, Dakota, Rainy River d/o George BUFFY and Rebecca PHAWKERS witn: John GUERETTE and Rebecca MATHESON both of Rainy River, March 21, 1905, Rainy River 15225-1907 C.N. MACKENZIE, 34, Clergyman, Presqu'ile Ont, Copper Cliff, s/o Donald MACKENZIE & Christine KAISER, married Annie Laurie GORDON, 30, Teacher, Newry, Ont, Whitefish, d/o Arthur GORDON & Annie MORRISON, Wtn. Willie JACOBS, Alice M. BANKS, on Jan. 18. 1905 at Whitefish
18615-05 Roderick Roy McLEOD, 26, drayman, Ontario, Port Arthur, s/o Daniel McLEOD & Mary Ann McCREA, married Lilian McKENZIE, 18, Ontario, Oliver twp., d/o David McKENZIE & Florence McEWEN, witn: Ross McKENZIE & Lorence BARENDALE, 27 Dec 1905 at Oliver 18613-05 Roderick McLEOD, 34, carpenter, Ontario, Fort William, s/o Donald & Margaret, married Emma May FENTON, 22, Ontario, Oliver twp., d/o Robert FENTON & Lavina SEDORE, witn: Alexander CAMERON of Ft William & Maud FENTON of Oliver twp., 12 Jan 1905 at Oliver

4146-05 John McMILLAN, 27, farmer, Bruce Co., Grimsthorpe, s/o William McMILLAN & Margaret REID, married Arabella Beatrice LOUGHEED, 21, Campbell Tp., Grimsthorpe, d/o Thomas LOUGHEED & Margaret ARMSTRONG, witn: Albert LOUGHEED & Margaret McMILLAN both of Grimsthorpe on Feb. 15, 1905 at Campbell.

4127-05 William J. McMINN, 30, hotel keeper, Palgrave, Little Current, s/o William McMINN & Maria A. BRYAN, married Sara TOBIN, 20, Vinton, Blind River, d/o Richard TOBIN & Margaret McCOSHEN, witn: Richard TOBIN of Blind River & Mrs. Maria SIMS of Manitowaning on Nov. 7, 1905 at Blind River.

016969-05 Thomas Bonne (Boune?) MILLAR, 27, professor of music, Glasgow Scotland, Portage La Prairie Manitoba s/o W. Rankin MILLAR and Elizabeth MANGO married Clara Louise NEADS, 23, art teacher, Bowmanville, Rainy River d/o William Andrew NEADS and Mary Caroline TUER witn: Joseph Alex OSBORNE of Ft. Frances and Maggie Alice NEADS of Rainy River, August 23, 1905, Rainy River  
18707-05 Arthur Edward MONTGOMERY, 29, clerk, Ontario, Fort William, s/o William MONTGOMERY & Sarah HUNTER, married Agnes Maude MAPLEDORAM, 20, Silver Islet, Fort William, d/o William C. MAPLEDORAM & Agnes ELGER?, witn: Archie KENNEDY of Fort William & Pearl A. SHE--? of Quebec Mines, 25 Dec 1905 at Fort William 016948-05 John James Alexander MORRISON, 33, miller, Rosemont, Keewatin s/o Alexander MORRISON and Martha KENNEDY married Jane STEELE, 43, Renfrew, Keewatin d/o James STEELE and Agnes CARSWELL witn: David STEELE and Catharine LITTLE both of Keewatin, December 20, 1905, Keewatin

4120-05 Alexander MUNRO, 26, blacksmith, Rosshire Scotland, Webbwood, s/o Simon MUNRO & Annie McDONALD, married Ella Davidson MUNRO, 23, Scotland, Murrayshire, d/o Duncan MUNRO & Isabella DAVIDSON, witn: George H. CHRESTILAW & Minnie WASHBURN both of Blind River on July 29, 1905 at Blind River.

18666-05 Melville Lorne MUNRO, 26, car inspector, Lanark Co., Fort William, s/o James MUNRO & Rose WRIGHT, married Mabel A. CARPENTER, 19, Dunbarton, Fort William, d/o Robert CARPENTER & Maggie ANDERSON, wtn: Thomas BUTTERS & Florence CARPENTER, both of Fort William, 5 July 1905 at Fort William
4125-05 Joseph NAULT, 32, merchant, Maniwaki Que., Blind River, s/o George NAULT & Martha DUNNING, married Delia WOILFORD, 21, S. Gloucester, Blind River, d/o Napoleon WOILFORD & Rosina MARION, witn: George NAULT & Napoleon WOILFORD both of Blind River on Oct. 10, 1905 at Blind River.

016963-05 William James NELSON, 35, laborer, Black Bank, Rainy River s/o William NELSON and Elizabeth SCARROW married Lizzie McLEOD, 22, Lucknow, Pinewood d/o Norman McLEOD and Mary McDONALD witn: Peter McLEOD and Miss JENNER (teacher), both of Pinewood, June 13, 1905, Pinewood

013815-05 Robert NICHOL, 22, carpenter, Mildmay, New Liskeard, s/o William NICHOL & Jane McGAVIN, married Cecilia Mary GORDON, 18, Cayuga, New Liskeard, d/o Richard GORDON & Cecilia MAY, witn: Lester JOY & Alice BASS both of New Liskeard on Oct. 25, 1905 at New Liskeard. 18623-05 Frank NICHOLSON, 20, lumberman, Lake Nipigon, Nipigon, s/o Michel MANITOCHENS & Marie EKOVASENS, married Josephine WITCH, 19, Pays Plat, same, d/o Michel WITCH & M. Ann MICHANO, witn: Edward O'BRIEN & Roselie BOUCHER, both of Schreiber, 12 Nov 1905 at Schreiber
18668-05 John David PEDDEN, 27, iron worker, East Williams, Fort William, s/o James PEDDEN & Isabella DENNY, married Pearl Lillette BRYAN, 18, St. Thomas, Fort William, d/o Harry BRYAN & Ida MISNER, witn: D. B. McDONALD & Florence BRYAN, both of Fort William, 7 June 1905 at Fort William

4161-05 Francis PICARD, 22, labourer, Thurso, Pardee, s/o Francis PICARD & Philomene CARRIERE, married Marie GUINDON, 19, Ripon, Pardee, d/o Joseph GUINDON & Marie GUENETTE, witn: Francis PICARD of Pardee & Joseph GUINDON of Ripon on Oct. 10, 1905 at Pardee.

18671-05 George Thomas PYE, 41, widower, weigh man, London, Fort William, s/o Charles W. PYE & Louisa R. WRIGHT, married Clara BARTHOLOMEW, 43, widow, Allegheny, Fort William, d/o Franklin SMITH & Margetta MOORE, witn: W. A. BUTLER & S. M. ROWAN, both of Fort William, 18 July 1905 at Fort William 016970-05 Robert PYNE, 44, farmer, Toronto, Rainy River s/o William PYNE and Mary TAYLOR married Mrs. Effie THOM, 32, boarding house keeper, Huron, Rainy River d/o James SAUNDERS and Jessie MORRISON witn: Alfred D'ESTE and Minnie THOMSON both of Rainy River, September 20, 1905, Rainy River
016957-05 Robert W. RACE, 26, boiler maker, Yorkshire England, Rainy River s/o Ben RACE and Margaret HUTCHINSON married Lucy Jannet VANTASSLE, 22, Wesley, Rainy River d/o John VANTASSLE and Nancy LIVINGSTON witn: M.C. TYNEN and Mrs. M.C. TYNEN both of Rainy River, March 22, 1905, Rainy River 13907-1904 Mark RAGAN, 28, Farmer, Brudenell Twp., McKenzie Lake, s/o Patrick RAGAN & Sarah RING ?, married Theresa COUGHLIN, 19, McKenzie Lake, Same, d/o Thomas COUGHLIN & Hannah DEVINE, Wtn. Thomas RAGAN, Laura BARAGER, on Jan. 2, 1905 at Maynooth
18624-05 Louis RAIL, 24, laborer, Coin du Banc Que., Bremner, s/o Lewis RAIL & Virginie GROCENY?, married Elizabeth LEVEILLE, 18, White River, Bremner, d/o Thomas LEVEILLE & Mary DUSAN, witn: Thomas LEVEILLE of Bremner & Anthony ANGHARD of Chapleau, 12 Oct 1905 at Bremner 3926-04 Abraham RAINVILLE, 29, laborer, St. Isadore Pres., Blind River, s/o Abraham RAINVILLE & Cleophie BOURGON, married Mary BERNIER, 22, Lance de Cap Que., Blind River, d/o Calixte BERNIER & Margaret TEACHY, witn: Claixte BERNIER & Desire DUPUIS, both of Blind River, 9 Jan 1905 at Blind River
  4155-05 Martin RATHWELL, 28, C.P.R. engineer, Bromley, Chapleau, s/o John RATHWELL & Honora O'SHAUGNESSY, married Sybil McKIE, 24, Massey Station, Chapleau, d/o Charles McKIE & Christina McLEOD, witn: Andrew RATHWELL of Chapleau & Charles McKIE of Biscotasing on June 26, 1905 at Chapleau

4136-05 George RICHARSON, 48, farmer, Bruce, Aberdeen, s/o James RICHARSON & Eliza JONES, married Tena RUTHERFORD, 33, Huron, Aberdeen, d/o Peter RUTHERFORD & Jane TODD, witn: James E. RICHARDSON (sic) & Marion RUTHERFORD both of Plummer on March 1, 1905 at Plummer

18680-05 Maurice ROCHE, 28, bar tender, London, Fort William, s/o James ROCHE & Marguerite DUGGAN, married Annie MARTIN, 18, Fort Stewart, Fort William, d/o Edward MARTIN & Annie McDONALD, witn: S. D. KERR & M. McDONALD, both of Fort William, 26 Sept 1905 at Fort William
016961-05 Aaron Milton ROBERTSON, 23, barber, Motley Minnesota, Rainy River s/o William ROBERTSON and Minnie A. CASS married Agnes Anna POLANSKI, 19, Barnsville Minnesota, Furgus Falls Minnesota d/o Ferdinand POLANSKI and Augusta SIBELL witn: E.A. TURNBULL and Dorothy PETERSON both of Rainy River, June 20, 1905, Rainy River 016974-05 James Robert ROGERS, 26, loco. fireman, Glasgow Scotland, Rainy River s/o William Henry ROGERS and Sarah Jane SMITH married Annie Clara SLADE, 23, Lea Malmsbury England, Rainy River d/o John Edward SLADE and Ellen ANGEL witn: Henry Charles MARTIN and Mary Allice MARTIN both of Rainy River, November 16, 1905, Rainy River
18629-05 Thomas SABOURIN, 20, trapper, Thunder Bay, same, s/o Wanans SABOURIN & Josephine DESMULANS, married Sarah WISAWIS, 18, Nobert?, same, d/o not given, witn: Albert & Mar. Albert SABOURIN of Heron Bay, 31 July 1905 at White River 016960-05 George William SCHRAM, 32, farmer, Wainfleet Pinewood s/o George William SCHRAM and Sikina CHAMBERS married Pearl Elizabeth CASLAKE, 20, St. Mary's, Rainy River d/o George S. CASLAKE and Rachel COPELAND witn: Mr. and Mrs. W. QUIMBY of Rainy River, May 8, 1905, Rainy River
18678-05 Frederick SHAW, 26, bar tender, Collingwood, Fort William, s/o Thomas SHAW & Mary Verite? SYBONS?, married Marie DUBREUIL, 26, Mattawaska, Fort William, d/o Alexander DUBREUIL & Maria BELANGER, witn: Leonard & Adele St.JAQUES of Fort William, 6 Sept 1905 at Fort William 18706-05 Mathew John SHERMAN, 25, butcher, Ontario, Fort William, s/o Israel SHERMAN & Margaret LOCKHART, married Edith Ann McMANUS, 21, Ireland, Fort William, d/o Robert McMANUS & Lizzie THORNTON, witn: Ernest ORSER & Norah MILLAR, both of Fort William, 28 Dec 1905 at Fort William
18684-05 Michael SHIELDS, 27, laborer, Brudnell, Fort William, s/o Thomas SHIELDS & Mary CUDDY, married Ada Mary PECK, 19, Quebec, Fort William, d/o John PECK & Agnes O'BRIEN, witn: W. J. NEWSOME & Nellie MEEHAN, both of Fort William, 3 Oct. 1905 at Fort William 016962-05 George Joseph SILK, 28, newspaper man, Farmington, Ft. Frances s/o Louis SILK and Elizabeth HARTEY married Marguerite Katherine KINLER, 18, Verndale Minnesota, Ft. Frances d/o J.R. KINLER and Hannah McALLISTER witn: S. ARMSTRONG of Rainy River and Helen TROZER of Ft. Frances, June 5, 1905, Rainy River
016954-05 William SINCLAIR, 18, labourer, LeClair Minnesota, Hungry Hall s/o George SINCLAIR and Mary Jane McLEOD married Lottie HOWELL, 18, Long Sault Rapids, same d/o Herman HOWELL and Maggie COCHRANE witn: George SWANSON of Mouth of Rainy River and Maggie WILSON of Hungry Hall, March 2, 1905, Residence of Groom's Father. 016966-05 Robert SINCLAIR, 29, merchant, Halton Co, Rainy River s/o Gilbert SINCLAIR and Clementine HOLCROW married Margaret Annie CLARKSON, 22, St. Boniface Manitoba, Rainy River d/o James CLARKSON and Lucinda SEYMOUR witn: J.A. McMASTER and Ida CLARKSON both of Rainy River, September 6, 1905, Rainy River

4130-05 Amos SINGLETON, 25, farmer, Wingham, Galbraith, s/o James SINGLETON & Susan PATERSON, married Margaret MITCHELL, 19, Galbraith, same, d/o Daniel MITCHELL & Elizabeth LUNDY, witn: Daniel MITCHELL of Dunn's Valley & Annie LUNDY of Little Rapids on June 28, 1905 at Galbraith

18611-05 George Alfred C. SMITH, 28, farmer, Blenheim Ont., Strange twp., s/o Charles C. SMITH & blank WELSH, married Anne BROWN, 22, Hawick Scotland, Strange twp., d/o James BROWN & Barbara ARMSTRONG, witn: John SCHOFIELD of Winnipeg & Jean GOWENLOCK of Port Arthur, 25 Dec 1905 at Port Arthur 18705-05 Albert STEADWELL, 25, brakeman, Markdale, Fort William, s/o William STEADWELL & Barbara WATERSON, married Kate ROBERTSON, 21, Markdale, Fort William, d/o Archibald ROBERTSON & Margaret McLELLAN, witn: Henry J. HORNER & Ida E. FLACE?, both of Fort William, 27 Dec 1905 at Fort William
18673-05 James Alexander STEWART, 24, merchant, Ontario, Port Arthur, s/o Alexander STEWART & Sarah J. WALKER, married Elizabeth Sarah BELL, 23, Ontario, Fort William, d/o William L. BELL & Phoebe COLE, witn: William SMILEY & Sadie STEWART, both of Port Arthur, 1 Aug 1905 at Fort William 18614-05 Frank STEWART, 25, carpenter, Ontario, Fort William, s/o Thomas STEWART & Catherine McPHERSON, married Mary Laticia WINSLOW, 22, London Ont., O'Connor, d/o Robert WINSLOW & Annie ANDERSON, witn: Paris WINSLOW & Isabell LAIRD, both of O'Connor twp., 1 July 1905 at O'Connor
18693-05 Edwin Allen SUDDABY, 29, mechanic, Ontario, Stanley, s/o Thomas W. SUDDABY & Charlotte NICHOLS, married Catherine Elizabeth GROVES, 20, Ontario, Stanley, d/o John GROVES & illegible SCHRIBER, witn: Charles W. PETTIT & Annie GROVES, both of Fort William, 1 Nov 1905 at Fort William

016956-05 John Scott SUTHERLAND, 34, labourer, Renfrew, Bigsby Island s/o Donald SUTHERLAND and Isabella PINKERTON married Mary Sarah MORRISEAU, 21, Hungry Hall, Bigsby Island d/o William and Mary MORRISEAU witn: Thomas SWEENY and Mary Anne MORRISEAU both of Bigsby Island, February 28, 1905, Bigsby Island.

016955-05 Thomas SWEENY, 33, fisherman, Queen's County Ireland, Bigsby Island s/o Peter SWEENY and Catherine FINIS married Mary Sarah MORRISEAU, 30, N.W. Angle, Bigsby Island d/o Jonathan and Mary MORRISEAU witn: John Scott SUTHERLAND and Sarah Mary MORRISEAU both of Bigsby Island, February 28, 1905, Bride's Father 4129-05 Gregor A. TEES, 24, decker, Rock Lake, Bruce Mines, s/o John TEES & Kathaleen McGREGOR, married Margaret KINAHEN, 20, teacher, Bruce Mines, same, d/o Patrick KINEHAN (sic) & Ann CURRIE, witn: Robert John TEES & Mary KINEHAN both of Bruce Mines on July 27, 1905 at Bruce Mines

016973-05 John Joseph TIGHE, 28, stenographer, Huron Co., Rainy River s/o Edward H. TIGHE and Mary CORNELL married Maggie MURPHY, 27, school teacher, Norfolk Co, Rainy River d/o John MURPHY and Elsie FORBES witn: Clark H. DODDS and Lottie LYNCH both of Rainy River, November 1, 1905, Rainy River

4133-05 Joseph T. TORRANCE, 28, farmer, Wingham, Aberdeen, s/o Joseph TORRANCE & Lydia HAINES, married Jane E. NEWMAN, 23, Cheesewater, Aberdeen, d/o Thomas NEWMAN & Fanny DOUSE, witn: Albert HAINES of Aberdeen & Ella THORNTON of Plummer on Jan. 2, 1905 at Aberdeen.
3925-04 John TRUDEAU, 35, widower, laborer, Sugar Island US, Blind River, s/o Eustache TRUDEAU & Sophia SYLVESTRE, married Marie LAJOIE, 35, Malbaie Que., Blind River, d/o Joseph LAJOIE & Delphine BERGERON, witn: Medard FREMONT & Camelle LAPLANTE, both of Blind River, 7 Jan 1905 at Blind River 18622-05 Antoine UJIDEGIGIG, 58, widower, trapper, Michipicoten, Chapleau, s/o unknown, married Josephine BEKWAKAWAMAGAD, 27, Michipicoten, Chapleau, d/o unknown, witn: Toussant WISIAW of White River & Jane SANGIGIG of Chapleau, 11 Sept 1905 at Chapleau

4145-05 Norman Robertson VAN HORN, 24, farmer, Carnarvon Tp., Britainville, s/o David VAN HORN & Hannah LONGMIRE, married Bertha Grace HEAD, 20, Big Lake, Britainville, d/o William HEAD & Mary Ann ALLICK (?), witn: Ulric Newton VAN HORN of Carnarvon Tp. & Eliza HEAD of Long Bay on Feb. 15, 1905 at Carnarvon Tp.

18618-05 Wilfred VERVILLE, 30, tailor, Montreal, Wawa, s/o Joseph VERVILLE & Amanda AUGER, married Janine GRELIER, 18, France, Wawa, d/o Constant GRELIER & Eugenie ROSIGNOL, witn: Joseph QUINLAN & Lena SCOTT, both of Wawa, 20 Feb 1905 at Wawa
016972-05 Vallonis L. WATSON, 34, farmer, Michigan  U.S., Rainy River s/o Lawson WATSON and Mary ANDERSON married Beatrice HOY, 19, Prescott, Rainy River d/o Samuel HOY and Catherine O'MEARA witn: Carl S. DAHLQUIST of Beaudette Minnesota and Sarah LaFAVE of Rainy River, November 5, 1905, Rainy River  
18696-05 James Martin WAUGH, 27, farmer, Comber, Fort William, s/o William WAUGH & Amelia SHAW, married Nellie F. LAMKE, 17, Leek? Falls, Fort William, d/o John LAMKE & Harriet E. DENNING, witn: Fred LAMKE & Ethel WAUGH, both of Slate River, 8 Nov 1905 at Fort William 18616-05 James WAUGH, 28, farmer, Comber, Paipoonge, s/o William WAUGH & Amelia SHAW, married Nellie LAMKE, 17, Rock Falls Ill., Paipoonge, d/o John LAMKE & Harriet? DENNING, witn: Fred LAMKE & Ethel WAUGH, both of Paipoonge, 8 Nov 1905 at Slate River Valley, Paipoonge twp
18702-05 Albert Alex WHITEMAN, 23, car inspector, Teeswater, Fort William, s/o John H. WHITEMAN & Caroline ELBALK? (C. Walk?), married Mary Ann HAYWOOD, 17, England, Fort William, d/o Henry HAYWOOD & H.W. WILKINSON, witn: John HAYWOOD of Fort William & Elsie KEEHOE of Port Arthur, 19 Dec 1905 at Fort William

4139-05 Simon WILLIAM, 24, farmer, Ontario, Gordon Lake, s/o John WILLIAM & Emma McCLOUD, married Susan FINDLYSON (Finlayson?), 22, Ontario, Gordon Lake, d/o Kenneth FINDLYSON & Agnes Ann DECLERC (?), witn: Florence WATTS & Olive PALMER both of Bruce Mines on May 31, 1905 at Bruce Mines

016964-05 Fred WILSON, 29, laborer, Toronto, Pinewood s/o Frances WILSON and Ann HARPER married Katherine SMITH, 30, Bury St. Edmunds ngland, Rainy River d/o Samuel SMITH and Ellen JUDE witn: William THORNTON and Agnes NEWRY both of Rainy River, August 22, 1905, Rainy River  
18672-05 William WRIGHT, 30, grain buyer, Jamestown, Filmore Assa., s/o William WRIGHT & Jessie McTAVISH, married Minnie A. MILLER, 24, Prince Albert, Gorrie, d/o George A. MILLER & Elizabeth BAIRD, witn: Thomas & Mrs. Thomas YOUNG of Fort William, 27 July 1905 at Fort William 18626-05 Percival Ross WRIGHT, 26, contractor, Woodbridge, Toronto Junction, s/o Thomas Powell WRIGHT & Mary BURKHOLDER, married Jessie Kirkwood THOMPSON, 24, Toronto, White River, d/o William Kirkwood THOMPSON & Lizzie, witn: William Kirkwood & Lizzie THOMPSON of White River, 12 April 1905 at White River

4157-05 Thomas YOGWIGEN, 24, indian hunter, of Chapleau, s/o Thomas & mother not given, married Mary DAVY, 20, of Chapleau, d/o not given, witn: John DAVY & Anna YOGWIGEN both of Chapleau on May 29, 1905 at Chapleau.

016976-05 J.G. YOUNGREW, 29, bookkeeper, Illinois USA, Rainy River s/o John G. and Albertine YOUNGREW married Lulu MURRAY, 18, Michigan, Rainy River d/o A. Calvin MURRAY and Mary Ann LYNN witn: George ANDREW and May Belle HOWE both of Rainy River, November 16, 1905, Rainy River